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Obama’s Secret War Exposed | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Nick Di Paolo | 2/7/20

2020-02-07 | 🔗
What happened to our missing $1.8 billion in Ukraine? Last night’s special, “Ukraine: The Final Piece (The Billion-Dollar Question),” follows the money to Ukraine’s “Tony Soprano,” who financed its war with Russia. Did Obama use taxpayer money to fund a proxy war? Former Secretary of State John Kerry seems to think so. Comedian Nick Di Paolo gives a politically incorrect take on the State of the Union, coronavirus, and how Trump is cleaning house. And it’s a Bill O’Reilly Friday to end a packed week! Bill updates his 2020 predictions after the Iowa caucus disaster, recaps Trump’s Oprah-style SOTU, and asks what’s next for … Romney. And head researcher Jason Buttrill outlines the Ukraine timeline you haven’t seen anywhere else.

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Friday. Eighty eight, seventy seven BBC and the information that we presented last night is being delivered this morning. To Senator gradually, who is already beginning to look into Joe Biden, an Hunter Biden for a complete. A different reason. Then? Then political reasons as we should You last night hunter by is the key to unlock what I believe may be: the largest money laundering scheme ever and the key two Obama's secret war I leave that there is. There was a war with Russia that We were funding in Ukraine and that what that is really what their hiding thee three million dollars from Hunter Biden, is only the key to unlock that door.
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it's only with simply safe gotta, simply safe back dot com that simply safe back, not come hello, America, it's Friday, and what weak. It has been. I don't I can't think of another week in my lifetime. Puss. Gives you know thing: like nine eleven, where so many things were going on that were of great historic significance. We haven't even we have You haven't even gotten really this week to the corona virus We haven't had a chance to even talk about the locusts, so we got a plague and the locusts coming and if it is a week of biblical proportions, news here in Amerika,
and then last night we did a special called Ukraine. The final piece and still has been working on his his own show for the last few weeks, training that ready for its debut next week and so has not been involved in this special at all and I'm dying to hear what you thought watching it at home last night I mean it was a lot of I'd, never had any of it. So, and that means not just from hearing you talk about it around the office would mean from daily media. Never that's really where I should be hearing things like this year you had documents that I have never seen before. And evidence of of really a totally different thing I mean it in a totally different scenario when it comes to normally Hunter Biden, but back to your bomb administration. More specifically. So what do you think of the theory cause? I have
there. When you come down to it, there are all We too solutions that are plausible. According to the evidence, we What we showed you last night was documents from Latvia that named Hunter Biden as part of a money laundering scheme that was going on in Ukraine, and so we, unpack. That once we got that document from Latvia early in December, we started really digging in and following the money and said: don't don't we don't don't try to tie into anything just fine. Although the money and let's see about Six weeks ago, four weeks ago, someone like that my chief searcher Jason. He came in and east Glenn. Let me lay a scenario out for you. Let me just tell you- and I said this is a ran. Contra there's a secret war.
He went yes, I didn't I'd be the only one that saw that and I said, find everything you can So we started really looking into that, and I truly believe that Obama was right. Being a secret war unbeknownst to Congress. Congress was asking him fun them give them money, give them arms. Ukraine Ukraine and he wouldn't He was sending blankets, but I think, is he was he didn't want to be known as a war hawk. He didn't want to be, but he started a war funded the military and did it through Vous were the worst Paul Maurice Mamma is only important because the guy from Borri smile also is the largest shareholder and the founder of a bank called Provide Bank provide bank is one of
chief money laundering, dirty bombs, in the world and its there in Ukraine, the guy who owns it end and is- is the founder of it- is this oligarchy and when you think oligarch, I want you to think Tony soprano this oligarch a much more wealthy, tony Supernal. Yes much. I would not be comfortable in middle class, New Jersey. No! No! No! You wouldn't, however is just as brutal is tony soprano. This guy has been nailed for hiring people to cut his competitors. Heads with chain saws, Kay he's not a good guy, no way shape or form. This is the guy that Hunter Biden was working for and this is the guy- that for some reason, Joe Biden
gave a visa and cleaned up his record and basically said to the world. He's ok, he's open forbid. He can come to America we're, leaving him alone. We gave tony supernova. U S seal of approval, yes to do that makes absolutely no sense, especially if you're only looking for money K. Why would you do that? Why would you do that. There's something else. Why would Joe Biden and and John Kerry? Take? the lobby, while he's cleaning up this guy's record and making him you know great for all of the Fine board rooms and ended in business with anybody who wants to do business with what he's doing that. There also lobbying for one point: eight billion dollars now this one point: eight billion dollars We have no idea where it is the last
we saw it was in private bank. We deliver it to this guy's bank and then laundered, and we can show you where the money went up to a point it's just snarled and only really Congress in the power of the Treasury, maybe maybe can on snarl that not we may Ever be able to know exactly where it went, but I contend, it went to buy guns and tanks and weapon. And paying for military expenses with Russia. And the reason why I say that is because the State Department, was totally fine with this one point: eight just disappearing. Nobody wants to look into it. That's why Shokhin was fired, no one, and to look into this except the ukrainian prosecutors, who wouldn't know what the Obama administration and what the president of the former president of Ukraine had agree
two as soon as that, one point: eight billion dollars being negotiated. The president of your and decides Hey the guy with the Chainsaws. I want to make him governor of huge area there right where the war is happening with Russia and he That's him in charge as the governor of that territory and why is he known as now as the guy who was the Clean Funder for the worse or against Russia that they know him in besides the chainsaw guy they also Oh him as a guy who funded all of the military in Ukraine, and it should be noted, you mentioned he's, Obama started a war, I mean it's a defensive or that they were being. Attacked right. I'm in Russia is coming after Ukraine scenario and what you're too
he about here as well as that. This was a war that many people, United States, including Congress, including Donald Trump right, want Ukraine to win. Yes they want them to be able to defend themselves against right. I have no groundwater sending an arms over to the Ukraine. Yes, I have no problem with that. My problem is, is Congress. Chris needs to now. There's a process. You know you don't lose one point: eight billion in dollars to an oligarch that is a guy chopping heads off when chain saws gay, so he took that money, we know that went through all of his shell corporations. So we Oh, he ended up. As the banker he's the who had the one point? Eight now what he did with it about all but load of Bulgaria's. And then he used his money to finance the war or how used our money to finance the war. Now again,
you can be for a strong defence and force sending arms over to Ukraine, but you do it the right way. Here's what the August one! showed this week show this in our third special on Hydra. We showed you that this this idea that the state to pay- and has the secret wars was real Hatched in Egypt, Egypt was the first. They had really use. Social media and social training of the revolutionaries we did. We did then what is it? What's next live, we destabilize Libya, we run arms the libyan rebels in Libya to overthrow the Damas AIM, then you, but in Benghazi what was Benghazi then gauzy we now know was a drug. Were I mean a gun running operation into Syria? So we
arming the rebels in Syria that turned out to be ices learned their lesson. I can hear this not we ve already done this. We ve learned, we got it, we got it, we got it now. We know how to do it. This is another gun running operation akin to Ben Gauzy, Libya, Egypt, all of these things and if the state to part isn't stopped. This is the way your wars are gonna, be fought in your name with your money and without your knowledge,. You know I saw this when I first I was so angry because the Democrats been saying, Donald Trump was colluding with Russia. Donald Trump was colluding with Russia from didn't have to collude with. Russia did Donald Trump course. They wanted Donald Trump to win. You were fighting a secret proxy war. Again,
them with real guns, of course, and of course, they're doing secret stuff to try to disrupt our news and our government, and our elections, of course they are. I mean I've always just thought yet they're doing it, because its russian, where their enemy no, we were in an actual hot war. Now you can keep these things from the american people, but you don't think that Putin also knew what Latvia was telling Ukraine. You don't think that the rush things could tie this together. This giant oligarch job saw in the paper that he got. One point eight billion dollars into his bank and then he's he's the guy building. The army. You don't think he can figure that out. Of course, he can you're that out. We are at war with Russia did. You know that
I've been saying on our first wall of was saying: they want their policy, they were eighties once their policy back While he's doing this, he saying that and they're saying oil. Russia is just a really bad place. Russia's doing all these things, I actually understand a little bit. It's not about Putin. Putin is way worse than anybody. I think we ve ever had He is one of the worst people in in in the ally. Today on the planet he's a brutal cold blooded killer, but I can see why President Trump. One point said: you know what we ve done a lot of stuff to this: What he may have been talking about, of course, Odin is striking out at us. We're killing their people. Why smiling and saying, no, we didn't have anything to do with that. How duplicitous
That's not America. This stuff is being delivered to Senator Grass office. Today we have all the documents. We have the whole thing I can't get that's not on snarled. That's gonna. Take the Treasury department in the FBI and everybody else tried on snarl it, but they can call witnesses, they can start doing investigations with all of the people in the State Department and the Obama administration. That involved in a minute on play some audio from John Kerry. He was just in Iowa. When we saw this when he was fit in for Rum Biden. He was talking to some people in an Iowa this didn't make the news here, but it sure made the news over in Ukraine and when We saw what we thought he's Joe. Still made it and I'll play that for you in one minute,
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of our research materials, not on the day to day anymore, there's just too much its overwhelming. We can't break down thing. And really give you the insight we need to in. If we're doing at every single day, still gonna be doing. The five o clock show with the news and why it matters, that's gonna be expanded, and I will just tell you all of it now we still will be doing. Radio in the podcast and I'll do especial show on Wednesday. On Wednesday one our special like these specials every Wednesday at nine p M Eastern on a tv and then a special show just for blaze subscribers on Friday, as well, which is the recap the week, but we we really need to.
