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Republicans, Your Impeachment Defense Is ALL WRONG! | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 11/8/19

2019-11-08 | 🔗
The Republicans in Congress must refocus their argument. The REAL quid pro quo should be called “the job of the president!” Christian comedian John Crist is being ousted for “sexual sins,” and while the media is showing no mercy, will Christians? Bill O’Reilly takes on the news of the day: The Left’s strategy against Trump and Kavanaugh are the SAME, Don Jr. heats up "The View," and should the cartels be labeled terrorists? Glenn addresses BlazeTV’s decision to leave cable TV behind and focus on streaming. And the Democrats’ actions in Ukraine were bad, but the State Department’s corruption worldwide is like a hydra – cut off one head, two more will take its place! Glenn’s special, “The Democrats’ Hydra,” premieres next Wednesday.

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Ah headed how are you welcome to the weekend we well I mean this weekend us we're just coasting today, It's one of those shells. You're like we could do work We could just kind of coast a little bit and get to the weekend and so stupid, I being the dead. The professionals that we are thought I'm ever coasting and that's what makes us number three and were proud of it. You know number one always watching over their back number. Two is always work and harder to beat number one number three we're just drafting. That's all we're doing, and I'm pretty comfortable with that yeah. That's. Why says not the big show? You know that the big show us probably Monday Tuesday, with one of these. I wasn't
indefinite for Serbia, that we really know what there is Monday pending the outcome on days as the first post, bulgarians fiction, YAP or the pre breed big show, because I think two's a Wednesday next week going to be big, but today have taken about twenty minutes of believable information, entertainment and jam, packed it into a three hour show. So you don't want to miss it. Hello, America, it's Friday, Glenn Beck program I I have to start with this question. Are there
Looking good for anything I mean sulking, scrubbing anything are they good literally for anything? Could we use them to, floors- and I don't mean that course they wouldn't be able to mop floors, but I mean use them as mops. Would they be able to mop floors with them. I don't think so I don't think they're worth anything. You want to talk about a group of people that don't know how to make a case. It's the republic, failure on all fronts. To show them how they to deal with this. In one minute, heroes every single day there are grocery store there on a drive to work through the post office, thereby veterans, and they are our heroes, and eight
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That's all I got out, but I I did what you pay. You mean for in your time, and remember, time is money. So you pay me to read the New York Times, so you don't have to you pay aid to watch all other really nasty things ends, stand here and look at this this and sir, but is spreading, through the body of Amerika and report back to you so this morning I did my duty and I had the New York Times and their version. Of the impeachment process that is coming next week now today, the New York Times the daily stone us. What's his name sought saunter saunter lend someone Sunland he is the the
European Union ambassador from the United States. He's a guy who gave Donald Trump. A billion aracari billion a million dollars for his his inauguration and lo and behold he found himself the ambassador of the European Union Miracle, yeah, Don't know how that happens when every industry, as it is weird, is just real, coincident Rhiannon, so he's not a guy he's, not political or eating else. He just wanted to be the president of the EU, so he goes to the EU and he's there now. This is the guy that the Republicans have been saying. No, he said, there's no quid pro quo. Remember he's the bees, the ambassador, who is trying to fight and say no all the way along, there's no quid pro quo. Well, apparently, in his first secret testimony. That's what he said now he
demanded it earlier this week he amended his testimony with three extra pages areas like oh, oh well, now that I've. Reading the other people's testimony. I I do kind of remember, but he didn't say he said. Donald Trump never said that he said, but I felt that that's kind of what he was saying. So I delivered the quid pro quo. Message now how he was reading other people's testimony and oh my gosh I forgot, I was the guy who delivered that. I mean that's ridiculous. Believe him now or do we believe him? Then the guy's entire credibility is is up. Raps, but so is the ambassador who said Bro Quavo is now discredit
herself, because Tucker Carlson release last night, some documents that show that She was in touch with the Dnc and shifts office and she said under under oath Never responded to any of those males, I'd replied. Are you not wide evils? The island fortunately, RO the foyer ACT yet looks like she did respond you like great what, time you want to get on the phone. So so both of them have problems. Now. Here's the real, Tori. The real story is, is the he are still talking about quid pro quo period. That's all there talking about an the way the New York Times is spinning. This is, and the president president wanted these date department to look into the corruption and they wouldn't look into the corruption,
those are all just conspiracy theories, this is Rudy Giuliani's conspiracy, theory and so the ambassadors just thought. The president is crazy and we're not gonna look entities. Conspiracy theories its it. It's an embarrassment to look into those conspiracy theories, and so they just were like. I don't what to do with quid pro quo, I got to ring the bell cuz. This is crazy. That's the way spinning this, and they are all of the things that we presented on the chalk. Now are conspiracies, they're, not conspiracies. In fact, I talk to. I talked to somebody who is a A multi show producer for major network news shows and talking to her yesterday- and I said I have these days.
I have these things. She said you. I know that you said you're gonna do a special next Wednesday and she said well, what is it you have, and I said: well, I'm gonna send it to you on Monday, because I just wanna make sure were really button up on this and she said well, what do you have, and I told her one of the things in she said: wait. You wait what and I said, yeah she said, but you'd you can go on the air with that lets. You have documents to Peru and, I said yeah. We do. She said you have documents proving this and I said yeah and she said at an early stage, or we also have videotape of them actually doing it. You have videotape of this yeah. She then said to me, and I quote: I'm sick to my stomach.
This is really happening. I'm sick to my stomach. I said: yeah you've only heard one of these things. I've got a lot of them. This is not about quid pro quo, so I just, Mr President, you know, let's clip this, please and put it in my twitter. Feed, and please everyone send this to the president. Please retweet what I'm about to what I'm about to say, because the Republicans are honest, goodness they're like nursery school kids. Let's do a play, can write a play. It's gonna be about a tree. Hey here's a tree
are you doing? Who is writing this stuff? Who is thinking about the defence of the President's a terrible poem? Two? Yes, I did a hint of egg. You need to be much long. Yes, ok! So here's the thing. The Democrats are making this all about quid pro quo Republican people who actually are paying attention, and I don't know if I can include all the Republicans on this. The people were actually attention to this and care you strategy, is all wrong. It's all wrong! Here's what you and the President need to say every single day like a cuckoo clock, every fifteen minutes You should be on a microphone saying this and just saying this over and over and over again here it is listen to in the media and let me just speak to rep
to Americans? If you define quid pro quo as hey, you get dirt my opponents or else the president's right? There is no quid pro quo and That's what the Democrats are saying this is you get the dirt opponents or else. However, if you define quid pro quo as hey this You know, MR ukrainian President, Brand new looks good, but I I want you to know your country loss, seven billion dollars from our taxpayers, your country convicted. Two ukrainian officials, one of which was the head of the Anti Corruption Bureau. Interfering in the? U S: election in collusion with Dnc and Hillary Clinton campaign. Two of your Thus, together, generals have been blocked for some reason by our
Us State Department for giving the Doj evidence of this and deep european surrounding oil and gas contracts. That involved our former vice president and as said on the phone call have a reason to believe the same people we're doing all of that and made this corruption possible, or still in your inner circle so it's a matter of national interest. I can't give you any more money unless you stepped to the plate and demonstrate that you're not part of this corruption and, what's more your dedicated to cleaning it up. If that's the way you define quid pro quo, that's all on the tape all there in the transcript. That's what the president did, but and I don't think the president defines that is quid pro quo. He defines that as the job of the president, and I believe
Any honest american Republican Democrat Independent would not I agree with that they would do exactly bleed the same thing because what's at stake is not just this presidency, but it's the integrity of investigate the integrity of our elections, the power of the into chart our foreign policy and not some shadow group, our foreign policy, see itself along with, credibility of our ambassadors and the integrity of the? U S, aid programme, of course, the seven dollars that went missing. That's what this is about, so you can make about Joe Biden in the election if you'd like, but that's what make a New York City all about its toll tunnels. We gonna be adults here. We have about truth, but we just gonna go get em. That is what
you should say every fifteen minutes like a cuckoo clock, yeah, it's not about RO quo. If you up to find that is, go get my go. Get my opponents there's none! There's none. But when you read the whole context of what that phone call was about was you're missing, seven, billion dollars, there's all kinds of rumors about collusion with the Democrats, them credible, some of em, maybe not so credible, we don't know and we don't trust you yet. Mr President, we here you're a good guy, but there and this is what he said on the call, but Steve. Some of the people that were involved in this corruption are still around you we'll have to show us that you are not part of this corruption. Isn't that the job of the president.
