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Robocallers, Scammers, and Spammers... OH MY! | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

2019-05-22 | 🔗
Hour 1: It seems like it's not okay for you to believe in life... No place for a pro-life person in the Democratic party... Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) wants to make sure women have basic civil rights when it comes to abortion... Mayor Pete says Roe V. Wade should be the framework for abortion... It seems like Kamala Harris is still trying to be relatable to the Millennial voters in a CNN 'Candidate Mixtape' segment... A clever way to get the left to save the unborn. Hour 2: Tech companies tracking their customers... Robocalls, scammers, and spammers... oh my!... FCC on the move to keep these robocalls from calling you... Who are their targets?... We take calls to see the different ways these scammers catch their prey... Stu went to a rap concert and smoked cigars at 4am?  Hour 3: Elizabeth Warren is sticking to her wealth tax... We go over more details from Robert Smith's decision to pay for the graduating classes student debt... Why are there rotting piles of garbage in Los Angeles?... Why can't people see that states who implement socialist ideas aren't doing so well?... It seemed like Ben Carson was a bit hungry while testifying before Congress... New internet challenge... kissing cows?

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This is the Glen Back Programme, due its very still for Glenn Glinda. Programmers do returns closure time off. It was fantastic, are good yourself. How was your day ass? They were often we're here was great to work. Like I heard from every BC. Every conversation I had while I was off the air was about abortion. Outwardly, I mean at first Does it lead to a lot of comfortable conversations per se, but maybe babies being alive is worth a couple. Uncomfortable nominations, I think- and I feel like I have- is weird- urge to have babies b. Alive for longer periods, maybe maybe babies could turn into children and if you know this pat children are our future. So that's important. That's what I've heard yeah. Also a lot of those children are gonna, be women one
So you got any evidence of thy, does seem to be a women's rights thing to me as well, so we're getting to that and a lot more in sixty seconds. Tat an stupor Glenn on the Glinda programme he's back on. I guess it's just acres. Monday's memorial day already amateur, while church was defaced in Delaware. County which is is it then Pennsylvania Delaware to Philadelphia, diocese outlet, vandals tagged the church with abortion rights. Feeding saying you do not have the right to decide how others lives
fair point idea, I've been trying to figure out when others lives for many years, and you don't have the right to decide now. We know that now domain, I can decide for myself, but I can't put onto others when others lives right, and that is, I think, the distinction they're looking for in the graffiti. When you're writing this, I can understand it when you scruples and speak. It lived somebody, but when you're writing it, She makes a lot of sense to add the s there. It makes a lot of sense attracted to do a draught of each each project are going into the graffiti world. Yes, if you're gonna, defacing churches right go to go to bridge, firstly under a bridge were known, can see it and try out your message: there see how it looks. Take a couple of steps back in turn, your eye on flashlight on it make sure looks right then go to show you tat ages. The jury dried. How many times have we seen in a way? the premises screw up a swastika on an down a church and Look you just embarrassing. You're gonna put us ticker honor,
ledges establishment, it's important to understand, which weighs blinds girl. How do you expect get now to join your tears, grew hot, exactly you can't even see you getting spill live. I honestly think half of these church burnings it just because they screwed up the graffiti and then they were embarrassed about just burned down. Verdict is true: it that's, really embarrassing science behind that one, but I think it might be might be to blame, but I think it might be under something it if you don't even even at the church is now were born he attacked for for believing in in life and seems like life is something that would be allocated to believe in the baby. Should be born to be built, most people in it. Apparently it's That's not the case in the United States in the year twenty nineteen. It's not ok that you believe in life and one
babies to live. Yet it was really interesting being off for a few days and talking to me talking outside of these walls, because here were tat. We ve talked about the life you for a very long time, and I am sure you know that if you listen but Bates seeing how that's breaking through. As far as conversation outside now. I think it's it's one of the big political topics right now, which usually means something bad. Like usually at the end of the day when you, when a normal political conversation, turns into the conversation your having side in normal may know enough the person to person interaction a lot of time, What turns into is a nonstop politics gimme. A good example of this is betrayed issue, like for years and years and years it was unions and Democrats saying we need tariffs and restrictions on trade and real look in saying: we don't need tariffs and we don't want restrictions on trade. We want free trade and that was
the wonky sort of, think tank debate that went on for of really really long time and then Donald Trump has come out and he's obviously much more friendly to tariffs and trade restrictions and now just do. Ouch turn into teams the same people who were arguing, we unions and we need. We absolutely need these tariffs. I gotta stop these. It is free trade, stop! That's all! That's been crazy voodoo economics and all the Sufis going on either side, and then Now it's like well just become people who, like Trump vacuum on it, and people who don't like Trump attack him on it. It just the but just switch sides, and I think when you fine, especially with someone like Trump, who so good, like taking a an issue and owning it. He who is so his such an ability to be able to just Domini a conversation and people? but you see unarmed people whose all the time they can agree with anything. He says no matter what it is, even if it's a pity
need help for fifty years. They can't agree with a bright so It just turns into this team thing and I'm afraid at some level, that's happening with abortion here work I like it here. The pulling on abortion. This third trimester abortion, which has been the general focus of this debate, is Eighty four to fourteen against the american people do spies third term abortion. They always have Everyone knows it's a horrific, horrific that eighty four percent of Americans don't agree on the sky being blue. They also have the right of all the number of people to agree its there's. Always you nothing in our political debate that is so universal. You could almost say that's unanimous, that's every right! King person in America believes that late term a boy, isn't right and that's it. That's not been governor north them well after their born, will make a decision on whether you keep him alive. It's not even five minutes before birth, its
