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Hour 1  California = Venezuela...mass exodus...doing business in California is impossible...two dozen more companies set to leave...this restaurant icon is among them ...No Showers for You!...Gov. Shower Nazi strikes again? ...Giant fields of cars? ...America, meet Nathan Larson, a self-described white supremacist and pedophile who wants to become a congressman...supports 'Incels,' men who describe themselves as being 'involuntary celibates' and who hate women as a result...thinks women should be property by law?   Hour 2  Big Mac freedom?...North Korea wants to open a McDonald's...priorities?...Meanwhile, Taco Bell brings back the 'fried chicken tacos' with 'wild sauce'? ...GREAT NEWS: Supreme Court sides with baker (7-2) in same-sex wedding cake case...a win for religious freedom with caveats...Stu explains why this isn't the final word on gay wedding cakes...why the First Amendment is so fundamental...the right to follow our own spirit and God   Hour 3 King of feminist wokeness?...hating on Jordan Peterson ...Supreme Court rules on Masterpiece...Religious freedom a wide margin, narrow victory? ...An excuse to eat...Glenn, Stu and Pat choke down some Taco Bell's fried chicken tacos ...Kim Jong Un can't afford a hotel...demands a $6,000 per night stay ...Bill Clinton no longer protected by 'friendly interviews'?...using the Harvey Weinstein defense  

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The blaze radio network on demand, Glenn Beck California, in Venezuela, have an awful lot in common right. Now the governments of both Karaca, this and Sacramento or inadvertent forcing people out of the state and the country that they are leaving in catastrophic droves. It shows the truth to America about what, progressivism hardcore socialism has done and what they have in common they Killers Ultimately, they destroy countries and states, now listen to these stats from January to May. Over four hundred thousand people have fled Venezuela, one point, eight million have over the last twenty four months Ngos in neighboring countries report the numbers coming out of Venezuela are increasingly insane.
Since the beginning of the year. They report four thousand six hundred new arrivals a day a day that makes seven One hundred thousand people leaving the country this year and we are barely halfway through two thousand and eighteen. Entire industries have packed up. They are leaving the country this year alone. Forty one thousand teachers have called it quits and moved to neighboring countries, but it's not just teachers. Venezuela is currently seeing a massive shortage of doctors, electricians, bus drivers, engineers, oil workers, everybody every. He is fleeing. An industry is dying now think about that people Escaping and in re dying. That's Venezuela. But I find myself today And I have said incredible things into this device.
In my forty plus years of broadcast I have ported on some amazing things. But I never ever thought I would be able to compare any s state with the color lapsing communist regime. The similarities between Socialist Venezuela and the progress blue state of California, getting to be very striking, One hundred and forty thousand one one hundred and forty thousand California now has the second largest amounts of residents fleeing the annually. Behind New York, their progress, blue sister state taxes. Cost of homes and homelessness. Sending
People to places like Texas and Nevada, but like Venezuela, the scariest sign for California, is what's happening to business there. In the past, twelve to twenty four months, listen to the list of companies that have I did they can't take it anymore. They can do business in California because of the high taxes, the massive over regulation, it's just too much to deal with Carl's, Junior, Carl's, Junior, wasn't that an icon of California, Carl's Junior, moved to Nashville to to Texas J. Gibbs Engineering Group to Texas Nissan of North America, like Carl's Junior, went to Nashville Jamba JUICE Box, It Petroleum Omnitrax, software chevron waste connections. They all picked up and moved to Texas
list is a lot longer and it's going to grow even more in the next six to twelve months over two dozen companies have now announced, they're looking into leaving California some experts, delete that nearly ten thousand phone companies have left the state of California since two thousand eight hundred and ten thousand employers. What is the future of California people Fleeing jobs are leaving businesses dying. Progressives and socialists. Sadly, Destroying lives and capital S states. One government at a time,
Monday June. Fourth, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. I don't even know where to begin today how about the guy running for office congressional Office in Virginia. That is a pedophile no problem admitting it is like people are tired of being pc should start there Should we should we should we start at? Should president be able to pardon himself for crimes Rudy Giuliani says yes, should we start there or should we continue on the road of California is now against the law in California to shower and do laundry on the same day Mary Brown is retiring, but he's leaving a few gifts behind to We're signed into law Thursday to help Calif.
Be better prepared for the droughts and effects of climate change. Now what you could do, is build a reservoir, but no, no, no. Even though you haven't build a reservoir in lake forty years and population has increased. But last thing you want to do is build a reservoir. Just let all rain. Rainwater just go right into the ocean instead, what they done- is put mandatory water conservation standards into effect permanently. To make a long story short now that these bills are the law, it is illegal to take a shower and do a load of laundry on the same day, because you'll need to askew will exceed your ration. Send it L, six hundred and six establishes a governing body to oversee, the water supply. All that's going to be good. Assembly bill one thousand six hundred and sixty eight,
stab lish- is limits on indoor water uses for every person in California and the amount allowed will decrease even further over the next twelve years, the bill January, one two thousand, and twenty five would establish fifty five gallons per capita daily. The stan- for indoor residential, a residential water use will be D5 five gallons, it will even be less by twenty. Two thousand five hundred and fifty two point: five gallons bye, thirty. It's fifty Well, let me ask you this how many gallons Do you use well eight minute shower is in gallons hello order of laundry is forty gallons. If you have Fifty five gallons.
You've done a load of laundry and one person in the family takes an eight minute shower. You have already broken the law. Yeah yep forbid, you flush your toilets. If you want to take a bath, that's eighty to a hundred gallons twice the limit. If you want to clean your dishes with the dishwasher or water a dish. Water dishwasher uses six gallons of water. That doesn't count anything that you want to use for your dogs. God forbid, you have chickens or livestock. God forbid, you want to turn on your sprinkler You are so far over your fifty Five gallon limit
Every single person will be over it and breaking the law on day one. What the hell- and you know what they'll do: they'll fit. In you which will provide the state with more money which will what cause more people and more businesses to leave California. You know the think about the California population is all of these people. And companies have left the state in droves and you the states population it's. You to rise what. Why is that? How is that possible. This is a state that is going to have the wider the income disparity disparity, but of. Simply place other than Moscow soon, because it will
Maybe those people, who are in the Hollywood hills The people who are Quite honestly, trapped there well you can have the people, the people who live in the Hollywood hills won't stay. If you make them only have fifty five gallons of water. That's why, provisions for swimming pools, spas and other water features will be included. Yeah you'll be able, to, you, know sure sure sure sure sure you know the double down in the valley? They are not going to be able to have. You know that, God forbid. They take a minute longer in the shower, but I'll be able to wear my I'll be able to turn on my fountain, of course, yeah, of course, to do that. I love this tube about that, because government never gets out of control with these types of things and how they going to find out. What are your using? Well? Obviously, there's some basic ways for things like showers button. When it comes to landscaping, there could be other issues. That's why they,
shall use satellite imagery site visits or other best available technology to develop an accurate estimate of landscaped areas. Other best available technology that couldn't possibly be invasive. China we're building a cage for ourselves. We building a cage for ourselves. What happens when? California can no longer afford to do the things and run the lifestyle that those insects ENT or insisting on what happens when the people don't have water. What happens when the average person says I'm going to take a shower. And I am not living by your rules anymore. I understand landscaping.
