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'Pleas, Plots and Scenarios'? - 10/2/18

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Hour 1  Another holy crap bomb shell on Kavanaugh...Not!...the media's new 'Jack The Ripper'?...Glenn's plea to President Trump?..,the media is already done 'using' Dr. Ford?...Waiting in the wings...Plan B: Senator Mike Lee? ...Scenarios, the good, the bad and the ugly?...here comes 'perjury'?...investigating 'Boofing'?...many definitions of?...'smell dat boof'? ...Innocent until accused?   Hour 2  Professor of Rants & Rages...a female radical professor at Georgetown says 'all women are rape able'...she typifies the utter insanity that has overtaken the Left. No amount of evidence in favor of Kavanaugh could change her mind...there is greatness in all flawed men? ..."Freedom First: A Race Through America's Enduring History with The Gun"...author, David Harsanyi joins to discuss...the story of the gun in American life and how firearms have helped preserve our religious, economic, and cultural institutions   Hour 3 One year later...the Las Vegas shooting anniversary still haunts us all...a touching story of motherly instincts and hope? ...'Addicted To Outrage' the new book Tour is coming to a city near you?...Meet Glenn & Stu...Get your tickets now Glennbeck.com/tour ...Democrats are now calling for Kavanaugh to take a lie detector test, President Trump approves?...Diane Feinstein has destroyed many lives, including her own ...56% of Democrats believe Dr. Ford, but only 5% believe Keith Ellison's accuser's allegations?...Same Standards = Denied?

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The blaze radio network on demand, Glenn beck- you know, there's always two sides of a coin for every benefit of technology. There is another side, there's a dark side. There's a dark side takes. Media and the internet before that did journalists had a stranglehold on the mass flow of information and opinion If you want to have a voice, you had to go through your local newspaper, your local news, cable news, national publications like the New York Times your voice, really the only place your voice could be heard in the past was on. Radio. But social media has changed. All of that and now you've got a hot take room: We just saw some breaking news and you can install publish an blast that information out into the entire world- good hey, there's, a flip side to that coin. Your kid a a news outlet to be impartial,
will anything you've ever blasted out on the interwebs, is instantly available to check your impartiality or your your on bias, but a few days, let me give an example: New York Times Emily Bazelon July Ninth, she tweeted quote as a Yale school as a Yale law, school graduate and a lecturer. I strongly disassociate myself from today it sprays of Brett Kavanaugh with respect he's a fifth boat to the hard to write, turn on voting rights and so much more. That will harm the democratic process and prevent equal society, ok, so in July she came out and she let everybody know I against him I think, he's dangerous now that was just three months ago exercise tour ability, as we all do too.
To share with the world what are opinions are. And then yesterday she she paired with the world her dependent viewpoint. Billy exercise the other platform. She has the New York Times with a holy crap bomb, Shell on Brett Kavanaugh and I hope you're buckled in for this or it says, sincerely the Allegations are horrifying. You'd ask self what could be worse than attempted rape, Glenn well Gang rape yeah. What could be worse than gang rape. Well here we go Emily in the New York Times reported that in September of nineteen, eighty five Brett Kavanaugh Through glass of ice at somebody, yes, Yes, I'm sorry if this is a triggering event for you, if you're all of a sudden like your email,
or somebody coming at you, Jack Frost, trying to stab you with the icicles I get I get it I'm sorry. I had to bring this up, the New York Times reporting on ice. Throwing now I heard this story originally from the New York Times. I listen to a podcast, the daily, which I recommend I listen to it, so you don't have to but I listen to it this morning and and in report and you know he went to jail and I he went to jail. You'd I think that would have come up now. Didn't go to jail. There were no arrests made the charge. These were not filed, nothing neither of those things happen. Police called because they got into a fight. And the police said. Ok, alright, alright, knock it off I'll, go home whole weekend.
Somebody like that on the Supreme Court gambling, who He was hang on when he was in college. He was in a bar and Some guy said something to him and he threw ice on him and these were called in, the police had a knock it off go home, Well, I mean what kind of mad men what kind of Jack the ripper are. We putting on the Supreme Court Thank you New York style New York Times This story does not, live up to the even the editorial standards of the New York Times. Someone threw ice in nineteen. Eighty five really God forbid. You ever go to Philadelphia. Now Emily the writer of this story, her tweets make it obvious that she's opinionated against Brett Kavanaugh well, the New York Times has been caught. Publishing a supposed journalist being activist
and this is not a mistake- how to story gets really editorial staff well easy. I believe there probably activists as well. Activists, and this just goes to show his Temperament Hall G major You know somebody might come in and say: hey I'm fighting for abortion in the court and he might just take a glass of ice and and throw it at that person. Get used to it, America, we have a full week of this as get closer to the vote. The ridiculousness escalates, To a full on clown show probably by this afternoon. Now a clown show in the media leading up. Circus in the Senate. You know what I guess nothing has changed, but this time can I at least
get some cotton candy. It's Tuesday October. Second, this is the Glenn Beck program, All right, so still I'm a little disturbed, but alright, I I know I know The the goal posts man they just They just keep moving him. I mean they must be tired. Do you think it's the weather, heavy, the the goal? Posts are good, heavier and heavier because there's a lot of the farther you move them the harder it is to justify it. This is incredible. I am very disturbed course by these new allegations against Brad Cabin already frozen water. At someone the first of all can shop sharp. It can be heavy. You know people are like all it's not a big deal, so what ice frozen
can't be dangerous. Tell that to the people of Peru, we're twenty two thousand people were killed in an avalanche in nineteen. Seventy challenger those people don't throw families see. This is why he's not on the Supreme Court. Look at look at his temperament You don't have the temperament to be anywhere near that microphone. Mister burger. The temperament to be on the team, however Williams, or should I can jump right into that role? Oh yeah dead dogs have that they spent Glen fifteen minutes. Bar fight on CNN this morning, fifteen minutes where they talked about how it look it's it's certainly on its own. This is their fairness on its own. It would not be disqualifying, oh really a bar fight in which he's not a charged or arrested with anything and his the accusation. Is he threw ice on someone wouldn't disqualify him? Forty years later, for the Supreme Court
for all the wonderful uh room, you're, giving him what leeway, but here is a situation where they're just like well, but it would, it does say clean what it does say is that please into a larger picture of this man. He was in his ang or when he was drinking, and this shows that he's capable of doing these things. So if he doesn't even reach further, I know if he would have come on an he would not have been angry. I would have thought something was up. Because nobody does that to meet my family nobody is going to make those charges and smear my name without me at least responding forcefully, and if you don't like the anger I want you to hear me clearly. I did not have sexual relations with that one thing he looked and they praised him for angry about it. They praised him.
Or his forcefulness, you could, Oh, the president was angry. He wants to get back to the business of the of the american people. So after what he did, it would have been a problem. They, keep moving the goal posts out here is here is my she to Donald Trump, first of all I don't believe any other president in my lifetime. With an exception of Reagan, an I'm not even sure Reagan would have done it. No or other president. In my lifetime, should have stuck stuck is Kavanaugh. A through those hearings. There's no way they would. The cost is too high. They just wouldn't have done it. So a points for Donald Trump.
