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On the Fringe of the Fringe? | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 1/25/19

2019-01-25 | 🔗
Hour 1 Government Shutdown = Media exploitation goldmine?...CNN's feel good stories about Poor, poor, IRS workers, who are not getting paid?...Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in hot water?...kinda wishing to 'game the system'...Media ventilators? ...Governor Baby Killer, President Wanna Be, Andrew Cuomo...Celebrates a huge victory, of killing babies?...2020 run?...the Left never campaigns on SCOTUS?...and they are not down with Kavanaugh? ...Breaking News: Nathan Phillips identifies as Elizabeth Warren?   Hour 2 No Spin with Bill O'Reilly ...the low down on the Roger Stone arrest along with more Bill 'enlightenment'?...Muller's chart...'the chart'...Coincidence that CNN just happen to be there Live for Stone's arrest?...beyond the MAGA Hat kid?...it's All about 'Hate in 2020'?...the Press has crossed the Rubicon? ...Comcast BuzzFeed set this All up?...the time Bill met with NY Governor Cuomo at the request of Cardinal Dolan?...Democratic split?...Biden signals he's not a Lefty loon? ...God will not hold Us Guiltless?    Hour 3 The Original Dirty Trickster  = Roger Stone... goes down, arrested for blatant intimation? ...BlazeTV thinker?...Conservative Professor Carol Swain, Roanoke College, and being exposed to conservative thinkers for the first time? ...Was Nathan Phillips a Marine in Vietnam? ...Military Service letters to Glenn?...Help Military family Now...at MercuryOne.org 

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but it may not work for you you're out twenty bucks, but if it does work, I mean the reward is so high that this is a good cost benefit analysis how much give a shot? How much would getting rid of your pain? How much is that worth to you? I think it worth more than twenty bucks. So with a shot, give it God. I know I was the end of my rope- would have given anything really factor try now relief factor, dotcom, that's relief factor, dot com or you can call deed hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the land back programme CNN. There such great journalist over there and Brian still turrets just a genius at helping he wants to remind the media that they should remain upset at this. The shut down and we ve got a great story from sea and an that, proves why Microsoft gives them
green check mark also. We have a couple of other stories that I think are probably pretty pretty important as well did you know there was a school shooting last week, it's that nobody in the national covered. It will tell you why coming up in a second also, I want to explain why the abortion bill happened. We begin with a great show in one minute. This is a landmark programme. I mean even told you yet stew. The abortion thing just dawned on me last night and I'm like oh my gosh. This is whites happening, and it has nothing to do with has very little to do with running for president share at that down. Abortion thing just write to the real reason behind Cuomo and Vermont Abortion bills. Aright Seen from Stephanie in Florida last
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our with why the New York lies actually New York law. What's really behind that? Well I mean as a person with real feeling for others, I am concerned about Harper. Well, I want you to meet Harper fifteen month old arbour, she was born prematurely. She needs a breathing tube. Sounds really rough. It is it's horrible, it's horrible! Now before it it into this I just wanna. I guess what I read you something from brine Spelter, who you know is the guardian of of joy, listen he's the guy who look out for you know. He's gonna, use, intelligent visa, make sure that no pulling any funny business nobody's cramming in agenda anywhere Kaliko there taken the real, though the real hard look at the news, and they are
dependable news agency and we need people like that. We sure do. Unfortunately, Brien's delta is not one of those people, This is from his little news letter that he set out last night day. Shocked is the headline we're fine five weeks into this self inflicted wound the show down was embarrassing on day one and even more embarrassing. On day thirty five now it sounds like a neutral journalists. Doesn't it? I was just telling us how embarrassing it was on watched, which days it was embarrassing, exactly right also to accede in reforming the facts and a challenge for journalists, don't get none to the pain and the political posturing this of story is the one that gets bigger as time goes on wow, oh mother are real effects guy. I know- and I am glad that there, Sir there's people out there guarding
they got the gates of journalism to make sure that they are focusing on a story that could be harmful to President Trump and meeting. If you dont remind them, they're, not gonna, remember to look for things that are bad for the Trump presidency gonna sit back all day, just report really good economic issues, and I got a reminder to keep back and keep looking. Towards the White House for any story that could potentially be negative? Well, they they finally leave. They finally put their glade their gaze out to the to the the heartland of Amerika and they on some the suffering suffering people from the shutdown and here's one of them meet Harper. Fifteen month old Harper born prematurely needs of breathing tube. This was Where did by CNN just last nights he hears the picture of poor little Harper. How could she is rescued? Yeah,
What does what does live the banner underneath the baron you read as yet pretty far away, but I can techie couple who who needs of child means a breathing tube concerned about electricity being turned off while not getting paid? That's what happens when you in the government shuts down because of Donald Trump solely it. Then there are issues, would paying bills and electricity can be turned off in the reading. Machine could be turned off in this child. Could I gotta? Who knows what could have well? Donald Trump has said that he would he'd negotiate, but there is negotiation in this there's? No, no, you gotta stand your ground. Course: when somebody wearing a mega hat is just standing in place and doesn't doesn't move? you know NBC will lecture that kid, that You shouldn't stand your ground that you should retreat, but it's different Nancy Policy and everybody else anyway.
Here's the story, it's hard to read little Harper, her dad Chris is a data processing system for the IRS he's. Working without pay. His wife, Lay says they're gonna run out of money in another month or so and their concern. About the electricity being turned off and that is the electricity that powers Harpers ventilator. How do you, people not have a heart That's amazing kins, especially thank thankfully, we have the left that is here for and cares so much about babies being alive, but they can they can show in that utter caesarean. For this particular one yeah I mean sure, there's you know a few dozen million that they haven't cared all that much about what you think about this one. Will this one's out of the room for fifteen months, all car, and so they care about and they don't care about, em half out of the room but
they out of the womb for fifteen months. If the mom still wants to keep the child You know we should care about this child. I will say we should, of course give the mother the opportunity to choose whether she keeps that ventilator on her, because Lane short, can I tell you something if she I've known that the kid was gonna be born prematurely and then have all these medical problems and be such a asshole she probably should have a boarded little Harper does thank while certainly her choice to do so glad tat I mean I wouldn t I wouldn't, and I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm sure those on the left see the drain that poor Harper really is on the family. And on society. But let me just point this out now. This took up this took about a minute of research on something that not a lot of people have. Certainly CNN doesn't have this called Google. It
Jeanne o o french g l e, and I I think it has. The extended accident at grand, what do you call that thing that that little, the hash marketing sure yeah it's got one of those, so I don't know how to pronounce it, but I you can find it while you just look for could see an end as inhabit, but I did literally about a minute's work. I just googled He D rules about power, shut offs, an eye- and I I got here- protections against power, shot offs and I print Now this is all in a minute. I pray this and also the sample letter that you we need from the your doktor. So printed in both off. I dont know if they still have mail service in Kentucky or if they are ever gotten at because of EVIL Donald Trump. But here is thing because of the eighty yea.
Who cannot turn off the election. The city of someone who has life. Dependent of me. Means running in the house and all you really need to do, and I know this is such a hassle, but all it to do is just type up a quick letter, and I have the example I could send it to the family and the doktor just needs to say: hey others of fifteen month old baby in this house named Harper Doesn't matter why the family is unemployed, the family could be known, running a crack house, No, there's no demand for crack right now, and so they need to have their electricity, even though they can't pay and it's against the law for the power company to turn off the bower. Now I know that was a lot of work for see an end to figure out, but we
did it for them. You should send a movie google thing you're talkin about the guy. Now they should have that yeah, that'd hair. You have an advantage over them by now. I know I have things at sea and I just couldn't figure out when I read that story last night. I could not believe it. It is illegal to shut off power to people's houses, you He had just shut it off. If there is someone with life saving equipment that is run by electricity, it is illegal to shut it off for any reason other than natural disaster. You know me, you know, stay, currently stake, holding out there all right, but you it is very clear. You can't and that's the FDA right media with disabilities. I would think that see an end, because you always hear CNN and and rural journalist saying you know well the eighty yea and we need it thanks. The eighty eight will here it is here. It is its protecting.