But I am not going to do this and I'm not going to take it. I am Going to make the choice between flushing, my toilet. And doing a load of laundry on the day. I want to take a shower, which is everyday. I mean why what kind of third world country is CALL Fornia becoming, it is incredible right I mean the fact that you do something like this? I mean it is abs incredible? And this is what they've done this before they did this with electric cars. Many years ago they passed a zero emission rule that said that senator cars that are with twenty percent of cars by a certain date, had to be a zero emissions and, of course the technology wasn't available it wasn't it wasn't. It wasn't ready to go so
because it's California, these companies forced into production, ridiculous, electric cars to try to hit these standards If you've ever say ridiculous, you just hear you just talking about the Chevy VOLT, which was blown off the Chevy volt is, which is just in time. Spent is Asteron just burned. People alive Chevy bolt was a dream compared to what they actually turned out when they tried to hit those standards. Go back and look at that there's a documentary about it, which is nothing but pleasing to environmentalists called who killed the electric car yeah, and it was about this idea that they were going to try to force them to cry. These cars that didn't exist, they tried and your complete disasters, for many reasons that the documentary doesn't talk about. But the point is you when they got to the end of this, and these deadlines came up and they didn't have this percentage of cars? What to do is change the standards because they couldn't all these all cars
And I have every car company is going to remove itself from California and obviously they that was not what they wanted. The same things what happen with this? number. What is the name of the car too? It was the biggest car in Easley the Eastern Bloc. Oh yeah, we really ugly ugly, really ugly square car, it wasn't the deal. I can't remember what it is, but it was. Is a dream. It was a dream. This car it was the people's car. It was going to be perfect and it was designed by the state in his one of the problem. Is they made it out of a composite up until like what, ten years ago they may get out of the composite that? and not to biodegrade in any way shape or form the earth. Until we're all covered in lava these the These of these cars are going to sit in Eastern Europe forever. You
cannot reuse them, recycle them or degrade its. It's insane why Because the people of Eastern Europe wanted them, they hated them, because ever been got involved. And said this is the right thing to do, and this is what we're going to do and we are going to do it and you are going to purchase this because we know better than you do congradulations in California, Europe, start building those cars, maybe Turbo somebody. Somebody in the audience knows what those things are called. Look it up for bon type thing: I'm a b a they made. The from nine fifty seven to nineteen ninety one no. I think it may have been that robots, but I
there was another one we were sitting there. You have with the last couple of peoples, cars, and I think this one was built until like two thousand and ten or two thousand and eight the last just rolled off the yeah. I think right you're right, is even newer than that Let me tell you bout american financing. The June FED meeting is coming up June, 12th and 13th. The economists overwhelmingly are predicting now that the FED is going to raise rates. If you I found a home that you're interested in financing. Are you thinking about taking advantage of the low rates? Do it now before the June? Meeting and a merry and financing can help whether you're buying your first home, your next home, even in investment home. Let me can financing customize the right loan program for you, you can. If in ten minutes, close in as fast as ten days, I can financing employees, salary based mortgage consultants and they don't work. On Commission. They work for you. A plus
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later than one thousand nine hundred and ninety one but was it a lot. Was that the Lada there was a car back in the day that the former Soviet Union was was building, it was the people's car and it was a nightmare and now all Eastern Europe, there are just these giant fields, full of the is cars, because, body they built them is non biodegradable and they wanted to last for Furlong yeah not to be cannot be broken down download, recycled, reused in any way shape or form. So it's just this graveyard of millions of these cars and I'm trying to remember studio, remember It was like
almost like? More than all of the american car industry, combined for awhile some crazy stats, we should actually crazy if we could get James May and he's the guy who love him. He's a british guy who does there's a series on Amazon. If your prime subscriber you can watch it as part of their package, it's called it's called cars of the people. Yeah is the name, is the name of the series? Is a few episodes of it. The first one we've talked about it before go through all of these really bad central government planned mobiles and how every one of them turned out to be. Does master, except for one except for one right, which still was a disaster at the time it until it, which is. Volkswagen, turn it. What it what it, what the disaster was was not the car I mean it was designed by Porsche yeah, so The disaster was not the car at the disaster. Was that the guy,
and said here's saving stamps where everybody can have the people's car. So send us your you know. I don't know what it was. You know ten marks a month for the next eighteen months and in the end, we're going to give you a car While they took that money and they used it for other things like the war machines, so nobody got their car. I feel safe saying that if you wanted to buy a car and instead funded the Nazi war regime, I would say that per potentially that's addicted disaster. And so you know I mean yeah. I just wanted to know know know him, but I think he wanted to point out that. Yes, it was a disaster because of that, but the actual car was not know it and it eventually turned into obviously a great car. It was a great car when it was first shown. Was it not yeah, I mean yeah. I think, especially in comparison to these other ones mitigated disaster. It was designed by Porsche aiming. It was a lot there's a lot to it. If you want to teach your kids in a fun way about communism and how bad
add communism is good or totalitarianism. Watch that series it's on Amazon. It's called, I think the people's car car cars of the people, the people, cars of the P James Mays Cars of the people, it's funny it's entertaining and boy. Your kids will go wait a minute watt. It's really amazing cars of the people on Amazon back in a second this is the Glenn Beck program, I am so excited for a week the weekend after next Father's day weekend. We are doing our Mercury Museum, our exhibition. It's a limit exhibition of some of the items in our collection, and it is all about rights and responsibilities. It's all about knowing these and knowing when they go wrong and what things are like
when, do go wrong. What happened? if you live in a world where man doesn't have any human rights we're It's not self evident. Do you have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I'm can It's that are Unum the thing that the one thing that we can all agree on the bill of rights, but we don't know them. I'm also convey that everything that we have going on every problem that we face today because somehow or another we have found way to violate the bill of rights. So the heroes who have stood up for rights and the stories of when they go wrong, you don't this this is happening on Father's day weekend tickets are now available, general admission or you can get private tours with me or David Barton or Stew, or anybody else, and we're going to be there all weekend, and we would love love To see you if you've ever been to one of our museums, this
it's going to be over the top. I think you're going to really really like this one rights and sponse abilities. First time, we've ever opened the entire studio. This is, a thousand square feet and you're going to be taken through the for the for the floor of the entire first floor is open for the museum and that will have pieces that are pretty shocking. I don't have word yet on what is coming on one section. We know we have a lot on Abraham Lincoln, but we have asked the the Lincoln Museum up in Illinois. If we could borrow a few items, we know that they are coming. We know that they are, they have decided. They're going to loan us, yet what we ask for is the original Emancipation proclamation signed and by that's it yeah, that's, ok, yeah yeah! I think I gotta bring that I guess that's the I think that one is coming. I think that one is almost for sure, deal, I'm not sure, but I don't want to
miss anything, but the things that they think we have asked for our remarkable for in I didn't even know this existed still the original handwritten is Leesburg address. And then you know, I guess, on the train by Abraham Lincoln, while and also the stove pipe hat and gloves that are all bloodied from the the night that he was shot. That will that's also part of their collec in. We hope to have some of the collection we know we'll have some of the collection. We just don't know what. Yet they were talking about how these things come together every time a minute ago, off the air, and it seems like what usually happens is there's this great collection. Stuff that if we get none of these items, you're talking about a still great, like it's on an amazing, yeah IBM, and then there's always these like three or four things that are like over the top that we request
well, last time, I think, last time it was hey. Can we get the Bible that was at Lee taken over on the Mayflower yeah. I think so and it it was there when you got there, standing there and you're like well. That's a that's, really a pilgrims hat and his clothes and and that's his gun and vats. The Bible that they were reading on the Mayflower that is really cool. It's amazing to be most of the time, because I don't know, I hear the Word museum Oh snore, fest yeah. I you know, I think, of how do I kill myself before I enter it? I should take you through this one with your imagination today, so you can know what I'm planning 'cause this one is like anything that we've ever done yeah. This one is really really unlike anything, we've ever done, you're going I think you're really going to like this. I we just like four weeks ago, I'm like okay, guys, I'm sorry to throw this on you, but
