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Pilots vs. the Mandate | Guests: Daniel Horowitz & Capt. Casey Murray | 10/12/21

2021-10-13 | 🔗

Glenn tells the harrowing story of Loudoun County covering up the sexual assault of a female student. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss this story from a parent's perspective. Glenn urges you to go to your local school board meetings. Daniel Horowitz, Blaze host of the Conservative Review podcast, joins Glenn to discuss the idea of a national divorce. When do you reset something? When everything is breaking. Glenn discusses what’s breaking in America and why it’s a planned decline. Capt. Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, joins Glenn to discuss Southwest Airlines and how the vaccine mandate will affect the company and the pilots.

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What's going on today on the programme in studio, the head of the South West Airline Pilot Union gonna be an interesting conversation that we we have with him. Also is a time for a national divorce. We preview tonight's Wednesday night, special, William Shatner, is being shot into space in about half an hour, and we want to start in loud and counting funny had lighted his drop turbines accurate, who wears a time that would really stand out as the story the day tat now in order it kind of an add on our own way. We begin and sixty seconds I got a really Kenya. I got a really sweet note from Judith she wrote in about our experience with relief actor. She says my name is Judith. I started taking relief agro two months ago. This stuff is fantastic.
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Trial pack for only one thousand nine hundred and ninety five relieffactor dot com, or call eight hundred five hundred, eight thousand three hundred and eighty for eight hundred five hundred and eighty three, eighty four, its relieffactor dot com you to find out where your school board meets and when they meet, and I want to encourage you to go to the school board meeting, be there this month, sure you're in attendance? Even if you have nothing to say, I point out that, even if you don't have kids in school, just To the school board meeting, it is time for the people of Amerika to stand up and the biggest impact you you have been making right now is locally, with the school board You are winning, and that is why they're sending the FBI after people now the reason why they sent the FBI is because well the binding ministration actually asked the
school boards to write an ask for F B. I help. Did you know that. So they they may using Loudon County really as the place where terrorist threats were made. Even others, not terrorist threats, but one of the guys that was cited was the. We now know the dad of a girl that, when into a bathroom and boy that was said, these transgender, bisexual he comes in Wearing a skirt sometimes went into the bathroom and he raped this fifteen year old girl It is a ugly ugly sexual assault? Well, The school board covered that up and they knew all about it and they wouldn't say anything about it and that's when the dad walked in
the school board meeting and he stood up and he was about to speak and about to say what he was say and some liberal, came up to him and said I dont believe your daughter and he kind of went a little, not as I think all of us would and it she was just being really nasty, see immediately called the police over and he was taken out in handcuffs, that's the video. But we ve seen a million times. That's the viral video out of loud and county. Well, last night, more than Sir Stay concern. Parents and students spoke at the School board meeting many of them, demanding the resignation of the superintendent Scott Ziegler, Scott, the guy who who really covered, all of this up, Scott is the guy. At that meeting saying we have never had an incident of any kind of problems in our bathrooms with trends
their students- it just doesn't exist here. Said that the week of the kid keeping this man's daughter, he knew he covered it up. They passed all of the legislation or all of the all of the new rules for the school board in their bathrooms, and they were claiming that there's never been a predator drink transgender. Ever in history of the school it was just conservative nonsense. Well, it shows up that. It's not now at another school of fifteen old boy was charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student According to the sheriff's office, they were I'll say if it was the same boy or not because it's all confidential, but the word on the street is it. The same boy,
He forced a female victim into her empty classroom where he held her against her will and an assaulted her. Sexually assaulted her. Maybe the same boy, it may be that there's no ramifications in loud and county for sexual assault for kids, and so there s. This is what's happening. I wanted. Patty and a little early today, along with Stu my executive producer three of us, are parents, and I to tell you, I think, the parent, the dad, is the most restrain dad I've ever seen. I dont know what I would have done had I been in his situation: british, pretty sure I'd be in jail right now, but I would have gone crazy. Can you imagine ear Your daughter has been sexually assaulted. Meat is this. Guy been charged with count a forcible sodomy and other forcible sexual acts?
and then to have somebody come up until you you'd I believe your daughter these- and this is a liberal, believe all women right believe Hallway MRI, DR weakened just save one child all of that stuff. All that stuff, these people, don't hair about your children and they will not acknowledged even the possibility of Let's say I hetero person. Portraying themselves as as Tran going into the bathroom and doing these kinds of in house now how can you not? How can you do nine that reality that that good, absolutely and has already happened multiple times and so inconsistent with their the vision they propagate of men generally, who are just nonstop sexual stalkers, and then he parental they're, using women and all the time all they want. Is power menace, It is not transgender it says, he's east, bisexual.
And he wears a skirt sometimes to school. The kid is a sexual predator. I mean it obviously he's a sexual predator in and we don't seem to care anymore, and this I think this is the quintessential baba. Waiting to happen, because if that day, I would have gone in again and take. In justice in his own hands we All know it was wrong. We all know he should go to jail but we also would all say cheaper no the shuttle that wouldn't you have done that if you were the dad and you are just not getting justice anywhere and no one was listening to you and they were continuing to lie and they were lying in covering up this predator, who had just done awful awful things to your daughter and
They dismiss your daughter cover it up. Let them go he rapes again. Oh my gosh I'd lose my mind and this counting scoreboard hamlet, have we seen them inaction? Theyve, there's been multiple stories over the last six months, or so and the way they respond to people who have concern. Oh, my gosh is so dismissive and condescending. There is only one suit there. You don't have to listen to you right who do these people they are now and in Virginia. If you are thinking about re electing governor. What's his face, the Mcculloch? Are you Are you out of your mind when he's not actually come out and saying you don't have a right for your children. What do you mean I don't have a river. You obviously dont care about my child as much as I do.
All these things get used whenever they need them to be used right. I mean like where, when its college were told that the average College student is, being raped, at a rate the higher than the rwandan genocide, that's literally what the statistics that they propagate one in five or six years, I one for one in five women get raped in college, which is obviously not sure why why would any Father ever send their kid to college? If that were true, obviously it's not true. At the other side when we have an actual, credible allegation of someone who Actually went through this, we get, don't believe you and then that we don't have the dad gets taken out in handcuffs we will by its granite believable, it's just not going to say. And in their arrogance they will fail that this is just not going to stand. People need, stand up and speak the truth, and you know what the truth is. These people are completely out of control and there
your local districts or they are in your local hands. You have the right to demand answers from your local school board, you have a right to demand answers. You know yesterday, a guy. And the they're not having open meetings are not having public meetings. Bringing everybody in one by one and so there is no one in the room exempt the speaker. So, there's no way to hear what one of the speakers are saying: there's no and you're not getting support when you're standing and you're not getting support your facing this. This guy, I don't even know STAR Chamber, Katy Young, a fourteen year old student love to talk to Katy Young fourteen year. High school student in the school district claimed aid for this is the policy about the transgender bathrooms. Eight forty in many of the policies that are being Proposed are not to make people feel more comfortable or to accept others, but in stead.
