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Our Kids Are at Stake | Guests: Russell Vought & Christopher Rufo | 9/9/20

2020-09-09 | 🔗

New sex ed programs rolling out across the U.S. are atrocious, as Glenn will reveal tonight. OMB director Russell Vought explains the Trump administration’s cease-and-desist letter to all federal agencies holding critical race theory trainings. City Journal’s Christopher Rufo previews a new document dump on how the deep state is financing race training for teachers. For Kids and Country founder Rebecca Friedrichs explains why we must stand together against the radical teachers’ unions working to destroy our country. Glenn speaks with Matthew Bocci about his new book, “Sway,” which recounts the incredible story of losing his dad in 9/11 when he was 9 years old. Author and writer Jon Seidl is working to donate his kidney to a complete stranger.

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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in my men, when their programme, hello, America, welcome to the Gothenburg programme today. The greatest threat we face and what are we gonna do about it? We begin in a very important programme in sixty seconds is a gleam program. Ok, we want to thank our sponsor a relief factor for bringing relief to just day heap,
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I don't know how to express this. Men any clearer terms. We are at the end of the road if we don't start work together, We don't start standing up for our for our faith, for our country In fact, as you will see tonight, for our children, you are going to lose all of them. It's going to happen at a breathtaking pace tonight I am going to show you what is being done in our schools schools because of the teachers union, and there's no reason any teacher has to spend their money and the teachers union you don't you forced to join them, you're, not forced to give them money? If you are,
teacher stop giving the teachers unions money they are not helping, they are active, working now to destroy our country. Our children. A couple of things that I want to show you yesterday there was a document dump that we're going to get into next hour that you really need to listen to you need to understand how serious this is. There was a the eve, Department of Education, was involved in a in, in a symposium that happened that time about how teachers need to teach the children how
build the framework of a new world I'm gonna quote from some of the things we're going to get into this one in next hour, if been pray oppressed for four hundred years. You'd want to start over. This world was not set up for people of color, so we need a tear. This thing down the ideas of abolition. Now, to consciously tear down the system that oppresses people do away with prisons, tear down the conditions that create prisons. Schools are like prisons. Children are not worthy of a particular type of learning. They talk about a a racial contract led says in America: it's ok to kill the black man, but not okay, to kill the white man.
They have to take down the ideas of racial contracts. We all live in this world with the same rules. Racism is propped up by their racial contract. No rules were written, It will be fighting for four hundred years against racism in their lives are now disposable, Worthy of humanity they have, manage the oppression, schools are built to manage a racism and the work of re fighting racism must be the work of white in all people. Black people didn't start this they say reform is not enough. Teachers must push for the abolition of prisons overthrowing the capitalist wage labour system Ratan, we changing the school system and tearing down the structures that impede antiracist education. This was something that happen. Just a few months ago, last fall and we
going to tell you all about it next hour with guy who exposed it and found all the documents it is truly remarkable Last night I reached out to the Secretary of Education Betsy Divorce received a note that they are aware of it. They are working to find out exactly what happened, but we did have department of Education, people there this this, Imposing em, but that's not all. Also I on tonight's programme. I am being told- and we have our attorneys looking into it. But I am being told that if I, show the things that I have to show you tonight.
If I show them and they're not blurred that occur, It could be made there. I should go to jail for child nah graffiti. Its according to the law, this kind of depictions that I am going to show you our only Are only able to show them in an academic state s setting or in a museum anybody else. You'll be nailed for spreading child pornography, what I m showing you tonight is what he's coming in your children's textbooks. Is the first sexual education redo. Twenty five years in engine in this society, what teachers. Unions are putting into our books now
It involves third grade education of mutual masturbation so little Johnny little Susie can get together and masturbate, and it's ok together. Over the last few months. I have been exposing things like the Pandemic WAR Game called event to a one that sponsored by the World Economic Forum and Bill gates, I have told you the truth behind the Marxist Movement called Black lives matter I have told you the beginnings of what they were We economic forum is doing to this Roy Capitalism and it is called the great reset. Sturdy I tweeted out something that came from the United Nations where they are talking about the great reset that now Kofi Annan has shown us that we aid to reset our society
and it goes right directly to taking down the free market, but western culture. America and society. As we know it, brick by brick, our children are being target. Directly in the classroom. Comprehensive sexuality education is being voted on in states all over the country inside states it's already signed in the law. It will be in your child's textbooks it is the most disgusting and explicit content I have ever seen. It is Disturbing.
I got home last night and my wife said how was your day. And I really could even answer. She asked me three hours later, so what happened today. I said nothing honey and that's the problem, nothing! I don't know Oh, why people won't stand up. What are we afraid of. I was Martin ridiculed ten years Go for saying I fear for my country We're going to lose our country to Marxism. Well here we are: I'm telling you we are one election away, one, election away from losing our country.
And both sides know it, they feel it. They know it and I was marked for crying over that- I'm John crying over that, because there's something else that we are on the verge of losing. That is far more dear and consequence is eternal. We are about to lose our children and that threat is very real big big heck. Has them controlling the up. Next that we ve shown you over and over again they controlling the algorithms of what's next year, kids watch Youtube. They mostly could just keep watching him just keep watching him and drew you tube is feeding it. It brainwashing we ve shown you the algorithms on what they're doing so big tat.
His brainwashing them game is teaching them to kill online social media if MIKE. Bring one more piece of news from social media, my kids right it tell me no it this is. They don't know you don't know how to find the truth. How is Fourteen year old, gonna know the truth. And then we send them to indoctrination camps, formerly known as public schools, and Private schools and charter schools and crew. Skin schools that don't have this, spying or the spiritual in sight to see the evil that is in Marxism and be a lamb. What are you afraid of is it the you're afraid or additional you ve, you just been you're just who comfortable, which is it
you're too comfortable. I don't know: what's going to wake you up, I don't know. If you are afraid, I understand it's a scary time to be in America. It is you're afraid of losing your job, your friends, your family, through the cancel culture, you're afraid of losing your country, because they I've done a number on you for a long time. Who told you that the promise of America that the days of of your children having a better life than you are over. Who told you that the same administration, the same Barack Obama and Joe Biden? That said the economy? Will never get better, then we'll
never create more jobs when Donald Trump said that's a lie will create. I don't know how many millions he promised at the time I even scoffed instead said I mean ass? The economy is not over. We can do more than we're doing, but that's ridiculous and I believe we hit some. We hit job any an economy that has never been hit in this country's history? and we believe that there is not a better tomorrow. Of course, they there is. If we get Marxism, socialism and government out of our way there, A better tomorrow for our children, but only through the constitution and the free market, and decent principles and morals. I have to tell him I'm afraid of losing my freedom, I'm afraid of losing my voice
This election goes the other way. My voice and voices like mine, we'll be silenced. But I am more afraid to losing my child to the darkness, to the hatred chaos and the lies from the author of all lies. Being spun by be a lamb and marxist and revolutionaries we have already lost one generation. They are now ensuring that we lose this one that is coming up right now in your kids are be taught that you're too old. You don't get it. If your wife you're a racist if their white, they need to apologize and stand in the back of a line literally soon to ride in the back of the boss. We are Americans, and once we roared passionately like lions, and we followed it with action. That conquered lies because we had steel in our spines. We knew the truth and we used. It is our shield. The truth,
that all men are created equal. The two plus two do equal for that. Man should be judged by the content of our character, not the color, our skin, that protest our american but organised riots that set out to create fear to intimidate the populace into destruction and the destruction of our constitution is the very definition of domestic terror, and we were clear on that. We're clear that the family matters that it's the universal building block and it is now being openly dismantled, be a lamb is causing calling for the end of the traditional family on their own website. But most Americans failed to do their basic homework. We are no longer roaring like lions, we are bleeding like sheep.
