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Right Is Wrong | Guests: Nigel Farage & Rep. Thomas Massie | 6/12/20

2020-06-12 | 🔗

Names are changing, the dictionary is changing, people are being fired, and companies are apologizing, all to appease the mob. New York shop owner Oscar Izaguirre Jr. joins with a perspective the media won’t give: What is it like to have your store looted? Brexit party leader Nigel Farage joins after losing his radio job for comparing tearing down statues to the Taliban. CNN accuses “right wing media” of lying about the CHAZ in Seattle. But while the media and Seattle’s mayor insist it’s all peaceful, City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo has seen otherwise. Seattle’s police chief says abandoning the precinct wasn’t her call. Rep. Thomas Massie joins to discuss how desperate Congress is to virtue-signal and apologize.

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