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Nobody Wants War | Guests: Lt. Gov Ken Paxton, Andrew Wilkow, & Philip K. Howard | 7/11/19

2019-07-11 | 🔗
Hour 1 Nobody wants war, including Iran. Sanctions is the strategy while Peace through war. America is the best of friends at peace, but the worst of enemies at war  ...UK Poll says Gay wokeness is fading ...Lt. Governor of Texas, Ken Paxton joins to discuss his states Unconstitutional Obamacare Lawsuit. Border in crisis explained Hour 2 Andrew Wilkow joins Glenn with News of the Day. Big Tech Censorship, The Border Crisis and Tommy Robinson. Beware of the Neutral Left. Jeff Bezos is The Lawmower Man. We'll All be Riding the Google Trains to Amazon Jobs  Hour 3 Try Common Sense with author Philp K. Howard. Replacing the Failed Ideologies of Right and Left, Rules and regulations are replacing our freedom. Mechanism for accountability has been lost. No one is thinking for themselves

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