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Our Decaying Supply Chain | Guests: Steve Deace & Elijah Schaffer | 10/1/21

2021-10-01 | 🔗

The DHS secretary has announced that Border Patrol agents can no longer deport migrants solely based on their illegal status. Glenn and Stu discuss the ongoing supply chain disruptions and how it's only going to get worse. Bill O’Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, discussing two military generals conflicting with statements made by President Biden, Biden's polling numbers, and military members in prison. BlazeTV host Steve Deace joins Glenn to discuss his book, “Faucian Bargain,” and its new chapter, “Faucian Booster.” BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer joins Glenn to discuss the science behind masks and the connection between dementia patients and ice cream.

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I think I made a little double o seven licence to grill. Actually, that's double o six since the grill grab my apron, my spatula I am ready to get out of my db five and start to guerrilla great state Yes, I know no bond is just an animal making love to women and in throwing a big piece meat onto his grail. That's right! He's a man he's gotta. Thank you Thank you very much he's got a man's grill. That drill is a wreck tech. That's right, that's what happens when you have a grill that men design it just everything for yes. Well, making sweet love? It's real tat, find them on social media and further news letter. Would it be nice
if that's what I use, that smart Biotechnology for Jim busy making all of the rectangle already see tee q dot com wrecked outcome, we're not determines the plunder.
America. It's Friday. Oh my gosh Friday means wheats grew off. Usually it's like we checked out yesterday and I think that's kind of the deal because I've got I've got some really bad stuff percolating in me, and I don't mean, like I'm a vile petri dish covered. I mean I'm figuring things out on what's happening with the economy and it's not good. It's really not good. I want to put on high alert today. I know it's Friday and then we're gonna screw often pillow Riley is coming in, but there's there's a couple of people that are or in charge of different things in in the federal government. That will answer to well somebody, but not certainly not you. But you need to know and will
explain in sixty seconds programme, I am making Kelly show today. I am right after the show, Let's ex I'm serious, you can do it with Megan today, so you couldn't do yes, it ass. It can you see someone else and if there are any one else in the building and we had three three of our janitors were unable to reach political model there. Let me, although with Glenn ha, that's it you're at TAT Hour, I thought or thank you do. All right so hey if you're listen index, I'm serious, it's gonna be like a five hour, Glenn Back Marathon, oh yeah, I'm excited, I'm excited. Let me about relief factor when, you're in so much pain. You can only do the things that are absolutely necessary and you would think that sleep is one of those things. It is absolutely necessary
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Do you know how I am things are good things are great. Everyone should be happy going into the weaker one thing. I was thinking glad as everything is awesome when you're part of a team you, let us a good idea. You should come up with a song. Great Ivy League, the thing is bizarre. That sounds everything is us on your part of a team, something like yeah. Hey there. A great team group? a team being assembled in New in Washington Dc Irene. This team coming together, have she'll. Is it yeah yeah have you homeland security, a Secretary Alexandra, my yorkists. He said yesterday that immigration officer loaders ever tell me you're the guy's name, I think, of greek yogurt.
You know what I would. Rather you brand. That sounds like a good idea. When I look at the name, it makes me think of Greek ill adapted hearing it. No, but looking at the name, I'm like that is greek, Yogurt yeah anyway, Greek. Ogre and is now running, and let us call it radio, Greeks, algorithms, now age, age, ass, he is, he said, migration officers can no longer detain and deport people from the? U S solely based on and being undocumented knowledge. Trysting for somebody who's bill run the border, you know, and it doesn't seem to me to be like yet another signal to people. You know south of the border, my south of the border music, where the other the border Doesn't sound like a the green goes, our gonna. Let us stay quick
I stood up border doesn't sound like that at all. To me, does it deals? Do no? No, no the memo to immigration and border agency officials, greek yoga, outlined the new guidelines, a directive duration and customs enforcement officers to focus on the arrest and deportation of immigrants who pose a threat, to both national and border security, as well as public safety, so another so in other words I just figure this out. I am rushing into the border because the gringos as we can stay, and then somebody new parties is we ve got to bring guns with us. No, no. We will bring guns. We are just families prying better our life. Yes, we're going across the border now that group of Bee, all will be allowed to stay they'll be like
hang on dear Jes. Here do you the threat. No, no gringo no threat, we are a loving family trying to better our lives, o k right sure, the guy who comes in and says no green I have guns and drugs that I am bringing into your country. We can deport them that work. Well, yeah. That's gonna work really well, there's. One thing I found about people who run drugs and guns is that there are still there honest there like look, we disagree on the laws Can we do we have to be disagreeable right? I disagree on your drug laws. Gay the deal I think, cocaine and and french and all is great. Is there no room for debate cash general? There is luckily for them there is room for debate in the United States. Now
Let me tell you: let me tell you that the Senate. Confirmed the public lands nominee now weave We ve told you about Tracy Stone Manning before she's the one that was helping the eco terrorists. You know a tree spiking you don't tree spiking is. Let me tell you because I grew up. Pacific Northwest IRA. Member when this was happening. Law others would go out and they would try to cut down a tree, and somebody had put a spike in a tree. The blogger, We notice it. As cutting down the tree his chainsaw would hit the spike. It would come back cut his arm off was great, the laughs we had in the seventies and eighties. Well, these people were eco terrorists and people were afraid to go in the logging exactly what
go terrorist wanted because the tree these are far more important than human beings well, Tracy Stone Manning. She was part of that group. Isn't that great and We have a space for everybody now in. I knew ministries- I mean not you not common sense people. Now, no but eco terrorists yes, so she's now the head of our public Land Bureau Oh, this is gonna, be so good because she's, for instance, my age is surrounded by national park by a national forest, and then I have be alarmed land. That's not. Lives matter, land which it may be soon but be. Oh land is Bureau of Land Management and either reason why you can afford meat is because
does eyes: rancher others, we dont, there's not enough space. There's none of privately held land to lead. All of these cows just graze on price. Land. So the Bureau of Land management? They man All of the land, the Supreme Court said two times too federal government, give back to the states, but there no, no, the states can do that. It's better held by us in Washington cause. We really know. What's going on, especially a special this person that help people put spikes in trees, she's gonna, be great and Oh, I can guarantee you, they are the cut off the ranchers. From being able to have their cows graze on the land. Which will mean you. Have as many cows. Oh my gosh isn't that great for global warming It will make the price of meat skyrocket last.
Because we're trying to get people not to eat meat this is: what's coming, you ve put radical in to the Bureau of Land management. That's gonna, work out really well really. Well, with our farmers really well, it was the vote on that. He said it was confirmed yeah of five Republicans didn't. Then show up to vote. I think, but it was all party line line aka home. So this is not one of them. Could you seen some of some of these nominees even nominees that we think pretty extreme we'll get twenty votes from Republic could have not done on the same. None none! While Now, there's somebody else that I'd like to introduce you to me: meet your new government So we have Greek yogurt telling this
Telling the day they can't, you know, deport people right. We now have the tree spike lady in charge. Of all of our all of our land in America, and I want to introduce you to say buddy that we have just put in as the comp trawler for the United States Treasury. This is, This is written on. This is really good in fact, so good that either JANET Yellin said not her. So youth JANET Yellin, was a radical right. You thought she really doesn't understand the free market even she's, saying not this person, while yeah, so the pic for the compromise or that's a person just counts the pennies and things like that. They're, the ones that really oversea everything the Treasury Department, controller of our currency, ok, good right, Not a problem of our currencies are formal, their currency still now that I've,
Let us not that you ve noticed zero inflation. There's! No, I mean the banking system is completely, therefore completely fine. It's going swimmingly swift! We are swimming, that's a good one for our currency, whereas dont want people to think that that means we're under order in anyone know it's going swimming. Oh there's water involve yes, there's not land nearby yeah going swimmingly is give me swimmingly. Fortunately, I don't think the american public can swim. Yell and by the way yesterday came out and said we should We have a debt ceiling. Oh my gosh, That's told him where this. Thank you. I think that's what this is right they just say just get rid of it completely double. That's what that's? What all the best countries do? Germany, nineteen twenties, Weimar, vacillated Zimbabwe, that's what aid payments? Tina, did they get some of that Argentina got some of that? I would have asked Whaler Venezuela with red is nations in economic history.
