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'Paranoia Will Destroy Ya'? - 9/6/18

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Hour 1  NYT op-ed bomb dropped on the White House?...reasons for paranoia have just ramped up...what's the logical purpose for this action?...constitutional responsibility...fact, reason and truth...the John Barron Theory is alive and well?...Vegas odds on who wrote the anti-Trump op-ed?...Mike Pence?...is this really an attack on him?...all of this is very cloak and dagger, Tom Clancy Novel-ish like?   Hour 2 Not Constitutional, in California? ...state moves to mandate female board directors?...a classic case of government overlord...what about representing all the other 183 (and counting) genders?...just another reason to leave California ..."30 Days a Black Man: The Forgotten Story That Exposed the Jim Crow Story" with author Bill Steigerwald...the time when Ray Sprigle, a famous white journalist who went undercover and lived as a black man in Jim Crow South? ...Stu's Super Bowl Bling?   Hour 3 I don't know what it is, but it's not Constitutional? ...Theresa May's update on the UK nerve agent attack? ...And Now for Some Good News?...signs that things are changing (for the good)? ...Get the popcorn the left are eating their own (spectator sport)...Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. Linda Sarsour? ...Movie: 'Unbroken: Path to Redemption', Actor Will Graham and Executive Producer, Luke Zamperini join Glenn...UnbrokenFilm.com ...It Just Seems Right Journalism?

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The blaze radio network on demand, I think I need to open the phones, because Could play well on one hand but then again on the other all day long, and I really want to hear from you on the. Spy in the White House. The Ah, bed in the New York Times by the way, we're gonna take your phone calls aided eight. Seventy seven be easy K call now the opt out in the New York Times on one hand. I'm really happy, I'm I'm There is We all know that Donald Trump is a little unhinged at times.
He may not be taking. Russia is seriously as it should be We also know that there are some things we really like. So, on one hand, I'm glad there are people that are shopping. Him are slowing him down on doing some of the crew you see things that are either undemocratic or not republican, conservative things. On the other hand, not covertly I am really very bothered, I the covert nature of this. If you are taking you know things, and this is the Bob Woodward Book, not the editorial, but if you're taking things off, The president's desk, on the one hand, but on the other
you're, not an elected official, even if you, even if it were, MIKE tents, and I don't think it is. Even if it were my pants and he's an elected official. They didn't vote. For you MIKE. They voted for him. We have a shadow government. This you can tell me that this is healthy never stops here. Let me ask, let me ask you this you're upset about this today, that He's doing this, would you have cheered, if somebody, let's say in the Treasury, bore You know our nerve on the a group of people with the cap. That Obama never met with if they word hey, you know what we believe in it health care being the best in the world is happening here because of the free market system. This is
to be a danger to our economy, it's gonna be a danger to the full. You're of health and innovation? Would you- yeah, ok with a group of people covertly stopping oh care inside the administration. Now I will tell you that part of me would cheer. But I I hope that I would say, but on the other and you didn't like those people elections have consequences this The bail out sorry, but there were in the constitution. Can I find the bail out for the president? I m he's the president. You elected him and while half the country didn't will have the country didn't like Barack Obama either, but he was the president. So would you
If cheered, if you were upset fear. Cheering now would you have. Cheered if somebody had done that to Morocco Bomber or, let's use real the scenario if President's: stands we you be cheering when it happens to your guy. Maybe the next term. I can't find this in the constitution. I do leave. This is a nationals, I believe in the opposite, does while I've we didn't want to involve, who, with the twenty fifth member, we we're. Why cause a constitutional crisis. You have You're doing it right now. You have of a Shadow government, inside of the White House an unelected unnamed group of people that are for watching. The president of the United States.
I dont know how to look at that. Other a banana republic, I'm sorry may at least the twenty four, the amendment to the constitution is in the constitution in the constitution. If there is impeachment there is a lecture in there. Is the twenty fifth amendment very? is not anywhere in the law. Constitution are common sense for a group of people to be seek at least fourteen everything. This president is trying to do and. On the other hand, I, glad that he's been slowed down on certain things or has done. Certain things blood. I am not for. I am for a group of people coming into his office in Say, Mr President, you cannot do this or we all walk. I am for that. I am not for a group of people decide
they're just going to take the rule of law and the constitution into their own hands. And I would have said this under Barack Obama? I do not like secrecy. I do not like the lack of transparency, and this is a day. Bruce precedents. It's Thursday September sex? This Glenn that programme I dont fascinating day, it's my gosh there's so much to talk about today, we have. I have some good news. I have some really good news about the Democrats buddy to turn as well. There is A historic opportunity right now: it's happening right now if people will stick to
Principles: american principles you have, chance of uniting, maybe Sixty per cent of this country may- maybe higher, but over fifty per, and of this country can come together because. People are tired of this. Their tired of the craziness, their tired of the craziness of the the Trump Administration there tired of the craziness in Congress. There, tired of the craziness from the all right, they're cross, tired of the craziness from Antiphon and the Democrats, are finally waking up going wait a minute. We have been hijacked. And they are finally seeing the same things that the tea party saw in Republicans their rejecting their own party, and that is a good thing, because their rejecting democratic socialist there there rejecting Linda's sore
we'll get into this later. There is some really good news, but is short I M thinking I and I know people in the administration and in and around the administration that old me before the election and said Glenn just want to have it off the record conversation with you. You, I have been friends for a long time, are you and I ve been doing this. However, and I oh you you respect me. I respect you. I want you to know, I'm not speaking out, because someone needs to be in the room. Someone has to be there to help shape, and guide. I know people and I celebrate that people are in the room that are hard not crazy who.
Don't believe that you know trade is easily. You know easy trade wars are easily one, Russia there's nothing wrong with Putin. Buddhists, just like us. No, it's not So I'm really glad about that and I know people who took jobs there and are getting lasted for it, but they took jobs, so someone could be in the room, that's different than this. Don't you think so. Yes, I mean certainly its different than what we were talking. With the the woodwork book right Where people are taking allegedly taking papers off of death to hide things at the President wants to do, and it would take it taking some It's done away from him. We can't sign it. At least it's what's. The way was portrayed in the woodwork book that prompt, he is completely over the line you know and because you know even if he's making bad decisions. We elected him later.
