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'Principles Over Personalities'? (David French joins Glenn) - 3/1/18

2018-03-01 | 🔗
Hour 1  ‘Take the guns first, go through due process second’...Huh?...What is President Trump talking about?...he's making President Obama look like Calvin Coolidge...just appeasing Democrats? ...Senior fellow at the National Review Institute, author and constitutionalist David French joins the show to discuss President Trump’s shocking comments on big government and guns…David French reaching out to the other side?...what critics don't understand about the gun culture ... ‘to reach out,’ we must start listening…We need to start believing in each other again… ‘if we don’t have the Constitution, we have nothing’    Hour 2  Hope Hicks had enough?...Resignation a day after admitting to ‘white lies’...did she do the right thing?...President Trump tells senators they're afraid of the NRA…of all people, he calls out Pat Toomey??...he doesn’t seem to be aware of the past five years of the gun debate... ‘I like taking guns early’... President Trump is sounding more Republican today than yesterday ...Glenn talks to passionate callers about President Trump's latest comments on 'gun control'…a caller thinks we need ‘people control,’ psych exams before buying a gun?...Glenn: Here’s why 2A is the ‘strongest right’… caller reminds people what a ‘right’ is   Hour 3  Trump calls out Jeff Sessions...Again!...their on-and-off rocky relationship just got rockier...Jeff Sessions = Trump’s Punching Bag…ever since he recused himself from Russia investigation ...Great News from Operation Underground Railroad and the Nazarene Fund?...the Australian people have been amazingly helpful...You can help, too: Go to thenazarenefund.org and give ...Kellyanne Conway gets grilled over President Trump’s comments on ‘taking away guns’...denies he is going after the 2nd Amendment ...Trump Administration Defense: Don't listen to anything he says ...Did Charlie Brown's teacher just call in?...cases where gov’t decides who does and doesn’t have rights never end well The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand courage, Sri back, where I cannot wait to talk to you today I wanna take. We have a couple, a guess: I've, David French, joining us here a second I wanna hear from you today Do you feel a little manipulated betray abused. You think this is some grand master strategy. What are you feel Today, pure fantasy president, try and the second amendment are you feeling I'm sure the and re feels a little used. Yes, the president's, sat down with congressional Democrats and Republicans to discuss ideas on how to prevent more mass shootings, something we should be doing at how
we describe this other than an absolute constitutional nightmare from took an extreme produced, an extremely hard left against the second, the fifth the fourteenth, and, I believe, the fourth. Amendment I mean this is what we expected from other president's from the last president right. That's what we expected. He didn't do it. In fact what happened yesterday made President Obama looked like Calvin Coolidge. This is an actual quote from the meeting. Take the guns. First, then go through due process. Second end quote the president, then proceeded to dump on the array shoot down. Any idea of national concealed carry represent Murat precocity represents the say it for me. I can
Sir Prostitute, how did I ever get on the radio? I have no idea. No one else does either. If you gun owner or if your fan, constitution. This was the worst thing you would expect to you as president to say again we expect Did this from Obama, but never expecting him to say it out loud in public. This guy did and the reason why you present Obama would have never said this in public if he believes. That is because he knew every single person in the conservative media. Every Republican. Many and our members who are Democrats would have called for is impeachment. Oh just skip due process. Ah, let's see Mussolini comes to mind. China comes to mind. Where Do we have this system, North Korea, has a good system, while just forget about due process now here's the thing.
Some people believe in some people are making excuses. Some people are saying yeah, but he was tall. About the mentally ill. Do you remember when we all went to bed? For the president, when the headlines in the New York Times said things like Trump just made it easier for mentally ill people to guns no, no that's not what happened, what they were, Bring to was an Obama era. Regulation mandating that people receiving disability payments from Social security, which does make you mentally ill. Or receiving assistance to manage their benefits, their benefits, not their checkbook? Their benefits would have been reported to the federal gun background check system, it locked out tens of thousands since of people elderly people from buying guns not based on their mental capacity. But a basis of being classified by the government in a certain way. Now I d think that was the original intent, but you can see how handling the issue of
who is mentally ill and who is indeed a very slippery slope MIKE Yesterday was right, we have to figure. This issue out nobody wants guns in the hands of mentally ill people? Nobody, the air, everybody that I know Every and our re member that I know things the sheriff should have taken the guns away. I don't know maybe on the third call we have to figure doubt, but eliminating due process and neutral and neutering the constant, it is not the way to do it. You can't see Is someone's property you are guaranteed due process while it takes a long time. That's the point. So we just heard a Lynch mob forget for just a second that this is all
guns. Replace guns, with literally any other issue and red back the words, take action first and then go through due process. Second,. Throw him in jail? We all know is going to murder. HU. We are that's how tyranny is boring I guess the Good NEWS here is tromp has said chest: bat crap, crazy things in the past clean Dhaka bill, but it never materialised so either Trump pulling off some extreme master negotiating strategy combining the of war with his own book. The art of the deal. Or he doesn't know what he's talking about, and his got reaction is not based in the constitution. He was,
Democrats in the room what they wanted to hear their way. Whether he's playing, I saw this online lesser he's playing for dimensional chess. Please, please We're not gonna see anything come of this, but this should be a huge red flag. We if Obama would have said this We would have been organizing ourselves in the streets we either stand for the constitution. Stand by the rule of law or do not we either call people out when they are wrong, no matter what side thereon or we have no principles. So you know the second amendment is not going anywhere. Everybody should be calling the president out on this today support him when he is right,
call him out when he is wrong, and yesterday he was very very very wrong it's Thursday March? First, you listening to the glad TAT Program, David French, who is a senior fellow, the National review joining us now, David. How are you I'm good. Are you do it? Well, I I've been better I've been better yesterday had to come as kind of a surprise to you, because you're, a guy who is, is offering some of the bills they were talking about yesterday. Well, yesterday,. It was one of those both its when somebody takes an idea that should be talking about with distorts it states it in such a grotesque way that its recognisable
It was really an amazing bow back up, so you had my parents talking about in a very responsible and say that sober way about violence, restraining order right which allows people to seek an order from a core to end with due process with a hearing, but his exhibiting dangerous behaviour to allow a temporary seizure other guys when there's red flags in the vast fast, which already of these last shootings, there have been red flags and a lot of times. People haven't had the tools to do anything right right is changes that and then trumps kicked. It said, no, no, take the dogs earth. Due process, and you just you know you didn't he didn't say he's As you know, there is a different system. Take take the On the first and then due process- and I believe that system is fascism,
authoritarianism, totalitarianism, communism are being there is another system David appropriate that yeah yeah? Well, you know he has been on due process are really interesting. So if you re credibly accused wife beaters, the White House will then due process. But if you're a law abiding got owner, then no due process hope it's a very strange system, very strange strain of constitutional thinking there, but yeah you know, look at the bottom line is he's not drafting a bill. He's not proposing the bill. He does. It really know about any of this guinea detail me when he was what he was saying, the two to me the fraid of he and our aid shows you have no idea if no idea yeah well, you know the thing up a stunning about you.
You know I I I am on record many times I haven't low expectations, describes about tat, but he under performed even by low expectations yesterday in, and the reason is that the internet has been probably his post oil conservative friend the in our aim has been will witless for him. A lot of people have criticised the inner ear for taking a turn perceive turned towards trumpets of whether Europe putting the president as much as are promoting their unit. The second amendment and showed the arrangement for woes, sleep loyal to trap and an yesterday he not only said hey take the get firstly process. Second hee hee essentially said no, no concealed care reciprocity. He made fun of a senator for big. In the pocket of the inner I won't be in school,
And the need for the idea of an assault, weapons bay at all, in the space of about thirty fits in Azerbaijan at the floor it it was It was an amazing thing to say so so, David the a lot of people will say: nothing's gonna come of this. So dont worry this was so jawdropping that I mean I've. This for years, long before Donald Trump, you have to have a guy in the oval office whose natural first instinct is constitute, all, that is that it is freedom based, for instance, when you have a problem. You know who also didn't get due process. The at the knees as they were, put onto a bus for an inter camp. I mean There is a trouble when there's trouble and you are not based in the constitution that the that,
Sweden has a moment that could go horribly awry as it has in the past here in Amerika when the president's says. Well, I really afraid of the inner ray, I dont think in twenty twenty one. He'll be. Fraid of any body and if we have trouble this is a giant red flag. Why? Not only is it a red flag on pure policy grounds? In other words, how does the president exercise the powers of his office? It also look the bully pulpit matters. You know there is this. Is it a novel theory on the part of many parts which interpreted public that what the president that says? Does it really matter, which is just a rationalization in an excuse? The bully pulpit matters when you're talking about the person with perhaps the greatest public platform in the world.
