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Plymouth & the Pilgrims: Pioneering Freedom | Guests: Paul Jehle & Beth Perara | 11/18/19

2019-11-18 | 🔗
Glenn hosts live from Plymouth, Massachusetts, at the “Plot #1” house where the first Thanksgiving is believed to have taken place. Nancy Pelosi is on the attack, claiming that Trump withheld money from Ukraine to benefit Putin and that this action made Nixon look “almost small.” Glenn and Pat discuss “Ford vs. Ferrari,” which may be the perfect father and son movie. Pastor Paul Jehle joins Glenn to tell the real story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, the religious reason they came here, and the importance of family through it all. Our nation must remember that we are Plymouth, not Jamestown, and that we are a covenant nation. Beth Perara of the Leyden Preservation Group joins to discuss what it means to be a pilgrim.

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We are broad obviously, from a different location. Pat is sitting in for stew, who, I guess is sick. I mean this guy war is, it does seem work anymore. It's like he's here like three days every month, Johnny Carson now really is. Mcmane didn't do that. No Johnny did that. It's my turn right turn. First, how are you pat I'm good, I'm good good, you great I've had an amazing amazing weekend: and we'll tell you what we have kind of up our sleeve a little bit today I was hoping make an announcement from this location today, but we're going to push it off. I think after thanksgiving, but we are going to I mean if you're smart, you're, going to figure it out, but we're live from Plymouth, Ma
today in the late in house, more minute, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, I never thought I would see the day when Barack Obama seemed moderate. Obama. It has a come out and said to the Democrats. You got to slow down, not everybody is into this revolution thing and that's what the Democrats have been talking about, we'll talk about that plus what they're doing with impeachment and some possible solutions possible solutions that we really need focus on here in the next few weeks. We begin there in one minute:
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I am sitting in a very historic home I am sitting in the lady Home in Plymouth Massachusetts and Smith. Is this amazing town that I've never been to uh and I came here Saturday. And it was, it was a was a long trip this weekend. Because I stopped somewhere else, it will talk about later, but I I got here Saturday, an it's such a strange place because everywhere you look every your look, something
really important happened, uh in this home that I'm I'm sitting in this is where the first peace Treaty happened, the first peace treaty with the native Americans, the first election in America happened in this room uh. This is the this is called plot number one and it's the first Street in America, and the first home in America write out across The street looking out the windows and see Plymouth Rock from here. It's literally a stone throws away from Plymouth Rock it's right on the water and the front yard is where they think the first thanksgiving actually happened
Kind of a historic place. Next hour, I want to talk to you about the pilgrims and what isn't being taught anymore. This is this town is, I think. The rest of America, except on steroids, because the people who are here you know the truth about the pilgrims are on fire. They. It is this group of people up here that are holding down the fort for the pilgrims are truly remarkable I I haven't been around people like this in a very long time that really really know. History know what they've been called to do, have a plan and r
doing it and are so filled with love for other people, and it's working there's the other side of town that either just doesn't care? Maybe you've lived here. A long time, and you know seen it all and whatever yada yada yada pilgrims. Or they are really stand the way of telling the truth about the pilgrims. One of the guys who I was with, who will talk about little later was was actually in HOLLAND. He came here from HOLLAND because he was doing some research on the pilgrims and trying to get a reason from the Pilgrim Museum which I is like a phone booth. You know from where they launched and and there's one guy who you know was like? Oh, my gosh,
somebody just ring the bell they came in. They want to hear about the pilgrims and so he he went were there and he was asking their experts. Why did the pilgrims come here. And the answers are crazy, truly, truly crazy. Well 'cause, there was an economic recession coming over, oh also is to escape an economic recession, they decided. Go to a place to where they thought they could be scalped an Eaton. Oh, ok, that makes sense. I know that's the first thing I Hey there might be a recession, let's get onto a rickety leaking boat and Across the ocean, you know where half of us are probably going to die. 'cause, that's the way. It is it's not exactly you know, a nice tour ship that you're going on, and then we're going to go to a place where there's native Americans and they
usually kill all of the people that are on the ship, but yes, we want experience that recession. Why did they come here? what has been lost and is Thanksgiving so important, and what are the people here doing? They are holding the Fort and they're actually making progress here so we'll get into that here in a little while and tell you something that I have felt for a while. Now I have was supposed to do, and so we are going to be doing that and it involves next summer, but it's really a year long event and we'll talk about that coming up in in just a little while
gray is joining us because stew is faking an illness. I think he works. He works less than Johnny Carson used to work when he was doing the show and soap at welcome to the program. How are you going to start calling I'm going to start saying that stew is filling in for Pat shortly a couple of things patch, first of all, Nancy Pelosi, I think, has- I think I think all of the Republicans on this impeachment hearing have really lost it. I don't think they even know what reality is anymore Nancy Pelosi, is now saying that Trump worth held the money from Ukraine for Putin,
could we play this audio? Please listen to this so and for a long time, Justin Chill with the twenty fourth of September was when I called for a fuller expansion. It was it in the car was going on like to proceed with enquiring
that kind of changed our communication until that day in the room, when I said all rose, Mister President with you lied to put whether it's giving them a stronger foothold in the Middle EAST by what you did with Turkey and Syria. Well, what you did by withholding of grant a whistle holding a to a military assistance voted by Congress to Ukraine to the benefit of two one thousand one like thirteen thousand. By now, you can have died at the hands of the Russians. I needed that military, hey and with his disparaging remarks about NATO and questioning our commitment to NATO, that's prudence advantage. So we do have, shall we say a candid relationship. I don't think I've ever heard anything so dishonest. First of all, Nancy. The aid was given In fact, he's sold what they were asking for. They
you're asking for more of because- president had already sold them those weapons those weapons systems they have been begging for, but it was the Democrat under Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama? and yes, you Nancy Pelow, see that just to sell them any of those weapons? So occur say that you know. Look he's just trying to help the Russians. He hurt the Russians here his policies towards Russia, not his language, his policy, storage. Russia are much more fierce than anything the race team, was trying to do with Vladimir Putin. And when it comes to Ukraine, he actually has armed them against Russia, and the Democrats did not. That's all part of trying to make Trump seem like a russian agent they're still trying to do that. They're still trying to make it it look they're trying to make the american people believe the Donald Trump.
Is a russian asset it's so dishonest. It is. It's so Yeah almost treason, ish, it's it's, it's almost treason. So Gian, Carlo Sopo? He wrote for the blaze this weekend. Leak focus groups ridge, the they revealed, Kress impeaching messaging plans week legal case. Have you did you read this article, not so he says uhm what happened to quid pro quo, as political observers notice this week, The Democrats have a new messaging strategy in their peach inquiry. President Trump accuse him of bribery. The shift came after a focus group in Back down in battleground states by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee showed that voters less receptive to the latin legal term quid pro quo? Uh, they preferred
the charge of bribery over quid pro quo, the latter according to the sources familiar with the focus group likelier to persuade swing voters, so they changed it from quid pro quo. Just based on a focus group. What can we do? What can we use to get this guy is awash in postpones out points out. The House Intelligence Committee, member Jim Hines for Democrat from CAN Connecticut was the first to announce the Democrats intense is to re tire quid pro quo during an appearance on Meet the press house, Speaker Nancy Poulos. He began accusing trump of bribery during the press conference on Thursday talking Latin. Around here e Pluribus Unum for many one quid pro quo bribery and all that is in the constitution and attached to the impeach. Hearing? She said she.