We were all so excited about about making sure that the Russians didn't collude. We have two people that were sentenced to prison, or colluding with, de and see, and and Hillary Clinton, Anti corruption, bureau officials, That we're bragging about it on tape and were convicted in a ukrainian court for colluding with the Dnc and Hillary Clinton to throw our election and we don't care that make sense. It doesn't make sense if you're looking for truth, if you're looking for truth and by the way looking for truth. I highly recommend that you watch
the video of my special, the first one and the second one, because it's about to get ugly next week Next Thursday, we are going to be streaming live on Youtube. On the blaze tv next Wednesday, the Blaze tv Youtube and Facebook and we're going to tell you what's really happening with Ukraine. And and what they're really afraid of
but they're. Really I this is the Democrats Hydra you cut off one head and two more appear, which is strange because I believe that's what the whistle blowers attorney said in twenty seventeen, don't worry, we cut off one, and two more will show up the Democrats high Our special on Ukraine next Wednesday make sure you join us at blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, and thank you to all of us. Subscribers you are making all of this research possible. So thank you for doing that. Alright, I want to talk to you about Simplisafe and keeping your family safe. Now, most times, robberies
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These you're really is a choice for people. Do you believe his motivations were to help his son and enumerate for his quid pro quo? His quid pro quo, which he is admitted to which he is brag, dragged about bragged. That quid pro quo was that motivation for his family's personal gain, or was it because the national interest? He just scared so much about ukrainian corrupt, You can make the choice there. You could also say a little of both yeah, the facts by the way. The facts on the ground of Ukraine do not back that up, but you could say that yet you could say that I mean and look in a widow to the to the other side of this when it comes to thinking that it might be the family gain. We know such a right wing figure as son of Teresa Heinz Kerry was so bothered about what Joe Biden was doing. He was warning officials like the Secretary of State of the time
that this is a bad problematic. The healing Linus. He left the group now because you so freaked out about yeah Archer took it. There were three partners there, Archer. There was Biden and there was Kerry, Heinz Kerry. Free those three individuals Heinz leaves he's like look, I'm a catch up. Man, and I think none of the blood all over everything, and I gotta be catch up I'm out of here, so you can, but you can pick they're. The same thing applies to Donald Trump. You can. Pick and decide. You know what I think is: motivations were only to help himself win the next election or you could decide. Look at all this evidence. There was real evidence of seven billion dollars missing. You can decide,
This was for the national interest. I didn't you can also say these things, a line pretty well for both of them. Yet right, and I have to tell you when it comes to Joe Biden, we need to investigate, because it's not about Joe Biden. It's about is this happen, all around with other people. We need to change the law, doesn't happen, two Donald Trump. Ok, you decide what you want on quid pro quo and what his motivation was. However, Look at this because Ukraine, the state Department, colluded with foreign officials to throw our election. We thought that mattered when it was Donald Trump. Does it matter now,
What's are cherry sitting in right now? Still right now? What are you sitting in a comfortable? It is so that I've, ten or an option seen on adjustments to be able to make yourself even more comfortable does will does it happen, then that dynamic variable lumbar support it, but I'm sure it does. Is you wouldn't? just say those words in that order for didn't. Claiming that I know you're sitting in the next year, as seems to be that way. While it is, this is a patented Ex chair and But when you said in an extra it is a different experience and the ten different adjustments. I love this about stew. He was like sitting in it for like a month, and he was like, as a great chair I mean offer this great chair. This is really great, so comfortable, and then he saw me adjust it one day and he's like what are you doing like adjusting at you didn't adjust the variable lumbar support. I didn't know you could do that.
Whose come drawn our signal. Now, it's even more so exchequer on sale, four hundred dollars off go to Exchequer back Dotcom Exchequer, be easy, gay dotcom, thirty day money back. No questions asked, guarantee Xchairbeck, dot com, promo code back Sickly, heard nothing for the mainstream media on Ukraine that is truly going to get another big piece of the truth: place tv dot com from a code Glen the 13th, so special Welcome to the programme, it's Friday, America, and so glad that you tuned in hello, Pat Gray, from Pat Gray unleashed billowed led back stupor
so I'm sure you're busy reading cheer up with some of the incredible that are out right now. My gosh yeah Calpers Book, the disgrace mark out first boss called super valuable to people how to beat Trump. How to beat so everybody wants a copy, so it's gonna hampers lotteries lying off the shell out. This is his first week. Your first week is always your biggest week, so I mean these numbers or bit inflated. Ok, but they're out, rageous, ok, five hundred to copies that, but not five hundred two thousand. Now he be ridiculous, but five hundred copies have been sold in the first week. Eli lies Hungary. The end this is our counterparts, who has done big best sellers number, one bestseller here right, five hundred and two, maybe Mark was born in the wrong. Maybe
the wrong time. If this was Marseille, and you know six webby hued I'd be oh tv being in the Bible. Now people would be saying who Donald Trump, right in saying that there are no Tonnell tromp area, no areas, Donald Trump by yet who did right somewhere. Where these, where can I just say where is dollar unfixed I've? It's been a long time, Before I did, but I think me to try to take away the Duma, they say would be, whereas the bathroom right he himself ass, they wouldn't worry. Let me, as you wouldn't be around them, and he wouldn't even be here well, I you know as much as I am using, but much of it and was much already waters as much as you want to make fun of you, no more Comprends book. Just so I can participate. I have a copy in my shop,
oh right there in the living, realer hat in your very clear books, is welcome to my uncle sharper really way by solely way he's not he's not doing, and I don't know that's because of their sexual harassment. The year is not a. He doesn't have a tv for many more. But nobody saw nobody. He has no way to reach by know which one is gonna burn you for the rest of your life. You don't know right, like some guys are, like auditors, grope girls, girls, girls, girls back in the news today, making movies no one cares gone forever. I want to make a wheel of I want to make didn't work out well for the first time, but I want to make a l a blame on whether we let people go or not,
That's really like that and you to sit in the whale is apt up that that person's ok, you know spigot about the John christening whose on this already less sure, yeah and you look at the description of what he did in the wilds, not nice out- and I am sure, risk. He didn't act well as a Christian and it wasn't a shepherd any of it is just as any other illegal now loses career should he loses job. I don't I know they're only making this into a big deal Since this comedian he's a christian community, anti christian community really funny very successful. So you know, of course, a target is one of the top acts of last year. The ash you did, you feel, show business huge during business and he's admit, he's gonna network special come up at the end of the month. I wonder I wonder well my was locally, not an end,
He he he was able and he's admitted to having issues and problems in his past least, she's fought against and basically website outed him and had multiple people telling the stories about basically hooking up we're trying to or trying to hook up with them and get after shows after shows hitting on fans again is a christian comic doing Material in churches and then hitting on women after the apparently didn't grope them from one no, no, not only on a genuinely let them now. He just is looking for general confer size for sex. I well, I may add that is a massive line, We know about it, but I don't know, look as it as he pointed out in his apology like a he feels, terror about this- he knows he's failed as as as a Christian as as we all do, not always in that way, but we all have our flaws and
He says he was pretty honest and honestly, like used by the media lab type to say. Well, look at this question as I have a great these cuts. Are all terrible people if we were a great people with problems, protein bought or go to church Need church, because we're terrible people every single see. This is the culture of non. Forgive me right now I beat. If you apologize and you're like look, I did it and I dont know why did it and and and just flawed- and I really really sincerely feel badly about it. Try to be better than try better, Who are we not to give forgiveness and in fact we are taught if we do not give forgiveness to those who ask for forgiveness, we won't be we're not going to be forgiven.
