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'Remain Calm for Low Probability and High Impact'? - 7/12/18

2018-07-12 | 🔗
Hour 1 University of Kansas flies defaced American flag on campus ...Public art or desecration? ...Soviet Sleeper Agent Donald Trump? ...'low probability, high impact' conspiracy reporting  from America's media? ...Glenn spills the beans on NASA (conspiracy)?...'Donald Trump is a Moon baby? ...Steven Crowder confronts...'He, She, Z'?   Hour 2 DOJ, Second Amendment Foundation Reach Settlement In Defense Distributed Lawsuit...Founder of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson joins Glenn...Cody makes digital files that let anyone 3-D print untraceable guns. The government tried to stop him. He sued-and won...'humbly' numb...'Bitcoin is here to stay' ...Word Nazi's take down Papa Johns founder, resigns over use of the 'N word' ...President Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?... 'absolutely' considering a run    Hour 3 What's in a 'White Guy's' name?...Late Night mocks SCJ nominee Kavanaugh ...Stormy's 'Key to the City'...for slapping men with her breasts? ...Looking back at the Robert Bork's America hearings...back from the grave Senator Ted Kennedy? ...What's Inside the massive Egyptian Sarcophagus?...Will they open it?...Another King Tut?

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The blaze radio network on demand back bright. Everybody prepare yourself for a collective jazz snap, because what about two here- is- is perfect for thee obviating leap, pretentious applause of the progressive crowd. So here we go It centres around a an artwork, a piece of art, beautiful large titled, flag number two by a german artist, smeared with black paint when engraving of a striped sock. Now according to the artist. This represents a new symbolic, meaning the light of recent imprisonment of the immigrant children at the border, I've seen them
art. It was a hang on a flagpole in the University of Kansas. I believe it was just it's beautiful, you'd eminent looks like somebody just slap some black paint on a flag, but that's not what it is not enough The german born artists also reminds us, let's not forget that we all came from somewhere, and the only when world recent occupants of this country native cultures, new to take care of this continent, much better for thousands of years before us. Oh did they it's about time for our differences to unite us rather than to divide us. You know I love being lectured but by bye. Bye german, because there are always so inclusive when they too, to me about. You know: hey, let's make sure that we're not rounding people up. I listen to the Germans. Now
This is a an art project sponsored by the cream if time project the art price it is part of a larger series called pledge. Of allegiance in which each its designs of flag that points to an issue, the artist S, passionate about, because They believe that issue is worth fighting for an speaks to how we might move forward. Here's my favorite word collectively. Oh that is great and you couldn't have found anything else to put it on except in american flag at sets. Interesting choice: now, most of the other flags have clouds or the blank canvas I like that. One is just white, laziness. Slogans like horror, film called Wes civilization and dont worry be angry its.
Oh, a beautiful, beautiful art project that term Europe only paying for if you, if you have kids in university, leave lag is a collage of an american flag, one of my drift paintings and resemble the contours of the United States. I've seen it, no, it doesn't I divided the shape of the country into two for the flag represents. Men is designed to reflect a d Lee Polarized country in which as it in his hopefully bragging about harassing women and is withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol is if those two things aren't is equally bad as much as we may not like it or agree with it this artist. Is protesting peacefully. This is the thing they they. They absolutely have a right to express their anger and their opinions with
Freedom of speech we don't have to. We don't have to condone it. I don't even to call it art. But were shooting ourselves in the foot if we don't at least respect the right to freedom of speech, I'm just tired of paying for it and I'm so tired of hearing from people who say you can't what its single daimio- oh, my goodness, we to expel these kids, who were wearing an american flag, t shirt and they you can do whatever you want to the american flag and run it up the flagpole at a university these are the same people who throw up hand from He time someone orders a chicken sandwich from chick fillet. But in the end, let's just remember. We are the ones that actually get the chicken sandwiches they not have. They don't get anything. One problem with the flag and that
is the display at a public university. I just want left to imagine now I know you don't need You are now starting to back away from the first amendment, because The first amendment is being used against. You know the only reason why the first amendment is being used quote, Ginsu is because only speech that needs protecting. Is this each that the majority doesn't like now. You're, not the majority, by any stretch of the imagination. But who are the majority in the universities, in the media and in the in government? Now You have some ability to make I feel like we are in the minority. You're calling all the shots in writing all the rules that
so the only reason why the first amendment now is coming into play because when you were going to court to defend your right to speak, who are defending crucifix in urine. Going to court to say I dont I have to say those things, I'm a doctor, I don't have to call this man a woman, because he thinks he's a woman that science boy, NL in the grand scheme of things, and I think I'd rather be on the side of science the crossing urine, I mean, don't get me wrong. I was beautiful art and I hope you made a lot of money on that was great. Now let me ask you this year, in that way, you think the do you think the response would be if a conservative art collective stay
Into a rainbow flag and called it an art project, raised it on a flagpole at a public university. Do you think you'd, be ok with that. You see it right since both ways. How about if the University of Texas raised a rebel flag and called it art seeds, does the key If conservatives in libertarians want to be, political on campus, apparently all you have to do is do it under the guise of art, apparently, that's the way you get it done it's Thursday July twelve year, listening to the Glen, that programme think don't win. Here is to totally remain calm. The wind here is,
they ve. The things that are going on are so ridiculous that the eu- all you have to do is just remain calm the whole time. For instance, I could be really upset at the the whole idea that in called and smeared and and really run through the mud as a conspiracy theorist, because one of the conspiracies was that I d bout the FEMA camps now that's. Never that's you never read all of that. You just read conspiracy theories, Glenn back who talked about FEMA camps. Yes, I did I debunked them, but they may that into a conspiracy for me, because they said you were even talking about a conspiracy and because you even brought it up, you gave it credibility. I could be angry when I
your things from MSNBC like I'm, going to play for you, but the way mean play here- is again just remain calm and pointed out. Because there was a conspiracy of FEMA Caps, Brok Obama in first. I think it was George Bush is building these FEMA camps and they ve got all He's pegs, where they're gonna bury people when it's really bookcase shut up, not true. The other conspiracy that we were really clear on was the birth certificate, the birth certificate of Barack Obama there's this. Is it a it's not true be if it was at that point, it didn't. Wouldn't It wouldn't have meant anything. It would have done anything you could have had proof positive and it wouldn't I have removed him from office. A lot like
what Lee Laughter is now saying about Donald Trump, would you do to get this guy out of office? You could have had a KGB agent saying yes, this was a fake birth certificate we put together is the name is actually Boris and they wouldn't have made any difference at all, so I'm a conspiracy theorist. I want two to listen to this. From Mass NBC, ok, it sounds insane. I just want to say it really does like the idea that he went. He goes to Moscow in eighty. Seven is cultivated as a russian intelligence. That does it ass. It is like sleep or sell for decades. Sounds knots, it sounded like this topic. Conspiracy theories. Why are you not insane so that the great question Chris I get that all the time so for some? First of all, the piecing knowledge is that that is
probably not true, but it might be, and what is done Stalin's probably due to what it might be waiting to hang on what we're talking about here and they went on for about what fourteen minutes yourselves the gate of insulating they go on and there there's look. This sounds knots will what's knots, Donald Trump has been a soviet sleeper agent since the I intend just waiting to be activated because the world, the peace itself, acknowledges that this prize probably isn't true o o o k. You take seriously some of these low probability high you act scenarios unit before you with equal weight, so it's the press is duty to, on these low probability, and
What was it hi, I'm high impact theories, oh ok I guess we should this right is down. So we know it seems, like the FEMA camps were highly gratified that everyone here that Hillary Clinton out about an eighty percent chance of winning- and we always treated like that- meant a hundred percent and then think about what would that twenty percent alternative really mean so that's part of what I'm doing with this, with with aspects of this peace like this trip to Moscow, What would it mean if we really want that deep now, there's a lot of luck is I love is so what would it mean? What what is it to Moscow me. I just we're just writing. This was. Is this not the Atlantic? This is New York Magazine New York magazine so, which is I'm just writing this and think what would it mean his to Russia,
free were asleep herself from the back seat eighties, world gee. I think it's a pretty sure article. It would be really bad, it could mean really bad vague, yeah well and what the theory with a barrage, gives a birth certificate. The fact that he was asleep yourselves, three percent has been the Russians had planned with long brought eat right these our birth. Hers was is, and here is MSNBC doing it she's right scheme but can we really bad and not go that deep? But I think you We consider that for another reason, which is that everyone always as well, this In front of you forever all this up saying what the western allies splitting up from the West and in how is sort of passing on them all the time and the thing we know we should let them go their own way. That's what he's always thought. Is that really? What he's always thought? It's what he thought nineteen. Eighty. Seventy never thought that before then