But it'll. The likely reason why Democrats had replaced quid pro quo with bribery is that the latter is one of the two crimes cited in the constitution. Again, not true, reason why they judge decided to change. That is because people understood that and thought it was worse than quid. Kuo post also notice that even Hines recognizes that, while bribery may be a political, useful term for the Democrats, it's also in imprecise to describe the allegations abuse of power is not necessarily a concept that most Americans run around thinking about. In this case, the abuse of power was same combination of bribery and extortion. It's also unclear what Democrats argue is the alleged bribe in question since Democrats. Don't have any witnesses would turn knowledge of his trump state of mind. During his dealings with Ukraine, Republicans were quick to point out. The change in messaging underscores
Democrats, don't have a compelling legal case against the president. There just trying different narratives to see what would work, and that brings me back to what Nancy Poulos he just said and what pap said they're just doing everything they can they're, throwing spaghetti up into the wall to see what sticks? They don't have anything they have quid pro quo. Doesn't work ivory doesn't work he's a russian agent doesn't work when America going to wake up to this. If you look at the what's the definition of bribery, persuade
someone to act in ones favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement. Well, so you have to get something for it. What did we get for the money we gave them? Nothing? They never did the investigation, even the guy who was supposedly bribed is said over and over again we received nothing for the investigation. By the way we didn't, we didn't do an investigation soul. The line that kept sticking out to me this weekend was the Democrats saying that sometimes here say, is better than direct yeah. That's amazing! Wow, since when his hearsay bend better than direct evidence, the law, the hoops that you intellectually
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today you see the Buddha Judge polls in Iowa, Pat pretty amazing, pretty amazing. What do you your take on this? I I think my take is that they just don't know who they like, because I don't like any of them that much right and I think anybody who looks fresh and new is going to do well for awhile and I think, maybe Buddha judges. The shiny new object at right right now in Iowa, for him to shoot up. Nine points like this and be nine points ahead is amazing, because there's I mean I I I don't know what new policy he's proposed. That is, that is sparked this, but I I just think it's because they're tired of Biden, they don't necessarily like Warren and Sanders, and so they're like well what about the guy. Let me explain: let me explain my theory on this to anybody who is on shoe shopping with a woman. If you've gone shoe shopping with a woman and and it
for a specific outfit. They either go into the shoe store and they know exactly what they're looking for. They see it and Like I know what it is, I want that shoe. They try it on. They walk around. They walk out the or with that shoe in the box? And then Rest of your life is spent listening to them about how uncomfortable that shoe is. I can't wait to get home to take these shoes honey, we just got into the car to go to the event. Ok, that's the Democrat that's okay. Sometimes they find the shoe. They know exactly what they're looking for and and as soon as it's on everybody is saying, I can't wait to take the shoes off. Here's what's happening this time. If you ever.
Twelve shoe shopping, going shoe shopping with a woman and she doesn't know what shoe she's looking for. She will try on shoes and yolk she'll come out. She'll say what about these and you'll say they look great they're, great they're, beautiful, they're, wonderful and she'll, say I don't know and she'll walk around in them for awhile. I think I really like these, but you know I saw another shoe over there. I want to try, ok, so she goes and she tries on that shoe and she walks around and she says what do you think about these? Oh, I think these are. These are great. These are wonderful shoes. I think these are wonderful and she it's around I like these- I think I like these. I don't I don't know, are they going to and then she gets a third pair of shoes and a fourth pair shoes, and then you end up walking out of the shoe store without a single shoe and you're like what
what was wrong with any of those shoes, they're all uncomfortable honey, they were all black They all wear heels. What exactly are you looking for? I don't know I'll know it when I see it right now, Buddha Judge is just a pair of pumps that is Uncomfort Obel.
They're trying on at the store, and all of us are like it's exactly like the other shoe I mean I don't know what you're looking for. I don't see the difference between the last one you were trying on, and this one and they're both going to be really uncomfortable, but they're walking around right now in the shoe store going. I don't know these booted judges. I I think I really like these, I'm not really and as soon as they see something else, they'll try that one on, because none of them are what they're really looking for at the end. Michael Bloomberg might be that other one that they try on for a little while when he jumped into the race, then they're gonna realize now at their what I knew there was a reason I didn't like this guy, that's going to happen to him there and that you know what they're going to go back and try other shoes on yeah they're going to end what did they start with? If this is right? If this is really a tight analogy,
What did they start with, because when they have to make a decision, they usually go back to the first one they tried on, which was uh? What's his name, Joe Biden? Yes and they'll, be, like you know, I think I'll just go with these they're not happy about it, but they'll just back to those in here like we could have left the store two hours ago, Glenn Beck. Alright, let me tell you about our sponsor. It's relief factor. Garrett is a listener of the program he lives in South Carolina high Garrett. He heard himself and hurt his back while he was lifting heavy boxes. Oh you gotta pick, with your knees materials anyway. Now some people are early adopters Garrett, not one of those people.
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take relief factor at relieffactor dot com, that's relief, dot com, Miss Glenn Special last week. The Democrats Hydra well you're. In luck, you can watch it for free on Youtube right now, Welcome to the program. I'm I'm so glad that you're here with us,
Pat, is in for student day. I am in a Plymouth Massachusetts, and we get into lay this out for you on why I am here and wearing masks and and- and I wanted also will promote this parade- that they have it on thanks, giving they started this parade about twenty years ago, and it's just a group of people in a church that started this an you can't even imagine what it's like to get permits in New England and they got a permit to do a a pill parade and really kind of tell the truth about the pilgrims and they really went all out. I mean this is not like a you know, back of the pickup truck local parade. This is they they've made these butte. Unbelievable floats. They don't have any sponsors, it's all done with their own money, and this just small little group and they've done it now for twenty years this year they are expecting about
quarter of a million people on the streets of Plymouth Mass to see this parade and it is the most wholesome it's it's it's almost becoming the Anti Macy's. You know it's not what about sales and gifts and Broadway, Shows- and you know anything it's about the pilgrims, an what they did an If you're anywhere in the area please come up to this You will not be disappointed. I went into the Float Barnes yesterday and it's it's incredible, but they're doing up here really is and I'll just people who are driven to do it. They don't anything out of it. Nobody is making any money, it's just it's it's! You want to talk about one person deciding to do something and can make a difference. That's what's happening in Plymouth, Maine or play Plymouth. Massachusetts,
Juicy Ford versus Ferrari this weekend yeah I did you did that yeah yeah. I did too I liked it a lot. I thought it was really good and it's a story. I don't think a lot of Americans are familiar with. Necessarily how much did you know Well, I knew the outcome in I knew the general story, but I didn't know the specifics of their relationship and all that so you don't know the Shelby COBRA is or the Ford Shelby is the greatest race car built, I mean they're, just they're, amazing amazing cars and the Shelby COBRA. Now an original social be Cobre is, is what three to five seven million dollars, something like that, the Ford Shelby is the real ones. Are you know ten million dollars and built by a guy who's, a Texan who is discussed this
You know why can't we do it kind of guy and the the Ford versus Ferrari Movie is the relationship between the driver and Shelby, the designer and also the Ford Motor Company and the Shelby Motor Company and four does not come out looking good we don't know? I mean you know it Lee. Iacocca looks great in it does he does but it shows it shows how Ford tried to buy Ferrari in and really intense scene makes Ferrari, look pretty weaselly too thanks Enzo Ferrari? Look terrible horrible horrible, like really like a life I think one of the lines was when Lee Iacocca came up. You know he said. No, you don't understand. This is we're going to meet the mob
it it really was kind of mob like but is. It is a Personally, it is a perfect. Father and son movie, free, father and son should go see this absolutely yeah it shows you the rivalry between them, because Ford was the like. You said, going to buy Ferrari and Ferrari was just using Ford to up the price of the fiat with feel another italian company and that's what that's what they wanted to go with all along and so Henry Ford. The second didn't take very kindly to that. So he wants to beat him on the racetrack and he says I don't care what it lost and the cat in the the heat in in two years they develop the the Ford Shelby Race Card two years and that that should
taken a decade to do, and it wins at lamons in six thousand, six hundred and sixty seven six thousand eight hundred and sixty nine and then forward sides are not going to race anymore, and it's it's incredible. Seen it reminded me of the old, I think, Steve Mcqueen and Paul Newman movies right! Didn't! Yes, when I was in the sixties. I barely remember them, but I remember my folks going, tune my dad taken to me take me to race car movies, with He was Paul Newman and Steve. Mcqueen was in some of those as well and it really felt like that, it was funny. It was really really good. Yeah really was have you seen midway yet. No and I'm not going to all really yeah. Have you seen it yeah? What you think I liked the movie until it came to the very end? That's why I'm not
going very end. Might shrunk you a little bit because, in the end, is not giving anything away yeah at the at the end of the movie. They dedicate it to all of the soldiers in the american Army who fought in World WAR two and the japanese soldiers who fought in world war. Two hello wait. What you're also did a adding this to the enemy that sneak attacked us at pearl, harbor and two days before veterans Day What you're going to- and it's not only that is the Chinese of the japanese- were horror Two hundred and fifty five the chinese civilians yeah they were injured, are american troops. They were much much worse than the Germans were with their experimentations and everything else that we forget that no, I actually more concerned about
plot line. Did you notice that the plot line took a significant turn to China when it didn't need to yeah? I was. It was very trying to have to do with with midway also in there talking about China you're like wait. What what just happened? Yes and That's because there's chinese money in the movie, So this is another thing like the NFL, the NBA just sold out for the chinese money, and so they had to make midway some way or another to make China look good. And so they added all that extra plot line. That is unbelievable. I mean I is that going to win them fans, loyal. We're number two. Now we're not the number one market now for movies. Weird you're going to see all kinds of stuff starting to change. For instance, did you see Terminator no now I don't know what they turned it to this. Is this coming from a friend of mine, but
Skynet. Skynet or Cyberdyne, but I think it's Skynet Skynet is no longer the name of the the all system- okay, okay, we're not why would you change so Skynet? Everybody knows it's kind is right. Why would you change that I was told that it is because again that has chinese money in it and they're doing now. I know the United States has a Skynet thing that we use against terrorists, but a pair. A Skynet in in China is something that has to do with their monitoring system of the each person or is there internet or something like that and They didn't want to be known as Skynet, you know the ones that have the terminator
with the chinese money funding the movie, they changed their old part of they rewrote The guy was that's amazing in that crazy. Yes, I mean, while and and like you said, if, if they're going to continue to except the money from China. That's going to change a lot of movies and a lot of plot lines and a lot of dialogue. How often is this going to happen in american movies, you're going to have a massive chinese influence now especially as the United States becomes more and more unpopular? We are now standing up for what we're supposed to stand up for how before the american stories are completely lost. I mean, as I was walking around here in Plymouth this weekend. I thought honestly when was the last time. You heard anything really about the pilgrims. Really anything. Other than just a passing. You know full.
