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Hour 1 The NFL and social justice? ...What would it take to quit watching professional football? ...NFL is a business and business is to be profitable ...Trump showing restraint? ...'Spy Gate' is real because the President said so ...Has Trump been guilty of fabrication? ...Are we in the middle of a conspiracy theory? ...Pat and Jeffy calls it as they see it ...Is the end of the Korean War near?    Hour 2  'Classic Rock' tours for the summer of 2018 ...The AARP website can be a great resource, who knew? ...The Korean Summit has been cancelled ...Iran lets the U.S. know that if they come against them, we will lose ...This poor 30 year old child is being evicted by his parents ...Did we miss 'Stormy Daniels' day? ...Is this the age of entitlement? ...Did Trump pull out of the Korean Summit before N. Korea to 'save face'? ...   Hour 3  Trump has officially cancelled the Korean Summit ...How would the U.S. benefit by economically pulling out of other countries? ...David Hogg is changing the world! ...Sports casters and the NFL, what's the connection? ...Taking care of your parents is different from taking advantage of them ...Nancy Pelosi will never retire! ...An entire generation has been raised with 'no shame' ...What's this? Morgan Freeman may be next

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The blaze radio network on demand Glenn Beck that Gray and Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program he's on vacation this week, be back with you on Monday sold Tuesday 'cause Monday is wow. It's memorial Day Weekend Memorial Day weekend that just I just cause low spark of happiness through my entire body. Good yeah, that's nice! It's nice good reminder there Jeffy, the Bell has banned sort of kneeling, but they didn't make it a fifteen yard penalty, which I thought an interesting idea and that's something that would be enforced. I did originally, but I don't know
to find the of my original thought was the fifty there bill it's a good idea, but then, if they came out on the field right and everybody is standing and then ten players kneeled down, so what that leads to ten penalties, they started the drive in the parking lot. So what are the hours for every player who yells as a? I will say this, though, if they, if they did something like that, it would make it really enforced, because no team is going to want to start the game with penalty. I know nobody is going to know. Maybe he says you know you get one hundred and fifteen yard penalty and and defined it would have made it serious where are as now owes it's like. Ok, if you break the rules are going to give you a little fine New York
That's owners already said: he'll pay the fines for his players if they want to kneel at the San Fran, the 49ers owners voted against it I'll go back and talk to my players and a lot of work on social justice stuff what want to hear the phrase. Social does what it is, or I wanna hear it. I don't hear the word fairness and I don't want to hear the phrase social job, and that was that was Rogers line right with the more they talk to about continue, our collaboration with players to advance the goals of justice and fairness in all. All corners of our society. Thank you Roger. You know what not so, but the NFL is four. I don't think so. Either it just not want. The NFL is four: don't talk to it's about social justice and fairness and equality, and all that stuff. The NFL is the last organization on earth to talk about fairness and equality. When we have seventy five percent of your players that are a sir
ethnicity. How is that fair. Not not in the social justice world, it isn't. It is not in that out. There should be a proportional amount of whites of blacks of his spell mix of Asians, where all the asian players, how many native Americans do you have on your teams? You know in every other aspect of life. We're not worried about merit were worried about fairness and equality and equaling the playing field. Why aren't you doing that in foot? Don't start talking to me about social justice? We bunch of hypocrites, absolutely I I just I mean I don't know that I don't know that they've gone far enough for me, too, ask Pleat Lee stop watching it, but that's the hard thing ' 'cause. Are we going to stop watching it? Now, I'm not going to. I mean aw,
No, I don't watch much. I feel welcome again well either every once in awhile I'll see a game on Monday night or whatever, but I you know, my big thing is college and I think yours too so it wouldn't be impossible, not give up the NFL, but I like it. I do too. You know who doesn't enjoy and one of the things about the NFL is your weight, but all year long to help you combat insanity of the rest of them are get away. Yeah refuge a day of I'm just going to watch football. That's where you don't have to think about all this stuff and then even there they start throwing it in your face. Why and they won't do think about it. I still am just amazed that they can't and didn't say from the very beginning. You are an employee, you who do what we say within the framework of this job. If you don't want to fine, go
find another job and good luck find on the issue of fifteen million dollars a year. Well, good! Luck! Good luck with that! I know and good luck, a job that will give you a platform outside of the framework where people know you and you're able to prove your ideas. Whole thing is silly just let people watch the NFL on the weekend and relax and enjoy something. That's that's not beating us down with what we hear every single day of the week. We just we don't want that. I don't want to be beaten down with social justice, equality and fairness during an NFL football game. That's not why I'm tuning in and for the players! That's not why you're playing your there nineteen to play football right! Well, this is provided me a forum, a gold user form outside the the football field.
You've you've you've been provided this forum on a large scale for the LA company. Every years you played in the NFL and then whatever you played in most of them have played in division, one college football, which is a huge platform, so You've been given this platform, like I like, I said a couple minutes ago, use that platform outside of the framework of the game, to do whatever you want to do, but Roger Goodell and an NFL management didn't nip this in the bio they did from the beginning, and so they allowed it to fester and become this gigantic thing. Whereas if at the beginning of the year they would that look, we don't want to offend. We don't want to offend half of our customer base more than half of our family. Yes, this is eighty business billion dollar a year business. You will! not kneel during the national anthem period, end of story
and if you do Neil ok you're going to be fired. This is a business. You know this is not the US government forcing you to do something. This is a private business with customer concerns and we're trying to make money here. That's what we do trying to make money for everyone involved, specially you guys, so you know they could taking care of it in the beginning, sure could have and Raja tiptoed around yeah. This is where we're at yep and all of this nonsense that all it's not about the national anthem, it's not about the military. It's not about patriotism to America. You tell the Colin Capper Nick who stay. Did this thing because, according to him on every AK he's been asked about it? It yes and an I'm, I'm tired of hearing that Colin. Doesn't you know nobody is afforded him an opportunity to play football other have
and part of the deal was. Is that he wouldn't Neil come and try out. But if you make the team you can't kneel, is it acceptable to Nope? Ok, no problem right up, not complaining that you can't get a job then, and yet we continue to hear that it's NFL football teams fault that he's not playing sides. It's not it's not their fault, an even if even if they are, he is talented enough. He'd make a good backup. Even if that's true I'm not convinced it is. But let's say it is: let's say he's the is back up in the quarterback in the NFL and if you started he could go to the super bowl like did last year for the Eagles. Well, there still the problem of bringing all of that controversy right to the locker room, to the locker room, to your football team and to the fan base who's going to hate it, and it's good your bottom line. So in the in first of your business you decide it's not worth it. Even though,
is a good quarterback, it's not worth it and unlock it, hire him both. How does that not make sense to all these players in the NFL? I don't know yet. I don't know it only works. Casters sports casters are all going crazy over two when they, when they suggest the fifteen yard penalty, they all went nuts 'cause, they're, all progressives darling's paw, this casters on the ESPN and Fox Sports and Ben Sports illustrated they're all progress. You know those guys all want the interviews right at the yeah. They wanna be able yes locker room when they want to be able to talk to Colin yeah yep. So as it is. What probably going to happen is that the NFL Players Association will just stop this. Yes, have the kneeling thing again and it probably be bigger than it's ever been it's really too bad 'cause. You know, I love football. I like
nfl like watching the games. I love the Green Bay Packers with with give us a place of refuge. It's interesting to me that they don't understand that it is. It is a. It is interesting that hard to believe they don't. They haven't boo at least shown a path of look when let's play the game, we have this many viewers. We sell this many shirts we sell this much at the stadiums is. What we make this doesn't have to be exact, which is rough drafts when you kneel we only sell this much now that difference is what we're going to be paying you. You have the evidence last year of the decrease in ratings, which we don't know if you can attribute it all to that now I mean they've spread themselves thin, thin or two across all platforms, so that, but still ratings were down and may
that that was a part of it. Maybe that was a part of why and you got that evidence to present to the players, association and say: look we're going surf and so stop it. Eight thousand eight hundred and eighty seven twenty seven Beck. It's pat gray and Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, Grain Jeff, even for this week on Tuesday after Memorial Day, you know what a weird situation, this cow again Conway's husband. The thing is, he is he's been really public with his tweeting about his distaste for the president. You've got problem, the right hand. Person of the president she's been there for a time and nobody is more loyal than Kellyanne Conway and I think she'll. It say anything for the president and then you and her husband,
tweeting out nasty things about him all the time huge article about that's a tough one day. That's a really tough! That's a tough one! Think about that. You, you think trumps. Okay with that. No absolutely not, and you got an uncomfortable situation. Go you got a the I mean that I'm comfortable at work at home. Now. Yes, yes and you between the two of them at home would be like dude course. I don't know if Kelly Conway refers to her husband, as so she does. She does that's clear area code you make is really tough for me at work. Can you stop and he said, shut up, go cook dinner I don't know it must be what he don't know during it out of concern for your wife, you would think yes, okay yeah, I'll back off. Just you would myself not given to myself or I'll talk to coworkers about it, but I'm not going to share it publicly on twitter right note. This would be
this would be like if my wife, Jackie hated, did and every day she queen did about what a fraud Glenn is or shot re something about Glenn. That was really bad yeah. I that do to my relationship with Glenn. I would think you begin come to meaning to it. Pat, what's the deal with Charlie, can you can you talk to her well yeah? I did, but she just won't. Listen though you just keeps doing it. You that a problem you have to live with, you have to live with it. I mean I my cat controller, and that is a fact. After all, you look to the financial right in You know what I mean: you're, a public figure. My wife is private. Citizen she's, an American she's gonna say what you want to buy. You not alright. So imagine the imagine I that you would last very long in this job. If that
I will now you're talking about the right hand, person of the President of the United States has got to get on cable news everyday day and and talk about policies, n truck talk, truth to power, yep and defend him and defend him and his policies and the things he says, INST on Twitter and the in to with Muller. You got do that every day and then you get your husband working against you right situation really tough and it's kind of amazing that Trump hasn't, I don't know fired her for this here is here, would be ugly too. You don't you know. It's almost understand. I can't tell you in I love you. You've done a great job, but I can't have your, closest person in your life working again. To me in my administration and really working. Instead, you everyday
the weird thing. Well, I went well I I do. I haven't delved into every tweet. Eleven resident droppers, tweeted, now and and and by the way I am not blocked by President Trump. We can't be constitutionally speaking. You can't be which is weird but I'll in their time of I've come. I know it will talk about that a little bit, but I got before, as he tweeted like you know: hey Kelly's wife, George man he's such a bad guy. I hate them you, so I don't think so, which is amazing. I know on his part, amazing restraint because he could any certainly people that I've ever about. I'm surprised he hasn't just to say no, I love Kelly. Yeah does a great job. You know try to distance the whole thing, but yeah does a great job, but you know not. Everybody picks the rice blouse, I've been through a couple of myself. I not be so easy for him to do right.
