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Punishment, Much Appreciated? | Guests: Steve Deace & Stephen Baldwin | 1/17/19

2019-01-17 | 🔗
Hour 1 State Run State of Union?...Nancy's never been so right?...punishes President..."I Hate the State of the Union"...Term Limits! Term Limits!...Ted Cruz Term limits bill aims at career politicians?...The 1 Problem with the US Constitution? ...Recognizing Toxic Femininity?...#MeToo will Not Survive unless we recognize?...Glenn has some real honest questions for Real Female callers? ... '100% Yes, there is toxic femininity'?    Hour 2  Dropping 'Truth Bombs' with BlazeTV's  Steve Deace...New Book Out Now..."Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise)"..."Republicans hate Everyday Americans"...just look at the way they behave?...Example(s): Mitt Romney?...Trump has been 'more to the right' then expected?...Trump is Winning because he Stands with 'the People Against the System' ...CLICKservatives vs. Conservatives? ...The Economy & China with Economist Justin Wheeler...Not Good: China just pumped $50 Trillion into their economy, government backed bonds?...Signs of What's to Come?...in the midst of a Global economic slow down?    Hour 3  Happy JanuHAIRY, to shave, pluck or not to?...Move over Monopoly...'Intersectionality' the board game? ...Adult Disneyland = Walmart...Drinking while Walmarting?...3 hours of electric cart shopping, while drinking wine out of a Pringles can? ...Actor, Stephen Baldwin joins Glenn In Studio...to discuss his New Movie  'The Least of These', communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ...In theaters on February 1st ...Backfire: Nancy Pelosi's 'power move' may be a great thing for President Trump, but Why?

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title scan and reports eve your homes already been compromised at home, title, locked, dotcom, home title, lock, dot, com, diffusion of entertainment and in line with this is that I'm back programme, hello, America welcome so glad that you are here today, I we have a couple of things we wanted to cover. First of all, the state of the union speech. I love Nancy policies idea please, Mr President, do this also the women's Marge and feminism and a very frank conversation with you on feminism, and I need women on the phone who are willing to be very frank. We're not gonna, use any names and tell us just answer. Eight different questions. Worse will get into that as we
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that is when we all gather around the old set and we watch the state of the union Fun times and fun memories. That brings back every. I hate that it's one of the worst things ever we it's it's nothing, but a really lousy show it stay run television, that's what that is. That's what it feels like it is. It is, and you know it is like you know it's it's like you know America's talent or something like that where you know the outcome. You know these guys is, are gonna hate it, and these you're gonna love it. Every time is a giant show and I feel like it's completely inconsistent with the foundations of our country. Like we don't revere with leaders like this, we don't really don't it's not pomp and circumstance here and like this is the perfect time for trumped to you say you know what you're right it's back to a letter. I love
it would not did what I thought the constitution says that present president, I think even says from TAT Ty time, Arcadia yeah, it's like, I think it is also be like every jet you are allowed to do. This is from time to time. The president needs to inform the Congress, the state of the union. It is easy to say, hey things can suck over here and a pretty good over there. It's always been a letter I think, until either Wilson or empty are. Of course. I think there is maybe one or two exceptions that it is an interesting history actually they. It was never supposed to be its. It was never supposed to be locked up. It was never seems to be like us. They were supposedly up a basically actual report of what the hell is going on the country, correct that it am. I mentioned here's a couple ideas of how I think we can fix right. So stern into this giant, show and now Nancy Policy as a punishment. This is out of touch. They are as a punishment for shutting
the government says you know what, maybe we won't invite you to give a state of the union? all right. Please he doesn't need us, eight of the union, the guy tweets and all you do is talk about it for six weeks I mean we got it. We got it. Oh blue now this again hurts us, because we ve done a lot of planning. We ve got a really good state of the union broadcasts with all hands on deck. The blaze Eric Bowling is in Washington, with all of the act, we are going to be based here, checking in with all of the blaze staff and my bad for us good for the country have twenty three of the country great for the country. Now other side of this I'm so can you hear it in my voice and kind of excited that this might not happen to know that the president's not gonna, give up and give that boring speech every year that every president gives and we all aid and I've you ve paid me. You ve paid me for
forty years for, Forty years, I have been paid to watch that damn speech. I've watched all of them for forty years. I hate that Are you hate them you're still paying me to watch it? It's like this year. You know like when you do not have to watch it. Please. Thank you. So it's part of its good for me, part of its bad. For me, but great for America, people say we don't if Democrats credit when they have good idea this. Well, here's one Nancy yeah. I love the wonderful idea. This is their punishment. I love this ok. So if if you decide to do it, Mr President, in you should, encourage them not to show up now I dont know
exactly how the constitution works too, where, if the poor is it. It says to do it, you don't show up, I'm gonna, do it I want do my constitutional duty. I think it would be even more fun if they didn't show up, he's doing in an empty or that would be very it might get the objects of that might feel a little weird like doing it just for G o yeah. Who do you think on us the geopolitical who'd hearing for everything that we are showing up to do our we're showing up to do our job. I do said the speech in the empty room is what I was picture in your right. If the GNP shows up reclaiming for everything you magic, if, if, if Donald Trump Donald Trump Head Ronald Reagan's scale, no president his head Ronald Reagan, Skill but if Donald Trump had Ronald Reagan, skill in an empty chamber,
thus to walk in and himself go, Mr Speaker, the present in United States, and then they open up the doors and it's just TIM and he just walking down he's gonna lapel microphone and he just starts into the american people is he's walking down that I'll and just says. Look the government is closed because we can't do we can't do we can't get our act together on the border. We can't do things that will protect you, so nobody shudder but you know what this supposed to be a letter anyway to the two to Congress, so I wrote them a letter I don't know if there are going to read it because they don't really read stuff around here. I love you ve noticed that, but I do wanted to sit and talk to you for a minute and then don't go behind.
That podium just sit in one of the chairs that they normally sit in. Just don't don't sit with the american flag or just kind of proper yourself. Next to that podium just say so. Listen! I want only keep you from five minutes this. What has to happen? That would be happier can then the five minutes should be about turn that's all these people who don't even bother to show up to do their jobs today hush should allows get him out ass. They can't sit here and work on the air the next hundred years later we want, in fact, don't even talk about the border. Don't talk about anything just say: look, I'm only to keep your for five minutes. We can't get some common sense stuff down that you know, and I am not Finally, your neighbours who are Democrats, they know it too, and their sick of this and I've seen the polling. There should be terms search term limits on me on the president, because nobody should that much power for that long. These people- some of these
people, have been here since nineteen. Seventy three Thou TED cruises put, whether a deal and with your help, with your help. If I this in front of them, you know, the room, would stand up and applaud the other half. Would would sit stoic and if the last present would have proposal I'm proposing. They want to switch sides, but you you know one thing: it wouldn't happen. It wouldn't happen because it's a restriction on them. So just asking you let's get this done there. My most popular thing, that is in public opinion, made something like eighty three percent of people agree with terminals for Congress in its AIM is it, it is more popular among Republicans by a decent margin than the border Wallace. That's how popular term limits are an years also
getting in the mid seventies of Democrats wooing with it talking about getting people who could you Know- and I think that cruises is worded- I believe three terms in Congress and two terms in the Senate, and then you're done. That's an That's your! Therefore it that's already eighteen years and you could still run for president afterwards at it'll any it outline. I don't even think it should be that long for that a teen year I mean he's, he's, I think, being pragmatic here and saying in I've you maybe too short, no one's gonna go for it. I still eighty years is plenty of time for you to be in the government I mean you're working life is from twenty two, they ain't gonna? Seventy, I'm sorry you're talkin about of twenty two. Sixty this, you will have your working life. This is one problem, but we do have with the constitution, and that is the constant she was not written for Congress that was seated year round. The constitution was written for Congress that showed up in the summer and did a couple months of work and then laugh to win and did real job. Is it real, John S? Okay,
should not have the power over their own salary and over their own jobs. I mean look the president. You think the Prey didn't would have ever said. Yeah, you know what term limits on me right There need to be someone who enforced on the outside right right, wire expecting these people who who would say you know what I mean I am here and I'm doing a great job right now and inside you know, I'm really not doing a great job right now. But you say to your boss: I'm doing a great job right now, but you know what in ten years you should fire me. No one would say then and a you know, every time you bring up term of somebody says? Well, you know they visited the problem is that lobbyists will being control. Have you watched Washington lately? What do you think's happening now? These people are of me
forty you relationships with lobby, a horrible were: writing the bills, forebore them at least that we knew people they had to convince hiccup. Honourable okay, we come back. I want to talk to you a little bit about the women's movement. We got a big monologue on this today. We ve worked a couple of weeks on the tv show for tonight, tell you really who these people are, that are organizing thee the women's movement we're gonna break for one minute than right back into that. I need your help on this, but first We tell you: are commercial: Sponsor is Exchequer Ex chair back dot com how do you like your chair? I love my exchequer glad difference between the last year that we had, which is a pretty good cheer, and this year its immense. It's a very big difference and we sit here for hours every day, because normally this its meetings beforehand, his meetings after and ease, a lot of time in a chair which most people do. If you work in an office, Orpheus Home Office and you're, saying
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tonight, we're doing a big deal on the women's March and who this who is really by the women's March, and we ve spent weeks Kevin one of our researchers and writers and said take couple weeks and really look at this. He came in this morning. S like it. We could do literally a week's but the shows behind of the people that are involved in this at the upper levels that are, the Thai Semitic and racist and just bad people, we ve narrowed it down to the fore leaders the people that who was it time magazine aura. I think it was time egg, that said were VM the people of the year. Fourchan magazine Rank three of the four that we're gonna do today as the world greatest leaders just last year were to show you. Not so much, not so much This is not about being open
