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Rising Courage | Guests: Madison Cawthorn & Michael Shellenberger | 7/1/20

2020-07-01 | 🔗

Courageous people are standing up across America. Two really need your support: a Catholic priest who preached that the BLM leaders are “wolves in wolves’ clothing” and Tucker Carlson. 24-year-old GOP congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn joins after beating a Trump-backed candidate to set the record straight about why he’s running. Jarrett Stepman, author of “The War on History,” discusses the 1619 Project and how today’s revolution is more French than American. The NBA will allow players to wear social justice messages, but what about “Free Hong Kong”? Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, author of “Apocalypse Never,” argues why climate alarmism has become a false religion that goes against humanity and the environment.

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The New Jersey, governor peace, a Democrat filmography. He has finally ended his use of a desk formerly own by Woodrow Wilson. I mean I have to start with a Woodrow Wilson snuffed out. I really guy he tat. Guy anyway, social media took notice of the desk when Murphy tweeted very genuine in a heartfelt picture of himself behind the desk, observing a moment of silence for George Floyd, that is so great and then people started saying wait a minute. I didn't desk belonged Woodrow Wilson, that you're sitting by the guy you re, segregated the military, hosted a screening of the K. K, K, fail birth of a nation out in it that guy that on that as well, he acted on that New Jersey. He is doing the things that really matter. He got a new task and I he thanked all of the people for pointing out that which is dusky completely forgot, and here is the Good news. Michelle Obama has praised now Princeton for removing Woodrow Wilson name from school, and here I think that is really really great. Unless you remember Forbes magazine quote,
Brok. Obama is the twenty first century. Woodrow Wilson votes will be remembered, is great president's or the flash back to political woodrow. Wilson is the model for all bomber or the star Tribune. Woodrow Wilson is the model for all bombers mother story or have a this one. O bomber used Woodrow Wilson. Nineteen. Seventeen espionage act to go after reporters, so she really sincere that she's glad that Woodrow Wilson or is she one of those it didn't like is racism, but all of its other isms were totally five green. Program, Deborah lives up of Massachusetts achieved for years, she has dealt with terrible, terrible hip and after a while so bad that she was having trouble sleeping at night. I can relate to that debate
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nine o clock on blaze, tv. We dismantle the New York Times. Sixteen nineteen project. We show you what's really going on behind the scenes who the people are, that put it together for the blessed New York Times, what our philosophy, is why they're doing it and how they are doing it? The sixteen nineteen project is a is something that is being pushed for our schools in his in many of our schools, and it is dangerous poison. What's funny, is it's exactly the same poison that was used in the eighteen fifties. They tried to get us to believe that we were the country that was founded in Jamestown, not with the pilgrims pilgrims worthy answer to James down and the New York Times is just dismissing all of that and we will take these dangerous. Lies there
A viable lies tonight apart. This is something you should watch with your entire family it's an exercise in critical thinking. And questioning a thought: ready and questioning? What they're trying to tell? You is true now that coming up at nine o clock tonight. Then tomorrow, at eight p m, is restoring hope and were storing, hope by restoring the covenant. Its life from the standing rock ranch it'll be on blaze, tv and you too, but I believe on my facebook page. This is I have been writing in writing and writing for three weeks out a book. This is the most writing. I've done in a very long time, and its I think really really good and the message that America needs to hear right now includes a three step programme on the things that we need to do. These are the only things we need to do
But these are things I believe are critical and it's it's three Epps its Kate yourself for the truth, know the truth, educate yourself and others then commit to the truth. Then act. On the truth and will show you how to do all of those tomorrow night, at eight o clock he's tv and Youtube if you want to watch an ablaze tv- and I believe I am not were still rendering sum of the parts of this, but I think We are going to be, to do this in four Kay. Which is a first for us, you'll, be able to watch it on demand in for k, and you should it's it's beautiful and it's from all over the country will be in New York and Gettysburg and Plymouth. And here in the West, in the mountain West, at this time standing rock ranch or
I want to tell you about two people now that I think need your so no, I don't think I know, need your support the first one is a catholic priest. His name is father. Theodore Roth Rock attention all Catholics. You need to rally around this priest Father, Theodore Roth Rock of Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel Indiana, last Sunday he did, what every church should be doing. He stood at the pull and he said I want to talk to you, Bob Black lives matter the, People who are behind this the only lives that matter are their own and the owner. Power they seek is their own. They are wolves in wolves clothing. Now thieves and banded seeking only to devour the life of the poor and pray
from the fear of others. They are maggots in parasites at best, feeding off isolation of addiction and broken families and offering Replace and current frustration and anxiety with more misery and greater resentment, he gave this speech and then it was published on line than it has been taken down. He condemned the destruction of the monuments question whether Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther king would have been marching with black lives matters demonstrators. He said black lives matter, Antigua and other nefarious acolytes of their persuasion or not the friends or allies? We have been led to believe they are serpents in the garden seeking only to uproot and replant a new species of human made in the like of men and not in the image of God. Poison, is more toxic than any pandemic. We have ever endured.
Wow, so now what happened is there's a new. The newly formed advocacy group called Carmel against racial injustice and they called the Bishop, Timothy Dorothy of the diamond Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana, to remove Roth Rock from leadership and require training and ongoing education for priests and deacons, unsystematic racism and diversity, the said: silence is the action of being complicit in injustice. That's really funny, because that's my point to you today silence in the face of evil is evil itself, will not hold us blameless. There is no excuse. You can find out exactly who these people are by going to the website black lives matter, dot! Org,
you read what they want to do? One of the things they now admit that they want to do this. This I used to be much much worse, but they left. Things in included comrade three times but whose counting No, I'm ok. I am but the big that you need to see is they are for the destruction of the nuclear family? If that's not evil That is something that every single priest Esther rabbi should be, screaming from the pulpit right now. That is evil. Now this guy has, he has had his. He has had his sermon taken down here. Has been pulled away from his post. At least For a while, the
the people that are rallying against him said we cannot stand idly by and allow a leader of a church. That's serves. Six thousand Carmel families to pass hateful and rate racist rhetoric as gospel. He is not lying here he's telling the truth, this man is a Dietrich bond offer This man is somebody who is willing to go to the gallows to speak. The truth shame on every Catholic that doesn't recognize this. If you'd If you don't believe his words red black lives matter, their own website, you can stand with these people. It is exactly the same as what the sees did that came in. They said all the kinds of stuff that the Germans were feeling and when we are well. I don't agree with him on all the other stuff, but they're right about this
you must not empower these people. Now the bishop of the area so He didn't approve, or preview Roth Rocks message before was published. I but Father Roth Rock, to issue a clarification about his intended message. Think you did. I think he was awfully clear. Their bishop I have not known him to depart from church teaching in matters of doctrine and social justice. This this brand of social justice is evil, is evil attention. Catholics If you don't stop this in Indiana, you will not stop it. His name again is father, Theodore, Roth, rock
of Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel, Indiana call the archdiocese attend Catholics stop it now before you lose the soul of your church and lose your own soul, because your quiet there, sky is an example of one of the people. We need to be supporting right now. You must let your voice be heard. All of the cap. Soon Carmel Indiana should be. In the streets in front of the Bishop or the archdiocese headquarters. You must not let this stand now there's somebody else that I want to Urge you to support this guy is out on that. Of the spear and I've been there
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and second station. I d This is the global programme aright you watching Tucker Karlsson. Tucker and I dont disagree, don't agree on everything, but we agree on the sanctity of the it states. The the constitution of the United States and the rights of all people to be free. And to live a life without fear. And he is on the Tipp of the spear right now I why TIM last night, and I have to tell you it was a compelling argument. And a compelling monologue, I watched him and I thought there.
Anybody else out there doing this. This is my very thought was? He is. He is in so much danger. I urge you to support. Her watch his show. Read his work. Listen to what he sang as said last night. Time is running short. Any really is up to you. And here's a few things you can do. And I want you to start doing them right now. Begin with this, stop stop. What you're doing, if you are silent or you Who are you.
