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No Transparency at Biden’s Border | Guest: Aaron Kindsvatter | 3/22/21

2021-03-22 | 🔗

The crisis at the border is showing the Left’s hypocrisy, as some migrants are housed in hotels. A migrant admitted that he crossed the border because Biden is president. Journalists are complaining about the lack of transparency at the border. A San Francisco school board member once accused Asians of using “white supremacist thinking." Dr. Karlyn Borysenko joins to discuss a “controversial” New Hampshire bill fighting against critical race theory, and State Rep. Keith Ammon, a sponsor of the bill, describes the uphill fight to get it passed. University of Vermont Professor Aaron Kindsvatter joins after receiving backlash for warning against the “frightening” effects of critical race theory on our kids’ mental health.

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fifteen seconds for the national programme. Will we get a lead to tell you about? you're, not entertainment, goin back.
He D come one, come all were given out free hotel rooms. Are you a mexican citizen and would like to be an american citizen? Are you maybe, in Honduras and kind of sad come on? We ve got colored tv and air, conditioned rooms, ready and waiting for you. We talk about the border in sixty seconds programme till Katy lives in Pennsylvania. She was suffering for the longest time from shoulder pain. Reckoner Life every? she tried to combat the pain, either didn't work or left her with side effects that were as bad or worse than having them in the first place she did nowhere else to turn fortunately Katy listen to this handsome man on radio and of a lot
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principles, etc, etc in different ways and be more culturally relevant? It's why I am painting is the series that I'm painting right now of of heroes, and I were doing songs. Like this and my hope is that they will be able to teach things while also in trading even in a little bit of our culture, this one is was done by Nick, I I was inspired by this guy in France, His name is Wax Taylor and Listening to his music, it's just genius stuff any takes Cultural Sounds and messages and mixes them into songs this one weaved
and it's about about empowerment,
mummy containing pulling. It was kind of hearing nothing to do with their radio. Now look, I'm gonna talk about the average guys, the John DOE, the man. That's right, the slimy poverty. We have all this unemployment sign. You don't believe him see what you look like when you want cash. Prague are you? What are you thinking? No gas protest. Somebody admitted we came to building more to you. Your neighbour is a stranger, a guy with a bargain dog and I've been surrounded. You can't be a stranger Diana guy. That's on your own dream offence that separate the fence, tear down a lot of heights and prejudices mandatory. Having by your message, may I remind you that I picked you gotta make sure you're right it, maybe something for you, because even the oil business with the newspapers in the USA, the beach we enjoy, that even dare to do the motors that I know that you are saying. What can I do? I just don't know. You're dead ones is counted because in the long run, the character of a country is the sum total of the character of its level with a world is also about. What's best for the job knows about someone like you, we believe it, but we are going to use a new. I guess I've seen everything premium can make the world a reward. A totally waiting for your main directions to the game is John DOE. You're, though, for the World John DOE, let's go south, have about, shall we
Yes dear, we are the great state of Texas where we're just. We were meeting new friends making new friends with new neighbours, our hotel rooms being purchased by ice. It's wonderful! You know, I always thought ice, I mean when you go to a hotel. What does somebody say, who's, gonna, go get ice right now. There are buying hotel rooms there renting them and they are also building really nice places at seventy thousand dollars a bed. If you look at how much this is costing us now to build these new, these new camps- seventy thousand dollars a bed for the kids that are coming across the border- only by rights. You bet
seventy thousand dollars was equally on just a second seventy thousand dollars per illegal. Did you get that for the coveted thing the Czech get all is. Seventy grand you lost, your business, you lost your job deed to get seventy thousand dollars, because I I didn't get that now I mean evil conservative and you make money which I didn't learn by the way. but fourteen hundred hours or on the way that's fourteen was onto my seven nutty but yeah, but to people people who who deserve it for thirteen hundred dollars or which is almost seventy thousand wait. If you think about the difference there they're both of zero right both under a hundred grand both under a hundred growth. That is basically it is basically the same thing you right now
he blows. You want you to know that it is completely under control. She says the border situation is under control, in fact, Omar Elite, alien Omar, which Ellen was wasn't. She part of the eight o c entourage down at the border? Last time, would you Talking about how horrible these things were. YO, see, of course, was saying This was like Nazi Germany Litter concentration homes. What do you say I don't know, that's how she says a really just as actual little raw consecration, I'm ok, So here is Ilan Omar? Listen. There are growing complains about the bite, administration mislaid means, and I asked us it I'm sorry I can't I can we have a rare opportunity to use it. So
long alarm of warm foreign now we could hear a lot of are there are throwing complains about the bottom initiation restricting media access to the border. Are you among those who are concerned about that? Is? It is very concerning again that you know where we're not centering. This conversation around what's actually taking place where it was, of course, from coming from what situations there fleeing lawyer, what the conditions are right when I'm wondering order this conversation around the hysteria that is happening with the applicant right now is centred around. You know gaining political points, it's not about the safety of Americans this that this is not about adhering to international law and allowing people to seek asylum. It's not about coming through the people working with us in the guard to immigration policy, because if any of those things were true, you would hear stereo from them in order to be northern border. With here hysteria from them out, you know, talks will become undocumented because of their state of visas, rising view. We leave ass this
this conversation it sets out the lining, and you know I think, creating a tortuous space often becomes dangerous and non violent. Well, do torturers, space thummim, some of these hotel rooms, dont have color tv, I'm just It should, in our Man. They have pools that right now that some of them do some of em hotel. Is there a hunter situation? I wouldn't use to spot jets at home. I try to use it. You never know you. Never know, but The border situation is under control. Now you know there. Also some crazy people You know like that.