we get an actual french guillotine anywhere somebody's gotta have one and in the is that we run into somebody. And so is one of the gear to the french guillotine is I mean 'cause. We want to show the diff it's between the American Revolution and the french Revolution, one the freedom one led to the guillotine? What was the difference? it's really going to be amazing, you don't want to. I think I think I think this week, they're starting to reassemble the gallows Indiana one. The Muse hits gonna be uplifting work best for the next couple weeks. So I tell you it's in the first, the Twenty percent of the museum is a little dark, in fact we're talking about having a pass through. Because you may not want to have your kids go through the first few minutes of the museum, because it's really dark. It's quite dark: but the rest of it is really uplifting and
ends with the choices that we have to make. The possibilities of the future are unbelievable, We can reach to the stars and beyond, or we can be shut up in a cage which are we going to do, and it will all be you oldest? It will all be decided on on future is based on reaction to our rights and our responsibilities, really cool Thursday a weekend present, because that is actually happening that weekend. So mercuryone dot, Org one museum, two thousand and twenty eighteen other stores, with Glenda Stores, with myself and Jeffy vacation David Barton, yes, Sir yeah there's a lot of great towards you could do or you can just come and check it out yourself. I would love to have you love to have you come on down and c as we'll see we'll see, we'll see you there, then that's a week, from this week Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 15th through the 17th here. Studios in Dallas, Texas, the Mercury studios in LAS Colinas. We
would love to see you tickets on sale, now, mercury dot mercuryone dot, Org, Slash, museum, two thousand and eighteen. We don't have time to do this. Real justice here, still You know what let's take a break and then we're going to come back. So we can spend some quality, so we can spend some the time just asking a question. Where is the line in today's society? Where is What are we willing to accept because he's better than the other guy, there's a and it is running for Congress that is forcing us to ask this question it's a day of firsts on the Glenn Beck program will go there in a minute, first, let me tell you about Ziprecruiter. If you
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His name is Nathan. Larson, now he's a The seven year old accountant from Charlottesville Virginia he's running for Congress as an independent candidate. Now stew, before I get into everything about him Can you give me his personal life and yeah his personal life ever give me the stats on you know what like his tax Paula, yeah, big time, libertarian tax policy. He wants little to no taxes. What so ever small government. Guy re I mean really it's a government out of everybody's business, which is great yeah. You don't want the you, don't that a bit regulation down the tubes down the tubes he's really good on that he's a bit better than the we got free speech. You see voter that make I'll say that is the better on other than the Democrats. Much better than the Democrats. The Democrats want to raise your taxes right, wants to wipe them out completely all right,
all right he's, also a t Abbott. May I quote him: a lot of people are tired of political correctness. It is sold by yeah, and so my I'm I'm tired of political correctness. I I still see myself with him on that people prefer, when there's an outsider, who doesn't have anything to lose and is willing to say what's on a lot of people, mind a lot of people's minor in the swamp, I'm in okay, all right, they need, or the this won't trade. This much maybe not. This- is the creature that lives at the bottom of the the seven year old, accountant spread on website posts about raping his late ex wife, Look. I mean, as I said, he's a first amendment guy social media. Now he hasn't actually raped his Ex wife right just talk just talk hosts about erect
He also has confirmed that he created the now defunct websites and I'm not going to give them, but they they served as chat rooms. Gathering places for pedophiles and also violence minded misogynist, I will say, They are. The websites are defunct, so at least according to this report. So it's probably not going to do any damage to any traffic, I found was interesting, but it there's a bunch of things. I didn't know what they were like. We've only very recently discovered in cell is and that is I'm not sure I've discovered you haven't, because the only reason I say that we we have is because a couple of the mass shooters fell into this category in cell in cells, which is an involuntary celibate. Okay, yeah, which you know it
which is you would want to know what I have, but you can't and no one will do no adult with you do that with you, so you're in in cell, and he usually that leads to dangerous right now, of course, you know a lot of people, are involuntarily: celeb that you know like it go through. Every high school and college in America are going to find like a lot of people who fall into that category. Most of them desiring to be celibate. However, however, there is a certain wing of of of this group that seems to act out in violence and talk about you know that they should not you have to be celibate because they should be able to have. Whoever they want, one of them yeah he's? Why he's on that side of the he's one of their He he's written essay about
you know, Father daughter, incest and about a rape raping his Ex wife repeatedly in didn't recent interview that he was asked whether there was a grain of truth in his essay, and he said yes, but plenty of women have rape fantasies as well. Ok, well, look I mean that's what he's talking about. Ok, I mean he's like this shouldn't writer. We talked about his pot tax policies. Right Keith claims in his campaign manifesto is platform, is quasi neoreactionary, libertarian, which include protecting gun ownership rights, see good second amendment to stab lising free trade. I like free and benevolent white supremacy. What was that, the sun is well. It's not focus on that. One also he's going to legalize a few things: incestuous, marriage and l, burnout, Griffey all, He also has urged Congress to repeal the violence against women act. This guy's
this guy's a winner. He says we need to switch to a system that classifies women as property initially, their fathers and leader of their husbands. He showed sympathy for men who identifies involuntary celibates or incels suggesting it is unfair. Or that they are forced to pay taxes for school welfare and other support for other men's children we've gone down. A little bit of a path here? I'm going to tax It doesn't seem as exciting Do you want to be all be forced to pay taxes for school again after I don't want a Democrat in office. I'll tell you that yeah so any he's just saying these things He also posted online. Why doesn't every pedophile focus on making money, so they can get pedo wife and then either impregnate her with some young boy or other
adopt some young children that would accommodate both those who are and are not into incest and of first the adoption process? Let you pick a boy or a girl? That's a quote, okay, so he has a child by the way you. His ex wife, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He lost custody for so much. Don't know why I don't understand he's running for office. This is an up standing member society. But now we come back at customer. He also identifies himself as a HEPA Filak Racist Heber. Click races, I don't what is a hemophiliac, We were a lot of new rate is still racists, rapists, okay, h e b e t h, I
I l I see okay. Here we go glad. I google this by the way on a point that out. Thank you only days, word of the day it is compatible. Feeling is a alert future people are looking into investigations. I did this on. The air, for informer purposes. Only sure he is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in bessent. Early adolescent children. Typically ages, eleven to fourteen He said it was between that in pedophilia, first from pedophilia, which the primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children, so I guess you're going the younger than LOL as and from if feebly, Beau feeling, which is
the primary sexual interest in later Adolescence- typically ages, fifteen to nineteen. So we get these guys and okay. What what a good news on the house on the palate virgin? You can vote for him. He's got no tax policy. He also has just been released of you know from federal prison for threatening to kill the last president, so you had landed on for years. Mercury. Glenn it. This is the craziest. This is now it's. The craziest thing I've heard, because I just did a break guy in Virginia is running for I'm Chris and he's a pen a file in he's open about it and he's like yeah, okay. So what I did children what's the big deal, I think people are tired of you know these politicians not really being open. Okay are high, no, not old, not that open, not that open, but not when you're opening up your drawers for children. No, so I can
say this is the craziest thing I've heard, but it's it's and the scale so no it's par for the. Let me restart hello, America breaking news today looks like one of the reasons why we're meeting in Pyongyang and have go with the North Koreans is because their leader once a big Mcdonald's. Apparently you know Kim ANG used to have Mcdonald's flown in from China. Okay, of course,. He's a fat man If you were running the country- and you didn't have a Mcdonald's, but you ran a country where you had no limits on your power come on. Telling me there wouldn't be. Maybe once a month every couple of months. At least you go. You know what I really feel like having a quarter pounder and a big MAC
those planes out to get one for me. Of course you would you're fat and you're a dictator, so Lee. They think this is a really big deal that We might allow you to open a Mcdonald's grins in North Korea I don't know if they know this, but that's not a big deal for it's not like a big chip. It's not like everybody in America's been like, oh man, if we could just get Mcdonald's into N Korea, that's not! bargaining chip, that's more about you, fat man than us. Apparently, ah Apparently it having a Mcdonald's in a closed country is a big deal. His Klay, when Mcdonald's franchises opening communist nations, it's usually a precursor to shaking off the