We must not rise up and anger or with violence, but we must rise up together with righteous indignation with a firm alliance in divine Providence. We should today be in every school collectively, letting them know they work for us not the other way around. These are our children for the sake of our wives or husbands. Our children are, religions, are God and our liberty. We must begin to stand up united and said, evil dead in its tracks and drive that darkness back into the abyss from which it came. If we don't stand now and defend our families and our children than we are indeed lost and solid Linsky who dedicated his book for rules of radicals to Satan, and
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tonight nine p m Eastern, I urge you Leads to watch What we're going to expose tonight is part two brainwashed. We showed you last week or two weeks ago in part one Brainwash. We Oh you what was being taught in our schools, about Marxism and about Amerika and the sixteen nineteen project by the way We have, I think I think we The head of the Owen, beyond with us here in a second to talk the funding of any schools that are running with six, the sixteen nineteen project but you must involved. Tonight, I'm going to show you part to end. It is really very, very disturbing
and I don't care what anybody says you know call me approved. If you want this stuff can not be taught to our children, they are due. Drawing children destroying them, and it is teachers, unions that are behind it all
We're gonna, give you more information on something that we're not covering tonight. We just only have an hour, we're gonna do that in about thirty minutes, please we have solutions, but they involve every one standing together in a lock. If we go go indoors, schools, one at a time they're going to dismisses, but just as we did with common core, when we stand together things change, you need your being drafted today. Your listening for reason. You need to share this information with everyone. You know and get active will tell you how come up a global problem ok, rough greens, not food, but a supplement that you put on your dogs, food and they loved Marjorie in California said she had put her dog rosy on a diet. I think we can all. Neither that's cool unusual punishment, but it would be
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a half hour didn't commit. You too can join plays tv, I don't what will place tv dot com slashed, Glenda Promo Code is Glenn Watch night This is the Glen Back Programme, so yesterday something Betsy Divorce and I spoke about on our special two weeks ago, when we were talking about critical race theory being being taught in our schools. She said I, so why do we defined and she said we are looking into several options. Will yesterday we found out, The White House has ordered and end of critical race theory, training now government agencies- that's a start. We need to get it out of our schools as well. We have Russ vote on with, as he's a director of office of Management and budget and what that does in case, you dont know this.
The guy responsible for overseeing the implementation of policy from the president, the management, the regulatory agendas all across the executive branch, kind of of job when you got a guy. That is. Doing so much to cut all of them stuff rush hour. You, sir, I'm doing Find me I'm glad you bet so, first of all what what what was it that was seen at the federal level that got the president's attention and said we have to stop this right now
well, I think you ve seen a lie. These kinds of reports begin to percolate up in the news in we specifically mention that in in the member that we put on Friday, but the president has seen him that the great work that's been put out there by Chris Roof over some of the investigative work, that's being done as a result, the whistle blowers, quite frankly, as we get a handle on the many areas where the agencies are often contracting out with third parties that have an ideological bans that are are teaching. Content that inconsistent with our the
long history of our country, but quite frankly, the future of our country, because, if you, if you teach no workers of the federal government to hate their country where we gonna be down the road, so we did some important work last week on behalf of the President and I will be working to make sure it could actually its implementing and it's not just the policy prescriptions. So how pervasive was it how many agencies were involved? It was any of it systematic or was it all coming from me? You know this be alarmed movement
but it's not new, that's for sure, but to be honest, the Glen or just get this at the beginning of this process. We want to do a full review. We want to have extensive implementation guidance. We want to a formal wrapped up of all the spending. We don't want it to just be anecdote, although we have quite a bit of anecdotes that we know of, which is why we put out essentially a cease and desist letter to get started in the meantime. But this You been going on for a number of years, it seems like and is not just a result of the last several months of of bill. I'm movement and the the rest that it has caused across the country. I think it is Getting a lot of. It was wrapped up in the last administration in it, it has probably wrapped up in the last several months is as agencies trying to make sense of the moment that were in, but
Fortunately, they got him bad guidance and combat instincts on that front, This is the kind of stuff that makes a deep state possible when you have one arm of the federal government teaching that the federal government is racist and all, of the Anti American marxist kind of teachings. That just go on without really anyone saying Anything or- or I mean point. Can you even put a finger on when it art in or where it started her who's responsible, not yet, and we're hoping that our review in can help us draw some firm conclusions from that, and if we need larger policy solutions will do that as well. The present has made that clear, but I do think that it is A challenge when you have these big agencies
often the policy officials at the present has put in charge that represent the american people based on the last election. Don't have awareness of the time professional development nor workplace training that goes on in late night. I'm sure they get whips of emails. I get sent around to invite them to this, or that Another aspect of I think what the present was trying to do clan is is provide cover. Further hard decision agency had can now make to root this stuff out. We ve seen this before the memo from from Secretary of Energy Danbury at the minute he was made aware of some of the training that were going on in the national Labs by Sandia Corporation. He immediately asked for a review, but that that takes. Courage, quite frankly, in the president, has basically
said look more than a new we're gonna. Do this cover a wide, and so all of my policy officials can get after the work where the pressure on and on his shoulder. So so, Can you and you may not be the right person to ask, but there's a lot of people that sea critical theory. They don't know what it is when you connected Marxism and communism. They roll their eyes. They think that's nonsense. Can you you explain what it is and why it so destructive. Sure- and I had this conversation with a dear friend of my last night, who had concerns about the memo early Twond to have an awareness of the mental in, and that is critical. Race theory is the view of our institutions that the reason we see some forms of an equity is because our institutions are right and that they are systemic
racist that the founding was flawed because of its racism, and it is a critical aspect of it is the critique is that were not headed toward we were not the civil rights rule was not successful that we have not moved towards a colorblind society in that one of the reasons is that our institutions are flawed and are leading to ongoing inequities, and so that The critical aspect of it that lead but I cannot say through if, if you, If something is fundamentally flawed to the poor, then you need to tear down the institution needs to be brought down. We look out of the last several months and we see critical
theory on all of our tv, the wages of of putting this into the bloodstream as opposed to a different view, which is what the american founding was about. It I've I've I've seen on your programmes before land, which is that we are individuals made in the image of God. As a result, we are afforded dignity as a result of that and the highest aspirations of our country were reflected in the declaration of independence and our constitution and overtime weep. We, also, I have been reforming out of our system little by little individuals by individuals, movement by movement and effort to eliminate where there is is thin and where there is evil Spock Action and in that gets that their kids warmed out, but it doesn't. It doesn't say that the enterprise, the whole project that the whole country needs to be torn,
now. Can I ran to the poor and only then to allude to world views that are are represented here, and you see it with the hope and optimism in the Trump Administration say: look. This is a great country the world has ever seen and we're gonna make reforms as we see it where we need to weed this out or we that out or make reforms, but we're not gonna just talk the entirety of our great country, which has led the world and in freedom and opportunity for all people, we'll you I. I hope that the president's starts to encourage companies to do the same, because there is a lot of companies that are are engaging these same people that have been engaged by the federal government to tee this nonsense, that that America's inherently evil and that white