You find yourself saying things because the crowd is saying, do not deny the reality, do not go over the cliff with the rest of humanity, America is a good place. We done wrong. We haven't lived up to our promise, but we are still the best hope of the world. If we Turn our back on the constitution and our national mission statement were doomed. If we turn to that end, God, God Our freedom, r P, Our wives are children. We must make a stand for those things, because, If we don't, we lose them all.
If we begin to say well, I understand whites are now ok systematically racist in and if I'm why'd, I have systematic sin, that's really unforgivable Then we cease to be american and worse, we dare call ourselves. Christians. Its marking, God. Now. I think, personally, that the president is letting the left hang themselves which seems to be happening. I've got some really interesting and good things to report for you today, but there a time soon, where we will need to see you this as a time soon, Where this d, o J, better do it's damn job.
We ve lost faith in the g o p because they don't deserve our faith, but if we lose in November, the car free is lost. I fear left is controlling the Dnc the party has given them the reins and look the chaos they have brought. And if you think, voices won't be silenced you ve got. Another thing coming. This is why you must not remain silent. I to see people. I will believe that we stand a chance when I will see people surrounding the archbishops headquarters in the diocese in Indiana. In supporting the voice of this priest. Priest is right.
We have lost our prosperity we have lost our security you're are killing our children. The only thing left in the promise of the covenant is our land and we will lose that as well Unless we begin to stand up, and say enough is enough and use. Standing, for example, Tackling those who are the most vulnerable and right now, the most vulnerable is anyone who dares stand up against this evil mob they are marxist and they want our destruction programme blinds dot com in by the way? If you don't believe me I'll, show you what they're trying to put into our schools in the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project tonight, and tell me it's not evil
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the blame it on Trump and everything else, but I only it has anything to do with anything other than merchants. Just don't believe The g o p has a spine. They don't believe they'll actually stand up. I mean look at tat unless we months, whereas the GNP been made even more- nowhere, nowhere so last night in Colorado, the owner of shooters Grill in rifle cholera, could you own shooters grill in right? Could you even live in Rifle Colorado and be against the second amendment? so anyway, she confronted better Rourke when he was a demo democratic presidential candidate, she's Opt in Denver suburb of Aurora And- he came with a glock honour, hip and she said hell. No you're not gonna. Take our guns. Well, then, to actually
was music to a lot of people's ears in her district, and so she just beat in incumbent. The fight the term republican candidate. And the five term republican Christmas and somebody that has been endorsed by Donald Trump, so good for you good for you. She is apparently a white right wing, extremist Lauren, Bowl Bert, will have more on that coming up in just a second now. There is also something that happened. I think was last week Congressional Candidate- twenty four years old. He won the GNP nomination for Congress in the Eleventh congressional district. Over the GEO be Trump backed candidate.
His name is Madison Catherine, and he is an eighth generation Resident North Carolina. Eleventh congressional District and he is joining us now. Madison. Are you there I sure am glad they run me I'll show you bet. I am glad to have you. Let me just start with this people. Are spinning this into this is a referendum on Donald Trump. I This is a referendum on the G o P, not the not Donald Trump but doing We disagree more correct that that's absolutely correct. Yeah yeah I'd say over ninety nine percent of my voters- will be enthusiastically voting for Donald Trump come in November. But you are what you said earlier about a lot of Americans, not believing that, though g p. Has a spine is absolutely correct You know I was in a terrible car ass about seven years ago. We would always joke on the camp.
Angels. I've. You wasn't my spine mines literally reinforced by TAT, with titanium any of that got a big wise, but I believe The reason people responded so well to it, because, Now they want a fighter, it's not time for gin, geopolitics, politics. This is now policy war is a cultural war, were fighting for the absolute identity of our country, there is a need now in Washington of a sword and a shield. A shield over the constitution and a sword to protect it and- and hopefully we don't get too real. Swords are real guns, but with the way things are going, this nation could, if, if the GEO P doesn't stand up or of the g o p loses what little power they have and we lose the White House, a very different country come January of next year,
Glenn you're, absolutely correct in this that we need to do. We have got to hold the line on the constitution, but you're right. We have got to put a sword and the hand of the american people. I want to go to Washington DC to be a weapon, because at this point we ve got to seek. Does liberal ideology is no longer a range movement of this kind, marxist type revolution. This isn't it extremely well funded and well organised movement that is being led by Congress. Ones where, like a sea and even more, but also by a lot of giant normal backers, were taking advantage of the citizens United case to be What is poor, I ridiculous amount of money and all these elections to find new. Its fringe elements that inner infiltrate these black lives matter, movement and they're they're using this this this tension we have in us in our country right now to be will it take advantage of the american people? I don't want to lose our liveries. I know you don't either. So, let's start, fighting, I think, is what the american people are saying
is not saying that we don't want you, Mr President, we're saying we want you to have people who are actually fight for you So what do you think? What connected with the voter in North Carolina? That was voting for you, because you one the Trump endorse candidate. You were thirty. If I'm not mistaken, thirty points ahead. And you're twenty four years old here just I mean what what was it that people connected. What one you know, I've got a great story just about overcoming in having the great will decline to survive. Two I would say as being a wheelchair has taught me can empathy ability to see people that you know I'm going to have a different background than me and empathize with them and really understand the people who feel like they've been left behind and disenfranchised and I'll tell you. That's exactly how significant majority of republican voters feel they feel like these people in the
Damn of deep sea are up there. Just passing decrees there a bunch of career politicians Emmy! We saw this evidently into done. Sixteen with that Congress, as you know, we had the the Senate and the presidency, and I'm shy wash your showed your time. I know you believe, like I did it. Maybe Just maybe we can see a constitutional republic soaring back, but these costs these these Career politicians that Washington DC were not working over the best interests of the american people and we did not see and take advantage of that, and so I think the p of a mayor of America resonated most with the fact that one, I won't be a messenger to fight for conservatism into a new generations, been deceived and to the fact that I I represent. The people of my mountains is whereas raises aren't these are this? Is my family? I will represent them. For their part. As I can tell me a little bit about how you lost the ability to walk.
So I just been nominated, go the naval coming by cars and mark meadows, my best friend and I were celebrating, and yet we were to Christian young man. So we have the best time that we re what's your with those boundaries, but so there's no drinking. It bothers. There's nothing like that, but when I was on a road trip middle of the day and I was taken in the past the seat and for whatever reason my friend you started, was a group activity and so unfortunate. He fell asleep at the wheel and we ran to Country wall, that seventy miles an hour- and you know I had about once a chance to live my body was- severely burned. Very damage but you know what I truly believe it was because of the power prayer and God I might doctors in my great medical staff. It got me through that, but I wasn't a hospital for about a year a month, and so there At that time you, unless you did how's your friend
thank God, he's. Ok, I use a hero during accident and you are right now he is he's he's doing great. Obviously, he's got his mental Demas he's got to deal with, but we're still vary. And yet he was a pivotal saved my life, was the thing that you learned the most from that was. Thing that is, was most life changing for you. I would say one day you know I obviously got in a pretty dark place, just because yeah I was an athlete I had it had a great mind, but then you have a traumatic brain injury at that terrible. Your body is taken from you I got a pretty dark place, but I will say that There was a moment in my life when I I literally made a t graph of pros and cons of if I was going to give up or if I was going to decide to just fight and not look back and
I won by one point on the on the continuing to move on with my life and so ever since then I have like it's like my last day on earth. I have a very real sense of my morale, my mortality, and so because of that I want to make my mark before I leave this earth there were what that last check Mark was. Yes, it was. The bill will make a difference. I can see why you won by thirty points, You are headed in to a, Eight mare, you are headed into something where you compromise once and they gotcha your headed into something that You will, I believe, think death would be a picnic. Compared to living that life in Washington D c d?
