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'Question With Boldness and Honesty' (Mark Weinberg & Ari Schulman join Glenn) - 2/28/18

2018-02-28 | 🔗
Hour 1  Good guy saves the day with an AR-15...Arming Pilots Post 9/11 Worked, So Will Arming Teachers...firearm expert Chad Robichaux joins the show to discuss what an AR-15 is ... ‘The most preventable shooting’...Shooter’s neighbor ‘begged’ police to do something... ‘had no doubt he would do this’...Dick’s Sporting Goods will stop selling ‘assault-style’ weapons…what does that mean?...CEO says, ‘thoughts and prayers don't do anything’...'modern sporting rifles'...just trying to make people feel better ...We must have 'responsible policing' for our schools   Hour 2  ‘Remember Michael Wolff?’…what happens when you assume…Question with boldness and honesty ... ‘Movie Nights with the Reagans’ author Mark Weinberg joins the show to discuss some the blockbuster movies of the 1980s…he watched with President Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan....'War Games,' 'Back to the Future,' '9 To 5' and 'Rocky 4,' just to name a few…President Reagan’s reaction to a certain famous scene?...how these movies may have influenced the administration’s decisions? ...Good News: All types of crime are down...'violent' crime is way down across the board...including school and mass shootings    Hour 3 An unusual letter for Glenn…What Mass Killers Want and How to Stop Them?...Editor at The New Atlantis Ari Schulman joins to explain...rampage shooters crave the spotlight...we in the media must do everything possible to deprive them of it…dangers of ‘creating iconography’ around shootings...stop glorifying these killers ...The recent news of Jared Kushner is not news?... learn the new talking point ... ‘666 5th Avenue’?...the media's latest mantra…Pat is fired up about this…Ryan Seacrest accused, cleared, still ‘guilty’?...Hey, what about Al Gore's chakra? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand, love, courage, truth, Glenn, Beck Dave was watching from his window as his neighbors argued expletives ripped through the thin apartment walls the fight was escalating, quickly, punches were thrown, fists were flying and then Dave caught a glimmer of silver out of the corner of his eye. One of the men had a knife and was about to use it Dave watching from the window rushed to his bedroom open. The bottom drawer made his choice and calmly walked outside he watch them in an just stood there, his press it's immediately caused the two men to forget all about their fight. The
safe wielding man attempted to flee the scene, but was caught by police moments later. The neighbor was rushed to the hospital for stab wounds. He's acted to make a full recovery all because Dave brought a gun to a knife, fight, Dave is a certified firearms instructor all then that's ok day has a collection of guns. Oh wait! A minute he's at all he's a hoarder. He grabbed his a r, my the fifteen because it was a bigger gun he believes The intimidation factor definitely played a part in stopping the fight, no were fired. That was Dave's intention, he said. The air fifteen is my weapon of choice for home protection. It's light, it's maneuverable
train and know how to use it properly. It's not dangerous at all. This is just an example of a good guy with an Ar15 stopping a bad guy with a knife? there were no lives taken So all in all, it was a pretty good day, bad guy in jail. Other guy who had been stabbed in the hospital, but going to make a full recovery. And the fifteen back where it belongs. People like Dave, are all over the country. Let's take a moment, and just remember there's a lot of good guys. In fact, the Good Guy He's with guns are, in the vast majority, it's Wednesday February 28th.
Into the Glenn Beck program. Oh my there's, a couple of things that we have to get into today. One is dicks a major gun. Retailer is going to stop selling assault rifles. I would like to know officially from decks. What an assault rifle is. Can anyone define an assault rifle it's easier Gun that could potentially hurt someone else. That's a weapon We all know that certain guns Actually do damage to other people if fired upon them and those guns should not be in the hands. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, bring in two rifles tomorrow and won, is an assault rifle and the other one is not moves to look. What one of the Those will tear you apart
these solving it needs salt would be less, it would be the Lapua the low pool will shoot through walls? I think it will actually stop a car. I think it'll shoot into an engine block. It's it's a pretty powerful rifle and it'll. Be you could you know people have used it to kill people in what or a mile away. That's It's going to be an assault rifle that's, not an assault rifle well, as we all know going. We seen this many times over the past couple of weeks when you push people who are looking for gun control on the on the sorts of questions, hey wait a minute. How can you be this weapon and this weapon. What they always say is well it's a good first but you gotta start somewhere and then they follow it with were not coming for all of your gun right. Ok wait a minute which one is it, which one is it also. Brian mast. Who is a congress in Florida and a guy who has been on this program several times as he's a war hero
and he has suddenly had a change of heart. And believes that we should take all a ours off the market. Well, okay, Brian! we've invited him to be on this program today. I hope that he takes us up, because I have just a few questions and I'm sure he's smart enough to answer them and he's. Well thought out enough. Now I know he's been, CNN today, but it would be nice to see if he would spend some time here answering just a few questions on his new stance with AR. I do think, though, to be fair, an ar in his weapon that can kill you from fifteen miles away, and that should not be you know it's. It's really, not! No! No, no can't! No, no you're wrong! You! We an elementary school in Pennsylvania will close today for classes this week when nearby church near I church holds a blessing ceremony, involve a r fifteen rifles, the super ten
the school district wrote in a letter to parents that students will instead be taking to schools about fifteen miles away? the superintendent said in a letter there's no direct threat, they're worried about parking traffic and the quote nature of the event and quote the nature of the event. Glad because they have a got a people, don't realize they walk by people all the time. And with guns, because the concealed carry holders or a people have done their cars at ten percent. Ten percent of Americans have a concealed carry permit Did you know that about one out of ten people, depending on where you are, is carrying a gun. If you're in Texas, it's probably ten a ten out of ten people? I mean it's yours with the kids fifteen miles away, so they don't get shot by the police. I absolutely unbelievable. Okay, we we wanted to bring on general show because he is, he is a good friend and he is the president of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, the mighty
foundation is true: Lee a miracle organization. This is an organization that takes guys who have PTSD and really have no place to go and they're changing lives, they are turning people away from suicide and ' turning their lives back into real productive lives and it's. I don't have met a lot of the people that have gone through this program. One after another after another and there and they're healed, and it's remarkable and a little unconventional, because Jesus is involved, or at least you're allowed to say the word Jesus. We have Chad on the phone now hi Chad. How are you hey? I'm to be back on So you were. You were a United States, Marine core decorated. You were on reconnaissance,
uh, I mean you've been through it all. You know weapons and you wrote a wrote, a piece that I thought was really really good about arming teachers and and also how we just I mean Chad, we I don't want to make our schools into a prison. No, Now we don't But you know I think a lot of people forget what we did after nine hundred and eleven immediately after nine hundred and eleven there was forty air marshals. The government went to in this effort to have recruit in and build an air marshal program to help Now in one of those one of the efforts behind that was, he would enough. So let's look at the last line: defense, the cockpit and let's on the pile and they started a program called Fsbo program which is normal. Facial pilots who volunteer extra screen it extra trained and vetted, and in order oh and it the soft targets of those airplanes and made him
it's in a in a real deterrent. In this thing, cost a lot of money and then it's been extremely successful program still to this day, and I so when people say that comments on army teachers is ridiculous. It's not ridiculous and and you know we're not talking about or me every single teacher they go to work. Stop in at the armory, the boy talking you small percentage, a small percentage of the right. Who won a volunteer. Who would be that it about your be vetted and trained, not run around the classroom or the halls like a Swat team member, but be the last It's just like a cockpit clash of lock down with their students instead of the last thing they have to do is throw the body between you know. The gun and then in their students. 'cause that seems to be ok. Actually defend themselves, and this isn't a crazy. So this is actually being done in eighteen states right now and we don't hear incidences, he's going sideways in these states that are doing it so late. Eighteen states are already training like we trained the pilots, no
no eighteen states are or allowing teachers to have concealed, carry okay on their campuses, and now I believe it should be more than that. I don't think. That's enough! I I believe that they should be that it. I believe they, could be a train and we should provide training. The Fto program cost about twenty million dollars a year to run, and I say the numbers of how many pilots that covers, because we want to keep the bad guys guessing, but it's a lot. It's a lot of pilots that are they're covered in in you know, when people assess, if I'm going to attack airplane, dash themselves is there water on the plane is that pilot of making in the cockpit. You're, not going to get shot an argument is a you know: someone's willing to die Glenn and you know uh. I've been a gunfight at one thing: I've been in a gun is that even bagai willing to die doesn't want to get shot back at in just the idea that that's a hard target, that a the hard target that that a school could be a hard target it'll make him. Thank
and they may not do it or they may go to different target, and you know uh targets right now in our country or a gun, free school zones, and that's not okay, so Chad apple of things. First of all, you were one of the guys who trained people on things? Were you not that's right, right. After nine eleven, I was came on as one of the very first air marshals for a short period of time and and in helping get the the program wrapped up. I was when I training options that help the first wave of of federal flight deck officers. So you so you were a we're, an air marshal as well. We were talking about this yesterday, just saying even if you as a school, decide amongst yourselves sheesh actually going to be a gun free zone, we're not going to let anybody carry guns, but just put a sign outside saying the security and and some teachers are armed- would be a deterrent by telling we don't ever tell