To Evora stir in a store or something like that. When is it? in time, you've ever heard anything really real about the pilgrims anything substantial the end, not even it could not even at Thanksgiving to you know anymore no nothing, and so here we are we're sitting here. And we were erasing this history. Do you know who you know? broke. The treaty with the Indians, uh Woodrow Wilson till it lasted. For years it was the longest running treaty with native Americans in the history of America uh so who broke it you had to be the british? No it was the Indians all they did yeah, the native Americans, and the native american chief change, because a lot of the native american tribes around here
starting to find the Christian God, the White Man's God, and There was one thing that was really changing their culture, and that was they he believed in not just killing your enemy, they believe in torturing your enemy. While you were killing him So they would eviscerate you and then you would. Hold your own guts, While you were dying, and so well. They made all death really really cruel and so many of the native Americans were christian ones were like hey, I think kind of cool and everything, but that I'm kind of seems like we shouldn't do that anymore. You know. I think that might be a little cruel and and so the the indian chief basically said you're bring our culture,
this Christianity thing is destroying our culture. We can't torture our enemies anymore and they got into a they got into a war. He broke the treaty and wanted all of the white men killed and it actually ended because other native american tribes came their defense to the White Man's defense because they had seen this is craziness what we we're, heading to torture, people. This is not right. Where is that story? I've never heard it. Quite honestly, I've never heard it it next hour. I have a guy up here who has studied the pilgrims, his whole life, and he can tell you the true story of Thanksgiving Ann it's important that you hear this, and so I'm going to bring him downstairs he's upstairs. Now we are in the the plot number one. The first house
in America the the room where that native American Peace Treaty was signed, where the first election happened in America somewhere around the front lawn of this house is where the actual thanksgiving the thanksgiving happen, and there's, a reason why we need to know about the pilgrims, a very important reason and it's a reason that we found out from Abraham Lincoln as well. And it changed the course of the civil war and we'll talk about that. Coming up in just a second if your budget is getting stretched a little thin as we head toward the holiday season. You should be saving money. You know, but that's easier said than done most times the Life is always seemingly getting in the way the unexpected medical bill, the urgent car repair, the little things that sort of,
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Welcome to the program so glad that you're here there's a couple things that are going on around the world. Is it's not unique on what's happening here and it's it's really honestly by design. If you have not seen my special that we did, let last week the Democratic Hydra make sure you either are a subscriber to the blaze or go to my you tube page and and see this. It is you know for for six weeks ago we did the first thing on the impeachment on Ukraine, and it was the most watched thing the blaze has has ever produced this one is
is morphing that it is well laid out, and it will tell you what's really going on. It's not a coincidence that all of these things are happening around the world. Let me just give you this no room for compromise with the Hong Kong protesters. According to the China People's Daily, they are they're going to end up killing these people. And if you notice that, while things are getting stronger and stronger there, the press is almost nonexistent on this. How about this one top leader warns thugs, as protests now run in around one hundred, cities Are you hearing anything about that a little very little, venezuelan March? The biggest anti manure manure Maduro protested actually work, the same thing: yeah yeah. It is the biggest the biggest protest this weekend in months again, Have you heard about these things?
Is the media not covering the protests against hellish countries? They're on fire and we should be standing up for those countries where they're actually fighting for freedom, the freedom of thought, the freedom of speech, the freedom of economics, which brings us back here to Plymouth Massachusetts. We're going to go. There tell you about the pilgrims and thanksgiving next, we're gonna begin their program and really kind of tell you the significance of Thanksgiving and why it's so important, coming up in just a second first. Our sponsor, for
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begins in just a minute, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Michelle Obama was taken off of the campaign trail in two thousand and eight because she said Barack knows. If we want to these changes were going to have to change our language, have to change. Our traditions were going. To change our history Our history has not been lost. Our history truly has been stolen from us
is that history that brought us together. It gave us the Unamid, E Pluribus Unum, Why did we come here as a people? What were we trying to build? I'm in myth Massachusetts. Today it's the four hundred year, four the year in twenty twenty of the pilgrims arriving here Why is that significant? Why is Thanksgiving significant, why we should sit with our family for a few minutes and teach? the true history of our pilgrims, in one minute. Is the Glenn Beck program so you got new Chiropractor get an adjustment and your neck has been killing you and it's finally signing time to do something in sitting there and he's got his hands around your head. He's about to make that really spooky. You know
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get real estate agents. I trust dot com, that's real estate agents. I trust dot com Call Joey is a friend of mine and he's the pastor of the new Testament Church of Cedarville. I attended yesterday, and he is also one of the guys. Are you the head guy at the Plymouth Rock Foundation? President present from the- and you tell me your story quickly- you, you grew up here. Actually I- open New Jersey, but my father. I was born in Massachusetts, but then my father, who was a pass he moved us back here: into New England and Massachusetts so I attended high school here in in Matthew, have that Chowda
which is really heavy around here. So You you got engaged with the the pilgrims when you were young and Everything about this the other day, we've almost lost everything about the pilgrims I mean it's, just their images now, maybe maybe on a storefront or a Mcdonald's, or something like that, and even that image isn't necessarily accurate with the bottles and they're all the black hats right, these guys they came over here for a couple of reasons and they changed the world. They really change the world. Can you the story of of the pilgrims when I first when I first was given some primary source documents and books on the pilgrims by my mentor, my initial mentor, John Talcott here in Plymouth. I told him- I don't really like history so
Thank you yeah and then, of course, when he looked at me and he said no, you really should read this. Then I started to read it and I think what amazed me was to read the literary prose of William Bradford to read the diaries. Morts relation to eventually then read good NEWS from New England by Edward Winslow and and these different books. When you reading this, you realizing she this. This is their words. This is exactly what they believe and it nothing. I never learned in high school, nothing had ever learned in elementary school and we're very learned it people, if I'm not mistaken, William Bradford, brought more books over then then we're originally that started the Harvard Right I mean they had let hundreds of books on any. When you think about on this man. On the main floor, when you think of the small amount of space, you had to pay for your family right workloads and think about it, you're taking everything that you're going to own over here, you can't take very much you have maybe a small spot and you're going to bring a books and and
books in latin and portuguese and spanish four hundred books was an enormous library, settings. And here you had them very literate and they were very ideological. One of the things is they really wrestling with ideas, ideas that would have tremendous consequences now like anyone else, they did not. Probably they couldn't foresee what kind ideas would do in. Consequences, but they knew they had to deal with those because ideas do have consequences and they change history, so they're over their english and they're over in England and the referee and is just starting where, before you couldn't the Bible in your own native tongue. You had to go to a priest, it was the anglican church that was really a government the king or the queen- is the is the head of the church right and
and heresy anytime, you were standing against. You were burned at the stake. So they leave and they go to HOLLAND right right and you know the pilgrims the interesting part about it. Is they initially wanted to be able to get along like anybody else and do the best that they could, but even John Robinson, who became their leader was the pastor of an anglican church congregation, in fact he started His ideas for following the scriptures, just conflicted with the hierarchy and the whole idea of determined the summer as a heretic or not was all done by backed by the state and backed by the this. This whole idea that you you had the terrible consequences, We disagreed and and hear these ideas that would eventually bring great liberty of conscience and civil liberty. I'm just religious liberty and yet at sometime time it would take years to do that. So here you have these individuals wrestling with it. One of John Robinson