For having a spine and going. This is garbage B. We're in this situation now, and if there is nothing if there's ice, fights don't give up the ship, do not move because If you move now, they are. I do this every single time and you cannot cannot give any ground. With that being said, I don't think this is a chance at all. If Ford, Those charges turned out to be right. You notice, you noticed the media is not furthering the Ford testimony there Longer on that yeah, nobody likes she's been abandoned. Already right, she's done she's done. She served her purpose. She bought time
they used her as a pivot to nothing new, okay, there there. I there's nothing new there. There's nothing new or the press would be saying. Well, you watch. What's going to come out in this FBI, they're not saying that they're not Nobody has come out and said you know, but I was so offended by how forceful he was. An. I wasn't going to say anything, but I know that that happened. None of that is happening. What is happening is people are saying you know I for him, and I wasn't going to say anything but in He had always soon, as he started to say he was he was alter boy- I remember him drinking so that's. What's coming now and go after perjury. You watch that
by the end of the week. That's what they'll be talking about if Donald Trump, please, please Donald Trump. The only chance you have and the only chance the Republicans have, if This thing goes awry in any way. You have to have a plan and announce it in the same press conference that you say you know he he you know quit or vote, went down what went down in the thirty eight ran down whatever it is, whatever it is whatever it is, that press conference you must say, and here's my next nominee and we're going to have it done before for the election now the only in my opinion, the only one that can stand that is MIKE Lee, because you
Don't NI, how long did to do takes it due to the Jeff Cecil sessions? Vile, I mean he was he brought in January twentieth. He was inaugurated and then February. Eighth, he was the vote, went down so let it for weeks in three four weeks- and I was gonna- probably could fast read other things going on K, so you have four weeks to do it. That's what you have now for the election. You have four weeks the one who can get that the one who doesn't need all the FBI checks, and all of that is MIKE Lee already he's a sort of you get done that quickly. Yeah he's the only one that can be done that quickly or another senator but MIKE Lee is the guy and Michael is the only senator on the list. Yes, so so you've got you've got my clean. You could select him
it's just say- break Kavanaugh's hit by a plane tomorrow, which I wouldn't strange accident, but it could happen. It happened in Indiana, Jones and and and one member, the guy, with their fighting on the tarmac yeah yeah. He was turning right. If that happens, to cabin well this when they will be delivering the arc in that plane, they'll be delivering the New York Times, I think playing but anyway. So, let's just say, and it makes him into sausage you need to announce that MIKE Lee is the candidate we're going to have this done by the election. There, of course, go crazy because MIKE Lee is uber pro life. And he would vote well I mean the bottom line. Is he cares about the constitution? With anything you will vote, he will vote the constitution and he will also vote for right of life. He's now gotta go in there with an agenda, but he is a right to life guy. So
Gavin. I wasn't good enough. Here's MIKE Lee there's not going to be no drinking parties would likely there's just no drinking part, maybe and it'll be- like MIKE is like huh. And I confess I I tasted beer one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. I didn't really like it, but I tried it. It was root. Beer. Have you heard of this peer to peer so anyway, he the only one that you could push through because If you don't, if you don't have a plan immediately, then The democratic plan works of delay yeah that and that's the most important point there straight- is not to say that Kavanaugh is a set, will abuse are there. Edge is not to say anything about Kavanaugh, specifically their strategies to delay this thing, so they can get to election and if they get past the new Senate coming in, they can
potentially have a chance of stopping this now, if you were to the day after He did that after this goes down. God forbid, you know, would they find something terribly right? Let's say they thought of the terrible yeah right and everybody agrees and goes down. Eighty to twenty right, like it's just one of those things, they found something terrible that about Cavanaugh. We don't think that's gonna. However, you must be prepared for that potentiality, you have to be ready for it and if it, if you tried to I'm in a the other, suggested road, we talked a little bit about yesterday, which was you know, a Diane Sykes or a you know, an Alice in either. One of the other will make it to January. Well, then, you might, you could potentially have enough time before they see the Senate, but I mean it's going to be really close and you might not make it Lee Only thing you have that you have be able to get that through fast, and he also is the guy that everybody in the Senate has to look at after they voted against I mean they will vote against. The Democrats will still do it, but will Jeff Flake vote against
no, I don't think so. Would I think so? You know I mean it's, you know so I don't know we'll have good relationships with Lee, even though they know he they think he's gas service for for them and remember it's advise and consent to now. I know the Democrats won't care about that, but there's a chance you can get all of the Republicans on board. If you Don't. I want to lay out some scenarios of what we're looking at here and please help me with the scenario about five or six scenarios for you. When we come back on watt, headed our way. So hackers exploited security, vulnerability at Facebook I didn't hack into uh, you know he said on Friday that he was going to hack into mark. Zuckerberg came off, he didn't it didn't work
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New Lifelock with Norton Security can see the threats that you're going to miss on your own. So go Lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred Lifelock User promo code back, get an extra ten percent off your first year, plus a twenty five Amazon gift card with annual enrollment. That's promo code one eight hundred, Lifelock or Lifelock dot com terms apply five different scenarios. I am an account of them yet, but there are several different scenarios on how this thing ends that I want to go through with you. And, and you should tell me tell me where I'm wrong tell me how this is going to end in a you know in a positive way. I I I think, though we should also get into. Maybe we do this beforehand get into. Idea that there are accusations that the lied in his hearings- yes- and you know,
but in New York times- laid them out in ridiculous detail and we should go through each one of them, because I would like 'cause there's an idea that if there is let's say he perjured himself, which is one of the things a lot of people are starting to throw around now, there's you say: well, he perjured himself you like, instead of saying he was trying to pee himself in the best light possible. It was. He for himself. Now, maybe he did. I don't know I mean I haven't seen any perjury about sex doesn't matter. We all learned that I forgot about that yeah, but he perjured himself that he perjured himself. For me, it's a problem. Yeah, I mean to me it would be it would matter in the context of it. I guess I I I I mean it. If what he Like the thing like, one of the things are talking about is the word proof. Does it work? I have not heard since probably one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, but he it was what it mean, and he said it meant flatulence and there's I mean, I pretty sure.
I could be wrong, but there was a word like that, and I thought it was proof that meant like smoking pot that you were smoking pot. So that's in you, it. You in your school had a different mean then I will out in my school, which supports his. Flatulence are you feel like? we need to? I mean you do smoke pot in your butt right to talk about Glenn back. Mercury I want you to think of some scenarios on how this ends and the right way to deal with all of it and what it means to the future. Will this two year in a second, we want to go over some of the things that people now are saying about. Brett, and not the ridiculous, the stuff I'd rather I'd, rather focus on two things.
This extra week was to find out if the the Ford thing was real. I I think that's real Israel if there, if they come up with credible evidence, that it's real he's out. You agree with that too. Yeah. I think if somehow they were able to prove that he did something are really make you believe he did yeah. I mean it was credible evidence of its its if it is a preponderance of evidence. If you know the details matter, but yes, generally speaking, yes, okay, perjury this is what they're going for now. This is what Jeff Flake is bought and what he purchased was an extra week for the media and the Democrats to move the goal posts an now goal posts are moving the goal wells now are Diddy perjure himself did he lie under oath and not about not about Professor Ford, but
what was written in his yearbook here are the things that they are saying in. You have to say is this: with this: rise to the level of perjury all right. And I want to warn you. We are about to use highly technical medical terms, and if you are maybe go a little bit of your head. That's ok! Stick with us! Ok, Judge Kevin's yearbook, page included. The entries judge have you Boofed, yet boost yet and Devil's triangle. On Thursday he said, booth meant flatulence and that the devil's triangle was a drinking game in which three glasses were arranged in a triangle this is disputed according to the New York Times. I want to make sure that you understand that I'm reading from supposedly the greatest newspaper ever created they're they're talking whether the word poofed means flatulence or not, but
moved in the 1980s, was a term that often referred to well again technical terms, anal sex, and tell Judge Kavanaugh's classmates said they interpreted his comment. They said they never used it before as it refers? flatulence, okay, now the term one was a term that I do remember from my I would say: Mentari School days. Oh god, oh well, you know now that was before Clinton school. Maybe I mean it was like. I don't think I necessarily knew what it meant, but I feel like it had a sexual connotation to it. However, I found it interesting is as it was telling talking to you about this this morning, before the show and assuming that everyone would understand that as what it meant you had. A totally different understanding of the word Well, I wasn't the hippest, so. No! No! So I don't do that, but I I seem to remember something. I don't recall, but I think we used to getting stoned. Some
I I I can't remember. The merger approved meant getting your start, getting stoned, something like that. Maybe okay, I I heard of the term- should believe yeah my dad was in the Richmond High yeah. Maybe I do yeah. I mean it's been a little out on time. Okay, but I looked it up in the urban dictionary. Okay, okay, so this is. Is this guy I mean this is as close as you can come. Yeah like a fat didn't document of the word moved yeah hi. This is like. If you go back to the Federalist papers out here at the urban dictionary, I thought: okay as a business, the urban dictionary to abuse, any licit or illicit substance via insertion into one's rectum. That's the number one, meaning that's the number one. I've never heard it that but funneling. Now I don't get it so highly technical terms. I don't know who says you know what I bet it's better if we drink beer through our, but
but apparently that's been done, and he didn't earn didn't know you could do that. I didn't know you could do that either. Is it I don't recommend and it's not called really drinking. If you do it that way, it's really not learning here moving! No, I don't. If you're, if you have, but scouts, if you know in your butt, falls asleep, I'm not sure, I'm not sure, ok, so there's there's the there's the the number one, the next one is something that is wack dumb or after up used to describe objects. People or stuff. You don't want to do so that you know that guy's, a boof taboo. I feel like that's, maybe also how I heard it now that you're saying it that way, there's just I can insult yeah that may have been yeah right, There's no, I remember the words, but I don't remember it connected to you know making things in time anyway.
