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Obama Made the Socialists Mad | 12/3/20

2020-12-04 | 🔗

Pat and Stu fill in for Glenn. The mayor of Austin joins the list of Democrat COVID hypocrites, which has gotten so bad that even CNN called them out. Anti-lockdown protesters outside a Staten Island pub chanted “Cuomo sucks” after its co-owner was arrested. COVID deaths have spiked, but is there a statistical reason for that? Attorney L. Lin Wood urged Trump voters in Georgia to boycott the Senate runoff election, but he also has a history of donating to Democrats. Joe Biden predicts 250,000 more COVID deaths by January, while the CDC shortens its recommended quarantine time. In hindsight, should Trump have discouraged mail-in voting? Obama made the socialists mad by calling “defund the police” a “snappy slogan."

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