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Restaurants Have Had Enough of the Lockdowns | 12/4/20

2020-12-04 | 🔗

Would bribing people with stimulus checks increase vaccinations? Stu recently heard from someone who took a trial vaccine. Discovery announced its own streaming service, and Warner Bros. will release movies simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. AOC was mocked for selling “Tax the Rich” merchandise with high price tags. Vaccination cards will apparently be a thing. Joe Biden would ask everyone to wear a mask for the first 100 days of his presidency. A fed-up California chef explains why banning outdoor dining is ludicrous as lots of industries continue to suffer. Will the woke community cancel Ellen Page’s character on “The Umbrella Academy” now that she’s “Elliot Page”?

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I understand the electorates of his important I'm getting to the point of I'm sick of talking about it. I I was already sick of talking about it and, like the summer They had already been talking with the election for so long and then he had to the the the riots in and the corona virus stuff and not in a man we have been beat up this year. We have been beat up this year good thing to remember is once the calendar turns to twenty twenty one, everything in your life, so I could get a lot better, a cousin just that numerical year that screwing us up Everything else is going to solve. Once we get past, just twenty slash, twenty everything's going to be fine. So we have that's not true by the way in any in any way. Let's see barrier, there's some good the men in very interesting stuff that I am interested in the Staten Island bar that has decided to first decline. itself a- what time zone and then come out and new.
our police are guarding it as if it's like that, you know line between North and South Korea. I don't understand what what is going on here, but we have bite has now said he will keep voucher as covert responses are found. She's been there forever he's been through a ton of president's. I think he was actually The head of factors, disease response, under the Woodrow Wilson Administration, Samuel Adams, John John Adams and similar items, the beer he was running the beer company back in the day, and then turn over to John Adams will get into that course coming on as well, and we found out recently that George Clooney, cuts his hair with a fee Toby we have at breaking news, for he is well it's not quite as breaking as the fact that By that I have a cat in the White House. Is that quite a lot level of importance but it is the sort of journalism you can expect right.
from your media. It is. It is interesting to watch the media sort of like fold into the the way they were during the Obama administration, where they just their job, was to just kiss, but their job was not asked. Tough questions, What was that point where you be like shocked when they would ask a difficult question? We would praising people again John Coral, when they would one tough question, because it was like an amazing moment. The day we play the cuts back like look at it. Wasn't a this brought about asked, which of course, should be like story of the day back then that's all it's now for four years of non stop badgering by the press, it's good to see them kind of settled back into where the planning? What have they did? Ask Obama tough questions like what is the thing that enchanted you the most inspired you the moves me. Do the most handsome doll That's pretty penetrating that those are tough questions. He did here. That's what he had to deal with, so
you're right now deal with the same thing: the Azure! That's fear and just a minute here tat. We got a bunch of great stuff it's a day. What was the final moron trivia debate and we had to revert back to the house or a made seven philadelphian fact that what we all know is not going to happen, pays and altogether sure the eagles have a great chance of meeting the Packers came say what race, if you believe in magic, I guess it's like you're about here is the fusion and entertainment
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stu for Glenn on a burglar back programme, interpolate. Seventy and be easy k and leave covered situation continues to strike death destruction all over the country? The cat scares enough on this thing. There champion think fearmongering to go around for this new administration. If they do in fact become the new administration, have we not reached the point here where they realise that sort stuff doesn't work on people? like just scaring people to death, it's just not effective I don't think they do realise that, because it keep doing it, You know whether we played it yesterday. The Biden thing where he says: don't travel for Christmas, because we're going to have two hundred and fifty thousand people die before January of the that's it that would be allowed. That would be notable three notable where it's almost
as notable as wind, Comma Harris said, I'm we're looking over two hundred and twenty million Americans who, just in the last several months, died We know too many that if, if I may out on that limb. I'm good that's just too many people you can't have to Twenty million Americans die in just a few months K. So if we can that two two hundred and fifty thousand, as you know, that's problem no, but either way that still a lot of people know we should. We should probably do better than that: I think you're right, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think you are incorrect yet another. They it'll just instead of giving people reliable information they can count on and and and letting them make their own decisions. They ve gone down this road, and we seen over and over and over again that this is not the way to go. It's nothin
certainly not the way to treat Americans they got. You ve seen the sum of some asian countries, for example, who have done relatively well with with the virus, and part of that. they ve been dealing with these viruses popping up routinely for a long time yet with South Korea, one that South Korea is not really was successful, and I think they still are Hong Kong. Japan has been and what is the difference? What are they doing that we're not doing First of all, they have a lot more flexibility in their constitution. We do I I am of the type of person, Pat who would say the freedoms that we have in this country, not worth it Taylor, ship flat I'd rather have what we, how you're saying that freedom should not just be flush down the toilet when something goes wrong right. So I'm I'm on the imo. the cost benefit analysis of the situation, freedom, is going to win the day. For me really, however, probably its problem
We easier to stop a pandemic if you're a dictatorship. I think, if you can just tell us if you can just be like China and weld people into their homes, you can you can probably your daughter here s a little bit Yankees win whatever when you have like an outbreak in in a community, and you can just I don't know all the p. the community disappear. It does seem to be easier to control the virus with those sorts of standards and ale. There's a lot of different things playing into that, particularly in Asia, where I they ve had Sars pop up and a million of these other scares, there was Things are used to dealing with this type of thing. There are also used to dealing with the government who, in there system of government can tell them you guys are gonna stay home for an extended period of time to worry about it. That's not what were used to hear you, gotta I think some almost not expect I think, compliance from the american people early on for this.
ok, what you have six weeks ago or too weak to stop the spread and turn into sexual like ok, they merit people were pretty much on board. For that I mean that, even though it was a d, called thing. I'm not saying that we know the everyone above the policy, but people were willing to give them the the doubt in and try to do what they could, as as we learn more about the virus as we stocked up on things like masks- and you know it- beginning- and this was when I was amazing- that we were not prepared and that's not it tromp administration thing. That's it's amazing. Just to see how the country was that really ready for this? But after that it started to get to a point where we all realised we have be able to have a country, that's open. We have to be. able to how we can just shut down the economy, we have to be able to figure. This out is on your hurting people in other ways, and it now and they never really adjusted the messaging. All that much I mean is certainly here. People now say that the next go back into locked, downs and and schools they they ve come a long way on schools and leaders.
things that I think conservatives were saying for the very beginning and you gotta keep. was open and you had to get the how'd. You get the nurses and doctors to go to work. If you All the schools closed. What we're ours is happening so that came along. I that's come along now. I think, even in places like New York City there, Ok, we need openness, schools up especially since the infection rate among the kids, is pretty low. It still pretty low and even doktor fouche. Is admitting that you'll. Let me ask you this, though, what about this? Basel and it's a great one, would you be willing to get a covert vaccine in exchange for a fifth nine hundred dollar stimulus jack, so in other words the bribing you to get the vaccine with. Dean hundred bucks from the government yeah. I think it's an interesting policy actually because in ITALY, because they're trying to get people to do it, obviously Nylon Delaney. For a Democrat from Maryland. India is idea he actually ran for president for about fifteen minutes to be clear of other people
It proposes that an oath I mean Delaney may have as well he's getting the credit for it for some reason, but I'm in a third, this discussed on you know of multiple conservative resources jails check for the vaccination, because they're gonna give another stimulus check anyway. So the thought is Hague. Why don't we to the vaccination in the zone, that people will actually go out and get it and the it's also there's also kind of an interesting thing. They goes on here in that usually like wealthy. People who are better off are number one more likely to want to get the vaccine and never to have been
access to health care to get the vaccine. So one of the things there struggling with is how do we get this two communities? Who might not me no hit those those levels of income, especially since the virus is so racist, as is only Raiseth acting minorities at a much higher rate than white people? Look at you, you! You have lived in easily if you're, if you're, maybe not as wealthy, might live in a less more dense area. Right live with more relatives from multiple generations. There are reasons why it's gonna hit those communities harder and solutions, figure out ways to do and the like, while people who are in the community's might very well be motivated by fifteen hundred dollars to go, get there check. You know if you're going to some upper class neighborhood, they might not be, as we know, they're gonna do what they want to do, but fifteen hundred dollars, not nothing, that's a lot of money, and you know that it's kind of what they're they're talking about now and I think people will probably get on board with it. Honestly. I would not be surprised if something like this comes to fruition and I guess
seems like seventy five percent, is the the percentage there king for to have inoculated YO Delaney said the faster we get to seventy five percent of this country vaccinated the faster we end covered so their assuming is that it's gonna take about seventy five percent. Is I've heard I've heard percent, is much lower than that to wear were pretty much ok, Yeah. So there's there's a bunch of disagreement on this. There are some pretty legitimate scientists who think it's me. No more like forty or fifty percent. Are you closer to the number of her yeah I've internet? Then there's people on the internet hoteliers like one percent they can. I I think the internet- everyone just assumes were constantly in heard immunity at least half the audience, the other half the audiences will never get to it is I it's hard to understand when you run your on social media, but there are there are scientists that it's not island states, the leading scientific position its it out. You get in
things worked with a new virus and emeralds trying to figure it out, and everyone has their theories. But it is. There are some people who believe it's gonna be less in with their unity cells and end and familiarity with former corona viruses that all play into each other, and it could be more like forty or fifty. I think that the typical numbers about six is about two thirds. So if you go, seventy five percent have the inoculation: it's not a hundred percent effective so they will get you to about two thirds. You gotta river there too, that a lot of people like myself are. Covid nineteen survive and you ve already got. I've already had itself. The platelets early anti bodies are the right, so I really should be lasted line. Do to get it if you know, if intuitive widely available, at least when there rationing, it they're, not gonna, give it to people who are already had it probably, but dive It is an interesting idea. Actually, especially because we all know to be honest about this, for a second, we all know they're going to pass and other stimulus bill tied to covert obvious.