Likewise, I may even you know. I think I have been very vocal on her much. I disagree with the president on trade in particular. Yet, but I mean it Let's ringing president and the Congress by the way, gave him that power. The Congress gave the power to the as an against what the constitution says yes added and allows them to do this, so this is where we are all you have to do: the restrain any president. This is what we were asking Congress to do under Barack Obama is El Congress to lie If in the constitutional powers figure power band force the administration to live within its power right. They don't want their power back. They want. To be able to blame it on somebody else. That's it's really happening, but you argue with the president about that Elam he's wrong and you, if you really feel strongly about it, you might resign Encoded resign Maria, I mean so, but you don't
This is of such a strange thing as far as the specific about this Abed Ed, which is you can say. That this is someone who is working against an agenda and they knots specify any of these like tricks where there were doing something against the president says: he's worries doing what I believe is right. It's something where we are working against the worst instincts of the president is aware. They phrase it and doing that can be a bunch of different things you that can be what we're talking about might be just talking about. You know, trying to guide him towards the right decision, which is a completely every in every big executive, has advisers who do that we talked about, but we teach our Steve Jobs yesterday, Steve Jobs had people on his staff. That would tell people don't bring that up to the present to Steve. Please don't or we're gonna go off
on a tangent and will be a million miles away in. Is that wrong? I mean. Is that action wrong? No one be in certain circumstances. I think do you, and I both know that that is that you have said to people before they meet with me: don't bring that up with Glenn, because you'll go right, we'll be building their rocket ship. There are higher and higher whenever have a problem with that, but you would never say if it was critical to hear an alternate voice right, or a different opinion, you would never shut down and I have had employees that have walked out of my office and they were fired for it because they walked out of my office and they were high level executives and they said their team after meeting with me for like ninety minutes and agreeing on a course Kay, Smith, although that we're not gonna, do any of that right. Like that's, that's different, that's you
that's that's not something! That's the Europe because of its emulate, where the President, United States, saying I want to start a trade war with. You know, Madagascar, then you all have been bought. I'd ask you all have to walk out in front of the press and say I can't do it here start a trade war. This is crazy right now here. They don't necessarily outline that they not an outline. I don't think, but something that would be completely against. The constitution of the country, I know I outlines that I think The outlines he is. He wants almost tell the american people, I'm they're, trying to to do on their to try to do what I can to push back against these worse instincts depending on what how that's defined it could be. Ok, maybe not, but the issue I have with it is that if what year, doing you're doing too big to do something. That's good for the country and you believe this is really important. The you have to do that in silence, while
I didn't I didn't write this. I bet Trump every time something doesn't happen, he's gonna believe he's being for nine somewhere. I I I I could not, solve this puzzle in my head last night. Why for the love of God. Would you do this? Ok, you, you here's a guy who, in the Woodward book, if you believe any of this- and I do believe some of this here- loves chaos. Hee hee! Must have complete blind loyalty he is vindictive, he is paranoid now here as a reason to be paranoid, but you is said here is a guy it was a little unstable and he sees a little on democratic, you Oh he's he's a guy that does purges. Why
would you tell the world and him either way there is a group of us? you don't even know who we are, but where there every day and worth warning you why would you do that if you believe this was national security. Why you come out and admit that, because you ve just the president, if to believe you me more dangerous, much more like We do not listen to anyone. What is your purpose? I cannot come up with a with a logical reason other than an eye, hey to say this other, then somebody who wants to say I was. That guy yet like someone who, unless history, to look at him in a certain way, which is really not terrible instinct, if you're, really this person who, as you know, we, therefore the country, that's not what you would want to do right. I mean the argument being made by people were kind of supporting this. Is
he mentions the Mccain funeral and the idea as you know, we ve been nonstop hit with a country first and all the things that Mccain, many believe Kate, Mccain kind of stood for, and whether you liked him or not, this person seemingly did right, so the idea of hey? Maybe I should let the people know that there are good people here. It's not all bad. I just don't buy that if you who are in that administration, and you believe that doing these things is an important part of It's happening in your protecting the country against negative influences again, depending on you're doing it, but can be ok and, in my view not. I have news for you if you believe that the President, as stated in this, our bed is a threat to mockery, sea and the national security. You have a response. You have a constitutional responsibility, you do not take an oath to the president. You taken! Oh, no, the
our institution of the United States of America. If you believe this, You have a responsibility to go. Out and say this is what's happening? This is a danger, you have that responsibility period but on the other loved area, Eighty eight, seventy seven BC k I want Are you a little bit about my patriot supply? If you don't think the world is in chaos, I mean what else do you need you think it becoming more stable. I think everything's gonna turn five year term, so May I suggest that you have food supply because there's it look, did you see the China said they said if he upset again. They just said this overnight. If he goes back for me, sanctions which he saying he's going to do there we'll, be serious ramifications according to China. Will what does that mean? I don't know
their easy to win. Not so just just that can change the world overnight. Please have food storage, so it it's a hurricane or a flood, or you know a power outage, because Russia has told us the next war will be ones and zeros, and we know that they have hacked into our power grid. What are you doing? Just fine, two week emergency food supply from my patriot supply their seventy. I've dollars right now they contain ninety two servings of breakfast lunch and dinner. Take action right now. Eight hundred two hundred seventy one sixty three or go with by a special website at prepare with land Dotcom, that's prepare with Glenn dot com. Do it now. Glenn Back gonNA jetting online, nine, hello, Debbie well from the Glen Back Programme,
I wanted to respond to your discussion about the good work and the office, and I look at it in a slightly different way- the then I didn't vote for either candidate. But I'm really really tired of people making excuses were come behaviour. It is you know people would say, and I'm not talking about- I'm not working out far enough arguments ceiling and I'm part not like about anybody. Particular it seemed like everybody says: well, oh I don't like this and then the next sitting, is an excuse, for maybe this is a way of things now are starting to kind of make a full circle come back to him for his behaviour. Well, don't I no Debbie that that's gonna require the the citizens of the United States to actually start caring about the truth, Rude Donald Ben Steve, Bannon R R.
So basic right wing, most modernism where that it doesn't matter it's. My turn Well, that's that sets fake news and an end. There's there's no law, chick there's, no fact. Behind it just now the press did under Obama end with Hillary Clinton, o the Benghazi thing well, that was started by a film. No wasn't! No wasn't guys had meetings about it. We have records and that truth didn't matter to the press Well too, can play that game. I guess and so no he's gonna hold anyone accountable, the the the left. Going to try to hold the right accountable for doing this, things that they did. And the right is going to hold the left accountable for everything that they're doing now. That postmodernism a world that is not. In fact, in reason or truth there
will change when Americans decide yeah, you know what the truth comes first good morning hand welcome to the program, I'm glad you're here Let me let me get your odds on the even the legality of what is happening in the White House, supposedly Brian welcome to the Glinda Programme morning, when you think there's a chance to has put this out on his own, given that he loves the environment. I love this theory, So let me John John Bear in our I hear. Is that high level officials, yet that yeah I can't. I can't imagine that I mean I do think said he enjoys chaos, but I did I Can't see away this helps him in any way. Does it
strikes from the Woodward book. I you know Besides, as though it were of anything else, it probably draws attention to. I think so too I exit it's a fun theory. I dont think I mean they rapture running odds now and who it is these at the casino serve coming up of odds. It's where? Where do you make your bet on this Glenn, so they ve got MIKE hence at minus one. Fifty, which means you have to bear a hundred fifty dollars to win a hundred. That's a time! That's terrible people. Are they Pence high. Because of this lodestar thing we ve talked about it. Really he mused the word. Star in the give, yet they may give you. I may give you a theory you can. I when the rest of the I usually go. I do, but I think this will affect the odd ok, my pants, I just don't think my pants this now and you know Maybe it's a set up. Maybe somebody is setting him up to look like the guy. Who did this? I don't know that's
that's what I was thinking, okay, so here's the reference. The twenty fifth amendment you have Donald Trump, who is already a caged animal right. He is feeling very alone. He just gave it an interview just last weekend where he talked about how alone he feels ok, It's a lonely job in the first place, yours, rounded by enemies, always busting, you in the head, you're paranoid, we know he's a paranoid guy, her paranoid as it is any has reason to be paranoid right now. And then you release this What is that going to do besides bring out probably more erratic behaviour right? Is this appeal possible set up to bring
