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Protecting Our History | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Gov. Kristi Noem | 7/2/20

2020-07-02 | 🔗

Republican senators propose replacing Columbus Day with Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Tonight, Glenn presents "Restoring Hope" to answer the question: Is it still morning in America? Bob Woodson lays out how the 1776 Unites campaign argues that America is defined by its promise, not its defects. Historian Larry Schweikart, author of “A Patriot’s History of the United States,” takes on the 1619 Project. Sen. Rand Paul discusses actual policing issues and how to restore law and order. Dr. Kenneth Hartman announces “America Salutes,” a virtual military enlistee recognition ceremony on July 4. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem talks protecting statues, Mount Rushmore, and Trump’s Fourth of July fireworks show this weekend.

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You're gonna- be so glad to hear this early so glad to hear this. Finally, the Republicans I've been doing what all voters for republican zipping clamouring for their caving. Now now they ve decided they're going to replace Columbus day with June teen. Ok, first of all, Own team is something most Americans don't even know what it is. Ok, this life for most Americans is the first year they ve ever ever heard of June. Deep, it's it's a good holiday. I like that all day, but what are we doing now now, all of a sudden? Now we're coming to it in saying no Columbus day where, are the hearts of men,
I'm a new understanding of and in those days men's hearts will fail them yeah. What that I think is the lack of courage. Tonight, we're going to restore a few things tonight. We are going to restore hope, restore courage, restore faith, restore the covenant, risk, door common sense, or in one minute, is the Glen DEC. Program? Ok, one of the best things about having a good set of ear buds is that you can listen into stuff in bed without disturbing. My wife she's trying to sleep, you know she's over their peacefully
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percent off rake on wireless ear buds now by a con dot com, slash back right so here we are at the start, rock ranch. Yes, that is been very, very private for me and my family. We We don't have guests here we we just gonna, I don't know wrap ourselves in the blanket of this job. And mountain and its fingers, and we tune everything out and it's just sacred place. We were gonna, do restoring the covenant in Gettysburg and then covert happen, and you know, God forbid. We have more than three people together. So we couldn't go to Gettysburg and I was haunt
because I knew that the covenant was so things that had to be done, and I couldn't sleep at night? I I didn't know what to do. How am I gonna do a restoring event in there I came up here to the ranch and I locked the land and it didn't take me very long to skip- I vacation and start working on this project. Airs tonight at eight o clock please keep our producers and everything your prayers. It is that there has been miracle after miracle after miracle of putting this together I mean I will you probably next week, the miracles that have happened, but we the biggest one. Yet it'll, be a miracle,
storm. I hope when it actually makes it on the Erika, we're in the middle of nowhere. But tonight I urge you To watch this with your family too, all everyone. You know that believes in God. At all,. And have them watch then have the MAC. I urge you I you if you feel as though you I've lost, hope which I completely understand. Watch this tonight they will be on the Glen back you two page. We will also be on blaze, tv, I think, were putting it up on my. Facebook page as well. And it comes from a place of despair. It really does mean. In just the last few months, every
has become very clear. Hasn't it. I mean just the Es the press has gone from a different opinion too. Gosh. They seem to be in the bag for a political party. To now co conspirator in what he's gonna, be remembered by future generations as the biggest robbery in the history of mankind, the destruction of american principles, the theft of Eric and rights and our constitution the distrust. An intentional destruction of the great the economy in the history of our nation and What's worse,. Is the theft of hope. You know I've talked about these days for almost twenty years now and I was insane every step of the way I was I would call all kinds of names. You know, because I introduce you to the real routes of progressive ism and that item
to you about. Woodrow Wilson now still hate that guy even today, the new. York Times is still trying to defend him, but they can't in this new work culture weeks, to a corn in the Tides Foundation and George Soros in the Monday the money printing that we said that they would do. We told you they would print money, we by our own loans and in the end it would be the destruction of the dollar. I was crazy every step of the way we introduced. You do the comic, plan from the nineteen forties to flip a country from cap. List free to a third Rotarian without a shot being fired. We intervene due to the madness in the evil of the I'm at fearmongering just to control your life and keep those in poverty impoverished
I am proud to say. I think we were off some of the first to be called racist because we dared all the President, a marxist and then encouraging the radical left, which was very different than liberals. We told you about all of these things and we I told you that their their goal was to reshape the world closer to their hearts, desire. And they were moving the entire world. And we also told you that, because because they couldn't bring the rest of the world to american standards. They would drag us all down to the standards of Mexico weeks most cloud and prevent the communist plan and you knew it was true and the left. We have done some calculations and we figure is taken about a hundred million dollars.
Free advertising or- or research or whatever they might have saved, took about a hundred million dollars. Straw. My reputation. But in doing so they perfected machine that there now using on everybody on every body, The reason why there's no courage is because they have trained you to fear the mob. They have trained you to believe that they could smear you mob. Justice would come for you lie, deceit, intimidation, they perfect, that machine and its working well. All the while we scared the living daylights out of him when we together over half a million of us, I was it's the largest crowd, called a private citizen in? U S history and we came
all of us not really knowing why even me one August day, hot humid in Washington, DC to restore honor. And if you were there, You remember how it felt. Then in Jerusalem. Restoring courage in Dallas each day of service, nearly sixty thousand Americans came to paint and clean and to help into to build. The serve the community of Dallas and in the end there were no objects. We we kept calling people say we have more people to volunteer. Do you have any space for volunteers? They didn't but I'll work side by side with our children? We get together, we it's something else. It had never been done. The first sold out spoken word event in cowboy stadium. They and we were not for doing it, but you remove how that felt.
Do you remember in Birmingham restoring unity where we started that Nazareth Fund, which is now the leader in red, skewing of Christian and your city, slaves in the Middle EAST, saving and moving tens of thousands of Christians to new homes all around the world when the entire world said no, it can, Have we done. We ve gone through a lot together, but I watch tv and I look at things and I think. What is coming next. In some ways we ve been here before in the nineteen eighties Reagan
Reagan, one with a simple message that America was dying to hear. Its morning in America, we had been talk down. We had been ripped apart. We had endured corruption at war in Vietnam, assassinations of a president, his brother. Ok, Malcolm X, our streets had been torn apart. Our institutions were torn apart national guard in the streets and gasoline heating oil prices shot through the roof unemployment at an all time high since the end of world war. Two and we had They called stagnation, Africans were held hostage by terrorists in a country few of us even understood and are military had been humiliated in the desert sands, and it all felt over. Then a nineteen eighty enough, Democrats and Republicans came to.
Other to elect a new leader who was optimistic. He was com, and without arrogance who actually still believed in this country. Old us that this american sunset that we thought we all saw with something was caused by politics. Politicians, those in Washington who wish to control us, but most of all our biggest problem, is that we had begun to believe the lies that America was a force for evil in the world. Yes, there were some. There were some common sense things that had to be changed, but is Our belief in the founding principles were restored, we could come together and fix it and install odds window entire world, counted as out the America. People pulled off a miracle.