try master so you're talking in a month, seven myriad on seven up, that's that's wearily or then that the types of things at democratic candidates are involved in and think about this for a second you an eighty of something that's unpopular with the to the level of eighty four percent and the Democrats have pulled out anti for candidates. Not one of them really say that's wrong would not one of them a stag. Staggering I mean I There is an argument we made, and people who are pro choice do make it in that essentially to slippery slope right and and there's an somewhat of an equivalency with, like the second amendment argument like you can depend, what is some sort of common sense restriction on guns that Republicans what could get on board on you every once in? Is he like background checks? It pulls really well, however, genome those people who really care. But the second amendment are like look. I dont want those things. Second, I know what you're doing nudity
we're going to ask for one integrated take a moment to take ten miles, then you're sitting in a hurry globe and we're seeing it right now, using with better will roar came out against all semi automatic weapons. These are things that are way beyond what they said they were asking for in the common sense realm just a few months ago. So as second amendment guy and I'm not huge guy, but I'm a huge second amendment guy, I am. And I know you're. The same way might I give one inch on any other stuff, because you know they're coming for all of it, so Maybe they are the same thing with some people on the abortion argument. They think they're gonna come for first in a first trimester abortion, so they defend to the death five minutes before enough birth abortions, defend to the death being pretty appropriate here, I just it's it's so incredibly unpopular. Second trimester abortions are also incredibly unpopular too. I think it's a thirty seven point gap to the negative on
second tremor form whether they should be allowed. Rightly, everyone says second and third: trimester abortions should be illegal. On the poles will is the first first trimester and it's slightly positive. However again like reply begins in general and in Alabama, as it is an exception here, as they were going after basically, six weeks or so most reply. Can states are asking for twenty week a bit abortion patents? That's the typical Republican possess position. Interestingly, though, this week there was appalled that said fifty was it fifty five? percent of Americans are in favour of the hard peoples. That's that's enough! It is we I mean it's, but it's you wouldn't listen to these Democrats. You wouldn't think value, the English. Anyone would would be in favour of the heart be built, but fifty five percent, that's that most Americans. That
it was soon. As you know, there's a heartbeat, you can't have an abortion that it and then you look bad and then you see the stance of all of these candidates on the democrat side and it just doesn't add up Ivan, doesn't make any sense. They can't find one minute, the party like it. You know one of the biggest abortion rulings and the Supreme Court was Casey, and you know this goes back to the years and years ago now, but I have a Dell chronic senator Casey same family and they came on one candidate one candidate come out of it used to be that there were pro life Democrats through this used to be something and why, it was always hard for us to understand, because how can you be on the side of the party that fighting for unlimited abortions. They still had them now the point we're like you and what you can you can you can when I entered this race? If you happen be pro life. I don't think so. I don't think you can even enter it. Why don't you entered the Democratic Party if your programme
yeah anymore? I don't see how there have doesn't seem to be any place for a pro life person in the Democrat Party anymore yeah. You could say: well, it's just one issue. I agree with him on these other things, and I understand that instinct. But when we talk about live in how many millions of sixty million billing Cecily two million, now sixty two million people that should be living aren't right Because of this one policy, it's a pretty big deal and if you believe, if it is it's not it's big deal at some level, if you're on the left right, because you you think of it as a cultural issue, you think of it as well. I mean I don't think, you. People actually believe it's women's rights, but it's at stand in for women's rights right now. Because no one cares what you do to your body if it doesnt affect another life, it's only a matter of if another person's rights are affected, it's a stand in for women's rights, kind of a generic summary of of women rights and is something that they say they need to defend? So
at some level it's important to the left was really more just a cultural issue to the right. It we're talking about people living and dying, and if you're saying that this is an actual life it, obviously has to be the most important thing right. If if the end, this is sixty million people that should be alive, aren't what our policy has an effect on anything I mean you know. We ve made this point before path that We could probably come in here every day and we would pour hell out of you in the audience, but we can come in here every day and talk about abortion. And our ratings would be like zero zero before, however, more only I can thrive and attended without, but can be completely content without because that's I mean, there's no issue worthy past. The bill exception is a much larger and more difficult road of just generally speaking, capitalism, Rikers Capitalism really ripped billions of people out of poverty, and you can make the argument. That is even more important. I guess, but when each IKEA much alike,
all that can be changed a ruling that can be changed that could protect millions and millions of lives, there's just nothing that competes with abortion. Besides, it's it's it's this sin, the most simple road to keep tens of millions of people which are also will grow. Could be, women will grow up to be, minorities will grow to be, will have different sexual orientations. What my every single men, many of them, probably just because of the fact that plan, Parenthood just loves to target inner city neighborhoods, probably most of them wine of voting for Democrats, let go this is an argument which Republicans are just on our arsenal. Please, Lord God, let us give you more voters sprite bright, how many of them would have been out of Two million people could one of them have been another Einstein Absolutely one of them had been another Madame curie. Could one of them have cured cancer and many yes and here's. The thing, maybe ten million of them would have been awful, rightly still had its. They still should have the chance to be good right right.
They can all be the most annoying. They could all be the people who were programming. The Robo calls you like, I don't care. If all of them all sixty million got into the robot call industry, they still deserves a right to life, but yes, right back in sixty seconds, I am grateful for and stole back for, vacation for Glenn this week. Kirsty children was talking about abortion. Yesterday we have basic civil rights. Here she was on MSNBC.
What would you say to taxpayers out there who say? Look I support everyone having their own freedoms, but that when it comes to my tax dollars, abortion is not something that I want to support. You know we have a tenant in our constitution, it's called separation of church and state, and I do not believe that that is a valid argument. I think that should be repealed and that we actually need to make sure that women, regardless of their income level, have a basic right to reproductive care. It's about our humanity and it's about our basic civil rights, basic, greater reproductive gear. What's in the constitution, PAN in it, it's I think it's on the back and folded folded in Ireland. So if you open a visible link, it isn't illegal. Every heated up like they did on what was at what was at Nicholas Cage move your election. Treasury, national treasure gonna take a blowdryer and we gotta be really.
