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No Vaccine Solicitors! | Guests: Rep. Van Duyne & Sean Larkin | 7/13/21

2021-07-13 | 🔗

BlazeTV host Mark Levin joins to discuss his new book, “American Marxism,” and how America is adopting such a controversial ideology. Pat Gray joins to offer suggestions on how to deal with vaccine solicitors as the Biden administration promises to go “door to door.” The White House is still suggesting the Cuba protests are COVID-related. Democrats now want to monitor our text messages to fight vaccine “misinformation.” Rep. Beth Van Duyne joins to discuss the job situation across the nation, Texas Democrats fleeing the state and refusing to work, and an upcoming Texas job fair. Former "Live PD" host Sean Larkin joins to talk about his new book, "Breaking Blue," about the false accusations police officers face.

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try to lock doc operator should start now. We're not entertainment the plunder. Hello, America and welcome to the programme. It's Tuesday. I am not going to battle a year for long because we have a rare opportunity to get together with my good friend. Mark Levine begins in sixty seconds programme,
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eighty three eighty, four, it's relief factor, dotcom next guest is a good dear friend, an amazing patriot. I think he's. Closest we have in the conservative world to a William, F Buckley. Today to say he's a talk, show host is kind of an insult. He is a scholar which is also a kind of an insult he's. The What kind of scholar knows the truth I can see the patterns and can see a path forward and shows us how to fight back If he were a founding father, I think he would be John Adams welcome. The programme. Mr Marc live in. I should cover more often you're you're, welcome, so you Have a new book out called American Marxism and
I got a lot of questions about it. It's an excellent, excellent book. You don't need me praising it too to sell it but you go in to the. The revolution. That is happening right now, and you say in your first chapter is its here. Could you do me a favor I urge you to talk to somebody who is not engaged in daily politics there not there. They don't listen to us there. Still being led by their feelings? I think they're doing good by being antiracist store, they think they're being good. Bye stands, up for all the things that these marxist are standing up for, convey them- that This is happening. It's real and its scope, to destroy all of us. This is a great question it's really the embodiment of the entire first chapter in the title. Eric and Marxism
First of all, we who do understand what's taking place. I've got to stop being intimidated. This isn't aggressive is more social actors and more democratic socialism, MRS Matias, not be marxism in every particular, but it is an American urged form a boxes. But how do we know that? Because they tell us that that's what their people right about their founders in the sixties and fifty's, fortys and even in the seventies. So what I would say that- and I do to my audience, to what I would say to people is, first of all. Need to pay attention which taking place. Secondly, need to turn off CNN and MSNBC exculpating the New York Times at the Washington post. Thirdly, seen it with your own two eyes: he saw the riots all summer long. You saw black this matter, which is headed by openly out marxist? You see a people which has a marxist anarchist organization. You see
media that you have been watching in reading, endorse every single one of these movements, there's not a. Distinction of any kind between what happens on television and what black lives matter is promoting Regan in pieces promoting, and they also cover up the violence or try to dismiss the same. With the Democrat Party, the Democrat He talked about so don't you believe in an independent judiciary when you go to court, you want politician, sitting on the bench. Could you want judges on the back of the Democrats want politician sitting on the bench they want destroy separation of powers they wanted to for the functioning of the Senate by packing. It would Democrats I want to destroy the way the lead, the legislative process works, or even, if it's fifty fifty in the sand, for the majority in the house. Fundamentally alter our constitutional system. The money earned you like a home. You only like the community, Urim or Joe Biden has signed
executive orders to destroy all of it with his attack, the suburbs and also in the cities. You like your local school system. You like your kids are being educated crime, infested, kids aren't joining the not going on the college. Why you tolerate their wallets crash are preventing us from having school choice that preventing us from having any form of freedom in competition in the inner cities, and so I would doing this on a level that apparently the republican leadership cannot explain it. The book tries to do that. Look. This is a unique book permitted we levels wonders heavy scholarship, but I explain it so I might take a paragraph from one of them and then have a paragraph. Explaining it right, I needed I thank you for that, because if you read marks it's it's it's we never mind boggling how ridiculous and convoluted. I think it is the other think. Is he
stories the idea of an individual you're talking to an individual. You say you know Leader on life, you have your family. If you do, you have your career that you want the things you like to do: when it comes to marks healing tell that you have to work for the state. It's what the state once he believes that you have to surrender your liberty, you slept slip, surrender your property to the best interests of the state and what's the state, Joe Biden see PLO. Seen Chuck shoe my face was bureaucrats, you don't even know who you are Surrender your life in your family. It's it's a form of involuntary servitude, that's what Marxism is. So Equally, we have to had been brainwashed or, as I say, in the first chapter, people have not been paying attention where they view this. As a passing fad- and I try to make the case in the first chapter notion
and we all need to wake up to this and with weave little differences, moderate Democrats and libertarians and so forth. You better put them aside right now: cuz we have a common enemy, is a enemy, not opponent, not as a SIRI enemy, and we need to be focused on. Feeding their enemy rather than fighting among ourselves. A footnote on this point, because you know you're a man of faith and a man of faith. I think it is can Temple in Israel in Jerusalem and while the Romans for for four and a half year were attacking the Temple trying to slow the Jews, refining among themselves they weren't they fighting among themselves as they were being attacked. There were helping each other while the Temple fell? There's no! guarantee that this country will survive as a free country. We are not, looking into the abyss that were in the abyss and we have to say and have a clear away out, then so not to jump ahead. This book is six trap
his explanation and one chapter of activists. It is. Is it for me it's very unique book, in a way that I wrote it, I think it's what I find my most important book, then, what's going on today, but you look at the attack on the cops you look at the sorrows with the prosecutors. Look at phony bear reform. You look at the open, bore all these things are intended to destroy our system. Destroy culture destroy our trip. Patient, destroy our mores, not if that's not more than what the hell is. It so We ask you, because you go into this in depth and I I can't thank you enough for you the cloud and pivotal mentions in there. You really that guy that really, let me just give you a little kudos if you're, the guy, that brought them my attention to most of the countries at the end and a husband
Did she hatred that violence is very well aware that very well aware that I, where it is a badge of honor, but you go into all of this and I think mark that there is there. Things going on and I think that it were. What's what is so strange that people can't figure out what they're like what is happening. Because you have giant corporations. Involved in this and marxist will those two don't go together and I, I think the the elites, the real elites, the very very wealthy, preparations and people like Klaus Schwab I think that they are using these marxist revolutionaries as useful idiots, they're gonna, destroy it and we'll be there with the answer and it won't be.