this department of Public safety that is deployed down, at the border they pulled over and adult man and a fourteen year old girl in STAR County discovered. The man was a fugitive wanted by law enforcement for sexual assault, but they have. Come over the border illegally, now you're gonna. Think the girls and because she wasn't related to him it was likely that they paired up to across the border together and the area known he was gonna abuser. But that's just your whiteness talking there, it is if it's just your whiteness, so she was, fourteen and you know he wasn't fourteen and you know he is me. He has a record of assaulting girl sexually. That doesn't mean as he was. He He has learned his lesson because he, kicked out of this country once and now he just wants to come back and he's just trying to help. You know this
fourteen year old girl across the border. That's all it's happening. That's nice yeah! So dont believe all the stuff that you're reading about that. It's not under control cause. It is it is by the looks like smugglers. are embedding criminals the families to cross the borders as well. You know it's another crazy story, and please don't believe any of this. There's another crazy story out there that These children that you know, because it six thousand dollars, but could be up to twenty thousand dollars That's a lot of money. That's a lot of money, for you know a struggling family in Mexico. Six thousand dollars, Was a lot of money? I mean. That's probably, you know two days in Disneyworld. Six thousand dollars is a lot of money for people here in Amerika to cough up
so. Where are all these people that are dirt poor coming up with six thousand dollars, I mean: is it that bad that day there are fleeing and Dave, and they have. Six thousand dollars in cash. Just to take out of the bank. I don't want to do this, but I want to take it out of the back where these people getting six thousand? U S dollars some would say. But again it's like you know, police Skin you trust the police anymore. There. actually saying that these days Cartels are holding the families hostage. Or Making them promise and they will pay up kind if, like the italian mob, did in the early nineties hundreds yeah. I will help you get to America, but then you're gonna owe us a favour and
expanding the drug cartels influence here in Amerika, but don't worry as a lot of our said, we we're not talking about the real issue where these kids are coming from. let's just all assume they have anywhere from two four. Six up, twenty thousand dollars the families who just cough up because their look, for a better life here in Amerika, where they can, while there king for a better life where they can make it here, because I can't make it thereby They ve got six thousand dollars in? U S, cash wow seems there's some inconsistencies that as narrow seems like here, my ass, something there that is, there point two. We can start noting the credible incompetence of the binding, Stration who came in and changed all these rules without any plan. What's however, as to what will happen when they
these rules when they really think this is in the plan. I do I don't know, I'm in other agents of chaos. Yeah, I think by the plan might be. I would with this, that they want to have a a situation where these illegal immigrants are getting across the border and becoming citizens in the long term, I don't know they necessarily want this hassock- is that even the media, as we talked about before we came on the air, there are scattered showers of journalism all over the place. Where you can we check on the admin we're gonna go to the weather forecast with journalists here in just a second gives scatter sour vs. Now that's coming up in just a second will go to Stuart, whether guy in just a second first me tell you about the good old days. Swear someone we want at all your money, they just shot you and took your wallet life was simpler back then,
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You're termination teams. One hundred percent money back exit guarantee learn more online right now. It's time share termination team, dot com. ten seconds station, I d Scott surgically letter, Thou meteorologists, stupid gear, as do here is our stunning, women in the storm front on the on the Cuomo side of a map here recently, which you too are shocking to me personally has had a long time to develop, but there is a lot of high pressure from the left yeah on that one be as high as a hyper addressing seven that is well here. However, I've noticed pass a week or so incur
apple increases in the amount of journalism falling from the skies on the border area of this country or just talking to me have to see it to believe me, let me give you an example of this is from a b C news, Martha rabbits, her thither, like their lead for fair, sir corresponded here: she is on their podcast this morning,
after hearing Republicans complain about Joe Biden, and how did this happen in some Democrats complain about? How did this happen? So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president? Basically those people who I spoke to said quite clearly. They came because they thought Joe Biden was opening up the borders and welcoming from what you have tried to do this. When Donald Trump was president specifically, they said they wouldn't have come if Donald Trump was still president, so the abiding administration really has a problem on its head so give me the guy I gotta. Have you gotta give me the New York Times music care for just a second because
I have to ask our meteorologist a few questions on this one. Do you think that these journalists These journalists have actually seen the light, or is there something else going on here? global warming. Category when I hadn't thought about that. Yes, its global warming admirably lower. Thank you, sir. I Michael above our acts a pretty credible report, and this is there not alone, but ABC. I'm in a lot of these places are time. The same story, which, I think honestly is it is us really le high levels of incompetence.
There's no reason the man if such a favourable treatment from the media there's no reason to get stuck into a controversy. If you're Joe Biden, you come in there and you do evening, moderately, ok, job they're, gonna, say your god, but I dont think show by a mean, could we play the walking up the stairs thing? I mean I don't think Joe Biden, his gun control? I really don't. I dont think I think it really is right. I mean this is really sad. This is ok, there's one there's two there, three he's on the ground. These pushing his life alert button there and at sea I dont think that that he's the he knows even what's going on really in the border, and I don't they that he is on the day to day details? I think I might articles are in charge of that it that's the could argue. That's what happened here right like they came in and changed all of these rules on day want am invited, signed all the stuff, but
You know what our own you can play an honest, though forget- forget our eddie- I'm going to give him a pass because he falls down stairs. This is pleading competence and he deserves to pay the political priority of our I agree with you on our present. Just remember on the other side of the door, Karel Merrill's here to tell you all about it, of its president hair, yet I'll keep giant Joe Biden to remain. I rose at him to be alive and healthy and president, we are for we are ruining the Poland, for your brother day, earn our we're pulling for President Biden back and just as the sins programme so Oh, let me tell you something that I would like to tell my kids when I like to get my groove.
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that aren't are not permanent place. Places ritual that children are not placed their permanently their process to out of this facilities as quickly as possible and as quickly as possible, well. Allow me so some of them being how their longer than that legally supposed to be. They aren't going we'll have an undercover protocols are if it weren't by a pandemic. I would totally understand. I feel really, I feel really bad. Because in the first half hour we talked about you know, journalists and and some journalists that are, we should appeal to opt in to take pictures. He a whole is that And with every president, you can't go in, do we have the photo journalist. that as the tea is tried to get in with every single president
every single president has allowed him to photograph. U S customs and border protection operations, except for Joe Biden is from Getty the image. Actual correspondent. His name is John more. and he's he's speaking. out now, because Joe Biden isn't letting anyone in- and I thought this was a transparent. Maybe when he fell down, he bumped his head and he forgot about that I'll see, there's another job, do we have the audio of the of the, guy Anonymous and BC. Saying you know, don't joke about that thing, because that that's I apologise again, my gosh. guy and NBC this weekend, MSNBC said joking about the president. Falling down the stairs could lead. ass, a nation. And you are what you mean-
just clearly. A logical step is clearly you joke about the president, falling Ok and the next thing boom. He dead from an assassins bullet not usually the way it happens, I will say to Gerald Ford fell down the stairs Saturday. I live always making fun of amateur squeaky forearm. Thank you very much good night. I might drop now. That's never vets rash. And anyway it's one doesn't matter who now it's true I mean look at: they did with Tropical Nanda. There's a drew holding out of breath great threat of all the things they set about Trump, think peace. After think, peace, I think these are how we have two absolutely take it seriously, that he could only he had that She where he had to use his other hand to help himself, take a drink of water, and he looked.
Walking very gingerly down the ramp, and that was that is important. We must focus on it. I know it sounds like it's nothing, but we must change that we must focus on it. This is serious, every single MIDI Organization said that back in the day- and now you know you're not even supposed to ask a question about it or have a look, if uncle sad business, For I mean this is areas of watering them yeah you're. watching somebody who is clearly clearly should not be in this position you're watching them just deteriorate in front of your eyes and a the family, not care, doesn't does no one care. Is this the way this guy is gonna, go out really you're gonna. Have him remembered this way? just so up seem so obscene, but they do you know they. Don't they don't care about that Ruth anymore, have you seen the journalist from I think it's the Atlantic, so
here's the latest on the asian attacks from apparently the right, the asian it. Acts are going on. There was somebody else that was there were somebody else. It was attacked, it was horrible horrible sixty eight year old man Asian punished in the face, The start of the one train in New York he's in critical condition now We have the attacker on tape, in it we know who it is? Gay if I may, just of really bad guy black. Here's what the rapporteur from the Atlantic tweeted now remember. We crazy conspiracy, theorists to say Joe Biden. and his son or corrupt. That's it
easy conspiracy. to reconnect, she'd, adjust tweet Many people believe that the Nypd is castrating these random attacks on Asians use black people who are paid assets not sure how true this theory is. But when suspects dress like blacks, black spots station characters use, JIVE Turkey, seventies, dialogue like this? It does. in questionable really Alex Jones, wouldn't even go there Alex show homes. Wouldn't what are you saying. He saying this is a false flag. That's what God Alex Jones thrown out of society and the most dangerous man of all. because he was saying false lag,
sky, is not only claiming false flag, he's saying the cops are paid black people and the only reason why you can tell this is because it's obvious a white man dressed him now that sets a fascinating theory and especially because going a long time been department, Justice records show that the most common attacker of an asian person is an african American. Despite being one fifth of the population of white, but if that is the imo and not men, asian people are tied with white people for how many people attack asian. So again this idea that there is some sort of whom bazaar of an epidemic violence against Asian. Americans by white supremacist is now shown really anywhere in the data, and it doesn't seem well, do you need it?