we, you never said it more than in the nineteen. Eighty seven is when you he went to Moscow in these. By the Russians and Moscow and Moscow in any comes back many sorts hungry if a president for the first time- and then these are talking for the first time, but how our allies but you're freeloaders- and we should kick him with occur yeah. We should at least I'm using it. Where was he in nineteen eighty five? Where was where I was here. Where was his high, because his height was at the end of the rigging administration? Wasn't it yeah when he bodies First casino, I think in the late eighties, repaid Cato his eyes. Now, then, he starts to go on record about the well well yeah, because he was then he didn't. He was a big mogul by that time. Yes, and that's around the time that art for the art of the deal came out, then people started listening to him? There were less into a midnight? He said that its predict? What we're glad
Ex views in nineteen, sixty nine, I dont know I was for but it was really looks like to me, then, is not this, Meantime you visited Canada, though, and I have always been saying: Michael's just unplug or something we tabled our sponsor to have this half hour. Is lifelong security professionals warning now of email fishing scams targeting world CUP fans I'm completely safe. This is yes, Jesse. Other reason, America is number one I have to worry about the World CUP thing. In fact, this thing has gone on so long. Now I am beginning to question the rest of the world. I really am they're. All you know you re day after day, o this country's depressed o England's depress, get over it. It's soccer. Nobody in well at least in the place that counts
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stir ten percent off your first year, promo code back with lifelong. Dot com so the year that I was made defender of Israel and given that award by Benjamin Netanyahu is the year that I was also called and anti semite for discussing the facts, the facts that George Soros manipulates world markets and is working to manipulate the governments of the world their results. The fact that he was aid to go out with Nazis and and chop the home of Jews. An invite them to leave their homes right when he was kid, and I dont condemn him for that. He was a kid at the time and we only get that from him from being surrounded so anyway, but that's a conspiracy, their yeah, ok, bye,
Chris Haze and New York magazine with Jonathan Chain, which I believe has eight just drop one. And you ve got him spell cheat without Hey UK. He gets do it. So he writes a story in New York magazine that says, Donald Trump is a sleeper spy, for The former Soviet Union, the KGB, turned him and nineteen eighty seven on his first trip to Russia. Now he says this is most likely, not true, but he feels that, and so does Chris haze that we have to look. These low probability high impact theories and justice. Vienna prepare because you know we all up and Hillary Clinton was gonna win and she didn't so what happens? If this is true, I'm gonna bill, the beans, I'm gonna, do it pat as I am tired of living, this lie. Oh no, gonna. Do I know now what
Stewart here. Would he recommend Hyena recommend that I would sell? Don't do it? Don't worry about it off the air that I'm gonna tell you know what I'm gonna do I've got to talk about NASA, I'm gonna, do it don't here's the deal? Does anybody remember any interviews with Donald Trump before APOLLO? Eleven so nineteen sixty nine. No, I don't you don't remember, guide, no, don't remember any. I dont then, suddenly, a few years after APOLLO eleven, he appears and he becomes a giant mogul now. It is probably not true but imagination, So if it is ok we're talking old trump is a moon baby and so you're, droning, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin found him on the surface. Yes, but I brought him back. He was he is a plant from the dark side of the moon was an we don't even know where his loyalties law. I know. Well, the dark side of the moon. You know with the dark side the moon is, I don't
it's dark, because when you look into a cannon look like it looks dark. Dark varied moon? The other side is actually the opening of a giant space cannon. Now that's probably not true, but imagine if it were gay and the moon is actually the cannonball in the giant space cannon. That's high impact and when the moon baby commands it notices calling for a space force here, hello when the moon baby commands it, the moon turns around and we're looking at the dark side of the moon, which is the inside, if the cannon begin and end they're going to fire the moon address now. Imagine a big impact, that's that I just impact am I right huge debts? We have a responsibility to get this information to Chris Haze, big
as Chris Haze will expose this, because this is the biggest impact low probability that I can imagine. Donald Trump is a moon baby. This is really a surprise you, but the media does a really terrible job at a lot of things and why the things that do a terrible job that is covering crypto currencies they will just take. You know someone like Jamie Diamond from J P Morgan, who came out called the coroner fraud, and then they are early cover the fact- J P Morgan, one of emerging as one of the most active buyers on behalf of their clients, of a fund that tracks the Bitcoin price. George Soros to the same type of thing. You gotta have a full, Sure experts are all over the map when it comes to crypto currencies. You need to know the facts right explore this. Live free, online
broadcast that Glenn is going to personally host on July nineteenth gotta Beck Crypto showed a common register for the free special event. You discover new case for Bitcoin three names of crypto currencies. That territory recommends that you should buy now to really improve must an exclusively you'll get access to the two million dollar bitcoin giveaway gonna bet, Crypto showed a common register, its back crypto show dot com back, Crypto, show dot com. This is the Glen Back programme soul I am still little perplexed by. The lack of coverage The conservative side on a at what I think is a really important story, and I, I dont know why people are picking this up. Do you have ideas. The pad of the the three be printed gun freedom of speech,
each case that their quarry Wilson was Sir, was moved doing the government because he said they shut him down caught basically limit terrorist vote putting the lamp and informatics of lack of a better term, the schematics of a gun, to be three be printed, and that can't do that. Well me: why The case the government had to not only pay for his attorney fees, but they had to met that they were wrong, that three printing, the schematics, can be shared online up to fifty caliber no automatic weapons and They also had to admit that the eight hour fifteen is not a weapon of war. How is this not a big story? I didn't even seem, like foxes, necessarily know nobody's on this. We we have Cody Wilson joining us,
about half an hour from now. So don't don't miss that let's see, do we want to want to go back to the MSNBC or do you want to move to Stephen crowd her? the quarters, the chronic confrontation is pretty fun cases, so even crowd or is a guy who is just fearless. And he has he is gone out. He was in Austin and he was holding these units change my mind sessions out on Street, where he would they be a big statement behind him and I don't remember what the one was in Austin, but it was about transgendered- is that it I think it was how many genders are there. It was always ask it yeah and he was there were to write anything any in. So he just doesn't think change my mind, and he invites people who are walking down the street to change his mind. Well, why
of the people that was running for I think City Council, who is a trans, gendered woman, sat down and spent forty minutes with him and they and it was really I watched it. It was a really interesting conversation, well, while what was happening, there was somebody in Austin that tweeted Stephen Crowd, or is it this location somebody's got to go, slash their tyres or surround them and remind them? You know that should be more prepared to come to our city and gave him exact location word go, find right, ok, so crowded! Fine! to this end, aids to print all the evidence and before he goes to police, he decides to go to the guy who he knows where he is working. And say hey do before. I all the police. Do you just? close down and apologize. Here's what happened
Austin, Texas, the city of great coffee, great food rate, conversation and people who want analyzer property and see us die. He just your local friends, gender juice Teresa, who calls for acts of violence and spare time what kinds of acts like publicly posting our specific location with calls to visit us flash our tyres peaches, lessons, ensuring that will never make ourselves vulnerable again he cheesy meant business because he she's he said so about recruiting the same friends who helped him to face the robbery least: ask you what you t really like the crime too? Well, civilities gray, but you plot violence. It's time to confront take it. So we actually goes into the place of business No,
You remember me at all, even crowded now not familiar. This is threatening to slash my time, further flashing eye, stop he first says no. No, I don't- no, I don't know you are what he could Lee does because Stephen Walks, in with this giant poster board of his twitter page or his facebook page and its posted at picture of Stephen Crowd, or he knows who Stephen Crowd or is obviously soon, as he says. Oh really, you don't know who I am because this is the evidence that you do kid immediately then says: hey dude! You just really need a chill out. Hires, naturally enough also
Also, the Robert E Lee Statue seems you helped if we're trying to work. Let me ask you what you think: it's ok to threaten slashing ones tat idea, predictable, see. The first instinct is always denial, this man, what you want, but I'm going to get lucky for us. We had a Bristol bore. You check this out here, doktor, for we will leave it here. Conservative, whether differ opinion from Europe and I've never threatened actions of violent I've, never the flashing eye ass? I now you're watching. If you would be watching this, you will notice that now the by recent Boss is now standing between him and said. Crowd her and defending him. Now. I want you to remember what happened at Starbucks at Starbucks. Now. Look at what is happening to this guy: a threat,
a guy who has threatened someone else and has admitted on his facebook page that he also behind the vandalism, others at you in Austin. So you working with a guy who is now, admittedly done to crimes. Ultimately, your less. Let's call the police, users? We actually haven't? No, no! Actually we're like these people are pleased about the final report. Very soon. Ok do not answer this part of being a man is own up the actions here when you threatened violence against someone when you threaten violence So we are to be taken ownership of your actions taken responsibility. This is really pretty kind. I think of Stephenses persons fairly new is a man, and so this is a nice lifeless in Howdah, you know solidify your identity. I think it's helpful.