The Marxist, want I had a little different take on ok, I think Neither of us could be right because who knows, I think these corporate patients have decided that here sites can win, and these are Capitalist corporatist, yes and you, see them they operate in China, the outbreak they operate. They operated during the third Reich, because China needs them in the third Reich needed them is also behave as they demand, and I think a lot of these corporatist are no different matters. This day leave the Democrat Party. They believe the culture they believe it's all been conquered and rather than face the wrath- they're gonna, throw in with them to pay the higher taxes to deal the regulations, and they use them to help crushed her opponents, which is what they do with democratic parties. Trying to do with the voting rules with Republicans and though you
soon to crush their opponents and because for the Democratic Party glanced it's about the Democratic Party like a marxist party. What what is it? What is China? It's? The communist, what is Cuba, it's a communist party. What is not reach the communist by the country's you're? Welcome the people, don't matter the powers and the party want. What is the Democratic Party trying to do? You gonna? Have a job Biden, who's gonna, go on about Jim Crow and attack the republican legislators, because that's all it stands between them and absolute control of this country. They did it in California, it done their experiments, different states. Now they want a national eyes were process today, the matter, if you well, it doesn't matter at this state legislatures. Republican, better than a national eyes. It they're gonna, have one party rule because the power the authority will agencies to the party Let me ask you who corporations, I think, see this. Let me ask
about c or two. You got a whole chapter on security, but you go in two lad credit which, People don't even know about and it is this- it's it's going to be the same argument that they're using now on on C r t, which is that just an obscure legal thing: it's not really. Even anything, can you talk about land create and also see our tee and you call it out as evil. It said, their obsessed with their teaching. It everywhere. You lack create luck, they talk, intersection out, and this is the way they pull in all these. These marxist movements had it been spawned from marks of mere american marxist movements, americanized movements- and I explained
book, a guy dilemma Herbert our troops was a marxist and Berlin, I have to warn the communists and the fascist were fighting should were took over. He couldn't understand why the proletariat didn't wise up in your notice something proletarian, never rises up. It's always a cabal work, third or what I mean is population taken church. There is no rising up of any proletariat by Shall proletarian this country rising. If it's the middle class, you think the middle class wants to overthrow the government now so anyway. This guy was trying to become his escape. Turn becomes the United States, who want a wording for three different. I really colleges was tenured end spreading this Marxism crap, and he can't I can't figure out, and so He comes up with critical theory. We Franklin school all these markets and easy to read critical theory, which
which was sworn in our law, Schools Harvard Fairford himself with which is all laws, corrupt and otherwise a corrupt, excellent is to be viewed through the eyes of those who made it and not the victims of it, and so there's another professor, but an amateur else. If this is a great idea, I'm going to apply that to race? That is, you have to view everything FU race. And because we have this white dominant society s anything wrong in this society. Everything right, of course it is a result of the Belarus but everything wrong to resolve the majority, and so it's this white dominant. Culture. If we don't destroy this, then you'll never be equity and they reject a colored boy decided they reject Martin Luther They despise the all civil rights movements crazy, as marks by socialism because he said these halfway measures for stopping the revolution, so it comes,
Here it comes from this guy Derek Bill and what it is, what is marked they destroy his doctor. The well begins today destroy his The monuments come down, the books are burning, we're gonna, brain wash our kids in school, one race which really being really been brainwashed on Marxism and you, some very smart people showing up at the school board meetings and pointing it out, and we need to have the guts not to be increased, they did to call what it is all right. So let me take a one minute: break will come back with Mark Livin because the the important part it go ahead. I'm sorry, I'm sorry gone. I then echo after the break. I want to get this right, nothing much sorrow, and I also want to hit chapter seven there. Only seven chapters in this book and the seventh aid, It is, I think he is absolutely right. I've talked about, it before, and a lot of conservatives are very uncomfortable with some of this strategy, but I think he is
absolutely right, we'll get back with mark in hearing just a second. The name of the book is American Marxism. It's available today everywhere Our aid are sponsored. This half hour is real estate agents. I trust if you're, trying to sell a home right now, it's like shooting fish in a barrel depending on where you are. Why would why anyone would want to shoot a fish in Berlin Egotist anyway point is selling your home for above. Asking cost is the in thing now, but you have to have the right real estate agent, because after you sell your home. You're gonna need to buy a home, and you somebody who understands how this game work so you're not paying the high possible price, so you're buying a house selling a house doing both crosstown cross, the street or across the country we can hope you find the right real estate agent and it's a free service to you. Re
state agents. I trust realist. Agents, I trust dotcom, go there now real estate agents. I trust dot com second station idea, we're with Mark Levin. He is our partner here at blaze, tv eyes, the whole of Levine TV. Author of I think this is this- will be your seventh consecutive number one book? I believe it's old American Marxism he believes in. I believe ass, a hard one to choose. I believe it least one of his most important books. If not the most important that he has written it comes out, today. So let's let go to laugh, create quickly. And then I want to talk about chapter seven. Sorry, I've got the
her cell phone in America. I'm sure was made in China anyway. So a guarantee that great very quickly as he is an ideology that takes from critical way seriously is used for my eyes, damage being pushed him archaeologists up, it's all be movement and basically what it says is bottom line The illegal aliens are the white people in America. Because you see the White Protestant Europeans conquered this territory and so we are the illegal aliens and allow progress can. But that's beside the point. The majority the illegal aliens, the indigenous peoples with The two America's North and South America serve their point across the border doing nothing more than taking back what belongs to them all away? Most of these marxist. Don't look at the Middle EAST that why they don't say hey. You know what Jews were there for a thousand years ago. They dont do it that way. So in your speaking, spanish.
That is most likely, but because you're, not indigenous you, you have read, It gives end and genealogy that will go back to Spain, Spain, conquered even Old Mexico. What are you talking about? It's also a result oriented it's also so preposterous, but this is why the borders, because by NASA for always an empty suit, and these radical agendas go down each one? That's why they're being pushed I wanted. At the last trip random stuff on your toes. Let's go to the last chapter, you're proposing a way forward, and it includes boycotts and I have- we have two minutes- I happened to agree with Martin Luther king. He said if it wasn't for the boycotts we would have had any teeth in wooden wouldn't have worked, but that guy again, so many people you know conservatives generally alike, hey, listen. They have a right to say that I'm not gonna boycott, give me
your plan, your way forward here in a two minute period. I seem to remember. We had a revolution, were they boycotted alot british goods and so for concern my added Is it the baby s movement, and I explained it in detail ten thousand or to my chapter: we're apply the BBC women, an anti semitic movement, aim to destroy Israel, boycott divest and so forth. Sanction against our enemies, not because riotous semitic, but these are pretty good tactics same with the Olympic Games. We should target groups and expose them Saint Cloud and didn't we should over longer perfect example. Shareholder meetings too conservative even go to share her remaining left is still and they raise voices about so called climate change. While you know what we are to start showing up en masse, we're we're going to board meetings and there organizations out there and I provide links and contacts throughout the last chapter. This is what they do:
need to join that. We need to create a network of what I call you the committees and tell me after county, where we share information and sober there's a lot of that. Less traffic will want to check it out I live in. This isn't Thomas pains common sense. This is the american crisis. Which got the guys back in. The boats and had them go back north and cross the Delaware Mark Thank you so much it is available everywhere you get books. It is out today it is called American Marxism by Mark live in. This is the blunder programme now by too fast I'd like to get you needed for an hour. Yan need to get him on foreign podcast lie, flock with with people getting covered vaccine all the time it is time for pandemic related.
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as well, and I can't wait tat the door to door. Solicitors from the Biden Administration Right showed up at my door about the vaccine seriously. I chair awesome, actually can't wait for them. The shy at my house. I love solicitation so much of my door that it's gonna be really see that, even if it says no solicitors, if you have a neighborhood ratings, is nice and ignore it ignore it gonna go anyway. Yeah, that's what some of the helpful hints that's. One of em is ignored no soliciting signs here, not soliciting you're offering critical information sources things are doing is not illegal. Can I tell you something: isn't it what the Jehovah's witnesses are doing as well? Yes, but name can you young? Aren't they delivering important information Horton the information they are,
be remiss away. They believe what is it a hundred? Ninety eight thousand are gonna, be the only survivors mean you bought. You won't have a copy of the watch tower you don't you want one you our course, as is an interesting point, so use of religious Georgia, door, orphans coins and ultra that's heretical at mainly you're using that excuse there, he go what's more Collins, saving away. So of course, right there funny mean going around Biden and Jan Saki, shown up at the door there, both wearing white shirt ties and they all had Irishman, missionary, etc. It's funny it's funny business and they d actually, the I think one of the main aims had the little caption like to hear more about your Lord and Savior, Anthony,
well its role and its true. It is through so so you can't, they can't be bothered by the no solicitation sign. You don't have to be selling something to be a solicitor solicitor. Is anybody who shows up at my door that I dont want there and you're trying get me to to do anything. You try to get me information. I don't want it. I don't want the product you're selling. If I want
something? I'm gonna go to you. There is no circumstance and which I want someone at my door right. I don't even want the people delivering things knocking on the door. I want them to just leave the stuff out there, so I can pick it up. I love I like them to bring it to the couch, but I don't wanna talk about homer. That's a goodbye see them. I doubt you wanna get up and opened the door. Writes me: oh my gosh wonder what kind of world are we leaving an advertisement allotted downside over the past eighteen months, but less human interaction is not one of them. We need to maintain that we need to continue in the future. I tie my decided human interaction by what eighty percent- that's not it I'll go in. Your life is alien. I will tell you that I believe this is a super spreader event, I do not think how right oh yeah, you're right, as one thing we ve learned over the of the real vaccine is a liberal cause because that cures, all covered.