Change the way, my peers- and I think so become the next generation of social justice. Warriors fourteen Fourteen years old, the fact that I have to be defending my rights to not have your radical agenda shut down. My throat in school is not concerning its upsetting peers and I are not tools to further. Your political agenda hold so good. She here's another mom these school, board. Members knew about the first incident and the June twenty second meeting. I'm sorry, but they all knew the case when they were here for the meeting and now another child has been hurt by the same predator, so we hold them accountable knots, you don't. A really good example of what to do about this comes from one of our suburbs. Here in the Dallas Fort Worth area with soft, like what softly parents did their school board because they were getting missing kind of treatment there get
the condescending I'll yeah. That's that's cute beat it we don't we don't care what you have to say so three of the parents ran against three of the people on the school board and beat them, and one as seventy thirty two was the hours huge. The community completely supported them. While it were, there was also one. There was also one parent, a guy who runs the risk. And the g o p and it's a very different GEO Pe in this county, and he's running for county judge now and His boots is a very big deals, not the kind of judge that you have every place else anyway, Yes, he's remarkable and he raised. I think too, Fifty thousand dollars to be able to do all the publicity and everything else, so those people could get elected. I mean it. It takes it? It is what it takes it. Ex people parting with their money. Hello, rich people- starting with their money
supporting these parents and supporting these people and making sure that their voices are heard and when you are when you are standing up, you're, not alone. You are not alone, and I urge you. Free single person within the sound of my voice, find out where your school board meeting is and send a message nation wide, Believe me, This is the School Board Association that asked for the FBI. Those is not just Loudon County. It was the school board at the School Board Association. So send a message to that association. By showing up and being at your next school board meeting, there should be a place to sit or stand even if you're in a friendly town. Send the message we are watching you and we are not afraid of you in this
comes from Rhode, island, North Kingstown, Rhode, island schools are out of control road. I and schools are now promoting a book with gay pornography to minors in the school library. The F, a pornographic book was published by lion, forge comics its title gender Queer, a memoir. Third and illustrated by someone who uses the made up pronouns of E M and Ere. I guess a resident of Self Kingston and a mom of Kindergartner Mama kindergartner posted a picture of the book in a display case on twitter and highlighted the pornographic images contain between the covers shells posted out an image of the type typed out report that says that she sent to police. Writing that she is submitting evidence of distribution of pornography at north kings down high school and that the book was
made available to minor children. Your queer is highlighted in the library of several high schools in Rhode Island. Calling for the prosecution of the school employees who are responsible for its distribution. The book which is colonel. Ranked number eleven in Amazon's algae BT, Q, plus, One one m: nine seven graphic novels, cheers discussion of gay sexual fantasies and is incredibly graphic including scenes of gay men having sex and a scene of one man performing or sex on another. It focuses bonding with friends over erotic gay fan fiction. There is one seen so unbelievably disgusting? It's not that I can't say it on the air which I can't I also don't want. Passing through my mouth. It is so despicable
This is an award winning book from the School Library Association that needs to be needs to be done if you are not in your school board, meeting we're going to lose, you have to stand up. They are at our children, and they won't. Let me give you one more in Gimme sixty seconds and I gonna come back I'll. Tell you one more story that is just as bad sixty seconds. First, let me tell you about something that you can do while York, its or being filled with Absolute garbage garbage you need to find back by Wanna talk HU. I want to talk to you about the tunnel twins, the tunnel twins books, something you can teach the things that quite honestly, I never learned you might not have ever learned. I mean When did you first Reed
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and station idea. Canada has always seem like a crazy place when it comes to schools, but we are closely catching up to them. An exhaustive and detailed memo from the Toronto School Board shares ways that teachers and administrators can help students hide their gender transition from their parents, and you are expected to do this. As a teacher in a memo call, guidelines for the accommodation of transgender engender independent, non conforming students and staff. School board outlines best practices for how teachers should go about facilitating a student's gender transition. These policies have been in effect, since two thousand thirteen but nobody knew about it. There
I deliberately hiding the information from parents. All students have a right to privacy unless, specifically directed by the student schools, must keep a student's, transgender gender, not conforming status confidential, meaning you cannot tell the pair since or the guardians schools should not disclose students, transgender gender, not conforming status to others. Unless there is a specific need to know, I don't know, I think that would be apparent. I have a specific need to know. What's going on in my child's life again they are telling you that you are not in charge of your children, I don't think I don't think the average. Can believes that no. I say five twenty comes to mind. Humor me for for those who I'm pretending I dont know. I say if I'm goin to them that call
the little yellow good. Yeah, we are apt, thirdly, living that time. Right now we are absolutely to show you how surreal life is right. Now I invite my co host to now look up at the sky. In and see William Shatner in a giant happiness tat space I mean this is our airlines. That is money going like bad is what it looks like they do down on purpose are. This is just like a big, surprise Joe Guy arrest of I don't know for peace, we'll get its aids like. That would be the joke. You'd make about some c o building a spaghetti. I like it suggests Alex scenario. Basically it is simple: it is, and
I mean you know they care about the environment. So much they're sending William Shatner into space seems like a good you. Yes, I see. Oh two, doesn't it does have experience yet would be We need a sense of extremely those back in a minute. This is progress. Yes. Unfortunately, cyber security is something that you have to protect yourself from once. There is no. Actual immunity course. I here there's no natural immunity when it comes to covet too, isn't that where a cyber criminals. They don't take the weekends off from trying to find new ways to steal your identity and everything else that you on its importantly, understand how cybercrime and identity theft is. Getting your life, you put your information, risk every day if you're connected to the internet, lifelong there, the best they been in business for ever and if they detect something because
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This is the line by programmer, really glad that you are tuning in it is one year, one year later, the of the New York Post published the Hunter Biden, Laptops story in this year. We have seen an awful lot come to light. And the hunter laptop story has been vindicated the New York Post has gone from russian disinformation to computer hacking to unsubstantiated too now absolutely accurate one hunter. Percent. True, they They revealed a year ago, abandoned laptop that it carried proof that he sold influence while his father served as vice president and his dad. Now, president knew it the media said this was a scandal. This was russian disinformation
twitter and Facebook rush to block it. They took off of the vital in information that might have helped people vote and make a decision on who these people were. They squashed. It. And in a year here, is best line from the posts anniversary article. The only thing that the media has learned is that it worked big tech, Big media got their way at the expense of our democracy, all got away with it all of them from the and to social media companies to the press now so far, I would agree with all of that. I will say you think, This material has been in the hands of Peter Schweizer for some time and Peter is known
we're being able, when his team, to dig into these things and and make peace, all understand how important they are Mozilla several times. I haven't told you this, but he is sending me in advance copy or because he wants to join me. He said Glenn you need do a chalkboard series on this. He saw we can make this really understandable here so I'm sending you the advance copy, so you can start working on the chalkboard and in the first week. Couple since January? We're going to be. Going through with Peter all the evidence and a chalkboard. No, my gosh it'll be a week long series of theirs ed. If there's ever been anything that proves the value of ablaze, tv, subscript, hot, oh yeah, because I appeared only through that- I mean that's gonna, be a book. You're gonna want to read you're gonna want the Talk board series on it and I can't of Where's guarantee that the left
we'll pay attention to it or the media will pay attention to it or that social media will let you post any of it. But I will say we will know what is in that light, hop and we will know all of it, not just that we seen salacious things out of it, but Peter will able to not only find work, is important on the laptop and by the way, multiple other email accounts. He has access to its, not just the laptop that he has he'll be able to tie it altogether with financial transactions. I mean therein trouble here. This is a big. Are they ignore in a normal society? Has a normal society? Is not a normal society, normal society, the deed J would already be in on this. The deodorant he's been on in on this for two years now and nothing the best chance that we have for Joe Biden held accountable, for this is his approval rating to be so low. That, though the left wants to get rid of em are that's what happened with Andrew Cuomo
riding men, they wouldn't have done anything to enter Como but number one. He had pissed off a bunch of other Democrats in the state, and number two. He was no longer worth their while he was starting to hurt them, and so they were able to throw him to the wolves because- and you want to throw it to calm, allow I'm not saying I want to do that, but I'm saying, if you I'm saying they do they get through with twenty twenty two election where they get destroyed and they lose the Senate and the House and he's got a thirty eight percent of brutal rating there. It is starting long and hard about changing that situation up before twenty one, I think they're waiting for him to die. I really do I think, they're waiting for him to die, hoping that he will die in the Netherlands is horrible. Garment gotta go now seriously that he will they wake up one morning in their like the president didn't wake up, and then the nation goes into mourning, and then you know, then they say his legacy is under attack. By these mean I mean I mean you can't take because in there The policy is the vice press.