We really need to concentrate our resources on really exposing things it. Nobody else is exposing. Last night we did the final piece, please you can watch it on Youtube. You can watch it on my facebook page or you can watch it if your blaze, subscriber by the way, if you subscribe now, you can get twenty percent off. Just use the promo code, GB twenty off at blaze, tv dot, com, slashed Glen or I let me play this John carry this John, carry on the campaign trail stumping for Joe Biden and Asked about the firing of Shokhin listen to his answer. I will tell you, because, as secretary of state of deeply involved this all of us in the administration, all we're trying to get rid of that prosecutor from Obama to the Secretary of State to the vice president. All of us were working on that the ambassador and end. We knew if you,
I was going to survive and win the revolution in the end, the maidan they have to get rid of that prosecutor and wow. I thought you'd get rid of him because he was corrupt, everyone highest levels. He stated The president me, the ambassador of the vice president. All of us knew if Ukraine was going to win the revolution, we had to get rid of that prosecutor. Why? Why? Because he was focusing too much energy on very and provide banking that hurt the war effort somehow or it because he was looking into what we tracked down the Is money trail, a guy who's building the army for Ukraine
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We have Nicht pollen was nigh. It's Friday, cowering, good google and I'm tired Could Heavens man what a week this has been yeah you had to cover some serious stuff, I'm so lucky, I'm a comedian, well. That's what I was gonna was gonna open. You paid attention all this stuff and he had something funny to say because it was man. This has been a relentless week while you got the wrong guy spent a great weak, as I have to make tromp just him at the prayer Breakfas holding up the paper like the guy and cheers and we went in May and the right policies face she's the most evil. I always
Hilary is the most evil person on the planet. She has jumped her for me. She is this. You know I tol I had to let you little, I hate to use the word evil when the pranks or so third grade I mean evil is a little smarter than Nancy Pelosi in me evil wines from time to time, and she hasn't. She has not been on a winning streak lately and all should she should manage the Mets there. I didn't love the pearl work when they walk about Marshall Blackburn. I didn't see that Oaks Marcia Blackburn got to have the sergeant. It s got em out just a line of losers. Jellia now, though, is a cry of Adam ship was pouting, just a line of loans, is going out there. It was beautiful Why do we have a few good men when they arrested nickel set at the end, but the cops on Kendrick? Here
I you know what I we did a special last night Nick. That is just mind boggling there. Need to be some handcuffs, and I will tell you this. I think Grass Lee is on it bitter grassland Centre, Johnson, R R, working on the investigation and working on subpoenas for Hunter Biden, and they are going after the money laundering? I think this things about crack open and is good at first, this time in three and a half years, I feel like the Republicans, can play orphans and not defence, because the Democrats have destroyed themselves some believe, but I'm a little. But gradually ease in his late. Hundreds is any of your. I bring the sleigh he he might question was so surprised. Every time you here is, namely like, while he's still going you guys in his. But yes, that's the big thing: they're gonna get Hunter Bide, follow the money, that's gonna, be cracked open, but the bigger things still is the ideal
What an what the F b I had! They had. You know confidential people and trumps. They weren't officially FBI there in his Aubrey brain when they saving that for the election, When I hope so I mean how do I lose this with the economy? The impeachment I mean, I think, the only way drawing himself did you see that use you watch the state of the union right I walked stated. I watch tromp anytime, it's like a Netflix special. It's like you know. I can stand up special. I look forward to it. He just every minute of that was an amazing speech I mean I I was in the room and honest, when he said to the to the woman. You know that your husband, his back and hearing his I literally looked under my chair, to see if there was a card under these we all one cars because though, probably in every the whole thing I like and you ve got a car and you ve got a car because it was intense, but it was
little game showy, but it made it good that really showed to me this guy knows how to program a good show when I thought it was presidential in great. It was great and I forgive large ideas which he should have all the time it makes them more presidential either but romance your question who wrote who writes the flowery part: those speeches that that's not well tromp known, he didn't write any of that. That was written by what was his name stew guerrilla subject. Vandyke show He was a great he's, a greater what these reports, so you don't so you don't like you'd like the flowery parts know I like it it just it's weird. Coming out of trumps amount I made a guy, you say a building contract from Queen right right now, just fight you can tell the part. I know he knows his accomplishments. He's got that in his head and he's a salesman that comes up natural ability starting a better future. This
shining out makes me laugh. I will, I will say when he started and he was just going through the economic stats and my God first have our. If, if you're just a regular person, you watch the first half hour and you have a that's the first time you ve heard any of those stats and if you believe, those stats which I'm the only saying that, because the media is constantly telling you how bad we are If you look at those stats, I you're right. I don't know how this guy loses. Unless you know that the economy falls apart, herb something you know spectacularly bad happens, but the beauty of that was with him rating, although statistics and how great we're doing is, pollute the juxtaposition lousy tearing up this by another admitting right on
camera. I hate this that he's doing so well in the country's done so well. I hate you people that crazy, that when I saw that, unlike what is she king and eventually airline you're gonna blame it on menopause, which is like seventy six. I will. I want to ask you about Iowa, because this has just been a devastating weak for your neck. Policy. Is Daily Union yet Iowa, where Joe Biden has just done and you still don't have the final count you after that the impeachment he's acquitted. This couldn't have been a worse week for the Democrats. I said that to my producer. I said the Democrats. Will I Glenn back in the eighties when he was on drugs. He finally hit bottom away. That's what you said you produce it, and I said I didn't use your name, but I said it's like out somebody who are drug adequate hits bought. I don't think they're bottom yet
No you're right when the stuff comes out about Obama, spying on that's when they're at the bottom. I'm waiting for that. I know this stuff is the you know. I'm waiting for. I want to see somebody arrest, yeah. I want to see call me arrested well, but the problem is the guy that they put in charge of looking into the fire. A court stuff is the guy who was the agent. That said this is ridiculous. You can trust the fire a court. You know, none of this is is true. This is all made up stuff about Carter, page that guy is in charge of the investigation now who's that you'd, which gave ran him
do not rob Ray? No! No! No! No! I don't know his name, but I can look it up for you, but, but he is the guy who was making all of the excuses for the Obama administration with FISA Court and now he's the guy that they put in charge of investigating it, and it's it's ridiculous. We got the do we get the Doorn report coming? Yes, we do, and we don't know what's in that yet and hope
de I mean I everything I have heard is that that bar is common down like a bag of bricks, and the reports that are coming out this spring or summer are or going to clean house I've. I've also heard talk that there are some big replacements coming in. Some of these communities will leave it at that, and Trump is interested in cleaning house really cleaning out, and that would be fantastic yeah. I do. I think that saving this, I think, the timings perfect. I mean that this is gonna, be a historic, landslide and twenty twice looks like you said lighting, and let me hear you gonna screw up this economy when you gonna come on we'll corona virus, which all I know that you have to
Ultimately I may not do as you please oh. I am so sick too. Here in my whole life, Sars was supposed to kill me they're, going about eighteen, these things, I'm sorry, China, this. How many people in China have three six hundred of something? That's like. I was eleven people over here right Does the Trojan Chinese Ali Point one percent right, Narberth say I don't have a summer? I don't know. I'm a home and who Wang anymore right, get rid of my pet. Did you see whether region aided from some exotic animals? You know that think it was a bat soup that so tell me that I love that soap. I heard that I have heard Applebee's little cry, yeah, that's so happy! I get a Wednesday pride with women real mild, so pathetic Harvey is it's why
I mean we did some things that we just need to tell people in one. I didn't think we needed to say this, but don't eat the bats. Ok, don't eat the bat I had a when I lived in New York and Westchester had a big stone house by a pond, and I had a couple incidents bats got at my house. I was reduced to twelve year old girl, one of them change me around, like a in touch about committed an enlightened screen like a little girl, and then I got it out of the house in a week later me, my wife were in bed. This is true. The light well, the only light you could see was from the dvr. I see something go buy it I go down. Even tell me, like I see some fly by it, I hear fluttering, and boy all, but feminism goes away. Please others, I gotta whip up all back on this point. I wrote me to wedding penetrated solved. It sounded like came out of this.