If you really want cover d, go away, you just love Progressive ISM enough, if you like George Floyd enough, and you want to make sure Europe for racial politics or you're out there to prejudge celebrate Joe Biden. Victory then covert goes away. It's only when you're using a conservative cause that that it can really spread sure sure and remember, let's remember in the words of our goal, Calf Anthony faulty This is not federal. Workers going door to door quoting its trusted messengers who are part the community doing that all right all right. They're example was that your local pharmacist, which again our local terminals as workers into making their set? My local Jarvis really pay me People from your backup do your job. Let's get going, what people waiting in line four people, dying, you're sitting here talking to people door to door, how about you go in
I don't know, maybe fill some prescriptions. That's the idea that the concept here is that there are they gonna volunteer for this. Are they paying, but our paying by local. You, pharmacists, don't fuck around. No, these are volunteers. As far as I know, a guy seltzer. These are People who are doing it out of the goodness of this is by the way. Can I just point out: this is community organizing yeah? Absolutely this is come. Our government has become community organised like I've. Correct me. If I'm wrong here, Pat, you know the constitution better than anybody, but what would prevent your look? farm at what which, why would you do? go pharmacists need the federal government to go door to door Talk about a vaccine like me, there and giving the vaccine even really know they know exactly how it works. I don't need information from the government to go door to door. They could just do it if they wanted to do, and the weird thing is: if you aren't vaccinated
can't give you dare not giving you the vaccine, that if you choose to accept it, why would I go get mad at you? I know that's why when they come to your door, you just say: My gosh, I was just on my I'm on my way and guys you stop talking to me. I'm your keeping me from going to the farmers who are the pharmacist will get back to work man. I ever appointment with you in about two minutes, you're making me late This is such a it's. Weird range focus right now. It's like there is so, can I think, about people who don't wanna, take the vaccine there's something Buddhist, really, don't want it a vaccine for any reason right, while my body, my choice right. But I'm just saying, like that's, there's an ideological of opposition to vaccines among some people with a large group People know that, just like you now
really the I'll get it eventually or you know it's like. I don't really want to get it, but I don't really know much about I've heard some weird stuff online like there are people who might be convincing. Alright, like I've. I know someone who was on the borderline of the vaccine, which their doctor for their animal appointment and they said, hey yeah, you should, if we get it and they wouldn't got it right like there are people who are like now opposed twittering guy shortly after they did not there still alive. As far as I know how to talk to them in a while, I have other. If I haven't seen any remaining tourism is eat that every two minutes you wanna get people vaccinated, like you could argue, some of those people are getting, but like this I swear they're doing everything they can so that people will not only has this year history of Donald Trump says we are sending out a bunch of people. Intrusted people in your neighborhood d, come door to door and talk to you about the vaccine, which you all said you wouldn't take. If Donald
were the President Lula? You all said that now, if we said if, if we have Donald Rumsfeld, we're gonna, do that for us, we gotta go knocking on doors. What do you think that afterward, say all they be out of their mind with this. You think it would change any hearts or mines of course, not now, don't you guys are doing everything they can just any notice that they are changing the language. Now? U, r d! jurists right. If you I'll get it, you are now dangerous, similar, that's targeted at one specific group which are Republicans and can innocent people in the south right the open majority of people who are vaccine, hesitant minority groups. When you talk about, you know, were per capita minor. Groups are more hesitant. It's not Republicans its minority groups, its blacks and Hispanics, largely who are or hesitant, then a white Republicans are in, but if you want to get one republican cigar, we talked about this last week when you were gone. You'll get white republican Take the vaccine put
Erica's number one vaccine cheerleader in front of the camera is name, is Donald Trump. Over and over and over and over and over again in every interview that he has says that it's his legacy, they're trying to take my legacy, I'm the one who got this done. I gotta done when they also we couldn't get it done keep saying in ever interview and they don't Brigham on to talk about it. They should, if see it had actually cares. Bring double dropout. Jonas about white supremacy. Don't ask him about January. Sis: ask him about. The vaccine, and why is followers should get it? I don't think that that's what they are in steady, lousy, ironing I'd, say you're getting the vaccine out? They are interested in labeling people dangerous enemy. Yes, they want the pataque important more than they want the Piazza get the vaccine, which ice They really believe the vaccine is good, which I think they do says a hell of a lot about what they think about people. You know it a hell of a lot that their willing to two to sacrifice see to that
to continue a pandemic in their own eyes right in an effort to keep it up. Point to make Donald Trump and his followers look evil, because that's what they want, what that more than they want people to get the chap It's pretty revealing when you think about it from their perspective. It is and this is fascinating, Miss Hall Door to door thing to me, because they even have some dialogue that you, you can engage Lee homeowner,
well? I am outraged on high hello. I just open a door allow whenever you is that what you say when you open the door, you say I just open better opened the door home stranger. I noticed you open the door. Thank you for opening your welcome stranger. Then you need to say I'm sorry, we don't allow solicitation on our prize. Sorry, we don't allow solicitation on our property. I understand I am. I learnt, selling anything when you said, but my dog has a secret word and I want you to know its, but fate is that our secret killer dog line on your very is not now well cause. I'm spoke just now. I didn't you say you are going to want to provide accurate information to the afghan years. Well, mutating. No solicitors means you re, but ninety percent of seniors already vaccinated. Why are you here? This has had a line for that. Well, all I want to see is your seniors protecting its Kobe? That's all I'm saying that's all I want and then who I'm not a senior citizen. I may look
like what you should do. What is really just my really had really really? No fact that I never let you down day, I might not believe really yeah months per day or you out massage, then, if you ever get, if you ever encounter somebody saying I've had allergic reactions, I add allergic reactions, YO medication, all that already here that sir, but the only true contra indication to this vaccine is ITALY and the animal acting reaction to an injectable vaccine in your pal. I already have that. I listened to the duck. I have that afflict stuff.
That's not another lack vaccine, not enough like today's eyes up away it. So you want the vaccine. We cannot hear you, ok, ok, here's what you have to do now go on line Mr Senior and find it appointment through the scheduling service then get yourself there to get it sometime readily in the future. You might know that, as is only what you would have done, had I not coming to Europe or wait on and hang on, just a secular, but you are standing here around my door. You ve just convinced we I'm ready to go. Can you make that appointment form? I can't know. I can't don't have me again
but my name and allay: can you tell me where it's happening? What I'm gonna do is record this conversation and record what a pain in the ass you dont worry my neighbors of already reported, say and lay. There is another step that the government took on this yesterday, we'll talk to you about it coming up in just a moment: it's where it gets frightening. Wait. Wait, wait Ok, let me talk about our response to this half hour. It is patriot mobile. I don't have to tell you that the Basic american way of life is circling the drain. We were just talking to mark Vivian about as new book and he's like. We have got to boycott these companies and he is right now
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God com, slash back call them right now, nine, seven to Patriot or Patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back this is the Glen Back Programme. They here is Joe Biden yesterday, supporting cuban protesters. Listen to this. First, I want to start by recognise remarkable protest place in Cuba, people demanding their freedom from afar. Regime We have seen anything like this: time is quite frankly, ever The United States stands firmly with the people of Cuba. As this certain personal rights and we call on the government you to refrain from violence in our attempts to silence the voice of the people of Cuba. Does that shock you.
That shock you that he's hang tat that their crimes out for freedom from Enough rotarian government, It shouldn't shock me putting us well remember this is this: is the fall back of the fur position was are of Cubans are protesting covered all they're still say: here's, here's puss Saki on a cuban protests or sell assessing what is motivating and, of course, and driving all of the individuals who came to the streets. But we know that when ice we say exhaustion at the the the manner by which the people of Cuba governed that can cover a range of issues, whether its economic support. Media suppression, lack of access to health and medical supplies, including vaccines. There are a range of reasons and voices were hearing. People start resolutely of illicit. What you just said, economic suppression. We got that going on here media suppression that do not
its voice, be heard and totally different. Hardly ever ready totally learn our what we're on the road where, on the road, You have CNN saying we need to these people who don't take a vaccine pay, we need to make life very difficult for them. I mean that is that's incredible. Incredible and They don't see the connection here. They don't know instinctively. They don't have any reaction to this summit there. There instinctive reaction was to say well, they must be having a bad time with covert. That's why they're out the streets now wants not. Why do we remember Michael Moors Do glowing documentary about the cuban Healthcare system Elliot's best it was the best, and that was praised by the media. Here you have a situation where they initially go after insights, cove it that their instinct isn't. Recognised even strolling against this, for how many decades adjusted just to have the element of freedom and, finally, there doing something now get
you're right. I think Biden eventually got to a good spot with that statement, but it took two days was at my magic. If we had a leader that actually believed in freedom and the republic, what difference we make right now with Cuba, I think people would be free in Cuba if you know. Elections would have gone. Other direct Glenn Back programme whether it's for work or play this summer. Take you re cons with you, I'm at the ranch right now and I'm gonna be plugged in, as I get onto my tractor, more of a bulldozer now and move some earth and then hit the hills I'll be, a pair of re con wireless ear bugs in my ears, so I can listen to podcast story can listen a great music while I May K. If you will you'll get crisp,
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in in just a minute, standby not to mention the blunder.