its defiling haven't even the Republicans are like how about a trillion dollars, and then the Democrats like about three trillion dollars likely gonna end up somewhere around our one and a half somethin like that. So you to expect that that's coming, and if it's gonna come anyway, what might as well get a benefit for taking the vaccine we use. Ok, like the election. What if we more people vaccinated vaccinated than we have people in that country at what about that hundred fifty percent had acknowledge, as do it with the election. We can certainly do it with the vaccine, but It has been working on for months on this agreement and can can't come to it an agreement on the stimulus package, so There are still at odds even Twelve million people could lose unemployment benefits and a few weeks, if nothing is done. So that's why think a lot of people.
in Congress are looking at. This is me, maybe doable. Maybe we just bride people to get the vaccine than we kill two birds with one stone, although think. You're still gonna have some resistance to the vaccine. Oh yeah, there I its supply, to me how I mean my produced peccary at least Keith Malaga. Really adamant about not getting the vaccine. Yes, then he's currently, at home because of a covert scarecrow does address ass. Yet I think a lot of people will have that. I tend to believe- and I could be wrong in this- tend to believe that you're going have about half the country. Is the polling seems to show about half the country's fine taking it? the country has some level of scepticism. I think I think it something like sixty percent of people are fine taken in the first couple months, that no lesser wanna be first in high, but every day the first couple budget, something like sixty percent and yet this point We tend to twenty percent, who are like hard core, never gonna. Take it, no matter what it's that other group to get to seventy percent,
which, which might be you Twenty percent of the people who fall into that group. I tend to be Eve benefits as effective as it seems to be. If these most hold up and their long pattern, anti lizards or something on getting the vaccine. Then people will just be like our rights screw it. Let's get this over with you. I thought you would. I start seeing a group of lizards, though that used to be people I'll aren't any more because they got the vaccine in this turns out to be a side effect. I think that's gonna cut down in the amount of people that want to take. I think it good. Ten per cent of people will, if they know learner, turn into a lizard, will say they don't want to take the vaccine. I think it's because it ends chamber sent ok. I talked to a guy last night on students, America, who took it, who was in the vaccine trials ah and went through a rat's. I love that's a historic here and in about one minute, aright
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such heavy loads it is balanced due for Glenn on a glimpse programme is to add an Gillette he's, a guy who was in me he was illicit Florida and he does a lot of travelling and they had an up option for him to join the covert nineteen vaccine trials he signed up for it. Now. I think I mention this would before I signed up for the trials as well Did you really? I did? I did not Gideon they deemed me to sexy, to be representative of the american people where they run elegant. What what? What's the point on a white linen resigned involving Katy, either that it is never email me back sexy most people eat I'm a lot of people after I get into it and did not, but he got into it and actually took that he took the Madonna vaccine. I believe
was the Madonna one, and you know if you're in the can control group or now so you yeah. So it's interesting as you have happened, population in the trial, gets the vaccine, half get the placebo, and so he it's a t, shirt shot process for shoddy, had had no no side effects at all got the second dose he spent one night, had chills and he had a slight fever and he he ever cited about that, because he knew that men he had the vaccine fairly must have had a voting. You wouldn't get that from the placebo. Very minor side effects, and so it was almost like beginning of actually getting cove it right. chills in a fever or could be one of those. Yes, indicators yeah, but yet did that was that was that was at an end. He was find in it not ever so yeah. He said he read five miles. The next day, which I found to be just irritating. No human being is supposed to run. Funneled might have Robert insure relief
acts, I've run five miles as well, combined in my entire life. So yet, but he is so yet emulate. Obviously, you never know in a. We only can even really only check the effectiveness of a vaccine. We talk an entire population right. You can't you say, allied and get it well. Maybe he wasn't gonna get it anyway. We don't know if it's, active on one person per se, but the results of the trials look really promising an end I can understand here, I think if you dont want to take this, Then you shouldn't have to take it. I don't think there's any two meters personal liberty argument among you now for a mandate, but when you about wanting to have the economy really open, not like is now not like it. Even in the summer at the lowest point of covert when most of them things are open up, literally backed and literally back to normal. That is, I have to do it now. Another it would be developing a treatment right via, but
seen as that is much is going to be just come along faster than they ve tried a lot of treatments. A lot of them have chipped away at the death rate. Thing, but it has not. Is you know it's not? It's were still in this place. I mean I've talked about this alive and we talked about yesterday's well that the end of this week was going to be a week where, because of the data delays from Thanksgiving we're gonna, get all these peaks and records this weekend, that's happened, but it's all real. I mean like they, it's not just that. It's not just data building up like that. We are in a period that the hospitalizations as the ones tat that doesn't really do this and we are at a an all time, high by a large margin and hospitalizations four covert were over a hundred thousand. Which is I mean in March, Roy Sixty thousand. reference is just that were very, it's very spread out right now. You know Oh, it's not as intends as it was in New York. It's just more widespread and that's gonna wind up,
in the numbers very large. Unfortunately, but it's not it's a. It is totally different situation than it was in March and April. So just get us to immunity by next football season this so that as we don't have to go through this nonsense again with no fans understand that it is a real priorities, fats appropriate into me. It is it's one of those also beware. You'd have to cancel all their games again and come up with. You know this for the deaf and blind play in a match up between This would be what you in the school for the deaf and blind, get together on the football field. You throw it all away but the diver all of em effort from you. I've heard it, but that is, I have heard it before. By the way we have like seconds here before the break em in be while you were an actual national championship.
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Well now those are the only ones we're talking about Sammy than theirs chewing the fast at an hour. Why you're? Why that skip chewing the fat? Yes, ah oak available, wherever broadcasts are so mere joining us now. I have to tell you that I am thank you idea. I've heard of you talked about yesterday, because only I'm sorry, I missed it must move the broadcasts yesterday, but There is a video released from the state of New York, where people are chanting in an hollering interest rates, and I can't make out what they're saying hoping specially news do that you'd be able to. I know you understand New York yeah this morning that you could Help me understand what they're saying sure in this video
after the girl, math kid we hear it again. I care has a clear big enough what their what they're saying is also looking around. Like somebody socks, I think you're it more time. I can't quite it's difficult, Geoffrey and some of the big idea. Why did almost sounds like something like well most sucks? What that's it myself? I would know thing. It is frightening because in New York the governor of three or of New York is Andrew Cuomo and he sucks how that
make sets Cuomo socks makes perfect sense right out for New York. I want to change that and I started. Thank you you're, so glad I really, rather than the figure that what I was talking to somebody. The other day about this relative who lives in New York and we're talking about Andrew Cuomo and, of course, Obviously I believe enter Como is awful dot com, but We are talking about, like it hasn't really changed in the pulling his approval rating All that we march it's gone from like at one point. It was almost like. Eighty percent is gone down like the seventies of the sixtys, but it needs to be slowly, one like why, like I can understand his family almost like maybe family harass his brother likes it yet and that naturally it it should be the one on earth like him anymore. I get the daughter of the boyfriend that was workin out the mansion global shipped. Him to the border
now you see my daughter in Vietnam, canadian border yeah that is lying is gather that actually kind of something that did happen and it s. So I don't know. Will it turn around in your can in obviously so liberal, but they knew at some point when you know you have a liberal governor who you might like some of their policies, but you realize no, they ve killed your grandparent ito. You I don't algae coming is intended damp and your added two things that I would lose out. It does seem like new Yorkers are becoming more out spoken about how bad Cuomo ways, but the poles have moved enough for my liking, get fat or its position also looking forward to the new random streaming service. We don't have enough streaming. Services is an ivy anymore now growing Hobbes know about. That. Certainly is no. Unless this is exciting news, discovery plus disco
recovery discovery plus, there's gonna be a new timings. There was looking more, you have all been clamouring, I know, and finally, on did fifty five thousand episodes twenty five hundred current and classic shows. I mean gonna be the other networks I mean they have HDTV Food deal C own planet earth and of the ever popular and more. I love that China may do. None was ruled by swimming service, the discovery, plus gonna go. Dollars, but also their chairs? It arouses or search urging a little bit more than they really are there for ninety nine Ninety nine, a six ninety nine ad free for discovered it at that's interesting. I don't know I've known as people will get to the point and look we happen to be, and I happened to be a blaze tv that we all love and
of you to subscribe to. Please do blaze, TB, Dotcom, Slash, Glenn, but it is. There is some sort of like a how many differences I have no idea how many I have I feel, get fifty, will you look at your Amazon right? Everybody's got him Amazon. Prime most people have net although we dropped hours, because that child porn thing have you got your throw them out there you're grandeur, Lou, you got your CBS, you got Disney, plus you ve got M c- has a streaming thing to rapid tv, plaid elbows review last and looked out on you hurry Clinton's broadcast she just announced yesterday with Apple deployed Elsie right, yeah, one white, their creative created a production company in their first thing is gonna, be the book that they put together about strong. Strong windows drives gonna, be great Can we infer, there's gotta, be great, that's apple. Tv makes me want to subscribe. Man do I want arising people, so that means
That's quite a number of measures we more than that NATO and there will be a back seat for your acts, are real max and AIDS. Bio MAX just announced that they ve got new deal now where Warner brothers, their mood these Norma they're gonna do wonder woman December this month, gonna launch. movie, theatres and HBO Mac simultaneously vs. They just ink the legal. Now all of twenty twenty one movies on Warner brothers will be released at the theater and on each be oh max for free for the first today seems hard to lasting how big a deal. That is where I know that industry lobby and I d, do I urge feeder chain that stocks are going in the tank in it Is this the end of the theatres? I don't know, I mean Universal just made that deal right where they were gonna start, though they made the deal with it with a movie theatres, that they're going to allow their movies to be released at the movie, theatres for all
