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Not American? | Guests: Merril Hoge & Dr. Peter Cummings | 11/27/18

2018-11-27 | 🔗
Hour 1 Economic trouble ahead...the Trade War has just begun and we are starting to see some major casualties?...General Motors to lay of thousands...President Trump's very progressive actions...'this is not American, stop with the tariffs'? ...Americans are not buying American cars...so now what?...'retool'?...the automobile as we know it, will be changing? ...Tampa Bay Beck love? ...the treasonous media?...MSNBC stunned by their own reporting?...Great Idea: Pat proposes a celebrity/migrant adoption plan?    Hour 2 Peace, Love and Migrants?...targeting babies with tear gas...avoid the media's easy to swallow outrage pill(s)?...George Soros paws are all over this?...only caring when it counts (for ourselves)? ...Housing market slow down...hitting Texas as we speak ...What's up with Bitcoin?...bogus for bitcoin?...experts still standing by their predictions? ...Be on the look out for Giant cows?    Hour 3 'Brainwashed: The Bad Science Behind CTE and the Plot to Destroy Football"...in studio with former NFL player Merril Hoge and Dr, Peter Cummings, Board Certified Forensic Neurologist...Hoge testified at a congressional hearing on football head injuries in 2009 and was appointed to the NFL Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee in 2010?...learning truth means digging deep for all the facts...settling with unsettled science...the art of addressing 'head traumas'?...results more shocking then initially thought?

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The blaze. Radio network on demand just took my really factor a few minutes ago. So I'm ready Rare indigo for the programme- if we don't know What really factory is you should viewers, somebody who experiences daily pain, inflammation is really what gets us and it is a one hundred percent drug free created by doctors and it it is main goal is to reduce inflammation in the body and it will tell you that I have pain that sometimes crippling and just Eric. I couldn't live this way anymore.
Desperation cause? I don't believe in you know, ties the natural brilliant. You meet someone from DOW chemicals and it works. I've been taken it for a year now and I have seen great reduction in paying its relief factor. Dotcom tried for three weeks to quick start. Seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more month after month, because it works relief, factor dot com, get your life that go to relieve factor dotcom. I feel a little like I did in two thousand and seven and for anybody who has been listening to me for a long time, you hopefully remember you know what that like, and what we don't want to face again. We are headed toward real economic trouble and we have a win. We have time to accomplish an awful lot of things. Let's start with terror, forgetting
here, it's not going away the tariffs- I don't what this is, but it's it's not helpful You ve been so fixated on the never ending stream of breaking news that we are not seeing now the major economic storm that is coming in It is already over the horizon. We are A trade war and I don't think we begun to see the full effects of the fall out yet This war has just started. The bombs have been Lee begun to drop and whereabouts. Start seeing the casualties and on Fortunately, we are scrambling more fighters. Let's not forget what Arabs really are America, they are. They are not hurting or punishing the. I need government they're not they're not hurting or punishing the European Union or Canada they
are hurting you, because tariffs, Chile would be more aptly described with another t word, and that is tax. It is a tool. Acts on you and there. It's nothing conservative about this policy. This is about is progressive and big government. As you get Ronald Reagan set it best quote. Government's view of the economy- would be summed up in a few short phrases. If it moves tax it, it keeps moving regulated and if it stops moving subsidize it. When the trial, Administrations. Tariffs hurt America's farmers. He said said with twelve billion dollars in handouts. This is not american way. Then we needed a handout before this ridiculous trade war began. Now there He forced to live off the government to rely on the government
continue their own business. There is nothing conservative, about any of this. Now, according to the two Ex foundation this trade war will result in nearly three hundred thousand jobs lost yester. A general motors that nations largest car company announced dramatic they could downsizing halting production at multiple plants and closing them in the. U S in Canada, over eight thousand the White collar jobs are being eliminated more than thousand factory jobs gone overflow. Fourteen thousand people in total will lose their livelihoods, oh ended. I mentioned that back in July, GM announced that the administrations trade war would cost the company one billion dollars let's stick with american cars for just a second news. Tesla came out this morning, they ever now Their sales in China,
fallen. Seventy percent. Why. Because we're the crap trade war China is taxing. The crap out of everything American Seventy percent market share in the world's largest emerging market. Are we insane Ilan. Ask said he's now weeks away, a few weeks away of bad sales before they could the doors apple also headed stock in freefall. Twenty, percent over the last three months: this morning they lost another two percent. Why? Because the price and told the Wall Street Journal that he's considering slapping a tariff on I found by an Iphone you might want to buy one right now because you may not be able to afford one soon
president said, we can all afford an extra ten percent on our a phone Mr President, we can't. Tariffs as they stand. Right now are bad, but it looks like you're gonna go even higher, but right now their cause Ding Americans over forty billion dollars, that is more money than Obama, cares tax bill of thirty four billion. That is now hundred and fifteen dollars for every American. Twenty four hundred dollars per household and the terror of stay in place. You will call few? Seventeen thousand three hundred dollars by twenty thirty tariffs are attacks. And they are attacks on you and Europeans are already starting to lose their jobs, please Mr President, please stop with the tariffs the workers,
of Amerika, are Begging you stop with, the tariffs it's Tuesday November. Twenty seven, your listening to the Glen Back Programme and solar gonna get worse with lay offs, there's a couple of things that are going on right now. If you look the top selling Sudan's in Amerika, the Camry the Junta, Civic, the Junta cord Toyota Corolla. We, He saw the central and they're all japanese- Americans are not buying Sudan any more from from GM and in from american car companies? So what are they gonna? Do the presidency is. You have to keep these jobs here. You better open those plants. Backup, since
and do we want the federal government mandating what companies do? We don't want that so we have a problem that nobody is buying American Sudan's anymore. Okay, so car companies do what they should do and that is retool, make sure we're just we're gonna to concentrate on trucks and suvs, because that's what we sell. Ok, sounds like a good business plan. If I have Doc, GM, I'm probably ok with this move, if I'm working at GM. I'm not cool with this move, but if I want you m to continue, I want them to cut. Expenses, so we don't have to bail them out again or they closed their doors. The problem is the largest shareholder of GM Is the labour union? What are they gonna do. As a shareholder. What are they
going to do so. Eriksson carmakers can't compete and were giving up that segment of the market. Now more a job losses, are probably coming and not from necessarily GM but right now, We are producing three point. Four million vehicle per year. Then we need. We are producing to me. Vehicles, GM is about one million of that three point two, so that mean if factories run their most efficient when their at top performance reduce the size of the factories, also, These steel tariffs have caused the industry billions of dollars. Roughly seven hundred million dollars in high Her prices at GM alone, they
a billion dollars. The number is probably closer to seven hundred billion. I'm sorry hundred million Ford is also saying they're getting out of the car business by twenty twenty four. It is said they will no longer sell the fiesta that tourists, the fuse or focus in North America. Only the Mustang the crossover called focus active, Tesla he's as within single digit weeks of death, seven Percent decline of sales in China alone, the guy who were was the ceo of Nissan that merged work. I didn't make the merger with Renault. He's now in jail for Chrysler struggling there. There c o died. They never achieve the merger with Gm Volkswagen's, as set aside thirty billion dollars to cover costs associated with diesel gate. The car comes
these are not in good shape, so what's gonna happen. Well, as we told you on this programme about a year ago, we had the former chair of the Board of GM on. He said GM two different company by twenty thirty? It's not making cars. It's making fleets and you can call them cars. You can call them pods, but the car as we know, it is going to change over the next twelve years and GM is trying to get ahead of the curve. So now but we do do we have a government that too, also private industry, exactly what they, to do and what they have to make. Or do we have a private industry making the cut that they need to make as we always say what the wire baling. These people out there too big to fail Well, here they are saying we ve got to cut or what
we're going to hemorrhage to death and thereby a thing left which would put a Erica back in the seed of we got a bail out GM. Do you the government designing cars? The answer is no. Do you want the government dictating how they build them, where they build them when they build them, what they buy to build them. The answer is no. This is just the beginning and the terror are not helping in fact they're making things much much worse I would tend to agree with us: we ve seen tariff rates about double since Trump took office, which is pretty amazing. Really. You know that this battle had when one even Obama didn't try to really go crazy with he did a couple times and again same thing. Failed me
if we were talking, nine hundred thousand dollars per job quota quote saved in the tyre industry when he tried it with tyres. But we got up to three point: two percent. From one point now I mean we were already ahead. We already had higher is before before Trump started. All this we had ass, the places like Canada and Australia. We now have risen all the way up to about where China is in the proposal. Those where he wants to go this? This next level of tariffs with China would put us above Mexico, more protectionist, the Mexico and the policies he's proposed if implemented, would bring. Higher than every other industrialized nation in the world? Only one really yours, major nations that would even be competitive with us. The only ones even close to us would be Pakistan. Everything else will weigh way above the only countries that are really hairdresser places like Bermuda and the Bahamas, isolated sort of island nations that have very specific. Circumstances. But again, I think these are
policies we are trying to also has much higher taxes, the United States. We do want to chase their tax rates. It is a again like. Presents a lot of good things and we ve brought them up million times that the economy has been helped by some of these policies. This is the reverse of it. Is this one of those times that if you support the president, you need to beg him to get off tariffs, you need to rise up and beg him to get off of tariffs. He believes this to the core this being the one, that's the only thing, I thought he would implement idea I think he would do all the good things that he had done I knew he would do this, because this is consistent through his life there, he believes in tariffs, and everyone knows that trumpets bit before he got mad for this last.