Here's one that kind of makes me feel a little better, a synonym for weed, ok, yeah so it how it is sentences smelled, use it in a sentence. Please smell Dat booth. Now I assume that's D. A t is what you're saying yes well dad to boot: yeah yeah, yeah, uncomfortable fifth the active lifting the bow out of a whitewater kayak while going over rocks waves or waterfalls Watt in order to launch over hydraulics or rocks this entry is sponsored by capellas yeah. Is that what it never heard that before goof the Oh toned noise, a dog makes typically when they are suspicious or unsure of whether they should actually bark or not. Now I haven't heard any flatulence one. But I have heard many things related to the bot which
think somewhat another term for having sex. It would be in the butt bob. Ok. So again, I think this is the interesting point here, they're trying hey. This is essentially perjury. There's no way. That's perjury to me. That is a bunkers claim. The idea. That word probably meant different things at different schools as mine, and yours did right, is. There are seven different definitions on urban dictionary for it, not just because flatulence it could. There does not mean that local e- that was not the way people used it, but you do have the problem of people in Georgetown Prep now starting to come out and saying: look I am. I was for him and I don't think did this Ford thing but now that he was saying that this is what these words mean come on man an and that he was never really fall down. Drunk yeah. You ok, We have that one to want to go to the next
again the lists of potential perjury from for Judge Kavanaugh, next, one is excessive. Drinking judge. Kavanaugh portrayed himself in his testimony is enjoying a beer two in high school and as a college. But not a someone who often drank to excess. During those years I drink beer with my friends and quote, then this is disputed is what they say and the times his stayed OZ at with some of his classmates and how they remembered him. Your it doesn't college classmates of judge. Kavanaugh said they recalled indulging in heavy drinking some saying so now it's not it's less than a dozen someone some I'm drinking some saying it was beyond normal consumption parenthetical here. To be sure a smaller number of classmates that his drinking was unexceptional. So again, this is like judging yourself and how much you drink is who is difficult, as I would assume a mister alcoholic over here will be able to tell you I mean the whole point. Is
toughest thing to do is admit: you're, an alcoholic right, yeah, it's very possible and I would say it likely that most drink to excess in these periods would not necessarily say that they're doing something abnormal, even if they are here's. What I here's, how I take this? I took that testimony when I watched him talk about drinking. It was very, be clear that he is getting drunk. And he said, look we said great drinks. We drank to excess. We all did. Did you done that I mean uh drinking thing. I don't consider this a problem, because I I believe that he was in effect saying yeah, but there is a Prince between a black out, ok, And maybe he had blackouts and didn't remember them. I don't leave that at all you have a blackout. You remember it, you don't remember what happened. You remember that you have to remember: you were like oh crap, I don't even remember now. Maybe it's seventeen.
You know your local losal greedy. I remember that a beer at seventeen in doing that, but you have to consume a lot of alcohol. I I got it that? May I ask a expert witness yes and Glenn Beck. Please come to the store. You know to me. I make could generalization, but with a specific accusation ninety five percent of people who say they. Right to the point of blacking out or lying, I If it's ninety five percent. I believe that blackouts do exist, but is it extraordinary rare I'd, spend in France, which I can't believe my liver returned with me. I thought for sure it was going to be like you know what I'm saying on the beach here right. I drank ideological Woodard said I gotta go back home. I gotta try out. My point, though, is that I've had a lot to drink in my life at certain times, I've never even been remotely familiar with alcohol that you have to consume in
very short period of time. Now I've done I've done my homework on it and it's not exactly the way I have experienced it. Apparently you can have blackouts if you drink an enormous amount of alcohol. If you could, if you were maybe uh if an enormous amount of alcohol gets into your bloodstream quickly, you can blackout. I have read places where they say it's rare some places say it's common, I'm sorry, but I do not believe I believe it's a movie trick that most people, you know what I like we did one. Last night we had six middle right shot up. Ninety five percent of the ninety five percent. That's a lot! I had a friend who had drank a lot in a very short period time and blacked out. A blacked out fell off stage and had to go to the hospital, and that was a legit. This isn't
college yeah, and that was a legitimate like he drank way too much nothing to do anything wrong. He just after offstage and was killed himself and didn't remember any of it. But and and just for my for being there, but did not remember the falling or anything ok. So I'm not. It never happens, but, like the idea you would say to someone all like this guy is lying. He did blackout is completely absurd. You can't you cannot cannot accused accuse someone of lying about that only they would know if it occurred. You can say that, and this is what they are saying, that he lied because he said you know he gave the impression that, He wasn't ever out of control falling down drunk well I don't believe that, but I also don't I wasn't left with that impression now. He said I mean the quote, is I drink beer with my friends? Almost everyone did sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did I like beer. I still like beer, but not drink beer to the point of blacking out. He just said I didn't black out, he didn't say to drink, to excess. In fact, he said I have drank to excess and you know
I mean I'm not a big drinker in my life, but I've drank to excess several times, but never see the good into black black out drunk, and you hear it might be a different story. Getting blackout drunk is told me some of the levels of alcohol you've had in your life the levels are almost in human like. I would definitely be dead to hear you, I mean you're dumping poison in your system is a lot of it. Your body can handle it. A blackout is shutting your body down saying I can't keep you alive. And run all of these other systems. Right, I mean that's you know, that's intense. Uh. We have a couple more of these can go through and if we need to, but I mean I think this is the level of almost everyone of these accusations. So I don't think that drinking things I don't think the boofing thing uh. What about the well? Let me take a break, will come back, there's two things that could pose a problem for him.