Rolled and their indifferent at best to the constitution. There, obviously here seemed really not care about the second amendment. All that much those things matter especially when the other side is locked in I mean the other. It is a more accurate messaging, it is locked, it has extraordinary party discipline right now. I believe those one hundred fifty six of the hundred a tiny three members of congress- signed on democratic members of Congress, signed onto the assault, what that's bad legislation which sister introduced so the other side. It focuses locked in, and you know when the bully pop it is occupied by somebody who is about ants focus. Focused not as work in an apparently indifferent to cork. Nutritional values that problem
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the demystify this a little bit, so you can at least understand the other side David. Can you through this, rather quickly yeah lethal. What I wanted to do was talked about. The Atlantic readers are are mainly progressive I wanted to watch him through how you of how prisoners gun culture and how it begins often with an actual threat or perceived threat, where you realise that the police can't protect your family and time and how actually walking, through that process of buying a guy learning to use the good going to concealed carry permit,
ass, getting training actually brings you into a new community a hawks and bring an end. Also changes your outlook on life at a significant positive way. Until I wanted people to understand that this, this is a product like energy, lobbying or or congressional actions is a product of people's lived experience and how they respond to threats to their safety, their family, sixty agents. Will I just one to connect, people would sort of the real story people's lives here you know I've had a friend of mine, say yesterday Glenn, I I mean I'm worried about my family and I don't it's just a part of what I don't worry about any of this. Well, some of us do and some people mainly Hollywood, and people like me- have the money to be able to have an armed security guy. Then the whole time, but that's not the average person I mean my daughter, if she were had a stalker, she would
when a gun in the eye- and I will tell you this I am. I am somebody hoof I was not responsible enough to own again what twenty years ago, and I had to let you know I had to have serious threats in my life and the gun was the last step that I took myself and then really took. It seriously and became responsible enough to own a gun and you know. I know everybody is like TAT, but they should be, and in in in your article you, who point out that we were as gun owners were horrified by the. The killer in you know at the high school having these guns and all of the warning flags and the system failed, and we were horrified here in Texas when the system failed right right. Exactly eight, you know there's this perception.
I'd strange, I mean how each of you think your fellow citizens have to be to believe that your indifferent to what happened in Texas, but you get that rhetoric all the time that people who belong to them, blood on their heads. They belong to a terrorist organisation. After the matter is that I related in my peace. I'm not I'm not. Somebody could afford armed security around by family guy came to our house. He blocked our driveway. He walked straight up to my wife and kid. They were the back yard and I was in the police and I were many minutes away, demanding he may yet this odd we had an empty holster at his hip. He was, he had just been driving slowly through my kids school I mean this is so this thing for this kind of thing focuses the mind pretty pretty intense intensely and and that's what you know it's those kinds of things
and look you know, there's a lot of people were not in the public square who were not out there tweeting in writing it the doing tv appearances that you know. Maybe it's an ex boyfriend. Maybe it's! They live in a dangerous part of town. Maybe you know, there's all there's a lot of reasons why people quite reasonably say you, though, when the police can't be their instantly the cook. Please can't be their everywhere. I I kind of data first line of defence related thought reached. All at all of us have got about forty five seconds here, David ten. You tell me that have what is the response been from those who read this? I would say- overwhelmingly positive. Of course, some people bid The angry one person said it was like white privilege on steroids, something like a clear lead, overwhelmingly positive, not so much that they say. Oh, I watch You know I gotta go by God, but yeah. Ok, I get this night Oh that's all we have to do and look we're, never gonna completely. Whenever couldn't going to convince. Nor
Do I think we have to really make the effort to go. After the most staunch you know, people who were against it because they're never going to change their mind, but we have to try to reach people so they at least here the reasonable rational argument on the other side and we can, learn from them. They can from Us- and maybe we can pursue, but you know true the common sense things that will will protect our families and protect our children in school, David. French. Thank you so much appreciated. Thank you Glenn back. Mercury
here listening to the Glenda program. You too, be able to advance. We need to reach out to each other. I you know talking to David. French, David French has not changed a single point of view of of his enemies principles The constitutional list he's a small government freedom guy and he's getting heat from so from some people for reaching out. Just like I get heat, look at what he's look at he's just done, he's tried to frame and tried to read, child to reasonable people now people, while the atlantic- that's not reasonable. Well, maybe the Atlantic Is- and I dont know the people at the Atlantic, but perhaps of the readers are
we must change our guard. Our thinking, We are not believing in any one. We don't believe in any way Let alone people on our own side. I don't believe in anybody any more alive If anybody any more. Well, we have to have faith in our neighbours and and we either believe that their is no one. On the other side. That act Billy cares about rights that action, He cares about the constitution and the country and the founders We either believe that there is no one on the side. That believes that and that leads us to what to wear. Is that led us, a split country. How do you win with that? extermination camps.
We believe that doesn't lead any place good or we We believe that you know what theirs a lot of misguided people out there. There's lotta people that I dont understand there. A lot of people that probably agree with me, but I haven't talked to them all You know, and on top of that there's maybe twenty percent ten percent twenty percent- that just really do not care about the country. You know when, when you're talking about the left and the right, I think there's ten percent, but let's be let's be really pessimistic. There's twenty percent on both sides that don't care about the constitution. They only care about winning their way. They take the territorial ism. If that's what it takes believe. There's forty percent of America believes that, but, let's just say, badly
sixty percent of us who are now watching this this this cartoon and saying this is ridiculous. This is what what what. We. There is common sense things we can do to protect our children, and you know what one of miss to make sure that crazy people don't have guns, sir, We could do due process and do what the Americans always to do, and that is hey. If family members think that there is a problem you go to court and their guns temporarily taken away because there is a problem, there is domestic abuse abuse or there is a situation like there was in Florida and you go to court and say look that we believe this guy's a danger to himself and others we need make sure he has no access to guns that he does not have guns and then
Court says: ok for six months or whatever it is. Yes, then you have to come back and renew it. Otherwise is and come back called due process. I believe everybody would be for something like that What did the devil is in the details, but we reasonable, but how gonna get there if we're just yelling at each other, if we're not I to reach out, do you? want to live in a world where You believe the worst of the other side. Think of this with us I'm thinking about yeah, but just think all this with us or you, The person they describe on television cause I'm not And I don't think you are either. So why do we believe, they're the ones that we
your people describe on television as well. I just wonder a couple of comments that came in because I read a letter yesterday on the air from a guy who said, look agree with you at all, but you ve given me hope that this can go beyond politics. There are reasonable people who are just as disgusted by what's going on in Washington is. I am even though we're on the other side. Here are some of the comments. Glenn people on the left hate. It aid? Our country hate us and are trying to destroy it. They hate Christians. They, hate fiscal conservatives. They hate com, the two journalists and law abiding citizens trying to win Glenn we're trying to keep a republic together. Ok,. If you believe that half of the country hates us what's our solution.
What's a solution, it is, ass to be either. We divide the states or weak incur them somehow or another, and how going to conquer them. Well, you conquer them through force or you can reach out and try to understand and try to build a relationship that we, These are the neighbours that we use to love and chair and trust ten years ago. People say to me: you ve changed my prince. Pulls haven't changed at all one bit, Not one bit, but my Understanding of how to navigate in this world has changed dramatically, and you haven't changed in the. Ass ten years. I just want to know how, because, everything around you his changed
How have you not changed your your your outlook, on how to solve this problem, because what we were doing oh eight years ago, isn't what wasn't working? It wasn't working. Ok, so are we just gotta keep doing the same thing? Are we? Gonna, keep shouting people down and- and I know that's what people say the left did and then the left will say: that's what the right did. I dont care anymore. I don't care who started it. I don't care. I just want to solve it Won't solve it by by you know, going. Back on my principles. If you don't have principles, you have nothing. If we don't have the constitution, we have nothing I was reading these comments and people.