These are the times to try men. So these are the times where we have to decide who we are what we believe in what is being done to us. What do we changing into is that where we want to go to show you how this this net is being thrown over a good portion of this country, half of this country trying to force you to comply, but what is it their building? I'll share that with you in sixty seconds programme, you know, Michael index started his company with a dream and thank goodness he did because I ve been in dreams and a good night's sleep every night because of his dream. It's a pillow one fluff head hit the blow, and I am out that,
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Reed nine? Six, six thirty one, seventeen, my pillow dotcom Huxley predicted that some day the entire world would, under my full, well the enemies of freedom, a logical device to disperse during a wave range likely to get rid of the communists and the enemies of freedom. Propaganda suddenly found themselves in a situation of two things I didn't really want to do. We must be aware of what are the enemies of freedom and democracy in the individual, making an intelligent, rational choice. Did you try to rational man into appeal directly to a decent compromise, is below the leader in training, frequently importance, not only one man or any one small group of what are the constitution, because devices to limiting we Mustn t think I m all these new devices to the imposition of small regions. This is legal in that programme, so we have to be eternally vigilant and new
technologies that can change the world and overthrow our freedoms, minimised from yesterday to bite administration, casting conservative opponents of the covert nineteen vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme? This is new terminology from them. If you I believe, in the vaccine, which I do I just choose not to get it because I've already had cove id ice still have the antibodies, I'm gonna, let my body Do the work, but I have no problem. If somebody wants to take the vaccine, I would not give it to my kids but I certainly would recommended for former parents or anybody else. In fact, we have urged our parents to get it and they have. But if you don't take it you are dangerous and extreme. Now. This is a political posture,
and the reason why they are doing it is to convince people that we should take it you, you dangerous extremist, you should get the vaccine ah, I dont think no help. Thank you calling me a dangerous extremist and you're going door to door. Now. Found. She said yesterday that, today, you know, there's aspis, misunderstanding a bunch of federal workers knocking on your door, telling you got to do something you don't want to do. He said that's about what it is. It's not the case. It's rusted messengers who are part of the community, doing that not government officials don't care who it is I don't care who it is. Why not you give the vaccine to my doctor and my after can help me make the decision in my doktor can give me the vaccine one I'm in the office, I get my flu
shot that way. Why can't? Why can't I do that would make sense now there's something buried in this story. And here's what it is by Allied groups include the Democratic National Committee or also planning to engage fact, checkers more aggressively and work. With sms carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that are sent over social media and text messages now the story goes back into how Biden Administration Wanna, take politics completely out of this, but waited Bobo it just the same way. The Democrats Attic National Committee and by allied groups are planning to engage fact checkers more aggressively and work
sms carriers to dispel misinformation about met vaccines that are sent over social media and text messages. Now. I've got a few questions that apparently the politico doesn't want to answer or don't even think that there they are important responding to the political story, less Papa she just an average. American just set, I think, buried the lead near story, Dnc. Reading text messages is pretty damn scary. Well, author, it political said as the story points out it, Allied price groups that are working with sms carriers, not the White House right right right. She didn't say that she said it's. The di n c reading text messages, which is: why You wrote in your story
Even then, there's no ability for groups to read individual tax aside from the ones they received themselves. Could you'd Clare by a couple of in things. For me, how does the Dnc define misinformation. To know what misinformation is I'd like a clear phoenician, so I can avoid those things and How would the sms carriers know when so called misinformation is being spread overtaxed Are they now reading all of our texts? They have now rhythm that is doing that. So what you telling the algorithm to look for How do you dispel that information. I'd like answers politico Natasha correctly, could you could you fill us in on that? Maybe update on your story and just help us out. Because things are star
to seem a little nineteen. Eighty four. Plough Schwab, has called now he's the from the World economic forum. He's the the leader of the great reset. He says it is time to immunize the internet, because there are viruses being spread on the internet and we have to know who spreading these viruses I think we might have a different. If a nation of virus Klaus. Now, what they're saying is they want everyone to have to have biometric data whenever they get on line, so there's a finger print on who it is a ha and it's gonna. Be me it's gonna, be for your safety. Really that's what it is will be: le know exactly who everybody is exactly what they tweet, what they read, what they do, ITALY
untasted and it will never be abused, by the way in a completely unrelated story. I told you today about the new bill that came out last week to put the government in charge of your credit score. The idea, is to dramatically overhaul the? U S, credit reporting industry. Oh, my gosh, the comprehensive credit act and the protecting credit score ACT of twenty twenty one is bill now under consideration coming from the consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that is the Elizabeth Warren Group. Does she set up under bra Obama and you're going to take the the responsibility away from these quote. Profit see king companies
Why these profit seeking credit bureaus, are constantly expanding their products and he uses such as employment insurance tenet screening that ultimately harms Americans and contributes to the massive inequality in our nation. So what you're saying is they need to take it over because there's no fairness built into these profit seek companies. Do you realize what control all the United States government will have. Over your life. If the they are the one issuing your social credit and belief, me it will become social credit? It's it's not based on your financial ability. It's not based on merit. It's not based on what you make how you spend it. It's not based on really anything
traditional. It's a dramatic overhaul The way the banks are our deep deep. In bed now we're with e g. That is credit score that all us will have what I say. That it's gonna get harder and harder for you too, he had alone it. Is going to be harder and harder for you to get alone? You remember This is nothing new. If you who are found to be a dangerous extremists in any socialist nation. By the way, you notice that the the Democratic Socialist Party, they're not over in Sweden right now saying hey. Can you give us some of your good ideas therein? Venezuela right now talks To Madeira, Can you give us some of your ideas
I've always about Sweden nodded? that kind of socialism. I guess you're lying to us. What a surprise. What's happening right now is the great reset, but it is not conspiracy theory? It is a conspiracy fact my contention that the marxist movement. They are These are useful idiots. They are buying used by very powerful corporations and our government. And they believe that the only way that we are going to be able to survive as a nation is too get the government and big business in together, so they can make the decisions on what we should consume. What we should build
We should move what we should wear. What are sealed to footprint is right. Now, if I were a tree, I'd be like these people are so stupid. Is what I breathe in as a tree just watch? I want to show you that it is a long stand, in goal of the land, after a long standing goal of the left to do this, I. Shared something with you before, but I just read it again this weekend and I thought to myself: wow This reads differently than it did five years ago. Are you the plan that They said in nineteen. Forty one was already into the guy For me, this is where they were moving in In forty one
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and the Obama administration used a lot of the words of Stewart Chase. Remember his Second campaign was the road we are travelling to remember that his. Can campaign use that slogan a lot the road we are travelling and what did Leyden use Biden used, built back better, Well, that's the World economic forum, but if you lie, could the goals of the World economic forum? And then you look at the goals of Stewart Chase on in a book called the road we are travelling. They sound familiar now. In this book, they talk about they and a general revolution that thing just need to be managed. We don't know All these messy elections and everything else. We just need a managerial revolution
They saw two originally that that was going to be fascism or communism, but then fascism and communism got a bad name in the nineteen thirty, so they had to change it and they didn't know what to call it, and so they called it. Free enterprise in to axe now. What is the goal of, great reset the guy- of the great reset is to change capitalism, the chair if the free enterprise in something called stakeholder, capitalism. It don't don't make me mistake. It's not capitalism! Its statism, and this date doesn't own the companies, but the state takes over the role of managing a lot of companies go through and tell me if this Ben done verbatim This? Does not read like it did five years ago for
enterprise into system, Exe a strong, centralized government look at they're doing right now with the voting rights but other doing what are they doing they are. We are against the constitution and try two federal lies all of the elections there's. No better example, today of a strong, centralized government than what's going on today s a single day and are trying to use this Texas Democratic walk out today, with what come, in combination with Abiden speech, to try to bring that issue home yeah and are there do their their best by the way you one talk about a strong, centralized government on page nine of binds conservation plan there. Fifteen governors now who are standing up and saying wait a minute. This is a land grab, it's the thirty
by thirty plan and the fifty by fifty, the fair we'll government wants to own thoughts. Percent of all land in America by twice Thirty. No. No, I don't There are a lot of the west, they own a lot of the west, but that's mostly at the west, or they want thirty percent of all of the land and then fifty sent of all the land. Why will this they also want control of banking, credit and security exchanges by the government. You for actively have that through the FED. It's a public, private partnership. Read it. They are now taking over this. Is nineteen, forty one stewardship The guy who who coined the term the new deal.