And some people are asking like. Why are you giving up on Kavanaugh? I'm not not all. I still think there's a fifty percent chance may be higher than he gets through. The issue here is, if he doesn't, I mean 'cause If you have faith here, you're having faith, not a cabin on the call ins in Macau skin flick, if you have faith in them, then fine don't worry about it, but if you don't, like. I don't, then you better. I have plan b set up yeah by the way. I just want to make that really clear: I'm not giving up on him at all, I'm just playing this out, seeing where the Democrats are headed this week, yep and how will that affect those? Three senators, July of twenty seventeen Bitcoin was down forty percent ticket. He came in and said palm Beach in the Palm Beach letter, there's going to be some activities is going to bring enormous amounts of money into Bitcoin, what's Bitcoin at today
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I don't know I don't know but he's confident in in the timing, but he is ultra confident in. Why and that's the part you need to know about we, today, Smart Crypto course with teacup. If you don't know anything about Crip, does you got it educate yourself? Everybody should have a hundred bucks in Kryptos, Smart Crypto course: dot com, smart Crypto course, dot com! Take that core. It's online you're, going to learn a ton you'll be able to understand the future that we're headed towards. Seventy seven Pbl back, it's eight hundred and seventy seven Pbl back smartcryptocourse dot com. Glenn Beck You know, let me take a Richard in the South Carolina. I think this is really important. He can verify go ahead, Richard Hey Glenn, how you guys doing very good, very good look. I went to school,
pull in Virginia, seventy seven to eighty two middle school and high school. When you boost you farted, but he said Google well, man right, there we go so and he's you know Virginia, that's. You know monetary and it's a lot easier. These are regional like that yeah, alright, thank you. We do have confirmation that boofing is farting from that era, in that region. By the way we now have one person who said it, so it's the same amount of confirmation as we have as the forward accusations, which is testing. This is such a tough. This is, such a tough place because I think the average person not the something, not somebody who listens, talk, radio, all the time or pays attention to democratic politics, all the time the average versus like Why not just move on from this guy, because this. The principle of this you can not move on or they're going to do this every single time you can
live in a country where you are innocent until the cues, the country has been pushed to the limit. Our political bonds have been torn apart. We need a true leader who can save us from certain doom. Unfortunately, we can only find this guy hey, it's Glenn, Beck's Lindback is coming life to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way he might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing Glenn Beck life be addicted to out reach to work on tour. This fall for tickets, VIP packages and more visit Glenn Beck dot com, Glenn Beck owners on this one Georgetown University's distinguished associate professor steam fair, a professor of law. Had an interesting tweet to share with all of us quote:
look at the chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist. Aggregated entitlement Now Cavanagh is a serial rapist, all them, meaning men deserve miserable deaths, while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps bonus. We castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes, this this is a steam professor at Georgetown, pretty violent. Specially for somebody on Twitter, who is verified per state, It's definitely seemed to violate twitter's terms of service, you know for add eating violence. Professor who couldn't be named more incorrectly fair. Her her Bio reads like a postmodern satire scholar, south asian Pull
mill affairs intersect little feminist, Pitbull, apostle, Scac. T, not theist resistor reviews are mine, no Rubes retweet does not equal endorsement. Now, interestingly, she has worked at several places that have the word peace in the title, although she doesn't really seem like a peaceful type. She also runs a blog called a expletive crap. Men say where she doxes people because it's all about accountability, in response to the black backlash that she has received. She has now doubled down on her rhetoric, I will not moderate my rage for your convenience as a victim of assault I'll
with millions of women white, but watch white males gather around a belligerent, predator, defending his and their privilege. I will use my words that will make you as uncomfortable as I am well, nothing says stable, like putting random words in all caps. I'm just saying, then there is this gem, which she rants about the patriarchy, as if actually exists, quote hope women understand. We are all rateable, just as you shill for the patriarchy doesn't make you immune we're all potential victims every day, and I it's clear to all american patriarchy. That day, though, don't care about your views. Then Butz' us as a perk. Can you imagine living your life this way sincerely.
Something obviously is happened to this woman and it must have been horrible. But is there no healing your Let that define your whole life, my Mother taught me a really important lesson: 'cause, I was pretty dark dude in my twenties. I I I was not a happy camper. I didn't like people I was kind of. I was like! Well, I was like this wow, I don't know anybody who's actually like this, but I was, I was an angry kid and my father taught me it's it's not what happens to you in life, it's what you do with it that defines you. What is she doing with it. She's teaching, but what is she teaching.
With all the ranting she's doing, what is she teaching hatred. I feel bad for this woman. I really do. She goes on these rants, quite often, by the way. She doesn't like Brett Kavanaugh. She doesn't like President Trump. Reason why I bring her up is well a twitter you going to kick her off. Are you going to kick her off. If this isn't, if this, if this is the epitome of threats, I don't know what is. But she'd, really typifies the
the insanity that has overtaken the left. No mountain evidence in favor of Kavanaugh will change her mind and you know what are you really. I can understand how you might emotionally connect with especially if you were a victim. I can. But she is possessed with this one and in hatred and there nothing anyone can say or do anyone who says I know Kavanaugh didn't do it. You're, fooling yourself anyone who says. I know he did it you're, fooling yourself. You're filling in blanks that you cannot, unless your God, let me check yep, no, I'm not God, Eight might be your turn unless your God, you I don't know that you can.
Not know that I mean this is one of those cases where it is so crystal clear to me. Judge. Lest you be judged how you judge other people. I'm telling you if he did it he's out, if he was perjury himself, hello On a guy on the Supreme Court that was perjury himself but that requires evidence requires some sort of of cake to be made. Not accusations, but it needs to be made. You're destroying a person's life. So here's the problem with this particular professor Georgetown.
She's looking for social justice, he's looking for wrongs to be to be right, Somehow or another it doesn't matter, all men are guilty. All men are guilty. Well, I'm sorry was Gandhi guilty. Was Gandhi guilty really. 'cause he was a man was Martin Luther king. Was he guilty you? of both of those men were flawed, both Those men had things about them that I don't like both of those men. Had one was a: it philanderer, the other. Was a clear racist Gandhi. I still think they were great men. They were just flawed.
When you go into social justice, you believe in collective salvation or collective justice that uh I'm going to right the wrongs of the world because men are collectively evil. Because of all of the wrongs that men have done in the past, they collectively evil. You go mad. And I am warning and begging people to calmly and rationally Blaine this to their neighbors. When go down that road, always always end up killing people. Now. A few years ago that hyperbole, but
Ok, if you don't think we're on the edge of a civil war of people like her saying we, good feed their genitals to the pigs. Tell me the difference between that and Nazi Germany right rhetoric and surprise once again it's coming from the elites in the universities it's really hard, really very very hard to. To remain reasonable when the world is unreasonable. But we must. We must
Because no one will listen to any message. If we, or just hurling insults. If we are fighting fire with fire, it will. No one's mind. If you don't believe me, how many mines did we change d, we changed the course two thousand and ten, and I want you to know, I don't think that We did the fight, such as the press, tried to convince everyone we were, evil monsters, saying X, Y and Z and demanding violence, so I understand that, but because of that, which we don't necessarily have this time. The media has changed It's not as important social media is much more important than the
regular media all right. So. What's the best way to get pull to come on our side? It's never, point the finger at them. It's it's Never to call them names, and I know this from experience. I know this because going to be honest with you. I did that to you. Because I was so convinced I was right but I did that to you. I instead I didn't listen to you. I just you're crazy. These are your your flushing down this and that and blah blah blah and you're wrong. No, no. You saw things a different way. And, as I have said on occasions on this program since the election,
I was wrong on multiple occasions, but what Amazes me. Is when I say those things. The number of people hooge, I just want to rub my face in it. That's okay, that makes you feel better. But I just want to tell you that's foolish, but to me all you want. Please don't do that too others, please don't do that. To others who say you know what thank you are right You know what I can't take my own side and- and while I don't like your guy that much I mean you guys are at least making some sense. Please do not rub their allow He told you so. Well really remember when you fought, don't do that? Please don't do that Welcome them. If we're going to heal the nation. The first thing we have to do is heal the right.
We're going to heal the nation, we have got to put our this aside and begin to open up our circle. If I believe in eighty percent of the stuff, you believe in gray, I don't even need to do that. I just need to know: do you believe in the bill of rights you believe in the bill of rights. If you believe in the bill of Rights annual stand for the bill of rights, I'm in, I am. We can disagree on everything else. I'm in. Because I think we're really headed for real trouble, but let me just let me just show you the ways this Kavanaugh thing can come down and I love your help on this. Going to give you a few scenarios. An you tell me, you tell me if
crazy or not we'll do that in the second. I only see one way. I only see one way that ends happily kind of for a while do this in just a second now from hurricanes to earthquakes and cyber warfare. Every American should have a plan to get through an emergency, a natural disaster, the For being out whatever it is, you know civil war government response to repair Infrastructure is not what we think it is anymore Puerto Rico and that had nothing to do with racism or anything else. Our offers were empty. The you states and FEMA did not have any plan ever have four major disasters in one year. That's why Puerto Rico was screwed.