when you're on an airplane? You don't know who the air marshal is we don't want teachers to be brandishing firearms or even to be known. Who has them because it makes them less effective. You want everybody gassing. That's right! I mean you want to create that that on deterrent and that we do this This around the world for our embassies in our conflicts- and you just we had a scene in town Hall meeting that was a hard target for security. I mean. Does no one's gonna go attack a place like that They know that their security there get our school was people are fighting to defend our schools to be continue to be soft targets and don't understand it. This is in it the solution and- and you know we capacity? I do this there's lots of other things that can be done and you could talk about legislation and stuff like that. But this is something that could be done and done by the way. So can you can you help me out on? Let me switch subjects it just a bit. How do we
people right now are saying we need to get rid of AR fifteens and all assault. Rifles need to be banned. First No, but second of all, let's just define Chad. What an ar is, what does the you guys earlier when people talk about, manning ours, the people that are having these conversations define what they are is an assault. Rifle is insula, You draw the line of what mines going to you know as well as I do when that line is going to continually shift as people kind of get their way and pushing and in a beach in pitching our second amendment rights- and you know it's, it's a goes back to me and I think You- and I are right on the same page this this isn't a gun issue one thinks this is a issue. This is this is a cultural issue. When you take Got out of schools he take Father's at homes. You take more absolute
society. This is where we are in cultures, I'll use, one with a high school in Louisiana. A parking lot was full of pickup trucks, a gun racks in the back yeah loaded rifles me too, people would buy. Call us out it was in the one shot it no one shot anyone right, but if we're going to accept this as our culture and not change that, then we have to have real solutions in identa. And certain guns and say: ok that gun is that? Okay, that's I going change anything and it just ties afterward. The real problem is, you know these these arguments and going end up with any real solutions Do you find any any The lady in the argument that we just have to do something I mean this is the thing that they keep saying over and over again. We have to take some step. We know if we do nothing, these things will continue. Why don't we do something? What you know it in they could you do something, but I think that the better at making an argument- presenting anything, I mean. What do I mean
you get people marching around country. Saying no guns at all. Let's and after being guns in America and who's going to take them when they start thinking about going to district of you all under such as you Chicago Town, Texas and start taking peoples guns. I mean, let's get some realistic yeah! it's just it's not going to happen, If somebody wanted to start, if a state or a school wanted to start a program like like you're talking, Chad. How do they do it? What I think I think we have a a president right now who's willing to step in, and do this and and find it, and so I I believe, just like the just like the air marshals, that the pilots in the airlines or a private corporations just like. They're, not training, the guys so special, utilize the federal Marshal Service and they put a twenty million dollars approximately bud. Together per year to fund this training, and so I think you know the federal government seems to me as a
step up a training program. And you know one thing: teachers have these, your teachers that three months off in the summer and at the time. I'm sure the President said percent is what he would, he would suggest, I'm sure twenty percent. Which a volunteer to step up and do this and and there is a federal monies. I know there's this please Nations is private organizations friend of my TIM Kennedy, as organization. It was rounded, provides free training in this type of stuff. I mean it's plenty of private organizations that that's willing to step up and provide the solution. I'm sure you know yeah. I just got to run, but I want to thank you so much for everything that you do and thank you for what you do for the mighty out Mighty Oaks foundation. Thank you for calling on behalf of the Vance. Thank you thank you go to the website at mighty oaks programs, dot, org and get to chat on Twitter at Chad. Robo
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need to know the facts, get control, exposing the truth about guns on Amazon and wherever books are sold. A dick sporting goods has just made the decision that they going to ban all assault rifles will give you all the details on this coming up in just a second one of the strangest things about the movement in the gun. Debate on this particular shooting is that it is, I think, maybe without a doubt the preventable, shooting we've ever seen. We've ever seen. I've never seen anything like this. No amount of information that keeps pouring out. Let's listen to the government's neighbor. I mean that listen to the people talking about this guide, you know that people knew this is going to occur. My husband and I Both knew that it was not over that we would eventually see him. One day on the news wearing an orange jumpsuit Jane Charge, with murder, we both knew it. I didn't know exactly how would happen or how soon it would happen, but I
no doubt in my mind that it would happen having bagged this. So did we do something? I did? I begged him He basically told me that it was not an immediate threat. He couldn't do anything as what he so this a problem. I remember him leaving and just thinking my God. Is going to kill someone- and I can do thing about it, so here's here's the problem with this, though, I believe, is where the average American is. That's not engage in the rhetoric of the left or the right right now. They, are saying my kids are in danger. There are things we can do. This one was so preventable. What are you? What are you guys talking about this happening in my town can can you arrest, somebody who is
He has this track record and the answer is yes, you can Glenn back
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do you understand that the aligned with your values, real estate agents, I trust dot com- is the place to go real estate agents. I trust dot com, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. Well, Dick's sporting goods has made a choice and I think a brave choice, one that I I don't agree with, but they said they are going to take a stand and they're going stop selling assault rifles permanently. Now I don't know exactly what an assault rifle is defined as we we have. Had anyone actually define what an assault rifle is beside the scary looking black one, but of meat. You in change the handles on an assault rifle and it's no longer an assault rifle. What do you? What? What is an assault rifle-
here is a dick right No, his name is Ed. Actually, I really bad well is always eating a lot of people so Yeah is name at 'cause even ceo of dicks. He would always be dick to a lot of people. I'm just saying: okay, like I stack and yes so here so wrong. Here's add an he's making the announcement on CNN here. Do you think it's the right thing to do? We, after after parkland, we were so disturbed and saddened by what happened in parkland that we said we need to do something Dutton, we talked about what we needed to do and we felt that we needed to a statement that we will no longer sell assault, type rifles, sold, high capacity, magazines and a few other things, and what the our hearts went out to those kids.
To their parents, and everybody talks about thoughts and prayers going out to them, and that's that's great. That doesn't really do anything. And we felt that we need to take a stand. At least rare stone do anything. Can we do something? First thing we just: can we just address the thoughts and prayers? The thought Prayers are not going out to stop violence, I mean yes, we pray that there's protection, it's etc thoughts and errors are for the families and those who are trying to heal it's not the solution. It's not being purple caused by religious belief, people as the solution. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, we are grieving. Can we stop with this nonsense that thoughts and there aren't enough, of course they're not, but they are part of a civilized judeo Christian,
country, stop belittling it. Yeah! Well, yeah 'cause. I think that it's true in that most people when they say that writes a thoughts and prayers as a way to extend condolences to tell people who are victims of such things that you, for them, and you understand there if, if I may, may I quote, we are deep disturbed saddened by the tragic events in parkland are thought: prayers are with all of the victims and their loved ones. That's from Dick at Dick's sporting goods, so we got it. So we go one step further with the thoughts inverse thing here before we get back to this audio though it, understand if you are not a believer right that you might say thoughts and prayers are meaningless there. I suppose you know one thousand and fifteen percent of the country that is atheist or agnostic, that I can understand, saying that you know prayers nothing, nothing. Thoughts would still be in a message of condolences and and but it has nothing to do that, but go back to us for. Second, if you are a believer, the thing you believe is the most power,
full thing in the universe. You appealing to in a moment of real crisis. It is an app Julie incredibly meaningful thing for someone who believes you might not I think, if you're, not a believer that is that has no impact at all. However, how many times have you said this Glenn. The real solution to all of this is that we turn back towards God that we turned back towards these things. That's a real it's, not Just leave a solution, it's much much bigger than that the prayer is not nothing to a non believer. If you someone who thinks it's all you know although the coke and nonsense will then of course I don't think you're gonna think of prayer is a big deal, but as someone who is a believer, it's a can credibly large deal the thing that we are here to do it's one of the main things there's like one central focus of our lives right, so it's not nothing
I thought, if you don't, actually pray in addition to thoughts and prayers. Well, that's my main you could say that that's nothing. But when you actually praying when you believe or that's a big deal. We all are eggs are supposed to be a heck of a lot more praying. Then we actually do. So, beginning beginning today, Dick's sporting goods, which, by the way I support dicks, being able to do this. The there are private company. They make their own choices. I think This is wrong. I think it's a I think it's a could be a fatal mistake for their business, because I don't think that the average person. Is is with this I really don't you know you look at the people's the companies who have started to say I'm distancing myself from the NRA. None of them have had growth,
because of it. All of have had massive hits to their to their. Ability scores every company pulled had. An overall decline by double digits and well into the double digits. Yes from overall opinion about them, because you get a slight empty, get a slight bump from from Democrats. Yes, and you get a gigantic fallout from republic? Yes, so all you're doing is you? Are you choosing sides. You are instead of saying, look we are we believe in the constitution. We believe in the right of assembly. We believe in the right of association. We believe in the right freedom of speech, and we believe in the constitution as the second amendment and we're we're here to serve all Americans. Now, you guys work it out until then we're here to serve all Americans.