Ministrul like like, like the clown, is a spy. Like somehow or another everybody's going to have to have big, Macs and and and filet o fish is ago. Go you know what we should be free I mean I guess it is, but you know who wants to run the Mcdonald's. This family, of course, I'm sure they're all fat as well. This is uh about them not cap? Liz them I think there is a legitimate argument, Papa Mcdonald down in some communist dictatorship and it turns into, revolution into for, but wait a minute. This is available and It all turns up over that I think what I don't now you don't, and can I ask you a question? I mean it. It's got to be kicking himself if this is the way that you
freedom in North Korea Bill Clinton? Why did not think of that? It's Monday June fourth you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, welcome to the program, I'm glad you're here, It's just so much wonderful things, many many wonderful places we can go to today. None of them in the news none of them. I don't think any of them in the news today unless you're a Mcdonald's fan right now make is like s well there's such a large scale, disposable incomes in North Korea. That would be able to frequent Mcdonald's, I'm sure it would do well who's going to pay for that. Could or even in any food, let actual like right food, that's produced for you,
it's like a you know, people say about North Korea. Will wire people starving one of the just go out in the fields and just greed, because they've already cleaned the hard even picked clean. Destroyed it, because people have no food there. Eating bark off of trees. I still like You know what you need. You need a central market. If you just had a whole foods, everything would be solved. No, they have no money, there's a problem yeah, it is so many of them are in prison, being tortured. That's another issue. It's hard to get to the drive thru when you've got you know needles pushed into under your fingernails there's. There's. But here it's an island, cellblock fourteen was a domino's a announced. I believe it was over the last week or so that they're doing
hot spots now domino's hotspots, like a WI, FI hotspot or you might be like a park? Domino's is saying they will liver, not just two houses. So like, if you're just out like a brown park again pizza delivered to you at a park. I happen to be at a playground, and you want pizza thinking this thinking, that we are meeting we're meeting with a with a country that is starving their people to death and can't seem to make it work centralized government somehow or another. They just can't make it work, and we on the other hand, are fat, other than ever before, and king to ourselves. Man. I wish I could get a pizza here in the park. Oh, I can and
and yet there's still a debate as to which way we should go as a government. It's like there's people out there going like I don't know, maybe the starvation ones better. We should try that one again, if we could perfect that one, we be able to nail this thing. We work on this one 'cause it's working pretty well, even as corrupt in horrible. It's system is it's working pretty? Well, let's clean this one up, it's kind of like new, let's dust it off a bit, Hey here's an old piece of paper I found her Belove run bill of I don't know, to bill of some sort. Let's set that over here, Spell R rite because Regis above Greg. You know, I mean think about this. We are a country that has well, if not one two separate individual tacos. Made out of shell of fried chicken,
we leave. When did this happen? I mean don't get my fast food news. When did this happen? A taco bell- got the? What is it called the Naked Chicken Taco Shooto Chalupa, in the chicken. Well, the taco shell is fried chicken. Yes, I'd and then inside you have all the toppings that you normally have like. How is it like sprite? Is it like the kind? And I'm not saying this is a bad thing? Is it like the the like the mic, rib, where it was chicken that was sprayed out like some pancake batter- I don't I don't know what sort of anti no. I began to you're going right here. I don't know I mean with I I don't think Mcdonald's needed to make it in the shape of ribs myself have been a little less disturbing because you want to eat the bone on ribs and then there's like no, but I get the idea that this is from the
but without it being poured into a mold. You know I don't understand what I'm doing with this spray chicken hits up here. This is going to surprise you, but the chicken does not. We common taco shape. Yes, no! No! No! I know that, but there's a difference to me and make it's just because I'm a This is in a snob there's a difference between like all the old you know italian grandmother who just pounding the chicken in the cut it's so it's really thin. And the one that just kind of puts it in the machine and then it sprays out, ok, so
uh? Let me put you at ease up. Taco Bell has hired 10s of thousands of italian grandmothers to the pound. Then I'm good, I'm good. I'm not gonna win that so easily, but you wanted to believe all right, so they take a spatula cooking on one side. They get special and flip it over. Do they deep fry it? Oh it's definitely fried chicken, it's fried chicken now is this I just I want to be. I want to be very clear and careful here, because it could be a long time. Well, me until I was old enough to where in slurp the Mickle milkshake down from Mcdonald's that I actually left it, you know some place and then I came back an hour later and I'm like the hasn't changed consistency before I realized it doesn't actually say, milkshake in his says, shake so I want You want to ask me this chick in taco
Is, it spelled All of this state will have heard in the same class as a person eats many right. She can ask products that are mailed C h. I c k apart and yes, I will assure you this is actual chicken. Okay, all right, good, okay, good, we're, okay, I'm interested, so you think any put the at the lettuce and the tomato and the cheese in the sour cream, I think they have an avocado enter saw part of this? One should not be eaten in mexican food It should I know I should be in mexican food now, I'm going to look at Latin in it's it's made or you know, the problem with avocado is, unless it is really really really fresh, like I've just scoop get out of the peel myself and then mashed it into some sort of guacamole. It turns dark, yeah,
green too fast and it's not an appealing, color or texture, or anything else and that's why they keep they say when they come to your there's mexican. Restaurants that will do the guacamole at your table. Like will mix it at your table, that's only because it's only in the last, like eighteen seconds, around we're going to mix this in your mouth, ok it's Jim Gaffigan who says he saves time by just throwing the avocados out at the store exactly what happens to them every single time. So you have the mild and the wild naked chick chicken available now at Taco Bell again, do I think that if we brought a bunch of wild, can Chicken Chiluba's to North Korea. Would Kim Jong Hoon Denuclearize, yes That is what he would do. If we just did that and fresh, I lost interest when you we're getting into N Korea. I heard the beginning of that Do I believe that bringing a bunch of these
You're going to say here to eat would make us happy the answer would be. Yes. Would you taste test one of these? We bring if we get him, oh for science, yeah would not with any guacamole. No, of course not there's beans. And how are you in spicy uh? I'm fine, ok! Well, maybe you do the wild well, what's in it the while as lettuce, tomato cheese and wild sauce, While this is a obviously found initially wild by the. Right in the wild right was it came to this country sure and it went immediately out of the thanksgiving, but I'd say right, wild sauces, while yeah, but so I Is that bother you that it used to be like cranberry sauce, and now we don't? Even if we don't want to say what's in it, that's why it's wild. This is wild
You know. I just scoop this up off the floor. Taste this! It's! Why fault they're actually going to great lengths to not tell you what it? Yes exactly, we just wild just wild sausage. Honestly I realize I'm just assuming it's spicy. It doesn't sound at all. Well, of course it's spicy, it's wild. It doesn't seem like it's wild. So much right, which is really one step down from hot sauce, that's not telling you what's in it either it's telling you it's hot as directions just wild. Mean nothing wow, that being said, available now and I'm assuming you want one. I think we should bring one in maybe the brain zuberi. Oh it's right. They deliver now yeah, hello, again, look how awesome our country is true. Should we do communism or the place that delivers wild bacon chicken chalupas with wild sauce
it's a wild chicken, Chalupa wild Naked Chicken Chalupa and then the wild sauces. I guess what makes that while ok, ok, alright, I thought maybe there was something else wild as well. I didn't want to get into like a double negative. You know situation where one wild cancels out the other wild. Let's, let's talk to you a little bit about something: a little more serious money. I know nothing really. I know enough about crypto currency to be dangerous to myself and others. I don't know now, but I still would you put Stuff in that category Yes yeah. Yes, I know where I am far more than the average person, which is what, when you get most dangerous, it's when you were like the average person is gonna lose lose everything they own on cryptocurrency because our to go near it, I'm dumb enough to do it
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It really comes down, and I guess you would say it's always easy to put these Supreme Court rulings at a basic level first, which is, it seems like it's a good ruling for us right. I don't know how else to explain if you're a baker here saying that's good yeah. Well it more than your baker. If you care about religious freedom, yeah yeah, you say that's good now, what's interesting is, if you look at the actual ruling, was a seven two ruling out Rob let's Briar, Aledo, Kagan and search, join Kennedy's opinion. That is a group strange, bedfellows, Ginsburg and sort my or the only two nose all right, wow the Cartwrights writes, I'm gonna read some of this commentary. Scotus blog is a great place to look if you ever, if you ever care about the stuff a court writes that the delicate question of when the free exercise of the bakers, religion must yield to an otherwise valid excuse of state power needed to be determined in education.