It all began on the ice against the Russians and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then in China, Tiananmen Square and Bill Clinton even said, the era of big government is over and we It is, though our biggest fears were behind Us That was our problem, because what we didn't know at the time was the fact that the very election of Ronald Reagan so frightened those who sought out power and rule that they set a new course. The bird of the new left, one that could control the media corporations education and methodically build what we now know as the deep state we failed to listen to the Patriots like Eisenhower in Reagan,
eyes and how are the first to warn us of not just a military industrial complex, but an educational industrial complex. Those in science and higher learning would now be partnering with those in government to conduct studies to feed the population. What those in power would pay them to feed and Reagan's last farewell address. He warned us resurgence of national pride that I called the new patriotism. This national feeling is good, but it will count for much and it won't last unless it grounded and thoughtfulness and knowledge. And inform you failed to educate our children he warned us? We would see a new generation that would not know who America was nor could defender. We didn't listen and now we ask: is it still morning in America or is it a setting? Sun
has been a conspiracy to overthrow this nation. It's an insidious infestation of Marxism on all of our trusted institutions, but I have told you for almost twenty years that you will be the audience that saves this nation and I, still believe that but now I'll call to do something, keep telling myself is impossible, but I know its not we. We do not go over the cliff with the rest of humanity What we need to do now is just remember the difference between right and wrong. We need to remember and stand up for what is true and right and righteous. We need to simply remember the difference between social justice and real justice. We need to stand for our God, for our religion are freedom, our peace for our wives or husbands and our children,
tonight. I'm gonna ask you to do three things and they'll sound simple, because they are, but they will be hard to actually do that. I believe, if we don't do these things which all start with an american covenant. We will be swept off this land, distant voice of the Mayflower cries out to us. The words of Washington call us back to a life of merit and the final acts of Abraham Lincoln will lead our nation back to the promise of hope tonight lays tv. Our sponsor this half hour blinds com, before blinds dotcom came along life, used to be a lot more complicated or mirror back in the day you want your windows covered you'd,
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come now for a spectacular fourth of July Independence Day savings on Interior, blinds shades, shutters and even outdoor shades rules and restrictions may apply its blinds dot com use the promo code back ten seconds station. I d This is the Glen back programmer were so gladly you're here tonight? I I don't know what to expect the producers that have been working on. This has been an all volunteer kind of thing and the producers that had been working on this up here at the standing Rock ranch I have been awake now for about fifty hours and we are crossing our fingers that nothing goes wrong.
Almost everything has gone wrong, but through a series of serious miracles. There is no way we could have pulled this off last night a call, and they said last: it's not gonna happen I'm gonna happen, we're not gonna make it like yeah, you yeah you will you will and we need down as a family to make sure that all the road- were clear and everything would go according to plan and. Four, a m this morning I got another call: ok, ok, I think we are on track use your prayers and we could. I encourage you to watch tonight, It's free, its commercial free. It's was all volunteer there. Be any money exchanged on any of this it had to be.
Pure message and it's what you'll see tonight and it's free on Youtube. It will be free on. I believe, my facebook page, and it's also on blaze TV, if you're, not a subscriber. I urge you to skirt subscribe now so you're you're, not missing a thing. Restoring hope tonight. Eight p m Eastern LIVE, don't miss it. Tv and you tube qualify as the Glen Back Programme so Alisha she's, fifty two she lives in California yeah? I know I don't know. In the last few months she found herself in an unbelievable pain, the anomaly enviable position of having to pull double shifts at the grocery store, where she works. All thanks to the corona virus.
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don't miss the show tonight gone from talking about go to police tv, dot, com, Slash Glenn. If you use a promo code fight the mob, you'll save twenty bucks. This is the Glen Back programme I will tell you that I have exposed many things: George, Soros, the tides, foundation, etc, etc. And I am continuing to do that? If anyone still cares to listen especially those in Washington, but there is an absolute where Oh planned well financed conspiracy to tear down our nation and I have never call for people to be charged-
with treason, because that is the highest crime in the land and the only one that comes with death penalty punishments. But I I'll tell you there people that are committing treason in our nation. They are conspiring- and financing and and laying well played. Let the plans to do strong us from the inside the new times what they have done with the sixteen nineteen project, which we expose last night they ever F writer named Nicole Hannah Jones She wanted to create this, this new story this this story line to re frame american history, as she says in the first part of it. What if we were tell you that what were taught in schools about our country is wrong? Now going What if
she says, what it I tell you that everything you thought you knew and you thought it was good- was actually bad because of the american system of slavery, the bowl of cereal. You eat its evil, the lad of universal health care at all because of slavery, overcrowded prisons, prisons, low minimum wage white artist, stealing music from black artists trap jams on the freeways in Atlanta, I'm not making it up. These are all things she contributes to slavery and it is evil what is happening. The goal stated the All of the sixteen nineteen project is to refrain american history. Considering what it would mean We considered the real birth date of America, not seventeen, seventy six but sir. Sixteen nineteen we can imagine a lot of things. What if care
in Kangaroo were God my dolls. The changes anything cause. It's not. But this is so in cities. People think it's just a little podcast, no its, not sixteen. Nineteen is a cast random house is releasing a series of sixteen nineteen books next year. The new times has partnered with Pilot centre to indoctrinate students with a curriculum for schools. It is it is now in all fifty states in thousands of schools, it's likely in your local school district and it is a serious effort to brainwash an entire generation. That their nation is just evil she started now. This is just a staff writer in twenty. Sixteen, she establish the ITA be well society for investigative reporting, dedicated the training,
necessary for journalists of color to compete and succeed. Now, where did you get that money as a staff writer do I even need to say it TAT. I am so sick of, say I'm so sorry. Exposing the eggs know it's like a joke now g: where did they get that money? George Soros. I dont know if you saw the I don't know if you saw the m. Special last night, but if you did Please watch it because it is a a warm up for. What's tonight, I'm showing you what is happening in our country, with this one nineteen project and It's all happening now on our streets. In fact, nickel Anna Jones, she initially replied to the New York Post tweet about calling the riots the sixteen nineteen riots, and she said it would be an honor. Thank you. If the bird
of police stations. In restaurants. All across the country were because of the sixteen nineteen project. Thank you, would accept that as an honour. Holy cow and how does somebody like this become so influential. I'm sorry. It's because there are people that are are working to overthrow America justly Last week she published a feature piece in the New York Times about reparations and what is owed theirs many problems with reparations she says we just on our way: operations are bureaus, do good. Well, let me Ask you this
Carter, Woodson known as the Father, a black history who, by the way I'm gonna, buy all of his books, this guy, who wrote books in the twenties in the thirties, the end up allay C p, still says you should read his books, he went to the census. Eighteen hundreds and he p together african american history, that you ve never heard his ample and his research shows that in aid in thirty over thirty seven hundred free blacks in the south own The over twelve thousand nine hundred black slaves, So now, how do you calculate reparations? How do you do it. Harry did you know on the trail of tears, the native Americans were crying that they were you know so hated and so oppressed, which they were.