APOLLO from Nick DIP dot com eagle, listen to his podcast Daily Nick dip dot com? Thank you so much Nick, I forget. I plug three three dates: Roquat and quickly, go ahead a week from Saturday February fifty Kelsey Theodolite Park, Florida Decatur Civic, set on February twenty eight dedicated Illinois, every twenty nine zombies, Comedy CUP Rosemont Illinois, and I thank you good to see you again good to see you think stock imposed all right. Why is buying and selling a home so complicated at? Why does it have to be such a hassle? You know when you wanted a new home, you just took your favorite club over to the guy's cave and you waited until he wasn't looking than you knocked him over the head and bought a bang. You ve got your new cave. The simpler days. They don't come back well, the way we're heading they might come back Nowadays we have to do paperwork, and you know things at all have to be. Juggled all at once. You have house feelings tours of the houses. You know, you're looking
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There are real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dotcom, lessening back welcome to the programme. We talk about Bernie Sanders, Iowa Buddha Judge, New Hampshire, all of that with Bill O Reilly coming up in just a second to talk about this thing. We ve gone back and forth on a few times here. Who do you want the democratic nominee to be? My choices would be for you here. Do you want a Bernie Sanders whose basically,
socialist and really wants fundamental transformation of our society. Now, however, is so extreme it's impossible to picture a person in Pennsylvania deciding to vote for them, but like to do could it could happen right? I would say better chance for Trump to beat Bernie Sanders. Then another nominee already. Let us use Amy closure as but certainly not consider a moderate myself, but much for far to the right even might lead as told us this as compared to a Bernie Sanders might be harder to beat. However, if they actually do winds, somehow is not going to necessarily push for the fundamental turnover. Is this wind somehow is not going to necessarily push for the fundamental trend over the years. There is a talking about here is the here is the way America collapses if me Sanders get. The nomination and I just speak for myself off
of my money is gone out of the market. I I taking a view not alone that before the nomination, if it looks like he's, gonna get the nomination, I'm taking my money out of the stock market because it will collapse now. Yeah taking my money on the stock market- and you do in that as well- that helps it collapse. I get that but Lee it in there. This guy will do it did that he won't need Congress. He will do it by residential Thea. He will just sign it in he's already set it. There are already working on his executive orders. I don't think we had a chance to go over these. This week are- give you the executive orders that there already drafting for him there terrifying capitalism will be over under him It will really be very bad and why? will hasten if he It's the nomination, the economy, will collapse. We will go into a depression, but it will begin to collapse
under Trump and the media will say see, that's Trump prompts trumps economy and then he'll be. You know. I got a fixed ups economy and all this capitalist up and a lot of bone heads will buy into that, and if they do, we are doomed if they don't and if people realize it's because Bernie was coming in and talking about an end to capitalism, then we will learn our lessons on socialism in four short years and then we'll get it right but that that, as we know very difficult to refer very difficult to reverse- and I dont even know I just I mean I don't know you. If if we survive back from yeah. You may not come back from that, and so I rather go with a club ajar and only because too years ago. I would say no way no way, Bernie Sanders. It's not gonna win
I'm not gonna say that about anyone any more. That's exactly why they want that's why the media is doing this now because they feel guilty because they think they help Trump get elected and they did By airing all of these things by law laughing at him and everything else, the people just Doug anyone really people don't like to be laughed at and don't laugh at Bernie Sanders. His his supporters are real and they are zealots. I believe in something, They will make it happen and I'm not gonna be in a position saying all that Bernie Sanders. You don't have a chance, be accepting look I in my head. I I think that sometimes was Johnson Pennsylvania, Michigan. These people in vote for it out our socialist, really by the the day when I think there's no way. Bernie centres can win. You realize the same arguments were being made by Democrats about Donald Trump, yet we want Donald Trump to be the nominee cause. There's no way you can win and is
when it comes down to one on one anything can happen, but you, I don't think I wanna one on one match up with Bernie Sanders, because the economy happens that elapse a month before the election. He's, gonna be the presently that I'd say dear it Andy is the nominee and it looks like it been closely economy, will collapse a month before the election. Well, we are weak away from Valentine's day she's, whereas the time gone, if you still and taking advantage of the unbeatable rose vocables from one hundred flowers, dot com? I have to ask you: what are you waiting for? Is a price is gonna go up? Take care of all of your rose needs today, with the official florists Valentine's day. One eight hundred flowers dotcom right now when you
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On Monday, we had Iowa lived, not just not. Run of the mill carcass vase, groot it all up. So too stories just on Monday, then state of the union on Tuesday, and it wasn't a run of the mill state of the union and an Nancy Blowsy added sugar. On top of it, then The next day we had impeachment, which is only happened three times in american history and the president was acquitted and then next day we had his response gets us all the way here to Friday. God only knows what happens. We haven't even talked about the locusts, the her spreading all over the Middle EAST. So hey, maybe we'll get plaguing the locusts next week, bill O Reilly from below Riley dot com. You did a good,
a commentary on our state of the union coverage on Tuesday. Thank you for that. Let me start on Iowa and take this day by day I await the results are still unknown. What the hell happened bill, Well, the Iowa about counters went to the Middle EAST count, the locusts, people's rights and Jack right. That's what delayed it! Pete booted judges, the big winner in Iowa. But nobody cares. So I don't know if that's gonna help their people I think it will. It already is looking at the polls in in New Hampshire it already, and it turns out that it looks like Bernie Sanders actually won in Iowa twenty three twenty three to twenty two or twenty four to twenty three, something like that just by just by razors edge
He was so he's not getting the bounds that he would have gotten. Instead is all going to pay Buddha judge by because standards should wipe them out right. Your body does everything character, because you really don't know why he stands for you now, because he never sat or serious interview with anybody. The debate Jojo they just ask a question that I can eat or the gal can ask for whatever they want. Nobody hold them accountable for what they say. So I don't know what he booty: judges, vision of the countries of the devil, but he's nobody is going to sit. I mean think of it. He lets say he just starting, do well and he is be, becomes the the nominee who is he gonna, say it's gonna ask him hard questions, no one, no one and an end
knows and his people now there is and have to their nobody's, demanding daddy. You do itself, for example, open boy rebooted joint support, open borders. Would he ah deport people, or is he a single payer? Healthcare guy watches, helped your vision. What would he do with taxes? We raise corporate taxes and personal taxes, nobody knows all peach village and I said this before, and I really think this is the best analogy. He looks like a cat member happy days, everything say microwave shot, you young, very articulate, but so with a happy days. Crew goes around any says: stop
and I don't know what three minutes at recess time. I don't know what he. I can't remember what he said, but he's got deficits for some reason: african American Oh I eat it, loaded yard, you I don't know why they don't like them on their church, going been basic view, no moral principle, believing people at the he don't. You think it's a gaping whatever it absolutely is. I mean you're proposition eight. You know them means in the Catholics. The the heat for major proposition, eight didn't happen in California, it wasn't it wasn't them that the biggest the biggest outspoken and force as a voting block Ganz proposition in California was the african american vote. They they don't. They have found
did. Naturally it just doesn't. It doesn't work. I dare say he gets thirty percent of the democratic. In African Americans and say very conservative hispanic. Negative upper that pre big double and I will tell you this. I think this is different. You know when when Obama was coming and it was the first black president's. Was history, etc, etc? This would be history to the other first gay president, but I think that people don't people people have changed it. It's not like the first black president in for now, when you say well yet a vote for him because he's whatever filling the blank gay, they will look at that as
jeez now we're gonna have an activist and they, I think people are tired of the activists there are tired of you know we did the gay marriage and everything in thing. You're moving along, and so there's that group they would say. So it's not going to be a problem. I don't care, if he's gay or not- and I think that's probably most Americans maybe but then you have, then you have those who might support him. Because of that that would say you know, just don't want more activism. What is that gonna. What is really an accident? Silly, not campaigning? you know my knowing it guy, I'm smart, and army young and viable and let me now he's gonna get hurt.
