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Hour 1  Give me (Religious or Sexual) Liberty or give me death?...President Trump's new EEOC pick is terrifying and you should be outraged...who is Chai Feldblum?...Sexual orientation rules all... ‘We should similarly not tolerate private beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity’...Republicans won't fight this appointee ...FBI hired Best Buy's 'Geek Squad' as 'paid informants'?...our government is spying on everyone ...this is how fascist regimes start…Chilling to the bone: White farmers preparing for race war in South Africa...3rd largest political party... ‘cutting the throat out of whiteness’...Run when someone says, ‘Something’s got to be done’   Hour 2  Nobel Peace Prize in waiting?...North Korea requests direct nuclear talks with President Trump ...Bill O'Reilly...Word of the Day?...Huge victory for Trump; can North Korea behave for 6 months?...Inside President Trump’s 'playbook'?...Smoot-Hawley, Bill's favorite country singer? ...Trump likes Sessions again, but why? ...Should we be praising a president who's meeting with a terrorist?...can the situation be defused or not?   Hour 3 Former Russian double agent poisoned in London ….Better off not finding the truth?...Chemical weapon attack in Europe...Russian act of war?... ‘deny, deny, deny,’ but we know who did this ...should Trump meet with Kim Jong Un?... this ‘hermit kingdom’ is now a nuclear power…Stand against President Trump’s new ‘radical' EEOC appointment: Call your senators today and let your voice be heard ...The Pepsi Challenge: Fracking fluid or Roundup?...Stu would like some aspartame with his Roundup, please ...Colorado Family Accidentally Eats Cereal with 1997 Expiration…granola older than their 11-year-old daughter…Glenn has something to confess The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Love courage, Glenn. This may be the hardest The decision of my radio career, which Stories are going to get on the train. Today we have a trade war that is beginning. We have gun control that is getting very serious. We have trump And Kim Jong own meeting we had a terror. Attack and by Russia in the UK we have south Africa going into full fledged race wars where they are going to seize the lands of white people. And they are already starting to just slaughter white people, and we
have Chai Chai Feldblum, I'm going to start there, the first, the first on the train, because it is something that we actually change? This is something if you stand up will change and if Don't stand up. We may lose the first amendment. Action on religion. Which is more important to Americans San liberty or religious liberty. And do you believe that there needs to be a choice between the two, because I don't. But if we had to choose, I would say traditionally it would be religious liberty, because that's why America was settled in the first place. That is the cornerstone of our constitution, but that's my opinion
but it is definitely not the opinion of Chai Feldblum do not mistake. Try for somebody that will not affect your life. Do not mistake her for a Starbucks beverage either she is a dangerous person that it's been appointed to a very dangerous position trump has appointed her to the EEOC, the equal employment opportunity, commission and just now noticing how radical she is, The pointed her in December trial to label herself as a lesbian, with a crippling anxiety disorder? Now this was before she mentioned her commission roll it's telling where her priorities are. This is a woman who is on the record, saying things like I'm having,
hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win section liberty should win in most cases quote We should similarly not tolerate private beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity quote a law that permits. No individual exception based on religious beliefs will be the least restrictive means of achieving the goal of liberty for gay people. The Republicans are not going to stand against this appointment. Unless you rise up, try a government employee who lets her personal private sexual orientation affect every. Aspect of her professional work, it is highly professional and not not to mention unconstitutional.
I should one person with a very clear agenda, be able to dictate how you run your business, because this will change everything. Trump has made some really great appointments throughout his presidency so far, but the This is not one of them, and this must be stopped. We begin there right now. It's Friday March. Ninth you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. Can you imagine Can you imagine what would be said by the Republicans and the Senate? If Barack Obama would have appointed somebody to the EEOC. Now, just so you know the uh uh
the EEOC wields power over property rights social norms and disc haitian laws. It holds an unconstitutional Quasi legislative and quasi judicial power to Trump Trump up no pun intended and adjudicate charges against business, is an colleges over quotas and discrimination. This Will change everything? If your religious and do believe. One thing and it causes you to do- let's say what dicks is doing getting something that everybody has access to, but Dick's has decided that people under twenty. One should not have the constitutional right if based in religion. You- will not win if it's based
In political correctness, you will it listen. I want you to listen to these full quotes when religious orientation, I'm sorry sexual orientation, an religious freedom come. The conflict, I'm having. Hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win sexual liberty should win. In most cases there can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases Sexual liberty should win because the only way the dignity of gay people can be a and in any realistic manner. Now I want I understand something really clearly, I have no problem with most homosexuals
having all the rights and living and working and everything else there, people there, people, that just live a different way than I do. What's the big deal, let it go people, however, Just like I'm not going to force them. To live a certain way. They cannot force. Others to live. A certain way we have got to There is no idea There is no idea that should be terrifying. There are people with ideas that are terrifying. What prize me in today's world or people with ideas that believe add. Only their idea is the
idea. Only their idea is the one that should be heard and discussed and is valid those people, and that idea scares the hell out of me. If we want to be a free society, and we must start taking responsibility of our own lives. We have to blaming everyone else for our mistakes. We have to stop blame and everyone else for our problems. We need He did take responsibility for our own life and then on top of it, we must start too tall great one, another quote just as we do not tolerate price. Racial beliefs that adversely affect African Americans and commercial arenas, even if such beliefs are based on religious views,
should similarly not tolerate private beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity that adversely affect the ability, of LGBT people to live in the world for all my simple for the evangelical christian couple who may wish to run a bed and breakfast from which they exclude unmarried straight couples and gay couples the point where I believe the zero sum nature of the game inevitably comes into play and making the decision in this zero sum game. Convinced society should come down on the side of protecting the liberty of LGBT people notice. She leaves out the unmarried couple here as well. I believe granting liberty to gay people advances a compelling government interest. The government has.
There's no interest except protecting the rights of all of its citizens. Government was a stab. Wish to protect those rights and when that government becomes hostile hostile to that purpose, it is the people. Right and responsibility to abolish such government. That's a butchering off the top of my head of the declaration of independence, It's the only reason. That's the only intro. The government has but I believe, granting liberty to gay people advances a compelling government interest that such an inch This cannot be adequately adequately advanced if pocket, of resistance to a societal statement of equality are permitted to flourish? hence that a law that permits no individual exceptions based on religious beliefs. Let me say that again law that permits no
individual exceptions based on religious beliefs. Will be the least restrictive means of achieving the goal of liberty for gay people. This is the nominee, for Eeoc. I have received messages from people in the Senate who have said Glenn, the GOP He is not going to stand up and we're being crushed bye GOP standing up, saying, wait! Wait! We I've never accepted anything like this. It is go. Her nomination is going to go through unless you stand up this changes everything. She has quasi legislative powers, she will have
quasi- Judicial powers where she can it Judy places in the EEOC if you thought, the wedding cake thing was a problem, you haven't seen anything yet. The GOP would would be going crazy. Crazy if this was if this person was Appointed- and I would expect it to be appointed Hillary Clinton and we would stand up and fight it. But we're not because No one wants to stand up against their own party. It is imperative for just liberty for her to be stopped
please prove those naysayers wrong that under a Hillary administration. The GOP would provide balance and stop crazy things, but under a GOP administration they won't stop them, rules that wrong stand up and get your senators to say no to this nomination. Looking to constitution here, I'm finding the religious liberty part of it, but the sexual liberty, I think, has been deleted from my copy notes there. I just don't see it is not there ' axis mention: is it? Do you can't stop people from voting I you don't we're not talking about LGBT we're talking now also she's, including gender identity, that is, I've, decided I feel more like a woman than a man. Okay? You can say that all you want, but
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Real estate agents. I trust dot com, sell your home on time and for the most amount of money and the least amount of worry state agents. I trust dot com, Glenn Beck Mercury, Glenn Beck, this, this religious liberty thing is man go back. Please please, please, please go back and watch today's or this week what was it Tuesday and Wednesday episode of R5? Lock, show on the blaze com, theblaze, dot com. Be there on demand right now and it free you just just. I don't even know, I think, in your email address and you can watch it for free and you watch it for a week but watch two shows please and tell friends to watch. Those shows down
of how arc our bill of rights is being violated right now and has been violated for the last twenty years, at least, but we've. Doubt a case every Single one include the quartering of soldiers we found two, different ways and, quite honestly, my theory. And then the third amendment I think, is absolute. Correct. The third amendment is the forgotten amendment. Oh they're, going to court soldiers well why Why did the? Why is it in there? That's in there as the king, it's followed by Fourth amendment you're securing your papers, persons and property, the king without and without war would just come in and say all these soldiers have to live with you and their job was to are on you their job.