big wrestling matches when he was pastoring an anglican church. He said he said why he used this kind of poetic language. Why the church is married to the state. It's not married to Christ. There is no freedom and he actually made that Christ led the church because it the king, did exactly and and the king's the king James was very learned: that when I speak, it's the law that I'm speaking, I'm speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit and You have to be aware when someone says they're picking speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit, and they also have the sword backing them up. Yeah and force. That's hardly voluntary. Usually the ones who speak for the Spirit are the the the ones like king or Gandhi, Jesus somebody who's really really, not a friend of power, exactly and and and we eventually decentralized correct and that's what is so threatening, and so you have these
pilgrims, and they begin to wrestle with this John Robinson, when he debates with the anglican bishop, after he's even left and gone to HOLLAND and into eventually light He would reason this way and say wait a minute. This is not the way it is the government actually comes from the inside out. It's actually self government, that's the rule, and this is just this- is threatening the power, and this is This is a hundred and fifty years before we are around before I mean this is The germ of the idea of the realize it now these pilgrims, when their reasoning together and being taught by John Robinson thing can reason from principles. It's there only a small, tiny remnant, that's mocked in the called separatists, because they're mocking them not because their complementing them they're the ones who would separate from the search in fact the interesting thing when you read the Bishop's writings and letters to them, he said why God is
then you grace and such benefit and and Liberty could granted to you by the king. Why do you throw that all away and start original thinking in thinking on your own, this whole idea that, to think and to reason to come up with d is that others may not have held, was just an atom so it doesn't seem like they were thinking people because they grow. Sing in HOLLAND. Things are going fairly well for them. They have about five hundred people, you know for a hundred, maybe three hundred eighty five in their church in life? Okay, so they have that. You know that it's it's growing and for some reason We had TIM Ballard here this weekend and he was. He just came back from Leiden HOLLAND and was taught the scholars and they said well. They probably left, because you know there was a recession coming and come here for a recession,
Would you leave your home? That was comfort rible? because of a recession. Even a war when you were, coming to America and it was almost certain death yeah. You know you think about the reasons and Bradford gives the reasons in his a Plymouth plantation, and they talk about the truth was ending with Spain and by one thousand six hundred and twenty, and that was a big problem because They were in Leiden and that when that truce would end there would be more problems with the Spanish. Also! Not only was that a problem, but they said their their children getting on in years. They were getting older, but they were the real crux of why they came Bradford gives in this poetic phrase he said, lastly, but which was not least. In fact, this was the most important upgrades Neil, they had a propagating in advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ into those remote parts of the world. Yea, though we be even as stepping stones onto others for the performing of so great a work. Think about that phrase. It's written later
Bradford right about ten years afterwards about one thousand six hundred and thirty, probably a little later than that, and yet you see the the looking at this whole situation. They were coming for a motive to advance the gospel of the kingdom It was different than, for instance, there was an argument in the 1850s between those who said really James Town- was the cornerstone of America, an is. It said it was Plymouth. James town was a religious group as well. That's a that's, a very strong pastors raster hunt and others that came right. It's a real characters on that that right and it was it- was a it was to come for God, but Also come for gold and everything else, this one
was not coming for gold. Well, you think of the difference. The difference 'cause we like to point out both the positive in both we both had you had a national experience with a national religion being planted in Jamestown. You have something very local, a personal and intimate here in plenty on local is to definitely illegal. It was. It was all about family, but also you recognize the here in Plymouth. This was a church plant. Is he in Jamestown. It was a national plant, it was a replica of that's the church and though they, it, have the assembly in one thousand six hundred and nineteen, there are a lot of things that take place in Jamestown prior to Plymouth and they have a lot of firsts. What we have in Plymouth is unique, because this is where this was a church plant without the Leiden Congregation
sending about seventy five people over to the new world and not even seventy five were able to calm some read returned with the speed will was springing leaks being over mastered by the captain in what at least what from what Bradford is written that day, they believe happened that they came here. So their their hunger for religious purposes, and you have to look at the wider context of history at the time all the explorations that are taking place at the time out what whether it's, the portuguese, spanish or anyone else is under this doctrine of this which is basically you go in and you take over the land you take over the people and then you dominate them, make them your slaves and then introduce Christ This is now because they're so dependent on you. There was this this conquering mode where you have the pilgrims robinsons teaching of them now they're not going to stop on any exposed exploration like this you're going to have some hot in your group you're going to write and they were as a group on the on the Mayflower called the strangers. They were not part of the lighting congregation, but the line congregations.
One pioneering the motive for coming and that this to serve. That motive is to bless. That motive is something that was trained into them. It was a different. It was a remnant movement. So I want to. I want to take a quick break. Then we're going to come back and start there, because This was a socialist idea at It was a socialist idea and they had a ton of firsts here in America that were really import that if we know about them today, we incorrect. The path that we're on we're at the lady The light in house now in Plymouth, Massachusetts and I I'm here for a reason- and that is the four 100th anniversary of the landing of the pilgrims, is happening in twenty twenty there's, some What's going on that, I want you to know about next week. There is this amazing parade put on I'm by the Plymouth Rock Foundation and its it's
history, as it has tried only been told and really being lossed, and they part of this about twenty years ago, and it has exploded. There's about one slash, four of a million people now that come into this town, little any town just for this parade, you're anywhere near the area. Next week you need to we'll have more on this in just a second. Let me break for one minute. And talk to you a little bit about the Uscca right. Now you have a chance to protect yourself and your loved ones, with some of the best self defense tools out there for free this month, posted the! U s c c, a that's! The United States concealed Carry association are giving away nineteen free chances to win a thousand dollars for the military gun of your choice. You just text the number eight thousand seven hundred and twenty two right now to veal, those guns, an claim, your free chances to win them want to know which gun you can get.
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and and it's a small little boat. I mean it's, it's shocking, there's no way. You'd you'd! Never get me on that boat. To go across that you'd be like. Are you crazy? Was that a big out for that, I'm not necessarily a big one, probably an average size merchant vessel. They remember they bought another boat that was even smaller than that called the speedwell right, which is a smaller boat carried. Twenty or thirty people, rather than the seventy or eighty on the Mayflower and then they lose the speed. Well, it has to be sold for much less than they bought it and out of of England, they come and, of course, Plymouth. Mass was not named after Plymouth, England, but the point is that 'cause that had already been named by John Smith and other explorers here. But the point is here they coming over here and crammed on one hundred and two passengers plus the crew. Tiny, tiny, bunk bed, small single bed for two people, one person gets sick, everybody gets
you got sixty six day voyage. It's rocking twenty to twenty five degrees The Mayflower was designed a roll water off, not keep water off the deck so you're you can see water hit, it's it's constant and it has no picnic and for women and children to go. This is the thing that makes a So many first, you mention first well, here's is one of the first that you women and children go on this way is not just any women. These are wives and children. These are family, twenty four family units that come on the What the idea that families are part of this is what makes the story? Significant? That's why we tell people. Not something unique and come back in twenty twenty, for this event were doing June, twenty eight to thirty there's events all year, long sponsored by the town and others to come, you're going to see Family family was so important that these were covenanted families. Here's another first, here's a church that covenanted among each other accountable without state permission. This is a it's that existed because individuals want to covenant.