And unless Camilla picks one now nor I live, I mean not really, but using and abnormally they pick. One we see is constitutionally the next in line, if Commodore says you know what to women would be great. I love Nancy. You love Nancy whatever, as vice president and that the issue here- and this is one of the reasons why people say all the time like all Joe Biden- is doing so poorly he's such a desire you're, just gonna get rid of I'm going to make him step down. They're going to say is that health problems, whatever it is, and he goes away the issue. With that is its a fifty fifty said it. So a fifty fifty send it means Comma Harris's. Tie breaking vote is no longer there because she's, not vice president and its aim She's got a name. A new vice president right problem is that to get through the Senate, so there to get somebody. The Republicans. Would opponent see the other, the the if I were, if I were the left, I would hoping that this man, I would be, shooting him
with vitamins and every possible thing. I could to keep him go and as bad as president. He is politically speaking. They can't lose him now, at least until twenty twenty two. I think they both they all realise that they are in a massive trouble in twenty twenty two, which is why I believe they're acting as at least partially. Why why I believe they're acting as aggressively as they are because they know this is going away anyway, in two years, in less than two years now they real they're probably gonna lose the election there probably and lose the house. The probably gonna lose the Senate, so whatever they want to get done, they need to get done now, and that is a calculation I think they ve made, which is different than what the Obama administration made. They Ets Steve Senators, and they slow plated. Thinking
Well, we were only. I would expect that in comparison with methods. Remember, though, into her said, it was breathless in comparison. Comparison, comparison to this oh bomber, slow plated, that's one of the lessons. Then they took to less. They took over the past couple of elections, number one when you get the presidency get the power go for it. Do everything you can eventually people forget about those are embracing Obamacare. We ve seen the approval ratings come up. You know they forced all that stuff through eventually people like their free stuff and they go. That's their theory. Go for number to stop playing game like they didn't two thousand. Sixteen two thousand sixteen they gave they. Let people know about the scandal with Hillary Clinton and emails. They talked about it. Are they dismissed it, but they kept talking? nay said hey. You know that this is. This is a crazy accusation, and it's not true X, Y and Z, and they went through every little defence they could, but the problem was people inherent
we could recognise there is. There is a big kernel of truth. There and they knew Hillary Clinton most corrupt and reinforced. That, with, Joe Biden in Hunter Biden on the one year anniversary, they just never talked about it. They didn't even give me that, if they're still not just nothing they're saying Joe Biden is gonna be drawn into this FBI probe into a sun hundred there's no way the FBI I is completely corrupt. It needs to be shut down and restarted. It's completely corrupt. Now I'm not saying the individual agents are, I'm saying the leadership is completely corrupt. Nobody has any faith in it. I don't have any faith in it. You really think merit garlon, He says in a word, I make sure that we get these domestic terrorist, a k, a parents and then right after we find this out, we find out that his son his son in law and his daughter started a panorama education, company and
they are getting millions of dollars from these school boards and audible. End You know they're, like I know, I just know it's either is psycho social issue testing, so they testing your kids to see. I may give you this. It's quite an amazing thing. When you look at what they were, actually say they're doing They are there checking shoot. Anyway. There check. I can't find the exact verbiage of it, but they're their check on the kids and their welfare and their safety and what their feeling and what their parents and their families are feeling Oh wait a minute what why and ending parents had anything to do with children there, just data collection, collection, crazy, but there will worsen that there also recommend
For instance, there are recommending Bill Belarus Book and it's for the teachers and one of them is teaching when the world is on fire by bill airs tat, good good author. He shouldn't He alone. He says you as teachers should know that the system will be joining hates black and brown and poor kids. I have evidence that the system is organised to miss educate these children, and it includes the shameful lack of resources, enforced racial segregation, dumb down and eurocentric curriculum, accompanied by a stifling top down. A and arcane rules and routines that result, predictably in social, shaming and widespread. Solutions to go to see? As an author he's moved on from bomb threat notes to paragraph two books: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, so, They ve gone on and
they ve put all of it said they're making millions of dollars it's his daughter and he he's the head of the Justice Department and says we're gonna go, the bad guys, were in a shut. These pit police parents down there's no credibility and and there's no way Hunter Biden is, is gonna, be prosecuted? I mean the media. They now know that all the stuff in that laptop is true. How anybody who respects women can look at the stuff on that web. That laptop and say, oh, you know what let's go after the coach in LAS Vegas yeah, exactly what will guarantee males? Are they worse than than hunters, Hence, I would argue, absolutely not absolutely not absolutely, and I we were our we're at reacting. I think at Genoa, conservatives without rage, obviously, which is correct on this whole Merrick Garland think over acting as if this is a governor. Doing this like Ok,
a new some put the state police against these. These parents are going up to their school board it. Least he would have jurisdiction there is no. Action whatsoever. Further freaking, F B, I too will be investigating school boards there, that is it's not in their jurisdiction at all? What is the literal definition of why our government exist to protect our God. Given rights, yes, governments are instituted among men to protect those rights of life, liberty in pursuit of happiness, that their number one job and to protect our rights Are they doing that in any way, shape or form right? Now I mean I was. I was just going over something last night as I was writing some things about the the bill of rights, every single one of them are being violated today, every
a single one, multiple times, every and were wondering? Why are our country It feels the way it does why when you get a Republican in you feel like you're Rights are being taken away when you have a Democrat in the other half feel like they're right, your meeting or because they are. So what do we do tonight? There's a special on the Glen Back Wednesday night Special National divorce. Have you heard that now it's popping up everywhere and its popping up on both sides? government is supposed to protect our rights, but can you say that about this government. So what do you do? Can the states band together and create a pocket of freedom in the shadow of tyranny? Can coasts pocket together,
miss tonight, show on blaze, tv, nine, p m and nine pm eastern. We will answer both of those questions. The night and provide a road map does to preserving what the left is. Now trying to take away tonight, the divided states of America is at Times for a national divorce only blaze tv tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, join now, use a promo code Glenn and save our car shield I mean we are turning into Cuba. You're I'll paying more for a used car cause. You can't get a new car. You can't buy a car soon that will run on gasoline the left his power with that in their infinite wisdom that will soon be driving cars powered by dreams in unicorn tears and we can plug them into a never ending source of electricity well my excited about that. In the meantime, how's your car doing
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Natalia that Gavin Newsome, just announced. What we're doing here in California is unprecedented in both nature and in scale and he's right, that's what's happening in California. I dont think nature has ever seen anything like it he said where more than divide were more divided than ever before, But as he signed a new bill in the law on Sunday, he said These things remind us of what we can do together and there Law now bans all off road gas powered engines. So now or a tvs. No more rhinos or anything like that. No no, more hedge clipping guy powered, no gas powered blowers, no guy ass powered generators, nothing gas powered it's off road. Absolutely insane insane insane,
never understand the efforts to get rid of something a base. Is responsible for modern civilization, fossil fuels. There is a moral case for fossil fuels. Great book by Alex Epstein, it's worth a red, because people so off look at this as the enemy. It's the whole reason. People enjoy America in the thin? What honestly, that's your whole reason why whales still exist as well. We re using whale awhile before this is going to affect they say over. Fifty thousand small businesses will be crushed. Because of this And every home, do you got anything any lawn mowers, gas powered it's out programme. I let me tell you about a MAC This is an amazing group to two points Smith and two million members strong and growing a MAC,
it is the. The type of organization that is actually fighting for you and it's the one you want to join if you're, fifty or older. It's a group you joined because of the benefits, the insurance discounts. Travel benefits all of it. There really really great but more important is the advocacy they are very involved in Washington and, unlike some of the other groups, for people to join at fifty and older these people are on your side, these people care about the constitution and they are constantly fighting their though that really helped and got all of their members involved in shutting down HR one, which was the Nancy Oh Bell, to make sure that our elections are safe anyway. The benefits the advocacy or their information that they keep you updated on. It is so well worth joining a MAC.
Join them. Now I may see dot: U S, slash back, that's a MAC dot! U S! Slash bag joined them now. Well, William Shatner at ninety years old, getting into the capsule. We base our seas, going again he's going up again. Why Plague Bournemouth what the klondiker
One thing we all have to recognize now is that we are living in revolutionary times. The country is now split, unlike anything, I've ever witnessed Lincoln, said nation divided to get its against itself cannot stand it. That's where we act, that's where we're at so. So what do we do about it? Can we come back together, or should we be talking seriously about a national divorce before things get really ugly? That is the subject to night at nine p m. That divided states of America is a time for a national divorce. I'm gonna be looking into this on all sides. Stillness tonight show on blaze, tv, nine pm eastern. What can this day due to ban together and create a pocket of freedom in the shadow of tyranny, What can you do to fight back to my nine p m on Blaze, TV
We also go to a guy who has got a great podcast, Daniel Horwitz he's a blaze, podcast hope for the conservative review he's been covering this and as an interesting take on it. The divided states of America is a time for national divorce. We talk to him in sixty seconds programme, so William Centres in the capital in the giant phallic symbol, and he's about to be shot into space? And don't worry if something happens? The new gay superman can fly up and grabbed the giant, phallic symbol and bring it down to earth really that's an american story for twenty twenty one right there, Strangely it strangely, it is, Only one part of that is true, and that is not the gay superman, but that
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Forget to make it appear on this felt symbol. Well, we'll see Wilson strangers. Things may have happened. Daniel Horowitz is here he's he's from the podcast conservative review, which you should listen to an subscribe and rate with five stars, Think as the appropriate five stars is the appropriate number stars? Ok, aright Daniel welcome one to be with you and I'll, take five stars any day. It ended. I smoke so Daniel. Do we need a national divorce? What would that look like, or we just need. Braver. Americans do we need braver. Constitutional Americans wool. Glenn think about this: how do you You bring the divide between people who and a man is a woman, a woman, the man a criminal, the victim, a victim of the Caribbean. If you don't wear a match, your murderer, but I'll. Let murderers out of prison at the theme.