Which religious hostility on the part of the state itself would not be a factor in the balance. The states to reach so kind of what they're saying here: it's somewhat of a narrow way. Basically they're, saying The commission erred in being biased. In the ruling, but it's not necessarily saying hey you. Everybody here from now on will be able to make, decisions on their own. How much is probably how you get it to be seven to two right, if the other if you run a get a a real ruling in a case like this, it's going to be five for fall and then you can pack the court room. Yes, it will. It's unclear whether the Baker will have to go through another hearing in front of the commission. Oh my God mission might just drop the case, but we don't know, oh my gosh. So can you imagine they basically just said the process was wrong. It seems this is this is insanity. This is truly insanity.
I have been doing I've been doing a lot of research because of the museum and then this book that I'm writing I spent oh, my gosh I don't know how many hours is we. I went to home like noon on Friday and finally got up for my keyboard yesterday about midnight. And the only times I moved was because the dogs would be like please read me. Let me outside and I've just been doing so much research on the bill of rights, freedom of religion and freedom of speech and the freedom of press. That first amendment is so clear. I mean just look: at what the founders said about freedom of the press. Freedom of the press. They went so far to say that the pro yes has a right to. Even
why about things they have a right to I I I got a fine. I have to find the exact phrasing because a I've offended this weekend, I'm like kind of a kid because they were debating whether or not you know, where the, where the limits of freedom of speech went for the press, He so wanted to protect religion and speech and press because of what they had just gone through. They had this dip. Eight to where they were like, but wait a minute You can say that a lie but, It may not be perceived as a lie by this group that is, printing. It there's no evidence, this is truly a lie, so, even if their intent is malicious They have a right to say, I'm going to give you the the quote, how we can go from those people. To what we just heard from the Supreme Court is remarkable: Glenn Beck,
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agents? I trust dot com, so I'm I'm reading the arguments back and forth of the founders of freedom of speech. Each freedom of religion, you know what does some even mean are there limits and Now we are talking about fake news. And I finished a chapter this weekend on freedom of the press, and I just want I just want to give you some. The things that they argued about when freedom of the press was so important to them. So important because they had no freedom of press? Ok, it was. It was sedition to print anything against king, so you had pamphleteers, basically pamphleteers, where people that had access to a printing press.
And they would go and say, would you print this? For me they printed it printed each of them. Sometimes they would have to break it up for several different printers because they get caught so they and then they would pass them out or sell them that way, this Thomas Paine. He was a pamphleteer the This is a modern day. Blogger. To somebody who has his own opinions and his writing and publishing them and getting them in front of the public. That's why it be post on Facebook. It should be published, you're a publisher, the pre he presses Facebook or twitter. We It gets so nonchalantly that it means nothing to us. This is revolutionary. So everybody now is talking about. You know fake news and you know open up the libel laws or there should be a license for people in the press. There should be a license for people on the internet. No, there shouldn't be.
We are all citizens and we have a right to say. What we believe is especially when it comes to the government. So this. This was the the mindset of the guy. But soon as anybody had power well then, started saying: well, you can't say that, and the sedition act was was past. Where you can't say this, you know I mean we have to be able to shut them down. Now I just We just heard from the Supreme Court that the Baker case is being adjudicated kind of in the favor of the baker? there's a caveat here that I think is positive, because the debate, We've had over this case is: if someone as a religious objection to Particip
being in a gay marriage. Second ceremony, should they be able to not make a cake for a gay wedding. That is not what was decided here. That was not what we got. Out of this ruling. What we got was there's this I'll between religious freedom and and the role of the government to protect the rights of a gay person right and like the debate on talk, radio and in the media has been which can one the religious freedom right. Say, hey, you know what that it doesn't matter what the government says about what they want. I have a religious, so we didn't get that ruling. Unfortunately, today what we got was you to at least take religious freedom seriously, and they didn't that is a big step in the right direction. Actually is a thing is what that's basically like religious freedom is a thing. So this is why you got seven two. If you could, if you could boil down the rights that you have. You have the right,
unless it violates the right. Of someone else so This is an impasse. This is why both parties need to just walk away You cannot choose a winner here, you can choose and say especially when there are others that will serve you. You can get this service. It's not like wait a minute they shut off my water, because I was gay. No, no! I don't care who religious person is saying. Well, I'm the Bible tells me no. You cannot do that now! Can I not make a cake because of my religion? Yes, can you and you force me to do it, no because it via it's my right of religion. Well, this violates my.
To be, who I am no it doesn't it does if it's the only place, but what your rights are canceling each other right to cake, even if there's only one cake shop right right, all right cake, nobody is It's a right to not be it's a right to right to not be discriminated against. You don't have well, you do have a right to say I let me just go here this is so screwed up, because we do don't understand the basic right the basic structure of these rights. They are absolute and the minute you start to water them down. You stop to dissolve them the minute it's like Alka Seltzer, where you just would take the tablet and say you know what I'm just going to hold it up into the I'm just going to put part of it. I'm just going to hold it here at the top, and it's going to be ok, no, it begins to dissolve before you.
Now it's all gone. You cannot just put a little bit of the tablet of Alka Seltzer in the water. Stroll it will destroy You'll have nothing left, and there absolute, and I want to show you how absolute they are freedom of press now. This is to piss off both sides, because both sides one side wants to shut down people like me, the other side wants shut down people like you know, CNN, now Shut either side down, no, how absolute is it The founders were struggling with this because there were like how are we going to all together, a country. If we have a, people in the press and the bunch of people you know, or pamphleteers tearing us apart every step of the way Babel up.
They said: well it okay. If they get a, I mean they have to. Express themselves in a manner that is decent at time. That meant you can't libel anybody. You can't lie about them. Well,. They went back and forth and back and forth, and then the sedition law came in and they're like. Look this isn't working. We can't do this halfway, there was a there was a n s, a written by hey who was was. All of our key founders, and he said a citizen should have the right now. Listen to this, this is where we ended. A citizen should have the right to say.
Everything which is passions suggest Think of all of the talk that the president has done. Think of all of the talk that Bill Maher Bill Maher is done all the talk that all of these people have said that some way or another has gotten them into hot water. There should be a law, no. Every citizen should have the right to say every thing, which is passions. Suggest He may employ all of his time and all of his talents if he is wicked enough to do so in speaking against the government in matters that are false. Scandalous and malicious and
despite this still be safe within the sanctuary of the press, even if he condemns the principle of Repub can institutions now think of that think of the Mccarthy trial What right did we have to say you? I don't have a right to believe that to say that we had no right. We are afraid of words and ideas. We should embrace words and ideas. We should just who's them, perhaps more carefully. The city he continued, the citizen has the right, even so the bassist motives, even if
describes them measures and acts which had never had existence. Thus violating it once every principle of decency and truth later. You should not thing This you have no right to tell any citizen. You shall not think this upon certain subjects, you. Do it's to your peril. We We have to understand that there isn't prince between the bill of rights for the government. This bakery thing this is a government, saying: I'm going to penalize you for your actions It is a violation of the constitution. But we also have to look at at the
of rights and understand that these were the things that brought us here these are. The things whether people realize it today or not as they're coming across the border illegally they're really coming for is the bill of rights. Because the bill of rights stops us from eating each other, well bill of rights are truly understood? It says we can live side by side, vast differences. Fast ideologies and theologies and we can live next to one another we can create with one another. We can train with one another. Because I respect your right to be entirely different than me.
