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Oil Went Negative! | Guests: Charlie Kirk & Sharyl Attkisson | 4/21/20

2020-04-21 | 🔗

Peaceful protests continue across the country, but the media spins them to look dangerous. Apparently, the shutdown doesn’t apply to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk breaks down even more leftist hypocrisy toward protesters. Glenn explains why oil prices dropped below zero and the start of deflation. Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson joins to discuss Facebook’s latest round of censorship. In today’s coronavirus update, meat prices could soon rise, and President Trump tweeted that he will temporarily suspend immigration – something 8 in 10 Americans wanted. New Jersey police officer Michael Hand has set up a GoFundMe page to support the staff of local eatery Prestige Diner while its doors are closed.

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He went and enlightenment. Oh my! Oh my you know the people who have been lecturing us about staying home, and you know you can't trust the american people to do the right thing. No people always self diagnosis when they do believe something in others. It's because they see that flaw in themselves. Oh, my gosh wait until we give you the latest about all those people on tv that are preaching to us about how we all have to stay home and quarantine data believe it themselves. They might believe it for you the little people, but certainly not for them in one minute on that programme, you know what a significant amount of your time is spent in pain there? Is there nothing, nothing that you won't?
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five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dotcom, get out of pain and get your life back relief factor. Dotcom. Tomorrow, night, at nine p M eastern glints, you ve the corona virus led to a devastating shut down of our economy and our way of life. But who drafted the agenda for our response? When reveals how a group of global elite prepared for a future corona virus pandemic just months before China report in its first case, Glenn Ass, the questions, the media, big jack, don't want you to hear event to award the Corona Virus WAR Game nine pm eastern tomorrow night at least two good outcome- slash Glenn. I have to tell you. This is going to be a remarkable show and something that you will not see anywhere else. In fact, I have a feeling you won't be able to Google search it or anything else
because they all claim this is a conspiracy, theory, etc, etc. It's not a conspiracy, it's all out there. It's been out. There Nobody has paid any attention to it and it is something bill Gates was doing in November of last year. He called the cdc in all of the banks and everybody together. And they war games a pandemic and there's no secrecy to its users, I mean I want, people to be war, gaming, bad things. However, conclusions that they drew the things that they said will help us I don't know if the rest of America agrees with it, but This is really the basis of what we are doing right now, and you should be aware of how that decision was made and what their intent was and is
we'll see it tomorrow. Blaze TV. You don't want to miss it. Right in the news today. I just want to take you on a whirlwind here: tour of what is happening in our country. First of all, the stories today are the the protesters The anti lockdown protesters that are carrying guns in Pennsylvania in Kansas City and count protesters block traffic. So use your seeing, saw some ice, disturbing images, just because remember This is a world that is one by images facts buddy. Just say everything. And if you start to look like you are a a terrorist you are going to be deemed a terrorist, whether you are or not
protests occurred yesterday. Kansas City Missouri or protesters blocked, traffic protests is in Pennsylvania, were carrying rifles and driving in a military truck, and those are the only pictures that you see this millet. And people who are wearing masks wait a minute. I thought we were so that we were supposed to carrying guns in the street saying you know it's time to open the country back up, This is not going to be received well and You will actually, I think her to the cause because you have no friends in the media you do in right were right wing media? We understand what you're doing I think, but You don't have any friends in the mainstream media, you can go out, look the way it looks in a big miller,
Harry Truck, because you look like you're wanting to cause violence and nobody is going to be a part of violence. These counter, protesters blocking traffic. I mean what are you Then what are you doing there? You just trying to piss everybody off. I mean I'm glad if you want the place to you know. Shut down, I'm glad that people would be pissed off at you, but these Testers have got to be careful because you're playing with all of our liberties near the three out of four Americans, now fear losing personal liberties, because the corona virus. So it's just a handful of people you're in the main, the majority, if you who are afraid that this thing this lock down is unconstitutional and we may never come back with the full liberties you're, not in the minority. You are in the majority. So
aid to the majority, don't seem to be rebels because no one the difference between America, you know what's happening in France right now. They are starting to firebomb the streets in everything else will get into that later there or a country of revolution. They the bloody revolution where they were. You know me heading people and then Napoleon they ve revolution after revolution after revolution, and they have violence in the streets all the time. A man chickens don't like that. We aren't revolutionaries it's why we have the progressive movement here in Amerika, because the the communists new around the turn of the century that you'll never get. Americans too overthrow their government and enjoying a bloody revolution, and let me just it won't happen now it
Would if things get two extremes, but let's not hope for that. Let's not try to encourage that. I dont that I don't know anybody who wants hey, let's fighter revolution. Let's win people's hearts and minds, and right now you're in the majority, stay there in the majority because everything else is becoming transparent, you're seeing now, did you see that pictures Stew of George Stefano plus he's. Occupying the streets in the hamptons on his phone with his mask around his neck, so he's wearing a mask. It's just not around his face. He is, he is battling. The virus himself, so his wife has covered nineteen, he has covered nineteen and he was photographed walking down street without a mask now this
the guy who is preaching to all of us, that we have to stay inside that we these these governors who are making us all stay inside and who were arrested or where we're ticketed. If we're just driving our car here, the guy diagnosed with the cove it nineteen, whose walking around without a mask corn timely for the and not for me, is these the exactly right. This is who they are in in the media and enow evade. This is how they look at it. Yes, of course, you have to do it. But, like I was even show, I me I'm the get to walk around and do whatever? I want right now it's one thing look to see: Beatrice were critical of the inn, in certain ways, because their nonsensical right, like not allowing people to go yet its harks and walk around is not having people to be allowed to go on a nice drive with their family. It makes
Absolutely no sense whatsoever nonsense, but someone who has covered t be outdoors at all in any circumstance is not cool Amazon, its own property by himself. Here, that's all The definition of a quarantine, usually is quarantine, the sick people, not the healthy people. Right. You tell the sick people to stay home I mean it. You know the reason why we ve quarantine. Everybody is because we didn't know first whose they can who's. Who wasn't? We didn't have enough testing so We didn't know who is sick, so everybody just stay home if diagnosed as sick you know I can guarantee we should look. I can guarantee you George stuff monopolise if he talked about the guy in in Kentucky that, de Warenne, ankle, bracelet and the police were in front of his home. I can guarantee you he was for that.