Careful, though, a little lemon juice on it, and then the blowdryer and it'll show up at the amazing the founders predicted the blowdryer right, which is, I thought, pretty impressive, Africa's aid and you have a lot of electricity at the time. I think some of them assumed you can just do with your hot breath, but then other founder said Northern invent something eventually where they could drive their hair. Really quick that'll. Do I guess: that's the separation of church and state and not in the constitution, not in the constitution. It was in a letter. Yes, was Jeffreys eggs. You know three to a Baptist Minister in Connecticut. Was asking about. You know hey we're gonna be in trouble here with the with the state, because we're not of the state religion and that's where that's, where amen to that. You got a separate the it's a protection against the religion, not the government, you don't have to protect. The state
from religious, that's pretty incredible! The exact reverse the exact opposite awaits talked about now and in the fact that a senator who's running for president is not aware that the separation in state is in the constitution, is or is not in the constitution. Pretty stunning in a normal time, with this field, it's not funding at all, because I got I mean it there. Twenty four candidates up there now build a blog You're getting in were while I haven't, even if you have any moved him over an hour, they still are on our on the fence, less it he's pretty hacked off about the yeah yeah. That was a big part of his initial press conference. Why? My hat? Why have an opinion on the Glen Bank Presidential Board, but even the fact but she doesn't even know that and then easing arise when they talk when people on the left talk about abortion just realized. There are certain things that that don't make any sense right like what you know. This sort of prenatal, like reproduced, health care concept,
there's a reason you have to make up a fake term, for we all know it's that reproductive health care. That is not one. An abortion is reproductive. Health care might mean making sure you have the right. Nutrients and vitamins. If you have a there's an issue with morning, sickness reproductive health care, absolutely post part of depression. I reproductive healthcare, unwilling to go to any of those so that it yeah that's. That makes sense. Obviously, the baby Health, whether you're having a internal lady issue, whatever they could ever the issue, but it just killing the baby is not reproductive health. That is, in fact that's not what it is right cause it's it's not healthy for the baby. I don't know if people are aware that that that's not healthcare, we killing someone now now I mean just like you know he assisted suicide comes around and it's like. Well should people being. The kill themselves. May the points very difficult to prevent them too, It's really like you can make all the laws you want saying you don't kill yourself. What are you gonna do afterwards and find the guy you gotta give my ticket after them, dead
like I generally speaking, it's difficult to stop from killing themselves, but we, the reproductive healthcare, having said doktor, come in and keep you out of pain with certain eggs all that can be defined as healthcare actually care the patient cannot be defined as healthcare, but that's just not here, it's not not ending lives is not health care. It's not what is. It thing else and you might like it, but it's still my health care in and they just say, reproductive health care. They say women's rights, because these are stand in for the terrible thing there arguing also prenatal care, is not something that plane parent even done now, don't even do prenatal healthcare, they dont do the cancer screenings. They don't do breast cancer, strange, they can refer you to get one which is really helpful, but they dont data, do mammograms, and we hear that all the time while you're cutting off possibility begin a mammogram or even do them you can't even get one there. It's like plan. Parenthood
The only place on earth that does health care, which they really do it all now, it's the opposite! Every leaf put him in people's minds that that's the only place anybody can get it yeah. It's like a I would make this argument. People who brought the healthcare thing if you ever go, a KFC and talk about it their combined there there's no way. I can talk about well, and I love a big talk about guy lets them against have KFC, and I love talk about what they separated them into two restaurants. I will just go to the top O Bell, one right, if, just separate all your wonderful healthcare things from abortion and see how much people protest I'll, give you a news, I'm not at all. If they're not going to say one freaking word about the Taco Bell side of that, there's going to protest the KFC side of it. The thing it's like. If you stop doing abortions, you get all the funding that every other women's health care clinic. Guess it's just about that. We all know for you, it's just about that as well.
Patents do for Glenn Ahmed Limit Programme, Tripoli Seventy seven be easy K, also sounding off another one of the long list of the endless democratic candidates for President Mayor PETE, Peter put a judge, but a judge, but Eugene I was asked by MSNBC if he supports any abortion restrictions at all. It keep it. These guys down on any restrictions, here's what PETE had to say Even you saying that it should be left up to women to decide where to draw the line, even in the third
trying to decide when it presented its other any restrictions on abortion rights that you support. The framework for this is established in road versus way, early in pregnancy, very few restrictions laid in pregnancy, very few exceptions that has stood as the law of the land for as long as I've been alive. What's radical will use the idea of banning abortion right? The thought that a woman who was raped and seeks abortion here to find her doktor going to prison for longer than the rate was what is new and what is extreme is the assaults on rovers his way, which is established the framework for common sense protections, restrictions and exceptions that have been the law of the land for as long as I've been alive now being overturned or threatened me by radical each category, that they're. Turning this around on pro life well being the radicals, the extremists and when they are seeking abortion all the way up to including an after birth fed, but where the rabbit
yeah extremists. I will say, however, their learning say, alerting the democratic activists who listen to this programme and do often, if you're out there, press mare. Peed. On that he's giving you an answer. You are not comfortable with very few exceptions and they third trimester. He said he said and he's correctly stated what Rovers is weighed says, whereas very early in the pregnancy there's, basically no restrictions and very late in the pregnancy, there's, basically no exceptions and meaning that UK get an abortion late and that in the end, the pregnancy and can be absolutely restricted by the states too. To the point of it being completely illegal in all circumstances, so that's an interesting thinkers. Verses Wade. Is this thing that Republicans and conservatives and people who are pro life? Look at? Is this really negative thing which of course it was a terrible ruling and we can go for that and have it the times. However, it's a massive move to the right from where we are now. It is Hence it would be a judge. Generational shift towards can