In a legal and responsible way that to me is the way you save your business Those who want to choose a side either side. I think you are making a massive mistake, massive mistake Dicks will be the number one sporting goods store in places like boulder, CO and and LOS Angeles and New York City, but I think I can imagine any of my neighbors in Idaho are going to go into a dick's sporting goods choose Cabela's availabilities, there's other choices, they'll they'll choose, so they and we will no longer sell assault rifles also referred to, as quote modern sporting rifles. We've already remove them from the Dick stores after sandy hook, but we will now remove them from sale at all thirty five field and stream stores, feeling game stores. Well, what am I going? Why
Should I go to now: it's just a streams. Now it's just a stream store. Will you should stop selling stop murdering fish? We no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of twenty one again. This is their right to do that absolutely We will no longer sell high capacity magazines. This is this is one of the most ridiculous things. I've ever heard. High capacity magazines. Ok, so you've made every single sport shooter a life. A nightmare and to load them. If you load them by hand is a nightmare and anybody who knows anything about guns knows I can drop that magazine and shove another one in really fast. I just take a breath to pause and shooting to put a new magazine in it's ridiculous the end, not to mention with the age of the internet and being a build to order things from God knows where, plus the idea of three d printing, these bands are meaningless. We were
but we have never and never will sell bump stocks that allow semi automatic weapons to fire more rapidly. Now I agree, though, Bump stocks, I think that's a nightmare, I think that's it. I think that someone trying to get past the law, but again printing- and I don't know if you know this, but the way those started was people using their belt loop on their jeans, yeah I mean you'd and the belt loop don't band the belt loop it this? Is not going to do anything and, as we pointed out a little while ago, first define AR tomorrow we're going to try to do this. Define a are what Is it me and a are, is not assault rifle right, like a lot of people say that that it is right, is the brand of that particular gun, the a r fifteen right as salt rifle us, our modern sporting rifle modern, modern, is Boarding rise this class of weapons because it's
they are, you could at least say is a brand right you can't say that about assault rifles, It is a meaningless term. We all know it's a meaningless term, but again these These solutions are not designed to solve anything now they're trying to make people feel better that we've done something. So, let's, let's actually do something harden our schools like we have our airports an are. Banks is more treasure in Fort Knox or in our local school. What. Why can we not have air marshals in our schools Why can we not have responsible policing in our schools, real policing set up, for this times have changed. Having barn five. You know on call is not
what we need, and and is that gonna be successful in every circumstance, not on parkland that they actually were relatively well prepared for this per killer incident with someone very close by that was able to be there in one minute: I don't know if you're ever going to improve on that situation. You just actually have to execute your training assault, have been around since Vietnam, since Vietnam. They just became popular because they look cooler. We've had access to them? In fact, bigger access to them since Vietnam, we have this problem, there's a problem in society with our souls. There's a problem and what is that problem, we don't see each other as people. So now. What do we do divide ourselves even more and say you're part of the problem you,
that half of America I refuse to do that to the people who are in to limit guns, because I know a lot of people who believe this. I think they are ill educated. They They are not well educated on this particular topic. They have. They have oh experience with them, and afraid of them. I, under stand that I pull up around them. You didn't, but if you're talking about a constitutional right, you need to educate yourself You have to know what it is, then you to know what are the what what the record, because already done this we've banned assault weapons, we banned them. According to the very right wing Clinton Justice Department. It did what still
Yeah, it was actually a little bit later than that, but yeah they did it. They found that it had no decrease in the murder rate at all. None none go depending on homicide rate. Is it it did nothing. I mean it did nothing That's a that's. Quite a we've already tried in this is their far reaching thing right. The insult weapons been, nobody believes they have a chance of passing, I mean in other. Talking about trying to get certain things done, raising the age and things like that to happen, maybe a prayer of being done since the president is kind of indicated. Potential support. So but there's no, my nineteen year old daughter who's going to going to college she and carry a gun if she has a stalker, if she has thing is she's very concerned about. She couldn't keep a gun until she anyone? So my daughter is: why open for rape if she were in college until she was twenty one in the middle of the me too, movement too, which is in sting here's the you're, trying to tell us that one
every one women seemingly get raped in college everybody. Get sexually harassed all the time, yet that women cannot protect themselves and at the same time, you have a woman who is is in the midst of taking steroids to become a man in high school and all of the also complaining because of the steroid she's taking just testosterone. They are too week to be able to fight her off. We can't even win in a in a wrestling match, so what a woman who's not strong enough to fend off an attack of a man whose who's juiced up and ready to ready to rape you and do violence you're going to be able to stop them without a gun you're going to be able to stop what just going to write off all women who are under twenty one, yep you're going have to for yourself, I don't think so,
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when we think it's the right thing to do. We, after after parkland we're so disturbed and and and saddened by what happened a park that we said. We need to do something and we talked about what we needed to do and we felt that we needed to make a statement that we will no longer sell assault, type rifles, high capacity, magazines and a few other things, and what the our hearts went out to those kids into their parents. And you know everybody talks about thoughts in per it's going out to the and that's that's great. That doesn't really do anything and we felt that we need to take a stand and do this great messenger. That is the that is the CEO of Dick's sporting goods, and we support his right to make that choice is a business. I think it's a ill advised choice for business, but also it's just
and Dylan love courage. Truth Glenn Beck, Michael Wolf. Is the journalist quote, unquote who hung out in the lobby of the White House until they gathered enough dirt to write fire and fury well he's been on a international book tour to promote that book, and things have gone so well for him as they did here in the u, during an interview with an australian tv news. Show Wolf was asked about his recent comment to Bill Maher saying that he was he was at Lee sure the President Trump is currently having an affair wool, who's doing the interview from London any suddenly claimed he couldn't hear the australian interviews question, because something was wrong with this audio connection, which is weird sometimes happens sometimes doesn't but
later, the Australian new show posted the footage from their London studio, showing that there were no audio problem so probably, sometimes it doesn't was what. Really happened here. He just didn't want to answer the question. Offers on Bill Maher show. He encouraged the audience to read between the lines of a passage in. Or in fury where he includes suggestive language about Trump and US ambassador to the Un Nikki Haley, okay So when the british TV interviewer tried to clarify wolves, innuendo about Trump Haley, other possible affairs Wolf said, and I quote, I assume soon, because this is Donald Trump and I think it's, you know absolutely a fair assumption and quote we so I'm pretty sure that that's that's one of the first things they should be teaching in journalism school to never, assume anything because it makes an
I don't need to say it. Do I well know for Wolf, I do it makes an ass out of you and If I went along even when it involves Donald Trump, you shouldn't assume Wolfs by his own journalism, though saying there's no difference between the journalism in fire and fury and books by Bob Woodward. Really So what is Michael Wolff hoping to accomplish here, besides racking up book sales well after rough few days of being asked uncomfortable questions by european journalists who didn't have a dog in the fight. They just had real journalistic questions for him office had enough of the heat he cancelled BBC Interview yesterday, saying the tour is just can a toll, I'm It has probably less on your body and more on your reputation, us some, by the left and the right about each other.
Those are taking a toll on us. We have pulled up in anchor of reason, and we are selling as sailing straight into choppy waters of accusation, innuendos windows out n, out lies about both sides. Let me make a plea: could we try it for a day to stop assuming the worst about each other. For instance, we just did the monologue on on Dick's sporting goods. I don't, I don't think the worst of them. I don't I think they're reasonable people that feel that they're doing the reasonably right thing and they have a right to do it. I just think they're wrong, but I don't want to see dicks go out of is this. I think they will eventually because of this, but I think that's because they're out of step
You know what maybe I'm out of step. Maybe I don't know what America is anymore, but here's. The thing we have to stop, hating each other and assuming the worst. We have to work to fix reason firmly in her seat and yeah question with boldness, but question honestly and have an open mind where to where. If you hear a new factor like okay, I didn't know that look into it and hello, re, ask enough that you, ain't change your mind. If there's a good enough case of reason, question but pursue the truth, and let's stop pursuing just a win for our team. Need a lot less fire and fury and a
more honor and humility. It's Wednesday February 28th year, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, you know, want to read a good book. I'm reading I'm reading a couple of books right now that make my head hurt. I tweeted last night: don't don't just read Jordan Peterson's book that way, of rules to live by, listen to it. I've read it and now I'm late, into the audio version I eat you can oh he's crying at parts of it and it's an it's it says so much about him. I have so much more back for him? Read the book, listen to it and it takes on a whole different deeper.