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addicted to outrage. The new book from Glenn Beck addicted to outrage is available everywhere order. It now at Amazon COM, ok, you're, gonna, start hearings very soon. This is the most important election of your lifetime. It's the most reflection of your lifetime. Here are the scenarios that I see they are moving the goalpost now on Kavanaugh and uh. Let me just give you a couple. Let's say he is confirmed, he's confirmed by This kind of perjury stuff is percolating and they just make hay out of it back to normal, and the the GOP loses the house to the Democrats. The Democrats and are going to demand testimony from Donald Trump 'cause they're, going to try to impeach him they're going to do, is tax records because they're going to the and the White House
response by going to the Supreme Court and says the president doesn't have time to do this. Yadda, yadda and Democrats then want cabin ought to recuse himself which he won't do it doesn't happen. The the house then moves to impeach Kavanaugh, so we a year of fun, like certainly plausible possible. Let's say he's not confirmed because flake or Collins or Murkowski or hell are Ok They just don't believe him and the Republicans dropped the ball. They have no plan and like well, you know and we need your vote 'cause we're going to repeal Obamacare too they lose the house and possibly the Senate. Worse, a scenario if they don't they don't get him through they because of the Republicans and because of this week with Jeff Flake people are just
Okay, the Republicans are worthless to me and they don't come out with a huge plan yeah. I think you're right they'll try to turn that into a reason to get to the polls, but if, if it's the Republicans that because it I don't know how it's going to work, I don't think it'll work. Okay, another scenario he is confirmed the House impeaches Trump, the the house impeaches Kavanaugh on perjury, say that is if they win see you know they're gonna at least attempted they will attempt Trump and probably Kavanaugh to correct if we lose the house and the Senate. These things are, opening and there well, there's no chance of them being removed, but you will have the next two years of nonstop impeachment hearings of both Kavanaugh and Trump. Thank. The only one that seems good to me is uh. He if Cavanaugh loses the vote, the only one that
I think, works out is Cavanagh loses the vote, which could be really bad because it'll be the Republicans that do it However, Donald Trump comes out and while he says yep, that's over here's, the guy he ups, the ante and you get a guy that all conservatives are rabid about. Okay, some who you just know? Oh my gosh. That's a Scalia right now Kavanaugh's not been a lot of people's favorites. I mean they're, okay with them, but I know I was willing to die in a sword for in remote. Remember, Cavanah was not on the initial list of judge right from from Trump and there's lots of them. He added in later. I personally think the best course of action is to nominate. Let's say: let's a flake and Collins come out and go. You know what I can't do it, I'm not going to vote on Friday. I can't vote for him great Donald Trump. Within ten minutes- should be on television and say in my opinion, Michael
is the next nominee and you know he's already been vetted for the FBI and every senator knows him so we're going to be calling for a vote next week, easy peasy. You know that that's the thing to do because then you have them battling just on abortion. Well at least they have about everybody, correct and that's not going to hurt conservatives getting to the polls if put a staunch conservative. Somebody who says yeah. I think abortion is wrong and if it comes before me, I'll look at the case of course, but I It gets wrong. I think it's murder and ROE versus Wade was a terrible decision. You then have a. Publicans running to the polls, you'll also have Democrats, but I think that best case scenario. If lake or Collins flake on coming back mercury.
You know I was thinking about it. The other day was watching CNN and I saw three former blaze employees sitting there and I thought I had been so to work with some amazing amazing people. You know when they were young and and before they famous and it's it's just it's I don't know it's really satisfying. The guys that I think of often- and I have no idea why let him walk out the door but I think I would have had to block it with my own body which he would have been able to move, but uh, because he went become one of the founders of the Federalist, which is a great group of thinkers online. He is just written. Book called First Freedom Ride through America's enduring history, with guns and his name is David R, sunny hi David. How are you I'm well thanks for having me so bad, so appreciate your for guiding people, think or no
So thank you for that. I think it was a bad joke. I mean that in a good way, David before we go into your book here till then just give me a minute on your take on Kavanaugh an what's going to happen. I think he's going to get through and I think uh I think this is one of the ugliest mers we've seen at least in my life cook, covering politics talking about politics, and I think it's going to backfire in that really brought together. Never most of the. For trumpers and all this sort, disparate parts of the right at least so, and and if not I was listening to before. I think that Trump has to be ready for that and they have to push through someone else, because the courts, especially when you have a divided political environment as you do today, the the Supreme Court's incredibly important and you know, he's never there's a rifle seat there for the for the conservative conservative, the trump should do what he has to do to get it through. What do you think about? What do you think about MIKE Lee? As everyone knows him, you don't need the FBI, you could vote in a week
love. The idea I mean you know he is not going to like wander off and you know no, no, no hardcore, so very happy with that. Yeah. Ok! So let's talk about. Let's talk about your book. The thing I like about your book is that you do not, shy away from America's gun culture yeah. I think we talk a lot The politics have gone out with guns and obviously it's important the ideology behind it, but I think a lot of people miss the culture behind it, the hundreds of years of of embedded culture not just not just in war but in Ucommerce, Annie and just the individual lives of Americans and how important it was and how that is in our dna and that's why we talk guns. The way we do so because in New York and and alien to my neighborhood, I grew up on what criminals had them. I thought it was important
how to figure out what that was about- and you know that's what the book's about well. So so did you, I mean what did you find? I I I didn't know that you were, you know not part of the gun culture. I grew up in the gun culture. If you will my grandfather and my uncle sleep, you know they go. Hunting and fishing, and we always had guns around and it takes on a different meaning. To me and to people who grew up around them. Would you find- I mean you know where I grew up every. If you know, if you guns guns or someone had a gun, they'd immediately, think about it in and way not something that would be positive so just a personal story, my dad a little jewelry store in New York and it was robbed and right after that. My dad tried to get it and it was, as you noticed, painstaking process of trying to get at once. At your own property and your own work and your own family. So that's I think when I started turning tour,
you know they were having a curiosity about what it was about and then, when I moved to Denver and lived in Colorado in other places, I thought it was really about and how people treated it and how like an NRA member is the most responsible person on earth. You know it isn't the gun, so yeah and I don't know if that people know they. Don't they don't understand that at all it take me through some of the stories that you you talk about, 'cause, I what I like about this. Is this not a gun? This is not a book about you know necessarily the laws, everything else. This is a story about America and the how we We do. I mean we, unlike any other nation, on earth when it comes to guns in our history, take me through like either SAM Coulter or Buffalo bill. Two of my favorites Kim Coates Cold, one of the most amazing Americans. That ever lived I mean. Not only was he an engineer and and just created this incredible innovation, where a person I'm firing one. You know musket shot once
a minute or maybe twice a minute to shooting five times in mere seconds. He was also just an innovator in in marketing in selling himself in been using the press to to sell, sell to other people and using and using engine to to create something that he can make cheaper, so the normal American, the normal man, the normal woman, can get their hands on it and change the west. It change the way. The relationship a person has with with a weapon and he also did you know he was before Henry Ford. He was using. Interchangeable parts was like first industrial revolution, so he was just amazing man in almost it was my favorite. To to write. I think he needs you know more. We need a few hours on him yeah So here we are at the one year anniversary of LAS Vegas in the shooting of LAS Vegas. Did you in your looking through
history. Did you ever find another time in american history, and I should say you know free progressive where guns had been viewed in America as anything but good So I I actually you in in the in the 19th century guns were sort of ideal. The romance in books and things of that nature wasn't until the thirties. Really when and I started to think about, and and and for some the reason people were running around with machine gun shooting up places. You don't Chicago and elsewhere, so I mean there was a legitimate fear that some people had, but before that time no one even thought to limit, gun ownership in any way I mean certain places in the west. Maybe they have certain areas where you couldn't have a gun because everyone was drunk and fighting but generally no one had to go and ask the government the state for a gun. I think, in fact that when you think about the second amendment, how you think about the
ideals behind. It tells us a lot about how you think about freedom in general. I think you're pretty authoritarian if you think that the individuals shouldn't be able to defend cells in rather should rely solely on the state. Is you could have? You could have had a gatling gun? I think you can still buy a gatling gun legally but you could buy a gatling gun, but we didn't have those. You know the mass shootings and it's a little harder to conceal a gatling gun in a violin case, but also because the governments, prohibition of alcohol, led to the formation of these huge terraba land? powerful mobs yeah and you know they use Tommy guns and you see them in the movie movies, and you know it's kind of thick fictitious. Only in that the gun has no, you know big blow back in it it's not easy to shoot, and it was it's never really used in criminal,
activity is more scare mongering by people who wanted to ban. I'm not I'm not saying people should have Tommy guns and driving around in their cars, but I'm just saying hi. I am yeah okay with that. If you're responsible citizen, I'm fine with that so is so David when we together, how long are those ten years ago,. Who I don't know who yeah almost yeah so ten years ago, if I would have said to you in your, lifetime. Do you think there will be a serious move that, here comes close or does take away America's right to guns. You I thought that was a crazy question. If I'm not mistaken, know you think ten years ago, actually yeah, but I do feel better about second amendment, and I do the first fourth and fifth and others, and is there are four hundred million guns out there, and I think that the people who are part of the culture that I'm writing about and talking about will not
and I'm over that easily, so I'm I'm less worried about them than I am The first amendment I think for most but others well. Well, you lose the second and you definitely lose the first right. I wonder, under you know I, but it's going to take before people wake up to the road that were we're. Sadly, on Name of the book is first freedom: through America's in during history of the gun. It is a great read: it's David Harsanyi first, freedom, it's out today, you can get it at Amazon or wherever books are sold David thanks. So much Thanks for having me God. So. Our sponsor this half hour is X. Chair now, I love it when a client is also somebody that I use- and I love I have, x, chair in my office- and I love it, it is.