more unstable president out, so you would have more evidence of the twenty fifth of em. If you got together in a group and you'd say: let's do that either the argument would be. We don't have enough evidence, we don't have enough people, it would testify on this. This in this he'd have to do these things. Well, when this help and that's it, an insane game you're playing their its aim, but you have to imagine you know the end game is not an Abed right like. The end game is not an hey, I'm gonna write something and then maybe someday people will think better of me. I don't know, that's us seems hot to believe and by the way star thing: if, where is he he used the word load star in the ILO D S T are in the Epp Ed. Lodestar means a star that leads or guides especially a Northstar one that serves as an inspiration people would use Northstar or Polar STAR and almost nobody I've. I've probably
four heard. Anyone in my life used the word lodestar, so my first thought so when I was reading than what lodestar who the heck uses that word, I was like. The first thing I would do if I was at the White House, is I be searching the internal Eu Mail service servers to see who's ever use. The word lodestar because ITALY. If you're writing this about yourself, you're gonna, make sure you dont use a word associated with you. If you have basing that you use all the time you're not gonna, put it in Europe. Acceptable? I know you will agree Reina, do your own homework or right in the world's about to come to an end. You guys don't put with Dr Bright, so he so when you're doing something like this, you gonna make sure due to not do not Klute something that's associated with you publicly. So I thought you search these email service. Maybe somebody does used that private did they, I'm sure they did. However, what they found about what people have found so far is that my pen actually does used the word publicly often, and at me, screams somebody
targeting pence, somebody who wants pence out of their way out of the circle trust, knows hence uses that we're all the time and is trying to go after him. As part of this thing, I don't think so let me let me say this if that, if that would be true, then what everything else this person wrote would be false because this will be a moderating voice there. Yes, You don't owe me, and all reports indicate he has been right. So, if you're trying to set pants up or separate him from the president, you're, not you're, not helping moderate things here. You're trying to upset the apple cart, because pants is blocking you from your
access or your point of view with the president could very well be to someone who might be an establishment figure phrases Mccain and the up and up could be someone from that wing who doesn't like the sort of concern more conservative leanings of pet? Yes, that's possible, though I mean yeah, so I mean minus one. Fifty four, my pants is a terrible that I can't imagine it's actually him a cave Betsy devolved to the one I am Patsy divorce tendency is someone who do that Pompey but forty one minutiae. At forty one Madison, I have two one session. Five to one Yvonne got twelve to one Jared Kosher twelve to another, terrible and Stephen Miller at fifteen to one now Miller does he certainly not his style of writing? But again you might be trying you're gonna try to hide yourself the? What if I pick one of that group. Where you put your money, I think I'm I might go munition is very his well known, well respected in the business community. He is a guy who is not outspoken, he is the guy
who has not come out and and criticise the administration, and in these turns he don't know at forty one? If I had to get off that list, it's probably worm going, I mean Think it's upon. Peo device has had really pretty strong I from the president in even though she's been under fire. Didn't you know her brothers, galley Eric Prince, oh yeah, here Ojeda airports from the from black water and air. Is not necessarily the Minos prints on the way horse mean ay ay. He is key. No baby, my on these dark figure that sure would be the kind of guy that would think three dimensional chess, whose standing in your way Betsy, who standing in your way?
yeah. I read I again we're all just reaching insult emulating. I'm told this is a total speculation. You're saying: that's that's not as crazy. Maybe that's why I don't know what that see at all, and I don't think Betsy is like her brother. She doesn't you know very well, I'll see and in a very independent and already has a high level positions, and I do I don't I did, but the. It's it's a fact that it is like. I, the idea that its. I think your analysis yesterday of the woodwork book holds up a really well today, because once again, what Get out of this, I think, is a summary of things: we ve known for a long time that, of course, there are people who are in the administration that are not big Trump, dont, like his trade wars and and dont like his Russia. You know him liking Russia. They do will they used? Is that one where the new Heyward or two
right. Presidency protein, a trump, is friendly to two people. Like me, and we have gone a different direction, but that's not warning the presidency. All those things have been public knows and signs up on all of those things they ve convinced him. It was right to sanction these people what they ve, convinced him. It is right to put these people are battles one unless there's nothing wrong with that at all, but again think freedom, it. You know what I know: It sounds crazy too, to think conspiratorial in in in situations like this. However, you know Tom Clancy Novels, there there based in reality, I mean, if I Hadn't have witnessed some things myself in government and in administrations and with the media, if I hadn't have witnessed them myself, quite honestly. Had bad people like Stew next to me
I can later go back ago, I'm remembering this right erect. I mean stew there I ve been things that have been ripped right out of aid a Clancy novel. Would we, Experience insane journey, sane and you'd be like when its hat to you are happening around you, you're, like shall tale of everybody pumping me and they're, not so two to take this on its face. Value may be what you should do, but I can't I cannot past the point that. They say they want to make an impact, and that done Tromp has on democratic tendencies and he like people like Putin, will what what just happened in England, Teresa may just gave a speech in
Parliament, that's really important. Listen to this is to May yesterday in front of parliament regarding Russia. We were to say in March that the russian state was responsible and love have identified the individuals involved. We can go even further. Based on this work today tell the house that, based on a border intelligence. The government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and cps officers from the russian military. Intelligence service also known as the GEO. You ok stop. This is this. Huge. Shattering news. This is an act of war. This will require England's, not gonna sit and sit on their hands on this This will require prompt, possibly extra sanctions so
We know this is coming out. You know if you're in the administration, you have that information this this letter specifically says Russia's bad, and we put all these policies that he's not wanting to do well now, we Donald Trump. Once you tell him, don't do something he'll do it. Now now you're alerting him that we manipulated. You one, Russia, yeah It's gonna be the one he's gonna pushed back on. You think. Yes, maybe the again. This is all just speculation, but maybe it's someone from the sort of nationalist side of things yes could be, doesn't want that doesn't like what they ve done. Correct tromp on Russia Correct and they are masquerading as someone else totally house of cards holes reality is happening in real life. Yes, I mean it. You cannot take these, that's why I secrecy and transparency is the answer to everything. That's why
my stance in the end on this is this: Person must come out and identify themselves go on the record. This kind of cloak and dagger stuff is very unhappy? for the republic is very high, see for the general public as well. This is, I'm going to lead us to anything good. On it definitely I mean, because this is there's two ways to go about this right. We resign, you come out, you make a public statement. This is why I disagree he's doing something really bad for us. The other way to go the way of Vienna. Frances Underwood you just about a house of cards it. Do you really want to discuss courage because anyone can met suicide or spout their mouth in front of a camera, but you want to know what really takes courage, keeping your mouth shut, no matter what you might be feeling and it's. I always wanted to be such a great quote because they're, so
the times all you want to do is stand up and say: I'm going not bad, because I'm doing something great, if this point that is really doing something, let's just say, to protect the country, your car, rage lies in your silence, not come now in running your mouth to the New York Times, or we talk about this mornin something's wrong, you're, just something's wrong, there's a lot of there's a lot of gas raw meddling. Now I dont think that this story is the surface level that we're seeing eye just maybe it is maybe it is, but it's just. I can't put this puzzle together. Alright, sponsor this half american financing owning a home has never been easier. It continues to be a great investment, whether you're buying your first home your next home or an investment home american financing can customize the right loan pro,
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now there is the possibility is due- and I were just talking about off air- that there is a possibility that the New York Times took some. Who is not at a very high level and and is published thing, pushing this anonymously if this isn't a cabinet level or just below cabinet level. If this, not a serious player. The New York Times should be Look just there were around house cake to the face you I mean they ve. Even people on the left are saying that they're saying like baby. This better be so then good, essentially the waiter looking at it now. Of course they want to tear down the president's so that, but they they are saying many many say: senior level official could mean a mud bunch of things and that's a totally. No it's gotta be somebody who is serious. Serious acts ran back. Mercury
back. California continues to be the test case in how not to run a state. Hope the rest of the nation is paying attention because California keeps passing mine blowing Lee bad laws that have little to do with the constitutional concept of freedom and text, This is paying the price because all of these fruit, oops from california- are moving here. The latest example is a law now that California Senate passed last week. That is now on its way to governor Rebounds desk to be signed, a forty, a Senate bill, eight twenty six is going to force publicly traded companies based In California, do at least one woman on their boards by twenty nineteen? That's next year,
by twenty twenty one companies. There will be required to have one two three women on their board depending on the size are. Are you You mean how can this be constitutional? not constant look. The first war post, modernist socialist people who are out to destroy the country. You I'd be willing to accept both arguments. One women are no different than men. How dare you say? Women are any different than men, their exactly. The same and to win. Have to be on every board because they bring something unique I don't buy into that, you can't have it- Both ways I believe social media would be very well served by having both liberals and conservatives on their board, but I also believe in freedom.