So yeah. You learn for the incredible economic events they I'm up. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, so She came out and said we just gotta get rid of that debt ceiling above another front, as I'm telling you we should get rid of the debt ceiling, so debt does. Matter anymore and we can print all the money we want and completely chain and to the modern monetary theory which Weimar Republic or Venezuela I also want to tell you that your putting in as the controller somebody to radical. For me. So who is this person? Well then? You Controller of the currency is a soviet born and educated so he had borne soviet educated, professor, who has praised the former Soviet Union's lack of a gender pay gap,
while recently advocating for- and I am quoting an end to banking system, as we know it. Moving all Americans financing from private banks to them Federal Reserve. She's a Coronel University law, professor. She was tat by the President September. Twenty third, oversee the nations biggest banks and real savings associations? Let me say that again, the woman who just advocated for and and to the banking system, as we know it, ending private banks and making all the only bank that matters is the Federal Reserve she's, now overseeing the biggest banks the federal savings associations who he
JANET Yellin said she's. She is seeking to radically reshape the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance. Now loud, she said that Pretty sure okra put pretty sure is she's, raise concerns about her, taking the post, She said. Look private banks should non depository lenders. Changing the banking system quote, as we know it. So, in other words, you couldn't put banks can't you can't go in and put deposits in there all deposits would go into the Federal Reserve and we'll just stopped allowing Chase Manhattan and Jamie Morgan, all those things as private banks there, it's the Federal Reserve and soldiers. Make them all the Federal Reserve Bank and then you know what can happen then can change the currency because the collapse is coming sooner than you think, can change the currency to Digital and
that way, the Federal Reserve will have automatic access to everybody's bank account and weak Make sure that everybody is using digital currency because there will be no other choice, it will the great not prison like it will be great. So anyway, it's Friday there, just three members of the? U S, government that seem really. Is this: when they said we're going to return to normal, see. You know if we get rid of Donald Trump. I think this is what we were all thinking right and where we are thinking g, We just had somebody that was born and educated in the Soviet Union that wants to take all private banking and destroy it if they could we put in charge of the banks it we could just have any. Not an environmentalist environmental terrorist. Run all of the public land and we could have some sort of weird greek yogurt. Running the security of our nation and
you can say, hey, don't deport anybody. Unless they tell you they have drugs. I think this is what we are all thinking. I think this is ask your friends share these stories and ask your friends. Is this what you voted for, because I don't think it is? I don't think it is our right you know. I've told you before I think at one of the reasons why I have preserved things and I have spent lot of time and money. My own money to mercury, one buying documents and, trying to preserve, for instance, the first draft of the declaration of independence. The reason why we have done. That is because I had a prompting of of clay pots and I've interpreted that
over fifteen years as the dead sea squirrels. We have sacred scripture in America, it's called the declaration of independence, it so the v of the Federalist papers. It's all of these things and put them into clay pots and other words, keep them safe from being destroyed, make sure they are preserved for other generations, the other protection. I have had of that. Prompting is your children, your children are clay pots plant These things deep inside of them. Well, that's easier! then done in today's world. Most of us don't even know how to do it. Let me tell you about the tunnel twins, books, He's teach about freedom, they teach about economics. The free market and it's a way that they will be able to understand and look I I know we want our kids. Does you know just read about good I moon, but it did times call for
parents to step in and teach important things to our kids, no matter how old they are, Little twins back dot com is where you can get these books, therefore little kids and they have different versions for young adults and adults really learn a lot from these as well. Twins back dotcom, go to Tuttle twins back dotcom. Thirty five years discount on all of their books, plus they are giving way the activity workbooks at no additional cost, its Tuttle twins back dot com, ten seconds station. I am verge of a finely really understanding, one of the more
complex banking issues that I I've ever encountered and I am not the guy to do this but Unfortunately, no one else seems to be doing it and it's on this road reverse repo thing that's going on with the FED and the banks. It starts. Doubt- and I told you a year ago, something's wrong something very wrong. This is something that we don't do. We did it in two thousand eight, and that's it. We don't do this. What is happening? and it started out with the banks, be able to do something with the treasury and and be able to. I didn't understand it. The time make money overnight with the treasury, and that's where I had been focused on their making money that the FED is paying our banks to hold all of this money overnight and I didn't understand it and I am on the verge of understanding it. So please excuse me
but I will tell you last night last night the fact They said they were gonna do fifty billion dollars. Then up to five hundred billion dollars every night. Last night, first repo market was one point. Six five. Five trillion dollars in next, egg. I hope to have a better handle on this, but I'm telling you. I really feel like this since the last flare off of the Tipp of the italic before she went under this think is our our real last warning to prepare yourself prepare for impact. The United States. Could Venezuela in a blink of an eye, and it will happen that fast, please, start looking at your financing and please prepare for impact
This is the blunder programme. We'll have more on that next week. I say things sometimes I just know their true. My mouth dries up and my heart is in my throat and please prepare for impact Legacy Box, if you're holding onto boxes of old home movies, to share with your family than me, you gotta ask yourself: a couple of things: are that the images on the photographs? Even still there are they still vibrant born lady have a way to watch them if the run video a bore any kind of take their honestly formats that I have sent into legacy box. I don't even know what machine it was recorded on. I have no I'd literally no idea Should bring some of the men and show you we view so many different formats over the year and it's like. I have no idea what machine even plays that anyway, can preserve these memories
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we are asking the Supreme Court to stop this vaccine mandate on teachers because they think it's unconstitutional. The teachers union are are saying that the government has gone too far. They make. You can't tell individuals what to do. That's an end on constitution. Really can I play the Terry Mcculloch Audio? Do we still have that from a couple of days ago, when he said you know we're not gonna have people tell teachers who ought to teach you believe school system should tell children what to do. I believe parents should be in charge of their kids education for local authorities. So, first of all this it shows how clueless millennia You don't understand what the laws work has never been involved here up helping Virginia, but it was that the parents had the right to veto bills, veto books, Glenn, not to knowledge about it, also take them off the shelves and I'm not gonna. Let parents into schools and actually take
our main reason they had a right to veto books. So yeah you stop the bill that I dont think parents should be. Helen Schools, what they should teach Virginia, if you vote this guy and you get exactly what you deserve you do, Unfortunately, if you're living in Virginia and you ve, worked and worked and worked in work. It'll be time to move. It will be. You have got to get of these places that are run by people who think that you don't have a right to it. Even more toe books. You knows he said they had a right to veto books, not not not to your stand them or what was an intelligently. What Also everybody usual evade our box. What they're, not in intelligent decisions now they're just making decisions you the people in power don't agree with it so reveal How completely absurd he thinks this idea is.
The parents would have a right to tell their case. I'm teach their kids what they should be on a level with the system Erin. It's like. He thinks it's a completely Ankara's alien idea that the parents would be control would be in control of their own kids, education, so I recommend that, as I say to you, button battened down the hatches anybody who says why there's been a weird year well glad I'll be glad for the new year shut up, because it's gonna be it's gonna, be one. If you think you don't recognize your country now mark my words this time next year, when I say remember what I said, whom you won't recognize it from this year. It will be that different And I can't recommend highly enough to yet to places where your, not in the minority the places where there are good decent people who
I don't care who you voted for, but they do care you love America, and you will you believe in the bill of rights. But whatever you want, do you believe, the bill of rights. Do you believe that all men are created equal? Do you believe that shouldn't be some dictator telling you exactly what to do and not to do, because I do and then more importantly, I think you need to live in a place where we're God and the judiciary Christian ethic is really strong because we're gonna have to start relying on each other, and I I mean what are alarmed jealous cause. You got caps and I got balls and so were gonna shoot it up. I mean lie on each other for help for food. You are going to see in the next year empty shells everywhere. We are going to that's. If that's
If the economy still is chugging next year,. It's not your definitely gonna see empty shelves. But you're gonna see these. Like Jane collapse. Now I want you to understand what that means when the supply chain collapses It's like I've said over four. Twenty is now and I'm talking about my patriot, supply and I'll be like as you know, when a truck can't make it your grocery store. Eight times a day to replant the shelves. That's the average. Each grocery stores replenished eight tie a day when those trot? aren't bringing stuff in you. Don't have anything on your own. Your grocery shelves. How many of us have already experienced this in growth restores. I know there are things and brands that I have I wanted to buy. For instance, can't via what's the
Mexican water, the Tokyo, What would she go? Ike? I can't find it now. I know it's out there. I on the three grocery stores. I can't find it day what wonder what happened to that and I don't know if it's a supply chain, if they stop carrying it or whatever. I just can't find it I know there are many things, many I ordered a stove. A year ago, a year ago,. When it was supposed to come in spring. They said it would be an August when August pass. They said it would be. In September, when September passed, they said we're not really sure we can't give you date. It could be as much as another year. Excuse me what How many times have you gone by certain things in it's? Just not there anymore you're like it's weird, I'm telling you these are the birthplace
lots of things to come. There is a group of of dock workers of their all the transportation people there. The heads of the truck drivers and airlines that are doing cargo shipments and the seafarers they were to the? U N, gave? The? U N a massive warning and said you are on the verge of a complete system collapse because What the governments are doing with cove id while their restricting people, how their dissent this giving distance doesn't sensitive to work by paying people extra to stay home. It is collapsing the supply chain, the California ports thus the California ports about to break that stuff sitting out on the on the coast can't be brought in because there's nobody to truck it. There's no way
Get the port that they know where to get them out of the ports. There's nobody to put them on trucks. It's all because of the regulations that the government are doing all over the world. Now Do was just telling me he was just reading from, but what was the company simple, modern, simple, modern yeah? They make seamlessly you're all drink where, as you know, the things they make MIKE come as the ceo. He says this is pretty scary. There is a major storm brewing in the supply chain up. Everything you think you know about America, forget that you're in a new world and listen to this with fresh ears, please it could dramatically. Everyone's life next year, but almost no one knows about it. Yet we're talking about empty shelves, crazy inflation, etc. Here's what I'm learning about the problem, my contacts in China as a communist.