This poor little girl and the family CNN just used this family not saying that this family in Kentucky isn't struggling. By saying that if you ve been you been followed or if you're working, I don't even know how that's legal I don't know how is legally, but you should talk to your democratic senators because I actually do know how its legal, the reason why we can say you to come back to work, but we're not gonna pay. You is because the government politicians want to be. Well to have that vice, because We could just say: ok everybody's got to come back to work, because you are an essential employ the tea essay IRS, whatever you guys all Have to come back to work and we to pay you because nowhere where its slavery to do others. The only reason why they have that is so the politicians when they
got down the government, they want that squeeze them we can say: look at these poor people they're not getting paid, they or their working anyway without pay. This is a game and every single person it's been followed I'm sorry, but the person to blame or your Congress people because Congress is the one that can change that law. They choose not to never more than sixty seconds away from the rest of the show, but there's there is actually more today story will give that to you coming up in just a second first of all: you know getting sick in the cold is is fake news. Ah you're gotta go out with your jacket and scope, He cold and you're gonna get sick well, that's not how you get a cold while the word cold is the same as the the way that you describe the weather. So I assume that the science lines up a thank you, liberal, professor of today,
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for ten seconds station. I d we're here to Roger stones at rest. In just a minute also, I will tell you all about what's really happening, we the New York in Vermont Abortion bill. Why why? Why is a law? Oh my gosh. It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday, as like all gosh. How did I not think you this first day I saw it will give that to you in a second also a school. She strangely was not covered last week I was also listening to CNN and this morning, a little bit wanted to know what the next problem for a federal worker. Because again, if we,
remind them to look for negative stories about this president. They will forget and they just report, positive things that we have to make sure were always looking for those and they did a story about the shutdown and apparently weeks ago they had a couple people on who miss their first paycheck and one of the way, The woman whose on said I am worried because I'm you know what money and paycheck to page after- and I am worried- I am not going to be able to have to make it here if I miss paychecks, and if this keeps going on well, you see an end to see them when they sit down with them. Do they remind them that they can go to a bank egg? your term loan dates, but they are, whereas I because they were the bashing mobile, who suggested this, of course, he's in the trunk administration. They did remember this time to look for a negative story on Trump and they found one with Wilberfloss and they said well, people conscious I'll get loans and whose interests they have to pay in its wrong. This is a let them eat cake,
moment Aspartame yeah, you know not for their heads and end their answer as well. How can I get alone if I can't prove income? While I mean I don't, it seems to me the bank. May have seen the news as well that the The real shut down is going on you and you have you no paste. Ups from the federal government right from previous weeks, writer doesn't mean I'm even when you buy a house you will have to show your most recent paste. I've got to do something in the last couple months, wherever it is sure. So this is one of those things that as Wilbur raw said they are basically early guaranteed loans. Yes, some guy you! So that's deal, but they asked her how she's going to do things and she was pretty sure if she missed another paycheck she's gonna, be me on the street. Of course, they followed up with her to find out what then, and she she's like well. Luckily, I have enough family and
and that are really helpful and unless, of course greatest relates to something that western service talk about all the time. It doesn't always have to be the government in whose steps in and does these things we have family and friends or help as well. However, I also pointed out, I thought this would be. I could be completely only one in the world who didn't notice by found it completely fascinating. She also was able she said to get her unemployment to come through. Now unemployment for a further look, if you're too company to get laid off unemployment. Very common thing that happened- right people go get unemployment within the situation or, however, I have to admit I was unaware that, if you are, federal, employee and or followed in this temporary period with all indications being that you're going to have your job back as soon as this is over and your game you're gonna get all your pay back issues. This is over here. You can get employment in the interim I honestly did not know that, but that's a fast
leading thinks so too understand here the and we like that, you know of conservatives like to say, down all its eight hundred thousand people like the government should be is slimmed down anyway, and no good go on are not doing anything but think of how bad it is for a taxpayer. We are now paying unemployment too federal employee who is not working so not producing anything and then when they come back they're going to get all of their back pay as well, so they're going to get taxpayer money from us for their jobs and taxpayers. From us for their unemployment in the interim. Does it make me add person that I kind of wish I had been followed, I do I mean I mean that sincerely look I could go to a bank. Fi worked for the federal When I go to the bank, oh well, you have to pay interest me. Ok, so go to the bank. I get alone. So I have. I have the same
lifestyle and gives us get a revolving alone. I get at every two weeks from the bank and and I'm gonna be good, and then I know that's paid back because you know I'm I'm gonna get that paycheck ok. So I want to pay that loan off. Well, it's got interest here. But also, while I've gone to the bank to get that loan. I also who can get on employment, which will pay before my- interest on that short term loan. Ah and then some so actually making money is made many wrong to want to game the system, because it doesn't seem that hard to make it ah ended and honestly game the system now to be fair, the outright probably there are a lot of federal employees who thought this is gonna, be over in a week and didn't apply for unemployment. Didn't get it for some other reason. There are people who
Billy had credit bad enough that, even if you said it was a federally guaranteed loan, the banks were like no thank you and certainly there are people who are legitimately affected is not zero. The numbers not zero, but they don't talk about that. They say. Eight hundred thousand people are out men are often ventilator all ventilators to the media, and there are those stories, but those the only stories and unemployment is an interesting part of this. If you can get enough, unemployment less than you are looking at your job right, but it should be enough, hopefully to get you through period while this is going on and remember, of course, this large payment is gone. Becoming right around the corner. Where, This thing shuts down that doesn't make your life easy I am sure this is legitimately affecting them, and we that We mentioned this a lot, but as we know, the media doesn't seem to focus on it, but there are other. People who have businesses around where these federal government in place usually work. They don't get anything and they don't get any pay back at all. They don't get unemployment, they don't get there
Those are the one get. Those are the one morning, private businesses in the areas of a lot of federal employees. If you run a breakfast shop outside of a big from a building. That now is barely attended. You're you ve got your job. Is you know your whole business is being sir the government is so big and had its fingers and everything that we do. It does affect a lot of people who are not gonna, get that made up paycheck and also will affect the economy and the numbers behind the economy. You're gonna see growth, go down and all the things that you know this good economy that has been built by the american people, Donald Trump trying to support it as well as a good thing that brides Delta is on things like this is an issue that is has thankfully, someone's looking for something negative about the president. Just can't somebody find something here. Let me take Glenn Bank so more yet to come. Twenty three. The an me knowledge is power and that
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in this security with twenty three and me dotcom, slash back twenty three and me dotcom, slash back so was the real reason behind the abortion law in New York or to have that coming up. You can get everything on the pod cast as well on Itunes. We welcome Mr Pat Gray to the programme bill. Riley's gonna be with us in about thirty minutes from now. Oh, come on today's programme. We have a freedom of information ACT that we fight at the blaze. To find out about this Vietnam hero Nathan ups, and he is a hero. He had a job that I dont be knights and how did it so we have his record from the federal government of his mill. Ferry service and you're gonna. Be fascinated by that,
Also, we have the news about a school shooting that somehow or another didn't make. National news was only covered locally, which was and I can't figure I now. I do have a theory on I wasn't covered, but tat I'll give that to you also and the abortion law to restart their welcome. Padre. Thank you which, which one do you want choose your news story about the abortion LE ok theory, Pat, why Why is Is the governor of New York Cuomo suddenly bring out with the most extreme abortion law. You could pick. Possibly imagine that women and kill the baby, all the
aid to birth and and in the health care professionals, don't have to be the one a doctor doesn't have to be the one that is even prefer warming it any reason goes Why would grow Her Cuomo do that. Well, are you alleging it's not just because he's so in ever of women's rights is yet reproductive situation. I am, I am suggesting you are so yes, I am suggesting. Ah yes, that's what I thought you Jesse love yeah well, and he saw my job and they celebrated this as a huge victory. They lit up the sky of New York with pink they could celebrate this huge victory. Stew. What is or beside that. You know that he just loves. You loves the women, What? What? What would you be? Your guess other than he?