for thirty days before it goes to video on demand, but if it doesn't make, I think The fifty million dollar mark than its seventeen days and a ghost a video on demand, and universal, was giving the movie theatres of all. Of that, though, so No, I will see what happens just I just. I knew as soon as they announced the wonder. Woman deal and This was announced on doing the fat by the way that there was going to be a done deal for the rest of for it, the negative for sure you and that's it. Would they are saying that this is only you know creative solutions for twenty twenty one, so those creative solutions are gonna, be here are gonna, be forbidden. Limited amount of time now in the future to the theatre is actually clothes, and you have this like weird chicken and egg thing: we're gonna when he's movie theatres, where you just they're not releasing any movies. So, there's no reason for theatres to be open right and there's no reason to go to theatres costs are not releasing any movies,
there's no reason to release movies is now the theatres or open. So there's no no real way to get the stork. This is a great, I think, actually a really good idea, because they can guarantee a bunch of cash from HBO, and they can still get into theatres while they were saying HBO Max was saying they only HBO mentioned specifically only had like nine million subscribers. Hbo has twenty eight million and many many of those people that have HBO haven't flipped over two HBO Max yet so they want related to flip over eight b o max and they want new subscribers? Whistler gonna get with these movies, but you get a lot, but the knight Bravo Main remain. Releasing seventeen movies, but they're gonna lie
but they're gonna, release for HBO Max and the theatres, and I mean who doesn't want to watch Godzilla versus Kong. Gonna, say the I'm dumb enough to show up for guide. Ours is car hire. They didn't think it was the last Godzilla movie, which was another like war of the monitors, and it was not good luck Godzilla Movie was really bad. I didn't, it will I assumed, nor the conversion though the one before that was actually good, that the original one with a weak point, what brand Crampton in it and that's what the original Godzilla, but the original of this latest string of them is that the one word Godzilla said is thou on yeah. He said you gotTa James guns of the suicide squad. You have the long. According to this release, you have the long awaited fourth matrix,
a lot of a long awaited, I thought they ended. That thing and oh and Matrix three was so had the looted and matrix too, was also really bad the matrix. What is right and we at the other ones, have been terrible. You have space jam, know who this is allowed Bron, who just into new deal too by the word. Yes, a lot of my lot allowed was deserted abroad, or are you in love with the fact that he may stick around in the NBA long enough to see brawny getting the legal good will now be great great at around James and Lebron James Junior playing altogether. It he'll make sure that the kid gets the sql. Could it
the kid me any more ways. It possibilities as annoying as Lebron James. Is it possible? Is it possible that Bron would actually take a pay cuts to get his kid? The team? Why keep or other teammates, and he decided? No, I'm gonna go take a baker, not a dime. He will not get a dime Justin Rebel and then you have the new interpretation of dune throughout. All around was so great right. I don't you remember one in nineteen aid. What, however, do what was the old ivy? What happened was, or it was like eight hours, long, member Greco and what they did was they put a camp? on a sand dune, ok and then they showed that first half hour, whose real that was already human people said it was slow for me. Are you now,
happen dear, do open, but so well, it's pretty good. The Abbe reviews are interesting was also a prick. Will, I believe, of the sopranos series? Will I hope I helped to finally put that together. Yeah there's, nothing was to be new work is that is in the title, and it would be a are still strong for HBO right I mean they have those slots on all here I mean there's some some episodes during the series that you always have to go back to what season five. You know the final epochs It was also like the one thing I know from. I listened to chewing the fat with Jeff Fisher Pocket you can get right now, you're subscribing to Pont. At this moment. is a! U and over the transportation numbers. With a t say and how we were. What was the Duma did the details of that, while some of the areas they actually went up over the holidays, they had like three or four days that actually broke a million. the turnstile, so million that was there grew, went through Chee essay security.
Before the whole pandemic they well, the lowest got down to was eighty six thousand six thousand from what during two highly energy right right. That was in the heat of the pandemic. Normal number is going over two million and then started going to couple thousand three hundred thousand we're back up to about between six and nine hundred thousand drop died by over ninety place when it was two and a half million I'm gonna have to three million has bouts back to roughly half right now, it's interesting, the theatres which were doing about two hundred million dollars a week in the theatres I'm not that long ago, in February, fourteenth through the twentieth that two hundred and fifteen million dollars and theatres that dropped off you like we know there was marched six, the in the wake of more six in to one hundred thirty four million, then the next week went to. Fifty eight million the next week weren't you
a thousand six hundred and thirty two dollars me they were sucker automatic. They were celebrating crude, yet Riley's over the Thanksgiving holiday made bullets. I was fourteen year globally, forty million, as I say here, so what data my five thousand dollars for a few weeks that eventually in a once. We get out of the six weeks this in order to stop the spread of whatever few opened up gonna fuelling a hundred thousand gotta check. Five hundred thousand through the summer. Finally, broke a million in August, so think of how the idea then three million eight million, sixteen million thirty million in September forth, and then the started kind of getting those Ireland back down again went the other way, forty million thirty million- and it's been right around between eleven and fourteen million for the past two months. That still a ninety percent drop claiming I've never been in a really The order near us right now die hard. Okay, we we can see
called the Christmas moved by the way is outright and doktor suits the Grinch love actually chase theirs when all my life never heard of it don't know these people else is showing the crews let him go and the war. With grandpa you about one huge movie, that's released has been released for the next. I started the today. I think, maybe yesterday and through the weaken the Elvis re mastered. That's the way it is movie. Ok, so given that our eye, while Jeff egregious that I left off the last word just anything really wasn't egregious just where every year there is a lot more break ins than usual. You want to make sure that you are preparing yourself too, to be safe in ACT, your belongings, smart. Now simply safe home security is having a huge holiday sailing at fifty percent offs, any simply safe system and a free
already camera so amazing deal and amazing deal you're going you're gonna wanna get for the holiday is, if you don't have an alarm system, and I know you'd have you watched the country I mean to have is on fire all the time you probably haven't alarm system to protect your belonging, get forty four off simply safe, plus a free security camera to day by visiting Sir please safe back dotcom, this those expiring. Soon, it's simply safe back dot com, simply safe back dotcom, lessening back its patents do for Glenn. on the Glen Back program. You know what I love. I love this trend of them he's going so quickly. HU, the home market, so you like this simultaneous release of wonder woman, nineteen, eighty four, whatever it is going to feeders and age MAX. At the same time, I love that I am
I looked out of the sad I think if the theatres just become obsolete after this, I, like an angry theater. I do tat. I really like even knew what they were. You can go eat, meals, yes, like that, it's nice to get out of a house yeah- and I also like I don't watch a movie unless I'm watching it late at night, no chance of getting through movie in my house. There's no chance of it someone's any comments are talking to me so come in and made up my kids gonna wanna go outside and play like. There's. No I'm getting through a movie unless it's veto every one in the houses in bed so like the theatres nice could right. You can actually focused on what you're watching and they made it super comfortable in these new theatres, where they get the recline or and all tat, and they bring you the food. It is nice, you ever John Edwards, the of failed candidate for president
I do, but he used to talk about to America's. That is definitely the case when it comes to movie theatres, if you're in a shroud that bring particular and not enough. This is you know every region exact details, but like the south versus the northeast, I can I can talk about and that, like the theatre, you're if you're in New York City, the is it. The theatres are not like, they are in Texas, their needs and the huge they ve got reclining in the you're. Getting food delivered to you in theirs, occasional ones that they put up in the northeast, but it's not like it is down here down here. There's a new dining theatre, every viewed a mile and a half on the main roads you're driving on here. This is a lot of big empty buildings that are. Can we popping up down here? It's gonna be a big deal if they go out of business can be said and of our private leather. Closed run here already yeah. That's it. unfortunate that I, like the theatres. I want a protected, but I don't know you're gonna be able to
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Your programme starts interests. What you're about to here is the fusion and entertainment and enlightenment. This man, program or capitalism seems to be a dirty word to people like Alexandria Curzio Cortez, entail. It benefits them in some way like it does, with their new teacher or sweatshirts. What she's doing with those also workable.
Talk because the vaccines are coming in order. There are some side effects that are worth looking into you will see that in lots more coming up in sixty seconds is a glaring back programme So you know about honey honey, free out for your phone or device that finds amazing promo code when your shopping online- and that applies to when you check out, if you, if you know that if you ve ever, used honey before you know: you're, saving, money, it's really cool but United might not know. Is the great honey gift gift away our honey we pay for a million dollars worth of free gifts. This holiday season really cool. You can make it such gifts, that you want from certain stores and then honey, but watch those for you, twenty four, seven to let you know when the price drops, which is really handy outside the contests, it's a great feature, but the gift way. Works like this. Yet honey to your computer, create a free account start putting gifts in your drop.
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and anywhere can afford them in a way right. Attacks of the rich goes only rich people can afford it. So they'll be it's a stupid tax for the rich and she's got a green new deal hoodie that you can get, for just sixty five dollars and I'm sure that's made of hemp source locally. I'm sure it is, Gosh you, it is it's good to see ice at so funny. I love that idea as it amazing that these the inner they hate, capitalism, it's killing the the planet, it's killing people and their income inequality and we can't have that and then the church outrageous prices for merchandise, so they can benefit from it. I love that now I have no problem with capitalism, of course she's the one that has the problem. We have no problem with charge. Fifty dollars I mean now I will The prices are much better on stew, does marched out, come the stewardess America, official merchandise, including Santa Claus for credit for Christmas and the best man, to drink a war.