I guess out of respect for Kelly and he hasn't done it good for him. Yeah it's I mean he doesn't show a lot of restraint on twitter, though he does not. So that's amazing. Actually, it's amazing triple eight. Seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, so we have that. We also have the president talking spygate and some thoughts. The Jake tapper from CNN had on that and, of course, we've got the NFL continuing they're goofy policies there. You know Actually, they did the right thing, but they didn't put teeth in it. No so I hope that it it's not too little too late, but it kind of feels like I do too yeah. I do too Jana in Florida, you're on the Glenn Beck program, with that each hi, Pat Hello just want to get right to the point about the NFL. One thing that I noticed is the: why haven't we heard anything about it will
I've only done what trying to fight against during the street. Right over here right from the players yeah, absolutely they split everything is having meal and they haven't make all these statements and everything, but yet, when that's their on their crime during lunch, even you don't hear anything. That's a good point. That is that's an interesting point and a, and they will say that they have been doing that they just don't get the coverage they get right. They have the which I don't the I don't buy- that yeah yeah the courage to coverage shouldn't mean anything if you're so entails everything that you're fighting against is so important right, get out there and do something about this right now. Thanks Jennifer? Should a are you telling me of a bunch of NFL players, got together on a street corner holding signs and pro testing or kneeling on a street corner whatever that wouldn't be,
I've heard that it will cover. No all nobody, nobody be interested in that story. Here. Sorry, we see that every day and other NFL player protest over it fits in Maine. Now add that I have, and it's not interesting, I'm just not gonna do it all everybody would cover that. That's a great point: where are you at they could be tweeting about it every day. Or once a week or once a month or n time during the off, I haven't seen any of it? None and every sports show, and the television morning show across America dies for guests. Yes, no matter what we any matter on, what your aka there's time for you well the other Work has a morning show you could go on there and talk and talk what you believe is social just go ahead. It's amazing herders had never thought of that. It is uh.
Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand seven hundred and seventy eight you make of the speaking of the president is we were a moment ago. What do you make of the spygate conspiracy, the FBI in trading, the Trump campaign with spies. Your call is black, as I just the president was stopped by the press yesterday, and here's what he had to say it's so important. What I'm doing is a service to this country, and I did a great service to this country by firing James Comey and excuse Maine. A lot of people have said it and you go into the FBI. Lot of people have said it that's why, as I said, I loved that technique of this law. People have said it. Well, then, put it in your mind that ok, I haven't heard anybody say it, but he has sold.
People must be sick here that had a lot of those people were given the FBI, they will tell you. I did a great service to our country by firing James Caan, who, who got a kid to do this, it's good stuff, he's a master at this. That's why he's in the White House Triple seven hundred and twenty seven Beck more Patton Jeffy for Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program with Pat and Jeffrey this week, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back. We were playing some of President Trump's word yesterday. He had some things to say about the spygate situation. Go and about J
call me en and what's going on with the in the continuing investigation is so important. What I'm doing is a service to this country, and I did a great service to this country by firing. James call me, and it scared me a lot of reasons is that it lot of people have said it. Can you deny that, though? Now you can say, I had a lot of those great people working in the F B. I I'll tell you. I did a great service to our country by firing James come as you, you safe there, because nobody's going to go into the F B. I, like you, said you go into the FBI and and you ask him and they'll tell you that I did a great service firing. James Comey, we should book a trip to the FBI office in DC, go into the FBI and say: hey you by a show of hands.
Here believes it. President Trump did a great service by firing. James Comey, there's reports. That's actually true yeah, there are oh yeah, I've seen it, but it's just that. I know that you can't verify any of those right. I want them all to get together and I want them. 'cause everybody wants his cell, but a lot of bad things have happened. We now call it spygate you're, calling it spygate. Things have happened, your call, you still impress your press by gate it. Nobody is calling spygate except him that I know of hoarding on it, because you can you call calling spike reminiscent of this. Unions, did in fact build the middle class and that built and here's what that did, what they do that bill, the states of America as we know it. You know you notice. They always refer to me in the press. Is middle class
is Joe, is no I've never notice that actually everywhere, the only one that refers to Joe Biden's middle class, Joe, is Joe Biden Oh good, so that's why it's so great that Donald Trump employees, that tactic does I'm calling is spygate. Your colleague in spygate am I Is that what I guess old suppress it in these two told me, I'm calling it spikes like it, but it is period, all right, John in New York. Welcome to the I'm back guys, hey, hey guys straight to your point: Trump beat the media at their own game. Cnn everyday yells out whatever comes to mind. Yeah these little stick is doing. The same thing is better. That is true. You know whether we like it or not have to country agrees off after country at grays on. So I I think that he has done a service. I mean the leadership.
