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Hour 1Punished for a crime before it's committed? The selective-beliefs media are completely disingenuous. They hate Trump more than they hate guns. Unhinged and completely obsessed journalism? Waving red flags is frightening. Hour 2Fearing the red flag Laws? Mass shootings by the numbers, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson. Fake News: 250 mass shootings YTD? Mika Brzezinski: Mass shootings a political issue Democrats "could get some traction on"? Hour 3 Riding dirty on The Milky Way with Neil deGrasse Tyson? In the Age of Where Things happen pretty quickly? Campaigning on a pile of dead bodies. Criminal tamperer Jeffy Fisher stops by to chew some fat. The fear of traveling without plastic. Facts that don’t exist?

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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their Glenn Back programme. Its balanced over Glenn on the global programme interpolate. So two seven be easy gay. Call if you agree with us, you disagree with us number two calls for is dial, for right and if you're in a cell phone, do not press, send people pressing or in San. Do not do that if you, if you want to disagree with us, just press for and weight and the reason The recent weave we ve made it for is because we were
to be really easy for you to get in touch with us and only if the remember one number, if you disagree, but because we want people to disagree in. If you, if you agree with us, you gotta remember aid aid aid, seventy seven back what yap! Yet it's three to five people got to figure that out of three to five it if it takes a while for people to figure that out, though at so, we may more much more difficult for you to call and agree with us. If you Disagree, just press for and put it up to your ear wait and wait now. A lot of people say bottle here any ringing or whatever. That's just because we have it national system, we think the ring is, is, is off putting to a lot of people. So we regret that. You automatically go on whole get in line, and we you have at any time just press for yet and had put the phone to Europe, So gotten all look forward to hearing from you, especially again especially feet. Disagree, that's great! You I'll give. You behaved like let's say: you're here
Corey, Booker FED, like I gotta, tell ya, gotta, tell everybody in America how good Corey, Booker just press for and put the phone area. Put the forty or ear. That's it. We say it's our big slogan, good working on that forty area has taken us a wild and come up with a slogan, but I don't really know Marty tired of it. I'm pretty proud of it. Now, almost too long, you now almost almost its had bidden development for fourteen years. But now it's ready to go just press for, but forty area, tell us about Corey Booker today, that's that's! That's! The design of his programme needs great sum. Stuff going on, be we're getting some raw Strange information about the Dayton Killer, yeah her three on anything. I have seen it in the papers. Yes, if he was
Chile, driven to the site by his best friend, with his sister in the car as well to the third that is what was his best friend his best friend. I another drove him. He and his sister to the night club, and then he they were the first once he shot when he got out of the car, right so weird is that I was trying to pieces together so was I was trying to figure out. Will ok because they get revelry. Our fifteen come from right so that they get separated at some point so my browser Please do you know what s your countless into the different reports and there are some conflicting reports about it. So it's it's still hard to dig out exactly what happened, but it seems like went down to this night life district together, They got out of the car together. He was not carrying a gun at any time he didn't have the body armor armor on right ahead was in the car or in the conquer something so they went into your late at night. Like district, sir,
paraded. My guess is intentional. Right, he hunky intently, separated Armenia can't find yet went back, got the gun. Gunnar dress then started texting, hey meet me here. I'm gonna meet you here and that Well, how he wound up killing them, Actually, I should say he only killed her. He still alive so I have it shoot him, you did shoot em, so they're gonna have a real idea of. As to what this day, like what was what it was leading up to this gas, so each he killed his sister. He shot his best friend his best friend. Was also on his hit list when he was a junior in high school, they have come up with this with the fact We had a hit list when he was junior. He had a hit list that people who wanted to kill any other rape list of girls, the rape.
While there that both of those things indicative of negative behaviour path, he just how I would state that the US and, if you're, just greatness press for a right and put your phone to your ear, but it's it's interesting, If you look at this is like a you think, immediately a hungarian thanks immediately like ok, this guy had all sorts of red flags. Frankly, as there s too bright to be read, I dont know what color they turn into. A guy has a hit list, a rape list, but it's it's did it still difficult right. This was in school many years ago. Seven seven years ago, you guys now has major problems, I'm sure at that time, somebody they did some to address them. Obviously, at some level they thought maybe he was, ask them- I know, there's been a people say ok! Well, there's all these problems back in high school and he was in there's people that are saying lucky's him. He was
your problem and we thought like he might do something like this also been reports of like a bar. He went to regularly where they there are like a. He was the greatest I've, never thought million years to do anything. He was be jobs. Eel about positive, like never harassed, women in the bar, never did anything like that. He was just a great guy tag when it, when we the name, we said, there's absolutely no way. That's the person there talking about so it is not easy, and we live in a society. I think her with this is positive, but our society is weak, throw people in jail before they commit crimes. We don't say hey. You know this guy seems kind of weird. Let's put him in prison, that's not a thing that we do right and that's one of the things that has what's one of our vivacious, trade and back in the day, whatever If someone well, it was a little bit off. They threw him in jail,
If you disagree with a king, they three in jail. If you had the wrong religion, they three in jail. Clear to all that stuff out. It's a to our benefit really hard when you have the one in what ten I was in a hundred thousand million people who is now who is weird and has these bad problems and then wines of acting on them. It's you, these people out it's your dinner impossible, such a difficult problem triple eight. Seventy six be easy. Gay patent, stupor Glenn on Glinda back in sixty seconds. This is that land back program. If you don't know your numbers, you dont know your business Meet Evan, Goldberg, founder of net sweet. I had to learn that the hard way with my first company. That's why I started that's sweet. I needed to see everything that was going on with my business in one place, so we built the world's first cloud business system and after twenty years over sixteen thousand,
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They were able to prevent crimes by you know they had those psychics in that milk bath and they were able to foretell the crime the murder and prevented beforehand, So maybe we should do something like that. Maybe try that see how that works out. I think we should do that if you disagree put the number forty area and by the way you don't need a phone for that if you have ever for hanging around, go a piece of paper all over the floor, write it down on the far right and not on the paper and put the four on your ear. You should take it to your head. Obviously it doesn't fall off by seventy predict. The city. I often from the paper would follow the grounding, rightly a tape it it. I get in your hair, but if you can yet through it all ITALY it'll be ok well blow on it in and make sure it's dry. Before I put it on your ear, I will do my recommendation. I was fascinated by the idea that there is something called a porno grind. Metal band. Did you notice? No,
apparently, the lead singer of a porno grind metal band? Who was the Dayton Gun Dayton Guy now the porno porno grind genre, Pat, as you know, is a guy who's in a kind of did the grateful dead thing when the pornography industry. If I remember rightly yeah a couple years AEGIS Preside, Diane, and drove all around us, Virgo or other country Horner, grind concerts and fairly disease, genre, music is met its in our heavy metal metal and I can't release, I can't say all of the story, because all of it is is horrible but including the name his of hispanic can only tell you that, but I get to. That they really songs about rape. Now how many songs about rape, kenyan name off the top of your head. I can name one which be Nirvana rate of me I remember being very controversial at the time and then I remember
the Cobain thing: it's an anti rape sob, it's not a pro rape song. Just like will widen finger, releasing a pro rape song. I mean I don't know. Maybe people did you could rape, murder and then I know, but or you could come up with a bunch of my there's. A lot of songs about murder depends who you kill. Some of those songs really like are very positive. I shot the sheriff I shot the share of the right leg and that's a like viewed, it's kind of a pause here on this side of the guy who shot the sheriff arises because he had come into again. It was in self defence. So it was ok, yeah that what I did when I was there never was a good bye, Earl which was a sought, taxi chicks where right she now, her husband seems like a dirt. Backside kills her, yes and that that was like you, dear cheering, for whatever Dixie Chick was in that. Regular arrangement. Well, that's a murder songs! Certainly you can come up with just a few and I don't know I know you could make
dozens pat, but I mean in the in the world of gangster rap profitable the couple that reference murder problem. If he's a couple not as many though becomes too songs about necrophilia. I feel it gets a limited genre. There's not as many songs out there. There's not with there's like a box set four necrophilia songs, but this band apparently had them, and apparently that's what this genre is. So that sound, like a run like at all me like. I just that hey, you're, like a lot going to our third single off the album, is as necrophilia Nancy. If that's you, we just automatically put you in prison, but that's not really. Our system government, or at least not hospital of such as feel like I'm, not just in his day my voluntarily committed yeah, perhaps just reading about the genres related to and similar to Gore Grind but mine.