server tourism to go back to just looking at rovers his weight as the text stands because it That is not where we are now we're talking about. You know we were talking we're having a conversation about whether a baby that is already borne, should get any better attention after its board we're talking. Whether a baby can be aborted while the mother is in labour and about to pass the baby through the birth can now can you afforded them The conversation we're having now Rovers is where you can barely see that from where we are even pay. Air PETE thinks he can get away in a deterrent. Primary with twenty four candidates of saying Rovers weight is the way to go. I hope somebody People listen to this programme, looking to stir the new boycott book. Get mare peak called on that one, because that is enough. That is not what the Democratic Party says. They want right now it's no restrictions nor lotta restrictions in rovers his way and really that's. What's re energised, the pro life movement was the
article ISM of the New York State LAW yet and the what Vermont, jug and just last year and Virginia with didn't pass because of the controversy, largely because of the but pushed back, because people keep saying what well was a one guy said this: first of all, new work and vermonter, not one guy cake. Secondly, north em, said this. One thing reset well look if, if the babies born in it's there and and was supposed to be aborted and survives abortion well than than the the woman and and the doktor who have a conversation about what to do. You know whether you treated or not That's one day, however, the question was asked because Another question in the same vein, was asked to the assembly woman who designed the bill and He had to admit that yeah you could aboard a baby. That's in while the mothers in labour, so that was it was the
the person who wrote the bill said. Yes, that was allowed under the bill. It was not one person just blurting out and making a mistake about it. It was in the bill and that we forget about that and government has passed a law that says basically all the way to birth, and I'm just glad that these candidates, pushed on important issues like this in America, eaten, he got you got pushed out of the little, but I think democratically to combat after him get him because he's not gonna be able when a primer here, unless he sang you know, unless he legitimately shouting his abortion. That is these basely the place. You need to be I mean I don't know I just did they have anyone asked Common Harris about this? Do we know where she stands? Nobody was pin down yesterday and she was yeah this is really good, because she her feet were in fact held to the fire Yesterday on on CNN by Alison Camera, undesirable Yucas palaces cameras
she's. An alumni of Fox new lawyer says: oh obviously, she's gonna she's gonna hold her feet to the fire over years. What happened? We have a little fun, kicker we'd like to do with all of the presidential candidate. It's called candidate mixed, if that was the musical sting for it, and we, like to talk! A lot about music here on this programme. So what is your favorite musical genre I mean the hip hop. And ragged and, as those are those some of you down labour banned or favorite musician. I didn t want my favorites is Bob Marley join us all wrong with that that please you're mix tape. What would be like your favorite result Favorite three songs, while, let's see a wreath of frank,
having read the framework terrible she's, not prefer five say she's, not a bad, is mine and your career. Here now I like Carnegie, still not a single song ass, she says
you from Lang, alarm or powerful good, because I love the idea that, unlike instead of pressing around the abortion like one second before birth, you're going after a favorite songs, I love. However, I gotta say her: answers are sterile, bad, very terrible or one of the three genres. I can list that. Have you can't criticise I'll, give you a big three, it's gotta be hip, hop, re, Ba Edge allies and then well who's. Your favorite Bob Marley are, I think you have any knowledge of the like. That's what I would say as it has a big reggae found myself visiting Jamaica once, I would say, probably Bob Marley, because other than Zig E Marley. I couldn't pick any one else that I could neither right and then what are you favorite. Three artists that you feel three saw songs on your makes day and she did Amy ourselves. It Bob Marley again Cardy be together just like that one should make
diversity. Here's a woman who has scribe herself how she would drug jobs as a as a dancer and steal, their money what about me to violations? And that's like that's, not controversial it all. You absolutely support that. It's a presidential candidate, no video card Ebay and who is the third one I don't remember a wreath of flat rate. You come up with the same for answer that a wreath of Franklin. No, I may I would like to know that is just more wary about her songs. Then the abortion issue, when I have now of rural life is secondary. I just have a constant jihad against common letters. Is music choices boy these These reporters: are these journalists really pay on these these candidates? You remember one of them from the New York Times, Jeff Zaleski, it did
same thing to a bomb a few years ago. It is surprised you did most about this office enchanted. Do the most chant, observing the sentinels humbled you the most probably the most. Let me read this saved, but new member- that dumb and dont know that he ever recovered from that brutal question, I think he was searching for his level of enchantment his entire two terms in never quite got there. It is sad it's it's amazing to watch these Democrats be fond over and then you know they practically bring weapons to Donald Trump interview. It's, it's amazing tat, no objectivity anymore. We spent a decent time this, our talking about abortion and in its it's, not only an important issues. Also the clearest example, I think of media bias and people talk about media, biased, obvious. Like it. Sometimes the fake news thing be ovary overdone and the media by
think can be an easy thing for Republicans to say all the time about every issue right and it's most universally true at some level. But you look at this when someone Like- Todd Aiken, remember toddy. Can he ran for Senate? back in the sea. The wonders in ten was at the said something inappropriate about about re ray. I think he said if they don't think I literally as yet in Monterrey, pearling. If it's a legitimate rape, the body will reject the per the pregnant they are something. It was a very strange commented yet look aching took a beating for it, We deserve to beating for it and loss, election, probably because of it, however, It ended very. They would ve been fine right, like you could if someone says something wrong, whether you think that common is right or wrong or are Reno whatever the purse? who says it should be criticised for right, like that's how that debate should happen. That's not how it happened with naked every Republican candidate was forced to answer for his comments, he's, we forced with north them
It's not like that at all Democrats joke at their feet held to the far they don't have to answer for what he said or what many others have said. They don't get. Every Republican gets and asked the question hey raping says: hey life for the mother, health of the mother, the most difficult decisions to be me about abortion, no matter how you feel about a method, these of tough borderline ones that someone who's really protests may have an airport where life might have an issue with well. You say the same thing basically about an abortion five minutes before birth, whether a baby there, the survives that abortion should get medical care. You put your son in the mind of a hard core leftist. That's worth making their decisions right so Wouldn't it follow that every journalist every single time. They had. These democratic candidates on would be forced to give Gimme the day. I want the minute that you have to be. Able to to have some rights as if as a cordon quote fetus.
