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PROOF You Can Succeed in USA | Guests: Ken Paxton & Ross Anderson | 8/10/21

2021-08-10 | 🔗

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins to announce legal action against Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who’s trying to stop the governor’s mask mandate ban. Glenn and Pat discuss the Democrats’ absurd new budget plan. While the Left insists Americans need the government’s help to overcome oppression and make it, Glenn takes calls from Americans who fought against the odds to obtain success, however they define it. Cambridge University professor Ross Anderson gives his insight on Apple's latest decision to scan users' phones for inappropriate material. Author Michael Eisenberg joins to discuss his article comparing Big Tech to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.

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hello America, and welcome to the Glen Back programme? It is Tuesday they are asking in the same beast rose that that the Germans came into in Paris and asked papers, please they are now asking papers, please, in Paris, going tabled a table in restaurants, police it. This is insanity that has to stop. Now we have a few people that are actually standing up. We have the great state of Texas here that is standing up against these little many dictators. We have came Paxton joining us in a few minutes and he's gonna be announcing something they're going to do today, and we hope we can tell us about that. Also, a judge here in Texas said the state police could not pick up the legislators. This is, this is part of the law here, if you are not showing up intentionally to slow down the process, you can be picked up within the state boundaries via state patrol, nor the Rangers and robs plot arrested brought to the capital to the chamber's. So you will do your job, that's law here in Texas, but a judge said now. You can't apply that law. We talked can paxton about that and more in sixty seconds.
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number is eight hundred nine zero. Six. Twenty four! Forty eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty or american financing dot net american financing; animal us one: two: three: four: W W W Dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org Welcome to the programme attorney General trawler, great state of Texas can Paxton Ten. How are you, Sir, well. You know visa free today today, interesting, o f We urge the yet you continue just what's going on in Texas every day. The new challenge here it is Texas, is under fire. Today, because of the hospital situation here. It is not an emergency, but we have hospitals. There are firing people if they don't want to take the vaccine, and we could use a few extra nurses. I understand
and so the run of the mill request from the the governor is now being distorted as though that there is a massive problem with hospital system here in Texas, which is not true Well, you're, right about that and the problem that we are having as it relates to covered. Oddly enough, as you watch the were being pushed by now. Thousands of people generally with covered I think we lost him. He didn't the country, given the fact that the binding traces of allowing somebody, people can't you tell him yeah it is Texas is overrun at the border, and I mean small little teeny towns or having to put covert tents up these people just dumped into their city by the federal government and they're just putting up little tense because they don't know what else to do. It's absolutely out of control is not
you know it's amazing, as if they are letting people around the country and dropping them off. I know for a fact I was talking to some police officers down and they said that these buses showed up and Allison did dumped a couple. Hundred people are buses and they do. one wonder on the streets, and that was that they were. Let go that's how it is being done There's a couple of things. First of all, I had a county commissioner on last week. and he was talking about, a a M commissioners court- an edge Jenny, commissioners, court. It is it's weird when you hear court everywhere else, but you think of an actual court court. That's not what this is right. That directive, like a city council, full or accounting, not. There are few counties in taxes that don't have it and, of course, so they act as a judge, most partly large, guys, the commissioner's Cora county. Joe did not at that really up. You know: dude
opposition, it's more of a management or a city council like position. Ok- and squat, unquote, judge made a ruling against it, MR and forced him to leave, even though he was vaccinated because he wasn't wearing a mask. That is exactly, what happened and the course we have an executive order from the governor. acting under his power called the disaster relief act, or he said, hey, you can't record math and that completely in violation of state law. What that commissioner, did So, what are you doing about it today? So in an static hour or so we're gonna file to intervene in his case. He's already got litigation going and we're gonna try to stop what we. Consider illegal by getting Jenny, judge
I doubt he's gonna- take it well. He has been on twitter just saying you know you got a mask up. We gotta get ahead of this. We have to stop all this madness. Yadda yadda, but commissioner. He kicked out, he was already vaccinated, so well in here. Go ahead. he is going to have you no worse, they catch us, both act under under law and heat. Like the current law, he needs to lobby the lead, sledge change, it not decide for himself. A I run this Kelly. I do what I want to follow anybody who otherwise, because on the college that effectively with this guy doing Look here. If he's right, he's, writing, kicking your lobbying and get try to get the changes, but he can unilaterally just make up as a long sword the attitude of a lot of you? these elected official dictating to everyone. Do you expect him to do? Did you expect us to
go through here or is. Is he gonna hold? No- I think he likes the media coverage is he's not gonna, wind, I'm pretty sure those Ithaca went, the law matters here, no chance we ve won, they fell before this deja vu all over again for us were pretty barbaric. we're gonna win, I think he's doing it for media coverage, but you just said you know: If the law matters, I have to tell you and I can't speak for Texas because Texas is you know, there's a few states that are our bucking. This system but it doesn't seem like the law matters anymore. too many Americans, the log, doesn't matter anymore. Well, I think Obama set this up. You know He was president. He ignored federal law. Didn't work through Congress me. The zone executive orders had Does it make up the law and justice Fund is no that laws and where the film we're very successful, doing that, but I think he set for them sat for a lot of democratically democratic elected officials,
follow, are either present. Obama does do I buy. I might adopt the same approach to that kind of the approach. seen by mirrors by Kelly judges by elected officials all of the country. Would you say what why should I have all? I consider me: what are the costs they have no personal risk. well, but you have you have more than that now firing somebody for there conditions against the law. Being enforced, COS sitting? Somebody about their medical information is against the law not being enforced. The CDC eviction moratorium unconstitutional everybody admits that, but no, stop it using me method to coerce someone into taking an experimental drug again, the Nuremberg code. it doesn't matter, I mean When is his end,
Well, I mean this is: why were the fire me? We can't take on every battle around the country, but we could certainly fight the fight that we haven't. Actors in this is this: today. This is, if I were, but we have we got thousands fight going on in these did occur, almost every day in my office we will. We have to pick up on a number of Choice that which bound and we go fight, and how are we fighting at the border? Can what the latest on that? So that's it other longbill for us, because we ve we get six. Lastly, that relates to the boar INA together issued his executive order where he said hey. If there are people being too, and for that are illegal, they need to be set back the or which in my mind, in a perfectly normal and you'd expect, together to try to protect his date from the spread of coal. Furthermore, in the crime associated with that, and yet we were assumed by the federal government for trying to protect our state in a way that the thought my
so used, wait, you're breaking up, you said you accused of of breaking the law- I guess the federal law yet here, so that there is idea under this Supreme Court case. You have two years I that, because of- we're gonna help is helpful. Has statute provided M authority over immigration, that the states still can't protect themselves at the fellow who doesn't, I just don't think that's cool understanding of what the world? How can it possibly be the state at the sit by weather gum and ignores the law and allow the great harm to the citizens of that state. I can. I believe that the governor has to sit by and let that happen this is the old constitution is not a suicide pack right, it is, That cannot be the right interpretative law or the constitution and were fighting that are absolutely vital, like that to the value of Supreme Court.