In South Carolina and some of the biggest say so. Yes, booty judge who probably do well next Tuesday, and then all the press will run up in a bee booty joint booty, outta guide. Because they're desperately they being the media seeking someone who can be How to deal with our trump, but I dont, see booted judges, the nominee I'll think that's gonna happen, I don't know it's gonna be. I was a baby projector by Really, I he carries money now, I'm all right. They have Biden comes any right now. He is in the polls in New Hampshire he's in fourth place. If binding, fourth or fifth place. He's done he's just done, while your when South Carolina, even even if he performs cool poorly-
Inn in New Hampshire. So I don't think he's done and then tonight I think you're going to stay by me and be a lot more aggressive because he almost have to be in the bank. Right. Others a debate tonight! Oh yeah yeah! I know I'm now. I've already got that on my calendar, I'm watching that start tonight. I can hardly wait waiting at the low Reilly, everybody sign up in the tweets, so you don't have to watch out with it no what's goin on evidence. That's what I'm looking for better able that's what I'm conform. You do what everyone yeah he's gotta go hard. Uprooted judge, though, does any bill. I'm in this is this. Is this? Is it doing if he loses if he gets destroyed in New Hampshire, I know, you're saying about South Carolina, because his poles have been so solid among blackboards in particular, has been holding that lie. But if you
The member in a row he they may abandoned, and neither will I always out there on a black boat- is very loyal, very loyal and no stay with him because of the Obama connection but tonight iceberg. You know scorched earth from your by as much as that the day I dont know I don't know what that even means, or Joe Biden anymore. He used to be that guy. I know that wagon him anymore. I don't you I certainly He is run a very poor campaign and looks befuddled word of the day, be followed by action. He's gotta, you gotta do we got him out, but even if he does, nobody is watching the debates like nobody's gonna watch here, watching million viewers it don't use, everybody will be out in fine. They should have done the debate on Sunday night, but they put
I didn't I, I don't think anybody want nobody's gonna remembered by Monday right. I don't think they even want anybody watching. I mean that's the one a day that we shall do it by Minister, it's a horrible thing so so bill. Let me let me ask you about Bernie Sanders. Now These areas did really well in Iowa. He got me if he has no credit. Now Oh he's lost at bump ease got twenty four percent. It looks like he is the official winner in Iowa by one percentage point he is head now, but it's close Buddha judges closing the gap in New Hampshire, which Buddha judgment I was at fourteen percent he's now it what was a twenty two percent in New Hampshire still being led? by Bernie Sanders what happens to Bernie Sanders now. Just Bernie Sanders is forty years older than voted out you ordered or zero. I now there's no way
The democratic party is going to allow Bernie Sanders running a sound tromp. Nowhere does it up. I saw top wants to run against them. That's why transfer unrivalled I gotta get Bernie again. Could he was burning reasonable as an opponent and after the brig, and I have to point because it shows up. I thought we'd Donald Trump two days ago, because I have to clarify something Doing reporting on this whole impeachment campaign, but he wants to one against standards, because many MIKE the mere Buber, give him a much tougher tiny then Sanders what the boat a judge, nobody, nobody thinks he's gonna be the nominees democratic party would be almost a miracle for him to get it, but I think many might would put him a second, I think, will be a Bloomberg. Outta judged it.
Direct possible and that's what's on a right, but I worry: go had good, but burning all crazy he's so crazy. The Democrats on act and put him up camera about that end and trumps wish to go after him in your thoughts on that when we come back, that's Reilly from Bill O Reilly. Dotcom. Make sure that you. Join him and he again gave great great commentary right after the president's speech on blaze, tv bill orally dotcom more and is the second it's Friday. Are I next week, Valentine's day till you walk up the color local gas station, Slash tyre repair shop, slash flower shop. You say I need a dozen roses: I'm desperate, there's no roses to be found
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Bernie Sanders, I think, would be fun. I think he would. It would be. I opening, and I also think it would be a landslide. However, If Bernie Sanders is the nominee the fly two of money in this country will be devastating, even in the build up an end thing could go wrong. I mean I dont want to repeat the mistake of that guy never be president, because that's what every That's why they wanted Donald Trump to run against tailoring latin. You don't know man so who, because they did the the the consequence of a Bernie Sanders win. Do you agree is catastrophic for our country, depression, yeah, not research and deep repression. This programme- Americans, don't pay close attention to politics. I mean you know, obviously you and stands for, but they
doing at Anna people listening to this programme to pay attention, but must stop tiger Listen! I don't really know what Bernie Sanders stands for, but they do now if they have a retirement account or a college fund, a cap that is invested in stocks in bonds. They know that Bernie Sanders gets elected Europe. I am an account is put yet. I think there is a chance that your stock market gets cut in half if he is the nominee and he looks like it's us not looks like it is close bill. I'm not, until he's elected, to take my money out. God take my money out. If I, if it looks like he might be, I'm not gonna wait, that's well, chumps would do, but that the poles are not gonna. Show him once he had before that he would be the nominee. Then you those
Let's see! Reality, people guy! You really want to do that as well. You know the story of the union. Bought in the opposition leader for Venezuela to be in a crowd right. Remember that Europe will why? Why why We do that. There is no reason honour. Nobody cares about them as well and already knows what's happening there. The reason they get it subliminally was to tie the Democratic Party to ban as well as social, exactly rang out. Why they did yesterday, Bout, the Republican Trump Campaign way ahead on this issue. Now the problem is that the press boot honestly report on bargaining he's a kindly all God bother gonna. I heard anybody where's your absolutely correct. He ever got power the flight of Body capital and act.
People leaving the United States would cause a tremendous recession that would lead to a depression, Bernie Sanders here right anything he's never got. One piece of legislation passed in the Senate, not one ever ass, would ever required with Screamin about and he's got himself No, you know status but never having a job in the private sector. Every year is a billiard air with green eyes properties, and we addressed the gate it and found out. It was all political, patronage, yeah, he's hunter body with oppressing report. Any of that right. We happiness country, not a free press any longer. We have an ideological press, Let me very switch to the state of the union and first, let's just it what I thought it was. I thought it as a anew. Standard for the state of the union. You could tell the President
Ben in television in marketing is all life. It was brilliantly orchestrated It was entertaining. It was fun. I I was in the room as you know that night bill and it was filled with hatred, unlike I have ever felt before the vote and you saw it with Nancy Policy, but I saw it. I saw it the house the whole time they hate him not like it was last year. They hate him because he is easily yes, that's why That's me, written by Stephen Miller, was brilliant, really brilliant. Try right was precise. It put the president, vision of its authority, and then they orchestrated and illustrated it with seven very touching. Ah people and situations.
That more immediately resolve. Just like you do on reality. Tv. We all right out of the apprentice, the immediate resolved. I hears the germ always just about it. Here is the little kid we're gonna give her a private schools colleges yeah. How was I want at the other, here's rush, Limbaugh. Here's a medal of freedom is thus slayers the soldiers, wife, here's the soldier. I mean I am sleep. You don't need Oprah Winfrey, because he's already done it you a car and you got a car and you gotta car. That's right! You is open on steroids right at and it was. There was a pay off to it right to pay or pay or pay our pale today. Why, plus you rip descriptor biggest policy sit near, I didn't know what to do because it was.
