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Obama Confirms UFOs | Guests: David Harsanyi & Kimberley Strassel | 5/19/21

2021-05-19 | 🔗

President Biden was caught lying yet again about his family and coal mining, but the fact-checkers appear to be hibernating. Why would Biden greenlight a Russian pipeline after canceling ours? Even Obama is confirming that UFOs exist, so why isn’t this front-page news? Dr. Fauci admitted that he wore a mask for show. Stu goes on one of his famous Andrew Cuomo rants, this time about how his book deal and scandals are connected. A conservative group is targeting woke companies in incredible ads. National Review’s David Harsanyi calls in to discuss the Supreme Court’s new abortion case and why he believes the Squad is rooting for Hamas. Author Kimberley Strassel shares her insight as the government eyes our private property. 

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Paypal, Paypal paper. We have devoted to welcome to the global programme. It is Wednesday and yesterday I think it was very, very powerful. When Joe Biden was at the Fort fact, Rainy said you do now. A lot of people think that you know he was gonna do understand by when he says go. I think everybody really understands only only Biden Haters would say that he was room, your arms and we start with Joe Biden. Oh my gosh. We start air in sixty seconds children and show good show today
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it is pretty red drug buying. Me so yesterday, right now yesterday in Dearborn, the present in visited the four Rouge Electric Vehicle Centre, whew electric vehicles, its electric bump the the electric vehicle. The only thing that is there really everybody seems to be pushing, and I dont know if they understand that little magic box- it plug it into that. that's not a magic box. I mean the energy comes from someplace, not the wall, It comes from usually a coal fire plant. and now a weird while anyway
He promoted is highly unpopular. Two trillion dollar infrastructure bill by saying dead. Do moon room, recurs moral? and then he talked about his great granpop, who Cole Minor here's what he said. My dad used to say Joey and I swear to God. Money left scrambling call died. My dad was not. I was used to sales personally, wasn't my undermine renewed popular. Woe is great Greek burnt bourgeois movement, brick cramp bourgeois great grim up? Would you call manner, New Moon, remember: you were singing net song, Loretta men store for my great granpop. Would you call me the donor member Yo Stab called? scottish beef lol people think was black face, but it wasn't it
definitely no regime picture of my grandpa up. It was called us we're dead Bush except his and pop wasn't call minor and he knows that way. He knew that at one point here. in two thousand for, the Johns Georgia listen this! Everybody challenges is, you know, don't take any France is because the truth of the matter as I got myself in trouble and let my president now, if it weren't for the fact I said my eyed and uncle, is a coal mine or turned out. You know anybody call mind you know. May really I tried that crap in home. How do I actually boy whose great Pennsylvania figurehead of coal mines or somewhere nothin. and the audience roared with laughter and that great
Oh, he would go to my grandpa we're drink which eaten grandpa, was not in the coal mines. Now we, We ve heard for a long time that the greatest liar of all time was Donald Trump, beg to differ with the UN and its other great grandfather known more numerous nominal room. It is probably a little more to do with a GMO Murray among my own group. I move right. It soon run. I'm gonna be a more even draws there scan minors rule- you know damn well. You're gonna have to see whether I can't oil pipelines or no room and I'm gonna stand against Russia and their oil pipeline to because a movie star oil and bird governor Warmer Norma. The problem here is No, not so much
Yesterday Biden gave the green light for the russian pipeline. After shutting down our pipeline now just so you know the Secretary of state men and Anthony Blimp Lincoln bringing stinkin. in no remember his name. Pledge before the Senate dirt. his confirmation hearing to block the pipelines, full construction and joy, and do whatever we can to prevent that completion of the Nord Stream pipeline. That's what he said in front of where is now blinking might have been weakened in nod, I'm not we sure he not at all for leader, nappy nap corrode take a nap borough, Libya to luck. It's very late in the afternoon. Get a little bit sleepy so I dont know if he missed the winds of opportunity before
Biden, green light. The russian pipeline this something we are against, we been against since Reagan, because once you allow Russia in to provide oil and gasoline to Europe. They are a slave to Russia, why would we do that? The president has said: we shouldn't really allow that pipeline. Oh, no, more, no more noma! Now let me ask you this, You cancel the Keystone pipeline and that makes us dependent on energy elsewhere, were no longer while we, I think we are right now, but we don't we're not projecting to be Energy independence or oil independent in the very near future, so you do that then the colonial pipeline goes down. We
you. Don't even mention the gas prices up a buck now You knew where we gotta stop. Bothering you pipelines and stuff then you go you tell that company who had their pipes, nine hijacked by Russia you tell them well, it's your private issue, new pay, the money I mean sure, negotiate with terrorists and then the next week you grant pipelines to Russia into Europe. Excuse me Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, no matter how so they say I am I'm really not, but I would bet that you could make a pretty strong case, of russian interference would
in that look like doing a favor for Russia old. The way the Republicans grilled, the top a spy lawyer nominee, because he's the he'll, be the intelligence community top lawyer? Unfortunately, for him he did some work for the chinese government, and why way, while we're That's the five g company. That's the five g company that when the wheel on virus did. He say Wu Wu on yes, cause A fun word to say when the war on virus was unleashed onto the world, war Way, another fun word to say and It is owned by the Chinese and in bed with the Chinese Communist Party army.
He went around the world and said you're, not to get any peas. Unless you sign up to while way by. hold your five g infrastructure that we are dealing with one way is with the military in China, the pipeline for five g. For g, let's say: That's a size of a garden house. If I compare forged to a garden house I've g would be the size of the channel? You know. The tunnel connecting England and France that Big five g is so that pipeline is a two way street Not only is it sending information also sucking out information. I don't
We should help waterway in any way, but don't worry. Archie spy lawyer is all over it. I bet was under cover work. They didn't know Meanwhile, cyber experts warn the pipeline hack could be just the beginning No really. I never thought of that, Apparently, when the hackers targeted the colonial pipeline, which tried sports more than a hundred million gallons of gasoline every day. Let me say that again, one hundred million gallons of gasoline every day it led to sir. rural governors declaring states of emergency? people were in long lines. Gas stations we're closed party It states solved it made, did sure they did well the colonial pipeline people,
sent them. Ninety million dollar sent the the hackers ninety million dollars in ransom ah they good pay day. Then they make you happy that. The russian hackers or ninety million dollars richer No, it is for me like I think we should do, is. oh wait a minute. Maybe that should be. The first thing we do is grant Russia that pipeline in Europe. That would be the kindly neighbourly thing to do. We would get on Putin's good side, hey, will give you the pipeline, we're not no strings attached, we're not even gonna bring up the hackers we just Maybe if you have time just look into your heart, Putin or the
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When it comes to aliens are some things. I can't tell you on the air. He teased look the truth, is when I came into office, I asked I was like all right are: there's some lab somewhere where were keeping all the alien specimens and spaceships they didn't research in the answer was no, but what is true and I'm actually being serious here- is that there is full age and records of objects in the skies that we don't exactly know what they are. Ok, I mean it- couldn't come from a less credible sort? Yes, a good could come from job Jimmy Carter. Anybody in the news field, but Barack Obama is now coming out in saying yeah this It is real and the reason why nobody has why this is new? Is for the first time, been able to triangulate them, we have new sensors out now and their very powerful
can track things. Now. Remember these spacecraft they say are pulling sixty is its it. No six thousand jeez six thousand geez! put that in respect of the space shuttle pulls ten on lift off you pass out around ten. This is Thousand jeez. From zero to God. Only knows how fast in Aceh can't or less than a second The first time we have ground radar that can track something like this we're seeing them with the pilots. We're seeing them with the ground radar and were also tracking them on another radar with ships on ships. So we have three points: a verification and triangulation that's I the maybe that's why this is different. They they could confirm them before
would say. Well a pilot saw this man they need, after you The pilot, crazy or not the Pentagon wooden verify it because they couldn't verify it now We can. We started being able to verify them about two thousand for their coming out next month with with all of the information. I love this they're coming out. all the information, because it's been has been opened up, it's gotta be released air Some of this stuff is gonna, be released. Most of its gonna be rejected because it's going to the Senate, the committee and its top secret releasing it. So we're gonna know some things, but not all of it. and we should fall and out. I dont think study. You think that these are you know russian or Chinese.