Except they were oppressing the slaves, they brought their slaves black slaves with them on the trail of tears. I kind of changes things a little bit, doesn't it. Now I know this is an appeal to pat because of his white privilege and he's a little fragile. Are you ok? a path hurting me you're, hurting me. Ok, but breakin half here because my fragility, sorry Now does anybody else find it odd that White P are the ones that are so fragile. And yet it is the social justice warriors that we built little crying rooms and you know crayon rooms for them triggered by every little thing. Were. We heard a radical once slight than the new slogan is sticks and stones can't break my bones, but words are what really hurts me it's. It's me
like that. Really it also sticks and stones earlier. Do the merry everything breaks, island, GNP once, gear and gear teens IKEA teens can can heard. Maybe a year this year, and this is the least covered story. I think that is a pretty big story of the last a week or two where the this mob set up a guillotine outside of Jeff bases. His house, I mean it's right next to his the front of his house and it seems to me that a gear team is some symbolic of having your head cut off There was a noose recently that we heard about every minute of every day for about two or three weeks. That really wasn't didn't do this. It was a handle forum for pulling down a garage door, but am I mob of scumbags can
up a gear teenager pesos, his house and there's nothing. Nobody cares about that. Isn't that every bit the symbol that a noose would be Don't be boy he'll people equally had strangled by the by the news in your head gets amputated by the guillotine. That seems like your equally dead, either way and their serious and their serious will have no eyes areas. They are serious and I are going to come. I don't think a lot of people under stand that or believe that, they will soon because they they will and this is just the first little evidence that planted cut people Heads off with deity: well, I I'll, tell you this their useful idiots and just like the brown shirts, used all the fear and got the Hitler elected
Biden is elected. The first thing that will happen will he'll do no night along knives. Those people will be arrested in jail or dead guarantee. It guarantee it. I mean, If you don't see the if you don't see the exact patterns, look it people elected Hitler because they thought out. While we can control him, you know he's really kind of justice, a nobody look, what we're, what look, what we're possibly go into a liquid Joe Biden, a guy who is senile and why are they all going along with it because they know they can control the agenda, then I mean we are repeating things step by step it. It doesn't Zactly rhyme body. He did its shores, it sure in the same ballpark you know it's not exact
It has its familiar tone to it. And I dont know how these people don't see it the Americans that don't really understand that these people are dead serious. I love the mayor of Seattle. A one she's threatened when somebody to her house and she's like whoa whoa whoa wait a minute. What about all the p but we live on capital little in Seattle. Their homes, you only freak out when they come to your home. It is such a progressive attitude. It only matters when it's about me, I'm different tribes, You know, there's a really interesting article written in the federalist last week, where it says the schedule, Christopher Bedford, did some research and wrote an article that everywhere statues or torn down. This is historically speaking everywhere. Stand user torn down history promises that people are next
saw horse were kind of their, but just in every religious and every other Ngos Harry and so the other kings. Let me, as is addressing that, don't worry about it, but every year, the eyes, the you guys always made fun of me for saying it ends with a bullet nad lassie size related. Yes, at a dot. Am I right we will so. I might finally realise that I know as we're standing like IRAN. I hope your cracking jobs. It is going too far because it'll be it make it a lot easier. I laid this out twenty years ago. It is Just shove shoot all they did all of this suggesting they did all of it. Then they shoved those people who will not be silent for those people who look in Nazi Germany. There was a screw screen.
Who was. He was a historian of some sort in Germany and he said that a guy who ran the butcher shop didn't hang the swastika in his front window, because he was a Nazi, he hung it as a symbol to say: I'm not to be a problem. Don't you looking here, I'm not a problem with it. That's what people are doing their signalling right now, I'm not gonna, be a problem, so don't about me I'll- put the little black square thing up on my
my facebook page, I'm not gonna write anything, I'm not gonna be a problem. Every one of these companies is the same thing. I innovative financing at the black lives matter. We know they don't know anything about the other, the organization in their crazy. You know demands on society which, by the way, would put them all out of business right like they're. Not that's not why their agreeing with their green with it. So they look would look we're not gonna be a problem. Everyone were at work were good boys and girls. Here, don't worry about us, it's true. It's true. There's all that all they need, or for these guys to create this chaos on the streets to Ba the collapse us into the hands of those very people at the very top. George Soros, that will give rich and control the world. I mean. That's that's soon, as that happens, as soon as a collapse comes, they'll kill all those people he'll kill anybody who speaks out against I mean We are seeing a replay and I can't believe how many people remaining silent.
Piece of developing news here, as we speak, gently mask Maxwell has been arrested, jerk Jeffrey Epstein, long term girlfriends, slash person who is lining up sixteen year olds, so she put in decisions. Appeared for a very long time and Cotonou, where she was. Apparently, she has now been arrested level, details on that criminal wailing, nap into a nicer person. If it thinks Pat limit but real estate agents. I trust when go with a real estate agent. You might be thinking you get the best real estate agent. But are you have you done your homework. Have you actually interviewed real estate agents, You go with real estate agents, I trust dot com. This is a free service to you. You just go on the website. You tell us I want to sell or by a house in this community or in this area and will find the best agent for you now I'd as always, we urge you do now I'll take my word for it. We
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This is the Glen Back Programme. I ask if you are a praying person to to pray, or the production staff. Restoring whole pike. S got an email, from somebody I'm not going. I'm not gonna- have read. But it is, I have failed you again. Because they are worried that this is not all gonna come together. We were having some complications and I just wrote back to them and said: well: if it does, happen. Then It's probably my arrogance God had leaned over the cat, good thing cancelled Lee, restoring restore. The covenant event tonight, maybe perhaps, in my arrogance I arrived, I didn't get, message and started to do it again or perhaps that what
we're doing is so one target that the adversary is doing everything it can to stop, and in that case I have faith in God wins either way so pray. For us, and also please join us tonight, free on you to commercial, free, restoring hope from standing rock ranch from Plymouth Massachusetts, New York, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, might have glad enough to March, but keep us in your breast.
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme America, and welcome to food right. Well, not really, but it is a three day week, and so I'm counting it as Friday. I couldn't do you know what I could just go in here and say it's Friday and half of America would believe it because of go we were like is really really. I thought it was Monday. We ve got a great show for you today. We're gonna recap what we did last night about the sixteen nineteen project. It is terrifying when you truly understand the army and the global forces that arrayed against those who believe in the constitution, but there's some real hope. Some people at our standing up. That aren't you afraid, and I want to introduce you to one of them in sixty Seconds- is going down
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And get when free deals make sure you get the masks. They also have deep discounts on all other. My pillow products enter the promo code back or call eight hundred ninety six, thirty one, seventeen for the great radio, specials promo code, back my pillow dot com, so last night on blaze, tv, I I tried to lay out the case on what is really happening with this sixteen nineteen project now a lot of people just think I will that's a podcast. No! It's Cast random house is about to release a series of books, based on this, I believe, evil. An intentional destruction of our history. And it's all put together by the New York Times Random House to you again by George Soros, funding
and its its reach is incredible It is now being taught in all fifty states in thousands and thousands of schools all across the country it most likely is in your neighborhood school. You must mobilise and stop this. It can not be part of our school. It is an intentional distortion and lies out and out lies. Saying that we have experts. Of history, both liberal and and conservative, both blue again white letter, saying, this is Fictional this is not even real, sixty nineteen project is decided that the leader is come out and said: well, we didn't mean to be history. This is journalism sore using journalist, lie and make a fact. I mean I don't even know what the new times even doing what it.