you have the vice president, now of the San Francisco School Board, talk about which really going on with Asians. Now this woman is very conservative being ice president, the School Board in San Francisco is, she has said many asian students and teachers. I know, won't, engage in critical race conversations unless they see how they are impacted by white supremacy. She says grew up in a mostly asian american School, and I know this experience all too well. Many asian Americans believe they benefit from the model minority bs in Many asian Americans teachers, students and parents actively promote these myths, They use white, supremacist thinking to assimilate and get ahead. too many law, school parents and you'll hear praise of tiger moms and despair
judgment of black and brown culture. Where are the vocal asian speaking out against Trump, Asian Americans know that their on his list as well. Do they and they won't be deported beaten being a house and word is still being an end word yours. Ill considered. The help our people they are just activists are just so currencies. no she's a vice president of the School Board in San Francisco. What, makes you say, she's inaccuracies sounds like one really sounds like an act now she's just trying to help all the students is just obsession with was skin. Color is remarkable. You only hear this. I only hears from white nationalists, this level of session and are you in I guess you go to a white nationalist conference. You might see this sort of obsession with with the color of skin, but this is what we are getting from. So many who are in control of their lives.
Your children, yeah, and you know about that people. We ve hurt a lot from people in California and a lot of them. they say, hey all put up schools. Do you I do. I do know you're asking for here. Maybe this is the best. Year of your kids. Life maybe or kid being taught by you or someone near near you? In a group Suddenly even Josie, William, better talk by Netflix you know and sorrow, and ours movies. Why are we even better than this by the way Recall San Francisco School Board campaign. Were the ones it found these tweets. She said I am not going to even a dress tweets that were written five years ago. I know Oh that's, either five years ago is so long. but since when is that a no go zone for the left
so they release this. They are that these are liberals in San Francisco that are banning today, there and saying enough of this by the way. She represents schools, the school that she's talking about in the school, the cheese overseeing the schools. is a mainly asian area and she's calling them white, supremacist or using white supremacist philosophies, which is do good in school, do work. Hard, be a model student, be a model citizen, a what model for what whites. That's really right is really that the philosophy behind anti racism stuff. The white fragility stuff is that these characteristics we ve all always looked at and said were positive and it was my understanding. It was across all societies, things like showing up on time
working hard or wait until I should wait until next hour. Oh I've got something being taught now in businesses that you won't believe no I mean you will, but it's it's all that it's all that waiting to aid or it'll all your mind, correct leave this segment with some common sense from Bill Marr. listen to what he is saying on segregation and to blame we seem to be entering an era of resale re. Coming from the left, I mean on many college campuses you can ups, there are separate dorms interpret black dorms graduation ceremonies stuff like that. How will that affect elections in the future I think there's there's a lot of there's. A guy study in North Carolina showed that interracial integrated schools make people more more liberal. but you know, I think, just to go back. I think that the important thing
is it just realized that most non white voters not liberal, they don't identifies liberal. We should take that really seriously and I think that when it went, realizing that most voters don't share our values me is that we should instead try to meet people where they are with the values that they actually hold and that we should talk the moat issues that they care about That's when other you know, brainy acts from centre for american progress. one last clip from Bill Marr. I never thought I would live in an era of members watching movies, about the fifties and the blacklist era. When people would wish Furthermore, a communist and all it took was somebody informing on you and Oh, they saw you at a rally or at some peace March, and you were Brandon. Career was over. You are on the blacklist. People go to. Parties now and they like. Then I want to talk there. Like can I talk? I don't know your girlfriend, she
we woke really, making this up people. this informal thing this. It's not just what you do it's what you dont report, that's another way: the goalposts moved as reading about this guy we're, Austin Marshal the banjo player and Mumford and sons? Ok, when they were a thing for about the time it took. take up this guy tweeted out that he liked to book it's a book called unmasked. I never heard of it. You never heard of it. It's apparently not favourable to anti first, so it's criticising antiviral k, people write books, you Finally, have the time to read your important book, your a brave men to the author now
Stu step away, everyone joy, stepping away from the band, oh, my god and heat. This is his apology again so soviet over the A few days I have come to can better stand the pain caused by the book. I endorse. What would you hit somebody else, head with it. I have offended not only a lot of people, I don't know, but also those closest to me, including my Ben mates, what a bunch of they must be, and for that I am truly sorry it's so Stalin ask it. So you know what I read what I want a musician. Don't worry when going again, Hopefully, people are starting to wake up to our soviet. We are becoming if you're, one of the people or desperately trying to get out of the cities
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right now, you're, probably thinking oh cheese. What are they defining divisive concepts that George Washington Cross? The Delaware? Well wait until you hear, and we ve got a couple of a couple of people who are deeply involved in this and the news. Is it's not going to pass wait until you hear this bill next programme by way despite our global bar, which reminder it's time for my stack milk bar this is the cocoanut brownie chunk, which I'm just saying What's your favorite ones, it is really like the other one. I had one there making it like with marshmallow, and I said where did I was telling you about that? Just don't even listen to the things I say I wish I was telling you about pops for like two weeks so good sir.
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not entertainment. The climb back
There is a revolt against critical race theory. Oklahoma Republicans have a bill out, they would ban critical race theory. West Virginia is doing the same thing. Chinese american organization is is denouncing critical race. What's what's happening, I will state legislature is introduced a bill to ban critical race theory programmes. There is one bill that is being considered now. It's called the propagation of divisive concepts prohibited to fill, waited till. You hear this and they're saying well I'll, let you know there's going to pass or not to people that are really intertwined in this and know all about this particular bill, and bill itself in sixty seconds standby archipelago.
so George lives in Oregon. He drives a garbage struck ten hours a day and with very limited movement for his right knee need to say his knee situation turned over time from just discomfort to stiffness in pain. Doing duty swelling, he is try so many different things to remedy the pain, but none of them work any dry. For a living. So it's not like you are you. Can don't take this while you're operating heavy machinery, I think a garbage fits into that well here talk about relief factor on the radio decided to give it a try fortune favours the bold. and it certainly face favoured George in this case within a few days, started to take it. He noticed that the pain was starting to go away. He got his life back. So can you really factor just try it? It's not a Develop by doctors and seventy percent of the people who try their three week, quick start go under order more
to do that, unless it works, you should know if it's gonna work for you in the first three weeks just try. It really factor dot com. Eight hundred five, thirty three. Eighty, four eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dotcom ride. I I've gotta go over this bill before we introduce you to a couple of people, the propagation of divisive concepts prohibited the definitions, com, extra means any and all persons, individuals, corporations, businesses of any kind that are in any manner entered into a contract performer subcontract pursuant to a contract with a state of New Hampshire device. concept means the concept that a one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex. Think how far we have gone, the state of New Hampshire, the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist.
see an individual by virtue of his race or sex is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive consciously or unconsciously d individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatments solely or partly because his or her race or sex, members of one race or sex cannot and should not attempt to treat others without respect to rates or sex an individual's moral character, is necessarily determined by his Acer, sex g and individual by virtue of his race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past. by other members of the same race or sex, Age, any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex, or I meritocracy or traits such as hard work ethic are racist or sexes, or
created by a particular race to oppose another race. I could read this to you ten years ago and said We're gonna have to start passing bills like this and they're gonna be hard to pass ten as from now, and you wouldn't have believed me tardily, right now ray? I mean what is put, what? Where is the controversial part of that in the one part that they push Khan. Occasionally on these things is- and I believe this is Direct criticism, Can't really have a firm it action without these sorts. When you had these in place. You can't really have an affirmative action now as person who opposes affirmative action, I'm totally fine with that but like, a foreign you ran into some of this when they had laws that really made it seem like you're not supposed to treat people differently, because of their skin color, which is obviously supposedly universal concept.