He'd, bounced back and forth between parties and things like that. We never change this position than ever. He was always very consistent, Annette his belief that mean a protectionist policies when it I'm, so. Trade are a good idea because he only sees He only sees winning and losing. He always sees scores. And so, when you look at the you look at the co trade imbalance, he sees that as a score, we're losing, but it's not a score: it's not. Now it is it it's not a bad thing? And if you're trying to correct that vice him to look at the scoreboard, because Score, if your scoring at the way he does, is getting worse. The trade balance is increasing the wood through this time and by the way, that is a function of his success, Donald economic policies, along with it capitalist economy in general has been doing well when the we
its economy does well. We have a higher treat amounts that goes back decades. Look only time we ve decreased in any significant way. Our trade imbalance over the past thirty years was the economic crisis of two thousand eight. They are true balanced, what all the way, almost all the way back to zero. What do we want replicate that policy. If you look at the chart, of our trade imbalance and you flip it upside down it almost actually matches the state the economy when it's exact reverse to each other. When tariffs we win, not trade about, gets caught. Unquote, worse, we ve a better economy and when the trade about quoting what better Willie worse economy. This is this. Is it minutes it's it's an unfortunate part of his belief system, I mean, I know he saw to really understand taxes when it comes to the economy and generally need states. The same things are in place when you talk about globally we're getting with these tax increases, its hurting, the economy and Emma you go through
the numbers there still small enough that this doesn't have to destroy what he's accomplished. But if you can It's going down this road. It will destroy it if its Amis financial, it was a little terrifying. What he said yesterday about how hard he is going to hit China. That will mean you know ten to twenty percent on apple products. This is the disaster in Haiti, a stop- and he was talking about being a negotiating tactic, he got his NAFTA, arrogant, renegotiation and kept all those tariffs on anyway. He just right We believe this and I don't know, what's going to dissuade him of it, our response. To this hour is simply safe, home security, simply safe This is the best product that you can get for your home or for your business to protect yourself to protect your. Loved ones to protect the house when you're gone, day or your business when you're gone all night right now you get it.
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A Friday night, we're gonna be in Tampa Florida, get your tickets Glenn back, not calm, slashed tour and then Saturday we're going to be in Orlando Florida. The great show Glinda live. You don't want to miss. It Tampa end or Lando this weekend, WS allay the mothership, the mother Shiro, where we began yeah, we're home again right. Sorry, the timber Bay Times today about you. I love this that was set to swim of sharks. It was a stunt. The kind of but all local radio dj dream up to these ratings or awareness of this cause or that and but at the time that's exactly what Glenn was a talk. Radio still need new tab bay about to dive into a tank at the Florida aquarium. I've during afternoon, DR time, it's a stupid. What the heck is wrong may. He remembers thinking what am I doing because I dont like swimming, I dont like water, and I certainly don't like sharks, then four days before his dive to play, has crashed into the World Trade Center to member. Mrs amazing us brings back a lot a member
and everything changed for Glenn Back for America and forego, especially Glenn backs America, it's you know through I'm in cash. Imagine if we could just got you in there with a shark somewhat better. All I've got a negative it all over and what I do. We did that because remember at the time shark attacks were the Big NEWS in Florida and we're like melons sharks are not attacking at a higher rate. This is just media hype law. These laws every year at something like this same way. Members. It was clowns a couple years ago on the air yeah, and so we were gonna do this and it was a fundraiser for something and you You could mean a basic we back on how many minutes I would stay in the tank with sharks, and I remember wanting to throw up for like two weeks beforehand. Unlike eight, do I bear swim. I don't like what at all, don't seem like you'd be graceful in water, I'm just I cannot predict. Have you ever Debbie ever been around sharks,
ok, so I was in I don't know the bombers are some place and you can actually swim with sharks, but their nurse sharks. Nurse sharks could break your fingers, break your hand the they don't have sharp teeth, they kind of they stuck in their food, and so, if you get your fear finger, by their mouth at all. They can suck a minute just crush your fingers southern dangerous, they're just shut and they look. Sharp and I went. I went scuba diving and was swimming, and I down with somebody panicked, because You realize you're, not graceful, they are You are now in their turn a Tory and your flop and around on the sidewalk like they would be. In the air
all of us on these things start coming towards you and you realize I am there's no way I could get away from this. There's an I mean, I'm I'm toast. I am at the bottom of the food chain now really weird experience, and you have no way of doing anything. Not it's just no controls on. We were talking about swimming with the sharks with actual teeth. The point that we are going back to tamper this week for the tuna. Why not yet you into then our diet? Let's go let's during this wrong. No don't! Let's get you in! Rather your tickets, now Glenn back dot com. Slash tour will see you in TAT, but Orlando this weekend This is the Glen that programme welcome to the one under the programme. Pat gray, is joining us. I wanted to share this guy's with you. I got this in from my sister who saw they saw Nay, Glinda Group page. It said hello I live in South Carolina and I
with my mom, who has osteoporosis my mom, listens to land and pat and stew the boys. There through the life that she's currently living, which has been pretty hard. She has spinal Frank, teachers and she has lost four inches in height, oh wow, holy cow. She had a very successful cleaning. Business he's always worked hard till she broke her elbow and This isn't helping her mood at all she it's in the house now and she listens to pat every morning when he comes on and then stays glued to the tv, what Glenn. She says like the Messiah, which I don't think it blasphemous or really inaccurate. Now, if somebody could these get this post to him, leave a comment from her she's going through a very hard time right now, but if you guys would reply, It would make her feel lot better. Her now
is Catherine Catherine we're thinking about you got this a couple. Is the we ve been praying for you, and I when your daughter are are cherished listeners of our. So thank you think very much. Thank you for everything thing grey the programme how're, you I'm good real, quick. I want a previous think you had on your show. Today we have coming our number three. I don't even know what this is, because it's all about sport have you seen the movie concussion yeah. No, I haven't seen it, but I know it. Ok, really. I mean I enjoyed the movie. However, it's a pretty one. Sided telling of the concussion see tee story in the NFL and they blame the NFL for not doing what they should Merrill aha Jews. Who was running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He retire early because of concussions, and you see the title of the
of the book rearing washed, the bad science behind city and the plot to destroy football. To really fascinating and he's got a really pathologist with him who helped him right, so they d this year. Yeah I mean. Maybe they don't disagree that it's a thing. You're just saying has been blown away out of proportion, ok and that thank you dont, not because hundreds of people over a hundred people who are not in sports, certainly not in football like one Europe wants to six year olds have Benda diagnosed with sea to eat a post kyoto after death, his ass. We time you can. Actually you have to open up the I ain't right at it, so you remember when I went in for studies when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me and one of the things the doctors came in and said how many times have you been hit in the head? What are you you know? What are you, what are you doing? You ve been in severe car accidents and like now, yuck is your brain. Looked like it right can come to light,
can cost a lot, and I like nothing. So I mean I mean I don't know you after I'm dead. You should pay through my brain right and see, if you have city be a bit surprised, aren't you so that's coming up in our number three of this broadcast today you don't wanna super interesting, you don't. So what is what is on is the border or is it the jobs or the tariffs? What is on your minded at the borders always on my mind, is just an amazing situation that were lie. Into every day in the media about it and they they just don't care. I think the media borders on treason. I think it's such up problem so early anyway, you were you for a guy who said I don't like this. I dont, like the rhetoric of
The press is an enemy of re able not ride down, but you are now saying now saying at bordering he didn't say: cross border I mean they are doing, is climbing the facts. It is global. In reply to phase it out, I ordered GPS doing everything they can to deny reality. I know it's a maze everything they can to show its amazing you could have the reporter from Can we see yet, let's play this required here unreal. Here's your! I took two weeded out last night. This view, last time you see this report. We should listen to what he said. Because some people look at these images and they listen to the president who says it's women and children and its stone cold criminals. So my first question is during that ten camp. Besides that family give us a profile of who
is. There are mostly and what are they looking for going to see a lot of families here, a lot of women and children? But the truth is the majority of the people that are part of this caravan, especially outside. If we can make our way all the way over, there will show you, the majority of them are met, and so we will win. This becomes a polarized political issue in the United States. You have people on one side that point and say there are women and children here, and that is true, and then there are others who point and say these are our men did that are trying to cross the border and that's true to from what we ve seen the majority are. Actually men have not articulated that need for asylum; instead, they have talked about. You know going to the United States for a better life and to find work He actually set it down, three yeah that the de the men. Yes, they were.