being honest, being loving to every body, making sure that we hold women up. You know it's not. It's not it's about racism and anti Semitism and we're going to show you the videotape tonight. It'll blow your mind tonight, if clock only on the blaze tv, but Stu was reading an article, from from a woman who said, look the feminist thing that the meat to movement is dead, unless we start looking at toxic femininity as well- and this is where we need you to participate If you are a woman, and you are will some, but not somebody who identifies as a woman today, please wild, hateful. Well, you will actually have to be an in the
ants woman, you gotta, have them. Lady parts rough. If you goddamn lady parts calls up eight. Seventy seven to three to five of eighty eight, seventy seven back. We have. We have several questions for you, ate questions based on this service. We're not gonna get to universe. We're not gonna, ask your name. We won't give in identifiers, we're going this call you you're color number, one, two, three four five and we want you to be really honest. An answer these questions that this author says till we actually address toxic femininity. We won't go we won't get anywhere near as interesting and by the way you do have to say that you ve done any of the things were asking about. What is someone that you have personal with your circle of friends, some gotta. Be somebody you actually, no, not like all ye. I have a friend. We tell me a story. No, it's either you or someone you know I'm. So
Indeed, she writes in medium a cheap, asked these questions and post them and then says in a hypothetical gathering of every woman. I've ever known are countered. I'm imagining a ball stadium, decent capacity, I'm certain. There is not a single one of these questions that have answered honestly wooden send hands in the air, including my own. We here too much about mocked, toxic masculinity, the term that refers to the way traits like aggression and emotional repression or baked into male social norms and also frequently up an online feminism as lazy shorthand for registering disapproval of just about anything, and do at all. But what are we gonna aunt equal rights to women and admit that toxic femininity also exists and can be just as poisonous. We ve stopped that men are socially condition to think that women o them sex? But what about the women who I assume that men should be grateful for any sex they get throughout my life. I've heard countless men tell stories about going ahead with sex, even though they didn't really want to
times. It was because they didn't want to hurt a woman's feelings or other times it was because they feared being perceived as having a low sex drive around couple number of men have told me about times when women approach them often work. Leslie and initiated sexual counters without the slightest provocation or questions asked in some cases, probably lotta cases. The men were happy to oblige the women's desires. In other cases, though, they went through the encounter because I didn't want to make an awkward situation even more awkward, these have been relate to me in a tone that I can only describe as bafflement. The men are not complaining, but they're not boasting. If anything, seem to be struggling to find the words to describe, and not entirely welcome encounter, though that they felt that they had no right to regard with. Anything other than gratitude Needless to say, if you imagined any of these situations with the genders, reversed you'd have the potential for a deaf, very different, framing who's and on to talk about this in, and I find it amazing. I think that thing it- gets lost in these ridiculous gender.
I think we saw example over the other day to the radio show where the CNN analysed, accuse the black host of having white privilege because- it was conservative- and it's like there's just this reform excessive thing any time. A guy does something wrong all its toxic for masculinity and instead just realizing and admitting with something that we all know, is that People are awful alot, regardless their gender. Sometimes people are awful. We ve all known awful people of our gender and we ve all known awful people of the other gender and approximately forty eight of the other, sixty four genders. We ve all known p full, including women who have done really shady things. You know where I hear it most from oh women women are the people who always have examples of their friend that they don't really like, but any they had a deal. With their nonsense about how they did something to boyfriend they shouldn't have or they like
this or they treated data they they did gimme the examples here in a moment, but all sorts of things that use their femininity to their advantage to try to take advantage? just somebody else. I shall we We just start ass. He some of these questions. We have some college instead of taking all at once, where we take em one at a time, you go to. Let me go to person number five please. We don't want you to identify yourself in any way, because we want to make sure you can answer honestly. Well the programme how're, you think you could think very good work. Ask you, I think it's question: should we have about a minute here, and we have the questions. If we give him away, then I think we need to have the Mulder thinking we either people Lord. While I just I
it's it's interesting to hear the initial reactions rather than planned preparing for the answers. Ok, I want second person number five and will provide we're getting we're gonna come back then I just think it with, because I have. I have questions on all of these because you went through them and about a third of them. I was like no way no way anybody ever did no one outside Europe. Just that ensure like yours, heartily naive yeah I have I have just. I have so clueless it to be fair to glance. He didn't talk to a girl to about thirty two, so that citizens very being very So I am lately in the dark on this one, I'm I'm, really excited to hear what this audience will admit to either on themselves or that they know of peace and it has again it has to be first hand
not an urban legend from your tat, not rightly diseases to be. Oh, I know this girls. I went to school with her and everybody talked number. No. Your friend that you ve on for a long time admitted to you that this is what they did poor you did it. That's we don't want any identify errs on their. We need you to be completely honest and about Third, these I've got questions. I've got. Questions will go to that when we come back in just a minute on the Glen Back Programme here, lessening TAT Glenn Bank are equal about life lock sponsor for this half hour. We thank them so much for being a sponsor lifeline, Is this? Are there the people that stand guard over your information? They say,
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The day view of the season for louder with crowded with Stephen crowded, someplace tv dot, com, slash back he's the promo code back and save some money the toxic femininity problem in America is. It actually in issue by if your hearing, hammering and so has its actually forced stories above me, we have had to replace the roof of our studio, complex and its this a massive complexes can take us about ninety days and and so you will hear things in background. Unfortunately, I apologise for this. It's not Jeffrey. Having a moment we ever. I know it. Last night we were doing one of the chosen it sounded like we had piled a bunch of unilateral. I find this hard to believe, but we have now. We have twelve people on the phone. There sick, femininity.
There is a. There- is an article on medium that talks about from a woman who says if I gotta go, my friends together and they they all talked about the truth. They would all Oh answer yes to most, if not all of these questions I find this hard to believe, but we have now. We have twelve people on the phone there from ages of thirty five to seventy, it may a different below thirty five, but will see this. Group is thirty. Five to seventy years old, twelve different people can we conference call all of them together. Do we have the technology. We have the technology, I'm not sure. Now, here's the thing under this in the studio as we put put all of them together, Lady please do not identify yourself in any way other than your number.
And because some of the questions get a little dicey and we just want to make sure that nobody is revealing anything that everybody else goes. What so here we go we're gonna start from number one number twelve dont identify yourself in any way, but we'll just one and honest answer on these questions? Here's question number one have you her behaved badly and blamed it on your period. Number one, or you are somebody that you know now number two number two: are you there? Yes, there? No! The answer is no number. Three. Absolutely Thank you. I was gonna reminded you're under Rodya, another guy number for now number five here now now remember were saying any one: you ve ever known, yeah. Anyone do you have a personal gas took. I may reasonably ok. So let's do this again!
you or someone you personally. No, not you gotta be a friend there so lets you started the beginning again you ve ever ever done something and blame it on your period, you or someone who is first hand, knowledge very close, yes or no. Number one Don't listen to the radio! Please listen to these, though the phone number one number two, Yes, yes, number three! similarly number for here number five number six. Now Number seven Yad number eight, nine oh yeah make no return, definitely Billy Number, eleven yeah. Ok,
nine. Nine of eleven on that line of eleven cares. Question number two: have you or anyone you, a personal knowledge of inner, your circle of friends. I ever acted helpless, in the face of an unpleasant, if not physically, demanding task like dealing with a wild animal. That's gotten inside the house, number one number one says I think no, I'm losing over one number, two. Yet three You back. He said for southern loaded that over four number for me, I'm sided make yes, not He but somebody else. Yes, okay, number, five! sure number six. Yes, seven! He added eight, Nine! somebody out ten a m
when the stress here eating more elaborate, Yes, ok, we're talking to eleven women aged thirty, five to seventy asking them questions about toxic femininity question. Three: we're gonna a little by little bit harder here. A little guy see have you, how do you or anyone in your circle of friends, co? Stu Man into sex, even though he didn't really seem to want it number. One I think we ve lost lost number one whenever too? no way. No! the three probably have made a sport out of it. A number for no five Never, six! No seven! that I recall Xaver eight,
wait. Nine yeah, but I'm new with a single above one can never dead Yes, number eleven and wanted you can blame this on your awful friends? It's totally fine! You don't have to admit to yourself right. That's our next one, have you or anyone in your circle of friends over your life. You are at liberty to do some sort of coercing because men always wanted and should feel lucky any time they get it. No that's number one number two Number three
the way we re absolutely hands out. We have to have another conversation with number three lays a set of upon yes right number. Four, I dont understand the question: can you yes, go have read so the if thou this goes back to the coursing. If you dont know, anyone had ever course someone or a plot you're gonna prodded them. Sex, even though you weren't sure they were necessarily that much into it. Did you just by that. As you know, men always wanted and they should be lucky every time that they get it. Yes, number: five. Now six, seven yeah
for seven three should never get together, maybe driving off a cliff and not a man. I knew you are an instigators, whether number tat ass, an that's, ok and number. Eleven. Absolutely wow I was one of those that I thought and mean I can't I mean I could see it occasionally, what was a score analyses of the six out of the eleven said yesterday X out of the eleven ok next up, have you or you can absolutely blame someone else in your circle of friends?