An important part. It's kind of an important part. The guy seems really sincere and his he had gone over this apparently with his wife. His wife was in the know that this stuff had gone down and they had been dealing with it privately says he married, I think, he is right. At night I read that he broke up with girlfriend. I I didn't know he was thinking about another politician. Stars these days may. That is why I think he was married, but I thought he was thought he had been could be read as another lasers growth for another man, but apparently they had did this stuff had been known in his private. Its innocent reality of such I'd have to read it. We were gonna, do it yesterday, but we never got around to it up, but that, like what are they going to do? make their shame the sky into. We know never having a career again he's a total hypocrite or whatever, I think, the christian community. If he handles this correctly, will be forgiving about it. If he can show we no progress,
the story, sad because more than his personal failings of hitting on women, which is lucky boring comedian, this is not exact, groundbreaking stuff. But there are multiple women who were hit on or hooked up with that are now saying. Well, you know what I'm not a christian anymore. I've lost faith but that a Europe Wooding nurses lad, but not if it is to do that. As this is like what people are saying about, Congo, Khan, Yea Wheel disappoint you. I will disappoint Saul was a little disappointing. People will disappoint you, but the Lord will not what you feel
When you are hearing somebody speak and the Spirit is testifying to you, that's true: it's not that they're true! Is that what they're saying is true and do not put your trust in any man. I say this all the time. Don't trust me, don't trust me! You got Do your own homework, you is. Your testimony is coming from a committee off of their testimony. You have to earn that
right fishes tying you out, because one guy wound up disappointing you you kid, that's not a reason to leave a faith. It you know if you, the you weren't really they are in the first place, know, and that's it that's a it's a tough one to deal with, because you know I don't think the end of the day. A guy, like John Crystal, has done a lot for people to discover the faith right like he he's done. A lot he's he's a very open window for people to kind of peer in and say Alex kind of interesting, because you go in there for the jokes man you're in there now guy, you know what that the message is called. Do it's haven't for a while people and you hate to lose someone like that over something that bookies talkin about explains, happens, two tons and tons of people. They fail at a time that there's a part in the book. I seem to remember about picking up a stone hundred that any kind of exact
play the same situation. Same situation requires him to be humble, to be, penitence, what you seems like he is he does he does. But he's done is wrong and he's looking for forgiveness. I'm not gonna stand in the way. Now that doesn't mean you necessarily go to a show or whatever the next Netflix Special has been canceled. It has already sober knew that we set about it. Do you see a loose great changes subject to Lucy Gay you see, Lucy K is is touring again. Yes, let me
yes, you didn't do anything illegal either. Now so he's touring again and like the comedy clubs are becoming nazi camps where you and I agree with them, is become no, you can't even bringing a pencil and paper if they catch you writing down anything. You rejected you. Captain your phone recording device pictures, nothing, you have too long. Your phone up and in Louis he K shows you can and even make a note, so somebody says: hey. You know, Hague Roger remember this blah blah blah. You write it down veil, a jet you from Louis UK. You can't even right notes. While it's incredible did. Did you see this story of a woman wrote about her me to incident that key?
yesterday now dentists Hermy around her meat to all around me that I wanted to be a dead. He was pretty, was using it as they are not going to get out of bed tat. Our main man wait here what he did with the abominable, so I don't know any the figures and and neither will anyone in the audience it's some young poet on the left, who was a male feminist, okay, that was That's the guy. Then there give that road to make here is a leftist leftist, a male feminist mail. It firm in his power apparently was known as it is like mid 20s. Alright, this is going on girl, a woman who was a girl at the time that this happened was. She think she was sick She writes a story about her unveiling of these accusations, which happened in last.
This is a me two story that none of us even new occurred because their just wasn't in our world. Wasn't inner circles at all, but listen to her description of this. It was if it's a fascinate story, so she's saying that the male feminist poet something wrong. Did something wrong Attica ass. She was sixteen by all indications. He did. He eat mailed her do whenever she accuses em and Facebook message.
Term all sorts of very explicit, disturbing things that if you read we, I came and say the money or their terrible. So she writes she describes how she came up with how she was going to release it. The thread that she was going to release on you know to try to make it viral. She said this is my attempt to cancel the alt lit poet, stave Steve Rogan, Buck Canada. In October, twenty eighteen, I knowingly utilise the vultures journalistic culture of me too. I was never a sincere gesture at justice that are necessarily portrayed it to me. In order for it to succeed, it was always transparently and attempt to leverage a relatively insignificant trauma into selfish capital gain, not because of the integrity of my narrative because the, but because the experience was attached to someone who had a modicum of celebrity. This is not to say
What is a seventeen year old writing this? I dont know how well she does not disclose hell. She is now Didn't you say was last year it was the out it was last year. I think it may have been urging her than that. Barely a shorter that Eu Road Rogan Buck isn't just a really bad Steve Rogan Oh Rogan Rex, its head. Yes, I'm a feminist power is, as this is not to say that what I alleged did not occur. He did send me inappropriate facebook messages when I was a minor knowing I was under age, but while overtures were perhaps grotesque where they really a pinnacle of sexual abuse. Should this be the cancel offence that raises a man from public existence? In no way do I seek to defend him or his actions? He disgusts me in every way, but ass for the endorsement. Every second. For me, in the greater context of my life's traumas, our interactions mean very little and those under this
bribe. How got this guy cancelled right and just kind of almost like an experiment with the media and goes on to say that she was hit by all sorts of media sources once you posted this and she said the low standard of reporting among the these women into all the was all women reporters that reached out to try to do. This are the lowest entered, reporting monies women genuinely shocked me, though, some asked for fuller transcripts of my facebook messages they didn't ask for all of them. Didn't ask for the trip. Script of the messages you're talking about it's incredible. They work. My twitter audiences appeared to take everything I said at face. Value, including we have just as ever can, I add it on the spot. Including information. I added on the spot, This is what's going for on. Let's get her on. I doubt she'd come on
is certainly not a friend a friend of of of yours, I'm sure, but I, but I'm I care about the truth. How should we get four centre, some Facebook messages. Probably now he programme can wait. Another now was poetry, TAT, grand Sterle's radio tv network so make sure you go and subscribe to the podcast. Let it be great if everybody did business with throughout your day could be consistently counted on to be on the up and up don't have to worry about the people who you had dealings with everybody's going to be honest. Well, this is why we did real estate agents. I trust dot com cuz, I I don't know who to trust. When you go to sell your house or buy a new house, I don't know how to vet them. Might I mean like real estate? I guess anybody can do it, because everybody's got a nephew that just started doing it and
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well into the programme. It is Friday, Mr Bill, O Reilly is coming up. Next, it should be. Interesting week to talk to him. We are now gearing for the impeachment hearings, which begin in public Wednesday. The the Democrats seem to think they have this lock down. Don't think so when it comes to cross examination, I think they're going to be floundering on this, but we'll see get Bill O'Reilly's opinion in just a couple of minutes: standby. Three minutes and fifty seven seconds she's lying she's lying to you, right our media lies with me,
they don't. Even I thought I could trust earth. I know we can form. It was three. Fifty seven seas, What's nurse changing the american people, yet again, that's what happens here that the blaze wait to talk to Bill O'Reilly about the view cuz. He loves going on. Actually loves conflict. I think yeah. Joy. Behar is awful pretty entertaining I'm gonna like as I don't. He seems. I dont know what he is he's not like: the all that out front potluck he's not is, it does not have an official role in the White House right he's like just the Son of the president. Where does right now
just out there is a kind of pre funny and just like you, I get like people the view it's pretty entertaining carried to talk to you about that also trump pushing back and the Washington Post, the anniversary of the Berlin Wall. Falling is happening Saturday and giving the Germans, a statue and they don't like it fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. All is one of my favorite times of the week when Mr Bill O'Reilly comes on and he talks about
I don't know some essay or something that he wrote some column about, Donald Trump and now they're buddies. Alright, I don't know I haven't been paying attention to him, but Banksy got a really can tell you all about Donald Trump and why he does stuff. This is a great week to talk to Bill O'Reilly. The impeachment begins officially in public next Wednesday, also the whistleblower and the whistleblowers attorney Donald Trump Jr the things that might still out of Bill O'Reilly's mouth about his appearance on the view it's going to be golden it's going to be cold in gumdrops, with Bill O'Reilly Next one minutes: talk to you a little bit about lifelong. If you ve ever worked at a bank,
credit union? Anybody who has will tell you if they ve worked there for any length of time that cybercriminals tend to prey on the people. The least ability to defend themselves against identity theft an elderly person who knows his or her way around the internet or somebody wasn't careful enough with their information. Accessible cybercriminals out there are gonna, go after them first and hardest, and I will tell you, I think, in that, in that group of who is my son in law TIM? yesterday. The story later TIM yesterday heads how many call him on the phone. It said it was apple they called him and they said: hey you've been hacked into. We need to get some, we need your help, we're if you just gotta this address, it was an apple address. We just need to get your codes, for the for the cloud, and he was on. He was doing it.