The FBI, I think, is dirty well I appreciate the call thanks John there have been articles about how there was discontent inside the by James Comey at the yes, and they also are concerned that the upper rush is been way too political for the past, number of years, including who's. There now- and I know There- reports about FBI, some FBI. Detectives or whatever that, whatever their special agents agents is muscle, agents are want to be asked and subpoenaed by Congress, so they could testify they want to be. That was with being reported because they don't want to you know they don't want to just come out and say it 'cause. Then. If they get subpoenaed, then Congress covers the costs. A lot of people are saying they don't want to come out and say it. A lot of people are saying is exactly that's exactly right. You know you're always hearing people call me positively perfect. Pat
you're calling me positively perfect, yeah, yeah and a lot of people say it. They say: hey, there's ray positively perfect that a lot of people are saying it so wow, that's a good tactic. A good tactic- and I don't want to call you positively perfect Pat. Please call me that, so why wouldn't you, I guess I'll- have to start now. No problem Now there is somebody who's not buying into this Jake tapper. We talked about Jake Tapper allottees. To me he's a really good journalist. I think the he's somewhat irritated with the president. He did a log that was pretty biting president Trump, pushing a brand new conspiracy theory, one seemingly grounded more in suspicions and his desire for counter narrative. Then it is based on established facts tweeting in one of his five tweets today on the subject of this confidence FBI source, who spoke with at least three trunk,
okay members in twenty, sixteen quote: Spygate could be one of the biggest political scandals in history man this after and the president went on to say this. All you have to do is look at the basics and you'll see it looks like a very serious event, well I have looked at the basics. What we know is this: the FBI I conducting a counterintelligence investigation in twenty sixteen into whether oceans were trying to influence the election or just what they were up to sent a confidential FBI source to speak with members of the campaign US officials tell CNN that that source was not plan said within the campaign. He wasn't a campaign staffer as far as we know, there's obvious a lot we don't know, but no evidence as of now that this was done for political purposes. As the president is alleging, we're told that the FBI, trying to figure out just what the Russians were up to and whether they were getting help from any Americans. That makes sense. Now
how tough would it be to find out whether or not this guy was part of the campaign? you should absolutely have access to that. Look for is his name on the campaign. Roster was there, it was he paid by the campaign. It should be easy to find out. So why haven't we now? I don't know. If the guy just interviewed campaign staffers is not a with No, it did. They do other interviews with the Hillary Clinton campaign there. They were concerned about the Russians in the in the campaign right, yeah it's a good question, wonder it's a good question now, while we await the investigation into this matter by journalists and by the Justice Department, general. It's remembering that while we sticking to the facts and telling you just what we know, president apparently has no such constraints, since he simply makes stuff up
he frequently lies and has a long and well documented career, engaging in conspiracy theories about all manner of subjects, with no concrete evidence ever provided just a small sampling for years. He perpetuated the myth that President Obama wasn't born in the United States. True who's got a point, is claims with no evidence. He saw thousands of Muslims on tv celebrating nine hundred and eleven on rooftops in New Jersey. Now I think what happened there was he can they did that with the Middle EAST, where their worth Seattle of Muslims, cheering did happen that happened in the palestinian territories. There's die, invented evidence of that didn't happen in New Jersey. Perhaps but it did happen in the Middle EAST. No evidence of that. He bizarrely gusted, Senator TED Cruz's father might have been involved in the assassination of JFK there's no defense on that. One just noticed it wasn't president. Here, though he
well, this is during the campaign. Will writing yes, that was during the campaign nope, you get to say, which way into his popular vote LOS by blaming three hundred and twenty five illegal votes again, zero evidence for that, as he pushed against crazy theory that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was somehow involved in the tragic path of one of his staff members again well, now wait a minute just stop right. There I mean, let's not get hasty, just Miss Miss that one handed to dig a little bit deeper, Caitlin Jake. Let's look into how twenty six year old girl fell out of her chair and I'd. Let's look into those showing KO evidence. He said the former President Obama had his wires tapped in Trump Tower. No evidence of that either I could go on, but this is just an hour show we should get to the bottom of the F b I's counter intelligence investigation into russian election interference and whether anything was done improperly by law enforcement, as well as those who are guilty of what ever they might be guilty of the FBI,
certainly not above criticism and without question. There needs to be healthy and robust oversight of the intelligence agencies, but that's not what the president is pushing for here. He's focus propelling a counter narrative to try to undermine the special counsel investigation. It's a fable in which he is the victim and law in force. Officials are the bad guys. The president free only seeks to undermine those who look to undercover uncomfortable facts about him this week, for example, sixty minutes correspondent, Lesley Stahl, revealed that then candidate Donald Trump told her during an off camera conversation. She had with him in this uh or two thousand, and sixteen stall says she asked Donald Trump why he continues to attack the press and, according to her, this was his response. He said you know why I do it. I do, but to discredit you all and of mean you also when you write negative stories about me. No one will believe you chilling really
and yet wholly enterprising and the president is now doing the same thing with special counsel, Robert Muller and the Justice Department and the FBI, and, as new counter. Narrative is being born, one that is being repeated already by the presidents, obedience supporters on the hill and his vassals and conservative media. We here will continue digging for the truth. Does right this bombardment of falsehoods. Cnn's Jeff Zeleny now picks up our coverage on this issue. We don't need to pick up the coverage on the decision, but if the Leslie Stall thing is true, that's a problem oh and we're just taking her word for it, though I know I don't have. Sadly it does sound like it would be. True, though, do I sounds like it was something he would say, but we don't know that he did say it, and for or to just blurt that out well, was in a conversation where you were recording Who is young camera? Let's see it, let's see the other difficult to believe Leslie wasn't recording, which was around the president. I know I do too
so you're a sixty minutes reporter. You must have had that on on well, not on tape, but on some digitized form of a recording. So where is it? Let's see it and the wire, app stuff, I mean you know that they well. I don't think I think that's been proven that it wasn't they weren't listening to him directly, but they had other people that they were listening to right so that, if you were to talk with them, then you were involved in that yeah I mean it was pretty I know that it wasn't. You know technically, he wasn't being listened to, and I know that you know are going to President Trump supporters get get upset with us when we even consider some of the stuff. But you know I We've always called it as we've seen it here and when he does good things we say He's done good things and when he doesn't do good things we we mentioned that to you know if,
you're going to praise him, no matter what he does as some do. As Jake Tapper pointed in the conservative media, some do no matter what he does. They praise it, whether that's make a trillion dollars more debt in a week. Or you know appointing judge gorsuch to the Supreme Court ones, good ones, really bad and you defending all of it. That's kind of like a base call empire whose disk in advance before the game starts that because he likes the picture on the mound he's going to call me every single pitch a strike. Zed fare no, no. You got a call. It is as you as you see it, but I'd like to see the proof of the Leslie Stahl thing. I'd like to see if she at that on on tape, 'cause that would interesting. So what I'd like to revisit the Joe Scarborough,
Thank you Jeffrey. Thank you, yeah, it's bad! If you're glad on the Glenn Beck program, Glenn Beck, it's Pat Jeffrey this week for Glenn. This is sad. News is disappointing. Press Trump wrote a letter to north korean leader Kim Jong Moon, saying that their plans summit next month in Singapore as been cancelled, move here. Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement. I feel it's inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting. So it's off not sure to what statement he was referring. And if I've heard one that openly hostile, I'm not sure. I know that he was talking about. You know not giving up the new program and everything, but he also goes on to this letter to say you talk about your new capabilities.
What hours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God? They will never have to be used so he's just he gets his dick in like every time I get this digging like I Kim. Don't push me right. My dogs, bigger than your dog, a lot bigger. We've got a great dane. You have a chihuahua, so I mean I pray. I don't have to let him. I was I mean this would have been great, though kid again maybe they may be, can happen some other time. He is not closing the door to. He did not close the door at all. He alludes to that. Completely so now it could still happen and It might make that happen with Kim Min Kim got to he's gotta step up right yeah, it's amazing how quickly this went south of all went s in the beginning.
Turned around almost one hundred and eighty degrees. Right around the Olympics when North Korea was really reaching out to South Korea, and S. Korea is always wanted that, so they were welcoming it and they sent representatives to the games and then after the games there was more can's, lead story, talk and then Kim Jung Oon, with a moon gn from South Korea and they had a decent conversation on the demilitarized zone. They were talking about ending the korean WAR, finally official now. Obviously, the the actual, Action stopped awhile ago, but it's it's never been officially did the treaty. They were talking about doing that and then the summit would set up. I mean that we had some serious momentum for peace, and then he got mad that he got mad 'cause. We were having our act military exercises and we were coming together with them and
he's trying to play with the big boys right. That's why you know the a to remind to that the that configure than yours thank you and not because it eats kennel rayshon. It's because remember those commercials by them. My dogs, bigger than your dog course not only whether, because along Grand Father might triple Lake Seven hundred and twenty seven back Glenn Back Mercury. Glenn Beck it's background Jeffy for Glen this week, thanks for joining us on on the at noon. Eastern immediately following this show you enjoy, for my own, show Pat Gray, unleashed blaze, radio com, Iheartradio, APP Blaze raid tv network, every weekday starting at noon. Eastern eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck something kind of fun coming up this summer. A lot may
a lot of classic rock tour. I do you are going to be able to not talk about. I I ii. I can't help, but talk about. Do you were taken just yeah. I mean this hit your right. Where you live it does we started. We started scrolling through this earlier. It is just like you know. That would be bad. I have here, all of these beep just about all of them would be fantastic. James tail, current Bonnie. Raitt are touring this summer. I don't know that I could take James, though I like James Taylor, I'm not, I know, but he's going to speak all that's true! If he Jackson, Jack area might be there, I would not want to see it would not want to Joe Fogerty, Fogarty and Zz top will be together. Steve Miller and Peter Frampton wow. Oh, that be great love to see that I would love to see. Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, bigger show was Great The Doobie brothers, too, is that two the three
lead singers are with the band again Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons. Still about Michael, no Michael Mcdonald and Walter Becker is gone from steely Dan yeah, you die, you know, they'll figure, it's going to be touring with them, but writes that the students not exactly, I think, one of their sons. Yours was really now with Fagan Jeff. Second Paul Rodgers from 3in bad company that wouldn't be bad to so with the Jeff's always been great. Paul Rodgers was touring with queen for a while, which would have been interesting to see one I've already got tickets to def, Leppard and journey. That's coming to Dfw you don't def Leppard and Journey really. I I didn't think I could lose any more respect for you already have, but now it just happened that I can hear tap. I guarantee eating negative respect not guaranteed to camp there's, no doubt in my mind that you can definitely in the negative territory, that's for sure, Hall and Oates, and train
trains not exactly classic rock, but I like to read as close good though- and I notes I racing them- love them once a long time ago they were put on a great show, runs Cyndi Lauper. If you're lost, you can look, and you'll find her time after time, which is right there and so like. If you get lost in the wilderness, you just look, and there Cindy, spiritual lead you out of there. I don't know why more people don't do that when they get lost. 'cause she's always said you look in your finder Chicago and Oreo Speedwagon riding the storm out baby? It might be a good shelf, actually simple there. You know without Peter Sutera High, though Gogos a tough one. Now, though, I just saw them on. If you ever watched axes, Stephen yeah, they always have the class yeah bands on their live performances. They had Chicago on and was interest. Is there a interested to see if Robert Lamm still had his voice, yeah stuff, it is hard,