Bing, but I'm reading that and I'm reading uh another one about the enlightenment- and I just did you ever just want to just curl up with a good book and just feel good. There is a new book out by MARC Weinberg, the name of the book is movie nights with the Reagans. Here is hi who worked with the Reagans all the way through the White House years and then beyond and would Camp David on the weekends and watch movies, now they're all classic movies, and learned a lot about the Reagans and life is put it in a new book movie nights with the Reagans mark welcome to the program good morning, happy to be here. How are you I'm good. How are you very good? So when you were when you were going to Camp David, I mean first of all, let's just let's just talk. What was it like to be
I mean I don't know if you would classify yourself as a friend because your Lee to humble. But what was it like to be in the friend zone, with the with Ronald Reagan, It was an honor to work for the Reagans and it was a special treat to go with him to camp David on weekends and watch movies, and this book brings that. Picture of them to the reader. It's a picture that hadn't been seen before and I was very excited to share with everybody. So it was so tell me about tell me about the most memorable because you go through and it's a such a great way to read this book. Go through the movies that you saw so every chapter is a is a different movie. Nine to five! Oh God book two of the lost Ark on Golden Pond chariots of fire, top gun untouchables, so
What did you learn in each of these and what was your? What are your favorite memories? Well, Most important memory, I guess, is as how important movies were to the Reagan's. You know. I point out in this book that this the movie business is where they came from, where Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan met and their lives began together and form the basis of Everything in their adult life essentially and taught him some very very full skills about how to lead the and then I think the book is a general, of the kindness of Ronald Reagan and his love for movies. I think there's a nostalgia now for him even on the left for people who didn't agree with him, because he had a way of appreciating what unify in the 1980s movies were one of those things. There were some amazingly important, an impactful at entertaining films of the 80s and I'll. Do it regens reacted to them or something
I was very privileged to see an very excited to share with people. So let's talk about the reaction, some, for instance, you say that war games may have influenced Ronald Reagan on his nuclear polisy. Tell me about that. I remember, watching more games and what I remember most about it: Is it usually after the movies it camp David? the Lodge Aspen Lodge. There would be a very robust discussion of the movie, what people thought and how the movie was made, and Mrs Reagan would share stories, many of which are in this book about behind the scenes, of Hollywood and regale us after war games. It was oddly silent. It was what I would call a sobering movie because it introduced the possibility that, by accident
There could be a nuclear war and, as you know, Ronald Reagan was on all terribly committed to keeping the world safe and free from that threat, and I think this really made him made him think now movies didn't foreign policy for him, but it certainly was one that made him think in that that side so in Sannas PIN was very uncharacteristic if you go through and read about the rest of the movies. As you know, you'll read that there's a lot of fun and interesting stories that they share and laughs, and so but this one was different. So there was one other place that you say in the book was oddly silent and it was after this line in back to the future. Listen tell me future boy: who's, president of the United States in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan? The actor
then who's vice president, Jerry Lewis, I suppose A wyvern the Treasury. I think this is this. Is such a funny scene and you disc this. As you know, the laughter was there until I suppose the first lay He is Jane, Wyman Wyman, for the oxygen go out of the room, because that was the name that just wasn't mentioned, and some of us changed worried glances. No one said anything up Mrs Reagan clearly heard it movie ended and it was. It was a funny movie, the Reagans left through most of it, and we didn't quite know what to say but someone
broke the silence by saying something about Jack Benny, because he was a friend of the Reagans and just had a nice conversation. It never came up again, and I had an interview with MRS Reagan before she passed away, it was her last interview actually, as far as I know, at her home in LOS Angelus, and we talked about the movies that we watched it camp David, and she was very excited about the fact that I was going to share this story, because this is a side of them that never been written about and was so special to them, watching the movies- and I brought up what some of the favorite memories were at, I brought that back one back up, but did not mention the Wyman name, also tell the story in this book without giving it away about the only other time I heard Jane, why his name, and that was from Ronald Bacon's own mouth, I'm let me let me ask you about nine hundred to five hundred, you say nine to five angered the Reagan and actually was the reason or
it was one of the motivating reasons for such an active campaign. Nancy Reagan and just say no to drugs. Yes, you know that was an almost favorite and in fact it was the first movie I saw with them. It is a surreal atmosphere, it at Camp David and it was of a very entertaining Jane. Fonda notwithstanding it was an entertaining movie. But what turned he comes off to it was the glamorous. Of marijuana. It was a scene where the three women smoked marijuana and that turn them off in in researching this book, I went back and read President Reagan's personal hand, written diaries and he wrote in there that that scene made him angry that it wasn't necessary that express' they had been drinking, which was league marijuana was not. That might have been ok and MRS Reagan was bothered by it and in fact, in one of her speeches as part of the just say no campaign even referred to it, that when you glamorize or glorify these bad habits, you're not doing kids any favor, and I think it
I think it made the matter, how we would so you know I am it is I'm reading your book there's pictures in the middle of it and there's a picture of you on the tarmac. It is such an amazing shot. Your tarmac and Marine one is behind you, the helicopter and there is a wired desk telephone that had end. Tape down onto the that brought out to you and your this rotary dial phone The tarmac things we're so radically different back then different back then no internet. There was no cable tv, there were not cell phones. We use something called typewriters and one of the things I hope this book does is take people down memory lane of the eighties, which I a wonderful time in american history, but you're right. It was different times before before
ask quiz. Do has a question that if you're a big stew fan, you know what the question is going to be but Can you just describe your at Camp David? This is a place you know the last two presidents haven't really liked it very buy it and old School playing with the room was like and how these movies were shown, the regular blood camp David, because they could just be themselves. They were just the Reagan There was no press. There was no anything around. It was as close to normal as they could get in their circumstances and that's why she and he cherished it so much. That's why she was so happy to talk. Without it. That's why I wanted to write about it because it had not been revealed before their home at Camp David was a modest three bedroom ranch style home called Aspen Lodge. It was in the living room of that home where we watched movies while they said on it,
which uh screen came down from the ceiling of projection room at the back of the dining area in that house and a window through which the movies were shown reel to reel in a theme the old days, they love Camp David because they could relax and be private. There's a story in there about some hijinks of the secret service. They just like to. So we have. We have one minute, still Since I was about nine years old mark, I was fully convinced that Rocky four ended the cold war uh they actually did watch rocky for what do they? Think of it here The fact that the American One yeah the other model Reagan you'll find that these Terry ones are the ones that really
will be in the most yeah MARC Weinberg. The name of the book is movie nights with the Reagans. It is a refreshing break that will really enjoy movie nights with the Reagans available in bookstores everywhere volatility in the stock market. Wild string swings in Bitcoin and the constant turmoil in Washington. You may not have noticed that goal. It just came off its best year since two thousand and ten and gold is up now one hundred dollars since MID December, with lots of room to run. It is a safe haven for centuries and it performs well in times of volatility it performs well in times of inflation,. Do you know that since two thousand and sixteen your dollar has lost eleven percent of value, that's inflation.
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free shipping, that's use wax, are ex dot com, promo code, radio use wax r x dot com Glenn back. What is there to Mark Weinberger, his foot movie night with the Reagans, which is really one cool thing about? It is taking the moments of history like the challenger explosion. What were they doing around it? It really it's really interesting from history and really pop culture, history as well. It also good break just as good person. Nice break yeah. Exactly at one point, however, I do want to you about something from that interview. You mentioned that Mark might not want to call the Reagan's friends which is- something that you do all the time like when you're pretty much with someone, but you don't want to be. I don't want to claim to be friends with people who, who is the yeah I mean it, is Michael Buble, Michael. A good example are Michael Buble. Now are we
No, if we're in a room together, we see each other he's come to me, I didn't even see him and we were in a hotel lobby together and he Hey Glenn Glenn. So and you'll hang out and talk will talk and will have laughs, but we're not friends, vacation together, yeah, and so I just I think it's always important to differentiate between friends and right. We don't want to come off as a guy who's, a name dropper like oh yeah, he's a friend of mine. Oh he's, really right, I understand why you use that and why you said that to mark. However, then you just in what he was with Ronald Reagan as the friend zone, which is not that term means. Please tell me it doesn't mean like friends with benefits. Well, I would say what it means is. You are a friend with someone an you want to hook up with them or have more, and they are like add that they could have keeping you in a friend area. They don't not allowing you to cross the line that you want to cross. Now I don't know
Work that well, but I don't think it was desire? No, that was not my that was not my intent of defining their relationship. Yeah. I was sitting in a movie theater. I was looking at Nancy going I'd like us, I said that pie, but ronnies, looking pretty good in his life too, but I could only stay in the friend zone, biggest regret of my life right there. I should have made a move when I had a chat with the book. Those interesting from the perspective of pop culture as well. There's been multiple documentaries, for example, and books written about back to the future in the history of how that movie was made- and I mean this has been written about that I have now. Heard the anecdote that the Reagans were watching, that movie, it talks about how the they love Michael J Fox, because he played speak it and it was a cool young Republican on TV and Jane Wyman thing where the room fell silent. I don't think I've ever heard really really good stories. An it's a good break from the nonsense. It will take you back to something
I want to talk about next, better days, Glenn Beck. Mercury is the Glenn Beck program to just take a justice just take a second here and and get out of the the nonsense, the stuff that we're just really doesn't matter in the end, and let's look at what matters most and that's us and each other and our and our our fellow countrymen and our children. You know even know it if you feed yourself with this garbage every day, like I have for the last twenty years, you mean you just your it's easy. You can become cynical. You can become very cynical,
Cool and you can start to believe things that aren't necessarily true about each other, but about our own lives. You know we were talking about this book movie nights with the Reagan which is a great read and I'll. Just kind of take you back to a simpler time. Was it Was it really I mean I think our lives were simpler because we didn't have federal Yes, we didn't, I mean I can remember Federal Express at the time was was turned down by. I don't know how many banks, because they said nobody needs a document over night. Now, it's like. I need it right now so lives were simpler then, but was it? Was it real any better, I mean I remember during the in years I was I member working in the nation's capital, thinking I'm at ground zero, we could be vaporized.