Combine themselves together in their church and that's why they covenanted and combine themselves into the civil body politic with the writing, Mayflower Compact, another verse, and they coveted themselves not only to God, but to each other like when they first hired. Who was the last and Myles Standish? They hired him right and then they got together and voted to make sure right. They wanted to vote because they wanted to make sure it was by consent, see another this is the house. This is the house where there are near the fright near the site, the property where that probably took place, yeah right where they voted yeah and into The thing is here: are people who are reasoning from the scriptures, the best they know, and they are come up with new ideas and they're saying no, it doesn't have to be done. The way it's been done before everything is just appointed from the top. We can make those decisions not only that there's a does not just the first with a church, covenanted group coming across the ocean, covenanted families,
with women and children and then drawing up their own government. A self government act on board the ship before they land, knowing they're off course, but then you have them land and even here another coding on individuals for voting. Here's the interesting part about it, we're talking about a jurisdictional separation of church and state here you, don't have to be a member of the Pilgrim Church to vote in the Commonwealth. That's unheard of you know the pure would ten and you can understand it. I don't criticize, when you're outside the context of history easy to throw stones when your many years later, but here these puritans it was, he said they had the king as the header, circulating like that, because there's a major persecution, but a lot of puritan groups had come to him Can they just reverse it? Now the church is the head of the state and you get persecuted not a member of the church. You can vote your disenfranchise well, the pilgrims had something Here's this tiny group, that's reasoning for themselves and there's another first here you have the
the the germ of the first amendment, It's not in flowery for me not going to see all the all the the bells and whistles, so to speak, going to come out later. But here among this tiny group b- the reasoning there thinking together, they are researching it's the tip of idle. When you study revival you see above Bible in England was called the revival of hearth and home. It was the love. Reading the Bible around the fireplace the Geneva Bible is published in one thousand five hundred and sixty first Bible small enough to carry first Bible cheap enough to own first Bible with chapters and verses study. What's that the people are studying the Bible. We take it for granted. Today we have five Bible Bible verses. We don't even read half of them, but the point is here there. This is really important, so in what's in the wilderness, the reading the Bible So these are the first that are pioneering. Events are peace treaty with the natives that was part of their
so we're going to get to the peace Treaty and the free market system, which was, developed. He ran the peace treaty in this room by the fireplace you ever see the etching of that peace treaty. This is the fireplace were sitting in front of that they were standing in front of him. Alright, let me tell you bout Norton Security. When you park your car in garage or in the street, you lock it now because you know somebody's going to steal it, but because you know you're out public and you want to be able to lock up your car the Something should be said for your wife, air, Wi Fi, when you're out that a Starbucks you're on public Wi Fi well, you might want to lock it up because there might be somebody's trying to steal that information might be some that's just sitting there, youth they're doing their work. But what they're actually doing is collecting all of the information that you are now using and you're now spreading on that public wi fi
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Tv, dot, com, Slash Glenn. All right. Welcome! Back to the program of talking to Paul J Lee, he is, he is master of the new Testament Church of Cedarville, and I went to a couple of a couple of churches today yours was one of them. I just love your congregation and I love your sermons are unbelievable and it's just you're centered around service You know so many Gandhi said I love this Jesus of yours. I just don't necessarily like his followers
he also said I, the Bible is such a great book. More Christian should read it and it's kind of it's kind of like that. We miss the fact that it's all it's supposed to be about service, and I kind of want to talk to you about that it. But what you're doing here? Because you, change, this community through service, just loving people not preaching to people not trying to do anything, just love them, but let me first to the founders 'cause, I want to get the part, not founders, but the pilgrims. I want to get the part that they came here, the house next door to this one. This is plot number one, this house and the first St Reilly in America and the house. Now door, one up from that is the they call it. The common house or the common house is just actually one probably located a little bit further toward the waterfront.
It's mark on that house. Yeah. It's a mark on the wall of this house, but the courses, these regional sites are difficult to determine, but this is Britney airliners in the historic. You know that so it's it's! It's right here in this area. Critical thing to recognize. Is when the pilgrims did come here. They were thinking. They already had two documents on board, of course, giving them permission from England to come over here, but then they had their Mayflower, compact, and then there, the peace treaty he desired: to have peace with the natives, that's important to know, but also but they are also pioneers. They they had. They were under this contract with the finance ears and it's interesting to note that the Puritans preached against profit, is a sin. They said. Look if you want to make money, that's kind of like a then 'cause they had. They had adopted the european way, which was the common. Now. The common field in England was simply the fact that you own
as I own cows, young cattle, I own cattle, they all greys in a common fields, not my field, not your field. It's our field, it's it's kind of like grazing land. Now with the government out west and the town, errors, which is very new England. If you had me if you housing. You couldn't feed them. You could go. Take him to the ground, but there is a problem I found some cows eat more than others, yeah and, and only because we're like that too, and so this common for it was something they all inherited, but Bradford he makes this comment that he said when we got it. It was starving and we I'm thinking we're wiser than god- and this is women- have to go and wash the clothes of someone else's. You know husband and because there were only four women left after the spring right so for women. How many guys? you had you had a number of other, probably one thousand two hundred and thirteen guys, but you also have most of the children that were alive right. Eighty, you know you look at eight
some of the children survived, whereas very small number of women survive that first winter and, of course, they had to stay on the boat much longer and the women didn't survive because they were protecting their children yeah it's a lot of some of them were protecting their children. Some of them are giving away their food certainly, but when you, when you look at this. You recognize of this, the travesty of that first winter, but now they're saying: how can we grow more corn? The natives had verse and friendly to them and so gracious to them, but they would not have known how to grow. In this sandy soil there, the seed corn, they were brought from England, wouldn't work So now they are working together and they're realizing gee. How can we do this and so Bradford says: let's set every man their own property in particular. Hang on just like, because that was against the compact, not their compact, but the charge of the people who helped pay for it, and it was like a stock company. It was a joint stock company, but of course, the the people who are financing them. I don't believe anyone else get profit, but they should right right
It's often it is just a survival so right so they were they were. They were all just pooling. All of their resources, putting it in the common house and what people, if I'm, if I'm not mistaken, what people It mainly the young guys, 'cause. You had some old guys that survived that were not real healthy. You had women that you had children. Then you got these twenty guys these twenty something guys who are like look I'm. Bring all the houses I'm doing, I'm chopping all the wood I'm doing all the work here and I don't get any more and what started to happen These guys were saying you know what I'm sick today. I can't make it today, and the bickering and the fighting in Bradford even raises his journal. He said even amongst the most godly, because there's any said like we're, going against the order of God. It'll work, We don't have the right structure now that you could look at it They changed that structure. They now have
for themselves. They begin to produce immediately double the acreage. Then they triple the acreage in the next three years. They go to one hundred and eighty acres. In no time so now, they're being very productive, and now they recognized that they said well, the God begin to ask this: they were successful and they forgot God. He Bradford said no. We have to go back to prayer. To ask God so here's these people that say no. We can't just believe God and then have the wrong structure. That's not going to work, but we can't just have the right structure and then pride ourselves. It's all because of us, so you have these indivi. Rules that are doing this and even a conversion of hobbomock, the native American takes place at that next Thanksgiving one thousand six hundred and twenty three so, years down the road, and this is what makes this group unique. There think for themselves, their pioneering ideas. This is the this, the first real free market. Yes, we would call it yeah free market economy, because you actually had a people able to set there
aces eventually without the control government, in fact, they could have a business out side, the palisade walls, so that kind of a symbol outside the control of the in the sense of setting wait, is in prices and that's where they had a free market trading post in one thousand. Six hundred and twenty seven down in the town of Bourne, they have tuxes trading post for now no place recreated on the original foundation, and here were they're trading with the Dutch, the native American and the pilgrim and they're using wampum shells for currency. I use this teaching economics to high school students. You can use it here they are using wampum shells, different colors and the native will get wealthier because they can catch the cold. Hugs a lot easier than the English can add a lot than the Dutch, and so these this is, german, I'm going to pretend that I don't know what a coal hog is and how fast
run. They don't run there in the ocean ha. You are going barefoot in the slime in the muck and you're. You know, you're going and then trying to pull those little shells out that I clamshells and then you have to shave of those shells into beads at which the natives were much better at that than and so you can come in with the beads. You don't have to do is bartering and you have a free market of market economy birthright here in the wilderness, because they are reasoning from the scriptures and from the Bible. But it's beyond that, because what makes this different is again: it's the family, that's great! If they based it. On, don't tell anyone else what to do. I'm here, because I want my family to be strong right. That's right, and kind of what we missed anyway
It's amazing, when you hear people talk about Thanksgiving, in fact, the owner of this house was, I think she was the one who said it to me yesterday, is that this is. When you talk about Thanksgiving, everyone says it's my favorite don't have to go out the store and buy anything. You know we just we cook, but then we're just together is a family. This is post to remind us about family and what makes us a family and what brings the family together. If you take Thanksgiving today and even Thanksgiving in Lincoln's time, when it made became a national holiday, an Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation at the end of the revolution. While he was president and you can trace it back, a lot of things have changed. Of course, the most people illustrated they said well, the original harvest festival in one thousand six hundred and twenty one, probably in the month of October, where ninety
it's come: Edward Winslow Rights and you have only fifty one pilgrims left and you have and they they bring the deer native brought most of the food because and all of that took place. We don't know who invited home. We don't know how it all happened, but we there's a record it happened now they say well what of what that's only a dim view of today. Will you think, look at several characteristics that are still they had wrestling matches? They had there were athletics involved in that first Thanksgiving that first Harvest festival, probably patterned after the feast of tabernacles from the pilgrims perspective who is called the in gathering or the feast of thanksgiving in the old testament? Well, you have that you have three days of feasting. You have athletic. On tests. You have friendly relations at a multicultural event. I mean come on. That is thanksgiving. That is the heritage we have in America. Yes, it goes all kinds of transformation. Over the years. Not started initially, but when we're at our best,
we remember the original. That's right. You know, George Washington, Abe Hum Lincoln when we're at our best. When we are about to heal ourselves uh we remember the first one right, because you know every Event in history is going to have some negative, because you have people and every event in history can be. The one. We remember those things that advance choice: religious and civil liberty, and rule of law all those things? So when you look at the Pilgrim story, you see this composite. Of course, they're not perfect. And no one saying they were, but at the same time we look at it and say there: positive things that we can emulate and think of today. I look at these characteristics I say today: what do we need? We need we're going to their neighbors and it doesn't matter what their background is with their political stripe is an learning to love and serve people, and that's why we love doing what we do here in Plymouth. We want to serve people and bless them so talk to me
the event that's happening this summer and, as you will find out later, this event is going to play a very big role into something that we are putting together. That I will announcing shortly in the next few days, Did you go to the website? P, L, Y M R, o c k, DOT, Org, Plymouth, Rock Foundation, and you can go to the event planned. So you know Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock dot and you can go with an under the events page. You can see the event for two thousand and twenty bring up. Three organizations. Are helping us put this on pilgrim progress which reenacts the pilgrims going to church Alaiedon Preservation Group, which is right here? and also Jenny Museum you LEO as well and here we are at ten, to bring to the forefront the faith of the pilgrims which brought them here. The significance of the program store. They came as families, they came as search plant their unique. They have all these first we're going to have a story inns in town of workshops to attend tourist walking tours the Plymouth on uh,
The base is all kinds of full, and not only that, but we have KIA Van we're going to reenact a pilgrim church servicing the actual psalms I'm going to. Actually collate draw of John Robinson's, farewell sermon to the pillar, weren't you actually down at Plymouth Rock choose the one that was arrested taken away. You were reading I actually wasn't arrested. But what happened was years ago back in the 70s. I was dressed say a pilgrim, an I was reading from William Bradford and someone heard it and was upset, let's talk about God on state property, and so I wasn't arrested. But would you really funny? I was police right now I was not, but what happened is they said you better go to the police station, so I went over because I wasn't on my own property, and so yes, that is a kind Funny story, I walk in dresses a pilgrim. They knew me, they just sell. What are you up to now, yeah and stuff, and and it ended pretty quickly, but the idea is any town you can go into a.