Differences from Gore Grind include port porno grind, having simpler, slower and more, like songs like them, I'm telling you this is, if you didn't know well ready by apologize for talking down too, there was a little weird when he said it like that, but if I did not get to the audience, yes, it has automatically, and if you don't know what a porno grind and the difference between porno grind and the other John Road talk about important point. Our Gore Gore Grant Gorbachev, you don't know the difference just daily or for on your phone number, for put it in your ear, will tell you about it now. As you know, the genres pornographic theme is present in the lyrics and the album art work which would keep them out of most stores. I hope also that terrible music would keep them out of most source, while also the fact that stores really cell music anymore, would keep them at a most stores. The southern a lot of things worked against. It, be album the the artwork and the fact that
you sick is no longer sold in stores. Those three things are having a hen, keep it out of stores all we had also the crappy music, while interesting, though I'm looking at the story of him in in he dress he It has a ski mask on as he sings and and whereas, if a very attractive dress, which is adorable or a sort of apron like dress kind of in then maybe some shorts. Underneath I mean it's it. Trusting interesting way. Go for him and eat you right it should have been a warning sign there were a lot of warning signs with this guy. You know one when I was completely stunned by pat and so stunned. I dialed before and asked questions about it and here's what they told me. They sky was a hard core leftist. I was shocked because our as you know, all right wing people kill people right, that's what it's think
happened. Yes, you know, and up certainly only right when people own guns and it will in the end in part about this guy's, he had a really far left twitter feed to the point. He was supporting organisations like Antiphon, which are in which these are. These are people that are anti fascists, yeah right. They just don't like racism, that's what they are. I've read about a hundred times in the mainstream media. These are people who look there just stand up against fascism. They don't like fascism, racism and yet this guy was supporting them and one of killing a bunch of people, What a weird studying twist I mean Adam night shovel on writing the news. I oh, it's so difficult to understand how someone could support and anti fascist group. That is just they ending up against Racism and anti algae BT treatment, and
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Dayton Shooter, so tough plan to vote for her she's out yak it about Donald Trump being risk before El Paso woe is she responsible for inspiring this guy Sanders doing the same thing he actually was. As strong as some of these candidates have been like. Yellow or Rourke is completely out of control. All he is he's on he and now that of course fits into his standing in the polls right like he knows it needs to make a bigger splash. It just shows how awful he's blind to combine all the way he has and just flat out state he's a white nationalist racist and is responsible for the shooting in his his his rather something that you'd see in the third Reich wait a minute what man I don't remember Hitler saying there are good people on both sides being like a big part of that regime in it I mean like idle. I didn't like that statement in a most people didn't even the president himself. One up
amending it later. But it's like it's that Third Reich rhetoric- and you remember- when Obama or Obama's people or supporters said something that was amiss. It was always in artful language area. There was something in the speech that wasn't quite right. Why doesn't president use those excuses. Like Obama did and just dismiss guy I'm wasn't exactly what I was saying. I set it wrong brightest period, and we all know in view in the announcement when he declared himself for the presidency right any add that Mexicans were rapists and they were drug dealers. And then and I assume some of my- are good people. While each is put that badly, he didn't mean that all Mexicans coming out across the border are rape, as we all know it. He also didn't mean that some rapists are good people right right. We all know that right, even though
maybe you can argue technically that's the order of the things he said. He said some people org, but it's like. We all know that. That's not what he was talking about. This is One thing that the media does too trump all the time and I think in As to any other person, I've ever seen in my entire life, like they will sit there and make fun of him for boches statements left and right and look there are there are moments in Donald Trump Life, where the english language is an exactly as friend they there at odds at times, and that happens with done from time to time but like the media will simultaneously mock him for that for screwing things up we're click. He said the wrong city and to leave it to lead Owens at Dayton for the for the shooting and mock him like crazy for that, when it benefits them to mock him, why money has another statement, any has a misstep or he says something the wrong way. They'll take though the thing he said the runway as a bloody little children right, that's eggs.
Actually what he meant had now. We now know till from now, until the end of time that he's whites of reverence presupposes because that's what he said. That's all They ve all fired up and not act as they believe that part of it and will act as if they don't believe. Another part, and it's like you, know it's it's. It is very kind The union, its that's thing that kids do and have selective hearing right. They select ITALY believe him when it benefits them and if it's just, in a one minute nonsensical mistake will be like all well he's. Just look at the sky, another another miss type on twitter unanimity. It gets vonny then that it is its complete, politely, disingenuous, and I hope now that I've ever seen them do it to an end. Single individual more than they do at Donald Trump, oh, never mind. Also, I don't think it's possible. I don't think it's possible to hate some one more than they hate Donald Trump.
Pretty clear a lot of this comes down to them. I think believing that no between a what had these standards and with other publicans. We won't actually follow the standards, but will try to give the appearance that were far the standards, even the uneven that withdrew now they hate tat, more than they hate guns. I mean it focusing more on him right now than they are on me. The guns is kind of its true ancillary issue right now, but it's mostly trump, because I've also like there's a story out today that they are talking about executive act, didn't buy. Donald Trump on guns say I am not now not in favour of an entity and am very scared of, but normally they would be thrilled with something like that from a president there, addressing new deciding on his white nationalism, great point that you're right they hate they hated more than a gun that, yes, that's incredible yeah, it is, because they are really going down that road and in the fact that they won't even challenge someone like better will Rourke saying these things there
they're not even challenging them, there's letting them all, obviously is white national, so can get to the real issue that we have to debate its exact just obvious. We have to come out, say he's a white nationals is a racist, these white supremacist. Now what I wait a minute you would never have accepted that about any body else, no really are not just biased against input completely obsessed with this person. They are completely obsessed with the president of the United States and unhinged, but I'm trying Man, I'm really excited to welcome a brand new sponsored to the show to Clovis. I know how ridiculous a great pair of boots can cost to call this makes great boots and accessories. They sell their boots directly to the customer, so their boots are half the price of any that's even similar in quality there all handmade with a two hundred step process, with only the best material
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news personalities, bunch, people, CNN, gotta, some politicians. I feel like Nancy Pillows, none of them exploded, though none of them exploded, and we said at the time like swear that's weird. If I really bad at it or is not trying to kill people exactly- and I think that is, it is a massive distinction in this case right. If you find out that the guy was really trying to kill people and was bad, it became bombs. You know he's gonna go way for life if you think he's he's just basically trying to send a message and scare people still a crime it still and when you do it through the male, it's a big crime. It's a federal offense! events, but it's also different we're looking at two different profile, the person right, vs ie- We ve seen a lot of people whose who have sent me flower in pay. It is in the mail people open it up. The flower bursts out. Everyone breaks out and as we find it, it's not anthrax right, like that's a very that's happened. I mean at times it it's not ok, but it's also
then it's a little bit different, then actually trying to kill someone right yes, so save our say. Oc was his name. If you remember, he had the van with all the pro Trump de cows and like messages all over it and he made It was one of those things again. You see someone with this van anything to yourself this distant. It's not right, but there's something definitely wrong with this dude so that the media treated this as It was a mass terror attack and it may have been right, like you, to take something like that seriously. Very rarely do the media bring up the possibility that what we saw there was essentially A really dark, prank now write a really dark. I say it that way, because it makes us think it's silly. It's not silly, but it's an eight someone who's trying to basically scared the hell out of everybody. Well this case- is now been decided and hasn't me.
Ton of news, but I found this to be fascinating. He was charged with five felony counts, he's fifty, many years already face between ten years and life in prison for this for thus of ten years of the minimum he get. The judge said this. He decided that say, failure to create bombs that actually would detonate and harm his targets was quote a con choice as a we didn't intend to hurt them at all. This is a quote from the judge has wanted to scare him. He hated his victims. He wished them no good, but he was not so lost as to wish them dead. At least by his own hand, so basically sent devices that could not Possibly there waiting kill the people that were the targets, and now they were, they did have a fireworks and they're so again, you're sending fireworks the male there's all sorts of problems associated with that, but he he might get. Twenty years in prison,
that's he has learned a lot when you're not really trying to hurt him years, trying to scare him yeah and then another five years of supervised release after that, so its twenty five years, while twenty than right just five years of what home and see it a federal in a federal sentence like that, there's no pearl possible, you could be released, for you know the early for good behavior, but that doesn't happen. Now I mean when you get a twenty year federal prison sentence, you usually spew usually serve twenty years saw the he'd, be sir. Thirty seven years old. By the time he got up and look, he doesn't he certainly doesn't seem like a good guy. His was essential he's insane, I mean they were basically sometime in it in a mental health care for but because we have been Harvey wine sitting, is still like hanging around a mansion right now we have child molesters that go to jail for two years, and I remember that it's been a while, since the that's what I have not seen it updated, but at the time We did an inconvenient book which was made.