Three China centrally planned. That means things like electricity usage are planned in Beijing by party officials instead of governed by the supply and demand of the market, which is incredibly different than what Joe Biden is working on. They won't be centrally planned in Beijing just centrally planned in Washington, DC totally different city completely different Eddie and that's full of chinese people and in Washington DC is not full of chinese people. I mean the differences. Just keep. Adding up to the point where it's ridiculous to even mention central Planning China can bear to this RO planning here is completely different. Here, it's ever be ending of the year. China set electricity quotas for each province, sing as a result of supply chain disruptions from covered and unprecedented factory demand. Many of the provinces have used way more electricity than planned hung. Now. China doesn't have enough coal power, so in other words, when they don't have a free market to be able to.
The things with power that they need to do and just have companies incentivize too, you know from the free market to continue their. Like. It works here in Amerika, the central They run out of electricity. Do they stop building walls? Why don't they just build more walls with more outlets in them? Yet? chicken, and now he doesn't cover that the Chinese govern has begun, restricting electric electrical usage for the provinces based on how much electricity they have used so far this year, there's a green oh and red system that is put in place as that's. How would every Chinese or every from the communist government ever does the infidels, dollar based system, yeah no damage and will endeavour to that. We don't do something Our primary production is in a yellow region. These nurse now have electricity caps and can work for days a week instead of six, their production has been cut by thirty three percent and the cuts are likely to last until the Chinese New year. This is a big deal in stainless steel.
Drink where had to businesses and ninety three percent of the world's poor? can happens in one province in China of that production. About half happens from now to the Chinese New year. What that means about twenty set of the world's production isn't going to get built this year, products being produced in the more restricted red regions are going to get hit even harder. There are stories about regions having to operate by candlelight due to the power rationing, the problem with cove. It is that it two cascading failures throughout the supply chain. If production dropped so magically over the coming months than empty shelves will be commonplace. We are talking about. A situation where many product types will be completely nukes. Do your Christmas shopping. Now I guess not I want you to take from this. I would like it's with little kids. Do your Christmas shopping right now right now, because it's going to be very bad, this Christmas,
even more. Concerning is what will happen on the other side of the Chinese New year. The lack of production caused by the electrical shortages is going to cause an unprecedented amount of demand on chinese factories and twenty twenty two is very likely that if that happens, we see the biggest traffic jam the supply chain has ever experienced this year. We get a taste of happens when you apply pressure to logistics supply chain. Next year we may see a Fulbright break in some places, one additional point is that China is simultaneously rolling out its twenty twenty one to twenty twenty two autumn enter action plan for air pollution management. This plan could feels even more production from factories with higher pollution. I'm gonna get goes on a global level, but you get the point here. We now ok we're talking about major disruptions and it's like, I think we all went into covert realising like wholly crap. This whole thing could collapse and I think up the majority of people are like. Oh, I mean that was rough
obviously the health issue haven't portfolio, but we haven't paid. Adele has a price like that. Now the bill hasn't come yet in its coming next year it is coming. Let me just go back to the ports in California? So you know forty percent of all of the stuff that comes in on carbon cargo ships come into Levin ports in California, forty percent through percent of everything we ship out go through eleven ports in California because of the work, how's that are not working because the ports I mean they lost so much money when nothing was coming in now, the demand is so high, so you know half of the ships in port in California are called mega container ships they have like ten thousand of those big cargo things in I'm. Ok, that's double or triple the size of what cargo ships were ten years ago, triple
vast size. So it takes them a lot longer to load and unload, which means that more trucks, trains and warehouses that are needed to unleash store and transport, the good half of them. Are these V wait now key getting longer and longer and longer containers are waiting nearly sixteen days on average before there be unloaded and the port. Working twenty four hours a day now is unsustainable. They have a hundred plus ships sitting waiting outside LOS Angeles alone to try to get in the ports everything that you're looking for in your shelf lot of is sitting out waiting for somebody to open it and and be able to get it onto a truck its. Sitting in the water right now, that's not all of the demand, as you heard China can't keep,
with the demand and it's about to break in China because of a lake Christy. Just electricity kids thereon. Going now through a massive economic problem. Please hear me shortages are coming, you will could shelves. Next year. And you will wonder if you are even in the United States of America The answer for the most part will be no, my pillow justly asleep just what we had this debate, the other day of. Would you rather go through all of this? I just have a giant meteor taken by surprise and just kill you and I think I think, I'd I'd vote. Media of this point by point, you can slip in between the geese dream sheets and lay your head down on a my pillow and
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This is the Glen Back Programme we're glad that you're here I I have. Bring you some more news here, Michael Horowitz, Easy Inspector general Four. The FBI he really You stay damning report yesterday, but nobody's gonna tell you about that. The FBI has, widespread violations in the intelligence agencies, applications for Pfizer the FBI I woods, procedures are designed to ensure Pfizer. Applicants are scrupulously accurate and require agents to document support for all factual ascertains contained in them. However, the spectre. General's audit found numerous incidents. Hundreds of them where this did not occur, the fbi-
it was not meeting its expectations of its own protocols. By failing to comply with the woods procedures were I mean I don't know anything about the woods procedures but I'm sure the F B. I would, Do those things if those procedures were reasonable is what the woods birth we would do it we're just now going to, I think that's, happy eyes. Interpreting. Does this mean? means that the FBI is using the fires accords and spying on people in secret and they are completely unleashed. They have no discipline or oversight programme Eric and financing. Is our sponsor this half hour? If you listened to the broadcasts last hour, you will understand why I have urgency and have had it in my voice recently about calling american financing. If you have it
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you're going to have to do one slash eight had the experts come in and they knew who to ask and there's a bunch of them came in and they were like you're going to have to change this and then suggest our house, with its two weeks from being finished to where I had two weeks? A tells me now it s about two weeks way is the We have already had people come in and say I'll pay double what we were asking for So, while I tell me stuff, I didn't want to hear they were right about it. Realist agents? I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com by the way. Now we're not selling the house didn't work out is, I feel, really is here hello bill. I'm glad you now shone out where I did want your wandering around you know, yeah. I know I know I know you might move to my neighborhood now, not at all the real estate values down, not a chance, not a chance. I move anywhere in the New York area, use
consider moving to Texas, you know Texas, they got all their gold back from the Federal Reserve a few years ago, so things hit the fan. Texas has its goal, How about New York, New York has its muggings Mick and by the way I saw to Plaza, I saw the plaza say that he wants. At her customer service from the LAPD Grammar, through nerve, but better customer service. The blog YO and Biden, pretty much the same guy and they would were they get into? They make it worse the up and an inn. Just amazing to see both of them. May. I have no self awareness at all. They both think they're doing the greatest job about that would be like you know somebody in taxes that Texas Rangers one twenty five going. You know I'm Babe Ruth.
Good, that's exact. With these guys are mindset is sorry bill. What's the big story of the week the picture either weakens the collapse of the binding administration who over All collapse so even the dishonest corporate media, they don't know where to go and I did an experiment. The night when the three generals and the Secretary of Defence, the brilliant Lloyd Austin. Why doesn't he fill you with confidence? Is a warrior in the mode of it maybe heating yeah, it's just fear of God. Yeah now you tell everybody so anyway, pray devastate sitting Price United States. I have his top commanders and the Pentagon together. We Tom keep twenty five
thirty five hundred troops, so you wouldn't have a debacle in Afghanistan. You could we can fulfil our responsibilities or moral responsibilities, to evacuate people and then perhaps keep the Taliban at bay. So they could be some when negotiating so for all the people involved in those conversations said that and by Ngos. I anybody, okay, so that your lead story on any level any news agency, so I had, All three cable news operations on at nine o clock at night mad cow on NBC News leads with the annual worry six pack on the capital. I don't know whether she just figured that out. It happened. I don't know who, with that, her story, for on CNN Cuomo leads with Hawkins It is our being mean the General Milly.
I mean I'm sure there when they met and then Hannity on Fotched heeded the property thank you lead with the Pentagon. Contradicting the commander in chief, What is this say to the United States of America when you have to do with the most powerful formation agencies in the world. Envy, Comcast and eighty in CNN, actively saving you. Deceiving you actively. They know what they're doing and yet there is. Absolutely no way for anyone to hold them accountable other than not watching them, which has of course happened. You know they have no audience, but Just the corruption in the level of the information flow to the american people is at an all all time high, we have never had a worse media in the history of this republic.