Was to look at all of all of this and say what are they doing go through their papers? So that's the third info What is the NSA doing? What is try this one on for size this week the FBI is been in cahoots with best Buy's geek squad for the last decade. According new documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation via the free, of Information ACT and Fbi memo obtained by the nonprofit digital rights group reveals that best buy in September two thousand and eight hosted a meeting of law enforcement agencies and their cyber working group at the Geek Squad Repair facility in Kentucky the memo indicates that the local FBI division has maintained a close liaison with the Geek Squad's management in an effort to glee initiations and to support the divisions, computer intrusion and cyber I'm programs, the rebel
sons of the FBI's relationship with best buy first surface. Last year, during a prosecution of a California doctor who was charged with professional possession of child porn after bringing his computer to geek. For repair. This is potentially circumventing computer owners. Fourth, amendment rights in Wednesday's statement to PC magazine best Buy said that four of its geek squad employees may have received a payment from the FBI. After turning over computers to the FBI now look things got to be done because of Born something is being done, weird, Doing it legally through you are, we are doing everything we can legally. And we are winning this battle if you were going to say something has to be done every time and you
don't care. What what right is being lost, then we are lossed as a nation. The third amendment of quartering soldiers. I can tell The NSA is using digital soldiers, the say is in every single home in America going through, our papers, uh they're, not reading them, are spying on every American in this country. That's the quartering of soldiers and that's the least of your worries- every single amendment in the first ten amendments are currently being violated and it's why we have such chaos, because we have made pollet, and politicians, our God,. These rights. These rights are, what make you human.
How is it that Kim Jong Ill can get away with what he does Kim Jong Moon? How can he do this, because the state tells you who's human and not as rights house. China doing this, because the state doesn't wreck Nys human rights, it's what makes You, human have certain rights that are inalienable. No one can take these away because I'm human, the, all being lost right now we're all being lossed under the guise. We've got to do something we do have to do things. We do have to improve, we do have to make. Or that everyone. Everyone has the right. To live and be who they are, but not at the expense of other right. Call your senator two day called
two day and stop This nomination, Glenn Beck mercury, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, you think about what led to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis of the Soviet Union and Stalin or MAO in China it's easy look back and wonder how did people fall in line? How did this all happen? It's like we were talking about yesterday with the Netflix, show the push. How do you get so buddy to murder. Eighty eight innocent person, cold blood in ninety minutes. Yeah start small.
There's no way any of this could happen today. It's happening in South Africa. What's going on currently in South Africa mirrors the rise of every fascistic or marxist totalitarian in the last one hundred years to the letter. Last week, the south african Parliament voted to confiscate land from the white farmers without compensation, the time for reconciliation is over. White farmers are about to have their property force forcefully seized by government rapidly headed towards racism, bigotry and a race war. What is happening in South Africa should chill every person on earth to the own much like the violent. An anti semitic rhetoric from the german workers party back in the early twenties
no one in South Africa over the past decade, took the issue of land redistribution from white people seriously and then an named Julius Malema began, posing it around two thousand and eleven, but back then he was just a thug people he was just a just a racist thug in food two thousand and ten he was kicked out of his political party. He was indicted in in court for citing violence towards white people, one particular political rally. He attended. He led the masses gathered in the streets in a song called kill the white man. He in some time in jail to cool off, except but he formulated a kind of a manifesto while he was in jail gee. I wonder if that's never happened before he
All of this and created his own political party called the Economic freedom fighters now he's a marxist. It's a This marxist group, that advocates black nationalism. Nationalism is fine. You might think there is no way something like this could go mainstream. It is now the third largest political party in South Africa, their political grow, A poll has grown so much that they were able convince the entire parliament that we quote half to do something, and they did. They did that something that every one of them scoffed at just seven years ago,. They're going down the road of Zimbabwe Bob Way said
If the white settlers came here couple one hundred years ago, and they just took the land from the black people, then we can right to do that as well. Hello, see how it worked out quickly for Zimbabwe in One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven before the seizures began Zimbabwe, Is economy was one of the strongest in Africa. It was the bread basket of Africa today after the bloodshed, the horror and the theft It now relies on the international community for food for one quarter of the population. Zimbabwe consistently now has unemployment rates over ninety percent, the bob way in government is considered to be considering retroactively. Compensating the white farmers with eleven billion dollars set years after the farm seizures in two thousand Zimbabwe?
these economy is in ruins. The agricultural output is an app dilute disaster and now the new zimbabwean black farmer and owners are quiet. Reaching out to the white farmers who they didn't kill, but just off their land and saying. Can we partner. Zimbabwe CS thirty: five million acres of white owned land, but here's the thing. As old marxist Leninist. Revolutions, do they didn't give that land to the people they insist Ed gave that land, because it was a rightful inheritance of the black man to have that land? Instead, Mugabe Gave forty percent of those thirty five million acres to loyal administers scene.
Army and government officials and judges. Oh, and he also took six thousand five hundred acres himself. Seizing land and demonizing a select group of people white black straight gay, christian Muslim, it doesn't matter, it is the playbook to power. For fascist and radical leftist for decades and slaughter always follow after mail sees the farmland he went on a mass killing spree because is starving, people had to resort to cutting flesh. Their own inner thighs and feeding it to their children. Of MAO's greatest admirers, maybe your kids have one of the t shirts, with his face on a Chey
arvold at the way land redistribution led to the furthering of social justice, CHE's social justice to cube Farmers ended up with them staring down the barrels of a firing squad. This is the erection that South Africa is going on Sunday the new president of South Africa, waste his plans and he said we're going to disposing of the white politicians quote we're starting with this whiteness. We are cutting throat out of whiteness meanwhile, crimes against the White Farm, all across South Africa or getting worse and worse on March tenth, two thousand and seventeen a six. Four year old woman on a remote farm was assaulted during a six hour long attack she was burnt with an iron in the bag. Was overhead head in attempt to try to smother her. Her feet were in.
Failed with electric drill and the attackers threatened to cut off her legs grinding machine in May twenty one thousand six hundred and sixty eight year old man was cruelly tortured with a towel that was pushed down. His throat in a piece of wire was wrapped around his neck to strangle him. He died during the attack with this sounds like the 1950s in America. Good they deserve it. Is that what this leads to. In June, two thousand and sixteen couple on a rim farm in Northern South Africa was burnt with irons during an attack. Robert Lynn, sixty six, wife sue sixty four attacked on their farm two o'clock in the in February 19th this lad, February Robert was with a knife on his back and his legs and he was burnt on his feet. His legs stomach with a blowtorch. The attackers left.
Bird in a field and Sue was found next to the road where she still alive with a plastic bag bound over her head. She later died in the hospital, I just got a note from a friend who said down street, where he lives. One hundred and sixty. Year old Farmer, a white guy, a map came to his house, they dismembered him. With his wife watching from a window in the house in horror, no was coming. They had bars on or is in the windows and she barricaded herself in and the mob surrounded her house and burnt it down to the ground with her inside well. That sounds like Poland. No matter where you are in South Africa, you're in Iraq,.
No matter where you are. If you see your country going down these dark paths, you've got to stand. Dietrich, Bon Hoffer, a man who saw his own country deteriorate into evil and hate said it best silence in the face of evil. His evil itself, God is not going to hold us. Guiltless not to speak, is to speak. Not to act is to act.