Tell me when you went back when I was a little, but could you just, but I don't believe we can apply here, because we are dishonest human being wasted eating even pose this and acted like you didn't know, meeting I think you're a liar. I think you need to. Let me ask you this: could you just hey, you're, sorry we take this down. Could you take this down? Could you take it down into their other peoples, not going anywhere, but are you going to submit it to doing it So, as I think we do, you think it's ok written someone in this wash their tire. I didn't do it over your desires again. For that matter it yours, it's a crime, is a crime to him ready. You understand that right, It's a grand you take your? Would you take it down now, right? Nobody break it down, or did you just say, hey, listen! I don't really want to call actions to violence. Three part of being come on. I want to play the party part of being a man is only I don't want you to say they call the police. Were God I think they should call the police college, which we shall report
like you before, found report, mockery the chance to take it down and just stop to threats of violence. Stop it stop it. I think Stephen Prouder is being really magnanimous here, Take it down, just take it down and apologize and say I don't want anything to do with violence tells him it's not going anywhere is not going to. It has no intention of taking it down. Why I just I don't know what a guy serious about being violent to see her. I believe he hates him, so he is not afraid of what happens when Stephen Crowd or leaves he is surrounded by people who think he is right and then think that way he's done is ok to do for on. Our are to conservatives. Now, if he were a conservative, And some liberal walked in and out of him as a conservative, I would bet you that
boss would not protect him like that. He's away he's not afraid of any consequence, because there are no consequences when you are on the progressive or the postmodernism side. You and do whatever you want, and there are no consequent down here. It is just get on with your own personal view that this is really I'm not going to United Rita. I should really first off. I would never threat anyone you with violence, I hate violent, certainly working in what we are trying to change my mind. What second, with your we sit down, we should then yell here rang the City Council, transgender person, sit down for forty minutes and talk the threatening, slash our tyres and someone who looks at Youtube We are part of a fire by the time for discussing is over it's time to renew The acts of violence coming from people who you employ, so I can't do that
You can rely on you and I'm listening to you please. This is happening here. Look I'll help you poster outside, for you know I'd like you to keep me here for when the police arrive, but I would not have been a police I'm sure that's actually evidence. So I'd like to now he snapped the poster in their work and for the board. One of your friends nicely yankee out of my hands and he has an outsider gosh. So they got their got slightly. Yankee little yankee living a little danger of oil. We haven't, I now all of unions and walk out. Would you go browsing? Everybody cameras? That's right! I guess no right to film. Ok! So this ends with the police coming and the police don't go after Stephen, crowded and they don't arrest the other kid either however, Stephen does fill out a complaint and they say that they are going to be looking into it. Now
we're going to follow this story because I'd like to see what looking into it means from the US, police department, if you threatening people with firebomb, If you are claiming that you are part of defacing public property, if you, inciting people to go to a specific location. At a specific time and either fire I'm ORF, slash tyres. That matter. Does that matter it should and it would if it was on the right. But like you, I dont know in this case, I don't think it will know no consequence for an anyone. The remember someone just wouldn't oh bear he these Starbucks rules. The rules, you not a buy something anything to me. You have to be a custom, to use the bathroom and stay here. They all police on that and
at which saw offensive veteran. The Starbucks chain shut down for a day. Here's this little juice bar that I'm sure nothing's going to happen, because it's I'm sure it's local and its in Austin added in the progressive little be know, NEO marxist neighbourhood. And they're not gonna, do anything about it. In fact they will where this as a badge of honor and he will become a superstar heal? become the barrister at this juice bar and no no lessons will be learnt and will probably see I'm on Stephen Colbert and you'll be a little celebrity for in twenty minutes. The
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Doing a story about A massive free speech lawsuit that the government just lost too? Who Coty Wilson and End essay f now what? this is the Coty Wilson was on our programme lateral five years ago and you know him from this quote unknown- whose conception under what paradigm this thing or my resisting the collectivization manufacture, the institutionalization of the human side. He I'm not sure, but I can tell you one thing: this is a symbol. Reverse ability that can never eradicate the gun from the earth run cake. It is through the symbol of errors, air that can now eradicate the gun from the earth that is what this was all about. This lawsuit do you have the right to put basic skills? Maddox up a gun in
any printed form, so you and download it to a three day, printer and pray and make your own guns The court decided. Yes, it is freedom of speech. So now he continued to post these things also, they admitted that the air team is a modern sporting rifle and the gun. When was forced to say that this is not a weapon of war, so. Why is this become being covered? And is this a good thing I, what did be hear from Cody Wilson himself he's from defence distributed he's coming up in injustice. Second, he is that he is a admitted Pakistan are careless?
free market anarchist. They don't think he believes in trademarks and copyrights, which I have a problem with. But he has made a great deal of of coverage here. I think for the second amendment and we'll have to hear from him yourself, What does this mean for the future coding? join us in a second. Back. There is day July twelve year, you're listening Glenn Back Programme need ok, get off my back. Coty Wilson is the founder an oblique ceo of defence distributed. This is company that makes digital files that lets anyone print three d, untraceable guns He is also a me in the business of making the actual printers and I have perch
one of these guns. We have it in our collection for our museum, because I think this is an impasse. Step one the very first three printed guns. If you, if you leave you ever, handle it You would have no idea that this is I've handed it. The people before who were gun peoples, it tell me about this gun when you think about this gun. Now we were lots great. Yes, three printed, I can't believe it but the world is changing now He was sued, I'm sorry he was. He was stopped by the government. They called all kinds of names he sued and he won. The government came out with. Quite a statement this week. It's not getting a lot of press and I dont know why we Coty on with us now, hello Coty. How are you are you back the boring so Cody you are. You are an interesting dude. Let's start with a couple of
affirmations of from you How you describe yourself you're a crypto anarchist. What they can you do define that what does it mean assist for the kids man, but basically in the eighties? I came up with this. The idea that the internet would allow, if not outright political anarchy, at least a virtual form, which would mean like we get things like coin. We get things like wake you. Each unease. Is these liquid markets of information that no government or set of governments could really prevent right and the creation of the such economies? I mean that the people demanded it in the frictionless folds of information would allow them. I simply claimed back in the day that you know liquid information and guns, would be a part of that. So kind of I get. I keep getting collar radical these days, but you know, and the departure of justice come down, says what you do is constitutional or they come and say, Brett Cabinet some type of action.