Here one liberal argument against the bill of rights. I often hear is that the bill of rights was just after thought. It was. Approved because they were tired of hearing about it seriously there all that ignorant to believe it will. First, there's a little bit of truth in that we had the institution? And then because everybody was afraid the government was gonna violate these rights. They decided, let's put him down on paper. Let's judge Oh people, let's demonstrate to them, but the governor, It will never do these things so there is some truth to that. Now, maybe It's a miscommunication, the way you heard it phrased, but that is generally true It doesn't mean that it's not valuable, it was self evident at the time. Everybody knew that yeah,
to take away guns, we're not gonna! Do you know where you have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, everything else, and people said I don't know. I don't trust you. A fine, then I'll, write it down and it's a good thing. They did because was James Madison that pudding the sedition act are set, in President said by the way you say anything bad about me or the government and you're going to jail. Thank God if we had written it down, because it Isn t always self evident when people get into power. How could James John Adams of all people want Our patriots, how could he. Violate the constitution with the Sis Sedition ACT, because we you get power you. Suddenly believe I know better than anybody else. I know I know how to fix this. I knew
Better than everybody. I'm here to tell you. I don't have any talent on loan from God I play. I struggle with the same problems that you struggle with family, raising my children how to deal with the internet in my life with my children, A deal with with me struck. With my job struggle with money? All of it? It's the same. The problem, comes when when people think they know. When they have power and they become arrogant,. We have become arrogant in another way. We ve become arrogant. We we, We know who the other side is until we talk to them now, I'm not Talking about.
I'll, give you twenty percent of both sides. I ain't talking the Nazis and I'm not talking to. Meanest, because- they are said now I will I'll reach out and say a you know. This really is not ride. I e Europe When I am open to talking to you about it, I'm not gonna compromise principles, but I know that you're going to either we, a b to ships that are just never gonna meet. But I'm not gonna, write off sixty percent of America, I'm not I'm not think its eighty percent. I am not willing to say that my friends and neighbors who vote differently than I do. Don't understand? Government can't come in and sees something the government just say. Oh I'm, I'm I'm on it Take away this or I'm gonna, put you in jail without due process. You know, when you really talk to People- and you say
Ok, so let's talk about background checks, background checks. Ninety seven percent of Americans say yet we should have background checks night. Seven percent. However, those numbers. To fall apart when you, when you down to the nitty gritty on what is included in that. Should that background check. Have access to your doktor information though, if you're seeing a psychiatrist should, at show up on your background check. Will I dont know now wait a minute. That's yet are certainly give little dicey. We really need to have conversations with each other. And we need to understand that.
They feel the same way about us. They feel the vicious vitriolic attacks. We ve seen it. We ve lived we ve lived it on their side. Well, you may not be attacking them. You may not be saying those things, but others who are You know wrapping themselves as I'm a conservative christian to vote. I've seen them, you ve seen them serve it just fish send nasty and rumour mark mongering. You see it too That's not who we are. But that's how they think we are because we also think they're nasty. They can understand. I'm not like tat. I got a peaceful games with my kids. Just like everybody else, I'm not like that. Lieutenant. Let's start having adult conversational start having hard.
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The school shooting has ignited the gun debate. Now, more than ever, you need to know the facts: get control, exposing the truth about guns on Amazon and wherever books are sold really wanna take phone calls next hour limit. Let me take Joe quickly in Massachusetts, Hollow Joe. I gladly I already twenty per cent on either side. About window you're right, it doesn't matter the problem with the sixty percent and I live in Massachusetts. I know they don't want to be educated, there ain't your in and they don't They are the time they don't care. Whatever potatoes wronged you, whoever sits, what they want to hear and its current issue out. Aside its an issue of them. Just they want to have their life and are so use the government being involved. That This is the way it is anymore. So Joe You say that they probably feel the same way that there are some
at sixty percent. That feel the same way about the Republicans, because I can tell you that I think there's a lotta republicans that fit in that category as well as Democrats, though I agree, I agree so interesting. Average people in the middle, I don't know how you we ban. I recently I know a lot of people there's a lot of people in Massachusetts. You aren't rabbit leftists by your still use that the government- it just all that It's always sure so the only way to be able to make an impact the only way to be able to live your life with principles, credibility and stability, and then reach out and be friends with people and talk to people. Not everybody is gonna jump on the bandwagon. We just have to start believing back that there's no third words in every individual.
Courage shrink back. She was never a Washington girl. Never she d me care about politics and yet She became the most powerful people in Washington DC. Your name is hope. Hicks she was trumps. Communications director. She was one of the longest serving advisers and arguably trumps most trusted aid. Often had the challenging job of talking him down from an angry tweet or redirecting his attention elsewhere. She corral the press to you know get on message: when they were at odds with each other, which was all the time apparently in the White House, and she would bring them together. A press department come together. Me you have the staff viewed her as a protector against trumps outbursts. You know like
an older sister shielding her little brother from the fathers wrath, but yesterday Hicks Here too, have had enough. She, too, the president that she was resigning now was An angry thing I don't know, I don't I mean I've, read things you and I've read things. No. I don't know. Her. Resignation came a day after she testified for eight hours before the House Intelligence Committee sheet. The panel that in her job she had been occasionally been required to tell little white lies, but never lied about anything connected to the investigation into Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election. Now a wood poor people, the White House, happy about that. I'm sure not she's, not a Washington politician. Her revelation to the panel isn't really shocking and I I don't think it was the impetus for her leaving the White House. She
twenty nine year old former model who wanted to work in fashion. She had any aspirations of becoming the communications director, then I'll rule the world biology I once it sounds like she just took a job her job in stride. It Seem like it was her dream to be there. She thought she could serve. She did the limelight and the scrutiny of the House Intelligence Committee and her relationship with Rob Porter made public appeared to have pushed her too something she really never wanted to start when she, leaves the White House in a couple of weeks, she's going to escape relative we unscathed she by the council did a good job. She he didn't stay to see her reputation, get dragged through the dirt, like so many before her trumpeting. Many times that hickses very smart and
believe he's telling the truth it's Thursday March? First, you're listenin to the Glen Back programme. America I'm glad you're here I want to hear from you today because yesterday was a racy day constitutionally, a crazy nay, politically I've I've. I mean I expected. The car the words that came out of I'll drums mouth, Estralla on live television. I expected those coming out of the mouth of present Obama behind closed doors, something that We have never said
but I never expected to hear them from a president who was on the republican side and had the backing of the inner ray and and is is is heading. Of supposedly the party that cares about the constitution. It was pretty unique is interesting. The defence seems to be that he'd doesn't really mean it. He just says these things in these moments of any wines of ending up in the right place, which I know has been true in the past and hopefully is true here again in a warrant to be critical of of his words when he says says these things about has only have to be. You are listening to a show that care is more about the second amendment that any politician We care more about the second amendment and the feelings of any republican happening or I'm gonna go. I've got care more about all of the bill of rights and the only amendment
than any politician all of them, and that this is a show that that cares about principles. More than personalities, and that's it if you like that show. Play, shows that do the other thing, so I think there's a good chance at Donald Trump who's, not he's, never been a God efficient Otto. He's not you didn't live in that culture. He has been working out. How do we have the if some of the audio here we go through some of women, he clearly doesn't have a an idea of what the what has happened in the debate for what say the past five years, the biggest probably the biggest thing in the past five years after He was the mansion Toomey Amendment that they tried to push through, which would have tightened gun control is the basic reason. Why pat to me is not considered a big tea party or any more. He was basically kicked out of a tea party movement, even though the rest of his records, pretty darn good, I mean it's too. We spent a pretty good senator