if you ve ever threatened to harm yourself, if a branch of a man breaks up with you or doesn't want to see you anymore, do, however, this from high school or dollar you or someone else is number one way number two there were. I beg you fifty years now, for three nights, number for now five now six that we might just as well wake number seven! Now eight no way nine Hell! No, but I haven't done to me by a woman or by a man, getting number I did ten eleven. Oh, no man that important good for can,
captain number ten. I get it apple people at the opera The twelve have twelve. You did! well. We only have eleven looking up and I thought we had dwelt, but we only have eleven, ok next, what now these are going to get it can they can be? These can be harsh again think about back in your life. The friends that you ve had maybe made question choices. I know we ve all had these friends but the we're gonna get little tough here. Any its people that you ve known in your life been physically abusive with a male partner. Knowing would be unlikely to face any legal consequences while, How never k! There's number one member to no three! Yes, by. Why not ask that I hear you're, not your role here. I know I know number four. Now five now number six, this pushing him down the stairs cow.
Six helping. I do no one person, yet eat. I know one person is all the evidence after it was over. Yet nine if you put it, yes, it does say, judge the number that was number nine nine number ten tumblr What do you say? Number tat, I know, are anonymous, but it was not made by you know: someone ok number eleven yeah. Oh that why those higher than a lot higher than I expected, ok to more guys, you're doing a great job, blaming all your friends forbidden. Ok, you have you or anyone else. Circle of friends lied about being on birth control, or freight faked a pregnancy scare to see how a man would respond. We not now number two
should we not three number. Four, no, five yeah gay, six, nobody s, friends, because I knew what I was common fear. I know somebody use done now said: the sun was fifteen out of eleven yeah me too, where we never six had offended at once number, seven, now eight no way nine Nor do I wish ten. And, if you actually, Levin? Yes, I thought that would be a lot higher. Yet this is so common with even happened on the documentary. The office, which I wasn't a documentary and finally made us, is again you or your circle of friends has any every them ever manipulated a divorce or child custody dispute in your favour in their favour by false
We insinuating that a man had been abusive to you or your child. Again, your circle, redwood count on this as well. The forty one years, no way to give reference number two! No three not for me and truly not for anybody. I now for I say no, but I bet the liberals will answer these questions much differently than us yeah, you know rising point I was. I was just thinking that I think with a younger group. It may be differ with those under thirty five, and also, I think, with with aid a group of different Reno. Devalues values so what number we read? Number five. I think you number five. Yesterday First, there was a man who is doing a woman. Ok, that doesn't out ok, number six!
now now number seven, he now eight hours they did. They would no longer be my friend for nine ire I also heard said about exactly slowly now clear. You're welcome yet better and eleven. Yes, Can I ask you lose yes, yes, she said now. Can I ask? Do you believe that toxic feminine in exists, ladys meaningless. No, I haven't later per cent in Birmingham Arrive, Ladys, yes or no already line with applying planes to fine. For me,
Why is toxic femininity? I think I think the things this things that they're saying about toxic man skill entity that there are guy is that are jerks and will use their self centered they'll do whatever they want to get what they want. I think that is not a male problem, Racism is a human problem, and here I agree the ape man. People set as this will not work as format we gotta take, but you that was great Ladys hang on the phone. I want to send each of you give the producer your name. I want to send each of you and autographed copy of my new book, but thank you for being on. Stand by that was very interesting areas: fascinating fastening, ashes to the oil authors, credit, Megan, dams, credit. If ever we gotta- yes at least for every single one of them in some of them unanimously asked when we come back, we'll run down those yes or no will give the scores final score on each of them are at our
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tat done, coercing because mental was one in three of the eleven said they had threatened harm themselves. If a man broke up with them, six have eleven said they were abusive with a male partner, knowing they wouldn't get any worse consequences for out of eleven said they were. They lied about being on birth control or faked, a pregnancy scale and one in eleven said they had manipulated divorce or child custody to Sweden there favoured by claiming it is unbelievable. I also want to tell you about our sponsored this half hour. It is mercury real estate, its it's real estate agents. I trust dot com. Yes only things that does there a lot of real estate referral services, but ninety nine percent of them are set up to just help. Realtors get clients, and this one is really set up the opposite way. I know you started this company. I swear on my life till you this Glenn, but there's the idea of hay like what
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are you politicize, almost everything and almost every circumstance or you are funded when others try to do that. Are you aren t, kill it in what you? What you're, actually for better than you are condemning? What you think you're against is your excuse for constantly being betrayed by the Republicans that you helped elect and in its that stupid party that gets in the way, not the person you helped to elect. There's a new book out called truth bombs by Steve days. We begin with him in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme so about thirty minutes we have just in wheeler on. He is my econ guy and he is, he said I give you the state of the union and the state of the economy here in a nutshell and injustice in just a few minutes and give you.
The things that you may not know about instance. Did you know in the last four days you know are we the bank bailouts. Then we had the the the FED giving more money every month we were doing about eighty the billion dollar, eighty billion dollars a month, eighty billion dollars a month. And that's the FED, just printing money. We got up to about seven trillion dollars. I think we're down to about four trillion that still out there Well, yes, China just did something in the last four days they just pumped in fifty trillion dollars into economy in the world? four days there. In trouble. What does that mean will tell you in a minute I I'll, tell you that everyone is devaluing their money.
This is not gonna lasted just it doesn't. Last It's never in the history of the world ever worked. Maybe we ve taken some genius pills, but I'm watching the people in the banks and I'm watching the people in Washington and people in China, in Germany, in England and everywhere else, and I don't see any evidence that they ve taken genius pills, so happens, while one of the things you need to know about his crypto currency and Bitcoin, and we ve asked were, and investment adviser and one of the best guys on crypto currency out. There is ticket to worry her He talks to the people who are actually the movers and shakers in this, and he can explain what crib A currency is how it's used. What the future looks like what blocked in is how it's gonna change lives, not talking about investing talking about understanding the future. Take the smart guy
dough course right now and understand the future. Smart crypto court stop Morgan or eight hundred and seven seven PBS back eight seven, seven people back, it's smart Crypto course: dot com, but it's not a big week here at the blaze tv yesterday. We now Chad Prater, is joining the blaze tv line up, which is gonna, be great, called humor me it's a new show he's a musician and comedian he sells out shows all across. Country? If you haven't heard of Chad, Prater he's one of these new stars that you know just kind of like Why is there a giant crowd of twenty thousand people across the street chat breaker really funny. I really funny really nice guy common sense, he's kind of the Will Rogers of our side and of hard time.