I remember having the nightmares as a kid of you know those missiles flying over the pole from Russia? I mean it was a real fear. That now? Yes, we have terror. We have North Korea. We have Russia but is it any worse really, then, being vaporize, the entire world being vaporized. I don't think so, If you look at what our life think of this and I'm going to into the stats here in a second still just take note on some of these stats homelessness. Since the 1980s down violent crime, down dramatically down and look this setup, School shootings actually down. Death of children, the needless death of children, the mortality rate, hunger access
to education, and I mean access by every you're in the jungle with a smart phone ach test to knowledge, to banking institutions too, two markets to be able to make something yourself and sell it: the free to speak and actually be heard, these all things of our day, not of the 1980s and so before we throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let's recognize there is a baby there. You know what the only thing that I could think of that I think is really what we mean when a simpler time is. We had faith in each other. We trusted each other. We trusted the stranger
We trusted that some you're, an American we're all in this together, we're going to disagree and argue back and forth, but we're in it together. That's the only That is really taken our quality of life and put it down the crapper. Is we don't have faith in our institutions which in some ways, maybe we shouldn't have so much faith? We should have blind faith in those institutions, so maybe that's even good, but losing our faith in each other is, is, I think, the biggest LOS of anything in my life that I have witnessed happen. We have to regain that and I'm not convinced that if social media exists in the 80s that we would be anything sort of in the same way, I agree with you now I mean I agree, take a lot of times. We
ten to remember the things that we like and didn't delete the things that we didn't like term the past we've romanticize it a bit plus there's a, I think in a general tendency to do that. I mean you know it you're, going to you're going to do that as a human being. But then in it you're also going to delete things that didn't matter, and to remember that a lot of these fights that we have on a daily basis on a weekly basis. No matter is just don't matter 'cause. We remember we were talking about this yesterday. Can you even remember what the political battle was three weeks ago? It was, I mean Kushner's Kushner is in the news. Today, that's going to going to be an issue in two weeks like these. These are so fleeting and meaningless so often, and if you go back to times. I think you just don't even remember I mean you know. Ronald Reagan was in the middle midst of a lot of a vicious battles, editions attacks from the media, but it was only covered for thirty minutes a day on three channel. Yes, wasn't
compass it wasn't every day, picking apart everything that was happening, yeah- and I think you know you- you look at some of us that you mentioned. We know violent crime rate in the United States has dropped by about fifty percent. Fifty fifth percent of fifty as we are looking at ourselves, an were saying we living in such dangerous times, it's down by fifty percent, since I was in high school that's incredible incredible and you I mean, if you listen to this, show at all. You know. But I every time there's one of his like we must do something moments. Usually a skeptic of them. I'm usually a skeptic of any like in a shark attack phenomenon always gotta shark attacks shark text? When you look at it two months later, like wait a minute, there was no increase in shark attacks at all. It was a medium term numbers guy. That's what I love you you're so deeply.
In numbers and stats that very few things affect you because you're like actually no yeah. I tried to to do that right. You know, I don't get emotional about those things and I you know. I think you wind up finding out when you look at the real information a lot of times. It tells a different story now even I in that position, was shocked. Reading this today from Northeastern University, here's the head. Schools are safer than they were in the 90s. That's not a huge shot, 'cause the crime rates down, but school shootings are not more common than they used to be. They go through stat after STAT they They show the charts mass murders, two thousand going back all the way to the 90s. School shootings in mass shootings, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two through two thousand and fifteen, I mean an absolutely noticeable decline, decline, decline in the amount of mass shooting shootings shooting
killed per million in fatal school shootings from nineteen. Ninety two to twenty fifteen is when the study shows have dropped by eighty percent. Wait say that again students killed per million so that a rate right we're not talking about wrong number working at the rate of students killed per million fatal shootings from the 90s to today has dropped by about eighty percent. It's just happening in yes, that's, I guess what even mash showed with now. Let's roll shootings craft on down incidents per year down question with boldness: with boldness, I have a question go ahead. Would that make a case for the gun free zone. Because in the nineties is when they put that in I mean it's make the case given this that we talked about many times that over ninety eight percent of mass shootings only happen to sense since nineteen in countries on so it's hard to imagine that that is the factor there in the, but we it's all.
John Lot, it's always worth looking at yeah. Let's look at that. It's always worth looking at I mean. What are the other things that have? What are the other things that have changed that? Well, I mean the biggest thing, and this is why this is kind of the the the genesis of this conversation we started having during the break. Is that a lot of times we focus on on little things that in Ray just or inflame on a daily basis and we lose track of the bigger larger trends that are much more important. As you pointed out, we were on the verge of nuclear holocaust. Through this period we were just reminiscing about right and now, with crime rates down and I mean, even if you believe the world is unstable as we do, and there are a lot of risks out there GEO local in otherwise I have to know that there's been a giant reduction in nuclear weapon, worldwide the fact that Russia is no longer are, union.