of the women bs? Ok, potentially? he could be a person. Yes, who is considering a run for office on twenty twenty and realizes he needs to get as far less Does parliament calls for a democratic power very audience. Yes, so that's what I have been thinking, yes the day before the tv show. It just hit me like a bag of bricks, and I just like to pass it by and see what anybody else thinks. I was reading a story right after the election of Donald Trump and You know this is when they were well. They still are looking for why? How did Donald Trump? When we have the perfect candidate? We have the perfect message how Donald Trump win remember and they were throwing every thing against the wall. Well, one of the stories that I read and I had completely forgotten about it until yesterday, Why you just jogged with me, but I remembered the story where the
press said. Well, one the reasons why you one was Scotus now think that's true. One of the reasons why Donald Trump One was because we are vit. We care about. The Supreme Court right, we all agree with us now Mugabe, but story said something that I didn't know that that never works for the left that the law aft, for some reason is not as attached to the supply in court thing when their casting their votes for president now, you would think I've always thought that they were, but apparently the studies show that it doesn't effect in election like it does, for right, doesn't get the vote out correct Oh, they need to be able to balance that they need. To be able, because they know. I know you know, look Ruth Paine. Org is again
Burg is in the next five years, even she chooses to leave she's, not gonna be. Air forever. Probably gonna happen in the next five years. Right I mean it could happen tomorrow, she's very, very ill, and I wish? Neither I don't even know you say that scrap everybody, every lamers, every reasonable person knows yes, so she's gonna be with us long. We are going to say? I don't care who it is. I want the right Scotus person to replace her correct course. If that doesn't work for the left? It will energy the right they have, have something so, they ve just put in the bill, and they es as a law to the point Where I'm not signing anything, this is in here
it is so unpopular with the american people. It is the fringe of the fringe it way beyond anything that anybody has ever propose way beyond France Way beyond Europe. We are on the cutting edge in New York of death, but equal with the North Korea. We should point out with where we are now equal with North Korea, as though we are that are right. So it does it makes sense to me unless you're, just trying to run to the upper left not enough s not enough. However, if you and act that now could expect to see some court cases come up from the public. That says, I'm not doing this. Might ex dollars or going to fund abortions. This isn't right. I want to challenge this in court. They you are begging,
for a challenge in court. There begging for it so then, by the time it just starts to bubble up, not even reach scope as yet, by the time it bubbles up they ve. Evidence that women are under attack and when our e g goes up well, women are going to go back to the stone age. They're gonna, grab you by the hair and drag you back into the cave, Roby Wade's gotta be overturned. This is what they're doing. This is what there doing. This is all this is all about driving the vote and appeasing the goober goober laughed because the only ones they want to do that are the Gruber left, so they're playing to the ones that they know we'll go out and and work hard. That's what's happening it's an interesting ingredient in two how they handled the cabin I think to yeah right.
They're trying to make the Supreme Court as big an issue to the left and their voters. As it is to the re, are going to make Cavanaugh again the election wills, prediction you will see in the election, later, Ginsburg is ill and is going to go away and You have passed historic, celebratory action for women protection for women's rights and women's health and men like Cavanaugh are going to be, based on the Supreme Court, that is the angle they are going to ring Cavanaugh back up there, We're gonna use this, as is something that new, art celebrated. Why using the link which of celebration. Why light the sky? Why did the gun? insist that they light the sky
They certainly do draw attention to. It. Sure did Andy, but some provisions in there that you wouldn't think they even want like now. Physicians can perform abortions. Why would you want that so? Can we can can? Can we please post on Glenn backed I've come today? somebody should posted right away somebody and then, in the in the research room, I got a lot of facebook posts and a lot of people on twitter and email yesterday, saying I can't ike being told by friends that its not true that that any Ngos. Any reason: girls, they're, saying that I am a liar rights. Not any reason is just all factors. All factors is the quote. Okay, if you have a UKIP for example, you can't go in there and say you know what absolutely no reason to get an abortion right now. Our I would like one in theory,
most likely? What would happen with a doctor who is actually willing to perform of abortion like this? They would say you're gonna have to give me a reason. I can't do it did any. Do you have a step sniffles because after that, it says all factors in its first physically mentally, Logically, so you could say illegally. The president. The pregnancy is too upsetting to yes at nice, collapsing idea value of the idea of having a mother. I am not hearing before it is going to do with its its weighing. On my mind, that's enough. That's enough! That's the thing you have to have a reason, but the reason needs to fall into this tiny category of all factors. So any excuse whatsoever that will convince now going to have to convince the doktor to do it, but any doktor whose can is willing to do a third term aboard Japan is going to say: ok, well, yeah, if your stressed out, because of its pregnancy, that's your health and that's enough so that
we're. Looking at a technicality that I would get, I would venture to guess that most of them know he's not really a restriction on abortion, but they're just saying it anyway, as they know it's a technicality. Some people might not be aware that we will have somebody right this up and give you all the links. So you can argue this. We need and we need a page. We need, as we need something England outcome that have as like all the links for you know the Covington kids, so you can just say. No, I want you just go here and just watch these links. I want you Who do you know abortion? I look it's right here. Everybody I says gosh. I wish in always argue with somebody. I wish you were there. I wish Ross. Was there somebody like that, we're gonna go you all of the arguing points with the links that have nothing to do with us. So when you're in an argument about abortion, you can go right to the page and you can click on it and it will take you to the bill. And to the section of the bill, but Sir
these things, so you have the proof and it's not us we're just show you where they can find it if they want to do their own research reserve, though it's not just that he really cares about women die, not sure I got you, sir site, when that underwear went over, I beg you might just care really alive by the way I just got an update on Nathan Phillips. I don't know if you guys know this, but we got a freedom of Information ACT fulfilled yesterday. So we have his war record but also there's been some testing done on eighth Phillips and he is one one thousand twenty. Fourth Warren, I run a lot of people. I was. I was shocked, as I thought. There's no way he's got
any Elizabeth Warren in him, but there is already does one one thousand twenty hours. I he's a bit more Elizabeth WAR and then than that has died, and I well maybe he's just like a tentative as a war in family member. I am not sure Agora unleashed the pot casting get anywhere progress or sold, as well as on the blaze tv, good ablaze, tv dot com, slash back he's a promo code back to save ten bucks. Your subscription to watch Pat every. On his show and as well as he comes unloosen white matters with us in the radio show get all that plus dozens their shows at placing dot com, slash back lifelike. I remember when the guy who started life, luck took out bus site, Marylin bus signs actually made engineering. He put a bus to his face and his so security number means Lima I can give you myself security numbered it doesn't matter as I got lifelike
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promo code back or one eight hundred lifelong. So we just had a government worker Colleen end, and I hope this is true. It makes me feel better that if you or a government worker and you're getting unemployment. You have to pay it back, so you can't the system. That's good. And that makes you feel it makes you feel better. A does make villa better the army that that would be completely ridiculous. Sober again. This is, it makes it hard to understand why you wouldn't be able to get that makes it really hard to understand why the unemployment, insurance wooden just cover all of it, because if they're getting- all of it. Back. They do. I owe the right: it's a federal guaranteed loan anyway right government paying itself right, the gun can can go. Let me to see if I can find you in the system get your followed. Ok, here's a prisoner Jack, darlin, here's a dollar less than what you're making. Why not, because
The federal government can also say yes to pay this back home Kay or you don't I'm just gonna withhold it until it all pay back not to we make hundreds of billions of dollars and mistaken payments every right through the federal government at the fact that they they can't pay their workers for actually working. This is just to show. This is just a show. It is one of those things, though. As conservatives we know a lot times. We we kind of we talk about that is, like ok ate her two thousand place, while the government should be trimmed by eight hundred thousand employees. Is this a bad thing and they number one you're, not getting any whatever. But activity you would get out of these employees you're paying for, but not getting anything. So US taxpayers were literally paying for nothing. I mean yes, yes, it sucks for the people who are losing their jobs for this period of time it does but ass to taxpayers we are paying taxes to employ these people for doing literally nothing. Imagine a man gin.