And and he's joining us. We now that yesterday also Matt Kebby, has a brand new programme. That's the libertarian bent of blaze TV, that's just one of the libertarian bent We also have Stephen crowded returning for a brand new season to day and see if days has put out a newborn called truth bombs, which Steve, the reaction to truth bombs. Do People want the truth yes, I know I think where we're at now, with with Trump listening the conservative media and going back to it regional pledge sign another continuing resolution enforcing this confrontation and watching how the Republican Party never wanted this confrontation mass. Why does the Weber? Yes, I think the timing of that is almost serendipitous
providential, because I think there is a new audience for the message of this book. That probably wouldn't have existed even six months ago I think that one, there's lots of things. It Donald Trump has done that. We like we never really got to the root of the problem that the Republican Party they didn't to date, none of them to get rid of Obama care. None of them really wanted to do anything about the border that its the game that they continue to play with us over and over and over again- and they usually have no spine but because Donald Trump listens to the people. I think he has stood strong on this and new I'm toast. If I don't- and I think it's o- up a whole new world, When I wrote this block, you know I'm, I did it some minimize trumps war in this in this drama intentionally, because I don't I don't take the cake is chain here I see that some ideally showing the blaze all the time the cake
the same- we just have to design a new frosty on top of it all tromp, roughly the same political cake that it's always been an issue. I spent one chapter in the book. I go into all of my history with trunk, how which I too will be to support him early in his presidential Rhine, and I did it on purpose because wanted major themes in this book. It is neither the problem nor the solution. He has the symptom The stones monster doesnt create itself. Is everything he's detractors claim is glad he can I'll be in the position he is in right now. If the system is everything I, like you- and I were saying it was before Trump ever came down- that desk ere, he exploited what the system has become too his own advantage any speaks for a base of people. You don't for most of his adult and in public wife. Job has been one of the fair haired set. And now he watched his face, turned on him lifted. The Jaycees Bronze Snoop Dog
couldn't wait to get their picture taken with them before the minute he put an hour after his name and spoke directly to the values of main street America and whether it did it could be deleted or political opportunism or little had about it didn't matter once He provided a platform to made straight America suddenly All these people turned on him because it isn't a truck it's about their hatred for debate. So every day, Americans that he represents an end the only in my TED plus years of working full time and political activism on campus, madam from President to School board. I've learned one true. Among many that stands above the rest and ass. This the only pulled party in America, daddy hate everyday Americans, conservatives orthodox we're. Just believers more than the Democrats are the Republicans What makes you say that look away. They behave in an in this book. I, people get asked questions where I made statements like that. So there's ten,
It is a footnote in this book. There isn't one hundred and forty four notes in this book. I tomorrow biblical, You said it. No one is with no one is without are no, it has an excuse. Ok, The reality is look at the way they behave. In fact, let's just go to the eye could point out primaries how they always come our harder after us than they do Democrats, but which just look at what Mitt Romney did the day he arrived at Washington as it would be senator before he was sworn in too simplistic It goes to work every day and set it and and surrounding him our people, who think it's a great idea, an enlightened to take a pair forceps show them up a woman's uterus. Essentially catch them to the school of her child penetrated smell, today, then, can back about the big debate, these brains in the rest of its parts, one by one and now his his concern is, is trumps beat you had nothing to say all those problems, but all those people represent he silent, but now transport
are the ones that he needs to address immediately in the pages of the Washington post. Troops problems are well documented. The reality is transport problems right now aren't getting in the way of human me running a paycheck or living in a society that is worthy of passing on to our children, people that want to suck brains out of little baby bear alacrity. Secretary and their moral problems they're the ones getting in the way of that, and so here we seen it round me in the last few weeks- gone horrider after Donald Trump than he did the entire your final six months at the general election campaign, glad to block obama- and we have seen this pattern over and over again, because Democrats inspired our base to get what they want. Glenn Republicans kind aspire against their base. They want the Republicans want to beat Democrats and elections just now for the same, since we want to beat them and in the end, if the choice is losing the Democrats or losing control of the Republican Party, they will choose using the Democrats and I'll make. One final point on this. Work has been done.
I think that you and I were originally part out so most big guy like you me, Shapiro Ericsson. There was a group of us too, like the skies. Problems are way too high to gamble that he'll, provide any conservative, return on investment whatsoever and is not worth wasting the capital. But we're finding out now that trumped is actually look more to the right in the upper thought? Is president look at the bill. Crystals! Look at the people too. How'd, CNN and MSNBC, and what you're gonna find is with their complaints about trust, Boris Behaviour or a camouflage a cover. Tomorrow never trot. Movement were people, there were actually never conservative. I could agree with you. At wholeheartedly, and you know because those people will not say anything good about him if looking concerns- and I said this on the air. My concern was:
I think he's going to do any of these things, because he's never shown a willingness to stand up to those kinds of things and stand up and fight for him. That's not who he urban, but he is listening. He is I'll tell you this. I think, This president, it might be the biggest servant president we have had in in the last twenty years, perhaps maybe George Bush, but I know what I mean is and now I can't even see George Bush listening listening to the poor bull who voted for him. I don't think he wanted to shut down the government. I don't think he wanted to do all of this. That wasn't his first instinct. But he saw the writing on the wall and he realized. That's not that's what they put me in four. Ok, I'm gonna stand and eat. You know people are telling him every day, you're losing your shirt, I don't
think he is, I think, he's actually, I think, he's actually winning because no one has ever stood with the people. Against the system I agree with that, and you know I've said this, before me say it again. Since we left a national stage and enraging left the national stage in January of nineteen eighty nine- I was- Are we going to get driver's license and I have a senior I school oldest child right now, and so we are still talking about Reagan, that's a generation before even Al Gore invented the internet to tell you and I I up to point out that what we are talking about is true, because I would argue Wait, you left the national states from all his faults and I dont high from transport what, in the same he already Giuliani, was do an unseen and last night what that was how I know why he hired guys, like parliament, afford me worker clique in open
The clouds I dont know the answers to those questions, but here's what I do know the only way we're getting a leadership position in the last twenty five years. That is even been the slightest sensitive to sympathetic to the core concerns average republican base is Donald Trump, not the two bushes that were president, not MC, not Mitt Romney, you ve. What the previous two presidential nominees, not Mcconnell about, Mccarthy, not Scully, not pot. All we did this poor liner, enjoying danger, Glenn Weak, retreated a chain smokers were across bitter, but we got everything else I am so The only guided cares what we think for us. This is why, if you wondered, why are people so loyal to him at the right political cold aspect to it? No politicians have not talked about that. You would allow but it is, as we just saw for Christmas if Russia goes on here in trash cousin, Mccarthy he's not doing it. He did it to you
Donald Trump didn't and do you know what we're gonna have to reverse course here he's the only one who cares, what we think Glenn be only one. I agree with your Steve. I actually agree with you. I dont think Donald Trump is is the leader in the traditional sense, but I dont think that necessarily that's what America wants any more right. Now they were someone who will listen to them, because I thought The common sense of the average person is better than any leader that I have found. An for all of his faults. He is listening to his his people. Ban to America and I think, with all his faults, that
exactly what we may need at this time to be able to save the republic more with Steve Days, in truth, bombs and just a second first, we have cleared out all the commercials. In his hour we ve weeks of the lungs the commercial breaks. We just wanted to stop for a minute at a time. So let me just offer just a quick minute and then right back to Steve is blinds dotcom. The blinds dot com will help you with your window coverings, whether you want change, shutters drapes, doesn't matter what what you need they. You covered and they have your windows covered and the the Lee expensive way to make the biggest impact and transform the look of your home is with window coverings. It is over. We experienced this with our home and you just put these we talked Winesburg com went through a bunch of. Options. They actually taught us out of the most expensive option and, like add that, when I I think this this next best, one is going to act
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let's go over and I think your book is really important because we have to prepare ourselves for twenty twenty and twenty twenty four and I think these parties are imploding. But I will say: I've in you cover the Senor Book, ya, gotta, further the Republican. You know. Too hard for a third party, and you take those things apart star with third party. The number one reason. We don't have a third party and there's other reasons I did say was the only one, but the number one reason we don't it's just but money to be made shilling in pimping, the Republican Party. That's why Just the reality careers get made, who gets put on the table there our whole people, that what system is something five Manu Roger Roger, I believe, is his name essentially Mitch Mcconnell stenographer many essentially wash
Mitch Mcdonald's off, as he tells him what you write, what to say what today's leaders from GEO passionately, and that's a cordon quote story. This goes on and, as we have too many conservative blog that are essentially us back similes and an odd refers for certain donor blocks of the Republican Party or fashions of the g o p, and this is devolved into the quick sherbet. If you know notion that we in the last few years there's just too much Would you be, may aid and maintaining the status quo and that's why you don't what hit one of the things like? One of the examples when I knew we were screwed is I was on the year every night in Louisville on my old syndicated show. Why and I had met their deny. My show all the time when he was right, a primary Mitch, Mcconnell and at that time, am I was doing, I lie. I was doing a lot of interviews, Cartier token Conservative, on MSNBC panels, and we will talk about this primary all the time and I might, I think, demonstrate, yeah. I mean everybody hates Mcconnell Debits, yet all got his own money. Disparities he's well known.