I don't know a minute. They did say there is those three sort of possibilities: either our secret writing some foreign spy plane or something from another world are so the guys, the guys that I talked to- and these are the guys who started the Pentagon investigation with the triangulation very very credible betray a selected the head guy because he wasn't an alien hunter. He didn't believe when he was asked by betray us. What do you think of ufos? He responded. Excuse me What do you think of you have frankly, sir? I don't think of Ufos knees. Like perfect. and he became the guy and then there's another guy that we ve had on a show that is was part of the investigation in the government is now out. Theyve partnered, with the defence department,
to try to their job is to take the technology that we do have that is unexplained and try to fight. And useful applications for it. you said that there is nothing the metal that we have is not from this planet. They ve never seen anything like it before. They said it China or Russia or the United States- had this technology It would be such a game changer that everything in that society would be different. You wouldn't just have the ships they could do this. It would spilled out into everything you do because it would put you so far ahead. I mean light years literally light years ahead of any other country. So while they say it could be Russia. They say it could be ass. This could be China either. the only the only country
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Ah I welcome to Mr Pat Gray from Pat Gray unleashed. Thank you have heard you guys talk a little bit about the UFO situation. Am I the only one that thinks it's really crazy that that's not a front page story? leading every newscast right now is the Pentagon's acceptance and admittance that their real there here we don't know what they are. Seems like there. Should be more discussion. about it definite height. I plead like I always it's all. I dont What's worse, thinking that people don't care or the fact that when I help people. They say the same thing wait a minute Why? When did the Pentagon say this year? I don't know I've been saying this for a while. Now, what are you talking about which goes to the left? coverage on it? I
played a guy. My show yesterday, whose from who did research for the Pentagon? That was researching this phenomenon for a long time and he was describing a vehicle that travels ten thousand miles an hour has no obvious form of propulsion that has no exhaust the doesn't have wings is don't know how its flying in the air, but it can go through the air or under the ocean at about the sand, in space and in Spain and in space medium in which it you know is flying through dozens into effect affected at all. So that's clear. You know vehicle that we know that's clearly not from this planet right because It is obviously not ours. You talk to guy who said we're trying to reverse engineer some of the things that we ve found from
on a dead right, I'd flying object, working with the Pentagon in a in an open public. Private partnership work, with the Pentagon to take some of the things that they have at the Pentagon, that we have retrieved entry to reverse engineer it. We apparently have parts of ships we parts of things that did not from earth as they described it, they say I ve never seen the chemical compounds before they dont know how to make this alloy that ships or are made out of and their job with the Pentagon is to try to reverse engineer it. How did this come to be and they have been able to find out yet, and I still what does it say about what is it? say about us, because I really can't get my arms around this eyes. it's the most import. The story of my
families lifetime. I mean the lifetime of my entire family tree and Nobody seems to really either know about it or care these. Following this story, the I can really take from it is that we ve had such a long retraining, basically as a population of Ufos stories, not being real If everyone is so long, been trained that let you hear these report whether balloon Yad occurs, want gas yeah am when even if they are then maybe suppose worry all right, but we been so long trained, just be like our right. I mean you have those again, but it maybe we are trained there. We were trained by the government and the Pentagon than it was able you're a meeting at now, yeah and I don't like you I'm with you, and I am glad that I am surprised- it's not a bigger story that there are a lot of other things going on. I mean we did get that could be. It is well things that feel
male urgent, because we, I've seen a laser strike down into a tower like India. and and stay yet, but like it's hard and somebody stories, my we should point out. Some of these videos are from several years ago, so like there's a given later on sixty they admitted on sixty minutes that they are tracking them every day. he's at every day for re under the guys. the guy's, the guys that we're on said maize. These are over our military and naval bases and over the continent over things like Cheyenne Mountain every day and they said they are They think that they are hovering there and doing these things because they want to. Let us know, don't pick a fight, what I mean we know everything we know where your resources are. We know so we're here we are watching
and I wonder why there why they doing this one. One skeptical argument, I've seen in a few places, is Why would we with these only be occurring on. U S airspace! Why? Why only suggest our ability to detect them better is in no way It is our ability we have new tracking systems, I'm sure the Chinese or the Russians will have something similar to this, but That's why we say were where admitting it now is we never had the three point. Try regulation we couldn't get more. More than one system to track it and they're moving so fast that we couldn't track We couldn't lock onto them. Now we can lock onto them and follow them wherever they go. Yet and so we have real tracking ability. Now you saw the footage of that one
dot that was being tracked by a fighter pilots, and then it should on the screen. It was picked up by I, the naval vessel a few seconds later. sixty miles away sixty miles in a matter of a few seconds, so the other their capable of incredible speed in agility and its things it. I know not this, that this can't be Russians or the Chinese if they had how to technology. I think we'd already be under their control, wouldn't we you can't yeah I can't even imagine that, if anything is, is that they also they have the another one in the more compelling stories. I've heard is the military He does exercises the the fighter jets. Gluttony, Dogfight I don't remember where they were in the Mediterranean or something and they were dog fighting and
there is a. There is a point that is like us, safe zone and oh de the pilots, no other, given in the briefing that there is a safe zone, and it is one specific point in the map and its verbally given and not over the radio. In the me in the room in the briefing room right before they go out, so they launched all the planes off the aircraft carriers they got into it fight, and why- Of the plains was shadowed by this object and they started tracking it everywhere, and it started to dogfight with it. And there was nothing the plane could do to be able to keep up with its maneuvers and I thought there playing with us, their teaching us teaching us you don't. Have a chance. and so it logs, fought for a while
and then the other planes, and then it will immediately to the exact point, which was the safe space right and it again the the navy walked away with a message. they know everything I dont know how they knew that, but they wasn't mistake: it wasn't a coincidence that it- to that exact location. They were sending the message. Not only can we outmaneuver you, we know what your doing well now, what Why would you do that for years and then not introduce itself maybe they ve got. You know this. Dark trick principle, go and form they than non intervention thing the Van Ryan Louis toilet,
gazelle shouldn t shouldn't be seen. Then that's kind of like the question. Everybody always had one of their land in Washington DC and what pleased please take our policies, guess wins you. I would be so relieved if you got up and you saw on television people all of Europe. We have taken over the land and taken all of your hollowed picture and lawyer now in George. I think everybody would go huh. Thank God. There is the home. After all, there is There is a god he's listening to us, there is hope. Can I have one more question? What do you think, bends to a majority of people's faith mine is solid, because I believe that in their aliens, I believe that we are not alone in the universe me too, but a lot people still kind of believe that we are unique,
and there were the only one. Eighth would be. Do you think that will deal they would shake people's faith. I think some because, like you said, I think some people believe we're alone and were the only ones that were created. I guess You believe that still you don't believe that dream No, why I wouldn't say that this is all about a thesis on this closely. Not exempt. I've never believed that version. Nothing else, but I mean I I had never. to also tied it in two like Levy Cross reference, this on the Bible and see what you know I just haven't gone now than when I get it. I don't, I don't think the Bible talks about any of it now, but I mean it. I think there are gentle with fate. We know there are some people who we know, look at in a religious texts and say like absolutely not were the only ones here and some people say now you know like were that there's it doesn't it doesn't rule that out.