Two thousands. So you go back twelve thirteen years now status is outdated, but the average amount to have time a child molesters spent in prison was like three and a half years, while I mean so this guy's getting twenty years for debate. Thickly, sending a bunch of fireworks in the mail without this miss may change your opinion this, because I've never heard it praise this way. Now again, I believe, was wasn't it from was he from Russia worries from the Eastern Bloc. There's something initially. I don't remember exactly, but he says this now, that I'm a silver man, so can you saying used under the influence. I know that it was a very sick man. I should have listened to my mother, the low of my life. I don't they well. Maybe the sentence was appropriate that it, you know, you're, not gonna. We should have been thirty years. You don't say enough. You like that about your mom, valued, that's a little a little. I've got a strange but yeah. I guess they basically argued. He was to people
really not, which I think we all know. We saw your van in the area of sending its again, not cool. You can't send meaning packages to people all over the country and expect to get away with it, twenty years, though, does seem parties strong for basically there you know no, no chance, of these things actually killing anyone. They were not designed to explode difference in there. What will your initially told me too? Years, three It may be sums, maybe human at all, be put him in an institution of some sort. Get him some help, but are now, as you know, that's part of Problem is we don't have a really good system to get people help like this, and we we don't know what to do with them and a lot of people just they're on their own then, because we don't have any waited to to get them help and make sure that they don't do anything like this. That's why we have so many shootings. I I don't know
the answer is with the mental health situation. I don't know, there's a lot of crazy people and you know it voluntary committing people is, is scary to you again. That can be problematic. My age get three people that you know. Don't like you and you're a high. Much not can if you're gonna lose your weapons right and you're going to be committed somewhere without freedom. For some period of time, it's gotta be very differ for you to reverse that end and what are the effects afterwards? Even if you do reverse it, but you were involuntary in for on totally committed by people who supposedly care for you. We're going to be some real problems we had, it doesn't seem like a lot of employers are gonna, be excited by that What's your out now and you trying to get a job, so you're involuntarily committed Walk us rule that well, I have crazy relatives. Are they put me away? Ok, we're gonna, get back to you, you don't eat back in check in with us. You will call you yeah, that's I do
like that's an issue and honestly a pretty soon pretty significant one with all these things yeah, I think so too, and that's why again, we ve decided as a society to make sure that people commit crimes. If we put them in prison, these red flag laws at something up the present brought up a sort of his five part of his five points. Plan overwhelmingly popular and seem like the right thing to do? Frankly, You have this idea where, if there are people around you who are like. This is a serious thing like this. Guy is gotta made a crime. If you guys don't do something, you have an opportunity to step in and sorted out before the thing happens see like a really good thing to do. I think it feels right. It does make me nervous, though, because you have. A beer trusting essentially the state to make a decision to put two imprisoned somewhat on take away their second amendment rights before they committed a crime before they ve done
One little thing wrong being weird is not a crime. Being a little unstable, not a cloud of crime Being someone who, like we- I was sorry about this with my with my wife earlier today, and we everybody in America's had this conversation. What would these mass shootings as they have been going on and you said yourself wall what about this person? I could totally see this some do something like that. What about that guy all guys crazy and we came up with few names, sir Jeffrey was not one of them. I want to make sure that that's clear right now, Jeffrey, not one of the names beat up, but like everybody's those people in your life or that you ve worked with. There's so mad about everything all the time, they're always angry like they had that bad relationship. Analogies angrier, every woman they talk about is always a negative or That person says we're there. I was keeping to themselves that are today. I can really cord, socially or whatever, that for
is that kind of tips. Often you have that conversation need toss it around with someone that you dont think is insane and it's like. Well, you know what all of that I can say this with with certain he too, ninety nine point nine percent of the audience whose had that conversation, the people you're talking aren't going to have a shooting they're, not gonna, go shoe people at a bar, then I go the gun and attack people. They're, not gonna, do much of anything. There just gonna end their life, weird and that is not a crime that the red flag. Is really obvious after the guy's committed murder, but before that, as committed the murder, then you and Tom cruise thing. Doing that minority report thing you're, saying well, this person seems like they're going to commit a crime. The people in the milk told me all about it. I got arrested as well. I dont know that we want to develop a system where we all get to be the people in the milk at does not
seems like something? That's gonna turn out well, in long run, it might if it very well, might stop some crimes, but we could. Well, there's a lot of things. You can do to stop that Unita. You throw everybody in prison. No crimes will be committed. Is that a good society probably not Oh, I so you can You know that that is a tragedy A slippery slope? recent hope. All absolutely, and I know that's an over used analogy, but it's true here I bid you can go down that road. Ugly way at an end authoritarian regimes heavy, who's that sort of logic a million times, while energy they have less crime they just they dont. Have problem putting people in jail, political prisoners, people it s like people that seem weird they all wind up. China example. Great examples and millions of people in concentration camps that regular scores about right. What are these concentration camps?
the workers are about. They have. These are people that that say things that are slightly out of step with the Communist Party, so they put him on prison. I mean you know what ninety nine point, nine percent of them would have never committed. A crime would have never gone and shot up some government building, but they're making sure that the point- zero one percent of the people that did that would have are imprisoned? ready. So the camp right. What a lie! careful idea I'll look! These are the extremes. I think they're probably will be a lot of good usage of something like this. It is a it's a it's, the type of thing that if you can limit the downside. So, let's just say, like you know myself, Pat Gray, Glenn back all together, say you know who I was kind of freaking out as this Jeff Fisher Character and we we he gets a of red flag law and he could yes to abandon his guns. If The punishment wines that being that, if they prove that we're just militia
or completely wrong. You know it the the Oh come is well, he lost. He didn't have access to as firearms for six days in something where k, we sorted this out quickly. And it was an inconvenience and he's pissed off at us, and then it gets his guns back. This does not seem like a guy A bitter gets his but guns back quickly, so you're, not not really doing to too much. Maybe that's the type of price. You pay there for the opportunity to put some one who really has mental issues no to the test. May maybe that's in but that is a struggle that will be very, very difficult and you're putting your faith in the government to decide these things well, which they dont do. That's for sure yeah. You want to trust the government with these things. Ok,
I don't know that I want to bet if I want to either because they say you know who is, you know, what's really an indicator of bad behaviour. Conservative values like how far we away from right not write some somewhat privilege there s some, not job like person who wants of committing a crime and then you they look in these records and he like he also like the flat tax. Like they will apply anything diversity up, from late. Seventy seven be easy here unless TAT, Glenn back. A of arguments that I've noticed. The left is leaving out as they're talking about God, troll, unlike you, now Jackson nearly thorough, and I gave you a couple- I just didn't think it was completely thorough. Ok, like they, they ve been this idea of banning high capacity magazines yeah. Haven't seen anyone make the point of what you're talking about is a little metal container or plastic container with a spring in it. So what you think you're gonna be a ban. Those
because I can order heroin on the internet right now. If I wanted to How are you gonna? Stop people getting shipped plastic containers with springs in them? I'm curious as the UK, troll all these much more difficult substances, crossing the border, from coming in via male much you're gonna stop you're going Ban the little plastic bullet holder, container things, you're gonna be But to do that then it's gotta be interesting to see, have they thought about one out, I'm I haven't seen them address that one. Yet how about the border by the way they keep saying they want to restrict guns, but they want an open border what happens in that scenario? Think about it for a moment. Let me give you an example: drugs. How did that work out? How to? How does it work out when you say you know what I dont want these drugs to be legal, and you can argue, that's a good idea or bad idea, but what we have borders, already now. What if we didn't what
We didn't criminalize anybody coming over the border and we incentivize more people to come. Do you think might come over the border and even larger amounts, the thing now is it sets an interesting combination of of ideas. We want really directive gun laws but the border. Just walk across with whatever you want then I also love this one because he saw that is politically this Dayton shooting and they are both impressive, but the Dayton shooting the job the police officers did was incredible. Think they they took this guy down. Thirty seconds right. It was six minutes. They rested on the scene at the weather, Random Walmart in El Paso, incredible job by the police that everyone's praising them you do These are the people, but you call racist every other day of the year. You know that one can I
sailor, targeting black people accepted, save a lot of white people's lives and water hispanic people's lives here risk going against against people with body armor Nazi. Anybody noticing that difference either. The future of entertainment and enlightenment- this is the Glen Back Programme- would be stupid. Learn a little about programme trouble eight, seventy seventy years ago that the number to call view agree. Thus we got some other comments that number to call. You Cigarette is for and two people die. Guess there's been some confusion about that, but I believe we do have, I believe, we have our first collar, who is I'll dinner before to disagree? Hello, you're, on the you're on the Glinda program that, MRS Pack- yes, yes, it is that yes, really
yeah love you and packed, I at least I listen really when I my podcast service that are used, I love you. I might still be here back Isaac great shape. I may well you. I do think that snoozing great shape, widening, ok, doktor, Stabs guy, amazing armature. Yesterday we see what did she do to get here, but this is So we really do you see was the lucky. You got there sure dead. What a fantastic this! kind of a line of you disagree. Not if you love everything we do. I am wriggling embarrassed. I cause I pressed for right. I put before
my ear. The reason I did so was not because I disagree. What you have put are you guys are did everything you say is just department, but I just didn't believe you really I believe that if I pressed per year and put them to my ear and didn't price and that someone would just pick up but I'd beyond national Loggerheaded happened here What I mean by this first of all, is that if you disagree, you should press for rain you really do it right now will thank you for that. Testimonial appreciate that, instead we must promote, but not a lot of people disagree with you. You must be making points so powerful people cantankerous injury. That may be true. I just want to apologize. I guess it's not a doktor. I should not have doubted you guys. You know you with that. In principle, credibility of the pact programme, Leash podcast. I wasn't to abrogate right still with the
now you see these as ever noticed it for a long time. I never seen as they aren't working. I'm looking right now, directly added many interviews. Abscess. Thank you now. Can you pike can you take up from the day when he must think that's a big problem we have acquired occasionally the matters just its and is it like briefly to me, were or