And so I am not for forcing them to her conservatives on their board. This is the first mandated gender quota law in the nation and it will not be the last now. Let me really clear, is you're getting ready to write your hate mail. The terrible law, because more women might end up in company board rooms of your most come These could benefit from the expertise, wisdom in perspective that some women can provide. Just Some men can provide. What are you you get the best and brightest minds and you don't care about the color, the skin. You don't care about the packaging. This is it. Terrible law? Because this is a classic case of big government getting bigger and reaching into areas that it has no business touching. This will hurt businesses and, brings you one step closer to Democrat. Ex socialism.
Criticising this law has nothing to do with massage, Annie and everything to do with liberty. It is, the principle of the matter- and I know we don't like to talk about principles anymore or truth, but by Those are the reason we're in this mass, because we keep rejecting them government should never be able to mandate quotas like this one. You crack that door open, especially in a predominant the progressive state, like California, there is no limit to what the government will interfere with in an effort to fix things and impose. Progressively approved morality, which will cause all Californians to move to Texas while California senators are putting themselves on the back for their forward thinking there forced equality every the other group that perceives any sort of discrimination is now drawing up plans for their own government demanded quota. It will
will not stop until the quarters required two hundred board members at every company, Oh, you know what No, maybe we should just maybe Maybe the workers should own the company's. Maybe all of these companies should be a real reflection of the people and maybe the state should run those companies, Do you think that vat? is crazy. You I have no idea what modernism means and what its goal is state controlled property. No! Thank you, California there's a reason, people are moving out of your state. You are unfriendly to business
quite honestly to human common sense, its Thursday September sex. This is the claim that programme I wanted at human costs. I mean, I think, the spot it I was probably love. Probably love it, and I think that spent test could you The government pass a law that requires a company to hire a certain gender for a specific job like, if you were to say, hey, hey you doc. Doctors office you haven't doctors, opening it must be a woman. That's constitutional right, so walk through a situation in twenty nineteen. It comes up someone is on a board. There's five men on the board and one decides to retire. They would do forcing this company to hire woman. They would not be able to look at any mail. Correct applicants correct that cannot be constitutional.
Either as an equal protection situation there who isn't there. I mean it didn't kids, a government, out of my business, certainly wrong. It certainly wrong. Now, of course, as you point out, an big fine, obviously we're having women on boards is great and its fulfilling its having met on it's been they get there. This person, mother's, a male or female, should be our approach the idea that you could you would have to be locking when he into a specific gender now get. Does that mean for a transgendered person, or does it mean for someone who's, PAN, sexual or a sexual organs? Her queer or gender fluid have no rules they could they would not be able to be considered either. Would they no no, it has to be able, haven't even any pansexuals. How are they going to represent this company houses? Company gonna company gonna be fair to pan sexual. You you have to Male female and a hundred and eighty three other agenda
you have to have all of the gender and by the fifth. I've got this by the time you hire one. Eighty three it'll be much higher than one. Eighty three say that much Yogi he'll, never catch that number. I want to spend some time talking to you on the phones today about this particular, issue of the up ad piece in the New York Times. Also we're gonna be doing open phones. Today, at five o clock on the Glen Back Programme on television and the blaze tv network, you, can you can access that online or you can access that you know on Europe, local, cable or satellite channel you can ask me, thing tonight, five recommend you start calling around four hundred and thirty for forty five and get in line. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k, eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. That is also the phone number and where the phones now, let's go to Kirk in Florida, hello, Kirk.
Our thoughts on the New York Times editorial in what's and what it means Well, I didn't never touched the New York Times unless I'm using it start a fire of all the time of human kind arson. Governance stabbed each other in the back, none of it this new s chest much more amplified now those jobs Have imperfections absolutely does he it people around him so that eight thousand and breaking the rules absolutely. I would expect that any person in my presidency, it's my presidency, I put him there. I am the voter from being, is we a voter used charm as aid I'm kept journal bore through a one percent,
she'll being against that but this is all happening there. Punish us. Restoring com and assuring anyone who breathes his way, you all to protect themselves I encourage ate their socialist utopia, that's all there is to it I don't know if I can go all the way there with you, but I dont ruling out we were. We were just talking about. You know thank Underwood and and the Netflix show browser cards and you know how that crazy? That looked when it first came on I think it makes more sense now. I understand that world. Or that I understand what's happening right now, I think we have gone so far off the deep end that I can't predicting segment. Listen. What
sounds like a crazy conspiracy, Theory be just that may not be. I have no idea because troop doesn't matter on either side. Truth does not matter anymore. You know, as far as the two the constant chaos you. We have talked so much in the above investigation about. We know the idea of overwhelming the system- Mary. Talking about time, and it was you know, there's intent by the little it's it's been outlined by me. No people who half of whom are deep in philosophy and in what ways to give examples of Francis of Pip Fox, France has fostered, isn't even ya. Gotta government of the name it's been a while since everyone over there, but that you know that as outlined for a long time in various different ways, but those who seem quaint to me honestly, I don't when it comes to just like hey ass of the news coverage and how hyperbolic everybody is about everything and how how how obsessed we are of as we are with like we are talking about this before them.
We're playing audio before the show. Every morning we go through the audio clips that we have for the day, and I want to say at least half of not more of the Democrats on various points of on all of these audio clips. We're just, coming up with some in double amount, mental gymnastics to blame. Whatever issue was on race. The the obsession ups, about skin color from these people is incredible. They all identify themselves solely by their skin color or how they feel about people with different skin. I have to get to this, maybe maybe next hour we have to get to this because I have even of an interesting perspective on this and that that you know coincide it's with. What's in the book directed the outrage, an eye there. We bring up, say exactly what you just did, maybe next hour,
can't recapture the magic figure. Could let me gotTa Zack in Ohio, hello, Zack. They glimpse. You were taken. My call you at the greatest threat, due to our nation and the west at large not now tromp. It's not that each state to throw this largely ignored. By mainstream media and even right wing talk. Radio envy. Liking hundred whites, made of thirty percent of the World Population Passport hunter Eighteen years later, we now make up. Eighty percent robot population One hundred years Africa will be african age will be Asia, and the Middle EAST was still largely be urban, urgent or Europe will be arab and african and largely Muslim is happening, the other group of people. It would be called genocide. I urge your audience Toy Dougal White Genocide, because you re a wise genocide
It is why rates of one society, outpacing and others is not genocides. It it's a genocide. What's happening in Japan, know they're not having sex but not having children their reproducing. This is all oh by choice, white genocide and get off the phone Jeff in Ohio. By the way he That's, not what he told the phone screener go ahead, Jeff at a glance the talk here on the screen. That my whole issue is, I am disgusted many times with the president's b. Savior, whether the twitter, tv whatever it might be, but I like its policy, and so I'm I'm amended conundrum where how to balance these two, and I can't support what he says, supporting what he does so I think That's where the trouble is on this and and
this is what we we got ourselves into and you you have to deal with the key native dissidents. Now you know what we did is we we, we hired a guy, and we knew these things. We knew that he'd. You know that he doesn't always tell exactly the truth. We now but he's a salesman. That's the best way to describe him he's a salesman. You gotta, This is the biggest it's. The best is going to change your life. How K? Can I read it? let's give gimme, although specks here he's a sales person, so we hired a sales person. We a guy who we said we want to not me many people want to burn down the state, burn down the state I want to, suppose the bad guys he's not
good guy in exposing the bad guys. Please surrounds himself least, you know in the first part of his administration, with bad guys, I'm in Michael Cohen, and is banned in all these people that he allows kind of identifies as bad yeah we're good night, pretty plainly bad at the beginning, correct so the problem here is- and I think this is where most people are I Think Donald Trump is a danger, or to the health of the republic I think, left to his own purposes or his own tendencies. I do that he likes Putin. I think that he understands Putin and Kim Jong on me then he would understand Teresa May or one of our other allies that believes in democracy, the believes in a constitutional republic that that checks and balances. That's not good! think his instincts.