Holiday beverage out of that, has a nice city escape on fire, Christmas tree on fire in the foreground, and it says it's not a riot, it's just a mostly peaceful tree lighting and what would I pay like sixty five dollars judgment must likewise examine five dollars, really yeah. I also I mean it's a great t, shirts and in all its Edric. Cuomo was awful stuff. We are out of the Nancy policy sucks pants down we sought out of our entire entire holiday shipment in like today's night, you don't know what I am constantly amazed by how much this audience thinks Nancy Pelosi sucks incredible, there's almost no limit to the of suffrage they think Nancy closely creates
agree wholeheartedly on that. By that I mean to habitats, stew does merged outcome. I will say it's amazing to see a cause. You Cortez try to do this because there's no justification, none for like. I know the reason why I wanted to sell you. A Santa Claus teacher is because its profitable for this company. That's why I want to do it. I think it's a fine idea, I think people really like it when you are to holiday parties or whatever and it's cool. tat kind of bond with the audience, but, generally speaking, I want to make me for the company, because I want them to keep the show on the air that how this stuff works and what is the justification for this hypocrisy right? What is it, what is it so she can buy. What more adds to keep herself in power unbelievable at void of what it is? It is very typical of of of the law after me. You know what that one of the easiest ways to get yourself sued is to put the image of Craig Vera on an item because Someone has the actual copyright his image and will soon you for it. Please
people who love socialism so marching in communism, they want to make money off that image because in reality, at the athlete, in particular but Elysium always wins These in these politicians can come out on top Bernie Sanders his entire, your career. Notoriety is made on being ache, a democratic socialist and everyone knows me, he had to have known what he bought the second vacation home, that this was not gonna, look good for him the end of the day. He rather have a second vacation home, then to them we're price he's, gonna pay for for that on the downside. No doubt he wants the staff look you know, that's natural, its humanist people get so far about the, though the sort of capitalism, elements of of the holidays, and, if that's all, you think about it. That's all you do then yeah sure you can overdo it, but I like it. I like the cap
was in part of the holidays. I like the gift, giving I liked the part I like that stuff. I don't one source of theirs. So over commercialized title commercialized commercialized brings a lotta cool things. It is a good way of like vilify capitalism, to say gosh course lies now, of course, if you completely or the reason for the season you can overdue. But it's ok to have elements of that and there I like, you want to have that cool gift. I remember going back and getting like the new video games system when I was a kid or that I got a new bike. I remember those christmases and it was a really cool, part of it the wrong with that right, it's fun. It is it's part of our culture yeah you're right as long as you still celebrating baby Jesus. Yes, I think it's ok. That's the reason for the seas exactly this. That's why this happens. Every thanksgiving and with the exception of this one, is the first year. I can remember not talking about this be willing. I can't believe, I'm
Friday people will go. Don't go shopping and now store we are starting to open on Thanksgiving. I can't believe I don't know. Maybe if people want to go out and buy crap on Thanksgiving, they should be able to maybe so where they wanna go out, and maybe you shouldn't be telling other people what they can do with their holiday about that. Maybe of stores one. Oh, what what about those employees? Well, you know what they have to work: have to work there, and you know what they're probably getting- and I hear this every year when we talk about this, this employees who say you know what they're actually gonna pay me double time. So I really want to work on Thanksgiving, but everyone keeps harassing, my store, so they have to close you I try to that, need the extra money will be really nice. I'm gonna have my lunch at one p m, and then that's we're gonna have our little family gathering and then four p m. When the store opens until midnight, I get to go out and make double for my shift. Its awesome,
not everybody. I know that, like some people might net, but that we shouldn't harassing stores into closing, because we think people shouldn't be out, I'm illegal. What powerful thing to be able to claim. I dont think those people should be able to work those days you know what this that we certainly will really implementing covert laws from above. I dont think people should be able to open their stores. We can in about it from that level or in the middle of a pandemic it, but yet it were not allowed to have people work if you're having a very big family dinner, you should be able to go to the store on the same day, where policy is that I may I honestly like if you ve had a family gatherings. A lot of people would love to get half the people to go, go shopping and thus hang around a bottle, should we are opposed to it. Don't What I saw. That's all and if you know you're,
employ find someplace else to work. This closed on three on that Thanksgiving Day or get get that day off at Menelik. Right that I understand there be some people who want the day off and will not be able to get the day off, but that we don't plummet those things from government levels like you have to be able to let the free market do it's thing it ways of working out well, in the end, the thing our society gets all worked up over now It's really unbelievable, like the Thursday urge, wasn't the Thurston it was the Wednesday night game we I'll Michael's and Chris Collins Worth and during course of the game are. Maybe maybe this was at the very beginning of the game between Baltimore in Pittsburgh. Collins worth was complementing Pittsburgh fan and for their knowledge of the game and how into it they all are
people are all upset now because he said he said this. A Greek is agreed, This comment there could get Collins was would get himself in trouble. A lot lately he's been saying lots of really controversial thing. They said the bill M thing here: thou stout terribly those terrible, but why wasn't terrible by the wait? All he was was giving some those. This is like the Bay week, where they're all you had to say something one wasn't it we want. Every single NFL broadcasts had to start with. By the way we don't like one black people get killed by police officers? Oh wow name for breaking that news to us. I like it such a ridiculous thing like we do all understand that in a black I've actually matter just as this. This is obviously a slogan that steps in the way and and basically is a pitch as the founders talked about as a marks- organisation, but even if you don't you, even if you don't
like the organization, everybody kind of, comes together and says yeah. We of course, all life's matter but had to do that and we wanted for the NFL to say we we want tell you about George Floyd, because he's got something to do with the NASH. Football. We question mark, and so he cannot get gave out in and gave this sort of surface guy that we are going to say. We are, of course, understand that black lives do matter right out, silence,
deafening silence at the outset. I want to know part loud knows the background of the organization. I think of leading to say this, but here the which is not going to come out to do an endorsement of blacklist matter, the organization users. I got it out. You say we need to say it. Let's move on to some football, but Wednesday night. It was even worse stew because he said and the Ladys, and I mean this is about the down. Why? Oh, how dare you wouldn't? Dare you say, that women in its burg actual, Have specific questions about football. That's all! That's horrible! How dear that's that's worse than anything, Hurley Whites Dean did. Why is he not prison right now, at a level boy, Anywise, Europe, United Cereal? He should be right next to Harvey Wine steam, yet his jail cell. Thank you. Thank you. Pat
because I guess the insinuation here is being women don't pay attention to football and dont, know football and don't let football in and the problem with college was that he was surprised that they did no for biogas, like he was surprised he shall. While I was impressed because they knew so much as we all know as all human beings. No men care more about sports than women. Do this is not a shock. This is not breaking news. Media faggots effect all that stuff that stereotyping women yells stereotyped. It happens to be based. In fact, it's a generalization is, and I swear to say yes, it is a generalization. Every statistical measure will show it and that doesn't mean that no women like football or know about football, but many of them, probably the majority ghetto and some women know more about football than some men. Your at is how these curves work. It looked at. Lord summers got into trouble for this back when he was forget what Harvard, when he
about how like well. If you look at the distribution of scores of with math, How you see that you know men do. I have more of the higher level math scores, but women do better. Overall, I think was, I think, his summer, it's been awhile since I went into that debate, but the bottom line was. I was like just something he was based off of a chart Yeah they're like how dare you, you gave your hand, state, fag right and that's the thing here. Look at their. Of course, there are women who know a hell of a lot about sports, but, generally speaking, dont care as much as guys do. This is not shocking to anyone. We all know it's true. Yes, we all are one hundred percent certain. It's true. It's like this gender thing that keeps coming. With the end of this week it was Ellen page. The actress from Juno and many other things who spent the rest of her life since Juno apologizing for Juno, because it was I think it mistakenly. A pro Life movie by economic, they meant to make it a pro life movie, but it was a pro life movie if I accidently by accident and she's spent the rest of us
life running from this great movie? She made an. So now, she's now Elliot Page, apparently yeah she's, now Elliot page. Please stop referring to her ass. She shall! Yes, you write his eyes to personal prevalent. Ok go ahead. Please do not you! gendered language took to address everyone? Thank you. Thank you. So excited his old throat closed little that work, but I would say part of this- because I don't care, if Ellen Page, to become Elliot Paita whenever you, whenever you whenever you, but we all are certain, we every single person on earth knows that a nine year old should not be making a decision You can say what note we should actually allow them to be themselves. If I would a new path, nine year old, kid I've a nine year old kid. He should be well to choose his College major now will come in now
will there be a lot of college graduates graduating with degrees degrees in pokemon? transformers ride like because you, no and that's it a totally reversible decision if you go school? Now half the people who go to college dont want of working in the field of their major. You can always change your profession, but we would all recognise its come. Politically insane to let a nine year old choose their choose their college major, but reason let them switch their gender, which is it for right there. Isn't it with an irreversible series of surgeries and hormone treatment and all these things and we're going to act like that's rational it. We all know ridiculous. Every single progressive who make the argument that it isn't insane knows it's insane they what they're, all their other secretly they, although that is in
crazy we're old position. They are. They are living in crazy town on that one, but think they're all they are all thinking themselves. Will we their turn him to signal right there trying to signal of some sort of tolerance where we don't understand all these positions, and we to make sure that we we always the right side of these issues, which is nonsense and they all know same thing with his colleagues were thing you saying something that everybody knows is true and we have to act like we deny it for some reason here and get all pissed off about a triple because there's nothing else to get pissed off in the world about now we got it. We got a deck Chris Collins Worth first sexism triple eight seventy seven be easy, came more patents, Stupor Glenn caught up with the holidays. Approaching is important to practice. Safe online shopping, make sure you get the s at the end of the HTTP so important, and why Safety get lifelike identity theft protection because not all sites are on the nicest you'll want to know if your personal information has possibly been exposed or is already being spread on the dark web lifelike.