are inherently racist and cannot be forgiven by it have to be the only the only way you can have an end. Racism is with reverse racism. If you will it's craziness and in very dangerous man, you're one unrelated question there. There was a story that came out today that talked about how people are now starting to see they're starting to fatigue on this. This whole corona virus and their starting to see this more as a crisis of budget is the pie. In considering anything like be no special economic zones or or naming the entire country, you know, and an economic and economic zone to be able to relieve the average businessperson with some from some of this regulation. That will then get back on their feet
will, we feel, like we have over the last several months, is to treat the economic crisis in the same way that we treat a public health crisis to the extend where any emergency authority that agencies had on the table. We have tried to use by our count. We were over about seven hundred different regulatory or enforcement, relaxing decisions that were done on the basis of an emergency and, quite frankly, we're not trying to make many of those permanent and we're going through a review of that right now. So we haven't done anything as for us to be able to say hey the whole countries an opportunity but piecemeal. We have tried to take that approach and we think we have been very successful in that front and people have good ideas,
we're or would never have an open mind on where we can do more as a business man that has people coming through my business all the time. I I worry about litigation, it's only a matter of time of litigation, some get sick, so, MRS you haven't done enough whatever? Is there any relief for protection from litigation that is coming? We hope so. We hope that, as part of a any eventual face for deal
the president does think we need more legislative initiatives, and so that's why he's tried to continue to stay at the table. Even if the Democrats on the hill have been in the magnitude of their asks made it such that we could not reach an agreement, but all of the things that we believe are still important is that certainty that comes from potential lawsuits, and I think that's certainly been something that we've heard from- is being an important leitrim. Republicans on the hill, We'll tell you, we really appreciate the cuts that you guys have made and the things that you have done to roll back. A lot of this craziness from the last fifteen years, I'd like to send you some golden scissors, but maybe you be better to have an ax has who continue your job? Thank you. So much I appreciated thanks
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the filming of mission, impossible. Seven just came out and it shows Tom cruise on a motorcycle, Writing off a giant ramp, nestled in the mountains of Norway, and he drives a motorcycle off and then he parachutes, from the motorcycle and it's really him. He does his own stance and the thing is they. They delay the filming of this one because he has to get in to like. Oh, I remember which plain it was, but like it's a fighter jet lag f. Eighteen and he said I want to do it, and so I need to learn how to fly and f a teen, and so he learned how to fly in F, a teen and he's fly. How do they? How do we ensure these movies is called acting? You don't need to learn how to use the affecting its oil, but he's one of those guys we're like you know it
actors are, while I you know I played the president's, so I can tell you what you play: the president for your the president sky actually. Well, I did you know. I did get helicopter and I landed in a free fall spin? you know, take a motorcycle off of off a cliff on a mountain side. I I flown in F eighteen he's actually doing these things? It's wonder how they get how they can financially police things off Emily could cause. You can get him to probably weave everything theoretically, but how would you move you get insurance right, you can't he dies, there's no movie, so everybody is standing holding the bag and have to pay for it, and there's no movie, MRS, why you film his crazy stunts last
Horace a movie and can't we know he broke his leg? The last mile. I remember that yet jumping from like building to building right now he was was a gem. No, I think it was the the thing where he they couldn't stop that I think in france- and they couldn't get the Dolly thing right. The stabilized his bike. He was happy with any of the shots. So he said just follow me now like that, top down and we do not have control of all of the trafficking and everything else he's I'd just follow me and I'd seen of him in France, just zip in through the cars, it's him just zip and through the cars and when he spun out at the end he from his by can I think he broke his leg incorrect By that I mean the fact that he actually does these stunts really crazy. It's insanity, racy the monopoly of the life of a movie star. That many need, I mean he's like he's just I mean you know forget about all the weird things you ve heard about him. P
chases purred snatchers down the street. I like I've, always liked Tommy errors. I mean you now you can. You can be critical of the guy, but I dont know somebody he jumped on a couch because he really was in love for a couple of hours. In France, they get very clear that we have we ve celebrities doing much much worse things. Tom cruise is a dream compared to today's celebrity. Oh my gosh, I don't think there's ever men, maybe arrow flynn- that only been anybody like him off the Glen proudly.
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to those who still can find the lion in them. The lion that protects freedom, for those who wish to leave like sheep go ahead lead someplace else we don't need violence, we don't need anger. We have to be together peacefully, with righteous indignation, and with a firm reliance on divine Providence and walk into our institutions, our churches, our schools, our government offices and demand that they understand, with the exception of our churches, they work for us. We,
work for them. They work for us tonight a very, very important and disturbing episode of my Wednesday night special on Glenn TV. It will be at nine p m Eastern you'll, be able to watch it or on demand after that, but your children are about to be lost, and if we can stand up for our children together, then we truly deserve to be lost. We'll give you some new information on a document dump and give you a preview of tonight's broadcast in sixty seconds this- is the Glen back
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just a weeks ago on our Wednesday night special. We did brainwashed and we showed you how be a lamb had infiltrated our schools. Unlike anything I've ever seen before we showed you yesterday that there's already books about you that you're supposed to read to your child. What was it baby racist, some antiracist baby. I antiracist baby and if you're a why, if you have a white baby, you need to teach it right away that their racist, They need to feel sorry about that teaching. Your dear babies well, it is an attack that goes now from cradle to grave, and it is very well financed and very well coordinated, and we found bout yesterday, do the great reporting from Christopher Roof? Oh he's a country
the editor of City Journal director of centre on wealth and poverty? He did a document dump yesterday. That shows the parliament of education, actually funded an organisation that is that has hosted. A training for teachers on nickel race theory that there were people from the Department of Education ACT. This. Christopher is on a form of this now, hey Chris. How are you. No, are you very good, I'm better than you? I live in Texas. You live in Seattle, so so tell us exactly what you found and what does it mean yeah. Well, we neither the theories of leaked documents from all over the federal government and a whistle blowers them. Me a slide presentation with minutes of a recent presentation by woman named Doktor, Bettina Beth, who out an outcome,
for the overthrow of every institutional? United States? Are she said America? the fundamentally white supremacist country that is oppressing people of color for four hundred years. And we need to immediately abolish prisons, abolish the school system and reinvented, abolish institution that creates the conditions for oppression and, in a quote, unquote start over and it's just shocking. It has nothing to do with helping children. It is essentially calling for the the abolition and the United States itself and its shock. Because the organization that held this conference organization called calf, these sixteen million dollars in public funding during the Trump administration from the deep, when a education and other federal departments and its but another instance of radical revolutionaries? That's kind of the how their rhetoric is to overthrow the country. A being fund
by the federal government and the german and bureaucracy, no matter who's in office. I will tell you that if you didn't believe in the deep state and twenty sixteen you know I can understand. If you don't believe in the deep state now you're a moron. This is Exactly what the deep state is, is there any, indication that this organisation in under the Trump Administration or, as is something that the federal government has been financing for a while, This is a an agency that the federal government has been financing and at least two thousand for likely much much sooner much earlier than that, But I have the documented records from two thousand for nuts that exactly the point Glenn that you're making is that these innovations as essentially inside. Islands in the shadows are. There are shocking the federal government, they don't care whose office they don't care. What the