Anybody is ever denied that some children, women and children are there. I've ever denied- I ever did not at either the vast majority, however our men and did you hear how they are. The these men are worth. Pushing the women and children to the front on the storming of the the gates. Yes, they were actually pushing the women in John. It's exactly what happens with Hezbollah and- and What lemme, some us on the israeli border sure is actually the same thing and the photo that you continually see when they rush the bordered like that and add to your cat. Dear guests, canisters fired. It was woman with two children, one on either side of the diapers there, five years old, but for whatever reason, their diapers and that's the image
Everybody shows to make you think: oh my gosh urges firing tear gas randomly at women and children while every other. Person? If you look in the background, is a man gee? I carefully. The media found the woman with the children to take a picture of what support what it, what a bad luck streak where they wouldn't have for the whole story, with their pictures, so dishonest and other Does it to the country. All of it is. Have you seen the have you seen any coverage on the pro asked in Do you wanna know Louis Excess Mendoza a mexican said- these people, here's what he hears, what he shouted Annie order actually, from LOS Angeles Times heard him say this is an invasion. We demand respect, demanded that our laws be followed her way what the mayor,
he won't has been what were hearing a make tee o on a great again hat. Try on traces of its political lesson, ready for MRS Patricia re as she's a sixty two year old mexican protester. She said we want the caravan to go there in veiling us they should have. To Mexico correctly legally but came in like animals, this is a mexican resident. The demonstrators held signs, no illegals, no to the invasion amazing, Have you seen any of this on tv? No, they no joy! Do you want to join the mayor said Tee one as a place that welcomes any one, but you have to have papers. You must I and to find yourself with You want to your sovereignty, respected. Why I dont understand we work hard in tee, o wanna. We don't get handouts the government giving these things to migrants when there are plenty of Mexicans in a tough, difficult position. Much
The protesters said the migrants should be detained and poured head there. The mayor also said I I dare say that not all of them are migrants sure some good people in the caravan, but there are many that are bad. Wada, Haider, Wonderland, INA full, then that human rights are only four upstanding humans. No, no, that's not true. Ease Christian Mendez. A honduran travelling with his girlfriend said not sure what we're going to do. We all know we want to request asylum, but we haven't hurt, but we have heard about the list. We don't know how long it's gonna take. We don't know how long there will be four be food for us to eat. The Tijuana mayor also said to you: Wanna is a city of immigrants, but we don't want them in this way, so you want to come legal
perhaps shirts weird, you said it was different with the Haitians they carried papers. They in order it wasn't a horde pardon the expression an invasion pardon to parliament. Its truly amazing. If you were of, for instance, I lost my mind yesterday with Ms Cortez and her holocaust comparisons. Mine yeah, oh my gosh here, oh my- and then re honor. Terrorism because we fired cannisters of cheer. Guess. Ok, everybody who feels that way should have to accept two dozen of these migrants into their homes, Thirdly, what are asking here: did you hear what I get our here's? What I think is very very reasonable. You- don't tell us who doesn't is reason not necessarily have eleven thousand square for now. Here's what I would be happy with. We just go back,
came to your twitter feed and we find all the times that you're outraged when the Obama administration was tier. Guessing people on the border now can't find it shut up go back in your twitter feed. When you were outraged that President Obama put people in cages, cant find it shut up. I am clear. I was against that when it was happening. I was talking about it when we went down to the borders of Europe. The kids Christmas present Right son said: go home now go home, I mean the other thing is I cannot take. I cannot take the lecturing from the left on the Jews. And the man and the Saint Louis that was turned away. Skews me. They were owing to an extermination camp. That's that what fate had in store for them. If if you want to talk to me about Asylum there
tell me that you have been leading the charge for Christians and the use of who were being storm and aided and enslaved, but nobody can talk about having help those people know right. Well, yes, we can vain us they don't. They ve, never said anything about. That's that's an actual refugee. Asia Bibi? Are you talking by bringing her in because she's she is key, currently in eating in her own country. Cause she will not say I reject My faith and I agree Islam taking her she's being passed around from country to country and nobody's taking her. Where are you on that? If you, I have said yes to those two things and you're on record. Will then, let's about. Let's talk about you immigration status of these people because
I know, you're an honest broker? No one in the media is an honest broker on this. No one and obviously pats two dozen people for Rihanna taken as a little ridiculous. I would advocate a one per thousand square feet of your home eleven. She would think back and say it out loud satellites whose job it was a little silver. Eleven cannot come to a common, yes growl middle ground, where we ought to say since eleven migrates things back back re unleashed on the police, radio and tv network. We also get on August as well one of your programme, so glad you're here, where I take the media apart piece by piece on the mexican thing coming up in just a few minutes also also tonight, we're gonna provide some clear evidence of who is now a funding and who is now
Oh behind some. This brief. We found found it through a couple of sources, but we were interested to find it even the New York Times reported on this today, although they did mention any connection. To George Soros. Strangely enough, but He did provide us with the or organizing Andrea India, which is pretty interest for the interesting, will have all of that tonight at five o clock, Alina Blade yeah, you want beginning to end all the background, all the history. All of this with the caravan tonight is the showed a watch. This is all of this is the show that I think it shows you who has credibility, because we are absolutely consistent on all of it on. We never said that George Soros was involved in this we said we doesn't appear. Be your own evidence. We have no evidence of it, however, once they hit, psycho city
These organisations have said that there are going to get involved and will look for that. Well, we did there. They are there now, the organizing committee and its George Soros Money, we're gonna, take it all up, for you tonight at five and we're going to have a quick little preview of it coming up in just a second next hour. They may do. I made a mistake watching CNN all but this morning and that they are still treating the migrant carbon ass. If it's this fever dream of the president and the cat, the headline in the New York Times today in store you're talking about no key your end to chaos as migrants confront. U S border. It goes through talks about how there is not a cure the earth force not there four caravans on their way there, with as many as ten thousand and total members It goes through the details of this. It is not enough. We're dream. It's not. Some crazy thing is obviously wasn't an election issue. We are passed the election and there we're still talking about it, because it was a real issue before it was really before Donald Trump. It was a real issue. Now it's
been a real issue. This entire time. Conservatives have cared about it. The entire Your time we ve been concern, then on it. Any man fact that you want to come out here and just make it seem like this is some crazy. You know fevered of the present of United States, it's ridiculous, denying reality denying reality or denying reality and will see how far, though down the rabbit hole we really are, but I'm I'm sorry, I don't see the average American I don't see the average person whose losing their job at G m d, the reality of what an open border would really mean there on the losing end of this and it they're exposing themselves, and I think its tremendous will help them exposing next week but a little bit about home title lock. This something that deputy ices is huge, its the fastest growing crime, and you need to prepare for it now. This really way to do this, to which his home title locked outcome. The FBI is,
over this, but you know they came predict gonna, protect you after this happens. This is not something that get involved with you're dealing with it and when you're dealing with it you're if, as upside down, you are out hundreds of thousands of dollars, you are in a situation where you're going through the courts in dealing with government in trying to get these things, reverse you do not want to be involved in unwinding. This process, stop it before it starts title. Fraud is something where you know these thieves: they get a control of your documents, they can transfer the title to their name. They can is take out a home equity, no loan under your name, and then you get stuck with the payments. Why not a few pennies a day and give it a hometown? Latvia's. Then they can put it that barrier around your homes title and mortgage when they detect hampering there there to help shut down. If you ve already had this happen to you. You want to make sure that you are aware of it and if its are fighting back right away, they have a hundred dollar search. That is absolutely free to make sure already a victim. When you sign up at home title locked outcome: did your biggest
best man, it's your nest, egg. It's a big part of the american dream, your home gotta, protecting home title lockdown com. I signed up for it the Glen assigned afford as well. It makes a big difference. You need this. You really do need this poem title locked, dotcom back. Well, no one was hurt on Sunday by hear me of the tear gas from the. U S border patrol agents against the helpless central american babies that were just there? We don't know, but we don't how they got there. We don't know why they were five and still in diapers, but it happened. They were just innocently trying to break through the border. France, that's all they were trying to do no injuries were reported, but we have the next best thing. We have photos but right. Headlines. For us here is a couple of samples for your photographs. Of children in diapers, fleeing tear gas at border sparks anger, or this the
Children are barefoot in diapered choking on tear gas. Yes, that's the evil? U S empire, Israel of the Americas, dare I say it if we can catch mothers and children to lock up in cages? Well, then, we just have to do all we can to tear gas them at least that's the convenient narrative when you don't care reporting on the complicated truth of the situation and action the media benefit that complicated you, agenda it was just peace, loving migrants having a peaceful pro, asked against the mean all bully Uncle SAM, who dares to an, force his own laws about entering the country. How dare him so? Do we target babies, what your gas or was there another under reported reality. Well here Is the chief? U S patrol agent, Rodney
Scott. He was their here's. What he said. I kind of challenge that this was a peaceful, protest or that the majority of these people are claiming asylum are we that making about forty two arrest Only eight of those were females and there were only a few children involved. The vast majority of people are deal with their adult males. Similar to what we saw. The first wave of the caravan came up about a week or so ago, the group a medium started throwing rocks at the breed over at our agents, taunting the agents, once our agents were assaulted, and then We're started growing. We had two or three aims: at a time initially facing hundreds of people, the time they deployed to your gas to protect themselves and to protect the border. Yeah Disraeli click with the trumped here, guessing baby story. Does it mean our photos. Well, there is a photo. What if I told you this whole border rushing incident wasn't really all that unique. What have I done? jus that the gas Latour
seeing you know, that's not that unique, exact effect. Five years ago, on Sunday November, twenty fifth five year. Go there, migrants that Russia, the border fence at the same crossing point, though migrants also through rocks in bottles it? U S, border agents under Barack Obama. Those genes also responded by firing pepper spray back at the mob. Oh wait a minute, and there was for rid vis was for a thousand years no cameras. There, no embedded reporters, no sack cloth and ashes headlines. There are pictures, we have them. Nobody, been interested in seeing them? In fact, noble still interested in seeing them in the mainstream media so concerned about the breath. Then President Obama, allowing such a barbaric respond, Two innocent asylum seekers well,
is that our priorities have changed since then? I guess I point out. That happened the photos and, of course, focus on mothers and children into is an attempt by the media to still a very complex situation into an easy to swallow. Outrage. Pill. Don't take it because We can tell you the facts the media, will not they could, but they will not. So let's go, into this. Just a little Bert, shall we it's Tuesday November twenty seven, your listening to the Glinda programme care, just what I had a couple of things. This is what the media has said this. What the media claimed
This is what the media is still claiming, and let me just take it piece by piece. First of all, the tear gas we just we just gave you that this is exactly the cages. Everybody was outraged that Donald Trump had cages will now they were built by the Obama administration, in fact Obama twice as many children in ages than Donald Trump did. He was actually reducing the number from hi under Rock Obama same thing. The gassing we have pictures there was only four hundred people, while if they were of control with a thousand? They were ten times out of control, with with a hundred men that's crazy. They only had a hundred back and Obama and he just through the tear gas We have to be a welcoming country b.