Very well funded and up until recently, I didn't think there was a counter to this attack but as always we don't know the mind of God and he is calling people into positions all over the world and I we're going to see miracles and one of those miracles is a man who is really born for these times. His name is Bob Woodson. He is the founder and president of the Woodson Center. We ve had him on a couple of times here recently. But I wanted to talk to him today. Part of our restoring hope broadcast today. Eight p dot m. But he was also on the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project episode for a few minutes last night because he started the counter one thousand seven hundred and seventy six unites com. The programme bob. How are you feeling Glenn, and God be with you again. So bad tell the american people exist,
Actually, what the sixteen nineteen project is, as I was looking into it in- is that we did our research on it, I was shocked at how well financed how well organised and how deeply, In now, in the system it already has become more what a lap has done, is they have used the legacy of the civil rights movement? and also the American America's birth defect of slavery, and they have used it. Define America, as in purely racist policy, giantess assembled a group of journalists. And not even researchers, and they have come together
reframe the birthday of America's being one thousand six hundred and nineteen one hundred and twenty african slaves arrived on a shore and not one thousand seven hundred and seventy six. Our contention. Is that because some of those from sign is up there of the council the declaration of independence were slaveowners big. Therefore, there there was written with by people who were hypocrites and therefore that the documents that they penned is also flawed and so is sexually. They are using. But black experience and the rich legacy of the civil rights movement as a framework to reach to me this country and claim it as being irretrievably racist and that in an all away, people are victim eyes and all black people victims, and if something is
your dna, it cannot be changed and that this message has been communicated and since the message is there you saying the black immunity as the messenger, the bludgeon, to try to destroy this country. We thought the messenger on the other side should be led by black sort of like the Civil rights coalition led by blacks but participated by all, and so we were set, border a lot of scholars, but also activist and we're offering not a counter debate, but a counter narrative too a challenge what they are doing, and it is in and for us to not make this some intellectual, jousting parent us, but we I'd leaders whose lives embody. The simple
plantation of the principles of our founders, because some of them were with drug addicts. Some of that were predators, but through God's gate grace they will be deemed, and so in that sense, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six that we put together is start. With sin, because America is founded on the whole notion of redemption, but the lab defines it by send left, and so what they're? Looking for cheap short cut, too Damson and destroy everything that is not pure, and so that's why they want to story, they monuments, the bay they want, to define their America by its birth defect, not biased, promised seventeen. Seventy six by contrast, defines and Erica by its promise in Iraq, isn't it going after the Lincoln, the patient statue is because when you try to destroy the truth,
The first thing you do is to destroy evidence of the troop, and so that's why they are targeting the statues it has nothing to do with racial justice because they eat the face the statue of Frederick Douglass. And ass. A result that there is an article in the guardian and twenty sixteen or are they talking about China, the communist government in China, and I just want to quote from this effort to commemorate the past, or often misleading or so fragmentary as to be meaningless. Almost all of the blacks it historic sites in China, for example, tell either partial histories or outright lies the com his party does not just suppress history. It re created to serve the present. That is exactly what is happening here, exactly
is it really is happening here, and that's why it is important for us to push back against as we are doing a lot of momentum. In other words, it is so insidious that the most popular- a book in Amazon and a socialist section. This communism for kids today, starting in, in the end a grades, therefore, we mounting, An offensive against this by we're developing correct Lamb, so so that parents and teachers and others. We have something competitive. We also beginning to develop histories so that their their whole claim to the black humanity. Is that the problems about a wedlock and the crime and violence that you seeing is a legacy of slavery. Discrimination will wither bunking that by preserving evidence that
and at the end of slavery and eighteen sixty five, seventy five percent of all black families, according to the record, so six major play patience had a man and a woman raising children and, as time is short where's, riding documents, that's for the next hundred years. The black family in our christian faith and our entrepreneurial spirit cause us to thrive and to it she's, in the midst of oppressive circumstances, and so we are. We are demonstrating this we're going to beat educating people that merit is defined by its promise and not by his birth, except lab Woodson? would soon is mine,
It is a religion bob. What is going on right now is a perverted evil religion and it is controlled by marxist added- is funded by really really wealthy. People who think The destruction of Amerika will play into their hands. But I I buy warn you, you cannot open a can of evil. Without it coming to get you in the end. Is running seventeen. Seventy six unites. You will see a little bit more from him as bring him into the cabin here at the standing rock ranch from the eighteen hundreds and we a little bit about what needs to be done and the future. If you there A few things that I'm gonna ask you to do tonight, but one of them is to support, organizations that actually make a difference
and one of those organizations is seventeen. Seventy six unites dot com by you and I are on the same page on one thing- we bow I firmly believe that the answer is going we're going to be saved or lost, but I believe, saved by the african american community, because their connection to God and enough is enough. There will be people that will stand and come to the rescue of this nation that, under stands? What really is at stake and how their being used and Bobby? think, you're, a big part of that solution. So thank you for being. Program. If you want to donate, go to seventeen, seventy six unites dot com. That's with an ass seventeen. Seventy six unites D. Com. More in just a minute. First, let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour: it's nets.
Weed, if you or, if you own or manage a business. You know right now, Heavens. You gotta do everything right right now There is no room for error. I I'm telling you I am more convinced than ever that this has been their powers to be have taken advantage of this, and they are intentionally now destroying our businesses, this but this please, but journal, because history is happening all around us and somebody's gotta be there to tell the truth on what really was happening in this country anyway. If your managing a business? God bless you, How do you survive? How do you, whether the lock downs you're, trying to round everything up, and you know put in some kind of order that this whole debacle do. You
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you can schedule your free product to her now at net, sweet dot, com, slash back, get your free guide and schedule, your free product or add net sweet dot, com, slash back net, sweet dot, com, slash back ten second stage and I have to tell you. If you get this thing on the air today, it is gonna, be a miracle we are out in the middle. What is happening here are killing me with this region you're telling me and in the audience, over and over again that this thing is gonna fall through a near and everything's on the line on all I'm nuts not going to it's not going to but it is going to take him miracle, but it's not going to
going to get. Why is it? Why are you worried about is why do we need in one word one word rendering right during the operative word here: oh yes, oh god, during every video editor in America. Right now is having knows stress yeah They will. Let me give you some more stress, here's what I found in the grocery store here in Idaho. And I think we know what it means I just reached up to get a loaf of bread and what Is it say? Oh my god doesn't even say bread. It just says why most well, just eight for a kind of Haiti's well just say stay away from here, black people, you don't get any of this. The oppression just doesn't star and you'll notice. I just don't you go to the grocery store and you put that in they put it in his own special bag and they it separately because of the fragility of the white bread. Now I get
special, I get a special lane the grocery store Darwin when you bring a plea of benzene white bread, it just as white just road like special laying in special lane for me, Tonight I too clock is restoring hope and oh, It is something that has been haunting me for a while, and I think it is the most important thing that we have ever done, which could be one of the reasons why we are having so many problems? I mean you wouldn't You wouldn't believe the things that have have happened to us. We ve we ve taped. You know a lot of this and have been out, recording and I'm not kidding you It started to downpour, it doesn't reign in this area in July it just doesn't rain or late June it was
Own pouring and we all stopped and covered all the equipment and a prayer and we're like for you just have to finish this. Please I'm I'm kidding you it rained around us it rained around us. Rain. All the way over happened where we were it was. Incredible, we finished and I'm telling you a storm of biblical proportions. I thought my flagpole I've about a hundred foot flagpole in my front yard. I thought that flagpole poll was gonna come down and and snapping half we had to go out. Take Lee before down because it was standing. Almost I mean the flag. Was it me? It was I've, never seen anything like it, trees. Were busted in this it was like sixty seventy mile in our wines, constant. I felt like I was in the wizard of OZ.
It happened right. As we finished, I mean it's, it's bits been really miraculous and that's why I say it's going to make it tonight, it's going to make it tonight because God always wins and if it is meant to be than it it will happen if it wasn't meant to be well, then that was my fault. But tonight from the standing rock ranch, and it's free on you too, but there are no commercials in it Nobody is getting paid for this; it is it's all volunteers. Who is very important to me that this was absolutely pure and uniting and Hopeful true, tonight. I urge you to watch this. Will your family because we begin to set history right. We begin to tell you some things that you have you probably never heard before
and if he were kids, are in school now I can guarantee you. They ve never heard it before, but when we are being taken apart and our history is being lost. We mustn't double down on teaching our children. What is true, what is right and we have to double down on our side of our own behaviour? You know can didn't didn't tell anybody. He made a covenant to free the slaves. You didn't tell anybody he begged. What do you want from me here, through prayer release, all of the slaves,
and he made a covenant, betting, wood and we started to win the war. Then he made a national covenant, but it begins with the individual tonight. You do not want to miss restoring hope plays tv to Facebook. How am I think cyber criminals, Oh my gosh. We live on the edge of so much of the time. We're criminals dont care, whether they hurt you or your family. When one steals, your identity happens all the time every single day they don't. You take your money. They take away your ability to feel secure. They take away your credibility. They take away your name the most import. The only thing you really own is your name in your credibility, the terrible truth is there cyber criminals, they don't care, listen
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This is the Glen by programme must be a very important show that we're doing denied because because every day they could go wrong has gone wrong but we will be there to night, come hell or high water. His will not mine. If it's not happening it's for a reason, I guess, but make sure you, don't miss it. I I I as always happens to us whenever it is, whenever it's super important everything goes wrong. And somehow or another miracles happen, restoring hope from these standing rock ranch on Youtube and Blaze TV tonight, you, don't want to miss it. Eight eight o clock is eighty, eight,
Eight o clock is sure you ve gotta opposite networks or be eight o clock on the dot. As is always the programming airs Maybe now and say that I mean seems like you. If you're airing at eight p m eastern you'd be put empty my show. What. I was not informed of. I don't know why I'm here, you know why my age to go home referee well, think! Well, you might want to stick around and you know: what's do that might be a really good act the really good idea. So anyway, we have. We have Larry swipe art on with us. Now he is, I would say, he's the the Howard's in of the right, except that's an insult, and I don't mean it that way. He is the correction to Howard's in here. He is the author of a patriots history of the United States, Larry welcome to the programme. How are you Glenn long time.