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I want to rephrase something in your mind. I want you to start thinking. We ve all said. What is his bill have to do with infrastructure right so not an infrastructure bill. Yes, it is. This occurred to me yesterday that it is, infrastructure bill and they're telling us they are building infrastructure, when you see this bill, and you see all these unrelated things down. Trump said this survey the other day. It is the beginning of the green new deal it. Is and so much more It is the infrastructure of state control in spill, it cannot pass. Every republican needs to vote against this infrastructure bill has too many things in it that are pieces. Of an engine. Remember when we we told you the cash back in two thousand eight they our building something peace by Peace, you don't notice it, because
coming in the lunchbox in its coming in a pocket tenets coming. You know in bits and pieces, and you just look at all these pieces. You girl, I don't even know those are for what they do. and once they get all the pieces, then they start to assemble. This is an interesting sure bill that will give the pieces that are needed to build, a state that you don't want to be a part of. Now this is going on and we ve told you about the great reset there. We ve told you about some of the people that are Involved in the great reset and it's just not a coincidence. If you okay, one of the players that is now in our Treasury department
they are the economic advisors of the Treasury of the President and the Vice President office. They are the ones telling us which way to go. I guess: is Blackrock Blackrock make I sure, what's the name of that investment bank in in In New York, then, we ve always said was the evil one Dick Cheney and you know I mean okay, ok, so anyway, It makes them. Look like paupers Goldman Sachs Goldman. It really makes them look like poppers black rock is massive Let me give you just a quick look. They started in two thousand are no sorry in nineteen, eighty, eight one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. It was founded by one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. It had one point: sixty five billion dollars.
to invest hundred sixty five billion dollars to invest, two thousand seven made it had grown a bit. It's well one point: two trillion dollars to invest less, a year steer. It was seven point three, trillion dollars to invest this year. It is nine point: five trillion dollars a year. We black rock just announced in the Wall Street Journal. They ve hit a new milestone. They ve just one. approval from chinese regulators to begin operations As a wholly owned mutual fun business in China,. No one has this. Hundred Biden was the first one to get any thing like this with the Chinese. So now can start selling funds to individual investors in China. Before
the end of the year. Ok, these are the people that are behind the green new deal. These are the people that are behind the great reset. These are the people at nine point, five trillion dollars in investment bit. Mean their investments and the investments that they are related to. They manage about thirty trillion dollars through a trillion dollars. So you know all the money on earth today is for de trillion. So they have their fingers in thirty trillion dollars. These are the pills people That are begging the dog, These are the ones that have the real power
and that are setting the course for us. It is a very, very dangerous precedent to send, and that we are also at the same time as I said, to can pacts in just a minute ago. At this in time we are not a nation of laws anymore. We are the laws are not being followed. When does this stop. The moment we decide that it stops the moment would we stand up the people in Paris right now? Do you have the video of Paris here? They in Paris the police outside asking for members.
digital papers but papers. Nonetheless, yes, children, people are vaccinated. Show me your idea show me: Eddie this is not a good precedent to set and its shocking to me that the people of Paris, of all people. Art emerge immediately ruffled by someone say papers please, but I guess You know we all have to do our part. Yeah without losing our liberties. Yes, we I'll have to do our part without losing our liberties. In New York, some restaurants are saying: I'm not going to ask people for their papers, those restaurant are going to be shut down. There there being ass. Now you have to turn away people now these are. Struggling restaurants, you to turn people away. If they're not, accelerated or
we have to have a completely Walden glass in section for the vaccinated. now. How are they going to afford that Nobody's going to do that, nobody's gonna do that, and so you know it now. I don't know anybody would have seen this coming, but now a New York theirs, a black market forces since vaccine passports. They are now starting to develop a black market for fake vaccine passports for New York City tree hoddan, see that come on at all, for who goodbye Katadyn an interesting thing at day ethic Daily Gazette. They said. Here's! Here's what they look like here's, what the official passports look like, so that you can obey the law they're, just clandestinely, showing people that ok, here's how you fake it and that's what's
think, there's going to be huge black market for yeah. It's then that will have to be because the there's a black market for it then we'll go to high tech and will say too high tech. We need something that nobody can forge right and if they do you catch them with tech, We just rope in high tech to be now police officers. What if we had people plant, something in their forehead or maybe the wrist, and then you just stand and that give you all the right there while that's a real good idea, Did you know that the American Express just came out with something for your risk that you could scan? Did they yeah? I think Prada makes it very nice, but you can get a list so convenient tee is right. We know where everybody is persons programme
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its understandable that people want to do the kinds of things they want to do. They want their freedom to do that, but there comes a time when you are dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family and everyone else that something supersedes that me to do exactly what you want to do. I mean you can ultimately be able to do that in the future, but let's get stars pissy this. This thing I bought this when it was fifteen days flatly curve don't buy this now you'll, eventually, eventually in the future, be able, if you are violating so many God given rights in the law last year year and a half I and even begin to counter them. And I'm sorry, there comes a point when common sense start To play a role when we as individuals have to me the choice and most people don't want to make that
they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions because they think I think They feel like maybe there's something holding them back or maybe they're going to fail, or maybe they're, not good enough or not smart enough or whatever, and They never actually really truly apply freedom. I wanna- play something from on play, something from a guy that was on my Friday night exclusive. on Blaze, tv and I was I was talking to him about, I think Disney and we're having a great conversation any throws this in the middle. I want listen. I have
through moment like that is well on the show. My father was homeless, crack addict and he pulled down our family for years and death. It was something that I had to overcome and I explained it through the show- and I was something that kind of head for many many years when around kind of successful people day, you tend to think that they're gonna judge you on things, and I kept that quiet for quite some time. Us embarrass Mansour or what it was. But I came to a point where I said you know what I want to talk about this. I am going to really this result and I did and it is like it's the most american thing you can do. You know I have a friend who works here, he's scottish and the, the people over in great Britain, they dropped the sea word all the time like it's no big deal
over here you'd. use the c word over there. It means something entirely different: I'm used to just be hearing things from from from from him What I have yet on now yourself and At one point I said to her sister bastard and he went excuse me. that's offensive over there in ways. We don't mean it here. What we mean is to just a you're, just a jerk Pino. but you're you're, a pain in my ass over there, actually means you are not borne legitimately. in Europe that still matters that Still matters. You
to be born of the right family in the right place at the right time with a right connections. That's what made us different! it's the most american thing to be able to say I had nothing came from parents that gave me nothing. I came from a bad household, I I came, I had no connections. I have Tito look how they're saying now, if you're a self educated man Listen to them, they're, not educated. scuse me. I may not have a fancy degree from a fancy school that you went to but come on. Let's bring it on. Let's see who lets see, who really is the imbecile. I can hold my own I may not have your fancy education, but I Care, I don't care. this used to be a badge of honor.
my grandfather. My grandfather had a third great education. He was barest and I never knew it. My entire life until recently, like maybe Fifteen years ago, migrants other couldn't reed. wouldn't reed, but he was a up steward at at Boeing. He was the he was a machinist that would make the most elaborate parts if there was something that was really hard to make that they were making very beginning just trying something he was guy they called on. He couldn't ray They didn't even know he couldn't reed. Why are we wearing these things and then letting people tell us that we can make it? I am so sick and tired of the lies that someone
keeping you down, but you can't make it that you need somebody in Washington, D C, two clear, the path for you, that's a lie and you need to know it. Every single one of us have setbacks some people, setbacks are being cursed. With money. And cursed with too much as kids believe, not all I'd like to have that as a problem, I wouldn't. We all have trouble. but what is it that is happening you to convince you that you'll never make it. for the next few days I want to every day, to people on the phone? Just u average people just like you Who have made against even the most unspeakable odds now making it does I mean you're, rich.
but you consider yourself a success because youth you You're living a life you want to live here, on the path that you want to be. we're the only species theirs, nothing else in creation that gets too self determine where you're going nothing else, no animals, nothing in space, nothing, nothing that we know of is so Determining except you wow what a special gift and someone wants to take that away from you. and we're letting them take that away from us. Scuse me that is the most precious gift that if that is so rare Europe
taking my gold, my silver here, have it don't you dare touch my right to determine where I'm gonna go in life? Don't you you put a only on me, I want to talk to people who have had problems today, you go but a bad family to defuse this guide this this, the guy just He is the host of red Pills, America. He wildly successful now, my dad was a crack attic and I never wanted to admit it, and it was holding me back. it man we're. Is a badge of honor. I beat that in every other country, on earth,. People would say: oh his family, there were crack attics you can't trust him, not here now Here, at least not yet
but we are moving to that place too, where, if you don't have a life passport, if you're, not in with the right people. you're doomed, if you don't have the right opinion, you don't have the right out. Look, you aren't saving the planet in exactly all of the ways somebody else has determined for you. Then you Make it the cow we better not lose. This is, Only thing that we have as humans that is unique. My number is aided, eight, seven to seven be easy K. I've left the entire our open for next hour I want to hear from you, if you are somebody that has beaten the odds. Today, I want to focus on people that have had nothing.
you ve, come from nothing. Maybe you were. I have a good friend who is one of the most decent guys. I know and somebody who's a role model for my son. this guy huh, hey, he was He was abandoned by his drug addled mom and dad crack attics abandoned. went in to foster home after foster home was eaten, was left in closets for a while to be punished. Horrible. ran away at thirteen. The foster parents did report that he had run away because they wanted the money. That's the only reason why they were taking foster kids, they the money, He ran away, He lived. He lived in a little house. he couldn't afford anything, he and his sister. They were working thirteen.