We must first fallen here, though the letter of the law in a funny how like the shoes, these data has radical right. Now I mean I'm I'm having it, pickled time backing the government on what they claimed. This was Obama administration that, when, after you, having a hard time with this, however, is bleak what is the world we're living in there's no way that you're ever going to put the Genie back in the bottle of the 3d printed? Everything is just a part of our lives or will be soon However, there are you know, it is kind of a frightening thing that we should actually discuss because- anybody can print anything now afraid of everybody. That's you know, that's that's a problem with society. Could you just quick free market, anarchists. What are you? What is that I did a basic principle
free market energy that using markets not law? Another precariousness party should determine things, but look we I mean what I would IVO, maybe but reporting is glad the political american tides that serve like our gun culture, for example, on where they exist. I like being American, I like being a part of this unique history that that put the popular ownership of firearms. People have I believe that I helped the second amendment. In fact, with with my political philosophy, I love a minute: it and I don't believe in it like we're repose necessarily like the old radical republican ideals of the founding the country. I know we share that a common so yeah so so so why isn't the press? Because I see this as a huge victory for second amendment? Why do you suppose? No one is picking this story up its awesome wired magazine. Yet it's true. Well,
had Cavanaugh Trump Chop, determined I go demand that the liberals right now this week or so worried about reserving row and on an almond honestly. I don't blame him even feel that I'm not hurt that didn't get more press. If, if it did, I be avenue, will you know, watch my back your son, I know. So why report? Why report on the fact that the second amendment is forever now I didn't help ya does so tell me about tell me what the ruling means in in you believe you're. One of your attorneys was Alan girl. Who is behind the Heller case he's one of the best. Second, amendment attorneys, if not the best in the country, tell us You think this means that's right. I would say We got the number one guy, the guy that really gave us the modern Second Mehmet. I did not want to do this wrong. What this means is It's really more! Like you for the first amendment. I know it's the harder to translate for people I know you guys get that this was the government
ultimately, on the marriage question running away from a really are a real stinker over first in every case, where they would have the police or give themselves a plenary power police all the information relating to underline what we all know that research. So this is the governess up. Recognizing that it really shouldn't take on or even attempt to justify such a power, and I was frankly shocked to see resolved, sway. Yeah. I was two so Cody does it? Does it you. What the ruling says is your freedom of speech to publish all of this, which is basic. If you will you know a camp you're blueprint for greedy printer to print the gun- you, didn't. Do that however, what about, me downloading it do and printing a gun that's not address, is it is I've got good news for you, Sir, what,
the technicalities of moving parts of this that this involved appear on the state Department, and these are the same laws called the ITA. The upshot is modification? These laws has been created and when I posted can you come visit, my site and post whatever you want. All that stuff gets committed to the comments to the public domain and then is there thereby free for everyone in the country to use, and it's it's free for you to come to my site in and contribute yourselves so by me. Winning every American has the unquestionable right the traffic in this information on he started. Greedy printing thirty brings a handle for it, but we really talking about blueprints CAD cam, for the guns we know and love everything we're we're time within the entire harvest, entire impurity desire manufacturer of popular firearms. It's it's now free unclear and open for the rest
and I would not be in trouble in your view for printing a gun now accept request. Really, but you know long as you ve been able to own a garden in this country. You ve been able to make on without question now some states well regulated if you get into the business right of selling these? distributing them the federal government, Epinay Stepan, but what's going about this country, is you you ve always been able to make gun series? we ve built this country until the current. Her in so York, your company defence distributed you're, the one who made my gun, the one that I bought from you five years ago or so. Now you're in your making the actual treaty printers that make those guns I yet we found we an opportunity to make a milling machine that helps machine some eighty percent wars and unfinished guy, and things like that. Just unavailing placed on the market
Maybe you won't believe me, but I only started that so I can find this this lawsuit. I just didn't know it- would take like five years to get it done right. But bless that are the naive writer. You know we were too foolish to know that we can win and then they get lucky duet. Oh, are you selling those printers? I am, I have a website called goes. Gunnar goes Gunnar, died We saw mills fur gosh, sixteen hundred seventeen hundred bucks. And will that make the gun that do you remember the nineteen eleven you sold me? She right- and I know what you're talking about that. Yes, that's a laser centred. Nineteen eleven know if that was quite a height, application, but are milk? Does finnish unfinished nineteen eleven
friend. So there's another way of my making one thousand nine hundred and eleven from what's called eight percent friend. That's that's another great thing about our industry now and what digital technologies has done for the gun owner. There's lots of ways right, there's lots of roads back to Rome. This death, like a dead one of them, so Cody, here's one of the things that I I think we disagree on. I'd, love to hear your opinion. I I think what made Amerika what changed, people and change the world was de the patent or the copyright it alive. The average person to dream and create and then changed their status, the I think, your view, is that's just that's all gone anyway and ends gonna, be posted on line and you'll be able to print whatever he wanted. Is that do you think that helps
de the progress of man. If you will like, I think the older I agree Your assessment that giving people monopolies helps them out. So if it really like the postwar distortions of I Peter objectionable to me. You know life of the author for seven years on these copyrighted things. You know if, if we're gonna have a set of intellectual property rights Let's make it truly useful for the commons of gay people truly limited monopolies in our lifetimes less than their lifetimes united, so that people can begin to benefit from right from other people's work. I'm ok with the having compromised physicians at my my dealers position is that I think society on that would probably better without strong patent in strong copyright laws. But irony of ironies. The way I ones lawsuit is that the state of armour came
and gave me a monopoly. He that publish do the policies file, so I know what I'm gonna do I get that those benefits Why should our benefit or are you? Are you? Are you the only one? Now they can print these army? They could publish these. It's it's funny lake. Yes, but I dont think they're gonna penalize anyone else for for doing it, and importantly, you know cause goodnight. Listen, I'm not gonna use a monopoly to the anti competitive against. Any kind of my website share the support. And then, when I share it and put it up, anyone can you did it again, you know so it's it's kind of a trick and I don't think most people even eat hundreds. And that, but it is ironic that a guy who you says hey we shouldn't give. I t protection of people is of winning with something like an ip protection.
It is ironic I want to say how can you hold for a minute Cody? I want to come back and I want to talk to you. Do you were you were named wired magazines, fifteen most dangerous people in the world and a lot has happened in your life since we spoke about five years ago, and I just kind of like to recap some of those in here, the point of view of a what is it like to be named one of the fifteen, most dangerous people in the world. When we come back, I want to talk to a little bit about the palm Beach research. Crypto currency course that we ve put together for our audience: feeble been really really remarkable. Ticket worry was, studios a few weeks ago and we decided that we should do a an in depth, throw for anybody who is interested in crypto and want to learn more I'm not expert on this by any stretch of the imagination, but I do own crypto currency. I wish I would about it a lot earlier and
I don't know how this whole thing is going to shake out, but I think that crypto currency is part of our future, a big part of our future I'll, be hosting a special Thursday July nineteenth. It's at eight p m its absolutely free. I don't have to you know by anything, or you know, have a subscription raining. All you have to do is go to back. Crypto show dot com back crypto, show dot com We're in this show we're gonna, be sharing the names of three crypto currencies that teaches says you need to buy. Now you have a chance to two million dollars in Crypto go to back cripple, who show dot com register? Now, don't miss it? It's a week from tonight Beck Crypto, show dot com. We're talking to a coating Wilson, a fascinating, fascinating guy, who is just changed the world
he's a founder of defence distributed and in fact, ammo land just said this Cody Wilson had a goal. That goal is to make all gun control irrelevant, starting on July, twenty seventh to two thousand eighteen. His goal will come to fruition. You believe that coding, I think in the hearts of men, it's already relevant sir, Billy. Strangely, you seem more humble, then when we spoke five years ago, what is life been like with you for the last five years: are humbling, could be an answer to that question, but in others this would you get started. Then there's been real hungry right is being real. Ready, for and then there is the other way to give you anything you want in terms of difficulty, so it's cool man I have been watching
Youtube, you know you get out there so long enough. You know you just try to try to stay in the game and you there is a lot of room for being a spartan and you need courage if you need drinks and it's nice filling I've been tempered somewhat via the difficulty I feel the same way Coty Was it a humbling experience or was it cool to be named wired magazine, fifteen, more dangerous people in the world? Oh man, you don't have one twenty four years old, so worried. What do you think I did with that? Lay no sir! No sir Roman in any barn or via that yeah Why did they say that about you, Was it just yes or I mean you have with crypto currency? I can't figure out where you are really because you we You wanted to be on the board of Bitcoin to destroy Bitcoin
Well, I mean the foundation, you know I didn't. The Bitcoin needed steward. Sir the two all representative unite Belike. Why interface with the gun I. Why volunteer anything? I greet you know they couldn't catch up. I hope so, longer goin on here. The coin is yours sorted taken, Bitcoin, twenty twelve to help my project about, probably single best decision I ever may shut up. I sat with Mark andriessen about that same time. These you should see you should do. You should accept Bitcoin and I was yeah. We should do that. Whenever did was what a fool I wasn't even it was it even at three hundred per goin back then, given. Our ability are legitimate, nine and twelve. Oh, my gosh. He lifted it was nice okay. Now, I I I wouldn't they went away. Two thousand a cash are quite a bit. Maybe half the time,
my manufacturing, but it was still beautiful, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, and to this day I have quite a bit, some I'm. So what do you think? That's? What do you think? future risk. Is the Bitcoin became too hot. It just became a trend of fashion trend, and people really didn't and even understand it. I think Where do you think it goes from here? All this is somewhat cyclical, like the public apprehension of it, so yeah got really over here. Twenty thousand, but I think we'll see twenty thousand again and honestly, I believe even in a monetary economic should Bitcoin, you know I, like you, teach sound money. I believe the Bitcoin is. Perhaps the sound is money to have ever been created? yeah on its on its principle and on technical principle alone, but there is also a beautiful community of people.