Well, that's why we're in the shape in but bill? Let me let me ask you, I think the problem that we have in the country is There is no account already, there is no deterrence and deterrent. Current is really important to humans. If I don't, if I touch the electric France and it never shocks me it, it's not gonna. Keep me in place and there is no deterrent- and I don't mean an electric France. I mean just even shame. There's no shame There's you know what I mean when I saw these hearings and then I talked to the senators afterwards. I said so now what Well, you know what what we know now the president lied to us. We know that he is even if he didn't like to us this, and is in competent
We know now that the Pentagon went along with it, nobody, nobody. They said we ought to do this, but nobody afterwards said. Look this cat. Never happen again. We have a lack of any kind of deterrence at all it through whilst society. What is that? What the big deal about these hearings. So we know this and Then what? hopefully they'll vote out Democrats in two thousand and twenty two, Because the system doesn't constitution of the United States, does not hold people accountable. Moral failings. That's a grim justice system I saw You have, in my opinion, a moral Failing on the part of maybe most Americans because they don't,
they don't pay attention at all to their country. Don't care only care about their individual pursued or, They are dishonest about the performance of the people who vote for So when you see the job approval pause, you a forty percent of the country's ay ay binds doing a good job. How is it possible? Well who are these people who are day. I do oh intelligent person could think the Joe Biden is doing a good job because you ask one simple question, in the nine months cities, when President give me one problem that he songs. Give me one problem that isn't worse than it was before I mean you can take it, but you know my simple man, the simplest man That's a very simple question, our eye to anybody Get me one thing that he's done just one: that's
prove this nation and you can because, as you just said, everything that he has been involved with is a disaster. Everything. The cove mandates to the end she policies to the economic policies of the inflation to have again Stan to the color sing southern border? social, woke business that deny of due process right across the board anything this man is done or stood for that's improved America and you think it's gonna get better. I mean they're so frightened, they are the people who control Joe Biden their frightened. Now this would I think, people understand this- They know how bad it is in a way I mean Saki. The minister propaganda gets out your shoulders. Well, we don't have open borders, as already really count. She's, like a robot, later
Would you say she says it isn't even think about it? Ok, but the people who really run the show taken see the public. They can see how screwed up presidency is so. What are they doing? They? being em away from everybody. He just isolated in that building the White House there's no access to him, and you know if you would think America's get uneasy, and many those are my many of us are, but there is no mechanism to do anything about it until a week a year from this November, the mid term elections. That's the only mechanism that we have under the constitution. We elected this guy and he said for four years, your him next November. Twenty two with the Republicans get back the House and Senate then that he's done can't do anymore down
that's because you got a minute in a hole and he's not gonna, be pro active with executive orders. He she's gonna stay there in his jammies for two more years. Okay, so that's the only mechanism so ask it, as did the was the the general. Turning on him, the same day that Barack Obama turned on him on the border, Is this a sign that they're trying to distance themselves to minimize the damage or do they even care cause? You know if, if blocking president were doing things this poorly the g o p even is, spineless as they are, they they would be standing up, and you would be hearing a lot of GNP voters in and members in Congress in the Senate saying this, but it has got to turn his policies, but they're not saying that or
the democratic, but I'm not so sure the Republicans would do that either. I may be that we will use kind of polling numbers. I don't even I just you know, I don't see a lot of real nobility energy or pay. Not. I don't either, but does he saved insiders? Yet policies are better. If you look at the Trump policies for years, they will light years ahead of what the Democrats are trying to do. I mean that's not even a debatable issue, but when she into you asked about the generals air under oath. They had to tell the truth is. If they lie, then they can be prosecuted, they couldn't what are? They wouldn't be no himself, so it was a man who were they walked and provide another birthday. I wanna be there. They don't want to have to say that. Ok, but eight days to tell the truth, because her under old okay, so they did and now I dig, go back across the river, the Pentagon, millions
dead man walking, he's not gonna, be there much longer arson and not gonna, get rid of, but the american public I ve been misled, lie to whatever? Where were you wanna use, but then it comes back to by July, on purpose are indeed you lie knowing the truth. That's the all. That's the deafening in a mortal sin. Ok and a catholic religion did you know what you were saying was Andrew, aware, you said, and may I say I direct you to the George Step, allow palace and you will be more sing on You'Ll- be unique in this. I don't know if you ve caught this yet, but I've wanted to talk to you about this, because if you go back and look at it you're going to have it you'll have a really good view of this way. Stephanie Propolis. First says that You know. Look your Pentagon said that's when Joe Biden first in this, not the clip that's being paid played that's when he said no, no, that was never said to me and step
novelists goes back in and says: wait a minute and vat The clips starts right after the wait a minute. Nigel all thing: ok, right, ok, but then after he's done. There's an edit and Joe Biden picks it up any like look eighties together. I think that joy, Stephanie. Opulence knew that the real facts question him and When was shocked when the president lied about it just shocked, maybe more get. It goes back to those bide. No, what are you saying? Does he Stan woody us. Yes, he does Wiping her case can be made at the guys. So out of it that he can't, access information at all. Whatever the whatever is like a thief?
later, when you catch him doing some wrong in school and they ll say. While a dog ate all Margaret, you know where he almost panic, but look I'm not I colleges the matter. Is matters misled the country misled everybody. Now, let me ask you a question back when Disney added it out the Obama. The statement that at all when border is not sustainable on good morning. America is not that the end of world many companies, credibility in every area at the end of it well in every era. Area no fantasy land is part of the area that they oversee so fantasy eliminated at his soul. Cholera, when it comes to when it comes to news abies, NBC Cbs Cnn, they have no credibility left, at least in might look there's. No! No, I think that's true for everybody I mean, even though the progressive far less lunatics now,
it's not an honest, a presentation. Ok, but that is so agreed. So our Raby says you know for ten years. I work for Peter Jennings and it is on well those denied if an editor or producer had taken out a key phrase from oppression, The United States, Barack Obama that says open borders, are unsustainable, the added it is that out, anybody associated with that would have been fired on the spot. I mean that's the different. Hey. I can put this all into perspective because I work for these news organisations. I know what happened back then and I no what's happening now and then level of corruption on part of the corporate media, as I said, is unprecedented. So when you have then the african people cannot get on
information and that's what we're seeing here in this country that you have. This big block of people who are living, as you just said, in fantasy land. They think that can spend three point: five trillion dollars on so the welfare, slash, climate change programmes and not go bankrupt. All right, I want to change this believe that I want to change the subject to that. When we come back in sixty seconds, let me tell you about Nina Road in recently about her experience with relief factory. She says. Relief factor got me out of pain. I can now work in my flower garden. Again I can walk my dog. I can run up and down my stairs without being in pain, I also sleep through the night without on ice. Back on my me, I love really factor Nina. Thank you so much for trying it. It's not a dry. It was developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people like Nino, try go on to order more order, the three week, quick start trial pack for one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, it's not working for you in three weeks. It's probably not going to work for you, but again
many per cent of the people go on to order more get your life if back relief factor, dot, com, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty three eight thousand four hundred and ten station, I d so that three point five trillion dollars spending bill. I mean it zero it it's gonna, it has zero cost and all its own. It's all paid for that. It's not gonna cost a dime yeah, but I gotta get past. Thank God you now no way mansions can evolve. That and no public incentives can afford switchover set out drop it down a one point, five trillion, which is still absurd, but what this is all about
is just taking money from the establishment from affluent Americans and from corporations and small business owners in giving it to the democratic constituency, that's what it's all about everybody. I think that the one point five trillion or the three point, five trillion. I think that is a red herring. I think it is all of the other stuff in the bill. That gives control again over voting processes, etc, etc. All of the stuff tucked to this bill, that's not being talked about because talking about the trillions of dollars that are being spent, and but nobody knows it because it's two thousand pages, so the Senate parliamentarian threw out the amateur. These are all illegal aliens. That's out! Ok, and I assume that a lot of the other crazy stuff like be if you deposit more than six hundred dollars in a bag, the bank
to tell the Irish now that it really outrageous while they said they ve tried to make this less outrageous by moving it to ten thousand dollars. So They did. The democratic is ten thousand now, but it's the end, but it's off, but it is also still a violation of the fourth amendment we spend it's always been sent. Since the country that at that law was passed, and I can understand that long because at a ten thousand dollar threshold, it's basically a bit this transaction, even if it's personal funds and the IRA's wants to regular people who might not pay their taxes but which six hundred dollars it is to build a database about what, Individual Americans have so eventually the federal government compliment and take it with what socialism is so that's what that's so naked. It's such a violation, the constitution, because we do have privacy here now the privacy does end in. Certain areas, but six hundred dollars you get it
the database on Glenn back based upon He does with his own money in any kind the capacity Lee Unconstitutional, that's what they want. I think they're gonna pass the bill just like they did with just like they did with him with income. Acts. They said it's only for ninety, you no art for five percent of the population, and within a few years it was almost. Everybody was involved in the income tax, because you know we had a change and unions. It's gonna be ten thousand dollars today, but you watch, move it in just the same with more bill, O Reilly This is the blunder programme, in the criminal justice system its understood that certain financial crimes committed by forty year old sitting in their underpants eating cheetahs, the computer in their moms basement
these are known as cyber criminals and the endless effort to steal your identity and money, often go completely and stopped at me. A shout operating, don't you think, that's a really good openings. Sounds- are really fascinating done done yeah anyway. This is important to have life luck so that evil, the evil nerds stand about as much of a chance. Stealing your identity as they do getting a date. Yeah we set lifelong, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you can keep what's yours, yours with
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This is the Glen by programme it's Friday, which means we have bill O Reilly Builder, to Marines that are in the news. I give you the first one is the: U S Marine who was at the homemade cars I international airport, of during the withdraw you we ve seen pictures of him. He actually took a baby over the fence And now he is being investigated because he was at a Save America Rally in Perry, Georgia. He was in the crowd he was not in uniform and down from saw on there of the ground and said you did a great job, We ve, we ve all seen him one of the Marines who bravely served in Kabul during the withdrawn help evacuate children over the airport wall it's a corporal hunter Ian Clark. In fact, last Scarborough get up here he came up. He did