Right the leader and identity theft, protection able to detect a wide range of threats and know what to do about them when they appear No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all, businesses, lifelike can hope. You feel warmer protected. This holiday season save up to twenty five percent on your first year at lifelong dot com with the promo code back twenty five percent off at lifelike Dakar promo code is back ten second station. I d, who you know something that hasn't gotten a lot of publicity, which is kind of surprising because, because usually win a billionaire is caught. Some sort of sex. scandal. That's all you hear about for a while, but this Robert Craft thing at that message, age parlour in Florida,
seems to me, he's gotten pretty much. A total pass you just get on asylum law. How do we not talk about this with Jesse? Rather we should have this central region. It is life philosophy because he essentially got off Scot Free, but three women arrested as part of the high profile human trafficking sting in Florida were sentenced recently as part of plea agreements there, I'm going, get any further jail time, but they were all find, I believe, a thousand dollars for their efforts on robber crafts behalf and he's pretty much In the clear really strange- and it turned out not to really be about sex trafficking, they weren't trafficking like you know, selling sex slaves or anything, except that we're just performing certain functions for the clientele,
under certain conditions right. Yes, certain functions needs because I think look. People obviously takes striving and really seriously for good reason, and they should they should address, but I think a white one. Most people picture it there. A picture as I think that in front some kid was below, or even me, I'm teenager, whatever was sought. An early very sold into slavery is being forced to do these things, and we all know that there is another side of that business right where people are doing these things willingly might not like a jewel, but that's not. I dont, think of that as sex trafficking We all like I just I don't ever thing. It's eliciting prostitution bright and that's not what you could say. Obviously that's wrong, but that is different. It's a different level of crime, I would say when you have too willing to win participants in these things, and I know a lot of times, people it's difficult to parts that outright something
I would say that they are doing it willingly but in reality maybe have pressures behind the scenes and there's it's it's a complicated storied for to note no doubt at all, but They, they apply sex trafficking that the title to every one of these situations, Every time you have somebody who's doing. One of these type of sexual sex workers type activity they are like outlaws sex trafficking and, like I think that can get different, gets a mixed up and I don't think what I don't what Robert Crevice involved in was sex to know he got a massage and then a little extra. I guess suppose I let it out, as that is how does a guy and craft was it should get away? I know, I'd all does wonder, is Jeffrey Tomb working again, No, I got nobody ever gonna be on a he made you who knows he may pop up on CNN again, and a pop up is probably not the right way to talk about that here's a guy who who did much you didn't commit a crime right
something that was grows by mistake. Writing. doing something by mistake, craft. When I got there, I've done he's a general purpose at aid for it and that's a mention he runs in evil football team that should be disregarded. Thank you, immediately is less evil this year than a Euro area operating at a tablet appeals court, his passionate about that. But it's it's incredible. I mean they're still interviewing aim on tv. They never say anything about Roger Credit is buying in all the areas the stored in normal guy, with adored novel life back proudly. Rights. it's already season and what you are you? What are you going to be this year have looking years and years younger getting rid of those bags and populist under your eyes? I don't know about you. I like the compliments around the dinner table. Usually it's like hey you ate so much today I know it's. I still consider that a compliment,
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The protocol gland GNP and in four thirty dollars off your subscription, our best offer ever at blaze, tv dot com they have been here with this aid. Is patents do for Glenn on the glint back programme triple eight? Seventy seven be easy k with your thoughts. Questions concerns whatever we take care of him all. That's. Why we're here? let's go to bill in Florida, hey bill you're on the going back programme with heads too. I'm doing do and how you doing good doing doing good. I just wanted to ask the question: why would you get a vaccine shot if you We had the debate because the idea that back the Irish will love of needles in my first answer that just really like it was a good one day heels good. I was getting injected John. I may not think anyone thanks the immunity last forever. So
get some white people who have had it would consider getting the the vaccine and may I think, a question that is question. I think anyone whose whose like me pat yes uncle right. Nineteen survive area. We should probably be last on the list to get it. is he saying everyone everyone who wants to get it should get it before. People like me should be able to get it just intelligent, plentiful supply. I haven't really heard the experts talk about whether or not you need to get it. If you ve already had it at something that they should probably mention the I don't know they need to do it right, the second. But your item and at some point that's gonna- need to be addressed because at some point, you're gonna run out of people whom, who it really gonna get to a point where you hit that number of the maximum number and a lot of people. I think if they think it would help them that again, a lot of people would, through tough times with covert my mind, was really easy him. You know
they have symptoms. Did you get any symptom? Are you tired, or I was completely asymptomatic? My wife has nimbly asymptomatic. My daughter was completely asymptomatic. My son had me, I would say he was too and how will the stuff he knows for like a day we'll get me was so light I would still call it. Asymptomatic amounts have been something else. It was very very much nothing though I will say it made the people, we got it from word asymptomatic. The people do it's got sick. You know we are told you story the other day about the other day from a friend of mine who they had a gathering of about ten people on old older couple. We know someone showed up and said: Alyosha rose whizzing relative and they they had. They tested positive ones like why the hell are you here. Then I like you're, not supposed to shop to a gathering. They decided to have it outside. They all kind of felt awkward assigning a long story short and nine of the ten people now are positive and one of them is in the hospital on the verge of death.
This, all God just hit we also have differently another guy who's. Are you know our age pad in only a dad Who who I know he has or family got it, no seven that some people now household set every single person got it. Five of the seven were completely fine. Like the kids, I think one of the kid was sick a little bit what kind of signal but mom they thought they might loser. She one of recovering the shah, she was on the verge. It is really so weird and Christensen have the extenuating circumstances like she had now. Mother morbidity earn Mono Nerli yeah now at it, and it's so it again. It's important as a society right as a society to look at this and say it's him, to note that kids are really affected as far as death goes on this, it's very in does happen, but its very, very unlikely. It's really annoying
to plan as a society to say you know who is really affected here, people who are like in the seventies and eighties and above all, that totally saying. However, on an inn, visual level. There are people who actually have terrible outcome, I mean you know, there's a reporter who just wrote a story about this, got it in March or April and is still sick, still its November, still sick for, like it's sick, Medea an end. This is that long, hollers thing again, it's rare, and that does You look at it as we get. We get in these weird thing were arguing societal, verses, individual points as a society. You cannot close down your society. You can't just talk. it all right and say we're not gonna open any businesses that everybody stay home and the government will pay all your bills for the next year? You can't do that, on the other hand, as an individual. You can stay away: from these gatherings. You can do things that you think will help it's not worth
just going out and I'm just gonna go get it because I've heard the death rate is low, like people who say this, what you got a ninety nine percent survivability rate who the hell once a one percent chance of death like that, a good idea as an individual, you should try to avoid these things as a society. It will reply as government policy you can. just shut up on all the human, creativity and commerce every time, have a situation like this. You have to be able to plough through the best that you came and that's that that middle point in the debate between there Let us all run out and have chicken park, Pox parties with goave id and the Point of like all well would, let's all be in our, individual panic rooms for the next year, That is where it should be, and so few, but of so little of the debate has actually occurred in that space. Sadly, sadly, sadly, and strew
Judy and preservation. I you're on the glint back programme with patent. I may I guys merry Christmas, Mercosur. Thank you. Listen going back to discuss yesterday about having like identity card for the thing last night on CBS News, the Eleven o clock, the anchor was saying- I think it was the CDC grievous quoted, said that when you get this vaccine, you will be given a card with you know the date you got your vaccine and then the date for the second vaccine, so yes, papers, please where they are going to have some sort of identity card to go along with this. In fact, it reminded me of the vaccine, chart or card. I was given for my when he was a school before I started
schooling, him. In order to show the school district ear, he was up to date, So as to parts of that, because there is, a situation where we ve talked about the mandates. I don't agree with government mandating the vaccine by any means they do they are saying at this point there not talking about it, but who knows right will see what happens on the road. You do. You know this machine. You know Joe Biden is gonna, certainly talk. I learned conversations about it, especially people don't take it. I think it's. If the effectiveness is as high as they say it is, you might not, and then they might not even need to get to the point where the discussing it, but the thing is, there is a one part of what you're talking about. There is a city. two doses of the vaccine and What they are planning to do is to give everybody a card to remind them to come, get it at a certain time and that's being cut cost or on the internet as this identity card. But is there So I'm not saying that you know you're wrong here, but because accept could happen, I think you are ticket masters already said yoga
to come to an hour events if you had the vaccine, so I think a lot of private businesses will do that. Some states will do it. there is also a separate thing going on when you get the vaccine they're, giving you a card to remind you, because if you dont come get the second part is worthless it's ok, it's gotta be definitely ninety five percent effective. If you don't get the second shot and whatever it is a couple months, so they or do they are dishing those out with each dose proceeded. They The other thing is the government gum. when officials have found a way to Ah, sort themselves into our lives, even deeper they had before and they're, not I want to give up the they're gonna. Gonna play this for all its worth and they're going to try to take as much control as they are began in many of these states. I believe, like Cuomo Cuomo. try to make things mandatory
have a noose and probably in California, will try to make things with the vaccine mandatory. In other words, you have to have the vaccine, your children have to have the vaccine or they can go to school, and you can't go to work or you can. Go to a movie theater arrest, Roger aggression, grocery store election vaccinated, I mean there will be those efforts. I believe I think you're right on that. It's just, I think, if you get to a point where enough people take it willingly right right off the bat you ain't you might we might be lucky here is what I'm saying. I think that if capitalism did good job as they are reporting they mean. Oh did generally Pfizer and modern, and all these things and we really getting ninety ninety five percent, effective effectiveness. That ever going to drop fast. There Emmy there. If they can get this like March or April, something like that. You're gonna get. If you get these where's at fifty sixty. Seventy percent of people are taking. The numbers are going to drop fast, if that, if it actually works, and at that point the next-
He demanded the numbers are gonna, be so low that they're not gonna need to do that now, Willow, Andrew Cuomo, do it will ensure coma was awful dot com, so called he's going to do it. We all know, Andrew common anything that he believes will benefit him at any. Ass to any one else. That is the Andrew Cuomo guarantee. So that's it Finally, we are but again I have relatives and live in New York in the complainant about qualm all the time- and I say you- who lives in New York, you You know who does it live in New York mean? but the delta at this point Flynn fully. state. That is one that is. The answer to my proposal is really good advice in North Carolina you're on the Glinda Programme, with up that's too high, you don't wanna gas morning quickly to the point, far movies invaders go. I'm not heard any discussion of bring it back.