I'm using that very viruses the pretext on the euro, have the right to have three unrestricted movement and let you do it we play with your body. But if you crash our border man, you could go to all corners of The country anytime, you want these are not light in transit, that this is not a matter of one issue. Frankly, King George never did this king George. Never demanded. We cover a mouth king. Didn't have men in female bathroom. I mean those the issues are really very economical is over overtaxed is we have never had this ever before they used to be Paul. Text with ten percent of our life, another nineteen, oh, we ought to eat we'll all have drink. We gotta do two things We like the same sports teams and we can leave too, and are harmoniously now. Everything is political to the point are we literally your life even before liberty. So we now have a scenario where they could force you to take expense.
Mental therapies that new showed that they had a lot of problem you don't even have the right to try a Nobel Peace Prize winning drug these it how give violated ease so what I would argue as we already Haven't national divorce except its one sided so, for example, you have been defined, what it looks like and I'll bond what it looks like literally a divorce, which does that mean you poor ways. You have certain amicable agreement when it comes to a cut. The kid and certain assets in the water. Very well. Those with security will be perfectly to different countries, but what I we need to do is make the red state that we allegedly already supposedly, should have control over exactly like the blue blues are and when trunk was president They didn't tolerate anything. Even like immigration, which is very much within the purview of the federal government, they harbour
illegal aliens sex offender than they actually in New York, criminalize the enforcement and cooperate in transmitting any information to federal immigration agents. So my point is there no reason we can go in the red States where we have boarded on five to one majority, as is done then in a legit. The bodies and say this is immoral, illogical, illegal unconstitutional. It is not happening here and Frankly, if we ever get the presidency back, that is what the blue faith have already done and will do anyway yeah I mean this is it goes back down to state power. I don't care what you do in California, but you're not going to charge me for it: baling you out, I'm not living. There is- it's what you want to do, then that's fine, but don't bring it to my state, and I dont know why we are not defending the constitution- were arguing about all that he's crazy things better than that,
They have nothing to do with the institution in many ways are in violation of the constitution. We should a comedy. Oh I'd like to know really, honestly, I, I really think we should begin conversations with people like this. You talk to me about the bill of rights. Is there anything in the bill of rights? You disagree with If they say yeah, I disagree with a lot of them. You know you're dealing with They say no, not really. Maybe the second amendment ok are well. We can talk about the second amendment later. Let's start talking politics now and then in the end, the policies as soon as they start talking about the policies you say I thought you weren't You weren't against the bill of rights being, I haven't moved they have they no longer believe in the bill of rights, and you can't come together. If you do I believe in the most important foundational document in our country.
Really the most important rights as defined by Blackstone, is to walk local motion status quo without government acting get your body affirmatively in any way and in the left off championed bodily autonomy in the court's really for a hundred almost a hundred years on that of the right to kill a baby. You have the right to a positive benefit to add to get access to it, data provision, as it did suicide all these cases, we had a now suddenly you can't even have Don T, be brow, halo, you know you got your vaccine, got your mask you to do what you want. Just don't force me to do it now. The eighth Theo, you believe, plaintive in South Carolina. Now we not defending your right to breathe in school, but actually defending your alleged right to forestall thereby not to breathe, and in that's the point we don't shoved things on them. We're not demanding! I won't take. You know five thousand.
Are you the vitamin d in an ivory, Makin prophylactically, which actually would probably stop this bread? Even more hey? Look we want to do it just allow us Do it don't stop us from doing it? You could do it but vague. He won't allow it to right. Now we don't have a national divorce, it's more like an abusive husband who is vital, Did the US all that fact that compact and we do have to evacuate ourselves from it, and in matters in design? Has given us that that design I want to hear about. Oh will win back Congress or something with a narrow, rhino majority. Republicans have nineteen state worthy. Not now we have the trifecta, but they had it with super priorities, but here we have want to give an example. There are the fifteen year old girl were all talking about an Wyoming cause pain, cos for not wearing a mask now Glenn. All I'm asking is that
the sea, like Wyoming, where there is a twenty eight to two GEO P majority in the Senate is Democrats there that kid abide by and live by the same degree of posts the two civil liberty that we had on February. Twenty twenty is that too much to ask we don't really have that the red faith are a little better. I know. Why is that? So why is that? Why is that? Why is it that why arming of all places doesn't stand up? Will you don't Let me give you example what we just del within in Arkansas, similar dynamic. We couldn't even get a compromise bill immediately path to allow an opt out for weekly pcr testing that was New York's Why did they paid a month ago? So we can't, even hold the line at New York was pushing a month ago or two months ago, and that because you look at it, They like Arkansas, Eddie overwhelmingly people voted for Tromp but at the end
the day it's not republican, indent, my conservative, liberal, right and left its one oligarchy did corporate government monopoly. And you got type. Is you got J B hunting? You got Walmart there and they do what they want in the governors bought out by then. So you got all these republic, They get money from big pharma from the Chamber of commerce. Bilbil, blouse, very broad, young wife and gone the pro life on pro gone you in a very broad way, but when it comes to the issues that matter most to our lives when they matter at the time they matter look carefully and you'll see. Both parties are awfully each other, you used a view used light and transient causes earlier these. This second line in the second rather the declaration of independence after the life liberty, pursuit of happiness says that secure, these rights governments are instituted among men.
Deriving they're, just powers from the consent of the governed. That's no longer, happening that when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends. It is the right of the people to alter or abolish an institute, a new government lane, its foundations on such principles in organizing its powers in such a form. To them shall see most likely to affect their safety and happiness, prudence indeed, will dictate the government's long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. Accordingly, all experts science has shown that man, kind or more disposed to suffer. While evils are suffering then too themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are a custom. So it says here it explains human nature. Most of us are silent because it still
o k, and I think that changes once the economy really is hit. I think once people start to realize, wait a minute, I I I'm losing my job. I my money is worthless, and I it's probably too late by that point. Honey. This is why John Adams always said you have to admit this shoots of arbitrary power in the bud. You know they got a better rap at the time, the Patriots, because they really wasn't that dad a tiny little tax there what's the big deal, but they understood that you wait until it either the keel it's too late and, and I think, the problem I ll never forget a couple years ago, actually right before Kobe, our mutual and in colleagues debate than I did, it showed together and we talk budgets retiring. I said, look I'm always happy or when I just tune it out, go on vacation in, and it doesn't bother me, but that would be for March twenty twenty now you, you can't run away from it. They control every
aspect of our and in our health or are what we do with our body. It's terrible the email them getting from show its nerve that they can get proper treatment. People at God vaccinated to give very thick and we have to find all sorts of ways to get their treatment in a first world country like America. This is something that I think We can't leave through an incline if it were just going to relative those words of the declaration to to some sort of. Ah me, the in the mosaic of history, vendor guitar oh they're meaningless, and we're not asking for People were. We want to avoid that and I think a lot of people forget the the revolutionary war with catalyzed really by the body closest to the people. It was the state legislature in that form committees of correspondence. I think we need to make state legislatures great again and that one Great Bates right again and
I think we have read state that will behave the same way. The blue states behave and will have a degree of sorting and that will be fear for everyone there will we thank you so much preceded God, bless it's important elicited annual horwitz he's, really really smart and and really buttoned up on these issues. Blaze, POD Tk asked. Conservative review get it where we get your podcast annual Horowitz money, This is what we're talking about tonight at nine p m. It is the divided states of America is a time for a national divorce. Where are we talking about all of the different scenarios, and none of them involve violence? They try to do the exact opposite. How can we possibly get along with each other. What could we do before it get violent relief Factories are sponsor this half hour, but I
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dot com, one eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four ten seconds station eighty by the way the the show is nine p m to night. Only on plays tv on saw the press conference yesterday with Nancy Pelosi, but and the President have Everybody in America know that she and the other sophisticated elite, Marcus Marxist, think that you're dumb I mean they have much more worldly experience than you do much more knowledge than you do remember. It was the sophisticated friends, Barack Obama, who you know, educated, and so they didn't have to wear masks.