It does no longer exist with the amount of nuclear weapons that they had, while still dangerous is a certain improvement. The fact that they are weaker than they were at their at their peak is a is an improvement. We have downgraded the amount of nuclear weapons that we have, I mean they were. They built the Tsar Bomba back in the day, the biggest nuclear weapon. Ever it wasn't, like you know fifty times the because that we ever made and they they actually test. It now we're talking about lower yields and, more even in nuclear realm, we've improved quite a bit, but Some of these improvements are absolute, knock, knock your socks off. You know world side since one thousand nine hundred and ninety there has been a fifty percent drop in the amount children dying before age, five, a fifty three percent drop. This started after Reagan right it used to be
seventeen thousand kids that we're done NG everyday. That today, don't die that live because I would argue, a large scale, capitalism spreading throughout the world and improving life life. Let me let me share something what I was sick a couple weeks ago and I had the flu and this is the worst flu I've ever had- I mean it was. It was diabolical. I mean it ran through our family. I don't I'm sorry didn't mean to demonize the flu. It was, it was only once he was bad. It was wrong right, but everybody in the family was sick. We were all in bed and I've. Never
or experience something this violent before, and so I was thinking I was thinking my gosh we're all down and I started thinking you know typical Glenn Beck Thinking Badge in the spanish flu of one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, where I think it was a third of the population died. One slash three image: How weird that was. I was out with a friend on Monday and I said how's the family doing because they've been down for about a week and a half, everybody is sick and his wife is sick and he said it's a gland this. He said this the first time in my life, I've ever actually thought of wow. What was it like when people just get the flu and just die? I mean think of that. We don't. Even really even people still die for the full year Lou, but it's not something that goes through your head. It's the it's, the even consider it it's not thinkable when it happens, but could you give me that so get seventeen kids died in the shooting and it's a
credibly big deal, it's not a small deal. We should absolutely try to solve those problems, but in this fan, we've been talking about this five times, as many kids in the United States have died from the flu have died from the flu. Eighty five kids is, as of last week, had died in this flu season from the food it's been a really bad flu season. And while it's abs, totally vitally important that everyone of these lives matters, we have to put it in perspective and real. How good things have gotten on this point, Glenn I was about with all these kids that used to die that now live that number over six million kids worldwide. That would die in nineteen ninety and live today. But when you ask people has already gotten better or worse, seventy percent of people, it's gotten worse. Seventy percent think it's gotten worse. This is an incredible achieve. Probably the biggest achievement. Any of us will even consider your cv
six million people per year and that's just children, and we Holy, ignore it and we romanticize past eras, so the big things have gotten much better but they're right there is that constant ankh, that seems to just never go away and it makes us feel a lot worse. I think it's because of and I'm not blaming it on social media. I'm saying it is leading us to view things with distorted vision. It we compare ourselves to other people. We compare ourselves to a better lifestyle. We we are constantly through just into left right discussions, the them versus us. It's not good for a society, and if we can, I let finish where I started. We have to. We have to work hard. We did not think about dividing ourselves and plan on how. Divide ourselves, I think
there's may have Russia, but we didn't, but it is going to require all of us to think how do we repair this and if we can just find basic faith and goodwill in each other. We're going to be okay, So if there is a disaster, how do you you're going to be okay, do you do with these honestly? What do you do to not have all of this angst? You just prepare you You know what you're supposed to know do what you're supposed to do, get it done, and then it's fine there's a disease Stir there's a disaster in my house. I know we're fine because I know we have food supplies. I know we
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everything you need for a year call eight nine hundred and forty two, two thousand three hundred and twenty five eight nine hundred and forty two two thousand three hundred and twenty five ask about there, go back one year: food kit, special price of nine hundred and ninety nine or order online now at prepare with Glenn dot com Glenn Beck Mercury, Glenn Beck I'm really having a really hard time with this stat that that school shootings and mass shootings even down from, can you get I don't I maybe I can't get my arms around. I can't either I was against. To read this today. Again, it's for northeastern university. They talk about all. They have all the research, a post, I just I'll tweeted again,
from at world of stew, will get it from at Glenn Beck as well, but they show, although arts, and this is a again they don't necessarily agree with all of our solutions. Either. Yeah yeah yeah number conservative study. That's trying to defend our positions, but you know back in the early 90s. It was as high as about trying to read. Right here, but about three thirty incidents per year and again they mass school shootings, a multiple victims, school shootings, an fatal school shootings. They they cover all three. And most of them of course, are just fatal school shootings, which are one person, but it go. Yeah. It was a you know, up around thirty five and now it's down to around five per year on I'm a little believable until will really delve into this later on the blaze TV, an more tomorrow I mean Glenn Beck mercury
love, courage, truth, Glenn Beck! I wanted to share a letter with you that came in that was unusual saying for awhile. Let's you know: are the we start to try to win- is the minute we lose by trying to win and winning. It means that everybody else lose that's why we need reconciliation, we need reconciliation with each other and we need it with the truth. We don't need wins, we need. An honest search for truth. How can we make life better? How can we solve things and how can we do it together? now that doesn't mean we're going to agree on everything, and it doesn't mean that everybody is going to join in, but there has to be some effort made.
Got this email in and I wanted to share it dear Mr Beck. I never thought I would be writing to you, especially not to thank you for anything, but here I am As a twenty three year old Liberal, who is pretty politic aware: throughout middle and high school, you once represented one of the biggest problems our country had to me. But at listening to you. I have felt something I haven't felt in a long time. Hope true honest to God hope hope for the future of this country. Not the kind of partisan hope that Quote my team wins and quote, but the kind of hope that we can all figure out we're all on the same team, the american team. I had mostly given up Mister Beck American Paula. We're beyond saving in my eyes, but if Glenn Freaking back of all people can
come out and extend an olive branch and try to start building a bridge between the two America's then Oh I shouldn't give up: please don't try to stop fixing this you're going. Take flack from both sides. The right is going to call you a traitor and the left will call You a liar, but you I have my support and you'll have the support. Everyone else who is fed up with the cons. In war of outrage and scandal. Thank you. Let me just reply. No thank you max. It's Wednesday February 28th year- listening, the Glenn Beck program, so we all have to look but we can do in our own lives to to make the world a better place.
I know that Ben Shapiro has come out and on the daily wire he is said, we are not going to publish the name or the like Nis and make this this kid in Florida famous, and we have said that for a long time we don't use the name on the radio. The blaze has not had an official policy on that, and I really want an official policy on it. But I want rooted in in in things that actually have some backing to it? What really does make a difference? If the media would do certain things would would that help? Well, is a guy who has studied this for a long time or a Schulman. He is the editor of the New Atlantis, and he has a Street Journal article out what mass killers want and how to stop them. Ari, can you help me design a policy for
or our media outlet. So we don't help mass killers. Uh well, I can try. I thank you for having me on the show. First of all yeah, so I've been writing about this for a few years and what I did was I just looked into the psychology and criminology research that has been around for about twenty or twenty five year. This um on mass killings, and I was trying to look at this question of what motivates them answer that there are. There are a lot of different things that motivate them individually. They all have some sort of grievance. The main commonality is that they all get to a point where they decide that the world is to blame for whatever frustrated about in their own lives, and they to inflict their rage upon the world in a kind of spectacle of theatrical public violence and. Of the commonality of that is that they feel a sense of frustration and and and impotence, But they don't have any control over their lives and they don't have any meaning in their lives, and so this, this act in which they usually intend to die is a way of trying to give their lives.
Final meaning and part of that is to create a sort of infamy for themselves and for their action. So there is a wealth of evidence that shows that mass killers, especially after Columbine, are obsessed with previous events. A lot of them are obsessed with Columbine. Many of them became obsessed with the Virginia tech shootings. The becomes this kind of chain of obsessive interest in each other. The new town shooter, for example, actually kept a spreadsheet where he was keeping track of of all the mass shootings that happened and the details on them, which had the highest body counts and so forth, and so there a lot so what's happening here that there are these. Does this class of frustrated young men who were essentially trying to one up each other to to out do each other? I am not part about it. Their desire to create a kind of infamy for themselves and their death. Okay
let's just take this list. One by one, you say, never published the shooters propaganda. Yes, so I think the worst example of this would be the Virginia tech shooting where the shooter actually minutes before he committed his act, dropped in the mail to NBC. New is a video that you created where he was ranting about world and all of the people who had wronged him and how he was about to get his revenge. I I think that it is really appropriate to view this as a form of propaganda. Mass shootings in general, I think, can be understood in the form of a political terrorism. Is terrorism without any very strong political content, but it is, it is still designed to inflict terror upon society and that get innocent victims. So when you publish that kind of propaganda or manifestos or any of that kind of stuff, the Sutherland Springs. Shooter left a manifesto You are allowing them to control the meaning of that event, and what that does is that creates a motive or an incense
the next year to know. Well, if I go and do a big enough shooting, then I will get to control the meaning of that event. In my words, will get out there a kind of anti hero- and I assume this assume this- you'd, say the same thing about terror. I mean you know, show the Islamic Middle eastern terrorism. Yes that's right I mean I I've studied mass shootings a little bit more than actual political terrorism. In the end he gave me a name of the terrorist of not to actually destroy his enemy physically? It's to inflict the kind of psychological triumph where the the victim is is made to feel powerless in this
and part of that is, is crossing a kind of narrative around that and I think about it. The commonality with mass shootings so hide their names and faces, but is the next one, but I want to jump to this one: don't report on biography or speculate on motive that, in this particular case, the the biography there or the the history of this kid has been extraordinarily valuable to figure out what happened yeah. So all of the things that I wrote in this piece. I wrote this this piece about four years ago, So that's the one that I would probably the most want to walk back from now. I think what I would say about that is that there is an access, there's, often an excessive focus on trying to find out what is the motive for this person? There's always this question people describe these. As this is senseless. There doesn't seem to be a reason that this person killed the particular victims that he did, and my answer to that is that the motive is, it should be understood as kind of self directed and as a desire to just get
get and notoriety for oneself when people are asking about. That they're, usually trying to find out you know, did the did the particular victims actually wrong the perpetrator in some way and the whole point of the doctor about the victims. The even really know the perpetrator, the perpetrators deliberately trying to to kill innocent victims, and so I think that there can be an excessive focus on trying to make sense of these acts and kind of and the terms of sort of normal crime where there is a deliberate targeting. So I think that's what I was trying to get out with that with that one. Obviously, in this case, the reporting on his biography has been extremely valuable, so I think I would put a little little right around that. Now, the minimize specifics in gory details and kind of the no photos and videos of the event. I think these are kind of explain together that you know we're. Not, looking for photo
videos that are, are gory or that glorify or show in action the shooters, but, for instance, you know having pictures of the scene. Let's take LAS Vegas. I don't even know what the shooter really look like You know and we didn't see any videos of him except in the window, should we should. We have the videos of the scene as it was, as it was going, but not showing the shooter. What I'll say about this is just that I want to recommend that there is a balancing act to be had. I think, particularly when you look at past shootings. A columbine is the is the biggest example of this.