And you in return, respect my right to be entirely different from you. We may have nothing in common and ill live in harmony? we can only agree on that. We only have to agree on the bill of rights. The next argument. You have no matter that's what it's about. Can I ask you a question deeply freedom of speech, and what does that mean and what are the limits and be able to back that up with facts Do you believe in the freedom of religion? What does it mean? Why Why is that important? What happens if it falls apart,
Do you believe in the right to self defense? You know I wrote a chapter a roach after this weekend about about about the fifth amendment. And it it just became so clear to me, as I was writing this. I don't even know where it came from, but I've just been marinating in this for so long that it it's so clear to me. You weed don't have the right to do things to other people. Then we wouldn't want done to us. We would you would the guy who has the coffee shop in in Seattle who kicked people out because they were pro life, you remember this And he was ranting and raving get out. This is my store. I
and I'll sell you who I can have in here and who I can't you I don't want in my store. Why not because of the way you were born, the way, your race or anything else, but of the ideas that you hold He says I want you out. I celebrate his right. I think is wrong. I don't know go in there and I would tell my friends not to go in there he's wrong. However, he has a right to be wrong and I can get And to you that that guy will be on the frontline, telling another business owner exactly what he must do. To be in compliance with his belief and at the same time, violating the other man's belief. The only way this works, the only thing
they can bring us back together, is finding our e Pluribus Pbis Unum, from many one. What is that one the only thing is the respect of big. Basic human rights, as outlined in the bill of rights, day tell you say: Simplisafe Simplisafe is a home security system that is is is built like nothing else. This is a group of who were just trying to solve a problem? That's the best win. Liz lemon is a very best is when it doesn't set make money. It sets out to solve a problem. So what's the problem, people being they were being burgled, their houses were ' broken into, and these people were, college students and they
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and please safebeck dot com. More. I read this ruling with the Supreme Court is less it's yeah, the less I mean it seems to make a draw, a line that, if you're a pastor you don't have to do it. You don't have to answer, is not that's about it. That's not what the first amendment is about. It's not pastors it's about each of us being able to follow the conscience of our of our own dictate would be able to follow our own spirit and our own God. That's what it means that, mercury Glenn, we can, you know just weakness. Just weakness, the feminist king, it's a Joss Joss is he's wonderful, you know. Yes, do you do yeah, oh, my gosh he's the king of feminine wokeness. He he is yeah you're, saying that this is just a smokescreen to cover up his own misdeeds last
he he up. Samantha Bee, who face isn't for her off. Color comment about a vanka trump item that may be a little weak in its description. Also we recently Weeden's day, can aim at Jordan Peterson, who is the to peace in the LOS Angeles Times, titled hate Jordan Peterson all you want, but he's tapping into frustration that feminists shouldn't ignore it feminist. Don't his message, then maybe they for a better one? What was his response quote feminine taps into a frustration, that's been ignored of in all of history, so step the F back you Incel, cording courting hum well. I was in excellent point. It would say Joss very good point well stated ah although I might point out that what you're doing here, maybe just the fact that you're trying to cover up the hashtag me two accusation that you faced last week,
in case you missed it. It started in August of last year, Cole, his Ex wife penned article exploded, exposing him as a hypocrite preaching feminist. Ideals. What are to let women know that he's not he pretends to be. She wrote, I want the people who worship him to know. He is human and organizations giving him awards for his feminist work. You better think twice in the future, about who you're, honoring and honoring a man who does not practice what he preaches. Stew. I cannot, I can't think of another case where that might have happened before never just recently in New new journey, General's office or maybe uh in with the guy, that New York discharged was another big vocal, Harvey Weinstein was a big, vocal supporter, as well as as far as Erica, was his name, is the is you yeah Eric that I can't remember that guy you. We all know that we all know that yeah yeah yeah, so
Maybe we should just all step off our high horse here for a minute and maybe we should. Instead, please listen to what Peterson is saying, I don't think people most people are going to take the time to Stop listening to themselves and reading the responses to their own tweets to do that, but I highly recommend that maybe all of us, can learn from just spending the time and listening to what Peterson is saying it's Monday June. Fourth, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, glad you're here we kind of had a curveball thrown to us today. We're trying to figure it out on the fly, but the
court ruling has just come down for the Supreme Court. The case of the Colorado Baker that said I can't make my religious belief is that I I can't take this. For your wedding, I'll, sell you anything any prepared cake, but not Yes, I can't take my art and apply it. For your wedding. There's, there's no problem, there's no big! tree. Here I mean you can buy anything from the store. I just can't myself make it for you it's not acceptable in color. In Colorado, and so they tried to shut him down, fight him all kinds of went to the Supreme Court. We just got the ruling back. It's not it's not good. On the surface, it looks like a mixed bag, but I don't think it is necessarily a mixed bag. At this point, it's starting to look. Like it's leaning, worse
negative yeah yeah, it's hard to say, exactly, but in case you haven't all the server heard the announcement of it. It was a seven two ruling, so I've been to obviously like wow. There's that never happens. You know it seems it's always five. Four in these, you know these tough cases like this. The reason, though it seven two is interesting. A lot of people are complaining. Online at the a p and many others using the word to narrow to describe the ruling in a narrow ruling. A narrow seven two ruling right. If you, seven, two isn't narrow, so they're talking about what they're talking about they're talking about the narrow scope of it in in a legal sense they zoomed in an narrowed in on one part of this, and that is that Colorado did not give enough deference or his religious stance seriously, they
with an agenda and dismissed his religious argument from the get go. And what they're saying is so the narrow isn't is is correct when it comes to this they're, not saying Baker can avoid making the cake they're not saying that, which is what conservatives wanted them to say, hey because if you don't have to make a cake for a gay wedding, if you, if you're religious, conscious, says you don't you don't you can't are not telling you that that's okay, what they're saying is religious! is a thing you have to consider it. An Colorado didn't that's That is the new era in its legal scope. It's not narrow in his in his as far as account to seven to two. It was seventy two: that's why you got a the two ruling, though, because they only ruled on this little sliver of this and basically said this one case. In Colorado wasn't decided correctly, they got a seven gotta victory with K, coming on in briar, coming on, which is rare though I You can make the argument at this point that Kagan is.
Turning into. The left Roberts were like occasionally she's actually disappointing them. They finally have someone who's, occasionally disappointing them. Him not making them angry just be like. Well, that's disappointing, yeah, easy! That's about it! Yeah right now. Take that it's nice to have that you're, not getting the oh yeah. Of course you can force people to buy products like insurance for not getting that, but at least we're getting a little disappointment, which is nice, but That is the big thing here is that they didn't decide. The fundamental question we're all asking right, which is: does the Supreme Court think that they just freedom can allow you to not renew avoid participating in a in a in a work of art, right, photographers have been down this road as well. You know There's no to me,
The answer is look is flatly look it's like do I celebrate. Let's say I sell a product that is, you know it's. I don't know it's accounting software. You're going to sell your accounting software you're going to be allowed your allow it to be used by Just anybody yeah it's it's accounting software! You can just buy it in the store, I'm not going to have a litmus test on who can buy it. Well, do you know that planned parenthood is using it well yeah Don't really like that, but it's a pro, it's on the shelf and anyone can buy it. That's a different than and parenthood. Coming to this firm and saying, I need you to develop accounting software for us, so we can so we can really track how much money we've made by selling these illegal body parts I MIKE Mike function says I'm not going to do that, because I believe you're engaged in murder. You want the product, you can go to the store and you can buy that. But I
can't apply my talent to help you do that now. That's People would say: that's not artistic, but I believe it is any of our skills. That is your art. That is your art. Should I be forced to take I do and save something for a product, just using my voice in like this, because you know Glenn, I kiss, you know typing this. Should I be forced to do those things, especially if they're against Byron. For instance, we have had. We have add an alcoholic beverages that have try to advertise on the program. I don't have a problem if they advertise I'm an alcoholic and Mormon wants to do or along very well, but I'm I'm both of those things. One is better for the other. It seems like both of them say stay away from alcohol, so I'm not going to, but I am a libertarian
you want to drink drink? It doesn't bother me, it doesn't hurt me, I'm the one with the issue, not you I'm the one that's allergic to alcohol, take out in handcuffs is not good, ok, so so That is my issue. My religious beliefs says no, it's not good for you, okay, But will I allow alcoholic beverages to be the advertised on My program yeah one nine so what about a little over a week ago, I drank one on the air and you're trying to George Washington be yeah. George Washington, by the way to Why- wouldn't I now should I be forced, should a liquor. Company be able to come to me and say we want. Glenn Beck to endorse our product? That's my art.
