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'President Trump's Scorecard' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/24/18

2018-12-24 | 🔗
Hour 1 Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... The government shutdwn and what does it mean... Everyone talks about 'bipartisan'.., The Trump investigation isn't about impeachment, it is about damaging his reputation... Building the wall goes back to the Reagan Era... How did the Democrats pull off a '180' on immigration?... The media and half of the story... Are we sending the wrong message to Russia?... We know what Putin's 'end-game' is...   Hour 2  R.B.G. update... If she steps down, who would replace her?... What will the confirmation process look like this time?... Illegal immigration and how the Demorats, in the past, talked about the problems we have with it... Opioids and the drug cartel...  The changing of the POTUS staff... Our militairy should not be the world's police force?... Has ISIS been beaten?... We have to be careful that we don't go backwards... What will the 'after effects' be?...   Hour 3 If we don't understand history, we will repeat it... Are today's illegal immigrants deciding the future of immigration?... No more empty promises!... Using the POTUS as a 'scapegoat' is nothing new... Being a place of refuge for others means vetting needs to be 'upgraded'... Discussing the state of education in today's schools... Are we hearing more "Merry Christmas" and less Happy Holidays?... 

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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment- this is the Glenn Beck Program- welcome. My name is MIKE permitting for blood back today we are going to talk this morning about the government shutdown. What does it mean to most american people? Why is it happening? How long is it going to last? Is this really the beginning of the end for President Trump so much to talk about from the pull out in Syria, the new turn over inside the staff this morning, the migrant caravan? How all of that ties into the government, shutdown and
the seriousness of the pull out of that spell of Syria? It's going to be a big part of the show. Today the economy is on everybody's minds. It seem like there is a slowdown, as people begin to be a bit careful. A lot of government employees up to eighty thousand of them are going to be affected by this government shut down to the first part of the show. How does it affect you? How does it affect me and what will happen next and how quickly could it possibly be over all of that coming up this morning on the Glenn Beck program, my name is MIKE Brunette, and this is the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program. What is that some security guy he's installing our alarm? This call was when I'm done drilling this sucker in yeah. Maybe we should have gone with simply save the neighbors love there's they set it up in half an hour, no drilling, no wires, no installation fee and twenty four seven professional monitoring is only fifteen dollars a month with no long term contracts just pop right over this whole in before I go to simply say: dot com, slash radio, now to get free shipping on your order and a free, keychain remote were twenty five dollars, simply save dot com, slash, radio, I'm Jay, Farner, ceo of Quicken Loans, America's premier Home purchase, lender we've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates, are exclusive, a rape shield approval. First, we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then, if rates go up, your rate stays locked, but if rates go down, your rate drops either way. You win call us today at eight hundred Quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com Rachel approval only balancing thirty year, fixed rate loans, cover costs, information conditions, legal housing lender license in all fifty states and unless number thirty, thirty additional conditions exclusions may apply
Christmas, my name is MIKE broomhead him in for Glenn. This morning we appreciate you spending part of your morning with us. This is so much happening in the world. This weekend, as I was watching the news, the incoming chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, explaining that this is a game chicken that the president is ready to go long term with this could go into well into the next session of the Congress members of Congress in my home state, I've had on the show. No one is very hopeful for when this is going to end the demo after digging in their heels, because, of course, they're coming in in the House of Representatives in power and or digging in their heels. In the first battle, which side will blink first, the White House is indicated they would take less than the I billion dollars for the wall, funding which will be part of the show this morning, as we talk about the Wall itself, and what does all of this mean? This goes back much longer than the Trump presidency, even before Obama, into the Bush presidency. We all the way back to Reagan. We've been I'm going this forever. Why
is this such a big issue now and we'll get to the Wall part of it in a moment? But what does this shutdown mean for all of us? The average person? Is it going affect us? Well, the SBA, if you own a small business trying to get alone. We know the Small Business administration will be closed for the most part key pieces of staff. It's going to fact, lending isn't going to hurt people. Of course it is. There will be some key members a federal government that won't be working, but, as we saw with the government shutdown during the Obama administration for most Americans, it didn't affect your day to day life. But this shows is that immense dysfunction inside our federal government and what I mean by that is, when you can't anything done, everyone keeps talking about a bipartisan way to work together. Well, there's a few things that play with all of this: the Trump supporters the base for the Trump Camp
I want to see the president give in on any level when it comes to the wall, which is another reason why the Democrats don't want to give him a victory on this. There is a huge amount of politics guide tied with all of this that when you look in american politics. Each it needs to be able to show a clear win, does have a lot to do with twenty twenty with them, trying to destroy President Trump, the report, which I believe it or not, there's not a whole lot to report on the molar report in the investigation. How much does that they're not go? I don't believe they're going to impeach this president. The house talk about it, there's going to be tons of investigations, but this is going to be a lot more about making sure they damage this president's reputation and perception with the America. People going into two thousand and twenty more than it's going to be actual action, that's taken because impeachments never getting through the Senate, so stop But the idea that they're not going to give this president of victory, the press Rand on building a wall. He said Mexico was going to pay for it and it looks as if
Acura outlet overtly pay for the wall. Through some of the restrictions in some of the changes that were made to the NAFTA agreement that the mexican government, Can people indirectly pay for this five billion dollars in the grand scheme of our budget is not allowed to fight over? It's the prince. All of this not saying that people in Washington are necessarily principled, but this is but the principle of this fight. The demo rats are saying that this wall is inhumane. It's on American, what's fascinating to me, is the lack of anywhere else. Beside talk, radio, you're hearing the actual words the Democrats my problem, the my mantra, has been about the my my mantras, better The problem with the media traditional media in America. Done so much tell only one side of the story as if you've heard me in for Glenn before I
is a TED Cruz supporter like Glenn was in the primary. I was not a trump supporter and I get to win, the President won the primary I wanted to give him a fair chance at winning the election. I voted for the president, but I was not necessarily a diehard support or defender of this president. What I am being was a defender because the media has been so immensely unfair to this president. There are two sides to every story and the media is supposed to be very critical. I think they ask the difficult questions of everyone, but they have been nothing fair to this president. At all. Now there are some disagreements. I disagree with the pull out of Syria we're going to talk a lot about that this morning, but the president has been the immensely unfairly and by that I mean Chuck Schumer in two thousand and nine speaking to a college group, a present Clinton, one thousand nine hundred and ninety in the 1990s link, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, maybe state of the union address asking for funding. So
he could expedite expedite deportation of illegal immigrants, the harsh criticism he had for illegal immigrants, Chuck Schumer himself saying years ago, two thousand and nine illegal immigrants. You shouldn't even use the word undocumented by calling them on documented we're showing the american people that were not serious about stopping it. If it's illegal, you should say it to legal. He said I believe it's illegal and it's wrong. Why is the media not asking Chuck Schumer now? Why he's digging his heels in on this? The fun for the wall that was signed when the Congress wanted to illegal immigration, the Obama administration, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, the demo, that's where hardliners on illegal immigration? Now we've got a standoff in a government shutdown. The present taking one of the bullets out of the gun of the Democrats. By saying, if the government shuts down our own, it will now he owns it. He owns the shutdown cats are putting out memos about how horrible this is they die.
We played all of this and blamed it on the Republicans during the Obama administration. Part of it is american politics. That's what political parties are going to do. The me here is the one that is supposed to give you both sides of the story. The Democrats would say this. The reef looking for saying that the Logans want this. The Democrats are only going to give that, but instead we see a one sided view of how stating how horrible the trump shut down is. Is it bad, of course it's bad, it's never good. When the it does not functioning properly, the government hasn't functioned properly in a very very long time. But the government shutdown is about politics more than it's about principle. The principle they're fighting over is whether or not they're going to give any funding for a wall.