Working and they didn't know what to applaud poor. They didn't know what they're know anything and it doesn't look like a bunch of great rivers whose parents just follow them. We're going to the movies are right. We weaken review with Bill Riley. We continue in just a minute. We were it where it Tuesday, night. We yet a long way to go. So you know it's embarrassing and scary, being the guy who has to go, tell Darth Vader that the rebels just got away again. You d want to be that person. It sucks a lot, but it's not it's embarrassing, a scary or as having to talk to your doktor about E. You probably going to pick having to go talk to Lord Vader. Pretty much. Every time even
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ass back, get roman Dekom slash back last night, the special Ukraine, the final peace had more viewers watching then watch CNN and their people are trapped in an airport hours are free, join us at blaze, tv dot, com save twenty percent right. Now Holy cow, coming up to the top of the hour, we're gonna talk a little bit about the special that happened last night. Or viewers, then Anderson Cooper gets. I mean it did, was shocking. Last night, and we can't thank you for the support that Grass. Lee is getting that information to
he's already starting to issue subpoenas or talking about issuing of subpoenas he needs to. If you missed it, you will find it on blaze, TV, Ukraine, the final p It is also still up on Youtube, but watch it the billion dollar. Question. What happened to the money and its the hour were also going to tell you about what just happened in the house. In Virginia, they passed the gun, magazine suppressor ban. Now, if you have a so called assault weapon, which I don't even know what that means, but it you have an assault weapon. You now are of Phelan. If you don't register it with the state police This is not going to end well in Virginia. I don't know what the press, what the people in Virginia Democrats or thinking other than this is our turn and we're gonna jam it down everybody throats. But this is I'm gonna end well welcome bill, O Reilly back to the programme.
On your back. In Virginia is gonna go to trump because of all this big time, big time, the unintended. That's the unintended consequence, the democratic taking over the governments that government other and while some tromp laws very now only tailoring point last time the gun thing or mobile eyes, more conservative voters in that state and I believe that trouble will win that state. Unless some thing happens between now and November and all you gotta, do that is pick up one more and then to be re elected. So when I, in my conversations with them, Tuesday. He was feeling very open and I told them I don't get too cocky, because you gotta be careful. You can be a lot of mines planted in your way at all,
the Democratic Party in the media, which is one and the same now they're alive together their work, on another scandal, no good girl. No, what is it this time? I don't know what you're working on one and two. It's not gonna have a lot attraction. I don't believe I think people are exhausted now over and lobby work again Bill had Democrat bill with this though they ve been saying these things, it's the little boy, cried wolf. This one's gonna take now this is the biggest scandal. We got him this time and data and people believe them for a while that, if it doesn't, I dont think it matters any more what they have every one sick of it they have been produced. Anything and I just that I don't even think their people are listening to it anymore, bombing they're, not
Libya. But if you look at the tv ratings are not yet all the tv ratings went too far because I was perceived as a weapon for dollar drop and saw all approach. Trumpery watch box is, as the only out with that war actually support president drum and then they never trappers did not watching great numbers, and we
and we see and CNN. So you could see it. We can see it as we get those numbers every day that you right now people are exhausted. Let me go to the impeachment and Romney your thoughts on Romney sinisterly republican Party, and that means that he's going to be a pariah, so he's not gonna have any import into what the party dogs you two does not have a recall mechanism, but now the state legislature is trying to draw one up. That's directly did Mitt Romney scope for more years left if they pass it in you talk and it's a fifty fifty deal in SALT Lake City, then he'll face a recall.
Because it's received that he did. This voted for removal or abuse of power for personal reasons, and I cannot see any other way why you would do it, because what are you removing them for what asking you clean president to investigate corruption? That's what you mean moving import, that's absurd! saw Ronnie loose on every brought here because he's never gonna be embraced by the laughed unless he viewed goes over our. He becomes a left arm self as a Democrat, but they ve Dave. I've always liked him unless he moves in, rose. You, your dog, I'm even move them physically dont not sure, that's gonna happen. How is How is history going to remember as one of the theories on Mitt Romney is he's looking towards future and and where
His name is going to be placed during this time and he's thinking that Trump will not be remembered. Well, how do you think histories gonna write this impeachment story. I've already fifty fifty years down the road just little ass, direct my box a year from now killing the capital I'll just be a little asked her. If there is not a major historical occurrence in this country, it was a partisan play. A return to damage revolver deposited by is up this inquiry. That's how it'll be calibrated down the road, nobody past presidents, very few people even know who they are, that any whore Millard Filmore poor all right. My
you're an outside of the in shops. By what are we remember from mighty? That's what's gonna happen, I mean. Is that can be any any store. Importance at all. So as you look at the weak and the the Democrats, really coming under, I think coming I'm done this week. They look Patty. Small light, Losers, like liars. The dishonest I mean just it- couldn't have been a better weak for. For really anybody's doesn't like them right, what about right, it is all very and they don't have any charismatic candidates, but it's too early, do the victory celebration?
dance and the or know that I'm not saying none and away. I'm not saying that this means anything for the election. At this time it is still too early, however, how bad Have they damage themselves with their own people? Do you think the Democrats out the middle the country when they saw Nancy Pelosi rip that up when they saw the present? What how do you think That translates to the average Democrat. The first thing that I said, the Donald Trump when he called me up was: did you pay policy? They do that. Did you give money to rip? That's ripped up, that's how much it hurts democratic party. Now people's memories ashore, ass, she had done are not over. I think the Democrats would have lost the house and they have a chance to lose it in November. There could be a sweep across the board.
So Trump, and then both houses controlled by republic. It could happen because the democratic right now I'm in a week, they look petulant, does another word a deeper still petulant, Anders no standard bearer. Isn't it. I want to get the most powerful Democrat in the country. The most carries, Matic democratic country, a lot o bomb says not a word not worry interesting
He knows he doesn't want to be a hot to this train wreck the only I would never it and that's why you don't hear anything from well. There might also be some other reasons he doesn't want. You in tat tat himself to what's going on in Congress right now. We we talked about that on the special last night, but that's a different story and his lack of dangerous, I infer Biden is, is ruled. The fact that he did not come out for bided and endorsed hand is rule. He obviously wants somebody else to win he's, acting as if he's just gonna stay out of it, no matter what a man as vice president, if you thought it was the guy who should be one heart, beat away from the presidency, should it forcing us to be President now, that's not how Barack Obama operating Barack Obama has a book coming up, but he's got a problem with the book. That is why I sold a gazillion copies of her book and his work is another cells. Many copies sought
doesn't want to eliminate the poor lad because he wants them to buyers book and therefore he's not gonna get involved in buying nor under the Buddha Judge or come alive or anybody he's gonna sit it out until he sees a wind blowing a certain direction. I just agree. I think o bomber would be comparable with by because Biden would govern exactly the way about it, and so I don't think there is a personal I dont like Joe Deal. Obama knows Bernie Sanders gonna get crushed crushed. If he's the nominate, he knows He doesn't want. Bernie Sanders getting the nomination back channels is made that clear. So let me let me ask you this. You said several times today that the debt that's never gonna! Let him get the nomination, that's that's it that's a whole new kettle of fish, but it does include a pie
stability of a brokered convention and Michelle Obama stepping up or do I think it will go to Bloomberg brokered convention, certainly possible. I got to tell you: I have pretty good contacts within the Democratic party. You would think I wouldn't, but I do know a lot of people in there that work there, and there has never been one time when I have heard Michelle Obama has any interest in running for president. Is possible, but Bloomberg is the wild Cargill. Bloomberg emerges with these two billion dollar war chest two billion
what what's up by. What's a fight like that, look like against him and down from all it's it's gonna, be so entertain you that you're you're bad bad, bad, burying you'll get a bond, thereby gonna baby. Amazing member that member that gene and the producers, when Jean while, yes, dear fat, fat, fat fat, it Bloomberg runs. It would be the most entertaining campaign of our lifetime, but consider that the Democrats,
party nominating for President a White bear you near a billionaire, a white billionaire who has done everything possible to exploit capitalism with white privilege. That's the nominated! That's where you're going this might for you Bill O Reilly from Bill orally dot com. Thank you, sir. Finally, I will take you next week. I ride you, don't know you where's? He don't know your business. Can you afford to expand? Can you make the new higher? Can you launch the new ad campaign? Housework? the new pacing its last year, most companies don't have a clear picture on all of the ports of pieces of their business. Don't know all of the numbers, and so therefore your guessing A times and that's why lotta businesses fail or you confident that you have the right numbers. Eight your finger
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odd, slash back this programme in today's story of his election series staff writer for this program, Kevin Ryan talks about the savagery of politics, which reminds him a bullfighting. He lived in was teacher a teacher in Spain for a while. But if I was hoping at all the story is called Trump versus policy in the game of politics, its live and the blaze dot com.