you know he's in his 70s now It's really hard to tell a lot of it, touring out the road between everything else and then to little old life right, yes, stuff, really hard. You two big Paul Simon Ringo Starr. I would oh, I was want to see Paul Simon never seem do. I have not no, it's kinda. Why? I know I like a lot of his stuff, though, and I would like to see him Robert Plant, who Jeff Lynne's ELO. That might be. That might be worth a look. All my gosh I'd give it a. I think I pay almost anything to see ELO the Eagles love to see M2, and now Glenn Frey, you know who we lost. Glenn Frey to his son. Deacon is part of the band, so he I think he sings the Glenn Frey songs like take it easy and all those and Vince Gill is doing some of the touring with them too wow yeah. That seems like a strange fit. Does we might be able to pull it off, though 'cause I
born coming right now. My son wants to see I see bad, my youngest son, who was it be a Dallas. One of the tour dates is in Dallas man who shot he doesn't bite the heads off doves anymore, but he does take a bite of a dove candy bar now 'cause, but I'm all about his dentures can't get all the way through the bar. It's going to be it's a little bit different should be interesting to see how they, how they just walking out on stage and say: ok, area of the city go haha does he even know where he is? I don't know I don't know I mean I just said something else to make. I think he does from time to time, Roger Daltrey touring without wow the who good luck with that right. Michael Nesmith and Micky it's from the Monkees. You know he joins beautiful, live you're, Skynyrd, their surviving members, Steven Tyler, I think
doing a country he's. He is touring for his country, album that he did a couple years ago. This is about as but they were talking out here that it's about a month long, it's not really a big tour is he's just he's just going out and performing this country stuff for a few dates yeah in the summer, but hello Steven Tyler. I do too I kind of like you, I love Aerosmith. It might be worth going just for the fun of it yeah yeah uh. And then Alice Cooper and on some of those shows ace freely from kiss will allow so fun and here's those here's the worst part of going over this list. Do you don't need to talk about that? We found this just on the AARP website, so bad so I'm looking at for retired American of looking at the website, Chris Cuomo story about moving the prime time yeah and
I look along the side. You know as the side ads of the website. Whatever website I was reading in and I see oh nostalgia tour and I click on say, RP well, until it may at hertz at hurts. I should've clicked on it 'cause. Now I'm going to see his AARP ads. I know well yeah for sure for sure and I'm not a supporter of AARP with their two. Discount their big progressive agenda that they, you know the you know, I wonder how they feel about Obama care that they help drive down our throats. Now I feel now you like that right, idiots, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy need to couple of things. This morning the NFL kneeling rule they've actually stated now that it's against the rules to kneel and they'll be some penalties for it, but not like a fifteen. Penalty, but you'll probably pay a fine. Somebody will Also the Donald Trump Spygate Thing
still continues to brew, and the N korean summit has been canceled and sent a letter to Kim Jong UN saying yeah because of your Reddick rhetoric. It's not appropriate to meet right now, as the vessel is the actually it's just windows support. It is just one, but it I just I really want it up for some reason. I don't know why I've always felt good, that actually happened yeah. I did too. I do too also, some sad news, the iranian leader. Who is the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Has said that the United States will lose in any match up with IRAN, just like the cat in Tom and Jerry what a hip reference. You know you talk about a pop culture, aficionado, you got it you're talking to holy cow mini. I mean everybody knows commentary, though, are they
just now getting our fifty year old cartoon as possible, so he's catch it up on the hip factor a little bit possible? I just found that really well you're kind of like that country rap on this Jerry. Although I there's a reference that everyone knows right, I guess everybody over forty, maybe yeah. That's true! Yeah. He said the US has tried various political, economic, military and propaganda undertaking stay at the Islamic Republic throughout its four decades. The nation top religious leader told the gathering, but all of these plots failed like the famous cat in Tom and Jerry They will lose again here, they've got to start the picket, a fight or whatever, because they've got the uprisings in some very unhappy people in their country, and we didn't. We did not take advantage of that. No, we did ten thousand and nine when Obama had the chance to encourage and he should have encouraged everybody else he should have he could have. We could have maybe overthrown
that oppressive government at the time and it doesn't seem like taking the opportunity this time either so we'll see. Maybe we will, but so far it's kind of quiet, too heavy iranian and if we would have acted on it during Obama, we would have missed the top of Jerry Reference, though so I mean almost worth so we could get. Yeah was yeah. Another big story from the UN. The world is facing an obesity challenge. Your It's on that Jeffy. I could couldn't disagree more. It's not a challenge. I'll tell you that it is the challenge to become obese. It's really easy. It's really here's the thing, though, the world is getting too fat is not a that thing must be right. I mean because of capitalism instead of starving to death instead of distend stomachs and emaciated bodies,
People now have so much food that there actually overweight. That seems better to me, the World Health Organization, the United Nations uh. They run this. They slam this story down our throats a couple of times a year at least once a year, and then they go back to. I bet you attach somewhere in that story, and I don't have it in front of me, but I bet you somewhere in that story. They go they link to let's all eat bugs for both and and purposes so that people are less obese and it's for health purposes, because they are there. Aming like to eat bugged, her about that and just say no, I'm not going not going to do that as long as there are all to tips to eating bugs I'm going to take him really yeah, even
even if it leads to diabetes, I'm still going to eat food that I like and not turn to bugs. So you might as well not even worry about it. Glenn back mercury that great Jeffy Glenn, Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back, the court. Ruled in the case of the parents. Try kick their son out of their house, the thirty year old Son. They they ruled that he has to go. He's he's appeal. The case. Hateful court. Is this young man, this poor child? It's four hundred and thirty year old, dial unable to find employment. Hill does have a job drug Lee. I guess he he cooks his own food and does his own laundry. What's the problem.
These mean mean parents, is you know that tender age of thirty one am out of their house? Dare dare they so he was on CNN yesterday and was interviewed. It's interesting The guys got some issues 'cause. It's my understanding. You've lived at your parents house, rent free for a. And I know do your own laundry. You buy your own food, but they asked you five times. Please move move out. Why couldn't you guys resolve this without the court yeah? I would consider much of of what they were doing to try to get me out as a tax and what I was trying to. I was just out universe. Those who you were are you trying to preserve trying do what's best for me, which is just
let's try to look more reasonable. You update right that, so he stumbles over it a little bit, because what he's trying to say here is I didn't want to yeah. I don't want best for me. Yeah was: easy for did to stay, leave, like living here. All I need to know. I need time sometimes is an example of this. The first needs a little time. It's only been eight years he's only been there, since I guess after he graduated from college duty. I don't even know 'cause. Apparently there was a space between when they raised him. An and when he came back to live at home, wasn't reported that even I mean they had a uh the killer was all that's right. Yes yeah. He did right because they broke yes and then she got lost in the he lost custody right. Child yeah, you can have your own place want to lose because no child, no, you can't go. The federal second notice was basically you have fourteen days before you're outside in the winter weather, well,
yeah, but you have do. Is you get a different place so that you're inside whatever I know two weeks? Is a minute and a half to this guy. But so first thing I did when I got that was I. I tried to make sure that that wasn't going to happen. I police department is this something that you know this could happen. That's embarrassing right there. So your parents said hey, you need to get out in about two weeks. Ok, so it goes to police department. Have this habit cake cake and this happened? Can they kick me out of their house within two weeks and they're like no? You can just call O'Reilly's that they can't do that. I said: are you know that alright wait a minute? Parents can't kick their kid out of their house police can stop that. I don't believe that I don't know check that again. Maybe that's a local law where you could stay with your
ensign. Definitely see I don't I don't know he's got a squatter's rights wow. That's that's amazing and lab I'm listening to you. I really am, but let me just understand, because I hear you on your parents giving you notice is the fact you were on national television talking about moving out of your parents house, you tell me you want to move out of your parents house move out. Why don't you just move out of your parents house tomorrow, but I don't have the means to do that tomorrow. Do you have a job. No no here's a little helpful hand? Maybe you cut your hair now. Should you have to do that uh? We could bait that if you want who weather weather, shoulder length or or middle of the back long hair on a man is dead Lee getting a job at whether it should be. We all know it is, but should it be well yeah
an employer, wants you to cut your hair or want you to look a certain way it going to be interacting with customers or clients or whatever they can tell you do that I mean if you expected an employer to treat you like. You can do anything. You want, go the part of the NFL villa Del Beard and long hair. Well, they sure will and you can you can kneel down, and you know what you can continue to live in your parents, house, 'cause you'll be gone a few months and thirty year suggestion. Thank you, yeah at the NFL head ideas. I think, there's you can fill out an application at Thenfl dot com could be wrong. Yeah, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back Scott, in Ohio, you're on the Glenn Beck program high. I die. I'm just but spygate with Trump. Why is FISA judges
not having their feet held to the fire? For accepting these blame apple? patience for these FISA warrants. Nobody never mentions about these judges If I was one of them, go just idk furious. I tried calling back. So. How are you? Can you can't use that? No more, I don't know I can do that or not, but that's my yeah I mean we never talk about the FISA judges appreciate the call Scott and frankly I I don't know that much about the rules for the FISA judges 'cause, it's a special court. It's a special thing that was set up to to deal with terrorism and normally when they set up special deals. Those are getting those get set up because they do the things that the government officials like exactly and they're, normally extraconstitutional, yeah
or just outside of the constitution a little bit the eggs yeah. This is all a ha just outside of the cause yeah I extra constitutional yes got to mark. In Pennsylvania, you're on the Glenn Beck program? I hate guys. I just wanted to tell you about why Tom and Jerry is so popular in the Middle EAST. Ok, with like the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, exactly It should be a when I was over there. I learned this. I never even dreamed of it, but you know cartoons that don't have any talk king in them, you know they don't have any dialogue. We don't need to translate them right so who's cartoons are on Tom and Jerry is on take over in Iraq. It was over on all the time on tv, it's like all. They ever watch yeah hello to him. That's probably a very hip reference which
thanks Mark which tells you how pathetic that country is. Why is like Tom and Jerry wow it's a seventy eight year old cartoon hello. Is it really seventy eight yeah wow yeah seventy eight years ago that came out well, I think By the time you and I were growing up that was- was already long into reruns this is the Glenn Beck program. For Glenn, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back? Let's go to Charlie in Idaho, eight Charlie you're on the Glenn Beck program. Hey guys, sorry to call you so late, happy happy, Stormy Daniels! There is thank you. Is it stormy day deals to it can't be. I think I think it was yesterday at Hollywood. I think, ok, alright, I miss the celebration yeah, but
My reason for calling is because I don't know if you guys hear me yelling at the radio constantly. I was just telling that I wish he would shut up. I got a very loud voice, but you know all this stuff started back when called Trump became the nominees people are not remembering that he was never going to become president. This was all truthfully Obama's revenge against Donald Trump and when Hillary became president. This the way all these investigations and all these little plots. This is the way that Obama was gonna, get back at Trump and ruin his name and his empire, nothing to do with delegitimizing the president, because he was never going to be president yeah. They didn't believe so yeah.