with the exception of guns, and the right rightly, I think, took said, I don't like the way you're trying to compromise here, you're pushing too far. We can't let these rights be infringed though they pushed back on that pretty hard. Yes, they trump talking to Pat to me. Who is he seemed multiple times, have no idea that pat to me proposed a gun, control measure, then the very recent past. Yes, he actually thanks to me is afraid of the inner re. Was it an exchange resident you're, absolutely right. You can lead on this in a way that nobody else can, because those Americans out there that the second amendment is so critically important to them. They believe you that you're, that you're not going to go into their homes and take their firearms to you, have a credibility that nobody else. Can That's why you can lead. Maybe you ve heard my call you act when used
an opportunity like we're all in the Middle EAST, the role that only we're gonna get this done in a viper. I'm not a word about sixty votes. I really believe that sixty sixty percent, meaning It should be so easy to. There should be a hundred per cent, crystal clear something. I think you underestimate the power to govern the recent had lunch with the on Sunday. I compliment you, gotta come on, tell us, we can do so and they do a great power. I agree with that. They have great power over you people They have lost our own, we need, I dont want or need, but take, but our jails are well meaning, and I shall have a nice girls. We gotta do something we can't keep restricting we can't keep. We have to do what is right when it comes to mental health and other issues that we have to do what's right,
and I'm telling you I think, they're there. I think that some of you people always try to arrest you carefully, petrified they wanna do what's right I gotta do what's right. I really believe No tower he said those who either he was taking on the senators for the energy and congressmen, but again ups chump, his out and on this point quite a bit, which is the internet, incredibly loyal, you pointed out as well and its true. They energy has been incredibly loyal to trap. That being said, I have absolutely no problem with a president, taking on an advocacy group that, aside with them in the past, now that's exactly what I want to praise the two members who, if Trump, really believes that we you'd have we know More gun, control and things that the energy is comfortable with he should take on the internet jelly. He showed that he, you gotta, be your own purse. Of course I have no problem with him taking on the interior of the problem, with the substance of what he's taking them on four, yes, which is I mean,
the key seems to know it. That was, let me play. The trump tells us TAT senators he's a fan of energy change aged twenty one. This is about in the eye. Of changing the age of purchasing firearms to twenty one. For four long guns. Listen to this issue. This is with patch me and I'm a bad smell. They found I think, of the internet. What did you think you should create people, usually patriots? I love my country. But that does not mean we have to agree on. It doesn't make sense to wait on twenty one day going ahead, but it can get this weapon at eighteen. I'm just curious as to what you did in your bill. We didn't addresses. Presently I think no one is you frighten me? to me he'd, but again he's asked Pat to me, what is in his bill? This is eight. This was the biggest piece of the gun debate in the past six years,
Why is he walking into a meeting on national television to ask Pat to me what's in the bill? How do you papa? How can you possibly be having this meeting in public? If you don't know, Imagine to me is how can you possibly you talking about that I probably is the same reason why he said what he said about you know: let's take the guns. First, listen disease, listen what he sang with with Michael, hence the duped says due process. The category useless, gun, violence, restraining order You called California actually has a version of this, and I thank you. The meeting was governors earlier this week individually and as a group wished for about states taking steps, but the focus is literally give families and give local law enforcement additional tools Individuals reported to be a potential danger to themselves or other, allow.
Process was right to travel, but the ability to go to court. Payment order and collect not only the firearms were off any any weapons. The fire alarm spurs and then because that's another system, because a lot of tat by the time you ve got a good long devoted course stagnated. Your process procedures I like. Taking the guns early like in this crazy, in this case, I just took place in Florida. He had a lot of fires. They saw everything to go what would have several of them? So you could do exactly what you're saying by tax the guns first gone through. Reprocessing. Oh, my gosh I, how are so here's what it is. You other system he's yours what happened yesterday. This is world, according to Glenn Donald Trump walks out with my pants at his side. He says my thousand great meeting great me
I think we made a lot of progress here was, Mr President, about that one time, though, when they were trying to lure you into voting for all the gun, control measures that they'd been pushing for for a long time, you really read that out, and I saw you did there and that was fantastic, I want you to tell me what did you tell me MIKE? What do you think I was doing like when the point when the Diane Feinstein was smiling giddily giddily? Next to you, because you seem to agree to an assault weapons ban. We know you didn't do that. What you were doing with her trying to trick to show her true colours, he's your prove that that's why worse. It gets you that bill that we talked about earlier. Remember the one that doesn't violate the second amendment. To get that to you here, just a couple minutes early and went, and that's the one you want to back right. That's just like we talked about before that meeting right like you're still on that, but we can't can still there ok yeah, so you really, I mean you ve outsmarted. It will happen was also on this. This is what I think happened, and now he has this morning, trumpets tweeting, as if that conversation happen, is I what we
respect the second amendment- and you know, he's is: he sounds a lot more like a republican president today than you did yesterday, and if that's the outcome of this, it's scary, because one of these times it's not gonna work, but if that The outcome, then we're all gonna be fine in a couple weeks. Eight just afraid It certainly has to make you nervous that he has his instincts are take the guns first and it is knowledge level. Is, I don't know about the biggest issue in this area as I stand in, for of the entire nation at a public meeting talking with the guy who's paths, the bill, but I don't know anything about it, accusing them of being a vertically and our aim like that is its sole, credible, you'd. Never so I saw someone pointed out on Twitter deleted that he sounds at times like the president is a collar on sports. You know a guy who just highlighting those generally. The topics knows the teams of some of the players, but he doesn't it
He doesn't know how to run a small french fries and, oh, I might say that yesterday sounded more like Glenn back calling support as well as your phone calls for the rest of the hour? I just wanna hear from you speak your mind I ain't, I know, there's audience you're, not gonna hold your peace, so speak your mind, aided seventy seven be easy. Gay I want to tell you about a way for you to save an awful lot of money. I have you know I I try to drive my trucks until the doors fall off I love my truck Couple of them and one, I think, is a tooth Thousand eight and two thousand twelve and it's hard to believe that that their that all that like ten years old already, but there
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One eight hundred cars sixty one hundred one, eight hundred cars sixty one hundred mentioned the promo code a core visit car, she'll dot com and use the promo code, beckoned safe, ten percent that car shield Dotcom, promo code back deductible may apply Glenn Back Mercury gland back we're going to Richard New York Hollow Richard. How are you When are you dont how I am giving your colleague is, I think, eat demanded it needs to change your gun. Control to people could draw, I dont think D, that girl has got it right on? I also think there have to propose ideas that I think would resolve a lot of the issues are not doing anything. Will we ever fix a hundred percent, the issues of kind of gun, violence or any type about that matter
but I think that the issue should be if we ask our police departments and people in the police department to taking psychological evaluation cry, I wouldn't want prior to being hired to be other on the police department. I think that, in order to purchase it firearm? He should have to go to the same exact, and why is that? I think that would take care of the mental illness issue with people who are mentally ill. It off resolve the issue of temporary insanity? What stops a person who has a nose fifty years old, gets fired from their job and goes buys a weapon and has goes on a shooting at their job. You know the only thing that would stop them is if they had to take an exam that would test her temperament and to see if they're eligible to purchase a firearm well a couple of couple thoughts with this Richard first, while temporary insanity is not insanity, so there's no test for temporary insanity. It's it's!