They're just more aware. They understand these complex issues and have the subtle, reflections and discussions that are necessary to save you from your simplistic thoughts and actions. They thought They actually know you better than you know yourself, because their advanced in your crude you're, primitive, even You still cling to your God in your guns. And anyone who holds onto the idea of God must not be able to think for him or herself, so they ve come up. The infrastructure bill and its I want to quote it will be a transformative agenda for the children. End quote: oh my gosh for the child, my children, your children. Do you even know? What's in this infrastructure bill, because it's going to affect your children whether you know it or not, Nancy Policy says there's overwhelming support for this infrastructure bill, and that's look at you on every issue. They know better than you, even if you,
for it, the AIDS, because you're, not worldly wise, and so you really are for the people who know about it. Therefore, it They believe that all american support the infrastructure build just because aid. If they don't they just are stupid. They don't know it, but they Also believe, whether you know it or not, that all white Americans are racist, whether you know it or not, only white, people can behave. Immorally segregation is good, but diversity of thought is bad. There are more than two genders. This is now the crisis at the border. There was never any voter fraud. China can be trusted our rights, come from God, the right to your life, your liberty, your property, your food, your health, all come from the government, and She knows he knows everything. Even when he changes, is mind or lies it still. The truth and can have babies. Protest with looting, destruction and destroying it property in killing, that's peaceful, the cops urban
their murderers even more, The king was wrong January. Six was worse than civil war sticks and stones dont cons. Cause damage, but words do words can be triggering. We must peacefully stand together. Because we know things like that are not true we have to be sure of our convictions and our principles and hold steadfast while the work comes to rip them away. They are chipping away at our foundations, as both a nation and now individuals, and we have taken we need to strengthen our resolve, help each other. Let them call foolish. Sick and unsophisticated, because we know who we are? We know what's true, because we remember those things that are self evident persons programme
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Policy lecturing report nurse yesterday Only ten percent of Americans described himself is knowing how large the reconciliation of the majority that anything at all. Do you think you need to do a better job messaging and going forward? How do you sell this? Ultimately, you think you could do a better job of someone had to be very frank with you, because every time I come here, I go to that list. Family magically climb to the issues that are in there and should, but it is true, it is hard to break through when you have such a comprehend the package so difficult a breakthrough when you control the entire government and all the media. I know so hard to get your message that I really is okay, so let me just let me go through a few things. These are not failures. The are intended, and they are intended,
Bring you too. A reset the great reset remember When do you reset things when go downstairs into the scary basement to look at the fuse box. When everything is fine, no way There's been a disruption in power right, something is blown in the house. When do you play the reset button on your Computer, when everything is fine or just a, ugly g or do you just hi Santayana one area, and you just keep until it completely freezes up and you have no other option but to reset so the thing that this government quote is failing in our not failings. They are to lead you to the great reset. Let's go through some of em supply chain. Why more example, abiden failing at basic governing this is from bright boy.
That's the headline: it's not a failure of him governing this. Is it tension all southwest islets worn fatigue. Frustration could fuel further outages, well we hear from the pilots union here in just a few minutes. But does anybody actually believe that the mandate plays no role in that. Cnn says: Americans won't be able to go back to shopping, likened the before times: oh, ok, the. U S. Health care force is short: half a million workers now a main hospital just closed the its nick you because of tapping shortages due to vaccine mandate. These what these all having common. So far, U S. Cities are having to boost bus budgets for cops after to fund the police initiatives result in more crime,
Walgreens closes five more San Francisco locations due to theft. This is how, being in big cities where they if said we're, not gonna Osgood anybody for shoplifting, earshot lifting under a thousand dollars, so people are just going in and they're just why being these stores clean. Police can't do anything about it. Chicago suffering from officer shortage. They can find the recruits. Believe they need, but is it a hundred in. There's eight hundred and seventy seven vacancies, think they need about sixteen hundred officers. Can't figure out why officers don't want to working in Chicago over the weekend. Try this went on for size a forty moved one step closer to ending reliance on fossil fuels. What they did
is they banned all all off road gasoline engines, so you know, if you We have a leaf blower if you're lawn service is cutting the lawn using a lawnmower can't be gasoline has to be electric this bankrupt, so many small businesses, fifty thousand businesses, are going to be affected by this and its only of time before every one has to do this. Saki said yesterday, and I quote the President wants to use the pandemic to make fundamental changes in our economy. Is that what you voted for? Did you vote? for a fundamental change, our economy. He feels coming out of the pandemic is exactly the time too
A fundamental change in our economy. That's not what I voted for you wanted. What's in that package, all kinds of stuff that goes against the constitution. JANET Yellin said the sick. Hundred dollar. I asked rest reporting requirement. Is necessary because there's a lot of tax fraud and cheating that's going on really is there You know how much it costs to fill my truck mouth the gas station. A hundred dollars hundred dollars to fill my truck I can do that easily easily in a month six times. If I'm driving the truck alot it Lee four. So I pay my I pay my gas card. Its Six hundred dollar transaction
federal government. The IRS needs that that's the most redeem curious thing- I've ever seen- so you oh you're, going after you know the people, stop as worker the teacher. The people who are the heroes in our society, you're going after the people there have fifty to sixty thousand dollars how much. Are you spending on food every month piano large family can use, and six hundred dollars at the grocery store wow So now you need to be spied upon by The IRS because your transactions, arson. Specious. We cannot allow these things to happen. This Infrastructure bill cannot pass because
It is infrastructure, it is infrastructure. So when they power everything down, because everything is gridlock, You were out in the streets going, there's no food that I can afford at the grocery store my shelves are empty. The ports are backed up they're, not work, king. I can't higher anybody to do job. There's crime all over the city, my my school board? Is completely out of control, and the FBI is now interviewing all of the parents that were there at the Who'll board meeting I can't for gas anymore I can't for a new car they're, not even making the new cars anymore, oil or my gas build a he'd. My house is too
half times what it was before the election. It's already double what it was. We're not even in the winter. Yet when all of that happens, the court system doesn't work when the police can't work when, crime is out of control when you can't afford your your your groceries, you can't afford your house when the banks are just making all kinds of money. All of these things are happening. This is not a feeling of the progressives this by design for the great reset, is why we have to is why we have to speak out. This is why the tent, Stevie show is so
or because the answer really is local. Local, local. When the FBI said that they were going to look into it? do. You know why they did that right. They did. To scare you off. Well, County wasn't scared off last night. They had a huge who board meeting they were even more vocal than they have been. We, to be at our school board meetings. Even if you live in a good town where your school board is on your side, you need to be there. Because the School Board Association is watching. And we must send them a message. You don't scare me. These are my children. These people will do anything anything today
They don't play by the rules, the only thing that frightened them is you, waking up and standing up Ray Iraq Obama's book, you know Toto, Burke treated me. The other day and he said when I said I think they have just started another tea party and he said: oh, like first one was so effective you read Barack Obama's book, it was a call two Barack Obama. It was it slowed him down. There's still a lesson to learn: love how? If we're going to do something else like that, it needs to be done and and hopefully have longer legs than this. When we complained about that said right and it had, we are smarter. We know that it's going to be taken over by, by hook and by crook sin, the Republican Party,
you have to have certain principles. It's really easy now to align on principles. It's very easy! It's very easy! Do you believe the the school board? You should be allowed to go in and question the school board peacefully. First amendment You believe that everybody has a right to speak their mind out in open and I agree with with me. FAO Chee or anybody else. First amendment, You believe that people who agree with us. Have a right to publish and to be seen and be heard, or should they be cancelled. First amendment. Do you believe I have a right to protect myself, especially when the government is firing, the cops and they sing places like Austin, Texas Unless somebody has you, you know in a chokehold with a gun, don't call us, we can't come somebody's. Making? And your house oh well, we can't help you.