his old working. not a little place to stay there? Couldn't afford electricity or heat or anything else, so they slept in front of the gas stove. They opened up the stove and lit it and slow on the other. The kitchen floor in front of the stove did that for years he got it. HU, a gang saw one of his best friend shot, and when I don't want that started looking for people that made it started looking dead people who is like that's a good guy, how did he get there, what did he do he's now successful. about start his own business here Happy, and he's a role model? oh, come whining to me that you can't make it who As that life story, a mirror it needs to hear your life story today. Tell me
Where did you come from? Where are you. America is either what we think it is, or it's not. We all know when we hear people defy remember Lord Testify has test in it. Tell me about your test and testify about. What's going on in Amerika today the real thing that you can make. It Eight, seventy seven back some people just wanna watch the world burn their estimates. Just really want a good night's sleep. Really I mean that's all we it's ok. I mean setting fires and the whole world boy. It seems like such a hassle tried a little more sleep, Michael and Dell is the guy for the job to help you with your sleepy when perfecting people sleep, including mine for years, is product
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back promo code at my pillow dot com tomorrow night on Glinda TV there's, a movement for freedom under way in Cuba. Demands in the dictatorship with American. Less is the cuban suffering. Is our fault when debunks the lies and asked big tech where's your loving democracy. What can Americans do to help what human spring hunting? The left's lies about: ass, big ass, a West Cuba tomorrow night, nine pm eastern, at least to be dot com, Slash, Glenn, when I was a kid growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I remember these absolute freaks that to be part of it, skater? cascade here is named after the cascade mountains, and so it was Idaho parts of parts of Idaho parts of
or again and Washington State, and they wanted to be free from all its oppression, And yet to live the trees and hugged them in and whatever that that Spirit is alive and well, apparently still especially in Portland Oregon, the state of Washington or a state of Oregon has gone insane. Yeah organs governor just signed a new law allowing students to graduate without proving that can read, write or do math. You might think Wool Why would they do that? What's the point of school then? Well, they ACT fact that this will benefit origins, black latino, latina, latin necks, indigenous asian passive. Islander tribal and students of color. What book are you saying that all of these groups can't read, write or do math or they can be expected to learn. You talk about the soft
racism of low expectations. Oh no. This is that it is just flat out hard core races. This is this hard core. This is akin to slave owner Asia. This is what slaveowners did write. What I mean this is what the Taliban does TAT girl, What do you make sure that they can do you'd never send him to school? Could you dont want girls reading or writing, because once they can read and write, they understand that they have power, that they I cannot easily been manipulated. This is absent Lee. A slave owners handbook what's happening in Oregon, anyone in a minority community doesn't stand up against this? absolutely you You need you need to talk to somebody outside
of your average circles. If this is what they're telling you is right, this is insanity an extraordinarily dangerous for every minority. If you can graduate without learning how to read or write what future do you have? Do you think you're going to help make the policies for the next generation not a chance in Hell? when you want to do something about losing your hair. I want you to think about keeps k, e e p ass dot com, has more five star reviews than any of the competitors online. What they do Who is they help you not lose? Your hair we have to do, is go online. Take a couple of pictures of your head: you he it in the doctors there look at it. and then they figure out, which one is the right. You know medicine for you.
And they send it right directly to your house. You don't have to leave your house to do this on private for covered in rate here so great about it. it's easy to do and It's all online and its cheap right now you can say fifty percent off your first order of hair loss treatments, its keeps k, E, p s, dotcom, slash, save keeps dot com, slash, save our eye, Next we go to the phones. I wanna hear some american success stories. People who have made it, despite the odds next
entertainment, the Klondiker.
This week. I want to spend an hour with you on the phone every day and I just want to hear the stories of success, and I don't mean that Europe, you know rich in famous and all their that's, not success. I'm so tired of the lies that something or someone or statue is oppressing you and can is keeping you down, and you just can't make it I'm sick of the lives of telling our children that you can't make it without certain people in Washington DC to clear the path that is against everything, the United States of America, our constitution and our declaration of independent state. And if that is true, that you need somebody in Washington to be able to make things right for you, then we are no longer America and I'm sick and tired of hearing all of the people. And although the stories about how they're, just so oppressed, good wages tier some stories this week from you average citizens,
the success stories of this nation people who today I want to focus on people who have had a lousy childhood one way or another that mean your folks beat you I mean it could be. They were crack. Attics could be that they beat. You abandoned you whatever, but it could be. I just head. I had nothing going in. I had nothing going in and now I am pursuing my dreams. I want to hear the success stories of Amerika from you. Eight eight, eight seven to seven be easy. K is the phone number. We begin with your phone call in sixty seconds programme So we ve got into this really interesting places and in our history, has America by the way Tucker Carlson's gonna be our guest tomorrow at this time you know what time is it in this place here in american history, where our technology is so amazing.
we can literally choose between businesses that connect us we each other and entire world, sir given that you have a choice now, let me ask you this: why stay with big mobile companies like Verizon, when they actively promote and donate to leftist causes like plan parenthood, where they are actually. We, working with their own Munich money in me to do whatever you want your money? I just don't want to give you some a mine, so you have more to give two causes like plan parenthood, there were king on causes. That used are against its time to stop. It makes switch now, because we don't need them. There's a company old, Patriot Mobile and it believes in the kinds of things that we do: the american causes of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness there, there on the same exact, same cell towers as Verizon and all the others, so you're not
sacrificing any kind of coverage. In fact they have the law, just coverage area out of any of them and. They also afford affordable. They have affordable plan, so your saving money What are we doing? Let lead to the big cell phone companies hear your voice. Verizon do you hear me now? I dont have to with you anymore. I dont have to give you money that you used to fight against the things I believe in any more because I appeal We had mobile page mobile dot com, slash back patriot, mobile dot, com, slash back use the I will come back and you get free activation with the offer code. It's patriot mobile, dotcom, slash back. or nine seven to Patriot
all right. Let's begin our journey today with Jim hello, Jim you're, on the Glenda Programme, I go in I love started was a pretty crappy childhood. My perspective. where's diners passed around from different parts My family, I experienced physical abuse Your views, to survive. All of that. graduated high school joined the army was in for three years, ended up with three feel great article. Fifteen days too bright stars. Can you imagine holy cow set? Poland has said approach, ragged, repeat, erect sport, Belvoir,
that's for two! Now I've been married, my American, my second wife, was fifteen year we just started our own business about Three weeks ago, training courses and I M kind of living. My dream: Where you re living now. What part of the country I living tattered counteract Wisconsin. and training horses in Wisconsin. You wouldn't believe how many people love to ride. MRS Villiers, something amazing teddy. Roosevelt was a progressive. He loved me love towards us. you have doors as well. Yeah George Bush was to hear already was a big boys are, I know I know I know is Thank you. So much for sharing that congratulations on making it through did was there any time that you thought I'm never going to amount to anything,
what I lived, the life full of people telling manner- and I never ever believed it- why put us all here for a reason, and I think that what you I think that you're always go live to fulfil that reason good for you. Thank you very much appreciated fungal. I think gonna find that that is the key If you don't have, if you don't Have faith in God then? How do you have faith? That you're here for any purpose? How do you have faith that you that that you are a unique individual you're, not just one of the masses. that that is the secret of Amerika. It separates everything we're going through right now. Is we to do this for the planet? We have
to do this. For society we have to do this for the world now That's not the way were built a mean are, in our words, state were very tribal. and when we go into survival we become tribal and we just pick sides, and then we just fight as tribes bats the primitive man, the the man that has progressed the man. That is truly a man is free as an individual Chooses to help and to build, but they dont have to. because we're not in tribes anymore, and we know we're individuals and in visuals matter. Go to, let me go to line five Brandon Brandon, our area.