So Glenn back Dotcom. He writes in this. It's no secret I dislike politics and that I strive in my writing to transcend ideology and tap into the deeper meaning of life? The humor enormities that we all face in the hope that I can find an answer. Despite the fact that I work at conservative servant of new site, I'm neither a conservative nor liberal, not right, nor laugh, not anything, I'm sure, journalist, I believe, in the old way, find the truth tat. Clearly and honestly and let people decide, leave the activism out of it the night. The disastrous Iowa caucus at a fashionably, indifferent dive bar into mine. I had a few beers with bleary I'd Caucasus. I hate Polly pics, I blurted out at one point with a mouthful of popcorn. If you hate guy who cast for Bernie, then why do you, Why do you write for political new side too? Should I get asked a lot something I ve spent a lot of time pondering.
In the moment. I had no decent answer. Thanks to a, long day in a row of empty. Perhaps blue ribbon cans, but the question stuck with me. I write about politics, for many reasons is what I like to have said, but re the rest of it and his thoughts and his experience in Iowa the carcass. Now it Glenn back dot com and the blaze dotcom are. We did a special last night. If you missed it, you can watch it on Youtube or, if your subscriber, the blaze, even you, watch it there as well. We I have to Well, thank everybody for for your subscription to the blaze. We are making some pretty big changes in the Glen Back programme starting next week. The tv show the Gb Tv if he will, and it's going to involve one our special like shit.
Every Wednesday night at nine p M, we continue our search and Joe Biden and China. The real threat to our Nation is coming from. China that'll happen we Wednesday night, a special from the Glen Back staff. Gb! tv you'll see at nine o clock on blaze, tv here listening it's a it's a long long, weak and my wife said to me. This war you come home, and I said you know it to spend five hours recording my book today. They neither first five arza. I gotta leave here echoed voice the new book
how long weak better very long weak, but it has been worth it. I think we really accomplish some great things this week and has been a good week too, finally feel like we're on the offence and not on the defence of his eyes as a movement No, that's not the way you feel in Virginia. If you are listening to us in Virginia, the house just passed all kinds of laws that make any legal gun owner of whatever they deem is an assault rifle you're. Now a phelan. If you don't go registered with the state police. I talk to some sheriffs and some law enforcement in Northern Virginia Northern Virginia and they're just talk to enforce these things there in one sheriff, told me I'll deputize everyone in my county. These are. This is again
The constitution is going to mean a big, we infer Trump, I think in November, in Virginia torment. And enlightenment today is an important day, because today, these special that we did last night a record breaking special is on its way to the Senate and senator gradually and Senator Johnson, and we need your help and support to make sure that they look at all the details, see all the details and then act on those things. I think already moving in this direction, but last night and our special Ukraine, the final piece, the billion dollar question asked
happen to our one point. Eight billion dollars and the answer is no- pleasant- especially if you John Kerry Joe Biden Hunter by Hilary Clay head of the state Department. Anybody that in participated in the impeachment trial, many p Bull in Ukraine and rock Obama will fill you in One minute is the Glen Bag Programme. So if you watch the state of the union address, I'm sure you noticed, as I did a lot of turkey neck. Going on in that room anyway, you sandwiches on this debate stage. Tonight, it's it's! press freedom in an impressive, policy just doesn't look real anymore. No, I don't know what she's done time
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and you sell dot com g and you see, l dot com or the jolly treatment. Now and you get the Jenny sell our age, any Jenny Cell media defects, absolutely free call or go online? Now, eight hundred five, seven, seven, eight, seven, zero, nine or or Genucel the media did this level of reporting an investigation. Imagine how much corruption they could eliminate. It's almost as if that's what the founders, This again over the comments that came in from last night show imagine if our mainstream media did this level of reporting and investigation imagined much corruption. They could eliminate it's almost as if that's what the founders want it. Leon, Road Glenn. Let me start by saying I was raised in California, but I'm a non, no nonsense straight shootin, physically hardworking fifty year old Man- and I am not quick to give compliments ass, they are due to the work. You were been doing you and your staff you been doing for
a long time now is truly amazing. If anyone deserves an award of the highest award for journalism, it would be you and your team, you call it like it is. You speak the truth that you ve covered even way back when you first covered the Federal Reserve in so many other major topics. Thank you for what you have done, credible journalism, rights Candice. I'm truly speechless. Thank you for not giving up on these stories, like we see so often in the mainstream media. Thanks for the incredible work put into this great presentation, Glenn approximately forty six, fifty seven into your special you presented newspaper article that cites investigative journalist, naughty grouchy, You should know, because I am from Ukraine naughty She is not the name of a person; it literally means our money in Ukrainian. Thank you for doing this. Lot of people from Ukraine were watching this.
Last night. I would say to you that not geographically would be a great name. It would be women that's a friggin, solid name right, I think so too. Rapporteur Mathieu Grosch, you naughty. Listen this one while this is so powerful, I'm ukrainian native- and I didn't know, half of this Where is your one point? Eight billion and we we The conclusion last night, now this is our- can collusion, you'll have to make your own Mind up on it, but it is the most logical scenario that planes. What we laid out last night is the: Obama. Administration was running a secret war against Russia at a hot war and are one point, eight billion dollars which, by the way when they say we have missing one point, eight billion dollars. Do you know what they want?
when a billion dollars for how much of that just piss you off do you found that out in the whole thing has is, is not stop examples of of stuff that shouldn't happen. Right, so the one point eight billion dollars that is missing was was raised by John Kerry and Joe and they got Congress to pass this aid money to bail out. The ukrainian banks. Wow. I thought it was bad when we were bailing out our banks, but now you they're, using your taxpayer dollars to bail out the ukrainian banks so that one a billion dollars was put in to provide bank and a guy who is the the are just shareholder in the founder of private bank. Is a guy named COLA, Ski he is he's tony soprano and Jason, but role.
Is with us, and he is our chief researcher and head writer and has been overseeing all the research on this one. First of fantastic job banks, fantastic job, Explain who calamity ski is because we knew who he was. We knew he was with berries man. You know one of the larger shareholders there and we knew that he ran the bank and we knew also that he was on a pretty much ado. Fly list. Don't do business with list come to the United States. Everyone knew who he was. We thought that was just he's a bad shady business man, that's not, who he is yet is bad shape, business men and in that for the bad shape this man in Ukraine seem to be about ninety eight and ninety nine percent of all of them so they might get something weird with them, but this guy column whisky is like the king of oligarchs. When we say oligarchy? No, we mean tony soprano, that's what we're talking about,
he was on. This do not fly list over here because, as you are pointing out he was inducing intimidation tactics, usually what it was arming gangs in the streets, dim, intimidate, rivals and that included supplying them with guns supplying them with ever including chain saws. It was implicated in be heading beheadings within the country. This is a bad guy. In the headings. Can you imagine This is when you say, hey he's a shady business. Man think somebody think. As a shady businessmen, you think white collar crime, Something like that you Bruce you made offers on the right. This is a guy who was buying chain saws, so his his group could go out and be head. People with chain saws, because he didn't the way they are doing business in items and wow. That's all all different league. Now it's his bank that we
deposited the one point, eight billion dollars into its his bank. That then sent that overseas to several different countries, but all to his shell businesses that much he was then laundered and just I mean it bowed, all over the world. Now the reason why this is important is does a Hunter Biden was working with this guy Joe Biden cleared this. Guy's name. Honestly, I want to look at this and do what the mainstream media would never do for me would never do for four right, Jade never do for Trump. Nobody left look at this from the perspective of Joe Biden for a second. How much is your sons, life worth. Is your sons, life worth three million dollars.
