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Red Flag Laws Mean GUILTY Until Proven Innocent | Guests: Robert Epstein & Kevin Williamson | 8/21/19

2019-08-21 | 🔗
Now even Republican politicians are pushing voters to support red flag laws, but the MeToo movement already proved that people will ABUSE that power. And the word “racist” is being watered down so much that we might shrug off the warnings when a REAL racist comes along. Dr. Robert Epstein joins the program to set the facts straight on his research into Google’s search result bias and the 2016 election — and why the mainstream media is denouncing it. Kevin Williamson joins the program to discuss his latest book, “The Smallest Minority,” about why people are becoming so hysterical over politics. And should we make our whole lives political, from working at Mojo Burrito to making movies?

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