I really don't know weren't frankly well enough to know what the answer that is my Pressure is that that does not rule out another political what'd, honest what an incredible waste of space here, no care. If we're alone and waste- and I think there's I mean an infinite number of worlds that have been created with people on after me. You have to be, but I think that I don't buy the big heads and in the green skin thing I think, they'd look like us, think, they're, probably crew, it. Didn't his image. Just like we were I'm coming. You that we're all like the earth. basically like an atom whereof of more of a much larger, like there's like a cool robot that were actually part of what a swimming around inside the molecular structure of a giant robot that you're not in some
generally, all good- is also part of molecular structure of another robot, we're just a series of rural russian dolls, interesting and really early toddy, where it vital corrosion snack, more violent godfrey I've. Just let's see, let's get back to something serious in just a minute. First, let me tell you about my pillow. I don't love. You saw my instagram page last night's. Do! Oh! Yes, I very rights, I perhaps ass, though something disturbing that I would like to forget It's too rampage. Last night, you know my what My wife took that and- and I said you gonna posts that- and she said I dont think you want this seen and I'd again always smarter than you when she says something else into her look
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this yesterday. How is it change what you do, how to change your mask working practices Well, you know, George, I'm obviously careful, because I mean I'm a physician and a health care provider. I am now much more The ball in people seeing me indoors, without a mass coming before the CDC made, the recommendation change Look like I was giving mixed signals, but the fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected Indoor setting is extremely low. The reason why in indoor settings now comfortable about not wearing a mask, because I'm fully Nan fully vaccinate. So It was merely acting. What was it I mean you were only wearing it because
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Stu bags me every day, word but Cuomo are. We were in a dogma Cuomo, because the worst. You know: I say, Hitler was pretty bad stew and you keep telling me not talk Hitler. Now you think you could talk about Hitler. I mean Hitler, not not not alive, so he's not as much a recurrent threat, despite what the media tells him. When he's around every corner, or killed old people, Cuomo killed old people through some comparisons? Clarity, usually you know that, your family move too long island Hitler to scarred Hitler Debbie, Andrew hitler- just say, and you did expose these the other people in the end they Hitler family. The other damage was fascinated by right. So what are you whining about with Cuomo? So a lot of you have been talking about the sexual harassment. Part of
Cuomo saga, which is a legitimate there's. Still, a report coming from the attorney general of the state we don't know what's in there, yet here's one thing I do know. However, one hundred percent other than just Andrew Cuomo is awful dot com. We know that but we also know that Andrew Cuomo doesn't care what you think about him and his sexual harassment allegations listen to this clytemnestra There is a legal definition of harassment. That is very clear. All I was saying is just uncomfortable. Does not I mean sexual harassment. You make me uncomfortable by some of the questions you ask. that is not search, whereas there are other Ellen. It's that also have to be it in time it has a number of manifestations. I think we have an intimate relationship, don't you think I like
were not a sexual now ha ha ha. Rigour. You know why? That's all funding, because he's making light of the women he's been groping, a hundred out by saying so fine lair. Once you know the content that easy accused of intimate relationship, its is stare at Gothenburg is just he's a ham he's a have is now despite all of his hands. He escapades that he's been participating in. I happened to be one, People who think the larger issue is the. Thousands of old people he murdered. It's just Hon, I e on and on. We got it. He killed old people now for
says. You don't go on. He numbers of victims of Cuomo policies were both now. On to him and hidden by by him my him. Yes, now the same could be said about his compensation for his This orally rib pulse of book. Which I love that King title was how to enrich yourself by murdering grandparents was water yeah. That was the one or the time rightly executive been kicked around. It was actually called american crisis, which described is the title of the book and also what he unleashed on America of the past year. So before we got the truth about this compensation was He decided to, of course, a few little announced that's good He used a bit of distraction. Let me quote
hours before the release of figures, Mr Cuomo made a series of major pandemic. Related announcements in polluting the end of most mask mandates in the state for vaccine did New Yorkers, the loosening of capacity restrictions on businesses and return of the New York City Marathon and try back of a film festival that it lets I'm using me, I get the science just supported that change in policy a few hours before is announcing. That's what have you know? It's a coincidence. Things like that happen, Jackie, which is following this science in the science, said that this science should be announced, as it is action before and embarrassing admission that but does not want. It What was the announcement that was so embarrassing? That stew is trying to say was hiding that he is horrible, scam of of a book he joined stop me, you know, received five point,
one: two million dollars in it and of five point one two million dollars- and you know I mean he got that for what think, doing nothing. I don't think that's fair. His book was much worse than nothing What He had only does that. Nothing, nothing That's what I'd amazing thing that would be for the state of New York if he had done nothing, nursing homes or just said well, of course, we're not gonna. Take covert positive patient nursing homes are the most vulnerable all around me and I will say nothing would have saved lively where's. Your say nothing would have been much better than Cuomo literally having no governor and all would been four hours superior from someone who is seemed intent of wiping everyone over sixty five years old, often planet, but fight, why one two million dollars now you
may not be in the business of ending lives of innocent people for profit. So you may, you may not realise how much money. This is for a book deal, get everyone not alive. We know a lot about the book industry almost no, what no one the kind of cash we're talking about you know now in twenty twenty one, This is from the New York Times according to the publishing world the. abolition of Mister Crow, most PETE payment. It lists the shock the amount and appeared to be a staggering some to pay to a politician. Who already had a meagre sales record for his previous book, a memoir that just so a few thousand print copies. Remember tat! five point, one two million dollars- and I will say this even if Take away one point, one: two million dollars from the total. It's still
completely insane, and we know that for sure, because it was initially reported that Cuomo earning four million dollars for the book bright. In fact, let me Let me quote here how the left wing magazine the New Republic covered it. Why Would anyone pay Andrew Como four million dollars for a book? The good news? Is they didn t about eight? They did it. That's an incredible amount for any author, but Cuomo is White possibly be worst single author in the history of words, that quote Israel global, quoting seven years ago, on the eve of being elected to a second term as governor the of New York Andrew Cuomo completed a right of passage familiar to all presidential aspiring to a public a memoir. All things are possible