We want Glenn to develop a commercial for us and he he he is the one that has to do it. No, no, no course not course not. First of all, I would be bad at it because, as well. I might actually an alcohol, I might be good 'cause. I do have a finer appreciation of alcohol, but would be back, because I don't use the product- I don't like the product- I don't want to be around the product, so I wouldn't do great job go, find somebody else who would be better at that, and the same thing applies to the the cake arguments apply here as well. Why would it be your company want you to do a commercial for them? If you thought it was wrong to drink it. To my communist friend George, laying that this audience is always loved our photographer who is not a communist he's close enough to income, so he is, he is dynamic. Really opposed to everything. I said he fix glowingly about Obama years glowingly,
The reason why he's my photographer is because he thought for an hour and a half an excruciating hour and a half photo russian. Within the very first time all he did. Talk about liberal politics, because I worked at CNN and just assumed that I was liberal. I wasn't, and we went for an hour and a half, maybe two hours before we took a break and I just Take it anymore, but I I just sat Putin kept my mouth shut, as conservatives always have to do, and only during the lunch break. He told me a story about how he was asked to shoot with a camera. George Bush How he just couldn't, do it 'cause? He hates him so much, and he just he just These policies are just so horrible and he's just This doesn't like children and he wants to kill everybody. You know whatever. Okay really didn't like it, so call the White back and said. Look this my art and I
don't see the president the way he should be seen because I I will we see a man I don't like, and so I'm not. Going to take flattering pictures. So I'm going to turn this down. You should find another photographer think about that as a photographer. Turning down the opportunity to take pictures of the president of the United States, especially when you have the ability in art to make him look like a fiend right now, which is happening. Uh and John Mccain with the same photographer. Yahoo took photos and then intentionally made them look bad because they didn't, like you correct zero to George, have been forced to take a picture no and the White House, shouldn't have wanted him. It was our. He told me that story sitting there in that very uncomfortable out now bird room- I finally said to him. George. I have to tell you something: I'm a conservative
I, like George Bush, not everything that he's done, but I, like him almost everything. You said I disagree with for the last hour and a half and he just went white and I said, but shake your hand and How much I admire you because of that last story, had the integrity to say I can not apply my art, because I see you differently it is admirable, should we have been forced to know and that's not even a religious reason when it is to religious reasons. If what the on this narrow ruling kind of said was the Colorado, dismiss the religious thing out of hand. Do. I want a, Do I want a ruling
everybody should have this right. Everyone should have this right. We have to get over this idea that nobody can discriminated against. You can discriminate if you want just not going to be very popular, but you can do it Roseanne Barr can say what she wants. Just not going to be popular. She paid a price for it, but should she have the right to say it. Yes, she should this same thing here? Should we have a right, well there saying. Well, they didn't they just didn't. Look at the religious reasons. Well, you know what you have to, and it's not just for priests and pastors it's for everyone. But beyond that, even if you don't have religious reasons. I go back to the sign maker to the photographer, like George. Me to you in your business, whatever it is,
Should someone be able to come into your business and say: hey, we've got the word Putting up a new store here, it's called the the Coffee CUP cafe, which is a real place here in Texas, Oh, we just want a big sign, but we want spell coffee, with a k and cup with a k and FAA. With a K. We, like those three k there to be all together and big. Well, no dummy, I see exactly what you're doing I'm a sign maker. Do I have the right to say I ain't Megan at sign dude go find somebody else to make that sign. Absolutely I do and it doesn't. Have to be because my religion teaches this. I have a right, it violates me and everything I stand for in everything. I believe in no. Get out of my store
see the problem. Is we all exceptions, our feelings but this one makes me feel the it's that we have to defend the only ones that need defense are the ones that all that make us all feel like crap the other one's account all right liberty safe? I want about liberty safe, make the safes around there, just really rock solid. We have. We have. Amazing amazing artifacts that are In the town and and our our, Lee being stored in liberty safes. Now you don't. I mean you don't take. You don't take something like the
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Libertysafe dot com, looking for a great father's day, present then bring the whole family to the rights and responsibilities. Exhibition presented by the Mercury Museum take a glimpse of what the world was like before men had rights and tyrants rule, which one is father's day weekend June 15th through the 17th here at Mercury studios in Dallas, get your tickets and mercuryone dot, Org, Slash, museum, two thousand and eighteen Glenn Beck Spring Court ruled today and it was a very narrow decision, wide margin, but very narrow on on how they decided this. So it's going to end up back Supreme Court. At some point, I think it's relatively good for the people at peace cake shop. So that's the number one right was there. So we're looking at is a broader like you know, yes, idle thing, but it's good for them because they they get to go back they might have to do this all over again, though, which is no big problem, but there's two things that we've talked other interesting here and there in this one paragraph one. What is the,
case scenario. We've talked about. If these things get out of control, maybe a priest or a would have to perform a gay wedding right and that's like the the work we've always talked about that like we, we, you can go to any two within the walls of the church so that one in They have a pretty bright line around that here, which says when it comes to is it can be assured that a member of the clergy who appears who objects to gay marriage on moral and religious grounds could not be compelled to perform the ceremony without denial of his or her right to free exercise of religion. Uh This refusal be well understood in our constitutional order as an exercise of religion and exercise that gay persons could recognize and accept without serious diminishment our own dignity and worth not so that's the the the you know, kind of that real invasion, but the rest of this, I think, embraces a very left wing version of your right to worship, as opposed to your right to express religion does the does just religion.
Exist only inside the church walls right, we obviously would argue now you can look at every day for life and people like Debbie, Wasserman Schultz will say well, of course, when your church to talk about whatever you want. No, that's the problem, that's the problem with churches. Right now is not a exist in their walls and not outside of their walls. So they say in the ruling is yeah, a priest or pastor should have to do a reading, of course, that that's crazy! Then I go on yet exception, were not confined in a long list of persons who provide goods and services for marriages, and weddings might refused to do so for gay persons, thus resulting in a community wide stigma can incan is that with the history and dynamics of civil rights, laws that ensure equal access to good services and public accommodations by my reading of that is that it seems. Like they would rule against the baker? In a certain circumstances? It's not exactly clear if they would with this but they're, leaving open for sure we'll more on the Supreme Court ruling on the same sex couple, wedding, cake.
Mercy coming up a little while and a lot on it tonight full analysis on that tonight. Plus a lot more important things like the Taco Bell, Naked chicken Chalupa, both wild and child. Now I was promised that these would have been hand. Pounded buy some italian grandma. Yes, Taco Bell hire tens of thousands of italian grandmother's pet pack who joins us.
