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'Officially' Addicted To Outrage? with Dennis Prager- 9/18/18

2018-09-18 | 🔗
Hour 1 Glenn and Stu are officially 'Addicted To Outrage'..."Happy Book Release Day!" ...Is the Western Way of life worth saving? ...Kavanaugh denies sexual allegations from 34 years ago...desperate times (for Democrats), means desperate measures...who's to believe here?...she never reported it, no proof, zero, none, she can't remember anything?...2nd woman is now emerging?    Hour 2 Bernie Sanders: America starves and bombs little children?...the post-modernism progressive playbook is playing out...will there be country left for our children, when it's all said done?...there is no 'reason' in anger ...Sunspot solar observatory reopens after mysterious shutdown?...why was it closed down?...black hawk helicopters and the FBI investigate, UFO's? ...Trump tariffs are starting to make an impact and it's not looking/feeling good?   Hour 3 Iran, Syria, and Russia are teaming up?...the situation is a powder keg and anything can set it off? ...Top 10 Things that tell us you're white?...you may be white if?...have pets, 'trusts' people, own a gun and a flashlight? ...Glenn wonders into 'creepyville'? ...Dennis Prager joins Glenn to discuss the 'Outrage culture'...Fear of the left: The most powerful force in America today?

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