not make any political statements at all. He just got up. There is theirs trump called him up now Oh there he's under investigation and could face real punishment for this I don't think that'll happen. I think you'll be acquitted of any wrong doing. You didn't obviously I wasn't pro active in putting off, for a political point of view, is a right to attend any rally wants to so I dont think that he's gonna be punished, but the fact that being investigated. Now. Why bother with that? I don't know why they do it by guests. Politicize. Like everything else, there said I think they're trying to send people a message. The area, the other Marine Schiller who
the guy who was in uniform sitting at his desk and said, hey. We made a mistake in its time for our leadership to own up to the mistake. He and the, gave his resignation in and when did the Marines now say that the he works for the president? The president was not going to accept. His resignation he's in solitary confinement now and he is being charged article. Eighty eight contempt towards officials, article, ninety wilfully, disobeying, a superior commissioned officer, article He too failure to obey lawful general orders and article one hundred and thirty three conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman holy cow. We could do that too. Officials in Washington. He is. He is facing prison time now. He too, to correct and do the right thing by resigning
but he made a mistake. Any admitted I liked the lieutenant colonel you stand up. Guy but you can't do that, can do it. He did so use on her active community in any made some political statements about the screw up in it understand which everybody knows our true, but you can't do that as well. Act abolished or what he should have done was resigned and then done it. You know and then die rain, so you know what he and he admits at ease that saying bring always me either he's an whatever my punishment is justified, because I did the military chain of command. What I don't think Americans understands you have to have that, you can have officers and even enlisted, running around enter, mandating or criticising their superiors
because then your military falls apart. Military discipline disappears she half too, and if you that your military is not representing the country and the best way you have to get out and then you start to criticise soda I get letters about when men know what above all, he was subpoenaed. So he had to commence what he said and then you get Milly well. Milly denies any wrong doing in a court of law merely my win because a look, I do a lot of people in the room. I didn't do it anything bad subverted the authority of the Donald Trump, and you know I still say why: don't we have the transcript that Let's see what the man actually set in the context of the conversation, the fact that that has been put out disturbs me because they have it and then we can go you're all this up, but again the gun it doesn't seem to really want to tell the people what the true
Is it all comes back to that back so think that is one of the reasons why they're going after seller is they want him in prison, not on Youtube talking about things and no it's one thing to I mean he was wrong for doing that in uniform, absolutely wrong, clear cut. So he does deserve some sort of punishment for that? How ever imagine what will happen, heal your dishonorably discharge or maybe even a general discharge as what I would give him another talking prison in time there. Twenty thousand of unease dock at a certain time. That's not going to happen. It will my He is in solitary confinement. Now, I'm not but the solitary confinement. I think they're confining him away from some. The other prisoners, there No. Why? But it's like you, said some dungeon and
he himself as access to a military lawyers. If that were the case, they could speak about that may have not some always very cautious about press reports. Treasury department has just put t controller of the currency in she is a? U s: S born and educated, and now, professor here in the United States, who is prey he's the Soviet Union's lack of a gender pay gap. She is also recently advocated for ending the banking system, as we know it, by having rights by moving Americans finances from private banks to the Federal Reserve, she's, extreme even JANET Yellin, come out and said, she thinks the wonders of the world, the Republicans start digging out, you know they got
gazillion the towers, the political action committees, Williams about takes a match out, get old quote: you back and threw them on. This is the way to fight this battle You know I. This is why, in this report Our conversation today I see the Republicans you can fight these people, but you have to fight them in the media. You have to buy time with your garage billions of dollars. Do you think that they come out this? Do you think of those adds would be heard my anyone by time you can buy time in taking on Bill Riley Dotcom you'll, take it on the blaze Amigo. My time on all kinds of places and of ABC Cbs, N n N Nbc wooden leg. You read: that's another scandal, that's enough! there's, nothing you can get out. I mean
Here's a easy! This is all war were fighting in the United States now, So the longest running war in Afghanistan is over. Well, we got another war here between the people want to destroy the american system and the people who want to keep the american system with improvements by the way are: that's all war well fight, it I almost set a bad word said mare and on cable news whining about it. You know there should be the r n C the political action committees that have huh rights of millions of dollars take out the Lincoln can flood this zone, so that the damage,
people in America know about the war and that what at stake you know I'm sitting here I do the best I can back. You do the best you can try to call you tonight the night fraud at eleven thirty from the president of the United States, I know it's him, you know because we're at eleven thirty, six and starvation you must grumpy at that time, and I know that pride diver him into the empire right. So this was a David Milly testified and the others You know I go, I don't even say hello. Mr President, Europe led many just wailed, ok and after he did, I said to him: you control hundreds of millions of dollars in political action funds. Can't you get it,
organised Ed campaign just put out what you just hold me because what he said was true, and that's why I've or some doing these history shows with him in December, because his voice has been muted now by this for media companies, but the point steady makes are pretty M valid because you, was there. He appointed Milly he knows. Why Milly did what he did. Ok and you'll. Know too. If you come to see us in the house, because that's what it's gonna be all personal stuff, but anyway I couldn't answer the question about the political action. Me want you want to fight this war, you gotta fight it the same way that the progressive are fighting it. You gotta, get down on the field and smack of but you see in that. I am not saying that. So did the president
spawned? Like me, you know bill a good idea. I'm gonna find out why we're not doing that. I mean He controls that money. Then why are we doing it I didn't say that he asked me what kind of orders were added backstage in the Lord already high mill from Reilly from dot com by the way tickets are available, are available. Yogi intimate bill orally dot com. Gimme the dates of these things again: Billy, ok, eleventh and Lauderdale, twelve in Orlando Florida then the eighteenth in Houston, at the toilet, center and the nineteenth, which show that Glenn Back will be an excellent way way way way carrier my wife yelled at me. You were on and she was like. I mean for you hung up the phone. She was on the phone with my assistance egg. Did you hear bill orally? Just set Glenn is going on vacation on that day. He is taking the family away. He is not going so I can go to
eighteenth nineteen, so I have to find another city that I can go to which one should I love? Well will accommodate you back. You know on the Florida, it's a nice time a year to be in Florida on the eleventh two up and I'm glad to see that your wife is in charge back. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, large! No, make no mistake money. I can only say that we do not know why there is a matter for the nation really really is really is, makes allow bill appreciated bill early hour. I, what did you just say allay heard? Was you the abolition of anger? May I finally had to be thank you the k which, by the way, I'm on with Megan Kelly today in about an hour fifteen on her podcast and also on her I'm serious program. If you listen to us on X, I'm serious
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The company that you know loves America loves the constitution, shares your values and will save you a lot of money. Patriot, mobile dotcom, slash back, this is the Glen back so I just been invited to some some speech at some university and it says- hosted valet only and that's the only thing it says you know, like dress code. Don't have that doesn't have take it brought, doesn't have anything to justice host it valet only. I have no idea what that even means. Does that mean Only the host gets their brac either their jacket. Best by some. Doubt navvy guy. Does that mean. Posted valet there's a host that slut
do what does it mean outcome? I'm trying to figure this out, because I don't I don't know I've never heard. I am not qualified to go to this thing. The only thing I think what it saying is: there's no normal parking, so like the only option have is a hosted valid when why don't they say? Just as what are you say, you can't park anywhere you're gonna have to give your keep bring twenty box. You're gonna have to give that guy something going on in something go out. I think, because the first one shorter, Sid Valet only nobody knows all the nice thing, though I knows what that means. Nobody knows I wouldn't known I would. I would have taken the time to look it up just been like ours, the valet set as barred MC guire. Why? What do you mean they told me away? This is a reason not to go to that one delete
on that in the very week, because they're gonna park your car, because there, because the vase, if they say that about parking youth, Think you're going to understand a damn thing, they're saying as the debate now. Without in any way to smart free way. He too, smart ass, might be what the actual point of it said. My thing right: they don't want idiots. I dont know what hotel allay only lies at their say and they're doing a good job here. It's you know survival, the fittest, its natural selection, I'm selecting out collecting, I didn't know it out, for you know, got extinct. Here's the donor, averred, others regulations. Thank you. By the way we have a incredible podcast with General Michael Flynn.
You can find that podcast tomorrow, where we get your podcast or you can get it right now at blaze TV. This is a wide, ranging interview and fascinating, fascinating General Michael Flynn. Podcast plays tv dot com, Slash Glenn programme. Let me tell you first about the cabinet, The covenant is a new tv series that they want to makes being written by Andrew Craven. He is he's a fantastic, fantastic writer, and he is doing a tv series adaptation of the stories of the old testament and it is going to be true to the old testament, and it is being very carefully used by Kayo films. Now they need occurs for this, and you know you can go to the backers in Hollywood in you know exactly what you'll get either oh tv show or a tv show that, as so many compromises in it, it's real
the importance that we, as conservatives add too, the culture and this a great way to add to the culture of their asking you. If you'll invest in this project at Kayo TV die. Calm, slash back that see a why. Oh tv, calm, slash back, go there, learn all about the covenant Kay! tv dotcom, slash back invest,
not entertainment, the climb back,
Steve days is a just a great great commentator than does a very, very different show. Then what you normally here on talk radio has just a really good sense of what is important and why it's important, especially eternally he has the these. The host of the blaze tv show the steep day show and the author of a great book, the FAO, Jean Bargain, he's, got bonused opponents chapter of the FAO chewing value in bargain the FAO chain. Booster- and I want to talk to about that. He's got a lot to say about the booster shots and the actual facts, and I mean, if you want to You can rely on science and look at the science. Let's look at the numbers: Steve Dace, sixty seconds programme,
so the fat is one of the most complex institutions in the world and I think they like it. That way. I've been trying to figure out a way to explain to you, why you need to care about this. This reverse repo thing that is going on so far. I have not found an easy way to explain it and that keeps you in the dark really keeps you in the dark it We are. We are headed towards Venezuela last night. The reverse repo market was one point: six: five trillion dollars. This is something that has never done before they when they first introduced it. Last year I told you something's wrong. Some things really wrong. A next. Think I will I'm going try. To explain it to you, but basically means Venezuela is on the direct horizon for the United States of America.