Two pound, these individual patties and make them authentic. Do you have a problem nice, like I, don't have a problem with the make rip. I just don't want to be reminded that it was poured into a mold right. Yeah yeah shows a like bombs, so when the phone would be- and there is a lot of money because I'll tell you- the result is delicious and I don't. I don't want to know how you get there right. Just give me delicious. Okay, so here's the problem. I don't like things that I don't like me that is been poured into value for me. I don't want to know about it now. You said now still, how did the italian grandmothers power these two in a exactly the same shape and exactly the same size,
to Alex parameters that they are telling her that she has to be like your chicken comes in Boop, Boop yeah. I look. I mean it's a fast food restaurant as Pat, and I have noted many times in our very frequent visits to talk over the years. It's the best. I still wouldn't want to know what it is just this is this is this: is America making the Atkins Diet better? You know it's not it's not breaded chicken. I know what I mean remember when we used to you know eat you, know: we'd we'd, go to Mcdonald's and you just take the burgers and you just write the low carb way of yeah yeah. Is it you'd use? The burger is a binder. You use the yeah, the the the lettuce is about. This is just use until they're done. Yes, this is using the means of up. It is a actual chicken. The shell of a taco is made of chicken Glenn is biting into the first one here, uh and
this as well. This is a it's a chicken sandwich without the meat now the without the bun, it is good. I don't feel wild well, maybe you're eating the mild one that could be the problem. You tasting wild sauce. I don't know what wild taste like you're about to. Will wild taco really was that was really spicy. Isn't all that wild. Frankly, you know the from Taco Bell. Now it's not hard for you did the same thing I did, which is just assumed wild was hot, but I couldn't actually determine why I thought that well. What else is going to be yeah? I know it Gainey. No, no, probably not, but I don't know tangy well it's a little pricey. I think that its role and I think it's wrong to call something wild because I mean hot sauce, Mmhm hot sauce says what is wild. Doesn't
if it, if it does it, is just orange, it's just that says they could have called an orange sauce. We could be pepto bismol. This is wild, but this on that ask him taste wild. No, that's not a good flavor. So overall, generally positive reviews. Sixteen they will lose. Scale, one to one one thousand eight hundred and eighteen was the only number that is actually really good yeah. It really good, but the one to eighteen scale. It would you say one hundred and eighteen scale. I call it delicious in fact,. Yeah I think I would too. I think I might get a sixteen really wow. That's very good it changed impressive eighteen stars, I'm pretty sure it's good for you too. This is weird tires like eight calories in this, nothing. I did see the number it's a little higher number coming from the bread
bright chicken. What you mean where they could. This is your problem. This is why we all get fat right where the car is coming from. All all they did was dip this and he started hot oil for a couple minutes, plus the breading. That holds all that, but she should not do you. How do you think it cooks the chicken not be holding the oil inside? How do you think fried chicken cooks? It goes in raw right, not necessarily Taco Bell, but I mean in normal places it go. It would go in raw, come out cooked, not not necessarily talking about why? What are you implying that I'm guessing? Maybe please come they put them in the toaster, I'm guessing. Perhaps these again, this is going to abandoned my italian grandmother philosophy, but I think potentially they might come frozen already made that way at talk about that they throw in the fry will rising the good. It is the more I eat it. The more I want, and then these are going to make any difference, because there do you live in. That's a really good detective. You know the wild sauces crack
they actually put crack in it, something in there that just makes you want to continue to eat it. It's really good now, Pat, you were not here for the beginning of this when we discussed how we got here was instead of bringing in Mcdonald's to North Korea to to make peace. If we got Taco Bell, there will be. Denuclearization immediately. Yes, I think you're right that would yeah that would definitely warm up relations between us and the north. Also, if we would bring five guys would be better. Just because I mean we'd have a great burger place, but we've also have five guys, the more stores is open up. The second one we have ten guys. All of a sudden. We are everywhere and then we can vote Kim Jong Moon out of office directly, and I love the fact, transfers hotel room to what I like that in yeah I
Your price priceline draw go for. That is maybe a little bit she. Why didn't? Why are we paying the super? Eight? Do you have super eighty North Korea, because they're insisting on that date they're insisting that we pay? I guess they can't afford it, but You know that thing ever so clear program, but they can't afford a hotel, So that means you know that says something to that: they're they're willing to say they can't afford it yeah, I don't know they're saying that publicly right, but that's the I think, they're just saying we're doing you a favor being there so you're going to pay for our hotel, and I will say, for the narrative of we've scared them into meeting with us because were so tough and they're, not I don't like that, and then we pay for their hotel room hurts the air it. It does a little right unless you go to Priceline and find it super eight forum. That's true! That would be nice to hear it. Will dollars a night continental breakfast in understand here, I'm surprised
being better stuff than the president had. I know I know I don't even know where Trump is staying but he's staying at this. It's a neoclassical hotel on them, of the Singapore River. It's called the Fullerton. If you ever heard I haven't, I haven't heard of that change. No, I I I haven't. I haven't David, but maybe Buffy has of that NEO classical hotel right are the mom's making for right if you're familiar with your unfamiliar with really swanky hotel. Thank you, my right yeah. I totally unfamiliar he's trying to hold back so hard. I've watched. How do you have no concept? I've only stayed at a rental unit. Stay men in foreign places. Tell me how many people, do you know and you know that I couldn't answer that question. How many people could you pose the question to do you know
the class ago tell this is right there at the mouth of the one river. I don't know anybody. I don't know approximately one person and I happen to be sitting in the right, the right now. Yes, one person at my actually did a lot to Fullerton's, almost all let the member yes, I can kill you thanks a lot, not so much, but it was an excuse to eat. Thank you. Thank you find people talk about. I love them, who, I believe, could being bring peace in our times. Alright. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. Who is it? Sarah did Lifelock. Lifelock, just just
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let's go through some, let's go through some audio here in the last few minutes of the broadcast. Apparently Bill Clinton is no longer getting completely safe interviews from the media anymore. That's unfortunate is on the NBC today Show with Craig Melvin he's an NBC reporter and He was asked about some things in his past period here he. He was quiet at First Bill Clinton on me, too Movement and Monica there. We go areas and one other thing, but this this me to era, has done it's forced a lot of women to speak out. One of those women Monica Lewinsky. She wrote an op ed that the me too movement changed her view of sexual harassment quote he was my boss. He was the most powerful man on the planet. He was twenty seven years, my senior with enough life experience no better. She was at the time at the pinnacle of his career. While I was in my first job
out of college looking back on what happened in through the lens of me too now do you do you think differently or feel more responsibility? No, I felt terrible then and I came to grips with it. Did you ever apologize man I said nobody believes. Then I got out of that for free, no left the White House, sixteen million dollars in debt now, but you typically have ignored, gaping facts and discovering, and I bet you don't even know them. This was twenty years ago. Two slash of some people sided with me They were not insensitive that I had, sexual harassment policy. When I was covered in the 80s wow I had two women chief of staff. When I was governor, women were over represented in the attorney general's office in the 70s. We know you like women,
for percentage in the bar. I've had nothing but women leaders in my off, since I left you. Who are giving one side and omitting faster president, I'm not I'm not trying to aside. No, no under you asked me if I agreed, the answer is no, I don't, and I I will ask if you ever apologized- and you said you had a have you apologized hi fi, or does everybody in the world I mean a blanket apology for all things to all people by the way notice. Listen, how old he starting to sound. He really does it's interesting too 'cause. I mean Hillary sounds relatively the same issue we're back in the day, which was awful hip hop tonight, but she didn't she doesn't seem to have that same process, so he's really starting to age. It It's also it's. Interesting, how as soon as you're, not able to help you're done done. You done your life las
get out yet now all the a sudden they're really questioning him it's interesting, it's is it a good defense- and I don't know I'm not- and on such matters? But is it a good defense if someone says hey, you seem to have You know harassed a bunch of women to say I had a bunch of women working for me is a good defense. No, I think that's actually like hard implicating. Your study. Weinstein also helps that yeah there's a lot of people a lot of women working for yeah lots of lots of models I put in movies. What do you mean? I mean to models, lots of bottles I put in movies all the time I invited into my rooms all the time. It's not a good. It's not example. Actually, his defense is the Romney binders full of women Defense NAM, it was, It was only saying and not because of abuse, accusations of because they were saying he did. He was anti
I mean in some policy sense, so he said well. I had binders full of women. We went through all the time. I hired them all to hide level positions like how dare you went up binders full of women, you misogynists well, the not misogyny. In that case here he's saying well yeah I hired a bunch of women and also you using me of abusing a bunch of women. I mean abuse the only ones that are at higher. He also had some opinions on whether or what would be happening right now. With Trump was a Democrat, I think they have tried by and large the cover this investigation based on the facts, I think if the roles were reversed now this is they just talk. By some experience. If there were democratic president in these facts for president most, people on the Washington believe impeachment hearing food had begun already. And then there were a Democrat in power right now. People are now believe that
that would have been that hard or harder I do believe that the Republicans probably would have gone for impeachment Maybe not against maybe not against Barack Obama, but a a less forceful or popular president, this president is beginning to galvanize the the right, he has a higher approval rating, then anyone in republican history since World war, two with an exception of George Bush right after nine hours, Billy Bush yeah, I mean that's what wow, it says two things one: we are becoming more polarized partisan right like more more on our teams that we never been, but also I mean you know, peas, please, the Party right now he's played. Generally speaking is pleased. The party I mean, with the exception of the tariff stuff,
which has a pretty wide opposition within the party? There's not much he's done outside of the personal stuff that that that have people spoken up. And what is the difference between the scandal that we were told to leave it alone, leave alone, can't talk about it of him spending twenty years with Jeremiah Wright and and all of these radical marxist always until he ran for Senator WHI, is that off limits. Why was that off limits? And you said, don't pay attention to that gland this in his personal life.
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