As we are, we are a welcoming and they are not going come and push the fences down or climb the walls remember Jim Acosta, said Mister pray. Then you showed in your campaign video of protesters, climbing walls and pushing down fences? And that was racist? No, you that wasn't that was group of people entering Exit Co. That's what that was. President, never said that, but that's what that was. Well then, Jimmy cost us as well, but there are hundreds and hundreds of miles away. There, probably we're gonna, make it well, they did she kingly. How did they get here so fast because you right? There were hundreds and hundreds of miles away and many of them as you pointed out, were barefoot wow bare feet and you made it weeks,
weeks and weeks in advance, you must be super human or have some systems from some one. No? No, no, no, no, no, no These are just good people, they're not gonna, be climbing the walls. Yes well, they did they're, not gonna, be. And to storm the gates. Well, yes, They just dead. They're, not invaders when you're a racist for even saying that well wait a minute. That's what Mexicans who were in the streets in Mexico yesterday, protein Sting protest. In their government's response to them I, which is just this, we're gonna stay here. The Americans process, you they don't like TAT, like that at all. Why should we be paying for these people? They didn't come peacefully. They didn't come in the right way. Well, where So are you are the Mexicans racist?
against other Hispanics or are they just making a point of law and order. Well they're only talking about this because of the election. That's what c, and said before the election. Well, we're talking about it now and so what election are we playing for wrong again no Soros connection. You're. An anti Semite did even bring up sorrels his name well I don't know you might be an anti semite. If you like Soros or don't like sorrels talking, bout sorrels does not make you an anti semite, either good or bad aunt Semitism is hating Jews, that's what that's all about my don't hate juice, you know. I have this really weird thing. I think you should. Get to know, people and judged. On the content of their character, then you can hear
them for real legitimate reasons. Why would you just lump everybody in its not a difficult anxious thrilling, eight Jews, because their Jews anti Semite, if you It drew on this specific issue because of his actions unrelated to him being jewish or, as he seems to claim now an atheist. Then then you do not anticipate ok, so here's the thing We could have told you that George Soros was behind this whole thing we could have. We didn't we said, there's no evidence that we can find any evidence that George Soros is involved. Now you could I assume because George Soros himself role in a Wall Street Journal peace an object piece it. He was gonna spend five hundred million dollars on migrant issues. Five,
rid million dollars. Ok, Well, maybe he was talking just solely about the european migrants. Maybe that was it, but could have assumed that some of it was going to go to the migrants here. But we didn't you could assume that he or his organizations would be funding. This base The fact that they finance the Ngos that organise the April caravan, but we I assume we said no evidence that those people are involved at this time. However, we have heard that once they reach Mexico, if they reach Mexico, then this organization will step in, but that is just what we ve heard they have not stepped in well today, it's interesting that you are up the New York Times and the new times is quoting the
organizing organization, the energy, oh, my God it's the same end GEO. That was not the organizing and GEO at the beginning, but he is now the organizing NGO it's the same, one that organise the rally. The caravan in April funded by George Soros. You won't, I and the George Soros connection in the New York Times, because They're all scared to death of him, but they do point out that They were the ones who organise the caravan last spring, yet new pointed out point that all they dont do is just say, and where do you get a lot of your financing? Oh, George Soros organizations- ok, then we get to these. We have to be a welcoming country, especially for women and children. Ok,
I like consistency. I like System sea of thought chaos is: is this not a way to run country not way to run a life concern didn't see of thought. If one of your thoughts is inconsistent with another. One of your thoughts were of them is wrong. Or you are deciding to live? In conflict can As they should all come together, sometimes They don't I E. Quantum mechanics have to live in that state of, I don't know, doesn't seem like it would make sense, because it violates all the things we thought, We don't know. I can hear that kind of chaos, because you're still searching for the answer.
Not when you have the answer. For instance, we must take in women and children who are persecuted, really, ok, I believe that, but do you, because if you do believe that today Please show me your twitter account where you were talking about the women and children who are Christians and Zis who have been killed? so five tortured right up to twenty times a day You please show me where you said we must take these people in both The Nazareth fund has been saying that for a while, we thousands of people that have gone to other countries, including Australia, Australia's been an amazing country. You know how many there I'd states is taken. One one these people face death constant rape, slavery,
be headings we ve taken one, when a cause Yo Cortez said yesterday, this is like the Jews. No, its not know the Christians, The Christians, that's like the Jews, that's like the Jew. The Christians in the Middle EAST and you're turning them away. You want another example: how about the weders? for the weaker is that we turned over to China, we turn over to China. They were facing execution. We don't have to me this about what I want to make this just about Christians. Or use it or atheists lets me. This about Muslims. Can you show me your tweet and your twitter feed, where you're standing up to China and helping expose the one million Muslims that had been rounded up in China merely for being Muslim
if you can show me your twitter feed, I can have an odd its conversation with you, because I'll show you mine. But if you only care about women and children to day. If you're only caring about the migrants and the oppressed and the o, the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free to day, you have credibility, you have an agenda, you have an agenda. If you really cared about them, see that action through your own words and works over a long period of time. Now everybody can change. So if you want to join us with the fun today, you can because those People are enslaved. Enslaved we're, breaking them out? We have a guy. Today you wanna talk about Central America and South America. We have a guy. Today that broke up a A sex trafficking slavery operation. He is
defying in this country wearing a bullet? roof vest on the airplane all week until he gets off, he has to test it against this ring. They are very, very powerful, please, pray for him. He could lose his life because he was freeing slaves in countries like Honduras. If you would like to have some credibility join us because we're freeing those people- you have no credibility. You only have a political agenda. Will there king for asylum no according to, and be sees reporter. No, no, many of them are not in fact most them or not. Forty to the border patrol know all this
to do is come to the border, raise their hands and say we need asylum, that's what you have to to get asylum. You know who tells you that you don't have to get asylum, that you can't do that and get asylum here in Amerika. You know who says that drug dealers, the cartels that are making money on inhuman mules, the people, who are making money smuggling people across our border, they're, the ones that tell people? Oh, no, you can't just across the border and say you want asylum they're, the ones! Oh, it well the media and the left, and all the organizers for the left, they're, the ones saying that two people, the truth. Is all you have to do. Is com with your arms raised up and say I need asylum and you will be put. Sesar, and I'm sorry that there is a process, but the new times. Headlines says it all. Today quote
no clear and to Kay us! As ignorance confront U S border. What He told you for the last seven years, Be the word that you need to look for You'll know where to stand on the issue. When you see this word, because it is the author of everything that is happening trying to destroy the west, the word the is chaos. Chaos, Anything that adds to chaos. Is not good the New York Times no clue Your end to chaos as migrants confront the? U S border for anyone who is in doubt. Chaos, that is the objective of everyone who is trying to take the west apart, create chaos its.