Where are you my good am, I also had a pretty gravity. Mom withdraw day withdrawn. They gave me a likely, I was adopted, thought you stay inside the family same way of my little brother, forward, denial Eighteen years old, didn't have nothing wrong Thomas I'll, have time for the chance. lifestyle on Friday and started working and the blue collar worker Monday. They know and access to government here now my career out of a very successful my wife also similar, now in a similar story came Now how long opener, and now she worked with a hospital. We ve got a beautiful daughter, and you know that the biggest They hold us back honestly is
his government, overweight. especially right now, she's in all of our lives and our job, because of all the wasn't vaccinated back invasion, so Everybody says that I can't make it because they had a crappy childhood or you know that they got in trouble. All I get in trouble one time and now get a job or I can call that crap because you know Amanda jail went the brave putting their prison. I went to jail. I've been arrested. smaller brother in and didn't deal with. It will end up aid my days, and you know that I took my lash in sport. Brandon and you're. Happy now view success in In which way, how do you have how have you reach success? What does that mean to you. We are completely in
of everybody. We dont rely anybody you leave, you know dancing around a start? Small business? between the two of us the year for comfortable. We don't have any issues, the only thing that we need to be successful, is to be left alone and advances. People people think this The adopted bending the hand over hand out and no People, especially in there I pointed you, I bury the nose you just gotta be left alone and you, I find your way I promise you got that you can find your way out of order regarding Assyrian Stephen. Thank you, Armenia, Brandon. Thank you. Let me go to Stephen now in California, no not line Tom. online, three, hello Tom, I don't it's an be speaking. What use morning chair my story? Thank you.
So what are you doing? I'm not I'm not an. I just want to do. Where did you start. start out, hungry Budapest born there and ninety seventy eight now and hunger still communists and basically, since we are about bottom of. Oh, you aren't allowed to leave hungry income, the United States they had to flee to Austria. and we stayed in Austria for six months. Wow, basically is a family out over Georgetown watched in DC sponsored us That's one Reagan was president newest, pushing due to help families that get a better life it out a communist countries and so forth. and we can't United States start out New York, city, rippling long Island rough time. Man must have followed up all EC and my mother, and I moved around a lot. My mother had a lot of emotional problems from you, know her past and childhood, and then eventually, I was put in foster care I went through
foster. Housing. Third foster home was a success. They are we. The fool people from Maryland area lies much farther out his own business, foster mother was a state. Mom took the boy scouts and girls get out, they had their own kids do and it was a wonderful life but the audit emotional baggage and trauma the dollar foster homes and in trials and tribulations and so forth. Do a lot of other later on life, tried, joined, a military and when the military wanted a career is the boy scouts injury, You see, and I was in a military out, the special forces and I only know cause. I was still a lot of you. A citizen enough I want a communist country. Certain get scared, glanced view that finished up what I wanted the military add came yours this in any way I didn't care still up his country. and try to find other ways to serve. People try to join the police.
and I did armed Security in Baltimore City for a little while she's gonna work my way into the police department, I just found out that really one for me and I tried other avenues. And I was married before I was due to force not married. Now my wife school teacher and I may career truck driver, and I will blessed enough that when I was school, they started a new programme out of Maryland poorer the partnership programme for truck drivers- and I was the first apprentice in that programme- understand the state of Maryland Fantastic six six Fourth, it is especially starting in a communist country which, in some regards the hungry, is now more free than we are. It is a bizarre turn of events. Thank you, much for your phone call. The numbers aided eight seventy seven Bc Kay I want to know.
I want to hear from people who feel that they are successful and that the reason why I say that way is because we define success as money, and I don't define success is money. We just make sure problems bigger and more expensive. that doesn't solve anything. makes it easier it doesn't solve anything so I don't fame and fortune. I think her in many, battery acid to the soul. So You tell me how you define success, but I wanna hear american success stories were It started with absolutely nothing and I have no reason had no reason to believe they could make it and have made it to a place to wear your saying, I'm a successful human being. I am pursuing the things I want to pursue. Numbers, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. One of the things that gives me great pleasure in life is getting to come here and talk to you about different things that are going on, usually good things.
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Out. Wreck tech already see tee q dot com, that's already see tee q, dotcom wreck, tech, dotcom, Ten second station, I D, have to go to New York where nobody can make it. It is so bad you just can never make it. Tim knows Tom you live in New York in Kenya, make it tat well it. Also, despite all that I have made a glance and you know you could monitor and died. I was told you. Ask the inner ear the poster trial of of somebody that the they grow up absolutely nothing. I was physically and emotionally abused by my elder siblings by my parents
so I would never month anything's medicines, even even one of my teachers, the back when I was in it. the squire was handicap to shoulder the street me out, because I dont know what I did, but I must have been a bad. He hadn't thought any. What what? What of the one of those twisted nuns told told my mother? He up Tenzin end up in prison. Visa to justice. It also appears that I've never been erthrew persuading other sidewalks. So your end, and even leaving despite government is a matter of fact. I can even what better on that I'm gonna make a quick. I know you ve got a lot of our colleagues to get too, but I was actually screwed over by government, I'm retired federal officer, and I was actually they want to be removed from service her up for an appropriate conduct them and, of course, that can be enforced and they had to pay me a lot of money to what the settled add up forgotten
the government, is nobody's friend on at any level, but the light my stories As far as I told you about my upbringing, right now, I'm asleep in health, is open for affordable companies. Success has, as you ve gotten, You got me everything. I wanted it's my faith in God, my faith in myself My determination might just pick up myself up by my bootstraps there. they did. They got me to wear where I've I find the guy. to everything- has been then great, but you ve got to have the feeling at first and foremost- and I know you know that the ep I do to thank you to my appreciated I am really fortunate mean. Oh my folks, gotta divorce. When I was young move with my mom, she was a bad alcoholic addicted to drugs and Man then committed suicide and a boy every reason to not believe my father lost.
his business was a small business owner and just could never make it go of it because the malls came in and people started buying, bake goods from supermarkets and everything else. and yet I strangely believe everyone can make it got my optimism somehow another from my dad HU, we had every reason to bitch in wine himself and he didn't and it's. I dont know how it happens. I don't know how it happens, but it is it does come from your thinking, if you really believe that you can't make it I can guarantee you, you will never make it if you, you truly believe that the world is against you. I guarantee you will find the world is against you, but if you change, your thinking, your life will change it. Is
I was told never too. Till wine and men, bitch and moaned, but to get it done, find a way to get it done. Ice certainly did not take the normal path to see yes I mean you would never predicts this. You could have every predicted. My life. everything that when there's a roadblock I go around, it do something that everybody says is insane but for some reason I I think it is, and I try it sometimes. I lose sometimes a win, but I'm happy because no one controls my life is much as big tech and everybody is coming against us, and I really truly believe there it's coming a time where, I'm going to be able to broadcast this way to you, but I guess don t you we will not lose touch with each other, cause I'm not gonna, stop it's just a Another road block
go around it. We'll find away there. That's the american Spirit, rest of the world is told, What to do and told sit down and shut up and Americans dope, take. Kindly to that It's one of the reasons why the vaccinations are going so poorly because p bull Bristle in America at being told, do this or else we don't respond. Well to that, and you know what Congratulations. America! congratulations we may disagree on the vaccines and the masks and everything else. At least you are not just sitting down and taking it and do exactly. As your toll told the persons Programme-
It was bad enough when they were watering things down in our schools, education about, but history. I didn't learn any thing in in history in school. You know. First, it was the football coach he's our history teacher and you know maybe he was good. Maybe he was bad, but now woke is the coin of the realm and our kids and our grand kids are being exposed to it and It's not even american history, its anti american history. This is what made the tunnel twins books so important an exploration for all things that make us freer, more perfect union. They teach an accurate history of the United States. They explain how things like free markets and limited government work believe me Your kids and grandkids of all ages should be reading the tunnel twins books.
You can find them at Tuttle twins, back dot com, gotTA, Tuttle, twins, back dotcom yearning at thirty five percent, awful, even throw in all their activities, looks for free by M. Get your kids in your grandkids. Read them breed them to them. It's Tuttle twins back Dotcom, get thirty! Five percent off today check out my show Pat Gray, unleashed every week day, seventy, nine or eastern, or any time and anywhere you get your fog. this is the Glinda programme, just a quick political, no call your senator the infrastructure build should not pass and I think a way to have this click in your mind. Why We ve never understood why it's been called an infrastructure bill cause most of its, not infrastructure, ripe, no eat.
all infrastructure there, just building a system of oppression. Are building a system to wear They have control over you. These the parts that are needed for the green new deal in everything else. It is an infrastructure building infrastructure. It must not pay ass call your senator now it must not pass. The way you tie your exempt he'll, never change, Mitt Romney, mind and Michael is already there. all right. Let me let me two were David in Missouri, but we're talking to people today that had no reason to expect that they are going to they were they were going to be able to make it. We just to a guy a minute ago, who is You know who is told every step of the way you're gonna go to prison. You're, never gonna make it Even in my house I mean it was weird.