The president going at the going to at the end of all of this be able to put out a tweet that says we win. We just got x amount of dollars to build a wall. He's already showed you, the prototype of the wall,. He's putting all of this the fencing out there, where you can see through the fence to the other side, Big Steve offense, it's got the it it's pointed at top. If you seen it's got it the spires at the top and its effect beautiful, is what the President said they do not. I want to give him anything that looks like a victory on that front. That's politics! But where is the media explaining this and asking the simple question? How did Democrats get away with doing a complete one hundred and eighty on the immigration issue? Now I'm from the state of Arizona I'm on vacation in Florida, but I live in the state of Arizona, we're a border state, and this is a non partisan issue in the state of Arizona. This is about border security when your look
at the border strike force in the stories that we've told the necessity for border security, whether it's an actual physical wall, all the way across the southern border, which I'm not an advocate for by the way, I'm not an ad four border wall across our southern border. There are places fencing works. Incidentally, speaking of the Democrats, where are they on the media reporting this? You may not remember it, but it happened. Duncan Hunter Senior was a member of the Congress and he just a piece of legislation that built a2 tier wall in Southern California, that is approved by the Clinton Stration. They have a do cheer fence in southern California that is very effective in stopping people crossing the border illegally. Is it perfect? Nothing is, has it done the job they wanted to? Absolutely there are places where fencing is now is necessary to stop border crossings
in other places it is technol, it should be manpower we should be equipping. The manpower in is the border patrol. We should be making sure they have every piece of equipment they need to do their jobs. Can we these drones? Can we use sensors? All of that is true. We can all of that. There are immense parts of the border that are easily walked across. Where is no fencing, there's maybe barb wire fence, or none at all. I've seen it with my own eyes. So how do we as a Perkins. Hold our government accountable when you're only hearing one side of the story. There are a lot of, but listening that are astute, they are, they are they're purple, please stooped. They pay attention, they are kated people on the issue of illegal immigration and border security, and what is up happening with them? Is they had no idea or probably have forgotten the two tier wall that happened in southern California Duncan enter a republican, staunch Republican,
the Clinton administration approving and getting that to cheer wall built? well, how is the shift happening now? All of a sudden offense is a and an American. No one is asking that question of them. How is it, that you changed. One hundred and eighty explained to us the change Everyone changes their mind, peep get divorced at one time. You say till death do us and then years later, you've changed your mind while there's something that happened that made that dragged drastic shift for both of you know is questioning the drastic shift. Is it purely politics is purely because this president ran on a border wall. It seems like it. It seems as if this is the victory. They don't want to give him to further diminishes chances at reelection in twenty twenty, and, if that's the case, why are they not being held accountable for for taking the right thing to do the the expedient thing
this falls on the shoulders? An at the feet of the media. Big part of the show will talk a little bit more about the shutdown immigration specifically and some more of the details of all of this coming up here in a few moments, we're also going to talk about the news changeover inside the Trump administration. Why that happened in my disagreement with the president when it come the pull out in Syria to a certain degree an why I disagree and what I'm suspicious of as many others are all of that going to this morning on the show so stick around. For that my name is MIKE. Broomhead in this is the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program. If you've ever experienced heart racing, shortness of breath or dizziness, it's possible, you could have a trio fibrillation, one of the
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Unlimited Katie's morning noon or night, so you can always know how your heart is doing. Cardio mobile puts peace of mind in your pocket for only ninety nine dollars order. Yours today visit hearty a dot com. That's k, a r d: I a dot com. Merry Christmas mom, let's hear the Glenn Beck program. My name is MIKE Roommate and from the land. Today we appreciate you spending part of your day with us. It is it a lot.
Happening even during this Christmas season, is the members of Congress have gone home deadlock? Nothing is working nothing's going to happen, president, not signing anything, so they have all gone home. They're going to try again in the next session with this government shutdown as it continues to roll, which part Governments are affected. They say that there's you know the impact that shutdown included department of Homeland Security, Justice, department, Interior Department, State Department, Department of Housing and urban development are all affected by the down. How much will the average american feel? This is part of the question. Your question still is: why are we having a shut down when it seems like border security is some both sides agree is necessary on a certain level. You can take back to the Obama administration and just a quick history lesson. Well, I was on the border in Mcallen with Glenn and everyone else in Mcallen TX, when these children were being brought across the border and two thousand and nine, and why
the horrific treatment of these kids and how they were separated, even then by age group and put into different rooms and and then needed to stop, although pictures you saw. It start again, Az Central, my hometown, publication, a picture of showing these kids in cages that outraged everyone until they figured out that those pictures were actually taken during the Obama administration. The demonization of this president by the media. That's why I'm holding solely accountable for the one sided story. Do I if the way everything is being handled? Absolutely not but you're, he telling half the story. The government shutdown is a game of chicken. President said I will not accept any any spending bill that doesn't include the five billion dollars for the wall. The White House is now put out word that they would less somewhere around two one slash two billion.
The other side doesn't seem like they want to blink. They believe they're going to win on this politically, but speaking about illegal immigration in what's happening, I can just give you a few first hand accounts some, seventy five or eighty miles north of the border on the american side of the border in Arizona there are signs in the desert from the Department of Homeland Security that say, do not stop on these roadways for hitchhikers, do not Roach abandoned packages do not appear abandoned vehicles, because this is a drug corridor, so we know our. Our government is aware of the fact that the cartels have Anna Corridor deep into the United States. That is so dangerous that the only thing they can do is warn the american people. Well, if it's not easy to traverse the border there, if a wall isn't necessary, how are they walking across the border. They have on the hilltops, they have got look for the drug cartels that are outfit
food for days with radios and their job is twofold. One is to, but I out, when their cartel was trucking drugs in through that corridor, to watch for law enforcement and for rival cartels. There also is when they have their own hit teams to rob rival Bartels. Is they make their way through that same corridor? It's called equal value, can look it up. One small indicator we're seeing the government this migrant Caravan the memo the caravan are now blaming the organizers of the caravan for making it so dangerous. That's the question: why would this caravan travel North through Mexico and then turn to the Westin walk all the way to Tijuana when they could went to Brownsville TX. It would have been the closest port of entry and tried to enter there. No one wants to point out the politics of all places I saw on MSNBC some act Reporting by reported that walked around and said that
you know there are women and children here they are. But when you reports this is mostly men, that's accurate. Could all these young men he went on to say that most of these young men are not talking about asylum for the sake of asylum, but for asylum, for the sake of a better life and for being their poor. Which is not a reason to seek asylum, there are so many different things that can and should be done and they're not helping the media enjoys protections and always should the media should be able to be critical of the government on every level with fear of retribution. They should always have that protection. It help keep a free society free, but not when there voluntarily telling one side of the story. That's a reason I became of an adamant. Trump defender was the both sides of the story and just aren't. There is not an act
picture of what's happening at the border. There's not an accurate picture of these uh miners of the numbers of families that are crossing the border that aren't even families. These are it's posing with children that are not their children, because that was the easiest way in. This is a long way from over until the media begins to give two sides until one member of the media that they credible on the other side of the aisle, weathered c m S, N, B, C's of the sea and ends of the world until they begin to ask Chuck Schumer and Nancy Palosi. The one hundred and eighty degree shift in what it's going to take that when they are going to do some conceding as long as they've got the cover from the traditional media could go on for months, and I don't the president's going to blink. I think the president is going to do his best to insure as they did with the calls to Wall Street. I believe he's going to do everything he can to ensure that the markets have is the
amount of jitters possible and the government in the tree begins to at least run as close to normally as possible, in spite of the shutdown but the furloughed workers go on. This is going to a very, very long time to fix, and when you got people even if they get the money back later, you got to eat today. It's something to keep your eye on. It really is something to keep your eye on. It is it's pretty dangerous. So that the immigration issue is something obviously we're going to talk about a lot this morning, because it is the key to the government shutdown coming up, we're going to talk about, replace it's in the White House, mad leaving early the criticisms about Syria do about Syria, with my doubts and fears are on the shatar on the pole of Syria and other places in the world. Is it the right thing to do? The President says yes class
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Well, a lot of criticism happening the president announcing last week that he was going to pull the troops. Some two thousand two hundred troops that we had out of Syria and a lot of criticism coming from Lindsey, Graham and others not surprised that Rand Paul was very supportive of this move. I its feelings on this. I come from a military family. Many of you know the story. My brother was killed in Iraq back in oh three, I was more than disappointed. I it's hard for me to describe the despair could be part of it depression. Actually, I suffered a watching our troops leave. Iraq are former. It was warned of the vacuum that would be created and that vacuum created uprising of ISIS Isis Fruition in Syria and at their height the entire border between Syria and Iraq of northern Iraq, the devastation of what they were doing, the Muslims they were killing who disagreed with them
and the murders they were committing and the heinous acts of terrorism around the world that they took credit for and that all happened, because our former president didn't heed the warnings of the great military minds. That said, we will create a vacuum by leaving much bigger force, different situation, but we're going to see some of the same results. Are we sending the wrong message to the syrian people be to the Russians because of their influence? Region of anybody believes that Vladimir Putin is on a humanitarian mission in Syria to help stop ISIS you're wrong, no one without any knowledge of Latimer Putin in the evil guy that he is believes that that's what's happening. This is about widening the footprint in economic strength of the russian people trying to rebuild the Soviet Union as a world power. Again, we know
he's testing nuclear weapons. We know what Vladimir Putin's about. I am not someone that believes we should be the world's police force. I also don't want another millet the family to have to endure what my family endured, but is leaving going to create on a smaller scale of vacuum. Are we sending the wrong message? Don't forget? It was the Russians who were charged with making sure the chemical weapons for pulled out of Iraq that they were destroyed and they certified that they and then they were russian agents there. He used when Bashar Assad used chemical web things on his own people, and so we struck back. If you remember the missile break on that airfield. And we warn them not to do that again,
leaving that region and and claiming victory against ISIS. The right thing to do in the world. We're talking two thousand two hundred troops coming out. Well, it appears as if General Mattis doesn't believe it's the right thing to do. He was critical of this president is removing him a couple of months early interesting enough as much as there was. There were disagreements and that's putting it mildly. Between the late, John Mccain and Donald Trump, it was Mccain headset on my show in Arizona that the Trump cabinet was the best cabinet. He is seen any president since the Reagan years, and maybe even better, will watching a lot of turnover in that cabinet and some of the great respected military minds in the people that gave credibility to the Trump administration or leaving,
and then is this the right message to be sending our even trump supporters, beginning to see a chaos or have doubt an that. A big concern for me or for the president, I'm sure the bigger concern for me is the long term effects in the world of what's happened. Go back to the 1990s and the deal that President Clinton cut with North Koreans and the speech he gave saying that deal we cut with the n Koreans were to ensure that the n Koreans never had nuclear weapons fast forward. What twenty? Seven years later- and here we are, we were dealing with the N Korea that was fast firing, ICBM's and threatening nuclear war. Well, then, we saw the deal that President Obama cut with the Iranians and it
mirrored the deal in many ways with the North Koreans and his speech regarding the deal. Certainly the speech by president. And saying that it would ensure that the Iranians would never have nuclear weapons. Look what we're dealing with them now firing missiles still set on destroying Israel. Matt In fact the iranians- and this is where it connects the Iranians in Syria on the israeli border, firing missiles or try to fire missiles into Israel. So the long term effects of a decision times aren't felt for years so times there felt almost immediately the out of Iraq, the create of ISIS, the back and created in Iraq. We felt almost immediately.