He's a great candidate in such a good candidate, the Governor Kentucky out, we got the primary night, Sir Friends of I worked on this campaign. I knew what was going on on the inside world the primary night. You look at the turn out no Kentucky state where I think twice in the last twenty years. The demo at nominee for president didn't even get forty percent of the votes state, while in a presidential election spree red state, we get the primary night more people voted in the democratic and primary. Then voted in the republican Senate primary that night, despite all the media attention, except you know, all the media attention was on CNN Msnbc, which our bases and consume you don't. I I wouldn't googled box. I went to Fox NEWS, a comma Google bat that in each Mcconnell I like no results. We never talk about it It never shows up on the front page of drudge, and so here we are with a vastly peer. Your candidature, Mcconnell, not some local all who believes in can trails guy who's, governor of the state right now. Ok, we couldn't turn our voters did they didn't
even know he existed Glenn, and this is this is why we, we can't ever beat these guys and these primary, why? Whoever tells you ever go to launch a ten year war to take back the Republican Party you're. What am I? friends. Is one of the original donors of the GEO key from the old Sharon's statement he's been. He once told me Steve in fighting for your weapon fighting for taking over your public party for five years I told em brother with all due respect. I want to do this for fifty years and the country does it have fifty years so the biggest problem we have this corporate Amerika has turned against us in the last generation. There aren't any. What we are coke is any more who are either supported our values or willing the fund them because they understood that Democrats were terrible for their economic model, which happened now is used economics it taken over the Wall Street progress. It is amazing, boardroom there now funding all the cultural causes we're against and they decided you know what, instead of
getting big government we, despite all that they make you by your health insurance. If we do that well, I will tell you this. I did that started as of Reagan in, I think, was nineteen, eighty six or eighty eight, but with the tides foundation that was their goal, they learned through Reagan. We ve got to many people in board rooms that our conservative we have too many people running companies, that the conservative. We need to get people at the highest echelons of of corporate Amerika and take over from from there and they ve done it and they did it effectively and anytime. You ever talk about it. The conspiracy theory, but it's well documented, that's what they set out to do when you talk to Republicans about that they want to do with it. There like dad, won't work, and I am not in it for that long. I'm just gonna put my money behind this guy
problem, is: is that socialists and those who want to destroy this country? Think long term? We don't, if you want to think long term and know the truth, the truth about yourself. Your argument, our side, the conservative movement. How do we win in twenty twenty? How do we win in twenty twenty four? And how do we save the nation? The book is truth bombs by Steve Days. Truth bombs, Steve Days, he'll tell you more about it after this programme on the blaze, radio and television network year, lessening ten grand where we have a, we have an epidemic of, but people eating, crappy foods in America and ice celebrated epidemic seems bad. Put it that way.
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Please safe dot com, slash Glenn just an wheeler is joining us just and is a part of my research team. He watches the economy and kind of the overall global scope of technology and men, the everything everything that we are talking about basically and tries to tide altogether, and I wanted to bring him in today and talked a little bit about what happen in China that, No one is talking about. I mean we can talk about Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump, locking horns, fine don, do the state of the union. I think America will cheer ass, punishment Nancy, that's a present. But the you're gonna hear a lot of coverage on that. That's not important! This is listen so,
over the last several days, just some really interesting, Conor red flag signals coming out of the asian markets. To really important reports came out. We ve had significant drops in the Baltic Dry index, which is one of the global indices, that a lot of analyse will look at, and certainly one that we track here, but it at its nourishes, what what is the Baltic dry indexing, gay, serbian, and so this is all of the shipping that comes out of the Baltic Sea in terms of industrial production grain, and you look at that index What is happening in that sector of the world, the eurasian sector of the world, for everything that their manufacturing and exporting to the world? enemies like Korea, us a poor. Certainly some of the former soviet states produce significant amounts of steel of other commodities grain and they exe,
back to the world than their heavily reliant on those exports for their income, whereas, where on earth consuming income, their heavy export incomes, so the ball drawing debts, something that world economies really need to pay attention to when there is a slow down in the index reported every month But that is a very strong sign that there is a slow down in manufacturing globally. People don't need the iron ore and people don't need the other commodities other coming out of those markets and then very civic economies like Korea, South Korea and Singapore are two of the largest technology manufacturers in the world in terms of ex borders and both of those countries. Ported, a slow down pretty significantly the Baltic dry. Ex drop by seventeen percent pull in one month, which was largest rump drop in one month since the financial crisis of two thousand nine. So fairly significant warning sign in something that you know, certainly if
you are invested in in stocks overseas and equity markets overseas. Definitely something to be paying close attention to this. Thing that I found really disturbing is the amount of money that China as now just poured in two our economy. Now we do this with the FED end. It's it's not healthy, but we did this with a fed with. I want to say tat, but it's not tarp, it's what is it and not stimulus. Reporting- and they wanted to do- is yes Yes, I'm gonna tell you of easing. Thank you quantitative easing. We did this for several years and we were putting about eighty billion dollars a month and basic
printing money and throwing it into the economy to stimulate things again or or buying bad assets and putting them under an umbrella of assets when they were bad, they were failed crap and that way You could pump money into the system where we thought it was dangerous to do eighty billion dollars a month tune of about three to four trillion dollars right in the end, quantitative that's where we ve ended up, so the FED has been slowly unwinding, its balance sheet jumping now, fifty billion dollars a month, you're onto the markets right selling, off the debt it had acquired rights and its sign those back into the market can so we we did. We did anywhere between four and seven trillion dollars, and that was insane in the last four days, China, has pumped fifty. Trillion dollars
into their market fifty five zero. And its effectively the same mechanism. So what China is doing is they are the central bank. The people's Bank of China is printing money. To buy assets now, that's the way they refer to these things. They are buying bonds, corporate bonds, mostly in government backed companies, so you know very different from how we are in the United States, but mostly it is a central bank buying. Bonds to own part of companies that are already on by the government, anyway, sea of a bank, that's on by the government printing money to buy bonds in banks that are owned by the government and His claim over the last several days is that no, they ve done. I want one trillion dollars of direct bank bond buying to pump liquidity into the market. So chinese citizens have money to pull out of banks to pay their taxes,
This is the shell game that literally, is in. There is in their report, so thick fifty trillion dollars in four days. So we'll can pay their taxes, why not just say you don't pay your taxes is here since the same money, that's the same money. So if anyone wants looked up, this is a publicly available report. It is called the the People's Bank of China, financial stability report, two thousand eighteen and it just came out a few days ago now. So no, we usually don't trust. You don't take these things at face value as they don't have to tell the truth. And so they usually make a lot of this stuff. But you know it comes to how economy is doing, etc, etc. We take with a grain of salt so they say what it's always in their favour, the always in their favour. China looks stronger correct so when telling you bad news really bad, and so here's how they ve done this. If you look at the first few pages of this report also see tables where the
the government, is claiming that the balance sheet of the people's brink of China is six trillion dollars. That's what's on balance sheet very much like our FED. Does our central banks, as we have four trillion dollars of assets? Again we printed money to buy bond of asked on our balance sheet now. So you remember this to put this in context in two thousand eight remember: crappy loans, although seedy organs back security, all the crap. That was not worth anything that everybody was defaulting on, those were the assets that we bought the troubled asset relief for a correct, although they bought all of those troubled assets and said not a word, it is up its verily, not that bad and where the count them as gold over here. So we ve got these assets that China's doing except to the tune of fifty trillion, but wait, there's more so
the interesting thing is to find this. This money, the fifty trillion dollars that they ve just reported for the first time. It's the first time it's been in this report. You actually have to dig page sixty four. So again, any one can go download this its widely available, but on page sixty four of the financial stability report of the peak of people's Bank of China or to those eighteen, you can find this data, In addition to the fifty trillion they ve had added, they already had forty two trillion and they record these as off balance sheet assets, not balance sheet, so that have one what they are they are off battle sheet assets totally. Ninety two trillion going back all the way to the financial there's. A second set of books now if China is admitting this imagine how bad it actually is, why do you think, is happening in China
and how much of this has to do with trade, and what does it mean to the average person here so China is a very interesting market when you think about bankers who work for state owned banks, and when you think about please, the president's and and accountants for these companies that are also state owned. They know their running bad loans, but if you run a babylonian China, you go to jail. If you do Babylon here, you just get out of the market, and you know no one trust you with money anymore, but China, you and your family end up in prison. If your loan defaults, what China does it just just continues to refinance old loans that were going bad and work performed couldn't possibly raise new debt and open market, and they just new money to roll over these old loans? So it is new financial assets that the central bank is buying its loans from in eight years ago. We're still bad and art performing and they just refinanced that loan for another five years and just keep rolling it and rolling and rolling in the