They helped me on my career. My folks would take me to the radio station and everything else. But I didn't really believe I mean I was told. You know you really should have a backup career and it was a good idea, but because maybe because I didn't have one this had to work, but anyway, David is with us now Missouri David. Why? Why Did you have no expectation of making it in other people's eyes growing up,
Thank you for having, like all glad it's an honor speaking with you long time limits for the first time dollar. You know I grew up in a single parent, all my biological father, let my mother when she was pregnant. I have no idea who years or where he is, and that chapter is long gone, but you know my mama's. First husband was former military in a prison guards with a very harsh, manned, environmentally and physically abused me for years and years and years in it and cause damage it still to this day I still traces of my life, but I have no non, but along the way I found alcohol, which consumed my life I could tell you you six eight months of time. that I don't recall at all why? Because I had so much alcohol consumption, getting married? My wife had kids and I took them as my own and raise them, but it was very difficult because I had obviously attendance he's from my mom was first husband that still left traits of that my parenting. So I was a horse
for a long time and then you have the tool of the alcohol do it. It was a hard time holy cow overtime, overtime wife and I actually got divorced after we had jointly had our child together and alcohol. In doing I get stuck in, and I remember there was a day this was actually August. First, with two thousand and ten, I was a wise move. I for my family and I had my youngest daughter with me, and we were just sitting there together and I was hung over more than I could imagine and I looked at her and I thought this is God to me and I'm treating it like this. That day I said the bottle down, never touched it again. I remember Does Europe actually my eleventh year of sobriety? So let's get past the alcohol art. After that, what I mean I had nothing. I had no skill. I had no future, I had no hope and so on work, then job after their job? Until finally, you know I landed in a service industry that I was very successful and, in my skills, were great
and after working for many people with a lot of ground, and council from from church leaders. I start my own Then I actually started my own business, probably similar, to the way that you did a lot of things in your life right and have a lot of money or support. It was whatever I had and the time think I might have had eleven hundred dollars to start a company with and faster Five years later, the Lord has me to the point where an alibi. Besides, if you bring the tide of the storehouses Lord, he will pour outlet argument you can ever contain and sometimes on praying Lord. I appreciate the blessing, but can I just have just but a bit less right now. This is all about and God you're so good- and you know I have more hope enjoy it than I have ever had in my life and success, the meal, not the business success to meal, not the position But I have the success, but I feel in mind
is my relationship with Jesus Christ and my love for people. Just the story, but I can tell them rate the testimony that I have you were too even look at the business profile it I have on Google or talk to the customers that I had they'll tat. They tell me day after day they say we loved business with you because you care about me, not the money. You come to my place of business or my home, to help me with my service issue. Genuinely care about me and my customers are, my friends might be, but people around me or my friends and I just have a joy of life that contagious and that was never. Who would have ever thought. That was in the guards of my life. I was raging, alcoholic from an abusive. She also at the hands of an abusive prison yard how's your relationship with their organ causal relationship, with your kids so I will tell you that my my to all this kid. We, we have a fantastic relationship, but there still,
I repented them knowing a night, and I tell them regularly. How sorry? I am for the figures that I did or said, but I will say this, I love them more than I ever have my life. There very successful children actually there, not that I say there. There always gonna, be my children, but their aid in a nineteen out of her their older and very successful themselves. One of my one of my crowning achievement that day in August and when I, when I set the bottle down for the last time my young His daughter was actually not old enough to ever. Have recollection of me ever drink is still to this day someone working your gold thirteen years old. locally, but I ever drink alcohol, and never will ever ever, will know that. I read it only through stories, but I tellers Cautionary tales of things look out for from the evils of the world and the vice of the congratulate you so tightly uneasily easily
David. I am so glad that you called in thank you. Can regulations. I am I'm so happy forward so happy for you what they give you back I'd, let us set by the grace of God godless like his eye. I will tell you you noticed the theme here everyone has mentioned God in some way or another. Every single person. I didn't even the first guy who lives in Wisconsin, which I dont understand. The horse racing is fire. The horse racing horses is fine. I just whiskey- and really we Scott places that aren't that cold for progressive adjust on a point that out that's the birthplace of progressive as yet is anyway, You notice the universe, the mark here, there's no reason for hope. You know I've. I've I know that God lives- I know that God lives I know the here
power of the atonement cause? I just like our last collar, had lots to atone for and I know it- I know those things But let me just say this: if I up in the dirt, you know trapped in a box, for eternity. And there's nothing besides endless dirt nap, I don't care I may not be disappointed, but the secret is. I won't wake up from its why, while now but it's made me better gives you hope. if you really truly believe that the different That's why we believed we could do it. That's why that's why we were founded, because we didn't need a king. We already had one in all of our laws are based on biblical Truths.
And the more we deny the biblical truth. The more we deny are our own laws. that's why everything is breaking down, because we we no longer believe in the law. we're not a nation of laws Renee. Ben. We were a nation of laws only because we agreed on those laws that they were pretty much eternal, but the thing the things that we had in place in our constitution and the directives of the Declaration of intent of independence didn't come from man, they came from God. And the constitution was just a way to protect those things. If we lose our faith in God, you lose almost everything because think the centre won't hold.
You know people always say atheist, find there the find sure, fine religion in the foxhole. I don't know if that's true. But I know that people who are kind of indifferent when therein the foxhole. Whenever therein trouble their kids get sick, they suddenly find God, they do fine, God, We are in place right now. where the only. The only thing that will heal us is forgiveness? That's it. We are in a place where we can't forgive one another, because we voted differently, because think differently. We are in a place. Now, where were we he can't forgive members of our own family. Four things they ve said when Europe
when you're in the situation these colours have been in, you have to forgive. Otherwise, they just turns into hate it turns into rage and it turns into vindictiveness. due notice that pattern in our everyday life as a nation. It's because we can't forgive each other, we need, to forgive each other. and forgive ourselves and start fresh when you pull in your driveway the end of a long day, you look at your home from the outside. What do you see? a place where your family lives, the four walls and a roof, the keep him safe from the outside world do you see something that you poor blood, sweat and tears into over the years. Maybe Improvements could be made if the right amount of money were available, maybe see
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ugly, and how are you a very good one? about my husband. Cooties aren't. But I will this way than those mountains, a likeness. All winter, very, very small school from the very poor family maybe go to college, so he scrub table scrub. Taller than were awaited. Tables worked his way the college went the key. In the last year we went to college the Navy approached him and they would pay for his last year. Colleagues, if he joined the Navy, so he did. He and the nuclear submarine division of the Navy was them was interviewed by Admiral Rick over in fact, Rickles we're going to get the hell out of my office to every time but anyway, because that was right, Maybe there He got his nuclear training. And went in to the nuclear film enter a nuclear plant as an engineer which is the bottom line from their head on
They give him anything. Nobody helped him no body, they re. The man worked his way up the plant. major, Duke I feel the Nuclear Regulatory Commission sent him to the word Pierre Werner nuclear Conference in Paris, France and I went with him the day with the the lady from Slovakia that her husband was the same as my hasn't. He was here represented that ended up his the council for his company in some countries overseas helping them through their nuclear plant. This man had nothing started from scratch. Nothing and he felt himself absorb. Anybody can make it in the United States of America. God bless us this and did in anybody else can do, and I have to tell you he's successful for for another reason, I mean listen to weigh the way his wife
beaks about him. He is a success in life Linda. Thank you so much as we had his wife on the other line, and she was amazing. are you tomorrow. I want to talk to people who are from foreign countries that left because they had no opportunity and came here we'll take your phone calls to Morrow honour on that, mean Pat started his life. His sharecropper yeah in Montana Helen Deanna Forgotten, forgotten, sharecropper ia. So I was gonna shares. Did you raise what kind of shares yeah, mostly apple apple, some Microsoft, really yeah, so we couldn't get to to New York or either we just sat on the shares wow, I never never sold him. We had to burn them