The I have a I ask you again today, I'm sorry to bring all this to you. This is just the it's in front of me. The news today and we're trying to get all of it. It makes sense of it and there's just some really pressing things today. Got a call. Your senator call your senator and This nomination from the EEOC. This is going to change religious liberty in the first amendment dangerous, please spray for those in South Africa, all around the world. And learn the meaning and the value of our bill of rights. Simply safe. Is the
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at simply back dot com and protect your family. The simple, easy and efficient way back dot com, Glenn, Beck, Mercury, Glenn Beck Run run. When you hear somebody say: something's got to be done, run I'm I'm really concerned that the GOP is is not going to stand up against anything that is that is proposed because we don't want to rock the boat, we've got to stand for
in principles, and one of those is trade. This this trade deal, I'm sorry, but Mister President, please talk to some of the advisors, an the the thousands hundreds of thousands of economists that and show you that trade wars are not easy to win, and it's it's not a good idea because it hurts the average person- and I I understand how the average person I mean. Look. Average person who has not had a raise your not feeling the recovery, and you feel like China, is screwing us Mexico is screw. All these people are screwing us and you want something done. Ok, well. We have to understand a couple of things. First of all, most of the jobs in the steel industry. Are not being taken overseas, they're being replaced by robotics, and that is something that we, all have to deal with, and that's why I've been
big on ai and robotics, because you have to understand millions of jobs are going to be lost and the end first, the politician, point overseas, but that will be a lie. The second is, they will start to point Silicon Valley and they will say the robotics people are taking your job. Well, what are you going do going to stop progress? Some will say: yes, some will say yes and I understand how frightening this is and how people are struggling. But what is being said by the steel? to about the steel industry is is not true. It is a power grab, when is when somebody says this is a national security interest. I believe me, I've read History of world war. Two, if we didn't have the
industry that we had, if we didn't have the manufacturing might and the the cheap energy that we had. We we all be speaking german today, so I stand that we have to have a steel industry, and I have thought about this years ago, when we were losing our steel industry, but our Industry went down and then recovered. Now it's never recovered the way it was. It never will, but right now seventy some percent. What is the exact number? Do you know of seventy two point: five percent. Ok, so we only import about twenty, five percent steel, seventy five percent of our steel is made here in America, where the fourth largest steel production country in the world, and if even if you go back to the old days, we were second and John, you're being lost because it used to take. I don't remember the exact number twenty men to make a ton of steel it. Now
it's less than ten. It's like four five. Isn't it Is it it's remarkable easing production because production is going up, job numbers are going down, that's what we're going to face in all of our industries, because Knology is changing the pen, on his come out and said: look at Out of all the american steel made in a year we meet All the needs that we have it's only using three percent of that steel. That's for Mathis! By the way this is a our grab to get around Congo. And the Senate, this Senate and the GOP to stand, up for principles and constitutional powers. Glenn Beck. Mercury,
love courage. True Glenn, back in bizarre development, president agreed to meet with Kim Jong earn who did hear that right, apparently not a joke, and I hope the that brings a taste tester with him. South korean officials were at the White House to brief top administration officials about S Korea's recent talks in North Korea. And, according to the south korean officials, Trump agreed to meet Kim Jong Hoon said that he would hold nuclear test and move towards taking all the nukes out of his country. They also said Kim Jong Moon understood that joint US, south korean military exercises will continue as planned, south korean
national security advisor announce the future meeting. In a brief statement at the White House, he said Kim Jong Un Express Express Ernest to meet President Trump as soon as possible the White House said we don't have a you know me. Scheduled yet, but it soon will be earlier yesterday said a letter delivered by the South Koreans to President Trump contained Kim Jong Uns message about getting Have all of his Nuqsan wanting to meet with the president. A senior inspiration official, later told reporters that Kim's message was verbally delivered by the south korean officials during their oval office briefing with Trump the same senior official tried to downplay the proposed meeting saying what we're talking about out is an invitation by the leader of North Korea to meet face to face with the President, United States, the president as accepted that invitation In the meantime, the status of Current sanctions and pressure remain unchanged. Trump said he.
North Koreans are sincere in their desire to meet. He credited are very strong, very, very strong sanctions and increase chinese pressure. CNN was right that if pulls this off. He will be remembered just for this alone. As a great president. However, in today's upside world upside down world, I expect the spell peace prize to go to Kim Jong Une an not Donald Trump. If it were achieved But we've got a long way to go. No sitting us President has ever met with the leader of North Korea give Carter did visit North Korea in nineteen. Ninety four and then hug it out with Kim IL sung. North Korea hinted around about freezing their nuclear weapons program back at that time, as well was twenty four years ago, unfortunately, the most like
the thing here. Is that the more this change the more stay the same in Korea Friday March, ninth you're listening to the Glenn Beck program Bill O'Reilly from Bill O'Reilly dot com is a joining us now bill. First of all, I can't say anything but good things about this. Development I mean. It is because the president was so strong on North Korea that, at least brought them to the table. But what do you make of this deck? You can't say anything bad about it or what's MSNBC been doing all morning. They say that this so far, and it's just to deflect their words. Way from stormy Daniels, ok, so hang on just a second! I don't want to talk about. I don't care, I'm going to play I don't care about MSNBC. Now
Bigger deal and you should care because This goes to the whole. Part of information flow I thought everybody listens to Glenn back almost everybody and me bill. O'reilly, almost everybody does, but not everybody I understand you understand that, but here's the thing on this particular issue, oh I've had people write to me. I've had family members write to me and say what this mean what what is this really mean, and I like it, I don't About MSNBC here is, I know you don't care and you're right not to care, but it's bigger than them. He hasn't missed and something they don't do stuff in a vacuum there. I know right there there not ordered to do it. But every morning in your audience should know this every single morning, there's a fax and to all the left wing loons in the media. All right and the it says here are our talking points today:
Bing Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, all right and then you can see it on the television is very few left wingers on the radio, so you don't hear it a lot on the radio all right. What does this mean? So the The key thing here is the chinese bird into the ear of Kim Jong Il but you better knock it off, because it's bad for business, our business, chinese, business, okay, all thing that you're doing here, trying to be a Provoca tour trying to I was. It's hurting our business and our this is not that good right now, so Communist China, their economies, not that great they're not making China great again at this point, ok they're not doing it. This is a billion and a half people most don't have electricity, and little tied off about it over there in China. Ok,
so China needs a robust word of the day. Trade with you now, it states that you do that with Islam. They don't care about the other countries. They need robot. Trade with the USA to send us all the stuff they make. Trump is basically saying what this little steel boycott were putting up here. This is just a cig, to you guys. Pretty soon we're gonna have t, shirt and hat boycott means we're not going to take your stuff alright, that why this is happening back it Eight trade- all of this is tied into China for This not in North Korea to knock it off, so do you believe so? Do you believe that they trade war will be called off? yes, I do know, I don't, I don't even think it was ever gonna, be a trade war. Alright, then try. Basically, in his crew said we're going to rattle some sabers
or rattle some sabers bill. Eight. I wanted to say we're going to do this and then but he will collapse in in, will get better pray deals and then I'll look good and that's what happened so So when will this trade war, when will we be able to declare victory and see that turn around? What would be the things going a little time, North korean thing is just a start. I assume they're gonna meet on chinese soil back alright yeah. I assume. That's what do they'll meet on chinese soil and and that happens when the announcement is well we're gonna meet here at this place then you'll know O'Reilly was one hundred percent right about everything he said on March. Ninth that will be
signal even stew, will get ok, wow, that's right! Meeting in China, here's the here's, the important parts of this. I think. First of all, I don't believe that Kim uh none is going to denuclearize N Korea. I think that uh, North Korea. As always, we'll use this to their advantage. This is a giant pr move from them. The prez end of the United States coming to meet with N Korea. That's a huge win for Kim Jong Hoon. He's now at the table with the president and I'm not but you know I don't really care about. Looks quite honestly is. If we can get things done, I don't care how you know we ask a little style, calling we we ask people to turn off their cell phones so that I wouldn't call from Beijing by the way all right, ok, so so
they're going to he's going to use. This is propaganda he's been on this propaganda campaign since the the the Olympics, and so I don't think actually going to get anything we have to just. We got try it, and I applaud President Trump for getting this part getting this far. I I'm pretty sure he's not naive on what this the we know. What north it is and what they're going to do, that no, no, no, no number one North Korea's got behave for six months. All right! That's number one! missiles they can't they gotta behave. Alright number Two terms already won Toria victory for Trump. Yes, because the headline in most of the media, but that will quickly change, because what I said in the beginning of this conversation is going to quickly change. So trucks already one. You know he looks
Okay, I'm a hard ass. Sorry, I'm a hard guy and their folding? Yes, the North Koreans it look, that's how the administration's spinning it alright. If you want to Trump spin? You go to Fox NEWS and what there on the fox, not not the anchors, but the gas is see. We told you, trump such a hard guy. That Kim has to come to the table, that's the incoming administration. It's already one he's a tough guy, great alright, I agree, and and so most of this stuff. That happens not only in the Trump administration, but the Obama administration, every ministration, alright, with the exception of Bush fascinating. He never even bothered to play these games pushed the younger is. Is perception, but it's not reality so we don't know what Kim Jong are going to do, but you're right. We have to assume in our new anything he's going continue Whatever you want to develop over there rather than trying to feed his people, he's got the
problems back, I mean anything to eat on. I know I know I know Sophie's decide to actively undermine him. I'm sure was the threat the Chinese secret police actively undermined him. You know his head will be on a stick in two months. So that's what's going on So let me slip these kind of switch gears and go to trade, because you're you're tying this into trade at and I think you're right. I think, there's a good chance that you're right on that, however, it's a tremendous chair, one hundred percent right there was a hundred yeah right, so I think there is a good chance that that is tide into this. However, trade wars are very bad. The they strong armed threats, Okay, maybe be, you gotta, remember Smoot Hawley, I mean every time this is tried, it fails miserably hurts the average.