overlong at more than five hundred and fifty pages cliche ridden and hopelessly dulled, which is to say a standard issue, political Tom Cuomo? was paid more than seven hundred thousand dollars in advance by Harper Collins. The bull kid And announced initial run of two hundred thousand but five months after it was published in his soul, just three thousand copies are a color and thirteen audio books. I love, even even by the dismal standards of the sub genera of books by politicians, this a flop based a conservative estimate of the governors advance Cuomo earned about two hundred dollars for every heart Cover so two hundred hours, a book, thou, seest yeah and thirteen audio books. I don't want my latest thirteen audio, that's total, not thirty,
thousand audio books, I'm glad did it really telling you? It was like one. two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight, nine, eleven twelve thirteen, That's how many times people clicked by. I just gave you the entire history of they had to pay Corbo too, drew dollars per book at its heart, overstate how much of a cut strategy that is in every single one, Jastrow. Yes, yes, so that happens to you, I'm just you what ever write. Another book ever again sheer just out of- shame right. a really guilty feelings on Gee, I just took seven hundred thousand dollars from these people and
teen audio books, written downloaded and I feel kind about gas, and so how did this new book work out for the company I monitor? May I quote again: there is no question that they lost their short and that a Cuomo was the beneficiary of what only be characterized as a bad commercial decision. You think this is he found her in chief executive of ideological approach. wishing consultancy bye, bye, Commercial decision is quite away to put it it's gone little bit of an understatement. It's basically like calling the importation of. I dont know covert positive patients into nursing homes, aid management decision. I yes, it's true. It is true, but that little bit of an understatement quote: the more successful than its predecessor the one that's old thirteen copies in article, but
his old forty five thousand copies it too. is a disaster from assail standpoint, and that was before Cuomo was hit with a cascade of scandals, its publisher stop promoting it. Earlier this year, a mirror. in crisis. Even plays a supporting role in one of those scandals. Well, Cuomo and his aids were working a word at work. On the book there we're simultaneously working to under count nursing home deaths early in the pandemic, according to the New York Times and as an important point, it's not just at the book was a catastrophe sales wise, which it was and is not just that it was a failure which it certainly was it at the book itself was a big part of the problem wrote last summer, top aids to Mr Cuomo gathered the governors Mansion with editors, to read from the manuscript a memoir of the pandemics first months. The
Aids who had been directly involved in the pandemic response, took, turns, reading passages and commenting, on facts in the work like that didn't happen, waiting to people with knowledge of the gathering which began on a Friday and stretched into the weaken the gun. Also read aloud from the work, so in the same place, monsieur location, he was alleged. Lee groping women here also forcing them to lead his book. I don't know which is worth a cat compute cash. The craziest part about all of this is not that he may have forced his staffers to help right the book which is against the law or that he fleetly failed Armenia. These Andrew Cuomo, his light, is filled with gigantic failures: land that about area envious, seen Manette Boring,
but there's no way. There is no way this could have succeeded. There was no path to success by giving him this much money industry figures have estimated that the figure of assume sales to justify this contract that would be in the very high six figures and possibly over a million, starvation number, particularly given the disrupt caused by covert nineteen point. the kind of media that grips, some publishing houses and the bubbles that many executives Livin Cuomo Popularity among certain set was so profound that the idea, that american crisis could The kind of book that makes a publishing houses year took hold, you can sit here. We can mock him for saying he only sold five percent of expectations, which is what he did, but fifty thousand. books for Andrew Cuomo is like a literal. Miracle in writing. As I realise it is I mean he out performed all expectations by like ten times and
still was only one twentieth of breaking eve. It ok I should have to be asked why and will do that in sixty seconds. First, let me tell you about a MAC. If you haven't joint aim as yet, there are three reasons why you should head over to aim ACT out: U S, Flashback enjoin right now! First, is it's an advocacy group. For you, conservatives, people who believe in the constitution the Association of mature american citizens and they have dissipated in over a thousand personal meetings with congressional leaders ensuring that your voice is heard on issues like freedom of speech. The second amendment religion, freedom. So first thing is they? Dan for what you stand for? Second, they make it really easy for you to get involved a quarter of a million. A MAC members have directly participated in a max, reach campaigns to to Congress? They
our hearing your voice and aim at provides you with exceptional benefits: things like insurance products, travel discounts in so much more The third reason is aimed as a source of at uncensored information that you can trust news letters. Those podcast fresh website content, a bite. hopefully magazine that you can trust what they're saying so join a MAC for the admin sea or the benefits or the information or all of them just join a MAC? because american needs you a MAC I am a sea dog. U S, slash back, that's a MAC dot! U S, slash back! Then station idea
So this begs the question: why doesn't it stew Yet why would you lie about all this? Why would you hide the numbers? Why would you have your staff cover them up? Why You interfere with scientific reports that told the truth why Would you torture the families of all these people who died as a result of your policies? Wi fi? point, one: two million dollars. That is why that's the reason. So why you would lie about the five point, one two million dollars why you would hide the number five point, one: two million dollars why you Have your staff cover it up by point
two million dollars. So why would you interfere with the scientific reports that told the truth by employ one ten million Algeria, torturing the families of all these people who died as a result of your policies? Why boy was ten million dollars? That's why and Cuomo lie, to New York. He lied to America. He lied to every single person in America's face every single day. Four months to protect his five point, one two million dollars angle, the media assisted him every step of the way, every step of the way. All an attempt to save his precious five point. One two million dollars its despicable genetic, but
Did you see him on stage history play that clip again? Is this I think a failure, so crane juggernaut know what play that could clip again. Please I just I is it I can't hear it and use good. Now, please stop you have now. You beg of you I recently five out with one or two million dollar aspect. That is very clear. All I was saying is just on com Bored com does not mean sexual harassment getting. It does on the following oral questions. To ask that is sexual harassment, other elements that also have to be shared it has a number of manifestations. I think we have an intimate relationship, no you're not a sexual now secondary law.