you're prepared for that. I do you. I come from a very long line of family members who serve mainly in the marine corps since about the 1780s. So it's a it's a it's a great heritage. I have of duty and sacrifice, but yeah. That's exactly how I see going to Congress. It is not a way to enrich myself are to empower myself: I see as a duty to my fellow man, and so all, though I know the more effective I am more than the media will come after me. I'm ready for that, but I am fortunate. I know that because we want against the dollar Trump Indorsement, we were kind of immediate darling. Of of you know the far right and also the far left, I was on innocent b c in the view in your. They treated me all right on of Republican. That's guys, you know what I'm very. I am very aware that that will not last answer. I'm getting ready to take on this onslaught, because I dont want to do this. I must really be guided, engagement, Roby focused on getting married and spend a town like mine eyes, but you know what I take took account of it
countries, that in your eyes, is as normal for anybody gets engaged and we were talking about when we want to have a family with what kind of what kind of world they're going to live in, and you know what's so. I was thinking about that one night sitting outside and I had terrible vision of you'll want my child. Well, it's a boy or a girl looking up to me, while the reading in history books and head downward, what was capitalism, white, wise gone and I just be so ashamed. If I had to hold my head down, say: well, honey, it's because I didn't, stand up and fight, and I think that's what does a what what needs to happen or country? I just want to lead a patriot revolution to take our country back because yeah going to first exact same reason why you started the blaze while you have this show right here. It's because you realize that this is a battle for the hearts and minds of the future generations and their organs are playing checkers, whether democratic playing chess and it's time for us to fight
You give me hope, sincerely Madison, you give me hope. I dive done this for a long time when you were a little kid. And. I have been waiting for the generation test are to come into play and and I thank you- for that, and thank you for all the you're about to do. Well, sir, thank you very much. I know it well. I'll have at least a little bit of back up with guys like you may help and fight back against the mainstream media. So I'm looking forward to it fighting forest knowledge now already was down pigs as the president reached out to you, you There was a very fun phone call actually was on the night of victory. I have a man named James who was workers the air force, one switchboard. He call a nasty became into the president, so I've heard through
as we said yes and uses normal adjectives, Usanga was tremendous, was a beautiful victory it seems like you was almost amused that I was able to overcome his endorsement at this age and he was really by would say, proud of me and I'm really looking forward to working with them. He's having me come to the White House in a couple weeks, and so I'm really looking forward to be able to be throwing a congress who actually wants to push for the Trump agenda. I feel that we have something for you just that service, but don't actually do it. While push forward trumpet gender whoever's agenda is most closely aligned with the constitution, because you MA to be a sword in a shield for the constitution cause it is in dire dire trouble. And do you strike me as a kind of young man that will take that oath very seriously and Let anyone people, tell me before really powerful people plan. We all love the constitution, but these are different times. No, not knowing
the only time the constitution matters is when you easier to do something else, so stay for the constitution, Madison best of luck to you and Thank you so much for being in the programme as one Leslie S not throw out everyone, please, when you read the constitution, really through the lens of original intent. This is what our founders was. One forest is nothing new under the sun. So let's push back. Established the words were not to pushes website, so I have to do it now. His website is Madison see a W Thorn Madison CALL Thorn, Dotcom, Madison, Catherine dot com. So much medicine will help to watch you in Congress soon now, cybercriminals best friend, is apathy. The laughs best friend is apathy. How times? Do you hop onto a public wifi source unprotected
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Odin three. Sixty at Norton dot com, slash back, that's Norton, dot com! Slash back tonight the episode they don't want you to see the questions they don't want us to ask black lives matter has received millions, Indonesia, but where is the money going? Glenn opens the financed books, almost dark money trail and takes on the sensors who say black lives matter is off limits. Tonight. Nine pm eastern only ablaze, TB, dotcom slash glass, is legal in that programme.
Can. I would welcome to the programme from standing rock ranch tonight. Nine o clock blaze, TV, wherever you find it You should join us. You get twenty percent off right now, it blazed place tv noncom, Slash, Glenn, use fight the mob. What if I shovel and early, though at times like ever something to watch right before that, I mean that's, probably an earth which some people have you, I got, I gotta watch some I gotta get Alex, highlights the dark out, that's the or that we think there's a network of dark. Isn't it incident hides it? brightest shining, light of the network. Glenn stew does American I'd watch it the clock and on what are you doing tonight, you're going to be on the programme of you know that put you're gonna be on another. No, I but I am What are we talking about? Lowering reprieve doing tonight show a little bit, but also a going into big special this week. That of regularly I get into him yeah good
tonight. Nine p m eight o clock the dark, our yes, yes hold on your soul. Stew does Glenn back. I think that's disturbing Glenn,
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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme, hello, America, welcome to the programme a hundred years ago. The reason why the progressives could not get away with their progressive take over Wonder Woodrow Wilson is because we respected the founding fathers. We knew the constitution at that time. We had to know it to graduate eighth grade. You had to be able to recite both the constitution and the declaration of independence to pass eighth grade. Can you imagine no
but he would bear no nobody. Nobody in Congress would tat well TED crews likely what but other than that no one in Congress would pass They ve changed our history as well as it Michelle Obama said. Iraq knows we're gonna have to change our history. We have to change our language. Our traditions if we want to move forward. Well, that's what they have done, and now they're tearing down statues and telling us that we are something we never have been the
author of the war on history, I thought was a very good guess today, saying that we are getting ready to night at nine o clock to expose the sixteen nineteen project from the New York Times. This thing is: I'm nightmare and poison. We thought to Jarrett Stepmother the war on our history. The conspiracy to rewrite America's passed in one minute is a gleam back programme, so managing a business is really really stressful. I mean I remember my daddy manage the business and it was really hard. We ran a little bakery and all of us had a hell bout. I went to work when I was eight years old,
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sweet, also surveyed, hundreds of business leaders and assembled a playbook and the top strategies that people are using as America reopens for business. That's a free guide, can help you out a lot seven actions. Businesses need to take now what you, when you call you get that for free schedule. Your free product tour as well as net sweet, dotcom, slash back, that's net sweet dot, com, slack, back, George W columnist for the Daily Signal Multimedia Publication Heritage Foundation, here it's about american history informs how it informs are present politics. He was a tall, eighteen, Lincoln, fellow for the clear Mount Institute. These been on Fox NEWS and CNN and blah blah blah blah blah.
He also rights for the Federalist, the american mind, real, clear politics. Congressional quarterly among among other things, he has a book out. I think it came out. Shared. I want to ask it came out. I think last year did not the war on history, the conspiracy to write America's past, and I'm sorry I didn't know about it, out in a last October, but of course very Interestingly enough how rapidly things have moved since that the book was published in how many of other figure ideas of America's path now are absolutely under the microscope. I mean across american history. I think there, the people, want war on on so many fronts. I it's almost impossible to keep your head, grounded in and what is actually happening as we seen statues of Lincoln Intent Roosevelt being toppled along with the long with the founders of many others. It's quite incredible. What's happened in such a short period of time.