Guarantee you- and this is he's not the only one I mean normally, I would be even more fired up about. Georgia monopolise, but considering the Chris Cuomo saga, it's almost Oh my god. First of all like to be more annoyed about a story in any particular date and that one hears the Squire Christoffersen do have Kroger's grumbles theme song seen Christopher area. There are really talking about Chris Cuomo, its does Chris Gloaming. So here's a guy who comes out in his critical the entire time you gotta stay in your house. It's very, very important, calms down with covert nineteen ready, has covered ninety. His wife then gets it as well. So both he and his wife have the actual illness. His other, but these would live,
he's been living in the basement nets, sure he was living in the basement and we regret o in the basement and talking about how he loosened, aiding and swearing all the time and how terrible it was his. Why has it his brother is the governor of the state, who is the person who was responsible for putting all the restrictions on everyone right? and telling everybody. If you don't stay home, we're all gonna die and then just the other day stands the quarantine for every one of the state for another month again these are people who write have covered nineteen. I care little brother. Does then What is Chris Cuomo do he drew? It's an hour away from it with the place he's quarantined to his house in the Hamptons. Ok, He goes out high baseman with covert nineteen. He goes outside. He it's in an altar occasion. A passing bicyclist whose whose like hey dude, what the hell are you doing outside? Don't you have covered nineteen? He gets pistol,
I've read it asking the question and then he Goes back to his basement, quarantine and fakes on CNN his first, for Tunisia to walk out of quarantine. Since he sick. So he has his big moment on CNN Worry walks out of his business. This is the first time you are here with me: I'm coming out of court I'd fakes it just channel. None at all questions whatsoever right yeah he's the whole time use like. I can't believe this, my first time. It's just such a is this your blessing to be able to see my wife into p upstairs now out of this basement due to eat, you just in the car. It is true off to another house, you got into an altercation with a guy I'll buy you ve been out of the house. What are you talking about? How CNN survives? This is. Just beyond me
if you are, I mean I understand you, don't agree with me. You don't agree with me knows news of the president, or whenever I get it, I get it but if you actually can say oh, I know these are credible new sources. Now, winning he's been playing. You listen! sky Chris Quo has playing on your emotions. I add these fever dreams and they were so bad in the jewels, and I miss my children so much I haven't seen them. I could finally come out of the basement. Where's kill them. Kill him music I am just here with major where's, the music CNN where's, the music. Oh I'm sorry to news channel armies. The euro. Seeing this report live as it happens. You ve played Amerika you, been played by these people? This is why a man
chickens are in the street protesting because you don't believe any of it. Ok for you to go out and do things so, for you just sit on television and lecture us. Because you somehow or another are special. You know more than the average person now you don't know you don't In fact, many of you are boobs. I've met many of you you're in competent under educated while being over educated, boobs, absolute boobs I put my hands in the in the in the power in the hands of the american people over you elites in the media. Any time you don't believe it you know, for you should not have the Andrew Cuomo Press conference not begin with. Are you? owing to scoriae your brother
going yet Hamptons going outside and interacting with people with Colbert nineteen are you can one at all shouldn't CNN legitimately, I understand at sea and it isn't gonna agree with us on politics. I don't hold on hold on to that standard and unexpected out of them, but I mean the idea but you can have one of your host faking a moment: I want to talk about fake news. Yeah he's a legitimately lying to the audience and saying this is the first time I've been out of my basement when he was on camera. Having cut he would it. He was having it's been covered by multiple. Do sources that yet an altar occasion with a guy on a bicycle. Who is criticising him for being outside with covert nineteen in the hamptons in our way
an annual, letting him come on your network and Frank walking up the stairs for the first day, lackeys rising for the dead and rolled away, the stone sanity more injustice. Second, because the hypocrisy does not stop with a b c and CNN. Oh no, there's more coming up in just a second first, of arresting Panama, less one, eight duties before W W W less can access that or the american financing people are just the best. They are not one of these big banks there not getting bales, though you know, bailed out or anything like that, They do is they come in and they are the broker that looks for the best loan. They don't get. Kickbacks and the banks or anything else they work for you so
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fake news is two guys know? A fake news is its this and then play it? He should play it today. Any should ask ABC about about Step Annapolis because you guys are saying that I to open up the country and cause death. I'm saying we do it scientifically. He has cove id, and so does he and they're both out What do you do what you say about that. I think he should do that. He's got to start reflecting the american people. There's a store owner Pennsylvania. I read about this guy he's up. He owns a consignment, store he's had to lay off employees as a result of the shutdown now he sells kids clothings at is is close. It is a consignment, store tar, it and Walmart have been allowed to open up again because they sell kids clothing. And he saying why can't I open up,
Why does the Big Box store the guy on main street, who only has one location and owns it? How come I open up and right exactly right, Donald Trump ass? Yesterday, I wonder if the eye of these shelter at home? Policies are going to apply to Muslims on Ramadan and the reason why oh, my gosh loosen the racist or AEGIS hates, AEGIS, hates people that are different than him now The reason why is as every other church has had to shut down. Everybody has to stay home sheltering place. You can't even go to your church in your car Sid there in your car, with your windows rolled up and celebrate Easter, but did you Now that there is a New York mosque that is still open for daily prayers.
Everybody else everybody else's mandatory shut down, but in New York the mosque open for business now they were allowed to take safety precautions, they were allowed to do things that would keep them safe inside this mosque. I dont know how they're doing that. I mean I've, seen the pictures and it looks like they ve. You know their filtering the air and everything else does that work. Does anybody know of that works is at all it eggs, because why don't we can match to do that because of my we can do that We should do that too. Why is it unless you're a special group unless you're in the media, you after hunger down if you're on main street screw you, but if you're a target. Well
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I want to bring in Charlie Kerr key is the founder president, a turning point, USA. He is being accused of starting. All of these. Of these protests all over the country Charlie. What are you doing? Man? How dare I thought but you and I know how should it down beside their first amendment honoured beggared Monday morning, I it's it's incredible. I said last week I hoped that students of Amerika participate in peaceful rebellion, the operative word there in peaceful clan and end media seem to find a lot at issue with that, and I even when, of course, artist day socially distance yourself wear masks be respectful, but I did say that I believe it is. It is uniquely american. It is a moral thing to do to rise up
and tyranny. I mean, let's stay California, for example, especially venture a county in mature county on Easter Sunday. You could go for a drive through fast food rest. Rod or a drive through marijuana dispensaries with no issue at all from the venture, a county ruling class, but you could not go get DR through communion. You could go to a home improvement store on Easter Sunday with hundreds of people in the store and who knows how many more bite it got contaminated, but you could not have ten p. Peacefully Congress on Easter Sunday in a congregation or in a church to celebrate the holiest stay on our our christian calendar so long. Overdue Glenn ETA get its peaceful. Rebellion. It I'm not calling for any sort of the nonsense. The left is media, accusing us of supporting I think it is so tired, a liar
I am so tired of their double standard. I mean I remember when pale and said that do or targeting a district and everybody knew exactly what they said, and then they did two weeks of how dare her say targeting. Meanwhile, you have people just this week that have said you know the g o p all these people, I hope they die. We should drag them off to two warehouses and lock a man and let them all let nature take its course a mean there, actually talking about violence and the media just doesn't seem to care. So I dont really care what the media says anymore. It doesn't matter what yeah, I'm gonna here- is a really important point: two, which is the kind of highlight the left's double standard. At less than have double standards. They wouldn't have standards at all which is One on the left with him streets violently protesting after president. Try ass a nod: They were call euros when Mcdonalds.
Stop saying that we have the bomb, the White House, she was called the hero when at Pisa has been in the streets for years now wearing mass. Can they worry where masks, because they were worried about touching the chinese coronal. They were wearing mask for a lot of different reasons silly anonymity and cowardice. The left called them, including some anchors on CNN, wonderful, pro democracy, anti fascist protestors. Yet you have constitutional patriots that are I do not peacefully and abiding by guidelines saying today that these democratic governors enough? Why is it that you shut out our guns shocks, but you ve kept the abortion clinics open why's that we can't go to church I am glad the final thing of day in this is, I think it's a good thing for those Africans that weren't around in a tea party movement to gonna, get it flavour of this, because that's where I cut my political peace mission, to your show going near rallies and I think, there's something uniquely I can something so special
The mariners go peaceful. Rally around the foundational ideas of liberty, freedom, Constitutional unlimited government so charge Let me ask you this. We have been. We have just sent today. I think almost four hundred thousand meals. I've been sent by my audience up to Detroit, where they are really really suffering. We have another tractor trail. That's being loaded today will have more on that coming up. If you happen to be following this saga, but there people that are really herding. I would to talk to you about partner with your group, and that getting cities and targeting areas that are really truly struggling, and just old, have any help is I mean we're talking at the bottom of the latter that is
I was talking to a state wrapper out of Detroit Karen wits. It, I think you know her. I said to I said to her. You know we, you know you we, dear near not lacking your ear, lacking food and she said you were also lacking stoves. We don't they these people don't even have stoves. So it's you know it it's, the worst of the worse, the bottom of the barrel and when it comes to need- and I think can make a big impact in the country by doing good, actually being there for people who need us, not not all this lip service from Washington. Why, I'd love to do it, and we could talk offline about that. And last week we hosted one of the largest blood drives. Next. There is on a run, the same type of idea at turning point you set out for the socially distance, of course, wearing mask I would just trying to mobilise, where we can to help our fellow Americans
you bring up a really important point, one that the media is not talking about, which is. I would make the argument all is said and done. The biggest impact, but the thing most dialed amongst its gonna, be Americans, helping Americans Churches church had held. You have people charities, like you, have people, not the government, not more. A trillion dollars spending packages, not free caching, bank account it's going to be partnership of Fellow Americans voluntarily assisting our fellow citizens like, if we wanted him social welfare state would not a Europe for them I think, Charlie, that the left knows this. It's. Why the goober laughed is trying to turn us against each other in a rat on your neighbour, it's our neighbour that is going to help us now. Rat on us and use somebody's got to be standing and holding a light going in the opposite direction of rat on your neighbor turn, The man
and turned to the government for help. I dont want the government's help and I dont think most Americans want the government's help. Doubt, and this issue is so important because not ever country WAR has has this type citizenry that will rise up in times of crisis it built into. I spirit is built into our history gone. We should have. We should appreciate it, and we should advertise the eight the fact that we have voluntary philanthropy spirit and generosity benevolence in our country. That is so unique and Your point, I mean look at the government in a lot of sense, a lot of these states has tried to play big brother. They tried be the solving asian of all these things, and you start to see the peaceful backlash against that. Rightfully so, and you it's really interesting, because the left always wants to the left that they know the more they can divide human beings and human beings.