Minute one is it started. Is there any abortion restrict You heard me repeat, get asked that question, but with no follow up and we, the values, wrote well rovers. His weight is good and we shouldn't overturn. It is not an answer to that question and Republicans all had to answer that question. They all had answer it over and over and over and over again, even they weren't the ones advocating any other policy and so you see that real media buys their that Republicans pushed to the most uncomfortable places in her policy. Where Democrats, are given this sort of blanket well, do you like women? Do you like it? What would you like rights how do you feel about rights that you think what about health care? Do you think women should be denied healthcare and they get to answer these questions like that wealth of course, that is that led the Lee subtle media buys it's easy to find things where they go after Donald Trump. And bash him unfairly in those things are absolutely exists there, all over the place, but its stuff, like that,
Many people will never have to make the uncomfortable unpopular statement because there never pressed on it and they don't go on those like this, they dont go, and never like you, know, Ben Shapiro- Levant or Stephen Crowd or any of them. They don't, they have to deal with them. Ten, the gone Fox NEWS when the going up against like Shepherd Smith and Shit. If one ass, those questions, as he is on their side on them. So it's it's a it very subtle thing that I think, if a journalist, from the outside, might look at and say both were asked about their abortion positions, but how How are they asked about it? You know it puts it puts Republicans. Most unpopular and unpleasant light pot as possible and puts rip Democrats in the exact opposite they get the nice Reno morning. Sunshine I could just to give you a nice flowery answer, like I mean look Buddha judges answer, is pathetic. Rovers his way is the law of labour. We shouldn't overturn it
Not an answer to that question at all is not trivial, eight cents. Seven be easy K is bad. Stupor, Glenn, Armagh Lumber stupid, lend their programme let's go to Tom North Carolina Tom. The Glen Back Programme with that ensue gentlemen. How are you good the method I did popped into my head in the car, and I haven't flesh this idea out at all metaphorical I'm going to. Let you guys help flesh out this concept, it might bring the liberals around the issue of ownership. So I thought if we started referring to the unborn as the undocumented migrants, its give them endeavours sake army, if that's true, because you don't get a first certificate until you're born, and we are talking about that like their their papers about just me.
The border we just need to get em over here and let it get you wouldn't kill him on the other side of the border right right. So yes, there, I knew you guys are undocumented humans. I'm fully on board on this idea is lead. Time is Jean. Yes, I do, he could can build a wall essentially that prevents them from coming to this side right right, that's one that would be immoral, you're by a wall of all. Yes, it's a wall preventing them to come from one side of the birth cannot do the other. And that's as actual not a bad idea at all is an end that documentation it's real there. Just not the where you get born is when you get documented stunningly in this country, we will just not give documentation, that's what someone should pass like an Alabama, just be like we're. Gonna give the diversity Forget when we vote, if, when you find out about the pregnancy- and I know you can just you? Why you're just gonna hafta crumple that thing up as you walk out of plant parenthood, if you want to, but they will be done,
mounted, and at that point you can't do anything to someone who's documented, I mean it is by me: undocumented protects you grace getting is a dozen I desire. I like it. I think it will. I think, it'll work, not just a bail on that issue. Actually did come true. They would just bail on that part of their policy will do anything to protect abortion. Anything it weird, isn't it it's like that are reluctant to him. It is absolutely right that, and climate change are there to strongest religions. I don't know why it brings the money or power but for some reason they were at the altar of abortion. There's there's no question wealth, think it bring money empowered. Anything! That's why they like the climate thing, because it's all encompassing who controls the entire economy. Abortions thing is, is different. I mean it is too weird one dark churchmen doctor.
This is the Glen Back Programme today without grinning for good, and you can catch my aunt yoga, Gray unleashed which happens big day mornings right before legal, that radio extravaganza with clan and students do his back today. Welcome back still thinking that. I appreciate that we gotta get into this Theirs Legislation now to try to stop tech companies from tracking is online. There is also something going on with the FCC where they might allow phone companies to not complete phone calls from scammers, which I am all about- that we'll get that coming up. It about sixty seconds stupid, lend this week legislation, is passing through Congress right now to stop tech companies from a king or on line surfing and it's getting some momentum. I guess, as Congress is trying to crack down now on big ex privacy practices on.