So jeered. Where did this start? You know because of the product upright product of an american education system, I think, is the product of long term failure, unfortunately too, to teach american civics in this country. I think That is always struck me about a rivalry there will address, if he call for Americans to be informed patriots, but balanced the most more than most import, Take away from his presidency. I think we do fortunately, a lot of schools, public schools in this country that have failed on that, and I think we have a higher education system. That really teaches anti Americanism to a large extent and in what we seeing now is the fruits of it, higher generation, my generation millennials and younger, who have really been taught about what has made this country. What it is we made it great instead have been taught about America deep sins, deep flaws, but without that full stop
hurry of how America has transcended many of its laws has become in some cases a greater nation because of the very ideas are at the heart of the FAO the heart of seventeen. Seventy six. Your thoughts on the sixteen nineteen project, its standing to me how popular this has become and how, in some schools it's now being taught in fact it is credible, especially as its had so many car from really historians across the board of ink from those who are left, leaning, right, leaning because of its historical and accuracy than it really create the kind of well what lie about America. Even it's it's opening statement with, but it would be a re frame american history. The idea that sixteen
Eighteen year, Africans, slaves were brought in Virginia colonies. That is America's real founding. That is really the essence of this country, not the principles of seventeen. Seventy six in the thumb sent on they really fit moment. I think when you bring the narrative, I think it really is a narrative. I dont think that, based on historical fact, too, integration has really lost. Even the idea is that have been brought down to them through the generations of what seventy seven six meant, what the civil war meant? What always think meant? I think you have a really the combination of many Americans think well, you know what this country is not for me. It's an Just regime needs to be right down all symbols of our path need to be he d come down to create a perfect future in which our were purged of the white supremacy America's creation. I think that the very toxic narrative I think it's abundance phenomena the wrong in its assumptions about this country. Unfortunately, this this this idea coming to
american clashes, kitty toadstools schools around this country, I think with I ain't coming months with glass. It wouldn't put schools open back up, Rakkeed, deeply unfortunate and dangers that each of the country so. This is not about our history. By any stretch of the imagination. This is a very well played well financed. Marxist ploy, to get America to fundamentally transform it's something that mean Albert. Obama, talked about when he was running the first term, fundamentally, transforming America and joy today. How long does this nation last or any nation last without its without two pillars without its foundation. I mean the foundation. Has
Then they ve taken a jack hammer to it and we have allowed them to do it. How long designation last without that war, in the long term. It doesn't last without that I think they're really trying to bring aid, Style revolution to Amerika Shores, tie where every a symbol of America's path, will be purge and obliterated, and I do worried that at this moment that did attacks on statues in it. It is really not just about simply history for the sake of history. This is about power. This is about Purifying society, Don't worry seeing violence against statues lawlessness really your, how long until that's turned against fellow citizens, where they hated we all do, we see in so many of the mob attack. Statues is turned on fellow human beings, but I think that is where this is ultimately headed. I think that what this moment requires this is courage and leadership on it. Does I think, from the perspective of many Americans, be like those who still believe in what this country stand.
More are behind the April right now, but I think this moment cries out upper leadership, encourage from them You still believe in that I believe in those words of Abraham, Lincoln Right makes, might- and I think in this case that I think, as we speak so many of us, rules of our past and our history, nay, the good ones like Abraham, Lincoln, toppled and destroyed. I think you require citizens are to stand up for that system, people whose I believe in it and believe in our way of life. You have courage in public spaces, and to draw that while they were knocking, let you take our your way, we're not gonna. Let you demolish the good things that this country has built this country. Those imperfect was committed to a great cause, cause a freedom. That is something that has expanded over countries history need to preserve. That I mean we really need to draw this line and I do think it can be. I think the math american people will see to it. That is ultimately right, even with them
education in our schools. I think people still today have an attachment to the constitution of attachment to the The law in the declaration- and I don't think you throw that away. Yet I don't think that America will ultimately do so, but again, as I said, it needs courage and eat people who were willing to go out there and stand against the mob and say no more, can allow you to destroy everything that was good. About this country. So why don't people do that chair it because if this were happening from islamic extremists. If this were happening from people on the outside of our country, we wouldn't put up with this for a single day, not a single day, We are not only not standing up. We don't see any of our government standing up against it. And you have people litters, r, r, r mouthing the words
and putting little black squares on their social media. They can stay. I guess safe. What what? What what is it going to take for Americans to stand up? You know that it can take leadership from from which Americans, I think a lot of the daily institutions in this country- have internalize these ideas of you know where where our schools and say no, we should we should talk more about Abraham Lincoln. Why he's great tearing down the statues? I think we ve seen, american elite that agrees. One of these radical and I think that they exist in large part in the media organisations and, thirdly, honour our universities and popular, hold your. They are fanning the flames of this. I think that strength the compromise worked? American, I think a lot of politics, and their leaders are afraid right now, because they're afraid of the Cultural Revolution, the tenant small them, they think that. Well, I just keep quiet won't come for me, but you must understand that moment came for her oxygen.
It came for Robespierre, the meaning the guy who started it and they came for him and be headed him This is not the way revolutions with the American Revolution was a a anomaly in in history. It always spirals out of control. The the American Revolution didn't, but that again is an anomaly, because we based on the the self evident True this that all men are created equal and so we weren't jamming anything down people throats Jared in Hell. People, understand about that and and how revolutions happen. You said, you know, I'm afraid we're going down the road of the french I think we're going down the road exactly like the French did. What was that
France between the two and what are the similarities that you're seeing now at are disturbing, while the fray, revolution there was. There was no living in principle. I think there I think for the French, I think there is a mass of society? I really hate against their fellow human the neighbours? I think that their ideas of justice- I were very different instead of simply creating a new system built on top of that old monarchy, they wish to simply wash away all the past and in quite literally with blood and in revolution we want. A new system based on a constitution, one of deliberation one where you would have self government in price revolution was one based on recrimination, purging. Your enemies and destroying your enemies in a French aside with her different from the Americans by Americans, even as Paulus, were news to the concept of,
government they. Why could build a country on top of this? This constitution, which has been a brake on the tyrannical nature of mankind. Are the french Revolution, didn't have those bright. It was The limitless revolution which ultimately Baby meters of that revolution end up going to a guillotine as well, because after all they were committed enough to the cause What committed enough to the revolutionary principles- and I think That's how it ultimately distort itself and ended up in a more ambitious tyranny in the one they started out with? They ended up back in monarchy. Not too long after dinner, Revolution turned out very differently. It turned out very differently for american other, generate You guys the hoard brought a general patients who have gone by where, because we have a constitutional system, it helps us to eliminate things good or bad a better society, whilst preserving the
the edifice of freedom that we have, which is the constitution itself. You know, we'd have the guiding principles of it. Declaration of independence, and we have this beautiful dogma, which is the carpet mission, which has allowed a free people out to make decisions for themselves and to protect the life, are the worst. You're by that revolution- that why did that? The history of France, the United States, very different, why the United States became greater for its creation is one of the unique moment in history or wherever. Ocean. I turned out without simply replanting back in a tyranny which is, unfortunately, the history, a most like wish that you that story was the one that was told TAT most of US rules rather less. This narrative that America was simply based on terrible things here. Just as terrible today and we need to watch this away, encourage an of its in America's of bill is improved country human beings are imperfect. I picked up a lesson that
we need to understand how those imperfect people created such a great system that lead to The elimination of many those imperfections, including slavery, including not treating people. I would be equal rights. There bored with erika in that it has been great it has not only been great Citys beginning but is improved over time on many of those those ends. That's not it. Heard of mutual junior from a statue, toddlers Jared Stedman, the author of the war on history. Thank you so much for being on will this year, and I appreciate it you do know jared- is you bet Jerry The is talking about the erasing of our history it is well financed, well planned and it is evil and if you don't believe me watch tonight's show on blaze, tv make sure you're watching and if you remember
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you don't really interesting to me because you know we're about to go to Mars. The reason why Elon Musk is is going. There is to have a place where he says. Humans will be safe. Where We can colonise it and we can get away from a I and other things like that. Well, isn't it wrong Should there be a month into Isla Mosque the years down the road on Mars because what if we found me, you know any kind of amoeba up there, and we, brought kind of germs and everything else that we don't even know what do damage and do damage to something we didn't even know really was. There is
just colonizing. Isn't that that colonialism Stew, Ilan Strip to Mars. That's colonialism, isn't it? yeah sure, but screw those people on Mars. If they're they're there in a we get to do whatever we want with that without territory, it's ours. We only get out of the way. All right, ok, good. I just want to make sure that we Rama same page, it yeah pretty much. I'm like pretty much the cartoon. Character of Christopher Columbus that the left tries to portray when it comes to Mars. Whatever we find there, we wipe it out, I'm fine with it that just genocide on all people on Mars. If there are there, I don't want to be there anymore, I'm just putting that out there right now. I seen Mars attacks. It didn't turn out well for us, I'm not going to run more than willing to risk it, a mile by just jamming a big american flag through their chests heads.