Trade, horrible, Some of his instincts are awful, but that's the things those with the things that TED crews said those or New York City, liberal values. He grew. Up believing these things he grew I big government, oh trade wars, all of those things that are not good and not conservative army. He was known for being the most powerful executive roaming. The apprentice certainly insist that in so yes, he likes executive power, even love as executive power. Ok, so that's not something that conservatives would like, but they made the bargain with the devil and they said ok, he's gonna be able to get these things done, And he has done a lot of things that I never thought he would do nothing, thought you really using any good when a good. Where he's, but he's also done a lot of the bad things I knew he was going to do so. You now have to make a choice.
My feeling on this this ban. I want good, people around him and I think we ve got to that point, I will them to advise him. However, I am concerned that this is a is a secret cabal, I'm sorry, we didn't elected. You anonymous. We have idea who you are you have no right to thwart the people's choice. If he as a threat. Then you must make that case. You cannot. Take things off of his desk. You know, and I torn because I think his instincts are horrible horrible. I I'm I'm! I personally celebrate that. There's people are I'm gonna, don't say that showing that, however, it's wrong constitutionally and
principle? It is wrong if you exe, now it will happen, next president and the next president, the next president and We're gonna hear from the media if that one of those president's is a Democrat which they will be if somebody is in their thwarting them. We're gonna hear the exact opposite. They will be demanding, the name of who is doing it. We must be consistent and we must base it in principles, on the subject of somebody thwarting him anonymously. I think it's on constitutional. I think it is a very dangerous thing, even though I am so torn because I I'm glad somebody these they're doing it alright go lying
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people's imaginations, what reporting was done, in the north. To expose this by journalists an amazing story. The juveniles likely never heard next. I picked up about a month ago, thirty days a black man and the the title. Just. Jumped off the page at me and it's the the forgotten, a story that expose the Jim Crow, South and it really long before anybody else there a journalist who decided you know what I'm gonna go see for myself. If this is actually happening, and if it is going to expose it and
he's if he's a guy that you ve probably never heard of, and you should bill stagger wild ease. The author of thirty days, a black man joins us now, can you can use the stage, but I dont think most people even know this guy's name. Yes, it is high Thank you very much for giving me the chance you about my my book and it's a book about it. A great hero of journalism, which we could probably use the more of these data. His name was raised. This p r, I g l e People haven't heard of them, especially today it rhymes we and he was he had won a Pulitzer and nineteen thirty eight for poorer, exposing the fact it Hugo Black had been a lifetime, member of the k, K K and he just been named Supreme Court justice like
yeah! He was a nationally, don't leave me and he was famous for going under cover, even undercover watches or as a young, a call minor even under cover several times into mental signal hospitals which Rhapsody horrible places we want is a patient wants, is a guard down He was an amazing reporter rider. He had done fiction in his youth, he was major ports fiction, you're up and coming one, certainly in the early nineteen ten, maybe it showed up in Pittsburgh, became man and his hot enough these five years being undemocratic MRS Mann, and alighted forty eight. He decided he wanted to see what life was really like four the roughly ten million black Americans living Jim Crow, south and
and he knew, but the only way he was really gonna find out for himself was too was to go down there, but obviously he was he was his lighter I guess we are planning american, and You know immediately start figure out what am I gonna die, my skin and he tried mahogany juice and walnut. Jews and all the stuff, and finally, he he just ended up, get heavy tan that that advice was given to him by people at the end of a lazy. Reached out to Walter White another four, unbelievably great Kara, forgotten dynamo of his rage. He was called and the end of a tea which ran. But the only nineteen, thirty to the nineteen, fifty five marshal and, although all the law cases that were brought in order, all the work that was done was very much done by the end. Abolition clearly, certainly led by them and water white was.
Was unlike what we had. We have also been visiting the Obama White House about eighty seven times. Waterway visited the FDA, are Truman, lighthouses and and Won't you find out that water why'd, you know what a hero was to anyway, sprinkled met up with the UN double eighty people they had just get. A heavy heavy tat will give you a guide through the south. Who will Take you through the black world. Sprinkle didn't go down there, you know as well as a neutral but he was down. There is a supposedly awake nights in black man from Pittsburgh doing fieldwork for the end of and he was guy. By man named John wisely Dobbs, another superstar whack man. Pioneering social political
leader in Atlanta. His plants, Andrew Jackson and Dobbs basically hosted him at his house and gave him toward the south from Savannah Delta of about thirty days. These two old causes now sprinkle with sixty one and clouds with sixty six. These guys were at the top of their game. They will both accomplish. Men Dobbs Job Wrong, Shakespeare, anguish, poets in a whole, passages upon the self educative, powerful, these two birds were drive and allow the floor for a month in a way of nineteen, forty, eight and sprinkle, because he was passing himself off and then the voice He D guy could take notes, and so they would visit the circle, offers principles of teachers and in black horrible black Guy elementary school.
They ate and drank beer in your joy so now what bill? What was it that what was the stories that he brought back that took white Erica by surprise. Won't at that time a liking. Forty eight, the big media. The day was Prince and newspapers on very powerful new point each I do want to read about what was going on any arab israeli war which broke out while they were on their little torn wrangling. Forty eight you could go to your local Connell's Will Gazette and and there on the front page would be observer of the Middle EAST law that right, but there were never very distinct in the whole country- was segregated, north and south and many many ways shocking ways billing horrible wage setting. Viper. When we read the details on an old house how segregated the country was terms of media. There was the white media,
It was a black media. The black lady was essentially weekly black newspapers like a bit occurring, which was the beginning in the country. Four hundred thousand subscribers, maybe I'm sure I will defend the white media, almost never wrote about black people or their problems or their anything. Maybe a few crimes or maybe a vice grade. The local mayor, Pittsburgh Good, would mounted into the Black Neighbourhood Pittsburgh. You know during election time, but that's it. So even the best white people in the noise had no idea what life was really liked for black people in the south black people new either, because I just left a thousand great, my
or or they were told constantly by the Pittsburgh Courier, which allowed and could I know you got his dream and an army has three major, I guess- and finally fulfilling might agree here, but this one. It was a journalist for thirty five years, faint mainly up at pieces himself like a teacher story, but there's a place called newspapers like com question about eight or nine bucks a month, and you can go back and read the newspapers. What of what we do? I needed a desperate postal services were courier. The black people are all online. You can read the stuff. The Pittsburgh courier was out of its mind. Can then decide it was like. You put you put newspapers on spectrum from it on the in category New York, Post somewhere closer to the new posts, is with a courier, was made, didn't pretend to be objective: the big rail about the civil rights
you should get a thousand poverty and launching then, the trials and everything so black people knew exactly what was going on in a very sensation, wise and powerful way. The courier did this for thirty years and sounded a defender and other papers. But meanwhile the people at the post is that were sprinkle work, Walter Light ahead of the end of a lazy p. I think when I was doing my research, I think it was mentioned about three or four times the whole year in its reports is that this is the guy had been on the cover time magazine. Ok, an unworthy either of famine and was very close, and yet most people North had no idea how how oppressive description Tori and humiliating Jim Trudell. Wife was ten million blacks, and so it was no picnic either for for black people ads.