All in their own words. You didn't know that you should read addicted to outrage, because I outlined there clearly, by the way, we're gonna be in temper Florida and Orlando Florida this week and make sure you grab your tickets, now Glenn back dot com. Slash tour will see this weekend. Are secret service has issued a warning that crooks are using the identity. Other the United States Postal Service, with their informed delivery service to commit idea Eddie theft and credit card fraud, screams schemes. What happens is used and I say I want to see what males coming in well, the cameras are hacking into that system, and there saying? Oh you gotta credit card delivery coming and then they oh and they pull it out of your incoming mail before you get there this is happening now and the these scams are only getting more sophisticated and the volume is going up, the only p
but really I trust to protect you and me: lifelong dot com life bok dotcom. Now, with the power of Norton Security to prevention, prevent Europe systems from being hacked and your idea. Lee from being stolen, it is a flock dotcom use the promo code back right now and get fifteen percent off your first year, its life locked dotcom, promo code back. Back when I go through what you have to go through. If your seeking asylum, it's her end sits, it's almost seriously. It's it's almost sir Taco and an inquisition? It is it's almost that, except not at all we're gonna go through that coming up in just a second also. I wanna talk to you about looking for a lighthouse these times, and what that means And how you can identify a lighthouse for a safe harbour because
Things are going to get more and more difficult, especially because I believe I feel the same way, I felt in two thousand seven, the account meat is truly on the edge and were seen bad signs you're, listening to the Glenda? Come on? We're so glad you here today, thank you so much for listening really be in Tampa and Orlando. This weekend you can find your tickets glinda com, Slash tour Friday in Tampa Saturday in Orlando and David Martin is gonna, be joining us he's gonna be doing you know. Probably a ten minutes or so before he's got a really cool presentation to make but I also ask him to bring something one thing really really cool about history: that he can. He can leave you with before the show starts, and that is on Friday and Saturday Tampa and Orlando. It's a great show, lot of fun, a lotta laughs, bring Europe, bring your families and, if you
you would like to come. A couple of tickets for each show if you want to go to temper or a Lando, just call us now. Eighty eight seventy seven b c k you'll go is my as my guest, aided eight. Seventy seven be easy. K call now aren't gonna talk, couple of things- and it involves involves not only the border, but it also involves the economy. Really, everything as I explained in the year in the book, addicted outrage, chaos is our enemy, anything, at all that that is that helps chaos fostered chaos. We gotta get away from it. We have to be stable people so urine. King for a lighthouse. If you can you want to, be the lighthouse. Now what The lighthouse do our house is on solid footing it. Never.
Ever moves. It is an alert to the boats as they are protein rocks Roy, head trouble ahead. It is also a way to navigate when the storms are really bad and you can't see anything or if your all twisted around and the storm has tossed your vessel and you dont know, which way is North South, east or west, for the lighthouse or look to the north star. You need all our star. You need lighthouse better yet be. One for some one else. Now how? Do you know what a lighthouse is stability? We out chaos Yes, the light is going off and on no, but if you time it, it's making a circle,
and it's coming back exactly the same amount of time every time, there's no chaos in that. Yes, it's blinking off on off on But it's exactly the same time, ok, ass, its ever ever moving. You are Oh you're, looking for stability, stability and what in principles You say you want refugees. Well, so critical today, for instance, the border. Where are you hence the gassing this week great will you speak out and You speak out against the gassing that was happening. We have the pictures under Obama? Now? Ok, so you a consistent. Well, I didn't know not why not about the cages go against. It then know! Well,
didn't know? Well, you didn't want to know cause. I was trying to tell everybody, so if you in the media didn't know, that's your fault, that's your fault! It you have compassion when it hurts your cause have compassion, Are you compassionate when it hurts you say you want refugees? Well, did you want the Christians? You know The Brok Obama made it easier if you're a woman, and you are a bit- by your husband to come and claim asylum well, how about the rapes? Lay over in the Middle EAST. Are we are we talking about them, and Christians don't get all high and mighty costs. Are you talking about the Muslims that are being enslaved in China? You need a lighthouse needs to have the stability of, for instance, this
green cord is well it'll, be answered by the Supreme Court, cause, that's the law of the land on, rules against you and then you're alive, you gotta fight, doesn't what we don't have to. We all have to I buy that my favorite is the ones on the left to say we have to abide by everything. The supreme Court because the Supreme Court is right on everything, and you praise the people who stood up against the dread. Scott decision. No the Supreme Court doesn't know everything, sometimes that group of nine people. Get it wrong very, very wrong. In the It is also up to us through the rule of law. Sorry for the rule of law against the rule of law and here's another one for conservatives. You need to be a lighthouse, Were you for the GM bailouts when, when George, poor said I had to
the free market system to save a free market system. Did you say what order you say all that's grade we're gonna. Have you know a good share of GM? I'm thrilled about that I know I didn't I I I cancelled, a million dollar contract with GM. It was the first It's time GM had ever been on talk, radio, I can told it. I did not any friends at GM or in the radio business. When I answered it, but I couldn't I couldn't preach to you. Free market come on the ear and say oh by the way and here's a government, a subsidy car. I couldn't do it now, GM has paid off that debt there. For company again are we celebrating or as lighthouse? Are you lobbying are you now saying right on? Mr President, you ve got to tell them. Gotta keep those factory doors open you ve got to
they can't make these cuts. You ve got to. Involved, which are you you're not a lighthouse, and that the only thing, that's really truly going to matter. The only way you can help people sale of? And what can I do be a lighthouse be immovable as the ships are everywhere and they're gonna start crashing into each other, because us? the word of art of our times chaos You must do everything you can to reduce chaos, so you have credibility to help. Come back in the harbor easily and safely I am concerned about these things because I've told that there is a window that is closing its twofold window, one of them is technology. I think we're about I've years away before technology.
Can closing in on us and we may not get out of that. The very pessimistic look bought it one that deal on musk, believes by twelve twenty five we could be screwed. Maybe ought perhaps not- and I hope that's oh, but that's a closing window, the other one is a window that is closing much faster, and that is the economy. When the economy goes south. People generally get a little more testy were already testy. Please prepare yourself iced. I sold my house, we know people can say whatever they want, but I add a large house, it was an expense, this house and I think the days of law urge expensive houses are over. I think
large expensive houses today, but many thousand my wasn't this, but a twenty thousand square foot house those those days are going. Those houses are going. The way of of the new port, Rhode, island houses. I think the economy is going to go south banking. Is going to get very tough again much tougher than it was in two thousand. Eight loans are gonna, be extremely difficult to get. Don't over spend. If you're looking to sell your house, sell your house right now Sell your house right now: there's, story in the Wall Street Journal. Today I mean tat, This is doing really well really well, and Three journal came out a couple days ago and said the housing boom is over and its beginning in Dallas. That is with them most regional saying- and I swear, I think, thank you.
Unfair moving assyrian and now you're welcome ocean are welcome. I love it here, but I do you know, I'm a big believer in renting. I love renting and you bought a house by first time, not the first summit or about the house, but the down here I would lively lived here for five or six years before about a house I didn't want to. I just be circumvented the sort of sort of it is those really the only thing I could do at the time I mean so, of course, now obvious. Now it was gonna be the time to go into the well. It always has around. Boom is going come to an end, but ya mean that's what they're saying I mean you know: look there. There is some evidence here. You know it's also on the back of a really strong economy, and so there's those two things are sort of fighting it out there saying that the housing market is the thing that is sixteen per of the economy, the housing market and they're saying that that is the one piece of this that's out of step with the others that are doing really well, and the fact that the belief is that there is there some
so a good market for lower price homes, but the higher price homes are not doing as well, and I do not mean like it. You know what the stuff obviously like. There was a time in two thousand where you're saying all this stuff and really nobody believed it. I mean I was a peak of the housing market and two dozen seven. They were saying: hey of thousands of thirty five thousand, and you did not get on our bandwagon anyone down to six, so it has I have the same feeling that I had an o six and seven. That is, I it's around the corner, can't tell you when, but it's it's we're close close enough to where I'm re evaluating absolutely everything we're do we are due. Where do near, I we're due for a downturn here. I hope I hope it doesn't happen. We know we have tariffs are not helping, definitely not help I mean I almost there big enough now to cause no You know a massive collapse by themselves and but if we go to em, if we able,
all the things I been proposed. This puts us higher than every single industrialized country in the world. And the only one I mean. If you talk about a major country that would be close to us, the only one you can really talk about would be Pakistan. Everything else I mean any of them, the typical. U S, trading partners, you think about our way: less a quarter, a third of what we would be at those are the high market once it in fact, really the only the only cut that would be ahead of us? isolated island countries like Bermuda and the Bahamas? Who would have higher rates now, hopefully those things don't get implemented in and we will have to deal with that, but that is a real danger if they do, it implemented word serious series, so I was talking to a few people last night and reaching out masking for advice people. I respect, and I said: where do you put money does what is what is Bitcoin down to today? Cheese, thirty? Six sixty two thirty six sixty two
oh considerably out from when we first started. Talking about, I mean in a lot, but is I get these messages arose while I gave the coins down, but I've still made a lot of money. Thank you, gotta! Listen you guys the beginning, but tat minute. Still, it's scary mean a scary, it's an outgoing. Why is that talk to a ticket worry he's a guy who said it's gonna, be at forty thousand by the end of the year cool, clearly and clearly inaccurate. Clearly not going to happen. I talked I recently and said so. What's the deal he said it's bogus it's. This is all yes, everything that is happening is because the the big institutions we're talking down, while their positioning themselves to open up in trading desks in De Crypto, so Is that going on? I don't know what this is. How do you
Where would you? What do you think is solid ground for investing? I never think they're solid ground tonight as eating, but I know it's a peasant. Right. Look right, I mean I don't know where you put your money, if you, if you're outlook, as is in the very short term right, any look in any look and say well put in a bank out from the banks, the bank's rule. In a way they changed. Everything put you last. The depositor is now last in the chain, so the bank, those out, I don't have to pay you. They can use your money in your account to pay other bills. They change that, for two thousand eight islands let go. I knew I mean look you're you're down the stairs, basically run swans and when it comes to the sir we ve got to be. Your atm card is a shovel that you dig up golden your backyard. So I dont know about you I mean I, I think that you're. Looking at these things, you know there are some exciting, there's exciting.