America. Usually the town does not even appreciate its own history. It takes time for that You can go anywhere in America, Taurus come in because they want to hear the history, but she lived there that doesn't happen yeah. So over the as we've seen a greater appreciation for the programs come with. We give the credit to God, not us, but we we can. We came wanting to serve. We said why don't we we did a parade that was already going on Thanksgiving parade, but as we increase awareness of the pilgrims of is in serve the town the town began to she ate more and more whatsapp. It is such a wonderful thing. So you have the event. Next year June ETA! Thirty! You can go on the website and learn about that, but you can go in a mirror hometown Thanksgiving separately incorporated now, America's hometown Thanksgiving celebration, usathanksgiving dot com, you can go on that and you can see this event coming up.
Saturday. You saw the floats and behind my gosh yeah and the guys who are making it and I hope to have all the stop by before I leave, but is there it's an amazing thing and hopefully I'm trying to convince the blaze to come up in broadcast? Maybe next year because my family's been watching the Macy's day parade we used to. When we lived in New York. We would go to it and we loved it. But it is coming. I don't even know what it is anymore. You know it's! It's just not what you do I can tell you listeners some people around America as I travel around, and I I get across America quite a bit speaking about these things, not just the problems with America's godly heritage, and I and I look at this. Most people were saying she. What can I invest in? What could I do It is amazing, when you this parade, how large it is and what it is and yet small. The budget but how much meat and is still unbelievable. It's unbelievable! A small number of people on those websites, yeah Plymouth, rock dot, Org or USA Thanksgiving dot com,
could, go on there. There's places to donate you could. Even if the New England area, come down down voluntary. It's it's really! they go to Plymouthrock, DOT, org and just and just remember that address. If you can help, it would be great you will not regret it you'll not regret it Paul. Thank you so much. Thank you. Alright. I want to talk a little bit about simply say: if you've been thinking about home security, no better time to get it, then right now simply safe is offering the best deal of the year. You'll get twenty five percent off of any new system, plus a free, hd security, camera this, something that you could get your your older kids. If they moved out of the house, you get this for them makes a great Christmas gift. The simple safe home security, best home security period. You get everything you need for your home. Safety, entry, sensors motion, sensors, smartlock, video, doorbell security cameras, everything plus the twenty four slash, seven professional monitoring with police dispatch. That's three and a half times faster on average than with other so
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So I don't know about you, but I'd. There were times that I just want a guy that just side needs some help. You know and for Thanksgiving you kind of. Try to tell the story, but you need a tradition. That's the thing I love about. The jewish Sabbath is everything is traditionally it did. You know. What story to tell to keep that going. How do we do that with Thanksgiving there is a website. I want you to go to right now, there's a little booklet on there that you can. You can order it. Just it's a pdf file and you be able to know exactly the stories to tell it's very brief. Very short, it's great the Thanksgiving kit, you'll I did at four hundreds dot, part four hundred four 00th dot
ford400 dot org go there now you're listening to Glenn Beck. You know we miss this weekend there in Dallas. What the better society convention, no, no yeah the flatter Thurs from all over the world all over the country they came. They gave all kinds of talks, and you know that, though the earth is flat there about six hundred people that attended, yeah and You know they they said were growing community now about. Seven percent of the population of earth now says that the earth is flat, seven percent, seven percent- now say the earth is flat. So absolutely incredible,
yeah they but their science lovers, and they said that the stars and the moon and everything is nothing but like a the Truman Truman Joan and and We don't Newman, shows Dole, please Are you a science denier? Yes, questions. A Truman show dome. Ok, alright course. It is my gosh wow about that in more from Plymouth. In just a moment, entertainment hello, America, it's Monday from Plymouth Massachusetts, the home of the pilgrims. I know I know Thanksgiving is next week
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type in my name, Beck, Omaha Steak. Dot, com. All right. So why am I up here? Well, I think this story might explain it all. You're ready, eight teacher here in Massachusetts, uh I was talking to one of their one of their the students in a kindergarten class five year old, broad, bag to share with the teacher and the rest of the class. It was a. It was a plastic bag decorated with spider man and he brought it into his
garden class showing tale. He said teacher. You have to try this and everybody. You have to try this just stick your finger in it and put it in your mouth and you turn into a spider man. Well, as it turns out, it was a bag of heroin, and you know the teacher didn't think it was a good idea to have everybody stick their finger in it now, the father of the boy, it has had a finger stuck someplace in him as well as he went to jail for endangerment and, of course, heroin? What are all of the things that are going on in the world? What is the solution? And we can go to these really complex solutions? We We can say we got a change, the whole system, we we have to We have to be socialist. No, no we've gotta strengthen the capitalist.
None of these things are going to work voting for this guy or that guy none of them will work. What we have to do is remember who we are and we have to decide. Are we Christopher Columbus before he arrives here, Because before he arrives here, he is on truly a mission from God. He is everything in his diary that he wrote at the time, not after not revisionist, but in his diary at the time he is a huh. All humble man who is being led by God and He knows what his mission is. Then he arrives in the minute. He arrives, he's bitten by gold, the gold bug by the time he finally walks on the actual America's he's so deeply down with the gold bug. It's it's it's a horror show
But are we Columbus after he arrives or before he arrives, Are we are we? Jamestown. Did we come here for the gold? An for the rich is an for the. Came in the titles and everything else it would be bestowed upon us or are we here, because this is a blessed land and we are a blessed people to be living here and look at the things that we can create. I would like they give you a line from William Bradford? Now William Bradford was the head of the Plymouth Plantation and here's what he said. Thus, out of the small beginnings, greater things have been produced by his hand that made all things of nothing and gives being to all things that are and as one small candle may light one thousand so the light here, kindled
show none too many in some sort or or or whole nation. Let the glory. Name of Jehovah have all the praise so what he saying here is what happened we didn't do. We were just living certain principles that made all of these things work and we remembered that we shouldn't get the glory for it, we're just the ones who just happened to be lucky: enough and loyal enough to those principles and those and- and he who gave those principles to Us- to be able to use those principles and make something out of nothing as he does, and
little candle will light up. You become a bright shining city on the hill and if, if you forget, you become a by word, if we forget- and we have forgotten- I am I've talked about this for years, but I don't think it's. I don't think it could be any more important than this year. I am here in Plymouth Massachusetts not only because it's the four hundredth anniversary of the landing on Plymouth Rock. But next year it will be the sorry next year is the 400th anniversary in twenty twenty one will be the first four with the anniversary of the first thanksgiving.