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did you find out a dead needy proof that amount- and I am that was very nice from the satellite laminated look. I do take it take out from time to Time day, effort from the Jersey didn't he didn't things, but I mean you now I appreciate heads over. I think I think he knows that in a one once a month I have a day off, but he's please thinking to himself the nice way complementary to- and I appreciate that I dont say those things not my wife, yes, she's lucky. I move I know that I mean just appointed our national radio, it's just I don't it's a kind of their productive. I dont think its productive near the President Andy's AIDS. Are seeking options right now, too. This gun violence that would circumvent Congress. Ah, wow. What a great that sounds! Wonderful, I think we're supposed to be or that right we're support. Well do support the president or not do
you know that's on something that I do not when he does things that I think are really good policies which he had plenty of those and we discussed many times. Yes sure absolutely support him, but not blindly, and if the guy ought to take executive action on guns that is not doesn't mean I'm from any president with is Barack Obama, George, W Bush or Donald Trump present. Drop is exploring ways to use regulatory power and executive action to curb gun violence after a pair of deadly shootings, move driven by his AIDS believe that Congress is incapable of coalescing around consensus legislation, while good because to me, my God will even the second amendment. That's why now that says, if you would infringe it, you need to do it with executive action right. That's how, then we now it says shall not be infringed, but unless you, unless you get, God knows what you agree, there's no, unless no nothing! Para
that girl in her now living in no nothing assumed in there. Now the lot of the founders wrote an invisible ink. Can we see the invisible and around that we did? We we use the blowdryer on it and blew on it and then the lemon juice. You know and their confining that we use the Oval teen Dakota ring. No women are aimed at Yale Cashless driver white. Officials said Trump and U S attorney attorney Jenny Bill bar are resolved to take action after the shootings, other, exploring solutions that actually make an impact, as opposed to things that feel good, increasingly relied on his executive authority to address issues that have stated illustration, including the gun, violence epidemic, ten months thirteen gunman killed seventeen people at Marjorie, stolen Douglas High School last year. The Trump administration issued a rule at the president's request to ban the sale in possession of the bump stocks. So
already done that and come particularly ITALY unconstitutional yet, and we fought at the time we know it's such a minor thing, I'm never buying a bump stock. I dont know anybody who would ever by a bomb stock and bomb that obviously, the one time I've ever heard of them used in my entire life and a lot of people died. No, they existed, but any minute existed until LAS Vegas. That being said, you can't infringe there's you shall not infringe. So the idea that you can do this without even legislation, you can't is really Reno how you know this constitutional amendment. Yet that's that's how you I'm so you can do it right. You know the shell, be infringe? Really have apparent medical? Unless you take this amendment out right now it infringe all you want. There will be those who takes too long, that's too hard, I'm supposed to be. You know why, because by the time something gets done. People have the chance to cool down, think about it and thought
logically rather than irrationally through emotion and that's. Why we're thinking right this? Second, its supposed be hard to do, because these room important rights they can't just be taken away through an executive action in the whim of the of the executive branch. You can't do that here. I don't how people are good at defend this? How do you defend this? He's defenders always defend it. But I don't know how you do on this particular careless common sense, common sense reforms, Pat idleness, executive action through executive acts. I actually completely disagree with the premise too. So if Donald Trump came out for a set of specific gun restrictions in legislation, you're telling me you Get twenty were public and senators on board without every Democrat with theoretically go along with it. If it was gun restrictions, you could pass it through the Senate by the way, I wouldn't be constitutional right
but in theory you could get it through the you could get it through other EU easily. I don't know why that, if anything, makes sense to me politically that Trump would want to take the on his own. I don't understand it and put the pressure on himself rather than have a go through Congress. Worse still, it would probably be ruled unconstitutional later on at least would be. Chance about I don't look. It is of course a very emotional thing, and you dont make good decisions about such topics when Europe and that's why the Congress, is there. That's why the constitution, there too slow these things down, so you don't I balances, and so we have coequal branches of government so that somebody can stop emotional. Action yeah, I'm gonna, have to guess by the way, how Republicans and intellectual listeners would it would react if Barack Obama put in it decorative action on guns because he threaten it a million times, and I only I heard people how they reacted badly run
and they should, and an here's the wandering reacted badly to Obama. An executive action on guns. Don't you Where are you now? Where are you now? You gotta be there for this too? I would think so. I would think I mean, I think, a lot of a lot of times what people The president has done a fantastic things that I think you do absolutely proved wrong, I'm a bunch of time yet, and so hopefully I think the the best case scenario of this article is their floating. This year, too, How Republicans and conservatives will be Ashiel? Maybe it'll be stopped if they react negatively like they did that, but they have another after the m was it it was theirs and there was indifferent shooting that he talked about. Potentially doing something I'm guns the american people reacted the relatively poorly idea he wanted backing off of it maybe that's the same thing to think what it may have been Florida
given that this is from the TIM Alberta Book American Carnage- and I think I got this as I was reading- and I was like wait a minute- I had read it too: three times, because this actually happen he says EAST confirmed this, he's got, quotes in it, people who were in the room, here's what it says the only on- you will pardon is talking about the screw. The Bernie Sanders campaign Volunteer, who shot a bunch of Republicans. You might Bernie Sanders is the guy telling us that Donald Trump speech is responsible for the murder from his past weekend, she's, so the guy who volunteered for the key. Pain, not The guy who said things said the word invasion and Donald Trump has also used the word invasion, which is about as much of a tie as they have between Trump and then the guy in El Paso. This guy, actually volunteered for the campaign of Bernie Sanders and try to a bunch of congressmen that were Republicans.
That was going on us, as the aftermath is going on. This is in this book american carnage, the only unusual power- Trumps response was his thick fixation in discussions with doctors at the hospital and later with schools himself. The size of the bullet. There is also question he paused to friends and aids in the days following the shooting quote, we do gun control. The president asked Quote Steve: led the way he's got street credibility now end quote while I have not heard anyone in the administration dispute that out of of what happened, and so I am concerned because there's, if you will back at Donald Trump, there's, basically, three types of Donald Trump policies right, the the I'll see that Donald Trump has supported. We Och solidly since he came into the public eye and then eighteen eighties, like wow trade, protectionism, tariffs right like he has been a
absolutely rock solid on policy since the ages assistant every step of the day, then there's the policy work. You know, as he became a reply lookin nominee, he embraced, and there are a lot of questions as to whether he really believed it and I think his events have shown that he had a version on that topic out. What I happen to believe with Donald Trump is abortion. I he was. So lightly approach agreed on that choice. Guy for most of his life and actually believe, muddy high conversion and he's been good on that topic, and I I care question on that- one I think he's lit legitimate and ass, a conservative on that. The third The goal is the can rid of policy, we kind of, like I don't know, oh and guns in that category. Mahina way super committed now here here, he wrote in a book back in the day that he was for these salt weapons ban like he was. There was not a minor part of his belief system here in very anti second amendment now when he,
into office, he's put it they'll gore such I think Avatar is pretty good on guns, I've questions of on him on other topics, but guns has not really one of em these are not really one of them. So he's had things that he's been really good with guns. Bob, something was really bad. He's had threatens threats of of gun control several times this account does not fill you with confidence and so now he's exploring executive action on guns, I'm nervous about it. I think we, I think, if, if I think of conservative send a message is based sends a message: hey don't go on it! that's not good its act that we don't want that we want for you and you and your legacy like. I think he will back off of it but it does it is concerning it is concerning it is terribly to some basic aid more covered up in sixty seconds holy cow. We are in the thick of summer
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reeboks off with promo code back, blinds, dotcom, promo code, back rules and restrictions do apply. Then stupid, Glenn, Glenda Parental, is gonna dawn in Missouri. He done you're on the that programme with patents do morning morning, hey. I've got a solution for all this binding stuff. I've got to get what or police officers. Let's have like two or three police officers for every single person in its entirety. The United States. Then let me that's a lot of police lesson without me, He was the fear and then we will have made, but we know that everybody you, whoever is a bad person- will no longer everybody. That's bad will know about the other tendencies and everything right and then we'll go to control where they live. It's called frozen and people
Philip die in prison to learn about their improvement. The I don't want to live in prison. I want to live in a free country higher than trying to make me more state yeah. I want to live in a free country. I would take the responsibility of any dangers, but we need to stop going down this road tribes followed every single person after that gonna kill somebody a great, certainly plenty yeah me thanks thanks to pressure, and he didn't need to press for to disagree because I agree with him on that point. That's a great point, because that is the type of thing you're talk about a Mean China's tries to create that for its people. You want that. No, I don't want. It but dying in prison, which said that huge story from Brazil, where fifty six fifty seven fifty eight people died in a prison riot just this week, so yeah prison is not a safe place and you you could make the? U S a prison. If you want an, we don't want that
I will, in Georgia, tie your under Glinda programme repents two guys we're not oppressed, afforded my ear, and now I don't know if I got regretted reprints door, but I ended up here so I'll handle. Why can't I I called you last year to patch up to talk about the gun violence. As you up, I got a unique perspective being a graduate apart, my high school and I would argue with fire and vice versa. The guy that day and low and unfortunately, as I think, that this violence issue, it is a challenge because it goes against the utopia that you know what the left has for all of their policies and in other trying to solve a problem that cannot be solved. This isn't a gun issues isn't just shrigley. Evil issue entered they wouldn't it will help. You know it is obviously needs to be addressed to some extent by a concern that if you give that over two
bureaucracy and to politicians know big package already extending conservative thought into hate speech and, if not too far off in the future, where that's going to be labelled, I'm sort of mental health issue, and you know that this is, I think the only solution to this is this country needs to turn back to its roots. And this is revival or bust. Don't say it turned back to God all. Is that what you're, if your head, that I'm doing you're hadn't down that road? All my I'm done, while I gotta Israel is seriously that's easy answer to every problem we have now every problem, or should it will thanks, but give you want them in the guy who founded eight Chan so for or force and was a crazy message, war where people had all sorts of threats.