thing that you? U snap, as whites called temporary insanity, because something extraordinarily emotional, just happen to you and you, snap and you wouldn't this assembly, be able to test for that in advance. The second thing is is: we're talking about applying a standard that is given to the police department, wool. The police- it's it's not a right to, it police officer? Ok, that's a privilege that's job, it's not eight in you said something that I thought was. It was disturbed I think I understand what you're saying, but the key word here is control. You said we gotta go from gun control to people Control Well, that's really, the same thing. That's why the second amendment exists, so some you cannot control the people so the p balkan convict control themselves. So, if, if, if we, if we look this and say. Is it a right to this is that this is the path
problem that we're having is were dancing around. The issue is my owning a gun, a right If it is a right, then I automatically. Have it I've been endowed by my creator. So anything it stands between that right and me is on. Actual and wrong. According to the constitution, anything that happens, after I receive that right? Then you can do that. So, in other words, I have the right to own a gun and I want to, but you want to tell me before I get the gun, no you you want to say that there are things in place that if I start have erratic behavior. You can go in front of a court and kind the shillings. For my fourth and fifth, amendment have due process you can just take my gun, but I have due process there: you can do that, but
it's either a writer. It's not it's the same as voting rights it's a right to vote so anytime. You want to put a pull tax any time. This was a problem with african Americans. Let let Oh you than a pass this task to see if you're really able to vote. No, I don't it's my right to vote? and I- and I agree with that to a certain extent, but I think if we can put parameters on different events of life of the test you to figure out, if you qualify qualified to do certain things qualified to be alert just cause, I go read the law books tomorrow, to quote either it parental right. It's not a right and a right to be a lawyer, the right on a right to be alone. You could do this, you just have to you have to get rid of the second amendment. I mean look Richard. This may be what you know we end up doing, I hope to God, not anybody see your reason. However, you too there. You must deny that owning
a gun is a right and that's where you know half of the tree? Is that it's not a right? Well, it is and the only way around it is to a ball we wish the second amendment which can be done. We ve done it to thee. What is it the eighteenth amendment, which was the prohibition primarily banana you can abolish the second amendment. Eight highly recommend against it, but only way to say it is no longer a right, then you can have all kinds of litmus test, but while it remains a right Glenn back Mercury
gun control works and other countries. Forty percent of organs are sold without background checks. More guns means more murdered. Last shootings are becoming more common. You ve heard all these lines. A thousand times know the facts, get control. Exposing the truth about guns on Amazon and wherever books, or so we have a really inspiring update for the Nazareth fun coming up in about thirty five minutes that you don't want to miss and your phone calls as well. I want to go. I wanna go off there ass phone call that we had cause. I think this is really important to to have them. Conversation, and that is what is a right. What does it mean? what does the constitution and the bill of Rights mean and the bill of rights and then the constitutional amendments are really clear and and most people most people, don't think of it. This way. But let's start with the thirteenth amendments, do
Bali? Slavery did not know it did not wait a minute? No it! No, the third Tenth Amendment said all Densher servants and all all slaves, no more, no more slaves, the egg, kind of say that. However, it left an exception out an exception that exception. If its own it can. You are prohibited from putting someone an involuntary servitude or slavery, except for punishment of for crime. We ve seen people on the side of the road collecting trash Seeing this in every Reno prison movie going pack the past two hundred years chain Gang Jane gangs, right I mean this- is that is essentially in the olive oil serve server. Tonight, it's a form of slavery. If you will your slaves to the system, you will do and work as the system says because so the thirteenth men, says: there's no slavery or I'll servitude. In writing our accept this. Ok, we all know the three
the third amendment right, nobody knows. Third, it's my favorite amend it is money. It is binding on the left. You shall not be required, quarter. Soldiers in your home. That's the amendments as right. No, it doesn't know it says on land unless it's war time and they pass a law stay, they can put quartered soldier. I hope so. In other words, you can say you're not quartering these soldiers in my home and you can hold up the the third amendment at eight absolutely acts against the constitution is eight, no actually were at war, and here the law we passed case there are exceptions and their written into the constitution. Now most of them don't have the unless, but there is only one that says- and there is no, unless there is no exception,
and you will not infringe on this. The second amendment these strongest right. Because there is no. Unless there is no ifs ends. Orbits yeah, Even if you look at the first amendment, it just talks about Congress making laws, Congress for making laws that will any law respecting and establishment of a religion right. But, as we know, the states still had said Massachusetts had a state religion when this thing was past right there, all sorts of exceptions, the secure what is really clear. They seem make that when really important, hey a cat in range on this one so the reason why you have to understand that this is a right. This is a right and not a suggestion, it is something that, according to our system of government, you are born with certain rights and they can't
we'll be taken away from you ah: unless there is an x corruption. But there is one right that says shall not be infringed. So this is a God given right that nobody can take away. If you on stand that it is a right first. Then You can understand tired and other things, for instance, did do voting voting. Pull taxes. We all know that that was that was ended. Bridgman on a right. You you to wait a minute, because I'm Africa American. I have to pay a tax because I'm African American, I you have to take a test. No, I don't have a test and I have to take. I have Oh right,. Unless it's taken, way because I'm a criminal and that's it who addition so
You have a right to vote. We all know They don't spying on you as the default. While I mean They do because we're violating the leave the fourth amendment, but don't we all know the government does not have a right to spy on you, but they have is a there is no right to spy on you. Ah, unless they can go with court and at a warrant because they ve proved theirs. Of here that we need to follow and spy. You aspire So there is an unless in That right, there isn't with voting there, isn't it unless they're just age there isn't an unless in the I can amendment you want. All of your rights, rights, are yours by default. What people are too,
about now is no well, let's make the default. You dont get one unless you do this? No, no, no I mean you have that unless you do these things, Yemen ghost fundamentally it's the constitution was argument. Is your this unless you're proven guilty right and the key, way of looking at this from the left and others is your guilty. Unless you can be proven innocent right, that's it. Fgm unless it's a hundred and eighty degrees different. Is no longer a right that becomes then a privilege. Now with this, we have to talk about responsibilities what, if you are not responsible, You lose your rights and quite honestly that why we are losing rights now, because we have shown ourselves heiress, sensible with those rights.
Nobody, always I have rights, you know yeah yeah yeah, I know, but you so do have responsibilities. Let's go MIKE in California Hallo my gear on the glimmering programme Dear heart, has done a very good, hey I'll, I wanted to say the whole thing about the psychological background check yeah I for one dont trust, psychologists, then I think a lot of american films, whether there appear to have been completely politicized, their votes on transition, tourism and homosexuality, and all that proves that day they were political votes. Not doing having anything to do with actual data and studies I mean I've done a lot of people who are most people who went into psychology to trial. They themselves out. Mama came out with a job,
I you one urgent family. There does. She was bipolar manic, so I you know there we have to be met. They will win your exactly right MIKE on this issue. We have to be really careful about anything having to do with us. A key outbreak being a default, because Everything is being politicized now. That's why? the proposal that these that the right is proposing is that we we we have a system to wear your family. Just like committing people. Were your family, can come in and say, look your honor, but we need to make. That he doesn't have these guns, because he is a danger and that's that could have that could have stopped the shooting in Florida would have stopped would have stopped the pit the parents COS then said: can you come? Please take the guns.
Michael Jamal North Carolina, hello, Jamal on a more haste to finish, work which we in parliament should be what he said about the due process. We value clear was ass, was You have labels that have come up with due process, but everything else is only to movement was tackled due process or what he was basically saying you were. We see a lot of racial media come after you know. Whatever he said, a company come out the heel. He Democrat, the media or work assail case by the present chop is a good due process where we are supporting do pockets. Allow bought them do they're, not billboard, monsieur what used to be a new path, as he can do that you're here they know what they have done. How should now to move me, though, shut. Why not a trash we'll have shut down. Some other men caught their agendas there, you don't
June Jamal. You are, you are way ahead of the game. You are right on the money on how due process any he who is against this, but for the me to movement. In the way it's I mean to its end degree your eggs, actually right, but I've been Leave beyond that. You are a little wish and hope in kind of like people were when Justice Robert said now, I'm I'm dime cool with the whole tax people. You know, this to be an honest citizen, This is like sixty seven thousand dimension chess were tired out. Oh yes, rug I'm the republic is weakening, check was, while the Democrats play chess level speeches, I M will drop the man. I love you got there also
they have been attacked. The second amendment ever was thirty. Four. When I passed the only path of movement, Mama gives the causes Machine God, S will make, were started, doing a better world and a second amendment, one more day, five reasons to love. You d like to have the second day they do asked us worldwide, be located. It gives us a blackboard. Why do I believe that a broad majority of the other black Georgian everytime Tonawanda come about, but I d be always want to make it look like is wasted report, because the Democratic Party feel that now, if they want to sit There- and they want to say about the second, This is why we can arrange world the green where you could have about American pray. Have automatic low level and the com is, would then be a long ago. Will they re circle, chessboard chief, they put a pile certain place where, U K boring your night,
the your bullshit you can go now can do because such might so the second amendment long will pass in the you only you can add a cobbler some sugar, but they should remember that this can be trusted. Then they kept ways to chip away. Would my page, I have the debate, people all the time with a manageable at the top, Because I'm a video, That's why we draw up her mother. Why? Yes, I know have your memory, I know it well the granting of aid others know about automatic ability, glue, history, tat, the poor girl wow,
the rights of all you are. You are spot on and I said at the beginning way ahead of the the average person. I will correct one thing: it didn't start with the Tommy gun it. It started with reconstruction. That's when the Democrats first came after guns. They came after the guns of the african american community for their own protection that way could ride in with the clan at night, thanks to you all for your called dick quickly in California has good morning, sir, thank you for taking my car. I'm sure I can we ratchet this back to the original stimulus for the conversation, which happened to be the comments by vice president pants and president Tromp yesterday. Sure this whole discussion has come into what I call a plate of spaghetti is prepared to waffle. The idea
here seems to be an, and let me tell you weren't, coming from, I feel in the Navy. I carried weapons on the life or with the and our aid, but not because of any. Dream juncture already to the second amendment, which I support, but there so many other amendments that support the rights of other people that are to be protected against someone who has violated the second amendment we ass a guide. Did he violated the second amendment and it is if we were to look at the comments by bicycle. He says you know I got to go to the go to the due process to the court and President Trump comes in and see Take the guns away. Well, in order for us to take the gun away, from that man we would have had to get a search warrant. That's not true! Yes,
well. How do you get a search warrant? You go to court, or do you go to a judge whether or not it right he had caught officer, but it's not going to court. You can get a search warrant in a heartbeat and that I think ornament or present tromp was coming from you get that search warrant based on all of the red flags that came through for what two years previously with this guy. So if you're gonna do president Tromp is saying short cut that that system to the law, which is a search warrant and not go through the due process. Takes a lot of others. There is a difference between a search warrant, because that is that is saying that I can violate the fourth amendment and I can see because we have reason to believe there is something on the premises that we'll convict of the crime that we have enough evidence that we brought to a judge to say we think and find this here. That's not to take. It
to take your possessions away and violate another amendment you for the second amendment you, eat. Another procedure, not just a judge. I think we have enough secret courts. Quite honestly, Imagine going without food for weeks after disaster. Finally, a female rolls through your neighborhood and drops off a care package now. This is what happened recently during their heart hurricanes. They drop off mostly junk food potato. Europe's chocolate bars even expired memories. Can you imagine that has not helpful and This is happening because in because the eighteenth of December, the leave FEMA him out and said they had a free man. He said we you don't have the resources anymore, the next real disaster, the american people have he prepared here's, how you can pay Air really easy one year, emergency food supply this week, only breakfast lunch.