Worker hurts the economy. All around the world it can. It can cause just we're just wreaks havoc if it's a threat, So one thing uh, if he is threatening these things and saying: well, you got to come to the table, Okay, that's that's one way to deal with it and you can respect that whatever you, you seem to believe that these are not going to go through. Ok, first of all, smooth Harley is one of my favorite country, singers. I'm gonna see show this summer right guys just off the charts right, second of all, all right back to guys back. Yes, this is so ridiculous. Trump follows a playbook One hundred percent his re election potential. Lies with John,
jobs and increasing wages for american workers. One hundred percent He will not be reelected unless that is really going up so A trade war? That's not gonna happen. It's going to happen is a bunch of little gonna do this you're not going to ship this, I'm gonna do that but in the end it's going to stay the same However, he'll come up with a couple of deals: NAFTA be renegotiated, he'll get a better deal with Sweden will get more. Uh, you know reindeer hides a cheaper price, I don't know uh take a bunch of little deals. You'll go out. Look at the deal. I made him the greatest deal maker, but it's not going to be any trade war back
because he can't get reelected unless all in winder to the economy or are buzzing. Why do the people around him, including his economic adviser, walk this week and say I can't be a part of this. Is he not telling now that's an excellent question So ok, so then wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, ok Baskin that for a second take a break? Let's just leave it with bill. O'reilly saying that's excellent. That's an excellent! question will take a quick break. Then will come back with his mediocre answer: Bill O'Reilly from billoreilly dot com? Can you imagine taking a car on one hundred a test drive or getting a pair of new shoes and having one hundred days to walk around and see how comfortable they are? That's what cash per is doing with their mattress one hundred nights to test a Casper mattress in your own home with their one hundred nights, sleep challenge, one hundred nights
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com that will save you fifty dollars and select mattress is casper dot com, promo code. Terms and conditions to apply Glenn Beck, Mercury, Glenn Beck Who is a great question? Wasn't it? It was I said I don't know why Colin left but it wasn't solely over a terrorist threat. Maybe you wanted to make more money? I have no idea, I really don't know what, but I do Donald Trump, then, what things with him as a person is very instructive. Give to all personnel decisions, has a very short concentration span right. I can be good in the sense that he doesn't waste. A lot of time like broccoli
I did in endless meetings that go nowhere. He tires of things and folks to get tired of it. Then he kind of loses interest and a lot of times when personnel decisions are made citrus in the in the person is a good example. I mean I have said for months that Jeff says it is going to be out, as attorney general, okay, because Trump lost interest him when he recused himself in the Russia Investigation no longer useful to Trump. That makes sense. You yeah, ok, but well sessions without the California and Lake. Down the gauntlet on sanctuary cities, so we engage with such as and then the today, so, this is you know why I may appoint a special counsel to look into the dots.
A fire stuff, a stop. Our yeah, like so this is the way things go. You never know you know Gallagher in Colon the economic advisor there, there are millions of other things Adlai to my hometown, newspaper Newsday, on long island truck misstep on world trade, terrorist risk, a massive loss of US jobs. This is headline in these morons ruin. This newspaper don't know anything what Trump would Never risque quote massive LOS of US jobs for anything. We wait wait unless he believes it. Everything in his life has led to La has led people to believe that He believes that the one thing that I think he truly believes in 'cause it's been consistent. His entire life He believes in trade barriers and trade wars but you're wrong, you're reading it wrong. He doesn't believe in that he doesn't care about that. He believes in nationalism
Nationalism is not necessary that if he thinks that his bluster about terrorists, going to create jobs in the steel and aluminum industries, which he does believe that he's going to do it, but it won't, but Ok, maybe it won't and if it doesn't number one I don't even think we get there, because I think he's going to make this little deals and declare victory. Ok, that would be great I'd. Be great, you don't look if you think Donald Trump studied, the terrorist situation prior. The civil war of this United States and then decisions based on how I have worked over the the countries existence you crazy yeah. I know I don't believe that I don't believe you know he doesn't yeah he's a he's, a black fighter. All right he's got, tell TIM and that's. Why he's doing it? But as soon as it doesn't work, then he pulls it back Would Bill O'Reilly have had a nunberg on this week? No,
and I said I do Oreilly dot com. That was a tough decision. And I said you know I might have had him on if I had him on first. Alright, that was White House is if offered me Nunberg first and he had been on the other cable shows sure I'd take him and you would have taken him as well right, yes, but as soon as I saw that he was inebriated or whatever he was that wouldn't do it and I think you would did the same decision class yeah the. This time you would take it, but by the Let me have done three shows in your building, You know she's bill. I know where the bar is across from CNN but I'm in it right. He spend either and also as everybody else would see it, and so you know you eventually say wait there. There's nothing were watch Guy, just destroy himself he's by the way testifying today. What do you? be a part of it, but I just loved Erin Burnett Army here now
I think I smoke a whole year brands, so you do it which she didn't go. Are you twelve Are you inebriated need to read it here? Alcohol on your such a mealy mouth. You know just say what you want Adam. We think he's drunk deli audience he's drunk at your programming responsibility to do it Bill O'Reilly for billoreilly dot com more in a minute. Glenn Back mercury. This is the Glenn Beck program. Let's, let's go back to Bill O'Reilly Bill. I don't know, there's a nomination now for the EEOC chair that it happened in December and nobody is paying attention to an the Senate is not standing against. This It's a it's a
a radical. Activist that the president has appointed and the Senate may approve, and we just went through some of some of statements, and I just want to give you a couple of these and get your comments when it comes to sexual in Tatian, religious freedom when they come into conflict. She has said quote: I am having a hard I'm coming up with any case in which Religious liberty should win sexual Pretty should win in most cases there can be a. Flip between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases, sexual We should win because that's the only The dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic matter. She that we simply should not tolerate any private beliefs about sexual orientation and sexual and gender identity that adversely affect the ability of LGBT people to live in the world. I have all
sympathy for the evangelical christian couple who may wish to run a bed and breakfast from which they exclude unmarried straight couples and gay couples, but this is a where I believe there is zero sum nature in the game of negative inevitability. Make decision in this zero sum game, I am convinced society needs to come down on protecting the liberty of LGBT people there. We need a law that permits no end bejewel exceptions based on religious beliefs, so that means that any kind of access to anyone's business has to be accepted by every person in the United States. Well, you know it's fascism. What is what it is, but
there's a big picture on this and I know you didn't see this because if you had, you would have mentioned it right off the top, This week on billoreilly dot com, we did investigative report and the best gation that we did was on. The leaders of the women's March movement, I did say that is tide in very heavily with what you just said. Yes, the LGBT's, ok, okay, the three: top leaders of the women's March movement. Guess who friend is back Lewis, Farah Khan. You bet you do this earlier this week, yes okay, good! I'm glad, thank God, there's somebody in this country on this, so you is women's March? Women's movement me two times up all of this stuff and they are presenting it themselves, as women, empowerment, this woman is EEOC
chair or proposed search presenting herself as um alternative lifestyle, empowerment so we're, freedom for these people, these oppressed women, these impressed gays, whatever it may be. What we want that the presentation that the media has put forth to the american people? Try to. These are pressure organizations designed to tear down the tradition. Fabric of America. So how can you just five you're, the leader of the women's March Movement, came out of that. That March right after Trump was inaugurated. It's now an organization, women's March movement or posing for pictures with, the most this anti semite in the country. What just say about the women's March, Rubens tolerance of jewish men.