Damn right. I have a right to own a gun, damn right. Do you believe that leave the IRS should be in to my bank watching every transaction of six hundred dollars or more no the violation of the fourth amendment the thing is about the bill of rights. You need to start asking people to believe in the bill of rights. Let's go through do believe bill of rights? If you do I'm with you? If you don't, I can't talk to you Khazars. The gulf is too far you have moved, I haven't. You have sorry bill of they are universal. They are the thing that we all agreed on. If you can't agree with me on the bill of rights than I'm, not the enemy of America, no matter. What you say, I'm not the terrorist you are, you are you're the revolutionary. Not me!
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this is that he's he's up. They are apparently with with two customers, c mon I'll, just random Amazon customers they are, they have hit they'll, think suggest about hit their apathy good, we're waiting around three hundred fifty one thousand feet another starting to come down and what we don't have Angie I can join. Imagine Jackie. They are having the time of their life. Why are they not showing that the inside as possible. The captain Kirk is like just crapped him, self it is like. I've go back now. Dad he's gonna dig. It read via
to total land or maybe some of the door, I don't know why I'm going. I would give us a tv show man, it was a video. Sometimes you get to the point where, in the Middle EAST, doing something crazy like that, and you realize why By doing this, you have the second Accordingly, I mean really, I mean think this he's ninety years old. Remember what you had to be to be an astronaut. Mean the average person anchored in everybody for joining us lie worldwide. I welcome you could show us some of the things that are happening on inside the capsule, but no you don't want to show that let the really cool what what an amazing time we live in where people, only but he's like Amazon can care so much about the planet
just global warming, burn up all that that energy and fuel and c o two to give William Shatner ride in the space is an existential crisis bought you now for a celebrity wants to go to. Spain is obviously that our people are paying me. I mean I've. Gotta do hate capitalism, programme, I have to tell you that you can see by Amazon what they're doing today by putting William Shatner into space, its culture It leads the world to you, not putting him up into space for any other reason other than it will be a cultural talking point we have to get in the culture right now. An amazing screenwriter and friend of mine, Andrew Clayton, is work to get the covenant a multi season, tv series, adaptation of the stories of the old testament into our call. This is the
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What do you mean? Not entertainment decline back
South West Airlines was a mass over the weekend, and now the news about it is a mass. Do you don't really know what's happening? Is this a sick out because of the vaccine? Is this because all of the pilots and every their tired, because of what's been going on because of covert what is really happening and what are the pilots looking for? We have Captain Casey Murray. He is the president of Southwest Airlines, the Pilot Association, these the union guy and he's in studio with me and he's. He just told me have added. Ok, we will, in sixty seconds
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shop and save up to thirty five percent site wide blind start come up to thirty. Five percent off now blinds common rules and restrictions may apply during the first round of flight cancellations on Saturday at Southwest Airlines came the day after the Southwest Airline Pilot Association filed a request in federal court to block it in nineteen vaccine mandate, so you know and we'll get this information here in a second doesn't appear that the union is against the mandate. They just want it to happen after they ve negotiated their contract sturdy, the ceo, Gary Kelly, told and CNBC I've never been in favour of corporate in favour of corporations. Imposing that kind of a mandate. However, there com lying with vines vaccine mandate, leave another, isn't one yet the
Active here, obviously is to improve health and safety and not for people to lose their jobs twenty two hundred flights were cancelled over the weekend and to talk to us about this is Captain Casey Murray. Who is the head of the pilots Association, the pilot union? How are you, sir, I'm doing well thanks round me, thank you for coming in appreciate. Yes, I was shocked when you guy said yes to our invitation. Well, we're out there. You know we're trying to get the word out, trying to clear up some misconceptions and and and of our pilot. So I want to speak for the ok. So tell me what is happening what's happening well. Since you brought up the patio, that we failed. We found that on Friday we also have a status quo, lawsuit that we ve been forced to file, we amended that sort of add on this aspect
as well to show continuing status quo violations. While we are negotiating contract, what does it mean status quo while I well the orally, Railway labour act that we work under an and are contracted under review. There's a company, while renegotiations, can't make unilateral changes. While we're negotiating, ok and we ve seen numerous numerous instances we tried to, with them. It is kind of the hallmark of what swap on south Wes do, but we ve seen that kind of fail the past year or so because of covert you're. They are just still changing some really important things that you don't you haven't ever negotiated and greeting this right. You're, saying: hey, look. We we ve done a lot here. Enough is enough, correct and and and always been asking for- and this is specifically what the tiara was is about. Is hey. We need to sit down and have discussions around this, our peers,
Delta, American, United Fedex. PS. They all have had agreements in place for six and one at times. Ten months that addressed a lot of our concerns? So, and your concerns are wealth. Pilots one of the main concerns? Is pilots are required to carry a medical certificate every six months we go in have a full battery of tests and and and in every six months I mean there is a risk that you could lose your career. So our pilots licences. We also have a medical certificate, so out of our pilots and our peers, pilots, one oh want to know and have answered how's the company gonna handle any sort of either long term issues that come the vaccines, because that still yet to be determined, and then negative negative, and then you know even shorter term. What's gonna happen, win
if I have a reaction, have Collins sick as that coming out of my sick bank an end so now it's being required, mandated and and we need these questions answered and our peers have done it and we see vaccination rates from ninety percent and higher, and then you look at United Ninety nine point: nine percent of their pilots are vaccinated, we dont know In the company hasn't shared with us what our vaccination radius it is. It is much lower than that, and I would I would venture to say probably half that And a lot of it has to do with our pilots in a trepidation, with not having a lot of these questions answered in the NFL. All we're trying to do is get them to the table. I mean American. Their pilot union has over eleven different Emma. I use a memorandum of understanding addressing these things. And we see what to do what it does to the vaccination rates.
So when I see pictures of pilots cause they're going, there's lots do we have any of them here here's one, I dont tread on me flag hanging out of the window of southwest jet out of the pilots window. Show, do you have the gay Is there some all kinds of pictures of of south? as pilots out on line as well and That seems to be anti vaccine. Yes,. Do you have any idea how many of your pilots are? Probably end up getting fired, I would say that entails a lot of these questions. Answered Really dont know it's kind of to fold sort of issue. There are those that feed very strongly that the government mandate crosses
steps on the constitution and and- and I respect that a lot of a very personal decisions, but the flip side is they are so don't want to go into. Being mandated for seen where there questions as to where their career and and where family stand and in their families, wellbeing moving forward. They have to be able to make decisions. Using some concrete data and and were still waiting on that from our company, and by that I mean having some of these questions answered. So What is your just because, I don't think I heard that yes, from the ceo deduce. Still, I don't think I heard him address these concerns. It's very clear just and I brought this up twice already. It's look at our peers. Look at. Appears vaccination rates are look at what they have
done proactively to address this. We have done nothing, South West? We have tried. First six months to force them to sit down and have discussions about this. We even went so far as forced in a letter of agreement during negotiations across the table, because they weren't interested in having the discussions they have, it's in their hands. We still have not set down. And had real discussions, did have a meeting on Monday. That was I would say, forced by the tiara, even though it hasn't been ruled on yet, but I mean I think South West felt ok, we have to do something and He presented them with dozens of questions in and were still waiting answers. We're we can a half past passed when when that federal contractor mandate- came out and an we're right. ITALY approaching a deadline. So Still it's still just a vocal
there is no written policy, its not law, its absolute executive are absolutely so but when you're company tells you you will or you will be terminated correct. There is a a conscious feeling of a threat, so many people don't have a union and a lot of a lot of people. I am I'm glad, I'm not in a union. I think unions are really important. When companies get out of control and in the same way, I think, when unions get out of control there, just as bad as the outer control company but this, I'm I mean I'm wondering If a union, if you're working as a pilot- and you don't want the vaccine and you're gonna get fired for it, are you gonna defend those guys? Absolutely absolutely,
we have to an end. We will. We will defend them. If that's what it comes to but it is our job in representing them to provide them with as much information and force the company to come in yet these questions answered so with that mean if you, after you get the questions and because you guys aren't are is? Is the union against the mandate, We are against the mandate. War against it, you're, not even with more information again we are against the mandate, it our the thing is it is a pilot choice. It is a pilots family choice. It is a very personal decision that has to be made and so we believe that, but that by private? getting these answers, and the CUP providing these answers. I mean there are so many things even outside of the medical I mean we still haven't. Had questions is too making the decisions on these.