Imagine you paying for electricity and We have to continue to pay for electricity all of the employees have been followed, so you're, not getting any of the electricity, but you still have to pay for none of us we should be the ones that are up in arms. How you're, my paying that I'm receiving and in that thing here. We should talk maybe later on today and give the list of the seven out of five thirty five in Congress that actually voted for spending cuts. Last year's Craig seven of five hundred and thirty five crazy, also we're gonna talk about Roger Stone. What a surprise guy was arrested well. It was a surprise to some people, strangely, not CNN, who just follow,
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The fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that Glenn Back programme. Was it the hat or was it the smirk Roger Stone, surprise, surprise in jail today, state of the union been cancelled. Governments still shut down. Is this a win or lose the most radical abortion law ever as passed in New York. Nathan, Philips, we just found out is one one thousand twenty. Fourth Elizabeth Warren more on him and the despicable behaviour of the press. All of this with Bill O Reilly, perspective and no spin from bill in one minute. This is that land back programme today it will be a good episode with Bill O Reilly are. Let me talk to you about the Zapruder. If your look
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I I'm so excited to hear your take on all of things that have happened, exists but a big weak but lie start with the latest breaking news of Roger Stone. Can you fill me in on what's happening with Roger stone? maybe I'm just going to concentrate on the fusion of entertainment. Enlightened can want to go into the enlightenment area. Now I don't think I like you, so I don't know anything about ride, restore, never met him. Never talk to looks like a kind of a crazy guided me. They're gonna be tat to all over his bag of Nixon seven years old. I don't know what that is. There should be a limit by the way and tat to powers of your over twenty eight you can't get constitutional amendment. But I don't know about that, and I was really hoping for men I was. I was hoping for a little more enlightenment. They give you something in alignment. Airing, ok, ok, so
more. When He started investigating this russian collusion allegation, debate the Glee Abbot short- and I know this to be true names on the chart, its flow chart, that's as Trump campaign. And, as you know, maybe thirty names, maybe forty yon on the chart looked at all, then he looked at all These people are all working direct they would Donald Trump in some capacity so that we start survive storm with gadfly. Somebody who is around round going one to curry favour with Trump, advise him on certain things. No, he knew tromp for a long time and easy
he is the Nixon original dirty trickster. I mean this is a guy who has really bad pal ten, a political consult, right quantities, people and then they hired by groups or packs or whatever, and they you go get this one finder word on that one do whatever you want, but in Any initial in initial rushed of the of the term campaign everybody wanted to curry favour with Donald Trump everybody in his organization wanted to work for him get on a campaign at all wanted his attention. That's very important, forbidding understand Will you wanna trumps attention not easy get because it attention span about twenty seconds. A yacht. Something pretty begged. Yet Donald Trump attention, so stone? some kind of relationship with the Wikileaks
Member winkie Weak Dalia each other Wikileaks people, a hack, and found a bad stuff about Hillary Clinton in her campaign, stone. The middle man that talk into Wikileaks and they give him gossip and any run back to the term campaign and tell him the gossip, he'll exacted is what they're gonna have isn't what we're gonna take. That's what stoned it that we its! all right he's the middle man, gossip guy, when the investigation came when Mauler launch they brought stone, said war, you, the middle man, that's a guy. So now that's why indicted. So let me let me go here and let me change it slightly under the media. Now
The media have happened to be there at Roger Stones has with a coincidence it was. It was good it. I love this up and down the street and plodded any empty arrived as they come on me, the sea at an anchor, actually said good job following your God and being there on this. When we are following their got, they happened to be there with a camera crew thing like lake in the elevator at the Senate. When they see it and crew is right behind the finance, I call file a person who is yelling at flight she'd G ice. Then the basis in such smaller somebody mowers screw probably any in the FBI of speculation, This is an enlightened and now an element of speculation. Now let me go to be. I gave somebody called said. No gonna be here so short lead. Go now to the hat and the smirk dies.
Our going over to the Kentucky. Kids would finish with reduced. Ah, yes, said: okay, Belgium have anything else. You wanted to add that now aren't good good. Go ahead. I what do you want me to wait? What question do you wanna Kentucky catch you want. Meanwhile, let you down here is years. The here's the thing. First of all, is this a story that is beyond the hat, if that it wasn't wearing the hat, Would? We even know this story now now it's about Trump everything's about Trump everything all right, so the king and his friends are at the pro life rally, because a lot of catholic school kids go every year. So it was a mistake for the kid the where the hat, by the way, if I had been in and out ass, you guys know I'm a former high school teacher Bible, visor on that trip. I would have said no political paraphernalia, because we're here
for a moral reason and we want everyone of every part. Dont know if he wore it during the March mean and they'll it looked like a new hat and you know you're coming home with a souvenir. I dont know if you they're out there had, or just got word of warning in the context of being at the pro correct life demonstration by where the advisor I would have already been advised against that, but that was that we, he was now getting ready to get on the bus so Do you have a right to wear a hat and not be accused of crimes have to do to write the word, although you by Zara, being the school attached to school cuz, it don't worry and the kid could not have overridden that, but as a Soviet? Alright, alright? What everyone I'm talking about with appropriate and why I would add that an adviser said nope no political stuff which are serious Catholics and were here. Is Christians in a right to live context without doing part
So the question no is with the press: have latched on, isn't it and viciously attacked these kids? had, they warn Joe Biden for personal tat. Any answers, absolutely not! yeah and you either gave a good, pretty good perspective. I put, but let's just advance it a little bit further then, because everybody knows what happened you can up your own mine. As a listener, I mean we saw the video we know that were not at fault. We know the media viciously attacked the kids and the media maybe or well were sorry, but that really sorry now Nothing interview show they interviews. Shall I dont sorry, I mean in always like Savannah Godfrey who's that should not political, Madame. She takes whores What is worse, dont be mean, but be skeptical so don't be skeptical with no info. Is he had the story
for the media and if you read calm, Brandon, common Billow, Riley Dotcom, the story The media now is advancing. Is that gap may it wasn't the kids fall, but any body. Anyone who wears a trump hat is going there, you go, there's the word triggering there feeling in America, and so you have a top hat. My socks or bumper sticker. You are a trigger for naked, anybody in America that is the story and there buying the media is basically trying to set a scenario where, if you don't vote for the democratic for president, the matter cool, it is the Europe evil
dad purse well, if you're wearing a Trump pat you're wearing a Trump t shirt Europe You ve got a trump twenty twenty sticker on your car. You are add person? You're is oh yeah, so they are. What they are doing is if you have a trump sign. Twenty twenty sign in your front yard. You can be attacked because you're, obviously a bad person whose just trying to trigger people in the neighborhood and these kids. We weren't fair way the media warrant fair, but they deserved with us because they had the hat. Oh, if everybody understands at all american voters understand hatred It's gonna be. The theme of the next presidential raises its all about hate, the economy anymore, not about China, not about put about hate. I'm gonna pick it up with Bill O Reilly, where we left off here and also take it too.
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Bill O. Let's, let's continue down this road just a little bit. We filed for a freedom of information ACT on a Nathan, Philips and his war record Do you know what he did? Miser Marine right, yeah well yeah, he was in the Marines He was an infantry men for two days and then they transferred him and he became a refrigerator amen. He was in the Marines in the Marines he spent, it is time as a refrigerator mechanic. So yeah and then he went AWOL twice His record show that the His trial records were not included with our freedom. Information act
a request, so I think we have to request for those as well and not sure if we can get those, but he a AWOL two times. He worthier frostbite. Well I I'm not sure it is cold in the refrigerator, especially if you're in Nebraska. During the years after the Vietnam WAR. The body he quickly with the foyer question. You got that stuff fat yeah. No, I was. I was shocked, I didn't expect a keen yesterday, you know their terrified sure they work. I don't know This guy is with the drum care who we is that a matter to me who is there? you said a pro life. Immigration with a drum banging it ok, I mean, is not the kind of guy who want to have dinner with yet no, he was at a. He was actually at a native Americans no border.
Rally leg wait over to the pro life out here. No, then he just walked over to the boys were getting onto a bus after the poor people the pro life rally, I mean the guy he is an anti border guy, which is why he went to the kid with the red hat. He was trying to prove a point: no borders. Okay, so You know there are nuts everywhere and When I see the press basic, It was a Washington post. I say that it was a Vietnam that my first feeling I dont believe the wash and imposed not because I couldn't have been Vietnam bad shortly. Could of these. At that age, the Washington Post they don't check, and today there are gonna check anything it's gonna. They had That puts the narrative either in a higher plane, so use it,
and then why do I always sorry or how many times you gonna be sorry over there you know got that little pinocchio thing that you do on everybody else. You do it yourself how many retraction so we gonna get from the far left breast. So here is putting all day we get em now, but here's what concerns me. You had the yet NBC washing, impose CBS, Yadda yadda, all the usual so lax and look at first they reported it. Ok mistake and new information comes out and they say oops sorry, but they don't retract. All of it. They just say: hey, there's no who knew facts emerge. Will that's that apology, new facts emerge. Then they stick with this. They stick with the story and it is provable fact on with videotape adheres here's what I want to ask you bill the press, as cross the Rubicon. They
cross the line. Now from where you could say. Well, I don't know you could look at it that way you could, if I'm gonna, be really really generous, you could give them better. For the doubt, there is no There is no other story. Other then they knowingly are lying. If this is what they're doing today, with videotape Why are they not willing to do number one Julius Caesar was executed. Everybody in the press by this point so we're in the Rubicon out what they would all been dead number two. This is actually a good for honest Americans. So this whole thing is good. For the country this coming ten high school snafu because now even the chemist of us cannot
and the national media any longer. You cannot work, get out of your house ago or their hair. I believe the New York Times worship their fair there giving me the news that I need to make a responsible decision. Uk Do that nobody can do that you'll be laughed at you'll, be I mean even the far left coax laugh at you, you know they're, not yet we are so it's this brought it all Buzzfeed just set this up. I Busby set it up because people paid attention to the kids. Nobody pays attention to budged feet and by the way, back and stew did you know that NBC, invested. Two hundred million dollars into Buzzfeed Did you know that I do not know the biggest backer com at the biggest back repulsion?