Long time so good to hear from you so Larry. We are re. Writing our history now I've never seen anything like it outside of MAO's China Is is, is that too strong a comparison? Not at all it s really shocking, together. Mcdonald s feasted answer: he Journal about how rapidly thing- unrolled, I mean just a year ago. Most of this was not going on at least not at this. This kind of speed Well, I think it was all go in the enlarged, correct me. If I'm wrong, I think it was all going on behind the scenes it was just yet this is not spontaneous. This is not spontaneous. What the what the the New York Times
George Soros funded organizations and random house or doing with sixteen nineteen project. Larry you're a historian any anything that you can compare this to. That is I mean it is: it is now being taught in school and it is not historically accurate in any way shape or form its stunning and ass. A nation is delayed, where it lay propagandizing against its own roots, against its own culture against its own found. This is never ever happened before in human history by the way I took up the sixteen nineteen, I get on my while world of history website with a lesson series called at sixteen twenty default. And my gallant- and I argue in patriot history that that the? U S, really,
was founded on the four pillars of american exceptionalism, nay, and those four pillars are now founded Jamestown, found only at Plymouth, the real potential founding of America starts at Plymouth with it Jen mostly price, that religious tradition with common law with private property. Titles and them with the free market economy and most it So, certainly the religious part in common law were not present a jamestown. So rather than trying to pick a part, the sixteen nineteen project on one this error that air we need to just discarded entirely, and they know that has nothing. Slavery has nothing whatsoever to do with the essence of American, well is it things you have to kind of pick it apart, and I mean it's very easy to do things that that they say like One of the reasons why the founders broke away from England was
because they wanted to carry on and protect slavery. Wolf that's not in any of the usurpations of the of the declaration of independence, was never uttered by anyone, and the king was the big per traitor of of slavery at the time and the founders, many of them joy, read their own words, many of them read. One of the main reasons they wanted to break away was because slavery was against, everything in the of the laws of God and and nature and the, felt. It was a violation of those things and they to get away all right as the edge yeah. Let's jump ahead to the northwest ordinance, ok, even before the constitution, with the northwest ordinance,
the Americans ban slavery in the old North West. That sets clear signal as to where this nation was headed. As you know, is the first real public law regarding slavery in the very first law they pass regarding slavery, abandoned so the soul. So the amazing thing is, is that we have this, but is exactly the same argument. That was me in the eighteen fifties, and it is- such an easy argument to take apart, because there James town was, English, coming over looking for gold in wealth and new lands to rape, I'll get the the the Plymouth. The experiment was a group people that we're coming away from that they wanted to get away from all of this. They came. Because they wanted religious freedom and they wanted to live in peace that that is
entirely different entirely different than James out and the land and the land that they settled. Employment was uninhabited. They took it for no one, internet already cleared out of there right. It was not just on inhabited. The native Americans felt that it was cursed land. If I'm not mistaken, because of plague. There was a more really bad plague that wiped out all of these Indians. And they would not return to that land, so that's the land that they that they inhabited right. We were all is ultimately here than in the direction of this line of this action is what will happen with public schools and What we see right now with the shut down There is no end in sight. I mean I'm here in Arizona and they keep pushing it back in and we don't know when public schools are going to reopen, but if and when they do, they will probably be
on half, a half day weeks or whatever, which means doubling the number teachers Et Cetera, Et Cetera, more and more online learning, and what I'm getting at is. There may finally be an opening to begin to deconstruct the public school entered yet education back in the hands of a brief, honourable people. My parents were blonde so Larry I mean To me, this is so logical, but I didn't really come to me until I have started to see it all come apart here and what our schools are doing to our kids There is no way for a government school to teach rebellion. I mean we were founded on. Rebellion to tyrants is a medium to God. Well, How can a government run school teach? Don't Thus, the government at that
Its ended up nicely it's really really hard, and you know that the peace by bigger and today on the universities, have sowing the seeds of their own destruction. I believe true, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take. But when you look at, for example, the likewise matter, infiltrating pro sport, only maritime, it's already happening to some college low I hear a number people about what I'm not gonna watch the NFL all watch my college with loathing black lies matter, in all of the college sports before too long and you'll see the same kind of boycott of the and I will be very interesting because a when they tear down all the statues and made they rename all the rooms and so forth, donors are not Can I give to a college build your class remit. Does it bear their name number one in number
to when they start attacking that the sports team and half or two thirds of the fans leave. That slices of the revenue from the college athletic programmes an incredible amount and then you're gonna see then the astonishing restructuring of the college's in you each one. Those two things happen I can only hope, Larry have we ever faced anything like this. Before I mean it is so clear to me that this is a well laid out and well financed plan, and it is on every front Lincoln was right for gonna give me destroyed, will be destroyed by ourselves. They'll come from within every we ever experienced any time like this. Where are? You are absolutely right that India was well founded, and I maintain that George Voyage death was not so much a
rigour as a convenient event for the go signal They were just well, I think so, totally ignored and ok. This is, it did not go in and they sent out the work on it. You're late. Eighteen, fifty the guy get a study about the lawlessness of the eighteen fifty There was even a very famous article called the civil war, was a crisis of law and order, and you found in eighteen, fifty thousand something all morning. And moving was occurring everywhere, north and south, and almost all of them are being hindered the issue of flavour either good or bad. At either northerners trying to free slaves or southerners trying to kill slaves or or free whites in the north, fearing slaves, are going to take her so this is a new but much more dangerous manifestation of the mob being that we saw in the eighteen fifty- and we know were that lets real,
Larry. I'm tired of hearing this about our founders that they got it they that we started on looting and drawing businesses with the with the Boston Tea Party. That was not about looting. That was bout sending a message to the king. It was it was only that they didn't take the tea for themselves. They were running out with old colonial televisions. Wasn't looting, chaos set that straight figure exactly right that they went and by the way they went on the boat. With the permission of the captives, Nobody opposed them because the goal was to say that the key and its along story, but that the t actually lowered the tax on tee, but because the increased enforcement it may tea, actually more expensive for the colonists I am and they were made the only thing we will not drink your tea. It wasn't we're gonna take your
T free, it was no. Yet this out a year. We don't want it. It was kind the Chinese are trying to do in the opium wars and the British wouldn't let em giants is now, no one will be about yeah you're, gonna, dig it yeah yeah, Larry. Thank you. So much a really appreciated author of patriots, history, the United States, a book that every one everyone should own. Thank you so much we'll talk again, Larry our sponsor this half hour, is simply safe. You know What's more fond and having somebody rob your house I mean, besides everything, somebody not robbing your house. That's actually more more important home invasions unfortunately still happen in this country and its it's terrifying. However it happens now, and it's only gonna get worse, there's one every twenty four seconds, which means by the time this commercial is done. Almost
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Your lesson TAT Glenn back one of our one of our editors and producers. Clayton is with us now. Can you just Can you give me an update you because I dont even know it? Rendering really is. It means the computer is just trying to put in final. It's like a final mix right. I just kind of takes all of the information and just kind of locks it in yes, all downward rendering these. Basically any of text that they did color correction or audio adding in music under stuff or putting like In the sound bites here or there, All that has is works off of a proxy file to start out with, so it that way can watch it and you can while you're editing it. You can kind of see what he s doing war. When you go to export you have to render all of that so that
Never to challenge you made is actually on the final product. How so I guess that's where there are perfect, so we're too thing about the special that runs tonight at eight o clock and we had serious complications last night and big chunk of it had to be all radon end and if we didn't the bamboo Regis just way. Vine have you heard update on this, because I half an hour ago, they were saying it might have to happen on on. I didn't night and then we will know it. It's happening tonight tonight at eight, So what is the latest update? Are you in touch with yeah. We were keeping contact in it seems like they're into the room your process a little ways but the the She with rendering massive projects like this and things that we ve done with? You
past for like the route specials or any of your other, whom you know some of the eighty illegal visuals yeah you you rent. Stuff and it renders and chunks. Basically, so if there's just as we have. No, I We have no idea really when it's gonna be ready, Now the rough estimate he ate it premier or whatever editing, saw we gonna to make it or not. We can a man. It might not that's all I wanted to, I I'm going to do everything in my power I and my colleagues in my four years. What we have here is what we need to do. We need everybody to pray at. This special makes it tonight at eight o clock eight p m Eastern. Restoring hope from the standing rock ranch hush get on your knees and pray for this one back programme.