And would use all over the world. What does it say? It says: they're not where of tolerance, does it not. To the Jews, are not worthy of tolerance because Lua can be what I'd The Jews are the worst people on earth. I mean he actually says I want to kill white people. Whites are devils, and it's Those three were just not just having their picture taken. They were at the latest meeting where he was giving his speech. They were sitting there in the front. And after this speech that poster and put it on your face book, a yes okay. So There's no tolerance for white people or jewish people right, but giant tolerance for women, but not all women if you're a pro life woman you can't march with them, so
just another example of this stealth fascism. Right. That is been misrepresented to the american people by the New York Times and the Washington Post. You see that newspapers. Okay, so, what's going on? How could you not know it's on Facebook, they proud of it. So this is the stuff that that it's me, nuts, I want everybody to go to bill. O'reilly dot com we've got my com. Jerry posted all the facts, years of these women These women have said Don't give me that e any of this. I want freedom for this group and freedom should override everybody else is religious rights. They do story, religion if they could back. You know that that's one of the big tenets of the radical left so religion ouch.
So here is here. Is the air? Was the fear of of some uh that were conservative on Donald Trump. The fear was that he would do some things civil asset forfeiture which, which just happened with Jeff sessions in an amazing press conference and violate the constitution that he would appoint. People like this a person, her name is Chai Feldblum. She, a radical LGBT activist it being appointed to the chair of the EEOC and the Republic things are not standing up in the Senate, there's a few but they're using their body to block it, but there's no one coming to the rescue an nobody is standing up against this, and this is Trade they're afraid, because they've got demonized it all left wing media if they do if they oppose-
if you deny, if they don't oppose, it is the first amendment. It's the for first amendment yeah, but I don't think this woman will get through by the way I do if the people don't stand up, if the people don't stand up, they will I mean look I don't trump listens to the voters. And the Senate there nothing but spineless worms with- few exceptions, and, if the p, full stand up. They will reject her, there's no place for the conservatives to go. Oh in the center of your GOP, you would never you would. It's been ringing the bell like crazy, if Obama would have done this week, crazy, so the minute people find out about this they'll stand up and the GOP will fold. But if the people don't know about this and don't stand stop she'll go right through well, it's a it's a good point because you're not getting any. I don't even know
that I all right I mean I'm doing other stuff. I don't know about everything I just found out about it yesterday, the wait is Shell, this, if you're going to try to sell it, is in a bigger bigger area, not just this woman. Okay, that look religions under siege this. This is what you know jewish religion is attacked, gay by Louis Farrakhan right. Religion and the ones that are helping him are in charge of the women's radical It is now don't say that radicals they use all of the women's movement. Here we I mean yeah we tried it in to the me to stuff their buddies with the women's March it their powers. He appeared on the view would together and they're running the the the gun thing for the students right
involved in everything. If you oppose them, believe me go to be accused of misconduct. Believe me That's why the politicians don't. Because they know if you come out You opposed the women's groups and get After just the allegations of conviction right, that's why they seventeen tremendous power over the Last those men are scared to death about any of this stuff and that's why you're not seeing opposition publicly against this woman. You mentioned bill. O'reilly
thanks for all your hard work, thanks for us standing in speaking out and things really answered, I do hear that word brilliance when you mentioned it about my questions, yeah bill, I'm I'm a tad concerned about that. You may be a little congested. Do you have the sniffles or I I was in Florida and then they have the worst allergy season there ever and I got little allergies, but I like back- I don't stay home and in my jammies I'm here and I'm working, I'm lucky show every day from your home. I know- and I know know know we're in a studio. Sometimes you just gotta look. I want you guys to make it a mission. This weekend I go to billoreilly dot com. We had so much good stuff in breaking stuff. We've seen it bill, I've seen it everyone, I miss, I'm a subscriber, I don't think you're a of mine, but I'm a script subscribers. No, no. I have somebody watching you all the time back yet now on every every free ride, probably on a free ride. That's probably what it is
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com, slash back and back mercury. Glenn welcome back to the program. Still a ton to talk about and before we move on just to question about N Korea. That, I think, is important because I think they going through a I I think we have to be really careful, and I applaud the president for the way he's handled north korea- and this could be a very big wind- They are on a publicity tour right now and they're, trying to polish up their their interest and the president going to meet with Kim Jong OWN is a very big deal for Kim yeah. It's true and I thought about this, as we were discussing you Know-
'cause. I had the same reaction, the same reaction of ground great, I mean look, I'm very sceptical whether we're actually going to see if anything here but hey great we've got a chance to solve it, and why not that chance right and I caught my as I was saying that in my head and reminded myself about a CNN debate in two thousand and eight in which rock Obama and Hillary Clinton were debating and Obama brought up the point that he would go and meet with dictators, because why not negotiate? Why not take a chance? We don't know if we'll get anything, but why not take a chance? And he was? absolutely destroyed for suggesting it, because all right, not only Hillary Clinton but also conservatives right. I I think, there's a difference, though, between that and I could be wrong. Maybe I'm just you know, maybe I'm just fooling myself. I think there's a difference when he was talking about that. He was talking about North Korea, but it wasn't at a critical point. He
talking about IRAN, who we're not negotiating with IRAN, and he talked about Cuba. Why would we sit down with Cuba? There's nothing to negotiate here? No, so he was giving. It was almost as if he was giving away power and he was. He was trying to prop these nations up that's different than North Korea. Because the criticism was don't elevate, these guys correct and I don't think that there is it. I mean I'm willing to say that it's possible that My old opinion is the wrong one. Here. I think it's possible that maybe I gave Barack Obama too hard a time on that point. In retrospect, I don't think so I think is possible because again, why is what I'm saying trump is look, take a shot at it. To meet with the guy take a shot, let's see what happens, if you know, maybe he does propaganda went out of it, but whatever right and I think the same
now. I might you might say, Well, I think Barack Obama would Flynn Trump will succeed and that's a fairpoint. However, that was not the criticism at the time. It was not that Barack Obama can't do this. No president- should ever meet with one of these guys because it elevates these hermit MS into first World nations. It gives them a propaganda when it tells his people, who were slaves that their leader is so great. He can demand the attention of the United States and and and have them begging at his I real problem inside North Korea. I think the difference here is the North Korea, we are at a critical position. We're at a critical junction are here that the you know this is a crazy hermit kingdom that has nuclear weapons now I believe, they're ever going to then they'll lie. I don't believe that, but if there is a chance,
to de and denuclearize. I don't mind if the President, I don't like it, they were testing weapons back then. I know I know I know it was. I mean IRAN was just as clear danger, then, as it is now, I don't believe them, and I would never put the president in a room with Kim Jong own until it was absolutely done an verified, but I mean I we're going to do Glenn Beck, mercury love courage, truth, Glenn Beck. I want to tell you the truth on something that you're not going to hear this from the media and you're not going to hear this from governments. Because what going to do about it, but I want you to and clearly what has happened in England this week there was a chemical weapon unleashed in London. This week
t one people were hospitalized after being exposed? to an unspecified nerve agent. That's like vx gas. Three of the Those are still in the hospital two are still in critical condition and one police officer is expected to pull through one of the is in critical condition reveals what this attack was all about and who may be. Possible, but let me back up a bit at the. End of the cold war, up until the end of the early 2000s Sir J script. Ball was a russian intelligence officer and he was serving two masters. The Russians thought he was a loyal, undercover operative spying on the British, but it was a double agent, but he was really doing was leaking information to MI six british intelligence. Well, should caught on to this treason in two thousand and four, and they put him in prison for seven years
he was transferred. He was traded in a high profile, spy trade. Everything seemed fine until four days ago, Sergei and his daughter were found unconscious in a park on a bench and they were victims of an unprecedented it's a nation on british soil Scotland yard now has has stunningly revealed that the poison that was used in the attack was a nerve agent. Like Vx gas that mean is that a nation state was most proud leave behind this. Now which nation state do you think was behind this, the tire world knows who ordered this assassination, this assessor, Shin was was ordered by Vladimir Putin but Russia.