steam thing of the ninety two trillion dollars of off balance, she'd assets and this will be familiar to us because of that? The two thousand two thousand nine financial crisis about fifty four trillion of that. Ninety two trillion is mortgage, backed securities omega. That is what the Chinese Central Bank is continuing to refinance are all of these go cities They are just rolling over those loans over and over and over again. So what we do, to the tune of a few trillion dollars. They ve done to the tune of sixty four trillion. So what does it mean to the average person? What should that tell you- now there's about twenty two trillion dollars of foreign investment money in China. So this is money that came from businesses. Private investors in the United States came from hedge funds. It comes from our central bank, and other large banks in the? U S, investing in China, it comes from companies like Apple that Significant investments in those markets and when China begins to unravel those ass
that will not be allowed offshore twenty trillion dollars of investment that sits in China from the outside half of it from the United States? China will just sees that they'll do so. You can't take this money back. That money has to stay here, so there is a significant risk profile for a lot of companies, apple, probably being at the top of that list. As far as I'm concerned of companies, invested massive amounts of their? U S based capital or stern base capital and have invested it in China, for manufacturing. Purposely of China starts to go unstable. Who me? What is this? What do you do? You have any idea yet on what you think, the straw that can a break. The camel's back is gonna, be breaks, it is going to be. Uprisings in Europe will be Germany or ITALY or China, or Russia, oil with Saudi Arabia. What what is yet? These are great points. Any number of these could be that spark that really starts the fire us
Italy is, isn't it a serious banking crisis right now that that it's just seen it's been ongoing, so no one is talking about, but it has gotten so much worse, just in the last twelve months compared to where was Saudi Arabia and other great example take Billions of dollars of debt are basic, the every month, because there they need oil to be a seventy five to eighty dollars a barrel to be profitable with Saudi Arabia is in trouble. Saudi Arabia, saudi array it goes unstable, God help anyone in the Middle EAST. They like them, don't like them. They are stability, so this is then being stabilize by Mr Andrews has, as is still got magic, what it's like when they're, not stapled her prison like capturing other family members and holding them hostage at the four seasons. This has the time because they need money right era taking their mind, taking the money. So we are on the edge of something and we just had who was it that was on the show last week, stew,
That said, we are looking at cattle three storm, and I asked him. Where would you put to thee the great depression And he said category five: So he's he was predicting something much more significant than the great depression, I feel that is coming as well, but I am a catastrophes What do you with of the research that you do in Europe: pretty opt in the guy you're just a realist. What are you? he's coming sure. We certainly could see something on the scale of the great depression over the next several years. It is certainly possible but has been amazing, even though we are seeing a significant economic slowdown globally right now, is how resilient the? U S? Markets have continued to be banned, you know they ve gained back. Fifty percent of what they lost from September October has now been recovered. We are at a keeper, been Archie ratio as far as that recovery goes
so as long as you have assets invested in the United States, especially safe assets, here, probably whether that storm as well as anywhere you could in the world just and thank you very much. We're gonna try to work in the next year to to Take this information and make it usable for you, so doesn't necessarily have a lot of money in your not playing the stock market and you're, not an international investor, but what You have to do to remain stable, if you are over fifty five, I am not an investment adviser. Do not take my word, for it do your own homework, but We'll tell you I we're coming up to something that is going to be a very long event horizon and the turnaround move. Europe fifth, fifty five may be beyond your retirement, taken. Seventy five percent of everything I have out of stock markets
because I just, I think something bad is coming hand. You will drop? I just don't know which you it will be, but there are shoes being pimp to the edge all over the world. Thanks just now I'd, let me tell you about american finance. This, I believe, is a great time to talk about american finance. American finance is a company that is family owned and operated business and fifteen years ago they were not. There were not a national company. There are regional company and they want to be too to commercials form regionally, and I said no because I dont do any mortgage companies. And they pushed him push. A person said now we're different, and I said you know what you call me after this crash that everybody is denying their like we're. Not denying we think you're right am, I You call me and tell me how you ve weathered cause. I don't believe in these mortgage companies. This
the only mortgage company that I endorse and its american financing, and I endorse them, because they were right, they don't get you into crazy loans, be they do not take money from the banks to see Oh you and up sell you something that isn't right for you. I want the call american financing and shore yourself up get out of debt. Make sure that you are not in a adjustable mortgage, get something that is right for you with american financing dot net. If you think about buying a new home now you the time and I think monies gonna to be tied it'll be hard to get alone for a home some day soon. Or can finance and help you right now. American financing, dot net call them at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty american financing, dot net american financing cooperation and an l s. One eight do through three four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, Org.
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the fusion of annex ii, men and in rain death. Is that claim that program? You know it's crazy is back with when the Vanderbilt were around when the categories of the three the real wealth of the world had wealthy. They did some pretty crazy things, but when you look at the Vanderbilt and their lifestyle back in the eighteen hundreds all they were trying to do is lived the life that you're living now yeah they can travel. They can have ice when they want it. It just is really expensive to go get ice. You needed Vanderbilt money to get it, but they were being
quickly, living in really huge houses, the life we live now, in fact, we have a better life than they did back. Then today's wealth in Silicon Valley is just getting raising in San Francisco. It is so bad. There's literal piles, a human poop on the sidewalks people are starving. People are dying in just a couple of blocks away from that two cats are living in their own personal apartment. It was the worst of times it was the best of times in San Francisco I'll give you the full stories we begin. The show in one minute. This is that land back programme you know doing this job gives me a headache everyday, You know you! Can you can pass that if you have real pain,
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work like seventy percent of the people who try it they go on order more month after month. If it does work, you get your life back. I use it. Every day have, for a year relief factor, dot com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four. Eighty five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dotcom now. Imagine imagine you have a seventy two inch for K. Ultra HD television, connected to a gadget that you ve always wanted the both sound bar of Us Sub, whisper and everything. You know every time something big happens on the screen. The walls shake, but in the channel is changed on the couch, a cat has swipe the remote for the Apple TV,
all of a sudden, your back to pvc, that damn cat, what to do Well, as reported in the Mercury NEWS, you It's your cat, an apartment! forty three year old, Troy, good right? Did a fifteen hundred dollars a month apartment for two cats. Now. These are two cats that his daughter adopted just recently, and then went to school what to do. What to do. He didn't want I'm living with him, so he cited, he would with just rent an apartment, now, This story might be cute if it wasn't so strange to stow, paean and irresponsible
in San Francisco. A hundred and seventeen thousand dollars is considered Lowell so these are low income cats how much do they earned of well fifteen hundred dollars a month It is Ben consistently ranked one of the most expensive cities to live in in America? This? This is Newport Rhode Island of per day and you ever thought that you know GAD Spear. Any of these guys Lino supposedly lived in Newport. Do you know that led the Gatsby as the is the joke of or the literary device for thee access that time period they didn't cats for their houses, houses for the cats. I dont think pretty sure even apartments, I don't think they did redeem
Jealous wealth is happening now in San Francisco, and I made fine, that's fine. I don't have a problem. You wanna have a look for guinea and you know you park it and you don't during the wheels into the curb on the steepest street. I've ever seen. That's fine! That's your Lamborghini! As what is your cat? You want to rent an apartment for your cat, that's fine, but California, and San Francisco in the throes of of full fledged crisis. Right now, Piles of poop all over the city. You mentioned this store thing. It was late last year where a light pull fell in a car. Yes, criminals. Are they also? So I can remember the street using pine and some, but there are those big heavy metal light poles. It was on a corner car pull.
Doesn't pull all the way to the to the first through the crosswalk. Thankfully, thankfully, this light pull all of a sudden. Nobody hits it nothing it just error. And crashes on the hook of this car. If the car, been four feet forward. It would it killed. The passenger guy did giant light pole, why did the giant light pole fall? Well, the after investigation. They found out that too many humans were p on the pole and corroded the metal and big of human urine. That light pole. Collapsed and almost killed somebody same The Grand Canyon was formed by a lot of people. Dont know that a lot of people dont know that, and so you have mentally ill people. You have, you have tense all over the city. You have poop all over the city. You have arguer yearns soaked. What
poles falling I mean this is a crazy thing, and then you have a guy. Who says you know what I want to rent this for my cats. Now again you there, and it for your cats, but I'm guessing this guy is living in San Francisco. I'm guessing! I could be wrong. I'm guessing he's one of these guys. Also, that wants to save the world and social justice warrior in everything else. The reason why is because his eighteen year old got some kittens name them after the characters on Bob's burgers. Made an instagram account for them, then went off to college and she just didn't have any other choice. If my son or daughter ever came to me and said dead, I need you to rent an apartment from. I can just for four years. I I know I might disowned them,
I'd, say you, no one will take you to court, I'm divorce and I think the average American would be more likely to have those cats served at Bob's, burgers, as regards renting an apartment for them for several years, crazy facts and eyes and ponder crazy front as well. I think you know that last week We told you that you know the the feminist movement is, is just gonna, just gonna keep growing it's getting stronger and stronger and Gillette. This week comes out and shows the toxic, ask your lenity? and it's just its yet it's getting so great. Now for women and you can finally do what women have always wanted to do, January is now Jan you Harry Month and, They are urged the social norms- that's fine, but don't try to make this into a move don't shave your armpits its January.