So you so you believe they were spying on him, so they could use something once Hillary became president, I mean come on out of If we Obama had just like Trump can't stand. Obama, Obama can't stand Trump, there's no way in the world, there's no way in the world that they did this, that all this stuff that was going on was not known by Obama and nobody wants to call him out because he's the Messiah appreciate it. Thanks, Charlie, that's pretty good point excellent point. Definitely something to consider Danny in North Carolina welcome hello. Thank head, yeah yeah. I just want to comment on this thirty year old Idiot homes by anything great things about me, but I will in like seventy five I left home. I was fifteen years old. I went down to visit my dad in South Carolina from Virginia and.
Next thing you know, I was at a job and little small one. Bedroom mobile home I'll any rental don't work everyday. An uh, I was always taught to work, ethics and stuff. I just can't understand space piety how we got so far. I mean we've had other things in in you know like sixty 70s idiots, but yeah like nowadays is stitches. If everybody's looking Something give me this. Give me that all my life I mean I worked since I was thirteen and that's a fact, an basement scenes videos sitting up here how foolish and he looks and more forgiving saying that was it. He sitting here on tv national tv and trying to make itself look like like yours, he's no he's not a grown up. No yeah he's got no shame thanks. Could you can't do this? If you have any shame he
It's too embarrassing to you. I mean we talked yesterday. We we we've all worked since we were eleven thirteen years old and it's just it was just thing- you know what that's what you did and you wanted to be on your own, so you didn't have the arm of your parents telling you. You know when, when, when you can't go- and obviously he doesn't have that he just wants the comfort zone of the house yeah but it still doesn't make any sense to about, would rather live in the, as proven by you know, life I would rather live apart. By myself with milk crates that have that, too much entitlement. Now he believes he's entitled to live at his parents house he's probably in old to just bunch of parents for the rest of his life you know that was he the police, so they can't do that. Embarrassing did the police say look,
do older. You kid get outta here, thirty. How but by hanging up now, MIKE in Maine, come to the Glenn Beck program right, yeah, nice talking with you too long I'm glad you're feeling a lot better, this thirty year old guy. He should do it. My dash did just change the locks on the house. His parents just change the locks on the house GO said something at some point, though yeah grocery shopping or something yeah, your dad changed the locks on your house to keep you out or what yeah wow wow, and so it was just you just realized, oh, so, no,
the feelings are mutual. I didn't want to be there. He didn't want me back so watch. Do it apparently turned out? Ok, though, you've handled it dealt it. It's tough! thanks MIKE this guy, though he claims that he doesn't want to be there. He claims he'd rather be somewhere else, but he's making no effort right doesn't have a job working toward that could guarantee. They changed the locks he'd sleep on the porch until they let him in guaranteed, I think so that I absolutely there's no way, there's no way he right, they break a window and getting that is key. Doesn't you know something was wrong with the kid and work the front window, Joe in Ohio you're on the glove that
good morning, good morning, gentlemen, yeah, I'm! I wonder if Trump canceled the summit with N Korea, so that he could avoid any embarrassment if they cancelled it. First, the same as when he uh right at the yeah okay warriors to come out after their championship when they were hemming and hawing about whether or not Virgo he just went ahead I'll, come at all, yeah yeah! It's like this stuff the thing that I'm not going to go. What are you back to your uninvited anyway, and it maybe something like that about? That's, not a bad call yeah, and you look, I kind of understand it. I mean I'm not slamming him for that, even if that's true before the the the pulling out first, because, except that you would hope that it would still take place right. So it only if, if this is the key, if that's the case, then you gotta figure that we knew it,
you know we knew today that it was going to pull out and they might ripe right might have. I mean obviously they've got more information than we do. It was just inevitable that this was going to happen, so he he did it for years to the parts of that yeah as possible, yeah and- and he will he definitely would have tried to be to the punch either way just got a hope that we already knew that it was a done deal right do but in Virginia you're on the Glenn Beck program. I'm law enforcement here in Virginia and I just wanted pass a little bit of information and that's kind of a sad situation, but in Virginia that thirty year old would have some legal protection I don't really know where this is, because I'm not familiar with the story, but if New York, new yeah. So the Virginia. Being a commonwealth, it's got a little bit of a different circumstance, because we're case law case law. That establishes that, if he's provide
nothing like groceries and having some of his own property and stuff like that and he's been there for a period of time, he's a residency and the parents have allowed it so the cops here, this is for service yeah, sort of yeah. We do that call for service. We'd have to hang our heads until the parents that they've got to go through the eviction process on him, which I mean it just affords them. I the illegal means to do it without getting antsy and they could just bounce, but they have to do to do it through the courts and send spend the money, which is what you get rice well and see. When we showed up we, I would definitely be hanging our heads and looking at him like he's a moron, but there will be nothing you could do. No, nothing Brian and it's aggravating and how long do they normally have do they have to I mean to get out once the v process starts. How long do they have? Oh? No, court rules the eviction he has
I believe it's seventy two hours to remove the stuff, and then, if it's not done, they contact the sheriff's department in the sheriff's department actually removes the stuff. That's an interesting process. That's. When you drive past the house- and you see people stuff in the lanai just to spend up out there, yeah experience that yeah thanks David in Texas. We have that too. It's I think it is a squatter sleep In my neighborhood there was when we first moved into it. There was, family that everybody in the neighborhood knew about and talked about that they we hadn't paid their mortgage in two years and they and the bank was trying to get him out and it took him over two years to get them out and then finally, they got whatever judgment they needed to get and one day were you driving through the neighborhood heading heading to home and every single thing in the house was out on the lawn waiting for him two years ago, two years, yeah two years to for free
and you gotta believe never wound up again those vandals way, because the bank then took control auction it off, but was interesting to drive past that house and see you know all the furniture, all the clothes, absolutely everything they owned, just piled up outside sheriff's department must come and just move them out by change. The law x, get out right, but I mean but yeah I got two years out of it for free right, heard you think that they, if they were doing that which kind of goes against common sense, but if they were doing that to the be smart enough to realize that time's up lives will not have their stuff end up out on the curb right yeah, unless you're prepared word and then you're just going to ride that all the way till it's on the lawn, then ok now will get a? U haul and leave I uh it's true. I don't know that's true. It's pretty uh!