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and I don't think you're a Cuomo support supporter but he's Edward Cuomo has gone off the deep end with this new abortion law and the left is, lying about it, saying that it doesn't include any reason whatsoever up until birth, which it absolutely does that aside. Any anybody, honest would know it. A coma family. Forty years, decent they should but Andrew Cuomo summit You too, I never told publicly bit, but now I can tell it because of the developments that many years ago Cardinal Dolan came to me
he's the head of the New York Archdiocese said, though they get the spending bill about abortion on demand at any time. Nobody can you talk to a governor Cuomo about it maybe was found years ago I was in LOS Angeles, so, I showed your eminence out of the wood I can, but you know I've got a key. It in a professional way. I've got to say to him look. The situation in this is why the card This concern- and I have your permission to do- that- I can't do it as private citizen, even though I am against it. Care what I think So anyway, I did I put in a call to the governor and he did get back to me very promptly, and we had a very nice discussion for about forty five minutes about the girl,
at the end of the discussion is well. Let me think about it. I'm not gonna do anything on it now, which he did you did. Now. His argument for the bill was not that he believed that he didn't. He said he didn't believe in it that he was a good Catholic in all that and you know his job. Not to impose religion on anyone and the liberals in the art wanted it are the usual, but but he did eat a table it for awhile. Never pushed it never really got began. But once the Democrats got both chamber the New York legislature. The far left came to him and said you gonna, do this or we're going to attack you and, of course, in a coma several came and went to do it and that's what happened. So we have my beef, the ILO It is a cardinal. Dawn should basically be out there in front of Saint Patrick Cathedral, say look. This is infanticide,
You have to have some standards. An abortion, you just can't say I'm in a bid birth in a Can I am panicking because my boyfriend left or my husband left- and I don't want the baby, so the baby's gonna be terminated by that can happen in a civilised society and I think all of your life I would agree with that, but don't doesn't do that. And and in less you bring more power. These arguments you're gonna lose it particularly in states like California, New York, so story that I've never shared Cuomo called my office about five years ago and wanted to meet with me privately and the word was that he just wanted to show that you know We had a lot of things that we had in common, and I thought,
was very weird, and I knew it was because he was wanting to run for president. I never took the meeting, however, That gave me reason to believe that one of the reasons why he was doing this now was because Maybe he wanted to run for president in twenty twenty, but I sense have had another thought night. This came to me yesterday, Bill I read, story right after the election. You know when everybody is like, while how did Trump win and one person said, which I thought was accurate- that Trump because he could capitalize on the fear of the Supreme Court and conservatives always respond to that, and in In this article it said it was written by a lefty and it said that something that the left doesn't do the right, response to that, but the left doesn't with
Ruth Better Ginsburg in very poor health. We all know that somehow or another I mean she's gonna retire or she will. We know pass away here in the next five years. And there will be a very important slot open on the Supreme Court. I think this then passed in its most radical form to act eight, the most radical of the left to sing. To them that we are your people that will get it done, and also to get a court he's coming up bubbling up, so they can make this about Cavanaugh and who else what other radical white man will drag you back into the cave to overturn this historic women's rights legislation. What are your thoughts by that, because that bill was there for so long and it just was politically expedient now for Cuomo to do it,
he does want to run for president by the wind. Cuomo does want to be present. Yes, I'd buy. He's he's got a head wines in a form of Joe Biden. He can't be I'd known a moderate track yesterday, binding the man said he likes Republicans in Michigan. That's that they are signal. Look, I'm not alone, like the rest of my party, is so common owes you can't Biden it by more to say: I'm not gonna one month from now. I think Cuomo may get it anyway. You have basically essentially a split in the Democratic Party. Between the democratic know that the o, because it is an and these people are gonna ruin. The party is a man, you're, not gonna boat for socialism. Never, even though the press promotes people all day long and it looks like their main stream now, they're, really not there really out there,
and most Americans aren't gonna buy it The government taking your stuff, which is what it comes down to it and the final thing this thing is that you know we live, the country that doesn't really, as I've said many times. Wanna be boring about it, pursue the truth, anymore and and abortion is the law of the land is not going to change Roby Ways not gonna be overturn, but the states the individual states have have a right under the constitution to regulate how a life ending procedure is executed, for those states are the absolute right to do that and that's what the demo I don't want, they want the federal government. I have a blanket and say you can have a boy for any reason at any time, and that's what That was a big mistake that she made
and at it at all. It's it's design really, because society want even even of even a western european nations, about the second level, is you get don't have that? Is that what you want? what we want here, that's how it has to be framed. Be framed, is a women's rights things. What they do all day long by the way. When I said, and in December you may remember this- that against Berg I dont believe that she's ever going, in the court again, I tell you she is yes, you saw how I was attacked. I was attacked and button Megan Mackay, none of you or you, unchristian. Point you on Christian for what reporting the truth, Bill rightly load is. It is a very, very intense issue in a very intense time in this country. Let me ask one last question this about the shut down a few view. Listen
the press- and if you read the polls, the president is really hurting badly from this. This shut down now others no state of the union next week. I dont know why he gave a man. I don't know why he just didn't. Take up TED cruises offered come to the Senate or just go. Do something himself on that night, how is this house is looking for the president? How is he weathering this? As soon as that happened? I was surprised. I call my contacts, who have very very close, the Donald Trump ok. They say to me: We believe that in the long run now Pelosi refusing to allow the president to give this address. Gonna hurt the Democratic Party. That's, in conclusion, the White House has come to short run. Trop lost about a long run. Remember what a bad person anti blowsy is
they couldn't do? Then? You outside a capital. Excuse me, because the network's wooden covered wouldn't get any coverage at all and even after he gave the address, I gave a rallying in Texas Obama, knowing cover value I'll, go again, nothing he could done it, as I suggested, on the steps of the capital. Yes, ok abs, Abraham Lincoln. U S grant it. Yes, ok, because you are called out here. Look out. Gotta be inside, because I should be inside, but we have a fascist house of representatives Ah until I'm here, this way the union, then it goes it gives you speak. I I I agree with you, and I mean I'm, I'm so close to I mean I've, I'm I'm I'm I'm a man,
he's dead. How close in some ways, Donald is to the tactics just updated for today's world, Ronald Reagan, and in this I could hear him saying miss policy bill this Wall I mean it is enemies. Crazies that line somewhere somewhere down, but they got my shut, everybody wants it over watch it over. Everybody wanted overjoyed suspect in the next few days. They'll come to some thing where the government be opened up. The battle, I probably happen by the war and it is that it goes on and a girl I'm sitting here and I'm saying you know that the casualties of this war, the american people, that's whose getting hurt by unbelievable hatred that is being fostered by the the pressure wanna say again
plain why the american media has fallen apart in a new column on below They dot com, quick headline, nineteen. Eighty three fifty corporations, told ninety percent of the national press too. Nineteen conglomerates sick control, ninety percent of the- press and believe me there organise and they hate Trump and one more thing Killing your search. Number nine on the New York Times closer to form onto the market, place this coming Sunday, where we need to do to get it back up their building to get it up to two or three. What we needed there yeah I mean it's yours, awareness is situational awareness. The milk is got great, word of mouth laid bare. You don't want to my big promotions- is Glenn back, actually read this book
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Convince your dad to get the credit card out in by this in ship it. So you and your dad don't have to hear it anymore eat your vegetables. We had them brick house, Glenda, I feel the greens experience a better you tomorrow, we go to Chris in New York or what's the way and on the abortion, Long Logris welcome back when I think travelling. He bent so I'm just quite shocked at the legislation that it actually passed. Region being is because it actually got the penal law of the state in New York and the homicide checks it yeah, it gets rid of several sections undermine slaughter and several other sections, and it clearly states that the whole intent behind this-
in the villages has therefore it is the intent of the legislature to prevent the enforcement of laws or regulations that are not in furtherance of legitimate state. First in protecting human health that burden abortion access so, in other words, You can no longer use the penal law to enforce abortion, not a word. Where where it would be questionable whether or not it was illegal practice, They moved it to reproductive health at work. There's a non criminal act. As far as I can tell from reading the bill Let me ask it is gone. Now would not have gone to jail had this law been enacted. As far as I can tell her ring the bell, that's direct direct
and in a wood, is even more shocking. Is there they're just not scared to admit that this new public health will allow a woman all the way. Until the end of her term, find a reason to board the child. I just version Thank you very much Chris. I appreciated your right. It is shocking and I hope it weeks the country up not stand is to stand. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself and God will not hold us guilty or guiltless. This is the moment you must take aside, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme,
Roger Stone. It looks like he's going to jail. It's interesting to me that everyone we said that Donald Trump had around him. That was a bad guy, keep your collect, no he's not surrounding himself with the best people he surrounding itself, the worst people all of those people are the ones that are in trouble and Roger stone is probably going to see jail time on this one. Will this affect the president? Well, it depends on a couple of things that we will know what we have some pretty good indication that the next guy we know who he is. The next guide possibly see an indictment. We know who he is and is not. The president will give that two years we begin this hour in one minute. This is that land back programme
so I have. I have adrenal exhaustion in a whole bunch of other things that have just made my life. You know it's weird is Stephen crowded. I have the same thing: yeah, going through the same thing has the same diagnosis as I do that. They have. It actually started entire medical course named after Steven Crowder and meals to in most hospin know they have it. I feel better that somebody else has it and I feel first Steven Crowder, but part of it is As of stress the bead, never stop. Never stop caring stress kind of stuff. It said presidents get this to right and it is really it's it's nasty. I mean it is really really bad and has caused me a lot of pain and the Stevens cause a lot of pain, and I haven't to Stephen, I'm having dinner with him and his wife here and hopefully a a couple of days Our families are getting together. We're gonna talk about some of these things. One of one thing I want to recommend is really factor.