our question you re in other parts, dives uncomfortable, is not sexual harassment. I can believe this guy is being allowed to define those terms. Nobody else has been allowed to you can't even defenders. Credible. I've been age caning and defend yourself. You can't do anything when it comes to help. You happen to be in in college and your accused of sexual USA. Wait wait, wait They won't even listen to wait away. If only they listen. Did you write a dozen matters of matter guilty persons programme? summer is here that means fun in the sun for a lot of people. Unless you in Texas, in which case it mean- the beginning of a six month, long game of no the floor
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again. I know nothing about this company or this five whence he three. I don't even know what I will soon I'd like to have them on the air they have decided to go after the Woke companies, all of these companies from- Coca COLA Nike to American Airlines, and I on a play, three adds that they ve just riddle. Haste pathway, he'd go everywhere, all tweet them out. They ve got to
everywhere. Listen to me. We can you read it the worst, losing the most bags shrieking leg room during covert American requires passengers to show idea to fly, but attacks. Texas is popular vote right. Why is done Parker, trying to appease the radical left to distract from billions? The taxpayer bailouts from his ten dollar bill from Americans record Lay Offs Doug American Airlines serve your customers. That's like awaits it as its political attack add, but just just aimed at a company something I learned from something I learned from Bill O Reilly bills. To me at one point: he said: look your gun You get a lot of heat, he said so when you have a fight that you don't think you can win, let me in
Allah I'll, do something, and I said what what would you do and he said: oh I'll talk, directly to the ceo on TV and I said and that helps and he said c e owes do not like their name in the press. They don't like it applied to controversy or anything about them, They like it when their name is mentioned. You know. in newspaper articles about how great they are buying not a tied to any. kind of scandal he said they hate hated this company is going when in saying G? Is it as they lost all this money and had to have a big bail out from the government. Or is it because was his name. the sea, oh just got nine million dollar salary
there gonna like that. Let me play a busted number to listen, Nike is constantly political. Why cover congressional reports is vague. Nike used, forced labour in China, religious minorities were from their families, factories making each using those senior is trying to ban legislator practices, Nike fight back with highly paid lobbyists, rather than hiring Americans making chose China John, don't stop exploiting foreign labour customers. Politicians show
Donna HO, love it and the last one on Coca COLA. Coca COLA is getting political attacking Georgia's popular voting law. Why to distract from years of dismal sales? Terrible twenty twenty results reports is ideally benefited from forced data. Coca cola products are poisoning. Americans, you in worsening obesity epidemic. So the company tried funding, phony science to minimize the harvest, but they got busted. Jeems Quincy Coca COLA Stop poisoning our children, your customers, politicians sat fantastic James, Quincy James Quincy, Poisoning America's youth with the footnotes underneath Eddie, I'm watching tv commercials with the footnotes. neither on why that a true statement. Its fan Tat: stick fantastic now our job is you go to consumers
consumers, research, dot, org consumers, research, dot, org go there now and click the same Knowed awoke companies. you'll find those three adds more our coming. I'm I can't wait to hear the one about baseball, major early, major league baseball and Babe Ruth why? Why are you? Why you fondling little children here, the Woke companies campaign say no companies is at consumers, research, dot, Org, get them and tweet them out. Why at a time put em on your facebook, put them everywhere: Amerika You finally have somebody in your corner that is actually fighting for you I'll. Love this approach. It's a really interesting project. I can't remember ever seeing anything like it.
usually you don't hear attack adds against product in companies like bent tobacco, were you old enough to remember the fight against big tobacco yeah here? Ok, so this is what they did to big tobacco yeah I guess, I guess, give us more bureau man. Why are you killing people yeah we're just gonna. Why I'm separating that? But it like, I think, like in a way they do Almost together, like Hepsey would run and our should run. Are you know commercials against coke, like this, like a competitor right now, trying to say like look at all the bad things that are happening with this particular company, because, while Its motivation seems to be stop getting involved in woke politics. It it's not necessarily about that right like it's? Just Profiling, really bad things that have happened with the company. Little company wants you to forget so that the problem this date they know better,
he's, never gonna. Do that because of how does he doesn't want to get on the other side? There are the woke culture. You know they're, probably most likely part of it ocean, but but also Yesterday! So New York, they pulled the mask band, and so you don't don't have to wear the masks anymore? Let me see if I can find this year. It is New York City, supermarket, it's called Morton, William Supermarkets, and its caught up in the conflict on the masks Morton. Customers are sharply divided over the grocery change decision. Controversy on Monday, when the popular supermarket, emailed customers about its decision to comply, too, Reply the New CDC Corona virus guidelines starting Wednesday where New York state will drop the mask mandate, the short,
I'll just explained the new policy and the big apple grocer said we will not ask for proof of vaccination. Well that was a storm on a hornets nest. And the the chain put out another email just a few hours later We recently sent you sensuality email explaining our policy regarding masks. in doing so. We knew that we are stepping into a Hornets nest and many would feel that this is a premature decision better suited for a later date. Well, we didn't know that we would be held hostage so help me. I am now in front of this flag of the world culture and I'm reading this statement. We will put up signs, encouraging customers and employees to continue wearing masks and regardless of their vaccination status and and and
please be respectful to those who do not feel comfortable, wait a minute wait a minute. there now telling the mask the non mask wearing population of New York that they have be kind to the mask wearing people of New York, who are not following the science, do I have no problem. You wanna, where mass for the rest of your life. That's your choice. I think you're missing out. I think it's ridiculous. but especially of your ugly or ok. Go ahead. Continue. Judea like I There was a mask for my entire body. There's not yet that's club, that's what it is that the ESA. Yes you're right on that. Unfortunately, it doesn't do enough for me here. I need a move anyway, d you know. If you dont want to wear a mask fine-
If you do want to wear a mask. Fine, if you want get the vaccine fine, you don't want to get the vaccine fine. I don't really care we are on the demand, the CDC. If you want to follow the science. then? Why aren't you following the science when the CDC scientists relax didn't leave finally come to the conclusion that you don't need a worm. Ask your fine, the Athens at will. and I think you hit on the most frustrating part about this because Yes, it's really frustrating when they don't fall. The science and all that in the Scruciating part of this issue is being berated four year for wearing a mask outside by them
killers and now and then I'll kill her. The second, the CDC admits what we ve all known: the entire time that there's no outdoor transmission largely of this virus. There have been virile, documented cases outside of close conversation outdoors in the entire world since the beginning of the band epic. According to that nine bernardini, let me just say that that number is zero dear, so I'm you to consider that down is zero right. So zero is the number four. Timely and we ve taken peoples, screaming at us for following the science and now day, one after the CDC decides to admit what been known about acceleration for a very long time that this not something you need to worry about. Then we're like like all gosh, please don't greatest. You guys are get upset about. This. Are you you guys
I'm going to start criticising people who make different choices than you. Everyone has a right for their decision making in risk assessment- and you need to make sure you don't be mean to others- you're telling us that this year, Europe coming under us with that nonsense. At any rate, after Rachel mad cow actually had the set she did. Do she said she had thus set to be able to go on television and say you know, after Rewire my whole thinking, because I have to stop seeing people not wearing a mask and think you're a danger you're gonna kill somebody. Now your selfish Europe republic denier what The problem is the problem. Is they have viewed Amerika through this lens. Their little mask. is like a little armband saying
what party they belong to. say little LE little red armband. anybody who didn't wear a mask that was like a jewish star. They could see HU the enemy was, and they like categories its versus them. I don't like that. I don't like that. I knew I have like that. I wouldn't like it. If it was reversed and you know that been pushing it and pushing in pushing it and now all that the science agrees with those who did where a mask or but dont want to wear a mask any more now the Sciences yep, you don't have to wear a mask there, And crazy and asking for mercy, and yet they bash this supermarket so badly for just complying with the law and science that they humbly
withdrew and so wait, wait, wait, wait, wait will ask everybody. Will will ask everybody if they still, where a mask its insanity. That is mob rule. That's not America, that's not science! That's me! rule. I, then let me take a sponsor this half hour. It's patriot, mobile aright. Let me ask you this: are you tired of it? They say this way did you really like that commercial? just played those those three commercials from League Lee: consumer information, thus site. one it was talking about. You know aid, Gee you suck, I like those because it's us sending a message, and we just don't send messages. That's why they're not afraid that's why the the grocery store will
We asked to the left because they know their a mob. I dont ever wanna be a mob, but I'm people to know that at least half this country disagrees with you strongly so get out of the business of Verizon nor ten t any of these big cell services. They are taking part of profits, which they have a right to do and they're giving it to things plan parenthood. Why would you do that you work hard every day, you're looking to stop some of these things, and ever it's time. You pay your phone bill, you're, sending a portion of that money to plan parenthood, oh now there used to be no choice, but there is now it's patriot mobile. It's a great service, you'll, pay less for the service. You get the same, great service costs are on the same cell towers. They have more coverage now than anybody else in the United States
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America and welcome to the programme a guy. I got a couple of things. I think we're gonna give you some insight on this. Our three things actually obeyed the vaccines in the mass to we're. Gonna give you some perspective on what happened in Israel. What is happening in Israel? What the truth is vine that and also a little on abortion in this case that is being taken up by the Supreme Court. I heard a very positive and interesting theory. It's just a theory, but it seemed to make sense to me last night when I was talking to a couple of friends about why, with the Supreme Court take this decision up is a good thing or a bad thing. I'll explain in sixty seconds programme.
