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No More Silence on the Cartels | Guest: Sheriff Mark Dannels | 3/29/21

2021-03-29 | 🔗

The Suez Canal has been unblocked, and Glenn shares the absurd story of how the canal got started. Could you be taxed for every mile you drive? Pat Gray shares his frustrations about wearing masks in church. Hunter Biden has found himself in another scandal, and this time it’s gun-related. Sheriff Mark Dannels joins to discuss his open letter about how bad the border crisis has gotten under Biden. Glenn shares a story from his time at CNN regarding how silent everyone was about the drug cartels. This time, the truth about the cartels must get out. A lock of George Washington’s hair is up for auction, and Glenn debates entering the market. Glenn shares his experience watching "Titanic" with his family for the first time in decades.

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