So they landed next year four hundred years ago and they struggled and they died, and the and the native Americans help them and they became friends and they work together. And they had great crops and they weren't going to have another winter of death, and so they gave thanks. This year, it's important for us to remember who we are so twenty twenty one. We can also celebrate the 400th anniversary of the first thanksgiving by giving him thanks for the miracles that we will see in twenty twenty. I don't know what those miracles are, but if you are a thinking, person and you're in on it,
person. You know that it's going to take miracles for us to turn things around for us to just survive as a nation. Our history has has all but been. Learn from us. Our kids don't have any idea. What real history is. They don't know who people are? They don't know who the pilgrims were. I want you to go to a website four hundred th four. Number four hundred th dot, Org four hundredth dot org. This is a place where you can start your journey and and look and see what you
to read at your thanksgiving table. You get a pdf there and it it has everything that you need for your thanksgiving table. The stories that you tell it's very short it, but it's packed full of all kinds of stuff, but start the tradition. You must teach your children the truth about how we started. We did not start coming for gold, we did not start, coming for dominion over others, we didn't in the room that I'm sitting in right now. This is where the first treaty with the native Americans began in this in this room on this spot.
And it is remarkable to me that most people don't know that that treaty was broken by the native Americans, not the pilgrims. We had a fifty four year old treaty with them and peace with them, but we were changing their culture and the chief didn't like that, because the part of the culture that we were was getting rid of torture. Don't you gotta, kill your enemy, don't torture them, and it wasn't us that said it It was the Indians who saw the the pilgrims.
And learn what they taught and realize that's not in line with anything good and that's why the native american chief had to go to war with the pilgrims. The native Americans are part of our story and they are a part of the healing of our nation, and so I urge you to go to four hundred dot. Org and you'll see books about the pilgrims that you need to share, with your kids and and and and everything else, and you are responsible for it, because nobody else is going to do it. You are responsible, they will not get this from school, they most likely won't even get it from church. You are responsible for keeping the story alive. That explains,
why you're at Plymouth today that doesn't explain what? So? Why were? You would get these Berg over the weekend? What was that about? I wonder yeah. I wonder I wonder without was also let me just tell you a quick story, all right and and it without answering your question. The first thanksgiving happened here, but right around the front yard of where I'm sitting this house and- and it was truly a thanksgiving for God and for others that we served and with the served us and helped us get through this time of peril. Then we had George Washington and.
George Washington put a proclamation together that was about Thanksgiving and a covenant, just as the pilgrims made a covenant. George Washington made a covenant when he raised his hand to the square and he added the words so help me, God what happened before and after he took the oath of office. He made a covenant. We will be your people and you'll, be our God, and that covenant is an if then proposition. If you do these things, then these things will happen, you can believe in God or not believe in God. You can believe in that there's just certain mechanics that that work it's why socialism doesn't work. It goes against the very nature of the universe itself. It goes against the human nature as man as an animal. It doesn't work, it goes,
The Spirit of Man, because it closes down your spirit it actually it makes you Less likely to help others, so he made a covenant and then just when we needed it again. Abraham Lincoln made one at Gettysburg.
And we must renew the covenant if we're going to survive, we must renew the covenant and next year I will tell you part one this week and after Thanksgiving, I will tell you all of it and tell you how you can become involved and but we are going to do restoring the covenant and the part that we can announce today is. We are going to be here in in Plymouth Massachusetts in the last week of June of next year, and I were going to be here for the last few days on that weekend before the fourth of July and
we are going to be participating in and enjoying some of the things that the Plymouth Rock Foundation are doing to get us prepared to restore the covenant to have us understand true history, if you're anywhere in this area next summer, I invite you to come to the 400th anniversary anniversary of the American Pilgrimage in Plymouth, Massachusetts June, eight through June 30th, two thousand and twenty and join us here. That's all I'm going to announce today, but I am telling you this has been on my heart for a long time and the miracles that have happened recently in the last six months to make all of these things come together, have been astounding, so join us in Plymouth, Massachusetts next summer uh, I don't know if I would make my plans quite yet
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a welcome to the program. Do you have do you have like ten minutes, but you can ok, good, so Pat have you have you been to Plymouth? Never know it is stunning. It's like. Have you ever been to Nantucket or Martha's vineyard well pretty much every weekend, click! Okay for adult, like no, you never been, never gets a live band and imagine that place with out all the stops really. Well, that's nice! That's like the display. It is so beautiful. I can't even imagine there was a nor'easter that blew in it's a little cold here right now,. But I can't imagine what this place is like in the summer. It is, it is really really beautiful and just a great little town right on the water. What I can imagine is they came in December, the pilgrims
in December on this boat and they lived on that boat in the harbor during the winter. To I can't, I can't even I can't get my arms around to the smell of that boat in play spider man, but I also can't imagine living in the harbor on an open boat in this weather, Can you imagine our wives in under those conditions? I'm probably I mean if it's seventy degrees at our house, Burr, I'm cold, it's cold burr. Just like that. But you know what can I tell you something? Uh there comes a point in a woman's life where they stop saying that at least temporarily,
really yeah like well, maybe like every ten minutes, I'm boiling out, I am boiling on I'm boiling up. Then ten minutes later, it's I'm freezing. I'm freezing yeah, however, E. So I enjoy those ten minutes when she's not saying I'm cold, how did you? How did these guys get women on to the Mayflower crazy? You know how well it's going to be. You know one question I do have, and maybe you know the answer to this path. Why would they leave but sixty days before winter, to him sixty six days get here. Yeah that does make AI meals at all, and they had a little bit. When I say we go in April yeah, what a big beautiful for me, April yeah, maybe we could not travel brochures. Did they not know about Nantucket and Martha's vineyard that they do not seem like we're going to have to
steer around that Obama House, but it'll be beautiful. When we reached the mainland yeah, it's cuts crazy. I mean it must have been. You know, because that was one thousand six hundred and twenty there was still in fact, that was probably the peak of the little ice age era. You know when it was actually frigid cold winters in the northeast and yeah worse than now, by a lot by a lot, we were just coming out of the little ice age, and I just It amazes me that people would say that they came here for any other reason that this was insanity and the only people crazy enough to do that stuff for think people think they hear from God. All for sure. You know I mean we will. You know be because I know because you know once in awhile I'll feel like he talks to me, like hey fat, so put fork down
and I'll be like no. I don't want to put the you know, that's that's when you know it's from God when he's telling you to do stuff like stop. Eating so much? You know when you know That's the only reason why you get onto a boat and go cross. The ocean in the middle of the winter is because God said: hey FAT, you need to lose some weight you're going to be vomiting for sixty six days, get on the boat all right back. This is is this program, American Financing Corporation and an LS one, eight two, three three: four: W W w dot and M L S, consumer access, dot, Org, Alright, so if your budgets getting stretched, you know just a little thin as we head into the holiday may
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special last week. The Democrats Hydra well you're. In luck, you can watch it for free on Youtube right now, this is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to it. We're in Plymouth Massachusetts, not the place to be necessarily be in the winter, but I thank you for that. I want introduce you to a couple of people. The first. Let me introduce you to all Y Demas, I met Ali yesterday, and I want you to as your listening in your car or wherever you are. I want you just to realize this. This segment,
about the impact of two normal people, just like you who just it wasn't necessarily thinking big. They thought Well, what is it I'm supposed to do and the results are huge. I want to introduce, introduce you to Beth Pereira, she and her husband owned this bill. That we're in now. This plot number one this beautiful home right across the street from Plymouth Rock and you felt compelled to do what you're doing first, we start with you Ali lie? You are. I went to these. These float Barnes, where you are bill. These floats, and every year this this parade tells a different story right. Exactly how long have you been doing this I've been doing it for roughly twenty five years.