The underwriting of employment by the government Are we seeing that right now kind of mid simply are not working out. Ultimately, I mean that they have now released this programme where they're sending you monthly checks around your child credit, the undermining of social security by the government, old age, pensions, unemployment, insurance and the like. Listen to this one, the underwriting of food, housing and medical care by the government I'd say is already expend experimenting with providing, though these essentials, other nations are far along the road, food, housing, medical care or, in part not a hundred percent but partially already done your hearing, people talk about expanding, although, yes, all the time to food and and housing, you can have a basic living wage without a house that goes with it. Look at what, happening in Oakland, where they're saying no more single housing units
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Stewart Chase who coins a term the new deal. He was a big economic adviser to after yard at the end of the war nineteen in this, as in the early nineteenth forties, while we were still going, but it looked like the tide, was gonna turn into our favour began. To ponder okay. So what's next, we know fascism which a lot of people in Washington at the time they. Fascism, they liked communism. They liked central control. This is before all of the atrocities were really known once the atrocities became known that, people started saying: ok! Well, that's not gonna work, that's not good, because they knew that Africans and the people world over. Why, be horrified. If you said you know let's say, let's become you know a dictatorship colonel like most, let's go communists They knew that wouldn't cell
and so they said we have to come up with a new system system acts and they said names are thrown around socialism, state capitalism, communism, fascism, but they mean Nothing and will only lead to confusion. That's why we're using the term system acts free enterprise turned into systematics now? What does system acts look like and see if this doesn't sound exactly like a great reset, negative arm growing at the expense of the legislature and judicial arms control of banking credit. Security exchanges by the government underwriting of employment by the government, the undermining of social security and pensions, unemployment insurance? the underwriting of food, housing and medical care. All of these things we are now on the road, and you are hearing people say we need
guaranteed housing. We need guaranteed food. We need a basic universal income. The use of definite deficit spending to finance all of these under writings. The annual balance budget has lost its old time sanctity, the abandonment of gold in favour of managed currencies. The control of foreign trade by the government. The control of natural resources, the troll of energy sources, hydroelectric coal, petroleum, natural gas, the country of transportation, railway highway, Airway Waterway, the control of agricultural production, the control of labour organisations hell the taxation, with special emphasis on estates and incomes of the rich, not much taking over of property or industries in the old socialistic sense, the formula here's to be control without ownership. It's interesting,
recall some of the formulas used blah blah blah blah. So This is the great reset. This is what stewardship said in the nineteen forties is the road in which we are travelling and he outlined is that it was a good thing. Let me give you a cop full of things here that he said people are going to bring up as problems. One monitor problems, because you just can't spend that much money ed, what are we gonna do with all that Golden Kentucky like exist? If it proves to be useless as a money base. What base can be substituted? Do we need the base at all. After all, Germany seem to get along without one oh we'll money primarily become just a book keeping device to move goods. You noticed it's what they're saying now about printing money, we're not printing money, we're just digitizing and assisted, I'll just on the books, its that's, not even real and that's what's
Turning to us with money, it's not real anymore ties very closely into modern monetary theories, while Zactly right. What does it matter? What dusky, printing it ill House keep track of stuff, but it Andy long as we have control the government says and weak and tell corporations what to make and what not to make then we can control. It, though, The theory also has political problem to listen to this, and I want you to keep in mind you remember what what Joe Biden said I think at least once in a state of the union he addressed. It obliquely, but also met with all of the tv anchors. You know that loved ones before the state of the union, and what did he say? Do you remember? What did he ask said the big challenge in front of us is to see if a democracy for as good as its ban, if it to
Chrissy can compete in this modern world of authoritarianism because they can make decisions and move quickly and there bury us and That's really the challenge ahead of us. Listen to this policy, no problems? This is nineteen, forty political problems, What changes in our political institutions will beam will be necessary to make them receive more efficient and more capable of swiftly meeting the great economic decisions which government must make in the years before us. The threat of, Petition inefficiency by the totalitarian states will hang over us for a long time, and muddling through will not be good enough This is the same thing and its. It's either one hell of a coincidence that the great risk and this to death,
Offers to authors to different times match exactly what the United States has been going through and we ve been. Arguing about since I forties. Here's the thing You are not being at the decisions are being made right now and you are not being asked. That's why this is stay calm, we're capitalism, Where am I where's my voice? I'm a stakeholder! Your voice is being represented by those who represent you that you elected in your gun. And that is the honest to god- answer from the World Economic Forum, Europe, it being heard by your politicians are politicians all over the world are not listening to the people they're, not listening. And we are being told to reject all the old voices weird to reject our history.
Because we're all gonna be one so reject those hey Mongers of Washington in Jefferson they were old out it'd ideas, I always Go to Churchill because he's one of my favorites and he is I mean he is a split personality in the west, he's a hero in the East with India. He's a monster. So which one is he? What he's both he's, both it is the fight, the individual fight between good and evil, that is in all of Us Where do you end up in the end and Winston Churchill do more good than bad. We can't reject people for Miss. Takes that they made especially in Churchill's, Churchill's a case where he admits the Mister Taking it was like, I was probably all wrong on that one. I dont know what was happening to me.
I believe in redemption. But this new world has no redemption. You either comply and you comply fully or you're out Well, I'm sorry, I don't come why? Nor will I. And I know we shall overcome. We will. Because if God does exist, Visa, His rights, not ours,. And he will not have a proud and unrighteous people hold those and to protect them for others. If we are not protecting those rights for everyone, well, then we're gonna lose our rights and our right to stand there. But we are being make no mistake: we are being sold, bow, and chained to an enemy
that his killed over a hundred million of our own people in the last seventy years. China, is the world's greatest mass murderer. And we are being sold down the river there. The p bull, that in nineteen sixties, had the culture revolution, which is exactly like this. This is how it started? and it ended up with a mass slaughter and the destruction of all history, even all families and family genealogy noble. In China really knows there passed, asked a few grandparents, because It was all a raised because it didn't matter because use an individual didn't matter, every time we buy a product from Nike or Apple or We get on Facebook,
we should remember you who are being sold to China, by these companies, black rock. Which is behind the Eu S g thing, they're sitting is I don't know scythe lords in the Treasury they're sitting. There is scythe lords with our President and president, they are the economic advisers they and the central banks around the world with E s g wake up you, have a choice, you are either going to be part of the collective. And whatever you think doesn't matter. They will make the decisions for you a lot of people Right now who are sitting out and taking the unemployment and won't go to work there, What's your voting for your
Actions are voting right now. I, be compliant, and I will be part of the collective. I Want someone to make the decisions for me, I want someone just two take care of me, but I warn you. You are living off of the fumes of freedom your freedom will not look like this. Once it's come pleadingly gone and there are no fumes left. Your life will not be a sweet, little paradise where you can play games all day. Here's what we need to do is people a wake up stairs. Up and don't stand up against Things per se stand up for the bill of rights when, going into stand up again, see aren t you call it by its. Its evil its evil
and here's how I know because it rejects redemption, its Is that why people are inherently bad and they have to a tone and they'll never actually be able to atone for since that they didn't commit its evil. But what's more important is that standing here- is an American, not a chinese citizen I am standing here is an American. America has a few rules and those rules are in our bill of rights, and I will stand up. You never surrender, never ever surrender to lies. Never if there Asking you to sign documents to say these things too, go in for this little meeting, and you have to say and do things
ever say them never write them out. Never ever ever put your name down on lies. Never it's wrong! that's one thing: we have to understand the deer prince between right or wrong. Do not comply when you know it's wrong, don't now we stand with? That means your be a pariah you're, not gonna, be popular. You could lose everything that! You have you. Could were you I'm planning on it, I'm enjoying it while at last cause I'm planning on it. Job isn't gonna. Last Think if this world actually comes, you think I just keep going on doing what I'm doing. I don't think so so plan on it. Does any time to get used to it, and then you really become powerful because they
You have nothing to lose. When people have nothing to lose, they, either give up or they recognise the only thing of value they have. Their sole. Who they truly are. And once you realize I got nothing to lose, but my soul, you will stand up and you will fight righteous fight for the freedom of all kind. Our! Let me tell you about rhetoric if you take your grilling game seriously, You probably already know about wreck tech take my grilling game serious. But I've been, I act I just don't want to burn everything and that's the way I was before, and I was so great. I went over to a friends house
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tomorrow, night on Glyn TV, the worst of the covert pandemic, maybe over, but the viruses after effects will be with us for years, and now we can finally connected ass, showing what really happened did America's elites, trust communist China with a civilization killing virus and then like a cover up their mistakes Linz back at the chalk bored with what happened and who was involved deadly negligence, exposing the real origins and cover up of the covert nineteen pandemic. Tomorrow, night, nine pm eastern, please tv dot, com, This is the Glen
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about time and plunder
I wanted to bring a guest in this half hour, she's a good friend of mine, and she is now Congress woman in in Washington DC. Sorry about that, and she we have a long record together and something we were both called conspiracy. Theorist bore and just hate muggers has now actually happened. Also, she's a talk about the situation in Washington DC. What's happening with jobs, I mean there's lots of jobs and nobody wants to fill them to talk to Beth then dine the congresswoman from the great state of Texas in sixty seconds programme,