To them a licence to forget the ultimate political power. What are able to find when you're literally not able to communicate with your fellow me. For your citizen, because they have you domiciled in court, Do you in your homes, and so I do it doing Glinda shook wonderful, it's brilliant moral, em and we'd love to help, and I hope more american step up so help our fellow citizens in a time of need you concerned at all, especially since you ve built this this gigantic movement on social media are You concerned at all about how Facebook has now taken the position that they will kick anybody off. That's talking about any of these, these movements Any of these you know Gatherings where they're saying hey, we we want to be free and ban you and silence your voice. I mean it. Didn't
just to universities, ban you from and provided the turning point. Usa groups: yes, a Texas, crushing our city and bail University and, as I like to say watch what happens on college campuses will soon happen in a bit boardrooms and hold a Congress area is to the salary. I get tat companies you have students that and doctrine, aided on college campuses graduates, I should say there now staff in these tech companies to the same silent here, response that you ve been covering go decade, it doesn't go away it just it just transfers to the right type of campus, not a coward campus, but the campus of Facebook. What really concerns me about the Facebook example I spoke out about this in my podcast today this morning, actually was that Facebook is Facebook was required by a judge or a police force to take down the event. I have no problem with that at all whatsoever, but the problem is at Facebook is now playing the governments were
applying jury, judge and executioner. Playing more referee thing, but we don't like this. We think it violates guidelines. Men are now. You should keep that up. Unless a judge comes to you with a court order, then you take dont, that's reasonable, with amazing Glenn. I can't tell you how we have pleaded with Facebook asking them to take down violent at Anti four of them, oh yeah, nice girl. I know we refused used to do. I know I know I've we ve done. It is well Joe did the do. You believe the governors when they said that we'd in CALL Facebook, Facebook called us- I mean We will never know, but I think there might be some truth to that lobbying again. There they're trying to displace blame on the other side, but from based on the same story. I I read that you read yeah. I think that Facebook might have had revolt within their company of late twentysomethings, an early thirty something of tech, tech engineers. In there
company bats came from some of the hype, really college campuses that believe that They need to play their role in stamping out the conservative influence in Amerika, and I think it's perfectly reasonable to speculate that Facebook consider themselves to be so powerful, so omnipotent so omniscient that they need to exercise that power make caught him called a better world when, in reality there doing the exact opposite. Founder and president turning point. Usa, Charlie Kirk, thanks for being on with us, you can follow him teepee, USA, also Charlie at Charlie Kirk Levin an teepee USA. Dot com are sponsor. Half hour- is life lock in this digital world, where we are online more and more and more, we have people that are looking to steal your stuff. When you have high unemployment, going to have high crime. This is all
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This is the Olympic programme. This is the Glen Back Programme were glad to hear coming up in just a few minutes. I'm gonna be trying to explain to you the the oil situation. What happened yesterday when oil was selling for thirty dollars a barrel negative so- in other words they were paying somebody for dollars just to take the oil and what all of this means? Its aim is a bad bad situation. And when I think we're facing Yang up next, to deflation, and what I think we're facing Yang up now. It was interesting. There is a big explain or in the New York Times as to how there
can have you can have negative barrel of dollars on a barrel of oil and they went through the whole thing. In most of it we know we're gonna be, We ve talked but a little bit and we'll talk about more later on the show but one interesting part of it was that deflationary aspect in that sector. There is such a little demand for everything right now, not just oil. Every demand, is so low globally, for basically every product made that this is just the times has pointed out. This is just a word very beginning preview, massively deceived deflationary period, where we have way too much supply and not enough demand, and it took a long time for that to even out and it is interesting to hear the time saying that, because that something you ve been talking about for a very long time, Ito Connect swiftly very much at least connected to big events like this I mean not necessarily always about a pandemic, but but about a big
lacks one type of event that could send us over the cliff beak and again like it if you in a wheelchair and someone pushes you up ended the cliff a big. When can push you off of it, and we put our son in the position. We were right on the edge of a cliff all the time. If the wind was the right way, we're fine the windows, the wrong way. We could be in four at a really really ugly time. This is when you don't want any one of these things: twenty two trillion dollars and dead. Already, They leave already. We ve already. The wind blew we're already off where we're we just have to hit anything yet, but you're going to hit the bottom and life is going to change dramatically and deflation is something every one asked understand. Deflation and then inflation deflation is what is happening with gasoline. Now, there's no buyers nobody's Delhi's buying it that's gonna.
Happen with housing, and so many other things. Some things will be very expensive and nobody can afford it. Some things are going to be just rock bottom prices. That's the time to have money. So what are you doing to protect your money What are you doing to protect? Your job in the meantime with so many people unemployed. We ve got to help each other, Where do we all turn when things fall? Apart, love your like me: he lean on things that stand the test of time, your closest friends, your family or a chair,
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How could the price of anything be negative? Thirty dollars? While that's what happened yesterday with oil, we told you a couple of months ago. This would happen it's now here. Let me in splain. What happened yesterday, why it happened and what it actually means to you, the economy and the rest of the world. We do that in one minute. This is a landmark program or something We don't know about eighty. Fifty two percent of guys go through it at some point, but what you do How about it is easier or per cent of guys like to talk about it. Fortunately, Roman is here to save the day with Roman. You can go online and connect with a: U S license physician who can treat the issue and treatments Dr Roman. Will ship medication right from their pharmacy to your door gone, are the days of having to spend time in waiting rooms or make uncomfortable trips to the pharmacy with Roma
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it will happen again, probably in the next couple of weeks. Boil is back up to twenty dollars a barrel today, but yesterday it was trading for negative thirty dollars a barrel negative thirty dollars. This time yesterday, it had already fail had already fallen. I think forty five percent in its price and that was it twelve dollars? A barrel fell forty five, forty five percent by the did the day added fallen. Three hundred and five percent So why? What happen? with the end of the month and something called oil futures come do, and you heard for years about oil speculators. These are the people they can either dry. If the price of oil down or up,
speculate that, at the end of the month, oil is gonna, be worth this amount and they hope to be able to make money by selling that contract. They said it's gonna be twenty dollars a barrel and that months ago. That would have been crazy. Great. Now today, with all of the oil nobody wants oil, We might have a contract where I can buy oil at twenty dollars a barrel, but everybody saying I'm full, I don't have any place to put. It So these speculators were then their standing there. Holding that contracts saying wait. I don't I don't actually have a planet, I'm in a glass tower in New York City wearing a suit. I don't have a place to put away ally. I just take the car, tracked down and I'm supposed to sell it to one of you guys.