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next hour dated eight. Seventy seven back Glenn Back mercury labour that jacket, Data breach at Equifax last September that it was the one that exposes the social security numbers names and birth data over a hundred and forty five million customers but even more sensitive information was exposed than first reported documents provided to assent. Many reveal that tax ideas and drivers, Since details may have also been access, this x was information that can be used by cybercriminals long after the breach. There are so many threats in today's connected world that it takes with just one weekly for criminals to get in good thing. That new life, lock, identity theft protection adds the power of Norton Security to help protect you against your threats and your identity devices that you can easily see or fix on your own, have a problem. There agents will work to fix it. I know it
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from apparently didn't like that. The justice department lawyers were not used were not used for the probe instead of the eye g, the inside, your general is looking into whether Pfizer standards were abused when the FBI first started investigating Trump and his campaign associates in there. Double ties to Russia, the noon as memo alleges that the FBI misled the accord to obtain a warrant to monitor Carter page referring, to the inspector General Trump wrote, isn't the Idee and Obama guy lay. House oversight, chairman trade Gouty released his own statement defending the inspector general Gouty says he quote: has complete confidence in him and hope He has given the time the resources and the independence to complete his work. End quote trump to take an issue with Jeff sessions on and off for almost the whole time since he's been in office. Rumours that sessions will be. I had seen the surface at least once a month, usually
sessions keeps his mouth shut and and absorbs the blow, but not this time he issued a statement, not a tweet statement that said, we have initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this department will be fully. And fairly acted upon if necessary. As long as I'm the attorney general, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honour, and this department will continue its work in a fair and impartial manner. According to the law and constitution, end quote, I think that sounds like He might have been a little irritable when he wrote it Maybe sessions is finally getting tired of the abuse. Everson sessions were accused himself heading. The Russia collusion investigation he has been trumps. Jeanne bag, it strange Sessions has been a staunch trump supporter from the very beginning, its also weird, because sessions as even offered to resign, but Trump hasn't taken him up on it. Yet
this point in the marathon Russia investigation. What president trumps think what President Trump thinks he stands today. In by tweeting criticism of sessions and the inspector general is anyway gas, but regardless it's just now helpful it's Thursday March first You are listening to the Glen Back programme. We I'm too you with good news and partial good news. I know I We were gonna, find out something else. We have a couple of good things, but if we're going to announce something else today, an accomplishment but it is let us down a deeper rabbit whole that we need to hold our cards close to our vast here. For a little while, but I want to welcome TIM Ballard, the ceo of the Nazareth Fund, founder and ceo of operation, underground rail Road and Dave Lopez, who's, the director of operations for the Nazareth Fun, hello, gentlemen, welcome back thanks, couldn't haglund, they try
So, let's start with. Let's start with the Good NEWS, we last week we talked about the movement of three hundred and twenty christian ethnicity victim. Of a vices who we were moving out and I think that David in that include like twenties sleigh. There were twenty five former slaves of ices and that number ok and how are we? We are We are over. Eighty four, none getting them out and any stories are amazing. His work, to interview them, and we haven't interviewed it- were that we're gonna, show it you're gonna, be all tat actually air in a couple days ago, but the people there there are out in the ones who are ready to start talking, I mean up people stories is theirs is business case of one girl who was was passed round sold sixteen times different ices fighters different ices commanders gist horrifying things she actually try to kill herself at one point jumped out of a window asleep,
you who had mercy during one these exchanges taller. Don't do this christian group which, in vain bringing her to the green fund in these kind of each it's it's somewhere where others leave a slave trader? What I mean you wouldn't think that he would have mercy something happened. Who knows what had he said? You know what run that way wound in, and so now we we have her and ended with these other hundreds that we're bringing over. We were preparing the way for them to go into Australia's you known, so excited we route to take you out there and see them as they get into the new homes. And he had learnt. That is it true that I've heard a television show is Don't say the name of it is, I don't know if it can be, but that there's a tell show him the major television him shall that's gonna be going to Australia to welcome them the unrelated to us in everything else. I've heard that no,
the others, a neighbor tv show that, as heard about that as rainwater and said, I want to know about this, and I want our audience to know about. It's really cool rate is, can be great great. Yet these it is amazing stories Newman The story- you if you told this one about the the christian fighter who was killed? left behind four daughters, wife and they put his body is needed played it behind the church ices did and and and the infant winning extracted this this family, in the dead of eight got them into safety there safe now and they are about to make their trip into Australia. And so there just all it. It is amazing, it's so much light and and hope. So we have- and I know this is radio, but will you have footage from? We were like? time. You were here and I don't want to get into hold the dark stuff, but we were talking about what ISIS is doing with organ harvesting, which is terrifying and they're, just I, these kids. It's me
understanding standing that this video you describe it on radio, but this video was woot was because we were actually a. We were. Reconnaissance on one of these makeshift hospitals, Dave's our nets ray we're, we're we're in the area looking for and we were having interviews with witnesses. People I witnesses. Accounts of of organ harvesting were also looking into a few different areas. Where was being D that's the whole point was going on up in and around Rocca and the devastation that you're gonna see in this video is immense. Just from the war in and then you can also see what what happens with the atlas. Explosion goes often when or how brave our people are? Okay, so these are Nazarene fund up operators. Caressing admiral, listen described here would have seen this. These are our guys in their gently there too scanning the areas showing their having no idea was about to happen. Any child in this area is exposing vulnerable to being taken for organ harvesting, and they know that and they see it
right there, you see them holding their holding, handle yea and they're watching. This seem like, I hope they get out of here- is not a safe place for me to be now what you're gonna now see is they walked behind a building and theirs an explosion in improvise explosive device that would just sitting there could have been a leftover, unexploded ordnance and probably from the syrian government that when the show is going on and that is a lot of judges instantly I was about six seven years old is not is hurt, and now in extremely vulnerable to this is the exact situation with organizations are looking for, don't be afraid, there's nothing serious, usernames, inside where that's the child bet
it s, just a child. He added just talking to the now, don't be afraid to have. These are all operators who see this and far from running away. They run right into the danger status Argyll that large I read their holding the baby and taking that child out Are you? The child is now completely alone and vulnerable to the to the organ harvesters. In the end, we now that's our guy getting them out getting her into into a safe place and she's just a pinch of stealing. She just lost her mother, almost like God The idea is not to have all make it harder for people understand just how difficult the situation is and what our people are doing there on the ground and a brave they are not just do what they're doing there, but the logistics to build have the relationships with the australian government to keep the voting process, as for getting material out have been remarkable. Winning amazing is amazing. There really were more amazing people. Just don't know this that these countries have taken a lot of heat, because
taking in in know ye the EU, especially over in Europe. The EU is just pushing everybody and say you have to take refuge. There's no vetting or anything right these are all vetted their Christians and use cities that said bed coming under attack in and the reason that working is because the Austrians, trust and answering fund, because the net green when we are in their vetting every single person to make sure they have back text, and we know who they are, what their backroom is. What their history is, though, we want to do is send us but into another country, and these guys are not there to change Australia or anything else, and some are bonus stay. But the majority that I know of and tell me if you can find this true- want to go back home. They don't, they They are literally the Christians of the Bible there, the first and tat. You saw the apostles go and convert
these were the ancient Jews that became christian and they know it we're we're, legacy. We can't leave that part of the world and we are encouraging them to go back now that now that I should have been pushed out so many wanna go back, we are faced, sitting not only moves to Australia, but we're facilitating the traffic some of these people back into their christian communities to rebuild so we are doing that as well. That may sound confusing, as some people donor status, geographical situations that are certain areas where people still need to be getting out. There's other areas where their able to start going back and might be confusing to the listener. To someone does understands how many things, but it is a very interesting situation, but these are very these people, their pride full of of in a good way of where therefrom no they're, not you know that even those men, devastation has been has been torn there's been war, they it's their homeland, and so I don't think the Madrid
What are these people? Even in you know, shrilly wherever they ve gone. They see this is temporary and that they want to go back wears a little girl. Now. She's in the cheese and are one of our shelter is we're healing, send its very essence and she's getting she's getting therapy everything we're going bringing everything she needs to be able to heal. From that experience, a misuse of just to watch them? There's a mom and daughter, Joseph Unum learning from Armenia and Turkey sense of that area too. Before anything happens, it's just the entire. Its legal flattened city of cement is just a minute, I'm on an almost nothing standing there much or this happened. How much of a rack inferior like that now many points, many ports, a seer Syria has some. I mean Iraq rest area near the border, there's tons of cities urges devastated. We know that in Haiti the big