Is this sending a message of recruitment, a message of victory to our enemies when you proclaim victory against ISIS? What intelligence did the President have to make that victory and and get in giving the president the benefit of the doubt? From my perspective, was he obviously has the intelligence reports that no one else has is pretty too. And then the Congress gets briefed later. What was it that president had on his desk that made this the right move, because there were many people on his side of the aisle. Lindsey Graham, has been a fierce defender of this president when it comes to the wall. He was a fierce defender of this. Is it in his choice of Brett Kavanaugh for for Supreme Court, but is fiercely critical of this? Who is the president? Turning to it's another valid question, the american people that want to support him and I'll be honest with you, I
become Mormon observer, I'm not invested. The last didn't I was invested in was George W Bush. I was I I volunteered on the Bush campaign and four and still I I think the hold of George W Bush is as a human being. I think he is a terrific man. I was invested there, I'm not invested here. I will that's right for America from the or investigation that we saw going on if the president had done something wrong. The american people have a right to know if it wasn't criminal, but it was the wrong thing to do. Let the voters decide in twenty twenty. No, but I've also watched this thing, morph into collusion with the Russians investigation to an obstruction of justice to campaign and violations. In anything they can try to hang this president for. I can see that with my own eyes, but as observer of what's happening. Good people
when the president has been phenomenal at business he's got great instinct, but he surrounds himself with people that know what they're doing well. This president did exactly that at the beginning of his presidency, and I gave him he huge kudos for his foreign policy decisions, which I thought were not going to be good at the beginning of his presidency, and he proved me wrong his first four trip by going to Saudi Arabia and then visiting the Vatican and then visiting Israel or Israel, and then the Vatican speaking to three major religions of the world. Before going to that NATO summit and beginning to to renegotiate NATO, I thought his foreign policy trip was a home run that no one gave him credit for. I thought the movie, the embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem was the right thing to do. I thought that was the right thing: the right message to send the ISR the end, the Palestinians for that matter, but when you
or top advisors and some of the best military minds that America has to offer is specious of your leaving Syria, my quest is what is it the? What are the reasons behind this president? Making that decision and what I I heard much yet and I'm sure that we're going to maybe morning Joe, is set it, but I'm not a net, believe it or not. I don't watch Joe and Mika very often. Because every episode of morning, Joe, is like watching uh the to this airing of the grievances and um, but maybe they've set it. But when do you start hearing about well, this is all part of the Russia has on Trump that there in behind the scenes, if he doesn't get out of Syria, that there's going to be bad news for him. So he's doing this as a cover for the. I haven't heard that yet, but it's got to be coming if it hasn't already been set. The
reasons for this worry me not because not for any other reason than the long term effects it may have for the american people and for the whole, more things that Bashar Assad continues to do to his people so of this before we finish up this hour of the show again, my name is MIKE Broomhead in, and this is the Glenn Beck program. A nice linear merry Christmas from the Glenn Beck program. My name is MIKE Broomhead in for Glenn today, I'll be in a few days this week as well. The government shut not a big part of the story. The pull out of Syria we're going to take troops out of Syria. There's a lot of a lot of argument among the certain people of how involved we should be in where we should be involved. We've got to have influence around the world. The world has become much smaller. We all know that from north
here to IRAN and everything across the Middle EAST and N Africa, we've got to have an influence. Russia is proving that the rush, influence in the teaming up with Bashar Assad in what Bashar Assad has done to his people, the millions of syrian people that are either exiled, imprisoned or dead at the hands of Bashar Assad, is worldwide tragedy. We I I don't necessarily believe that we should be fighting everyone else's war. I agree with that principle, but if we are not involved, if we're not invested, if we're not an influencer, others will be what that region. Look like just look geographically at where what's it's, where serious, it's in reference to Israel to Iraq, to IRAN, you look at that read of the world and what have
pins when you've got an evil person like a Bashar Assad partnering up with a Vladimir Putin. And it's not just the government, but it's the people that thought the Americans had their back. I have had I've been proven wrong by the president before I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan of terrorist terra tariffs. I'm I am well economist. The president is a a brilliant businessman, his soul. I am a free market, free trade person. What are the tariffs long term going to do to our economy? He says long term. It's going to be better for America, giving him the benefit doubt. But I will say this: I don't think tariffs are the right way to go. This worries me. Losing a family member in service to the country in any
and for any reason when you lose a family member, it's devastating and nobody wants to feel like it was for nothing. There are families a deal with the tragedy like that, where my often included where you worry was it for nothing. We had the great privilege and honor of hearing my brother story of how he was killed with the men that he served with with the lives that he influenced with uh. He said he saved as horrible as that LOS is it is. It is somehow healing to know that it was for nothing. When I watched ISIS invade iraq- and I will ISIS then destroy things and use american military vehicles to murder people, it tore me apart. Personally, because it felt like it was tearing down everything my brother fought for. I know
that's personalizing things way too much, but how else is a family member supposed to feel. What is going to be the fallout of us leaving Syria? Is there going to be a negative effect? Of course, the goal is an the wars in the conflicts and bring the can military members home. Incidentally, if we not going to send our members of the military in to win, if we're not going to take the glove golf in, allow them to be the warriors that they are, we shouldn't send them in the first place. I also believe that. But are we leaving of thank you, I'm behind Ann? If we do, what affects will we feel of it. We should learn lessons from the past and I'm nervous that this is going to be every Prez. It has made big mistakes. Is this going to be the
big mistake by Donald Trump? I wish I had a definitive answer in my heart that was had a definitive feel in my heart about this. It's uh difficult situation. I'm happy that the men and women that are there will be returning home safely, but they tell you it's time to come home with we tell you mission accomplished. Would they tell you that ISIS has been defeated and it's now safe for the american people to come home. That, in the end, should be a big, a big question. That's asked and have answered. We're going to talk about, obviously the government shutdown, how long it might last how it effects people what areas of the government are affected? Why it's happening immigrate. It will be a big part of this, as well as an update on some of the, as I know about illegal immigration across this country, how we should be and why we should be fostering legal immigration.
We're also going to talk about Ruth Bader begins in the next hour Rbg undergoing surgery for cancer. Other reason why the demo, That's our feverishly, trying to make sure Donald Trump doesn't finish. This term would be one more Supreme Court nomination, with the Republicans holding on to the Senate very, very interesting stuff, all that coming the next hour of the show, stick around for that again. My name is MIKE Broomhead. This is the Glenn Beck program.
The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program coming up in our number two, of course, but to talk more about the government shutdown, the duration of the two it's affecting how it will affect the american people, all of those things coming up more about the pull out and the changes in the Trump administration who exactly will replace matters some of the biographical issues, but Ruth later Ginsburg undergo surgery. What does that mean for the make up of the court moving forward? All of that coming up on the Glenn Beck program? My name is MIKE. Stick around. This is the Glenn Beck program, tis the season for more more shopping online, more booking travel more using webs heights, the find the perfect gift and all of that activity is happening on your device. Sometimes sketchy websites that you'll thinker sketchy using your phone or your tablet could expose more of your personal information, and if that exposed information ends up in the hands of cyber criminals, you could have a bigger problem than an online store running out of the gift that you promised your oldest. So here's the thing Lifelock with Norton Security now helps keep your holidays. Happy Lifelock helps the threats to your identity, like somebody opening an account in your name and Norton Security, protect your devices against the cyber threats like malware. Now nobody can prevent all identity theft or cyber crimes are monitor all transactions at all businesses. But if you have like flock with Norton Security, you have comprehensive protection for your identity and your devices head to Lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred Lifelock and use promo code back for an extra fifteen percent off your first year. That's promo code back an extra fifteen percent off now it Lifelock dot com.