Nothing is gonna, win people over to feminism more then unshaved armpits of women. I think that's probably there you're quickest path to success, and I think they should try. I mean we all the candidates for twenty twenty there's a lot of women as the year of the woman as every year is: here of the woman who may be this is something they can embrace. Oh, I mean, I think this would helps. I sell their candidacy, make a little bit a news. Why not? so they are also saying that you shouldn't pluck your eyebrows and you should just let your hair grow to slit your our grow, just you know I'm sorry, I'm sorry I mean we're not monkeys, we're dogma and even monkeys, has another monkey, that's picking the crap out of their fur view. Noted me here. You know even monkeys, groom themselves, as stress just called grooming. Now, if you don't like the social norms, that's fine, but don't try to
take this into of movement, because you, for some reason, are empowered because you have Harry armpits, you Couldn't do that all you want and you can be- the hairy armpit lady go for it, LE your Spirit, the way you want to celebrate your spirit, I live in the house. Next to a t. Be growing up. I know these people I am open minded and I didn't mind the people in the teepee. I didn't know why they didn't build a house and eventually they did build a house, but I think they used it mainly for storage, because still lived in the tv but each is own whatever, but don't Spect me to go. Oh you go girl, all there's nothing! better than It carry armpit on a beautiful woman. A black cocktail dress a straw
of pearls and Harry Armpits, you had me add harry- are from that's class right that it is, I will say it so fuck? All of you shining example of toxic masculinity, Yahoo advocated for something named after the male side of a marriage, the groom You right here on the air have shown once again. Nor patriarchal tendencies know that that's not the same word: grooming, its turn us all into men, because men are the eye of God only a gender. My gosh agendas are what I just said did in America is tyranny said he said grooming
it's just like you. You had a feeling tat ever get to talk about grooming and to encourage grooming of young people into your sexual. You oughta one desires you are incurs, exert may I was criticising while for incurred. I want nothing to do with you and your your lifestyle is ice. I gotta say it. I think roaming children for your sexual desire is wrong. Stew I want to say I would have the guts to say it.
You wanna play that your section I only battle. Would you want to play it or inaccurate we'll do it? Brother should play into sexuality as a game on the air? At some point we should just who has been violated the most by the horrible society. That's been built by the number one civilization of all time is a good game. That is, and is a good game. I think we need to play that I know well, we have to come up with it first, while yes, but let me just say it on the air that, if, like somebody, you know somebody Milton nor Bradley said monopoly, we should sell a game. Unnamed monopolised our planet right now, but we have who don't have arisen but well need Milton, is like a little metal car. I am I help. What is everyone thinks he's really relevant thimble, let's put it there. As everyone knows he's got, it was so we're this close brand new came called intersection, thimble away, yes Authority nor my gosh
What is a success like law, women have to be home. Also. Is that what you think, I'm a guy? Isn't that what you think about women? No, that's not what I think by the way I consider myself a woman, so don't toy with me. I bet you're stung to ie and instead of why, at our nearest aircars thoughtlessness at our it is car shield cars. The old is a great way if you have a car that is meal. Fifteen hundred miles out of fifty thousand miles you don't have a warranty You might want to get one. Do you mean we get one year. These are the cars now are lucky. You can't you. Fix them yourself. Andy, their full of sensor. So you need one of those diagnostic things, but they please the Korean and it tells them exactly what what gone wrong for fifteen hundred dollars, two thousand dollars, and you can get that little silicon chip and I'll fix it.
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car shield dotcom. We pause for ten seconds station. I d, you know I think, when when I get to be about seventy- or maybe eighty I can't imagine retiring, but if I ever retire I think what I wanna do is go to adult Disneyland, ok, Adult Disneyland, you don't know what adult Disneyland I'm assuming its different. I gather designed believe Adult Disneyland. I mean for those on a budget is Walmart a dove.
The absolute you can go and you can sit for hours and just watch people and it's like the Cairo to the care of behind its eyes a little bit of everything movement of everything here in Texas in Wichita falls Texas, police. These were called to a local walmart. Because they had a woman who would not leave the store head spent several hours, driving and leaped electric shopping cart around the stores parking lot. Now the problem is, you know you shouldn't do that, but also she was. She was his drinking and driving and it's not that she was just drinking in driving. She was drinking a lot of wine, but just choose drinking it out of up of a pringles can do that.
Innovation? That's not Disneyland for adults. I dont know what is now you could the person drinking it out of the Pringles Gan or you could be the person just watching it is gone. This is great entertainment. I was a little sour cream, an onion shabbily. Yet You dont know. If she way, I don't know she was trying to hide the booze european or if she thought you know what you lived until you ve had the sour cream and an onion. You know Cabernet, it's nice that we're Merla with Chisholm, she's him with Marilla. I reiterate with wine, and she is one and she's right combination. This woman is a gene, has were chasing about she's just come up with a faster way to have a wired cheese party. This. Is brilliant at sea actually got booted for this I would expect more from alma yet well. She was riding around the electric cars for three hours. You crash into stuff, a party, Did she crash into stuff? No,
No, she was arrested, rested she's, not arrested, Chusest ass, not to come back to the store ever. The one time: drinking wine out a preventive care one little three hour, but your leader in a little while not Pringles and drive, and one of their shopping cart around. That's that's our three its offensive to make. Now she is the police by the time the police came she had she had. She had left left the shopping, cart there. She took the Pringles beforehand and about an hour about an hour later, they found her at a nearby restaurant where she does and ordered some food, but nothing drink. She had a dinner, Pringles Camping and they dinner Esther. They just said we just here to tell you, mark, doesn't like your kind around these yeah yeah the exact kind they want.
I don't know what I'd do? Those people are tired, I'm stop and I'm not going anywhere. I was well that's why I go you're. Exactly rightly said. I thought they wanted easier. The reason I mean I don't think Walmart wants those kind of people. I think those people just calm down like Walmart like how can we get Can we get really fat out of shape people that just want to wear spandex thongs to shop here, but that's what's great about watermarks. I love one month ago. They wanted. I do too, and I am not necessarily the guy's gonna be drinking. Why don't like wine for small, but wine at of Pringles can? But what I e raw cookie down the aisle MIA, a hundred percent. That's why go that's that Like the main reason I should I always feel guilty, and I dont want to feel this way anymore. If I shopping with my wife? I do ab something out of an island. I it but like nothing that you would have to weigh you know like
go to place. You know, and I have not done this yet I could do this. I could see me doing this when you know when I get to point two, where I really don't care, I'm almost there, but when I really dont care- and when I say I really do I don't care, or even my wife thinks sure, that's what, I'm going to show they got job and give our guy just I'm, ok and I'll just Oh two, we don't get some beautiful, hey. We need some, some plastic silverware, the plastic silverware get some spoons go to the ice cream Mile open up a big tub of ice cream and walk round. My wife eat the ice cream with the plastics when I bought man I'll pay for both of em bright and I dont want your dirty. Looks no, of course not. That's! That's the Walmart guarantee, as far as I know, that's with a smiley face says to me really right the arrogant going there then saying II. Would you like my way? Don't you pay for it
absolutely how you want when you want what you I believe in capitalism I do too, when you go the more important time I believe is when you're shopping by yourself, because there's a certain level of disgusting snack that you really want to eat, but you dont want to eat in front of your life that's when you work out only isles now and then you eat before you get home you're such a rookie. You dont want to eat in front of your wife or you don't want any evidence to for anyone to know that you have eaten it. Well, I mean, if you're eating it publicly at war martyrs. Go out with evil that you dont know right, ok, yeah,
that's fine as long as no knowing around people who shot Walmart you just shop at Walmart yourself that you're, not one of them, so they got to be the world's biggest generally, are not are not likely to hand over their drink and wipe out of the Pringles CUP. I just come here and I'm a classy Walmart diary. I've just look if I still some of this ice cream. I my shirt, I'm going over and I'm gonna get a shirt off the rack and I'll change into it and I'll put my ice cream stay ensured that a war in here and into the carriage, and I will pay for the shirt that I'm wearing and the ice cream that I'm eating and the spoon that I took out of the box I'll pay for all, because I'm glad it's my job here. Listening to the bank simply safe the way to protect your home. My sister in law recently had a baby. They were they rent a house and they are, they have simply safe because it move
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What about the programme? The Glinda programme? We ve got a couple of things. I want you to know that mercury one is working with Pentagon right now, even as we speak the, the the? U S, soldiers that were killed as a part of fun, you know what we're doing over the Middle EAST, ices has claimed responsibility for this. We are. To make sure that their families are taken care of. We would love for your help if you would like to help us on that. Just go to mercury, one dot! Org and let's make sure that their families are taking care of that. The children have you no school and everything that they could possibly need as they live, if lost their love one or their father, spouse. You gotta mercury, one dot, Org aright, We could talk about. The guy who has been abducted by aliens which is pretty
interesting or not forget about the wine and Pringles update, or we have an update on that. Yes, the bar in Houston has decided to start serving wine in Pringles chance in honour of the Inter Alia. Start you just ask, it's called the ranch. I think the ranch something like that. Oh my gosh ranch. I think that A friend of ours restaurant, the branches, the name of ETA Houston BAR, maybe that source Box Chablis and more low and cans of Pringle starting Lovely night class glass, that's class or we could talk to Stephen Baldwin. Even Baldwin is here in studio and actor in the new movie called the least of these. Let me start with this: have you ever gone to Walmart, been in one of their little. Writing. You know, shopping cart, wild drinking any kind, the wine out of a Pringle skin and