a firewood so that we can keep warm at night. Really your average Arusha, because you couldn't get two negative get to New York. If you guys earning argue with tears until I was seldom saw them right at the next item, is a nasdaq wherever you denied opportune and have it, but here yardage area. But here I am, a lot of people, don't lotta people I don't understand, you know live out west with, like the sharecropper. Now like a dog, and may grown up. You know having to chase the virus. Also in the West YAP Right, ACE environments, Jason, the Munich we had this damn road runner, oh yeah, yeah I was- is either want to drop the anvil on your head over time it all. The time I was just trying to get a browser was not who, as you know, a bead blow me up or the worst was. I mean, try to grow up Jason. This
and he's really vat, Yannick Black Spot autumn side of a mountain- and I am not at all it was a whole yeah. I avoid we run over no masher vase writing money. I made it I made it, I mean I've got I'm you did. You know I'd, never caught him, but I still, I still have my career. A long long contract with Warner brothers and many coyotes? Have that not that many very few kind ass? I was not in fact not I'm the only one that has so don't tell me. I do not want mail, you don't even know you did. I never caught that. Damn road runner now, but I still made it others different definitions of civic s. Yes, thing right! Thanks, sharecropper programme, you have our time funny things on tv. They watch with family
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hello, America and welcome the Tuesday. Last week there was a story that not a lot of people spend a lot of time on it, including me, because I was waiting for the right guy to talk to about it. Apple announced plans to scan our phones and the cloud to make sure that we are not dealing in child abuse or child pornography, and that sounds good kind of everything all well we're just trying to get. I dont have child pornography on my phone, so I don't have anything to worry about right now. Not so much will tell you what this really means and sixty seconds programme
you put your retirement fun together and with what's happening to the? U S dollar me we're still. The greatest thing is. We are still the pie that we are at the very top of the crap heap butter, our door or is still on a crap heap, and so is that this is not going to last. If you're getting ready to retire job, still inflation can cut your router. damn down in the next three years. Probably by could be thirty percent. Imagine that Losing that kind of buying power how many years do you cut off if you lose that. gold or silver, UK retire on this stuff. Now I don't recommend that you buy more than like ten percent, but you, To decide on that, but goal and silver are the the thing that the world always returns to read Rudyard Kipling. It always returns to gold or silver and.
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Last week the story came out apple plans to scan the: U S, iphones, for child abuse imagery and on the surface, if you're not paying attention to what's going on in the world, you Oh well, that's good! I got I. I got an email from a guy who used to be very, very high up it Yahoo about twenty years ago, and he said We basically set up a good direct line with the FBI because we frequently had website submitted to Us crawler index that we believed may contain child pornography or other illegal things at first just emailing links over the FBI task force, but the process for them to check on it get back to us was just so arduous that we just eventually set the FBI up with an e three terminal in Ella Area offices was basically the same terminal that our editorial team members, those were the keepers of the internet. At the time,
determined, which websites and shirt search result showed up for people and which ones we would block trying to keep harmful or illegal content out of Yahoo search results. So, by giving FBI any three terminal? Anyone from the editorial team of the same group could submit a website directly to them for review it would pop up their q just like help desk ticket and so and at the F b I could review it, and let us know if the content was legal, but they could also just flag. Something to be blocked It would be blocked generally no questions asked and because, of what we felt at the time we felt like we were doing good. taking down child sex trafficking criminals. We felt grew what about it. This a long, winded way of saying Yeah, I'm sure that boys and others are getting into a cosy relationship between social search, tech giants and the government We now know that
This was a mistake to open up the door in the first place. Ross Anderson is with us here, the professor of security at Cambridge University and one of the louder voices speaking out and warning us about what coal is doing high Ross programme. thank you so much for being on the programme with me. I I want I want to understand Why this is so dangerous apple says it has all kinds of safety features and their only scanning faces for those that are you know in in men, sex rings or a been sex trafficked. and maybe the children that are missing, well. You can see how this is going to develop, that first of all apple will be scanning all the photos in everybody's camera role everywhere in the USA and lesser everywhere in the world. Again
the database of two hundred thousand abuse images. They ve been supplied by the National Centre for missing and exploited children, given the way that their neural network has organized. It looks like it's going to scan for faces, as you say, answered you can imagine. The kind of things that will happen They'll, be some abuse image that ten or twenty years old and so the review that apple will see a photograph which isn't of child sex abuse. but ever grow, not with the tolls on, system will recognise this person and the personal well then has to decide whether this is a survivor or a perpetrator and what to do with it. Small problem there, that U S law, says that if you do get suspected child abuse material, you should reprocessed at once to end see. Mac rather- forcing it to apple right. Sir but though distrust EU legal problem there and then said.
Thirdly, there is the problem of what happens when an sumac extends that missing children right, because the children who are known, who go missing, go missing for perfectly good reasons. For example, they might be getting abused at home, they might get beaten or even sexually abused and So if you recognize runaways, those all sorts of processes around that you have to think about. Doesnt seem to have thought about this in a way that they don't seem very keen to provide, help desks and help, lines and places where people can confirm report stuff. next problem. Is that once you gotta mechanism sitting in your iphone that concern Your camera role for four faces, its than to any government in the world to come along with a warrant and say hey, Mr Apple at women, a further twenty thousand faces that we'd like to scan for in our country, and you can Yes, what those faces might be
in China. It might be the faces of the Dalai Lama and the Pope in Mute. officials been some roadie demonstration in Paris, for example, the police might feed in the faces of demonstrators you're, not you're good. is as good as mine, but apple is built. a very, very dangerous mechanism into its iphones under the needs to be for scrutiny and accountability of this. So This is actually is at Bay Stone, or is it just very similar to something that happened in two thousand eight in China? That kind of open Pandora's box will ya Then this is a worrying thing. You know, because if our civilization is going to be in Cornwall, two point zero with China for the next twenty years or thirty years. We should watch what the Chinese do and understand. That, rather than copying them and in China, what happened in two thousand and eight? Is it mandated everybody in the country to put software called green down on their pcs
and green down was sold to the population as being upon and it did that to some extent but very badly. However, the real purpose of green dam was too low. Four words like fun, I'm gone and done I lama, and so on, that were of interest to the Ministry of State security I dreamed I'm also data. Does it make your computer vulnerable, because the government weren't very good at writing software and the software, they produced, but everybody who use the green them software was the ball to having the pc taken over by websites they visited. Now that's been explain now: let's do it stood in China and in Russia we have this ecosystem. governments scanning bought some people's pcs, and no doubt the Chinese will be seeing to it that they get to scan stuff in people's forms as well, so You know it was that we were taught mothers the other day, and I said to my staff: it can anybody name anything
you know, is a bigger threat to your freedom and security. then social media in technology. Do I mean it's not necessarily the threat today. But we know what it can do and- and yet again, do you know anybody who has given it up and said? I'm just not gonna, be a part of this very, very rarely. Does that happen we are just going down the road and they keep passing these red lines of all. That's a really bad sign. That's a really bad thing to do and just hoping that it's not going to be turned against us. When we already see social media is doing all of these things, well, absolutely in I used Android for many years and switch to apple. A couple of years ago, when I was dead, he, my security engineering book,
and I noted how much more secure apple was, but the problem apple, iphones, being temper resistance. Is it Ike and usually drill into them and find out what the day I could see the database of hashish the firm abuse in my phone unchecked. Doesn't contain ashes of dissidents instead of with a lesson your phone like an android. You could perhaps do that and you can hold the people to account. So here is it we're a security is being used against us, undermine our privacy. and the resistance of the Iphone means that the government can have an eye spy in your phone over she'll get no control whatsoever. Ross. How? How far way are we from a up easy police state with the wrong person. Taking charge
Well, that's exactly the problem here. You mustn't, give the police too much power. You may think that nice to give the police car when you're Lothar in charge, but it never works. Does you end up with the other large in charge? And you know Then you had it so. To stay free. We to see to it that the government can only do so much. Can't undermine our basic freedoms under in the United States. Having your constitution here in Europe we as the European Convention on human rights and once to those parts of the world where we don't have guarantees for basic freedoms. Well, good luck! I don't have you been pay attention muster America lately Ross, but we're not following the constitution. I mean we're on. Solution, says you know you. You can't hear you quarter, soldiers into a house and go through somebody's papers. Well, I think you already have that if you're, if you're if you're on on line and the government wants some information there,