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of your first year its life lock dot com, promo code, Bang, call America it's Friday, and that means bill how I am a little agitated. This wig willow work little overworked, America's was weeping high. Now I mean I got a lot going on here back and I'm way ahead of all the story of so let's go you're, not paying attention to Mamma had to enlighten. So, let's start with the whistle blower, let's start with his attorney. Ok, who apparently has been plotting a coup against the president since two thousand and seventeen You know, you know, I'm sorry is exactly the same playbook exactly the same
that was used with Brett Kavanaugh. There is no difference. Salt. Take me. Merlin, Taketh, roomy, Daggett targeted for us a woman named Christine for yes surfaced with. Terrible allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. She brought them, to Senator Feinstein in California, who the information, did not say anything to anyone for months and directed Miss for the most radical left attorney in the country. A woman named Melinda Katz in Washington DC, whereupon they dropped the bomb on cab everybody remember that whistleblower take his complaint
to Adam Schiff, which does not include quid pro quo at the time. Okay, whatever the complaint was, instead of filing or holding a press superiors and wherever he goes to Adam Schiff, who sits on the complaint. Back. Senator Feinstein it and then direct whistleblower most radical attorney political guy. Zaid in Washington DC. I close friend of Melinda Katz. Do you say it starting to unfold in front of your eyes. It's like it's like it's like you're, dumb, pending the canadian giants, so magical and I'm going break out of a suitcase in the moment? Okay, now this is directed, and I can't see the
on the air, but I know who the group is, because the group get it to me both Blasey Ford and the whistleblower all of this was contrived and it was well executed in the the way I just laid out to you. There is denying any of it. Really isn't a whistleblower he and I have named him and unmasked him on below Riley Dad come? I have taking my audience through. He is. He is a political activist working for the CIA. All right- and he knows all of the activist groups- in Washington DC knows them all, because they all coordinate and that's how he got to the picture, and I'm going to show you next week just a side note, I'm going to show you next week
play the CIA Chordates with all of the political action groups and why they know all of these things, especially why the State Department knows this. Wait until you see the deeper connections there, but go ahead bill is a cause of people within the CIA within the State Department. In national intelligence that are sympathetic to the liberal democratic agenda and that's what the judge apartment is going to unmask with the John Durham Investigation. We've already seen it in the FBI. We already know it exists, but the whistleblower is part of that. Now federal whistleblower, ask a rating is one, but you really a political activist working, destroy a presidency. You are not entitled to any protection spec, no protection which is why I might do service. I name the man.
Why Fox NEWS and the networks- and everybody else doesn't do it? Is beyond my comprehension. They all know, because I told them exactly what this is. This is activism Blasi, for it is an act. This her own attorney, admitted it about a month ago abortion that's why we want to get out of there he's not sympathetic to abortion. She slipped and said it. So denture Don Jr going on the view. A huge mistake, even though I know I did it cuz I did it. I don't we're on the view back. I have once now I was memorable bill you would have loved this. One Yahoo would have claimed was like dying of sickness that this day and then you get yelled at by what was a whip. It was, it will be over an hour. Was the o was Whoopi. Remember I did the whole thing about
Barbara Walter's being like a bath and swooping in and she was very offended, so I had to go up against Barbara Walter's, Whoopi, Goldberg and Joy Bay, Har, and all lied about something I had the goods on attack. I had remember it was that they were holding a train in New York with their seat and they said, Dare you say that, and I said I was I saw you, I tried in those seeds, because I got before you and that track, wouldn't let me got anthrax go on record, say yeah, that's that's. What we did is right remembered. How do I raised? I remember our so you remember when I was on a number of times area and in the big walk off when when they are in Galway, walked off to set higher. I wanted which, Florida now the only reason that I went on that shows cuz of Barbara Walters and Barbara Walters.
Fair to me and I knew going on the view that those people if you are going to buy my books, but it would get to the internet and then that's why Doll Journey did so. You got a book adequate. You go by the buggy knows all but he's gonna by the book watch in view, but all of this stuff, that's going to happen and he knew what was going to happen, but he wasn't prepared. It wasn't well prepared, unfortunately, junior. If you had called me, I could have gotten through it, but he wasn't well prepared so anyway. He goes on there in the first thing that happens is Abby Huntsman, who used to work for Fox NEWS. Lacing, I'm about to whistleblower, because Don Jr his name and a tweet. Now Junior added say, was what I just told you in stone is always always an activist aright that that title any productions and I'm a private citizen. If I want there's no law. That says I can
Even though that ETA Idiot Hosty, we are, you broke the law. No, we didn't. They only applies to federal he's not individual. Okay, who sings you. I mean going into a opium den in Taiwan, well if they open, valatie is going to be you're, not gonna, get any rationality there. Any truth, any anything it's you basically go in, and they cello at you. Yes well and enjoy bay are also is like a little chihuahua that just the guy all the way, but you can't you, kaiser, like you could
I would now like about that for now. Hang on just think, and I guess I wanna play Gus Joy Bay. I said this about our yesterday. Guy got an she actually has made us to do so. Could you play the joy, Behar response okay. So all this stuff has now made the impeachment for next week and by the way, I think I'm going to talk to you guys on Thursday right after the impeachment. I hope we can work that out next week. Okay, so I can get away in with my perspicacity on it, but it is is this a carnival? Now it's a carnival, it's not a serious political, call hearing it's not something that improve the nation stellar exposition of democracy. It is a carnival this carnival, so it will go to reach
why are they doing this? don't really have a case. Why are they doing it? Why are they doing it right before the holidays, when everybody's going to tune out, I think I know the answer, but I'd like to hear yours coming up in just a second. Everybody knows ancestry and health. If you get the new health, ancestry, kit from 23andme dot com? Back you get more than hundred and fifty personalized genetic reports, including insights to your health. Now, with more than fifteen hundred geographic right since twenty three in me is the most. Comprehensive ancestry break down on the market and you dont pay more for the traits fact there's a really great offer going on all November along their health and ancestry. Kid is fifty percent
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and I asked him, what are the Democrats doing, what what do they have, and he said they don't have anything like there's nothing new here, it's It's really nothing for the president to worry about. At this point, I agree with that. What are your sources tell you, and if that is the case, why are they moving forward with it? And if it's not the case, Why would they move forward with impeachment? Now, when your pushing the holidays, and so everybody's interests is gonna, be elsewhere bill orally and I don't have an astute assertion likes to sitting next to me, wouldn't be that's meetings, do misted right, I'll get saw There isn't anything that would rise to the removal of a president. Everybody knows that unless something else comes out right now- not even going to be closed in the Senate.