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So for some reason, CNN has the greatest got in the world the He sent a camera crew down to Florida to stake out Roger Stones House on the day, they came to arrest him, but the reporter. On CNN. The anchor was was was clear when he said boy good following your got on that one, those where, as I was listening to that today in and you know, look the obvious thing that happened Here- probably some one in the FBI tipped off CNN or local reporter. That was that was working with CNN to go down. An ending in front of broader zones house at five in the morning. You just hang out in front of writers, Stoats house at five in the morning warehouse well
for no reason, nobody they're going that one at that right? Ok, good option is a lot of user. There have been people that out in front of Roger Ale, Roger Stones House.
Ebay, but they all had a reason. They all had a really probably shouldn't get into some of those reasons. But yes, the anchor was like by the way. I want to congratulate you on your instincts, leaving gauntlets porter instincts aid. They, of course he was tipped off, and I mean that's gonna, don't know stew. I've got a nose for new. I just thought this was a good day, a grub good, random Friday to get up at three. I am hang out it Roger stones House in the front yard, with a camera. Did you hear is excuse? The is excuse was, I just happened to notice a little bit of extra. You know activity going on at the just apartment that day, so obviously that means writer, Stone and Webster clerks. Why Roger Stone instantly boom boom is incredible. Herself was so anyway, so anyway. So what does this mean? Now we ve had add Jason, who is IRA? Had researcher had read her for the programme. He went over the indictment that came up after we went on the year. Suppose that I read the indictment I no longer it is. I pay you, that's why I don't have to get us accurate, a brief, and I love it. Okay, so tat
what this thing said I'd. So, if you read this are seen this ominous. Save you a whole lot of heartache right now, because these things we like stereo instructions straight up, stereo instructions. You know purse then a slot too and you're. Nothing makes any sense right. The biggest people there are calling out here, they're they're, saying organization, one What she is pretty obvious. That's wikileaks there are involved and to other people are involved with this register indictment there. What they're calling person one and person to now I have to say this because you can't name: U S, individuals or entities or anything like that. You have just using code words person one is I'm Jerome course. How do you know that That's already been verified and other reports before that this is a person that register was actually said. Look. This is my source. Ok, I just can't say in the official document centre have been like full quotes, reported Previous news sources that are a included in this indictment, but the exact quotes so
in the original reporting it has the names with it and then the exact same quote with person one or two indictment, so so really obvious. Yet it is it's kind of unnecessary, but they have to legally purse. Then too, is Randy Critical, It's also like what you just said is always already been verified. Another reporting any critical. As a he's, a radio comedian host out of New York his like this- I have the same reaction is. I was like: how does this guy have access to Julian Assange? Bold, there either cut laying it all out. As he knows, the lawyer for Julian Assange and he was the one that says he reticence on credit goes. Actually the main guy course he is even those person. One seems that collect back fiddle really. Okay, so echo is, the main guy saw the act. Ben Damon is for perjury for for lying to Congress and for intimidating a witness which is critical
stop. So what did tat whereas this wrong. What what happened was Roger Stone was using back channels to commute Kate with Wikileaks and then necessarily coordinating with them, but they were saying hey. We ve got this on Hillary Clinton. We're gonna die, this on the Dnc. We have this that's gonna happen, and they would tell one of these guys, and one of these guys would tell Roger Stone now Roger stone didn't know that that was a russian group, its job, getting Intel another candidate, correct right opposition research? I saw it, so it's there's nothing illegal about that it is illegal if they knew that it was a russian source, but I think you could make the case bad case, but I think you could the case.
And win in a court of law that you didn't necessarily know that was russian. You didn't that was a foreign entity that was doing this sector, is to be against the load of undue Saturday. Russia asked it if not an entity as windows. Wikileaks is a foreign entity. Hard to say that he didn't we look. They wanted to do it again, we ve seen the several times in this in the story line work. They wanted to do things that could have theoretically been illegal if they had accomplished them, but didn't and necessarily our complex, so, but that even this is not. Why he's in trouble in my understanding, right he's in trouble for is. He went to Congress and testified under oath and then lied to the FBI under under oath that he had no contacts with these guys and he is not talking to Wikileaks. He was not talking to draw course see- and he wasn't talkin to this dj and so No information on that. Well, theyve, burned course right course
it was, I believe he did a particular participate in an and assist the investigation in some way right and so coarse. He said. Yes, I had contact with Wikileaks and I had contact with Roger Stone, now. What is the intimidation of the dj so he's? So it's and it's so blatant like it. It's when you, when you read through it Roger Stone. Definitely communicated with these people a got so like blatant, like he's like wine, is a dropping. Like tell the like, asked a person in London which is assigned exactly when these things are dropping and at one point it actually says: there's going to be a dump every week you know, following the main I mean: that's all they knew his comrade handed. The intimidation was after that act when they're starting get in trouble and stuff is telling credit go. Do not talk to the FBI. Do not testifies like you're stupid. If you testify, you know if you'd to find my lawyers are coming after you, That was one of the internet, what it goes so far as he actually says, I will come and get your dog if you testify
I mean the sole blatant, why Visa Venice is not unusual for Roger Stone that Iraq is. This is why, when Donald Trump, you know handed the adviser of Roger Stone, we immediately said stop, stop Roger Stone, is not a good guy and it is settled in releasing guy. They separated early in the campaign to regulate, became, we're still working together in a distant sort of way. Yes up and Roger Stone. Is he a known, complete, liar, guy says stuff, all the time in my opinion that our complete lies? It's you cannot trust o word. This man says, and you know his defence is gonna, be on this whole situation. I am a liar and you can't trust a word that I say he has gone on television and said: look I'm a height man ass his waist may I say things all the time that I know are in truth, so he's gonna say I think, claim look. I know these for coming and I was trying to look more important to the Trump administration. I was trying to say I'm the man. I've got all the stuff from Wikileaks. I'm awesome. You should listen to me in Rio.