We want to do all these affirmative action programme, so we can have this in place, but I it was d, what you just read that at no adverse is getting rid. The wording that want to Kenya D is an individual should be it if their teaching that in any individual should be discriminated against or research receive adverse treatment of solely or partly because of his race or set, so that's even keeping it open to positive treatment, because here for your sex or your race right, it's ok essentially to have affirmative action not trying to take that issue on. So I to know First Carlin, Boris, Anko and organizational psychologist and a friend of the programme doktor. How are you I'm doing more Glenn how're you cope with, I say, doctor you're supposed to say: doctor I'm a doctor, I am so you're involved in this New Hampshire bill. H be five four for your promoting it
you know, you're a website you tube and you ve looked into it- will how this controversial. You know, I really don't know. I've been working with state law makers. Over the last months, though, there has been a testimony in the House of Representatives over this bell and It really is something that should it be controversial, but, of course, the Democrats in faded, New Hampshire are pushing back on it very strongly the birth method. They got through several different messages. At this point, the first one is that they said this bill with race, now, given the definitions you just read, I dont know how anyone can reasonably argue that the thank you on that date. It is. This bill is transferred back, which makes no sense since transfer well are not mentioned in the bill at all at all, but the third one and this is the one that seems to be speaking- is that they are saying that this bill infringes on free speech which lay
all my half, the irony they're all my eyes, now and then the fact of the matter is that this is be talking point that has stuck with some Republicans in my state, including my republican governor Chris Vanunu, who was now listening to this democratic talking point rather than list to the Republicans and the house that are tried to pass this bill and to the voters who elected him up. That is unbelievable. So what are our Democrats on in locks upon this or there's some democrats. You know, like Bill MAR was over the weekend saying this is this. Is this? Is gonna? Stop now, I'm in the debt they're pretty much lockstep. There might be one that might affect our way, but now they're they're pretty much in alignment on this one. What are the people that you know that are on the left, but not the politicians, the people that you know are they against this
You know me, and I think that they actually started to convince themselves. That concept, like one races not superior to another race, is actually a racist contact. I really think that they have bought into this ideology. I dont understand it. I mean that the reading of the building, the plain language that you just read break is very a clear in what you can and cannot teach, and for me this is what I was taught growing up, that you don't treat people differently because of it race or tax issues. This is common sense. This is all comments This is all what we ve been striving for, done this at the beginning of the year with the the country you and slavery, you wouldn't have had all the problems that we have right now how Why is this How is this bill bad? It really is this bill can't get past. You reverse ever We think the civil rights movement tried to teach all of us.
that's exactly right, glad in a lot of people in New Hampshire think that this bill isn't needed in New Hampshire. But the latter is this. This train, is happening all over the place, as happened at the University of New Hampshire. We just found out last week that the school districts in Manchester New Hampshire, the largest school district, I believe in the state- has done anti whiteness training is happening in the bed bird school. This happening conquered school this happening. It's other New Hampshire University is happening all over the place right in front of me, oh, and they still are convinced that something like this isn't necessary. You are somebody that goes into organizations you're mere somebody who goes into two corporations and tries to help make those corporations better. How about your businesses and going well seeing that you'd won't be involved? with critical race theory, understanding against it. You know that business These are having to do these there, their due. In them all over the country.
that's exactly right in their being forced into a position at doing them by their age, our team and by their employees and I'll tell you. Why is my? Is my training business going? Well, not exactly because, as you said, I refuse to pander to this ideology, but I'll tell you what is going well, if my coaching business or I'm coaching executives through exactly how to deal with this in their organisations, because executive don't want to do it and they feel like there being forced into a position of needing to be based on what their employees, though, asking about how do you do it quick leaks, I've gotta run, but how do you too, how does an executive do it? Well, look at his executive like Queen bases CEO. That says that this is not a part of our business, we're going to be focusing on our core business initiatives and if you don't like it here is a nice severance pay did you can leave and when COIN Basis, Theo did that only five percent of employees took that severance package, and so that that is a fair price were to get toxic and pulleys out of your organization that are only gonna dry. Your organization down, that is the best
did you know that are really good? Thank you very much, Carl on board, Echo will talk to again in its second. I want to talk to somebody who is actually in the state house. fighting for this bill, and what is it? What it's up against will do that in one minute. First, let me tell you about Patriot Mobile: how long have you had your current mobile service if you're, those people are bounce around. You know get the seemingly best deal you know and a good deal one carrier to the next year for still paying through the nose, no matter what you're doing here, somebody was very loyal and you ve been with that company for a long time, you're still paying through the noise the nose. But if you with one of the big carriers you pray probably are also helping finance plain parenthood. Things that are against the second amendment, things that are better propagating critical race theory. What are you doing? these companies are pushing this stuff and they
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key famine is with the sea is a Republican. The new Hampshire State Representative, and the east talking about a age be five four, for he is the sponsors? On that, Keith. When you were putting this together. Did you think you have a hard time getting this through? I wish we need It would be a controversial part of job as a legislature. RO. The legislature is too, the lightning rod for discussions like this, in my opinion- so you know the controversial and it's gotten more I would be filed a bill back in November. I think you're, the first state to do it, and our process has just now working his way through to handle this bill and it's gotten more topical as time gone on so tell me about the argument. Free speech
very interesting one leg spin. I think your Carlin Weird went over the different objection. and One by one those kind disappeared and focused on this free speech argument what's wrong: interesting about our legislature is we have four hundred members from all walks of life, and it just so happens that one of our former chief justices of our Supreme Court or stay Supreme Court is now a freshman represent. What is this, sir? Robert Lynn? That's right, rubber, rubber, and so he waited on his opinion on the free speech issue and decisively with that? citing cases inciting differ references and the gist of his on his argument, against that it violates free speech, is that you know the free speech, It is an individual right, it doesn't apply to government
It doesn't have a free speech right people that work for the government, wonder when their operating under the authority of the gun, I don't have that right in the course of their employment, but as individual We all have the right to life of those very just think: Tate arms. No, whether it violates reach be hard. Oh, if the individual- and we we see this me- no practice. In fact, that's what they're hunting in the Pentagon now is anybody who was online saying anything that they shouldn't have said and if you're a military member you're not supposed to be involved in in any kind of discussion on policies, etc, etc and so we ve seen that before and the left seems to Ex, except that they won't accept. When it comes to be no school teachers and university professors and and everything else, but would it protect them?