he's gonna go to one of these tech companies and they'll go through all of your papers, I mean and there the watch you were there. scan your photos and you'd. There's no such thing as privacy, anymore. Well indeed, and I am not an expert in: U S law, of course, being a breadth, but I hear from american friends. that the argument, Only if we are going to use goes to a case around drug sniffer dogs who are somebody's in a traffic out of drug sniffer dogs brought around and they find some weedin his burden them and he got convicted and he said that was unfair and the court said that if you ve got a sir that finds only contraband, that's ok! No it somewhat. The government defines as contraband, but if you get a government search engine that can look at all your most intimate stuff. You know your phone those your emails, your tax on a canoe
artificial intelligence to find out something that the government of the day considers to be contraband, and that means makes a mockery of the idea that you ve got to get once because suddenly Turning the universe around so that the government to do surveillance doesn't to get a warrant against a suspected person, but against a suspected idea or unexpected suspected image or a freedom of speech is what was changing. Here is really scary. Is there? Is there anything the average person can do too? secure themselves. Well, what's happening In the meantime, this is down to political action. This is doing to legal action. This down to welcome. You know my next foreign isn't going to be an Iphone in the meantime apple saying that they will only scan your forces if you back them up, and I can
well then fine buy yourself a disk drive and attach it's your laptop and back your phone up on your laptop and back the laptop, often destroy right, I mean, and by doing that, then only just tells that anybody who does market in child pornography. I'll put it on the Icloud that don't make any sense at all. It is also too much bottle for most people. You see The hole in the F b I will be relying on here is the fact that apple. Not really really hard to get, and I call on the council to put more money in it and tobacco. not too I cloud and remember two rather than using the strife. For some years my wife refuse to get an Icloud accounted every time she connected a rifle and today the macbook. just complained and said, put in your right side password this kind of commercial nagging that is no, going to be exploited by law enforcement to drive a coach and horses through security. But that that there is an thing here, which is it your photos in a cloud art properly encrypted,
in their backs up anyway, so Apple if it wished run upon detection software over the photos, just like three ample facebook does over forces and Facebook, MESSENGER and Google does over photos in Gmail, and it could then reports people who already have illegal images in Icloud too and see my, but it doesn't do that last year. Facebook report it made over twenty million reports to end see MAC and Apple made under a thousand So we saw something really weird going on here: your y all really cared about stopping child sex abuse. They could have done a lot of stuff a long time ago. Any thought on withered now taking this step because its unneeded apparently well, Well, one of the things that being suggested is apple is concerned waiting encrypting I claim that a properly and the
the eyes going to objective that unless the some means of scanning for off of interest to them, but of course child Ex abuse material? Isn't the only thing of interest to the F B. I leave the eyes, get much wider interests than that Thank you very much. Thank you for everything that, to your doing in and speaking the truth and letting people know what is what possible with. Acknowledging and what is coming our way, professor of security at Cambridge University. The apple plan to now use iphones too scan for that. child abuse imagery, and possibly much more than that. I want to talk about built bar built bar the
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promo code back. Fifteen tens and station idea seated by you. put a lid on his day yesterday at noon noon. I How many times has done this, but it's a lot it's been many many times, sometimes as early as eight or nine o clock in the morning, Yesterday was noon and he's home in Delaware again, which he's always seems to be, and that's to avoid scrutiny from the Washington crowd? I hate it me it's pretty clear that their shutting him down, because he can't
can't function on that day? No he's he is not well he's not well at all he's not well. I did you see. The Dan Bongino was talking about some of his secret service connections. Yes, and they are saying the situation is pretty dire, he is in bad shape, all know it, of course. Of course, his inner circle knows that they see it every day. Of course they do, but we, then we do best of him yeah and we knew it two years yeah yeah. All during the campaign we kept saying, look at the sky is degrading, he's disintegrating in front of our eyes and look at him look today, look at speech. He would give today compared to one he gave in January or God for oh yeah last summer yeah, he is not the same man doubt about it, and when you just look at him, you can do The difference is that the he's Bacon yeah airs he's not. There is a look in his eyes, sad and scary, and it's just
speak of all of the people around him, his wife, his handlers. All the people live in, pushing him down this road. taking advantage of an elderly man, who's not well he's just Not well and then What do you call it when they put this man in in charge of our nation. To me, that's treason, to me, it's look at all of the meetings that they had where they wanted a psychiatric review of Donald Trump. They wanted a doctor's right where her in all, where are they on this today? despair. I mean there's, they won't even mention it to say, and I will mention his his decline because I know that put him in right as a place holder because no one wanted the radical that's all, they had to offer, and so they put him in just a placeholder they're fine with him gone, except that now there, the person that guess they set up. You know
Commodore. She so disliked that she can't be the next one. Well, did you see the big meeting that happened in Washington DC last week, yeah yeah yeah? I are they having a meeting about it, hurt him with him putting a lid on his day at eleven o clock in the morning bright blue right, where they suddenly concern about her. Since it is if you haven't joint aim as yet. There are three reasons: why should head over to a MAC dot? U S, slash back and join right now, first and foremost, a MAC, the because C4 conservatives is off the charts, a MAC, The association of a tour american citizens- and it has participated in a thousand personal meetings with congressional leaders ensuring that your voices heard on issues like freedom of speech, the second amendment, religious freedom, a mac- is push
against the ultra liberal legislation that the left is trying to ran through Congress right now and we need to stay together in a group and the more these groups. We can be in the better A quarter of a million aim at members that have directly participated in a MAX outreach campaigns to Congress also have all the great benefits for the members exceptional things like insurance products, travel discounts in so much more and third, there, a great source of uncensored information that you can trust news. His letters, videos, podcast, fresh website, content by monthly magazine. It's the best choice for you: best choice for America: it's a MAC, a M, a sea; dot! U S, slash back a MAC dot! U s! Slash back join now
don't forget to use proper code Glenn to get ten dollars off your subscription bad place, tv dot, com this is the Glinda Programme, the winning and whenever and pushed into a corner and people are like. Ok gland really, I mean how's is gonna work out. I I I mean I view little, listen to me for a while. You know, I don't think it's gonna work out. Well However, there is a story in the Bible that I have for a long time. When pushed into a corner symbol. There is one way, That is if we are still deserving enough, It may look like a really bad punishment, but it would free Us- and that is God would confuse our language like
in the Tower of Babel story and people will look at me and I say: what's our language, English, no our languages ones and zeros What is so frightening about the future are those ones and zeros and what are being done with them and how It can in slave all of us, Michael Eyes and Burg, he is an author of a book. The tree of life in prosperity and I read will he be roadie object for the washing in examiner. I read this weekend big is a modern tower of Babel. That must be scattered, and I thought ha Michael, and I might see eye to eye on this- equalising Burg. Welcome to the programme I gotta tell you I'm very Joe Avonlea you're, the first person that has compared big to the Tower of Babel that I know of
and it's it's a remarkable article. You want to go into it sure so, most of no the story of the Tower of Babel right and certain Nimrod. who is a man of my a mighty guy bills. our cities. After the flood and he was really really successful? Then this group gonna comes from the east travels west. It thinks it all This kind of machinery should exist in cities and different kinds of peace. Bob with different kinds of thought, which is too messy and they build this tower and the tower the self aggrandize in pursuit which bears Greece, as everyone needs to talk a single language, have a single culture and we enforced, died in the city, when God comes down to see what the people of built there he says is about
idea we need to jumble there are times when needed. Jumble their language, and spread them out into different parts into different cities in different states in an islands We can actually develop different languages and there's no kind of one central control of it. That's the story, rob Wanna take no I'm a big fan of tech I spend my day job, investing in technology and start ups and innovation. I think it proposes forward, does what I worry about. What I want That is what you know, paternal timeless values. At the centre of this. At the centre of this innovation, it can go awry, which is what happened the tower of Babel. Now we have what uncle pop problems of deep tat forming or Enforcement of a certain proxy, you can't get certainly even more scared. Now candidly is financial, be plot forming were tools of finance which are very digital, and I'm a big fan of that. If, if single company or public