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I'm doing a five night special think next month on some investigation that we ve been doing. In fact, we had earlier this week, somebody had hacked into our system of one of our producers and was going through all of our confidential files? Preparing for this show, doktor found she and an cove id and Google couldn't even figure out who was in the Google docs looking at all that stuff, we have taken everything and gone off line with all of it. While we produce the show there's a lot of really really bad things that have been going on with it. Tell me about the bonus chapter, the FAO chain, booster while the redoubt in bargain we left off right when the vaccine we were backing for being ruled out, Glenn and the union.
Data in real time, particularly for high risk in the elderly, with the alpha variant initial data was actually very promising, and so we just figured let's and the book here and then, if this becomes an issue of mandates, we can pick up the conversation later and at an end, has been the pattern of this entire scammed Emmett, the less some works, the more they want to mandated, and so when the vaccines were performing very well, you know, hey, you know back to normal, take your mass off everything else. It's the minute that the delta variant arrived and we began to see the efficacy, particularly from a transmission standpoint of these therapeutics. Just completely collapse, they now suddenly they want to impose them on everyone. At the I abide administrate In all the sixteen, the to vote by the FDA, including two resignations in opposition to boosters Israel's doing Third boosters Canada just bought for years worth of boosters from Pfizer. As a matter of fact, Glenn. If it's I got online and set him in February March April, or may that I dont think that these vaccines
hold up in mass against transmission and you're. All gonna need a third booster by the end of the year. I didn't suspended, if not banned from twitter, or Face member Lange that and you here we are, and so that's why we decided we had to do this bonus chapter to try to equip people without you, booster, to push back on back demanded mandate right now, while the while the iron is hot, go through some of your tweets here, according to the whose dashboard, the United States had one hundred and fifty six percent, more covert cases and one hundred and forty eight percent higher death than the third week of September this year. Compare to twenty twenty No one was vaccinated in September twenty twenty. Seventy percent of adults have at least had one vaccine dosed September. Twenty twenty one What this means either this is You know I had. I left a journalist, and I use that in quotation marks asked me on Twitter
many people that have been banned from you to do. We quote in thirteen bout booster. These are people, I've, never even heard of. Ok, although getting ban from me, you do not frankly makes me want to find them nobly. I just use double Joe World Health Organization and CDC data. For the majority of our forty foot notes in this twenty two page chapter, and if you look at the weekly break out, from the World Health Organization. We lower natural immunity? No one vaccinated last September we have of the eighty percent of people. According to CDC, have some immunity for cold at nineteen natural immunity and vaccinations? Seventy five percent have been and at least one dose we haven't. We have two thirds of adults already at that have received both the doses over eighty percent of seniors in America have been given both dosage and yet we are sitting here with a hundred and fifty six percent more cases and a hundred and forty eight percent more deaths, and this is this- is it We were thing should be calm down we're on the tail when the sun Bout way you ve got a bit of a law.
For we had into their the winter even the seasonality where I live in the north, and yet you look at a state like Burma right now, when it's the most vaccinated state in the union there than all all time high for cases right now seize an hour. Does he could begin for them until this weekend main hasn't? There is also a top three backs related state. They got in all time high, for I see you, patients right now, Connecticut reporting again out of season. One third of its hospitals agents are fully backs and aided. We haven't even hit the seasonality. That's the number one driver of this are the number one pocket They should driver of cold it all over. The world is seasonality, not even hit the seasonality in the north and already in Vermont and made, and can get free. The most vaccinated states we're having a we have. You are seeing trendline. That really you oughta be seeing in January to what in the world is January. Gonna, look like so So what are you suggesting here that the vaccine makes things worse.
When I am suggesting is something is not right, you're not telling us something. Something. Is it right? This is a bait and switch the initial vaccine data how up against the alpha bury, was very, very strong, especially from a therapeutic and now that it has collapsed. On August fifth, on site of all places were truth as even go to die. It doesn't exist, The director of the CDC Rachel Russia Will- and he went on wolf- what's and admitted that these vaccines no longer stop transmission, so that would seem to indicate then the whole. Our argument over mass last year was we're a masters and protect you with somebody else which that was a lie, but that was the argument right. Well, isn't that actually argument now for these therapeutics, they are a therapeutic like before backing. You are you you are. If you get bother this vaccination programme unless they come up with a true back, seen a true immunization, sulky level achievement understanding
are signing yourself up for an ongoing human experiment of being injected in regions. With the nanoparticles at this experimental technology that no one invested in prior to two thousand and eight and modernity hadn't had all four: nine and bringing products to market until coded you're you're part of this excuse the ongoing. Now you still may decide that, given the risk of cold it for you and the house, If the variant seem to be getting worse, you may still decide that that's worth the gamble, but you should be informed about choice and obesity. Go and do not stymie transmission, which they do not ok if they dont Stein transmission that there is simply no medical or ethical rationale. For me. Dating them on people whatsoever, because this isn't like it that you did that if you're not you're any more of a super spreader than someone who is. There was a study that came out from the state of Wisconsin's Department of Hell just a week ago. Frankly, I found it courtesy CEO dialect garden. He sent it to me to have the largest counties in Wisconsin did a study and what they
is that the bible load of people who tested positive with coded vaccinated was actually slightly higher than those who tested positive for coded on vaccinated there is no mere or ethical justification for mandating these things. Before we even get to the constitutional question, so Steve there is your what you're saying as this is not a vaccine, it's a therapeutic at mast and and maybe something that you once you start you ve gotta, continue to tat like the crucial yet again, a new one every year for the new strangler, ok, but I'm sorry, but there are some things and we keep If we're in the therapeutics, we keep finding therapeutics- that are cheap, Hydroxyl Chloric. When is a very good therapeutics Ex, not gonna, stop it. It will help you if you have it, it may stop you from getting it did me once I stop taking. That's when I got covered
and I buy was taking it. My whole family had covered, I mean I was like, I know, that's not all over your face, but kiss me sweetheart. I mean I wanted to get it out, so I had the natural immunity. I was taking hydrochloric win that worked. I ever met in it works. Those are cheap and my sister was asking her doktor for Hydroxyl clerk went in Washington State an. Would not prescribe it. You wouldn't prescribe He wouldn't proscribe. I've remarked in either these drugs had been used for a long long time, I remember when the Nobel Prize in two thousand and fifteen is not horse paste, that's a lie. We have a lot of antibiotics that we re purpose for animal you nowadays, for example, We had a bird burger Mcdonald's were burger. King enjoy if your grilled or Friday, in a you, had some right there. Ok,
the complete and total why this drug has literally saved it in been taken by or save hundreds of millions of people since two thousand fifteen, its manufacturer monk, who, by the way, was one of the first companies to jump on President Troms operation, warp, speed and then back to when they were not confident in their human trial data that they could come up with M are in that was efficacious enough to justify the side effects of data came up with one, even though their arguably the most successful farmer company in there, country are they are the creators of ivory acting. They were part of winning a Nobel Prize for this back in two thousand and five and now and then back instead worry, they actually put out a paper trying to discredit their own drug from from people using it and now we find out today they signed a massive contract with the feds to get emergency, not augur emergency authorization for an oral drug. The sound
a lot like I'd, Roxy work when our ivory back in and oh by the way, though this one, the government's gotta pay them. Seventy dollars a pill. I could go on good, our ex doc I'm right now and with a Walgreens Cuban I could get fifty eight cents per pill. I've met and if you do the math, that is eleven thousand nine hundred percent profit per Pill Glenn per pill for Mark ok, how close is a time bomb activate the game that good player? How do we know? Here's the thing all the data that we have gotten so far have all been internal. Me show you something that just made me laugh out loud last week, Remsen people that which makes women, severe. Try to come up with a study to show the government that, they are hugely successful product in stopping people from require bring hospitalization for coping now back in July, one of the best public, universally hospitals in the country he's an hour down the road from where I live at the University of Iowa, did a lot of live real time. Study of random severe in July, published the results they founded that when it's
causing renal failure. Failure at either doesn't work and in many cases prolonged hospital usage, but here's the kicker Glenn, here's the kicker The only way you can get random severe is to actually go to a hospital or healthcare facility and haven't administered you usually by injection there. They sell reported that their drug stops people from having do you having to be hospitalized recorded, but it's a drug. You have to go to the hospital in order to get, and yet this is a joke. They just that they lie about this stuff. All that I'm in the treatment that actually works, but it was called regeneration when they gave it to President Bush or present a trumpet this time last year to get him out of the hospital. But now it is the monoclonal antibodies, their several different manufactures. Ask your audience. If you want to know why I'm not celebrating the Murk announcement today when we can. Let me respond to your question with a question how many commercial central Last November after after regenerate monoclonal saved president trumps light and gotten out of the hospital and then was made, it level a month later for the country. How many come
shut up. You see on tv in the last ten months for monoclonal antibodies. Many of you even knew they existed until the Santa started, making them quotable around this data Florida and then after they saved a bunch of wives, and they start doing this in your state of Texas. Now now the Bite administration wants too rash in it. If how many you even knew this was and how many of you ve seen it. Oh did even though it actually works. That's why I'm not celebrating there's something has smelled rotten in the state of Denmark Glenn from day one from the day that the imperial cartilage sure they came out March sixteenth of last year till now. This thing stinks to high level high, brother. I promise you thank you so much Steve. I really appreciate the work that you have done on this and keep it up. Thank you think. God bless jobless rough greens. I want to read what Lawrence Rodion about his dogs experience with rough greens. He said I, but I bought my dogmas.