I would say no worth a lot more than that it if, if this was just about enriching your family There is easier ways to do. It he's been doing it in China. Why would you Allow your son to be in. Solved and this we had the documents from Latvia, the lottery. Government issue in a letter to Ukraine saying hey there, Massive amounts of money being laundered through Latvia and it involves Hunter Biden and Bereavement Day God. You heard that before. Why would you let your son be involved with a guy who cuts people's heads off with chain saws that test? make any sense to me unless It was more than just the money. You give your son three million dollars to help you out on this project. So you're gonna get paid for it son, but is a bigger deal?
It explains why Joe Biden, apparently according the hunter, the only conversation they had was. Are you sure You sure you know what you're doing with this. That's It's almost like the speech that you give you know when you, when you're the Father in your sending a son in the sun's, been given instructions and he's going on a death mission, and he has a chance to escape most likely will. But it's gonna be dicey. That's that movie scene where the Father works walks up the sun. They don't even have to talk about what the mission is, because they both know You sure you know what you're doing yes, dad. I do. Ok, I I believe, because Kalinowski Ski was explain the governorship that he was given after at the same time he was in cleared by us and given a good, clean bill of health for the rest of the world.
This is amazing and I don't know how no one has. This is double things. We did this investigation warlike. I cannot believe, as has been reported in mass but Comiskey was obviously a rich oligarchy. Like it, we said the king of oligarchs, he owned the biggest media company, he owned the biggest independent gas coming And on and on and on dialogue, bake end They are now the largest became clear, but during That time, twenty fourteen twenty fifteen approach Franco was looking forward these rich oligarchs to fund the war against Russia, so weak they were completely broke that I had no money? They had no that's why we had a bail out their banks. They were ending every year four billion was allotted for the ukrainian military. That's all they had. They just had four billion, but these oligarchs from or their net worth was much more, more than that four billion, so he was gonna. Take these rich oligarchs that we ve had noted that are obviously corrupt bomb, no weapon eyes them so coal mines
he had this very large region in eastern Ukraine that really bad, right up to where the war was breaking out. Anything Ukraine of you want a front line. Column whiskeys region is the front line, so he appoints him governor for the very specific purpose of funding that war effort in that region. We know for fact that millions flowed I'm not sure what Bank accounts which, while hoping Congress and help us out on that, but we know that millions flowed to buy equipment. Fuel seem on spreadsheets tyres salaries for a militias one of the militias, the largest, was right there in his district April, which you pointed out last night. So you it's crazy about this. As these are the things we can find, one of the things that we can't find, what are their? What where who is buying, guns who was buying the military equipment? Where did it come from now
this guy is the guy that we were supposedly who were trying to bail out the banks. But as soon as we deposited the one point, eight billion that money, was laundered and gone to him so he stole that money and we don't hear about it. We showed you last night, a state department, letter that says don't look into this to the special prosecutor. Don't look into, You don't need to look into this. This in Information is out there so like what use it William, you you mentioned now she gross. She is an awesome name that so that their work has been cited all over the place in Ukraine? You will find it any of it and, though in the west, you will find it where they use their in court proceedings out there in Ukraine. They were very civic and showing how they the like. I said that the identified forty two shell companies all leaning back to column whisky, all over the world, now This information is hard to find because, and I've looked at it because every time they say okay, we know the money went directly to such and such
company and Belize. They would have it we re tag that money is being for something else on a buying wrenches and El Salvador or thing like that, and it would belts over their inward bound to a different shell company, also Nicola give every time people like me or our car colleagues try to pin down that cash or to accompany it gets read, write reset as something else and sent to another another company. That's how it works. Now, that's all that's what we and, if especially, if you're congressmen senator right now. This is what we need help with. We need to know that we need help to the Treasury to find out where that cash, when we need to follow that money, because I'm I'm a very strong suspicion. A lot of that went flying back to Eastern Ukraine to buy arms in twenty one. Twenty fifty money. This is what we were doing in Benghazi. We were arming what became ISIS this is. The way the Obama administration was working
This was a secret war and it wasn't secret. I can guarantee you we deploy, at one point: eight billion dollars into a corrupt bank and it disappears Putin is, I'd, say gee. I wonder what happened though they had their money. He knows exactly whose money whose pocket that money goes into, and he knows it. That's the guy, that's building armies. We were at war with Russia. You want to know why they were hammering us why their acting like we're war, because we are at war and its with out Congress. Knowing no congressional oversight or approval it. Money laundering of your tax dollars to fight war, you did even know about that. The special and I want you to watch it. I would love for you two hashtag and tweet about it and and spread it? You would like it to you.
The hashtag Ukraine, the final piece p I see, p. I e seeing some rewards. Vital peace, p c, it's not final Plaza hashtag Ukraine, the final piece tweet that out, let's get that trending. It was trending at number two last night nationally and Hollywood would Ben Number one because it was travel. It was. It was hashtag with misspellings in it at all number seventeen a number fourteen as well so Ukraine, the final piece hashtag that this all this information is to to Lee and Johnson, because they are already apparently on some of this stuff and it needs to be investigated and people need to pay for it and go to jail. Also, please. The hashtag it now she got, she doesn't have learnt he's a great guy he's a great guy. I loved gnashing gosh, you go to my castle. Thank you. Thank you. So much Jason Dixon watch it
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We gotta Glenn in Ohio who's been holding for quite some time held last year on the gloomy programme I go out. I the programme was phenomenal. Thank you, but if I recall correctly back who had all this was happening. Russian we're taking Crimea because I had a navy base there and I was only warm water port right I saw things about English speaking troop in that area. Now for a lack of better turn black water comes to buying game. Just plain mercenaries, did any that money. Wind up back here believe it or not. Yes, so you may be on the right track. We have not had the ability to track it yet, but You do know from the latvian government. I think it's. The latvian government Jason just walked out
we do know that much of that money, found its way back here, so somebody was selling something or doing something here in Amerika, but I don't have any actual tracking that was just population by the FAO. Annual crimes unit, and I believe in Latvia, We will look into that clan. Thank you for bringing up ROD and Pennsylvania hello rod. Welcome.