America, it's Friday technically Thursday, but it feels like Friday is a three day. We again it is the it's the day that we have our restoring hope event here at this standing rock ranch, and we hope that you are with us virtually gather your family around eight p m it'll be free to our special free, free, eight p m eastern time. You can find it on Facebook, you'll find it on my? U to channel and of course, please tv dot com. We have coming up this, our somebody who is enabling these white people to celebrate their independence day and as the Democrats tweeted out earlier this week, Donald Trump is supporting white supremacy on July. Fourth, because he's going to be about Rushmore, we have the governor of South Dakota to talk about that and her fragility and whiteness all of that coming up and in one minute, a guy who will really be able to help us balance, security and freedom. What exactly do we do and can we get some freedoms back? That we have lost like, for instance, I don't know somebody coming into my house as a police officer and taking my stuff and never giving it back. Rand Paul joins us in sixty seconds. Is the Green box.
Program so Michael lives in Georgia, like like me as a german Shepard, who wasn't much of an eater. I don't always at a german shepherd thing because man Una would not eat, we would have to hand feed him now, Harley is Michael's German Shepard and she would eat dry, kibble food, definitely not her game. If Michael's anything like me, we we tried it. Everything Get her to eat he decided to do what I've done and that is give Harley. Some rough greens now add and sound good to me, but the dogs love it here, The first not mix rough greens into her food. She slowly began to eat and then Crazy maniac she destroyed it. That is exactly my experience. Its past experience, it stews experience with the Milo. I mean they choose. I love this stuff. It's not
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hey glad. You know it's a pretty radical notion. We have this idea where we thought of it that you should be innocent until proven guilty, but the government could not take your stuff unless they convicted of a crime, and but it's been going on a long time. This civil asset forfeiture. We have stories of like a young man, leaving Boston driving to California and his dad gives him one thousand dollars to set up shop in California and try to find his way somewhere along the road in Nevada, somewhere again stopped and a little town by trooper, whose Do you have any money says you're, gonna thousand bucks, my dad gave me says will prove to us that it's not a drug money and they said, while I don't know it just a thousand dollars in cash, and so the policeman then says well, if you see, this agreement, not a shoe us will give you five hundred back now when you can be on your way with five hundred bucks, it sort of way robbery. It's amazing! This went on and is to do for justice and other good groups have looked into this and it
amazing that we would allow people to take money, from somebody without a conviction without a charge and then where the money goes, the money go. To buying cars and television sets for the police who took the money they get to keep the money and spend it at the at the police house. That is actually hi highway robbery. I mean there's no other way to describe this. I had this first came to me, probably in the Eightys and Ninetys, maybe and remember, hearing a story of somebody who think the IRS said you know where's all this cash. You know we think that you're you're laundering money here whatever and they did and they lost their business, never got their money back. The king was never proven, it was flimsy to begin with, and there was nothing they could do. That was the first time I heard about it, and now I'm hearing more and more about situations, just as you described
and here another one year, here's another one. People had a hotel fully paid for and they found that The police were looking for hotels, it didn't have mortgages found. This hotel was completely paid off the guided inherited it from his grandparents and they well. We have identified. Some of your rooms being used by people who were selling drugs and they and we absolutely don't count and that we have rules against it will do everything we can to prevent this from happening and they identified like eight rooms and eight people over a ten year period of just you know. Hotel on the side of the road is gonna have problems with this, but what they did is they took. Try to take the entire hotel from the family. The entire. Hotel, because one it was paid off and two they came, with his charge that because drug dealers had had you, some of the rooms at the hotel people were so. How responsible is due for justice, I believe defended them. They actually won the case, but in open
What way without the Institute for Justice is help, it would have been Are we hundreds of thousand hours and legal feed just to try to protect the government from taking your business? So how did we start here? How did we get here Rand? How did it? How did that? How do we happen and had been happening for soil along it? Well intentioned people who think drugs are a scourge, and I dont disagree. I mean I don't want our kids on drug smuggling. Drugs are terrible. Illegal and I think we should could- should preach against that and persuade against that. But what we allowed is too much power to gravitate to the government on this. It's also part of what we have with some of the racial disparity. I dont think I country is consumed with racism? I dont think Arkansas countries, consumer prejudice. I think we ought to have less of it. Then we will have had for a long time. Many of us are bad up, are in many ways so much better than it was fifty years ago or forty years ago, when the laws have allowed a disparate amount of blackened
just to be caught in a war on drugs? Civil asset forfeiture now because of racism, but because there is more crime in poor areas in our cities and the police, patrol there more often because they're trying to stop crime into what happens, is low and the wide kid in the basement in the suburbs never gets caught with drugs, even though it may have on, but the black or the poor kid gets caught more often, and so our jails are are disproportionately full of young black men. Some of it is is unfair because the war on drugs, that's what we need to approach is more, is not obey racism issue, but more of an issue of how We approached them want drugs, and has it been unfair to some people so rand. Let me switch topics here with your for just a second and and ask you because I know the one thing that I can count on with ran Paul and just a handful of you guys. Is it you? and violate the constitution for security.