If you have kids, you probably another little minds are like sponges and the left knows that they based did soak up whatever their exposed to and they retain it and good as long as they're being exposed the things that you know can codes, with your values, but at times it doesn't the time once tools, taught the principles that made our country great, is is quickly coming, when and there are a few schools laughed, but I think people just do understand how pervasive If this is the simple, who is? It is up to you to make sure that your your teacher, your children. Your grandchildren true ideals and the history of american Freedom and what truly made us, the country that all up countries look to one way to do
as part of the best way is by reading- and there is a great series of books out that teach the american principles and things like the free market, all of it. It's the old twins book the tunnel twin. Teach important lessons about freedom. How limited government is better for society, personal responsibility, how free markets work, get him for you kids get em for your grand kids, help save our nation just a simple way of reading to your kids or Europe, And kids, the tunnel twins book, you can find them now: Tuttle twins back dot com, get em right now, they're running assail soon get free work. Works as well. Before the left cancels these books as well get them now at top twins back Dotcom, that's Tuttle, twins back dot com Congresswoman, Beth, Andy? It is
good to see you again, it's great to see if it's been awhile. I know you were the mayor of this area where our studios are located. In turn, again, we got to We get to know each other quite well. And one of the things that I remember I may we were both sued by the clock boy. Everything co defendants here something easily forget my flock boy. We both sued in that and then at the same time If you remember right- or if I remember right There was a a mosque. Here in Irving a a muslim tribunal that was being set up, and I add because I said all its known we're not rack lies at all, and I had the the mom and somebody else from the mosque
on- and we had just a really interesting conversation where one of them let his guard down and said. Well, I mean, I think we all agree that you know hand should be cut off if you steal things and those like. Oh well, not everybody, but we were called crazy. Because you and I talked about how their It is a good chance that we'll have to separate laws will have islamic law and you it states, law and ever but he said no job, would do that here in town. That's not gonna happen. These people are crazy. Have you read the latest idea,
I have seen that there is a third of a woman who wants to get divorced and she's now by the republican judge by the way is being forced to go in front of the Islamic Tribunal on she can't represent herself. She came in how her female attorney represent her on. She has to basically beg the permission of the amounts for the divorce, and then they are allowed to plead her case. There there jury on. Hence it look all from from the very beginning we talked about it. My issue was that women are not being treated fairly, their not being tree equal. Why they are not given the same rights when they move here, as in the end, they bigot citizenship, that other people who live here are, and that is something that we should have. An honest conversation about is something that we should be looks explore and instead what happened is we were shut down? We are called islamic phobic
and other not so nice needing a visa, not the that's a nice medallion that conversation ever happened. It's happening right here, you know increases in nor Texas, just like we said it would in, and it's a shame that that these funds, We are having a good concerned. Are you for the State of Texas right now with every? that's going on a lot of people are saying you know. Texas, is the last may standing, but there's a lot, the changes and a lot of influx lotta people coming in from other states, though I have met, always preface it with California, but by but, but I know why I came here to get away from that insanity, but tat Since, generally speaking, just think that the state will never change and it all Eddie has well. You know I love governor, repairing you think about all the economic development that he gone this state, but a lot of that came from.
A foreigner and we're seeing on. You know two types of folks there's more than that, but generally two types of folks who move to Texas rather either moving for a job or there are voting with their feet in their moving out of places like California or Chicago and they're. Moving into a much more on realistic and pragmatic state that allows him individual freedoms and rights, Nice is the place of economic development in jobs on people who are moving for jobs tend to vote. We know the way from the place it. They came from a California as it expected hinder low on very definite, for Democrats, but when they move with their feet, they are like the people that you may say ho ho ho ho right. You know I went along, I'm leaving the craziness, I'm leaving the insanity. I can t having Democrats, I know from California this last year who moved and there, like my kids, were allowed to go to school or businesses shut down. We weren't allowed to go to restaurants here in a what we lost our jobs, businesses that we owned were closed, and so they
to Texas in their like we're, never vote, Democrat again, those the ones that we open a. We welcome with open arms the speaking of jobs, you started a job fair that is going on this. I think this weekend tell me about the tell me about the job fair, because we we have a shortage of jobs. We have a shortage of people, Willing to work, which is terrifying You know I think, in their over exuberance to take care of every one in every thing on waste Democrats expand the role of unemployment and data, women's. They got the extended benefits for that basically made it more power suitable for them to stay home than to get a job. We saw a number of people who who quit we saw number people who were offer jobs. You didn't take them on, because they're getting paid or by the federal government, so you are seeing small businesses across the country that we're having to compete with a federal government.
And we are in a time when you're trying to open up the the country we are trying to open up these businesses demand. Is there they don't have the workers, you restaurant. You got lines out the door. They only have forty percent of their staff online. So we had had been stores we had had round tables small beer round tables, restaurant round tables healthcare round tables, every single industry is suffering from not having enough people applying or those people who apply. Don't come back. Those people who come for a couple days don't come back, So in Texas, governor out ended in other. They extend unemployment, youth area. So were setting up our job fair for July fifteenth, which will be o day after their less their last unemployment. Paycheck with hope, that we're gonna have a ton of people. Now we have over two hundred fifty businesses, we contacted businesses, we had businesses contacting us saying we have positions, not just you know, entry level, but we ve got executive positions as well. We got executive, VP positions that are available.
Every industry, businesses are all coming elegant, tuner fifty businesses representing over seven thousand jobs, so we hoping that we are able to connect the people who want to work to businesses that desperately need them high. I have to tell you, I think, if, if we lose our work ethic We are a shell of who We have always been, we vote span, a country that could pull itself up by the bootstraps. And when the going gets tough we got going. If we lose that spirit of hype, scuse me not taking a handout, I'm I'm working and we all work together. We were card, we who's. That an end, I t I'm I'm remodeling my house, which I don't ever recommend precisely in this time yeah, yeah, yeah action is out of India. Lumbered increase area so anyway been doing it for a year and.
There isn't a single, I don't think, there's illness, with an exception really old, guys, not a single white american they're. All all from different countries around the world. It's real their artist they other guy. Lay in the floor is an artist. The guy lay in the title is an artist and I've talked to them about their skill and say you know, Americans doing this now I know american, is doing this anymore, and part of the reason people come here because then they don't have to work as hard. At manual labor, but you can't yet Americans to work can get him well. Unless a problem with some of the extended unemployment in any the idea now they're having to pay more to get people to come off the couch So if there are able to get, you know paid fifteen sixteen seventeen dollars to work and fast food. It's an air conditioned environment, their deafness,
I'm gonna wanna go outside and you have to work so most construction out. As you know, paying more than than the fifteen down minimum wage. It's been has been thrown out there, but trying to get them to compete now with restaurants that are paying that their that don't they'd much further work in a comfortable air conditioned environment, Taylor, transportation, infrastructure, jobs, all those building new homes. All of that the nice thing about this is now is the time if you have a teenager vague out and they work. They can get good jobs. I mean they are giving. You know older, Natures me Jerry old jobs. Now at places like Mcdonald's, it's it's crazy. What, happening. If you want work, you could zoo. To the top right. Now we're held there weren't we get a lot of people there. May we ve had over. Eight thousand hits on the website puts a website. Roquat, it's mine anti extra job dot com against Gonna be
on thirty July, fifteenth at the Irving Convention Centre from one to six ochre? Let me talk to you about some people that are not working the as Democrats they have left the state too. Oh to Washington, DC and LO and behold what a surprise Today is the day the president is making a speech on. You know the Thee draconian. Voting bills letter going through places like Texas And- they're just leaving. They say there not coming back for a month which will stop any legislation from happening at all. Is there any the state can do. I mean I wouldn't support this over. The Republicans were doing it. Now me you, you promise your constituents that vote for you, that you going to be representing them and then you take off in your totally ignoring your job, ignoring the citizens. I've, been having a voice and look I'm in the minority in Congress. Right,
We have a minority, their parliaments or minority, and yet every day I go to work, and I fight for my this short, I fight for common sense, pregnant solutions, yes, at the end of the day, will probably gonna lose, are probably not gonna get her votes, it doesn't mean. I'm not gonna represent my my constituents and be their show up. Why is like a linen them that they can buy? You didn't, show up and provide any kind of bills or anything for the transportation routes I mean you guys just went nineteen our mark up and we knew all the votes would in all of our two hundred amendments will be voted down, but it you're dimension, assign you guys did it knowing there's not a chance any of these and these eyes? So what does the governor do? What should the people do? So? The governor right now is saying that he's going to arrest them when I come back part of resistance there, some other states that have enacted laws. Now the can't do that because they need two thirds in the house in and around it, because there are hanging out in DC, but
they can enact laws that would actually find them per day. May I make a little bit painful for them not to be doing their job. Obviously there, folks who elected them. Don't let em again. If there are going to show up and represent you, why are they there? guarantee there were other people home well into one further spot to work for it. But it's amazing to me that you got the Democrats in Texas there. Willing to surrender our state to deal The politicians there will come lately ready to just a banned in the Texas folks who got elected here legally too DC and have that one size fits all federal government programme have DC what's wrong, Nicole, as opposed to local rule and local level about going against the constitution tracked. You cannot do what their suggesting you do unless just don't care about the constitution and they clearly don't clearly they clearly down and their big there big fight is, is because they d governor and the legislator. Actually have listened to their constituents and they want to put in laws that make it easier.