A merry Christmas on the Glenn Beck program. My name is MIKE Brown had we are out, I'm here all day for Glenn and part of the week. Hope you had a great Christmas play and let's start this hour of talking about our Bg Ruth Bader Ginsburg word. She was in the hospital, went through cancer treatment she's up and around and working after cancer surgery, a spokesman for the court so said she remained in New York, Memorial, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center now, information released on when she might return home. Her surgery was on Friday removed two malignant growth in her left, lung doctors say: there's no evidence of any remaining disease. Of course the and it's been about the health of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she is up in years and will she stay on the court throughout the Trump presidency. First term term, if that happens, and what would the makeup of the court look like with
the liberal stalwart that she is gone, an who would trump nominate to replace Republican still holding on to majority in the Senate, at least in this term, for the president, and would what would that look like now that nomination process for Brett Kavanaugh was a complete disaster? Most, I would say it was an embarrassment, and it really was that should have been handled much differently and just do an explanation. There's a mechanism mechanism in place in the Supreme Court. Most of you are familiar with it, but I with a senator John Kyle who, for eighteen years, was on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He, the Senate, if you know name, Jeff, Flake, Jeff Flake, replace enter Kyle when he left the Senate. But when John Jane passed away, John Kyle took his seat over again and John Mccain until the end of this year and now some exactly been replaced. That's kind of the make up of the Senate in Arizona but John
came on to talk about the Brett Kavanaugh situation because of how familiar he is with the process of the courts and talked about what a complete political disaster that was, and there is a mechanism where all of that could have been done behind closed doors weeks and weeks and weeks earlier. This was they hail Mary Pass that came in from from Diane Einstein and the Democrats on that committee trying to damage Kavanaugh enough to stymie that nomination. It was a hail Mary pass that almost worked. It almost worked, what they do and and when you go through an FBI investigation which Brett Kavanaugh. I believe went through seven of them. You fill out a booklet, that's over one hundred pages long and will give every detail of your adult life that you can remember, and they ask you for references well, knowing the FBI, knowing that you're going to give references that are going to say, good things about you. They don't stop the references that you give them. They ask those
references for the names of other people that you associated with and hung out with in your past, and they dig deeper and they continue to dig to find a clear picture as clear as they can of your life. Brett Kavanaugh had passed every single one of those and had been by all accounts, a very standing member of what they called the second highest court in the land, which was the DC circuit. Then he gets nominated for the Supreme Court and he becomes public enemy number one because of his association with Trump purely. For that reason, only. Now the process with Doctor Blazy Ford normally the way this works is Ann Feinstein gets that letter. Diane takes Diane Feinstein takes that letter to the chair, the committee, they put it in the file and it gets investigated now the I could have done a much more thorough investigation much longer than a week if it wanted to, then what
restrictions were put on it if they had done that at the beginning and if they had sold chosen, they would have bought brought Kavanaugh in behind closed doors. They would be Doctor Ford in behind closed doors. Her name would have been private. She would have not have had the death threat. She would have not had the public scrutiny should have not had any of the other things she complained about. They interview her under oath in a private setting, Judge Kavanaugh would have brought in to answer the allegations and Senator Kyle explained what ends up happening in those situations can happen. One three things: the nominee sees what he's being or she's being accused of, or has been said about them and pull their own nomination, and they say I no longer I'm going to try for this job and they pull their own nomination. Some is the committee, the nomination, for the reasons that they've been given, which you and I would never find out about or some
times in spite of whatever the allegations are, they are passed through. All of that could have been done behind closed doors. It wasn't. It was made as a publicity stunt. And I'm saying all of that, because I much as I'm not a fan of the politics of Bg, I don't wish ill on anybody, especially not cancer. So I'm not wishing her ill health, I'm not wishing her to leave the court for health reasons, but it's a field possibility that she doesn't stay on the Supreme Court long term. What do you? The next judicial nomination, is going to be like from this president. You want to know why the vitriol in the idea of impeachment is being brought up. You want to know why they are so crazy about doing what they can to replace this president, a yes, it's because Hillary got beat it's because they
him because he beat the heir apparent. No doubt about that, but the part of it is going to be judicial nominations? We all know that the longest lasting legacy for any president whatsoever. Supreme Court nominations. What would a court look like with an Rbg gone and a Trump a replacement in place now, as Kavanaugh said any stated all the time that he thought Wade was already decided law didn't matter. They were ginning up the fear. He makes a decision recently about planned parenthood and sides with the liberals because of legal reasons which enraged some of the base. But it also showed that the that this judge said I will judge things based on their legal merit, not on how I feel about them, and he did it. We so chief Justice Roberts do the same thing. When Roberts
on the court, the decision he made about Obama care his response was, if you don't like bad law, better lawmakers, it's not our job to say whether it's good or bad, it's legal or it's illegal. It's constitutional or it's not constitutional. So cabin has already shown himself to not be a one issue: person he's not going to be a cowboy on the court, it doesn't matter the left created a narrative and that's what it was going to be if you thought that was crazy. If you thought that was crazy train, you wait for the crazy train that starts down the tracks. If Rbg it has to leave, the court decides to leave the court for health reasons. You want to know why the vitriol in the anger. This is why the twenty or thirty year legacy of uh name court nominee for any president, especially
since the Republicans held onto the Senate. The rule changes that were in place. Thank you, Harry Reid, how it takes only a simple majority to push a Supreme Court nominee through, as opposed to the sixty votes from before. The Democrats have no one to blame, but themselves for these things. You know I'm I'm a. I am a an arm chair historian, especially in 20th century politics, in America and when Harry Reid, says years and years and years ago, that too, invoke. The nuclear option would change the makeup and would do irreparable damage to the to the United States and then, when it's politically expedient for him to do it, he does it hey. Everybody warned him. As a matter of fact, Mitch Mcconnell turned out to be the on this. One saying you are going to regret this sooner rather than later. Along
comes Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, and now it only takes a simple majority and they lost their minds. The who created the situation again, let's go back to the idea. The media is never going to give you the full picture. Did you hear anybody in the media say the Democrats are the ones that change the rules they didn't. They didn't the end. It was the changing of the rules by Harry Reid in the Senate Democrats that made it but it was only a simple majority and not sixty votes. So now the central there for Donald Trump to name another Supreme Court nominee or the justice is, is a real possibility. N again, I'm not wishing ill Ruth Bader Ginsburg, not by a long shot but use Odin elderly woman undergoing a major surgery. For sorry I mean that is. That is not a good prognosis. If she
return to the bench, then she should it is it something that we should be watching we're going to do in just a moment. Is we're going to go back to the illegal immigration issue, which is at the forefront of why we have a government shutdown? What is history of all of this before we talk about all of the thing within the shutdown that are going to affect the average American, how much it will affect the american people? The Democrats are get sound like devastation. Is it truly could be devastating? So all of that, in the next part of the show again, I'm MIKE Broomhead- this is Glenn Beck probe. This is the Glenn Beck program. I really love my office chair. It's not a no name, superstore piece of junk. I'm talking about the new X, chair office, chair, it's modern,
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basic, no questions asked basic. Complete satisfaction for thirty days, use for promo code, back, eight promo, four back 8444x, chair or x, chair back dot com, thanks to listen. My name is MIKE permitted on the Glenn Beck program, I'm in I'm all this week for Glenn with the exception tomorrow. We appreciate you spending some time with us. This is a odd times. America is now we're looking at the government shutdown over a wall in border security, it seems as if the Democrats have shifted sides which is odd,
is that no one is asking that question of how they could possibly of spun the one hundred and eighty that they have spun and everybody from their leadership. Bill Clinton and I'd hoped that at some point, Donald Trump maybe will it during the state of the union address? I would love it if the president gave the state of the union address and just ripped the speech that President Clinton gave in his state of the union address demanding more money for border security to beef up the border patrol to expedite the deportation of illegal aliens when sent Obama spoke so eloquently about illegal aliens are doing, especially in the face of legal immigration that it needs to be stopped, and no american or every American should be upset about it. We have a right to be upset about illegal immigration in this country, Chuck Schumer, calling it illegal by these leaders in the democratic party. Two but you're no longer in leadership, but Chuck Schumer certainly is Chuck shoe. Where is the one that is fighting the shutdown saying the president just throwing a temper tantrum and discovery
shut down? Is his fault? The president said I'll. Take the blame. I am not signing a piece of legislation that doesn't include billions of dollars for border security wall fence by the way it's going to be a fun couple of years, at least. Let's look at the silver lining on the dark cloud of the Democrat taking over the house again and Nancy Pelow see being the speaker of the house, we will have plenty of sound bites from closely to deal with over the next couple of years now Tupelo she was being asked about the wall and she at a wall is on American. The wall is, is immoral and then someone used the phrase fence and said you supported a bill that gave billions of dollars, including a couple of billion dollars for the fence. Nancy polo sees reply with a straight face was: will you're talking about offense and not a wall if the
so the kind of gems were going to get over the next couple of years? At least it's going to be a fun to watch. But I don't understand the one hundred and eighty degree turn what to do. People that are in this country illegally already is a political fight that we're going to have to have at what level at what cut off point to the people that have already put down roots here, because the american government is turned their back at what point do the people have some responsibility via their government for those people, but border security shouldn't be? One of them is, if you think out, what's killing people, we now know that the opioid epidemic in America is killing people at an alarming rate, and you know that problem is is something we can argue about as well. When you have people being prescribed opioids, and these are everyday. That would never imagine they would be dependent on anything and then
taking medication at the doctor's prescription and becoming and on those drugs in an open prediction, for when I'm being told, is one of the hardest addictions to overcome regulations and reporting on the prescribing of opioids means that you cannot go to multiple doctors to get opioid, because once you're in the database, they cut. You off, as far as the prescription goes, and now you find people that never in a million years would have imagine themselves going to an illegal drug dealer on the beats buying heroin because they no longer find the prescription opioids they were taking before. Well, where do you think those boys are coming from there crossing the border from the S opioids fentanyl, by the way, fentanyl doesn't take a whole lot. Do people high or kill them? It's also much easier to conceal because it comes in and much smaller amounts
early 1980s, all the all the time tf worried about are not FDA. Worried about was marijuana. That's what they chased was marijuana along Pablo Escobar and the cartels and cocaine into Miami and the rest of the United States and cocaine was there now drug cartels in Mexico are trucking in opioids, fentanyl and meth. Meth Infed he's a call ice. I don't want to get confused with immigration and customs enforcement, but ice crossing our borders at an alarming rate. The reason why this is such a passionate issue for me is I'll. Tell you. I am a transplant to almost twenty four years ago, Florida where I am on vacation to the state of Arizona which I now call home. I don't think there's a great place to live, then in Arizona I love the state of Arizona. It is over run it at southern border by the drug tells they can corridors
our soil as an American that should outrage you what you eat Lee outrage. All of us is right now, let's say that everything the Democrats are saying about. This shutdown is one hundred percent. True, then it's going to millions of Americans, it's going to be devastating. Eighty thousand federal workers for federal workers, many of them in law enforcement that won't be paid until the shutdown is over. Let's say that the worst case scenario painted by them is absolutely true. Why are we not equally outraged at both sides, so the political aisle, weather or or the two branches of government fighting about this or so is our friend Alex, We are Casio, Cortez, would say: chambers of government, the three chambers of government, the House, the Senate and the White House. She say it? Another reason why it's going to be a fun couple of years. Why are we not saying to the Congress? It's your job to write laws.