problem I mean you know their picking. I think it's avocado us right. You know you get the other How does in the bananas from the Dominican Republic a lot of those who are picked by haitian slaves? Kid so where labour slaves now and it's because my dad were killed in the earth yet another reason to not eat advocate like I needed another area, the right hair of law. We should, I think I see the same thing is the same thing as is happening here in in in Syria. Interact these kids are so vote. Pro bowl time, I don't even know as a kid. What would you do? Theirs thing there. It's whenever there is a national, a natural disaster of any kind earthquake, whatever you wore the kid the ones who forgotten and knock. You said they are so vulnerable therefrom. Hundreds. Thousands of children in Haiti that use pointed out who can from the earthquake, operators rushed in harvest,
for them. They pick em all up the grieving over there. Are busy there some there some very swooping them up with his arrest and one of them, which we talked about a couple weeks ago? Who is doing that and we found her victims abated the part her victims, victims. This is this. Is there they run, trafficker colors show oh yeah. I can eighty eight or greater wreck But this is the thing we always all of us. The world needs to be aware of what, when these catastrophes, happened whether its men made wars or earthquakes. Her or you know, storms. This is one that the traffickers come in and we have to be there to defend those kids right away. Can give me any any any good is on the harvesting thing. Is there any? Are you of wind Wendy? When when will you be able to tell us something
We will next time you come on, I believe, about two weeks out and will be able to present some some more devoted to. Nor, though, be footage, there's been another, rescue that were still waiting on releasing, but our teams are busy there. Some there, some very high stakes things going on right now, because the more you you proud and poked? Is this bear than the more dangerous it gets and silly? No us yet. The bad guys know us there. Yet We don't! You know this is one. I know you weren t shirts. I know what you know are as far as our teams and our people no, no not at all, and that's that the wayward, and they know that somebody's common form, though its is as we cover guessing that they're, probably starting the given idea that, but that some this part of the risk that we yeah guys. Thank you very much. Now listen here's how you can help if, if If you just want to get involved, you can pray, and you know, thoughts in
prayers, Domine thing yet they do yeah, they really do we'd, like both your thoughts and your prayers and you can pray for the safety and in fact I I ask if you would pray every night as a family for not only people that are are involved, that we are trying to go and rescue, but also the rescuers themselves, because really brave people, but also we would like you to be an abolitionist error. We can say all you know the founders they whatever, whatever. What are we doing right now? What. Doing right now, please get involved and Be a part of this heroic historic movement. You can find all the information at the Nazareth Fund, DOT, Org the Nazareth, fun dot org. Also or what Gimme your web address. Four, oh, you are rescue dark. Now you are rescue dot. Org. Thank you Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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planned. Well is helpful, looking at sea and Anne and the the tyrant, the thing that they the bottom of the screen stands on gun says some quote in GEO Pr petrified of Anna re perfect! Thank you. That's how let me go to wane in Virginia Halloween Welcome morning, lustre that thank you, ve got your my call you back. I am a family who is very similar situation is what happened in Florida, all the police car off all the draft law by the child, protect your services the whole tire lying art is exactly the same now just young man
absolutely nothing in the system, and I know you care about due process as well as EU gone owner, better ask you meet. Where do we turn so system, the system sure, is not set up to protect my wife, correct. Ok, ceremonies, whites away too late to hang onto second, what I'm for is it has been proposed It is a gift you, the right, you and your wife, a right to go in front of a judge and say judge you ve got to protect us, you have we have to have him taken for psychiatric treatment or the guns, taken away you to have that right as parents. I'm for that, but that's still due process.
Six years but when I heard right, I know that you this is. This- is a new knew this proposal to be no, it's tall, it's basically that their discussing big after this tragedy, something they have a place in a couple of states that that it can move a lot quicker than this. It sits deaf when I spoke to the six year process, nominal and wayne- we're with you being able to move this in move quickly. I stand. The process is screwed up. I got that We learn that from Florida. Look what happened! How many Flags do you need so I'm for that they're just asked be some sort of due process, and it, and be a bunch of red tape. It has to be an emergency red flag like a restraining order. I go in front of a judge. I make my case. I get that order. We move on
Glenn Back mercury. This is the Glen that programme, so in the last forty eight hours, man, Donald Trump, it has got to be tired, I've been there is there he has had a rough forty eight hours, a white outcome in it you shouldn't director, hope, picks, resigned, John Kelly Jared cushion her and of uncontrolled or fighting these the stories in the last forty eight hours, Robert who's. Looking at drums, financial maneuvers Trump, publicly attack gender age attorney General Jeff sessions then there was the whole gun debacle yesterday, Hicks testified before her House Intelligence Committee saying that she, to tell white lies in service of Trump, which is really misleading, we'll get to awhile wash
imposed said for foreign countries, had assess. Kirshner was vulnerable job for a fell, announced that he was leaving the White House difficult us too. Early big, really big loss. Ben Carson is spent thirty one thousand dollars to replace the furniture in his office. There was a five or six thousand dollar chair. While see how you can you guys been five thousand, I gotta go decent chair, but that radical awoke to pass a law reported quote. We don't have it and, let's see the Interior department resigned because of a series of antigay anti muslim comments. Not the entire interior department, it was one member of the interred parliament, but I hope it's, the one that says this chair is maybe you anyway, the list goes on and on. It was a bad day by day, but when you ask Kelly and Conway lose word another great day, another red letter day in the in the still
history of this administration at some of it is pretty stellar here now, let's try some of it now go. You play the audio of young and here's scullions. What President mean exactly by that is he ignoring the constitution and taking someone's property before do thus no, not at all and the present respects the constitution, including the second amendment and the five million or so members of the honorary horrible law abiding, peaceful, gone owners. What the is saying, is in light of park when he made very clear that he said as we're talking about this person in Florida in light of parkland, everybody so frustrating Maria at the breakdown in the system of the fact that this ended. As you all, was known to local law law enforcement, federal law enforcement. This individual was all over social media showing off his firearm threatening to do exactly what he ended up doing too many different, threatening making the threats in the presence of many different people, and so with that is our backdrop which, let's be honest, is with sir,
this conversation in the first place, your last fifteen fifteen days, a that is a backdrop. The present is saying that sometimes the processes take too long he's talking about a case such as this, which we hope is an extreme case, which I dont understand. As you say, she's just agree is a very tragic way, if not avoidable caveat. I almost feel like yesterday he was trying so hard to appear that he is willing they want to be in the middle of the road. He is willing to make changes to answer the upset over these schools shootings, but doesn't have to be careful not to step on due process this is America, the constitution and what he said. I almost feel like. Maybe with for the cameras- and I mean you're saying you didn't mean that no I didn't mean that now now Maria S blessing of due process, the third I'm going to say it. This is in response to that
shooter blower ease due process, because it in response, of course we should. So. What are you saying is there is an emergency and let's not waste, this opportunity says. The year Yoko Arises- and I mean I sent me very clear yesterday- that he supports everyone's unique position on the second amendment that that's when Kelly and Donald, you could say low. The earth is flat and you could, Kelly and if he said that and she'd say no, absolutely not what president, will simply saying is that there are some flat surface is on the earth like hands, is than the Bonneville LAD and mention any specific and the edges of the ocean its. Get arising, but that's our job right. She just she hasta yeah, so
Sir John, but I will tell you know it was disturbing to me last night in reading I read both left and right and with the exception of a couple on the right, there was no discussion. It was all about politics. There was no discussion about the constitution. There is no horror, I'd reaction is especially on the left, no horrified reaction from the left and he is talking about a violation of the bill of rights, because I know not just second amendment right, because we know they hate the second one, but that it also violates the fourth and fifth As they should be, be upset about that right now, there's no So how do you expect? This is the problem with the president's saying things like this. You know that gets into the system, and then people think well there's that he can do stuff. Like that, I actually heard Republican, saying interim supporter sing. I like what he said. Wait what you like what you said that you gotta take the guns I like
I can take the guns first and then will work out the questions later on that it's the antithesis. That is a double system. Yet the dictator there's a fair, appoint. You know to be made that Perhaps he just didn't mean it again here What about her? She may I add that whole retail price you just got out and know that no he means it like. There is nothing of law, savannah you in the universe than a sentence spoken by telling encounter. Ok like us in our I nothing the why she keeps going on television why they keep putting her until it. Maybe we on that when this is not even to its specific to her, it's the same thing with any generic spokes. No, but I put a boy away for every administration. Of course, they're gonna just say whatever benefits there admitted in overweight. That should not benefit that shouldn't a third point we are, if the party is still the party if it ever was of the constitution.
