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No Taxes, All the Spending! It’s Just Like Disneyland! | 11/6/19

2019-11-06 | 🔗
Yesterday was voting day, so Glenn and Stu review the badly worded constitutional amendments Texans voted on. As direct democracy usually goes, new taxes weren’t popular, but government spending was. But we need teachers who are free to TEACH, not flashier schools! Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin lost after fighting the teachers’ unions, but he’s not conceding yet. Should we say the name “Eric Ciaramella?” He MAY be the whistleblower, and while Sen. Chuck Schumer says nobody knows, Sen. Rand Paul seems to. New evidence reveals there WAS an investigation into Burisma, and the company name-dropped Hunter Biden to try to stop it! And 11,000 scientists say that the Green New Deal doesn’t go far enough – we must DECREASE the population!

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