Elements are still left in big economies relish strongly? Unemployment is very low wage both is going up. I mean I'd, be concerned to one of the rest, they're talking about this with the housing market is that people bought a few years ago, their house price has thus Increased considerably and would also has happened. Is interest rates have gone up now he s so now they ve their stuck there in this house, with a great interest rate that they dont think they can get again and probably rainy, and if go to another house what they get is a new mortgage with a higher rate where they less house for the money. So why leaf and that's one of the things is hurting mark- aren't want to talk to you a little bit about the Palm Beach letter and a little bit about Bitcoin and learning about crypto currents. I was at a commercial, I was, I didn't, realize you now so starting designer agenda, one as one on around my question was not a commercial bunt, the Smart Crypto course tongue in our sitting last night we were talking about it and we looked at. You seem like going it's like twenty four bucks
like a deadline. I don't know, I don't know I will tell you that you need to understand crypto currency need to understand. What is what's happening? Why it happening? Why blockchain is so important and why these big, huge companies like Chase, are arguing, ready to open up giant trading desks when all of a sudden the numbers look like its worthless. Why would they do that? Go to smart of course, dot com find out all you can about Blockchain in crypto currency and then invest. If you want to Smart Crypto, or a dot com or eight seven, seven PBS Back Smart Crypto course: dot com, Glenn back, I really want to talk to you more about bitcoins. Do his, I think, there's a lot there that we should be stopped. Also awareness not to get to this, the giant cow called knickers,
in Australia. Ok, He is. As tall as Michael Jordan. Look at this picture. It's this cow that makes all Other huge cows look like their babies It is this one. It just one it is seven six inches tall, almost seven feet it weighs three thousand pounds: I just don't want to mess with this one, the Average cow is fifty eight inches and weighs two thousand two hundred. This is over. Three thousand and seventy six inches a seven. You imagine walking up to a cow and you're looking
Do it like a kid and all of a sudden first time, cows look menacing all back. So when you're writing a book about before you go right too, the guy who knows everything about it, blend back, that's the first! the literary agency you gotta get on the Glen Back Programme number one in the master. No, definitely! First stop. I do have a feeling we're not a number one stop, but we're thrilled to have a couple of guest talking about the new book. Brainwashed, the at science by and see tee, and the plot to destroy football very cold to darker Peter Cummings is aboard certifies forensic neuropathic pathology. I never thought I guess I'll just thinking it also
where's marrow hot. True everybody knows accept gland because God doesn't know anything about sports about. If you did, he wouldn't look at him in this world tailored suit and say you are a professional identifies athletes by the fashion by the via the as they have out when specially caught, because his shoulders urban waste died, easy sees in good shape. Thank you for doing this. Pledge really interesting topic that the book brainwashed is, I think, the important from the perspective of it is a little bit more context into a story that people have all a very very loosely. I thank you now I think I was joking before we came on the air that I, in a most people's understanding of this issue starts with. Will Smith was a doctor yeah well, so that actually was not a doktor. You play that in a movie them was concussion- and I think that's the set, the narrative for
tv in the NFL. So let me let me take this because I'm not a football fan- and I have been following this- I think, like the average American who is not a big fan, and so, let's start with list are with this and I may be below the average amount ok see tee, is caused by repeated injury to the head cause. You guys are knocking heads over and over again the end, fell knew about this. You know people are turning into vegetables. They did care they hit all of this science from people, and now people like you or outing, we don't If you have do you have if the signs of city- well, I don't know really what the signs are. Symptoms are again ass. If we go back to everything that you just mentioned there, actually we Are here, because your global
miss actual messages. Glow was not just football unama. I tell people my first, my son's first concussion ever slipped in a shower turn off for days before his first bowl game ever, but he's now ineligible to play, even though the concussion was not in an athletic environment or say practice in football, he slipped in the shower, cuz it from for an hour signing a bow of all the things that you could have done, in the best. Sadly, that variously hadn't slept, but it's our italian play you can't play. I mean that, but concussions and had drama happen all the time. All the time in kinds of environments is not just an athletic environment so nor so meeting, that you said right there? You say you know repetitive: had injuries caused, ok, there's, no scientific evidence of that but in the media they have their use. Whose towards light linked cause there
not one piece of scientific literature, the has those words in it linked or cars. So in is there any? Is there any state? tickle proof that shows this happens to more football players than the then, average society where The issue is this: in the questions are asking a great because this questions, we asked each other. I know Merrill's marine avail player, but I grew up loving football, but I banned in my house because I didn't want my son to play is I'd. I'd seen this narrative. As being and this is your expertise and my expertise right When my son became interested in football it upon myself to sit down proactively and go through the science and then look at the sport and see how bad it changed. And one of these, start to notice. Is this this net It is now that is sort of believed that if you play football, you're inevitable, get concussions. Your inevitably gonna get see tee you're, inevitably in
doubly gonna become suicidal, depressed, anxious and demented, and that too, doesn't exist scientifically. You actually look at mortality studies that have been done on Missus Innitt fell player. So it's really hard to bring this back to youth football players is now. Nine percent of the football players in this country are not gonna play on high school. So you'll see that enough. Players live longer and longer lifespans they a healthier lifestyle. They have lower rates of suicide rates and homicide rates that are a fraction of the general popular. They have a rest rates that are lower than the gym that's, not the imaging, I think of you, don't get a bit that you see it on tv in their superstars mediator, gods to us in our tidy. So you hear it. You would even think that you could explain some suicide from me. People identify with what am I going to do with my life. If you wanted to play football, your whole life
and then it's over you can really go. That could really screw is somebody's head, even if you're not been hit in the head, but you don't try to use this with people to make them understand that the glenoid for a long time, let's just say some happy you say you can never do radio tv again! You now that there can put you in a depressive state that transition to you know what we call chop. Nor was the greatest man. I've ever been around greatest leader, Coachee loosed always talk to us about our life's work, his men, it's not football. Yes, get your education use. The relationships. You're gonna have to do something else here with your life's work. Well, when you transition from football to your life's work? That's not easy! For. Any football player in the the more that? ball. Was your life and the more you really worked on your life's work, that bridge over there, the heart, the bigger the struggle is the longer that contain And then you add the things that we
Oh cars have a what have they have connections with our mental health cancers and- every cardiovascular disease is drugs alcohol, opiates, obesity, sugar, implement those are all lifestyle choices that are I anticipate evidence. They contribute to all the things I just mentioned. Will we control those choices? Those aren't things like age or genetics, where, yeah control controlled control age. Nobody can really, if there's a genetically income, knowing good you miss lying, be proactive by can't change my genetic right. They are my facts, but majority of all things that create a lot of the cognitive brain health issues we have damned from all those things. I just said: drugs, alcohol, opiates, inflammation, sugar, all of those things which our lifestyles so an again, excuse me for just being irregular. Lay person on this have paid attention, but it is
are you saying that getting hit in the head did not the in em in priest, the problems with people like Mohammed Ali, but I think there is a difference between actors of if you look kind of historically it at this see tee. Ah, it's their first original cases were from the twenties in boxers, and these were guy. Eyes that boxed all year and they after they finished there. What whatever tournament or what for they were doing their season, they would go box and carnivals. Do you know do sideshows. So is a constant thing. So no, that there is a real thing that happens, half officers that has to be- and it's been really well described in the literature in and there's no. So if we want to bring it to foot bombing, nobody's gonna say the hitting your head is ok, one time or a hundred times, and we do a lot of things to try to prevent that. But that's not the same as stocks are not the same as boxing, and so, if you look at the bar,
seen population of people, what their brains kind of look like when they looked at them in the Top sees verses, what the football players brains look like there, they have different pathologies in and there are some people in Europe and Britain that say you know see tee- doesn't exist outside of boxing. The Americans are cocoa you know, so we're not really sure marrow has said it. So perfectly in times of steel. In line with we don't know what causes it and we don't know what it causes, and I think that is worth The science is right now and you have something that I think it was the really the final sparked draw. This book is one, an hour from nor pathologist, nor pathologists in this country and Canada and they are kept coming back to guys. We don't it's observation state. We do not anything beyond that we have case is where they never play football. We have cases where they have. No history had trauma. They never played ports and, like all time out, if you of cases where you dinning than play sports.