the God and say it is of the sixty descended yeah. If I would be a no vote would be an old car, you could order from the snow bar have delivered himself of this guy like it. you don't be if we ve got a budget. None of this is that the same way across the country. We ve had a lot of what we do have a you drive and theatres here in Texas that are operating normally like all the time which is pretty rare, but that we had a bunch of pop ups here, where they just take a big parking lot and put a big screen at the end of it and they will just show random movies for people to kind of get out, and do things cut him more when it was in the real lockdown period? That was one of the few you can kind go out and do which is great idea. yeah you do. Churches to women did services that way for awhile as well the government and was like all, let's miles of drivers on people about their tyres. What it looked like, go, bad guys, just stop it's something straining lopresto. I think it is not more widespread on the driving movie theater, because that kind of obsolete the invalid
seventies and early eighties, and there are very many of them, like a just alluded to their shares very few drive in theatres that operational as they could come back right. Ethics is gonna, be aim a long type of virus who you're dealing with that you might just. I might do that. By it will say. You know that I wonder if theatres get to that point, like islands are now in Texas, there is at least to within an hour of us that our actual drive in theatres and that are operating nothing to do with covert just operating. Oh, it's become sorted. This retro cool fun thing to do, and I think that you might get to the point and building offices Hbo Max story we did last hour were all of the new movies are gonna, be in your home for a month theatres, go court, unquote out of business and their destroyed like a lot of people are worried about you might get. that point where it's just this sort of more and more of a novelty thing, the good things that was it in time to restaurants like these drug died in theatres. I feel like there's always a role for because everyone
I will read your watch a movie and eat. Yet what I wonder, do you? Would you rather watch a great movie or have to talk to someone in your family? Now I'd rather watch the movie busily pretty obvious triplets overdue. Seven be easy. I know it's perfectly acceptable if you're the sort of person who still likes taking your temperature in the temperatures of those around you, the old fashioned way sure you can do that, but there's something, of course to be said for tradition. Honestly, though, why I'll do it. Let's do it the right way, the temperature Attempting to us territory is revolutionary, new and accurate way to keep tabs on temperature great. If you have kids, if you If you were, you know, you get us a situation where you're trying to make sure no one is no positive of covert you're taken temperatures everyday, get a staff that all the time. This is a What better way to do that to happen.
ass is is fantastic. Ford. Motor company is doing it this way, their buying roles of these by the thousands and you can monitor accurately the temperature over a long period of time. It's a great way to you gonna get all the information temp and toss dotcom, slash back to work, temp and toss t empty in tee, o s temper tossed outcome, slash back to work! I get their major retailers or emailing support at ten genetics, dotcom, this is the glint programme patents do for glad for Blake. Seventy seven bees again like this story, pregnant president elect its quotations. hard at all off hydrogen will often already, but I was doing the quotation score. Quoting means yes in the air, the scarecrow President Elect Biden says
he's gonna, ask Americans to wear their face, masks for a hundred days after he takes office, and I got a little well breaking news here, we're all right. wearing my pretty much everywhere, you go you gotta, wear a mask. On the side of a place I just lunch at yesterday. It said no, no service, just like they used to do with the no shoes knows no, you're no shoes, no pain Yet what I've been doing? A nervous, I wear a mask, but I go and topless really yeah. I know shoes are I just really caught up with the whole thing to attend to the tears yeah yeah? It works well like that people vehicle notice. You know, but thank you say that they do notice, which ones Are you more a guy coming into a place of business with no shirt, buddies, weren't a mask, or He has assured on, but no man
go with the then no mask relay scares me a lot more really. No, no! No! and I want to see your feet at my restaurant I'll say that it's always should you eat the feet, could put a mask over your feet: really choose you'd like to see the mask of your where an open, toads, sandals I'd like you to put a mask of your toes place, we're eating and her death like that rules. As my colleagues it nor right That's what Biden told Jake Tapir he hopes the mandate will help reduce the spread of cove at so I guess it's gotta be a mandate as the snake There's no way to put a government while you do that had a really the guy Emma he's even said, undergo, try to convince the governors to do it, but Emily changes that all the time limits that inform on these things may have almost all states, I think, do have it emulate like yourself, Dakota doesn't and I've even North Dakota put what in recently yeah
So I mean it's certainly most of them at this point. Here's what you said yesterday to tapir on the first, day. My inclination Brady because in the first first day, Margaret to say, I'm going to ask the public for one hundred days to mask it's one hundred days, now forever. One hundred days, one, I think, will see a significant reduction in three occur that everything that occurs with vaccinations and masking drive down the numbers considerably somebody, but what it tells Joe again, it's been more than a hundred days already for wearing the mask for most of us right because, You know well, while was kind of a suggestion from the governor every municipality than mandated it in
ever County or whatever city you reside in by the way, when you go out in public yet aware, mass thirty seven states have statewide mask mandates right now. Thirteen don't put as you point out a lot of local areas within those states. Do yes, I know it. Florida, for example, tried to basically say that you can't do the local stuff you you're not allowed to do the go. That way. I met in some states as well, but if you over overwhelming majority, even people, even in states where there's no masked mandates, the majority of people wear masks. Here's. What Biden said about that? last night, what an orator glad back problem, Hey everybody knows pay pal, but did you know that they were teaming up with honey. To save you money
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You seven be easy Kay the number to call more of the big stop in the shutdowns in the lock downs and Joe Biden saying just a hundred days, not just two hundred days how long's it been that we ve been wearing mass so far b, but three hundred days were thing for her today's feels dying was it does I just don't think you can go to people are more be like talk about justice. Do this thing we want to do for a little while longer people just don't via the media because they're lying. This is. Why does my unlike the vaccine idea? I think this is our only way out of those also silly that reaches data, technological solution or restore route that more covered up in sixty seconds green back programme. Christmas is right around the corner. It's perfect opportunity to give somebody love the gifts that keeps on giving the best night sleep of his or her life. That's all
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patents, do for Glenn Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy, but as a California chef that is, I think, you're seeing a lot of this reaction to the ridiculous over reaches by these blue state governors largely and mares and they are producing it I come from restaurants and bars at any. Because, like they're, just like the public face of this, its is interesting in that destructive seem real devastation bars obvious even worse. I mean a state like Texas, because we had this metric set up of fifteen percent of hospitals filled with covered patients means you go too. I think fifty percent capacity restaurants and bars close, I think, is the way it works it there. Many restrictions and weird things like this, like it's hard to keep track of, but of the euro that that's happened, a lot in and they ve been the kind of the public face. You think about some of these industries, though, that of totally gone away like concerts bright in concert
we have Eric July, whose a place to be contributor, love, love Eric, and he comes in for the news and why it matters has been on the show. My show stewed, as America sure I greatly she's well and he he talks he's a musician is a singer for a band you know and then the whole business is dissolved again. Give you're, a concert you basically you're just turned things off and furthering the year of, and the thing about that is that, for these ban that's now how they make their money they ve the concerts are far more lucrative than the record sales Yonkers, the digital rights heard. Industry has just pretty much destroyed the massive amounts of money they were making from that, so they're not making them. Box, with the recordings even more they're making the big dollars at the concert venue,
and now they don't have that just gone so then, what do you do know what I mean? We talk about professional sports. Obviously you see these professional sports leagues who have gone from you watch the games. You watch NFL week of Games, half the guy, have zero fans, half of that have we know? Maybe ten? when you percent offends me to the Superbowl at too. I think twenty percent capacity something like fifteen thousand people, supposedly in the stadium which it imagine with these tickets are gonna cost. But you look at all What about minor league teams you now? What about? What about like the ill with here? I think this is around. The country have been to them with the kids in other places as well, but I have a trampoline parks and like these indoor sort of like almost giving nor amusement parks in some ways where they have trampoline parks, and they have like all these cool things for kids to do. Go Suddenly, in all these things, where people are sharing the same
space in doing physical activity or whatever endorse. I mean it We have them around us and their open again again live capacity and we ve gone to them. We know of several times but the Geneva Crowd is one tenth Dalia. What it was that how do these places stay open? I don't know what their dealing with this, of course, at restaurants, quite a bit. There's California chef TB personality Andrew Group, which is where Dame fur maybe it's gruel petroleum. girl- I don't know the guy but die he he was talking about these the madness of these locked down in these restrictions. Listen here situation. Do we take them? Eric seriously. Of course we do. Am I saying that we should close outward dining? Yes, I am, and every single juncture, along the way here from the beginning shut down to today. We have listened to all of the advice from our government officials. only to be shut down over and over and over again, and then not compensated for the
elements that we put in place in our businesses, nor to protect our customers. We shut down indoor dining, no problem. I got warehouse full plexiglas right now. Ok, we went outdoors all right now, that's gettin shut down. I just put thousands of dollars into actual figures. There is zero scientific evidence that proves that door dying is contributing to a rise in cases related to this, I'm go get a pink cockatoo for my Christmas tree, but go and dying outdoors at a restaurant and go to target Amazon's making tons of money. All big business is getting rich, ok door. Dining does not lead to any of that. Therefore, screw that works stain open outdoors is that simple? it's great chinese right on all of that, all of it There is no there's, no evidence that says that outdoor dining leads to a major transmission emanates. It's very, very unlikely that you're going to get it at doing outdoor dining and ate your keys. When these businesses, because you're not only telling them, they can't have customers,
Already a really big deal, but I've heard this from Russia the restaurant outta there. You're. Doing these things too, to please the government might put Plexiglas up and all these separators and to me honestly some of the people who come to a restaurant, who are scared, feel better. Some of them might be fact some of them don't do much of anything. There just feel good measures and you're spending all of this cash to do this. At the end of the day, the government doesn't come back and say: hey. We know we asked you to shut down. We know we asked you tube to build these We don't bubbles for everyone is hidden, so they Basically, everyone can live inside of plastic rap. We know you spend four four not here some cash, for that now there have been. Some probe that, have helped with with shut as we know, of the ppp and theirs? be another stimulus package that comes here in the next couple of. At least
either gonna be probably very soon or late January, early February, but that's gonna be another trillion dollars in some of that money will go to restaurant owners and other companies to be compensated. As it should, because it is the government forcing them to shut down. Here I will say if it's a state regulation. However, nobody should problem come from the state the government of the federal government. I think that we have this discussion this is this is a little bit out of control and when you have a lot but who are laid off and though, people you know, and we have an unemployment system at there's been talk about. Potentially another one of these sort of stimulus. Bonus abstemious is the wrong word for this, because it's not stimulus that is its wits Oh sir, two eminent domain, The government has taken your property, it's taken your business, it's told you to shut down, supposed to compensate you for such things,
there's a big libertarian part of me. That does not like all of this, but I do wonder sure ended in this particular circumstance of yet, when the government is responsible for yet business being closed and you being on the verge of bankruptcy, then you know it's appropriate that they compensate you. Ass but yeah. So you look at industries like restaurants, movie, theatres and crews lines win win, cruises, going to be acceptable. Again, I've been seeing commercials for them lately. Really, I think are the actual. Each open, the other, There are actually cruising sellen some cruises there. I had announced of em have have pushed it after twenty twenty one, yet I think they might be selling future cruises. Internet people excited about that. I was surprised to see, though advertising for it at this point, that is, Brazil. I mean there's like what about this light. Events, businesses, whole convention business right where you had these huge conventions like COMECON in theirs, but none of them and it's like those
how would those businesses planning through this, even if you're gonna, have them in the near are you. Gonna have to have the winner in a separated. Circumstance where you're not getting close to people and people wearing mass didn't want to do that. It's not comfortable. We went they have these six weeks to stop. spread or whatever was doomed to weeks then another month and that ended, and I think it was Right- after that are not soon after that, in Texas, they opened up a dining at twenty. Five percent capacity in in texas- and it was like at the point where nothing was open. I mean really. I think Georgia had opened a little bit maybe or to other states in South Dakota kind of did the whole time and a couple of other states had that at it that way, but it was a big news at the time and the State open. We went out to a restaurant, you're in Texas. and it was interesting in that it wasn't fund.