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Now I am, I dont really follow him or anything. I just I just see this picture of him and he looks like he could be the villain in every bad guy movie. Does he not? I just maybe it's just this one picture of him, but he looks like you. I mean you put a black uniform on him and he is coming in to interrogate really Mugabe S. Dismay at sea, or maybe just me, But He said yesterday You know? As I have said before, you know. We come to China with a certain set of core american values and principles, and I understand also that they have a different form of government and they have a different view of how things should have been done. How things should be done, and hopefully we can find mutual ex respect for each other.
Adam. I believe I could be wrong, but I believe you are at least born into a jewish family. I don't know if you're still- accessing jus, but your jewish. Would you have said if somebody That was an influential as the NBA said, that about Adolf Hitler. Yeah! No luck! you know Hitler first I don't necessarily agree when what he's doing, but I may we, he come over there with our principles and expect them to change. We just have to see we can find some mutual respect for each other. I don't see how they can horrible, pair horrible monster. I don't see how you can compare of Hitler's regime too. The chinese communist regime, which you know, killed many more people,
and yet and Hitler's she did not look there in them, now only killed. Ninety million sixty, I believe indeed, ninety, but the man, you look at it now. Even there is report this week that China is engaged in a mass Astaire illustration project against Wiggers and other another groups. Who did that? Who did that Hitler. Did the military has yeah any present millions? My belief hitherto did things like that as well. Look I'm being sterilize, the women are being sterilised in concentration camps, which is totally different than what Hitler did right. There are many similarities, it's not exact, as as, of course, you would note that there is still a lot of companies in the United States. Doing business in embryo is not alone in that world by any means, but the idea that can't come out and criticise that which is based equally the standard tried to uphold
a few months ago, and I think, to an embarrassing extent, to the point of the embarrassed. The entire organization, that anyone who is associated with I mean Lebron James. You know who is not a good and for a million different reasons, but this being a really good one, that people at least agree with me on the fact that he can happen. And criticised American citizens, for speaking out too to argue on. Behalf of of Hong Kong is its. Sk Grace what the end I did there and now they're coming back into me, not to have a season, that's supposed to begin at the end of the month July. They are saying they're, going to let their players replace their last names with social justice met it is. I got one. I got one ok for free Hong Kong, I about putting that on the back onto the majority. Does it fiery hind as it
I will be interested to see. What can you do? Could you do defined plan parenthood cause to fund the police probably gets on. One of those jerseys does Fun planet parenthood get on one. I doubt it I doubt it then, and free Hong Kong does not get nowhere near an enemy agers. Now anything that would be consider it. Like that's the thing, that's white, so disingenuous there is, I think it's actually. Ok, if they want to say look, we encourage or players who say basically whatever the hell they want. I mean, I think, that's an ok standard. You know you don't have, have a league where you implement controls over what people say in their own private life when it comes out or you can put some controls. There are you're trying to make us they're trying to make themselves out to essentially be we're this free speech platform, and if you are, you gotta, live that we ve said that's about social media companies before if you, if you want to be in that world than live it
just say yes to everything goes and that's the way, we're gonna role, that's! Ok! That's hey stance, if you actually stick by what they are doing is just saying here are the things that I want people to say and therefore, though, things will be allowed, because that helps us with sponsors. So and that's that's frustrating. Do you believes, do that I think these things are going to come. Undone- and I am- I'm trying to figure out why the federal government has been so silent on all of these things other than cowardice, the one. Donald Trump he's not a coward and somebody said the other day, man. I. I really hate the people that are counselling him to be quiet at this time, and I am not sure that that is kept coming from council. Maybe it is maybe right? Because I
if he would have gone in at the very beginning of this, all they would have cried was racist and everybody would have done it. And still might except People now like the Seattle mayor, Jenny, darken She's now upset because the Capitol Hill organise protesters came out and they feel tested around her house and we're chanting in demanding she leave the area or meet with protesters demands and she came out, and she said that this has got to stop the pro Esters were there without regard for the safety of me or my family. So now you care, then you have the people in in Seattle that are really upset and suing the city. Now people who said look when they first came here in the area I agreed with them, but
this is this is turning into a death zone. It's gotta stop and, I will say, complete collapse students and some people try to tie these two things together and I think, is despicable if you do that cool complete coincidence that, right after they protest the mayor's house today, they went up King Chaz and chop up the police, retaken, Chaz and chop. That's a com, fleet coincidence. It's definitely not tied to the protest at the mayor's house. She's fine, with envying and doing this terrible things, cities, business owners and residents of that area. But now, that its residents of her area, some people might say: hey it's that you would make sure that this gets done right after your home is protested. I just want to say on the record- no ties at all completely disconnected random coincidence of the calendar. Nothing could be further from the truth
absolutely so I think that this is actually going to work, in our favour, if we don't screw it up. If we are just very very careful but I think this is coming undone. I think people are sick and tired of it and I think you know was. It was easy to say that if you support the political movement because of its name, instead of what it actually claims to stand for. You might be useful idiot will it remains true, but I think more and more people are now going wait, a minute wait, a minute black lives matter. They mean they mean what made you c, o Elsie, she's said because they kit they cut a billion dollars of the New York City Police Department, billion dollars she that's not enough. She said when we say defend the police, we mean the fund, the police, that's insanity in
Kennedy and I in people know that, need I think it look them. We talking about. We have to spend too much time on the election because it's been there's been so many other things going on as opposed to a normal year. Where were basically right now, that's all we be talking about. But if you look at the strategy the battle plan for Trump as it were. I think the probably the biggest key to it. Is for him to essentially portray and there's plenty of evidence to do this- that oh Biden, is a Trojan horse for a Yossi in chess you. What you need to make people in in the suburbs understand that, if bite, gets in. There are the people who are actually going to be running the show or going to be people like a yo, see like the mayor of Seattle lie. You know all of the activists left, they're gonna be the ones with the power they're, the ones showing the influence here.
All those times that Joe Biden refuses to stand up and say burning down a target is wrong mean that is not like a joke. I D, never gonna, be a guy he's, not an activist he's. Not activities can be out there. You know lighting of targets on fire himself, EO see what she's not in Congress is down there. We are helping right like that. Such a who she is that's a totally prince scenario, Joe Biden, now a guy. But true that he is going to allow a lot of influence from that movement, because there be the ones that get him in the White House and if that happens, you're talking about a country that could be out of, troll very quickly. If you liked the feeling You had when you were watching your local town burned to the ground if you'd like the idea of all these minority on businesses which bind today in Minneapolis are all still boarded up or rubble. If you like that in your town there
go ahead and vote for this guy? That's the mess I think he needs to bring constantly and more publicly than he's been doing, and it needs to be focused and and and and intense right now it's been like you but he can have is fun. He can have Israelis, but Right now is still struggling to figure out how to deal with all these different created. All these crises and everything else that that he's had to deal with what we get closer to the election. That sort of focus is gonna, be on Joe Biden. Can Joe Biden fight that off? I see no evidence that he's capable of doing that and when America starts to focus on ok, this is a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, because of course, that's how America sees these things at one or the other. If they see in that way. It's gonna be a lot. Harder for Joe Biden have fourteen point leads in these poles people not going. You know where, if he's able, portray him a Trojan horse for this movement.
Then he has a good chance of winning he's currently losing minute like the poles. Not good for Donald Trump right now, but it doesn't really matter yet, but we're getting closer and closer to the time that it will matter. And if he doesn't enough, Aurette were worse lebanese conversation at the end of the summer. Glad we're we're like all. Well, it's to learn if it isn't real trouble he needs to be. Able to come up with a focused plan, and you saw him, I think any handed me- the other night passed question about what he was gonna do in his second term. Any just I mean he's a basically, nothing you know I gotta get well. Experience is important yeah. I mean experiences important. We need! able to articulate two people what you're and to do why this is going to be important. I believe just not there yet because of everything else going on and at some point he's going to transform into. Pain mode and that's going to be a focus of his when that happens, the american people, To be forced to deal with think of the deal with a real concept,
of having Joe Biden running their country, a guy who cake it through three to four. Sentences in a row without falling asleep. That's a that's a nice thing for the american people to embrace, and I I think it's just that. I don't think it's coming to grips with Joe Biden being the president. It is The left taking Control of the executive branch, the sin the house and and then being able to do whatever they want. I think. That's the real danger here. It's not just Joe Biden is just sleepy Joe. Is Joe Biden is a is going to be a puppet of whom I don't know but doesn't seem like there are not so far away from the left or right, masks are starting to come off. No they're, not they're, going on four they off for the good.