if they were saying if the curriculum was not there, but they were teaching it anyway, or is it tied to their job here so It's hard to justify the bill. Rule addresses anything taxpayer fund itself. Taxpayers money is funding some kind of training that deals with diversity. It doesnt, then diversely training. What does that puts guidelines on What types of training are acceptable and obviously one that violate, list that you read, you wouldn't be acceptable if this goes pass. The interesting thing about it. The genesis of bill is, it came from a university professors in one of our states, institutions and that person one remain anonymous, but there see in other places and employment. creeping in and it's very difficult to push back against it so it is one of that. That's one of the things that
I noticed in reading about the bill. Is that there are a lot of people that are asked to be kept out of this but they are standing up at least quietly, but there terrified of the blow back. it should not happen in Amerika. It should not, but should not, and so you have anyone's whistling another states, contact your state legislators because that's where the spam needs to go next, the source, the houses, but you have You have a Republican In Christendom, no, I mean it's. The Sioux family saw use Republican in you know the light of terms what is How is he rejecting this you gonna sign it, or will he rejected. Thou shalt, not my weight of the eleventh commandment work with normal
the public is we're different branches of the government and its so pay to have policy differences and discuss those rights. So that's what I'll do here? I think what happened was he got blindsided in a year? this conference about covert. I think it was simply asking a question about this bill and it may have been at that time that he had only heard of it on average pr when they were left behind us, I am talking about the free speech I should read and saw that gonna locked in his position, so I think, will be able to work. Look there's more than one way to stand a cat and I'll put that cheese or other, but I think will be able to get something accomplish. Turn regarding their language and five. Forty, four,
Well, I wish you luck and I hope that others do take this this bill, it's again age, be five, four, four from the state of New Hampshire. Look it up, read it yourself. I mean I can't I in some ways, I think, of the old days when they would take these bills and make them into broadsides and and nail them two trees and people would gather around and read them it trying to get People to read this is got be almost impossible, but you need to read it because you can ask your friends what part of this do you I agree with and bring it to your state, bring it to your state representative or your state, senator and say We need this in in our state, because this is a poison that is being spread, it's called critical race theory and it is everywhere everywhere. Thank you. So much Keith preceded. Thank you. You bet
I'm gonna do. I want to go over what Signa. Is this is the nations largest health insurance provider there have critical race theory, training and some employees took some pictures of some of the training They'll say: like don't text things, you don't want to become public yeah these. These companies are going to start learning this eventually, but also get filmed doing in its it's really. But what people have to understand is the companies are not doing this because they actually believe in it. This is all part of the great reset they're doing it because is there going to start getting? He s g ratings, and, if you invite it all in the stock market, your for one k or anything spare really Charles Schwab. I think Bank of a
Russia has just started this as well of all the banks have it all the investment firms have it. But what it is to help you in vast body We know you want to be socially minded, and so there in an e s, chief score, environment, social justice and governance score. So what do they work with their government? Billy work with their local government. Can they justify their business licence really well they doing on the environment. What are they doing and are they teaching critical race theory when that score goes down. marrow luncheon and other groups. Then tell their investors, You might not want to get in with this group because they have a very low e g score. This is why this is happening. They have to do If they want to play ball, they think
but they're wrong dead wrong? tell you about the societal norms, check list and the things that they can really hurt people because words matter this according to Signa the nations largest health insurance provider will have next, the programme Let me tell you about life site. Criminals have been taking advantage of the covert pandemic. Basically, since it started, one of the things they were doing is attempting to exploit people's hardship. The loss of a job or reduced hours at their work best way to do this is with fishing emails and fake websites which false We inform recipients that there entitled to financial support, while actually stealing their information in the process. Its
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jeez Fortune five hundred company Has seventy three thousand employees, the thirteenth largest in the country as a corporation, is measured by revenue, has started the critical race lessons, so it's really good thriller gun. Now scrape some of these. Some of these, things, are you know, kind of being protested quietly, of course, by probably white men chat law between an employee and hiring manager. Viewed by the washing in examiner detail, incident where minority candidate was strong credentials performed exceptionally well in an interview when that employ suggested to the hiring manager that the company wave the candidate through to the next step in the process, the hiring manager dismiss the candidate, because They said he was white. That's why and the other manager that did the interview said no. I interviewed him he's black, ah
then tell em were excited to hire him and they didn't need any more information. given the hiring practices they have in place where white male candidates are blocked regardless of qualifications. I have to say yes, there's obvious discrimination at this company, one employee, to the the Washington examiner so they are having their there having their critical race theory, lessons and, of course, we got screenshots of some things are teaching and Stu. I want you to stop think because your words matter, ok, stop and think Ok, so when something is no law that is Ben, we don't do really any more, we can't make new exceptions, but it's kind of cover. Because it's been there for a long period of time. It's
law that is your protected really cause. It's good Father grandfather right, oh my gosh, why would you say that I didn't stop and think didn't, stop and think others is that the continuation of a legacy that you can say that but dont say the G word of egg, so grandfathered is bad feeling. Sorry for saying a guitar. I win you when you are gonna bring lunch. Sure and it's in a sack and it's something that you would carry lunch yeah, the color of the round back I'm back in it stop and think. Of your words matter, you can't say in Signa, you can't say A brown bag, lunch anymore. You can
grab and go? You can say, luncheon learn which much alarmed I say lie on all the time also. But, as I say, I'm, like you know, I'm luncheon in learning the lessons learnt I've never as yeah stupid way, so that you can't describe the bag color We doesn't give a reason. Each all says than those are terms and phrases that matter got it. Ok, you shall not anymore, I've got under way. I apologize. I apologize to every family that I've heard untie saying Brown back when I say: hey friends, hey all hey All people would agree had any other thoughts on what another thing that you could say: hey guys. Oh my gosh stop thing words matter, you wouldn't say that, because I would have word in it, they may not, I'll be jeez what is different than the other g we're out you're supposed to say: ok, ok! Now I did now, and you can say now you can say
Gay, that's! Ok! so gay now. That's you can't say guys cancer guy, guys new? Ok, I got it right. I would say that your sore articulate here, but that's another thing. I can't say you gets- am cancer ear, articulate I can say good job as it at good job, good job Hoosier go to jail. You do agree, but you can't say articular now year in year out o we should alert. Our president, yes, this, because he famously called Barack Obama. A clean, articulate African, American, which was like a story block, imagine imagine the fantastical state tale. To be woven, to have a black person be articulated clean. That was what our president said: the allows in the oval office yo, and we don't talk about that. That's another thing: you, don't you don't talk about death it now, if we're having a party- and you say who can come, you'll see
can I bring my sitting? another. Good for you, you stopped and you thought I thought. Ok, good, you can say spouse partner, but you wouldn't say I'm all We are doing this for demonstration of this is only the careful wives, husbands, boy, friends or girlfriend. Ok, they know no. I don't know who you're talking about bill, but even if it is your boyfriend look as you know, it's not your guessing hair. You gotta bring your boyfriend because you might guessing at what they may or may not have yeah it's you you do know if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and therefore would be able to say with accuracy yeah. This is my girl, For me, I well know you can't say that what we do not get it might be offended. You haven't friend. If it's a girlfriend doesn't mean that she's significant.