People to vote at make harder for people to cheat. That is the bottom line in anybody who says that, oh no, that didn't happen, they can look. My race in Texas, before we had it may royal candidate that right, then Caroline who was arrested on a hundred and twenty six counts of male ballot fraud, We have no idea how many valuable it's actually went through before he was caught and arrested, but If somebody says that doesn't count, but that be enough to make a difference. I say cop Tato Congresswoman, Marionette Miller makes who won. By six votes in how much how much motor fraud or we will undertake a zero exe double amount. Here You change the laws to make sure that it doesn't ever happen again. It is the bedrock of our democracy, people don't have that integrity in the system if they dont believe that their vote counts. What kind country are we. It is completely in time we should point out to which she won by six votes. They tried to steal it from her once she got into Congress did they did,
congresswoman Beth and dying from the great state of Texas. If you want to go to the job fair, if you happen to be in Texas, it's my n t x job dotcom. My North Texas, job dotcom. Thank you. So much congresswoman good to see is going to see let me take a quick one minute break and american announcing, Annabel US one, two, three four that'll do too you w that animal, less consumer access, dot, org! It's him Can financing. We want to talk to you about a recent survey that just came out nearly thirty percent of refinancing homeowners, ebon enjoying monthly savings of between three hundred and five hundred dollars a month. Almost twenty percent or saving more than five hundred dollars a month that's a lot of money for a lot of people. What would you do with an extra five hundred dollars every month? What bills could you pay dumb
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can financing dot net ten SEC station. I d, our this is the global programme, We support, of course, the Cubans and the president came out yesterday and he says there just they're asking for freedom from an authoritarian government. I was shocked to hear him say that I was shocked to see the criticism of their wonderful healthcare system as I learn about it in the Michael, more documentary, Cisco, really at the Cuban they're saying their protest in the healthcare system. I thought it was a wonderful wonderful thing. We have clips here from from the two thousand seven Michael, more documentary praised by the press, here's what he was saying about the cuban system. Ok, ok, I know what you're thinking
Cuba's where Lucifer lives the workplace on the most evil nation ever created. We know them has actually been told the forty five years car so hurried says bad, because only we been told you lie to media that grass or wish bad you're somewhere on the health care system, and so now after all these years, one thing is clear: the cuban people have free the Universal health care, as they become known around the world, is having not only one of the best healthcare systems, but as being one of the most generous countries in providing doctors and medical equipment to third world countries are a third world country and that's not an attempt to just bribe the other places too, along with cut me why they give away at all. They are our here's a little more
They believe in preventive medicine, and it seems like there's a doctor on every block. Surveys are only sin when it comes to health care wholly said seems to be, that they don't do it for profit. Anyway. I am medication right now for the promising start pharmacy, what it's amazing to you to learn about from fat, Michael, more and and Harvey wines Dean who, of course, was responsible for producing the film, which is a wonderful thing. It's interesting how on earth they came across fully pharmacies and doctors and nurses doing a house calls camera. Is we oughta shock at may find that? And so they have this great health care. What are these people according to the binding ministration? What does a protest
thing. They thats free universal health care yeah as lion with lace, and why are they having a problem with covered? The envy of the war arise, glad they believe in preventive medicine is five. Did they remember what's important about? This is not that Michael. More was wrong, as he always is. The media to us along and and promoted it as if it was true for time largely and we see now, what's happened in a crisis situation, put their medical system, its turn into complete catastrophe and even though there island, I ll it seemed to enjoy yourself draw that broke the camel's back support. Cuba is the Glen Doc Programme, magic have different things would be if Trump or in office if you're over fifty and you haven't joint aim accurate, may I suggest you check him out today. You know that
I recommend that you always do your homework before you commit to anything. But here's what I want you to consider if you like them, If it's like insurance and travel discounts I am a c is for you. It's also has serious advocacy that pushes back against the ultra left legislation going. All the way to Washington on behalf. If that's what you are I may see, is right for you, a source of uncensored information that you can trust complete with news letters, videos, podcast, fresh website contest, a by monthly magazine if you're looking for somebody that is telling the truth. A MAC is, right for you
quarter of a million. A MAC members have already directly participated in their outreach campaigns to Congress. They are hearing your voice and there is strength in numbers. Joint aim act for the advocacy, the benefits and the information joined today, a MAC dot. U S, slash back, that's a MAC dot! U S, slash back a new Glenn tv returns this week, don't miss it joy board nest the multiple chalkboard, some Anderson, lazy, feed outcomes, ICE Glenn, promo code is Glenn this is the Glen Back programme we are thrilled to have shown Larkin in he is the former host of live p d, which was cancelled immediately, for I think you'd be better to tell us shown by. I think, because you were making cops, look good cause
z concept. Our people want transparency it involves seeing the police doing something wrong, but they don't want that trend. Parents e when it shows what societies do wrong, what police at the Dew Data Data deal with it to me. I remember when cops first came out and I was watching cops. It was not about the cops about how stupid and fat Americans are out of it, and that is just like your idea. I don't. I just remember thinking there what an imbecile this person is right right. Will you know that's a day in the life of a police officer? Unfortunately, you do cross out of those type of that that those type a peep on a daily on a daily basis. But you know difference between cops and lied. Pity was what kind of show like a thirty minute segment that was edited down through three pieces. Basically who and live tv show, America, hey. This is the job of law enforcement, the country- and you know that why it showed some of the rural areas it should urban areas, so you and when it
so you would see what cops are dealing with an in Montana will literally on one episode. We had a bear up in a tree at a hospital there, but then your bounced into somewhere else in the country were geyser and pursued with some gang members, and so, he's got to show the public hate. This is what this job really is. It's not the little cod pieces. That's click made on social media error or the big things that laid off the news. I have some. The questions, mainly regarding how lightning? Was that to do to do a live television show where it could be. Whore bull and nothing happens or something really bad could happen in your there. Your life, you end up basic delay. But that's it ray. I had a small delay. You know summer to like you know, live sports does raise some guy streaks across the field, or somebody like you know so did have that built in in an that's exactly it you would have a Friday night were worth
man, it's gonna, be off the chain snow. It's gonna, be crazy. Nos three hours had just nothing going on here. We had different departments, and so you got the bounce around of nothing going on in a different cities load a Saturday night words reining in half the country, and it was crazy but again but law enforcement is you. You don't know it. You don't know. What's going to happen, as I think this is one of the things I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and you know a little tiny town of about thirty thousand, I think, maybe less than that, when I was there, until you knew the cops and everything else need got out of the car you're stopping out of car. You got to met him halfway or, like officer. What am I will? I did at that, I'm eighteen years old, and I did that when I moved to Baltimore Maryland. Oh my for a little different, a little different. I got my car and they drew guns on me and said what get into your car and, unlike Oh ok, ok and the cops it.