priorities and principles of the person who's running the federal government might be And they know that here after year after year, they can steadily built taxpayers, take money that fund their pet projects. And they're kind of radical critical race theory and explicitly the american ideologies so this is this- was a study or a seminar done with the Department of Education for teachers right. So this was how Teachers should teach Revolution and tearing down of every american institution, and to overthrow the government of the United States exactly right and the speaker explicitly called on white teacher and fed better. You know quote: white people need
get out of their white emotion, malady, end quote and then able to give up their wealth to be able to give up more than their privilege to be able to give up their power, and essentially the to this ideology and then become what she calls again: indirect quotation: co conspirator This revolutionary activity- and you know on on the face of it- is that absolutely absurd and Is that your point of view- and you want to express it on your private time in your private dime? I'm ok with that. I bet he'll with that too, even if we disagree- but this is different because its being subsidize directly every act there in America. So if you are a hard working, a plumber in Omaha or you are in tradition or or an hour goober driver in Houston. You are paying for the, for this kind of rhetoric is ideology
directly wants to abolish all opportunities that you have in this country. That we need to shine a light on it and I called on the Secretary of Education it allows the to conduct an investigation and hopefully cut off cut off the spigot for at least in this instance And its organisation- so I cite spoke to Betsy Devices staff last night. They are opening an investigation in this. They are going to be tracking this down. And finding out exactly who is involved and where else this disease has spread. So good rob on on finding this and Betsy is, I don't know you know who the divorce family is, but as there is, there is no way that Betsy Device, gonna tolerate any of this kind of stuff. First of all, you know you you ve, got Donald Trump and he's my he's on an unbalanced capitalist,
that doesn't want to see the destruction of the american system, but Betsy parents are the ones that started the american way back in the fifties, and it was a way for the average person to make extra money to be, to pull themselves up and get out of their situation and maybe afford to go to college or two to live their dreams. The IMF in a way we know it now is, am as others. There is no way that somebody who grew up with the parents of the american way is is going to let this stuff slide and Glenn. I think that's exactly a great way to summarize the dynamics of this election. Of one political movement and party that wants do now. Felicity destroy the american way have another and, with you know, Donald Trump, normative movement that wants to preserve
american way and improve it incrementally, and I think that the very clear choice for boat, I think in some way that even more clear and the choice and twenty sixteen, because the delay tend radically escalated their rhetoric a committed to violence in the streets. And of their political leaders are calling that outer or even trying to stamp it down, and then president issuing the executive order. Last week to abolish critical re theory in direct federal agencies, he's step Up in a big way, taking action on these items- and I think that we in oh, we should hope that their the more opportunity for us to uncover the at the make some changes so who, what kind of people spoke out about this, because this this was for teachers. And that we know the teachers. Unions are behind a lot of this critical race theory garbage that is going through.
And if you take on the teachers union, I mean good luck to you who's, who saw whose document dumping the stuff are they teachers, so I'm gonna have to be careful in order to protect the identity of my source. But I'll tell you the motivation, the motivated I'm, who cares deeply about learning? Who cares deeply about kids? Who care deeply, for improving education, I'll come and this person with simply appalled, because and felt like this, with a total waste of taxpayers money, something that it political ideology that doesn't provide any practical benefit for children and, and frankly, this and was outraged that we would be wasting money when we could be using these resources to actually help kid That's a motivation and I think it might be political in nature, but I think more than anything it
really trying to look out for the best interests of the people, the next generation and frankly, this Bertha knows that if we spread this ideology through the education system tremendous harm to the next generation and tremendous harm to the country, Thank you so much for all of the Mai for living in Seattle, so we don't have to honestly The London a servant occurs to remove all contributing editor of the city journal, director of centre on wealth and poverty guy. Who has been exposing a lot of this, thank you so much. You can follow him at real Chris Roof. Oh, are you f, o real Chris, ruffolo on twitter and and- and I urge you to do that because he's breaking news all the time and that's where you'll find this document dump and it is horrifying. When you see, Chris. Thank you. So much God bless.
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Make war game event to a one. The true Behind the marxist movement called Black lives matter and how they are working to destroy families, the plot destroy capitalism called the great reset from the World Economic Forum and will tell you all of these. Things are connected, they all have a purpose and that is to peace, Peace, brick by brick, overwhelm the system and take down the western way of life and our society. Well, the other pieces, you ve got to control the children and you been showing you that they are tee, King Marxism and critical race theory in all of our schools. I would be shocked. If even you live in the most remote place, if it is, being taught in some form or fashion in your school, their targets our children their classroom directly!
there's a new comprehensive sexuality education programme that is now being rolled into your states all across the country. It's all had he been sign into law in several states in, and it is the disgusting and most explicit content you could Imagine What I will reveal to you tonight is so, disturbing, and if we don't stand together and stop it. We will lose our children, they our corrupting our children, and they are corrupting them also on the free market and our system of government. This so disturbing I've been told by attorneys that its laws- go to show it to your kids in classroom, its legal to show it in a museum setting, but it
probably is not legal for me to show it to you on line, because then I would be I. Could easily be called somebody who is farming out pedophilia material so I'm going to a risky you'd want to avoid, if at all possible. So I'm M going to show you tonight what I can we are going to blur the pictures out. You'll get the idea, but it is This should tell you something can't show it to you on line, because I could violate laws, but they can teach it to your children. Without you, knowing it incredible, It is brainwashed. The radical sex agenda corrupting your kid- and it's already in states widths, probably coming to your state, its being voted on right now, the
Teachers union loves it the teachers union if you teach if you're a teacher leave you want? What's best for children. But if you are paying dues to the teachers union aid, trust you you might of good intentions, but have you at see right now what the teachers Union really is. It is a marxist front organization. That is true, to take our children destroy the western way of life and if you're paying in I'm sorry might be the sweetest person ever, but I trust you with my kids. If you or trusting the teachers union we you know, Twenty years ago, Friday. Nineteen nineteen years ago, Friday,
we stood together, said what happened? How did this happen to us? and we realized how fragile our nation was. Now, in the last nineteen years we ve realized man. It's a lot stronger than we thought. But we are in the last phase. If you re gibbons in you, read the the What is it the rise and fall of the roman empire? If you read that you'll see exactly where we are exactly where we are we're in the fall of this empire. But the fall of this empire means that freedom is lost all around the world. Who's gonna stand up for it. Where you gonna run what's gonna happen, we're gonna lose our freedom. The world is going to lose. Its freedom
and all of that I suppose I can live with I can't live with losing my children and their freedom. We must stand together up, tell you how next, if the glamour back programme american financing penalised one eight do through three: four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, Org still you're doing some on the moroccan financing right now. Yes, that's true, because it's a great time to refinance it's a great time if you are looking at real estate to two by when it because of these rates and in their third just insanely low insane and american financing can actually get you to work with People- and they actually understand every little bit of this process. They can walk you through every little bit of this process, as they have with me and at other people who work here, we can test
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This is the Glen Back programme. The theme of today show has been. We have all been worried about the loss of our country, but I worry more now about the loss of our children. It is- a very real threat, big tech, them controlling the up next on Youtube, your kids are watching you tube. This is a brainwashing, algorithm and bend. We ve known it and shown it to you on other specials. They are controlling the way, your kids think by exposing them to things that I believe, is best for social change. They control them with gaming. Online social media. They don't know what the truth is.