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The dark Zani is now the senior writer at National Review and wrote. A couple of articles that I want to talk to about. One is: let's start here with the abortion and abortion bill that the Supreme Court just took up David, how area thing for me, good good. I want to run this theory by you on why the Supreme Court took this particular case, because they, if they passed a lotta cases up and but they took this one up and in the the logic from me, Friends who watched the Supreme Court and no kind of these things said that been looking for the right case, and they only took on one aspect of this, and that is the if teen months, you know I ability, law and
weeks and weeks, of course, you, if I'm sorry fifteen weeks, viability, clause and the reason why my friend tells me that this is happening is because this is the way to eventually disk until all of it, but you have to come in at something reasonable. People can agree with oh versus Wade is, is all about ability well Babies are more viable. You know that was twenty or twenty one weeks now they're viable at fifteen weeks, and so there moving that too slowly make this their first pitch in with something scientific and something that is religious or based on morals per se. You buy into that David. I don't yeah, I kind of do I mean I don't know if you know that the idea that Turk grab some kind of
political angle. That they're looking at is something I would that they wouldn't do, but maybe it's just the reality of the world right so may rat race. The viability aspect is a good one because as political matter. Most Americans are not, if not totally, against aboard shit, what the restriction that, after the first try bastards the viability which is always changing, which actually proved that they are all idea of viability of night actually right is. It is a good issue too too you know too to tethered to Isabel forward yeah. Even if you don't change anything else, eventually we get down to the baby is viable at any time. just because of sight and the way it is it's moving forward let's talk a little bit about the. Unless you want, you have something else you want to go into your your article on abortion was great by the way you want to touch on that. Shape. I just want to make the quick point that that the idea
that you know you don't have technology too if someone doesn't mean that they're not alive in the one thousand seven hundred, we couldn't save people from infection, didn't mean that were in a life, and I think that that's the Arctic. That's a rational, nonreligious argument to make the people its moral argument, but I think that the strong one David I miss you. We are thinking of me. You are one of my favorite people in and you are just day, passionate person without basing your arguments in in passion. Let's talk a little bit about the squad, you just in article four. The national review. The squad is rooting for Hamas, David. I don't I don't think, even even under Obama. I dont think it was. This bad. I dont think I have ever seen such clear good versus evil and we seem to always be picking the sight of evil in the last few months, talk to me about Israel and Hamas,
Yeah I mean within Israel is an imperfect plate, democracy or unit with democratic nation, like many others, a liberal nation where their courts of law on and people are allowed to defend themselves and the nation it'll have to defend themselves. So you know I m not, people are critical of the Israel, but when you take the side of Hamas, which is just a desktop, Essentially, that want not only to kill israeli civilians that want their own civilians martyred in this cause. I just eat. Gave me how anyone anyone with any kind of moral understand of the world can can make an equivalent to be when the two Israel is clearly defending itself, they believe passing each other state or not. But this is not about that. I'm a dozen except in it is a two state solution. It wants a one state solution and you know every country, any country, our country. We would respond. ugly and in a more more aggressive way than than even the Israelis are doing now. People talk about for those civilian casualties if you think of
what I'm off his doing there are embedded within civilian populations, then use. Do you realize that the amount of civilians who are unfortunately dying in this conflict is actually rather small? compared to other one. So I just it's hard for me to and understand this one. Many you know most things on the left that try to understand their point of view, but this Hamas boost, Tourism within the cap, don't understand it, but I do think a lot of it has to do that. We're talking with the fact we were talking about Jews here, and I can't be too waded about from by anyone. So that's how I see it While I was I had done Dershowitz on yesterday at talking about this, and he said pretty much the same thing he said. Look you don't see the squad or anybody outraged by Tibet and what putting into banned- or you know what's happening with the wiggers they're, just not there and he said. reason is the only logical conclusion he can come to us because their enemy isn't Jews If they were Jews, they problem
Lee care all of a sudden right I trust that their Jews, maybe that their westerners, you know in the sense of colonizing- and I think this area in people have a bad grass but the history of this situation, that we want to go back in time and restart history and ninety forty, eight or nineteen sixty seven or even before, and it simply not how it works, but yeah. I agree with him. I think that those Abdul jury. So when you see you Rashid had to leave knock by never ended. give the audience that will definition of what knockabout is well. They are constantly talking about occupied territory when you say not by which means that I think it's translated. As the catastrophe you're talking about in forty eight you're talking about the very existence of of the jewish state for her occupied.
Trees, all territory, even towns that have jewish names good dating back to you, know before cries and that she believed that that all should belong to a new palestinian state, which is, of course, never existed as an arab country. Ever So that's what he's talking about we're not actually talking about you know. Nineteen sixty seven armistice lines were talking about all dismal hire people. I mean David is seems so clear to me, you know who the Nazis are. Especially in this I mean they keep saying that the right is serve, is all about. light, supremacy, etc, etc. I'm not about what supremacy you're, not about white supremacy. I honour I don't know anybody who is, I know they exist, but that is a view. A very small number and they keep calling us nazis, because we believe in the car detention, which is not part of the
see philosophy. However, these You know the squad is saying things that that now sees would agree with and me the people on Twitter. You can still find their their state. glorifying the killings of of Jews is Erika or we that too Attached firm reality, it is this continue down this road or do we cup or not. I am asking, I guess, Well, I'm sure you see there are people who compare. How progressive speak and how white supremacist speak in its often quite similar in their outlook on the world, its identity, carrion, it's about colored idiot it it takes away. You can see from people and just makes it all about the way their born, which is the exact opposite of what we are Martin Luther King Jr. talking about, etc. So I think
that in many ways they transpose that kind of thinking onto every situation? So, like Israel, it's about! Why people and brown people when in fact, hundreds of sound, friends of Israelis. Are refugees from arab nations were never lived in the west to look just like arab people do you, nobody can understand that? Not everything is about race, I don't know, wherever gonna wake up. I am actually I've always sort of thought that you know rhetoric about the end of the country that the end of the constitution was overdone, but now I don't think that anymore. I think it's in real trouble, because I don't think that the last progressive left at least believes neutral principles there in the constitution free speech. The video rights of any kind so that a huge problem in the younger you are the less you believe in it, and now today, the schools and colleges in that. You know in the big business. I don't know how you you turn it around anymore.
that Sir, that's, why depressing that I used to make you, and we would talk of our times and you tell used often you be like ok, I dont believe any of that. I don't want to believe that I'm there now David looking right at how much of the responsibility of this, and this is one hope that I have that Americans will wake up because they saw logo. ass prices, jobs and created, not phantom jobs, but jobs prices low and peace in the Middle EAST and the right track with China and Russia and now all of it is coming undone all at once and my hope is people will actually see wait a minute me. I didn't like the way he tweeted and I didn't like some of the things he did, but compared to this I want me.