Looking around it and all kinds of institutional tion said. Are just almost in the offing and look, I think it's gonna it's here to say anything on, but, but even I believe it Bitcoin itself is the innovation. It's it's not the other technologies. It's that we really they create by an odour, to a more sound money, even then even hard currencies. Where do you stand on things like a giant s. I think we're going to get there. You know what I don't know. If I know what you mean, ay I is artificial intelligence. A g I is artificial, general intelligence and a S eye is super intelligence. Guy ok one, the computer science problem. I think a general eyes actually, like you know a fantasy, but my eyes to actually do
believe that I dont believe my eyes, a kind of global threat that we hear about all the time from your really. Why ass yet alarming one, I'm not computer scientists, but it would like, for my background of philosophy, science and other things I actually believe it's a more than a difficult problem to create a general intelligence. Intelligence is associated with all kinds of things that are just raw logic, sin and logic gateways, and you know, with these neural network himself- were seeing interesting effects, but we're not seeing the creation of anything like consciousness, which, now requires understanding of mysteries that are beyond you know, technical understanding, so speaking of mysteries, beyond understanding we if played this clip from you probably a thousand times since we ve met here it in school unknown, whose conception under what paradigm under threat What am I resisting like the physician manufacture, the instant
innovation that human psyche, I'm not sure you have a minute left so called you D Javert figure out what you resisting foresaw a year ago: ok up We do things right before we before you have the words for the yes Cody. I am I'm thrilled to talk to you in and thrilled to see who you're turning into your you're you're wicked smart. You always have been, but you seem you have been tempered and and have a very thoughtful outlook? which is needed at this time, and yet you are still swinging for the fences and I think it's great gaudy. Thank you so much. Thank you, MR back. You bet Coty Wilson, founder of defence to different kid than five years ago, big time,
I like it was grown. I like it. I like did the last time I like him. This time, back in a minute over that song, our house in the middle of the street. It was like in the eighties- and I rose a kid when that came out, and I used to think that some one had a house built in the middle of the street, and I want it terribly idea that was because a car crash into it there's always a terrible executive you know. If you have a bad real estate agent, who knows you might get the house? That's how supported as you? What the real estate is gonna, be like all: that's a perfect houses are they going on there and then you find out they built into the middle of the street real estate. The trust outcome can take care of more important and complicated issues than just that of my six year old mind a real estate agents? I trust as a network of over twelve hundred agents from Oliver America. They gonna advertising. I gotta get results. They know the local com,
In the end, they know how to make sure that your updated, if you need to sell a house fast and for the most money or, if you're, looking to buy good a realistic agents. I trust I come you'll be introduced to the best agent in your town. Let these agents earlier business. There is great people get moving with real estate agents. I trusted dot com, it's real estate agents, trust dotcom? So let's talk about the all important Papa Johns controversy because I mean is pizza, it's just. We have to know that Papa Johns thing. I am I am. I'm trying to give Papa, A a reason for saying these things, and I cannot come up with a reason- here's what happened he's he's meeting with his is pr firm and there they are going through a you know, a mosque
situation in trying to teach him how how to avoid future controversies. His remit. Her Papa Johns was in the news because they jettisoned the NFL, because I said you know they made all about politics and not about football. They really taken ahead, some people say that their pizza is really really crappy mono meal, with an Italian, I wouldn't know cause she would kill me if I ever had a piece of Papa Johns? I love Bob John Civilian yeah. It's really good. Ok, so here's He said he's in a ease in this meeting and their role playing with him. He says. Well, Colonel Sanders called blacks, the end word and you never faced any criticism for it. Only the actual use, the word yeah. Ok, first
brutal, even if you dont use the word- probably not exhibit, probably not a good. You know, example: the Eland Colonel centres dead for thirty years, when he was saying that year, Martin Luther king was still saying hey. What do you think I can? I can I value here. The lunch counter not a good example, Then he went on and he said you know what I was grown up in Indiana people dragged African Americans from trucks until they died. I was it First of all, I dont know if that is true. If it is you living in a different in Vienna that I know of end What context in? but context would that be appropriate if you're, if you're discussing the history of racism and why we are where we are and you're trying to make the point of here's how bad it was an end.
No that's why it so important that we fix tat in dont. Use these words. Ok, now remember you're in a pr battle. Okay, so Eve Eve been with us what we ve done, pr pram right. So what you do is you have pr people and they just fire, relentless questions at you trying to get, due to crack or to say the wrong thing. So. In what hit realm of reality? Would that be used in context in that setting that could be helpful, I don't know, but it is to me it's kind of a strange phenomenon that he's just explaining something and uses. The word is not calling anybody that he's not saying it's appropriate to use. He just said the word is
Is that enough, for you use that word for them to use nineties lose ninety six million dollars in value in one day, because you said that word: is it really that well those two different- I wouldn't say that was no yet hang on a second that goes to a different, and I want to talk about that part name. However, You wouldn't use that word. No, I wouldn't use at well. Why? Wouldn't you it's just not acceptable today, what's an acceptable for white people to use the word right? I think it's unacceptable honestly for black people to use it they are, but they don't and that's fine. I can still say I think, you're wrong. It is unacceptable. It's a horrible word. I wouldn't use that word. I haven't comfortable time using that word in a historic, for instance, reading Tom Sawyer we're Huckleberry Fit. You have a really hard time using that, but that is in
a historic context if you're just saying that. And you're behind closed doors. Doesn't it I tell you a little bit about who that person is at least that not even the aim of their race is just that, their completely disconnected from reality, maybe ok, maybe Let me add this to cause us answers. Your second question we're not talking about you we're talking about. Well, I mean in some ways you happened to you, we're talking about a guy who's running a major company yeah. That's it having read, issues, and if you are in that meeting and the, he's just spouting off like us, you're like, oh dear God, this guy just doesn't get it. You have a responsibility to shareholders, this guy he is out of touch with.
What we need to do as a company, whether you agree with him or not, and I don't because can't figure out the context now, maybe he could explain that, but don't you have a mean you shouldn't be using that language. Just because he The ceo of a giant corporation- and I think the heel the very distance themselves from him leading up to this and this or that, just now he's done he's done now, he's done now he's already broadening done with commercials with Peyton Manning and all that stuff is probably gonna go away. Now here I mean it's in it to me. It just shows his judgment. If the guy's judgment is this bad, he shouldn't be running accompany where else's is, I mean uh, him? They have lost a lot of money. A holler shares our down thirteen percent so far this year, while dominoes is up forty eight point: five percent, that's all,
dominoes. I gotta tell you something if we're on a desert island with with a wife and the the food was Papa jobs or dominoes He couldn't make anything herself it would never be dominoes. Never be dominoes. I don't even on yeah yeah I've never even had Papa Johns that I know of I dont think Tanya. Whatever do Papa Johns, but I know for a fact, wouldn't be diamond, wouldn't be dominant, although in the Euro citizens they did the big change really here. You know that they did one of the most successful hey we used to Fuckin were better now campaigns, diagnoses and it doesn't to really true they are better than they used to be still not a huge. Van dominoes fan or apply it very often I of the two. I we always go Papa Johns before dominoes, but it's better than it was. I saw it It's better pizza.
Domino. Irving. Papa Johns is better pizza. What the hell they doing yeah they? What are they doing wrong? And, go to the ceo. It would in all the negative publicity that come to him. She, how have you listen just sounded just hot good, just not good. There is another thing that I wanted to talk about, and that was the rock he was on last night on coal Listen to this people have talk to you about whether you would run for political office yourself, because people love a winner. You seem like a winner. You exude great confidence. Didn't do do actually take that stability seriously, I Absalom. Yes! Yes, I do. Yes, your model in that regard well by the wages to put it in context, is something at Washington Post. They oppose the story that, when the soil,
the gist of it was. If I were to run, I could the legitimate shot, winning it kind of picked up the steam and when it picked up steam the lot of people, the American, the MECCA public kind of thought. I think that's a great so when that started. Picking up, of course, when I'm asked yes, credible respect for our american people and our country, so I said yes, I would consider it and of course I would. But same time, saving my guy I delusional na, like I feel like I know what it is. Need that thing. Our experience. Yes, if that were to happen in a twenty twenty four points, which we I would have to go to work and get sure What does that mean in every every show? Every movie I have seen him in activists look at my family right before it he's running he's running
look at the rules he's playing. He saving. You know people from every thing he's becoming this. Is this this action hero that is really funny and yet, strangely related looking the way he does. He still strangely kind of relate a bold you'll like him he's the perfect candidate he's perfect? Can it will you know if we're looking for candidates through just celebrities without any experience and all that leads me to believe, and I've heard before that he's he's republican, because he measured twenty twenty, which mean she's not considering running against. Well, he said twenty twenty eight to he said I have to have experience. I have to get a job and have experience somebody The interesting for it Twenty was not even I that leads me to believe, maybe he's a little more conservative in Hollywood. Look would like and a lot of people that are cheering in Cuba. There's audience wouldn't be chairing if they hear as policies well
skip that to our self. India is it's true. I mean he because there is growing and the more he starts talking policies over for him and yet it would. I think, that's why Colbert Genoese the answer, the question he didn't answer: who's. Your role model. So would it be Swartz Nigger? It be Ronald Reagan. Hopefully he hoped legally, but that's what that's what he asked who's your role model. Well, there's only been too that have made that jump. Stephen. It wouldn't be interesting if Trump wins reelection and then Dwayne Johnson winds and but he twenty four that just creates a trend, will never get celebrities. Only the owner of a rake never break it.