Falling in line with their usual playbook deny deny deny now it's ridiculous. Everybody knows this. Is this? Is insanity? Not only does Russia have the only clear motive, but they also are the The country was stockpiles of chemical weapons that could have pulled something list like this off. It's not like. You can pick up Cerner Vx gas down the call seven hundred and eleven or you know whatever it is the four hundred and twelve in London you're not picking- there. How did you even get into the country? The
you should know who did this? We know who did this and, of course, Vladimir Putin's Russia knows who did this and we do deeply care. We we do deeply care about knowing who did it, but we cannot say it what? Why think of the ramifications of what might happen next? What, if the? U K, what is the? U K do if they find definitive proof that it traces back to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin, definitive proof, and it gets out into the public that saran or Vx gas was used on their soil and it it point twenty one people, this way beyond an attempted assassination of a russian trader. Twenty one UK citizens are hospitalized because of a chemical weapon, attack,
There's no other way to describe this. That's what this was a chemical. Been attack, a terrorist attack on are you on Uk Soil PASA, we carried out by a four in government the Russians The only way to classify this is as an act of war right
can aggression has reached near suicidal activity? What do you going to announce that? Are you going to say to the people? Yeah we've got proof. This was russian, because what are your options, then that's an act of war. The world is on the brink where this goes from here is anyone's. Guess: pray for our president's pray for the prime ministers of of western countries because they all have their back against the wall. It all comes down whether the British can prove who is ultimately culpable. And then, if they want to do anything about it or can do anything about it. The seriousness of this attack, knowing the global ramifications, if Russia is publicly outed, I have to admit for the first
we might be better off, never finding out the truth. It's Friday March, ninth you're, listening to the Glenn Beck program, Do you want to be the President United States, no Can you imagine that now we think it is just think of this Kim Jong UN thing? Okay, you don't want to go to Kim Jong UN and he lied to and be a dupe and that's what's happening every president every president well, the other person had gone to know know, but they've all made deals with them and it the same story over and over again now you're going to go to him. You don't want to be made a fool, You also don't want to elevate him in the eyes of the world, but he is the first a to become a real, true, credible threat to the
higher world uh in a in a hermit state. That's on the verge of collapse. He did with the visit of the president. Elevate him or did his nuclear weapons on the tips of missiles elevate him. This is why you don't give them up once you have them write. One country Trevor has yeah, and this is why the this is the only reason why the President United States would consider going over in meeting with him because he is a threat through the entire world. It's a wonderful lesson. If you gay don't give him up because once be once have you better keep them forever, because it you really do get elevated to first world status once you have them so you're.
Resident of the United States. I think I say at this time I'll consider going, but I can do that, but there's conditions, and then I make those conditions so rough that you know but reasonable that you know you get a massive win out of it and of I still don't believe it, but I mean you know you go. We met you, don't Gorbachev and Reagan. Khrushchev, okay, as first world nations you're talking about here. This is we were only meeting with them because they had nuclear weapons and could destroy us. That's why I mean Well, you know you big, you know global powers like that we meet with all the time. And a lot of them are really bad guys. We have. No, no president, has met
is a mini carter, went over there right in in nineteen ninety four after he was out of off and hugged him and hugged him, but with that we have not dealt with them. This way, so it is a big change in policy. I'm not saying it's the wrong change in policy. It might be the right one. I mean you know, there's a legit! thought here by me that, as I'm looking over, this is that I was very critical Obama, at least, as I remember it, critical of Obama for saying he would meet with dictators. During a CNN debate, n two thousand and eight Clinton and Clinton was critical of him for that, and so was everybody on the right I mean I've got hammered for that, and probably a chunk of the reason why he didn't want to doing it at all is because every time it was talked about, he was hammered for it by almost everybody. Now Trump is
do this and when he, when it was announced yesterday, my initial reaction was this is great. I mean I I'm skeptical. I don't necessarily believe anything's going to come of it, but hey. Why not take a shot? This is a serious situation. I'd love to to to you know de emphasize. His ability to be able to kill a bunch of people. You know, I think it's a great thing. You know diplomacy, you know I don't know which believe it's going to be successful, but why not give it a shot? Yeah right, That we should not, should we not have given the same treatment to provoke a batman, two thousand eight. So I may I make a case that your confusing the v issues- okay, okay, first of all, at the time North Korea did not, have nuclear tipped missiles did not that had long range, they've, certainly improve their
ability, but the first test was way before yes, but it's not like, but it is not like it is now. They've got over, certainly improve yeah. They I mean they can hit the mainland of America now, ok, at least they can hit. You know, yeah they can hit territories are sure yeah. We think that they can now hit the United States one way or another they could. They could cause massive massive casualties. Uh that in nineteen ninety four or in two thousand and eight remember, we were talking about N Korea and We were talking about a ran at the time saying these guys are going to become our worst nightmare for the world, because once they have nuclear tipped missiles done hey. They will be players whether you like it or not. So I was trying to convince the american people that we
to do something under George W Bush? We need to do something right now seriously about those two nation, even back to Clinton beyond that yeah. So we never done it, and I said you're going to you're going to pass the point of no return. It and then you'll have no good options on the table when Barack Obama, said that we were not at the no good options on the table point yet. Okay, we still are not at the no good options in with IRAN, but we are now with N Korea were in. Good option territory. That's that's past presidents fault. When Barack Obama said I'll go meet with them. He's Donald Trump not saying Uncle Meet with Cuba and the new Tater down in Venezuela and I'm going to go meet and do and do it two were a dictator tour. I I would argue, he has said that you know I mean
Here's all that make to anybody who knows yet that was his quote about about. Dictators around the world, whether he should talk to him who the hell cares I'll speak to anybody who knows, maybe there's a ten or twenty percent chance. I can do something, but there is a difference. I think in the minds of at least conservatives with Barack Obama. Dan member? When Barack Obama went to meet with Hugo Chavez, that was a pr move by Chavez pure and simple, and that wasn't a meeting between them. They were at a vent pipe and Hugo Chavez got up and gave the president okay, the president accepted it posed with it. I mean it was there were sympathies, they're, ok, with with Fidel. There is simple he's there with the Middle EAST, there was sympathies there. I don't think that Donald Trump has sympathies for any of those people is, he is
looking for a better safer deal for America, and so I think that is a big. Distinction in the minds of conservatives, at least for me. I think that is a big distinction. You're right. That was not the criticism at the time. The criticism at the time was not hey. Barack Obama is not going to be successful. He had weed I think you can go to do a good job in these negotiations. The distinction was and this because this also came from other people who had inclinations to like Lou is socialist countries like Hillary Clinton right this not just a conservative criticism. Criticism was the United States does not lower itself. The presidency does not lower itself to go. Okay, talk to you dictators from hermit kingdom, If I agree with that at the time an if Donald Trump was saying I'm going to go to these hermit kingdoms and I'm going to meet with them, I would be saying the same thing today, but this particular hermit kingdom has now elevated. It elf to a nuclear power