Have this pattern and they had no history ahead trauma We only hear about football ones and sports once and that people think it only in that arena, when we have all these coasts. Cases outside that mean That's when the discrepancy. What science really says? what we see in the media was so testily off, that is bleeding people needed all the information. To understand the sides to help them with the choices that they're making with their families and their kids. Ok, Let me take a break and then we can him back and cause that the name of the book is brainwashed and the can part of it the plot to destroy football. So, let's talk about the media and there oh and the quote plot to destroy football. Kind of heavy charge when we come back and just a second first, our sponsor this? Power is gold line boy.
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We're talking to and if a break my heart and Doktor Peter Cummings about their new book brainwashed and we were is about see tee and the NFL on and what's true and what is an amount in an interview with Doktor David shout from us, India goes a former head doctor. The sending of a charter is and and now does, love and affection in injury stuff, and I It was fascinating because it was a first exposure ever had any scepticism from the idea that you go in the NFL. You get city that's pretty much what the media assessment and he said, there's more that we don't know about c d them we do know talked about is this true women? It is, it is it. You know her hereditary. Is it the other people and other sports and other professions? We do we know what is the actual facts? What are we to say this in doktor coming toward wool hold on this in a much better way. But when you when I asked these nor pathologies about
You know the pattern. Citizen observation state, you don't know what cause you don't it causes. Start share in all these cases, where, in all this I'm the pattern in somebody who never played football. You never had a vision of concussion, I've had a head trauma there's of four months. And a one year older, they found the pattern. It will write their kid. You can't obviously blame sport or football. But what was interesting in some of the little joy given the size papers, Eve. Redesign papers? They are theirs clarity there, too, that they don't know that. Hundreds of times in the paper we don't know, we don't know, but there's people who wrote to paper are the ones who are in the media, giving you the quotes where? I gotta believe everybody has this. That's play football. How the ginger earlier say we don't even know really what it is. You do that I mean how do you? What are the symptoms? Were you
Nobody knows science hasn't been able to get that answer yet and it. How do we know what How do we know if there's no set of good question there's outside of the football world, see YE papers is others, and this is some touched on a second ago, the voices of, yet this is when I started this year for myself, I thought it was don Quixote swinging windmills. You know I am the only person that sees that this isn't matching up and that's not how you start S, not how I start it has started and not one in my kid even watch football on tv. So when I started doing some research on my own Looking these papers up, I've found people like Doktor child, whose fantastic out we ve talked a couple of times. I found out that do not a lot of them from majority the people in my Neuro trauma world feel the same way I the same opinion that I have about this. As one of the things we try to talk, in this book is try to show that research. That's out there that count.
Predicts a lot of the things that we have taken to be truth about city. So when used looking. You find these cases of people who have never played football. That huh of sea to EU like this. One epilepsy K series that had a one year old for months, to one year olds How did they have they die? They ever Temple lobe receptionists. They take out a piece. A temper low, but it rains look at him under the microscope for this protein tao which which we all have to normal protein. It help stabilize nerve cells, but if something happened to the nerve cell the becomes I would call hyper phosphor related what a phosphate groups get stuck on and get sticky and dumb found the same pattern in these children and in an all of the epileptic cases that they looked at him, who had never played contact sports? so when you start looking at these cases- and you have to say will in did does today even symptoms of city or what we think maybe symptoms of city. They did
so we haven't been able to figure any of that out yet in science. All we know, as we have this pattern. I guess it. We don't know what causes it and we don't know what it causes, but there's a lot of money at stake, for you know four against at the end, fell. The NFL is spending a lot of money to try to tredah Are we able along? Are they not actually boots? Is that any Gillian Jennifer have already settled so, like people ask me to swell what were wont to fell player say about your book and Michael one, What do you want? The truth? I mean agenda. They will want to all of the facts and everything somebody, to do the work and explain it to you and then the I'm not telling you the like football, I'm not telling you should change. Your modem is asking you to open your mind to all of the information use how you want, while the sun, for any Jonah felt done now. People don't know it settled unsettled science. The science is not confirmed one where the other day just settled, so this has no bearing on it benefits
EL the billion dollars that million dollars for players and health issues, cognitive health issues, which is again to hold another challenge How much more can be sitting? I want ways when it could go to other things that were forbidden and each other the same thing. So it's over. So this is not going to change any that then I get that go back courtway. We wrote them, read the brainwashing, I think, we're gonna make it prove the size before we settle right, because nobody can the sides at Rob, you can't prove it causes Blair's No science, therefore, it you just settle so did not as an effect any of that now you're your main motivation for writing. The book is families kids, my passion for kids, my passion for youth football. That's why we're? It does not allow the first person player, coach parent dad The student from Congress and listen mockery. Because this ninety ninety, ninety four, we change what we do in Vienna Falco
two thousand nine them from a conquering. Would you stuff developments, yea manner. Percent of our football players are ages, eighth, eighteen and we're doing nothing there. Establish a protocol and actually what I challenge and do with all of sports, because what I found not even to that point. I've been implemented a had tromp or call my youth programme for years that, if we do, these things saunter daughter has any type ahead trauma. Any environment. Do the one thing this most important removed from, environment and don't let em return, if you Stu actually sons, never showered and great at your side, but a realistic one cake anywhere in better to know about it, you so you remove on, and you know what a value wait. Em, if you need it, get em, Turner, pathologist or medical professionals be evaluate before they return to that activity. That's that
things save thing, do for your kids, what least do that for them? So that's why I want to cars. Can we do that? We get a protocol d, help create a safer environment for our kids when there be an active seemed to think I'm talking about a shower deal that the court it the way you ve gone after the NFL. I think, has been interesting in this because of the way they portrayed is this doktor from night Syria comes up. He discovers this caused. The NFL proves it to them. They ignore it because they want money reality they have some of the top doctors there. There was disagree at the time and still is to subsystem level, but it is not some level. There seems to be a lot major made major disagreement, but is that Is there a time that they didn't act fast enough did? Did they slow play this at all? Well, here's where you you might ask my career in my history is interwoven in olive ass people, doktor room, doktor level or the pot in the first group doctored overdue collected
Ninety ninety want before any nor pathologist neurologist in the world is even thinking of doing some like that for because Chuck nor challenge them to give him subjective and objective information, not just one gimme to ask why then test was created at thirty seconds ever forget your. If you look at my career what they got knelt for it was not reacting quick enough. There like their hiding staff and the judge choose. They didn't react fast enough. The negative cognitive tests established quick another one like they knew something that everybody else. It's not like the tobacco industry, nothing! Ok! So, let's get into what they did no and the press and how this has all been spun. When we come back, there's? A new book called Brainwash the bad science behind see tee and the plot to destroy football. The there is a moral hoagie
it is always do you do it every my ancestors, Lyceum, India, there amateur and Peter Cummings, who is a board certified forensic euro pathologist they been studying, see tee. You were merrill you're one of the first people that work were going through cognitive testing, with the NFL back in the early nineties. There one part of this. The plot to destroy football plot is a pretty heavy word. Is it a plot? Will destroy football? you look at the obviously give you want. You want one example: there is talk about how you can have some type ahead drama, we we talk about my son, such a shower. Ok, Thanksgiving watch a seven year old, crone or coffee table and try to get out to simple crouching head catches at opens up. You know, M car accident will sports across the board the guy legislation in California to ban tackle football, tell age fourteen now you can still
Box at eight fight at age age? You can play soccer lacrosse. Every other context bore Why would you just single out football in five different states. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever. The context, sports or contact activities, willed sports jump on trampling seven vilified, been kid living life being active, has ever craw cause a development issues in our younger age later in life does no scientific evidence of that they have none of that. So why would you target this that? Why would you bring that legislation to any state with no scientific, evidence whatsoever. You really say: will we care about kids Why are you doing it for all sports? you do not especially boxing boxing immensely eminently Mme. I mean it's so clear that you're getting punched in the thick. That's the point, eight hundred and twenty in the head yeah. So
until that he knocked there alone, not gal, fellow and then than in boxing. They do the right thing. They remove. Don't let em box again you for what you don't have. That is the objective the wind like all of that is exclude. You have asked people already doing. What's your point what's the motivation, thereby I mean, I think part of it they took football gets targeted because of science. Health food reporting is worse than a week, avail at political bias and reporting all the time, but the sign and in health reporting is worse. I think that the media's tariff doing this, and so I because it's in others will Psmith movie out there, and now I mean there's all this more launches into the Zeit Christ it's over now and that's why it is that why footballs target is there some other reason why they think we done some interviews with the media and we'll talk and we have conservation of illicit. Why? Why did you bring like me
Keep wanting to bring back, the NFL account keep circling back. In about sir, I didn't write the book for the NFL. It has nothing to do about it. A fellow than my careers in or wine there, and I can tell you the truth about everything and they literally say to us, because it's the big ticket as so ignore all of the true facts, that. Your send him to the people who read you or less read your stuff or listen to you for given him all the truth. In all the information you're gonna circle, keep targeting football, because it's the big ticket me that's a suit of grotesque abuse of your journalistic. I am of skilled. It's it's! It's also a misread. I think of of who people really are? Yes, the NFL is an interesting story, but are you go to play. Are you gonna? Let your kids play football, yes or no is something that all of We have to deal with whether that football player that foot,
a player have see tee and their life and nervous screwed by somebody in the end of this not affecting me, but ever No in my family, we let or we'll let you know our Sun play football, your family and play football. That's something we all deal with right. You don't wanna to write involuntary this people. Ask me that you know like vast deal. Surprised at what you found when I went on the journey. Is this now went on there with a headline, but great connections relationship I was it didn't, makes To me, the numbers don't add up of play. In a fella- go to interfere alumni events, all time, there's hundreds of NFL former enough players in this Seventy two eightys we just had three pathway in the last month, lay eighties early nineties. I'm worried that play back in the decent sixtys. When you could even drink water. You can see me software plastic helmets and so the question to find out really the truth of it. I
actually more shocked than I thought that thing certain they were with everything in all these cases that existed outside of sports, but it did my. You think is ask the following question. If I found out the opposite- and I found out the opposite our pulled my son out football immediately. I really matter football that second, if I really thought this had anything to do with it because you're putting even more than your money where your mouth is, its aim of children's rights and the same thing? That's? Why will you got you as a doctor into this, and I think the same thing if I had felt for one second, that there was enough. Information there to keep my given plan for Bobby scream this from the top of the mountain you know, but I The opposite. Merrill touch an interesting point of his A fellow mum, no friends there ve been a number studies sand from some big universities. Mayo and Vanderbilt that have followed football players for fifty years after a school careers. Hundreds of them and found that they don't have any increased risk of dementia. Parkinson's disease
alas, are any of these things- we think you're gonna get from playing football, they did find they compared and it too athletes that didn't play football so compared them to band members in members Glee Club, I think the highest rate of mention is actually in the clarinet player. That makes sense them didn't. Doesn't everybody is taking the clarinet you're like there's, always Irishman, export ban its interest in it because it media eat some states. When you talk about life expectancy, show that baseball players have shorter lives, that all players, which again you be wouldn't dead, people would not think that, but the science is the science and we know ye. You look at it with an honest I and get out of the media sort of firestorm but these things and it doesn't seem them a lot of people- are able to do that, especially when you're making a decision about your kids. That's emotional, near people get a motion, so it's gotta be tough for you, Merrill's, because your son can't put use you just said: you're the best athletes, I've ever seen. He gets a concussion from slipping in the shower. He now come.