And it was you know this free speech- paradise wherever and basically synonymous and and went up a lot of these people post their manifesto on TAT on the dark. What version on? I guess I don't know, I'm I'm not! I don't understand that abortion each end thing. I don't either really, but the aid Dan Guy he's guy he's in a wheelchair at ease. You know he decided he wanted to know was to come up with this free speech. You know I wanted it to be his legacy. This free speech, we know, Paradise Anonymous, free speech, so the created eight Chan, thee, a few years into it, decided to offload it because he has issues in our he's. It's not easy for him to moderated too, to control a site like that. So, but of giving it to someone else. It's turned into this thing the H M guy, now saying shutters site dumb shot at them like it's longer worth it. It's like turned into this awful thing and these shooters, and when these people with violent Nino and racism and all these terrible things have come out of this, and I do not want I wanted for the site, control over. He can't do it, but one of the things change,
his life since that those days as he's now attending church and while he's got his life has changed major way in a week, these. These conversions, even for the worst among us when you're talking about gonna, go to the deep white nationalist I mean we ve talked Megan Phelps Roper, who who is, but you may recognize her name, Phelps, being a child of the Phelps family of the Westboro Baptist church right and she was, actually converge, out of that life were she's the holding up. I hope all these soldiers die and all that the soldiers, funerals and she's now upstanding or of society. These things can happen but difficult, they don't have an easily, but they can happen. But when do they happened? When you turned God many times here. Yeah Seventy seven be easy, gay or course of you, disagree the number four and then
if only you. That's stupid land on the Glinda program. You can check out my show tat gray unleashed. On the blaze, radio and television network immediately preceding this one or on podcast at any time, the day or night, at your leisure. We got a great. Another great segment of labour laws eating their own own. Oh I love it, love is ill. Your favorite thing about media. This is needed. Ass Thyssen is one of the biggest radical liberals, one of the biggest loud mouse. There is Actually, you said something true about the shooting. What yeah he he said in the past forty pointed tweeted this out. In the past forty eight hours, the USA horrifically lost thirty four people, a mass shootings on average across any forty eight hours, we also lose five hundred
medical errors. Three hundred to the flu, too, learn? Fifty two suicide, two hundred to car accidents for two homicide VIII, a handgun often are motions respond more to spectacle than to data. How dare you talk facts while we're goin ape crap crazy? How dare you so I've been on the twitter world, went nuts on him and apologize outsourcing god he has size Locatelli because it has. He wrote the wrong numbers. Those aren't even true. Another authority be they're all true. Now some of them were a little bit all known Edward off at all, they were not a science from the scientist was a little too mean you make a mistake. As a scientist, I apologize you baby, no mistakes here. These are all accurate figures, so all those numbers where he said: five hundred penal nine medical mistakes. Three hundred of the flu to fifty two to all of its true yeah yeah. I need a forty eight hour period of time,
but they don't want to hear that he did say That was the wrong time and in all, maybe the day of the shootings. It is the wrong time you can see. I don't know I look. I think that a cessation of the political they should politicization yeah sure The decisive medicine is already going on. Of course, Thus I every body yeah It usually is right in the head and quickly and threatens to that point. Maybe we could play this clip. The cares Mika Brzezinski. This is the make a Brzezinski. Talking about this political issue. That Democrats can get some traction for.
This is an issue that resonates with voters. This is an issue that resonates with young people, have grown up in the age of mass shootings, afraid that they may come to their school because it has become a way of life. It seems to me that this political issue could be something that the Democrats could get some traction on our action on the bodies of the dead, because you get detraction good good. Your shoes board slip off of the the giant pile of dead bodies you're putting your campaign on top of that. It is wonderful in saying insipid. It really is. I mean that is awful. What's wrong with you, I How do you even think that way, its fascinating, though I think when you look at, we know the digress. Thyssen part of this He is really right on us, and we have a massive problem in this country is absolutely right when it comes to this type of thing, where we?
We really look at these big spectacle. Events and act as if those are the major problem, like others there's this thing going on right now. I want to talk about this today on tv energy hosting the tv programme for glad to find pm eastern loved heavier tune in, but I will thank you for inviting me we're guide needed to invite you yeah. You haven't ass. If you're a subscriber grey area of subscribers, I am ablaze tv dot com is a pretty good Glenn if you're not, and you get twenty bucks off right now. Something like that. Ten bucks. If you see Africa, Pat but its twin, but is it used the Glen I don't have. The Glen thing is still toilers out of animal feed on us: just go there and we'll get somethin off ten or twenty dollars. So what talking about one of the things were talking about. Is this stat continually being tossed around by the media, about how there's been a two hundred and fifty de Mass shootings this year, so thats how that weight is it
two hundred and five hundred and they have shot up mass shootings? Just so far, Pat and you know, there's gotta be able- or now it's true. In fact, the number is now, let's see this year, incidents in two thousand and nine in moving forward here, mass shootings, two hundred and fifty, we now turn of forty three mass shootings this year in the United States, Did you know that Pat did you know that This shows how big of a problem it is. Doesn't it it's a pretty big friend? That's why we need stop white supremacy in its tracks. Right they were all. I too yeah. This is the related. You can't get over these things, you're going to as the media need to choose whether you want the number of two hundred and fifty three mass shootings or, alternatively, you want to
blame evil white people with their big scary guns, because there are two different things because if you want to say you know what the problem is: white supremacy and Donald Trump and these people with their gamer gear and their their body, armor walkin in these places in shooting at malls. It is a massive problem, but if you want to blame mass shootings on that, you have to talk about the spectacle. Mass shooting that we're all discussing. Right, yes, just what everyone means when talking about measured right, you go into this, guy walks in search of indiscriminately firing at people all over the place. The problem is, if the We want to have that they can also have the number of two hundred fifty three mass shootings, which they also what the problem is with it could be through mass shootings, there's a specific definition and its bit, it comes down to basically for people shot in a single incident necessarily killed shot and a single incident, so the number goes way up. We'll get that number way your including a massive number of a gang vial. Incidents, but are not done by what
the these are not white supremacist gangs. In Chicago committing this violence, so now the pro of the person whose actually the problem in mass shootings looks nothing like the gamer with a gamer gear and the body armor you can't blame white supremacist for Gang violence in Chicago, etc. That works you have to have one or the other. You need to pick one of those two things we know you want both narratives want to say, of course, is a bunch of white people are committing two hundred fifty three mass shootings every year problem. Is he don't get both of those? So if you will embrace two. Fifty three, you have to address the much more serious problem in our country and by the way it is much more serious of gang violence and VI. Once in inner cities, where far more of the devastation when it comes to body count happens: it's not yes, these in it's our terrible and there in our public view, and other things that we talk about
stop right, but as Neil digress Thyssen but pointed out, I think you said TAT. It was for by hand. Guns of I remember the number right. Yes in forty eight in forty eight hours, that's the normal to day number the number four for these mass shootings that we think of with with the white supremacist walking into the into the Walmart. That number was thirty four, well, if you're getting allude injuries to if you're, not the Chinese, are homicide, so the other murders now eat the two. Fifty three Number you're using includes just people shot: yes, sometimes there's not even died, and even death cell. If you're talking about injuries due to hand guns right, that number goes way, oh yeah and think I think it s bad. So he says forty deaths, Ok, when it comes to a normal to day period with hand, guns. The new the worst day we can remember really with to mass shootings. In the same a forty eight hour period, you had thirty four,
however, its not to mass shootings to get to thirty four, you have to include two mass shootings in Chicago which killed, I believe, five people that total for the The two other machines is now thirty. Once it's up a little bit, but was twenty nine, I believe at the time he posted this. So your time, five of those deaths coming from the other, the other sort of definition of mass shooting in injury on city. So again, like That's a different kind of manhood, and it shows we should really step The problem here really is the number of acting as if there are two hundred fifty three mass shootings of this kind. We all know what we mean when we define mass shooting match, shooting and the FBI has a much more realistic definition with four p. I think it's for people or more dying usually has it incident where you're in a twelve hour. Other are injured right. It's it's a big incident in a much more usable number, the media, care, if its realistic or accurate, because they want the bigger number they much
he's down the largest, never to scare you as much as possible when it can the issue of guns. Well, overwhelming amount of those incidents are happening. A with gang violence. The inner city areas and be with domestic VI whence situations that are completely disconnected to what you would picture as a public mass shooting, which was what we're all discussing here. They are doing this. Intentionally to fool their moronic viewers who never question these things, and that's a huge problem It's why it's the same reason why they're telling you El Paso was solely about white supremacy when it also very clearly about environment so our concerns as written the killers manifesto that they keep not showing you. This is a it's a huge problem and in its hard to even as a defender of the of them, at times, because I think they do some good work. It's not all fake news. I don't like that that deconstruction of it, but it's like it
hard to defend you when you're doing stuff like this, you are blatantly lying to people to get something done. That's activism! That is not journalism, Tripoli, Seventy seven be easy gates. Patents do for Glenn Ahmed women. Your listening to Glenn back. Patents do for land on the Glinda Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K Chris in North Carolina you're on a glimpse programme. I fucked I just wanted I am actually a member of Grassroots North Carolina aware of this. Level gun rights group. I work for President tromp on his campaign. I was a whole hearted support, but these red flag laws are questioning my support because we have recently defeated a bill here, North Carolina that was designed to work in conjunction with red flag laws, where the shared didn't were complaining that it will have to catalogue whose farmed blonde. Why
where the store them and things like that, so I would just be able to confiscate your firearms, destroy them right off the bat you get, no compensation for them and their later. If it turns out that Europe S, why do you about you, because in Connecticut where they do have red flag laws, one third of them are overturned. Want to judge years, both side of the story MA, but basically that bill what it had. Your firearms confiscated, yeah, no money for them and it did have to buy your collection even if your rights were restored. You'd have to buy your collect all over again at whatever the current market rights are yeah and then, if you're gonna tell you of my where, like your grandfather, gave him to you, you can't replace those you're just out of luck. It's not even about the compensation it's about. I am giving you my gun, no less than that institutional, no you're not taken my gun forget it is most certainly not. However, slight across ray, I rise, I dont work as the government. To tell you when you are you're able to have them. It's not.