We. What are you doing and what I didn't realize is how many cops had been shot right around the time to office we were just shot in Baltimore this morning, correct death. You have no idea what you're walking into none You know I was cop carbon Tulsa for twenty four and a half years now, just retired, about seven or eight weeks ago oh and supervise the gang in it there. Since two thousand and eight and during that time- and we took Lurie thousand of guns. You know treats from Gaza shouldn't, have em We were very, very fortunate throughout my career bitter, to police shootings cup other guys, I'm my squad bidden shootings as well, but you don't know you don't know, car, stop that door you're goin through you know. You know domestic call. You're going to you, don't know. What's going to happen, there are some cops. It believed that guns in the hands of average people or is not a good you're, not a help. If you are
carrying a weapon. I don't happen to agree with that, but I'm not a cop cops. Jim they look at law abiding citizens with with guns, as help I don't know how to use the word corner could help. I think they're just there's speaking from my own experience and tells it has very few isolated incidents were a citizen who was armed, is had to intervene or do something. But you know that the stories we see across the country were somebody whether they're in a business were rushed or robberies happen, or not, some guys out with his family, and you know It tries to rob them defend the cells, I'm all for it. You know I am all for it. I wish at time citizens deftly did get more involved, now what you see in just speaking from a law enforcement perspective, the entire budget so record everything on their cellphone Reza Ashen or help that's it or help their real quick. As I want to get to the book you in Chicago there now innocent in federal officers, and they go to clean it up
they're saying what the problem is, that those suburbs, or just you, know those guns stores of the suburbs they're, just sellen guns, they don't care who who has them? That is it is. It is at the bottom up in Chicago this, and I can. Beak for for myself we ice us later. Supervisors called crime gun unit, and there are various units like this across the country. Right now, when you are focused Click on fire arms that are using violent crimes. It's my purse weeping. Again, it's not the ghosts guns that are doing it that those conversations about going after guys making goes guns. Those just happened to be law. By citizens that love guns and they make their own, you know that they manufacture their environment. Regardless of what federal, governed, politicians. Administration in some police departments think bad guys, you're gonna get guns period. You know crazy concept, really crazy concert just like drugs, you know me, they want it they're going to get it, you know, bring it in a mink. Listen to help will be great
We worked with our federal partners in the tolls area at times when it was needed you know you gotta have proactive. I I don't like the idea that federal government gets involved in local policing. I mean when their needed there needed, but Like that, I don't like the idea of federalism, our police forces. I think that's an extraordinarily bad idea. What I really want, really bothers me is how cops are viewed now as bad and and not good, the the I think the majority of people think that most cops are bad when it sees exactly the the Does it and you can't get I mean the you You can't get, a fair hearing, the even if you go to court, that's fine, but you are deemed bad wrong racist, whatever a killer. If You even do your job and you did nothing wrong.
I mean weep there. There, the story of her story, I'm one of the biggest ones, as we saw up there just outside Minneapolis a few months ago. Black female, that want to stab another black female and the officer did I don't know how to use the word heroic, but he did what he was society which will save somebody from getting injured ia, and here we had protests. We had no proactively to your next. Putting that person's picture out there and it's like menace guy did his job what he was supposed to do too. If somebody else from be impossibly killed, if not injured and yet still coming after the cops, and that's why Glyn? You know it spoken about quite a bit. That's why? While people leave his profession right now, you know like man, I don't wanna, be this guy. That gets my name drug through the media. I don't want to get sued for doing my job the right way. But people are still coming after me, you in your book, breaking breaking blue real life stories of cops, falsely accused. You were one of whom I was deaf back and twenty ten.
There is a federal investigation of police corruption within Tulsa Police Department and their action. For these goin on across the current country, the time but air colder in office, and bad guys, felons people that were free seen charges, people are already imprison were being told by federal agents, U S turn office that was in Arkansas the times who worked a case that hey, if you information on cops we can get. Case dismissed or you can get out of prison, and we had guy. That literally were imprisoned on life without roles; convictions, injurie trials. That made allegations against cops. I were released just by making an allegation that that of unproven. And my name, I, through the mud, during that thing, it was put out, the media was labelled as an unindicted, co, conspirator I was never charge, but another officer was charged for some of the things I was of alleged to have been involved with or witnessed. An
it was blown out the water when it came time for trial for this officer he was acquitted, not only acquitted of those charge. But it was literally like these are flat out. Lies I mean it was shown. These are lies and nobody has ever held accountable for it. You know these bad guys got out of trouble and got to the streets and commit war crimes and Tulsa, and it then officer I mean how's that Did you in that officer to have your name? You very likely. Unfortunately, the officer he actually heat, he faced sixty two federal counts, when the trial and fifty eight every single one of them all to me was convicted on perjury from a trial he did earlier in his career ass. Ever its violation from that same thing here. And go going to federal prison up and said Dakota. He has sent out outside of law enforcement now way way way. So he was innocent of what he was, what they they charged them getting they got among us
thing that happened earlier in his career, so there was a case that he had testified order in his career about a He had seen a suspect on the front porch of a house while he was doing surveillance to get a search warrant for the house and dirt the trial of that individual. The defence show that this guy was actually down in actually here in Dallas. He was actually here down in Dallas and not up and Tulsa and officer was adamant that guy that I saw on the porch was now John DOE. Whatever name was, and he was ass like four or five times. Are you sure it was John DOE? You sure couldn't have been somebody else and it you know I want to say, shame on him. He, instead of just stating ice, who I believe to be John DOE on the front porch. Would it made things different, but he's did you know who I saw was John DOE and so
each one of those times that he said that the federal government charging for account of all my rash know Joe, he wasn't out of town, he just mistaken identity, while the note that, yet exactly yeah exactly like the bad guy. Now that the bag I was out, I was out of town who ever he saw he believed to be the bag. I hears what He actually ran the sort one on the house, the target, the bag. I was there when he ran it and they did find drugs and everything. It is said that in his Affidavit for the search warrant, he mistook, somebody else as this aspect, so he went to federal prison over it. Livable unbelievable, What can the average person do to support the police in all right now I'll be honest, just a simple hey! We approve yeah. Do you know if you see a cop out, I don't care. If the rapporteur coffee there sit down somewhere, Gavin a bite to eat the caught. My you know be as his tough guy persona right there in cottages act like it's not a big deal, but it is. I will tell you that it is
strikes me as fascinating and there's something beyond that. The fact that in two thousand one. Every cop, every cop was a Euro area, RO an twenty years later, every cop is a villain, and that's something that I saw the difference in my time. Just testifying court outcome on the police. Barman ninety ninety seven in the least of Half of my career. You testified in court, the defensive, he was doing his job and he was going after potential proceed draw violations writings like that, the latter half of my you take the stand there just accuse you being a dirty cop. Your racist and things like that, that's that's! You know it's just as totally changed the whole view of police. The name of the book is breaking blue. Real life stories of cops falsely accused is a fascinating reed and thank you for breathing you ve done
and any of the cops still doing in Emma retired. Thank them foresters mill. Of Americans that are behind been, I know, thank you very much appreciated. Breaking blue real life stories of cops falsely accused available everywhere now by Sean Lark, arse answer. This half hour is gold lying. There is an opportunity that gold line would like to share it. They have come into possession of very, very rare. Probably one of the most historic coins in? U S, history, it is the five dollar gold indian head, neither the reason that I, by these historic coins- because this is this is all by? If I, if I buy, I'm, I'm in collector, you see, I'm not a gold horrider, I'm a coin collector. And these are really really great. This a great fine there very
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we can finally connect the dots showing what really happened did America's elites, trust communist China with a civilization killing virus and then lie to cover up their mistakes Linz back at the chalk bored with what happened and who was involved deadly negligence, exposing the real origins and cover up of the covert nineteen pandemic. Tomorrow, night, nine pm Eastern- it please tv, Dotcom, Goin back Programme, so still- the new sports illustrated swimsuit. Addition has just come out great right I remember, and maybe it was because of our youth error, that being Big deal. Sure was area who was on the cover and those assets
Now either geyser were just not you know, is piggish or the fact that you now also have plus size, women and diversity, and I think there is might even be a man in this year's Mimi Great it doesn't seem to be his hot right now, not hope you haven't hurt anyone talking about it at all. Yeah now is that because words illustrated, is irrelevant. Because bodies looking at that or just nobody's talking about it right now. Let it when it went what what was happening used to be a big cultural thing, dear, not anymore, while they changed it. A lot. Used to being something companies, Different the same thing with a Victoria's secret show: writing was something foreign and now it's like: hey here's, Megan, rapid or whatever her name is a soccer star with her
purple hair was that you're not directed to in any way is this going to be excited news? If she's not attracted, does in any right now So these things in common mute, usually a hundred percent. Its mutual, its mutual aright back on tomorrow's programme and don't forget double chalkboard, It's there might even be three boards, tomorrow on tomorrow night special, the truth. The truth on covert. He put it all together. Chalkboard tomorrow night plays tv, nine Pm Glenn programme.
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