raising again, no shame. How do you how. How do you just allow that to happen in your life? I wouldn't You will that chaos. I couldn't deal with the uncertainty, but maybe you know who live that way are fine with it they're just they're, comfortable living in that environment. That would I have an ulcer. I I'd, have a heart attack, but you have a heart attack because see you be actually trying to workout, where your back, your writing and keeping it works. My family going to be move or whatever you know. They already know they're going to be here until their steps in the front yard and then the fine, maybe some other abandoned house move into that. Maybe that's what they did. I don't know AAA. Seventy seven Beck Kalimba is all you gotta do I think about it more. The Glenn Beck program, Kona
Glenn Beck background this week. By the way noon. Eastern right after this show wraps up. You can join me for my own show, Pat Gray, unleashed on the blaze, radio, dot com, Iheartradio app. Blaze. Radio television television network is that, just today, that's every weekday a beginning at yeah yeah right about that shows. You know not bad yeah, it's Many people in the words of Donald Trump lot of people are, and it's the greatest show ever done. Lot of people are so you guys are yeah. I well. I don not seen it a lot of guys. You said you're saying I you've said it. I have sent you know as as a means of about who might look my to argue with you, I I'm so by the way we get you to work or home
or wherever you're on your way, with traffic and weather together every five minutes on the floor. So that's what makes it that's that's one of the things that makes the show. So we do that for you as a special added service in no matter where your local market is Tripoli. Seven hundred seven back. Let's go to Allen Florida, AL you're on the Glenn Beck program, hi. Good morning, gentlemen, love, you know, I'm talking you were talking about the NFL folks kneeling. Well, when you go to church, you kneel down on her who's, your pick for your free for the queen, you kneel down because you're honoring the queen, even when you make you propose in the Odell to your to your sweetheart proposed, or so these folks, don't get it. What they're doing is there really down with their actually honoring the flag? You know the Vietnam veteran an test hurts me so bad I'd like to go on the field and why have all? But
you know I wish somebody would tell them, but they're actually doing yeah yeah 'cause they certainly they don't mean it that way, dogs and have not a sign of disrespect. I've heard it all. I've heard a couple of of arguments along those same lines of the you just had an and they've all Pooh poohed that be ' 'cause. It's like yeah yeah, whatever it's not what we're doing so. You know you're, not you're, not going to look. They already know it's affecting The way the fans get them look team look at their product, they don't care they their product. The does doesn't matter to them so telling them that what they're doing is exactly opposite what they should be doing going to matter to them. Yeah, definitely Brad in Indiana you're on the Glenn Beck program. Hey guys, how you doing good. Hey I'm a thirty year old, I've heard a lot of parents calling- and you know my folks were great
enough to allow me to live with them. When I was going through the recession right out of college work for my dad he said it was part of a perk living in the it's meant, but the day I decided to start moving. I haven't heard this option yet for this young man and a big it's New York is is there a little thin mom and dad been married for about twenty nine years, and you know you might hear some things when you're trying to go to sleep at night. So that's but the moment I said it's time to find a new job and get out the house, because there was another asset for everybody. They could have been comfortable soft. I guarantee that he would not care. No, I don't think he would. How old were you at the time Brad when you were staying with your parents? I was about twenty four and I was trying to work find a job. It was rough time out there for new college,
red yeah on the way and but yeah I'm away in the real world, but that was kind of a a triggering. My my head, like I got you list of of the the differences. The differences in appreciate. The call thanks brother appreciate what the differences is that at no point during that process was Brad, Thinking I was gonna stay right, I'm just going to this is a process, long term solution. You're thinking shrouded me to live here so that I could get on my feet and get out on my own right and you don't mind that is apparently usually that would think eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred seven back Glenn Beck mercury. Glenn Beck Beck for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program along with Jeffy. The big news that's breaking right now is that President Trump has canceled the
korean summit with Kim Jong UN in single it's too bad because yeah we had some serious hope for that. Then maybe some progress could be made, there may be peace could be obtained. We wouldn't have to worry about that anymore. And I mean I really wanted that many you at least. Agree to and officially end the korean war, maybe just start the that healing process beginning on the korean peninsula. That would have been nice. Uh that would have been. That would mean. I don't know that I mean the South Korea even want that. Really all South Korea a I think they wanted out for but I don't know, I think we do. We still. We still dump a lot of money into that economy and we've helped them build quite a military, but our military guys still there and the United States presidents is still there strong. Oh, they want to lose that and don't get me started on the press
This is I have long been saying it's time to get out yeah I know for awhile, and I didn't bring it up because of that yeah I know yeah, but they they they don't on our friends to go the I most of them want us to stay. Yeah. I think that's what I mean I mean, maybe, as maybe the you know, the the regular citizens reason says get out yeah, but no way the government does where I am on that stuff. Now is you know South Korea's got powerful army. It's like what are you for the help, yeah its its fourth or fifth biggest in the world? Okay, well, defend your country, we'll see you later, it's been, good, six thousand and sixty five years, but we're done be over then worry. We will catch you later. I know we left a lot of equipment in Vietnam, but we're going to take our stuff yeah we're going to take her toys were gonna, go home and I'd I'd love it. If we, if were less interventionist,
I really would I I think it's time we don't generally anywhere. I don't know what you're talking about interventions were barely anywhere world, we're out we're on we're on what or an air con it yeah. I don't know that we have troops stationed in Antarctica, but every other continent. We might. I believe we do I would like lie. There's no. I was you know prized. If the answer to that was we don't yeah? Well, you never know when there's going to be a penguin uprising there and you want prepared for you, so you left. We just found out not long ago that the the penguins were like six or seven feet high yeah. We did, some of them are back with really bad yeah, they might mean the start being born again that big and that that happens. Yet you don't want none of that. Thank you, you're, going to wish the US military was. Thank you but it would be nice to go back to our our founders. Original thinking is stay out of stuff, you know there's a thought stay out of it. We could we
he I think could, benefit a lot from that thinking. Right now, and then you know, maybe we even protect our borders with the thirty seven thousand troops just thought, I I don't know- or maybe you just some of those soldiers get to stay with their fan. Please for a while that might be nice as well weird. You know here in America and not leading to the economy of South Korea and Japan and Germany and ever else. We are all over the world because we're everywhere every sure are we're in places it. We didn't even know. We were in the only reason I found that out in Africa, but many african countries are we and, and so in some cases, the work we're in skirmishes were battles we sure are at that love. Many of those were brought out during the Obama administration yeah they were yes, I mean This is not just a republican situation wrecked.
It's it's an american president situation because, as Gladys talked many times about when he with George W Bush and Bush said: hey, don't don't worry so much about the next guy 'cause, he'll find out what I found out and that's with that. We all have to do is essentially the same thing and that's what they do essentially the same thing because of the world situation, and the circumstances we've created and been a part of for so long. We just continue to. We will have to end and that's why we've been rubbed. What we surprised at the many things that President Trump stop from his campaign promises, because how many of those campaign promises from very many campaigners have fallen through the racks, because I that very that very thinking yeah. You know they can't do it now. Well, I really wanted to, but can't wish. I could yeah look at the time thanks to picture get out of the oval, and that's that's why
to find at least as far with when it comes to. Certainly when it comes to foreign policy they have to act much the same way and they do true eight seven hundred seven back David Hogg. This guy is in the world. You just love it, don't you I do love to hear from him. I do not probably the most visible of the parkland surviving activists. He is calling for a die in at Publix. Supermarkets tomorrow protest their donation to give tutorial candidate, Adam Putnam. You know right. I do those good guy you when I, when the pilot, I didn't realize that he was running for governor, and I I like Adam Putnam and he would be a good governor for the state of Florida. Well, yes, I gun stance, the gets, omit top rating from the better he's he's a he's. A good guy, his family he was born. He's born in Florida is a Florida boy. They have a set
this farm in Bartow Florida. You really no matter what size arm you have when you're walking whatever field you have you to be have some sort of weapon. There are wild animals that need to be. You need to be safe from can't you just with the animals when they come to you. Could you could you may have your own personal die in yeah? Maybe try something different. Maybe you don't kill for a change? Maybe you don't have a gun, because the answer to to animal violence is more violence, have, you have attempted to talk to a snake or well I'll gator. Are you saying that's impossible? If you never tried it though
until you've tried that, honestly, though, I've never tried it. So apparently public supermarkets supports Adam Putnam and he had a long. A really high rating from the NRA he's been, I mean and Alex, is a great supermarket chain in Florida. The the really good in my my daughter and my wife Miss shopping there. You know travel to Florida. It's always like. Well, we get to Publix they, but at has been, I mean, they've supported Adam Putnam, since he was in the Florida state legislature, since he was in the Us Congress for ten years, and then he left Congress, the Us Congress and came back to Florida and became Cultural, commissioner, so I mean he's You know, they've been behind him one hundred percent and they gave him the money that they gave him and David is upset that Publix is supporting Adam because of his gun rating. You idea David. Your now has David Hogg,
Do you see how many twitter followers these guys easy enough to find out? I don't know exactly. I don't know the number: it's a high school kid who started out probably with what the twelve or twenty five or fifth e followers seven hundred and ninety nine thousand. Now almost eight hundred thousand followers was immediately verified was the winner who you me. Listen is this soon, as I started talking to him park when he was, I mean the media. We got the blue jack from Twitter, so he's telling all his twitter followers that they should do would die in a public stores and if you're, not in the one in Florida with that he's talking about that and do it wherever you have a public starting at four pm inside the two public stores, because he's got to in his neighborhood around parkland high school go in and lie down, starting at four feel free to die. In with us at many other public as possible, you know I I responded to. I actually responded to his tweet, which I use
let David tweets go, but it could send me off with this, so irritating little did a lot of people on your side that are shopping for going into the holiday weekend on Friday afternoon. Let's go ahead and clock that up right, but that was good thick and let's do that they'll be on your side, then that left us do, though, leftists they don't care who's in convinced, don't they don't care who's put out, they don't care who's, hurt they just want. Your statement right I'll, never forget When Jen Cheers went on strike in Houston. This is one thousand and twelve years ago, uh sei. You came down from Chicago with a bunch of their members to help out in the protest, and so I can come down to help out to pick up garbage. No, no, they didn't. In fact, there was a big strike and a garbage didn't get picked up at a lot of buildings in Houston for awhile, and so what they did instead was they drove into some of the most traffic congested
intersections and dumped garbage into the middle of the street. That is people over all day. We love him. Then rifle was I on the janitor side. Then right, oh, my god. I can't tell you how much I loved him. I was all about the managers for Gibet. You are when they started dumping garbage in front of Maine in the streets of Houston, an impeding my way to work. Leading me love dealer where we've been and where you want to go because the whole point of the of the black lives matter, marching marching in the on interstates and blocking roads right. It was the whole with.