You guys are supposed to store it some place and all the people stand around on yeah I'll, have a place to store it now happened to West Texas Oil because its landlocked and you have to take delivery in place old Cushing Oklahoma. Could Oklahoma, that's where all of the pipelines run into, and so when the oil is pumped its pumped to Cushing Oklahoma and you take it from there. You have to store it there and then you can fill up. The trucks in you know take it to the refineries. Well. There is no storage in Cushing Oklahoma that if everything is full, as I've been telling you for a while, there's gonna go time where oil is in the negative range. It happened yesterday, so We have so much oil that there is no place to put it any more
especially bad, because this is landlocked oil, all of the all of them, lines that run from West Texas in all of the oil here in Amerika goes to the ghost. Oklahoma, and re routing it to a port. I don't even know if you can. I dont know how that works this whale has to stop there. So there is no more room. So this means a couple of things. First of all, the oil speculators got crushed yesterday and it makes me happy because he was standing out on the street, going ok about five dollars a barrel. How about about about? How about I just go view the oil. You won't take it Me, ok, I pay you five dollars a barrel. I too, two thirty dollars. I will pay you thirty dollars to this oil from me carry it, the oil company that was having to pay it was the
speculator who had that contract for delivery? He the cough up that money. So he the cough up the money for all of that oil and then finally, somebody said merit that price. I can find some place store that oil, so they stored it. It's not going anywhere any time soon. So here here's. What this means This collapse has been engineered by Russia and a little bit by Saudi Arabia. Although Saudi Arabia is kind of on our side at least I think as much as they on anybody side, but cause this by turning on oil production at twenty percent right before covert hit. So they said, we're gonna turn up oil production about twenty percent and we're gonna cause the price to go down. Russia, was doing it to collapse us. So Arabia said all really morality:
who can last longer you or me, and so Saudi Arabia opened up the spit all the way and so we're just gonna we're not pump and pump and pump at full bore. Let's see who could lapse and who, who can last? Because both of those economies are oil economies. So the oil. It is what's paying for their government there stipends there now. Eye CARE, Medicaid, Social Security, all that stuff both of these countries collapse. If oil prices collapse so their play a game of chicken well you're caught up in it, because we are also playing the game of chicken brick Perry was on just one last week saying that we really We really need to stop producing so much oil. The reason why we can't is you just don't shut an industry down, as were finding out with America
because we ve shot America down, because where no longer flying because were no longer driving in our cars every day, because we're it into the summer and we don't need heating. Oil The need for oil is almost stopped. It's almost zero its ever happened before in the history of the world, so tat this is the only one- and I should say, Texas. American oil companies the ones that are drilling for oil and getting it at a shale and everything else, all this great technology that made us energy independence in the last year. All that now is at risk because once you shut it down. It has lasting effects. You can't just turn the tyre industry off and then come back to a do. You remember when, when bird
Obama said that were no longer going to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. If you remember that series of shows, I did where I was explaining how drilling actually works in the water, those giant platforms, aren't I owned by these companies. They are rented. Drilling equipment is why boldly. Expensive And they are least for decades when Obama said we're not gonna drill in the gulf any more at least put a moratorium on it, for I think he said a year or eight months, something like that that made those leases lapse, and expire and those drilling rigs, and he knew exactly what he was doing. Drilling wait. Rigs were taken elsewhere and someone else took them to drill elsewhere in the world and not America, we don't get was back its.
Play Claire, just short term Lee. That's like twenty years that those will be there, and you don't just rebuild An oil platform. Same now with the Texas and the american oil industry on land. You don't just shut it down and then reopen five million people will lose. Lose their press. In tromp now is faced with. Do I bailout? Can you imagine this with cause Yo Cortez in the left? Do a bail out the oil market In Amerika, do I do I do to pay for it to stay open, even though we don't have any place to put the oil This is a strategic necessity. We cannot lose our oil industry. Now this is usually the time that wars are started because Russia
is faltering because there is no demand for oil they have to have it or they will collapse and you're not playing around with a sane guy you're playing around with Vladimir Putin, who will anyone just so he survives let alone Russia He is on the verge of collapse, Saudi Arabia, it's why there be heading so many people, it's why they're getting so nasty it's why they ve? You ve got around and kidnapped all of the royal princesses and princes and all of the of the royal family, because They need the money there. There, taking these people and putting them in jail and in saying that while they were doing fraud, so they can seize all of that wealth. Because Saudi Arabia is only held together by the money they give. The people because it's a little like Alaska. You get a chance from Alaska for all of the oil that is is drilled,
the same in Saudi Arabia. Accepted pays for your whole lifestyle. Nobody in Saudi Arabia, no Saudis actually work there all day Sickly play boys because everybody gets a share of the oil What is Donald Trump going to do the first thing I would recommend is, I know it's gonna make a very small dance, but getting your car today and drive your car and just go. Take a long drive getting your car. If you haven't filled it up, go fill it up. We ve to move some of this oil. We ve got to start consuming oil. One of the reasons why we have to go back on line. We have to use this oil otherwise our navy and our airplanes. They can't fly If we go to war ever we can. Me? Beholden to anyone else on oil that why Germany lost.
They lost because they just couldn't handle the oil consumption they had to have oil to run everything and to make a giant refineries to be able to have petrol flow, could fly in and sail that's what we were doing in Saudi Arabia and that's what they were doing in Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well. They needed the oil of the Middle EAST now this goes to something else ethanol industry, a lot of by products come from ethanol will work making ethanol. So Corn futures are down about twenty percent because we use so much corn in ethanol. So now or corn farmers are going to be really hurting and they're not going to be planting as much corn. What does that mean what
I mean for all of the by products from ethanol. This The beginning of something called deflation- and something that Americans have never seen it will seem like a good thing at first. Deflation is what's happening right now at your gas station here in Texas, you can buy a gallon of gas for a dollar nine. The it's pretty great Everybody'S- I won't that's great. I think in California, still like sixteen course again the reason why can now see what your state charges in tax again Texas it's a dollar nine. What are you paying, because air thing over that. Almost everything over that is axes so I know in Connecticut it's over three dollars a gallon. Still, that's you or state robbing you blind every time you go to the gas station,
What is it in California? That's your! state robbing you blind. Every time you go to the gas station, I made you hate the big oil industry, but it's not oil. It's the big government industry that is really raping you at the gas pump. So we're having deflation? Now seems like that. It's a good thing more and more things will lose demand for as this continues more and more things will lose demand. For instance, the big thing that will affect you is a house won't be able to sell your house, because your house will be worth fifty per cent less well in your house is worth fifty per cent less. Can the bank repossess. I dont even know when you're bit, when your house is not worth what you paid for it and you own a
Oh a lot of money! You! are not MRS single payment and you and get out of it. So everybody else around you they if they don't own house, they can go and buy a house at fifty percent last. But you can't because you'll have to cough up all of that money. When you try to sell it. There is plenty of money, but nothing. Our money can buy. That's a line from Rudyard Kipling and that Poland has become more. And more accurate. Every single day. There's plenty of money by what are you buying. And when deflation is over, then you hit hyperinflation. It goes from the opposite. All of a sudden, everything becomes wildly expensive,
Like in Venezuela, when you debase the money. That's when its worthless. It becomes worth less and less until it becomes worth less. That is the end of this cycle. But don't worry. They have a plan for all of this and I am actually going to show you some. I think, disturbing video only because I disagree with what they believe is the solution, but people who really have been planning this for a long time, not planning lives there, planning the virus but planning for any kind of pandemic. What we do. What do we do with our banks? What do we do with a media? What do we do with our government? How do we solve these things? It's old event to a one, and it happened last November, when a group of global elites got together out in the open,
and they said, let's war game this, along with our CDC in banks and everybody else, and they got together and they came up with some conclusions on what to do it's. What we're doing right now, you want to know how they came up with the what we're doing now. You want to know what they believe, because I know Think it's what you believe. You will see it tomorrow and we usually carry on Facebook and you too, but I think this things if it's not banned during the show, you will never see this thing again unless Ablaze, subscriber they're gonna call this a conspiracy theory, everything else. It is not. It is not its fact will show you the videos of it and point to you where you can find all this information on your own. Guess discount ever right. Now, thirty dollars off, if you're a year, long subscriber to blaze tv dot com, do it now blaze, tv dot com me or in just a second.