Or of that, and not this and I I think, there's that there is a possibility that their exposing themselves, because correct me. If I'm wrong by policy. The reversal of the the Foreign policy. The trump had is the reason we have. happening over in Israel now agree or disagree I think parliament is definitely the reversal. Haven't you, with IRAN having to do with releasing funds to the Palestinian Authority having to do with the Palestinians forty trying to create a problem to push the bite administration to push Israel into some sort of direct deal things like that,
I think that will be blown back in the larger sense to what's going on because of things turn poorly and economy. People react that when they have for a long time and in fact, even though Donald Trump Laws, the Republicans actual did relatively well not elections for the house goes and things like that so yeah, I think they'd be some reaction. My problem with that is that that's you know economic in an insipid. Agree with I'm for capitalism in, and all that, however, their underlying issues having to do with the constitution, and I'm not sure people are really you. ass, being or Vienna, my own kids go to school and the things they learn are really ought to be, to say the least. So I worry about that so yeah yeah are David. Talk again, thank you. So much for being on the programme David, her sunny, he is a senior writer national review and author euro trash which coming out. I think in a couple of weeks, isn't it isn't a David?
for no less coming on the fall with I'd love to have you back make sure you come back for that at least, but will have you back before then I hope our sunny. Thank you so much. Thank you go. you and me Imagine that you're one of the millions of Americans just now trying to get back into the job market by searching job postings and actually applying for them. now imagine that some cyber criminal is targeting people, just like you, by posting fake jobs, designed to trick you into revealing your personal information and yours social security number. Well guess what that is act. really happening and you have to be protected against it important understand how cyber crime and identity theft do effect. Our law lives every day, because every day were putting information at risk when we go online and in an instant, a sigh or criminal could harm. What's yours, I may look what they did, pipeline. You don't think they do,
that too little old me or little old, you know could prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. Seeing that Joe Biden is in the captain's chair right now, I don't think anybody in the government is actually caring about this you need to keep. What's yours, yours life flock will help you do that join now, save up to twenty five percent skinny off here first year at lifelong Dotcom, promo code back that One eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com, promo code back save twenty five percent ten again station idea? and no, let's we have Would we have coming up here and just a second we have
the author of resistance at all costs. She The calmness for, though walls, a journal, yeah Kimberly, stressful and she she's talking about what we are talking? about tonight on television, and that is the massive grab of Property rights- thee- I did say its government is, is now talking about taking the patterns of these vaccines. It's much deeper than that and This has happened before remembers. Do we used to talk all the time about how stupid here, Clinton was for leading the campaign to get these vaccines taken by the government and take those patent, so they can make em for everybody and then what happened, yeah, I mean they were there, these company, decided they didn't want to make vaccines anymore because right,
Couldn't there was just a non stop punishment for them? Couldn't make money off of them whenever they worked well, the government's stole their patents and and and abuse them and made it impossible for that for them to operate. They got the business, then what happened then, when people needed vaccines. They remember the uproar nowhere to be found and the government asked the question: what are these companies thinking these companies thinking you stole all of their proprietary information you just said, you'll make them cheaper. So who said you're gonna, do that and they decided. You know what you stole our information. There is no money to be had here, any more. The government says: they're gonna: do it go, do it and they didn't? and there's nobody to bitch to except to Larry Clinton and the leftist two thought you know
really should not be private property that should be public property. No private property is important. If you can't own your ideas, why have them? Why develop them Why go through all of the times that nobody, you know this rna vaccine This started with a I think. A black woman who had this idea back in the I think eighties. No one would listen to her. No one would listen to her and she went from company the company that company no one took her up on it, you finally, one company it and you taking this now after she went through everything after the company risk everything the other companies now that get their risking. There was no evidence of this work. They took all the risk and you're going to take the credit and the patent
wrong. There really is an amazing story. It's it's funny because it be a lot of people. Talk about this is a brand new vaccine. This technology has been in the works for fifty years. Almost now it was a book in forty years it was in the eighties right. Yeah is she fought? It was yet another story of one voice fighting in fighting in fighting for this technology that everybody said wasn't going to work for decades, and AIDS. Until someone said, maybe that will work and now here we are and they're talking about not We know the covert thing which at this point and we ve talked about the pandemic, basically being over because of rice vaccines, among other things, In addition, they think that they may be around the corner from a cure to the common cold and all of you other types of long standing illnesses because of this technology that this one woman now. This work, this work, what's can drive out for men and fought for government, has no right to take private property, no right to take it,
that is part of our constitution and our declaration of independence. We alone nothing and be happy. I don't think so. The great reset of american property to night on blaze, tv, nine, p M, don't miss my special forces programme. ready. So, if you free books about the number one a book I recommend in terms of preparedness for what's coming for the? U S if the economy- in turn around? I talk to you here this month about the book called the crisis. baroness handbook. If you don't have it you, should it is something it won't make you feel guilty or, like you can't catch up or you can't get it done. It's really great covers much territory will gold lie who is always interested in people being prepared, decided the
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tonight is a must watch special, the Wednesday night Special is we alone nothing and be happy. The great reset of american property are properly rights through many many things. This government is doing the property rights going away. Do you own what you own now the World Economic Forum says that by twenty thirty, we alone. Nothing, and I'll be happy about it? Well, problem is someone will own something just gonna be renters will be. serfs, one of the things that makes America so different in an really thee, the the head of innovation and industry has been for so long. We have protected private property rights
and now through taxation that could go as high as sixty five percent. The taxing the corporations in an arm chair three secretary is over in the you trying to get all trees on board, to have a minimum tax for all corporations. That's crazy, crazy, taking away your right to move away from an oppressive tax where they are taking your profits, but it's worse right now there is a a concerted effort to take away the patent rights for this vaccine now, vaccine is more than just a vaccine. It's it's an rna technology there took ten years to develop and they were. They were
working on on this vaccine for a long time it started in the nineteen eightys, but now it has taken them ten years. I think it's Pfizer. That was doing it. the rna technology they took ten years investing in this! This is the first thing that has worked. They ve mastered this in crack this and now they just make profit on it, and now it's taken away, that's crazy! That will stop everything what's gonna happen next camera stressful? She is the author of resistance at all cost, which I have not read. yet, but I've read about it in red, x herbs and it sounds fascinating Kimberly. I want to talk to you. If we have time on that Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. Member and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Tell me about our property rights and our intellectual property rights going away
hi Glenn. It is great to be here- and I couldn't agree more with what you just said- that this is our protections of property rights. Are in our constitution. Remember that great wine, no property private property will be taken for public use without just compensation, and we apply that to intellectual property. It is why we have had them miraculous drug makers that we have that have done so much for our help and for the well being of not just american citizens, but the world's citizens because of our innovation. It was actually Madonna. They spent ten years working on their dream or any and as you mentioned, they only just turn their first profit. It was that breaks through technology that they manage to then almost just ingeniously in the space of a your turn into working vaccine, which required by the way, not just finishing the technique