He had very little. At least that's going to I think, his defence by I don't see how he has a defence at all because he's caught lying to Congress as lying that part as I got you can get out, and I intended aiding though it is, you cannot get out he's gonna prison, but I don't see there's anyway, I've raising, he hasn't been imprisoned. This hold nodded. I did it. I am unsure prison for forty years, so yeah, every Lee and Jackson you his TAT two on his back, is Nixon. He the original dirty trickster under Nixon. He. Is, he is unrepentant for anything that they ever did. He is the worst of the worst in politics, and he pretty much admits it. Okay, so What does this mean for the president? He's Probably going to jail now what this means other than Donald Trump pick some really bad people to be around him? There is nothing at this point to connect him to Don
tromp, there's nothing on collusion or anything else. However, the next I probably to drop now we'll be Steve Bannon, because Eve banning and and stone were very close and Steve Bannon has testified that I had no idea about Roger Stone. I had no idea about Wikileaks and if they have evidence that he did a and will be the next to go and That's also in the indictment you can come to see the chain of other indictments that might happen, so I've already showed that stone was in communication with these people to get this information. They knew about it and Her unnamed person in this indictment is what are calling a senior campaign staff, member and that's bad, and it's been the reason we know its ban and is because they lay out everything that was said in the indictment between stone in this person and that
now has already been dropped, it's all over the place. It's in the New York Times today, word for word, but him New York Times version. It's got Steve abandons name in the two and from subjects. So here is that here is the problem for Donald Trump. If if he has testified and said He didn't know that to be a real issue and on explain why here in just a second get me one minute and they will come back our. I too simply safe. Simply safe is gonna. Protect your family, they are going to protect your home they're gonna protect in your home. If there's a fiery we'll call the fire department a break in. It will not only called the police, but it will take a high rise shot of at face. No more blurry pictures who did this that guy? It's amazing. What this service does the dead. The technology is beyond anything that you have in your home. Now
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it simply safe back dot com pause for ten seconds station. I believe I was lying mean. Ok, so here's the here's gotta be a sticking point. Four Donald Trump Donald Trump this. This may come back to haunt him because we know that banning was very, very close to Donald Trump. We know the Dannon is a guy who likes to play the heavy, and you know you had a big mouth and you know he he was telling Donald Trump, let me tell you how else what else we got we got this coming in this coming. If Donald Trump said yeah, I knew that vino stone was talking and and Bannon we were talking in Bannon, would come to me and say at this on Wikileaks,
The questions that or is he informed again not a problem of he was in. He to me about it. I have nothing about this at all. Problem. If he said he wasn't informed the eye He had people like Rogers and Michael Cohen around him, and so we are, the media in none of these people are trustworthy in that's the best defence honestly with Wednesday. Bannon abandoned to tell and they have a link. Here's the optimum. Now this is this. Is it a leap, but it's not a far leap. The problem, to do what he's doing right now and hats off to him. There's been a good collection of these things and I'm talking about him at night. Hats off to him. There's been a good collection of these things, and I am talking about an ad nauseam near. I emphatically hats off to him if the press conference and said you know, Wiki ever. Never would have expected him to do what he's doing right now and hats off to him. There's been a good collection of these
is there has to be some real information coming out on her? Oh did well. Where did that come from we Oh, that's! The Wikileaks Tipp now you just say that, because banning said I got somethin. I can't say anything, but just ask me on this. Just go out and say this or was he informed again? Not problem of he was informed a problem, if he ed. He wasn't informed to the FBI. About right. I mean, I think, he's you have to believe the people around the president, even if he did I'm exerting all president's like trade in these sort of dark worlds and even stuff happens all the time when you have competent. People around you, they protect you from these things right, that's what they're, job is to make sure that there isn't an email that says exactly that the problem is he had people like Roger Stone and Michael Cohen around him, and we are already seeing these things can get pushed
out into the media in none of these are trustworthy and that's the best defence honestly with Wednesday Bannon abandoned and think what he's got. You know, look Donald Trump seated my expectations. In many ways I did not have high hopes no end, but there's been a lot of things. He's done. I've done well and I we ve given him a lot of credit for those things had stayed just a just standing for the border. Never ever would have expected him to do what he's doing right now and hats off to him. There's been a good cause action of these things and I am talking about an ad nauseam near I in fact literally hats off to him a reddish take off the hat, because you're an enemy of the snake Morgan by her ass be wearing that. But one of the reasons you know booger at sums were issues with the potential truck Presidency is the people he surrounded and with it. I remember we made a list back in the day was turning over all the names on it, but listen to some of these names. It tell me if these were problems. Steve Bannon yep right he's trumps all
fired him. They have no relationship, and now it looks like he potentially could be the next one to be indicted, Roger Stone, arrested today, Michael Flynn, big problem there amargosa I mean it. Could she, when I'm told, tell all book and been recording him secretly and all those things you Paul man a fort? the problem at all Michael Code was he an issue I mean There is an issue here that they imagine much better, this presidency could have been if he had people around him, so we're just good competent people. You remember, I became a George Bush fan when he, I think, announced in North Carolina who he who's, gonna put on his staff and he had called Powell and Dick Cheney and all these Rumsfeld when all these people that we're just rock solid but being problem that I had was that the people surrounding Donald Trump were horrible and if go back to the show for about a year ago, once
I remember who, though, really last bad guy was to leave. I might have been banned, and I said well, get rid of all the bad people. Now, there's some good people there so now, I'm not so concerned because a good people are are there now this. That was important. This is just clean up of the ban. People that he had a round him during the action at all? I think about back to your point: where have you thought that you know? Maybe they are protecting him in a maybe he didn't know about it, but Did you think they even saw me think bad about this at that time. I know there is no rush and there is no concrete russian connection to Wikileaks at the time. No, they were then and they all kind of play, the same kind of game. All of these. Guys, Roger Stone Ban, and they all- deal in this dark kind of world and and Donald Trump. I don't think at the time was used to dealing with. You-
the present in the United States. He thought he had taken heat before, but I don't think anybody. Could have foreseen the heat that he's taking now in position. He thought I can handle it, and so he was used to dealing with people like Michael Cohen. Now the bad thing is all of these people that were around him are not the kind of patriots that protect the president there, the kind of people that we want, the praise They want the position protect themselves, they protect themselves, so they were all jockeying for position around him. So they were incentivize in their heads. Tell him even stuff that possible They didn't have or wasn't true, because They wanted to be the golden child and that's a big. Kind of people. You had around him and having it's interesting. The media has been-
for another like Watergate or another Pentagon papers, and I think they actually people around Trump bought that he was another Daniels hasn't such I think they ve got. So that was your lessening TED Glenn Bank. I want you to. I want do your homework on something, I want you to do your homework on Bitcoin, and I want you to do your homework on blockchain there are many things that are going to happen soon the world will dramatically change overnight. It's going to feel overnight by twenty thirty, mark my words all of this stuff, you think it will have happened and. I think there will be new borders and justice is a new world. Blockchain is going to play a very important role. I think in our lives so pleased.
The Smart Crypto course Dotcom right now understand it don't have. Invest anything just understand this technology, because its crucial to the future Smart Crypto course dot- com, smart Crypto course, dotcom set out for the blaze tv at Blaze, tv dot, com, slash back things are heating up. We have dozens of host use the promo code back for ten dollars. This is the Glen by programme on saturdays we have a special show that is podcast. Only It is one of my favorite shows of the week. It is a one on one with somebody who is quite remarkable and it's it's usually. They run from an hour to NED to ninety minutes. And they are remarkable people with a remarkable thing to say and its uninterrupted, and it's just a conversation between me and this week.
It's professor of Professor Carol, Swain. Now the thing I like about these conversations to is there there you basically just talk until you're done. There's no like restrictions on time. There's no restrictions on where you can go. You don't have to stop for partials every five seconds it just a nice conversation that can go. Lay deep, kerosene visas is pretty amazing person. She is african American Programme Female professor gotten, I grew up on believe Hubley poor like I mean you, know, end of roots kind of poor. You know her old enough to remember routes where you are living in a shack and there's no electricity, and she, Everybody in her family didn't make it pass the eighth grade and the ends up being a professor at Yale instead in other like three of them all
Ivy League schools and one of the great conservative minds. I I really put her in the same category as Thomas Soul and away it's funny. She brought him a soul up as as someone she admired and Walter Williams. As someone she admired, I mean like we are talking about its that's those two things are normally said by an african american professor at an Ivy League school and she's in she somebody that really was issued she didn't really know, but she was on the left because that's what we do where on the left. And you know I'm going to college now, and it must be the state that so great and she had a turning point and in it in the podcast. She talks about Oh her turning point came with ache with it very rare, almost endangered species today, at a university. I think that America,
is and has always been a land of tremendous opportunity, and what makes me different from What are the young people that I see and me Some of the older people is that I guess so isolated- that I didn't get all those messages that the world was stacked against me because of my color because of rays of the CASA, my poverty. Always believed that if I worked hard enough, I could be successful and one sided college. My arm adviser named Doktor Charles he Wasn't conservative and the black students met me They have made, it will give me the list of all the races professes day. Doktor he was on. The list of purpose is not to take because they were races, but I have always done opposite to what everyone else did, and so my attitude with you, show him so I signed up for his class made a b plus in the first class
Oh me almost matinee internally. I thought the air didn't wanna, give me the first time I took several classes with him and he was conservative. Sorry, it ah Thomas Soil, Glim, Marie Edward, and feel in framing Friedman just I was exposed too conservative are thought and I don't know if I would have been. Marxist, had been exposed to marxist thought. What a turn I ended up with the professor. There was conservative environment. Him tell him at some point. He say you know you Republican, don't you ever. You know like tickly forty as lay the road come one, but I think that it mad at you know that too exposed to the ideas that are exposed to
I had something going on, because I had that attitude is. Whenever someone told me I couldn't do, I was gonna show them I could she's remarkable, and you don't want to miss this this one. You can listen to with your kids because story from the beginning is just I mean it's a movie. It really is a movie. She does. Complain about her life. She has gone under attack like nobody's business because she came out and said our conservative and I'm a Republican she won award the list of awards that she got from from the academy all the things that the universities bestowed upon her and then she said no by the way. I'm a conservative and no one wanted anything to do with
she's the exact person, the left? It doesn't want you to meet yes site. That is, that is exactly the type of person they don't want you exposed to, and you will love her. You will love her. Carol Swain this week, comes out tomorrow, get it just sign up now for the pod cast an eye tunes or wherever you listen to podcast, listen free, tomorrow's, broadcast Carol, swaying, I'd, zip, recruiter, hiring can be very very time consuming, I mean unless you don't care than then you end up with people like Stew in us, do as I can in turn, and I just grab him and, unlike you, wanna be a producer happen to be in the room. The EP habitable throughout. That happens, that happens, and you see it turned out twenty years later, not well for you, so you don't want that to happen to you so good, zip recruiter. Now I would just go and, as the rapporteur and I would say, this is the kind of person
looking for. They need to have these kinds of skills, and this is our culture, and recruiter would have somebody for me almost as fast I mean some most and players get somebody they get higher within the fur. Our after posting, so You ve got so many years, pull from the room like stewards nigh on work out no or you can go to zip recruiter any contrived for free it, zip recruiter, dot, com, slash back, that's zip, recruiter die. Calm, slash back. The Glen Back Programme filed for a freedom of information ACT for the Indian that was staring down. They Covington studio student, Nathaniel, Philips, His actual name is Nathaniel Richard Stannard and we know that he was a Vietnam at era veteran. And he was a marine and he talked about.