Has been going on that we know of with the separated children and on a reminders. Miners has been happening since nine. Where have you been? Where have you been? What are you doing? Where is a piece of legislation, and everybody says elections have consequences. The Democrats are going to take over the house. That is absolute Lee one hundred percent. True, I believe in that principle ill it's have consequences, will do. Will Trump won the presidency an elect these have consequences when Barack Obama won. They said it was a mandate from the american people that the Obama agenda needed to be pushed through when he said he had a cell phone and a penny go around Congress. The left pull. We end the media, applauded him as somebody that was going to get things done and go around gridlock in Washington, not too much now, but the very demo rats that were border hawks ten
fifteen years ago. Not actually less than ten years ago are now people that are saying a wall is immoral. Well, let me tell you: what's immoral. Human trash is a moral bringing part of this country and then putting their somewhere against their will to work off many times in prostitution, the money over being brought to this country illegally and rich the drug cartels by human trafficking, allowing Bartels to control corridors and put this poison in our country. That's immoral! That is absolutely immoral. And those are the things that we as Americans should be fighting for, and the media should be our voice in all of that. You want to hold someone accountable, start holding some of these members of the traditional media and tell him to stop being so lazy and ask the real questions coming up talk about the changes in the Trump Administration Madison out
his replacement Shanahan, who exactly will replace Mattis. That is going a big part of the conversation coming up here in just a few moments, talk about big changes and the pull out in Syria all right around the corner. My name is MIKE Broomhead. This
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from Boeing as an executive. He is not a military man himself, but he was raised in a military family said his father taught him service before self, which is a big part of the of his upbringing liked by the White House. According to most uhm, wasn't close necessarily with Madison, but they called him fix it. Man at Boeing that he's got an illustrious career in that industry. What's that going to do for him being the defense secretary, the questions arise with General Mattis, leaving disagreement between the President and Mattis that the expedited dip sure, as opposed to waiting around for the confirmation of the next person he's going to be out as of January. First, according to the president's announcement that the new or the acting Defense Secretary Shanahan will take his is January first and all of this going back to who knows which decisions all of them, but the the decision to pull troops out of Syria in an expedited fashion away. It was announced whether or not
it's a good idea and just to hear more from some military minds around the world, people that I've talk to you in the intelligence industry, people I've talked to are there, I even in trust most of them, I would say nine out of of them think this is a bad move. Rand Paul likes the move, but Rand Paul is the, I would say, he's an isolationist, but he leans that way for sure. In prince, I agree on many levels. We should not be the world's police force, especially using our military. The way we do, we send our soldiers and we send our troops. I shouldn't just say: soldiers whether it's Marines airman sending sending our navy our sailors in to combat zones to be applied force is not the way they're built in what they should be used for, necessarily but understand. Post world war. Two we still have a presence in Europe, Japan.
All these years later, we still have military presence in those countries and if we're going to we're going to invest the way we do in doing things. How long are we willing to be apart of those parts of the World Peace time, to maintain those things and have already force where it's needed. Is the world safer now than it was ten years ago? I don't think many people believe that it is, I think, we're safer from ISIS. I do believe they've been decimated. Have they been beaten? I don't know about that. Either! Isn't a question. We look at the military minds of this world for them, saying that this is in of all people not a military mind, but Lynn, Graham saying that this is an insurance policy that the small foot front of troops that we have in serious an insurance policy. Going backwards is not something I I want to see. There are two thing
here: the concern me one, the background family has losing a brother and then watching Iraq fall apart years after brother was killed in Iraq. It felt to me personally, like everything, and he had part of working for, was being decimated. It was devastating many military families, because the only thing you have to hold onto is that feeling that it was and for nothing will have everything he had gained is lossed. Then it feels like it was for nothing. I don't want any family to feel that way. I don't want any family to feel like it was for nothing. Additionally,. We send men and women into harm's way. They sign up to do the job, but when we send them to do that job they have to feel like they have for the american people. Are the american people just tired.
It sounds silly, but are they just tired of war, our enemies going to say that they've outlasted us. Because I believe this is going to be a recruiting tool. There's no doubt that they're going to play this up as a victory for them. So I'm not. I am not a big fan of sending men and women into combat zones without the equipment and without them the orders to go and win. But are we going? Are we setting ourselves up failure? Are we setting ourselves up for for going back? Speak in high schools or I used to quite a bit. In Arizona, I would ask to go to speak to social studies, groups or
classes would all come together in assembly, and I would always handle it more. As a question and answer, I didn't give a speech in high school kids. Don't wanna hear a fifty one year old guy speak. I would let them questions to do my best to answer them. Then high school at least where I'm from are concerned about the same things. We are concerned about jobs, terrorists, facts are we safe at the a nuclear war with n Koreans and I had someone ask me about because of my unique situation, having lost a brother, how I felt about that wars and why I was I supportive of us being in some of the countries we were in. You know: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and I look these kids on a Friday, so the boys were wearing football uniforms and some of the girls wearing cheerleading uniforms and I said to them. Some of you are seniors, which means next year or the year after some of you will be trading in those football and cheerleading uniforms. Terry uniforms.
And what's been going on since two thousand and three march of three was the invasion into Baghdad. What's been going on all of these years and not been solved in the Middle EAST as long as the Afghanistan war has been going on in our involvement there across N Africa now, where we have troops in harm's way die as we speak, and the idea that we as a generation didn't do it, we didn't fix it. We to take the gloves off and finish the job. The way we should have we pulled out of Iraq way too soon. We should have insights two thousand and twenty, but we have done something about Syria year to go. We could have knock down the air capabilities of Bashar Assad, at least level the playing field for the free syrian army to give them a
being chance to take their country back without a big military footprint years ago and saved millions of lives being devastated. Law store changed whether it's it's exile, imprisonment or death. We could have played art and allowing them to fight their own battles, but helping them insights. Two thousand and twenty. But you look in the face of an eighteen year old and you say to them: this been going on since three men in these kids were not born or infants. When this happened, we have uh finish the job. And because of that, many of you will don the uniform at the United States military and going to deploy payment to the Middle EAST. I have four grandsons, the most of which is seven years old.