Then simple, oh say: welcome on this is America we get the second amendment lever It's already happened is crucial. Almost happened again in North Korea It happened in New Orleans, Louisiana right after Katrina, National Guard Winton Door to door, confiscating thousands and thou, since of guns from people. Thousands most of them never got their guns back now, you might think. Well was a national emergency was a big emergency and they didn't they wanted to be safe than it was unconstitutional. What they did. Their catches take people's guns, but they did but they did and in red flag laws. I mean a third is an incredible number riot and that's not incredibly surprising that there be a third of these cases that would be overturned and if they do it like this, like just say
even though it takes three months of of court proceedings. Who knows how long it is it's a problem and by the way I will say, there's a red flag law in Baltic in Maryland, and you know that more is the Murderer- capital, the United States of America as a do much to fascinate him, no help, in particular specific case, but still the murder rates in these cities, with the with the most agreed, is gun control laws in states where they agreed just gun control laws are always the places where there is the most gun murders. How does it work tired? Maybe the bad people don't care about your gun law Ah, how dare you a council meeting wow? Are you tell if there is still murder. Somebody, though, also break a gun law ha. I bet they speed on the way to the murder to Nordic now I think it will, I think, we're laws that they violated. I'm sure that he got so.
Standards. I heard there was one case where a guy sped to a murder with a gun that he was not supposed to have an. In his other hand, he was holding a mattress tiger said: do not remove all it's true all, while I gotta Hester its urban legend I'll get you look it up on slopes ice policy at an open container in the gardens and well written, didn't kill it's written her. I was gonna Dantin, Colorado, Hayden you're on the glimmer programme. The mortar guys are doing well good, so Colorado just adopted red flag was man. I know I tore about its being fired. I feel it will be determined on constitutional, but the weights and now under normal person, can firewood. Yet again to the police, have to act on it say: come in break down your door. Take your guns. At a couple weeks later you get up here before a judge,
she's an energy is not an end in theory, you would get them back. I guess all known on to keep them for up to a year, I'll just live here, your own you're, on your own God, given right, you're, evil, to decide how to yourself for doing nothing wrong, that's on swearing and then maybe you'll get it back. Maybe nice well, except that, even if the term instead after you get back about better aloud and says, because you ve been adjudicated as unbalanced. You can own guns, anyone Ah, but that's this is this, is gonna work out? Well, look. I la Republicans also support this. Obviously everyone who left supports it. Donald Trump said he going to entertain India's I've done it yet- and I think calls like this are the best we have to not get these things? At least it acted in a way that is as damaging as somebody might be, a good idea. If you oppose this to let the White House know that respect holiness respectfully errand nicely. Just let him know no, we don't
Want executive action taken on gun control, the motivation of good here, but these things you tend to work out poorly for actual people with their actual rights at that it's not a road that certainly not a road to get your bait the base on your side as you go into an important election the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme, which runs do you can also hear my show by the way, immediately preceding this one of its background leashed. On the blaze radio tv network. Also, if you can't get up that early, which is like in six to eight central time. Seventy nine eastern Europe, to do it on the podcast, for free at at your leisure anywhere, but gasser available. They listen to at your leisure. As leisure or leisure ochre, either way whatever suit you and I dont
so. I M a hosting the tv show tonight. We're gonna be going through a bunch of the big arguments that are to be seeing and your facebook feed soon. You know what hey we known book claim is you're annoying leftist friend popping up there and Facebook or on Twitter. I hear here's the truth, because hidden and how all that works cells with community tonight watch it online tv and again also will be on the news and white matters tonight. So let's get stuff, but I will say yeah forces radio show goes today as little out of the ordinary to address it in. I guess on the air, but you know I'm a little disappear pointed in the amount of people who have success. Billy called in with using the number four to disagree, but I have to It's by underwhelming underwhelming. We push hard for this. We pushed the engineering staff hard to measure was done today allotted technique, you went into a year in order to get you to get through
just the number for we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people who disagree to get in and are going to say this, but we had to bring any Elon musk. Who do a lot of it? Just you know, brainstorming how to do this, because normally, when you pick up a phone, you have to deal with every click send or if it's a home number you would You know you'd have to pick up here the dial tone in press a button and if you ve just present about and waited it would give you like it. You know that you're, hey your phones off the hook, sort of message. Well, that's not gonna happen. If you disagree with us and you're doing it right. I think this is the thing that I keep coming back to patent. I hate to say this to the audience is out I'm I dont like to come to this conclusion, but I'm having difficult time finding another path, then in anything else, which is the people who Disagree with us are too dumb to figure this out now.
Want to arrive at that conclusion. The right to use been led to it by the facts right by the evidence. Here's the thing we we said: hey The people who agree with us are really smart revealed a figure out, Tripoli, seven, twenty seven back on their faults, are able to do that, but the people who don't agree with us that they might not necessarily be as intelligent. So let's make it easy for them will have them press the number for. Don't you have to click, send just put the phone to your ear and just wait for a start. Talking to you, that's easy right. Just wait. Super easy put the number for in your phone put up. Even said. If you really want to, you can put the number for on a piece of paper and put it up to your ear and eventually then that will work out and we had to you on musk on this project. So I just I like. I just have a difficult time figuring out what the possible problem could
other than number one. People are the people who disagree with you just too stupid or number two it's not waiting long enough to maybe there's a lot of people on right now they have the number for up to their ear and there is waiting. We pick them up yet so that's it! That's it. It's acceptable thing if you're on, hold on that line. Right now put for the phones of cheer ear seven percent. Now, just the phone number for in your phone, it's up to your ear. We will be getting. We will get to you the jail. There's a lot of people. I guess on hold button that the numbers are still underwhelming, and so I I hope it's not that you're just stupid me to press for now proven wrong right, otherwise trouble Seventy seven be easy c. You know it's amazing, is how committed this hideous psycho was in. In El Paso to doing He did he's. Actually, from the metro,
a clear in Dallas, a suburb called Alan, which is not items that Dallas right Alan's not just very far the worth of forty five minutes, yeah, probably from downtown, yeah, but maybe it maybe I'm from the air from the northeast and forty five minutes seems like a like that's a difference from Hartford to do then basically myself to move its eye against Europe, but unless you reflect so spread out, is so big that almost everything in Texas is part of it anyway, the guy, bribes, ten hours across the state to El Paso, a place where he's more likely to find a ITALY. Number of people from Mexico, the Spanish nor has Van eyes and generally five percent or zero uranium five, something like that per cent hispanic, and so that has there are people who come across the border every day and shop or go to school or whatever. So he picked a border town intentionally. When I first saw the location, my first thought was he's looking to commit the shooting. And then escape right across the border. That was before we kind of
the manifesto, which was very much focused on on legal, immigrants and Hispanics in general, and also eliminate the possibility of the human beings, exist on this planet because global warming Well, yeah healthy mentions a key. Maybe he does, but he, but it was. It was about plastic waste consumer waste. So let me run this theory. Buy you a gothic added a thing about this yesterday and I think it's right, but I dont have evidence of it yet. But let me run this by so we all understand that this shooter went to this mexican border town, would the intent of shooting, Hispanics and potentially mexican nationals and and other illegal immigrants and things of that nature at this particular store and then and I m when that was a very easy. I think we'll just. How does that the outcome that makes sense? We don't have proof of that
say, but I mean it's obvious. You read his manifesto. He mentioned specifically targeting illegal immigrants and Mexicans, and then he goes to a place on the border intentional choice by him to do that, you could have with plenty of Walmart and Alan. He went, I am therefore reason my argument here is that he also what to Walmart for a reason look at the rest of his manifesto, it's all about, consumer products over use are applied. Stick waste these core operations are ruining our country. This is the left wing argument not only against capitalism, general general, but about Walmart, specifically thank you not chose a border town, but also a Walmart specifically because it hits both sides of his manifesto Remember I mean Walmart is one of the most vilified corporate. In the world. The left Alexandria, Curzio Cortez that whole
oh socialist left and union left movement have vilified warmer, as if it was essentially Satan the past two decades. No question and he followed that sort of Reno theory to later by the letter basically haven't he that is his rent is basically the left wing argument against Walmart. I think you specifically chow Walmart not only at the border, but that particular store, because it's a symbol of all the consumerism, an environment of the complaints he had throughout the manifest. I wouldn't be surprised at all morning.