It's one thing to say you can go to a restaurant is another thing to go to a restaurant. Where everybody is vast around you, you can understand them. You can have fun. You can't go talk to somebody. You know if you're going to a bar when every can't go talk to someone across the bar. You know you ear the EU the ear freaked out because you wondering what droplets are landing on her face from from fellow dinars, and it's like people of of loosened up a little bit since then right. We ve had we been dealing with this for a while now, but it will an enjoyable. You know the whole point of this is it's not just going out any consuming food? You can do that at home is an experience. these guys work so hard, design these amazing dishes and have a great atmosphere in the restaurants and even to work do outside and at the end of the day, it's impossible for them to provide the things that they die in the people who are coming. The restaurants actually want yeah.
You know you ve, just to hampered this incur economy to a level that We certainly never live through any thing like this before my favorite hamburger place in all of Texas twisted route still still whilst also and are continuing to be closed, in most of their locations. I think in Sri Port Louisiana, someplace. I've got a couple of restaurants opened, but ah all of the restaurants in the D W area still closed, and I think they ve even filed chapter eleven bankruptcy, so I mean I don't know how people are surviving it. I don't know what you're doing for livelihood but we once had such a successful operation that you have. You now have restaurants all over the place. You ve gone from one the twin, your thirty or whatever, and now you ve had to be closed. All this time, ages deficit,
did your business. So how do you ever? How do you ever get that back? You just can't, and the government can't make it Buddy Hall, everybody who has declared bankruptcy and who has shut down there. Not there. are all going to be made whole again by the EU. government or not government is just not possible if parliament, so This is a tragedy and- and I really feel put four people have lost their livelihoods, like that. It's really a shame trip seven to seven b. see more caught up in one minute but at a restaurant you ought to be looking at home. Wrecked tat makes a perfect gift. This holiday season already see tee q. It is best way is the best grill. The best way that you can you gee, I'm like if you're the shepherd. and who doesn't really know much about barbecue, grilling and you're not pretty really good at it. You can be fantastic erected.
You can do all the things that every all the best people can do on erect back, because it may make it super easy. You can actually it's a smart girl, so you can actually go through and you can look at all the stuff, the temperature everything has gone on. You can monitor it on an app on your phone is truly an amazing product. great great gift, follow rhetoric on all social media, so for their newsletter are easy, T, Q, it's a queue at the end, rectangle com are easy. T q dot com second station. I you mean Stu, Berlin, let's go to Daniel in Texas, Daniel you're, on the Glinda programme. That was too how are y'all doing today. Good, I have a quick question. I just wanted to know with everything that's going on in the USA,
wade their governors and legislate and Supreme Court in taxes going to say, hey, you know what we have had enough of all this stuff We are going to go ahead and take ourselves out of the states that help taxes and how would that hurt taxes closer. They extend, who I don't see that happening, but That's something that always comes up when times get tough or when times are tough. more every time you walk into a place of Texas, that's it brings that those are the only times that secession ever comes up in taxes is good times bad times in times all times, and people are asking about secession bid start so going to happen. We constitutionally do it. I think what would happen is
be civil war, silently on really want that. I already tried at once. He I don't know why. I know I'm glad we got rid of slavery would have rather done it without the whole civil war thing. What had rather just made it in a meditative just amended the constitution that, over with it I'm in look I like the country I kind of like the United States, and I don't like the way that it is. I love Texas, it's fantastic here, but I would say I m rather kind of state as this let's make the country better left where I would like to go in If the wearing of all the Z s eating separately, would cause less trouble, the excessive John in Georgia, you're on the that programme yeah, you do is wanted to touch brace euro coins. your speaking about musicians being out of work, and I want them- is lost in that discussion. Is that the entire events industry went out?
business March with teeth, and that equates to around twelve billion people work in an industry, many of them in gig worker economy are basically out of work have no problem. we're going back to warn until events cannot happen again and there seems to not be, watch conversation happening. around this segment of the economy, which is really large its concerts, its corporate advance, its business meetings, its weddings, its edge briefing. That is a gathering of people work. talking about birthday, chance and the sound as in the widest guys in the video technicians, all of those people are completely out of work and how the bank, when a business or we get back to work right,
and die. It's audio, visual business, that's a big company and we ve been shut down since March and How much longer will lapse now it's really you know. I honestly one of the two extra days I really was like Wade, this is different. This is, and we seen there are times. I remember the certain writers that I follow. Who said things I was a cash if this person is were met, riddle The kite when I first reported, believes that he wrote something about a news like this is actually might be different. This of this one we should take seriously That was why one of my first, a panic, but I would say that First thing that really like hit me in a way that I I don't know ever forget- was self by South West, cancelling people people, when I remember that it's the biggest like basic, invited, the biggest entertainment in like technology Festival in America. It brings its. Some
like a three hundred million dollar economic impact in Austin Texas, just flat out, can they just cancel. The councils are marked. Fourth, I've been looking back. That its it was will with a week before the NBA. Did it then, and now the league started shut down and a couple weeks before we were in, like nationwide shut down, they make they just cancel, and I remember thinking and saw that what are you there? hit me like that is incredible. Amount is really they were. They were no honestly way out ahead of that in understanding how big this was going to be because time that is not Will you think we're not noise? Now be working in our well. Maybe we know we might have to change. Things ran little, but this is getting a little weird, but people were not point where they thought shutdowns were coming and they cancel that whole thing. God only knows I mean you know Louisiana Yandah, famously what ahead with Marty Growth, a hand didn't work out all that well for Louisiana, so it is one of those things where that entire industry banquets
Vengeance concerts stand comedians, yes, and that at every one tied to those businesses these people all have. Basically, no prospect for employment and have for nine months. I had a similar experience to your shock, and, ah when our church Christmas Party was cancelled last week. It hit me like well, you can't cancel the. the church Christmas Party wow. We don't have a cup. Christmas play this year. Are we, I don't think so, are we? I can't imagine Zuri usually knows things, you know those things now she's drunk
it was. I was gonna relieved with a church Christmas Party was, can get inside out. It's ok with that. I was then ok with the company Christmas Party being has a lot of parties we get down to the zero excitedly battle has galvanised. Let's face it, there are some benefits, get invited to weddings anymore right. You know this is our journey around there's our coated thing. You know I was not such a bad idea. We were like all these mass. These masses is a terrible tyranny yeah, but you know what no one ever talks them any more like. I never have to deal with a conversation in public ever again, just gonna mask outward away. We're gonna start talking to each other. Now exists. I walk right by the way I want to see their face are to look at them. You're going down a nice, you going to see vs now and they say Sir, has your duty paid guard shall fire and you don't have to hear that aid will now do you know about a mask on and they know my dear God. It sucks I wearing a mask right now, so I don't die. That's how it's going. Don't even ask me
We they don't. I don't it's funny. Do you guys, like you know, I didn't I. I want to go visit, my relative Athene nursing home, and I can't do it like wait a minute last Tuesday, when you are allowed to do you didn't show up either, but to be honest about it, made its thereby themselves for six months the zoom cause more than these poor people of ad that's gotta accurate. In some cases that has been going on for years. I guess we do we're. Gonna get all these things back, maybe next year and always at hey now you can go to everyone's wedding are come. I'm too scared, I'm still to scares. Why did a teacher that, just as sorry, can't make itself quarantined? That's gotta keep using every excuse for years and years and years if the Glen Back programme we have noticed it started to get cold out there. Now that winters here,
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six five to one five. Seven car shield, I come the code is back. Ten percent up aid, adaptable may apply, partial outcome goodbye Stephen cracker stupor geared day Reuben in me, tat great, listen to all the conservative voices at blaze, tv duck on practical Glenn patents differently cripple eight. Seventy seven be easy K. We may this yesterday, but just as a reminder, here's. What Joe Biden is saying about your holiday season? That's coming up cause. You know everything's gonna change. Now right. We you didn't you everybody over for Thanksgiving. Well, even more sulphur Christmas? I hope you all or listening as of now, the trouble is going through. You can be travelling during these holidays, Uganda, what do you want to? I buy a large family. We are you probably will you brought used to kidnap me ever
for me family, beginning mental man? One comes everybody can do you think I'm joking, I'm not why? What s? Joking institutional wearier thing are, you think I'm joking joking, no nobody thinks you're. Joking do you always say that he is a weird turkey has, ah he Alec. He throws into sentences all the time when we are seeing their like, but I've got to get out laughing their board fence a totally different thing. I don't even care, let alone think your Joe getting people go away. Every thanksgiving, the Sea son before he passed away. we'd all go away and we go away on Thanksgiving to be just the nuclear family. Dad sons, daughters, husbands, wives, grandchildren, the second The first time We had a. We have thanksgiving with my wife and myself. daughter in the region and her husband, whose adoption in the region- and it was clear to everybody else in the family,
was on my face gimme, which doesn't or Christmas is going to be a lot harder. You know I wanted in earnest guarantee, but here but understand the fact of this here we he's not a fair its republic, Is it fair Maugre? He doesn't want to scare anybody, but we're likely to lose another. Two hundred and fifty thousand people dead, but we now January. Ok, that's! Ok! So I want to scaredy putty we are likely to have a quarter of a million people dead. Between now and January now. January is in what twenty six twenty eight days