Less than fifteen years from now, what's he going to do, he decides he's going to join the military? Where will we be in the world. So this serious situation is more than politics, and it's more than just about two thousand two hundred troops being pulled out of a region, water after effects in the long term effects of this and what generation? How many people is it going to affect? Go? Look at you, kids! You got kids that are fifteen years old. How will this check them five years from now when they're twenty. How many of your sons or daughters have said? I want to join the military where maybe in the world, and will this what's happening now with the pull out of Syria have an effect on them. The commander in chief makes very serious decisions and
for I had a knee jerk reaction, one way or the other to denounce what the president did or say it was the right thing to do. I wanted to be a bit educated on the wise people that I know are saying that this could be a big mistake that this could come back to bite the president, because isis or another group. If you change the name, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS. What would be the next group. Is this going to fester into something else where we to be sending men and women a couple of years from now back into a region because uprising of terrorism, because we didn't leave a footprint behind. And it's more of a thoughtful question than it is a political question and is the going to be that mistake? Every press makes one or more. Is this going to be that huge mistake that ends up
costing this president and the american people. More discussed on this topic, of course, the shutdown that's effect Everyone in the exact place is that it's affecting and the people that it's affecting a lot more still coming up on the show I MIKE Broomhead. This is the Glenn Beck program. Merry Christmas from the MIKE Broomhead show from MIKE Broomhead on the Glenn Beck program. We are thrilled. You've joined us for part of your day, there's so much happening and we're talkin about the pull out in Syria. In the seriousness of all of this Br Hume made an interesting point. He that criticism of Trump has been overblown, but SIRI in the Madison is a big deal. This is the part where I think the Democrats have overplayed their hand. So many times everything that's happened with Donald Trump has been the end of the world,
and you can only scream the I is falling so times before. People start ignoring you, I'm one of the this is by having the twenty four hour news cycle. Even on on Fox news. You see it all the time. There's constant breaking news in the big breaking news that ominous sound in the and then it how to be nothing. Um locally I'll get a tweet from our local newspaper and it will say breaking news. You open the tweet and it'll, be a weather report, see in Arizona if it rains that's breaking news, but that breaking news. Every move that this president has made since he won the election has been homes for impeachment. The president of the United States wasn't even president for two weeks when Maxine Waters called for impeachment, and
someone pointed out to her he's even the president for two weeks, you can zoom out of time, doesn't matter. So they've been screaming impeachment since election, never mind the inauguration. This, I believe, is a bigger deal for this president. General Mattis is well respected, Terry mind. All both sides of the political aisle. When you have an advisor like this, that's leaving and then there's an expedited exit because of the disagreements with the president. This is one of those situations where, instead of every time, someone leaving this administration, they add them to the Tote Board and pictures across the screen.
This is one of those areas that can be held up as a as a concern: the the location of Syria, the involvement of the Russians, the uprise ISIS. In the past. The genocide in that country is a world problem because of what can happen next. What will happen next and if we don't get our arms around this, if, for the reason. General Mattis disagrees with the president to the point of one or the other saying I quit or you're fired. It's a big deal. The change in policy of removing troops from Syria is another big deal, but it can fall on deaf ears to many people,
because we've been hearing everything's a big deal, J go through the mother in navigation, going back to well Manafort and Michael Flynn, and everybody was going to be this gonna, be the one this going to be the one that turned around and destroyed this president every single person. Well, this cooperating this one's been arrested. This is happened that happened. This is this is the one. So you heard about Michael Cohen, being the one that knew all the secrets and was going to be the demise of this presidency, and then you heard about people that own the NASH only choir, and you heard how they were going to be the ones they're, the ones that really know the secrets. It's always the next one. It's the one. It hasn't happened, it's kind of roll their eyes, because every time it's a problem every I think this is the one that's going to devastated. This is the end. This is where
Peachman resignation is the only choice and that many members of the media saying they have no choice in the house, the says no choice: they're obligated by law to articles of impeachment- and you look things in you wonder what do you? Well? What exactly are you talking about, so that dear of impeachment of this president, is obviously something to discuss in the next hour. Is this president going to face impeachment e face impeachment. Or is this just more about politics with the serious issues that face our country. History, lessons not over on a immigration in America and what needs to be done and believe it or not. One publication saying this whole thing is politics. This is how the President build the wall without Congress. He doesn't in Congress to build the wall. How
the president pull that off? Could you do if you really wanted to end shut down by building it without Congress? All of that coming up we'll do that in the next hour or the show again, my name is broomhead, I'm in for Glenn Beck all of this week. This is the Glenn Beck program. We will be back the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program. We talk about education in America in the next hour of the show talk about the least educated state. It's not always about money. We are going to talk about what's happening in the world as far as the government shutdown goes, what it means to most Americans will catch up on that illegal immigration in the history lesson continues as well, because
we don't understand the history of things. We are doomed to repeat it. This goes back much longer than many of us realize, although it seems to be squarely on the shoulders of this president, all that, coming up in this hour of the show it's a win back program hi MIKE Broom, had this is the Glenn Beck program, tis the season for more more shopping online, more booking travel more using webs heights, the find the perfect gift and all of that activity is happening on your device. Sometimes sketchy websites that you'll thinker sketchy using your phone or your tablet could expose more of your personal information, and if that exposed information ends up in the hands of cyber criminals, you could have a bigger problem than an online store running out of the gift that you promised your oldest. So here's the thing Lifelock with Norton Security, now helps keep your holidays. Happy Lifelock helps the threats to your identity, like somebody opening an account in your name and Norton Security, protect your devices against the cyber threats like malware. Now nobody can prevent all identity theft or cyber crimes are monitor all transactions it'll businesses. But if you have like flock with Norton Security, you have comprehensive protection for your identity and your devices head to Lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred Lifelock and use promo code back for an extra fifteen percent off your first year. That's promo code back an extra fifteen percent off now it Lifelock dot com.
This is the Glenn Beck program. My name is MIKE Broomhead we're we are here on just for another hour. I appreciate you spending some time with us and Education in America is going to be a part of what we talk about this morning, Fornia the least educated state, which kind of surprised me the amount of money spent on education in the state of California. They have got the most. People over the age of twenty five have not completed the ninth trade and they also have the most people that have that don't have a high school diploma of any age and not just numbers of people but highest in percentage highest in per capita. So the state of education, which is something that's, become more important to me. The older I get will be apart of we're discussing not just for the sake of bashing California, which is easy to do sometimes with the government they have, but it is or about learning lessons from other people's mistakes, and so that will get to
the changeover in the Trump administration can't be overstated. This is a big deal with math leaving and the circle dances in manner in which he left. That will also talk about the immigration issue is a big one for me, because it's led to the shutdown. The cornerstone of this president's campaign was bill in the wall, and it was about stopping illegal immigration. There are three things Trump Administration wants to accomplish and I he wins on all three one is of course, border security. Arizona has something called the border strike force made up of state police officers at state, troopers and other dps turn our governor came up with this border strike force and what they are as a liaison and they work hand in hand filling apps in the local. You know the the the the more income border counties. Those police agencies need help with some of the crimes being committed by.
Will have come across the border illegally and a liaison with federal law enforcement are trying to work with them where they can, whether it's border patrol or ice in trying to stem the I did the crimes that are coming across the border and it important issue across the country because all of the drugs we've talked about the cross into Arizona, the opioids, the fentanyl the ice or what we call a MAC Crossing order ends up in places all over the country. You look at the spike, the opioid epidemic in America. We talk about taking it seriously, will show down the flow or at least making it more difficult to get those drugs into this country are important, so there two things happening with the migrant caravan and legal immigration as it stands. First of all, overwhelms ice now border patrol stop some from crossing the border, but once over here once there in the states it becomes an image asian customs enforcement issue. Now
FBI was revamped after nine hundred and eleven. They are an anti terrorism organization and, by most accounts, doing a stellar job in stopping terrorism. You know how we know that we don't hear what's going on. They stop many attacks they have been refocused and re tasked image which, in customs enforcement should be doing just that, but they do Kroger addiction, human trafficking. They do so many other things that they should. I believe this is my personal opinion, narrow the scope of what ice does immigration. They should be ask with people that are overstaying their visas. We have got the digital, Knology to track people down that overstay their visas and make sure that they leave the country. An enormous amount of illegal immigrants in this country are people that overstayed visas, the other part, that is the customs enforcement part of it, but the immigration side of it could be. That could be one of the things they focus solely on if there are other, is being committed by illegal immigrants. Put it off
media if it's drug crimes, ATF. Let those other investigation, investigative branches, do jobs, but we're going to get serious about it. The president wants border protection, which I don't know how you can how, but he can believe that the border is secure on any level it isn't, but, secondly, it is about chain migration. It's odd that we are allowing the current gen. You know the immigrants to choose the next generation, I'm not talk about minor children. That seems to be a no brainer or spouses, but its parents. Brothers and sisters that are adults He done on a merit basis and not on a chain migration basis. That makes sense. Then the visa lotteries, as opposed to people coming on their merit, our litmus test not be wealth, are litmus test should be ability. I am an advocate, our guest worker program,
a border state. I only give you anecdotal evidence from where I live. In the state of Arizona at our peak, I believe eight. Somewhere around there there were fifty thousand new home starts. They were building sixty thousand homes in one year, the market crashes. It starts to make a comeback. The he is going very, very well. The construction world is working very hard again and there a lot of work out there for them. They are now. In a little over twenty thousand, some around twenty to twenty five thousand home starts in the middle of the housing boom. You want to know why we don't get anywhere near. Sixty thousand home starts in Arizona, I'm just giving you anecdotal where I live, because don't have the manpower on job sites to do the jobs I have friends who own construction companies 'cause. That's the world I came from. I was an electrical contractor
friends in the framing and drywall business could hire thirty or thirty five people. They have. Three people show up if he had a viable program where people could come and work not able to take any and to give any public services whatsoever, they could come and go they please they could send money home as they please. It would help the I mean s of our border. It, the american economy and jobs in Americans, aren't doing that really aren't doing. And we would have the ability to then alleviate some of the pressure at the border when you hear about the migrant Caravan in Tijuana and the as majority of these young men that are a part of this caravan wanting to work. Why not alleviate the pressure on the border patrol and I'll? Tell you why it makes sense. Cartels are not stupid. So while on one hand, you've got people posing as families and crossing the border
demanding asylum and tying up ice with all of this people, work in holding people in ankle, bracelets, turning them loose and hearing dates the drug cartel. These are continuing to truck in tons bill, 10s of dollars worth of that poison. That's going into the veins and up the notion citizens. So you item up in one area and you're making money there. But then drugs in your crime cross the border because they can in two places at once. So alleviating the pressure at the border where were able to chew, there are to be strict rules and all of those things is a big part. What we could be doing, what we should be doing and we're not. This goes back to Reagan, getting the prom so border security, which was never fulfilled.