Different kinds of supplements over the years. She would eat a little bit of it, but not very much in general. She just kind of shied away from it, but When it comes to rough greens, not only will she eat it enthusiastically, she'll finish by licking the bowl clean. I hear I hear my dogs chain heating up. The bowl and then the bowl heating up against the wall. As he's looking at clean, almost all Every time we feed him she egos on. She has more energy now her coat is nice and soft rough greens, as a toll treat for her were very happy to discover rough greens. Thank you so much Lawrence. I'm glad to hear that year your dog love, rough Greens Ediths watcher, but watch over the next couple of months and years to see a huge difference in your dog at least I have with you know you can get a free bag of rough green, three dog just to try out of their picky eaters, make sure that they will eat it and then, if they will just order a full bag of rough greens and watch the difference, it
the greens are. You ever have greens that calm, slash back call eight three, three Glenn, thirty, three, eight three Ray Glenn. Thirty three rough greens, dot com, slash back ten SEC, station idea. So to let me ask you, because I know you read and you ve been studying this single back and forth. So you know the arguments against what Steve just said. In all fairness, but to hear the of the other side reasonable, so can you you will, for instance, United. AIDS will over seventy five percent of adults receiving at least one dose of vaccines are three hundred and twenty four percent increase in cases of the most vaccinated state in America, training towards setting all time record in cases at this time. The USA was written despite the fact that its out of season Have you a second most fully vaccinated country in the world? All eleven percent increases in cases
would you would be your response he's. I don't think he saying it's causing it he's a saying: it's Ineffective To permit, I think of large, a lot of it. He pointed to a scene of the delta variant seems to be a lot more transmissible, honest caused outbreak, someone you, eighty is mainly using chinese vaccine. So That's a little bit different than our situation, but still I mean it. I think you look at the there's different ways. Get it. I think, if you, if you look at it as people are concerned, If you want to say there's that debate, he mentioned there between is calling it a therapeutic or a vaccine. Unlike its an interesting point that, like we call the flu vaccine but obviously does not stop every. In in seven flu
and the same thing. I think here applies there, not a hundred percent there about ninety percent in the initial trials, as you mentioned, their numbers looked pretty good, I would say it looks like there'll, be a little bit less effective against delta. Though thing that's prom, sing about em rna technology, as they can quickly come up with new vaccines against the new variant. Now, of course, The process, for that actually happen is difficult, because the thing wines of being the dominant variant before before it can get approved as steep points out in. Oh you, if you get it, train. If it's something we're like this is the new flu vaccine right where you you know you be needing a new one every year for the new variant. That could be where this aunt em and I think that they are this unending, I always would end yeah.
You hope right I mean that we ve had been Sars and merge. This didn't happen with right. We know that this when it may very well, it does seem like that's good. This is where this is going to end. This can be part of our lives forever which, but you know, I think, is the most important thing for everybody to realise. At some point, you get to an eight, a position where you need to just run your society and realise that there's in theirs wreck endemic risk, and everyone needs to kind of some measure that for themselves that I think that's the problem with the flu vaccine- it's not mandated, but like at every old person. I know gets the flu vaccine because they are more likely to die from it and some you're having a very moderate and about half the country right, but but you're, not it's not mandatory its earliest earlier, we you know me, I'm. I am much more positive, I think, on the vaccines and a lot of conservatives as far as their effectiveness and and even how their working today, when you, I think, when you look at the data
down by age and a breakdown by individuals. You find better results than you do from fifty thousand feet, but the point here is: It should never be mandated we ve been? We mention the seal day, six years after that, the vaccine. This, the sulk polio vaccine, came out six years. We were at fifty four percent vaccinated by the fact that were it, two thirds of adults are fully vaccinated and importantly, let's be honest. Ninety three point: six percent of elderly people are have at least had one shot. Ninety three point: six percent, that's higher Glenn, then every one of the childhood vaccines. You know like we're done. Like the measles vaccine and Emma vaccine or chicken to everyone gets when they're like two yeah, that's a higher percentage for the most vulnerable. No, what we thought was gonna happen here. There's gonna be people who don't want to get. This
it's a veil of will to them if they want to take it. If they think I've remarked in his better, let them take that everyone can adjust on their own risk, including by the way people who want a mandate. This there are active masks like and ninety five master they could be wearing and not have to depend on everyone. They need to take the vaccine or anything else. There's options zones programme. Everywhere. You turn the world is, you know, world is turning to new technology and new way doing things, they tell wrecked tech This is me of we look at you you're like while that's a really nice girl and then you lift up the you know the hood of in your like holy cow. This thing is heavy, it's really made to last, and then you cook on it and when you cook on it A, u can bake on it. You can grow on it. You can smoke on it. It is it's amazing venue, daddy
the smart Green technology, now you don't even have to stand outside and check it. The time watched the thermometer that never seems to work on the hood. This is all digital and all on your smartphone or your device, whatever its Incredibly easy. It will last forever. I just don't think, there's anything on the market that even compares follow wrecked tech hoary see tee Q rectangle queue at the end, find them right now and check in if you're looking for a new smoker a gorilla. This is the best of the best wreck. Tech are easy to eat. Q. Dotcom, inevitably Stevie dot com, Slash Glenda Promo Code is going at ten bucks off your subscription to blaze, tv
another host from blaze, TV, the hosts of slightly offensive and co host of you are here. Eliza Schaefer joins us now I brought in on because I wanted to ask you something: cause you're. You have a degree in biology or what molecular biology some grad school, but I was smart and I left that failed to do. I saw what was coming. I knew it. I knew it was and that they were going to start using the weird woke politics in the sciences: stop caring about things like activity and discipline, and starting to look at science is more of an art Was that sounds good, and so you have, I mean you have the knowledge of. For instance, the mask. This do just said you want to stop it. You wanna make sure your safe and you're not spent then get an and ninety five mask. And then you have to worry about what everybody else is doing. You get an end Ninety five mask in that pretty much will stop anything that is coming through. That's your bed,
shot on him ass. The rest of them are ridiculous. Yeah I know in, and it's kind of crazy tuk Zawoiski we're talking about with the ban. That just happened. I just said: what's on the boy six of these cloth masks. These paper masks, especially the homemade masks alone, that make me laugh the Moldova just get a piece of cloth tight around your face and covered. Stay away as if it's like the five second rule, you know where the US on this issue and not on the ground for five seconds the bacteria can hit you have anything. Your face, you block all pathogens. If only we knew that the last several thousand years and no one would have died. So the the idea of these vaccine mandates- I don't antonov, you heard this- today or yesterday was announced that the Federation of Teachers in New York, are now suing because as they say, they should not be mandated for teachers, and the thereon worth its unconstitutional in New York in New York, the tea Hers in New York are suing because,
so they say they shouldn't have to be forced to be vaccinated? Will, of course not. I mean, You know, I know, is the first thing about the vaccine that I have agreed with the teachers unions on I'd even teachers unions were allowed to make logical sense today about a year ago, in two thousand fourteen or sign and and they're going to use this more and more to come people's rights I mean a woman, who was pregnant, quite a ways along inner pregnancy. She was a nurse she refuse to get the vaccine because of the baby didn't matter. She was fired, she's now suing all of These things where you're just losing access to a job or a place, is only going to get worse yeah. You know I just spoke to another comedian
new. While a heart, she has been a bifida which is a sort of two formative issue, and she actually has a blood clotting disorder and is unable to take the vaccines, and so not only those that someone with a disability. This is a woman right. This is four years always hard about, is fighting for the disabled, fighting for women, and it's a pretty popular comedian. I knew about her before I met her she's been hard from almost every single comedy house in club. She would have to move from EL acres. She couldn't work any more because they wouldn't let her in and in she told me she goes, and you know They don't even believe in these mandates, because the bouncer said Lilla to her. Why? you just one just bring me a fake vaccine carton. We would have let you in, and she was Look all these people that are even champion yet and saying it's a good thing when it put comes to shove. Don't even believe that this is necessary as a good chunk of people to that vat are working at these places. They don't want to be involved in enforcing vaccine ran rates, that's not their job. Why they got they went to get hired there and others How can this impossible position in between people who want to be
able to go into an establishment and the, for business who wants them in the establishment many times, but their forced by the government to do other things the minutes, not crazy. It's crazy way of doing business, so I've been having a debate with myself and end with Bill O Reilly, and I think Stew and I are on the same page with Joe Biden. We key Siena we think he's going, but he's there are enough to make these decisions. These are not senile decisions. These are decisions he's my king and he knows he's making them. There there also is this weird ice cream thing with him. He's constantly having ice cream, they constantly an ice cream stores and I this and I thought you know who would know if this is true, is Eliza, so ice cream