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shave secret. Now you can find it regionally at eighty b and wagons and on Amazon or you can go to shave secret directly at shave, secret dot, com use the promo code back. Let him know that I censure. Shave secret dot com. Do it now This is the Glen Programme This is the Glen by program. I'm glad you're here. Thank you so much for listening again tonight we're going to be doing something on the sixteen nineteen project, exposing that what's wrong, important. As this is the same, Argument that we are having in the eighteen fifties, I mean it is stunning how the left. And those who wish to destroy America.
They run in exactly the same direction every single time, every single time and we know how to beat them, because we done it before but we really need to stand up if you miss today's our number one of this programme I urge you to listen to the pod. Cast there is. There is a catholic priest that is under attack right now. In the end, Indiana? He is the appeal. Where's priest for Theodore. His name is Theodore ROD, Roth Rock of Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel. Indiana he's he told and from the pulpit he told his parishioners. The only lives that matter for those black lives matter. Ringleaders are their own
the only power they seek is their own. Their wolves in wolves, clothing, masks, thieves and bandit, seeking only to devour the life of the poor and pray, from the fear of others they are met can parasites at best, feeding off the isolation of addiction and broken families and offering to replace current frustration and anxiety with more misery and greater resentment. He is? He was very clear stay. Away from this marxist organization, well, we'll be. Will the archbishop will the bishop of this diocese Willie stand with this priest Catholic everywhere: Father Theodore, Roth Rock Sane, Elizabeth Seton, Catholic Church Carmel Indiana stand for him. Thank you Jason. These days, you probably get a shorter list. If you ask, what's not possible for criminals to steal a mine, the field of
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for one Fremont and protection. At home. Title locked outcome. Go there now and do it poem, title Lock CUP, coming up. Michael shop is gonna, be on the programme he had about last night glens who talk to him here as well. Getting to his new book, it's called apocalypse and never trying to sort out the difference between the alarmist claims from the environmentalists and the ones that are real skies is amazing skies, amazingly amazing, in his bravery, really one of the euro profiles and courage. A new version of that
What you're about to here is the fusion, entertainment and enlightenment when that programmes are for a long time, been labelled e climate denier, and I dont know why cause I don't deny that there is climate. I also don't don't argue with the fact that for a while, the temperature of the earth was rising and the climate be changing, and I also don't dismiss that. Maybe man has a little something to do with it. It seems like that could be rational. I just not agreed with
the goals of the leadership, which seems to be more about politics in capitalism and the destruction of it than it does about climate change. I have a problem with the solutions and the reason why we want to enact these solutions well,
I guess that's been bad for a long long time, but now you're going to have to put the guy in who is Time magazine named him, hero of the environment for two thousand and eight? He is an expert on this and he's just written a new book called Apocalypse. Never why invent environmental alarm? Is it hurts us all? Remember this. The guy who is an environmentalist deal is an environmentalist has been a part of this, but had to speak out because it's getting out of control, a very brave individual, MIKE Shellenberger author of Apocalypse, never In one minute is the Glen programme are when it comes to the gold standard in grilling action. There is a new sheriff and down right
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now tonight, the episode they don't want you to see the questions they don't want us to ask black lives matter. Has received millions, Indonesia, but where is the money going? Glenn opens the finance books almost dark money trail and takes on the sensors who say black lives matter is off limits. Tonight: nine pm eastern, only ablaze, TB, dot com, slash glass, a machine. You can watch that episode last week. This week's episode is taking on the sixteen nineteen project and exposing the truth and the lies about that from the New York Times might show and Berger has got to be almost suicidal, being introduced in praised by me. I'm not gonna. Help is career at all I find him an incredible hero of today's world- he is coming
knowing that this is probably going to be the end of his career, hopefully not but he is coming out in saying. Look, I'm an environmentalist. There are some things going on, but this this is craziness about we're all gonna die is not true, author of book apocalypse, never MIKE show Berger. Welcome to the programme. How are you might thanks for having me on Glenn, you're welcome. I I'm sorry if it's uncomfortable for you to be on the programme but oh no, not at all. I I talk to him. I believe it's going to look this. What America has four right? We should go to talk to people. We disagree with where the hell did you come from that you just wake up? Thirty, are you? Are you cry a generally frozen? That's not America anymore. Apparently, so my guy have great gave great respect for you because you are saying: look, I'm still an environmentalist. They still care about all these things, but we
Got to reign this in its crazy crazy. What people have been saying that we're gonna die in twelve years, and you know we have no time to reverse all of this and then their solutions are insane why did you decide to go from hero to what could be zero? right this book Then an environmentalist for over thirty years I ve been a climate activists for over twenty years. I am also father a fourteen year old girl and she's fine, because I talk to her about the science, but friends, are very scared. A lot of them are afraid they won't live long enough to have children they talked about this and they said they needed something that really explained the science in a clear way to them, and so I really a dedicated the book to my children, I wrote this book because I
and if you just had to pick, if I needed adolescent girls had appeared between the image, they would pick Gretta tongue over me a boring old dad, so I needed to put all the evidence in one place. My views are very clear. I climate change is real. I think humans are contributing to it. I also know that it's not the end of the world is no science that suggest that at the end of the world, nor that its apocalyptic her, and There's a lot of people don't know: muscovado knew that that deaths from natural disaster- should have declined ninety percent over the last hundred years. They ve declined to eighty percent over the last forty years. Meaning carbon emissions, Pekin declined and most rich countries. Several decades ago they Pekin declined in Britain France and Germany in the mid seventies. They they peeking I'd, say it's almost fifteen years ago, thanks to the french revolution thanks to natural gas
basically now that's bad Michael now, that's better! Now gesture I mean in my book to talk about the first visually three parts: the book the first part of the deal donkey of common environmental myths around I'm a change. Amazon, deforestation, plastic waste need species extinction. The second The book is how humans actually save nature. How did we save the whales? Are we if the whales by using petroleum and palm oil. Instead, using whale oil. So it wasn't, Greenpeace saves the whales, it was american ingenuity. European unity and capitalism. So, you're always in the last part of the book, is why I if environmental problems are important but manageable, how did we come to see them as the end of the world and that's why look at three. The three big factors I view as money power and religion, which is
sickly that as people stop believing in God as they move as they stop, as they imagine themselves to be secular or atheists. We have a need as humans for faith. We have a need for belief, and so people construct alternative religions that are based on pseudoscience and really can be quite crazy, and so I waited last year for scientists or my fellow activists or other journalists to speak out against the alarm ism, no he did, and I knew nobody word because of the climate of cowardice that exists around us and I thought I needed speak out and then in I'm old enough now to just gonna feel like let the chips fall where they may for you, you know it just some things that are more important than then people mean means he won't twitter. So and one of those things is my is the psychological health of my of my children and of my children's friends
So you know what happened to the the founder of Greenpeace. I mean he was one of the original founders they lay wanted to pan. An element on the table of elements any so they said you can't do that here, they can't you you, you can't ban an element. And he was no longer welcome and he doesn't have a name with cowardice that is going on right now Even though you are very well reasoned, Emine honestly, you you would be, kind of guy, where I would feel comfortable saying I'm an environmentalist because I, Am I own a lot of property, and I care about the environment. I care about the earth. I clean water. I want clean air, but the the the people that are running these things. I grew up. My grandfather, was a farmer in the Big northwest He said these people have
zero experience. They are stopping the controlled burns. They're gonna be responsible for burning down the entire west when they, started messing with the with the balance of the wolves in in Yellowstone, he said the same thing: they don't know that their so arrogant and they have no practical experience. You you talk about the kind of common sense things that the person whose actually living it believes and can do where are the rest of them? Well I mean, I think interesting that, while doing research for apocalypse, never I discovered that the vast majority of scientists are good scientists I am part of this out. I wrote this book to defend the science. The majority of scientists, the asylum majority who stick to the facts, there's a small
Tiny monster, my it's a small handful of apocalyptic malthusian scientists, scientific who think there's too many people in the world. Who give their information to people like got a ton Burke. I interviewed them. So I, viewed the four main apocalyptic scientists, was very interesting. First of all, all four of them immediately. There intuitive response was to blame journal we're having misquoted them which do you make of that which it was. She will tell you what I in a spoke in the reach of sport. Is, I basically went to the sources, and I said what what are you pointing to that? You think is catastrophic or apocalyptic, and none of them could answer that question. They all came up short, all them out on it. I first call them out I at last year and Forbes be that way, to give them a chance to respond and and and try to correct me or cancel me or something, none of them did because when you