gee but standing up an entirely new production process to actually get it into arms and now we have the binding ministration saying they want to waive those intellectual property protection and give away this american ingenuity to countries like China. You know country that potentially gave us this virus in the first place, and this has been a long time goal of the left in the worrisome thing- is you they made very clear that giving the vaccine away is just the first step, What does that mean in terms of step. So here with you very revealing, it was very revealing so remember, intellectual property protection? The entire regime is actually done by law in its congresses, ray that and if you go through history, there have been many many major pieces of legislation that exists:
how long you get patents and under what circumstances, and when our things available to be made in a generic form, etc and the Elizabeth warns of the world know that they can't convince Congress to change out, for their new strategy is to try to erode these of property rights in tray, negotiations or get the w tee o to care for them? was at a Senate financed hearing just last week and she said special protection for Drug Camp These are an even bigger issue than Colbert nineteen alone. She actually at that she suggested that the fact that drug companies are allowed to create. knowledge ie and then retain a right to profit from there innovation is a bigger problem than the pandemic we just dealt with. This is to a its delusional thinking, it is a complete lack of understanding of human nature. If you will,
and cancer to be cured then give people the incentive, do you know how much money people will make if they come up with a shot that stops answer if you take away that incentive. Why would they invest for decades of now being able to turn a profit, just didn't hopes of eventually getting there and being to turn a profit, why what people do that it goes against human nature to take away the reward at the end, really and especially bear in mind to that for every one of these innovations that actually works, hundreds you do not, and so those one innovation, that matters is all the more important that they retain, that intellectual property right and the ability to do a return on their investment, because they're doing all kinds of research that this is a
nature science, it just doesn't work out and we're not just talking about the drug companies were talking about. The investors need to put forward the capital to to funding that ten years of research, who's gonna do that. If, at the end of the day, the government is going to steal because by the way, that is what we talking about. The government is going to steal all of your hard work and take it for themselves and gave it to the rest of the world. Well, it's easy who's. Gonna invested in that a public private partnership with the federal government that did it of you saw the speech that the president gave in front of Congress a couple of weeks ago, but before that speech he taught, to the reporters and it was reported verbatim by CNN and others that The president said: look there big quest, of this century is whether a republic in a democracy like ours can, even compete with come. Countries like
China or Russia. They have a system over there that they partner with the corporations- if that's what you want to call it partner with corporations and they can get things done much faster than they are on the road of China, is the new model here, MRS, so agree with that as it well it it it. completely it's completely by the view of what actually happens you know what you're actually seeing in Russia and in China are the governments in the case of of joy, A communist government in essence, com, endearing and forcing business to do its will
They might be able to get things done quickly, but if you ve seen some of the recent stories about Franco's China Sino back vaccine, it turns out that you know they were very quiet about their their final trials and its because it looks to be far less effective than China was promoting owes its propaganda in terms of its claim that it was this extraordinary success. Now that very different from I actually thought was an incredibly amazing model that we saw in the United States, in which, at a time of emergency federal government here recognised- private ingenuity is always better than government, and this was certainly the view under the last administration and they reached out and asked if they can pass the help of the private. And you re this extraordinary american corporate community come together and offer drive through testing it CBS and you saw abbot ram.
This amazing new testing regime in the space of weeks, which, by the way, a good thing we had that private sector innovation, because this was after the federal government, had failed in its own first attempt to make it ain't that make a ten diagnose covered. So that's the kind of partnership that works. Were you acknowledge that the free market does things better than government coercion? Foot union that you know as well as I am proposing and it's not the model that any of the Democrats wanted when Trump was in office? I can't I can't count the number of times those democratic politicians were saying you ve got to us to enforce this bye, bye, bye telling these companies? This is what you're gonna do and tat kept saying over and over again? Why would I do that? I've just ask them in their doing it. Why would I We know. Why would I evoke some new, no new executive order where I've just
I am now they had of their company and I'm telling them what to do they. They were begging for him to do that, and thank God he didn't. but that's what they're mine is Europe as soon as I came in, they made an enormous show, the first month about how Biden, with going to mobilise the defence production act and boss all these companies around and tell them what to do. They were already doing it and they're happy. to do it. I mean saw this beauty thing. I mean people loved her trash on corporate Amerika, but look at the number companies that veto immediately offered compassionately the number of small businesses it continued to pay their employees even while they were seeing the bills pile up? You know american business. Men and women are extraordinary backbone in this country and one last little point on this. You know you also see Democrat saying. Well, you know the federal government poured billion
the dollars and operation warp speed, and therefore this ought to belong to the people actually this was the federal government recognising that that cash infusion Asian was gonna, speed, things along and that it was gonna be to the benefit of the american people. On that the deal that was made not some wink nod and by the way at the end of this, will just steel everything that you you put into it stressful. She is the author of the book resistance at all costs. She also, as with Walter Journalism, columnist and she's on the she's, a board member on the editorial board. We think you for being on I'd like to have you back real soon cause. I do want to go into resistance at all costs, because I think you're, your point in this book is: is a the important one that Americans really need to see and understand what the? What the? What is what is the effect?
of resistance at all costs? So we'll have you back Kimberly? Thank you so much things gland. You bet Ok, let's see here, american financing men, another one thing, though thing that is amazing about our economy is the beating it has taken further almost twenty years now started with September eleventh and just been beaten to death with sticks. and it still standing and its it's hard to imagine our country falling or are dollar being not the word World reserve currency or being in to hyper inflation, but now Bank of America says we are already seeing trend the Tory hyper inflation. So What are you doing to shore up financial distress? What are you doing to protect your family? Well, May
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the comments on the Instagram post from last night. I was waiting for my daughter after her show and she was she was being out in the theater, still and waiting for. So I can take her home, and she's in there forever. So I The video, my wife took a video of me in the car singing it's all about the base and I think I did a very good job and I sent it to Her- and I said when you, if you We wait any longer and rolling the windows down of the car and when you come out, I'm gonna dance and I showed her lips but that dance man. It was amazing. She came right out of the theatre she wasn't
PE for some reason, but she came right out of the theatre and the you know that the great thing is I mean the comments are My best memories with my dad is when he at the time was so embarrassing. I love it big now I'm a dead end, basing my kids, you know my husband Wait to do stuff like this to our kids. You know, why have kids, if you can't embarrass them right? another reason to have the right right right everything else, his bad, you know your parents, I do not think I know, everything else is in bad weather. I never thought you know my parents were intentionally trying. Embarrass me I just thought they were embarrassing, but they might I've been intentionally doing it. I mean, because I find so much joy in it
maybe it's just me, but I mean I you can see in that Instagram Post last night, I was fully one hundred percent in yeah. What is it you you? You did not needed. go half way on that one you went forward and the inner they sailed. They say youth is wasted on youth and it's like war. One of the things that causes. That is that what you get older, you don't care. What anyone thinks about you anymore. Exactly such aid examples are its it is my wife said I dont think Wanna posts that actually she took a video. I said I suppose said: she's I'll. Take you want to post, then I said: do you think I care about what it's like to protest away. We'll see you tonight, nine o clock only on lays tv programme,
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