Bush signed in the law to build a fence, never got funded. And now this president says we are no longer going to get empty promises but fascinating it. The story was written. The president Trump doesn't need them. He could go around them. The president is able to if he wants to pull money from other agencies without he says he will do that. The Congress will blame him. The Congress will say he's doing the wrong thing, but Congress is not doing anything to work with him on any level. This is a. I heard from a family court lawyer a great analogy: the difference in criminal law in family law is that in criminal law you see good people. Are you see bad people on their best behavior defendants in family law? You see good people on their worst behavior, because
such an emotional time when couples and a marriage, especially when kids are involved. How many times judge gives the lecture you gotta love your children more than you hate each other. Well, this is a nasty divorce. You got on one side. You've got the Congress Democrats in Congress on the other side and neither side wants to give an inch and all of us. We are who's kids caught in the middle of a nasty divorce. No matter what happens, we are going to lose because neither side wants to give an inch. The prez has so much on his side. Just on the border security in the popularity with the american people. Don't you find it on? I talked about this with the demo. Isn't it odd that Obama ended during his time in office? The wet foot dry foot rule with the cuban people established the embassy again raise the american flag in Havana and Arif
stab Lish normalcy and the relationship with the cuban government by the way, the cuban government and what they're doing to their people has not changed. It is an oppressive finished Rajeem and, if you say anything against the government, they re educate you so to speak, your punished you're hauled away. The people will have zero freedom in that country. We've done nothing to change the lives of the cuban people and neither is their government, but we really published a relationship with them. Then what we did was and the wet foot dry foot rule, which was, if you are a cuban citizen and you got dry american soil. You are political asylum. I watch boats when I was a kid being chased through the shore by the Coast Guard. If they not to dry land? It was like paint playing tag and you get to base in your safe. Will, the Obama administration ended that wet foot dry foot rule. Is it odd now, just a few years later, chucks
Nancy Poulos e and the rest of the people in leadership in the Credit party in essence, want to do that with the illegal immigrants coming in posing as families. If you can get across the border, you should get asylum. How any different they under the Obama administration, for ending it with an oppressive regime like the communist regime of Cuba, and yet they, want to establish it for these people coming from Central America by the way the stories are still out there about. Ms thirteen gang members being captured about when the child molesters being captured crossing the border, there's no vetting process here, a long way from home. This is a long way from over this talk about this government shutdown, the reasons for it or as entrenched as they can be. But how long will it last we're going to do that coming up here in just a few moments once again, I'm MIKE Broomhead- and this is the Glenn Beck program-
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do x, basic no questions asked guaranteed complete satisfaction for thirty days, use the promo code back eight four 8444x, chair or x, chair back dot com merry Christmas. My name is MIKE Broomhead. This is the Glenn Beck program, legal immigration and here's. Something else I don't think is done very well by the people on the right is the designation of the differentiation between legal anil immigration, the analogy I've been using. Is this if your neighbors across the street next door had a house fire, God forbid, and
needed a place for a couple of days until they figured out housing until their house was repaired? You open your home you'd, give them a place to sleep, you wouldn't think twice you invite them in your home and you would refuge until they got to where they needed to permanently. If came home from work and your neighbors had a house fire and you walk in your front door and they're already sitting on your couch eating your fun yens and watching television, a different conversation same predicament same situation. It's certainly is the way it was done that matters. And that's what's happening. Our laws are being broken. This caravan is a perfect example, although it was trumped up and no pun intended was made up, it was politicized, it was for made for television they or burning the american flag and waving the honduran flag. That
is not the way to see asylum opportunities along the way in Mexico to seek asylum. The right way they refused. This is politics on their side, for the american media to do what they're doing is shameful. The mexican media is telling the truth, the mexican people want them there. The mexican people wanted the Mexican the new mexican president to down on the next caravan, which he's doing they we're going to close their southern border. Those the next caravan is not going to be greeted with food, water and rides, but instead, instead of telling that story, they continue to blame the president and act as if some kind of a racist, xenophobic, isolationist.
I am a firm believer in legal immigration. I've watched many families in one generation live the american dream. This country, with nothing ray, is their children become citizens at the very first opportunity flourish, buy a home, retire and watch their children and then grandchildren live the Can dream. Most of us applaud that. Not too long ago, the the 80s singer, Billy Idol, became american citizen. The picture went viral waving american flag. Well, this happened to me that he's a celebrity. But how many of us have stopped when it's in the newspaper we see it on the news off fourth of July, there will be. A swearing in party are swearing in ceremony for new citizens. We all stop and applaud that are most of us. Do. I believe that we should be a place of refuge in asylum, but when
got syrian refugees that want to come here and there being infiltrated by terrorists. And the president says we need a better vetting process, he's right. I had to get on an airplane and I'm going to get on an airplane to go home in a few days. You go through a different process now than you did. Pre nine hundred and eleven as the forests have morphed their tactics. Our government has morphed it's in stopping the Krista tax and the bombs and planes and things of that nature. New screeners, take off your shoes. Put your laptop in another compartment. Show us your cell phone that it works all the things they do to try be one step ahead of the terrorists, air marshals. They changed what we do on airplanes, how they locked the cockpit door. They do all of those things in answer to to try to be one step ahead of those that would harm us, but somehow now, in this pot, this process of illegal immigration, we're not
custom orphan change, how we handle things, so we can refugees in for a long time now. We know that the refugees are infiltrating with the g r, I'm sorry. Terrorists are infiltrating the refugees and coming to America and we're not supposed to change our vetting process. We now know that there is a four hundred percent increase on our southern border of a dog exposing with children that are not theirs as families, but we're not just to change our vetting process, based on the data that we know. None of that makes sense. Being a border state I'll tell you another statistic: that patrol in ice keep track of the people that come north of the border and there is a cow, gory called atms other than Mexicans. It's crossing the mexican border from other countries and of course you get central and S american countries, but you get the communist Chinese across the Middle eastern terrorist states and there
statistics you can find. The question of whether or not we should be doing? Something is a no brainer, but when you Constantly hear in the media that this is just a racist agenda, this has been going on for five presidents. I know of you know in my lifetime. When is Congress going to be held accountable to write some kind of a law that guy the real chief to border security and they real immigration program that people can live with me easier for good people to come and make it harder for bad people to get here?. Easier to do it legally much harder. Do it illegally that, like a no brainer to most of us, talk about education, the lack
education in America and how it's affecting our children how it's really affecting our future? I have privilege of speaking in high school is quite a bit in Arizona, and I am always faith is always renewed in the youth when I talk with them, but what are we doing about education? Is it money? That's really the issue and the reason why I want to bring this up as it's been a big issue in my home state, but I think nationally. This is a big big, big issue. Immigration, and before we get out of here one of my favorite things to talk about on a Christmas eve, the war on Christmas. We here in more merry Christmas, then you are hearing Happy holidays. All of that will be talking in the final half hour program. Again, my name is MIKE. This is the Glenn Beck program. So much still to discuss. Glad you're with me. Stick around
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And financing Corporation and then LS, one hundred and eighty, two thousand three hundred and thirty four www dot, nmlsconsumeraccess dot, Org one more Glenn I mean who does beside my wife stream live or download later at glennbeck dot com, a merry Christmas, it's Glenn Beck Program and he was MIKE broomhead him in for Glenn this week. We hope you're, I hope, you're having a great Christmas. It's harder! It's Christmas Eve, I'm still writing two thousand and sixteen on stuff. We pre she ate some of your morning or for some of your day, actually um the state of education. It's interesting uh. I was quite possibly the first high school student on the planet for quite awhile. I wasn't uh kid. I was just obnoxious and I didn't take it very seriously. The older I The more I realize that I was very fortunate. My education at its base, when I was younger,
was very good. I learned to read: I learned to write to comprehend what I was reading, so I could convey a thought and all of that served me very well basic math I became an electrical electrician which is- and now you everything you do is an algebraic formula I was fortunate- that I took education seriously at its foundation so that when I have to catch up, when I got older, I had the ability to an one questions. Kids always ask is: when am I ever going to use this again, and the answer is, I don't know, but we he take education serious or at least as adults. We do with our kids, and when you look at the state of education, it seems like a lot of times. What it is is more indoctrination than education. I've said for a long time if we create critical thinkers. They will figure it out and the
numbers of people at the foundation of our country that could read and write it astounded, the rest of the world that we were the best we were educated society and that's fallen way way way off. We tend to indulge need more than we educate. We tend to tell kids. What they should think is. Oh is the teaching them how to think and there's uh complaints in that, but California spends a lot of money on education. They are. Dead last in since that are twenty five and older, who have never completed the ninth grade and the 49th for the percentage of who have graduated from high school. Nine point fifty nine point: seven percent of California residents, twenty five and older never deleted the ninth grade and only eighty two one slash. Two percent have graduated from high school. That is a staggering number of people that have not when
we talk about the issues, the history, lesson of immigration, that we just went over and how we're doomed to repeat it. If we don't understand if we teaching our kids about the Holocaust, what the greatest generation the war two generation were able to accomplish D day I was in. I was France. I went to Normandy in Luxembourg, Belgium, over anniversary of D Day last June, and as much as I am a student of history, there was nothing standing in those places Utah Beach Omaha Beach point to HAWK the Pegasus Bridge going to these different places and meeting some of the men who fought there. And realizing that they were eighteen night
teen years old when they did it and the struggle. That they had to endure Anne, had it failed America would look like everybody. E of the Mississippi would probably be speaking German and everybody West of the Mississippi would be speaking, Japanese that there is a necessity in teaching not just what we've done, but why we've done it. The consequences of intervening or not intervening should we have intervened earlier. Maybe Pearl harbor doesn't happen. Those questions would hit. Impact on the world have been diminished. Had we done I'm kind of a preemptive strike.