Tuesday, Senator Josh Holly unveiled a do not track bill with some tough penalties for companies who break the production. And that revives revives a debate over whether users should be allowed to opt out of the tracking and data collection. Ah, I think you should be allowed to opt out. In fact, you should have to opt in to it, I hate? The opt out think is a lot of times. You don't know what Opting out of you didn't even know you needed to opt out of something. I had an issue with my Yahoo mail accounts that I started for my children here, so I started them when they were born ice started, email addresses and I was emailing them little pieces of advice and videos and pictures of like things that we did it when they were two youngest remember little stew at his door. I am adorable and I know that the however, was less adorable when they just deleted the accounts for no reason and
lost all the stuff that I sent all while now I say all everyone wow, it's this out on social media hype. I appreciate you coming to my rescue here. There are some that I conceive because I sent them from my sent accounts. However, wasn't just me who is doing it was other relatives and things missed. Really annoying and interest to try to re purpose it all back together, it'll be better than nothing to find out why they happened. Yes, I did. I guess I did it just their black and white was their black and white that's it. The customer service representative told me it's there in black and white in the the very remained agreement that I signed on too, when I, to address how, except when I press, except and did not, of course read it, because no human being on earth has ever read. One of these documents the terms and conditions did apply to me and because I didn't log in frequently enough now, of course, it's not my it's an account for my kids, not for me right and I signed up with give you set hey. We need to contact you
What are your other email addresses? What your phone number! I put all that information in thinking that if there was an issue I would get an alert came to the other count said: hey log in It's too long, a period of time or whatever is in its agreement. Is I got no such now? Nothing, so they just they just delete it at the moment, and this is the thing like you. You be, we can opt out of it. Opt is not using them like that is that is incurred thing. You do don't you don't have to, as you will know, that you don't have to use Facebook Sunday, that America now believe that the virus of their life, you can get through it without face, but without Twitter, without Instagram, it's possible to live. That is possible, and I do think that makes me a little nervous. Talk about new legislation and controls on these companies and that others do France between what is a right and what is just ask them, and the internet is likewise things. That's just awesome: it's not your right to be on the internet, it's not you have had.
Constitutional amendment that says it is go ahead. Dry, it you can mimic might get through, I think probably Republicans Democrats probably agree that access to the inner internet should in some way should be a right. Maybe they would be able to get that through, but for right now company can essentially say. If you want to do business with us, you by our rules and we're going to track. You ever go interact with that's that's the reason why this services free, like it's almost like they should say If you want to pay nine ninety five a month for Facebook, then we won't track you at all and actually might be a place that makes sense in the milk sector. I wouldn t ninety five for Facebook. Is, I don't care about it. However, if I did care about it, I might do that to avoid that I might say you know what fine I'll pay ninety five month, no track me. Problem is so many other things are tracking you anyway. You know- and I understand so. I understand this approach. Google right doesnt, Google keep track of virtually everything we do online, I mean,
if you use your browser- and I love that coffee warlike, where I am able to block this because I'm burning is increasing Google's, but I don't wanna go. Let me say this is any Google products using Gmail or any of that? I use Google MAPS, none of it because I know it. I know what Google tracking me, whereas research chrome, you search, Google, I can't even called search. I call it googling and we're in really want you to search with Lycos Ass Jesus. I was ass. Jesus man, here's a nice guy. New promises, never track use a butler Earth Jeeves it doesn't care about where you're going on my knees. Nice guy he's not try to sell your vote just start, and I will say before before you to duck go is another. Is that thing better that will search for you in an apparently not track you, however, if you're using it on chrome you may have an issue
yes, doctor girl is, is the big one. The privacy based search engine that allow people will point two and it does seem to work actually pretty. Well, it's not like it's not like ass chiefs for membership, great. There is still no search engine really can compete with Google right, even bling is are being whatever. That is, being I've tried it a few times and it is not, as is our and are you really that excited about being tracked by Microsoft? Internet who go like it's wrong answer? Let us get me I'll, say that and say no insight what someone you have to almost go with a privacy based one, that's doing it just for that, and even then you're still getting tracked at some level by somebody else, your ip company. You know it's funny, because the baby, I'm talking about where these things develop and some so many of them are no good able escaped through all these rules. As far as the technology develops its developed so quickly that they can't keep up with with, with all the rules,
good reason, why it's been so great. That's why the internet has been so grave. I haven't been victimized by the book this regulation, that every other business been largely left alone. Yeah, it's kind of a wild wild West tat still and the negatives do exist. The tracking share their there are some negative that, but overall I don't pretty good experience, yeah, maybe You know because he's our private companies- maybe I shouldn't- want the government to get involved in cracking down on their tracking, but I do to its isn't one of those things. That's a noise and it is to just one anywhere in the other thing I want is for them to stop the roll call on my cell phone. To be that your cell phone, I thought, was like sacrosanct in in that regard, that they couldn't. They couldn't call yourself on and I think that's what Asked you money when people call you they called, but that doesn't seem too the case anymore, so that opened up the floodgates
of Robo calls and spammers, and scammers and they're trying to The FCC is about to allow the phone companies too. Not complete those calls which would be fantastic. Well, some dolphins get caught up in that tuna net, where some people that want to complete a call to you are not able to I'm sure that weapon yeah, there's like debt collectors, they're all upset about this. Are, we gotta get ahold of our debtors and bother them. Well, ok, but maybe shouldn't you may be sure. Placing that many calls at a time that that the year that the software jurists, you're, a spammer I don't know- maybe maybe people alone little bit well, how many to collect my dad No, but I want the spam to stop. I just I don't know how to fix it for the dead collectors, but I want the fall. In fact a couple examples that I've had
Just recently on my I myself, and they do leave messages. If you don't answer, though, the leave your messages and let s the Chinese have ever gotten the calls the spammers from in chinese I've, not Havana by these all the time, though my guy get them, so they had to say about a warranty. They want to give me car you get that when all kind of you drive me out of my mind all for this, but I know, but of course this is the type of thing that they dont need a purse. Who is listening to talk radio to fall, for they need the person whose who barely knows how to press buttons on their phone to falter, where the person who seventy five or eighty and doesn't really understand how it works with spam, and Scam calls NED and when you get this conduct sometimes it can be scary to people and once it get expired after that you will be taken. Custody by the local police. Can you believe it? take me under custody by the local police in
I area in your local area. They were those police. No, they didn't bother to tell you what area that was, but I didn't tell me what, because you know what you're you're looking so you know the local air. I know which police office is go is waging department is gonna, come after me right, I know and therefore serious algae since pressed on your name. At this moment I was serious allegations pressed on my name. How many she's do have pressed on your name. I were so it's not for me it's not, for example, you may want to charity. They pressed against my name. I conducted some illegal activity that there's four allegations presto. My name so only request you to get back to us oh yeah, that we can discuss about this case. Any legal action against. You also cylinder The reach us is five, one, eight six one, five Seven. Nine. Eight zero only encourage everyone to call them
only every cheese, they're gonna repeated. So if you missed at the first, I got five one. Eighty five and eighty six one five six point: five having nine eight zero, seven nineteen zero thing they wouldn't they want you to call. So I would, and then there is there was this particular call just the swearing time advocated and arrogant than I do here back from you before we proceed further with suspension of your social and assets, they're, going to suspend my social. You should also be completely suspended, spending my gosh and my assets. Now I dont know what Social of mine my twitter account my facebook what Social, my social security numbered how you survive end as social security number just might. Social Snyder lacked direct call back number is three: eight six three: it seeks to forth two flat rate,
again, the seven eight six five she's gonna say under three three, two or three four, seven, eight six five. I would say here because look they are so listen! call so this number, but there's a reason, their soliciting cultural them right. You lay you not one, and now you may or may not want to call, because it states that could enjoy them. It's gonna wanna, putting you analyse the near to get these calls. So so you know what I've been hesitate before it in some way that they get scam money out of you when you do call gathers character what podcast it was. One of these pocket That looks into strange things a technology at once. It was reply all, but I don't remember which one it was anyway. They they looked. To these robots, calls and try to track the source of them, which was pretty interesting, because one guy whose working at a company- and I want to say it- was. I want to state was Tripadvisor or yelp. Ok I was one of those like review companies and they were having issues because lodge resorts were alike.