And we are acting like sheep. Don't know what it's going to take for people stand up. I know you're afraid of losing your job, I'm afraid of losing mine, I'm afraid, losing not just my job, but my entire your career and my voice. That is selection, goes another way many, of us, some, the boy his name's in radio and television, that you depend We have all had conversations where we all are saying this could be it. So I'm with you, I know that, but we stand up for the constitution. We want stand up for the rule of law, we won't stand up against the cancer, could cancel culture, we're not standing. Up against the marxist in our streets. We're not stand up for our police officers.
What will we stand up for because Our children are at stake and I am more frightened by the loss of my children to darkness, I'm not talking about kids, they're, gonna, think differently, they're gonna vote differently. That's a picnic. We're about to lose our children to darkness, to hatred, The chaos to the lies: a b, a lamb, the Marxist and the revolutionaries. Your kids will turn on you, just as they did in Germany and in Russia, because that's how it works and they are training them to be marxists and citizens of a state. Of a family. We showed to you a couple of weeks ago on our special and tonight part two they are taking the morals. Our children and
drawing them for the, first time in history it in modern history. Nah graffiti and pon pornography beyond what anybody has ever thought of as pornography ever in the history of the world,. Is everywhere, and being endorsed. But when you see what's happening in our schools tonight with this new sex education, that is being It has already been approved in a couple of states and is poor Probably going to be voted on in your state? It may already be in your state. Perhaps that will be the wake up call, but we all have to stand together us going in to talk to our schools there. Treat us like morons, in a treat us and talk down to us the we do.
This before with with what was that? What was at, that thing. Is schools were doing with the bill gates? Member? I am Korea concordant. We did it before with common core we in stop at a lot of it has just been mutated, but we at least slow it down weave to demand real change and tell these teachers in these teacher unions and our local schools. They for us not the way. I don't treat me like I'm an idiot when I walk in and asked questions provide the answers, but we do, it alone will lose. I want to bring on somebody who I just think is remarkable. Her name is Rebecca Fredericks, she's, the author of standing up to Goliath, she's, a founder and president of kids for kids and country, dotcom for kids and country, dotcom or dot org
and she was a teacher- she saw what was happening. She stood up and she realized she might be able to do more good outside of the system, Rebecca how're, you I'm doing great great- could be here soon Rebecca after the special that we had last. What two weeks ago, I got a ton of e mail from people who said I went in and they treated me like a moron. They pretty much laughed at me. They wouldn't give me any information. I I am convinced that unless we stand together, we're not going to make an impact. You are exactly right. We have experienced the same thing, even I'm in California. Three. When we go to the state House, we We ve come together, hundreds of us, at least in it, Patient committee- and they treat us like More- I ve talk down to us they will not pass any bill,
that we bring forward same look. We just want some transparency. We just want you to. Let us know what's going on before you do this to our kids and they shut it down single time. We absolutely have to stand together. Teachers cant find it alone. Parents can't find it long and we need our churches to step up too. We need faith leaders with us and We need to help people to realise how important it is to vote and about their values, not to vote, because they want free stuff, because, if weaken, can start getting good, godly people into office at every level, starting down at school board. All the way up, I entered national level? Then we can, in this nightmare. So the teachers union taking on the teachers union. I mean you knew, took them on all the way to the Supreme Court, the California Teachers Union. And then the National Education Association yeah tell me what happened because you'd
will you u world, it was looking like. You were gonna win and then said he died. That's right case was heard in January two thousand sixteen. We were arguing for freedom from forest unionism for every single government toy in the United States of America. We didn't think it was right that we were forced. Find a union that stood against our values there, we aim to represent us, but did not. We didn't even wanna, be members, we didn't want their representation, but we were forced to pay. For example, my husband, I was a professor at San Diego state and he was to pay twelve hundred dollars a year in fees as a non member of the union and that they would fail grievances against him when he really director. So we now have a voice at all. So we wanted to end that we took her to the: U S Supreme Court cases, her January, two thousand. Sixteen We were poised to win with five to four decision because
We therefore justices on that court who do they of the union's and anyway, one month after our case was heard, Justice Glia died. And there is a rule in the court that the justices have to be present. When the decision comes down, so we lost his boat, we are affordable hi, but the Good NEWS is another case was built upon our case and it was heard into doubt me in June, twenty seventh, two thousand and ten every government employ. In the United States of America with freed from forced unionism, so they all might still be stuck in union that they no longer have to pay them? Ok, oh here's, the thing because I I've I've been saying last few days because everybody looked at their teacher in their like out, my teacher is good and they loved my kid and blah blah blah blah blah, however, You might feel really good about a teacher, but if they are, if they are in, Lee
teachers union, or they they sing the praises of the NBA, I don't. Them with my child, because they They must be part of it or their so ignorant. I don't want them teaching my child, who is that ere, I think it's fair, but I, I think the listeners needed not one more thing. There's three issues: teachers and, first of all, they're all trapped in a corrupt system, doesn't matter how sweet or wonderful or incredible your particular teacher is on it. Teacher is in a union ice school or school district that teachers trapped in a corrupt system. So the three things people need to know about teachers is number one. We either have no idea that the union Is the bad guy they don't? They know things are corrupt but
union keeps telling them where your savior we're here to take care of you. It's the legislators, it's the school board, its the best, but these two You have no idea that it's the union put those legislators in office in those people on school board, so these teachers truly are ignorant what union is doing at the problem. Second thing: lot of em no, but there too terrified to stand after their union MIKE you your whole entry to this interview, talking about how people are too afraid stand up. Freight are losing their jobs and their career Fraid of all the that's exactly how to Jews are- and they ve been that way for about fifty years, and so then the lasting, as we do have teachers who agree the union's most of the scary one over the activists of the union to them planting in our schools. So I agree we wish you Glenn teachers have got to stand up, but parents have to stay. With an teachers can't do it alone, stand together and those teachers that don't
no what's going on, we have something on our website called adopt a teacher. Take three minutes to read it, adopt every teacher. You know and educate them on the truth and then stand with them Then we can in this. So I'm looking at your website now, which is for kids and country dot org and you adopt a teacher, and It's weird has videos there but talks about embracing, educate, enlightened empathize, encourage and in power. So this is not going in hostile. This, is going in Saying: hey! Look! I just you know you. Can we have a cup of coffee and let me pay for it cause. I just want honour great teachers, precise and then I wrote an entire book called standing up to Goliath and they wrote that book. With teachers in mind, and parents by the wake of parents, don't realize that the teachers unions have corrupt,
the pity and everything going on in our school. So parents are actually paying into this sector now these evil as well- I don't know it so. Yes, I ask people to lovingly adopted yours they now for teachers and their church, teachers in our neighbourhood, their family, their child teacher, and to approach them with grace not to broached them attacking, could maybe the teacher doesn't doesn't have any idea educate them. Most people have any idea all the lies. Teachers have been told for they try to talk the teachers and did you say but this, but that, but what about what about and people dont know what to say. That's why I wrote a whole book all they have to do his hand to him. You know welcome through it Rita. Couple chapters will take it a coffee, much talk about it and without them warm up to the idea that they ve been duped, that they ve been deceived, but their funding evil, so that these teachers will stand in and get out of the union
thank you so much. I appreciate all of your hard work. I urge you to join the effort and just go to for kids and country dot? Org and look at the information that is there I e the ice still recommend Rebecca that you, you organize and you and you help people come together in their own towns, because everybody feels alone don't know whose involved, if there's a way to hook up with each other. We may need to you need to hook up with each other, as we won't be able to do this by ourselves. Thank you, Rebecca she had for kids and country dot org, by the way don't forget. This is last call for your kids. Last call for your kids part two of the special brainwashed on the blaze tidied tv tonight,
warning and warning warning parental guidance is suggested. Although the teachers union don't think that you need to be there and what their teaching It is so disturbing. I wouldn't recommend that you watch this with your kids. But you need to see it. It's available ablaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Blaze, tv, dotcom, slashed, Glenn use the my code, is it Glen or back, which is it. I don't usually gland use a promo code, Glenn you'll save on your year subscription ad block The tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn, ok before we continue. Let me just to talk a little bit here about real estate agents. I trust in almost all cases. The secret to success in buying or selling a home is having the right real estate agent. It's it's not just, Somebody who knows how to fish And a good home, that's in your budget in order to get your home out there in the best possible price? Those are important, but