Connell already has his game plan is not going to tell anybody, but it's a quick strike. Dismissal don't even know if they're just going to get rid of it publicans, the american public is twenty out of this all right. Whose we'll get these ratings next week for the first hearing, but did they ve had enough? If you look at the polls, people on biomass only deserve to buy it because they want em out right. Isn't it but isn't it worth the Senate? putting an end to this. By bringing those people testified, they know what they're gonna it always enemy at all. I do that, but I do there. What do I really have done a deck there already have had custody hearings and subpoena,
if they wanted it to be rid of it, then it's a mistake, my brilliancy, on which your letting the ready and see use of foreign government to be able to end fluence are elections. We don't care about collusion anymore, then back back. Can't you just try to get them back or I'll, try to get them back I can now this is and they want to get rid of it as fast as possible, and here's how they know The reason this is happening at all is because the Democrats don't want to run against Trump next year. They have no one to mask that disaster to keep The unbelievably incompetent candidate away from the public. They have launched this impeachment with the
very slender hope that maybe they could get something which is not happening. That's why they doing it because Kamala Harris Beto O'Rourke, strong and clear which are- nobody likes them back right. They have nobody. Every time Joe Biden opened his mouth we find out that is causing or niece got a million dollars from Tanzania are right it they had put them out so they started to get. Let me want to mask it about it why this is happening erect, so why not a teach them a lesson that you cannot do this to a political system. You can't do this to a country. You can't
can't come out with. Let me speak wingback Why not? Why not also expose what they were really doing and taking all of these blousey candidates, Bernie Sanders Warren and everybody else, and if you have Impeachment hearing in the Senate. They must be there, so you take them off the campaign. Trail. You discredit. All of the Dnc you discredit and and once and for all this, nonsense of of fun of Donald Trump colluding. Because number one, the press would never report it honestly, to it would take all the oxygen out of the room for what five month, six months before all of this is done. They just want to get rid of it because they think
that's trump- can take it on his own and ram it down their throats, which you will and at the Justice Department in the Spring Durham going to show all this and indict people If that is doing it. Even that is parliament's gonna. Do if that's true, then, then I then I would agree with it. I do at the track back. That's that's why pomp pale goes too Sorry, that's why the attorney General Barr goes to ITALY. We talked about this last week, Remember what we said last week has Bill O'Reilly, don't play this game with me. I would make you know if I have been been waiting for. I g reports we ve been waiting for that. I try to people on capital, hill and the stuff that
I don't know is going on is remarkable, and these are very well informed people. So I'll, believe it. When I see it, it's going to be the Wednesday. Thanksgiving Horowitz leak out whatever he wants. He's just he's a deep stare, but I have some confidence. BAR in Durham that they are, and I think that'll happen- I could be wrong on that. I could be wrong, but that's what the Senate Republicans are banking on, come out and say publicly that Trump did not break any laws, and I don't know watching imposed as it was in one of your favorite sources, If it was in the Washington Post, I dont believe it might be true. I dont believe anything in that newspaper. They also reported the nationals won. The world series do believe them
bought out my own eyes had a right to that report. I didn't even have to happen. And believe me do that, anonymous source about the Nats. Alright, we saw it Whenever you see an anema sources in the Washington Post, New York Times CNN. Our aid back with more Bill Riley Bill orally Dotcom. He has is new book the It states a trump how the president really sees America on sale. Now, it's a must read pick it up the United States, a trump how the press really sees America back in just a cup minutes. With more of the news of the weekend bill. O'reilly's recap: you're listening
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bill: doesn't doesn't the Senate not taking on the impeachment of it sent over by the house, which I think it will, and you agree that I think, if you think it will doesn't that give the ammunition to the other side by saying They were just so corrupt. They wouldn't even consider anything they wouldn't even let it go to trial. I don't think so. I think that the Republicans at this point feel that there never gonna, get a fair shake in the media which are going to be reported accurately be kind of attention is devoted to it. Exculpatory attention will be where did accurately an end, and that word or never get out to the folks. So they want to go.
Rid of it as soon as they can get rid of it. I believe that's what will happen. You know what's really interesting. I'm doing a few selected shows around the country called the understanding Trump tour when did the first one was in Boston, sold out and do QA after I explain, ghetto who trump is and why he does what he does and it's not, and it's store on Donald Trump at all, its basic offshoot of the United States jump my book, but the questions are fascinating because you would think that all our most other people have come to an understanding trump toward me. People like Trop, that's unnecessary the case. There are a lot of independence in. Who really want to know certain things they want the truth. They want the truth or eight you're. What you are doing is you are saying well, the Senate might provide that truth to that right. All right
but the Senate has no expectation that whatever they did would be reported accurately, which is call me when you think about that. You can't even get a story reported truthful this country anymore, and you can't if it involves Donald Trump, If you have a Senate hearing, It is a trial with its chief justice of the Supreme Court sitting in as the judge it is. Such a historic moment that absolutely you will have people tuning into live television even if they have watch it on the internet and end. Exposing this truth gives power to the people where it belongs. Assuming that it would be Hoddan, dried presentation, that's not
case you would have people in there we've already seen former ambassador to Ukraine, this person that person John Boy, Didn't may turn on Donald Trump, that's possible, so you get out bloodbath on both sides and the calculation is being made is that the bloodbath doesn't help the Republican Party. They think they're going to win back. They think that. Impeachment has now been adjudicated by the court of public opinion. Most Americans think it's not fair and that they are sympathetic to Trump. At this point, That's the calculation that's being made by the Republican Party. Well, I type stop trusting the Republican Party out of Life either, but it's not a foolish calculation. You got a guy like you
Bolton go in and rip up trump. That's not going to help the president, alright it particularly in a Senate trial. So to me, person who is interested in the truth. I can tell you that there's not enough to remove a sitting president. It isn't even close all right get telling. Let me such let me such topics tell me about your your thoughts on the the massacre, victims on the: U S, border, thou, cat So this is a really really good story. The story is that the twenty five cartel drug cartels in Mexico pretty much going to do whatever they want to do. That's the head
the store, any Woodward, nine american women and children who were slaughtered by the cartel. Would you would you agree that Mexico is either in its last stage or a failed state and has become a narco state, but a cartel happen that happen teen years ago? Okay, alright, alright! Alright, Chico's out of control in the sense that it can control, the drug cartels They do what they want to do now solution to this problem and the solution is for President Trump to designate the twenty five cartels is Tara organizations whereby we can drop drones on them tomorrow and we can indian special forces, as we did in Syria, to shoot the head all right now, if I were the prejudice, I would put that to Congress. I would want Congress
boat on it? Then she who says no to drug cartels are not. Terrorist organisations, the wired. The Democrats very go now Trump can do that by executive order. He can say we're designated them, but I would do it try to get the Congress to devote on it to expose them now. Why hasn't been that been done back? Why, as it had been done because Trump threatened due it last Why hasn't he done it stew, and that is why you Have me on your fine program. Every week forty five minutes, but we finally found has been made obrador. The very weak president of Mexico doesn't work.
Designation because it makes him and his government look weak Americans. The Yankees have to come down here and solve our problems so it'll big. Was that channel said? If you don't do it? I put the mexican army on southern and northern border and stop the migrants and that's exactly what happened a book about trompe for united some interest, nobody standing on the guy, listen bill. Let me give wait a minute back. My need that I just work a huge story. I know I know I did you apply, was gonna, give you a laboratory to plug your book and you haven't even jumped into do it. This is not I just isn't it at an amazing story
yeah? Well, that's why you by the United States of you I built. We have amazing story, ass promising story after amazing. So then I want you to confirm. I want you to confirm this. Yes, my theory. When tromp, you know just gave Turkey all this land, all the media was Hank. What did he get? He got something in return. There was a. There was a quid pro quo, there he must have gotten some for his hotel in enhanced. Or something something happened. Okay, so they were all on that nothing, nothing Panza! You know what it actually. You know what a guy I do. I think that I think the Turks a him, the leader of ISIS Go in, kill him, that's what they got so that was a lie. Don't I don't know? I'm not heard anyone say that
I haven't heard it either bag, and- and maybe it's true, but I know what else you got what Oh did want to minister other counted everyone's amidst lasted in not I've. Billow Riley would not a gauge, and such speculation uncle does not hold a loser What what are you? What are you got? What did he had promised? That's what you get when you read the bill Riley, but now we have a system of opposition to the United States, where you gotta, be where you to be speaking at what what other so weak a week from ten I'll be in palm desert sold out. And then, on Saturday, a week from tomorrow, Mesa Arizona about two hundred tickets left for the standing tromp tour gotta bill orally diagram. Only get right over an hour I do assure you back when you consider that in early two thousand twenty an election show
I don't know bill. I'm already committed to a to a cruise with you. I know I know when that that was crazy. I invited you all right. Why do you say that sold out to us right the ideology I sold the right. Yeah yeah, I had considerable personal gagner. I because I think that you and I have to bring wisdom. The nation. Cheers vote new duty in this sensitive for the separatist show bill. Yes, I I have everything you said we just need to get back and his attention. You know how hard it is to get Glenn backs attention. Yes, you have any clue. I mean he's he's wandering around argot practice, our combined with other or a tree by Billow Riley. Thank you very much, Mr Kinnock, way from Billow Riley Dotcom. I thought of that last week have expressed it.