I am not helping your cause. I have not not at all, not at all and going into public supermarkets tomorrow and lay in there in the in the aisles and get in the way of shoppers their carts. That's not gonna help. No, no, then one of the nobody's gonna like that then you're not gonna, win over anybody. That way and David would probably pick another store, but the part Publix is known for being so clean he's able to articulate that we're not get dirty. So I mean it's agonizing, it is agonizing and I want I want Publix to double down. I don't want him to back out. I wanted to give Adam more money yeah One thousand nine hundred and eighty two, I don't even know Adam and I wanted to give him more money. Is this just pisses me off eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven peck that great and Jeffy for Glen this week, Tripoli,
seven hundred and twenty seven Becko phone number uh, so staff sergeant to staff sergeant, we've, staff sergeant and steps to who, though it doesn't say, there's not enough room on the name area staff sergeant Don did you say Tom staff sergeant Tom, welcome to the Glenn Beck program, yeah hi it's going away and I need to a protest. Nfl kneeling down sports talk radio last few days, different national shows and they seem to be in support and well it keeps saying. Well, you know, let's just there protesting, you know: national issues. Well, I would like to have them see it for my pay, Spectrum Imax Military and I attended three
funerals at Arlington National Cemetery back in the First Gulf WAR, people that I knew that were lost in the cause, an I would want to see if Colin Capper Nick, attended one of those funerals and heard the national anthem played and then taps. Could he still have the guts to kneel down? If he did, are there be totally? You know disrespectful, no matter what his causes is. When I hear the national anthem, you can't help but get choked up thinking back to that Time Arlington National Cemetery, when you watch through your buddies, yeah get buried. Yeah appreciate it thanks and thank you for your service and that's a point that seems to be lost on. Of course, they say anytime, that's brought up, it's not not dad we honor the military were we're all about the military yeah. But you can't see you can't disrespect the Nasha anthem and then say that right, cuz
don't buy. That also just heard it's all tide in an again go back to what on Capper Nick the found of this movement, what he said in the first place and that is that it was about the country and it was about the flag and it was about the anthem. Yes, it is. He said yes, so we choose anybody who says it isn't is lying or they don't understand what the movement is about, and we mentioned earlier to he's right, the the the sportscasters- and you know we talked about the listening to the v as beyond the power of girls all for it yep. I can't believe it it's agonizing. I I I can listen to it when they start into this stuff, I have to turn the channel. How does I see if sports if NFL starts to fall a lil more than it has in it, then great if they're up there on a pretty sturdy mountain, so it's going to take a while you're, not gonna, you know, you're, not knocking them off the hill right now but if it starts to slip a little bit, there's not
be the need for you sportscasters yeah all, fucking nfl? Twenty four slash, seven 'cause. Nobody cares and the problem is like you said that that's quite a ways down the road. I know 'cause every day loves the NFL. Everybody love who's football, this forward to football season and escape that we're supposed to get from it I'm guilty. I'm will do that, except that I'm not guilty of. I am Gill giving up a little. You know I've got I've got, have given up a little. What would be like yeah, I do watch. It is much less four games carefully. Yeah and I put can choose when I watch it. You know 'cause. I try to miss the very beginning and because I don't care, I don't want to hear it. I don't want to see it right. I don't wanna here's a v and answers to comment on it. I don't I don't wanna hear their and their support for it. I want to make a watch with the sound down really out of a lot of times. I do I'd rather watch with the sound. It makes you as the days of Pat Summerall and
John Madden, who never commented about political stuff it but the game football. The xml is the game, the players of bone on the game. Thank you. Steven. In LOS Angeles or Louisiana, which is it Louisiana, ok, welcome. Thank you man. I just wanted to touch base, but you get your opinion. You thought ok, see my mom's on a fee then come in Hollywood. Her now, I'm thirty, seven years old shoes, but to be evicted out of her house. So I had to leave my house and everything all my stuff and move in with her. You know I have a full time job I've been out the house and fell sixteen yeah so I'm I'm trying. You know big difference. Tough situation, error, yeah, you're! No! No! No! There help your mom, that's completely different situation. Yeah, that's not the kind of thing we're talking about. Thanks for the call Steven, I'm glad you brought that up. I go. We
we mentioned yesterday, there's exceptions to all these rules and you're one of the exceptions. If you're take care, your mom or your parents, a completely different situation, then, a thirty year old guy who's, just there sponge NG off a totally healthy thirty year old sponge It is understandable that from time to time, where, instead of the parent moving in with you you, would move in with them, be sure there comfortable and there every place and that's their place and you're going to take care of him. Why exactly, are you saying it like that? Like it's like it's going to happen like your irritated way, it happens bad. What do you mean? When did you try them once happened? Doesn't happen, then? What happens is that they move in with you and it moves in an all hands, someone moved in with you. Then they will take care of him and he gave him their own space, but then they wanted different space
can't be upstairs 'cause. You can't walk the stairs. He gotta be downstairs in the room, pretty specific set off the top of my head really. Yes, so you're not talking about any specific circumstance you're, just I don't just the people. Sometimes it happens to generally speaking to say no and kick him out on the street. No, no problem, you can't! No. I can't do that can't do that. Do that Now what you know this, let's say you had, but I mean let's say how long a period of time are you generally speaking, uh. Let's say these parents had more than one child and only the one child is worthy of taking care of him to take care of him because of her huh, open and stuff like that. Again sounds kind of spin. I've been thinking so just out that way. Now, how long would this situation have been going on? In general, I mean, generally speaking,
nine years doesn't like that yeah. But I mean again it's just a hypothetical that you're just thrown out there. It would be good, though the good thing is is like if you were to move say to another state and you had a place to stay in this state. You were moving from. Instead of getting rid of that place, you just you know they just stay there. Why wouldn't? Why would they do, but they wouldn't right in this particular scenario, this scenario they would as as interesting, is soda really matter. I don't know what made me think of it very, very specific for a generalized circumstance that you're just but it, but it does happen and it does. It does happen, and you have to those are the issue is that you have to deal with and that's part of life. I get it yet. This guy, the third he rolled the specific guy that we're talking about in others that we heard about yesterday. There
something missing in the psyche of wanting to be an individual living in America out on your being independent. Yes, when you thirty year old man something's a little off there, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. The patent jeffy this week, Nancy Poulos he was speaking about- well I'm not really sure what speaking about she didn't leave. The question asked yeah is a specific answer that was supposed to be answered right, but she speaking initially. Well, they she was asked about the age of. Some of these elected officials and here's kind of what it would it turned into
Isn't it time for some members to return to private service in to encourage younger folks to run for office said that, yes, thank you. Thank you that, personally, yes, yes, Nancy, you should guess you should take that incredibly personally and get out get out let me see this two things. First of all, but I said earlier about money: if you reduce the role of money in politics and increase the level of civility in politics, you will more women, more young people, more people of color he elected and nothing is more wholesome than that k nothing is more wholesome than elec
paying people of color women and young people. I guess is not wholesome to elect people with experience. That's not wholesome. The fact is that Congress has a seniority system, so people in different regions want to make sure that the people who represent them in a senior position to help express their views, the concerns of their region, but I'll, take it personally and say the woman who came to Congress later, because I raised my five children before I decided that to accept the opportunity to run for Congress, so lots of times women orbit older because they have raising their children. Now, I'm happy because lots of young people, young woman, are running with young children and we're trying to make it as farm family from the as possible. But I don't for me, I don't think age has that much to do with it. I think it's about an
especially as a woman. I guys they want pension know that weather you're going from college to Congo, but they can't really do that, but twenty five years old, the Congress or, in my case, from the kitchen to Congress after my kids were grown, that or you're, bringing it's new and fresh and if because you're, a woman- and that is with all the respect in the world for male colleagues. But the important thing is to have the mix at the table at the tables altitude. I think that table at the gigantic able to produce the whole assisted you earlier, the whole Envir. It is changed. We still talk. These young people are registering kids, nineteen years old, who are not even quite old enough to vote, but will be by the time the elect sure the women March and now are running and now there are