Eleven Tom Hanks and twenty twenty eight nor Tom Hanks, twenty twenty, four Rock or Tom Hanks right We heard it's crazy. It's cool you know who predicted this Stephen king really yeah It will look in his work. The running man in book the running man they do they. For dispensing justice. On television, it's a game right, an era he's been game of five and the president, was one of the game show hosts. Yeah he's a former game, show host It's now, it's just all about celebrity by the way speakers. Did you see that Kim Card ass. She and I think, was Kim Kardashian is on the road to being the youngest ever highly Kiley Jenner, Kiley Jenner the youngest ever billionaire yeah. She's married, nine hundred
million dollars and she's twenty amazing most of that come from there. I didn't read the article I just saw the headline: is it from does. She have like a clothing line where I come coming from it, makes plasma right. Yes, those medics wow He doesn't make them. I've should see He probably doesn't even where them, but she sells it, she's twenty twenty nine hundred million dollars maybe one billion dollars used to being something today about gold line. Go line has introduced a brand new product created by the royal Canadian meant It is the four nines Ninety, nine point, nine, nine, nine, nine, pure silver and it's called the maple flex bar
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I go lying free shipping, same price on credit card check or bank wire. Also quote Orders can take advantage of the gold line price, Shield Protection programme, but nobody else offers so called today on gold or silver. Things really get nasty. The maple flax is a coup Eight solution call eight six six gold line, one eight six, six goldmine read their important risk. Information makes gold or silver is right for you, ain't six, six gold line or gold line dot com, after the broadcast today. Getting a lot of questions in our group took her unceasingly. When are we talking little bit about today right after the show on Facebook live join me right after this radio show so about an hour in five minutes. If you are, if you are on real time with us,
You can join us they're, going to answer some of the questions from the audience and give you some information that I think you're gonna wanna have, if you're interested in crypto currencies that happening today right after our three on Facebook life, Also, today, on my television show at five we're just taking open questions. An open lines on the show, so just me and you on the telephone, and you can call in advance. Is this? The radio number is a number that you would call yes, be aided eight. Seventy seven be easy. Kay that is gonna happen at five p m Eastern live and I'm not or if also on Facebook, but I know it, sir, on the these tv, but if I think you might want to check Facebook life, we might also take some facebook questions they do there, but I'd love to talk to you. It eight eight. Seventy seven be easy K. You should probably
all about fifteen minutes early, just to be able to get in because we're? Gonna start taking phone calls right at the top of the Visa programme, five pm eastern on the glimpsed programme on them. Stevie by the way, we're talking about dumb, Papa Johns founder on Schneider who wild owing to prevent some sort of pr snafu created a massive pr snafu right. He did resign as German. So that's what I thought it's been done already this lab. I knew where were you thinking night problem? yeah and as nobody in the room have a confidentiality agreement, and we think that yeah, here's the their brainstorming on how to not be. You know, you're in a session trying to see how to handle the press and you screw up
in somebody leaves the roaming calls the press and says boy. This is really bad, that's where we are right now, I'm wells where we are that's ok. I just want you to just just take a guess, Just a guess: Wild guess: I'm not gonna hold you to it, but it could guess on what nay Ral but approach America group would think the potential Supreme Court justice of Bread, Cavanaugh show of hands, I may think that their view is going to be positive rights. Nobody thing to twitter. We can know this instantly. Maybe this one will be damned if we're gonna, let five men, including some frat boy, named brat, parts of our hard working bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. Just so you no damned in men, are both in all caps for one Rovers Wade was also decided by
damned man night before rather frat boy, frat boy named brat,. I he doesn't strike me as a frat boy had, but maybe it- and maybe this is just trolling one- a one: don't feed the trolls, just mentioning this story runs the risk of giving them an exposure, but the hip a is just it's fun: it's has fun great argument against having a really is- and I am not sure if they're going to use that during the upcoming confirmation. Here's another one to that. They might want to consider using this one comes from late night comedian, Stephen Coal Bear as expect he had this to say I don't know much about cavern all, but I am sceptical because his name is bright
that sounds like a Supreme court justice and more like a waiter, Ruby, Tuesdays, everybody, everybody, I'm I'll, be your Supreme Court justice night before you sit down. Let me just clear away these rights for you, it's funny, that's funny! That's funny! so let s with another piece of comedy gold here, reference to name. That is, we know actually ridiculous. Colbert, that's a French! commissioner, it's a french name just to get the cultural elites on my side bill, I'm as an Irish. Is you I'm a tore me? I'm an o Neill! I'm talk, I'm a fee, I'm economies, I targets, is a toe to tell it a potato table with I talk to you. Third grade teacher, Miss Crabtree. He said then you're Little Steve called in that airline. I was the covered by you
She got here diminished and from South Carolina changed from Little Steve Colbert to Stephen Colbert. I just wanted to point that out Steve other people can make fun of names to it thirty July twelve year, listening to the Glen Bank Programme produced or calling Mr Colbert plunder the programme, I dont what happened to peers Morgan? but peers, morgue him to America and tried lecture us on how bad we are then went back to great, Britain and is now lecturing them on all the good things, including you ready for this one Donald Trump list. To this from peers, Morgan in England.
Emma Jane we're going three million people uncomfortable you asked without money found. Yes, that's why and that's why I was a little protest and much less than when he claims are now also, if you burials has from Cyprus, where we know even margins to Burma is kind of you that simple to let them go out and most troubling on dangerous thing in order to make a point about one. No, if you find them both somehow inviting you to say you re my lifetime, I would actually encourage you to maybe check out some of the other work that can work and intensity. Why do I shall go check up two basic facts about your euro? A bomb, heroic gateway, maybe programme soy, sauce Obama, by the way you idiot there, old communists. I guess she, the gas, stand and the president at least a marxist
Ah well, amazingly! Well, that's you have more evidence than anything that MSNBC is saying about Donald Trump now, for sure of being a sleeper sell for just as parents, his mentor his college professor, There's just everybody around. You have read Jeremiah rights, thereby reds. He appointed communists. Rice engagement is Russia's oil was no big deal. He believes in redistribution of wealth ray it's not in any way, and there is no evidence of any of that. Fascinating, build every single person. I can think Of whose bent on the apprentice Defence Donald Trump to handle it. Some pens not a bit over now. Ok, whilst others, one there's one but Morgan was on the imprint apprentice and he is a staunch defender of Trump. It's amazing. He wants to have this guest whose name is scholar I think girl do so.
Basic homework on her hero. Obama didn't didn't, we believe, oh bottle was here's Morgan hero during the whole amount administration, in what he said is incredible. What are you saying? Is you have to be consistent the day? If you cared about this and you think this, an abomination. Where were you then right and he's right exactly right, special great Britain or your protesting in great Britain what's happening on our borders. When you don't know a thing about it, well, she's a communist stir of increased you notice and admitted communist, and what who coffin coming need anything they can have to stop the United States of America? You ve got to stop the engine of Amerika and didn't applied to Obama because he was like minded enough stop him. He was what like minded: where was he a moon baby? Now he was yeah. We found out earlier on this programme and I think it is. I think it is in port and free.