On these exemptions. So, medical, religious- we don't have answers to that house how's the information gonna be protected, hip environment at the nothing. We haven't had answers to those They there an alternative means of compliance, the original mandate that that that Biden put out even before this contractors There was an alternative means of compliance housing, right that the other? Yes, yes, totally testing, yes, how? is. But what about natural immunity? We have. We have pilots, right now that have covered those pilots now say they re? over this week. These they still can't get the shot for ninety days less outside the window. How is that going to be handled so many questions that we don't have answers to and are, pilots have answers to, and our pilots can't make decisions are pilot use data are pilots. Look at look at all the available information and and
make the decision. And again I point back to our peers- are peers, address this proactively and look at where there at so what is what is governor abbots? ruling or his executive order here in Texas, where no company has to follow that. Well, That's part of the issue as well, for us not having the ability to sit down and have these discussions with our company would legal team is is looking at that and then, in the midst of of looking in and seeing how that is going to affect our pilots Gary, Kelly comes out yesterday and says that he's not gonna abide by that that he's going go, bye, bye, bye, bye mandate, which does exist, but the governors Yes, yes, yes, I know it since something over to OSHA supposedly over the past twenty four hours or so, but it certainly nothing's official. Yet it does seem
it's something to integrate these companies to just go along with it before there is even a rule renown. Yes, there's a lot of I think, there's a lot of people that our hope in somebody takes a stand because the little guy is taking a stand. Getting squashed. The government is just telling them what they can and cannot do and they are There was a lot of hope. At least there was with me when I saw you guys do you know, have your difficulties this weekend I was hoping that it was the pilots stepping out in saying no we're not gonna do it were reasonable people. You know as you said, many have already had covered. I've had cove it. I had a bad bout of covert, I believe in my antibodies. I dont know why this is the exception to something that we know about the human body I have no problem with the vaccine, but I know
I dont really give a flying crap with the federal government says this is unconstitutional and I think there's a lot of people, hoping that you were me were. The standing up for that, or at least a few pilots we're leaving everything- and I was very clear I think earlier when answer that question. We are against the mandate that we are, entire vaccine, but but our pie, its are in a unique position. Like the rest, the population, we have to maintain a medical and there's a lot of unanswered questions. And a lot of those questions can and a lot of those fears can be allayed, bye, bye, How is our insurance going to be handled in it we carry a loss of licence insurance as well as an l, tv and std. So long long term, disability in short term disability? We all Who carry Lhasa licence specifically for our medical? So if we lose our medical, we have some at least insurance when we can no longer fly, he really need to come.
With a better appreciation for Nigeria, as I hear it, instead, the artist s, not a good idea to cutting, I take a one minute break after that hand, we'll come back the labour leader for the South West Airlines, pilots on with us what's dangerous as Congress in the Bite administration, pushing forward the bill back better plan and paving the way for us to fully enter the great reset is. The number of people that are actually falling for it and what is going to mean to our dollar, you know, and when you have a gun in saying you're, never gonna be able to go back to the way life was and they are taught. About the variety of things on shelves and the economy, I don't I don't buy into that. When did we start having such a bleak look at This country is capable of
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Where would the President himself was airlines? Pilots association is name, is Captain Casey Murray and we're talking about the Southwest airlines, vaccine mandates and the trouble that they had over the weekend. So you mentioned, the medical certification, unity have every six months. Yes, so their requiring Munich upkeep saw level, what mean exactly what's on its enough: a requirement so of certain classes of Medical's, our pilots have to maintain a first or second class, whether your captain, a first officer and and so it some. You know any type of hard issue. Any type of high blood pressure depression die it is? I mean any of those things can can can kill your career, and so Would they argue, though, that you, every six months you have to do this anyway? Why a covert nineteen in the middle of a pandemic? Why wouldn't you have to maintain the vaccination status? Well, I think that
that because of some of the unknowns with long term issues with the virus. We ve also seen some shorter terms, my a cart, Mayo, coyotes assurance with vaccine and in its low number, but but that can be it qualifying event for a pilot and so so back to how. How is that our loss, licence plainest company administered. So the company has to answer those questions so you and you and your saying that what what action happen with the cancellations? What's the story behind that cause, I've heard I've heard you know that were Glenn was saying arena that there is some sort of sick out situation. You guys are saying: that's not your what actually happened. Well, To be clear, so I am glad you brought it up, so it's now Wednesday, so We ve kind of look back over the weekend to see exactly what occurred and looking at our pilots,
for once. I am very proud of them. Are pilot sick rates for right, in line with where they were this summer during the same sort of long term meltdown southwest had looking at I would say the most productive in the industry. That means they do a lot of work on their off time. It's what elsewhere, relies on its. What makes southwest different southwest does more, with less and and Europe is so looking at our pilot pick up rates that their working on off days, those things those are as high as we ve, seen em. So so, though, two together sort of address where our pilots, where there was no job action. There is stress in this this mandate until then, and what caused this well West works in a very dynamic environment, as do our peers weather, as is what we deal with every day. There's nobody else that was correct, so southwest does operate in a. Completely different environment, meaning meaning our network,
our network is completely different than everyone else's its complex point to point. A lighted thunderstorms moves to Atlanta Delta it's down a push of aeroplanes, meaning all the ones coming in or out an end when the thunderstorms push through their right back on, they might have come old flies, but they're right back on, aeroplanes are at all of our out stations and in so when, when someone get sick when an airplane breaks when whether then then as a domino effect, it is that is more difficult. It South West two to recover from now, at me and said I feel very strongly that we ve seen this happen for the past two. Years, we ve, seen sort of these events happened and take for five days to recover this weekend. Hang on, because I have to take another break. I I want to continue this because I I think I understand what you are saying, and it is a breakdown of just
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Captain Casey Murray Murray. He is the president of Southwest Airlines Pilot Association, and he is with us to talk about the the vaccine mandates which the union is again But they are trying to work with southwest on getting some information. And there in the middle of negotiations. He you just said that It was not a sick out. You show the numbers that it wasn't You said that you, your your youth structure, things differently. So its point to point: you don't have a hub there s, Yes, we don't have multiple hubs. We have some larger stations, but its generally point to point. Ok, and so then what exactly happened then with as well there was an issue in Florida and and so that effectiveness and and that cause sort of, increasing domino effect. What I have been asking for
What our association has identified for four years is is, and in what were asking South West is to make a proactive statement of what you're going to be doing to make sure doesn't happen again. We are continuing to see it. We ve offered me Different solutions, scheduling lies and that's what we see is is sort of inefficiencies in it. Scheduling processes, as well as is, is not complete. Idee infrastructure and support. These I mean the algorithms that must run the airlines. I mean. Is it a day? for a kind of algorithm illiteracy that everybody else uses it is. It is definitely is you know we have. Lots of aeroplanes going into lots of cities, Delta American United due to, but they all end up, back in their Lana or yet salt. God. Damn you yes, Dallas. Ok let me play let me play
a pilot. This went viral over the weekend. I dont know if he's one of your pilots or not, but you have it I've been an airline power for eighteen years and now facing an and made him not a choice but an ultimatum, I'm being told in order to continue my careers and airline pilot. I must be Anthony, which really me I have to choose between pre food, on the table. For my family and my freedom of choice whether you believe in vaccination as a right thing to do or not. The situation goes far beyond health. We d people have fought for freedom for two hundred and fifty seven years we go around the world spreading ideas of freedom and democracy. We help other countries and people fight for their freedoms, while ours are being stripped away. You may being forced to wear masks, give vaccination. Nation is insignificant. But when you
begin to compile Mandy after Mandy and loss of freedom after freedom. It becomes very significant Each thing is taken away. We face what is known as the shifting baseline syndrome. This syndrome changes our idea of a new and acceptable normal, soon not remember what it was like to have the freedoms we once did. Our children and our grandchildren who experience less freedom and they won't have the privilege or the pleasure to enjoy the same choices. Are parents had whether we have if we give into these mandates, and we do not stand up for our freedom of choice. We dishonor every harm service person over the last two hundred and fifty seven years a disservice to the people who have fought and blood for the very freedoms we enjoy. Whether you believe in vaccination, we're not I'm syn for your freedom of choice.