The terrible reviews on, I think was Tripadvisor and they were these reviews, because peace, spam people like this were calling with Robo calls in saying you should call us back and play an book, your free vacation to blank resort, and so people would hear that. Well would call, and of course it was a scam. They just redirected them to turn up by some expensive vacation to another crappy are completely unrelated, but they using big lame resort to come. The fraud and then the real company was getting the bad reviews, because people are thinking there, they're just while so they went to try to find this end. They tracked down. If you know to these companies and MAX go and in Central America, we're using like one guy. Unlike his living room in the United States, to make like of millions of robots, calls wow and veto, the guy wanted getting in a lot of trouble because he did violent sorts of laws and seemingly just acted,
his excuse was essentially guide in really know you know Sorry, no united with me now is you on death row here Maybe it was these. You didn't get the death penalty, you did. I don't think you get the death penalty, we're almost there was close to the people and eight those think that more and sixty seconds stupid dribbling. Seventy seven be easy k, so the guy who was responsible for all those hundreds of millions of rubble calls we found out what they if he did not get death penalty now right he's not on death row. I believe he was fine one hundred and twenty million dollars, though politically significant amount. Is it's a significant amount of money notable amount of money? Yes, this is is actually not I'm remembering it. It was a story from wired dot com, perhaps the part of the story is the guy who uncovered the giant. Rowboat call scam in his name was Fred Garden. If you
Fred Garden, male prostitute, Saturnalia, hybrid, yes, threat, Garbutt male browser do as dead accords, unlike those seventies, maybe eightys, it is really urgent, real name. I guess this is all I think it was Fred garment now, maybe wasn't his real name. I can remember the because he's this has become like the Robocop Hunter because he found this in this one because our guiding period made over a hundred million phone calls. Robo calls was find a hundred and twenty million dollars was dragged from Congress outweighed the article out. You're being tracked by Europe, while all of your technologies. Yes, you can now be tracked to look at a article with a guy who's name is the same as a male prostitutes out onawandah. It's gonna do to your future employment prospects, but read it anyway. I think it's really fascinating cause. I may need us I said like each other, impossible for them to stop it because you're talking beacons, pre number
numbers. They can Corina Bacon they roll over. I mean as an issue as soon as you block one colleges rolls over the next year and the way they had to do it was the guy signed up for like as many shady lists as he could with a cell phone and then hoped he would get Robo calls and started to recording the robot calls the hatred track them because it gives give you lodge numbers. You can call pushing forward you to some off shore, you no phone bank, where they don't even know necessarily where the call came from they don't know that you are told that you gonna get some merry resort. They just no cell this timeshare re like they they It's like peep, there's all these disconnected pieces, not everyone knows which parties which the big guy at the end of the road, not even know it but he selling is real or not. And they might be in the country. So how do you track down its is one of things that I think like it feels good for legislate. To try to come up with a rule to stop it because it still freaking annoying
yes, it is in the end of the day. They are, they gonna be able to stop some one in you know better, LE dash for nice and they don't want any of em are over sees yes, so many of them are out of the country, and you could tell when they say things like and once it get expired after that, we'll be taken under custody, vital you'll, be taken under customs local police. By learning there are for serious allegations pursuing your name when they say things like they're gonna, be for serious allegations pressed on your name. You know, they're, probably not english speakers. Will you come from somewhere else? It's funny, then you can disregard it. They say that the whole scam when it comes to the nigerian prince situation, nine. I am if you're in the middle of a negotiation with the nigerian prince, I don't want to I. Maybe yours is real guy, usually that nigerian prince did not just fell out of power and have a hundred billion dollars and split with you really usually not the way it works? and in order you get those emails and
he them you're like? How could anyone offer this like they're, not even spelling the words right there on the right order. I get the idea that, like he supposed to be in a german prince, maybe he wouldn't have perfect English, but you get Things like if you're gonna make a multi million dollar transaction with someone you ve never met. Perhaps they should know the language a little a little bit. Perhaps perhaps- and so you think- why do they? Why can't they even take the time to spell the words right like they even take the time to stay in the language. Well enough and there's a varies: civic reason why they do? That is because, anyone with any sense, is not going to fall for this. So the b calculation by the people and doing the nigerian scam. They dont need to write. Be perfect, english right will and more than that, they actually intentionally will not speak perfect, I wish they intentionally will spell words wrong, because all but person who would if A multi million dollar transaction is about to happen with a guy
can't spell to half the email correctly only that person whose gullible enough to think that this action go through the whole scam. The person who is smart enough to say I'm not gonna answer this because they came in sight, the words right that, it isn't gonna fall for the scam. So we want of wasting their time. True. Sorting out people who are interested or trolling them all. Are? Just you know interested enough to make that first outreach, but not interested enough to go to their bank account and give bank account numbers out. They need the person whose gullible enough to think well, this nigerian prince out of nowhere emailed me, unsolicited can't speak the language. Can't spell the words. However, let me give him my bank account number. Then the person they need, because that person is the person whose going through the whole thing and its fascinating, because I think a lot about happens with these roll calls to their so bad. But if you hear when you're about to get arrested by local police or excuse me
under what was it and see, one could get fired. After that, you will be taken under custom undertaken under custody taken into custody. Maybe those people that actually far forward Glenn Beck program. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k in Pennsylvania, you're on the Glenn Beck program, comment about the Roma I've been going on about a year ago. I started getting caused the same creepy voice the light who see tee on my computer was going to expire, What are they I for one day, get on my laptop. So I call the number. They said that your keys, fired and protocols two hundred hours to renew it two hundred dollars talkin about basin.