That's just one part of education. When you see it mystic where you're setting people up to fail and it's system where you are throwing Billy of dollars at the problem with Noah an ability really. It makes me wonder what education is in America. Is it a business because if it is it's failing except the execut, which would be the teachers, unions and the big organizations invested in education are in trying to lose their paycheck an I'm I'm torn, because when I go into high schools and speak with students, these are thoughtful p they're, they are not selfish. My num idiots they're portrayed to be so times, but we do them a huge disservice. We don't college. Kids. Nearly enough. We don't
them accountable. We don't make them work hard. We we! Oh, there was one teacher who was fired because school policy said the lowest grade, give us a fifty percent. So even if you don't and then a piece of paper, you don't get a zero. You still get fifty percent for not doing the work. Those are the things that concern me when I talk education, but. In the end, who's fault, is it it's your and it's mine if my kids would have graduated from high school and couldn't read it's my fault? If I I don't know that my children can't read when they're in the second grade third grade that they're not learning to read, or there at least not learning, what they're being taught that's on me.
But the education system seems, in my opinion, seems to be failing, because, where we used to lead the world, we don't. We aren't challenging people were not making sure that we're creating critical thinkers that can read something a message of what they've just read, comprehend it and repeat what they've just read. Instead, we make sure we're churning out good citizens. Well, good, in the minds of the people that are doing the indoctrination. And I say this with all due respect to teachers, because we all have teachers that influence. We all have somebody or people in our lives that we look back at and say person was a huge influence in on me. I'm sure I've mentioned here on this before
now, students when I was in high school. I always I hated my guts. I was a maniac of a kid. You know I was. I drove this guy crazy after I was out of high school, I saw him at a high school football game, an he remembered, not only me, but he remembered my younger brothers name, my youngest brothers name, who never even went to that school. My mother's name, just how we all we're doing ask how my electrical career was going. He knew what I was doing for a living. And he is someone, that's been a promote of this radio career when it happened, Anas Bin, great support system to me- and I had I was under the assumption that he just did like me immensely. I was just a bad. He was trying to straighten out. This. Was one people instrumental in keeping me from going completely off the edge. His name is Bill Gatti's and uh
in touch with him once in awhile, we keep in touch on Facebook and there are little thousands of kids that have the same stories about him and people. I came in our schools that made him tax on us, so there I'm not. I am not denigrating. The service of t there are many, many many great teachers in this country. The system is got issues. When you got a national standard, it's one thing: you have a national way of of educating. I want you think of how is it possible The same issues that an inner city, kid from Brooklyn NY faces the same kid same issues as a kid in Butte MT some kid from Fountain Colorado faces in challenges as a kid from Clovis New Mexico, it's different.
And teachers should be able to educate students and not have to just be teaching on past tests. One of the fun things I've had. The pleasure of doing over the last few years is making fun of ' 'cause. They deserve it. The assault on Christmas. It does to me this year. That I'm hearing a lot more merry Christmas than I am happy holidays in years past, so be I close it out on this Christmas Eve, a little events of Christmas itself as a holiday and a Christmas from us here at the Glenn Beck program, MIKE Broomhead I'll, be back. Merry Christmas, my name is MIKE broomhead him in for Glenn I'll, be in the rest of this week, with the exception of tomorrow. I appreciate you spending part of your day with Maine. Merry Christmas, it's it's a great my favorite time of year, if your social media use arm the MIKE provincial fan page on Facebook or MIKE Broom had all one word on Instagram, I'm the king of blurry pick.
If you want to follow my s, it's blurry pictures you can follow me on Instagram. All one word MIKE Broomhead assault on Christmas. The war on Christmas is always surprised me. It is an overtly christian holiday Inn Explain and I'm not going to proselytize or preach. I'm just going to explain to you. There are some very good people in this world that have a humble belief that all of us were created. All of us do the wrong thing on some level and there was uh the prediction by the people of a Messiah and that Messiah was fulfilled in Jesus Christ in the birth of Jesus is when we celebrate. Although we realize December twenty fifth was not actually Jesus's birthday, we celebrate the birth of that Savior, God become Man Easter. We see
liberate the finish of that ministry with his death is physics, death and resurrection at Easter time, but it is truly like you have Hanukkah and silver for the Jews. These are. These are devout, respected, holidays. The Muslims that Ramadan would anybody. I honestly would most people in America question the way. A Muslim celebrates Ramadan. How dare you, but in Erica there is this assault on Christianity. It's an overtly christian holiday. I don't know of any Christian in the world that asks you to celebrate the way do or we do. There are some able to go to church on Christmas Eve. There are those that go on Christmas day. There are those that don't go at all. We all celebrate differently, but it is an overtly christian holiday.
We have a lot of immigrants in this country. Can you imagine on the fourth of July? This is thing to imagine your have a fourth of July Parade Parade in your town independence day, and someone in your city government says you know we are a very diverse community in half thing, only the american flag in the fourth of July Parade or having american flags really is exclusive, but we're not inclusive of the non citizens that are here. So we want to have the have the parade, but they can't be anything overtly american in the fourth of July parade, because we are then going to be excluding and not inclusive, of those people that are not american and you said, but we are celebrating the independence of America. I know, but.
And there's always people that would believe that way. It is an overtly christian holiday, whether you celebrate it that way or not. Is your business get it? We don't get a tree rap Santa Claus. How whatever you want to do. I don't waste my time even getting angry about it. I think it's, the funniest thing. I've ever heard of. It's like telling you were not singing you happy birthday on your birthday because there's other people in the room that aren't having a birthday that day and we don't want to exclude them. It's your birthday. I say that because it my favorite time of the year, we get reflective, we count our blessings. People tend to be a little nicer to each other.
I love the way Christmas affects everyone. And I really do wish, we could start it earlier and carry on throughout the year. Our problems don't change. The issues in this country are not changing the government still shut down. We still have the economy to worry about, and the pull out in Syria and the changes in the White House. But isn't it nice that there's something now that's going on? That puts a lot of that in a perspective where we can our guards a little bit and wish someone a merry Christmas that we've been battle with politically for a long time or otherwise. One of my friends from youth is a very girl guy who it happens, also be jewish. I wish him happy Hanukkah every year and he wishes me a merry Christmas when we talk
to each other. It is nothing but great things, but we fight like crazy when it comes politics, but we never lose a sense of respect for each other. So my my wish for you this Christmas is, you would have peace and joy and, if, like me, the celebration birth of the Savior so until the 26th I enjoy the time with my family here in Florida that you're enjoying your time with people, you love from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all a very very merry Christmas and everyone here. This is the Glenn Beck program. God bless you're, listening to Glenn Beck.
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