He learned in the marine, the faces of hate that would kill you we brought Jason backing because he is a marine and I've got a couple of questions on this service record. First of all, AIDS of service May nineteen. Seventy two to argue Seventy six. He was discharged, it doesn't say, honourably discharge. Does it usually say honourably discharge, ah all the time, but like discharges very general, like there's, there's multiple types, there's other other discharged of under other than honourable situations. Honourable dishonourable medical, ok Those issues are like. That's. He just left at the vigour that they think are a mistake, or I don't know. I'm ok, he was. He was left as a private. Don't you come in as a private and boot camp? He! So if you worry you're in the service for four years
still a private that says something about you done it. Your basically automatically guaranteed at least one promotion. So that means that you are either really really bad at what you're doing your or you're getting in trouble and the you getting busted out. Ok, there's a couple of things he does have a declaration of an expert rifle badge, but They re Marines that I know most of you have the expert rifle badge. Yet more that that's that's not a commendation. Equal the qualify expert, just as good the best you can get than there are two other energy. That is means you are a proficient shooting right is not a common ownership. Every single person- I know that's in Marine, says that the military education and what he did as a job was a refrigerator electrician and that's where I think, there's a special class and refrigerator mechanic school where you learned how what it looks like any serious enemy down and how it looks like in hers- and am I to that's: that's
that's common training regulator, make rifle good. I will say a guy dont want to demean alot of people Foreign do my cousin, who, when he did in a medical things, doesn't mean everybody is on the front frontlines doing all the hero studies. I m afraid I guess you're really important. However, when you, when you are rigid, look there's you need refrigerator right when you're Unita has ordered Wordsworth. However, you don't say that you were staring down the enemy. I saw the faces of these goods when I was in Evian the Vietnam era. What are you talkin, it's got nothing to do with repairing refrigerator in Omaha. Nebraska egg is absurd and that we know he was lying because of his descriptions of his servant. Ok, so he was a rifle man. Riflemen for to day, is it appears and then he was transferred to Lincoln Nebraska made a refrigerator mechanic. Why would you the assigned riflemen duty and then two days later be reassigned. So
That was not in his rider that something that's in his personal record, but there was someone that comment, I think, to the New York Times and official with this records office. That said that he was assigned as they can infantry it's right here unit at first, yes, but then, because of disciplinary reasons, he was then taken out of that and then put into refrigerant mechanic, which we brings me to this transcript, of course, court martial trial. What does your discharge say under that? None I've never looked at that, but I would have, it must have said none I dont get because this does not on file which leads to the last page. He went a wall three set at times, so he was court martialed three times yeah court marshals that most people think that means court. Martial means kicked out court martial just when you have to go because you did something wrong and you have to stand in front of a judge and say I perceive cut, had drugs on you and they caught. You you'd be court martial for that. If you want a wall, you would be Cortlandt
and a wall is a bad offence yet one of the worst things that you can do in the: U S, military is just not show up or leave so he did this three times the towards the end of his service and that's that significant also because he was called for. I ve never had a walls when he was a reservists, so he showed up, whereas monthly duties, which you can also see in the record, but when he was called the active service. He was in Kansas. I believe then had to oh too, San Diego well Toro MACE, when he showed up for active duty now Torah. That's when all these walls happiness span of display a couple months, it was banned and aunt em I feel in a way, stolen Bower, with this guy, as he has been made in too, and he even you know he doesn't say that he was a heroic, doesn't say he fought in the Vietnam WAR and he has said it before. Thou unease described his service. As you know, I
and I saw the faces when I got home. Is it he keeps using phrasing like their dick you'll? Ever he really was trying to stretch it at times during his life is now trying to say. Well, I never said I thought there and he never maybe said those exact words. We talked about the experience of fighting in Vietnam as if he was there, so you asked me a question of how could you access to me now exerting its very relevant to this wreck MIKE mainly concerned with us? It was. I don't necessarily like the idea that a random media organisation or in a person can make it of Ethel. I a request to get records ff someone's private military service, a private citizens, military service really for any reason, and we re- to do that very easily to get these records It makes me worry about. There are, that is, that should be publicly available to people limited its part of your life, Another means some reign of Schmo like you should be able to get access to add I telling of Santa Anna and coming from a libertarian mindset. Privacy is cheating a higher my priority list, but
stolen valor is so rapid. Nowadays for this specific reason, because of this system, we are able to find out that major made it and find out it took people like us to do. This would have been nice. If you didn't have a visa on this and he knew it. What what? What could he have claimed I want to go into future crimes or anything like that, but I think a guy who doesn't have a problem lying as he did wouldn't have a problem of sing. I shed blood for this country atta, like that. I mean that, but you need things. I think it should be easier honey. We had database at any one. Can access to get this type of information? Are I thank you very much Jason. There's two stories that I haven't gotten to today. One of them is the school shooting that happened. Asked week that nobody covered I'm gonna get into that next week, as there is a lot to say on that. So I do that on Monday, because I want to I want to respond to a letter that came in from Clear Ex Dale S Dale. She she wrote, I'm ready,
you from a small town, Upstate New York. Yesterday, our little town found out that we had lost a member of our tribe to the attacks in Syria by a suicide bomber. One of the nineteen terms was a daughter, mother, sister, a friend, a member of the cap, de neighbour to her new community. In a wife, her name was Shannon Kent. She was serving her last tour in Syria. I saw her mom recently the grocery store. We were hoping an early return due to news of the withdraw, the? U S, forces from the region. Sadly, yesterday or family received word that she was among those that were targeted in the attack we were all devastated, but me This concern is for her husband in the two young sons. San Shannon's, two children are now left without their mother and she is separated from them Shannon comes from a family of service or fathers, a high ranking officer with a New York State Police mom was teacher that worked within the local school system. Her brother was a marine she
as a partner and a father to her children, who also knew what service is in was each time I speak. With her. I always say: them both. Now there's, a gold star family here within our own little town within our family. I heard you broadcast yesterday, and I just wanted to ask If there was any way you could establish a scholarship for each of her children for college I realise this is a lot to ask for I do it myself I have three children of my own Shannon was one of my best friends since elementary school. She was the voice of reason among our group of friends. She was the one I would call when I needed advice or a good laugh. She was brilliant and kind, truly beautiful, woman, and now she's a memory that we all carry around. I beg you to consider giving her children and opportunity to continue her legacy Claire! I want you to know we're going to do that. Thank you for your letter. We are
establishing something for all of the families that were affected in that blast in Syria, but we adding her name and scholarships. To that I spoke to mercury. One and somebody should be reaching out to you today to make sure You know that we You have your. We have your friends back. We have their purpose Emily's back and your communities back thank you so much for the letter reminding us of the amazing people that serve us every single day, and thank you mercury one. If you'd like to get involved and donate, you can go.
Every dollar that you say I wanted to go just a military families. Every time of that dollar goes to military families at mercury, one dot org donate. Now, if you like down airlift bond,
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