Then it into your lifestyle. We kind of took it over at a certain time, but you know I've always had a passion for history. You know but- and I have a more of a passion for america- you know I immigrated here as a child so coming to make coming to America in his little kid was like coming to Heaven actually and that's how we felt, how old were you? I was seven years old and he came from Cape Verde, which is on the West Coast of Africa, the islands there portuguese islands, and so it was a big deal for my family to immigrate here, and I remember getting ship and starting to you, know the voyage over and how difficult was and throw. Not the whole way, but but to us the opportunity that what everyone knew in Cape Verd was America was the place and about why. Why well because well, first of all, you want to get four years of education over. There is very difficult to know for one of my older brothers to go to a different island to get
Education was more than my father made the whole month, so it was impossible. So my mother's dream is to educate their children, and so all of us have been educated college and so on and we wanted the american dream, like everybody else, it's like my stories, not unlike anyone else, others stories, but I just you know I have a passion for why America is America and what America is represented for so many for so long. Why is America, America? America is America, because it's an idea and it's an idea that not only for me as a Christian. I really believe that you know it was in God's to see that America would be there's a reason, for it is a reason why America exists and existed for so many things. America has totally changed the whole makeup of the world. The world a different place is America's existed
and so to Maine, and it's because the idea existed and we've never accomplished fully accomplished. The idea and the idea is all men are created, equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among these right life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We've. Never we've never completed that an it's crazy. To think that the arrogance to think you could come up with a better mission statement for a country than that, especially when we've not gotten close to even completing that. Yet that's because we're in the process where
the process in Israel doesn't hold most of the time right, but but it's it's a great idea like for us from my family was really. We can go to a place where every dream can realize, and I mean that sincerely I mean my dad didn't have anything on Monday and have anything, but we knew that in America we had a chance in it goes deep within side. May I have a passion for what I do when we celebrate the parade. We tell America's story because I believe that no one should forget why America exists and why it continues to exist, and we cannot forget so that we don't allow for why why it exists to go away so other people, other generation, can't be benefits factor. I want my children, my children's children's, to be able to know why they're granddaddy, you know about all the great grand
made the voice to come here. There was a reason I wanted to be free, and at that time I didn't even really understand what freedom was. But I soon began to understand what freedom wasn't? It wasn't easy. So you are, we met at the parade, barn or the float bar and where you are making these in credit, you are so funny. Yesterday, 'cause I drove up, and I saw one of these floats that was out of the barn that you're still going on and I said to whomever was in the car I said: may was you Beth I said look at that is that the golden spike and I met you and you said you were working on some things and- and this is you know, represents the golden spike. I don't know if you can see it, I'm like yeah. It looks just like the picture. Dude I mean there's these two big trains that you have built on the back of this float, and you tell what is the theme this year with the parade The theme, usually always with the parades prosperity, but the thing with the praise always is telling the great moments in history
where the nation pause to give thanks thanksgiving so and I believe anytime. We had great accomplishment when we also having the APOLLO eleven this year when, when this nation has done great things or would doing D Day this year, when we've accomplished things that are far beyond what people can even imagine. I think the nation said thank you, Lord, that we've been able to do these things. I mean there was a big deal, one hundred and fifty years ago to have the West E. You know there's a huge thing, but this is not something that there's no corporation behind this. There's no big money behind this now, there's no big people behind this. It's just you and your church in some and it's like a real parade. It's I mean it's like real, it's not One of these yeah. We dressed up the back of our pickup truck. This is real. Now it's like getting a with well, obviously, the whole nation, this taken notice. What we do- and I think what we do is that with different, because we do tell a story and one of the things I've always enjoyed.
Your story, teller and I'm sorry tone. I do the stories, though, in the parade. I let the people know the greatness of this land and why we appreciated. Why so many appreciated, and we do it every year differently with different events, a different historic events, all anniversaries that tell a wonderful story in its knit together by normal. Well you're right. Just like there's like it's right, everybody there knows getting paid, that's right, nobody knows who they are. Nobody knows their names half the time, but the product is excellent. In the story is even better. I have to tell you you. I went through your barn and I would I say to you Did you come and build a Zeppelin for Maine, because I can't get somebody that quality that you have done on these floats is beautiful, just beautiful. So I know you have to go back to work and your love in that outfit. Thank you. Do you change? You get a change of my order. She puts up stuff for even the most sometimes I, yes, I sleep in my clothes get up the next one. Sometimes we go through the night for the next day, we're not done to completed, but it's it's when
Is the parade? Is the president said this said this Saturday? It's always the sad before Thanksgiving, for the main reason that we want people still enjoy their grandmas. Their uncles on Thanksgiving Day. We don't want to be away from their family thanksgiving, so we do it the weekend before and you have a all this stuff in the excitement of it all. But at the same time you get to be with your family, I want to introduce you to somebody else who was remarkable, but I'm going to take a quick break 'cause. I don't want to interrupt it. So let me just change stations and break a little bit early here for you I want you to. I want you to meet somebody else who is just like you and realized. Oh wow he's in trouble, and I can do something and we'll talk to her in just a second first relief factor. People are born, experimenters, uh uh. I generally am kind of like that, except when it comes to anything natural I mean look at me. Do you look? Do I look like somebody who believes in natural remedy
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early one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, it's relieffactor dot com, that's relieffactor, dot, com, Glenn Beck
this Perera and her and her husband, Jerry owned this beautiful home that I'm sitting in on plot number one in Plymouth Massachusetts it's right across the street from Plymouth Rock. I had no idea even knew who I was when I walked up on Saturday, and it was such a nice greeting and the more I just love you and your husband, the more I get to know you too you're, not you're. Not you know people that you think of. Is these movement people I've been in the movement, my old life you're, just normal people that realize there's something I have to do exactly and I would like to
thank you for all the millions of people that you've educated and inspired, because you taught us long ago that if you looked for truth, you look for the good in others and if you did something with excellent we're not alone and that when a project, something like this came along of purchasing the the first house. We did it and I was shocked when I found out that I don't even know what you really paid for it, but the estimated somebody told me about this was worth, and I thought this would be worth 10s of millions of dollars because of the historic value and where it is, and it says to me that there's not real appreciation for what this is what the street means right. You know it's the first ST in America, as you had mentioned, and it's the longest,
seriously inhabited street in north america- and I think, as we mentioned with two thousand and twenty coming up, I think the spotlight will be on Plymouth and we have a wonderful opportunity, a wonderful opportunity to to tell the story your husband is from Shree Lanca. He came here at seven, just like Ali. Yes, he did. How much of that played a role in the mission with your family. Well, my husband's dad brought him to America when he seven years old. They emigrated and he learned that America was the land of freedom, and as I journey progressed, we are we found ourselves twenty miles. North of and heard of the pilgrims and all that they had done to contribute to a birthing of our nation, and he studied under a gentleman who is now deceased, but he had spent fifty years.
Being in the archives and spent two nights a week, four hours a night studying with this man, Charles Wolf, And what he learned was that he was a program he was a pilgrim and that he loved America. He had slept America since he came, but does it mean he's a pilgrim? What does it mean to be a pilgrim to be a program? Is to embrace the the idea that the programs had when they they came here. They came here for it. Justin several liberty. They came here, knowing that all men were created equal in the image of God and to make the world a better place when you left. So it allows you to worship, God Free Lee, but it also allows others to do the same. I think we're doing a show at five o'clock and by and by the way we
We're going to take phone calls after this broadcast, and you can call in at eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven bck. If you want to talk about Thanksgiving, what to teach your kids thanksgiving. We really have to We, we really really have to pay attention this thanksgiving, because I think- and I think you would agree we're on the edge from the very edge we are, and I think a lot of people are looking for ways to teach that, and I think we have materials to teach that about the pastor. John Robinson, We each his congregation what the Mayflower Compact actually said, some of the psalms that sing about the praises and thankfulness of a a people that you've put this put this together in a small little pdf that it was easy to have you just on your Ipad or your phone at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Just read it it's it's not.
And you can read it and then break it up amongst your family to share these messages. But you can find that at four hundred, that's for the number four zero zero t h, four hundred th dot org you can get videos of where we are at right now, this amazing home. What? What do you use this for now? What it's it's used to? First things like you're doing for filming it's used to, were it historians come and speak here. It's used to tell the story of we have we had visitors from England last Saturday and they came just because they left Southampton where the pilgrims originally left and wanted to step into this house and actually pray over us. So every week is different. It's really sad, sometimes
Just in the summer, though, just open up the front door in the living room, because I think it's like a museum and like no hello yeah Yeah a lot of filming is done here. A lot of guest speakers come in for the to speak on history, a lot of pastors come here you little overwhelmed at anytime. Two I mean I own some, I own Washington's compass, I own some really amazing things and I don't own them. Keep them for the next generation and whoever is going to be the steward. The next time. Do you are you ever overwhelmed of what you're the steward of at times I am, and then I think, well, God called us to this stewardship, and so I ask
and which direction I should go and eliciting sobering. It is yeah a because of the sacrifice of the programs. If you really study them, you could fall in love with them and you think who had that type of courage and passion and perseverance and commitment to carry out what they did. Knowing that half of them, what would would not survive? I know you heard the story this weekend of the fourteen. Women are eighteen women that made the trip to the end and lasted and got here and then by the end of winter, only four of them alive, and it was because they were shielding their children from the cold. They weren't eating themselves, so their children could eat. I mean the sacrifices of these people was amazing exactly, and this is the year of the woman uh, so they'll be on teen. Twenty right, they'll be honoring them all throughout the year, and so we invite everybody to come, and I
invite you to a again come up for the festival you can come up for the fade, which is next Saturday here? If you, happen to want to get involved or you can donate it all for the parade. That's thanksgiving dot com, USA, thanksgiving dot com you'll find out all the information there they are. I mean these are just regular people that are putting on this amazing event. If you want to get involved great, if not just come up, also this summer. There is something you can find out about at Plymouthrock, DOT, Org pm, well, am rock dot org. We will be up next summer and Also, four hundred t dot, Org four hundred TH h go. That website now and get the documents
get the things that you should be sharing with your family next week at Thanksgiving program.
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