two one, a red heads, two thousand, not in the same way It's really the same way I mean it's world is different circumstances. Every time the world is in a different place. Now, with a guy who could blow up good portions of the world, he could take him. He could take out not just s, Korea, which he could have done them. But also Japan. We now know his coordination of the missiles is strong enough powerful enough could take out Hawaii. He could take out Guam. He could take out the LOS Angeles California. We think the other ones were pretty sure of that's different than it was in one thousand and hang on. It was isolated. This is isolated. This, isn't a global tour of dictators this one guy, because of this situation, has changed. I'm going to go meet with him, because
chance twenty percent chance. I could change it by meeting it. I'm not. Set it to him his cause or anything else. I'm rolling the dice, I think that's massively different, You know personal trump has talked about other talking to other dictators, so it's not. I mean But this is only one he's actually done. Remember Obama didn't actually wind up doing this, but the policy of not talking that Obama executed in two thousand and eight through two or two thousand and nine through, as in sixteen is what led to the escalation to where you're now saying it's necessary. I mean it's not just that, but if he had talked in two thousand and nine would we have had a different outcome I per. Only because I doubt Barack Obama don't believe it, but as a policy is it worth change and rethinking that and I'm saying again for anyone, who's thinking, I'm being critical of Trump. I'm saying switch to the Trump philosophy. I'm saying the US philosophy has in different. This whole time do
consider saying you know what maybe we do engage these guys more one on one. Maybe there is at least a chance, as this is Trump's point here when he was asked about this during the camp. Into this is before you as president, before the tough tough talk, because that's another distinction this is before he was president who the hell cares I'll speak to anybody who knows. There's a ten or twenty percent chance that I can talk him out of all this damn nukes, because who one seem to have nukes and there's a chance. Ok, I know because there's a great no wait. It depends. It has to be a combination The only reason why he's coming to the table is because, finally, the United States under Donald Trump got tough and that's something I've been saying since the 90s. You must cripple these people. You've got to be. Have to be so painful that there Li Li isolated you make their eyes bleed. Will Donald Trump has done that Now you can go in to talk because we have their attention and they know serious.
Going over to somebody today when there's no real sanctions, no real pain and talking nope, not interested, not interested. You want me to make the pain. Stop. Because I can make it worse for you or I can make it better I'll talk to you now. No only thing, I would say is We have had tough talk times with them. They never the to the tweeting levels of Donald Trump. Obviously what is happened is they've been brought to the table not with the president, but with with other parties in larger discussions and each time North Korea's done the same thing they said We're going to give you will give you xy and Z. We promise we promise. We promise that hasn't and over the long term, and it's resulted in their nuclear. I just so you know, I think the president is right on this and I think what you saying is you want to reconsider your old stance? I don't think they're different myself, but you want to reconsider your old stamps because you think the president and may be right. I think we can both agree
president, should go in wide eyed and come out. Why die? Yes, there's I don't believe, there's going to be any change from North Korea and this The publicity stunt that he will use in his own country in the press will lap up, but we have to be. We can't be the fools that we have been since the beginning of the nuclear arms race. When an emergency strikes your. The impulse is to run to the store and I'm not talking about a nuke, I'm talking about. Well, I bet you know. I bet that would happen to. I bet if LOS Angeles was vaporized today. Other people around the country would be like. I gotta go to the store and get some milk. If I beat it might be the ultimate winter anyway
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all your senator today, please call the Senate and tell them to stand against. The nomination of the new chair for the EEOC is the equal opportunity, equal employment opportunity, commission, whatever it is, this woman is a. Leftist activist who believes that gender identity and sexual freedom is above freedom of religion. She said that there is no way in her mind that she can find a way for sexual liberty and set an gender identification to not trump religious liberty. It is this. This is a radical that has been nominated and the the GOP in the Senate are going to pass this. Unless you stand up,
Call your senator today Glenn Beck Mercury, This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to joining us today in the program going to be here. Is it well yeah. I was telling your phone screener it's well, it's not my first time yeah, but I'm a longtime. Listen! yeah and I miss you called eight hundred and now cakes on nine thousand, eight hundred and twelve r you're really off that for yeah it's a site are estimated for a minute. I didn't carry the one, don't have what is it? What is on your mind today, because there's so many things is a lot of stuff. There's a lot of stuff. I thought because it was Friday we we might check out something kind of fun. Okay, there is a a law.
Jam of democrat candidates in the trying to gain the nomination Wisconsin for governor and whoever obviously wins will go up against Scott Walker in the fall, which is a tough task. The guys did a tremendous job yeah on a plate. Eight point one percent when he came in it's three point: seven percent there now wages have gone up tax, gone down, it's been a really good run anyway, there is a candidate. Who is working mom and she wants to be governor of continent. I want to see if you guys, pick out the rather unusual aspect of this particular alright campaign ad. So I said well, Wisconsin is going to be the first state. To ban Bpa in baby bottles and sippy cups. Putting together my legislative update, I went door to door to hand it out approach this one door
and even before it opened it was a summer day, and I could like hear the sound of kids. Woman opens the door and I can handle my legislative update and grabs it like slams the door and like runs back to deal with whatever her kids are yelling about I'm off to the next house. Already up the driveway and I hear her. Calling after my gosh, I just read that you are Wendy's breastfeeding picked it out. Now you notice that I did notice it tell her. You know this finale is a neurotoxin. She said I know I know I know again had some problems in the middle of the commercial said that it's because she was exposed to Bpa these are all God. She just said that wasn't planned. He just was hungry and so
in the middle of your ad. You didn't stop. You couldn't take a minute. No! Well that's what that's her issue. Yeah, it says issue my recipes of militant breast feed or if that is all right, I mean I am fine with breast feeding. It there's nothing wrong with it. I grind it's wonderful it it is. It is the right thing to do with your child and, if you're uncomfortable with it look, I understand You know I I I got my grand father was you know, he was born in a different era and his old school he was old, school you know, but we're now living in those days anymore and it's natural and it's right, yeah yeah this thing all those things, but that's just a little bizarre. It's just don't need it in a tv commercial only that it can be bad only because that's obviously forced getting obviously forces like don't feed him. We gotta get to the tv studios to film the commercial, don't feel he's out of hungry, so calculated
so premeditated. Really that that's the one. Running for governor yeah yeah That's your platform! I think she's impressed meeting in public as a platform at night is it and during if you're, if you're a mother, who is a really thinks breast feeding is important. How can you fall friend, anytime? You say anything about breast feeding, moms in public. It's you know, you're, accused of wanting to send them to breast feeding, Islanders yeah. I would say in that breast feed yeah, but you know, there's a certain amount of decorum, I think, can be employed right.