you look down on those people that do that. At this time, going away response can possibly be here, sir. I am not aware of any ignore if I were re most definitely could not disclose or in any kind of a public broadcaster. How are you seen you in a long time? Here is something I've seen you, but I haven't seen you faced admit: you got a whole. You want to say to you first, I want to start with in the platform of that medical facility he would evangelize, which is legal. When asked allow your faith. So then, the writer of this particular screenplay was very smart to take all of that based on the true life story and then create a really interesting yes there's a before I start to talk about this world is gone insane body
insane, when Stephen Baldwin sits at the MIKE with you this many years later, on the delays- and God bless you for your success. Thank you by the weather. The interviews overrun ten seconds. Joy get one share of stock after the new merger didn't want. That is Larry indicted now bless him. So he knows how to do it now. She loves you are not yet. As far as I know- and I maybe if you want buster Brown, it's my show that so tell me about the movie here in the house. To these The website, forgive me, is least of these dot movie, not dot. Com least of these Dot movie is too biographical story of an australian missionary, name, gram, stains who and ninety ninety nine was murdered, along with his two very young boys, he had been there for fifteen years as a doctor with medical clinic, a treaty
the ailing leprosy epidemic, which, in the Hindi faith, is a curse, born again christian, but very conservative, and in the platform of that medical facility he would evangelize, which is legal. When asked allow your faith, so Then the writer of this particular screenplay was very smart to take all of that, east on the true life story, and then create a really interesting fictional story about an indian journalist work hired by a newspaper to try to expose the truth in this and that its disguise journey of learning who this man was and is, and this should now it's come like this more of a theatrical adaptation of, but it communicates who the guy was the tragedy and the loss and then his widow, wife, Gladys, whose alive today,
the first response she had to the media after the events was we just want all of India to know we forgive the people who have done this and love those people myself of people that that, forgive after the butt, the unforgivable they just forgive the unforgivable and then happen sometimes, but in this instance it really send a shock wave, in ninety nine, across India and the perpetrators, cotton tried and the one leg I was hung went to prison and then was hung. As I understand why they kill him, Why did they kill him? Just because of he was he talking about his faith or you. I think that he just was so within their culture as as conservative as he was. I just like? He was GIS. Peacefully was a threat,
I understood and that's wild in India gone the home of Gandhi right, but when you get There's a couple bad apples, usually in every bunch, and refer a hindi, radical yoga, saying hey with others. There he's really is not as a cover and these people are. Problems are in her face and I will do this year so the story. But, as you know, you you hear those. I love people who do that thing off really. This sky story he's one of the anomalies in that thing, that really now it twenty fifth anniversary, Larry or twenty without a nursery of of that incident, ah God bless me. I can't believe it. The Abbe needs twenty years since ninety ninety nine twenty years, that's crazy anyway. Go ahead. Amazing were
Apparently we're still looking good go I'm here now now you are, I'm not everything, that's it as its overall crux, and now we ve done this film adaptation in and it's not even joking, it's kind of already with churches- and you know, communities and socially going a little bit viral he's this kind of one of the within world of global missionaries he's kind of an. I can't get it here he's just one of these guys are really walk. The walk talk to then lost his life tragically this is gonna, be a fathom event. Preparing last January and then the next egos seven hundred screens bow These have changed everything. I mean mind boggling, LISA yeah, I mean it's. The nine thousand new titles come out a month. Nine thousand a month thousand correct. Nine thousand feature films are globally distributed on some.
Form of distribution worldwide per month. That's Have you seen? Daisy Netflix is. What did I tell you? Three spending? Three, billion dollars crane programming and they think they're it. Think: they're a billion dollars hemorrhaging a billion dollars a year. Now I mean Jesus, I dont know how these things are gonna last donor, but we are in a we're in a time when, if you want to make a move in trying to make movies to communicate the gospel friend, when did you become tell me, really quickly. Your story of when you became that that the most important thing in your life: well, To encapsulate that, I have been a pretty cookie kid most of my life sky diver on fifty two, I'm still writing escaped board, and I to have been more of that.
You know when, when you hear the bomb some right look to it and run towards it, born of Amr run towards the problem, of not the same kind of guy used to be. You are our living heights. I don't take any more go India, so adjusted because I did everything you're supposed to do a court. To becoming a born again scripture. We want to make a deal with the whole conversation and I went to God. I just said: look my wife just got saved and The skewed, but I'm still involvement. Not at all. I forgot of Bulgaria, the punchline on the minutes. Lord you know you created. May I got some talents in this at all in a good kisser. My wife loves me MA am a ship but my
but the greatest peace I have found plunging towards the planet at a hundred and twenty feet per. Second, that's my! What's up That's cool demand, now three hundred times so I should do the Lord David better Matt, a good run over and done. Kid from mass speaker. So I made this covenant. Super. Naturally, I said to the Almighty here: here's the deal if Europe, yourself to me in a way that I know it's: u at its best you're the man, you have a pit, on the front lines. Trust me and he kept his ended the deal and- The really was never a moment. The clicked there was just some prophetic experiences. I've had that, just it only
Had it been him, you know and I M not everybody's down for that- but you know some people just wanted, too weak on Sunday and the sun, but I'm not built like that. I'm kind of an all or nothing go all the way or nothing at all, and just We ve of of experience, tell you about that? Even this film was difficult. You know cause had learned to talk like an australian right good to see you glamour writer I am, I know you have to go. My process as an actor and create the character and find it did the risk, and we were on location in India. That is so there is. It was difficult, but told me to do the movie. So regardless of all that, regardless of how you will appreciate this when I say things that you use struggled to do your thing as you felt your heart lead you correct
and what do you think I asked for the one chair stock wearing coming and going to think up, lettuces guys, because I think I love that merger in England. I think that's gonna get blessed due to that supercool due to adhere to its good to have you here thanks man Kay, so the movie is happening on January thirty, First Elect February. First, a February: does the theatrical, really writing seventy two screens, the night before you can get to sneak beak on fathom yeah, fathom events even find out if its playing a fathom event near you, you can all we'll find out more about the movie, the least of these dot movie, the least of these dot movie and you too, follow Stephen Baldwin at Stephen Baldwin. Seven thank Stephen put Harris goods
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The business, is the biggest job site in the world fortune. Five hundred companies are using zip recruiter. Dotcom you'll find a candidate that you can hire in the first hour of posting, and it's because they all these eyeball see it it's because of their matching technology. You lay in the parameters of exactly what you're looking for it goes out and it finds those people and invites them to apply for your job trying, for free, zip, recruiter, dot com, slash back, that's zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash bag We're just talk about the the of growing pain of the government shutdown, and if that growing pain, includes Nancy policies, punishment of a suggested no state of the union? up is a giant win Please no stop, please
please don't do this data they pleased Make us not see the state of the union This has nothing to do. I mean we ve said this four million we ve been mocking this. Since the show began every year they trot out the president, any has to say personally does the very long shaking hands with every single person thing past us vaguer. All the pomp and circumstance was not. That's not an american traditional, so weird, and then it goes to his walk out or, for you Know- and this is every president I've ever seen- walking out and shaking hands with everybody in the people that will call him a racist or homophobic tomorrow. The full struggle furs at their eyes shares with him on the way out ass. I hate the whole thing. I've always hated it and you remember it. We used to be a letter. The constitution does not say yes to make this speech. The constitution says from time to time wishes I am very concerned about outside you. I hope
see, Pelosi doesn't go through with it all. I know I would hate to lose this. It's an american tradition needs them. It's basically, I mean it's in the constitution. Glad when did you know that all the average person do without a state of the union a door? I don't know I don't know earlier today I gave the president. Embrace this. Please here's the advice do embrace this. If she, he doesn't want to do it. Fine, don't do it or Do it and just do it with a g o p. So and over half of the Congress is empty and you too, got a stroll up and it very different and say we are well. You're, still here doing our job, these guys are getting paid. I like it. We're still doing our job and others are playing games and that's fine. But These are the things that you need to know and keep it really short and desktop. Although cheering and all that stuff right, I like
I also like the idea of just tweeting the whole speech line by line and that's it I also would like potentially, like Trump pixies favoured two hundred twitter followers and has him to the White House for Mcdonald's and Burger King and Wendy's and dominoes again, you know highlight listening to the people. He's listening to the people this government shot down. Is I think for most people doesn't matter now there are. There are three main areas for most people really doesn't matter, and the fact that it is pain is shows how flawed we are, how big our government is. It should something like this shouldn't be causing pain. No pennino should be able to be with have withstood easily yup. You shouldn't be this big of a part of our lot right and the state of the union. I got news for Nancy Pelosi. That's the worst punishment you could give us signed. Airlift
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