I think part of the reason that Columbine had such an outside influence american journalist, a criminologist who practice and found that probably something like sixty or seventy mass shootings have been directly or indirectly inspired by by Columbine, where there is a kind of line of obsessive influence from the shooter's back to Columbine. I think a lot of that had to do with the imagery that came out of that. So anybody who was you know around and paying attention to the news reporting at the time that I was saw, these video camera images, the the security camera images on the school of the two shooters walking around the school. In a car, it it this? This really iconic imagery of the hazards of perpetrating the fact. So there is obviously a value and reporting on the details of the act. It's you know particularly valuable when people are trying to figure about policy mechanisms for disrupting that's what kind of weapons that the use had it all play out there still a lot of questions about the details of what happened in LAS Vegas. For example, there add value there. The point that I want to make is that there is also a risk in doing
of allowing for the creation of iconography that will go on and inspire future shooter. Yes, turn our showman of the new Atlanta see also wrote in the Wall Street Journal that and study for a long time. Mass shootings- I have kind of a thing were in theory. Here are a health. Tell me if you can help me along with us, but the Vegas Incident is is, is a very strange one it when you group it in with all these other mass shootings, and I feel like we almost in a way. The media was forced into making your recommendations and essentially experimenting weather, it would work or not, because we didn't have a motive, we didn't have any video of him doing anything and my belief, is at this point you could name go back. Name the Columbine killers and people would have the right off the top of their heads? this guy was in Vegas is basically I know nothing about it. We know it's a terrible incident. We know we know generally what happened, but he was not made into a celebrity out of that and it's the big
Mass shooting in american history, at least you know going back several decades. You know it's there's like there's almost a test case here to show your or your your ideas here? Actually work, yeah, that's an interesting point, yeah! So again I I first started writing about this. A few years ago, I've written a few follow up pieces sent an ad the biggest thing that I wrote about well this this Big Wall Street Journal piece and I would probably write it a little bit differently today. I was very much focused on the the infamy and sort of celebrity aspect, and I was particularly thinking about Columbine Virginia Tech Newtown.
Much of the acts that had had tried to imitate those where there was very, very clear evidence that a desire for Anthony and celebrity was part of the motivation. Some of the more recent act, it's less clear I think, what's Vegas is one of those the recent shooting in parkland, it's less clear there. I think the same thing for Sutherland Springs. I can name a few other examples. So what would you add? What would you add to this list? Is there things that you said I might rethink that. Is there anything you would add to this list? I don't know that. I would that I would add to this exactly one of the I would say is that there is a way to get the nation out there in a less sensational manner. So we, when you look at at the initial reporting after a mass shooting in the first few days of the vast amount of information, turns out to be wrong
and the way that we respond to a part of what I was trying to get out and after that we have a kind of ritual lies response to this, where we are essentially becoming good victims. I hate to use that that phrase, but there's a desired psychological response of the mass shooting, as opposed to evoke and part of the part of my criticism of the obsessive focus, but the public has on the defensive about it. Please enter about the buyer to to kind of become good victims. One of the things that I emphasize in my original pieces that you You essentially have this self perpetuating script or template or story that has been created so that anybody who is angry can go out and follow the script right to the thing that we need to figure out hi there how to decrease the power of that about script, and I think part of that is by decreasing the saturation and sensationalism of the reporting. But another way we might be to actually change the script. A sure way that breaking it- and I think we are actually may be seen something like that happening right now, with the way that the park on students are responding to this
I want to get into to the the content of what the students are saying. They're a lot about it. You know debatable yet, but the the interesting thing about it is that they're being very bad victims right. The way that a victim is supposed to behave in the public is supposed to behave, it's to be terrorized to say that the sense what to save know, we feel helpless and there's nothing that we can do, and so I think one of the things that I found fascinating about the parkland students respond that they are not behaving in a way as if they are are helpless, and I wonder if that may turn out to to dampen some of the power of the script. Really interesting to me 'cause. I look at it in a different way and I've never thought of it. Your way- and it will be interesting to watch because thought of it. As if you, if you wanted to make a bunch of victims, then you lose But if you wanted to forward a movement you could you could count on that happening because, of the emotion of it's. It's so connected.
The motion and there's so much attention to this now the E. You know the the shooter whether this was his intention or not, and I don't think it was. I think he was not if there is action and the kind three is has stopped because of his deed. Yes, so that I think that there are two different ways that you can the the way that the country is responding as a success or a failure in terms of what this shooter was. It wasn't something to achieve. We we have about a minute. We can understand that. Okay, I think you can say about it and to what extent of successful, because we're all talking about a lot to another extended, not successful, because we aren't responding in the way that we are that we are really supposed to yeah. Okay are a thank you so much and and when you have you know new,
thought we would love to hear it. We want to try to be responsible and do the things that we can, instead of just telling everybody else what they can do. Thank you so much or how much wrapping you bet Sarish Schulman showman. He is, he wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal, what mass killers want and how to stop them, and it's really aimed towards the media. Alright, do you remember the big data breach that Equifax had last September, the one that exposed social security numbers names and birth dates of over one hundred and forty five million customers? Well, that's not all! comes out now that there was more sensitive information that was exposed, in fact, at the dock, provided now to the state or the Senate committee revealed that the x id numbers and driver's license. Details may have also been accessed this. Exposes you to cyber criminal criminals and
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terrible horrible, no good, very bad day that the act yesterday, Tuesday. I was not really kind to the president's son in law. Kutcher may have, felt that he was a living out in real time that they made famous in the in the children's book in the in the movie, where Alexander goes to sleep with, gum in his mouth and wakes up with gum in his hair. Kushner went to sleep with the top secret, clearance and woke up with a downgrade to just plain old secret. Which is a really big deal for the things that he is working on. However, I mean it mean that is high level stuff- has to be worked on, but it is not unusual for a security clearance to take this long. Now that At the beginning of his day, media reports started coming out stating that officials from four different countries have discussed ways that Jerrod Kushner might be manipulated.
Sources told the Washington Post that these ways of manipulation include taking advantage of Kushner's complex business arrangements in his family debt? Ok, but did they Was anyone doing that? Or is this the Washington Post, saying hypothetically, these things could happen? We talked to people in four different countries. I mean I mean it sounds bad, but can we pump the brakes here for a second first of all, Kushner may still eventually get the top secret clearance he's been downgraded the secret? In the meantime, the process to obtain a top secret clearance takes sometimes a very long time, depending on how much information the investigators have to go through the top two things that tight secret clearance. Our meeting, foreign nationals and financial debt. Well We got a ton of both of those and for anybody waving at you see he's guilty flag, this process normal normal
Secondly, I'm having a hard time understanding why the Washington Post ran story that four countries had discussed ways that they might be able to manipulate the president's son in law. Are they think? about doing that. If so, maybe we should know which countries those are I mean our rival nations looking for ways to gain leverage. And if they are wait, no. I mean I wish I could show you my shocked face here on the radio, but I you're shocked faces probably the same if those poor countries are actually trying to do something over successful in manipulating him, then it would be a story of a mat The story is meaningless, Glenn Beck mercury.