We're right in the middle of writing a book, and I said to the guy's yesterday: hey, let me try this theory out. Have you guys heard anybody say this and they were they looked You shall have just like you did wait, wait him. Oh my I mean I wholly cow, yeah This is one of those points that so good that I met at a more madam, I self for not thinking of it. There you for a bike Why not you honest I've been so we're in this special and were finishing this book I haven't had chanced to run even that by you know some of our our experts. Like Jason, I haven't that Jason and I Jason Wood. Look at me go! Oh my gosh. I bet I could prove that so what now? Because we set on, they are a hundred times like this is the way that the Turkey thing went down. Yeah make sense unless he did
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welcome to the programme so glad that you are here. I wish the president had some one that could help make the case for him. You know somebody who was a good spokesperson or somebody in the Republican Party. That was a good spokesperson, because the president is just not on able to make this case to the people, and the GOP is even worse, they're worse, to them on television dry may and end the at their. Therefore just focused on all of the wrong things, all of the wrong things and I dont know whose doing strategy, but it's not good he. I agree him in a look. This has not been handled well and it started, I think, centrally, when they decided to put all of the focus on creating this goal. Line of whether there was a quid pro quo were not look the quid pro quo,
what are the first things we brought up when they when they said you know no quid pro quo and then it was well. I don't know They have no knowledge of any of the background of this story, all the way up to and leading to your first special, which can get at Blaze DVD come Promo code Glenn. But leading up to all that information was one of the nuggets of that was the thing I think it first on earth, I think by John Solomon, which was the video of Joe Biden standing there, onstage bragging about a quid pro quo influence an investigation in Ukraine. It was the exact thing they were They were accusing Donald Trump of was the hall Ukraine. Story, or at least they vary. Get up at the beginning. It
who's already on tape admitted his guilt to the thing they were trying to find. And instead of saying look quid pro quo in and of its of is not a bad thing. It's what's the motivation behind it right. The motivation behind a quid pro quo with reasonable to me smells an awful lot like he's, trying to help a sun make fifty thousand dollars a month for no reason This is one where we're talking about the United States, taxpayers losing seven billion dollars. And we're trying to make sure we can get that back or at least not lose another billion You want to know about the corruption and central to that. Storyline happens to be the guy who may run, or it below his his primer and which one is more in the interest of the United States citizen, somebody who says: don't look. At seven billion dollars, stop looking for it right now or we're not going to give you another billion, or
I need you to look into the seven billion dollars? Otherwise, I'm not gonna. Give you another five hundred billion dollars option b, option B margin, every day the weak, it real weight, people up in the middle of the night, some option b instead of saying yes, there's a quid pro quo bought. It was for really good reasons, and here they are, it was you'll, never find it from programme, because there wasn't any. We ve got multiple of multiple, your own aids and officials who protects the each other for six months, rogue while it's because the media edited all of the other stuff out or are made it only about binding, and so what he saying now is there was Brighten quid pro quo. There was, as the president. I want answers on these things before we give you any more money. That's the job president. This story is really all about, and that's what they're Republicans
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how his facebook page had been shut down or was on the, Roger being shut down articles, were removed because he was posting stories from the breast that include whistleblowers name Do we still have a long way to go, but we're making progress and I want to give you some good NEWS in one minute all right, holidays, where, on the corner, have lots presence to dished out everybody. Let me suggest genocidal it's been, everyone knows, is the best and scan curves banana for awhile. Julia of this Juliana from Austin Texas writes about her experience using Genoese L. I can't get over how much and how quickly Jenny cells help me. The jolly cream has made my jaw and neck to separate body par
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the idea was first idea was just to pay for all the research that we were doing for my show until we started the blaze just as a offshoot of, You know just a news gathering place and when we saw the state of the control of of cable and the horizon of what was coming we knew that cable was not the place to be, in fact, I said to Stew every day and verify this is due every day from like two thousand nine until day we left Fox, I so we have to get out of here. This whole industry is going burned to the ground. Yet you're never fan mouth of the cable sort of now thing, and you know you you made that clear on the air yet as when we were in doing the right so we're doing it and we did it because in two thousand ten and eleven and twelve, that
still the major force. It was still a time where, in every time you tried to play a video on your phone, it would buffer for four minutes. You know you couldn't no one knew how to get things on their tv that were streaming. It was really Earl remember. It was still at a time when people would go. Oh do an internet show. It was not. It was just anything that anybody believed in at the time. Will technology has changed a great deal when it comes to cable contracts? If you look at you know what is it foxnation, which I'm sure is a fine service? You look at Fox NEWS. They don't have any other major talent on Fox nation the reason. Why is because they have cable contracts? We have same kind of cable contracts and its work we haven't had a youtube. I haven't had a Glenn Beck Youtube page until this year to be started a few months ago, you know everybody else says you know
thousand million people. Some people have five million people on Youtube. Well, we didn't have one because I couldn't post any of my material on Youtube. Because of our cable contracts. We now have. We now have Dave Rubin divarty and we have Mark Levin, you'll notice, Levin doesn't have a show on the is linear channel. If you're watching, cable because of contracts that broke the camel's back at me. We have been doing this. We been going here for a very long time and we made that vision. We knew what we were going to do and then go all one hundred percent digital for a long time. Let me just give you one story that really, I think, really truly says it all. Eight TNT loses a whopping. This is from variety. Eighty
in tee loses Wapping. One point four million tv customers in third quarter. People are cutting the cable in in numbers. At our death spiral. We can't and I and I love the cable people that have carried our show, and I am grateful for everything that they have done and I hope they feel we have been good partners to them. Appreciate everybody whose watched us on cable but we are now being because of our car, tracks and we live up to our contracts. We we have to make a choice. We either put these things on Facebook, you and our own digital platform or they go on cable and that's it. It's that's That's the losing proposition. So we are, we are exciting experience
It is about the future and we really truly want to thank our our cable companies that have been with us and we wish them the best. We really do but just in the last ninety days alone, on my Youtube Channel, which, by the way didn't have any Scribers cuz, we didn't have one really didn't have anything just a few months ago, in the last ninety days. A hundred and forty one million minutes have been watched of content over them. Ass ninety days on the blaze Tv Youtube Channel which couldn't post anything you know in the in the days gone by. We now head in last ninety days is one hundred and fifty six million minutes. On blaze, tv too? hundred and sixty million minutes have been consumed, all online we had make the decision where we going.