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The media is already doing there already saying anybody who is afraid of their rights being lost their just crazy. Four out of five Americans now fear that their rights are being lost. Four out of five Americans believe that there is a threat to our are right, so you're not alone, is an alarm system on rights because they were they ought they are ours? and when you right start to be lost, if you have an inkling, hey something's, not right, that's that's the alarm Bell going off for these rights. Given to us, but there given to us to protect act for our children, and you're gonna, see some amazing maneuvering now to get you out of your rights and go to a bigger government, then you would ever consider will bring, Up to speed on what those warning signs are, and may I suggest that the solution
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Cheryl Atkinson is, probably one of the most important journalists in America today? I have tremendous tremendous respect for her and a wish. Everyone would listen to her and follow her and read her work. Five time Emmy Award winner recipient of the Edward, our moral ward for investigative reporting, until she said no, I'm no, I'm gonna tell the truth and not follow you down this path of a gasp. Agenda Of course she became dangerous sand and just reckless moral and you name it cheese become. She is a truth: teller and Unafraid Cheryl acts and welcome to the programme. How are you Thank you for having me so Earl, let's talk a little bit about what you are
covering here on the Facebook fact checker the China will harm lab. Why I am so, and about how we have invited third parties, whether social media news propaganda tool It may be to cure our information forth to corporate and tell us what fact check what true, maybe not a bad idea unless you consider that everybody's got a specialist and that all interested co opt in the back checking function and then use them Put in their hands the ability control, so it's been bad. What around a virus but specifically, one thing I noticed, I shared a documentary come epic time about the ability of this came Virus came from the lab and do Hon didn't draw any conclusions. I thought it was factual, very possibly done. I shared it on Facebook. The next day I woke up. Through a violations noticed from Facebook that fed by being punished for sharing false information. My district
innovation will be dialed down and so on. I didn't but it was like clicked around. This was not easy to find like who does this fact check what posts are they talking about while they were talking about the documentary? So when I like them to see who says anything in the documentary is often what part of it you can. We find out, but it leads you to write linked to these the cell. Old, unsigned, further training. By the way, didn't even fact check the documentary. It back check some other claimed by in other media about the will harm virus, but then it applied it to the documentary somehow and at the bottom, the first name. I thought someone possible with a review of this article? That said the document I with fake but didn't review the documentary in the name of the bottom, with a woman named Daniel Anderson who work, The woman lab, though, if you put two and two together Facebook, is inviting a nun people and people who work at the blue ham lab to thin
and ban information on Facebook? the boy. Had I mean this is astonishing to me. So this has happened to us as well. I I did a special on the war on lab and used only the verifiable facts did I say that we knew for sure that it came from there. I we didn't. Even we didn't even talk about a bio weapons. I just don't think it is by a weapon and it gets sloppy work, possibly, and We had USA today fact Jack us using a story that was over a month old, the was saying that there was no evidence that it came from a lab. Will there is new evidence. Facebook had to retract that, but it took us a week. Did the same thing they throttled our business they'd lay re routed, Our are viewers and they they send them to. The Dutch
you age, oh for the facts, which is, in and of itself a whole another kettle of fish, that is a problem I find this terrifying Shirl it an early on I was worried because I saw some months ago that good find an agreement with W H, oh to make sure that people, when they search for corona virus, only got the you know, approved information from W H, up and unfitting unthinking news. People used to understand that there is the control of it. Formation snap at everything that comes out of official mouth is false, necessarily it's not, but we should be asking the questions. In fact, checking ourselves not being run hey. There's. No evidence no evidence of any, as we all know that without evidence, seven It didn't happen. We didn't the origins we still don't now the origins of the chronic virus, but to make it on the front end. Were you
only the controversy life for asking. The question is just crazy, but business. Where we are with this controlled environment. Today, what do you think that means for people's voices like yours, Cheryl. I'm really worried about the narrowing universe information were allowed to see and I've just been speaking about. That's all I can I write about it. I think a lot of people see it, but I dont have the answer to how to get around it, because these interests and companies, Also so much of the information that were aid able to see and the kind of work. I talk to people, including scientists, working on corner virus who didn't want to face certain things in there certainly not for want of Irish doubted that propaganda campaigns started. But if you ask a question and point out that the fatality raping distributed within correct your suddenly controversy live by these forces. These scientists did not
say what they really thought for fear of coming out against, you know what look like official policy in their simply going by scientific fact versus these wild projections out there, but you know things might be different if we had all the facts on the table or some debate about model being use rather than just being spoons tat. These things with depressing, are you say, whatever you say, will believe at a given moment swim, also concerned that it's not just I mean for a while there. There was some one of an adversarial role with the government. On Facebook in you to begin and Google, and I know that Mark Zuckerberg was gonna begging for regulation, etc, etc, but there was some, speculation on the government. Now that is seemingly only speculation on Donald Trump and
the government is inviting these people in and the People from from the Tec World are coming in, giving them all kinds of information. If we have the Tec World, providing the government with information and the government providing them with protection, they are limiting what we can see and what questions we can ask. Are in other fora, tyrian regime. Why are you in the book? I'm writing now when people say that's not really censorship, because these are private company. I dont think I think this new definition and I'm making a new definition of censorship. These companies are so tight into government and other work to avoid regulation. Certain people in government, for example, their one the same in many instances if they're gonna do the during a certain political figures to avoid certain regulation. For
sample, they're doing the bidding of government. That is censorship on behalf of of government. It is it is their sister, your rewrite. It needs a new definition. These are not private companies that our disinterested me we used to have and share. I don't even understand it. We used to have a media that understood that they were to challenge truth, no matter where it came from. They were to question into probe and to see right now we have on CNN, We had Chris Cuomo fake his own story of him being in the basement and coming up for the first time we know. He was outside of his house with covert team. We know he was with his family. We we had had an altercation on the street and CNN run
This story of him just coming out of the house for the first time anyway,. I mean there's, there's, there's no body with a shred of credibility. Left in the mainstream media. I know the big change, why CBS in a fairly short period of time, where we would never have at one point time, have taken a press release from a federal agent for example, and just published the press release and said that the true not that it's necessarily false, it's just that you you due diligence in someone's, trying to put out a point you that? What really is- and we switched to toward the end of my time there and I left in twenty fourteen to just publishing thing anybody would say uncritically from certain you know depends on who it is that certain govern People could go on tv or certain corporate people or press for
It is with no counterpoint, no due diligence and keep bad bearded. While this may not be the whole story because they have such and such interest, you look that, like the crazy one, I mean it just to turn up down sure. What are you? What do you suggest people do? I think they said speak out about it and and try not to be intimidated too much by, because I think call them on even writing about what Facebook dead. They are going to the already fragile me down or whatever. The word is unbridled down on twitter, but there's about summary on people still keep calling for what don't get intimidated and not asking questions that you have well there s a logical questions about providers that almost nobody in the press ask that those briefings- and I was going up there beginning asked to see them like nobody that I saw, and I ever asked it. What bodily
were based on early on, so that we can look at them and didn't see they have their own and wasn't there a range like best case and worse cape merit? I sent you once again, I am obviously not the brightest person in the room and a modest find it did the battalion. Rates were wrong because they had the wrong denominator since they were telling us eighty five percent of people are. Is symptomatic that they weren't counting them into fatality rate. Now everybody agrees that the case nobody's asking simple since people at home, known ass, the reporters in many they were so busy just listening either trying to create five Donald Trump personality or accept everything that what they say: a fine two thousand the finest ashore when fighters are frequent. Longer say themselves about the knowledge the following day by day for a sit there on the run it and say you must never questioned the statistics. You're, a corona virus stouter and all this time the proven wrong and incorrect overtime. So it's just sit around
are you crazy environment, and you- and I are being listened to you right now by media matters and other groups for their looking for ways, Controversial eyes and right up in Vanity fair in New York Times, Washington, Post Associated Press depress not to write a month or two continents. But they can generate create. So people will not listen to what I think their heart tat, his reason. Cheryl I could anything we can do to support you. You have my full support. I've. I've so respects your courage and your intellect and anything that you ever need. Please reach out of Europe, We can not be throttled down. Thank you. So much. Thank you. Got your bed elections, Atkinson from sure I can send dot com, also full measure, dot news you follow her on Twitter, Cheryl, can you'll probably get one out of every five tweets from her wake.