And up to bullies, they back actually all bullies are actually cowards, and I to them last year, novel none of them defended themselves, because I knew I caught them out on this. So now it's in the book and those in in apocalypse? Never I go through exactly what you said all of the increase in frequency in it city of fires in the United States, Australia, due to more build up of wood, fuel and forests, because we environmental don't like smoke and fires is the build up of wood feeling. Then it's more houses near for us. Those two things now is there is is, are the the fire season growing in length? Yes, it is. Is it or whether contributing to fires. Probably is the here's. The thing is it that climate change is happening or that's not having any effect it that is being outweighed still
these other factors I mean look at flooding, for example, If you go to the difference between whether you are flooded or not depends on whether you have a flood control system, it doesn't matter whether you have one or two inches more rainfall, and if you read the New York Times, you would think that that that floods that are occurring, climate change will know it there because of inadequate flood control, which is, I think that we can control of enough good news. So there's a lot good news here. You know even the amount of land that we use for food production has been going down, which is wonderful news, because that's the main impact that humans have on the natural environment. So really every people have been told about almost everything. It will have been told that the environment is wrong on the facts. I go through it all. Pockets never. And then I want to go a step further and say what really matters, and how is it everybody became so crazy, so
I'd like to go there with you, Michael? Let me take a one minute break in. They will come back Michael Kellenberger time. Magazines in environmental hero of the environment for two thousand eight is still an environmentalist he's just trying to set the record straight. He admits that he has been part of this problem because he didn't speak out until now, but he says enough is enough, and the name book is Apocalypse. Never you want to do something two to let your voice be heard, go by this book Make it the number one book on the New York Times, jeez they'll hate, that make sure you you support the people who are having, even if you don't agree with them that have the boy calls to stand up and say the truth This guy is rolling the dice that he's not going to be destroyed. I
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it's a great question, I mean there was a conservation movement, as you mentioned. I think you consider yourself conservationist. I consider myself a conservation is something really up until world war. Two we all basically read that lifting everybody out of poverty was a good thing and protected Natural environment was a good thing, after world war to a bunch. Really anti human ideas took hold done. They came from a british economists named Thomas Malthus. To use jargon. But this idea of Malthusian isn't isn't. That is just too many people in the world after or to that took over the conservation movement by nineteen? Seventy, this really dark view. Too many people in the world they even called it life about ethics, nothing ethical about it! but the idea was we're in the lifeboat which life of prosperity other people trying to get in and we should keep them out, bow who's. The idea- and they did
a bunch of things I mean the the first thing that they did was very important. Is that, because by the nineteen fifties, with the invent of nuclear energy. We knew that there would never ever again be scarcity. Resource scarcity, honour and we'd have infinite energy, infinite, water, infinite, fertilizer infinite food, so this is very, mean to anybody who seeking to take control over the economy by frightening symbol of environmental resource scarcity, so what they had to do was to attack and demonize new clear and was very easy to do, because people were already scared of nuclear weapons. Of course, nuclear power plants are not nuclear weapons, but they basically got the public confused about it. Much of the quoting quote environmental movement had spent the last half century attack. Keen our cleanest best source of em, g for the environment and propose she'll, you Michael, I might. I have to tell you just saying that from
a guy who is on climate change, just saying that I can guarantee you, there are people that are listening all over America going God thank Somebody is finally saying that you can't be an environmentalist if your against New safe nuclear energy. You just can't be it's the safest, clean, standard Jean available will, The question is that really drove me to write that one of the questions that drove me to write apocalypse, never, which was wire People who are the most alarmist about climate change opposed to the only things that can reduce carbon emissions, which is basically in from call to natural gas and then Nuclear, that's it I mean it's, not people try to make a complicated. Because they don't want to do those things natural ass a nuclear, are the only fuels accurately substitute for coal in,
in red and keep and keep the economy strong and prosperous. So why is that, in what I got two was because then I really didn't really care about climate change. This isn't about climate change. This is about getting control over the economy over the society by moving the whole society to a low energy. I return to agrarian economy, that's why they have these really bad romantic visions that she read of everybody's. Maybe a small farmer again I'll play something I've permanent I've spent my thirty years interview in small farmers in poor countries vary children of small farmers want to remain small farmers. They want to move to the city, they wanna some of us really like living in the countryside and we like being farmers, but only two percent of us work on farms. All of our approach parity comes from actually not being an agrarian economy, anymore and being an industrial economy. So what is environmentalism?
mainstreaming and yet radical manifestation. It's trying to deprive industrialization to poor countries. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you much more with Michael Shop, and this guy makes sense. Does this guy make you say? Ok, I could be an environmentalist, because this makes sense apocalypse never by the book. Michael Shellin, burger returns at a glance tat program. Caution: we don't have to agree on everything Dewey What's it worth? What's it worth for you right now to sell your home sell your home right now you need You need the best real estate agent that you can find. I know your brother in law. Larry is probably a perfectly nice guy, but you know
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he is, I mean he is a guy that you know the Obama we know, invest in green energy, etc, etc. And he has not had a change of heart on the environment. But he has gained some courage. After talking to his daughter who was freaking out about we're all gonna die in twelve years and he realized. This has gotten way out of control and he is looking out in writ these written as new book apostle Apocalypse. Never I urge you, due to buy it and read it. One other quotes in here is today. Its nations should do everything they can to help poor nations industrialize. Instead, as we see, many of them are doing something closer to the opposite, seeking to make poverty sustainable rather than to make poverty history. I I have to tell you, Michael this this
spin one of the biggest things that is stuck out to me as absent. Lately immoral, we have a chance of Bringing the world out of abject poverty like Americans, don't understand and stead were telling them not. Now you gotta live this way you can You can have the things that we have, because it's bad and we're trying to get rid of them, not only they killing us with this this, this dream of. We all have a farm there. Actually keeping people poverty, its its horrific unkind Annabelle honey. I've been try was train, is a cultural anthropologists. I've been travelling to poor countries and interviewing small farmers for over thirty years
and yeah. Obviously, there's a lot of causes of why countries or poor, but this is no reason we should be helping them to stay poor urged a few years ago there was a movement to make poverty history, whatever and to that its leg. It got taken over by the climate, alarmist movement which has been focused on depriving poor countries, not just the fossil fuels they need to develop, but also the large hydroelectric dams. I mean I talk about my trip to the Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world they theirs. Active Effort deny the Congo the resources they need to build large hydroelectric games, which are absolutely essential to pulling people out of poverty and the craziest part, bout it in my research. I discover that one of the main groups that tries to prevent poor country from getting financing from the World Bank and other international development banks to build dams is based,
my hometown of Berkeley? California, will guess where Berkeley gets its electricity from the yoke I don't like your damned it's one of the first things that poor countries do when they start to develop its with Tenancy Valley Authority was in the nineteen thirty. So this is really it's just unconscionable. It needed to be called out. There's me Your groups, including the Sierra Club, that support efforts to deprive poor countries energy and and honestly they ve taken over the World Bank, so the World Bank used to fund the basics of development roads, electric the great sewage systems, control dams now they fund democracy, workshops and empowerment, workshops and and sword, health and batteries. You know that that are very expensive and unreliable- that they want to have to do is to give you on the farm. Well, most people gain access to electricity, and modern life by moving to the cities. You know it
Urbanization: half of us now live in cities. You don't have to move to the city, nobody's gonna, make him say: no, if you like to be, if I I own a farm in a ranch, and I have to tell you I get out of the tractor at any time. I want I own the way I don't on a farm full time. It is hard work. There is a reason why we have a shortage of farmers in Amerika. It unbelievably difficult to do and It's really hard life was so. Let me ask you Michael, is it? Is it Malthusian is it Anti capitalism, Marxism? What what is it? That's driving this all this The funniest thing I was driving me crazy because so marks attacked Malta, They emit eighteen, hundreds of them Spain, on the human race he hated Malthus.