Where is the world going in the world is going Digital and our goal is to be with you wherever you are and companies like Amazon, Netflix, Disney plus that's the future. That is the future and we hope to be the new and conservative commentary and the libertarian cometary the common sense. We on every one here who loves the bill of rights and loves, loves America. If you agree with a bill of rights and you love him that doesn't mean you're blindly, loving America. You can point out its flaws but you don't want to see her destroyed. This is the place for you. And we are growing at exponential wrote the growth not only in subscriptions and Yes, our subscriber list when everybody said ah Glenn backs genius and I was like no, no really not,
just common sense, Glad backs a genius, everybody, everybody I was winning awards for refugees. The blaze is bigger subscribers now, then then its vigour now than its ever been? And so anybody who is counting us out, don't bet against people who have nothing to lose and don't care, so we are bigger than we've ever been and, we plan on being here for a very long time and leading the way we do also have to announce a. However, the the closing of our aid track tape. Division will no longer be producing. Glenn show is hot, eight track tapes. Are we failing? We were We have failed and others women someone about twenty years, so we really probably should close at a while ago, but I just want a you know. I just kept thinking. It was gonna, make a comeback:
well no, but the Good NEWS is, I am doing this show in AM stereo quad. Ah, so we got that go in for a year now on when you get a lot you down doing well, did you see by the way they do you mentioned Disney, plus the the amount of money they are? Spending like on somebody schoeffer a hundred million dollars for one series with there's one and its its tied into Marvel enemy. With the area of assent on understanding of it, but there were the Marvel Series, their apparently doing, and the endless and meet how much money they gotta make over this they're saying, if you don't see this tv series you're not probably can understand the marble movies anymore. Like oh, my I mean it. This is unbelievable, going to make so much money, but they're spending tickets four million dollars an episode. Oh my god tell on a television show, my god I mean you can
I ready, I read a story about something that they're doing with the star wars, Series and the STAR Wars Series their spending a hundred thousand dollars million dollars, and I think it's for an episode and apparently graphics are all way. I had it is so supposedly stunning. Bob Iger has watched it now three times the first one to see a rough cut to make sure the story the second time to see if his notes had been implemented and the third time, because he was just like I'm blown away, I'm just blown away just turn into a fan out I mean- and this is the is this- the the he bowed to the banana he think even affect show, but it's really not about Bulgaria, but is about about two hundred like I keep. I dont know the name. It's a medic Lawrence, which is always like. I dont want to watch that in the lorry Amanda worth getting men along that. I was like tyranny.
Us I mean I guy and a couple of kids. I'm still. I just want to Disneyland I've. No plans at getting just mother did this. We, the second, I saw the star wars thing about you, Frank. I just the United as I signed up and and me, I gave them guy how much money to buy like three years in advance cuz. It was like less or bucks a month or something if you do- and I think I found a special offer online I got a year because it was cheaper for a year and see the four year. Yes, three or four years and then right after that, like all these phone company start saying, by the way you get a year free of Disney plus with ears subscription to your phone like wait, what we're not dumb now they are not dumb and now here's where this problem this, where it's gonna turn into a problem, because all of these companies that own all this ip they own. All you know they own Disney owns, star wars, all of the Disney movies, all of the touchstone movies
the Fox movies they own, all of that stuff. So now what going to do with the license with Netflix canceled license because they have contract with Netflix and Amazon, but are they going to say to Netflix. Contract is up we're pulling Oliver material they'll got in places like Netflix, although by then Netflix has so much original stuff there indispensable to worry either you get a bunch of subscriptions for a while. I don't know how this shakes out in the end, this could be a lot of you know a lot of options to to get you. You're already starting to see things like you know. I don't know PLUTO and and Hulu now is Comcast, so that's Comcast, universal but an BC, but yourself
the other things that are just saying we're just going to put a lid her stream up of these channels. And so, when you, when you are to have a linear stream, that's free, and then you can go into an upgrade and say I want the whole Disney Plus, not just what they releasing every day in a linear stream. You know to mean an your replacing cable with things like PLUTO and PLUTO. Doesn't it's not me? It's like your cable company, but it's you not paying, for it is no cable. Service, their demi nearer you're, just going online and new. Seeing all these shows. What I need now is a way to ingest multiples, shows the same time because, right now all I can do is watch one show at a time. Too many shows. I want to watch like I need to wait like matrix like a plug in yet
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second stationary They can we give our guide the idea. I update regulars joy. They are right there. I know I know I know. I know you don't like them, but I got it. I got it. Sit sit. Ok, so Joy Bay higher yesterday and they and the view it was pretty incredible what happened with Donald Trump Junior. It really was that we have this. Here. This is it's down Trump Junior Kimberly guilty. Oh yeah, and then the fourteen hundred hosts of the view was, but nevertheless, when you look at the facts and you look at the circumstance new look at, in fact even on this showed the first day after the elections,
Let's start with impeachment, this has been something that's been going. It's been. A concerted effort by a lot of people are disappointed by the results of the election to undo and when will the Julie elected President United States than the one number two is when you look Well, that was why we know even happened. Is that the Ngos, until as well as everyone will kick his ass out, he's gonna sector? There is something called impeachment anew and I think that they have no memory of the things that they say they have no memory, none this very strange as it is for people that are on tape. Every you'll do yeah? There was an other exchange where they went back and forth on Latvia Slack face, because Donald Trump Junior says that you they're talking all the things that trumpet the hit the Don Trump, the president has said:
everybody says things and does things that they don't like later on, for example, Joybay Are you were in black face? and then he said I have, for example, will be you said someone who was raped a. Why wasn't rape rape when it came to Roman Polanski, this are not good moments and, of course they denied both of them. We know, of course, that both of these things have, I dont think, do we have the tape of joy. They are talking about her black face Where do we go from here? Here's here, you know this picture now, I, like you, I was so kind. I was with you weren't what one year in the circle, ass- twenty, not
hello. I'm party, I went as a beautiful african woman, so she was black with Afro, yet her and she had darkened skin. Would right not cultural appropriation? Ok right! Ok! So you have that going on, We also should remember, and Donald Trump Jr did not bring this part out of all. I wish you would have. This has to be added to the conversation, because Whoopi Goldberg comes back at them in and in egg, don't say that she was not imply What are you talkin about? She wasn't in Joseph Black Rice. She what I do remember somebody doing, owl Joseph Lack phase and in fact it was Whoopi Goldberg. Boyfriend out at the time. I believe they they refer to accept what back and look for some the stories. This is a big scandal at the time and it was TED Dance and at a roast, came out in black.
Is meeting watermill eating watermelon while he was the lover of Whoopi Goldberg wishes, the women weird news stories referred to it at the time to the point where this tomb Lee bombed right like this, I was it. It was ugly in the room everybody everybody was. There was at the Friars club, everybody who was anybody was there and the room got really really hostile call source of shots of black celebrities in the audience, looking horrified turning turning their chairs away from it, Montel Williams, anyway. She she said, but she said this is what we call for talking after the incident. It took a whole lot of courage to come out in black face in front of three thousand people I don't care if you didn't like it. I did
who are these people? Would she also said the end were, and he said the inward ten times she said it a few times in our response as well. All these criticizing people like Donald Trump. That back moment from it. Not at three minutes is, but I do strangely have it from you in your white boy friend whipping Joy, Behar responded. If you don't shut up, if you don't your numbers, you don't know your business and It is something that we really struggled with for a long time, because we had so many different arms to the blaze. We had some indifferent things. We and put all the numbers together, we didn't know what was working, what wasn't working you to know. You know a jar, the orders they finance the occur the sales
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join the party who talked about the blaze and how it's growing be a member blaze, tv dot com, he's a promo code, Glenn get ten bucks off I have to thank you for listening. It's it's Friday. This is the Glenn Beck program, and I want to thank you so much for listening. I was talking to somebody in Washington DC who is very well versed, and this is what he said about you. He said You're. Can you say it? Can you say it again? He said I know your audience is the
smartest audience in all of radio, and I believe that he said, but you guys are so far ahead. Can you go back and say that again? For me, this really well informed people. You are ahead and it is important that you stay ahead and you really know what's going on. I heard you this weekend. If you have not watched the specials that we've done we've done to on, crane. Now you can find them in their entirety or in bits and pieces, on you know, are you two pages or you can just go to blaze, tv dot, com, the first one is Ukraine just Ukraine? the Democrats, Russia, then yes, democracy does die in darkness and