I am really concerned because it is absolute lawlessness, lawlessness and is surprisingly happening, with mainly democratic mayors and governors, and, They are I mean the job, of the government- is to protect its citizens from lawlessness. They're, not doing it locally, I want the top to come down and and be hard ass on it, but we have to have an end to this lawlessness. How can do it. Without violating the constitution or giving any kind of new powers that we don't want to give to the state the main thing- is you hit the nail on the head. We shouldn't back down and we shouldn just sort of acquiesced, people and mobs taking over our cities, but we
to be very loud. We have to loudly proclaim dead, not one major city or a very few major cities in our countries have had a republican mare in the last fifty years. Law of all is the main city in Kentucky we haven't had a republican medicines. Nineteen, seventy two and we ve got some problems there, but if their complaints about police force and complain to needs for reform they need. The the Democrats did this. The Democrats have run our cities are major cities for fifty years and the one thing I would point out- and I think it's too simplistic to make this all about racism- is that you know Chicago. A third of the police force is african. American. Most of the police chiefs have been african American. Most of the measures have been african American over the last fifty years. It is about just well racism, it's about fixing problems, but they're all damage so how people get away with blaming Republicans in Washington. For this, these are mostly local problems. Even President Obama, when he wrote about this, said that
ultimately, local officials in Minneapolis are going to have to fix it and it Minneapolis. There hadn't been a republican mayor since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two also. So I don't blame me to attach word attaches, but more law enforcement or local issues and Democrats and he d be self examining and asking themselves. Why have we been electing Democrats? Look Garner. I spoke out about our garner being choked to death, years ago, six years ago and Terrible is is about the same as a George, Lloyd thing the applause. You never fired him. Finally, danglars you runs for president in this sort of bizarre halfway run for president and then even They fired him but took him five years. Thing. We need to acknowledge it the union's get bad cops reinstated. Most cops good people, ninety nine percent of it. We cannot lose sight of that, but in many
was over the last eight years or been six really bad cops who were fired. One I'm broke some guys knows, while the guy was in handcuffs, that kind of stuff can't be tolerated, and even the police will tell you that, but then he got and stated by the union. So the unions are responsible for coming this up, but not one Democrat will mention that you hear them doing all their fake crocodile tears all over the Senate floor, but not one of them will admit to you that, yes, the union protects bad gobs is there anything that the Republicans can do and should be. Do I mean I feel like they're, just it's a waste there. Applicants are a waste right now. I think, Americans feel as though there is an insurrection that is happening. This is a very well funded laid out marxist attack, on our institutions and on our history, honour on all of it and
what he is willing to call this an insurrection I mean they are calling for the destruction of the United States of America and capitalism. Isn't there ain't constitutionally that This is why I still, I think there is push back and I think there is a growing silent and may be less than silent majority out there. And if you look at the poor people in Seattle, they are pushing back. They are saying my goodness, but see has elected a socialist to the to the City council out there there mare says: oh, this isn't in insurrection is a city of love, and these are acts of love as people being and this autonomous own, so yes or hast, we push back, and I think we always look to Washington for it, but really I'll take back our cities and we need to point out here spreading the city. You know she has lost. Think of it. They ve lost all of the cruise industry. They had a million people come into their every year on a cruise industry. Now that was some do the virus, but they also
conventions, big city shadows, a beautiful city and people having conventions of the climate school in mildness, summertime, guess what nobody Gonna come to a city that, as an autonomous zone, would people shooting each other and eighty it's running around, saying no police and define the police said she's going to have the people need to run for office there and they need to say the Democrats are in if a republican cat win run as an independent and say you're going to fix the things that Democrats have screwed up for fifty years, Thank you. So much ran Paul senator from Kentucky. But good work and please stay on guard with a constitution, appalled at Senate DOT, Gov hours answer: is american financing interest rates are now nearing another record low in response to the feds moves to encourage consumer spending judges mandate is like who can go the low? It's like limbo, limbo, yeah,
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Red nine, zero, six, twenty four forty, its american financing dot net ten second station. I d american financing, animal S. One eight do through three four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, Org, so a guy that served as the president of Dreadful university on line responsible for about eight thousand online adult learners in under different, fully agreed programmes is joining us. Now he is the author of numerous books, blah blah blah, but he still did something called our community salutes back in two thousand nine your Kenneth Hartman welcome to the programme,
It is really an honor. I've been a big fan of you going back your days in Philadelphia. Will you first came to our Holy cow, which you all upon yeah, yeah Thank you. Thank you. Perhaps we might showing- and thirdly you for your major contribution to a miracle salutes the factory, So explain what America salutes is so and you're, really at the heart of why this is happening so twelve years ago, when I was listening to your show, you inspired me two hours to take action to make community and in spite of being a universally president ride, I joined our local school board just outside Philadelphia. Why quickly? we are doing nothing to recognize you kid? You were a graduated from high school and who were? listening to regulatory again, I'm an old soldier, but I was an officer out and see all that stuff a hundred years ago, so I started a dinner back into them.
Nine for all the kids in carry a beautiful, then euro, six years but to other people, We'll get out about this is that we call our community fleet, and I got a call from a woman in Pittsburgh, say to her, which did can help us. Do it, I'm sure, and then more work get out across the country and twelve years later this year we have arguments ceremonies in over fifty locations we honor palaces and thousands of high school fears and their appearance. Wireless didn't military include by the way are nine ceremonies in Texas, spun Colbert nineteen came along and cancel all of them so get no soldier regulation. I decided to do something virtually and that's what a miracle solutions- and I gotta tell Ya- is double- Remarkable humbling experienced my life that country has come out. Celebrities like yourself had contributed to it. It's going to be a historic and and scars studded event on Saturday.
So this is, this is actually to say thank you to those who are going in to military service, and I gotta go that's kind of daunting right now for a lot of people with what's going on in the cities, you know that The what's being said about the nation and everything else I mean I was how are our enlistments going, not good not good and again. This is for the class of ninth class of twenty twenty Iceland fears, as to why who are listing directly as your peers are going off the college and there in the watch tower in what we're fine you re now going we'd someone's been reading the newspaper we are facing a national security crisis as the military. Not meeting the roman goals, because industry calls because of up what's going out and in recent days in the cities, have caused many of these Highschool seniors to withdraw their.
That's. Why you're a great advice to the high school Steve about in the show about our nations history in the constitution is so important. That's why we gave me no and we created a amazing, a part, a guy to view a constitution that we gave the ten thousand highschool syn. And that's why Saturday we'd, a million Americans to come to our american friends that, U S and sign our virtual. Thank you hard to the class of twenty twenty Heisman Steersman appears. They must know that There are countries behind them, especially now more than ever is so important that they come watches shall find that virtual. Thank you. Are so that we can tell them that your country is behind them,
that is really important in these times, police are having a hard time with recruits. The military is having a hard time, and the silent must not be silent, and this is a really easy way for you to help it. Happening this Saturday. When you go to America, salutes dot? U S and signed the thank you card for these. It would be great if we could get a million people to sign that. I urge Repose this on Facebook and twitter and everywhere else and get, people to sign this virtual. Thank you card because This is our future. So go to America. Salutes DOT, U S! America salutes dot. U S! Kenneth thank you so much, and it's always nice to hear from somebody. You said that you know something I said prompted them to do something in, I didn't know that and I think that's
I'm honored by that you doing real good. Thank you. Thank you, sir. You're gonna. Be watching thanks? thanks a lot. Doktor Kenneth Hartman America salutes DOT. U S. Aright I don't know if you know those with the Democrats tweeted out just the other day and boy how right they were Donald is celebrating white supremacy by going and celebrating the fourth of July at Rushmore well, We have governor of South Dakota in her white fragility on here in just a second to answer for this horrid horrid prime of fourth of July. It now Rushmore Next Grand Back program. You believe it-
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Governor Christie NOME is here to explain her whiteness, She is, she is the governor of South Dakota. We is practically a slave state, even though it never had had any slaves in south gotta, We all know that still enslaving people now and the President wants to go and celebrate his whiteness the by going to Mount Rushmore on the fourth of July, Governor NOME. Well. Thank you for answer to show. I order you answer to those charges. I firmly we reject that notion. I I can't even really we're having this discussion in America today, Well, I will tell you this: there is a sordid history about Mount Rushmore in those mountains, but it's
its old history, and I don't have a problem recognising it, but Mount Rushmore has never been a symbol of white supremacy. Can we agree island absolutely now- It's always ban right, a place to honour leaders of this country that did specific there to ensure our liberties and our freedoms that need to be remembered and told the future generation so nobody's ever said that any of our path leaders were perfect or that they did not fly. Are they didn't make mistakes, but they did incredible things that they are impacting our lives each and every day here, and that is why their memorialize down this mountain and why we go there and take our families and visit and tell the stories of them and the accomplishments if they have, because today, worse standing on their shoulders and enjoying our freedoms because of the work that they did
I will tell you. I would not be surprised if they, if things continue to go the way they are and There is no turn around from here. I would not be. Surprised, if Mount Rushmore didn't exist in my lifetime. Well, I'm alive, it also exists. I mean I'm gonna mountain, it is, it is it it's a national monument. That is a treasure to our country and in fact, I'm working to raise. Some funds, to take these four men and put their statute on our stay capital. I I oh, I want to put these four men on the around the dome. We have the infrastructure in place. I just need to pay for the statues, but while the rest of the country is tearing down monuments, I want topic. But to be known for putting up monuments and telling this country's history, because it is so important for future, that we learn from our past and we stand how we got to where we are today and if other states wanna take different paths.