companies can do platform. Somebody financially if you could be destructive. many of us all I mean there is. There is no escape from this. If It was used me, you know, with the wrong intent in the wrong in the wrong hands technique energy we are facing either the grid this time period, and this saying something because there is no other time if it be. If people were honest, There is no other time in history or or any place in history. That people would want to be born than right now in the United States of America. It is remarkable what technology can bring to us in a very short period of time, but is breathtaking. To think how fast it can become a really bad. jailer or slave maker I think one of the ones somebody said to me this morning. He says
You really, your traditional conservative in that you want change, but it needs take gonna happen in phases in our wants, because we need too. We need to work in time was values I called my book the tree of life in prosperity, because I believe that capitalism and innovation dry tremendous prosperity, but that prosperity can turn a problematic if at all, the tree of life, which is kind of our time with wisdom and principles. I think it is time asked it over thousands of years, but there's something else. There is none. what we going to have a relatively evaluate era. Let's just call right now our kind of new bondage come and go and we This notion that everything we ve built today's is gonna bigger and better than it was in the past. All the Bible list, My view is that the largest number daily active users since time immemorial. That probably tells us something about staying power and the values that the right of dry chairman- and I think that needs
Former innovation needs to swarm our economy. before the next Kennedy, the edifice I'm trying to erect in the book around this boy. This touches other topics. I a peace that was published today, town. All about universal basic income bit of yours is, and it doesn't work explain this: the tree of life Express explain why. So again like time of stories in the Bible, we have one called the garden of Eden and a gardener vetoes interesting story. can interpret in so many different ways, but what the super who cares about the garden of Eden is dead. Man's need basic needs were absolutely provided for in the garden. Brightly, doesn't work and he's board in their so bored that Eve doesn't talk to him. She talks to the serpent. and there's no kind of joint activity, joint life pursuit and
Until man is expelled from the garden of Eden, the Bible did not change a curse. To says he's expelled, he actually doesn't have children. So silly encounters hard work, thorns and thistles outside the garden, is no children and there's no work. That's productive than you be eyes said. The only purpose of work is that you get an income, but that's not accurate workers. Productivity organs What gives people out the morning orchards? What did you know solid part of family life and anything We need to return to those routes that is not just about. your basics. It's about your hard working, a productivity in society and by if we need a reminder covered. Is it people, going to work out a covert, because yours too much money just handed out in a way The gray and we do need to take their people and society. I think that's a very important principle thousands of years old. Who we're on our times noticed societies and citizens responsibility, but the people,
their income there I go back to work, we were. It is true that already laugh cold cold. So how do you? How do you make this case too? a country that doesn't understand what it really has missed is turning its back on really scientifically proven, knowns turn its back on. You knows it's all of the scientific theory. rejecting all time tested principles. Well, we're just printing more, not printing money, we're digitizing money, so they won't be inflation. I mean come on we're turning our backs on all of these things. How do you? But how do you suggest we get? Then we sell this two people, so I think there Couple of parts of this one is reaction To embrace technology and innovation- and and even things like crypto currencies, which r l p p,
which may not maintain freedom. However, what we, start a conversation around. What are the core principles you many of these are enshrined in a car. petition. Many of them were enshrined the declaration of independence in America. China at its core, got this right, but we ve got a bunch of topics that have become taboo like we. Ass people go to work and by the way we should ask people, not just one. their rights are border responsibilities. Are things by teaches us, is your chief birth. right. You have mostly responsibilities to your fellow and dumb, and we need to ask people to take us, Incidentally, both for themselves in and for other people they should do it out of a sense of duty that's one of the great things about America, people at a sense of duty and our sense of entitlement and Kennedy and that really can that really be had with? a an honest search by the individual for higher power. I mean
otherwise is just imposing duties on people. One of the things that I've kind of discovered is that when we talked to people too kind of eye to eye and level with them their respect, of their religious persuasion or belief. In God. People one be a part of something greater than themselves they want to be. part of something that successful they want to be a part. Something that is caring, for me by the way, my belief in God right I think, for many of your listeners the same is true, but I don't think that excludes other people and I think we can. We can reach out and others which are, I think we can ever levels are conversation. I I was inspired my grandfather, a lot who is a naval. officer in World WAR two and had no do pray. Of different persuasions? And you know they vanished into duty. and you know they support each other in that sense of duty, and I think that's that's super important here.
We gotta get away from a sense of entitlement, and I think the biblical stories around the support that and I think, You know the old thing is just the start. Going back. tower of Babel for a second, we have to watch out for how how enforcing powerful engine. she's are Freedom is critically important than in the second boy, with a book which is actually about people, but not yet the English. The foundations of a block of the exodus is any freedom in order, private property, so freedom of thought freedom to be different. Freedom to be freedom, they speak your mind is fundamentally capitalism and private property. You know when you insist on that. Very good Thank you so much. I buy appreciate your work and the book is the tree of life in prosperity, Michael iceberg. Best of luck to you, Michael. Thank you
Thank you. Gonna really appreciated emigrate, a view to moving Julia lives in Texas. She suffered from years from intense pain in her hands. It was difficult for her to do her job, even After from doing things she wanted to do around the house. I know it. actually how Julia was feeling What did she do? Well, She heard me talking about relief factor on the programme and she decided she would give it a try. Guess what Julie got her life back. Just like I did her hands are fine. Now, relief factor is really truly amazing. It just it's not a drug but was too by doctors and it's a combination of things that just pull reducing inflammation, and that's where most of our pain, most problems come firm in our body is inflammation. Seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more and you're gonna. We're tell you straight up if its not working you for you in the trial period of three weeks, Doan order anymore, it won't work by
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Thirty thirty! What is wrong with our republicans what is wrong with them all right. Let's lay you know, let me give you something happy. Let me blaming to play. This is from the facebook, in Zacharias Washington, listen, I want to ask you: where is our faith Right now where, is our faith, because, right now we go along. People are higher than are losing their faith. We got a lot of people. I really don't know what to do with a lot of people are here pages they just losing from in. in my perspective, you losing your mom for no reason at nothing, happened in this world, but one thing and now one thing is the Bible is fulfilling itself every. The Bible there was no happen, is happening
so why be surprised? If we do not have we read about it? We would know, even at my age, I'm not even- and I even afraid or scared about nothing. That's going on in this are today such as corona our such as this virus they got out, which is that of our eyes, get another to anyone know why? Because trusting gosh and thus wound of all of our faith. I'll watch us out of our hopes, I'll alot of wisdom is love, have was we'd lasted I'll. Why? Because We don't know because we listening a man, we listen to the news. We listen to the ccd, we listening to the president, s daughter, trusting in God. Do you think he is ten year turn to, ten twelve. Some Werner amazing kid amazing kid: we're waiting for Senator Cuomo to speak He was supposed to speak about ten minutes ago. They are
calling on him to resign eddies. He looks like he's starting to speak. Here we go look, can we take that we have it? We don't have it It too, As you see We can get anything from it. You mean nobody, expects that he's going to actually resign do they know, I don't know he's been pretty adamant that he's not going to end you're gonna have to get him out what the jaws of life here it is. He just said: Martin the people's rights Action was outraged to this, and it should have been met lawyers have reviewed the report over the past several days and have already raised serious issues and flaws. That should can. All new Yorkers.
Because, when there's a bias or a lack of fairness in the g, I can't believe this. I can't be Leave this. He just going to stand and fight it. Well, I mean yeah. They learned from Bill Clinton, they all learn from your Clinton is struck
research carried out in until people get sick of it. They don't want to hear about it here then I'll just forget about it right in just move on, and then it just becomes more politics and their only saying this because a politics right, it's like it's like Joe Biden, said the other day about his son or was it the spokesperson for Biden said something like that's that's already, then that's already even litigated net. Nobody, no one has no, it hasn't, but people feel like it has its just all about politics. Are, I will see you on tomorrow's broadcast and don't forget to Morrow night on. Please TV, Cuba what's really happening, and why are the Tec Giants not doing anything about it?
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