Anybody who start reading about that. Never there's that mean I hate to interrupt you hear of it. We ve only got a couple minutes left at that there are things that you talk about in the in the book is little little things like now leave the phone operators not willing to address you. As MR or MRS you were black because you were. You were beneath that you, you weren't you weren't, a MR in some of these kinds of things, but you don the the things that really open because he opened white people's eyes to this problem? What what? What are you did it You came back from the south any vote at twenty one point: series pay twenty years for the pushed his head. It was soon came round the country to about fifteen other papers and they all got helped abuse one. She at all times with one and he wrote in a very powerful, persuasive and and and passionate way, smuggle get right
counting all these negotiations and inequalities in the in the schools. The funding everything. I think that state of Mississippi spent more and passing like kids than it spent on black education in the state so circled, but equal is pretty much a joke. Sport always was very, very powerful and, in his writing shock the north be postponed a south. He pleased millions of black because courier, we reprinted his horse theories to one point series in her servants brightly, ran it and it with one Oliver, the countries, the black people. I was the only way black people could read. What's sprinkle wrote, it started the first national debate. We go about four months, starting in August of forty eight through November right after the dewy german election, it started the first national debate the media media about ending legal
segregation, my book and pretty much worse, wriggle story, and- and that is with radio debate. A national radio debate couple hundred stations live on on Town Hall, meeting of the air, which was like a meet the press and yeah yeah and this is the first time that this is the first time that this question was really asked. What should we do? about re segregation in a poem way in a public awareness and a and ass, we go a little little spark and it burst out he therefore about four months and then he died down and the South and Jim Crow. I did not get as much attention ensure nineteen fifty poor with brown versus poured in area to moderate fifty five and was a party fifty and that when the national
the White Lady, the New York Times CBS, came down south conclusion about TAT. Do really fully cover what what you know a very on american life. American apartheid basically breaks out Let's not get off easy on this, but I want to thank you for writing this broken and teaching me about somebody who I had never heard of before it really shows that you may not be able to solve something in your lifetime, but by standing and doing the right thing you could set off a trigger of unity. Rigour of a series of events that tappin after you our long gone that change the world. The name of the book is thirty days, a black man, the forgotten story that exposed the Jim Crow South really really well done bill. Thank you so much this.
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Yankees championship ring from the NFL. Looking get that to you and me. Why not I mean today is the day the NFL starts. Who had the right? I don't know what you lawyer ridiculous, so big now you're you're, going on. If alignments, where did it problem out and it doesn't look bad are necessarily on them in the most appropriate it usually it's like I don't know, are you the pole is that citizens are right. Final, our the glimmering programme cabinet. Back it's Thursday September. Sixth, this is the Glen program happened yesterday in the New York Times the op at peace. Is itself a danger to the country. It a threat to national security. I am so torn on this, because I'm glad there is adults in the room, I'm
really glad there adults in the room I want. I I I want to for every president, but especially this president, I want people standing around him going wait a minute. Mr President, Could we just stop and think here I want that This president needs those kinds of people around him. His insight thanks, I think, are wrong. Many times sometimes there right, but when when the president goes wrong when he swinging for the fences. It could be a very bad thing so I'm glad somebody is in there. However, I like the idea of a secret cabal. Nobody elect this unnamed anonymous person and even if did. If we allow, did you you're? Not the president, he is like it or not,
actions have consequences, and what's that between this is this is a proverbial tarp bail out. So this is the people made their decision. Peep when power want to make better in their opinion, I dont know what this person's opinion is. I don't know This person is good bad agrees with me, or the trump voter, more or less. I have no idea. We don't know who this person is. And their shape shaping the future. No, thank you. That's a bail out, I'm sorry, Trust the american people will get a wrong, but eventually they'll get it right Thomas Jefferson, my right, it's ugly snugly system but this is deep sea each shadow government, I don't know It is, but it's not constitutional.
And here is why it's a danger wanna play something that came out last night This is Teresa. May today in front of parliament talking about Russia and their influence and the killing of two of their citizens? Listen. Right to say in March that the russian state was responsible. We have identified the individuals involved. We can go even further based on this work, I can today tell the house that base a body of intelligence, the government- this concluded that the two individuals named by the police and cps officers from russian military intelligence service, also known as the GEO you, the all. You is a highly disciplined organization with a well established chain of command, so this was not a rogue operation
It was almost certainly also approved outside the g. All you see Level of the russian state- ok now I want you to just think this through with me. The a prison the United States has been under attack by the media by the left by the right by everybody. He is rightfully paranoid, and he also has a touch of you know paranoia in him. Anyway. The boy What word but comes out where they're saying I've taken things off his desk, then, the very next day there's about bed from somebody who's. Very high level and Sicily I really like some of the stuff that he's doing, but a group of us
I've gotten together and we talked about the twenty fifth amendment, but we don't want to cause a constitutional crisis. Ok, so a group of got together and said. I think the president may be mentally unstable and unfair. For job. You had conversation wow. Ok, now you have that conversation, and now you ve put it in the New York Times. And you say I like his tax cuts and I like a couple of things, but I want to quote Stood observers have noticed, though, the the rest of the administration is operating on another track. One way countries like Russia are called out for meddling and punished accordingly, our allies around the world, are engaged as peers, rather than as ridiculed as rivals on Russia for instance, the president was reluctant to expel so many of Putin's spies as punishment,
poisoning of the russian former spy in Britain he complained for weeks about senior staff members, letting him get boxed into further confrontation with Russia Annex frustration that the United States continues to impose sanctions on the country for its. Malign behavior, but his national security team knew better such Actions had to be taken to hold Moscow accountable. Put yourself none of the shoes of the present. Put yourself now, as John Bolton as Has anybody who asked to walk in and talk to the president, bout Teresa may and the evidence that they now have, and you'll have to recommend action for the. I did states How are you feeling this morning?
How are you feeling you're even going to approach this because It's just assume you're, not the these. The spy in the White House you're, not the one. Thwarting him, and you have no idea who is You know as soon as you bring up Russia. The present read that last night and has been obsessing on it ever since and now you have to come in and brief him and say: look we need a little tougher sanctions on Russia were Do you think the response is going to be from the President How do you think you think he's just gonna openly, listen to you or in the back Have your mind is in the back of his mind, as he thinking owner of the Is the son of a bitch that set me up under and if we saw was her Agnes, what any person in his position would be correct at tat moment he, already against the sanctions. You who just said pretty much
we went around his back and got it done anyway, because we know better now with more headed our way. Now you, got to go in. Somebody has to go in and say: look we need to get a little tougher, because England has proven now that they were right. He's not gonna. Do that. You ve put the United States a national security crisis How can we trust that he going to get good advice, because quite honestly, think about this No, what Donald Trump is like we, he's mean and vindictive. We know costs anybody out. We know that he will heal ring them out. He punches back rise, always talk to forty two. That's what he's like. We know that your.
