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Praying for Asteroids? - 6/22/18

2018-06-22 | 🔗
Hour 1 May the 'Space Force' be with you...NASA's plan to avoid Armageddon?...FEMA asteroid deflection? ...Justice Elena Kagan has been surprisingly 'moderate' ...Glenn bores himself to death? ...Desperate 'pretending' media attacks First Lady Melania's jacket ...California leading the way...in psychopaths?   Hour 2 Just three berets from a socialist revolution?...NFL team holds LGBTQ inclusion summit? ...Bill O'Reilly says it was a  'bad idea' for Melania to wear jacket with these words...Time Magazine has become Mad Magazine...Bill recalls times spent with Charles Krauthammer at Fox News...America has trouble getting 'honest' news   Hour 3 Sen. Mike Lee joins to discuss President Trump's retreat on separating families and the growing humanitarian crisis at the border...assumption of 'racism' is being used...'legal' immigration is harmed in all of this...the Senate blocks Lee's bid to stop Obama water rule; why? ...Glenn reviews the movie 'Ocean's 8'...shares some fun facts about that giant necklace...brace your expectations

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