The two to lead? Msnbc no increase Chris Havre says he He had a guest on from the New Yorker magazine, hoo hoo, It is very clear that this isn't this isn't Probably true path we should check in to the fact that Donald Trump might be a sleeper agent for former Soviet Union, ok it sounds insane. I just want to say it really must criticise the idea that he went. He goes to Moscow and eighty seven is cultivated as a russian intelligence opposite asset and is a sort of like sleeper sell for DEC aids sounds knots. It sounded like this topic. Conspiracy theories. Why are you not in saying so that the great question Chris I get that all the time so for some of all the peace acknowledge
that is probably not true, but it might be- and one of the reasons I wrote this is you need to take seriously some of these low probability high in. Ex scenarios unit before the election sort of everyone heard that Hillary Clinton out about an eighty percent of winning the eldest treated Sylvie the he's saying that it it's it's probably not true, but it might be so we expose today that, and I think you need let crusade knows. No. This just note eat MSNBC Chris Hayes. And let him know that you know he believe low probability but high impact that Donald Trump is a moon baby and bed, he was, he was brought back on APOLLO eleven I mean. Can you prove that it didn't happen, no yeah Never saw anything in the news about Donald Trump, not for or nineteen sixty nine no way and then all of a sudden ten
If ten years later he's Donald Trump and everybody knows his name be brought back from them, they brought him back from the moon, he's a moon baby. What do you think he's asking for thee the space patrol and this its force because he needs to get back to the moon. Now again, probably not true, but it might be, and if it is really high impact yeah, really how very high impact very high impact no credibility at all you The stormy Daniels is: she was arrested, grows at last night yeah yeah, apparently there touching going on our striptease in in wasn't protection or was it slapping? I think you slapping people around where with his new? Yes, she was. She It was it was. It was boobs lapping and she was viewers upping her she was
lapping your face with hers and its classy. I mean you know. Where is West Hollywood mean you? did the right thing by given her the key to the city. You know I don't think that you have every right to say You know, Donald Trump has just such her. Just such a d Greece too. Four men and and were well, he treats women and a and the guy, the key to the city of the woman, who is slapping men with her with her breasts. Nor That's what you find that inconsistent a little bit like a little bit off a little bit, but She may also be a plant, sleep or sell, I mean, is it likely no right I think the high impact involved and that there is a lot of impact Lara, show you showing it last night now she's she could have killed somebody with those that I think she was actually born in the case of the guarantee tons
and she is from the Jackson whole area and an she's. Now here and she's gonna slap people silly On until they until they the her the queen of the Grand Etons. But is it again, probably not true, probably not true worth exploring, though, because its high impact, Boil Billy, there's something else on MSNBC that is worth exploring and that's from Katy Tour and Any tour had in an interesting look at the constitution, and I want you to hear it. Do you think it's appropriate to continue to take such a a strict originalist view of the constitution, giving it's it's two thousand and eighteen, and not one thousand seven hundred and seventy six
I don't know that America's it become more progressive on everything. Certainly too tough times have changed and staging the Avonlea six posts that ensures that lobster and given the fact that the constitution at an even been written yet yeah less every six, it was kind of important. That's weird is an end, be written for another thirteen year here so so help me out, pat the freedom of speech? Is it any different than it was back? Then of speech today, yeah different than it was then yeah little bit different tao, it was problem more radical than that. That is absolutely true yeah, but I, but is it, but as it is there anything, that's changed since seventeen. Eighty nine, that, besides the technology of communication aimed the what the form of commerce
patient. We had ever ways Israel made it easier for people to speak right which may did easier for people in power to say, shut up, don't speak, which would should we take the first amendment and make it more important. Then it was maybe it even one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine, no doubt about it. I think we could do this all the way and by the way, if you want to change the constitution, change it change it. Others mechanisms to do that you set up within the constitution itself shut up, pretty amazing. How can that have you amazing? What what you could do? A convention? For one thing you do a constitutional convention into a can. We are actually for that. Yes, we are yeah, yeah, there's another, and to worry you just vote on an amendment. Yes, You can do that and that changes. In fact we ve done that a lot too We started with ten amendments now twenty seven YO, yes Zoe,
twenty six times. Do that. This just shows that they are only interested in legislating from the bench. That's all they want to do it and then here's here's proof positive. At what we'll take a break? I want to show you we win back into the archives and we looked for. The questions and what they said about Robert Bork He was right, the most extreme, only ever correct. Yes, he was going as all kinds of disasters in this country. Wait until you hear this, then I think every one will agree that Ginsburg is the most let's go color what she would claim progressive on the bench. Meaning that she wants to move things forward. We know she doesn't use the american constitution. She looks to South Africa in Canada that to infer
from her decisions, ensign not constitutional. But she rules from the bench, and everyone knows she doesn't side with conservatives me, show you the difference and how they both were approached by the press. The time machine here and just a second phase. And please please do not spread around, because it's probably not true, but it might be and if Donald, turns out to be a moon baby. Imagine the impact legend impact who We talk about simply safe, simply say: obsesses over the details, the example that it be giving you this week is the typical glass put break sensor. I didn't know this. But it only makes sense. How do you
how do you know that? How does a sensor know that you just haven't dropped a plate or a glass because it it sounds the same. Doesn't it well, the problem with most of the sensors. It sounds even even a baby cry. Cantrip most of these things off simply safe, didn't live that, didn't want that. So the big built a glass break test facility, and they ran over. Ten thousand live glass breaks, simulations that refined it so when it heard a glass break it knew of that glass and sink our glass on the floor or plate. That's a window pane being broken, that's that the level of security and deep although they go to employee, safe, back dotcom, go there. Now you will own the system and the two before seven monitoring is fifteen bucks a month saved
ten percent on your home security system. Now, if you go to simply safe back dotcom, that's simple safe back dot com, they fell into the programme. I know what I want to start with. The Borg. Now Robert Borg is a guy? I remember you know this is nineteen. Eighty eight and so on, four years old- and I remember I'm- I'm dry, me across country cause I'm going to my job in Phoenix Arizona and I'm dry. From Ohio, the Phoenix and the Bork hearings around I listen to it all week. Is I'm driving and I read you remember things. This is in readable listen to how TED Kennedy talked about Bork before the hearing even started, see if it sounds familiar, Robert barks America is a land of which women
be forced into back alley. Abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch, countess, road police could breakdown Citizens, doors and midnight rage and children could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists would be censured at the whim of government and the doors of the federal court could be shot on the fingers of millions of citizens for whom judiciary, as is often the only protect the individual rights that are the heart of our democracy. America is a better. Free or nation, then Robert Pork things? Yet in the current delicate balance of this The court is rigid ideology, we'll Tipp the scales of justice against the kind of country America is an order, be the damage that President Reagan, do through this nomination, if it is not rejected by the Senate, could live on fire beyond the end of his presidential term, President Reagan is still our president, but he should
not be able to reach out from the mark of a written gay reach into the mark of Watergate and impose is reactionary. Vision of the constitution on the Supreme Court and on the next generation of Americans are no justice would be better then this injustice can our ingenuity justice have we heard all of that again. Use the same speech every time now they have, up the ante a little bit now you know millions of people are gonna die, it's not Does that he's gonna reach beyond the term? Millions are going to die and I'll give you the evidence of that here and just a second one and Bork is being questioned. He's been he's been question by great senator now, from the south and listen to him. Not enough time you have to listen to how he's question and then we'll compare In contrast problem We, the most radical
judicial appointment, maybe all time, Ginsburg. I didn't remember the Ginsburg trial. Do you remember that their hearings, No you not really now. How is that possible? First of all, the Republicans didn't make a big deal out of. Yes, there was no wait until you hear way. Until you hear how Ginsburg was handled There is an issue. There is a real issue here between the two get any more left wing radical, then Ruth Paine. Begins now she's the heroic, even believe in using a U S constitution as a basis for her judgments. Correct. That's! that's grants for impeachment right there of a superpower not appear not if you're progressive, because you want the court just the reason why the F B, I wanted the court he wanted. The court pack
with a bunch people who had his opinion that would allow the the government to do whatever it is. It had to do to write the wrongs of the past, which is now, What the government is supposed to do the government, the gun, when was established to protect the rights of all. That's what it's about and that's what the constitution in the bill of rights actually protects and those guys guardians, those nine men and women are supposed to stand, as sentinels at those gates and not let anything harm those rights for anybody else. What they did with Ginsburg. We'll get a little bit more bork and then I'll show you what they're doing now with cabinet when we come back so I invest in crypto currencies a little bit and I think it's really interesting mark why not put a little bit of money in it? Maybe it's gonna turn up by a thousand percent.