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Thursday on radio and will take calls on Thursday just about the book. You know given people enough time to actually read it, which is not Yes, I think you wanted to do this like the day after it came. I did not. Everybody reads that fast now, so it's out for a week now and if you've read it, let's talk about it. Because there's a there's a ton, a ton in there. I think it explains so much about what we're seeing with the cabin case right now. I think it's, I think it's absolutely in line with doubt Well, it's amazing because I think a lot of people if you're trying to look, in your in your just playing teams. A lot of people would just be like the Democrats are the worst and their insane, but I mean I know people who are Democrats. And they sound completely insane about this capital thing yeah completely off the rocker. These are people that I know people who I'm friendly with an The extent that they'll go to here to try to take all May crime
in the last twenty five years and apply it to this one guy. But there's no evidence that he committed any sort of crime that sort of jump is not it's not. Hey. They want to stop this or hey. They want to protect ROE versus Wade. There is a different part of this. It's about throwing the entire, the entire efforts of logic off base, it's based in postmodernism. It's explained in the book and you'll see because a lot of times I look at him like I don't understand. What are they doing? Why are they saying these things? It just doesn't make any sense and there's easy little explanations for all of it, but it's not real the basis of the foundation of why they are. Why are they king. This, in this way, is on the book, and it's I wish I could Kavanaugh would have happened, I was writing the book because I think it is the per example maybe should that tomorrow. Maybe we should take the book the theories in the book and just show exactly why everything is happening point
a point now, you can find it in the book addicted outrage and the most important part. Is it educates you and shows you how all the other side is fighting and why you must not fight that way, and the reason why is because they are trying to create chaos, and I don't mean your neighbor. Who is a Democrat I mean I mean people who are at the university levels in the upper echelons of politics? They know what's going on, they do I do not believe what they're saying there in it because they have a goal and their goal is to disrupt the hierarchy? the patriarchy and to collapse. The system that we have now and if you see this too, like you've ever had someone who has an addiction problem in your life to sub substance, you see them acting erratically
and there's some reason, and you don't understand it. Why would they do this? They blew their job. Why would they do this? They blew their marriage, all those things. Why would the left act this way about this thing, and is it you know. If you know why they're doing it and it's not just dismissing it as typical politics, you can fight against it much more fact: And you know you spend a lot of time in the book going through, not just how how and why this is going on, but how to push back against it and how to defeat it yeah. It it's not a it's, not a book about surrender. It is a book about stand and fight, just fight the right way just know who your enemy is. The tactics that they're using and fight the right way, it's called addicted outrage talk about it on Thursday with you, so if you're reading it try to finish it by Thursday. If you haven't started yet. Please do
and and then join us on, join us on Thursday, okay, we've we've dealt with the the Kavanaugh scenario, And it is that we are in an interesting place, it's going to come down to they're the press and whether the Democrats can convince enough Republicans. Not even about Ford, I don't believe, but now whether he perjured himself That's what's coming next
we're going to take a stop in LAS Vegas. When we come back, hey it's Glenn an. I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning with, and that is the news and why it matters if you like this, show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us that all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters look forward. Now, wherever you download your favorite podcast, Glenn Beck, it's Tuesday October. Second, this is the Glenn Beck program. I am not one to issue trigger warnings, but this ticular sound, triggered one person. She says that she gets this awful feeling like she's, about to fall off a cliff. She
As soon as I hear helicopters, I fall back into that nightmare. She even got the feeling. One time watching american Ninja warrior because it was filmed in LAS Vegas so it's american Ninja Warrior in Vegas it's helicopters and some of her favorite music, in fact her favorite. She cannot listen to Jason Aldean Her name is: may get ten. She said that, even even when she passes a food truck that night will come back crashing intensity. Golf syrup, she's in the middle of the panic and she can hear the gunshots one after another after another after another, like the sound little boys made for machine guns, she said she could see the feet faces of the people as they sprint Tord her. Some of them fall, some of them don't get back up. She can smell the crisp desert Aire of October
in LAS Vegas, the aroma of food, fanning out of the food trucks with their motors that are usually so loud, stinking with beer that people dropped as they ran we can hear the screens greens for her that never seemed to stop and the feedback from the guitars flown at this stage of the band. Yet, despite all of that, the engulfing terror. Of that feeling. It only one sound to bring her back. It's this so. The tiny cry of her baby, her son, her hero, Megan, went to the route. Ninety one harvest festival. It was October first, two thousand and seventeen free music festival that became the deadliest mass shooting in the US history for Megan, though
it all started as a date with her. Then boyfriend, is Sarah Junior he was from New Jersey. He was in for the weekend to visit her in LAS Vegas. She working there is a teacher and they had been looking forward to the weekend for awhile. No stress they were just going to go, see some. You know. Music, have some food have a great time together, some of their weird country musicians. They were all there for that same weekend and they talked about it and more and more each day they got excited, but they finally arrive. Megan felt a little gutted. She was exhausted, She really wanted to go, but she had been feeling sick a lot lately so the morning of that concert, they went to the doctor and by fate that morning they found out that she was pregnant. Involved we're going to be parents just
There's a strange realization to have she said giving this the the setting. And it happened so fast, and I didn't expect it that maybe fully kick in either way He was now tired, Anne pregnant and she had excuses to skip the up, close festival, experience and you know just go sit in the bleachers at the back of passes, weren't cheap, something deep inside of her. She says now kept telling her right thing to do the right thing to do. Go she's returned to that assurance. That assurance that put her in the bleachers, the oh the sound wasn't very good. She had paid for great spots, but
I thought this would be a better place for me. It's just it'll be a little more relaxing I'll be back from the crowd I can them enjoy themselves and were together after all, they were sitting in the bleachers, not where they had paid to be, and then around one thousand o'clock, during Jason, Aldean's performance. It happened. So many things happened too many things happened all at once, so many things at once that they continue to replay all the different things one at a time. To this day it started with confusion, the firecrackers.