South Dakota, it's gonna be different and we will stand up and tell the World ah you you just have to. Let me know about that project. As I I'd love to help you am, I lucky. I help you with that, so The president is coming on Saturday. The crowd is controlled. You have to have a ticket, I assume and there's only so many people that can be there. What are you expecting on protests act? coming on Friday, so be great. If also protesters thought it was Saturday Crown method it. A little now put me and TAT S actually right, but he's coming on Friday and the third, because we are. Traditionally, that's once more than fireworks always happened about Rushmore and gave everybody opportunity to wake up on July. Fourth, on independence day with on there,
Tv screens view of fireworks going over my Rushmore and gave us the opportunity really talk about the special place, what independence means. So he is coming back to me, rich, more and the third is spent eleven years since we ve been able to have the fireworks they were taken away during the Obama administration and one of the First things I asked the president's bore as soon as I one election as governor was: could you help me get fireworks back at Mount Rushmore and He growled so upset and go ahead. You go ahead. No, I just saying in it so interesting to hear, because what I've been reading from the New York Times and others is that it wasn't Obama taking that away. It was the foreign service and the National Park, or because the Ets, a tinder box up there and the whole thing would go up in flames. If you had fireworks. Is that not true
was environmental concerns and but obviously those entities are within and administration within the federal government and it was well born. I was in office that that that was decided that they were going to stop. Having Fireworks Obermeyer Rushmore, ironically, fireworks happened throughout the black hills and several other communities. At the same time, the only on that weren't after the one get we're at Mount Rushmore, but we now gotten them back. We gone through a year of environmental processes, we contrary to permitting processes. The national park service has been doing troll burns in back burn is making sure that we ve done assessments and met all the. Ensuring. So, even though we are having fireworks back at my Rushmore, you know we ve comply. With all of the environmental concerns that may be out there to do this correctly and safely and have a wonderful about so boring are too as the Secretary of the Interior spent and have to work with on it, and it would have gotten done without his help,
with me and the president constantly pushing to get it done well governor. I appreciate your hard work in and appreciate the way you ve handled, Cove id and in everything all the way along I would like to be the first to be: oh, arrogant enough to even asked the question last year, with this fourth of July, we were supposed to be in Gettysburg and we were working on a fireworks presentation very different and regularly Roy. We quite amazing- and I would love of place to do it- is it possible at all that do that Mount Rushmore MA? be available next year to do something We now we're going to continue the tradition of having fireworks there at Mount. Rushmore this year obviously leaves pulled out all the stops. We ve got fly. Over the blue angels are here we ve got several different
military aircraft. That will be there doing some special things. The president will give a speech day, the U S, Airforce banned or be they're playing it the especial about? We had a lottery system particulates, a hundred and twenty five thousand people method within two days and to receive the seventy five hundred tickets. That can be given on on the place. People are coming from all the country to enjoy it this year, but we will tell the story of The country are history. I think the president's speech will focus on how important these leaders are in the mountain and, it'll, be agreed to launching pad for your event next year as well. We're going to continue that here too, we Dakota we value this country, an opportunity we get to wake up here every day crazy horse. They they still do fireworks there do they not
You know I'm not sure if they do fireworks actually at crazy horse. They do some special events there and there is several communities, rural close by their that duty fireworks, but an outer, though, how does it Go ahead, I'm sorry, no creating so just a really special place, as well as sacred to the locomotive nation and a native Americans in the area, and it is in entire mountain being carved today and still work done to honour crazy horse is leadership to our native american people, so that some just not too far from our Rushmore. It's a wonderful thing to hear our people in the area as well. Its truly a wonder of the world. I think it's it do you think my Rushmore is impressive, crazy horse when it will be finished. Probably around the year three thousand thirty.
It is going to be absolutely remarkable. I mean it's amazing at its of private family. They won't take any government money to do it in its. It's really remarkable How does it is a sacred mountain? All of those are sacred mountains. Is it Us Mount Rushmore. That is an offence to the the native Americans, or is that overblown or or what there is actually other locations in the black hills that they consider to be very sacred. I I do know that the entire black hills. Many within the native american community believe is that it belongs sit down and people will have to study or history to really see where they land on that, but there has
some legal action in some some some decisions in court regarding bat and those decisions that regardless there is always consultation with native american tribes, done everything even with its event at Mount Rushmore, there was consultation with tribes. Make sure that we were complying with the to balance its there, so that something that I hope everybody recognizes that we think is incredibly Worthington. We did consult with them, as this was planned and making sure that we honoured that Governor Chrissy NOME from South Dakota have agreed time this weekend and and celebrate the the true meaning of independence day, and that the true promise that those documents that were signed on July second July. Fourth, really promise too Everyone, no matter their color thank you so much pressure exactly yet thanks. So much
You have a great day you to buy you know it's, it's it's a to me that don't recognize the bad things in our history end and, quite honestly, what we did to the native Americans, especially The native Americans in South Dakota me a hundred years plus was horrible It was truly horrible. You know it it with made ended in were wounded knee, which I ve been trying, to get the The congressional medal of honor winners, too risk. Since all of the national metals of honours to anybody who received one for wounded knee it was it was
it was a slaughter and we knew exactly what we were doing. At least the leader, the key in from Washington. He was the heap he didn't care. He had his own point of view about the native Americans and he didn't care and it was a slaughterhouse panned. A massacre and it was wrong- and we should recognise those things but we should also recognise that there is a lot of people then, and a lot of people now that of that, Their spirit from Davy Crockett and a priest eight, the native Americans, I'm I. My ranch is part of sacred territory. From there, of american tribe and is the Shoney's and we we take it seriously thereof, There are indian prayer circles on one of the hills of our ranch and
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here in Amerika that very famous stew can terrorist group still do not have the name of that terrorist group is that what you're trying to cover for as our selves do out. Stu Terrorism is this. What we can assume is going to be on tonight special. I can't wait to why it might be a mind me at eight o clock. It might just be me, go and is not ready, yet it's not ready at all out of guys we're at night, Israel ever said: let's just get a shot here of the counter, as it Kip clicks up to them to a hundred I may just do a facebook live today. Just watching the counter host watching the gown or are we going to make it for an eight o clock show its in in edit land? It's called rendering and
taken a little longer than we thought, but no big deal no big deal. Just abba at work, we're trying to run on time. Eight o clock tonight restoring hope. Tell your friends bring your family together and join us for restoring hope. If you want to join Blaze, TVS family, you can do it and save twenty percent right now. Just use the ass code fight the mob. That's blaze, tv dot, com, slashed land, land, back programme, promo code, fight, the mob
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