You know I mean or a boyfriend. She is. I know it doesn't escorting better. I am it somebody I'm I'm seeing you know right now, on Craigslist twenty minutes ago arise, I will say she's a suggestion sees another she's, it outlines and others using next other when you say you're, flying without instruments or you're, going into something that you, Just don't know what you're doing your flying we're flying blind us. Don't say that no stop and think Zuyder. I didn't stop or think other ok, you don't say that you say I'm going in unaware. In a where our- and I am not now- I don't know what to expect what happened to the liberal, the liberal approach of warning our language to be are full and descriptive, and we know what these businesses cracked,
down and making every speech seem like it's a board room. What habit of that now? It now they're the ones enforcing this craziness. Oh, is that the next word now. Yes, it is crazy this year, if you I had a crazy crazy. a crazy day, you and believe, and I am crazy dying ravings. You can't say that why you had a busy day you have it Stressful day, you had a long day, but you did not have a crazy you can't sit? So stressful is a pressure that would come psychological pressure or emotional, but crazy is a different thing. Now I don't know if you work In some sort of a mental institution, if you can say I've had occurred
z, crazies just eliminated from the language, because you can't say it as a descriptive term as a person whose nor a normal workplace. Maybe you also can't use it as a medical does correct, and maybe you could use it if you are the person in mental institution, but I dont know I might and others if your life completely knots and your like, I just crazy day. I dont think its a bit ray. I just feel like that. The path decline, song. There's no more are gonna, be popular hid, says nothing, climb. for loving you, ok here to go so of what I like is. You know, grandfathered the inclusive term, a phrase you change that to a continuation of or legacy from brown bag. Lunch and go grab and go luncheon learn: hey guys, hey team friends, you all all people
you're, so articulate good job. Then we get down to China virus Jana virus. Can't you With two asked: and capital letters, no, alternatives continue? All you see, I can't even the UK talking about her antivirus covered nineteen knowledge as well. You can say you can call it a jet of pirates wherever there's no I'll turn the alternative to China virus would be covered. Ninety That's how they may not yet have a video again was Governor Tina. Here's what I think we all will understand why they, if I said hey, knock it off few people up in the deep sea no. No. You know that, like the two old men in the Muppets Balcony, Yoda Bobo the balcony about it, you know the peanut gallery, peanut, can't you can use that anymore. Why? I don't
Our people are allergic to peanuts, a lot if he could only that. It really will agree that happen, and that is so great yeah. That's the only one that I see here is off the reservation. Ok, I threem I can see that one can who you know new uses it for whatever you want history. Every year that year, the big native american historian around here yet going off the reservation rains Europe. The curve he's crazy, he's gone off the reservation. You go to the reservation stay on the reservation right you're going on? The reservation The key word here is not going or off its reservation right. Not allowed to say reservation anymore. Well, you clang, and I had a restaurant. What what is the award is the business of open table after this announcement? I don't know I don't I don't know I don't know.
well, you're too young to remember button. Oh no, that's another thing! I can't you can't say I'd, say or remember her. I pray Amber yeah How is it what is weird, as you can't say, blacklist, either which I guess works in their advancing that this is what they are doing is creating a blacklist. ha arrive about my patriot supply. I partner I patriot supply because, unlike a lot of their competition, the are actually focused on delivering the highest quality food storage. Some companies put out stuff that vetoed it, calories in it alone are not gonna keep you alive and they also stink on ice. I, like my pay, streets of like as it was started by a guy years ago, who actually was a proper. He still
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we're three p m and they'll ship out today, discreetly to your front door. So don't wait go to prepare We Glenn dot com, that's prepare, we Glenn dot com, even following the Christie NOME story? Over the weekend, he held a bet. She's, get a bill about women's sports girl sports against my mainly in in South Dakota, and it was a bit. Levin would be would align with conservative values on the bill: Technical Generally I mean where it was. Basically we don't want. we male transgendered students who were crossing? lines and competing. It gets females because, right, it's not fair, not right. In that way, we design wouldn't sports. So now, I'm sure what our stance is. We asked her to be on the programme today, hopefully will have on the morrow, but
sure what our stance is, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt here, but I've heard two things from our one is that it would just- would have opened up all kinds of litigation and Joe a great story to back that side up the the other is that well, then, you know we're excelling in South Dakota and none of our athletes would be able to. To play. We know sports with any What is it then W C, B or answer here s? What it? Yes, so, basically, the two main things seemingly in she's gonna vetoed the spill. That's whites, controversial and conservatives are upset about that. Her air, her joy rural points are one, it has something to do with like a performance, enhancing drugs as well, which, if you were medium potentially- transitioning you might use. That was why they were included in the bill. Her, it's Basically, you have to get a piece of meat, a document that
Anybody who plays in women sports did not take these drugs, and you know, generally on its face, you'd understand that her point is number one. It creates a massive rep record keeping regime for the schools and number two it sets up. So if a kid does it make the team and later on. Another kid who did make the team has a positive tat. first they stare or are we find out that they took steroids at some point, then that kid who didn't The team can sue the school district and school, the CID Sue, the kid in the kids family, I guess for damages. She was to repair that part of the villages like that. The other one is basically the answer. I came up with all these crazy rules and if you don't agree with their rules, you can participate the SBA. Your point is no one basically is going to go to college in South Dakota if they're big time athlete, because not to be able to compete against the norm, competition, in other words,
they would lose out on all the big recruits. They would go somewhere else the to the wider Elgiva letter, beating down the door to go South Dakota or North Dakota, or guiding what the North Dakota state. Those had NEA hide. Your major athletes ease in this the place where we draw a line, though I mean yeah, that's gonna happen a lotta things. If your company says I'm not going to do about doing these things, I'm I'm not your gun, to start to have to pay a price it is coming, so what de? The CIA is more important than your principles. Now, On the other hand, this, why really want to have her on? On the other hand, Were you judge and say? Well, wait! A minute is she's she's torpedoing this I want to show you a document. This is the real document. If you happen to be watching the blaze, you'll see it but I'll explain to you? This is a letter from or a note from
Abraham Lincoln in his own handwriting and its to the Senate, and What was happening was Thee the Senate, was passing. What's called the second key publication ACT where the new It could, just your slaves, because you were in rebellion and then free them and The problem is, is that it caused all kinds of legal problem, so this letter says to the Senate: don't adjourn. I know you're no adjourn tonight, don't give me one more day. I have a better idea and the better idea led to the emancipation proclamation. He concerned about this- standing the legal standing to make sure that it was done right. Hopefully, that's what Christie NOME is doing here.
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well. It looks as though the universities and the students didn't really mean tenure the town a ten year? What's it for well it's to protect views that may be controversial now: I for one. I dont like ten year because ten year has been used to filter out opposing views and only have really radical views. Where's that try to get tenure of Europe, conservative or don't believe the same thing as the far left does you're, not even getting hired, let alone ten year are right, but tenure exists, so we don't have what happened. You know with Galileo and the catholic Church, you gotta, be able to four think freely and explore all options?
That's what a university should be teaching, not not what to think but how to think by asking questions and pushing people to their limits of understanding, get them to reach help themselves inside of themselves. Well, that's not what's happening at our university and in fact us campuses and increasingly uncompromising climate is costing professors their job and one professor is not being fired. But now the students are demanding that he resign over his expressing concern over critical race theory and anti white sediment on campus, it's an amazing story, joins us in sixty seconds program. You know a thing I really hate about cars. Is it.
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really well thought out right. Lee articulate and in my opinion not controversial he's expressing an opinion, if you don't like it, go pound sand make of it yourself but they want to silence him. We asked him to be on the programme were thrilled to have him on health professor. How are you alone back? I'm very well. Thank you good. So, first, what what are you teach at the university? I teach psychotherapy So I helped to prepare people who are going to be helping adults. You're in mental distress and I also helped to prepare our accounts where's who are going to be working in the schools who are going to be working with children who are experiencing distress as well.