Oh my gosh, he hates women, Patrae Lansing Bastard, that's what you're up against she says she can cover herself. It used to be that people sweater covered her breasts. All I guess the most natural process of the world needs to be hiding from you: men Mansplain, the breast in the little boy. And yet, if we liked it, we would hear about that too. I dare you objectify, a breast feeding, woman. So true, absolutely one of those times. You can't say anything, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Yes, you can, and we need to thank you. Here's here's! The thing Didn't I want to make sure, because if you didn't see it like Bobby so you're listening to the radio, so you didn't see it. She did not cover up Just didn't. You know, upper sure hurt. You know my leg my nipples. She did it like. Every mother always does in public that I've ever seen. They just you, know
take the baby and they draw their. The baby, you know, starts to breast feed and there sure covering the rest of it. What do you have to be that you would put a blanket over the baby's head yeah, you don't need to do it and it used to be that you go to may even another room. Privacy say how dare you recorded commercial you're taking out when she stumbles over a sentence, you're editing out stuff. Silver sentence is also natural. It took all that out. It's such a god, that is, I know, you're just pandering, and I will so far, not that I know this will not be popular, but there is abs, believe, no science whatsoever. That says Bpa is dangerous. Is not true, I knew you'd have an issue with that, too.
There's. You know me he probably wanted you wanted in diet. Coke, don't do you put put in, I guess you will you will you come? Will you come over to my house and have dinner with my children, because Hannah is ok, so TIM's, as well as my daughter, like twenty Bing daughter and her thirty year old husband, and he says to me I don't know. Do I still. I stink and I said, he said, do I stink, and I said I don't think so- kind of smell your armpits, but I don't think so, and he said, I'm using a crystal now for deodorant- and I said, Is it because of the aluminum yeah, because the aluminum so so Hannah is making her own deodorant. She's, making her own, making she's, making everything she's, making everything I can make deodorant. Oh no! I don't. I bet, there's a Youtube video. There is, but anyway,
so she's really actually she's becoming very responsible, and very I don't know who it is. She is just becoming the everything that I thought she hated you does it. I said to her. You know we have a farm in and she was like I'm, you know when she was living in the city, I'm in New York. I live now the door you're the most likely to say you know what? Let's just moved to the farm out, total and she's. You know composting in all of this stuff wow, but she is asked for two books. She said you want the books on global warming. I want pro in a cotton, I said: well, don't read Al Gore's for pro 'cause. It's just nonsense! she said. Well, that's what everybody would say that I should read. She said so I read, that I said both that's what you're going to take it take at one as a legitimate take that one, but I need the best books on this and she's, also she's. Really well read now on on
all kinds of you know the Michael Crichton, all kinds of stuff global warming falls. Well, is it right, but that was quickly right, but yeah, but with a fax or last, the last quarter of that book was all. It was all the fact if I remember that, that that was the one that turned me yeah, plus you get some enjoyment yeah entertaining. I just feel you know when your we we it looked, we can go through all the studies and I did a wonderful world of steel model, so you actually very specifically talked about because he is one of those I have young, kids and every every time go to every store that everything's Bpa free. They make a big deal about and you know, don't know what Bpa is it's famous? It's a it's a it's an organic slash, static compound in plastic, these plastic? Yet now, of course, is one of many you can find it in not just baby bottles, but all sorts of
extra okay, and now I got I got I got it. I remember now. I I thought this was what the Kerr feeding. No you know that was in the breast. Do you know the the fake breast milk and I love it when you described it as a plastic, I'm like I'm pretty sure that would be bad. I got it now. I remember now: okay yeah, so I mean I, you know they tested this up to a thousand times. What the average person would consume in a day because it's in a lot of products and it's one of those, it's the typical think, it's a t, mobile thing. Every single substance on earth at some level is a toxin. Water is a toxin, At some level, people have died from having too much water. However, no one has ever died from having too much bpa because even at a they can't even find the level really in which in tests of which, whether it becomes talk,
talk said she want to get banned in Wisconsin and it worked because it's a feel good thing. You know how like we have situation here, where wow, what does every liberal say about Europe? They banned the things in Europe in Europe, they do it right they. Here we have all these toxins and over there they ban all of the ban. All these bad substances, the European food Safety Authority, We did a study on Bpa quote. It concludes that EPA poses no health risk to consumers of any age group including unborn children. Or does it surprise 'cause? I thought those weren't people, because infants and adolescents at exposure levels again
at some level. That's something more than a thousand times which you could get in the normal day will give no it's more than a thousand, because that's what they want. Should I listen to you because I remember an episode where you drink weed killer? Yes, and I might not think we kill it well, it could have a judgment. That's what you're telling us to just be PA. I a you drink yeah around around. Yes, again, there's no signs of you get a lot of you want, but it was honestly. The worst tasting substance I've ever put in my mouth. In my life it is not designed to be
speaking about lunch at you. Didn't you drink every fracking, fluid too. Yes, I do also fracking fluid because they were saying that fracking fluid was so dangerous in it, which was worse. Definitely, roundup. Roundup is not designed to be delicious at all. It seems like. I don't think that the guys who are doing the fracking fuel or her fluid or, like you know what pour me a glass of that I'm really thirsty yeah. No, it's not, let's format. Alright at least add some stevia to it. Maybe I had a little stevia or, if I would say, freaking aspartame, that's what I wanted you have to come over to my house. Talk food with my kids in fact, great by the way will be talking. I think a little bit about the Eoc head today on Packer at least you need to really information. He's gotta bunch coming up, Packer unleashed, including on the podcast which you can get on Itunes and Stitcher Soundcloud, and all those
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where the threats that you might miss so go to Lifelock COM or call one. Eight hundred life lock and use the promo code back, get an extra ten percent off your first year. That's promo code. Back an extra ten percent at Lifelock DOT com, one eight hundred Lifelock. Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn Beck. I did I just I eat. I just don't know what to think about a guy who drinks around. I mean it's not like you're, going out to you know, give me close around about. I would not drink it. I would not want to drink it again because it tastes and her again, you're doing and you've done this because it you are trying to prove that these are not I think they they're not actually dangerous for human consumption at all at all in in normal, a normal in the amounts that you could possibly get you a drink, a glass of brown. Yes, it would, I don't know. Probably I mean you know that would be
like millions of times of the amount that get over your lifetime yeah as far as consuming yeah that product. So yeah I mean I probably if there is some level of every substance that will be water, including water, but you know you know I wouldn't look forward looking to drinking round up again, but I do it, I don't I don't I don't. I think it's important it's more thing for people to get round up for Monday show all right go ahead. It's local compound that's designed to kill plants, however It doesn't do anything to human beings, because plants are different. Ben Human Being, oh, my gosh, not Species now, if I identify as a plant, I might have a problem. I am a fern, I am Fern radar, fern fern, you are wearing green because that's what friends do that's true so anyway? I'm the type that look up. Unless I really have a strong issue, I'm
probably going to go ahead and eat a food. If I like it right so there's a family, and I think it's Colorado. They they bought a Box of Quaker one hundred percent natural granola cereal at Walmart on March Fifth uh, sat down for breakfast and it was a little stale, a little stay boy. I love this line by the dad. I just started eating and thinking it just tastes funny. It must be okay, that's a good. That's me that sweet mother, it sure it tastes funny and I'm noticing its tail, but it must be ok, his if warned to stop eating this stale food, but he kept going went through an intel air bowl of least tell me that there isn't a toy surprise of some sort, the bar hello out like that. Okay, they checked the box, expiration date, at the c expired a little while ago, really
early twenty seconds it was March. Fifth, ok, that's not so bad shouldn't, taste funny, except it was February 22nd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven I got it just took it off the shelf. Their daughter who is eleven was not born. Yet, oh my god, how did that even It's the others, don't appear no, I mean, I know when you work in a grocery store. You're rotating like the stuff in the back is supposed to come to the front. Maybe you know that just didn't happen for that long. That line, maybe it just stayed in the back and stayed in the back and sit in the Finally, all the other boxes sold and he just reached in and got the box for, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. The only other thing I can think of is someone planted it there. Right! Someone who hates Walmart just came in to put a box from nineteen ninety seven in there I can't imagine, is one hanging out behind the scenes, so have you ever eaten stuff? Have you ever eaten stuff you're, just like well, you've eaten roundup. Subway, is like the expiration date and you're. Like you smell it. You, like it's ok
I mean you know they. They do say that the expiration date is really could like over. So I should turn of ourselves to the three year frozen No, no! No is it Academy she good Glenn Beck Mercury
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