And the rule of law and due process and no dictatorships, then is she what she daddy is really important, because what he said was not enough. We ve had time to think about and talk about it at the White House, and he meant that. That's scary to me, because you could the next day say what, used to say, with a bomb knowledge on the president's spoken artfully in the heat of the moment. Yes, that's not what he meant. What he meant was you know X, Ray Lindore. That's not what they're saying you, but they can't see it. They I leave behind the use to which makes it all the time under Obama, but I hope to emulate. But you don't know about you, but I think the thing is that Obama's just a totally different guy if used- trot made a mistake. You get fire, I'm done! You get well that you get toilet about. I mean look at a guy, the guy who the person under Sarah Huckabee Sanders cameras now throughout my head came out. Did his first conference right after us,
couple I'm trying of how many crazy events this was a go, but I was the Porter thing rapporteur. He came out and he Billina had this domestic violence things and they didn't Hence it right away and then they caught in they stood in fire him, and then they came out pictures came out, and then they blew matter there right. So he came out he's like makes a very very limited statement of like look, of course, we're gonna handled and a little bit better, but this is viable above above got lit up for it per se. Of course we could have handled it a little bit better. You can admit it fall, however, get. However little you get. This goes against what you and I talked about, but we speculate happened. And that is as soon as he got out of their the same people. That really know the policies and everything else. When Mr Breast
not another busy here, you don't understand I yadda yadda yadda Anna and then they always how bad awning his stance on abortion and on Doc on Doc, they came out said. That's not what the president was talking about saying that this time they're not there now, which is true, It chilling to me, but Emily nobody this morning, there a step back. The second amendment not due process. Yes, it's true, but he's never going to admit he. What he said was wrong there. Ever gonna be a moment where you said the due process thing. Obviously I didn't mean it. The way was taken he's always when you stand by every position he's ever held, is so we as to find a way to navigate, even in Europe it equally their opposite, but the poor. I think that defensive trump here is listen to a word. He says: wait for the policy to actually happened, because when the policy actually happens, it'll probably be fine. I need that is the defence of. If you,
republican if you're Trump supporter and you're thinking. We know how to why navigate through this. It's not too disk excuse every word. He says why Kelly and Conway does right. It's just a minor path to if you believe, it'll turn up fine irritably If you believe that, let me take levies, let me take this call from soundings. I've explain this once today and and Sandy would like it will go ahead sandy. What hello. What are your? I guess? I got a call about the task that we have to take it, alibi carry a weapon, I think, is an excellent idea really being away. I agree with you, I a big. Secondly, the border I'd get that right is very important the one with that way, but it doesn't mean we are qualified to have that way. As far as actually leave it out and yet no it. Nor does no physically and mentally handicapped people that we have that right. We have each parameters right now that qualify the weight to bear that their arms
I don't see anything wrong with giving a mental health ass. The people are headed pine, pretty bad every single person. I trust biogas to everybody. I take me to stop I handle that, I think, is a good starting point. The scheme, is any power to the government of Sudan to Sandy course when you need to get a new phone cause you're beginning to self Charlie Brown teacher is my wireless redundant, but you want to have that discussion. That's fine, but let's be honest about that discussion, because the when you say I'm a big second amendment, the fan I believe in rights. You you, what follows that does not match those statements. You can say. Look I believe that you, should be able to protect yourself and you should be able to buy a gun, but there is some is it. You have to do that's different, then.
Our rights, are given to us by God. Unless you disqualify, unless you ve done something to wear the peoples. I know you should not have that gun you start at the default of a right means. You start at the default This is my that this is my right. I get this, for instance, that's why driver's license? That's not right, you have to take an tassel- it's not a right, but why do we do with the police? Will not illegal, because it's not a right to be a police officer, while the Bank of England a lot of their taking psychological test to be a police officer, nonoperative area weapon, but popopo, audible, It is no wonder that is not why they have you, carry a gun and have a concealed, carry permit and not be a police officer? Yes, it is a big part.
Of being a police officer, but the bigger part is knowing the law and being well to rather racket people and help solve and prevent crimes. That's the bigger part, not begun of actually her that pudding opening palanquin, how the globe above all our is. Is this wait above all they have the ability to take away like? This is something we need to really seriously working. Okay, so sandy than that's where you have to start your argument, you dont loans with ice. I love that not only them an because that's not! The second Yes, there was a second amendment, here's one I want to repeal end and we need to have a discussion on on who gets guns by the way. It is not, above all, its second, its second free, most speech, freedom of religion, that's our first amendment arse can amendment is the right to keep and bear arms and our founders believed, if you abolish the second amendment
all other amendments and all other rights. We be lost, you may I agree with it. I have Then too, I'm a student of history, and I see that the biggest the the big offender of of the misuse of firearms, our governments out of control on their own on armed populations. No doubt on a par with that work to would you have a psychiatric clinic at every Kabila's. Can you imagine you imagine how a psychiatric thing could be Mademoiselle system or the military leg you Gordon, was counted out from being able to own guns when they come back because they didn t SD eloquently about you know, look there. There were people. That said you know you have a God given right to bear children you can you bear children and you know: there's lots of people it shouldn't. You shouldn't have children. There was only one group of people. That said, we should test
and make sure that we choose as a society and that an audience right and who do not share the progressives. They were the progressives and that led to eugenics. You know you can make really good quick cases that you be the judge of one right People should have, but they never end well, soccer at least coming up on the blaze, radio and tv network. I mean really that's amazing cuz. You can amend the constitution and not take away. The second amendment just add on that's like you, a lot of psychological tests to qualify for that right. I mean you can come up with some way of crowding that, but it's it's. You gotta start with a constitution that you know it's a constitutional amendment, and I would I would say that you, couldn't at eight, but if a clause to The second amendment, because of shall not be infringed the gap to repeal start over again, but you know that
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Our two of our series on Russia do not miss episode tonight at five, then, at five thirty, the news and why it matters Glenn back, mercury!
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