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I find it interesting to think about the need to grasp Thyssen thing. You did from last already started up I'd agenda that tweet from Thyssen he's a It is, of course, unease usually in the news, because he's yelling at some conservative about global warming or he is a really creepy story about me to nod This is one of your it isn't. It talked about as much cause he's left as your finding that tweet he he did this thing where he met. He he hit on this woman supposedly reportedly, that but she had a tat two of the solar system on her shoulder. He claims he put his hand like inside her dress numerous as our female producer, and here she has given me the worst possible look as I described this particular maneuver by Neil digressed acts so near the coast. I gotta go: good. Looking guy now, none, not a good looking guy. So anyway, he goes
to this woman and she's got to the solar system, and the source of them is on her shoulder part of it and He apparently says to her. He put his hand inside her dress and runs his hand. Kind of the inside of dress says I'm just looking for PLUTO. Line. This is the worst but I've ever my life is. Creepy is a and edit, so there's all other going one wherefore. It is nerdy like it's the most nerdy approach a complete loser. Attempts thus ripe. So this goes through. This is only one of several accusations against him, so they go through this veto, big situation. And they ask em, they say okay. This is what this woman says you dead, like you need. So for that and answer. Was Well, it does sound like something I would do this is excuse itself
So it sounds like something I would do ass a person interested in the cosmos. I was, of course, very interested in the demotion of PLUTO S a planet and but the see if people were getting tattoos, whether they would include PLUTO or not, so does sound like something that I would do. That is the use and how long ago, to this supposedly happen, I don't I a few years ago, and was cleared wow. No way was cleared he's off nice totally. This is why this is. Why should just honestly, like I'd love, to tell you to support, consider conservative values and constitutional values just become a liberal? It's so much easier up up up, oh much easier, a good night's sleep is a must for any of us who have a crazy schedule. I tossing turn an awful lot. I have the right bed, but I thought I had the right pillow MIKE sent me on my pillow and it's an amazing thing:
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spends due Glenn. Still, you mentioned the the tweet from the grass Thyssen it was. It was this. In the past forty eight hours, the USA horrifically lost thirty four people to mass shootings on average us any forty eight hours. We also lose five hundred to medical errors. Three hundred to the flew to utter fifty to suit suicide? Two hundred the car accidents? and forty two homicide VIII, a handgun, often our emotions respond more spectacle than to data and on my? U for that, re, unlike his PLUTO move, Apparently it ok now that is, that is something he got in trouble for and of course the odd thing is. This is a moment of truth here for four deal: digress Thyssen he's telling you the truth. These are numbers are all accurate,
it is a really important thing and and something that really screws up our society. We then, to focus on these. This leads to mass shootings will dominate the news covered for how long when love like objective, We are much more serious problem, then Matthew, which are a serious problem but a much more serious problem. The mass shootings are the violence in our inner cities when it comes to gang violence, for example, and we just kind of like well, we can't do anything about that. I guess us our idea and we can do something about this. We can ban assault weapons. Of course, we ve already showed you that that that didn't we did it for ten years did nothing and did not improve the murder rates at all. So you know- and this goes back to a lot of our political debates. Donald Trump is continually mocked because he brings up things like Amis. Thirteen Amis thirteen come on ever thirteen. How can you play possibly Wemyss? Thirteen there over four times as many people that get murdered in school shootings so like she's,
It's a much larger problem, to our society than school shooting. Then you might say, while I and an eye I dont say this, but you might say well I care a lot more about. You know. The white suburbia children that I do about those hispanics in inner cities. I guess that's your argue. For not caring because most of the people, I miss thirteen kills or Hispanics inner cities. So I guess you don't care about those people, We care about the suburban kids. Look. I is a mess. The problem, and I think gang violence is a type of thing. We most people sort of degrade those numbers, because they think wildering gangs and killing each other, but they're, not all in gangs. First of all, lot of people are innocent bystanders in poor communities that have nothing to be of no way to be defend themselves a lot of time because their law abiding citizens living in those communities and the city is past Dakota. Gun laws, so they can't get guns even if they can afford them to protect themselves. So it's a big problem, but I think that
one of the things we do when we go through a period of of mass shootings like this, is we say how do we stop mass shootings at? What is our goal is to stop mass shootings that's wrong goal right. The goal should be keeping people alive Kay, how do we keep more people alive in the matter? thing is a very difficult problem to solve. As we ve talked about today. Some of these people have no red flags. Some of these people have had, lived. We look at the guy. The guy in Vegas, we slept forget it you why you didn't even did it my little own away. We have started in advance. We have absolutely no idea what so ever didn't seem Be fame seeking Jesse to be a guy who wanted to kill a bunch of people for no particular reason it's a very difficult to stop these things in advance. What we do is
dump immediately to the most politically difficult things to accomplish. So the left says this an they say: ok! Well, what we want to do is banned certain types of guns. We want to go up against the other half of the country who disagrees with that. Set up just trying to find ways that, like generally people, agree and could be much more productive. To give you an example for Thousand people a year die in car accidents. Forty thousand people a year for point five million people a year are seriously injured in car accidents in this country I mean that's a frequent tongue four point: five million injuries, maize I mean that is like Europe. There is what that's you know. Several per cent of the population every year. Now there,
about the automated cars issue, for example the automated car, the studies they ve done in this? They believe that they could reduce that number by ninety four percent. When fully implemented- and I loved her- my car is departing those are. My car is also part of me that wouldn't mind. Haven't a friggin. Automated carvings and economic do work and fall asleep in watch tv, so like I, but there's no massive political movement against that technology. People are a little sceptical about it, they're nervous it might not work, but, generally speaking, we get over there comes pretty quickly, look what we do with them. Like I would never get the strangers car wait. Vote has come to my house and I'll have to opt out. Ok, Yemen, like that happened in like a year. Might you know these things I've been pretty quickly advancing that technology. We could save thirty. Seven thousand lives. Thirty thousand lives a year and four million plus injuries every single year, without real political opposition that there's not like
one party whose against one parties for it- and you could say all these lies, and instead, what we're gonna do is fight really hard about trying to save the mask shooting death total, which probably is going to be. Ok, I think it comes out to about thirty School shootings, I think, is something like thirty people a year die in school shootings, of average over a long period of time when it, was to mass shootings the numbers a little higher cause, you're, probably taking some the school shooting, so the others, but I mean you're talking about a few, but to put it in a really awful ways, a few people per week, probable that die in the United States due to mass shootings and
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Gives you fast help for small jobs. That's tee a k, L Tackle visit, tackled outcome or download the tackle up today. Try to tackle that today in use promo code tackle for ten percent off your first job enter the promo code, tackle that's tee, o K, L and get ten percent off your foot, Job, dispensing facts to help you defend the issues that matter glints easy. We noted five pm eastern right now, at least to be dot com using promo code Glenn. Patents do for Glenn. This trouble, eight. Seventy seven be easy, gay or, if you D, three, you dial the number for an uneducated also joined by Jeffy
and we got in some four calls today, a surprisingly small amount of girl had so far out of that, just not used to it. If they dont trust us we're not gonna be mad at you. We call for it will be fine. We ve made it using every night, yes to examining upper end, it cost us a lot of time and effort, and we just appreciated if those disagree with dial the number for so we could doctor. I win really entertained this. Is it possible that people just don't disagree with us of our points- are perfect in our time and they don't want to themselves by calling the number four and then just get pulled apart, I did see tee. I remarked sitting outside the office today voted for the number for excess had so lately he just grounded on the side of his face, but you're after your little a red flag law analogy where you said that the possible you know, maybe you stew, at an gland. Were you know, flag me the Adam and that it discussed this- have that neither maybe I were due to area would lose my weapons for almost six days, nor maybe
six months if I can but see there, the flood of that is, if I prove myself. Ok, to the judge. Within six days, I get my weapons back then exactly this traffic plus they D. I guess they said it was its anonymous. Though, to see or even know who did it to you, I just saw Miranda person- I mean think about public figures. Rosalie? That would be you. Don't people could do that in theory to them. I mean it as it there's a lot of problems with that. I understand has a lot of problems not doing it too. So it's not you. It's not crazy idea. I mean smart people have advocated for it and conservatives, but its Anna makes me really free service than then that the state is gonna, be able to take your guns away because some random who doesn't have to identify themselves says you shouldn't have them, that's happened could no less another formula issue. I there, I think- and I know you're talking about Neil digress Thyssen and his his tweet- that he had end up apologizing, for which was on
We ended up apologizing for, but I know you, it, went down the list of biomedical errors and flew and suicide and car accidents and and tell your hand, gun homicides, but must have does my that put an abortion. Right, but that was lighted. Citizens yeah, that's cassettes, bigger number than well, then you might think the lowest number is harmless. Handgun commerce- I, which was forty, so what's aboard it's a little bit more than that really well used at tat age. A forty eight hour pier If time there has be more than five hundred medical eighteen. Eighteen, it more about twelve times more than the five and it six thousand single rounds. And today now, when Alex Thou disgusting- oh my gosh, only in the United States, of course. Yes, if you wanna go globally, a hundred and thirty eight thousand eight hundred and sixty eight every two days, which is why We use these. The stat Alot
sixty million babies have been killed since nineteen seventy three in this country, the figure. Worldwide is over a billion one. Two billion, while that is like one Baltic. It's like solar, your stomach one seventh of the current world's population, has been aborted. Since nineteen Seventy three Bohemia and how many are in the EU in the world is at seven suffers Ariel Sharon's Obi, WAN. Sixth, what what point two What are the one sixth of the population? That is terrifying so far, just this here. Just this year, twenty five million plus have been reported in worldwide just this year? And that is a bigger that thought. You know what Neil Neil at it intends to be fair, Neil did save lives and we don't. If these were liable to rapidly so he had to lives there. It could be Volkswagen parts