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joy lessening Glenn Back this is the Glenda programme we're just talking about the the numbers from all of the experts and we are actually at the margin of error of the bottom of the the s case scenario right now, wherever they said, sixty thousand to one ninety or a hundred thousand, and with two thousand deaths a day will easily be at sixty thousand by August, and that's what the Dixon, was its the best case scenario, but I think the
the problem comes with the media hyping the worst case scenario: and everybody's like wont, load two hundred fifty thousand people didn't die. Now they didn't and the model you can agree or disagree with the model, but that the bottom, part of the model was accurate. Would you say that accurate, still yeah. I guess I've made this criticism before that. I think the models were all too high and its Vinos Cheryl made it as well, and I think there definitely were models that oversold the numbers and they highly publicized by the media, were, I think most of the fault is on this, but I mean, if you look at you, the at the big model that they ve been talking about most frequently as I HIV model, which it it's me predictions has has very between sixty thousand, which is at now which to me is absurdly low. Right now I mean those worthy of forty. Two thousand were deafening into clear, sixty thousand easily from
sixty thousand and the highest was. It depends M, since they release the models. It was ninety three thousand, it was report. A hundred thousand, in point, and you know there was a big press fritz where they talked about multiple models and talked about be another between one hundred and two and forty thousand, which people keep going back to, but I mean, a hundred thousand off the table I think so right we're at when I hear his time in a year's time, Tanya I mean it. Let us say that could be done. Good, remember, there's other cities that are flaring up later Boston seems to be. The flaring up now knew or can rise states area seems to be on the right side of this. So we haven't had any kickbacks. We have undoubtedly kickbacks. Yet when we open things up, they say it's gonna, get worse again, blah blah blah so yeah a hundred thousand the bottom of the scale, but that's it,
What people heard not as people heard, because the media who wanted to make sure everybody was scared out of their minds, so they would all stay home and do exactly what everybody told them to do. You accept requests Cuomo, conversed Evan. I am that's where the fault lies on this list, America, yesterday oil collapsed forty dollars, negative about A barrel Somebody was paying forty dollars to take a barrel of oil yesterday. What as all of that mean. If you want to hear the explanation of why that happened, how that happened? Just go back a list of the pod cast. It was last hour, but I want to tie some other things together now and show over the horizon. I'll give you a quick numbers of the corona virus. Update,
but I really want to spend time on what's now coming our way because of it We do that in one minute that global programme, so much of your shopping is being done on line right now ninety per cent of it. The. Tire economy, Entire economy is really online, it has shifted to online sales. Man. Coming for a long time, but this pandemic is pushed the pendulum and is really hurt. Those local businesses It's also hurting your job, because a lot of us work for local businesses If you do shopping online, I can't recommend honey enough honey is the online shopping too old to end all online shopping tools? Is
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honey for free, join honey, dot com, slash back, that's join, honey, dot, com, slash back for free. Now it's a new app join honey dot com. Slash back, are real quick. Let me just go through some of the numbers. Total confirmed cases worldwide were almost at two point: five million. We are up about twenty one hundred in deaths worldwide, the? U S now has seven hundred and ninety two thousand nine hundred and thirty eight confirmed cases and we're up two thousand deaths overnight, the? U S currently has thirteen thousand nine hundred. Fifty one people in serious or critical condition: ups, Only about six hundred from yesterday now. Let me give you some of the other news and try to show you what's coming over the horizon, because I think some of these things
well. They they all tied together and what we're looking at going forward. First of all a been telling you about meat prices, meat prices are going to go up, it will be temporary, but they will go up. The national guard has just been deployed to meat processing plants in Iowa. After this my field meet plant was closed in North Dakota last week, workers from Smithfield apparently hired by GPS National, be beef. Packing company Thyssen's food also had an outbreak in his closing one of its Iowa plants. The meat processing plant The national guard is expected to help with testing and medical care of the workers in an attempt to try to get the food processing plants by online more quickly, the ILO meat packers produce about a third of the nation's pork and fifteen percent of our beef- so with the two.
Pant plants going out in Iowa, and then the plant, the Smith plant up in North Dakota you're. Looking at about fifty percent of all of the pork in Amerika off line, This means that thing we haven't seen. I think, since the great depression hog farmers may be forced to youth and eyes and just bury their hogs even the Fda, even if the FDA buys hogs from farmers without production plants to slaughter in the process. The meat The animals are going to have to be put down see, let's go for Vladimir Putin for the win West Texas oil crashes, three hundred percent too, negative forty one dollars per barrel. I know It doesn't make sense, but I make sense of it in the pod cast. You can hear today's podcast, where we get podcast needs or two of the show, where
explain what happened yesterday. It's really important that, do you understand and and how it works, because it's going to happen again this the first time in its ever happened in history. It's going to happen again, probably in the next couple of weeks. This is all coming from Russia and Saudi Arabia. Russia threatened to just open up their their lines and pump twenty percent more oil. This is before covert hit Saudi, maybe I said, really will out last you Vader open up full board then Covin hit, and there was way too much oil we're not driving we're not using heating oil. The price result is the price for fuel and oil has dropped thirty five percent. We are now at the bottom, yet trump as temporarily suspended immigration into the Eu S now, this comes from a story and that we have been
talking about here for a while, the Countries in South America and Mexico have not prepared for this at all, They have not had their peak yet they are going to be in serious serious trouble. We as a nation should help them in any way we can, but we should not have open borders, anybody who right now is complaining that these people on the streets going to church there they get everybody. Sec are going to be exactly the same. People who are telling us that we have to lead Mexicans and and people on our border in the flood, our hospitals, it will be disastrous. It will be disastrous for the president and pr because you exactly how the press is gonna handle it. It will be a disaster for our hospitals. It will be disaster for everything, all around including the people on the borders
Keep your eye on this eight out of ten Americans want immigration to stop right now for the? U S. So this is not a bunch of xenophobia. This is eight out of ten Americans, say sir. Up it right now Our government will listen to the people which they don't have a habit of doing at all. We can avoid more pain and suffering and trouble. But that is not going to happen second night of riots in Paris happened yesterday because of the racist police walking down the community's I'm. Pointing this out, because France is ahead of us. The same kind of stuff is going to be happening here in our streets by the same kind of socialist. Fomenters of of revolution. This
aids now or burning through their cash for unemployment payments. What does that mean? That means all of their pensions, all of the things that they promised every body and we all new would collapse We all said we wooden pay for them They made their choice. I live in Texas for a reason I didn't know that choice I knew that was insane and California. When you started it will now. Because of corona virus they're burning through all that cash for unemployment, and all gonna come to the federal government for a handout and the federal government will bail them out this is not going to sit well with people who played the game played by the rules, and now are having their money taken from them in tax also taken from them through inflation, which will come. After deflation.
Listen to last hour for more information on that Another thing that we're gonna have a problem with: there is a corona virus cut crime. Wave that looks like it is starting to happen. Now because we have released so many prisoners, his crime wave is already sweeping other parts of the world and aid. Is going to come here and the people will beg for the time to come down. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is is saying that anybody who is organizing these Och down protests are spreading misinformation and he is going to be banning. All of that. Miss information- this is all so going to add to a very toxic stew that Americans are not going to sit for. We don't
I believe, the media You are now taking a an organization like Facebook and they are toppling, with W H owe their cobbling with the U N and their coupling with governments here and abroad, and they are silencing. The voices of people who happened to this agree. This is not going to end well for anybody, Meanwhile, in China, China now is saying that american democracy is dying. Declaring Washington is no match for China, a dying. Do not a democracy, it spread to the? U S and in the U S, it's it's almost as if the? U S is a primitive society, It should have been like this. If the? U S had the slightest science and organization to
it bluntly? According to the Chinese, the? U S is no match for China in terms of anti epidemic organization and mobilization, the? U s medical system has been hit by the pandemic on its weak side, and we were willing to show understanding for that. After all, every system has its weaknesses, buckle up. Things are not going to go well with China. What we have coming is the crushing of the american entrepreneur. The crushing of four the eight percent of the workforce that works for a small local business. The implosion of trust with the media. And with the government.