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his dad's phone with his brothers over and over again saying dad, please come home. Please call us back the things that we have never thought of and heard, and now how it shaped his life, it's in ridable story and that nine year old kid is now a man. His name is Matthew. Bonci and he has quite the tale to tell it's in the book sway. That's coming out now, but we have him to tell the story. Next standby mechanism shield, you're, looking to protect your budget and home something wrong sure I've got homeowners insurance, so I'm covered Papa like having an old age back unit kitchen apply. Answers and plumbing a home warranty plan from American Home Shield can help cut
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in my men, when their programme this week is the nineteenth anniversary Bob September, eleventh, oh, how quickly we have forgotten and how quickly the years have flown by every year since nine eleven, we have talk to somebody who experienced it. Who was there at the Pentagon who was trapped in the stairs? Who you were fire fighters are police officers, but this is the first time that I've ever been able to talk to a child, someone who was nine years old and their dad was trapped. On the hundred and fifth floor. He has written a new book called sway and I have to tell you. There are very few stories that this compelling things you didn't even think of and what this nine year old went through and the light on the other side is remarkable. His name is Matthew patchy and we talk to him in sixty seconds,
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And his father worked for Canter Fitzgerald and the north tower the World Trade Center. His dad was at work and he at school, we welcome that nine year old now, I think you're what, Twenty eight how are you Matthew You bought you made quite so first of all it I you know you ve heard it forever, but I'm sorry for your loss end, especially after reading your story, my gosh, what you ve gone through is remarkable and you need to tell this story is often as you can, because it provides a lotta hope. Nine eleven, your nine you are in school and somebody from the school district walks into your classroom right are you there?
I don't know about this is borne out by ok. I just wanted you to start with this somebody from the school district walks in to your classroom. You don't know anything about it, but it's about nine o clock in the morning and what happens though they pulled My classroom- and I was now by my brethren and Norway, and we were informed that apply and my dad building my doubt would see another are the tower. As a nine year old kid, I kind of conflict Something was odd in the sense that they allow. Thirdly asked questions about what was going on. I thought I'd. Think too much of it, though, and I tried to go about the rest of the day as firmly as possible, will provide the most was the fact that so many came for getting pulled out of my. And and yet we were still in school Nick and I my brother, my mom, kept us in school because she is, my father and the men at
am I who had coming over to the house to try to help her, thereby also true, brought it time. There was so much chaos in and so much commotion at the house that she wanted. Things over abominable, and so you are in school and I got and you weren't watching it, but the rest of the students. They were watching what was happen, but happening right now we're watching as they were informed. They go without a classroom and then told the rest of the students. What exactly happened knocking on the door, then I don't Maybe that students- maybe my classmates new. Maybe they didn't, though, but I what they said that to me. So
we take habits in another classroom for a little while they were forming the students on all the details that they had. I guess and ultimately like a day like we, we really the only give up and down and they were all plucked out and at the end of the day when we got the, but we were the only to get on the bus- and I remember getting back omen and things like that immediately with all the chaos that I have already described for farm and got worse what they got inside heavy with on the borders with on, and people were and calling my dad and calling ally and other indicators show missing, highlight two: they were calling and but all the one thing. After another and older. My grandmother, kind of loss, my brother and I out of the house to go play with her friends, because she wanted to continue. The women should become
about now your dad two weeks before nine eleven woke up in the middle of the night screaming he had a dream. Tell me about that Wasn't a drink instead to do with it with a ghost, then that is late and who had died of Ale S, probably twenty years prior with standing at the foot of his bed and perfect health condition and holding his leave their diagnosis and him. That moment was like changing, except the fortunately didn't act upon the feeling that you is, I guess, take the boy killing inside you didn't. He didn't ball grew. I guess I'll give you wanted to quit. He then expressed that not happy my mom you don't you, die young that he wanted to be cremated, all leading up to nine eleven and a my mom debate, we being like your thirty,
here, the old, your help, the urine like that came to light and you're talking about wanting to be cremated. Legged ages. It was we have over her and so that more when he called my mom. He called on the double his death without the while was, and he got through on a cell phone surprise deprive my mom, because she thought tat. He was gonna quit that weaken before you said you gonna quit file and so and then there was the he only one all her when he was leaving pointed out of the building out of the office for this over all the other time. He recalled his debts, one so for her to receive the cell phone call her. He thought he was dead he walked out and and and my father was a good or the Joker electrical pranks on people, and so when he told her appointed the building, she was gone away and feeling initially he would think we re talking, and then he called it
the tv I met you. She bore away by what you thing and realise that this is not a joke. Oh you for us days, you and your brother's actually would call your dad's phone and leave messages to your dad thinking That may be, he was still alive. There were quite a possibility in my mind that perhaps he locked the cell phone, maybe he called his cell phone. I do not know my mom that he would be. The format did because he thought that he made all the cell phone and locked the door he was holding onto happily the well, but for me I was calling that phone and we met. You pick up the other one, and I love boys know about his phone until now about report.
Receive any more and the basically begging him to go on obviously you don't know you would not really, understanding it and finally came and told us that they found him. So you write in your book that the house was full of family and friends and when you look, the television you saw people jumping from the towers and that duck with you and it actually you kind of download darker pay. If you will of of Troy, to what figure out what they were. Thinking in and trying to peace. Maybe what your dad was thinking and feeling at that time. Tell me about the other two head, but that is not the guy It was it was you a few things regarding my dad final
I knew that he had made phone call to my mom. The first one, but I describe before The one was shortly thereafter anything goodbye call them. I know that my family knows that he spoke to his brother and said good bye, so those buncoed happenings in many of the plane heading which to me symbolizes TAT, my father knew you can die and that each of the debate and an end- and that had honour and a great manner and Emma with a remarkable to me. Looking back the fact that it is out here on the board, and you didn't want my mom appear and even want my uncle to fear in any kind of retreat out to them until there was such a powerful thing for me and and and that created bedroom was really happy for me. And I really resembled my father at the man to bud. The women my mind with the fact that the majority of jumper
nor Tower came from Canada girl. So I thought maybe he was one of them, and so I think that your memory that showed family members a buying their love one through oh those of jumper, the poor people hanging out the window, and I reached out to talk for myself as a thirteen fourteen year old kid asking them to me with me, because they had met with widows and blown up photos for them so that they can see that the debt that attack was their love one because our group memory back out tonight. So I continue to do my own research and family code to me if they thought he job everyone told me no and eventually stopped engaging in conversation and events. One person to finally engage with me had fully take on all that responsibility and answer those questions if your marriage who is avoided, on our ability to give me an answer,
only my father job without reality that what this is where this story just goes in the direction you just don't see coming, let me pause for one minute: do a commercial and come back talking to the first time. I've ever talk to somebody who was a child of a parent that lose loss of life was lost on nine eleven for the first memoir from a child of nine eleven hold sway. His name is Matthew Body and the book is white. Incredible. Will continue our conversation here and just a second furs, if you don't already know this, it's time to realise that some of these institutions have been working against you in your interest. For a while and a r p is not your friend, more Import a lot of people don't know this is not the only choice that you have then it's a long way from the best, is well made,
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Those things must be preserved and they are fighting for them, stand with a MAC as they stand with you and fight the good fight become a member to day. The benefits are great, but the cause is even greater joint right now at a may, see dot? U S, slash back! That's a MAC dot com slow, sorry, a MAC dot, you ass slam, back a MAC better, better for you, for America. Ten second stationary, so is the part of the book where you're, fourteen and you're using drugs and alcohol right and why How old were you when this uncle by marriage?