though, certainly art alive. Oh no, no, you don't know who knows what's in there? What, if you give birth to kitchen utensils right? Will you can call that life because it ever become life. How many, how many women? You know you think you're pregnant and in an appliance comes out. I mean tester up and tell us or other, never asked in a box or eight while it's it's rough rough, it is, you know you can concern yourself with abortion or I am gun violence, but really what we need to be concerned with is death by mosquito,
right now there are a hundred and ten trillion mosquito stocking. The world is another hundred one hundred and two shrill ratio stocking. So they know that of Excel happened. Yes, every what I've got. No special mosquito counter we're doing. A mosquito nets is right. Now they claim that on average, two million humans die because every year two bites every year now last year they said it went down Larry at the like. Eight hundred and fifty thousand West Nile Malaria need I answer yet that observe diseases from them worms parasites of their their top. Their top of the list of what's killing people some amazing, I mean you can't even oasis why? global warming is so frustrated. I mean you put up mosquito nets array electricity, don't ask, wasn't you absolutely nothing and would probably prevent ninety percent of these malaria deaths every year? and you could save hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives or we can all trade
reverse civilization, and try to control the temperature yeah. That's a gray one that work out. Well, here's another thought bugs brain no dd doll? Why? Let's kill the mosquitoes? But no you can't do that because that is hardly via was once banned in the United States. The giant hole in the ozone became debated in Africa to otherwise its discriminatory and racist that we didn't bandit there, which a lot of people who died. Really. I d rather be the victim of that type of races, nazario It's all right, if you were asked, if you are asked, do you think of the food that you could deliver denials? Do you use this in other food delivery? Apps quite often how ya fewer do you think that your driver may be a deputy or food little bit take a bite for it gets here, didn't. I had not thought of that, though I will say when I'm when I'm the euro,
driver for my family, also of those fried out of hearing for sure, so they serve two thousand fifteen Americans american survey. They, though, all these people identified as having worked as a deliverer for at least one food delivery up the customers all think, but twenty percent, so yeah drivers brilliance all at the drivers by twenty eight percent. Deliver drivers are diverting the food business. The tablet and vivid out does not benefit. You're a driver used. The phrase was go unnoticed. Aren't you the fries area for fries are probably hooker like if I could just get away without looking at some of my fries or Meda odor, an extraordinary fries and market driver What were you gonna? Have that order? Fries? That's a pretty good idea, depleted the other order, a frightened, a pretty good idea, so they re just couldn't the four percent we couldn't resist smell. Fifteen percent were toward his. We just got fifty four percent could now that twenty eight we couldn't resist the smell. Do you believe it
twenty eight percent? That's a lot of people not admitting to die, thinks so too twenty percent tax- or can I never thought of this before by riot or does it s sort of? Are you not? Consumers are saying here accorded this. Eighty five percent of consumers are now saying that restaurants should employ tamper. You know tamper, evident labels, do more. What do I mean? It's probably a good idea if you're Russia shouldn't come from the government, but if it's probably a good idea, if you're a restaurant to have something on their that people can steal suffer. I if I were driver, don't I just off ramble extra temper, evident stickers and after I tamper but the real went back on I mean not once a criminal, mastermind, Jeffrey Jeffrey, smaller, surprise right as a yacht awareness again this system. Does he like everything is like is like. If there's like apostates, breeders have afore
the Karl, the tundra, rediscovered even have a couple of vital each views. They knows that rules on through you never have paper food nor life. It won't be attempting with debt smell known in your car every every time you're making a designer renders gotta gets delivery. One year, what you do on delivery. Three hundred and ninety four, your hunger you're taken a bite brain now, you're not gonna, take a bite of assent will try to be, as I just take the sandwich, though, I've been. Orders are wrong they're talking about and it is a living in the survey they talk about the food. That's wrong! Food! That's cold food! This not cook delivering an under underdog under twenty percent, but end up in a day or knock at the door when they bring the food? That kind of thing you know you deliver it to the house, but they talk about you know it being called and not being admitted- do they bring it to the house and then don't knock. You re so violent or leave it, Finally, if you, if you have the app right, you should your following the food, the telling you
but your food, where you food, is right, most Abdel you where your food is, so you should know you should know. I shouldn't have to tell you that in such a front, That's a may, as does seem like a little so that you can say knock you. Could you say I did not condone came right, so I just let them under right. I'm sure that's what they do That's it I and I had not thought about it. It's a little creepy. I know what a surprise Jiffy creeped me out his segment, turning development and also a good news are coming from a San Francisco Airport single use, plastic water bottles are going to be banned as of the 20th of this month. So you don't have to worry about plastic bottles, tearing up the environment anymore. Thanks to the San Francisco Erna. I have been so worried about me. I won't in a cold, sweat at one? Thirty this morning, thank you, oh my gosh. What about the single use? Plastic, bottles, a disco, oh, it's amazing that you have well assimilation: migration, Mccaffrey, the director of travel without plastic,
This is a move that will be welcomed by an increasing number of travellers. Will it willing its concern about the impact of plastic having of having on the environment, so we yummy, there's ten There is the plastic island, furthermore, will the ocean, the race, civic, garbage hatch? I just heard at the other day, because on CNN another person saying you know what there is big now, it's just it's just of a fact. It is a fact that even those garbage the size of Texas floating around in the Pacific states does not exist to possible to exist It makes you there's a plausible doubly. They could see my license plate from space. We have not seen this any proof rightness island anywhere and by the way it's like. If you actually read about it, they tell you it doesn't exist. It's just that idea of there's not much unguarded age if it was all in one place, that's the size of yeah like that is a totally different thing in an solvent
People I guarantee, even in this audience there are people who are going with that doesn't exist. That's on a real thing. Honest, even I you who I am career has been taught about environmental claims that are bs right and even I believed that There is ongoing in the middle of the ocean gray. I was told it like when I was a child, remember. I was listening to Pat Gray unleashed one day and I remember you talking about I'd, wait a minute. That's not even like a sort of thing, my god I thought more. Maybe it's exaggerate it or you know what I'm like. I know have seen a picture of it after you, I've never going on like in the end they just straight out, say no, of course, I ll end of garbage in the ocean. That's how this works year. One of the first two dispute the fact that it existed and
to get rid of this. Myth was salon, I mean, that's is left where you get on dot com. Commanded, that's not a conservative side, not at all. Even they did some research into this said yet it doesn't exist. I know it helps to say that environmental thing gets people going, it's just not natural. She has not replied we have that we have the water bottles being banned at the airport, but there still allowing sodas others, end up having to bring an empty container through two essay to fill up with their in other filtered. Why, I do not have the incentive icing soda drinking in the bottom battle, for they are doing there. Did you see to that made the mic? Donald straw thing? I think we may turn mother says they they had their the one people that apparently had nailed the paper straw, the end people.
You know this is basically a pet plus extra, not disintegrating in my mouth. It's actually working and they had it and then they found out later yet he can't recycle it so that all the benefits from the paper straw, Mcdonald's they went away, but you can't even does recited the letter just to use the plastic, and that is the case. Every single time joy, lessening Glenn back. Then, still for glass global Programme joined Chevy to the Basque? Should we check out the I is that what you're my views here, you can check out loud guessed. It up Daily in Uganda Subscribe and download daily decision, but you in the back. Ok currently a decline in no, you don't have to listen? You have to tell you that I was surprised a couple or our eco articles on CNN. The Dayton shooter had an extreme left twitter feed.
Well, yeah that as the while title of the story at sea in hand, I come now other Sing justice Twitter feed was laughing at me. I was actually like a right wing that job it has kept tweeting, let well what s on Twitter. Maybe that's what they were saying, this interesting that effect check on it They claim with stronger background checks, have stopped El Paso in Dayton, and kind of assume that scene and will come to the conclusion, of course, they have soared common sense measures. However, only through a little mix a little I'm night, Chauvelin twist here to you. What, if president proper saying he supports them. Supporting background checks, so. And what do you do? Then? trouble then you're drunk so would strengthening or expanding where we already have background checks. What we already have background and nodded in virtually every case, as a common sense gather, goddesses background check where they do an FBI background check. It's only a background check in the way that it's a check.
You're back right now. Are they gonna check your background, though, that the EU has a better chance of their will check on the things that you ve done back and you know it now in your Patsy in your last, but one of the exceptions when they say I want universal background checks. One of the things are talking about is right. Now, if you it was to be in an instant check on your background. Ok, let's see the system's dogma, have a window of three days were to be able to decide. Ok, well, we have to hold it off, for three days is not working at a universal background. Check, of course, would check all these transactions synthesis was tat you just wait for it when the back up. And then what happens rack up will check. You were so Yes, if the system were down for a month or two there are ten or twenty years disease is just the way now we're trying to early hard to get it back up the universal you guys want to the universal so little to unilaterally that happen. All the time undercutting Gaia. Those are very common. Oh, by the way they save what strengthening expanding background checks have prevented the elected shooter from purchasing firearms,
facts? First explanation: doubtful There is no indication that this shooting in Dayton, what have been prevented by the background check El Paso. He pressed purchased his firearm legally, there is no evidence that he occur. Monastery in a background check would have thought it. So now that trumps, our the background checks, we can ask- finally, remit that none of the word work here listening to the bank,
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