Then implosion of trust on Social media and any of these outlets have a colossal loss of jobs. We're going to have hung It. People out of housing, homelessness. It coming our way, it is so critical that you don't play in to any of the anger or the hatred. If we are to survive, we to help each other? We are to survive, we need to double our efforts on feeding each other,
healing each other help each other teaching each other. Everyone is going to come with a solution. Everyone is come with a solution. There is only one solution Hopefully, your finding that right, Now at home. Your solution lie. Is in your own family and in your own neighbours? all of this stuff with politics doesn't mean deadly squat to you in your home right now. What Does matter is getting back to work, you can feed your family. What does matter is how your family is doing in the education that they have won. This matter. Is you being able to reach out to your family. All of the other stuff is meaningless its
on essential. If we don't reach out to one another and we hope Ulster one another, and we don't do it with Sir We do it with cheer and light hardest light hearts. And we do with compassion. Darkness will win. There is a concerted effort to Manage you. To make sure that. Your voice doesn't spread if it is out of step with those whose voices count. There is a concerted effort. Now too, just dismiss those little entrepreneurs, what did they don't make a difference. I mean Maybe sonic
we can't lose son echo we can STAR Box, but what I have a little store where what. That's who the majority of Americans or forty eight percent of Americans work for both little guy. That is having a hard time getting alone right now They break the back of our spirit of entrepreneurship. If they break the back of the Local business there that's? What said America apart? That's the american dream to be able to charge your own course not to be successful, but touch are your own course that count. To be broken,. Hard times made us. And they will make us again. We
you'll be stronger as we come, the other side of this. It's gonna be a slug, but as long as we have one another, Morocco, we oh come through it. And we will once again be the wonder of the world. Well spring. Is here giving away to summer and here in the great state of Texas, that means that everybody is gonna, be out grilling, being outdoors grilling fund in the sun. Crap is just not me for gets hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, which is about three weeks from now. I go into air conditioning hibernation I do not want to be standing in front of a grill. This is the best first thing about the wreck, tech, grills unit
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are, you see, we see tee see grills dot com ten seconds stationary? Ok welcome to the programme still Yes, I think I just think I just think Doug myself into a hole. Pressing need a rope to get me out here. How about? Let's talk about the upcoming intense border crisis, we're about to face that's like it, minorities that is great, so Donald Trump getting beat up by the media, because between night where he said he was going to put a temporary halt on immigration, which is
hunting entirely clear what he means. Yet, let's see what the executive order actually says, I think he might mean an entry ban, which is a kind of what he did with China, and Europe is that good ideas that a bad idea. Well, if you want ample idea right, good, good idea and here's why the countries to our south was wonderful peoples. They are, we love them and we welcome with open arms in all circumstances, except when they have covered nineteen. We don't want become them in those circumstances. They don't have the finances, they don't have the testing that we have. They haven't really done much of anything to stop this. For example, Ecuador a country of of seventeen million. Has normally every month about a thousand, people die in it, thousands four per month die in the first two weeks of April they have had Seventy five hundred people die
we're not cove it. I'm sure now I look, we don't know, could there's really widespread amount of bunk beds and people are all falling off the top bunk? At the same time we don't have been covered in lava could have been. Could lava just could have come in into their house through the chimney. I dont even know when egg we all find out, we don't know so their pace for what it fourteen fifteen thousand deaths usually do one thousand when countries start looking at that, let's just say best case scenario: we open this up and it goes really well and we have very minimal to no deaths and a healthy healthcare system and a rebounding economy What does that do What signal does that send to MAX oh two, Ecuador, to all the countries to ourselves who have been in a situation for decades that whenever things get tough, they rushed to our border. And usually half the country says you're a hate monger. If you don't let all of them in what is going to happen,
that happens on our our border, sort of aid, humanitarian crisis spit and the president is holding right to be prepared, for it if they say that that's not gonna happen really because exactly what those people did when they ran to the Hamptons They got out of New York because it was a death factory and they went some play cells that was indeed death factory. That's exactly what the people south of our border will do with us and it will be a humanitarian nightmare and Donald Trump is right to stop it right. Now, careless bank there are, I, let me tell you about an Norton, there's a big surprise with the locked down? If you have a family, it's your family's, probably busier than it was before. I mean
you know all of this wanting to get back to our jobs and stuff. I mean who's there. I mean not me I just with all of the things that are going on in your life right now. But one thing that is I'm spending an enormous amount of time on is worrying about the internet. Why why spend the time worrying about what's on the internet, with your family's online security? Now Odin right now has Norton family in their offering this for free for the next six months can join. Now, you don't have to give many payment information, they know what you're dealing with in your home stop. About it. Get norton dot com, slash family, get their family plan. Now it will help me here
He had stay off of the sites even accidentally or intentionally. I'm sure it's all an accident, Norton dot com, slash family. Do it now take this off your plate, Norton, DOT, com, slash family, it's free, good, ablaze, dvd com, Slash Glenn, used a promo code Glenn for thirty bucks off this Wednesday night, especial on what is coming with coal, the nineteenth This is the Glen Back Programme and I can't thank you enough for being who you are and listening. I want to give you an update today three hundred and eighty eight thousand meals are going to be delivered in to Detroit into one of the worst hit sections of Detroit they are struggling for anything. These are people without stoves.
And much more is headed their way to Morrow, and it's all because of this audience. Thank you. So much for all your help with mercury, one concentrating on getting food, p p ease when we can find them getting those two places that need them. We also are really trying to help suicide prevention and also domestic abuse. There is a real problem of new domestic abuse that is happening right now and Mercury, one is on the front lines and if you would like to help us, please do so even her, we won dot org now, there's something else that I I wanted to share with you because I'm real they concerned about these small mom and pop businesses. That might my group a bakery. My dad wouldn't have survived this. Would have been out of business we lived. You know month, some
and if the business had a bad month like this, We would have been out and we wouldn't have gotten alone from the government, because all the other big places around town would have gotten it there would be no place for my dad and my family to turn The government is not paying attention to these really small places and we're not talking usually about a lot of money I want to. I want to introduce you to my canned he's a new Jersey, police officer. Up new Providence, New Jersey, I Michael you there. I dont Glenn barrier very nice to her the Amazon here sure I wanted you to explain to the audience. De the diner the local diner and what it means to you and to all the police officers and new providence. Absolutely thanks for the year out later in a local established.