comes into your life and starts to hear the period of grooming pretty much. Guess I was twelve years old. I thought I didn't really engage in the same manner that I did in the end. The network, is because other family members. You taught me about that. Eleven, though, on the north, maybe with a gloomy probably. I know that now, but they do happen when I was fourteen later on. That time is exactly when I started drinking. Dragging India and in reality, though, my stories, career progression in terms of jobs and above all, I with the recreational drinker, weekends and my friend, was in a way to brought into the next like later, then I too am wasn't in addition by me, Ultimately it when I got the college
there are many with other drugs can killers specially and other pills? And that's when I thought of true relief that I give my turkey for quite some time and once I felt that I can take that dealing forever or thought back then. But it took a lot of struggle and determination to get to the point about today oh you're, your mom told you at some point, look for the signs from your dad and You had an odd spiritual moment. Will you go into that a a blue a year, I I had the centre for two years prior to getting sober, officially I never tried we're going to meetings, I never gave the variety true shot. I tried just coming out certain substances and just drinking alcohol and other things like that in them.
Work for me openly I'd be brought back. Inevitably I'll be back two things that I was doing in the past. So my dad out of the way there was a sign from us Other my mom was first port workers ties and that sign that happen was acute about two days after nine eleven and landed and her night after night, then in a room, and she thought TAT instinctively at her side that my doubt is saved and now coming out on that point, our help with six months at local level, and that would be the sign that would be that with me round my life into my adolescents, in into my period, early teenage and only twenty. So essentially, I had been facing legal trouble, but didn't really care about that. I was more focused, Irma continuing to get high, and so what I did was thinking
I was gonna, be able to manipulate my way around a drug tat dawn in with a deep mouthwash that would give a queen saliva. I was under the impression The amount blob death I was later real that it was a year and a Europe that which I do not have the urine. My house, I I went back After failing and I'll give him one last chance and so on, What to do? I knew that I could go back in among youth the figure can you to get. I knew the way of shame and misery that I was living on a daily basis, but I walk outside that day. I would home alone, and I looked up and guys, like mesmerized by a crystal clear, blue sky day. Tat brought me I back nine, eleven and in ITALY I decided not to cry aloud there are, though- and I add my father- I dad please give me a diet and need help, and,
I would say in an instant why land on the railing that I was bleeding again and very particular flies out, but I say applies for me, my dear you know what it is pointed out. You know land there and it would move around in a circle and look at me and said Miranda Thoroughgoing Stop and I don't run I and I would point out that Turkey dry bread out there that guy blew away. I said it reminded me that my fine and I called out the discharge authority. I need a bed of tuna powerful I went to treatment and haven't over them That's five years ago your uncle is now in prison serving seven years recently released did he really perfect, perfect NEA? Well, I just thank you for sharing this. I know that you're
You are now looking to do speaking and and tell your story, I think you have a fifth I mean if anybody in the world is complaining about their life being hard. My just like to introduce you to Matthew Body and Real, quick I've got about forty five seconds. Did the name sway the name of the book that car from what I come from a mobile, when my brother neck and I went to visit down in the World Trade Centre under before and you told us to go near the window and looked down and that we can clearly see that building, swaying in the wind and the third is the metaphor from life and an end. The obstacles that I had to overcome in the years to come, The deal sway, but you won't break math
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This is the Glenn Beck program. I got some really good news that I can't wait to share. It will do that in just a couple of seconds. First, I want to remind you that part to a brainwashed is happening tonight. It's my special at nine p. Dot M you'll, find it under Glenn Beck TV. So just four Glenn TV and it will also be live at nine p m. If you're a subscriber to blaze tv and I urge you urge you to watch it. Your children are coming under attack and you're about to lose our children and it is all connected. We have told you about. We told you agenda twenty one, which is agenda twenty thirty. Now they change that because we exposed it we ve told you about event to a one which was bill gates and the World economic forum.
We are holding a holding a conference like Last fall to talk about what would the world do if we had to Brace Fora panda. From a corona virus. We showed you the videotape of those meetings and who was there and it's all, leading to something else that is coming from the United Nations from these sustainable development? That's agenda, twenty thirty, and why the economic forum and it's called the great reset, and they are reshaping our society I want to show you. This is just this is this. Is the first draft of the came from Germany? W H, O regional office, standards for sexuality education in Europe. Then they decided to dump it into Africa. And it is its its horrifying. They dumped it in African said you guys give it a whirl
and this is the final UNESCO agenda. Many thirty international Technic, technical education on sexuality and what they are. At four years old. They are encouraging children to masturbate in third grade, they are teaching mutual masturbation can't show you the pictures, because we run the risk of being accused of being peddlers of of a tree. Child pronoun, I dont to show it. A blur, those images outside of the end of it. He wants to see it, but we ve seen it so you don't have to. We will show the blurred out, images like it's. It's like a pornographic comic book, and the words I just parental discretion is advised strongly advised, we'll tell you, I wouldn't have my kids watch this. I would have liked.