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We will begin to screen calls a little bit early. Eighty eight, seventy seven be easy. K will be taking your calls and euro your comments on Facebook. Today, a rare, opportunity to get in at eight eight. Seventy seven be easy, Kay the blaze tv aright, so We just played Robert Bork and our bork was made into a monster a monster. He's going to re segregate. We were gonna. Have lunch counters in Women would be dying and it's horrible horrible, Robert Box, America now. Let me show you how Ginsburg was treated listen to this fire well Clara, you deserve it awards so far as they think I'm very serious, sober ass, a child did so when I had a lot of people taking photographs of man that why has people were trying to get me to smile? They said think
Clara smile and then my men of their. I must tell you that in preparation for these hearings, I have read briefing books, opinion books, Laura Views, but there is no book in the world that need this. To me as this one was about my grandmother. There is a very, very special there would be two issues here, but I will make you really really there's some pictures. Parashoots you good pictures or beautiful. You don't need a publisher this. This is the USA,
he hopes your teacher is listening to. This is great, shows just enjoying they airing Joe Biden Jeddah. He was having a good time so now you you have to ask yourself: how have you heard, anybody's confirmation hearing We especially if they are content, I mean roof. Later Ginsburg is the most liberal, unconstitutional jute justice. We have ever had and keep this in mind at the time. Everybody knew how liberal she was. Everybody knew how progressive she was. The director of the ACL Use women's rights project okay. So how did? How did this very extreme woman git, street and where were the Republicans while one of them was recommending to Bill Clinton that he not consider Bruce Babbitt. For U S,
court really scared, Bruce Babbitt too, to extreme to dream? He hey what about does Stephen Briar or or Ruth beta? Ginsberg a great jurist and, while liberal very honest, and very clear thinking now who was this this this Sir Republican it was a senator named, a awry heritage, no or, and for that I thank you. Little known. No alone senator head of the Judiciary Committee back there I and republican is the guy who suggested Ruth Brandenburg. It will. To be a problem to get her through the amazing and it wasn't wasn't they confirmed or ninety six to three nineteen sixty three figure that if
if bread Cavenaugh is- confirmed you know it's gonna be oh. I don't owe fifty three forty seven ash, maybe fifty two, forty eight, maybe fifty Fifty n n n pants has to decide. I don't know Kinney. Even get received confirmation. I don't know this point, who knows but he's an extremist which, millions of women could die we were told Nano million women? No, no can them. Don't you say that, don't you say that throw that out there I levy ease, let me show you what has come from from Yale, They now he's a yield former yield guy guy. Yes, The school was ok
with him right. We right today as Yale LAW students alumni an educators, ashamed of our alma mater within an hour battled trumps announcement that he would nominate bread Cavenaugh while S. Ninety two, the Supreme Court, The law school published a press release boasting of the alumnus scalpel accomplishment. Is there anything more important to Yale LAW School than its proximity to power and prestige, such Cavenaugh nomination presents an emergency for Democrats. Medical life, for our safety, for our free of freedom. For the future of our country His nomination is not an interesting intellectual exercise to be debated among classmates or scholars, and seminar support for joy capital is not a political scene.
This campaign launched Drudge Drunk, is repeatedly promised to appoint justices that would overturn. Rovers is weighed without overturning? That decision would endanger the lives of countless people who knew it or may need abortions, including many who signed this letter. The judge employed similar spurious reasoning in twenty fifteen cents against arguing that the Ach contraceptive mandate, vile the rights of religious organisations, even though organisations were granted and accommodation that allowed them to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage, Judge Cabinet, would also rubber stamp for President Judd for president drums. Fraud and abuse as part of his assault on the Administrative State Bay naughty and law as he claims, but on policy preference, joy, Cabin has undermined attempts to protect the environment and regulate predatory lenders and, or profit colleges
his, has consistently protected the interest of powerful institutions and disregarded the rights of the vulnerable. Now is the time for moral courage for it Yale LAW, school comes it so little cost Epps you as an institution and as individuals will benefit less from Judge Cavenaugh ascended power. If you Hold your support, perhaps a cabinet, will be less likely to hire your favorite students but people. Bill die if he is confirmed. We hope you agree with. Your sacrifice would be worth it. Please, you, our authority and platform, to expose the stakes of this moment and the threat that Judge Cavenaugh opposes why I don't think the yell students would far enough Terry Mccall of governor former governor of New of Virginia said cabinet will threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades. Well,
of course people are gonna die. Millions of people are going to die just because he has one of them the gemstones. He has one of the powers, yeah we're not sure which one though right that has yet, I think he has the time stone. I thought it was the sole stone, but no, I think the time. Stone has he's gonna turn back time. You know people be sitting at lunch counters that an area that irradiated. In fact, I think we go. Further back. I think we go back to slavery. I think he brings back slavery. Well if he has the time stone now. I dont know if he has the Martin rising stone which, the one where your clothes get done in one hour. Yes, when our warriors, but you can use it anyway, you want, you can use really want a slide. It's been used, but benevolently, Lincoln up until now, up until now, it's in our near draw your closer drag clean up its bid. You know in the hands of the wrong the steward, like
Could Martin icing take even longer than an hour o could take ninety minutes. Oh my god, you could take up to three hour: gosh yeah, no yeah, yeah yeah, and what he's aim day still though right use? Well, I don't know I don't know, but the you're gonna also it's the abortion stone, because the all have all those hangers that, we would have clothes on diet oh my god, what would they want? They want. That's, not what you use them for exactly right boy, so, all your coil user gonna die. All of your clothes will not be ready in an hour ago They won't come on a hanger because are going to use in the hangers for other things. Ok, what have we a three day waiting period on purchasing hangers without save lives, Well, I don't know I it today that millions, but if we could just save one, it's worth it it's worth it ask yourselves. We ban all hangers because if we can just ban all hangers.
You know, nobody's gonna, use anything else and furthermore, I say we block off. All. Galleys? You can't have back alleys and you you can, drive down them, you can. Go to a back alley. Maybe we eliminate back alleys completely and and then three day waiting. We do this. We move because eliminating all back alleys is ridiculous. I mean how you gonna do that you're gonna blow all these back alleys course not how about if you move the entrance to every building into the back alley, so the back alley becomes the front of the building them woody at the front of the building front building is Sir just that lots of ST that's, not an alley, ok array, so that I can have an abortion just out on the street. That's where people die because If cancer, so
everybody must go around to the back alley and enter that way. Yes and then that way, nobody can use it as a back alley entrance right that way, well that when we are not having back alley abortions, because I to tread the pedestrian thrashing meeting people seeing to many people seeing it so You move the entrance to the back alley, but you recognise that the front of the building is now in the back alley, but the old another building is out on an open street where, if you dont have health insurance, that's where you go to die. Which is exactly what Republicans what you do they want did die in the street. Of course, So we all know that I think we ve just solved another. Who did, I think, we'd yourself for cabin and your longum you could vote for Cavanaugh and just move, your entrance to the alley I've been girls out there.
You know that makes almost as much sense is the kind of stuff that they talk about does makes more sense than the stuff they talk about. And it actually kind of works in their little because it makes the front of the building also killing place Let me tell you about mercury real estate for most, Americans, your home is the biggest investment you're ever gonna make and this is why we have but real estate agents. I trust outcome because you have to work with an agent that you trust, because working with the wrong agent makes a huge difference in the outcome. Anger selling. We have over a thousand agents, Oliver America, who were just like you, their word is their bond, their fans, the show they share. Your sensibilities are agents are vetted their hand. Picked for our team. By will you by looking at their knowledge the skill, the track record that they have thousands of them
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I'll. Go there right after the after the radio show Martha, Gimme, the three names of the crypto currencies that ticket? Why real recommended by right? Now I dont have. This is the third time this week. I asked you that, and I don't have to believe you don't have them. I don't I don't I'm just saving it for next Thursday. I dont have them, but I, but I did, I probably wouldn't tell you probably wouldn't know, and you can sign up for the be no sign up for the free Crypto Kurds. Where would I do that where, where register for such what is the name of it, is its debts, but is it it's back crypto show, Crypto showed dotcom yeah. I think that's what it is back. Crypto showed up and that's a free. Next week you don't. That, but you do have to register so go there and do that right now, by the way, have you heard about the that you found a black granite sarcophagus its in a tomb that dates back to above three hundred twenty three BC.
It's the large discovery of of its kind in that area nobody knows what is in it. They don't know who it is, is just as big black sarcophagus. Now that the Bait is, should Egypt out open it worthy of right here. You honestly, you open it right. You can't have a big black box and in the middle of nowhere ago, our eye whatever you do, don't open that bedstead seem to know from twenty three one hundred years ago. You have to open it absolutely. I would want Tom cruise the Rock and Brendan Frazier their re, open it, but and I dont want to be anywhere near it. Her manner gonna be on the cargo plain that is transporting it. I'm telling you that, but because be dangerous. We saw what happened is argument three in the mummy. There was another one or Montana Joe, no Indiana Jones when they opened up that box
all they had broke loose. Yeah and people died. Yeah. So don't look in. You can open it, but just don't want to give it no eight, so that that'll be that'll. Interesting There is no question there. I would, of course I would note that absolutely You do, I say, want dont want it. Political rich people will just get the money from it. Further shut up, shut up, winning open king touched to they all went to the rich people. Nor did they went to it, went to Egypt it's in the museum in Cairo. It went to Egypt, gotta rich, be blown the museum It helped the song helped Steve Martin get rich while I that may have it. Perceive that may have been the curse of the mummy, but I'm I'm not sure, ok join me too eight five o clock only on the blaze tv and next is.
Tat gray, radio round up how are the singing cowboys yesterday pretty good. They were good in today's sister grab bag. You just don't know what you're gonna get with the at gray radio round upon the blaze radio network, which is coming up next steer wrestling Glenn Back Mercury.
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