Like every man, their town, gloat logbook, diner the owner, longtime friends of ours. They support the cops to say this about This is an understatement. Actually they they do so much grass. Obviously you said other local businesses. Expected, but when we heard about the diner and the servers we all have, what can we do form? And I found the go finally Avenue down very well and the Is it in the reason? Why is because these guys, when you're out on a call they'll keep your dinner warm they'll? Sometimes, when you guys are working late, they'll they'll drop food off at the station. I mean they didn't really take care of you, guys, you probably know suburb of New York City, and I we might only have a few cops work nor we have a domestic violence call or we have to get to leave the diner
and be the waiters waitresses will keep it hot one time they yeah. We can come back in time and I won't wait or actually drove to where he saw the cops and he dropped off. It was because he knows that horror at the last place open and George really good, wait a good friend and bring the drop it on the way home you didn't have to do that and Debbie is it. These waiters await shows there like family to us and we figure you raise a couple thousand bucks and above and beyond, because God forbid, above all, tragedies They had a fire two days after we did. They go find me, so they were doing me small businesses. Go water curbs. I pick up the kitchens burned up. I can't even do that and the owners had to shut it down for a month or two until they get it back up and running, and the owner great guy It is rather a long time they. Listen, we don't care about us. What will be? Ok, we care about our staff. I said he, I know me too and so happy
they are able to get a couple thousand bucks rate ANA Gomes on me, and it is. Support for us, it has always been there. We want them to know that we got them. We had their back to so This is the kind of thing that I am so excited to see, and I know this is America. Bailouts are bailouts. This is America where its neighbor helping neighbor. You had a fifteen thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars goal, so they could repair the kitchen and open back up and be able to pay. You know for some of the bills and of and pay the the servers You're about three thousand dollars shy it just we did find they go funds for other restaurants and new problems too, because now we got to eat a lot. You know if he had a bakery grown. A cop was up here Pritchett appreciate you put the spotlight on the small businesses, yeah yeah, so
You would like to help out just go to go, find me and search for Prestige diner, in New Jersey, and you will find this page, but let's see if we can at least get them up over the fifteen thousand markets. There are two thousand now, and I think we can do better than that, but if this sounds like something that you would like to help out on. Here's a small business Really has the right heart for the community and need some help, go fund me and look. Or prestige Diner in New Jersey, how's everything else up there we're doing yeah. Some of our colleagues are married to doctors and nurses. Obviously you think those guys on the front line this time, babies, real wanna, thank the nurses and biomass, the doctors from our own,
keep local actually did it go for not go. Find me a raising of funds for all. She died in the line of duty and they had a big fundraiser plant for the the national law for Memorial in May, which obviously was cancelled due this stuff soften the sad thing. Could we raise five thousand dollars here too we must give a check to the families of the officers at thy. Then they start a fire once he recalled Sup Brow Ass, you PETE be our own That's great. I've seen this thought. The documents cops, helping copy drug use, result the neighbors just we help each other. We take ever shelves So here is a here's something else. If you want, you want to check this out, theyve miss their five thousand dollar fundraiser. To be our own sup, Bro, DOT. Org. You have pictures on their of everybody, that's involved in all of the different things and you can buy teacher or just donate whatever
it's a great cause of. Law enforcement, helping law enforcement thanks my I appreciate it. I brought it won't, be safe. You, man, Michael Hand from New Jersey may give you Let me give you another. You know. Let me give you. Let me just give you something, that's kind of cool, that nobody knows that you can tell somebody to Diana Bill. I want. I dropped win, so I've been? king hydroxide Chloric. When for a while and we ve been Vienna, looking in knowledge, research and everything else and for the life of me, I have not been able to fit out why the press other than they just eight down trump. Why the press has torched this product does so much good and it has been around for a long time and as I was blue
king into the history of Hydroxyl Chloric when the the queen, if will in hydro hydrochloric. When actually is, really old I think in the seventeen or eighteen hundreds in India there was a problem with malaria and I had just found. I think it's called Queen quinine, it's the queen and hydrochloric when They had. A real problem with malaria, with the british soldiers who had come down into India and the tons of the more dying and so they decided to try this new treatment. They took the quinine iron and thanks it up into some staff and then said here drink this stuff. And it was awful tasting, but it sure the malaria.
Well, they start telling everybody you'd out a drink. This tonic, you gotta, take this gotta. Take this initial help its malaria tonic. Just take this and it'll work. The word got out from everybody else: don't drink! That studies horrible. You'll, never get the taste out of your mouth Well, all of a sudden, the military in great Britain noticed that the malaria rate started going up again. And they went and talked all the soldiers there like yeah. Well, I haven't been drinking cause, it's just horrible. You got a drink it man, so they went to the drawing board and they thought what can we achieve? What can we put in this? What can we mix this with? That will hide some of the taste. Well, they found it was liquor. It was gin and they put gin In the quinine tonic. And that's where gin tonic comes from
So here is this drug that Ben so horribly maligned because you know I don't know we don't know what is going to do. It is the regional gin and tonic its. It's where that drink actually came from really it's. Been around for a while. Maybe that's what they're saying is there saying it's a cure for everything there saying just drink a lot and then everything they use good as exact my camera j, something I found that to be true with Jack, really works here eggs for about two years or so Then things start to catch up a little bit those two years. You are feeling great
these do now that we're off the air. I totally made that story of the town, Cool Hoddan, was totally unreasonable. Ok, he went on talking about simply safe with hostile to the uncertainty, and did you actually make it here is a real. Now I didn't. I wish I wish it made it up. I wish I was clever about now. That's a real stood at the real story. It's a real story. Feeling safe at home is taken on a new level of importance right now. It's where you family is all the time, so please safe can help you. Now. I am telling you right now: crime waves are coming crime waves are coming best thing you could do for fifty cents a day is make sure that you have a security system at home there. Overall homes, security of twenty twenty U S. News and World report names simply safe. They made
easy to get comprehensive protection for your home. You don't need a technique mission to help set it up. It's really simple! You order it nobody's coming into your house when it arrives. You can set it up yourself in less than an hour and I mean really less than an hour. I mean you have to have a huge house to do more than an hour. It's like third, minutes- and we had a done, it's it's a girl eight great system that gives you the cover. Is that no one else can give you gives you the the call and the priority with nine one one that no one else will Have you no other service will provide this for you simply if does for fifty cents a day and there's no contracts, you own it so want to cancel, cancel anytime. I don't want to do it this month, corona virus hit. I'm home all the time, I don't need it. Ok simply safe, back dot, simply safe back dot com. Go there.
Now tomorrow night at nine p M Eastern Glints TV, the corona virus led to a devastating shut down of our economy and our way of life, but who drafted the agenda for our response? When reveals how a group of globally led prepared for a future corona virus pandemic just months for China report at its worst case, Glenn Ass, the questions, the media, big jack, don't want you to hear event to award the Corona Virus WAR game. Nine pm eastern tomorrow night at least two good outcome- slash Glenn near lessening TAT, Glenn back I cannot believe this is. This is the kind of nonsense that I have to put up with. This is due did not believe me,
courtiers like. I could see him, I'm I'm watching him, you know zoom or whatever it is Microsoft teams and I'm arching him, as I'm Tell NED Story, and he is type in a way of life and of guys look in this story. Every does not believe a word. I'm saying it seems like one of those stories that you would say on the air and then would prove to be completely incorrect. I just thought I sang it is that is definitely what cross my it does seem like a story that is too good to be true. It does but yeah I mean you certainly but wrong before. I will say that. How am I wrong at all on this? How my wrong, at all your sleep? Well, so quinine has been used for centuries to could treat malaria yeah? Now it's derive from the bark of a tree Quint. Is proved to be a to highly effective treatment against malaria. However, right The eighteen hundred british troops in India were given quinidine. The to take as a daily medicine to stop them from contracting Malaria, Rhine, island and gaiters substance, they didn't like it.
The medicine go down and mix it with water, sugar and local fruits, and that created tonic water british troops also carried a ration of gin with them so whether off there's permission they add again, and that became tonic in an Tom and intellectual you're, totally right on my or do I have long if quinine was the thing we were talking about, you be completely right. Fortunately I do not. We that is just the chemical of the bark we dont balloon
actually make it out of bark any more light and included in the strategy. Today I shot like up is saying the same. Give a good God bowed. I'm busting idea it basically to synthetically manufactured version of the national thinking that cut that they use and tonic water. Sell me that so I'm sorry you're not gonna. Give me. Oh, my gosh, you are the Washington post. You gotta give me for Peter what most guys nervously falls out. What I say: ok, it's not actually made from bark talk. It also pants on fire I'll go to give, and I say this- This is why there- I don't know if you ve heard in certain parts of the country. There is a shortage of tonic water. Yes, now at work it doesn't work I mean because queen, I'm a little bit of quinine is in tonic water, but now
enough to make a difference now, so that's why people are saying. Oh, you know what your tonic water at that cures cocoanut until it. No, it is a virtual. We don't know of hydrochloric I broke, I dropped, see, chloric win, actually cures, it Oh, oh, so tonic water. You know I'm having a little bit of the little bit of the bark in your tonic. Water is probably not going to do it again. Now, don't mixing Gittin tonic cures, everything which is Then people don't talk about no matter what your funeral s he's a moment. You will feel good after that. Do you know better than gin and tonic. I wasn't gin and unfair sure is more than just a big old glass of gin, even more even we're Astor yeah yeah, you can use it case, your amputating somebody's arm. You can use that too sterilize and I think it's sterilize is the inside of you do
or preserves you doing you're dead, I'm not sure which, which one.
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