In their teenage years, watching this you need to see it because They may already be seeing this in school. And it is all part of the great reset What's happening is disconnected the riots on the street and this it's not disconnected. It's not you can write now at least find it all on the: U N Website agenda twenty thirty, you can find it on the World economic forum. You can find it in the green new deal, it's all of it together you can even find it in black lives matter. They are reshaping the world closer to their hearts desire. And it's happening right now and you must stand up in your schools and make sure it's not in your schools will show you To do that tonight, nine p m only blaze tv. John Cycle is a guy who has he's a digital media veteran. He
start. One of the largest news websites in the country now called the blaze. He has worked with chip and Joanna Gains, Kirk Cameron Annabel Hollow famers he's a podcast host six thousand stories on websites like I am second and Fox NEWS: dot, com, He is a guy who is concerned with mental health, he's just a good good guy. He lives in Texas, hello, John. How are you with great land, I oppose the will for real having been with them, you for so long now been on missile anything, but I'm I'm so honour to be here well I'm thrilled to have you on because you ve. U you have such a great reputation. Everybody loves you you're, really good man this- is kind of above and beyond. The reason why we're having you on is because
you are trying to get out to donate your kidney to somebody, you ve, never even met you, don't know him and- and how did all of this happen? Yeah, do you know when you put it like that that that does make it sounds kind of crazy? Doesn't it now? You know two years ago, my dad posted something on Facebook. That said, he had a friend that was in desperate need of. It and with a woman that bad tat he had known for a while. The thing someone who is type o blood to sign up to get tested. And it was kind of one of those moments where I saw the post and I didn't really think about it. Much, in other words, wasn't like this big wrathfully bear. And someone eight, I just the, but I I should do- and
so without talking to my wife, which I do not recommend. These are yours: heart of an angel yeah. I signed up to be tested, and lo and behold ass. We started going through the process, I mean I started, making every milestone until one a kind of all, came to a halt. When, apparently there was someone else impacted in front of me, and I was told that a person with a match and maybe you need me and I thought: okay, You know, like I said, I'm a personal favor and- and I just by prayer kept being Lord LAW maybe opening doors and many people happy to them and if you can, the door. Then you call the door and let the very closed door to be right and kill that that recipients That's the woman who was going to be my recipient called me up and said: hey, listen! heard about my circle that there the only man who really in desperate need of it in Mississippi
I've never met him. But I've heard of him. You, like tat information along em, if you could be tested for them- and I said you know what again Lord open doors and I'll walk through into a no no, no first, you said. Let me to my wife arrives. Right of Ngos are exactly and in so I started getting tested ended. You know, look here Interesting about this I mean there's a lot of fascinating parts of this, but I'm a young white man, and can he was my recipient of the older black man and based on some stuff. I've read that that sometimes for racial lines, when it comes to donation, is is harder, but as it turns out I ended up being a match for ten and now here we are a year later, he had some help. Complications were here. He had to get through amputations based on diabetes, which is which is near,
You need, but here A year later, I lost him waiting to do this in and now were staring mistakes next month. So it is, it is remarkable. And a great testimony of who we really are when we allow ourselves to listen to the Spirit and as do the right thing, who are trying to raise five thousand dollars. To make sure that you can get out there. If there's any complications, you know you can stay out there. You don't have to worry about work that the things that are not covered by insurance. Have to make the trip to New Orleans from out of state as well. So how much how much have you How much have you re so far? Do you know This morning we were at just over twenty five dollar Samir. Basically, fifty percent
Bear in mind, though we ve had just great generosity. From pick are similar for me, I'll call you Glad you and I now have stepped up its been great aunt over fifty percent, barely neither the next fifty percent, ok, so here's the thing. I want to ask the audience to do because all of the money over this goes to the Kidney foundation they can really use your help. I have a friend right now, who is what five days away from kidney surgery wow I have no idea how hard it is to a get a kidney. What go through. If you are in need of a kidney, it is a horror, show and so I would like to help I'll cover the additional twenty five hundred, so all right, a child, a for the twenty five hundred, but I would like people to go to go fund me and continue to donate, so it the money can go to somebody else. That is
Is struggling with cash to be able to do this and and to donate their kidney to somebody it's fantastic, fantastic to talk to you again, John. You end east What I mean, I know the power of your audience audiences, new audiences audience. It good people, people and I'm just blown away, Thank you so much and we can find this had kidney update, dot, com or the go fuck me is: let's get, cannot kidney I had a name, it's something. You know my days working at the blaze of Lions word. If you gotta give me a break up on that of that kind, were landing page it up that all you can link it to the Gulf on me from their report. Then, if you gotta go find me just let's get kinda kidney John, it's good to talk to you and please let us know when you're going so we can pray for you and and when your back
gotta come back on and tell us how it went absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. So much gone by skirt he's a good. Do, that's that's a thousand! That's how I didn't talk to my wife about writing that check now shut it. So am I going to be introduced this like a chain of getting in trouble with your wife and the? U S. Regime is causing divorces are no game. I want to talk about relief factor people. Can define themselves by the amount and frequency of the pain they suffer and it can. Your life can become all about. The pain and that really nasty, because it It changes you it did. It becomes your identity, in in so many ways and you lose parts of who you are you lose, parts of your life. You want your life back, you wanna be able to live the life on who you really are. I want you just try relief factor. This is,
something that I tried two years ago. I still take it three times a day. It is totally changed my life, not a drug. By doctors, seventy percent of the people who try to go on to order more. You can order the three week, quick start rolling nineteen. Ninety five, you have nothing to lose, but your pain try it relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, its relief factor, dotcom call them now. Eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four relief factor dotcom listening back so I got up this morning and I usually do high listen to a couple of podcast to get the news from the other side. Listen the New York times- and I listened NPR I would add this sea You can tell the difference between fact in fiction anymore and spin. This is NPR on Rochester, listen in Russia,
Esther New York last night, there were protests and also celebrations in its people, were reacting to the announcement that the city's police chief, IRAN, Single Terry, will step down. This sounds like an enormous development for Rochester that the police, chief and top subordinates would all step aside. This is big. No ehler on Single Terry had insisted repeatedly. He'd stay the course refusing to step down his local, a black man who grove in Rochester after this horrific video, is released last week of Daniel prude lying naked on the pavement, a hood over his head, surrounded by officers. These demonstrations erupted people on this reed, insisting Single Terry, be held accountable for prudes death and achieves departure was one of their key demands. He did finally bout that pressure yesterday actually get one of the protest. Organizers spoke last night, calling this a victory. That appeal. Let me ask if we get from that story, the way that was told your hearing, this police chief good
A bad guy would like a bad guy says, like a bad guy, the bad guy who, I guess, inspired his officers to do some terrible thing to say our least has turned a blind eye to sharing and autonomy. How to get her policies that encourage didn't even exist. This is going to be good. I want you to listen just to get into the first thirty seconds of this play that again. First first, first part in Rochester in New York last night there were protests and also said allegations. People were reacting to the announcement that the city's police chief, IRAN, Single Terry, will step down. This sounds like an enormous development for Rochester, those least chiefs and tat. This is tremendous right there celebrations. If a positive. This is a great thing now. Let me let me give you up another spin on the tale by just telling you what's what Single Terry said: Anne Press release, he is the chief
he is held the position since April twenty nineteen he resigned along the Rochester Police Department, deputy chief, and another deputy chief Simmons. What he said was as a man of integrity. I will not it idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character, the van over the past week- are an attempt to destroy my character and my integrity, the miss, characterisation and the political integration of the actions that I took an Being informed of MR proves, death is not based on facts. It is not what I stand for end quote. So, He didn't resign for because of pressure. He resigned because no one would stand up and he was being accused of things that weren't true any add enough
That's also why the other police, Officers walked away You're, seeing this now in Seattle She nodded and do it anymore, you're, seeing this all over the country and being spun as a giant win. Let me ask your Rochester, you ve just gotten rid of an african american police chief replacing it. Do you have a lesbian in a wheelchair? What are you anyway? You gotta be a black lesbian in a wheelchair and too the guy who dies here appears to be white No, I don't think he monkey looks white anyways on pc p, guys he's naked and I immediately he's completely naked is snowing and he's on PC, p and their cool with him as they walk up to, like listen, do do dude, calm down, they put it spit bag on his head
as he won't calm down there trying to the medics. Are there they're trying to get him up in a safe way? He starts to vomit chokes on his vomit. And there they are blamed for it, including the african american officers right there to ride right. I racism that black police chief in the black good luck, Rochester good Luck,
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