So I was trying to understand. How is it that the laughed the tradition of marks Social or somehow laughed came to embrace more and what I discovered is that in basically there was an accommodation in the Sixtys and Seventys between them the Socialists and the Malthusian any agreement they came to, and I'm not saying I was like a formal agreement was what resulted from the argument to with bad. We were. They were going to work together to basically lower standards of living in the United States. By moving towards real Your balls and a low energy society that the strategy and goal of all the big environmental groups, and their future credible work in poor countries so that we would all sort of meat in the middle now, of course, that's not what's what actually happens? cause environmental level are some of the rich. People in the world are not gonna, get bitten, they're, not giving up their jet travel document. How? Even when
Try Gretta Timbered made a huge deal of proposing trying to say from Europe to the United States, while he earned out her carbon. Print was larger because I have the sale sailing crew had to fly back. So. Yeah right sailing crew had to fly back from United to Britain, and so it's all a fantasy. You know it. When I say that environmental and the research is very clear on this. Environmentalists are armed tat, much more likely to be eighty a stick and secular and not believe in traditional gods, but we need believe in something all of us need to believe in something that some part of us will continue on and whether you christian or jewish or whatever you need something. So when people people give that up they end creating new religions, and so they think, for example, neighbours in Berkeley, then I imagine that gardening is some I'm getting them back integrated into nature is each other Michael Paul and books all these romantic better.
Farming garden is not farming, like you we demanded on my garden, like we would ride, like he's right up, so so you know tends to be people and these attend to be wealthier. People attends to be people that are saying who embrace this new sector a religion, I argue in the book that environmentalism apocalyptic environments, in particular become the dominant religion of supposedly secular people in the west. So it's you know people of the United Nations its people, oh that are there in that are in very powerful positions, were trying to impose Concord. Nature is order on societies and, of course the problem is nobody. Figure out what nature is and what is not without a particularly good basis, organizing your economy, because there's just a lot of stuff in nature that we don't like like disease, yes and and and and poverty and misery. So I argue in the
book and I thought I hoped that it. I thought this would be something that conservatives would like all those that there's been a mixed reaction, but now I think the judeo christian tradition is a humanistic tradition, is an idea that we have dominion over the earth that God gave us the earth use the resources to prosper. That idea is effectively rejected by environmentalists who view humans is a cancer on the earth. Is a virus on the So what I argue we need to get back to that humanistic tradition and in fact the evidence is overwhelming that, as we take care of our choice, run as we prosperous. We take care of our societies that we're time our impact The environment goes down because we move from energy dilute rules from now from from from wood and Don T call to natural gas to eventually nuclear and our ecological footprint get smaller mean this is the big lie. You know that going from that Brought environmental progress is go
from renewables to fossil fuels, to nuclear environment. Has it exactly wrong? They want to take people from nuclear to fossil fuels, to renewables that would increase humankind's invite little impact because it takes four hundred I'm more land and to generate the same amount of electricity from a solar or wind farm, as it does from it. Sure nuclear plant. There is not enough land in the United States to be able to do it. I mean that The numbers are staggering to see for us to try to replace it at least today, maybe in fifty years, maybe not today, got a couple of minutes and I'm gonna hit. Two more things were the first of all all gretta third Berg I have. I actually feel bad for her because I think she has some of the worst parents in the world They have filled her head with all of this frightening stuff and we didn't steal her childhood. I think her parents and the and the
terrifying. Science that has gone along with this. That is wrong idea. They stole her childhood your thoughts, she's dead for sure I mean great- is in the grip of a bad religion, she's a vector. This toxic anti human depressing neurotic phobic philosophy and and yeah and then she's spreading it and it's it's quite it's. Actually, it's actually very psychologically harmful and dangerous and bad for poor countries. So yeah it said it's a. I don't see. If you know I, you, I kind of go she's clearly affect them. She clearly haven't done any research at all. She's been talking to the most pseudo scientific, malthusian science. In the world who I debunk at length in apocalypse. Never so yes, Europe!
now. The reaction to your book at sea science. Does it Did the scientists know that they ve set themselves back like five hundred years by silencing debate and decide and you know the settle, the science is settled, and maybe we should put you know, deniers into jail and everything else Do they know how much they damage that has been done to their to their trade into their craft into this soup to science itself gas? Some do now I was invited, did by the intergovernmental panel on climate change to become an expert reviewer late last year. I know that came because I had been cut. Sizing, the alarm, ISM was also invited to testify in front of Congress, had been invited to spy and from TAT events around the world
And I know for a fact that there are many scientists who are very good people and good scientists who totally disagree with the alarm ism but they're afraid of their colleagues. I mean you have to remember that the alarmist scientists who are truly in the grip of this toxic religion are bullies their sturdy little. Their tactics are bullying. Dixon, I actually described them and discovered them, but I decided of known about them for a long time. I myself I've been subject to them, and so they, they tried as they try to they make all sorts of they lie about you. They claim that you're taking money from somebody clean, died, you're here that you, nature or something maybe not. Just attack you personally and by what I. Is that why you confront them and you stand up to them on the evidence and you did you get it very clear- and I mean That'S- why there's a hundred pages of my four hundred page book are all footnotes, they're, all scientific references,
I think the reason there there attacking my book- and you may have noticed that I was sent my Forbes column- was taken down, but there the that defensiveness is, I think, justified. They know that my look is dangerous to the radical laughed which took over the conservation movement in the sixties They know that my book is devastating for the alarmist, Apocalypse case. That's why they're free out about it so you know I'm I'm cool. Confident that you know that in the long term truth will win out. I mean obviously there's this bigger problem of what do you do with people that that they need to believe in something in the agenda? all sorts of bad religions. I don't know how to solve that problem, but certainly, I think, on the evidence I my hope is that apply. But never well will resolve the conversation
you you remind me of Nietzsche and his warning of God is dead, that wasn't a celebration that was a warning. Look out, be careful caution going to create a god, and we saw what happened in his own home country and it eventually did burn itself out. Unfortunately, it took so many people with it. I We don't have to go through that to end this religion, Michael anything that you could possibly need? We will stand with you. I know how brave You are, I know, what you're up against and I I commend you for it. Even if we agree on everything it doesn't matter standing up and having courage is the only currency that matters really in the world today we are in a frightening time and you are a leader encourage, thank you so much and I urge you to go on view
I urge you to go out and purchase apocalypse. Never by Michael Shellin Burger make this a number one New York's times best seller go and by this book right now, Apocalypse never, I have not read it yet, I'm buying it today. Stew has read, it and wholly endorse it still the Holy North of the great book. It's one of those books, you're gonna, go back to a million times when you're annoying friend brings up. One of these claims to be will have all thy mind all of its greatest great I'm gonna buy copy for my kids as well Apocalypse, never get that book right now. Finally, the truth is beings spoken. I you know it's more fun than having to fill out of stolen property report with the police after your home. Has been burglarized, Not doing that comes to mind. That's probably a little more fun turns
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your listening to Glenn back put your hands together, and it is so good to hear somebody speak. The truth, especially somebody like Michael Kellenberger, who up until a week ago was was the environmentalist of BO all time now he's just going to be a crazy right wing crackpot or something I don't know, but we're going to speak the truth again tonight at nine p dot m. We take onto the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project from the New York Times, dangerous poison that we will correct tonight at nine, don't miss it blaze, tv
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