is, is a sign of possible dementia if your craving it near his age? Yes, there's actually two sides of this that are really interesting and I want to keep it very simple assuming that given know nothing about dementia and promote note lot about ice cream lot of ice rain? Unfortunately, but essentially when it comes to dementia right there's a few different types is vascular. Dementia. There's front of temporal measure and Alzheimer's is different types of these two generations in the brain. This has to do with build things like plaques and different types of Nero toxicity, so the point of the matter is that dimension has two problems as the biological element, which obviously could be with medicine like prozac or different types of medications, and then there's behavioral side of that, which is that, as you, kinda get older age and are unable to process information. You can start to get confused disoriented, because you lose the ability to cope with. Stress of life right, a lot of people when you're younger you may drink,
you may get angry you may I dunno. Hopefully, you don't do anything to destructive may go running If you get older, you lose our ability to cope in the stress builds, and so this is why he doesn't take questions from reporters because when there's an influx of stimuli, especially from things it you're not prepared for it, can lead you to a state of disorientation hallucination in confusion, which is why they will stop the questions because he needs who composed himself, would it also lead to anger? Oh yeah, one of the things to you, if you seem shuffling around and moving around its and snapping, is usually it one of the main scientist snapping and getting kind of lost, confused and shuffling around, and you seem with his mask. These are, these are very because signs of of not only early onset but total onset of dementia, specifically, I think has the F Tv, the frontal temporal, because I then, with the ice cream where it comes in. Is that
one of the ways without using drugs or medication that you can treat dimension that you can help satiated is by bringing a coat. Mechanism, a positive coping mechanism that might bring both dope mean release enjoy to the individual and also connect them back to earlier simpler times. I gotta tell you: damage has never seemed more appealing to me. Do you know what I'm saying this is why so this is just the quantity of form of that of a very simple way to help people is to give them the ice cream because it sweet and art I honestly, with STD, as you have a natural craving, usually for sugars, ice cream readily available. It doesn't look suspicious, putting your hands and a full cake and just eating it. Rather, we ve all been there revolving there. So, there's that, but also on the side of things, there's a lot of new research, biological research that shows a direct link between
and consuming certain types of fermented dairy products, including ice cream, that contain hydro, oh just draw, and only am I different fatty acids in in preventing. The degeneration of the brain, especially What's called my, we re age will live forever. You know and that's why net the honesty, Nancy Policy, if you know, with a lot of these politicians who are very old. I mean you look The filings for these people look at how much ice cream they spend on them selves and there. Donors can people in there in their Canada. It doesn't make sense. Oh, it's all ten thousand plus dollars. Couldn't it just be, people really like ice cream will we issue of your american better, be a patriot like a country like ice is preparing, although the weird thing is that was Martha Washington's attack. She did not want George to run for a second term, and so the Just attacks came from his own mother and
the one that she thought had real sticking power was he is so irresponsible with money you no idea what this man spends a year on ice cream. Well, while my wife, my set the same thing about me, but I am going to say, It's actually interesting, though, that is specifically in one study in Japan, there was a link between rice consumption and actual neurodegenerative toxicity, which means that it actually thence, your brain from being healthy, but a direct link between cause people who seemed a lot of dairy and mental health, psychological health, showing connection. That's how it started between dairy products and prevent aging in the brain and what's really interesting is that the ice cream, because its readily available and it's delicious basis, The study was saying that you can have low sugared party Lee fermented yogurt or ice cream as the way too
to prevent the onset and development dimension. I do know about you but come. I mean yogurt, ok, but it didn't offer me a spoonful of partially fermented yogurt nice scoop of bedding Jerry's and I know we're not go for the parliament. It even really moulding Yogurt overburdened Jerry's matter differently and cause you that the communist, the Communists ice cream, one other one other question on dementia: I have I have read and seen photos of the president, for instance, there's photo amazing photo of here, in the oval office down on his knees in front of a woman kissing. Her hand, because I think it was it. She had a lot of children and he was like. Oh you are. You know you, women that do this are so you should be. You know, pray and he actually got down his knees and kissed her hand and
and then you see other things where he will stop in the middle of a conference, and he will just talk to little kids and he'll kind of baby talk with them a little bit The point of this article was that one of the signs of dementia. Is you don't you no longer know what's appropriate and inappropriate, and so you were, you will yield things that are clearly inappropriate for any. You know adult, but you will do the things like he's to elect the president should know you never get down on your knees in them than the other office. Unless your praying, I think, most men when it comes to meeting women don't get on your knees. New media do not a great idea, general manager, I mean it. So he does a lot of these weird things, and I know you're, not a doctor but yeah, but but this is this is the point actually, so you don't have to be a doctor now and, as you know, some of your audience would know this. Obviously theirs.
Is a similar type of lack of social care with certain forms of autism. It ought to be a doctor, an autistic child are you yourself are autistic. No Peter TEAL, it haha you, you won't come out and say there's. A reason why we have these diagnoses is because Somebody may feel like enough. If I'm coming onto them, that could be considered a salt or inappropriate, but what find out what say somebody you touches you and appropriately or something you hate. They have and form of autism. They dont understand social cues that allows us in society to know how functional, relate to that person could go no occupation or I'll teach them, and I will understand whether coming from that's. Why we're Joe Biden, dementia. We have that diagnosis with people, because you go Ok, SK, I shouldn't be president in hand also like this. Old man, gets on his knees and kisses my hand. I shouldn't freak out because, oh he probably has frontal temporal dementia and
I understand that this kind of behaviour is isn't normal for people with this degeneration. He have that and still be very, very lucid and making decisions at times. No there's no way because one, it's called exciting, is called Sundown syndrome, which is why he goes to bed. So early is like you, You find yourself getting tired early and you can't handle liquor mentioned earlier. The introduction of new stimuli, because you can't process things quickly so sickly every job descriptor for the present that you need fast reaction, skills ability to process, complex information, the ability to stay up long hours, these basic tenants that what care most people away from the job are all of them, applications and skills that Joe Biden cannot physics This is not just something we can teach him cannot physically. Psychological or emotionally undertake if the diagnosed of dementia is real and I do not believe- and I'm not a medical doctor, but just like I don't need it a degree does tell when someone has autism or something a little bit off you
not need to have a medical degree to look this man and go this man needs help. He needs love. He needs care, AIDS to enjoy this last, hopefully decades of his life. We hope that he has a long, lasting life or his family, but being per into the United States is not something he's cognitive. We capable of doing Eliza. Safer from you are here on blaze TV. Thank you so much thank you the programme plate pressure? Let me drive a car shield weren't you are designed to expire and the whole of the truth is designed to expire when everything else in your car starts to expire as well. You'll have to worry about that anymore. If you want to, you know, have your car keep your car, because we're all going to have to keep her cars keep your car and keep it running. You need to have covered repairs something at least that picks up all the big things. That's why
Have car shield car shield is a win win they'll, get you back on track when you're in a pinch you're, not on the hook to pay thousands, you ve got a rental car at your disposal that they take care of all of it all of it get coverage. Today, and see my car shield cars go further. Its car shield, d, calm, slash back! That's car shielded, dotcom, slash back safe, ten percent right now, the apply at car, she'll dotcom slashed back one programme. You know I just can't leave without without playing some of these pieces of audio today, cut one? This is an abortion provider. Listen Texas deserves better first hand that abortion saves lives for the thousands of people, I've character.
Abortion is a blessing. Abortion is an act of love version. Is freedom to an actual eat, overgrown protection. Now we need laws that elevate science and evidence and recognise the dignity and autonomy access the autonomy gosh, those babies in the womb did they have autonomy and the situation when it saves lives since every life they kill, they save a life even. That were truly just. I know it better than when anybody say if I could kill you buddy to help this cancer patient live. Should we do it the answer would clearly be? No, no. We didn't do that now, but we, but it there, but their young and healthy.
Their whole life in front of the head tyre light here there in bed, I alone millions of people trying to wrap it arise, has should we just kill em for that cancer patient? I was listening to a pipe cast today about Mississippi the last abortion clinic in Mississippi and there like this, the Make it sound like it's. This struggle, like you know, This right is just disappearing and, and their flying in doctors from out of state to man. These facilities, because it so busy and all they want to do- is keep it open, as if they're just making medicine with well in some ways they are ya, take the little heads and they crush them and make them into matters.
That's not exactly when I met, but guess I think it is just such a fascinating thing to to strive so souls or hard to kill yeah, it's so weird and, like you know, I obviously we all know that these people, if you're, really wanted an abortion if their flying in doctors from out of state to do them. You can fly the patient's out a state to get up. Yeah pray like it's, not I mean it as much as I really want this. Stop it's not going to stop all abortion is just going to make some states be able to take more seriously and make them legal and rare rare. When did we get it? We know we rarely rare gone safe, legal and rare. The rare has gone extinct. Alright, I'm on next serious exam with Megan Kelly Programme.
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