Good servant of the United States in the constitution. You have to go brief. The president, Do you have any He time even think, I'm not gonna, be the one going in there today, no way not telling him that but you because he's gonna, think it's me and it's not me. I am not going in there today think about that. That's a national security issue that has been is being manipulated. I mean that Awkward position on Russia is weakened in the White House today because of this up. Ed and each person who wrote it actually were cared about. The hawkish position on Russia. You'd wonder why the hell you write it. Right now you notice and opposition. You noticed one thing that they left out. You know they survey. We know where we, the group of us, we like out of the stuff that he's done. What's the first, things, do that everyone always says if they voted forms. They look. I dont like this, but hey look. I really liked or such got it
We call for court justices and judges. That's the first thing. The one thing not mentioned in this: the judges so didn't mention it either, because they disagree with the judges which wouldn't make them conservative or vain by saying. That is. It's gonna set a fire and and in war have of it will drag Cavanaugh into this mess. Why would you decide not to put that in because so that's the number one thing on everybody's list that they like about him. Why would you decide not to put that in other than to checked Cavanaugh, but you wouldn't put things like Russia in which is a can new old problem, and now we see the same day or the day after this comes out the same day it comes out over in England? They ve got the. Goods on Russia
is a nightmare? is, and you just you, it's almost impossible. Think of a reason to do this, a gave The person IST is actually representing their views accurately unless it's been of some sort of personal ambition behind just so, I can think of a good reason. I can't think of one Good reason to do that. Somebody who wants to be president themselves someday rat or in a something of that nature, because there is not a theirs. There is no argument we made. It is going to help you. Our position if this is what we believe unless you are in that group. Talking about the twenty fifth amendment and somebody says no, you he'd have to go crazy. And tag and him trying to get him to go crazy. So you I've seen you know who, walked into the cabinet room and he just started throwing things and he was out of control. I mean that
a possibility, but I can't I understand why you would do this and think that this makes America more the cure. It doesn't, especially if he's unstable, like you claim he is forcing you could have done. Good luck on Russia today, Whitehouse good Luck, but for all of us, craziness. May I may. I share some good news. This is something that people have been saying. No sign of this there's. No sign of this planet is not happy. Yes, There is yes, there is and I want to show you a a Donna, shooting sign that thing. Our changing- will do that in just a second first, let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour.
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well, known least, I dont know em students, it know him and I think he has cracked the code on this one eye think he is absolutely right. We're gonna try to get him on the show were runnin so late, if not we'll do and after if we can get him on we'll do something on Facebook live right after the show, but Can we get on that Melissa? That's! What's the Marines Let's get him on its kids. You know now feels right, the devil feels that it does feel right again, that's when you should always be suspicious. There's a lot of. Background. Work that we haven't checked on about its initiative is using its analyses are adjusted interesting. Ok, let me give you a good this. Let me give you some good this year. Alexandria. You Cortez, tweeted hers for her support for Linda's our sore this woman is putting it all on the line for healthcare, women and Algae BT rights
Linda Sorcerer, far right constantly maligns her with false attacks and threats of violence yet here she is always fighting for everyone. Our flag represents day how many times you hear that, at that is stereotypical democrat right. That's what you feel still real typical Democrat. This is what I wanted to talk to you about last hour. We have an opportunity right now, but we have to separate the people who live. A bigger welfare state from the people who are actually Socialists, communists, you know whatever, because not the same, and if we don't change our language if we don't start opening our language up and start opening our arms up to people who are look, for a home we're going to miss this opportunity. So Let me just give you some of the responses to our tweet far right
and here I had the nerve to self identify as a liberal. What with my belief in free speech, separation of church and state, religious pluralism, all things Linda SAR Sore, has demonstrated early opposed she's in worst islamic law restricting critique of Islam and plays with anti Semites next, one could think of Lindisfarne Sore is not the same thing as ML lining her a cause yo. Said a blindly following her? Why don't you ask your best to explain why she body, shamed and victim blamed ass, my eleven twenty one after her sexual assault is what a real feminist does next one I criticise Lindisfarne sore because I am a liberal by the way I'm ok with sweeping Louis, fair cons, overt jus hate under the rug,
I also don't believe in trying to make murdering jewish babies. Ok by calling it palestinian resistance. Stephen Hunter rights in I've gotta disagree with you here: sorcerers open and unapologetic association, Anti Semites, like Louis Ferrok, on as well as are advocates sea of Sharia LAW, make her a con and fraud in the progressive moment. There is no place for bigotry or theocracy in a free and equitable society. Above this one, I apologise to every F g m victim on the planet. F g m victim. Shaming includes one from any conversation about women's rights, as does supporting the enslavement of women in Saudi Arabia, Obviously call yourself whatever the hell you want, but you are no feminist. The This is the is a there. A growing chorus of voices.
Inside the Democratic Party, who are big, to see these people, for who they are? We have to be very careful to Opel in our arms to people who vote differently and me Dick agree on the size of the welfare state. But our not with the destruction of the state, they are not within the end of capitalism. There there there now Anti american they're not evil. They may have been misguided or trusted these people, but they are waking up. We need to provide a welcome to them and not a welcome a hey, you're gonna start thinking just like me, but I welcome hey, welcome back to reality and an shedding your you're, your tribal shirt, shedding your your team, colors
because now we can get something done because teams sock. Talk about real issues, not all these made up issues. Especially made up issues that are being champ, by people like Linda SAR Sore this is a tremendous news, it is, and it seems to be such a low hurdle to clear up to ask. Something like this for people to distance themselves. From those who call for the elimination of all Jews or all whites that these are not The high hurdles earlier that the problem is just like with Donald Trump people are accepting Donald Trump on the right, because they see him accomplishing big thing. Pushing on when the media pushing the media back and they're so sick of the media, and they haven't seen anybody. That's been able to do it. So you you excuse it
which drives the left out of their mind, the left excuses, people like Lindisfarne sore because they're going in and their pushing back on company ministration we got a star. Excusing they behaviour and ends and a notice. If you're in bed with a radical you gotta get out of the bedroom, get out how's. The call is coming from within the house. Don't be outraged, start to look for allies of freedom, then back Mercury. This is the Glenda Programme really give ever read a more powerful story? Then I found in the book unbroken how Furthermore, the movie really didn't do justice. It left some really important parts out like honourable God. The main driving force
behind this man's life in his and what he went through in is survival. His son is with us now Luke's emperor, any how're, you look and well You glad hurry very good, very good and will Graham the grandson of Billy Graham, is also here No thank you big Vanier, Grandpa, Humphrey Jaber. He was a great guy. Soil of first of all, for anybody who doesn't know unbroken just quickly the story of your net, oh who he got two hours. Ok, so Louise Avrigny with these italian immigrants, a juvenile delinquency, turned his life around two point: three. Athletic. Let see made it to the nineteen thirty six Berlin Olympics, the pics of Adolf Hitler and Jackie ONS
Jesse Owens was my dad's room mate in the elective village. I hope charged with keeping him out of trouble which frayed he didn't do to welcome. My dad got in trouble when he decided that the sooner he wanted from the Berlin limping was the swastika hanging off for Hitler's office building omega. So he scaled the side of the building and group the flag down and got caught and you might have almost been the first american casualty these, but the when they whipped him around, they saw the the big emblems on his blazer they will, who are you and my name's Louise AMP, Romania. I guess they were checking to see that he wasn't one of the two jewish if we re writer can t write so of course say they went inside the building came back with the fact flag on folded up and said you can keep the flag unbelief the boy and girl you still haven't. We,
it's on display in torrents, California, with which will be of little museum on my dad's life, wow Elvis memorabilia. He went onto for the universe. You Southern California, where he held the collegiate. For the mile for about fourteen years, is almost a man to break the format mile, but the World WAR two happened instead, so he ended up. As a Bombardier in the Pacific and after some, harrowing If there is a bombing raids, his plane crashed in the and he survived two other guy survives on rubber life rafts four forty seven days floating across civic ocean. All the way and to the japanese control Marshall Islands, where he was picked up by the Japanese who, by the way,