Just everyone here right here. Ok, so twenty eight days, some more so you basically look at about ten k a day which would be high. We have clearly its twenty seven hundred right now, right, edited Siena. We will probably will break those records in it over the next few weeks and probably will happen. It is very high list, broader ten thousand ten thousand. I will be very surprised if it hits that number think so so out figure out where he got this number from. We were joking about this in the break, I'm like it's possible. He could say globally, Ten thousand people a day will die which is about the level were at now as you trying to say that If you look at some of these estimates, he's From now, until January does I mean he. U do give em January, like area until January. To me says till December thirty, first yeah right, include January in the estimates and Tiggle all origins as first you always January area, Jenny, thirty first and
take the worst case scenario you might be able to get there. Now really ye I mean like if you're at, if the worst possible thing happens, annual git, which is really stretching to give him all of January Emmy set until January. I don't think you can do. That is much more likely. He just screwed it out, because if we give him till January thirty first will now we ve, given him till February, is how that would be right. Right now, you see all would have in order for him to be correct. You would have to say until February, but like the University of Washington model says that that's possible now course that also outlines that there's no vaccine right yeah We have a vaccine that naturally to thirty million people. By that time I mean that the numbers gotta be a lot different, but don't they also say if that you have to relax restrictions in order to do that and its goal in the other way. I think about the ethical and that's a great point and we think about what that means. Is that it says The is estimate that is a around
easing mandates. We are now we are doing the opposite. Every bureau adding new mandates now be. Active mandates is very overblown very overblown. You go look at the mask mandate. States forget even whether the mass work or not for second does throw that away per second. Just look at what happens in states with mask mandates and states without vast when it's what's the difference in percentage of people who actually wear masks, it's like fifteen percent, I want to say it's like state like South Dakota, about sixty five people are wearing masts raven when there not in not a mandate Washington DC was, I think, the highest. It was something like eighty percent of people are wearing masks, even though there is a mandate, not everyone listens right and in the same in South Dakota Lobby, boring masters because they think it might be helpful right now Where am I sometimes their mandated in stores? You know that there's other reasons. But like we look at state wide policy,
there are really good personal liberty reasons to argue about those things. When it comes to pragmatic actual affects people of gender. Speaking make their own decisions, they make their own decisions and they're gonna. Err on the side of being cautious yeah, I mean well usually island. Fasting thing is interesting because you can look at a the studies. Some show very little benefit from ass. Some show decent benefit from ass. Nothing shows its not a panacea, there is no cure for covert but even the best, the most optimistic studies on mass will show look. You might cut your chance of getting of spreading by like fifty percent, which is something that's a sixty two significant, but when it's not you're talking about not not less, people make their own personal choice and instead throwing a mandate on their head right. The standard, for a government to mandate? Something should be really high.
I don't want any of it, but even if you do want mandates, it should be incredibly high bar. You have to clear, as far as benefit and the other side for your personal use. It you pretty low like if you think, there's a ten per chance that it'll help, and it's not really going to interrupt your life too much. You probably gonna. Do it that's why a lot of people are there stood there doing their dinners outside their standing in understanding a few feet away from each other, even if they don't necessarily don't necessarily worry themselves. They'll. Take some steps. and here you can that's that's a much more sensible way for a country to deal with it. The only let let go people reliable information lets people hey, this might help. Might not, but you know, hey If you would take some steps that might help anymore, would say that right, like if you have a safety feature on your car that might help in a future. Kind of cases. All things an equal you're, probably thrown on your carpets, cheap. If it really is if you all That's how you make decisions? You are able to take a cost.
benefit analysis and look at your risk. It It is in life and he trotted judge that risk. That's how we all live twice. Sixty five on the highway and not three, because we Three, we wouldn't die in car accidents ever wheels. Don't go a hundred and seventy whether the mandate is there not now. Pat, of course, does go. Hundreds of news, like it's for fifteen, so easily gets a week once in awhile, Seventy one, seventy five, some like yeah, but that's about it, you're you're you're, not in the norm on that one now, probably not in Bernadette Pie, you're on the Glinda programme with beds. Do I guys, are doing great. I just question before God help us Biden. Eggs overt does he have to have a shall we say a physical by the White health doctors and what, if he doesn't path, mission to mental capacity you know you almost should have to do that, but no there's! No, is a goal that he can must take before it goes before. It takes for that. I am aware of now
extra appreciative. If you remember Trump released a letter from his doctor saying he was the most healthy person in the universe or something if ever, the most history. I think it is a most healthy person. Ever usually dip candidates will disclose basics about their health that their its there's no constitutional requirements now like that that there is a constitutional requirement to have mental capacity. However, it just done through the twenty fifth amendment, not through some doctors or you can renew, throw someone out. If you don't think they are with that is there a cabinet they would have to be Biden Cabinet. Who did that? Obviously we remember that they were being other to learn talk at times about that happening with trot, from people who didn't like Trump, like all use a twenty fifth amendment, just throw em out. I mean that is this happening, are basically zero, but if, in way it does happen where he's still
where he just kept function in its totally obvious it'll, be a complete surprised, everybody would work it. No one saw that coming, who would have known that is cognitive abilities are declining right. There was no waited till. There are no indication of that. Certainly here and I Goodbye claim. I dont want state of theirs and zero chance that he steps down because he's losing his mind right. That is much more likely that zero percent I'm saying the actual the actual process. Of the twenty fifth amendment being utilized is incredibly unlikely right. The pressure would likely make him resign. like it. I like Nixon right. He didn't act, get thrown out of office, he might have been thrown out of office if he stayed You get to that level. He just gotta resolve, might get to the level of let's say Woodrow Wilson, who had a severe stroke and he would just incapacitated, and they just hit that from the outset, and people for two years, while his wife took over country incredible editor,
for the moment, the autumn it actually gets use is like it someone a president. to get surgery go under Anastasia yeah so like for a few now have to know about that. Yeah like it that the government is now end the price president, be you know like pigs, the leadership role there, but as far as it like the cabinet, atheling around and plodding it gets. If that happens in house of cards, it could happen A bite administration if it gets bad or if just Kamel A really wants the gig she does. She does, but think it would likely happening. Moreover, resignation in process a front. The writing on the wall was Seton. Yes, in Pennsylvania high. I gave merry Christmas. I love you too have liked you thanks. You jump Do you sell my eye and this kind of interested to see what's gonna happen with the character of Elliot Page on umbrella? Cadmium is implying.
and become vine. If you're gonna be a man, a brother now. You know she was Lesbian who corrupted of in out a merry woman, so character. I want you to show, but I mean it is interesting because she now I think it was last year Ellen Page came out as a lesbian, so she was in the world. She was allowed to play that role a cabinet, could she also was a lesbian? However? Now she is not a lesbian she's she's, a man we're told so I guess she's had also now she's my head about sexual mail. If we likes why the way, I think her preferred pronoun and certainly not her any longer so sorry, livelihood of irrational prevalent yeah go ahead. Go please, do not use gendered language to address everyone to allocate that sort of me, but I think she likes they. I think visited he they did she,
she would like that will we will just got about a kite little article that was referring they. He they ok, he there are. So they were referred to as they, but also in reality. You Ellen pages. He who is now Elliot Page but pointless those dead name. I did but the point just say so, page doesn't exist, is what we're supposed to re write? Yes, but that's it. My question was used in the middle of a roll. None on Umbrella Academy, which I do watch have watched and watchful seasons is good and its good and yeah it's fun. It's a different kind of shows written by who was it is written by some rock star and I can't run. Is it my chemical romance, I maybe or beer. Is it my chemical romance Gerard Way, yeah. He
He wrote it at its? It's actually really good anyway. She is, she doesn't romance. Yes, as Nicky pointed out he they was she her on the show, and so now they ve established for two whole seasons. I dont know: how does it has I mean she has to step down for this role. You would think so reverie rural effect. I think she should have to get it shouldn't. She gave up her royalties for Juno, where she put a pregnant girl. Yes To give up all those royalty s eye I would assume this is something that happened. times did she take roles that girls or women could have played. While she supposedly was a man the hold on really good. I think it's big it's wrong. We sought, as you know, is ridiculous, as this conversation is last at least this year at least twice There were white women actors
not actresses, but actors who voiced characters that were not the exact same as them so them away, by that time, there was one woman who was a mix mixed race and she was voicing a mixed race character. However, it was different mix, so she had to give up their serious that he's legitimately it happened. Stoop results too, but if they had to do that, then, only he they has to do it now exactly piquet. He they can continue to play. A role that is, she heard should be playing appreciate, is actually now she heard that like to see her. She was qualified for that role. Now that she's a he they and still like she hers. Now I stress nail artisans, bring thing and the planet exactly straight white male. If you're
something good transition is something good, not a straight white male. It's is last thing. We need is more them carefully. Seventy seven back as I come out of my house stakes. They got a big delivery and all they had actually eyes. Yes, this is a great package. It's the Omaha stakes, deluxe growers assessed assortment. You will get four perfectly aged one hundred percent American Green finished stakes, the ultimate- and tenderness juicy nascent flavour. I just girl these up for the family a few days ago and they were so delicious not to me could mouth watering, burgers, eight boneless chicken breasts and Gore, may jumble francs there, so big, we got my mouth around the jumble francs. They are gigantic. Plus you get AIDS potatoes and eight carnal apple, Tartlet,
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warming, whether outdoor activity resuming and you have actually write your end of evil vaccinated by then problem and then he'll take credit proceeded thanks. A lot Adam he'll take credit for all, even though it was Donald Trump got, things move forward at the pace they moved right. Maybe they are if this Maxine works as well as they say this will Joe Biden sexy. it will somehow they will run for this to be a show bite in sixty artillery. Nothing could be further from the truth, amazing. If the Glen back proudly
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