Turned into machine gun barrage the screams they said they couldn't believe that all the screams just kept going all of it. Imagine the panic they felt, as twenty thousand people turned around all at once and started running directly at them. Everyone ran. Everyone was just trying to stay alive to protect themselves or someone near them. The bullets were falling like hail in a tornado, they look down, as the bullets were falling right, where they would have been if Megan hadn't been so tired and pregnant it had listen to her voice inside. So there are seats at the back, save them or, as they see it, their son, save them because from the back they were able to quickly escape
although, as they sprinted to safety, Valdo felt a whip of air pass his head as a bullet flew past, it was close and he knew what that meant. He said that was the moment. I realized I have a family. I've got to do what I've got to do, to keep them safe and he's done just that. It was a moment that redefined him, or at least Franklin the part of him that he had been putting aside for later, left LAS Vegas enjoying Valdo in New Jersey, several after the shooting they got married in a gazebo. We did it in front of a body of water called Bueller's pond at a park near their home. Session led by their mayor they didn't have a reception they just want. For dinner. They didn't have a honeymoon, because if it was more important to focus on their baby so
be born healthy to keep him safe like he had kept them safe. A few months later, just eight month, after the shooting he was born they both say now that when they hold him, they feel the weightlessness of new life they've, become immune to the dark moments they live. They say they feel hope. The flashes of dark thoughts are still there. Megan says she feels a sudden anxiety when she thinks about her son's first day of school. I don't know, I don't want to hold him back. I want him to have fun, but the world is just so different, now hold on that, like everything they've gone through, like all they've seen
felt and heard all the dangerous moments. They barely escaped. It's just a matter of time. The world is different, yes, but time is not Who knows what their son will be like they arise for him to walk into the classroom alone. One time will tell is Father says for now Time is fragmented, cruel, sometimes involved or still painfully aware of their environments. Everywhere they go things you didn't have to think about before you have to think about now. It's just different it's different and we're raising him in a different world. It's really scary. Megan said when she gets the feeling that everything is just so much larger than her
world. The world is changed into something explosive in scary, open spaces. Bring that feeling on that lights. In your eyes, panic something else happens. They haven't been to a concert since that day, it's even going to the mall it's enough of an obstacle. But anytime there swarmed by that feeling it goes away the minute they look at their son. They listen for his tiny sounds He is the future and they see the future that he will bring follow dispatcher for the local police department, member of a nearby high school district, school board and What positions he is able to affect change in many ways: change that could save his son good, save anyone son from
mirrors like his and Megan's because of the heart of it. Nightmares of that kind are nightmares that we all feel they're all of ours. Eight hundred and fifty one injuries, fifty nine deaths see the numbers? We see the frantic cellphone footage. And it's all too easy to succumb into that debilitating feeling. Like Megan Baldo, have Just look for the tiniest things for the tiniest sounds look for the stories like there's reason for hope, because it is there much more. Then we even realise
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and then we, I think we break on election night, which I'm really bummed about it even think Adam we but break on that, and then we come out a day or two after and I have a feeling we're gonna have a lot to say about what happens after as well I'm. So if you want- Place where you know you can vent uh, you have a good time and you can also learn about where we're headed and the best way to make sure did we, we, we preserve the western way of life and no man men. You know, so we're not all exterminated you're going to have a great time addicted to outrage, the tour you can find it at Glenn Beck, dot com, yep starts this October twenty fifth and goes to look for in the end of the year. Yes, Antonio San Antonio Houston and Dallas, I think of the first weekend of Right, Antonio Houston, Dallas Richman, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Cleave in Kansas City, Evansville, Tulsa Tampa.
And Orlando grab your tickets, it's going to be a lot of fun. Alright, still I now believe now this is Elijah Cummings. They now believe that Kavanaugh needs to take a lie: detector test, first of all, the first thing you need to do when someone mentions a lie. Detector test is to stop what you're doing and type in Youtube and then Penn and teller. I won't say all but bs about lie detector tests and just watch. That episode You will be stunned at how terrible the idea of ever giving anyone a lie. Detector test is- and of course you know obviously hours and entertaining presentation of a of the information. By a that you checks out. I mean there there
lighting science behind lines that lie detector tests are not, you can beat them, and it's not it's it. It is not the end all be all it's not what it is useful for. Circumstances is the idea of, intimidation right, if you were to say, I'm going to give you a lie. Detector test. You have to tell me the truth: it's possible! but the person tells you the truth, because they're scared of the lie detector, testing right and That's where it's most useful, it's not to say that! There's! You know there's almost literally nothing behind them it does not tell you when you lie. It's not like there's no such thing. There's no way to do that. Think about it. Readable, and it's one of those things that I think most people take for granted. If you pass a lie, detector tests are telling the truth. That is not really the way it works, you know. Yesterday we had Larry sharp on he's running for governor of New York. Now any member how he had these out of the box ideas. You know, like you know, he's talking about that yeah. I got an idea. Okay, okay! We
administer sodium pentothal. To Ford Cavanaugh and the entire committee, ok and then we just let the cameras, roll nothing to do with getting the truth. I just want to see it. I want to see all has a lot of bad. I use doing the I did that last week, yeah Would you love to see these guys because nobody, is talking about fines, Feinstein, really nobody. The media. This is despicable. I mean I don't want to just take one side: 'cause, I'm not God, so I don't know what happened I had. To believe Kavanaugh on Ford, and Most of that is because Ford it changed her testimony several times is just imported. There's nothing supported, but maybe she's telling the truth. I don't know I'm not God
So if I have to put him in a room and choose one or the other, I'm going to choose him because I think she has enough evidence for me to credibly, say: yeah he's, I got even if I kind of believed her there's a part of no. If there that's not him he's not if it's not a negative correct so I I hope he didn't do it and I don't think she has proven that he did by any stretch I don't mean beyond a shadow of a doubt. I mean just a preponderance of evidence there, there's no inclination, The I display I do not believe he did it frank. I don't not believe I don't either now, that's not to say I'm as you point out we're, not God, even though pretty cool so it's possible a yeah. I don't believe that he did it right, so we've plowed this field. And over and over again How is plowing the field on how much they've destroyed her life. Senator Feinstein is destroyed. Her life
they lied to her several times line tour. She requested anonymity. They released the letter anyway, causing a chain of events that would bc reveal who she was lied to. Obviously they lied to her about the Democrats or the Republicans willing to come out and take her testimony in California yeah. She was surprised by that. I mean look. To be frank, I mean she's told many lies this process as well and How do you know those are lies? things like you know. She never flies, that's why she can't make it to the hearing and then oh well, yes, I to fly off and I'm not sure if that was her lie or if that was a lie. Coming from attorneys. I mean it's got her name on it. So yes, but I think There were those around her that were also to help her Discover some of those retails
this is the Glenn Beck program. All right, we have a background check. Trump is just okayed. The expansion of the FBI background check on Kavanaugh, which yay. So we have that going for us. And it really. I mean, let's be honest, it's important that someone who is going to be wielding a lot of power, especially where the law is concerned. Yes, we we look every single accusation, because the worst thing that could happen is you, he gets in and he's a judge and he is going to looking at some case before him Ann he himself was a serial. Rapists. Thank you for bringing this up. It's very important. It's so important, very important. If you're abusive to women, you should certainly not hold a role that relates Mostly the law enforcement doesn't make any sense right right right, like judge or or
Ernie General Generals Attorney general would be good. One yeah, that's a great point and I'm glad you brought that up because there's certain candidate, whose I'm from Minnesota attorney General, really who's been credibly accused by a woman. He was dating now. There's an interesting there's, a little bit of a separation, and we should be fair on this. There's a separation between the cab, in our case in the Allison case, in our case happens. Thirty six years ago, the US case was pretty much on going until very recently, okay Alright, so there's a difference, but that's one difference Professor Ford, she had a spotty memory, yes, a spotty memory, and now the the who we know never with Ford. We have no even said that there was a relationship of any sort between forward and Kavanaugh right. We do know that a long term girlfriend of Keith Ellison has accused him of sexual abuse.