At play. Use quarterback right, so you ve got. It's gotta, be it a double whammy to you you're, like its isn't even true, came back to it right back here he comes back in place, but based on one got the concussion he didn't like. It was four days before the gain of that's. Why I blog so debts is the proper protocol play the idea. That's why I talk about. We ve been playing football for nearly a hundred years and if I said to a family when would be the best half your kids to be actively involved in sport. If you didn't say today, based on protocols, treatments therapy equipment, instruction and rules. If you did, you are extremely uninformed. If you picked the ninety up to this last- and you, one in four, as they have made major imprimatur right, not just at present equipment is while it's not listen when I retired one as intensive care- and I remember somebody tell me- and ask our Helms Burton that football home he had on a suitable, a why
and be why don't we weren't NASCAR hell? It's like ask your home: it's meant to absorb impact, it's gonna wisdom one car accident Enzo you gotta, get rid of that helmet arts, bioethics football helmets are meant to withstand impact, are held, today, are absorbed and deflect the impact. So not the national concussion proof helmet that's, not what I'm saying, but the technology in the protection and How we go about plain- and if you do have hit from we do something about it now and there's treatments and therapies it they do for you to help heal your brain so that you returned back in a safer environment and a better health, the environment and that's exciting stuff. But we don't hear that. Because of a headline that is still Emily. Tension that the science camp I remember a headline and in I don't even know. If this is true, I remember a headline that said rugby players. Don't have this problem They were saying that it's because of the technology of the NFL they NFL fell.
It makes you more willing to really go for it, because you know you are protected in so gives you a false security is there. Any two rugby players, and will they if they found in rugby players and found it the city pattern in rugby player, soccer players or european football players, the interesting thing about about, and rugby, though, was That was an inspiration for lotta rule changes and that something else that a lot of parents don't know about. I was completely ignorant of rule changes in football when I started out with this thing, just read the signs paper. I went to USA, football went to pop Warner. I want to know what they were doing there was a slightest risk how we moving the game to account for this. When we don't know, let's do something: proactive So when you started the rugby style, tackling became a really began. Pocketing is my I grew up in Maine. We didn't have a we're in a kind of. Income town, we didn't have a youth football team until I was like a seventh eighth grade,
but we played morning noon and night on the playground and without equipment tackling in nobody got hurt, not knowing at the time we were using rugby style tat of wrapping somebody up pulling them down. You can learn that technique on your own, but that was big inspiration for some of the techniques that are being used in taught now in football, where we did have a a situation where, because we had this great equipment at the helm, it became a weapon and people are launching into players and retraining that out of the game when we learn more about safety. Some rugby, as has been a bit of an inspiration for football, The name of the book is brainwashed. If you are thinking about whether or not your kids should play in football, and maybe even shower or, if I may, even perhaps even more likely. If your wife is saying, I don't want him to play football, you want to back it up. With the facts. It it's it's not so bad brain
washed is the name of the book, bad science by and see tee and the plot to destroy football. Thank you guys. Thank you for your work is often thank and thanks for, I think first setting it straight for the rag reasons banknotes. Kids, thank you currents. I hadn't item cannot mean say loan before I started this. The same. I cut my someone to play football. What am I going to do explain to me why you let your son play, and so we had to station and she could. The next year he's always playing. Football is greater. If about eleven the best thing Sharon every day. Now back. That's the big and sport for parents, social is the shower once our eyes, guys appreciated the answer to this have our is, is really factor really factor,
something and we were talking a lot about sports injuries and Glenn has a lot of old sports injuries caused such actually days in the editor fell before we even had held my right, but it's funny because now, with small kids on play, I swear more sports now than than I did when I was a kid because you're out there, all the time thrown a ball around with heard, study and wines are not as easy as inadequate at her a lot inflammation comes from that and in a lot of people who go to their whole lives working there, but soft to a point where they can play outside their kids and enjoy life a little nor grandkids deal with these big pain issues, so here s the thing relief factor, it's ninety percent natural and its bits, the four main ingredients and what it does is it reduces inflammation and that's a source of most of our pain and and and there's a there's, not a cure for it, but there is absolute relief and it's called relief factor. You take three times a day. How to play after all in and it really works. I've been taking it for about a year now. Couldn't live
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this place a couple of years ago and its run by a family, and Kids are out of the pair. So there that grandparents were there and there are work in the farm and it was just this list. Idea. We wanted to do something as a family that would last, and so we decided to do a tree farm. They know what they were doing. An early go. This is a lot bigger job than we thought it was they open it up couple of years ago, and it is just it's like walking in It's a wonderful life. Yeah. It's just this normal, really cool family. That art. Kids are so nice about a ten foot: blue, spruce, sixty dollars, sinks, He dollars. That is not the price around the country. Also about she. I know its not, but anyway go find it don't go
deep or what to go, find a tree lot, go, find a tree farm You know we go out and we cut the tree down. When I say we rafe the tree, and it's it's so much better. Now warning. The trees look smaller out on a tree farm than they do in your house. So your Clark Delegalize laws, ivy. Yes, yes, a little bit, yeah. Well, I was trying to help pick out the trees in my wife, keepsake, better Johnny, bright, green janni, branching, ok, well, it's also will fitted the house and we buy. We plot this tree was a great tree, but started. Charlie brown tree and add a cut like a lot of love, we cut the back part of this. We can. We can put it up here next to the wall. The lesson I had a real tree was four years ago that we had it get over.
I would try out a little, but it was one of those that you, no matter how much water you put any, is kept rang out and I had to saw all the branches off to get it out of the house. Oh my gosh I was, it was a sucked, it was embarrassing and I I'm not I'm not scientist, I could not get it too, so I only that get. If it can. I have a friend who put it into a bucket of water and put miracle grow in it. Just dumped miracle grow in it. It grew roots, really, yes, roots they planted it. Does he should play at this? They were put miracle grotto. I can imagine that words, but they did for them output, A bunch of miracle grow in that thing will planet, but we have to make it a pact with the family that we don't cut it down again. We inherited. It is the tree we like and then every Christmas and how you just in every country as they can come and got me up again. It's your fidgeting, yours, Belinda, said Fisher. Water, like all of Ale K, come on
yeah somebody, it's your fault. It's a little lure synoptic going after you moron. It's not a real world. Stop trying to eat it. The long lesson we have to manage fish are right. Today. Five o clock tv show you don't wanna visited the blaze. It is the truth about the border. We we take the true and expose the media and those who are not telling you the truth bit by bit. There surgical. Today, five o clock a show. You do not want to miss the blazing back mercury
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