Now. I am very glad I was just blown away by the quality of what you put together. Thank you, yeah kudos everybody. Thank you have one of the things that I would I would think in, and I hope you are thinking about all these people. There are at this end of all these shenanigans talking about trying to untangle. Not I work yes at work or the middle, and one of the things that really encrusted with one hand and if you could show what these guys being promised in their out. Yes fruit. I salute everybody. I have wrought, I'm sorry you're breaking up and barely here, but I
We stand at about this time when it is something which we talk about we come back. That timeline is absolutely phenomenal. Was that no one has told you next year listening happy days are here again. Researchers have recently found what time of malware that first emerge way back and twenty nineteen has been updated to make it more often more stealthy and much more lucrative for the bad guys the predator. The thief malware is capable of stealing usernames passwords browser data. The contents of crypto currency wallets its task. They could even take photos using your webcam without you knowing about it. How be days or here again unless you wanna be the party pooper in you have life lock its import understand how cybercrime is affair, during our lives and identity theft is a serious issue somewhat
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Welcome to the Glenda Programme, it's Friday, America Pad joins us just in butter. Ill is with us, is Sir Caesar had researcher for the special Justin draw lots anew and luxury Jason, because I got the last name right this time, but I'm not going around here. I have a good friend and it also part of our research staff, Justin Wheelers, also here in the studio, but I want to go. Over this, because this is what that GMO is talking about right before the break was the timeline. I brought this chalkboard into the radio studio. We happen to be watching us ablaze, tv you'll be able to see it, but let me explain it We won on Radio there's a timeline that you have not really been. You have not heard of the timeline that you get from the media is July. Twenty fifth trump makes a phone call
Let's pay attention too bad. He saying I want an investigation. I won I want to know what happened you know with these different things. We explain crowd strike. It's not what the media is telling you about. It has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory, nothing. They are mentioned by the latvian financial crimes unit as a City and and a player in a money laundering scheme with honey. Biden and bereavement, so he says I want to. I want to find out about where that money went. That's that's the first thing on the press timeline then Oh you get all the whistle blower and everything else talking about how bad this phone call was an ex thing you see a September eleventh two thousand nineteen doll. On releases the funds, but only because he's in a panic, now because he got caught Maggie,
another time line, and this will blow your mind. These are verifiable facts. I'm sorry, my time line at September, twenty fourteen! That's when, are one point: eight billion dollars. That was meant that they actually took your money and were bailing out the banks in Ukraine. How do you feel now but not only did they take that money to bail out the banks in Ukraine. They took that money put it in the most corrupt bank. Ever it's called private bank and it is owned by column whisky. He is a guy he's an oligarchy. Tony soprano, he literally cuts people's heads with chain saws. He is a horrible human being he's also the main partner embarrassment. So we
it in his bank and then all of Sunday disappears. That is September. Twenty fourteen now we're too. Old by the State Department. We have a document that we showed last night state Department hey, no reason to look into this we're fine with all that money. When George can't the treatment we witness Wangwana sent that letter, and said we're fine with this money. We know exactly where it went. Dont worry about looking into it. We have. Can we please play the John Kerry thing. This is John. Carry out on the stump for Joe Biden just lie: week talking about this. He I believe, has exposed all of it here, talking here about that corrupt prosecutor that has to be stopped incur in Ukraine, but he doesn't
they corrupt, listen, I will tell you because a secretary of state, I was deeply involved in this all of us in the administration we're trying to get rid of that prosecutor from Obama to the Secretary of State to the vice president. All of us were working, I ambassador and end We knew if Ukraine was going to survive and win the revolution in the end, the maidan they have to get rid of that prosecutor and did why win the war when the revolution, the Maidan, why I thought my corruption right winning a war winning a war against Russia whoa wait a minute. What now the prosecutor would not be in on this level money laundering and gun running by the United States he wouldn't be aware. So we have he's looking into this. He is looking into charisma and private bank
he's being shut down immediately, because this to expose the whole secret war. That's going on you! It's amazing about this. Why do you they never want to talk about it because the more you try defend something, the more you try and like suspend a a different story. The more information you accidentally exactly. This is an amazing slip of the tongue is an amazing amazing. Ok, so you rain on December twenty. Sixteen that's the next when in the timeline December September, twenty fourteen it goes away. The process Peters and fired, and men is because he's corrupt. We now know no is because they want to win a war and everyone was it on it there, number twenty. Sixteen a month after Trump is elected. You could in Seas private bank. Now why They do that in December. My theory, It is because the Obama administration was threatening them not to do that and the prosecutor
didn't know why and weren't a part of it and they want. To know. They thought there is missing money, seven billion dollar of missing money. What's going on so, if our theory is correct, you have the Obama administration working hand in hand with portion of the Ukrainian. President and they ve got this scheme going on were all of this missing money is going directly to this fight against Russia EAST and we are using it in a hot war. Actually buying arms and men, paying soldiers, salaries in a hot war with Russia, and you and Congress know nothing about it and provide bank the that just got seized in December twenty. Sixteen is the atm for that correct. Now the I M F now they had seven billion dollars. That's missing the! I am they stop lending right away too to the Grain Cosette was missing less money and they they said. We have a.
And shake agreement. This is an October twenty. Eighteen, two years after the government sees provide bank, we have a staff level agreement. Means a handshake that we're gonna. Continue loans, but that's all under board review and there are conditions tied to those loans. We don't know at the can missions are then next on I'm line is July. Twenty five, twenty six twenty nineteen. This is where the press gets involved. The phone CALL Donald Trump made a phone call. And he asked in. He said he wanted information. He wanted. He wanted to know about crowd strike. He wanted to know about borri summer. He I need to know about Hunter Biden. Wanted to know why that ukrainian prosecutor was fired. Look he's just do If politics on the exact same day we have a press France from the I am ass, who was they were talking? about a five b
million dollar alone to Ukraine, but they said it's so corrupt. We have to have a conference with them, because we have some some triggers, have to be pulled before we release any of this money guy to save. For a second this, this right, there's multiple like oh, my gosh. I cannot believe these things are lining up. This was one of the major one as we found that the same day this calls going down and and trumpet is looking at it- is in these connections as money laundering connections with the I M F basically saying the same thing. Look we want to give this money, but we need things to happen. First, air quoted things need to get done before this happens called a quid pro quo: ok yeah exactly right, same conversation, same topic. Same day now coincidence that happens coincidence. Ok, all let's go to the next one
next date on the timeline is September. Tenth, twenty nineteen and the summer just coming just this last fall one day before the alone would get release ok September. Tenth, the White House through the Office of Management and budget sends an email that says this. Money is ready to go out? It's all approved, ready to go out. We are, we for the obligating event. Now you might say, oh well, He wanted a press conference on CNN and they're just waiting for that press conference, but remember this is the DE before he releases the money, so the and be right and says it's ready to go waiting for the obligating event. That Oil is sent as the plain of the I M F touches ground in Kiev in Ukraine. Guy the I M F arrives, Tell the Ukrainians that day what the condition
is to get their five. In dollars from them their quid pro quo, aright that night as an initial linsky meets with Coloma whisky. He's there, the guy of these, the main shareholder of the bank private bank. Now we do no, what they discussed, but I will tell you They know each other, their friends he's the column. Whisky is the the lead of thunder and men main backer of Zeal Linsky, so I, magic. If you had the information the night before you're going to win, to your friend who, by the way tomorrow morning, at nine, a m, our federal true you're gonna come in and kick the doors down of private bank and we're gonna sees the bank and all of the records to Morrow. Now, if you think that that didn't happen, you're fooling yourself, My theory is that's exactly what he told Coloma ski the night before after them
with the I M F and after the opera eating event, email from the o, amby meaning you're going to get. Everything that you want to morrow. If you kick the door, the very this morning at nine, a M Ukraine in police raid, private bank. They kick down the doors they take all the records. They sees every thing at private bank, the dirtiest back there, the one that we law story, one point: eight trillion dollars do immediately after that, the I M F agrees to release the loans later that afternoon, tromp and the and be release all funds because of the completion of the obligating event. Now the prey we'll make it seem like he was waiting for a press conference. But what do we? words matter in corrupt countries here looking for a press event. He want
the doors kick down. Show me your serious about fighting corruption, that's the obligating event, Show me your serious. That's the obligating event for the I M F. They do it I m F releases there, five billion dollars and we release our funding. Now, how How is this a scandal? How do you not know that I didn't? Anyone tell you that My belief is because This is not just about politics. This is not just about corruption, you know and Hunter biting it in. Three million dollars that one point eight billion dollars. Still missing, I truly believe Obama was fighting an unsanctioned unauthorized war with Russia using coal, Amoy Ski and your tax dollars launder through Latvia and Cyprus, and given back to Coloma Whisky, who
President of the Ukraine makes the governor of the region, that is on the front lines of the russian WAR, and sky is now known in Ukraine as the guy who finance the war against Russia. You tell me that doesn't make sense. Tell me that doesn't make sense. It so off this is absolutely so obvious Yet it was left to us too fine if right, it's craziness, please, please tweet. This info Asian. Let people know about it and make sure that Senator Grassland Senator Johnson know about it. This must be investigated. Tweet hat tag, Ukraine, final peace, p. I e c e Ukraine final peace, far back in a minute, but it was amazing that
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flowers, dot, com, promo code back is that programme. But to get around in Texas Celeron your on the Glen Back programme that there was a tremendous program you put out very very important is the first thing that came to my mind was Obama's, failed, Victorian Guard and any use has remained constant through the money into that Ukraine, why? I will tell you that, do that's a good reference I for had forgotten about his serb secret force that he wanted to do, but
What it should remind you of is Libya and Benghazi remember. This has all of that that those who this was the beginning of this state Department policy was first Egypt using Social, media and revolutionaries on the street to foment revolution. Then they decided that we're going also help arm we helped arm the people in Libya and overthrow that we were trying to collect those arms thou send them to Syria for the next revolution and that's what Gauzy was all about was arms shipments. And so the United States was sending them to Syria. Where we were army. The syrian rebels, which turned into ISIS, so I think the area here was we got this down. We know what we're doing now and then were using oligarchs and in Syria. We used ISIS
So why not using oligarch that cuts people's heads off a chain saws and got in with a government and we laundered money and we helped finance hot war with Russia Gee, I wonder, why they might try to dust. Rubbed. Our elections here were at war. You just don't know.
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