the third special which is coming on Wednesday. Is the Democrats Hydra. Cut the head off one and two will replace it now, we've been on this story. A while, and I told three two weeks ago three weeks ago, we saw upon a name that we were We know that name. We had to go back to our files in two thousand and nine, which opened up can of worms that we honestly thought was over. We didn't think there was. We thought that this idea, had been discredited and they had put that tool back in into a into a workshop bench Ok, I was I use that tool anymore or they didn't they didn't and what we found what's really going on not only in Ukraine, but all around the world
Wednesday show next Wednesday presenting new evidence. That will give you a much better sense of why people are being asked to testify for the government. Why the State Department is picking in using certain people, and they are fighting so hard to shut this down and to just make is about Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. You'll Understand it completely. All of a sudden go. Oh my gosh! That's why this person, for instance, Jason Buttrill, is with us he's filling in today on blaze. Tv right after this program on the Steve Days Show but
for instance, to walk through today. What happened with the new evidence about you haven't even the american embassy ambassador for Ukraine there's a new memo that has just been released. This is perfect for what we're about to reveal on Wednesday, because they came out and again the media's missing. I think the real point here but their showing that she might have parted herself when she testified that arm. She didn't have any a communications with this with the staff. We now know that she was communicating to responded to this congressional staff of the democratic congressional staffer saying that she wanted to meet up with her and they could you know brief each other about what was going on. Will we know that now
so what we think is she was referring to the whistleblowers and that its an interesting connection, because it shows that these congressional staffers, who shift first said that they were, they didn't, have any contact with the whistle blower that they did with movement which near time supported. They were in contact with them, but it shows that they were. Working on a plan they were coordinating, whatever this story was, and this handful of diplomats and state department people in that strange how it's just these diplomats, They're all the all these witnesses they're all what it appears to be, coalescing around this story that they wanted to craft and When you see on Wednesday these names, all of the names that are coming out right now:
struggling with, not revealing too much, but, let's just say, you're going to both be pissed off and freaked out about the direction of the that the country is is going in. I think you know the news producer that I talked to last night who's been around this business for a while, and, I said hey, I just want to run some things by you and just you know you going to suggest get your read on this, and this producer said to me the first fault. The first response was shut the hell up. He said no, but you'd need next quote, but you'd need documents. Do you have documents You have evidence, do have solid. I said we have internal emails. We have documents, We have them on videotape. Doing these things, Sport is was like. I
physically sick to my stomach. This is one of the worst things I've ever heard, and the weird thing is that this What we're going to reveal was actual policy like presidential policy from two thousand and nine all the way up to twenty. Sixteen and why they're fighting the president because they're still doing this policy and its. Why you're saying I'll quit. If the president ages. This region I see, interfere with our stuff in Ukraine. And when you see what their actually talking about this start with our search for a few unanswered questions. Where's, the missing money, are you going to wire is NGO, seemingly being protected by the State Department. Well, I will tell you. If you believe that the it states
but be secretly involved in regime change. And regime change that doesn't even pick a winner. Just set countries on fire and should be spending our tax dollars. Setting the world on fire literally wait until you see the video and it's just Ukraine, it's happening today. And we will show you real time what our government in our state Department is doing in your name You will not like it, but this What this is truly all about when I said to you, this is in born stuff when I said you know they mocked me in the press yesterday, went back says that the whistle blowers is in danger from the day and see yeah.
Because, when you know what we're going to show you everyone at the state department at those high levels, Everyone involved around this whistle blower knows. You will know what on Wednesday, and you will realize why they do not want this whistleblower to testify cuz. He is, he is in Ukraine. He is all over it. He's like he's at his fingers are on almost every memo. Are they not. Yeah great be pretty damning if we could find actual like connections between the whistle blower and the people that are currently testifying in the Senate, and may it be really damning if there are working together. You know during this time that we're gonna put out out if someone could earn unearth, semi males like that, that that would be pretty crazy. I wonder if that's gonna happen
I wonder if we have those we do have the more than enough enough to quietly. Anyone who is honest, any republican, independent or Democrat. Anyone who is honest, who will look at this and say good heavens, this a makes Donald Trump look like an altar boy. B. I don't care who the president is. I don't care who did this? This has got to stop right now. That is, Wednesday and them for maybe one of the scariest things I found and looking through all this in researching this, I am not surprised that the Obama administration was doing this. I'm not surprise one bit, and I think that the vast majority, the audience won't be surprised, but the infuriating thing
is that as it can a goes towards, and this is what the impeachment inquiries bringing out is that this was built to operate on its own. It was built to endure. Hydra really is- and you know it's crazy week- we named this thing in turning, I said, it's either Spectre Spectre: Hydra, let's decide, Spectre Hydra and we talked about, but that will hydrate cutting the heads off. You know and to appear: does anybody remember the whistle blowers attorney tweeted in twenty seventeen. Yes, I did it I about near he treated on this front. Is it unrelated obviously unrelated to two years ago, as one falls to more
Take their place. Saying don't worry we'll get this done, has one falls to will take their place, meaning people speaking out against Trump at that time ready yet. But this is the that's the definition of a hydra, and that is what the Democrats have built and we show you the Democrats Hydra on Wednesday. Please tell everyone you know to be at their computer or be at their television or be on their phone if you're in an airport, make sure you are watching this. We ask that you would join us in this effort. We are hiring additional people to be able to continue the research because The story does not stop here. It just doesn't stop here. We were Another unrelated story, this summer,
Where we have been working with attorney general's here in the United States- and it was unrelated- no, no, it's not no, it's not. It is part of this hydra and we are going to have that. You're right after the first of the year, but please tell your friends: you want the truth can Who handle the truth? Can you handle it or do you just want to win and beat Donald Trump or keep him in office? Or do you actually can you handle the truth? We find out Wednesday blaze, tv dot com, blaze, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn, enter the promo code. Glenn you'll, safer, ten bucks when you sign up for a year. Do it now blade, tv dot, com, Glen and we'll see you Jason in a few minutes, ten minutes
Ten minutes on the Steve Day Show, as he fills in thanks, so much better the staff is a little sleepy right now, little sleeping where my office laughed, it left something on Facebook or Instagram. Today, office on one side of the hallway and our think tank is on the other side and in in my office all week have been artist. And writers, as we are working on the new book, arguing against socialist and on the other side of the hallway, I've got a whole nother team of writers and researchers that are working on the special for Wednesday. So weird Sleepy, but it's worth it, it's worth it and were producing some a really amazing stuff that nobody else is doing that so important, and we thank you for joining us in being a subscriber at the place. Are our sponsor this half hour
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recruiter, dot com, slash back, try it today for free, zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash back zip. Recruiter. The smartest way to hire and welcome to the program Oregon man on trial in the murder of his russian bride to be after investigators k of sea receipt allegedly linking him to her execution style, death. Apparently he was in a love triangle relationship and they started to get jealous and
things, went down with the KFC? and it usually, they usually do a colonel's he's kind of a crazy guy going crazy. Chicken death news at the death. A woman was killed after being stab today. At a Popeye's in Maryland. Vice chicken. After a fight over a chicken sandwich, the Popeye's triggered vent sandwich I mean have you had one these things I m not. We need to do this evening to tried on the air I d, I'm curious, as is the know, if it's actually any better or good, because they were, they're, making a big deal about it
I really like pop this is their new sandwich, though that's like overturning the world and wonder how much money I could make looking like Colonel Sanders, but pitching Popeye's. Oh my gosh. What do we have you dressed up in the colonel centres? Costume, yes, and then we will will do like hidden camera footage like from in a bush of you going through the drive through buying the pop. I sandwich almost sell it to them for an average. That's fantastic, that's brilliant advertisements! Ok, Just remember that us did I annexes out, so it s us for such freshmen or we will know. I am a Kentucky colonel. You know you are yeah. That's an ad sets an actual the governor appoints colonels in Kentucky and its area, or no one sister to know you got a thing for your wall. I dont know how to handle, but that was colonel centres. I look like colonel centres. I met Kentucky Colonel, I mean our york, so you wouldn't you
appointed. What was it like? Map Evan, though not in all those years and years ago, allow room. This is thirty years call when you were doing radio, yet they made me a little cover made me a Kentucky colonel. So I am the colonel Yeah yeah great look with influence all day. They liked me. They thought that was great and others like a glens, awry it loud tyres really do change so fast, yet they do now. It's gland causes riot and see what happens usually around chickens and would stay where goods it only. I was not anywhere near Maryland all guy route, but I'm not saying I wouldn't fight over a good chicken sandwich here. Listening.
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