This is the Glenn Beck program, so we all have to learn. 'cause, there's a new talking point. It's always great. When you get these new talking points, because everybody starts to say the same thing on television all at once saved a all of us Everybody is saying exactly the same thing here is the new talking point business interests, including the six hundred and sixty six Fifth Ave property in New York, close to getting the company to invest in this six hundred and sixty six fifth ave. Pretty? Is there at least a circumstantial case here that some of what these meetings were about with six hundred and sixty six fifth ave, you see the from ability to try and have vulnerability, cushion over the six hundred and sixty building that perhaps the son in law has a forty one story: size problem at six hundred and sixty six Fifth Ave, Jerry Kushner's company, still walk into the office at six hundred and sixty six Fifth Ave, six, sixty six Fifth Ave, six, six, six fifth Ave, six hundred and sixty six
fifth Ave building in New York on Fifth Ave. That's the address is six six scout. Who is in possession of some of these properties, especially six? x, six Fifth avenue well, clearly: the Devil phone, six, six, six fifth avenue. Who else is living there? I didn't Amy Jerd should have known. It was bad luck to buy six six, six fifth avenue and that's what they're saying is because he owes his. You know: debt on the spur. It's one of the it was the most expensive office building ever purchased in New York when he bought it. I think in two thousand and seven and so now they're saying what he's been looking around the world to get financing for the building and everything this is back before he leaves the White House and they're saying this is a pressure point. Jared Kushner and it came out in the Washington Post story that address, and then everybody on cable news is repeating sixty six
fifth Ave and we immediately as soon as that story comes out. It's a big talking point in everybody mentions it over and over and over and over again. While you know this is a grill. You know this isn't a right talking point because we would have said see, see, there's connection, there's connections there to the antichrist, I'm just telling you if the right would have had six hundred and sixty six fifth ave, we would have at least had fun with it, but that's not happening. Pat gray. Welcome to the program on your mind today, many things but uh, maybe the top my list right now is Ryan Seacrest. First of all, the Ryan Seacrest is accused by his hair stylist. Or you know, the person that does is make up at east for six years. Yeah Anne. She claimed that he sexually harassed her on a regular basis, so quietly He did an investigation. I think they handle it right. You know
They didn't suspend him, they just waited to see what was going to happen. They found zero evidence that what she said was true zero. Then he kept going and and Seacrest talked about it. He put it on his facebook poster. You know, put out a story, and he said I didn't I I didn't do this. This is not true, but I'm cooperating with right. You know whatever the company wants to do, I will cooperate and he did he did and they found no evidence zero and now, it's everywhere, all of a sudden and now they're talking about public relations. People are advising their clients not to go anywhere near him at the Oscars, because he has the red carpet thing, the interviews that he does know, and so the people are saying: why would you even take that chance he's been accused so go to? the person who wrote a letter, outlet, Hughes and he's been cleared. He's been accused
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of this into a worse rush? Mccarthy, some, then we had in the 50s. I don't I mean well, it's at least and I was just getting- is bad. It's getting is bad, except that did have the power of the government to put you in jail. Very true yeah: this is this: just for all, you know in your life, and I I mean which is appropriate on this there's end ABC Star Bellamy, young she's, on scandal. She said, I think this is the time for Ryan Seacrest to step aside and let someone of equal talent that is beyond reproach to be in charge. First of all, the has every job in the world. There's nobody of Eagle Talon there that I I I sincere about that. I think he's. One of those he's really does smartest guys around. He just is really good he's really good and and how aren't you above reproach of You've been cleared of any wrongdoing that seems to be
never get to go back. I guess not! You never get to go there just totally tainted now forever, because somebody accused you, Let's keep finding anybody can accuse anybody else of wrongdoing. And and we have a llama in the wings right now, that's going to swear out a testimony about Pat well, I mean bring the Llama out. I will, if you actually had a llama I'd, be nervous, but once that, what's that Llama once said Llama Duck, What llamas, Doobie Azar, barks or whatever they do. It can't be an barked that it can't be unmarked. You scary, but you know it's interesting. You talking about how people can be accused and it's always is tainted with it. Now, there's only two error rates over you know it's one. What accusation that has had no attention since the me too movement has started. I bet I'm going to say this in, are you really yeah know? I was gonna, say Al Gore's
I can shacra member all, remember the accusation: Suse yeah, who said that Al Gore was constantly trying to get him to touch her yeah to to really do the job. My second shock row right Because of our a a few voice that might shock without a place so we strive to return her to do things to him in regions. She didn't want to touch and she complained about it and she and- and it was brought out all, but you cry he does not face toward one of a second on this wow over that time in Bill Clinton has right, I mean I, there had yeah a lot of them. Left said: okay, we we handle that Clinton thing wrongly, but I mean One accusation has been enough for almost everybody. Thirty years ago, that was eight years ago was in twenty ten. Was it two thousand and ten yeah and it was late, two thousand yeah. So let me we go where I was going to go. Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel is
hosting the Oscars, not outside, like Ryan Seacrest he's also hosting the Oscars. Has he been accused Have you seen any of the video tapes of what he's done? I mean he to host a show called the man show yeah. He did a bottle. Something in my pants and you can feel around to see what it is you want to use your mouth. Ok, yes, he's on the doing that. Yet over and over I mean it was part of that show look, and I defend that show at that time, and I you know they they did away with they did, are funny right. It was funny and it was. It was totally fine sorry, it's retroactively, get appropriate you're actively appropriate. However yeah the because you know I mean remember this- is the shirt show that ended every episode with girls dropping out jumping on trampolines in their underwear? Every episode ended the same way.
That was literally the last sentence of every show is now jumping on trampoline and he's the guy. That's totally ok to host the Oscars. I mean you want no, there said a thing: there is to say there's two people to organizations that have made a choice today, and I don't think it's going to end well for either of them. Dick's sporting goods, yeah, okay, saying we're not going to Kerry. You know AR fifteens we're standing against these things? Were gonna you can't buy gun. You're twenty one. I don't think that's going to play in Heartland of America, even though everybody's jumping on Walmart now to do the same, which they did back in two thousand fifteen, if they, if they do that for the hysteria Maybe I don't agree with it, but maybe that's what dicks did last time. The did a temporary we're just going to take him off the shelves and just let the heat go away, so kind of understand that but Cabela's, I don't think
Ellis, is going to do that and if I can go, buy a gun at Cabela's, and I have Dix? Who is you know I want to buy and that's not an ar I'm not going to go, buy it at Dick's. Now we're gonna go that Cabela's they've made the choice. The other imitation is the Oscars they have taken a guy now see if this sounds familiar, a guy who is called the press, in all kinds of names. A guy who has has made passionate sometimes unstable seeming please on his own show he has cry on three different occasions. Three different shows while making please the about Polotan. I thought that was a bad thing, so a bad thing yeah they have now said you are the guy by the way in the middle of the me too thing also has his history you're, the guy host, the Oscars, the Oscars
as zero chance zero? chance. When you have Jimmy Fallon available how do you expect to get people in the center of the country who disagree with you to why the Oscars If I were abc I'd, be pissed. I know it's your guy, but I'd really be pissed yeah, because I just spent a fortune, to have the Oscars and now you're going to grab me with this guy who's going to turn off half of the country. This is foolish. Alicia field. We have some audio from Jimmy Kimmel. Talking about this on here, yeah go ahead. This is Jimmy Kimmel talking about what he said about the GOP and Donald Trump. Do you think that Maybe there have been times where you push the envelope too far, and maybe become a little too political. No, I don't you don't regret anything that she said not at all. I don't think you can go too far. I think Can you imagine if I was doing a domani show, and I need to be funny and entertain my audience, but I will start at
short enough to the point where we can accept late night, talk show host speaking about a serious subject, and I think that it's almost necessary now, but can we accept talk, show hosts making jokes yeah? well I mean I don't know I accepted it from Jimmy Kimmel when he was doing the man show. I may know it was we all understood it was in that context. Now if that's true- but I mean you know Kimmel All- has always talked about serious issues on that show one of the things that made Kimmel, I think of these strong late night host is we used to play his audio all the time of people who thought, who didn't understand, Obama, care and who didn't you know understand these big Obama pushes and he took time to mock them as well. You know he used to do that and what's happened is he's had a personal incident that has made him very.
Emotional, about healthcare in this set him off on this trip this you know sort of snowball effect we're That's all he could think about he's completely assessed, despite knowing almost nothing about the topic he's talking about. It's very Letterman ask same thing happens said Letterman with the war. It made him bitter and angry and awful an awful n n. U K unwatchable to anybody on the right and I think that same thing is going on with cable now, do you want we also have a him talking about. I don't know you want this striking the right tone at the Oscars. Yeah yeah nervous at all that you're going to strike the right tone, yeah that I do worry about that, because I have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life, and so I you know, I Do you think about that? How you know if you've gone too far, I'm sure the intern will tell me
real time has almost immediately so you probably saw there is that USA Today poll that was released recently, this at ninety four percent of women in Hollywood have been harassed or assaulted. That's your audience right there. You know. How do you address it? Well, listen! Here's the thing show is not about reliving people, sexual assaults. It's an award show for people who have. Dreaming about, maybe winning an Oscar for their whole lives, last thing I want to do. Is ruin that for some who is Nino nominated for NEO, best leading actress for you by supporting our restaurant. Please stop right here, because I'm just listening to this home, like I don't care about any of the stuff about the Oscars? I really don't. I just don't care about it. At all not going to watch it don't care. I do care Ryan Seacrest
and that is Oscar related, because here's, a guy who has been cleared by an investigation and just one person saying he was who is coming on to me all the time he was sexually harassing me. Even though company looked into it and did an extensive evaluation in today's atmosphere find M clean still wanting to drum him out of business Pat Gray Unleashed is on the blaze every day. This program, this video and the blaze tv you can also subscribe to the podcast. You can get anywhere you get podcasts, including Itunes and uh, five hundred and thirty tonight you don't wanna miss it. We have a five o'clock, show me at the chalkboard and then it thirty the news and why it matters that you don't want to miss. If you haven't seen it that you're going to love it markets,
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at Amazon. I think it's going back to press because the the book has been sold out now at Amazon, but you can also get it for Kindle and everything else, but it is. It is a really good book and I say that because You know I didn't write all of it. I wrote it with John Lott, and- and there was another guy k- sorry, I can't remember now the guy who wrote the killing right. Yes, yes, yes, Lieutenant Grossman, who is just that? Were amazing, they're, amazing, so please it is a great book to to read if you want to defer the second amendment. I got an email in about cruises. Neighbor begging, cops to step in after reporting his dark behavior a lot you saying when you can't arrest somebody for what they might do, no you're right. But when there is this much evidence these
that many people speaking out, we need to do more, Glenn Back mercury.
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