and also there's a whole other people say to me: how are we going to use all that talent at the table and now they're running at the table at the table and now they're running they going to use us how going to incorporate their fresh enthusia? Some I've never seen mobilization like it, and everybody has to justify their existence to their can, search once and that's the democratic way, but again again At answer, the question, though young neighbors come to Congress older and their newer, some people that then there twenty and they're younger, but they just got a younger start so anyway, that is all to say. We want to take the talent. The expiry are the values where they are and so that
that's all to say that I've been rambling for three minutes and saying absolutely nothing, except for the fact that I've got no intention of ever getting out of office. So I'm going to die in this office, I'm seventy eight years old and I'm continuing to babble on and Leslie about how no I've got no intention of ever stopping and there are no did term limits. Huh do I want a young person to take my job? No, no, and by the way she may have got a late start app her children Were raised, she still been there for one thousand years, a chance Nancy Polo see came from the kitchen to Kong. Just the way she means it. No, not a chance. No sorry, I buy it and she came later in life. She has, I mean it seems like she's always are done in office. It sure does. So I mean, does it say later in life? Is that thirty is
thirty five? If she had, I have kids, you know she probably started at what fourteen yeah. I don't know I don't know either, but she's been she's been a representative since nineteen. Eighty seven, oh yeah, so we looked at she came in later in life for the kitchen, you know from the kitchen to Congress, so kids were bored with. The kids were completely raised. Five kids and five kids I'd take care of wow That's it again. The rambling. The repetition of phrases and words when she did dream free, good, sound that you could could have possibly been fully medicated last night. So everything was that's about as coherent as she sounded in quite some time and that wasn't much now Jesus, rambling, call eight hundred and seventy seven back. It's gotta Garrett Garrett, you're on the Glenn Beck program, high,
hey how's! It going touch you guys this morning. You too. Ok, so basically, I just wanted to address the whole. You know the Parklands David Hogg, type situation and kind of tie it together with some of the other left wing pushes that are out there In the past I know that Glenn has denounced the Bundy Ranch protesters for to testing it the idiotic behaviors of the what flashpoint, because right now we do have a caress representatives openly advocating for gun confiscations and buybacks with quote unquote, assault weapons. We've got formers import justices arguing for the repeal of the second amendment. You know the left, always at that point where they're willing to use violence, and they have you know in the civil war. Once you know, Abraham Lincoln was elected, they attacked Fort Sumter and that figured it. You know that was our tipping point where we stepped in and said alright, so
is going bye, bye now and we're going to do it by force with all of the rights that are being violated. Right now I mean it's get planned? Parenthood- that's Jim Crow! That Valujet This agenda that is being carried out to the tune of 10s of millions of lives, lock and so I mean I understand that it's never good to advocate for violence, but in Europe in is there ever a point at which we use the second amendment for what it's designed for, who is there ever a point, but I mean it's a thanks for the call Karen, it's a it's a hard question sure is I The answer is obviously yes, there is. There is a point were not there we're not even close to know and we forget about with our founders, is that it took them. Long time to get to that point as well. They didn't jump immediately to that point and take up arms against Britain. It a long time and a lot of grievances.
Many do forget them. Yeah, I'm good myself. I mean that's up to you, know, think about often and took them a long time to get there, and it should take us longer because they were doing it all without representation. We have representation. So there's another big difference between us and the founders. We're so post to handle this through are. Presentation and when they don't handle it the way we want. We get new representation. It's our fault that we haven't done, that it's our fault, that we never do that and it's our fault. We keep electing the same morons we elected four hundred and thirty or four. Fifty years I mean that's the the term limit argument as well. Yeah. I'd love to see term limits so love to see that happen. I think, there's a the different things that could save this country. One of 'em is term limits and the other is get people out.
Washington put him in their district and legislate from your district, not agree more, no more meeting at the Capitol building in Washington. You have to stay and conduct all business of Congress in your district online That's how you connect with the rest of Congress online, I'm even willing to give them a you know a week a year and sure you could. You could arrange something like that once or twice a year whatever, but most that I absolutely right there with your people in Georgia and you face them there. The time you don't worry. Not facing the lobbyists right you're facing your constituents, who put you there and do not wheeling and dealing with Mitch does all for three hours. That is the I think that's the most effective change. We could make get him home in their district? That's where you do your legislating. That would be timing that I think that fixes a lot of hills. Cat in Pennsylvania, you're on the Glenn Beck program, hey I'll, get right to
when you get nailed it on the head earlier talking about that kid living with his parents. A lot of that comes back. Do we have now had a an entire generation? Almost two It literally raised with no shame the big part of it. That is one of the flaws. The others are things like: no moral compass, no personal responsibility and no coping mechanisms. And a lot of the problems school shootings that guy living with his parents, the NFL protest. A lot of you could trace back to one of those things. Because basically people being raised and they don't have any sense of right or wrong or values or that they themselves are in the wrong. It's always somebody elses fault, yep and they were raised because of like participation, trophies and everything. They have let me deal with it, not that I'm an advocate of bullying or anything, but still it kind. Teaches you that life lesson that you have to deal with it fuck up and you know, move
on, but now they they can't do it anymore, and we end up with things like the shootings. I think that's a big part of it that really do thanks again Keith in Texas. Welcome to the The program expects all. I have right to the point that you got a eunuch thirty year old smoke like that. As a kid buys, is own groceries, get a lawyer and does not have a job. Where does get the money good question? from his parents yeah He yeah The public gets his money for his lawyer from his parents, say those twenty pathetic sad triple seventy seven b e c k wow. This is breaking news. Morgan Freeman is now being a coup list of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior by eight
women. Is there nothing sacred, apparently not or not. Morgan Freeman is a big fish right. Oh yeah, I mean, I know, Harvey Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby and what's his face Kevin Spacey, Right, yeah but pre. The big fish man that guy's got a lot of money, is big. Star, absolutely absolute star beard by the Hollywood star eleven everybody that I don't know of anyone that doesn't like him. Young. Production assistant thought she had landed the job of her dreams when, in the summer of twenty fifteen she started working on going in style bank heist caught up comedy star. Michael Caine and Eleanor. It was cute you liked it yeah, but the job. Quickly, devolved into several months of harassment. She told CNN. She alleges that Freeman, subjected, subjected the unwanted touching an comments about her figure and clothing on a near daily basis.
Freeman would rest his hand on her lower back or rub her lower back in one incident. She said Freeman kept going to lift up my skirt and asking. If I was wearing underwear, he never we're successfully lifted her skirt. She said he would touch it and try to lift it. She would move away and then he try again eventually she said Allen made a comment telling him to stop. Morgan got freaked out, didn't know what to say. And so it stopped it stopped yeah. So so what it's ok, to try, lift up a woman skirt! No, but as soon as whatever was happening was happening that she wanted to stop when they said stop, he stopped no, because she moved away, and then he tried. Why didn't you just say: stop doing it? I don't know they never do. It seems like it seems, like They they can't, but I think Morgan's married right. I don't know
he's. I mean they made bed big deal that he lives with his granddaughter or something or is nice, Sir Neville some, I gotta look it up now. He I don't think he's married I'm sure anyway. But the point is: is that now grain I am not saying that it's okay to lift up the who girls dress anytime. You want I'm just saying that at that point the story evolved into she felt uncomfortable? when someone confronted him about it. It stopped yeah. I guess so yeah so you're saying what it's fine. It's fine is that what sing I was your dirt bag. It's not fine! The set of now you see me in two thousand and twelve, some of the action staff said he did comment on our bodies. We knew that, if who's coming by not to wear any top, that would show her breasts
nor to wear anything that would show are bottoms, meaning, not wearing clothes that were fitted. She said at years. Old Freeman is one of, as we've mentioned, Hollywood's biggest stars, his movie career spans decades driving Miss Daisy, Shawshank redemption million other baiting deserve. To that I mean this is unbelievable. Yeah he's done a lot of stuff pair. Sixteen people spoke to CNN about Freeman as part of the investigation, eight of whom said they were victims of what some called harassment. Others called inappropriate behavior by him. So it sounds like he says things to women like a a nice whatever like that and and they don't like So now they don't. You ask him to stop and if you ask him to stop- and he does maybe that takes care of it. I know that Scott you're, sick right. Yes, it's like! If you know, if you,
don't know it's not acceptable, then, how do you know to stop right? You've got to be told I don't want to hear that from you. Eighty year old man Glenn stop Mercury.
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