You may support the vaccine nowadays because they fall in line with your current beliefs. But if we let this happen now, there will be a day what you're told to do will not fall in line with your beliefs. If we do not stand together and fight back in one voice soon we can be told where to live, job? We will do what religion to believe in how many children we can have some really want someone telling your children or your grandchildren what, when and how they will live every minute of their lives in these areas. That is a it's a reasonable place to be and is that person gonna lose that I mean I'm not saying he works for Southwest West Buddy That is the point of one of your union members. Do they lose their job? If they say I can't do it. I I my conscience. Says. I'm violating something sacred to me. Well, that's brought up
Chansons Gary Kelly said yesterday that that no one will lose their job, but they ve tone very clearly that they will. A minute you if you don't write it They provide an a exemption, medical or religious are they in and we ve had some answers that put him on non paid status. So what is really the difference there that need some information, and I would say, Kelly statements yesterday, actually added some some more uncertainty into an already very uncertain mix so you're, not gonna get fired, but they just below pay. You settle worryin, who start paying you semantics. That's good I think I had that deal with ABC here. Let me let me let me go here southwest, like jet blue in the day. You guys have always had a different reputation and
Everyone is just falling into line, and it it seems to me that, somebody has a great opportunity to do something different. And two to stand up for some of the values. How is this affecting your culture? Well, this much of our pilots came to South West, specifically for that that was and of their psychic wage. They got because most of them were military pilots. If we're about fifty fifty fifty fifty so again, there's that kick wage that that they were paying us, because we want making as much as Delta, American United. And Don't have the opportunity to fly heavy jets and across the oceans, and so people came to South was very specifically for that and in a lot of them, feel very strongly.
Feel very strongly about that culture in the lead. In as we were getting started, you had mentioned what was going on what basis and and an invention culture year and you may in culture and and a herd Keller started this airline on that very foundational principle Colleen Barrett, who was who was his his sidekick and and in one of our beloved leaders. For many years she wrote a book and it said During times of stress stress, you have, the Ultra focused on culture because that's where you lose it and, I would say for them has five years or so. That's where we ve been and and we are fighting for that for all the employees of South West Airlines. We are seeing the degradation of that we are seeing it become more of a legacy carrier, but that is something that the
all of us hold very near endeared or our killer. Yes, ITALY are not a legacy carry carrier. You learn something different. We are the little scrappy little airline in hand and an end. Our pilots, like I said, I'm soap, what they did this this summer, I'm proud of what they did this again, they will continue to do it they will protest and let their voices be heard, but it's not going to be at the expense of our customers. They are number one and, and- and I I have respect for every one of them for doing, let me play devils. Advocate. Let me play the corporate side here for a second j. Let's just we don't agree with mandates. We hate these mandates, but if we Do it, whether it's an actual mandate or not this guy, and is using every tool at its disposal from financial services to bail else to the FDA? I mean yes, ay ay, you wanna get Stuff Oh they could become a gestapo quickly and what
What do you know? What is the corporations who else to do? Well, I think corporation. I think it is their their duty to their to all of their employees to to fight it to the best of their ability. It's a too party contract that they have with the federal government that they're using to do this, exert some pressure. Delta has an announced of it. My mandate yet or maybe they don't but but I do expect to be fought for, though I saw that it's you know that they say well, we have government contracts, it's two percent. Yes, I would cut to pursue. And in a heartbeat if it was true hang me down to something I didn't believe in well is that say, very touchy situation because coming out a covert coming out of of what we saw last year, two percent is is when we had zero percent last year, not only in the contract, I mean oh, do we I understand that portion of it, but I do it
begged them to fight and and and work alternative means of compliance, those types of issues, natural immunity, antibodies I want those questions asked. Because you worry asked them. Yes, Thank you so much for for coming in. When do you expect to hear we were hoping to hear by the end of this week we're? Probably gonna sit down with him again at the beginning of next week. I spoke with with our, vice president flight ops last night, I've spoken to him every night. This week have also spoken spoken to Bob. Jordan is well and he's been very receptive. As president said that they were. Trying to get as much as they could to us as quickly as they can I will tell you that I have a friend who stayed with me over the weekend, and flew in. Two or flew out a Vegas to Dallas, because it was a forty dollar flight. He immediately said southwest, He said yeah
and she was delayed because of the break down over the weekend. But she said it was worth ready buxom acting to fill up my gas, my gas, my guest, aimed at raising. Thank you so much we should thank you so much for having Hubert Gap legacy Murray is the present Southwest airlines, pilots, association I would he seems like aid. He's an honourable man, and I hope you, I hope you fight for more than just a contract. We are In a situation where we are our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honour things are changing rapidly our sponsor this have ours. American financing now is the time for you to reduce your monthly bills and start saving money you to know I mean at one hundred percent. We have no idea where anything is going to be a year from now. We are a point where home equity levels are red. Hot mortgage rates are still competitively low and you're, seeing
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This is the blood I programme I thought he was a mean. You know. I don't know what I expect when I meet a union boss I thought he was really I liked him. Rowan eyes, and I like making relieve Orpheus requests. Riah you know like go get the vaccine. We all know that some people get sick for a day or two after like minor side effects, but none not want you to go to work with bright, so you're, when you can't make sure those are not taken out of the guys bs? days. It shouldn't be out of your sick days if you're asking them to go, get this erect. That's something that allow companies are doing to write em when talking about recalled transit, backed southwest to be the first in line to say something like that, and no for them to have a fifty fifty vaccination rate might have something to do with you know. A lot of their pilots are, being you know, being former air force or navy, or or whatever, at the
the thing is there a different culture You are now you wanna hear right, it's not! The enemy is certainly not covered, as we know have been, are letting people get their aim and testing them or forcing them to give vaccines for they come across the border it legally yet so, obviously, this is not a covert related policy. Its about Control is about the fact that they dont want different. That's the enemy, different, is the enemy. You sure you tell me you can have a little bit of disagreement about something minority, lunch diversity they don't They do not know what it is. The last thing they want: they do. They just don't want so much white in it. Everybody has to think alike, but a man They were they only for diversity. They also dont want TIM, Scott right. They don't want They don't want nothing to do with color or race or anything I mean you're you're. Seeing this they want. Universal fought his way. Want. They want universal thought. That also happens to agree with them, and that's that goes against.
Everything that South West has ever stood for. Yeah, I mean they're, the ones that I mean they really revolutionized things. Oh yeah and I have no problem standing up to the government. They were the victims of all sorts of ridiculous laws on where they could fly and how they can fly, and he mentioned her color her who really went to bat to stop all that and end just set now. We're doing at a different way than fine lobbying with the pilots of southwest have to say about MAC, zis appearance here, you know it is. Is that what you're fork? the. I was a little confused here. As the union is against the mandate. Yes, I think so against the mandate, but then also in addition to that end, into the point, that there is a lot of the pilot who just don't. The vaccine is made that choice for whatever reason, in addition too, that there are people who probably, why get it or consider it for these
dick Iulus sort of unanswered questions about whether they're going to get paid. If get sick or what's gonna, have to mention the Mire Cardenas name, which is unknown rare side effect, particularly on younger men, of of of pilot age. Maybe you're right the of Monet vaccines. It's pretty Rina, pretty rare, it's one in several million, but ass he meant if they have a heart, a heart check that has to put in their every six months or what happens what happens in arrears over my play over there's no place, you can go so understandably, a pilot would say: wait a minute like There needs to be a series of guarantees here that, if this happens to me, God forbid, I'm telling you right now. If you are a hospital somewhere in Texas, let's say- and you said not going for the mandate thing you would have. The cream of the crop. You could get the best of people that are
that, are you know? that are really good. They just don't agree with the mandate or Cnet with with nurses right now, Yahoo or nurses, some of these nurses in Houston get fired and are able to go on, get double and triple the pay and other places yeah cause in out of the other place. Don't have the same aimed at mandates. You know of your and, if you're a pilot- and you don't agree with others- I mean I think that we have a really good opportunity to self sort here, I'm not I'm not I'm not doing it I don't agree with the mandate, and you know that's fine. There's gotta be a way to relieve that pressure. Companies that are looking to hire really good people. You ve got a lot of them that are are leaving their job being forced out of their jobs because of the mandate to climb programme,
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