So it's not that I would dismiss. You know me know, professor of mathematics, if he had the same view, but this is really in your alley is not it most. Certainly is it most. My ears and the the encroachment of critical raised very into psychotherapy is, is truly a frightening in its implications for the mental health of both children and adults. Tell me why well There are two different reasons for children. Children need a particular environment in which to flourish in it. it's an environment where no conditions are placed upon their sense of self worth. Obviously there are
rules that data to learn and so forth. But you don't, you doubt, you don't day to a child that they are good or bad, based on one day what they do and this ideology, and in particular candies version of anti racism, establishes very a strict parameters of of viewing oneself and other people either good or evil, but in in candies lake which he is using the term racist or antiracist, but it is essentially a good you're, either good evil morality are you always its non it there's there's no
I mean it is to me: that's teaching our children that you don't. Have a chance, if your, if your white, now you really don't have a chance cause you're part of you know: team, evil if you are, if you are a person of color well their teaching you, you really don't have a chance unless we all get together and stop these people on team evil. So it It's a crushing individual. Is it not it most? Certainly. Is it saying that in order to be unacceptable person. You must first clean fealty to this ideology, and I would just add to that that port for children of color blind children. They are not safe from this either because they don't, if they dont to this line
then they have. There are lots of interesting name that are being created within academia for them, the most one that I have just heard recently that come out it's up play racial whiteness and it your way to take a personal color or a black person and say: well, you just wait and a witch which is meant to be an insult. That perspective. So I don't I don't even notice it. I did. Did this converse, she can't get derailed by thinking of symptoms of a white thing or a black thing. What this? What this really is is this is a racist thing. It's racism and and racism is contagious and it it it once all it needs is a hold in an air of legitimacy
and then it will flow out into society in and be adopted widely to the detriment of every person. The university of mind right now is giving the habits of that inform racism they are the administration is presenting. This is a form of intellectual refinement. And right now it gains legit see by saying. Well, we are focusing on whiteness. You know know know how bad of mine that is so crude and so destructive is going to stay focused on whiteness. This is going to find its way to the doorstep of persons who have the least amount of power. In society to defend themselves from it and give you an example of that. What do you mean by that? Well that
that that people who knew Americans, for example in Burlington dont, speak the language they don't. they're not familiar with our culture there just coming under coming in from the war torn countries, those people need a liberal society, one in which they are protected from from you know ridiculous views and carriages catarrh accusations about who they are and tradition. Liberalism that looks at people as individuals, a maiden says that any claims about individuals be subjected to scepticism and empiricism and helps to protect even the least powerful among us when we start making unsubscribe
here the claims about a link between a particular race, and you know vaguely defined social ills. It tends to find its way down to the people who are not in a position to put himself. I hate to bring it here, but I am unfortunately I'm going to the I love. You know: historian wannabe and I collect a lot of a lot of documents and collect a lot of dark side stuff about Amerika. And the world, and I have The teachers manuals from Germany that boy teach how the Jews are sub, human and, and- and and how the children are to treat those Jews
and I see a lot of similarities here. You know we had. That study was in the nineteen sixty. Maybe nineteen sixty were the a classroom was told we're gonna do blue eyes and brown eyes and by the time they went out for recess. They were They were already in separate groups. I mean this. We're doing isn't it is, and the thing is I'm like even even two years ago I would have said Now that you know we're not to that point yet I think we are dangerously dangerously close to coming to a point that you're talking about with these teaching manuals I haven't had. I have been wanting to go back and look at what this look like one happened in Germany, because I am, I am absolutely convinced that the thought processes
habits of mind and here in the dehumanization, are the same thing people keep getting derailed in in red. Igniting this as as much of a problem as it is, is the day they think it s. In terms of while this, it's just you know, this is just society talking back, powerful, but they did they have to realise them what they mean by that is. You know that that people are considered to exist higher right on the sooner sectional ladder, but this this way, this way of thinking is so contagious. It's. You know, I'm sure that there are good intentions behind turn. You know turning towards whiteness, but it didn t,
but think virtually no time at all for the conversation and I'm even hearing whispers about this now to wear now addition, people are part of the problem because, there are even more successful than People are beginning to hear whispers that there's no way out hang on justice. I give me a minute: I gotta do a commercial. We come back they're, not Spencer screaming it from the top of their lungs. The Vice president of the School Board of San Francisco is saying that very thing right now will continue our conversation with Professor Aaron Kins water in just a second, so the job market starting to pick back up and that, with increased covert vaccine distribution, its allowing the economy to grow a little faster, which in turn, is starting to push those low more age rates back up just a little little by little now the fair. That is saying something incredibly ridiculous, that they don't care about inflation, since, when
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wherewith Aaron Kins water, a professor who is in trouble at his universe. How much trouble first of all are you in. I don't know if it's hard to say how or is this situation will, believe what I can say now and on the glamour programmes not going to help you well, I was one of the things that I appreciate about you, Mr Back, is that they do you think you are someone who has spoken to both sides of the political, I'll when it does it mean that you have to think about. believe what people on the other side of the iron believe, but you you do send out,
a message of unity and people are talking about- are our great polarisation in this country right now, I'm. I'm starting to think that it's gonna, be like people like you and I who are talking to her neighbours and our friends and sitting down and saying: what's his relation muttered differences that is going to lead us forward rather than the in a rather than institution, building on programmes like turning towards whiteness, oh yeah, I will tell you that it's gonna take the lovely and take a local effort as gonna take person to person just reaching go and come on As you said in your speech, We see if I can find it here, real quick. You said about unity that that we have a lot in common. You said we We all share the same values. We all want the same thing for a university in our society.