followed american sports and they knew who they found, and they want to use them for propaganda purposes, which is why he was treaty. So in humanely trying to soften the mob. He refused you the propaganda of broadcasts, and instead, though, he was able to survive the torment that a petition her heinous guard named. The bird was was tasked with making his life miserable. You got you that the thanks to the the two atomic bombs they were dropped on Japan. The war ended in my fire was able to come home alive from that ordeal that may not have happened without the atomic bombs because the japanese head what was called a kill all order, though all the american servicemen and allies we're going to be put to death was the American, voters landed on japanese home islands so the bomb chain
all that otherwise I've I wouldn't be here and it all came home. Real, quick let me just ask this: you had to be devastated when the came out and it just erased all of the erased all of the spiritual nature of well. Yes, the first film ended at him coming home from the war and there just wasn't enough time to be able to tell the whole story- and I believe things happen for a reason, and annually a jollies film Andy word. It did so that we can tell the story from an irish perspective, now right with a christian director producers and and then will I'm playing his grandfather, which had to be weird, no Lillian rigour going back in time in playing your grandfather, what kind of relationship did they have cause? He was easy went to ten revival of your grandfather's rightness right. This is nineteen, forty, nine, these, the the the
revival, meeting that put Billy Graham on the map. My father, my mom talked him into going, got him into the tent meeting the words that they had Billy had to speak change. My father's life came to faith in Jesus Christ turned his life around, went back and forget of his prison guards, and you know I'd found I'll, tell you why I found a lifeline. Using from November nineteen, forty nine had revived boy had pictures of your dad and pictures of my mama had with him on state in the revival meeting so within within we, of him coming to faith. He was being brought back to give his testimony so as you are, is playing your grand from what is the you're doing the research. What is what did you find out about your grandfather in their relationship that that was surprising to your was
fascinating to you are measured over. When I did my research. Amr Grandaddy was neutron of research. The sermons he was preaching in it sound like you know out. Learn much about the relationship at our know, much about their relationship already and not just through my Miranda from from grandes associates, associates friends, friends that that, were there ever tell me the stories about Louis aim premium down and I never had a chance. The plane, but when I learned from granddad when we learn in his sermons, was, that he he understood that time was short and all guess. Distant. Crusade, took place September October November schedule three weeks when eight weeks and all guessed right before this crusade, starred in Russians had just detonate the first atomic bomb, so every a mare and was thinking about the nuclear age. Now the Soviet Union had the nuclear bomb in this cold war had started officially
So here I was thinking about them. In a green day, half his sermons were preachin on communist against communism. Amazing amazing how the church stood against all these religious leaders of that era. They all stood against the godless of it and that's all lost now people, just don't They don't even know the younger generation doesn't get it at all at all. It gets his ally compete for their attention. They use having taken the time to do it better, are granted here. I didn't know why he would breach with a new paper on one hand in the Bible and the other Toma how the two would go together. You'll find that in churches a lot of times now you don't see them tying real life together, ass right with an end, I think that's that's a real disadvantage, for a lot of people are not we're. We're missing how it. How does this fin into my life? Has that's what it is
I would just like to add that you know we give a lot of credit to rigging and Thatcher and the Pope of for bringing for the demise of the Soviet Union, but it was really his grandfather getting in behind the iron curtain and preaching the gospel dead. It angered people back home that he was he. Then he went back your bid. It was him getting no impression the Gospel they opened the door for the changes in Soviet brought down the debt level. Imagine imagine the power, your grandfather if he was it is you know it is apex again if He was able to get in to North Korea or even even China, and have some of those gigantic rallies and he used to have. I can imagine the impact that it would have on the future where the air every generation has to. Their battles and my friend Eddie had his time. In June right now, God raising upper newer generation and
We're policy, a lot of changes I think, take place in China and in North Korea for the better and Tom, but the gospel that is and about a great things, are happening even without I know a lot of great things are happening again So what is movie open up September fourteen just a little over a week away, I'm gonna go tonight. I have only been I've incentive copy of to advance, so I wanted to watch it before this interview and I just didn't have a chance to do that, but I'm seeing it tonight- and quite anxious, I think. Well, you both come from Great Stockton. I I a huge van. Of your grandfather is one of the one of the life. Changing moments of my life was spending time with him and the same for Europe, your father, just reading the book. I wish I would have known him remember: couple man, this remarkable man- he was a great guy
the movie is unbroken. You can go to unbroken film dot com to find out more about it, unbroken the path to redemption on open film dot com I want to respond to this half hour. It's mercury, real estate. If you are looking to sell your home or even by a home I want you to check out real estate agents. I trust dotcom working with the right real estate. Agent makes all the difference in the world a convene. The difference between buying or selling your home. Getting there price means getting the right agent. Who knows your neighborhood? No, What your home is worth can give you the righted advice on how to maybe a stage things a little bit so it can. You know at a track the right buyers who will pay the top dollar we have over
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that's the kind of guy she could give me their for about ten bucks a few years and also my leg and I live eggs. Yet us it's gotta be funded the first time we ve been out on the road like this in a really long time. I think since may be comments now will not common sense. Those that book after coming from might be common sense, I mean I think we ve done a stage show in eight years. Nine Nancy. Meanwhile, been a long time, there's no fiery nervous that another fund, I mean their valuable leagues. If I may begin to intro you and do a little bit at the beginning, and then I get to just watch, you go out there and this sweatsuit ass its great yeah, you don't where there is a splash his own. Here you don't I mean I know the most expensive seats are the front rose by you might want to bring a tory irresistible ice. Well, locked
it's been a while those that can be really find a lot of the lot of the seats that you buy come with a new book. Jetted outrage, there's different levels in irish leaders really expensive, like crazy, expend like lately crazy. You know where I like the fact that the recovering out Pollack on the addicted outrage. Tour does have a ticket that does include a like. I don't know like an open bar freedom. I see so it's like hey we're, gonna talk about addiction, recovery and how this is held by a country one way, if I'm not mistaken one where you have a cured, your addiction to outrage in the past is by alcohol, because alcohol made you you're a loving drunk, You ve lost your very lovey dovey. Now that did not make people like Pat comfortable now at the time now, TAT was like shut up shut,
because you are hugging. Allow ivy League give our paddy. You are the greatest. Nobody knew very than you use, guy. We like shot That's coming out in the book is coming on September, eighteenth, so computer, that at Amazon Dotcom, ok, we. He didn't cover a lot of things today. How dare you didn't? We didn't get too much of it. Talk today, yeah, maybe I don't was such a huge story, Mercer. What what finally we get that guy on the he's gonna always coming on. All this is great. Ok, I dont know who this guy is. I can vouch for him. He just saw him on Twitter he's a journalist of some sort. He said I started matching the language and key words, and I think I know who the Epp Ed and whose
actually behind it, and I think he's right and others you'll never be able to prove it. I'm sure, It sure make sense to me. First of all, this, this identity, absolutely is gonna, be out. We're gonna know who this is? It's not gonna. Take lot that long. I don't know, there's gotta be tomorrow, but this is this is I think I would put when I put money on this one, and you are that we reject any of his bag. I know I do not have his wages; just it just seems right, it just seems it all makes sense and those are always the things that are true, the things that make you feel like you were smart before those are all when you entered aims, confirming something that you think might be true, and if it's true it is this going to New York Times, it's gonna, look so bad to anybody on the right. Does it start? Can we guy anyway? Where did you have Facebook live and about half an hour Lando one of his hack? Mercury.
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