Ical violence, okay, okay, okay, that we got both of those. So there's a little. Do you remember where they happened? You know she does remember when they happen. Okay and she does. What did you see, but she probably doesn't have no from her doctor, you know from the flu when she was talking to our doctor when the doctor gets it wrong. Of course, let it in their words case, they both have no from there to get there on both cases at the Ford case was something that was thirty years after the incident in which she refer to attack by four people, which is different than the story that telling now and never named Kavanaugh the notes, The Ellison Keith Ellison's former girlfriends doctor do name Keith Ellison, as the reason why she's getting medical attention for physical injuries, hi it's kind of a difference to you. Might you might notice a slight distinction between those two, yeah. One has notes that, don't it don't
actually name the accuser, and it was many many many many many many years before, and this is I'm going to the doctor to get medical. Treatment, because this guy is also using meeting me yeah and so yeah, no one in one case, a woman who has photos of the incident and it has photos of bruising on her. The other one, of course does not forward, she doesn't have that. Now there are there's a witness situation we need to deal with, though, of course for has name several people who were at the parties. None I can remember it happening the people Ford named cannot say that they were actually at the party. Some of them have said. I was not there. Some of them said I don't remember any party like that. So there's a wide, a wide berth between those two opinions, but she has named witnesses. Just none of them have corroborated her story in any way. Keith Ellison's, girlfriend has also named sources. Those people say
exact same thing and say they've seen evidence of the actual crime going down, including things like texts. Writings pictures and those are those are things that she showed to coworkers in you'll tide, real time. It has several people she told about it at the moment. Again. We have no one that or told about it at the moment, in fact, in any moment, often at least two thousand and twelve, where it not appear she actually yeah. Two Kavanaugh but the name cabin or even at that time. But listen I mean you I mean have videotape. Well, there was video tape. Now we haven't seen it yet, though, now there is allegedly video that exists somewhere, one of these physical altercations legitly. We have not seen it yet, of course, there's. A video of the Cavanaugh thing, because you know that be the thing that we have to take her word that there is video with the with
plus the elements right and we don't have that evidence. Yet we have a ton of evidence. In fact, I don't know hundreds of times more, there's really no evidence in the Ford case. So we have it's almost like. We have any amount more like. We have a preponderance of evidence. In the Ellison case here, however, interesting about this is that fifty Six percent of Democrats believe Christine Blasi Ford's allegations. Fifty, only eight percent say they believe Kavanaugh. Fifty six to eight is the there see you soon, if you ask people and it wasn't a partisan situation, what do you think about the Ellison situation? Do what do you believe her? Because she's got a more recent allegation? She's actually brought it attention in real time to multiple people, people I have seen evidence of this there's text messages there is. There are medical notes all evidence that we just talked about there's infinity amount times more evidence in the Ellison case get only
five percent of Democrats believe Ellison's accuser or told over and over again that women are to be believed. It only five percent of Democrats believe the allegations. Against Keith Ellison and here's why this is really important. Just like on an abuser on the Supreme Court. If, if There was the amount of evidence on Kavanaugh that there is on Keith Ellison, would not be for Cavanaugh, would you if there's a? On Kavanaugh, I would have if the evidence the same yeah, what We still have a standard here in this country, called I said until proven guilty and preponderance of evidence is a slower is a lower level than that, and I understand that my issue here would be you.
Once there is any legal standard, because people say well. This is just a job interview, or this is just that this is in a legal proceeding. Once you have the absence of a legal standard, you have to choose the standard, you apply, I use to apply a very high standard, because people who are in relationships many many times when the relationships breakup or someone feels jilted, say things that are not true. I agree. All that I agree. So I would say in this case. Keith Ellison should have the right defend himself, and he should. We should assume his innocence. Unless I had two point in which He is an especially with a case like this, where it's very recent I should just go through the legal system and he comes out and he's guilty. Then he get thrown out of that job, and you can factor that your vote if you wish, but I don't The key issue lose any job because of this. At this point he needs to you need able to see whether this
case goes through and and claims are proven someone they have video. We need to see the video we see everyone investigated we need to see actual police. Destination go through, and and see whether the evidence leads us to believe that he actually committed these acts. If we do not get that do not ruin people's lives over it. I mean think of the amount of times of evidence that there is with Keith Ellison over Roy Moore, which everyone even a lot of people on the right were like look. Roy Moore literally looks like he did these things. His answers are really bad much more evidence, for he felt more much more. People you can interview right now: yeah children who went through dramatic moments where they had to read about their mom being abused in with her telling other friends at the time. That being said, however, you get didn't you this It's with a presumption of innocence. I agree, so
what I know about Ellison's the evidence against him. Okay, assuming this was not current day and it was thirty five years ago, if Ford would come with that evidence, I have letters I have a photo of. Bruises on my arm, I have I can tell you where it happened. I told my friends and are they? Are they verify that I told them after the party Would you not? Would you not go? Ok, I think that's good I mean I think that would be enough and it would be only way we could judge the situation wrecked right, correct here it is with Allison and again. This is why it's important Joe. Like I don't want to have a Supreme court justice that is an abuser or a liar or whatever. I also think it's extraordinarily dangerous.
To have a guy who May have beaten, His girlfriend may have mentally abused his girlfriend? assuming the evidence is real and checks out. You can Have him as the as the the the chief law enforcement of the state right and body care. No, this shows you that nobody in the media- cares and iota for this woman in her story they don't or if she was abused, they don't care about any of it. What they care about is stopping Brett Kavanaugh. If they air they would be just as passionate as a guide, let's not just thrown out as the Minnesota attorney general, this guy who's. Second in charge of the deed. What the Dnc at this is not a nobody, a peripheral figure in politics, he's one of the most powerful Democrats in America and is now
the chief law enforcement officer for state and you could say all well, it's all your what you're doing is what about ism? No, no! It's not it's! Not! What about him! I apply the same Standard Ellison that I apply to Cavanaugh. You are doing the cabin. I would still be saying this about uh about Alice yeah. We look at go back to. Why is Baraka? Why was Barack Obama? President Barack Obama was president because he won a presidential election in two thousand and eight previous. He he made a heck of a speech in what two thousand right and that two thousand and four election. He won a Senate seat, a Senate seat that would have been incredibly close if he was going- and not Alan Keyes who they flew in the last week to start a campaign, but it was Jack and we say Jack Ryan, but it may be thinking of John Krasinski at this point and I've seen too many Amazon commercials. But Ryan was his last name and he was a legitimate challenger, two
rock Obama in that Senate race. It was a close election and he may have wanted as it public it in Illinois and what they did. They went through his divorce. His sealed divorce rings and hit end paperwork out at it to the public In there there were accusations by his wife, the actress who had said, they went to Swingers clubs and all this sort of shady stuff do well. If that was true, I don't know horse. Proceeding in a divorce proceeding people make all sorts of your claims yeah and that's why you don't just believe them. That's what I feel, because they went and got them on sealed in a democratic state and they they the Brian eventually dropped out. There was no real opposition for a Barack Obama and you got eight years of 'em. That sort of thing. Should be always viewed. Skeptically every claim of a crime should be viewed skeptically by people. On that
you're supposed to give the presumption of innocence and post to start with skepticism of a claim on any site on any site on any side of all people who were accused. Yet, and here we are in a situation where Democrats overwhelmingly believe the accusations against capital with almost no evidence, and they only five percent of them believe the woman, who is a Democrat, who does want someone up opposed to. Keith Ellison to have that job she's a Democrat and only five percent of people, believe her the plan. Did you hear from the media and the left mean nothing on the story. They do not care about whether for was abused or not they, and this shows you how fast that standard is applied and how and how your life could be destroyed,
you are on the wrong side of an issue and by the way, bye I think you've seen the change, an positions, what's politically correct changes, and if you don't abide one hundred percent and you're not on the right side destroy your life wow well, let somebody else be fine, This is why we must have a standard we have a standard. It's getting dangerous to be anime. That's a frightening thing to say all right: and tell me about gold lines, new silver, maple flex bar that uh, the Mayfield Flex fire. Here still, can you open this up and and I've break. Some peeps pieces off what it is. It's a it's a the bar of silver but it's made by the canadian mint and what you do
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And decide what is the best way to spend it today. What is the thing that I can make a difference in. Let's say we watch the we watched a movie. I've seen it before One of my watched, my wife to watch exes, really it's becoming my favorite movies quickly, and it's called about time and I think Rachel name Rachel Mcadams she's in it, it's a it's a sorry, but it's also a great father and son story. I just love it, and I don't want to. I don't want to blow it for you, but it puts time in if it really has a great lesson about time and how we spend it if you're looking for a you're looking for a fun movie to watch. It's called about what time Glenn Beck
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