Is that true not at the University of Command, but I do think that there. I am absolutely convinced that this is true a man most people by the EU, firstly remind their response, to me the proverb response was to say values. Do represent the values of the university and and then encouraged to see degree. Members of the university in income, including colleagues and my department, in there in the steps that they were taking to us precisely so that their with a pretty shocking responds Monday. I to the EU. Firstly,
Let me give you this. This is from the the vice president of the School Board in San Francisco. Kara name? Your last name is Collins. she just spoke about Asians and Asian Americans. She said many asian Americans believe they benefit from the model minority bs in Many asian american teachers, students and parents actively promote these myths. They use white, supremacist thinking to assimilate and get ahead, or that has just got. stop the use of Emily. talk about why this is so effective by. I think the one thing that the average I realise that not everyone has time to sit down in and study these matters, but people have must must absolutely understand that the people who are saying things
like that tend to be master manipulators, so when they are deciding what to name things they, They they name them in such a way that I did it pushes the part of our psychology that respond to guilty feelings, which is a very, very Effective manipulation, technique, information through measures Oh, please note: how ubiquitous and white supremacy a good example of that. Now, no reasonable person would would not say that white supremacy as it
at a time where yes, a one particular re holding itself above another, was not a bad thing and so what what people who are using terms They have done is to say we are now that the very worst thing that you call, someone is a racist or white supremacist we're going to change what that means in order to kill people into putting into not putting up too much of a fight when, after these adopt these other ideology? professor from the University of Vermont. His name is Aaron Kins voter, I'm going to tweet out his is his video that he made that he's in so much trouble for I want you to watch it and see where the problem is, like to ask him one more question: if he has time one more question, when we come back the sins
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poison to society. and he has received incredible Oh back, I wanted to ask you two things: since what you specialise in is the mind and and counselling. council here for a couple of the couple things first council me as a dad if My child would come to me and say dad. I know you're, not racist, but it's not enough be racist. You need to be, Ty racist. And I would follow that with well. What Does that mean because I am against racism, but if they're using it was of this terminology. How do you? How do you explain to you? kid when they say that too
you would have to provide them with additional reading appears remember what was the child in this case is being targeted essentially a very effective rhetorical strategy. the moment you started to complicate the ascent given that the child is making in this case, they begin to have two wrestle with the idea of what exactly is meant by antiracist and who gets to make those decisions, and so so you know oftentimes, asking from from a good faith, curious in a position to say well you know what term what about? But what about kid? You know you really want to
Would you really want to tell her younger a kid who was younger than you dad It's not enough! Is there not a danger? the more what you think that they should be that that there racist. What you really want to tell that to a child, because the person who is the person who you're you're talking about daughter road, book saying that that's exactly what we should be doing. We should be telling pre verbal infants that there's you're either racist your antiracist. Do you think that's a good idea, but are you? Are you saying I'm playing devils advocate, but are you saying that you don't benefit from white privilege while this is again? This is a very, very complicated discussion, because you,
Any time that an assertion is made like that, you need to think about it in terms of the ground that support it into the consequences. in which it may weed, and so you know could make an argument that benefit from white privilege, but the consequences what's that is gonna leaders now we're gonna be talking about asian privilege and then just just to really make a massive society. We're gonna start talking about do you know the differences between brown privilege and you know then an and black privilege. It is an incredibly divisive way of thinking, especially one There are so many a perfectly acceptable alternative
what what we could do instead of talking about white privilege is we could begin using what called evidence based advocacy where we take a very specifically defined one we measure its impacts. We take a very carefully put together solution, apply it to the problem and see what happens that such a more effective way of helping with societal problems, then then been statements that encourage p. Ought to begin to view each other in terms of rates and in terms of how much power privilege they are based on that raised. So you could mean the argument that have benefited from white privilege, but then I think you're gonna make that argument. You also have to
be ready to talk about what the implications the conversation that your starting are likely to have on society, and they are not good. We could take your materials, MR back, far from Germany? Look at them and say this is where that goes right. How that goes into the sea thinking. Well, you could also take their own materials and show that you know we're too about a meritocracy, they're, saying that merit based judgment is bad, that doesn't lead any place good me, you have to have certain standards, and this that, when they say whiteness, they mean all western society all of the cultural norms. Willow be some bad ones. there's, some also really good ones and there as well one one last question:
this audience is filled with people that work. To do something They don't know exactly what they feel very alone, and many of them probably are starting to see this now in their own business, but they ve got a family to feed how do you? What do you say to them outstanding up There were ok, there are two things that you can do that are really help one reach out to your neighbor, who might appear audiences, mostly conservative, then maybe reach out, and I know this is a hard thing for conservatives to do it's a really the art time to be conservative, but you know maybe reach out to someone, little bit less conservative or more and laughed, but is a reasonable person, and you start rotation there. There are organisations like braver angels. I am not speaking for them, but I am a big fan that try to bring people
the right and the left together, and I think what happens is that we will all see that we are nearly as long as alone, as we think we are, we share much much more in common. Is Americans then that we have that divided the other that you can do it. If you want to do something to take action is what I did with my alma mater Kent. State University is when they called me for money said: do you have a diversity, equity and inclusion and they said yes- and I said this diversity. Include its is diversity, equity, inclusion, specifically defined and specifically, as diversity of thought, considered to be, of diversity and its inclusion of different perspectives to be considered You know what kind of inclusion and
They would not respond to my questions and so on well until you do respond to these questions you, that received one more time for me as a one night, and so so do not support. Universities, that are not willing to provide definition, when they say antiracist them or they say, equity or they say, diversity and inclusion do not support them. Unless they are willing to provide definitions unless they are willing to do what they're supposed to be doing anyway, which is to say we are trying to facilitate diversity of thought, trying to bring together people and include different perspectives? them to bear on the intractable, intractable problems that our country faces. everybody only does that you will quickly see things
is the way to a universally president's. Fine is through their pocket book talking to Professor Aaron Kins Water, University Vermont, it do the people that you in your profession, they get it. and are just silent or Are they for this think of ass majority are, but they get it they're not for this day as as a profession, counselling and psychology and social work are very, very woke anyone who speaks out publicly about their about this. Really received quite a lot. A backlash put your average cycle therapist
is- and I know this because of my work with some of the organizations that are working to counter this trend. Sheep are increasingly king psychotherapy, because they are just being devastated by the Yes, you know trainings the where there being singled out as racist, because they said that doesn't sound quite right to me, or you know they're there that you know young men who are coming in and then told that you owe their their talks with toxic. because of their masculinity and they need to work on that and they see people just come in who pool? have begun to buy into this and they feel terrible about themselves in there they are increasingly coming to therapists were help. One of the things this being worked on right now is a is a resource,
an international resource Non woke psychotherapy so that people know that they can go to these psychotherapists a name. You know people are welcome to talk about the anti racism and so forth in in these settings it to support it. but they re now that therapist is not going to use the therapeutic. the alliance as then you in which the therapies can push their ideology on the quiet. This online thing that people can find critical therapy antidote is what people should look up and the words were just getting going about where we are beginning to try to put these regions.
he's out there. This issue it happened within the last year. We ought, we know, there's a problem, Edward we're trying to begin to address as it's gonna take a little. I will tell you your braver than I even thought you were. That is fantastic. Please stay in touch with me. Anything we can do to help you. Please let me know! Thank you. across the aisle Glen. You got it professor veering kins voter, with a name like kins. I man what I'm saying I don't. I don't know. no glad I dont know that old career, these costume yeah that was gash. Those are probably be racist. Today there were antiracist commercials back then, but they were probably acts. Added. Advocating equal treatment is other way out of step with reality now so everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes, are giant gold. Ingots
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hold its value. Really, of course it does if the the poor Piece of gold is directly related to the the value of our dollar now and That's why I mean if we were on the a standard that bar would still be worth two thousand six hundred forty one dollars or thereabouts, but we're not the gold standard anymore, so now you're dollars worth less unless you can buy. It takes three hundred thousand of those two by that gold bar be bold maker. Old move today to protect the future of your family, they now have these gold bars that sat on the bottom of the ocean after the wreck of the S S Central America for over a century. So- many to free seventy two hundred feet below the surface gold line has acquired the right to sell them directly to their
asked, clients of your king to invest in something? This is a great investment, its this actual eighteen. Fifty seven gold bar its incorrect An incredible piece of history. called old line at eight six gold line, eight six EC school line or gold line dot com You know one thing we didn't talk about. We didn't talk about was at last week of the week before. I still have the sitting on my desk, and I just I it's. It is crazy. the Nevada Democratic Party. as now broken up Have you seen this the terrible news, though I well very well, listen the debt, credit Socialist of America took over the leadership of the news that a democratic party
sweeping all five party leadership positions and contested election. And so now it's I mean it's all socialist, so Democrats, her look leaving and like yeah, it's now the democratic socialists of amerika- and I think that's happened. Lots of places you just don't really notice it potter how about a little disturbing too little disturbing Finally West, I just don't understand people, from the west I'm from Seattle and boy don't understand those people. What happened to you. I, like great grandfather, was right. My grandfather said in a what all these People are just too weird for California. Gonna move up here and there a wreck this place to like com, grandpa logo.
Sadly, what happened? I think California, I think these are California rejects inside where the people are like California, like not come on, even that, is too crazy for us. and they're all in Seattle, amazing sixteen setting theoretical how much things have changed so quickly even since January, are see you tomorrow on the radio we ve got. We ve got a lot to report tomorrow. We ve got a big week this week that you don't want to miss. The single episode will teach you tomorrow and the next day a little bit about what is happening in the financial sector that will affect your life on tomorrow's radio programme
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