On your computer and you are not binding like I gotta, my pal unpaid organised to Haiti? Is anybody who is only the boy. You hat, you think about hurry. The idea, I could hear or try look I'll get away. Why? Because I don't have a cell phone signal at home Listen on my way alike. I get a call in about twenty minutes call an idea was my landline number telling me My computer is going to expire again gladly vote that want to drive with one of our countries some guy just remove the battery, though that reset everything, and then your computer worked. Urban, my friend actually told me to put a couple of keys. What I didn't mean to I would like to put the matter that in this process, as I did,
ok, my back up, I have done, I would have done here Therefore, I probably ingenious interesting because you're the exact person, these things, don't work on person whose willing to actually go onto Facebook post about it like actually learn about it before just paying money. That's why they hire hang up on you because they were they probably detected you're too smart for their little scam and second work An aim at anyone could be a victim of these things are going to say it's just that intelligence per se, but its aid. It's not it's a lack of awareness about these types of phrase and get a cab. Anyone could be a victim, but the second, you show any push back. There's no there's no point: they they no longer It no longer works for them anymore. Here some, more pretty bald, my daughter was having a really bad day once it was over the house, and she got one of these calls and I heard a crying in the other room. So I went to see what the deal was, and it was somebody claim
to be from the IRS and they were threatening her with what, with all manner of stuff, like they were gonna. There were to take her home from her, and I got on argued with the person and she acted as though she was legitimately from the IRS swore up and down that this was an actual official phone call. I mean sometimes, though, really really fight for their scam. They're, pretty bold, and can it can scare the crap out of you if you're not you're, not thinking about it, you're, not really paying attention you're, not really sure what they're saying to you and you don't know understand the circumstance like. If somebody else does the bills and they're telling you that Didn't pay your taxes, you know. Sometimes it can fool. You Dave in Florida tell your on the Glinda programme. On all your elbow goals. But on all four you, ok, I'm sick. You I'd fickle, I'm sixty five!
I told the guy she called on a car? They started motor. The deal Magala life, and I A foreigner by the carbon underwater and I'm sue you advanced age, inspection mechanic then I am sick of the Romans. Beggary Maggie just find perfectly witness programme there were crashes and they were almost crime. Really. I'll try to get a guy, The girl with the war will acquire a futile. Oh, I am so glad you called one cross country now over fifteen sixteen years and article twenty seven, people and I wish to talk about a woman. She was treated or were you all? you gonna, come here. I think I have your address and number in How about a callback outgoing mail on board? However, dreadfully mega numbers grew, I was gonna, get the gun, about time that the Duke
To that extent, I wouldn't be overridden, read books about it, where they ve gone back and forth with scammers, unlike like you, can navigate their entire journey about they. They keep. Holding that little a little bit of a you know carried out there in hoping the bill, though common and in a figure that, if you're wasting the time of a scammer, at least other people aren't getting scammed, while you're wasting their time allotted time moments, it's it's a big ideas and I'm not that dedicated to now, there's not either and that are really care about humanity that much. I like you gotta, get full buddies things, I'm not gonna, be it will stop MIKE North Carolina, how you're on the Glenn Programme after her good morning, today. I yeah I've been scammed about three times once day. They keep on call me about the am I warranty is going over and stuff like that, it's been from cars that I have let go
years earlier. I says: well, I yeah, I guess hope it's almost gone because your eyes I don't pay for it anymore now and yet you know I get another one that says: were, you know you're here Credit card has been compromised. Then we need this information and data for so that we can, restore your your your credit up to the. Where should be? I feel, like you're ices. Why should I tell you what I said I'll call my bank in isolation and one. Get the information I took off or your bank no they're stuff. Yet because You know why I just while ices not legitimate, then I can. I get my call back number so that I can call the pc and have your rushed it well immediately, hang up new after sir. Yes, then I get
then I get the IRS game Oh yeah, yeah you're right. You know, you're your ten thousand dollars back taxes and stuff like that, she's, ok! Well, I was attacked, prepare for a while. I just I just ok. I choose what year exactly? What might accurate. Well. Well, I don't have that information right here, just as it your ten thousand ices. Well, you have to that, if you're from the IRS Digital each year, the ironic May I really yeah tell me, which here thought I can you know I can give you what I made their year and stuff, because I know all this stuff. I've got it all recorded. Well, well, yeah well just sit here and you don't need you major information so that we can now start to collect This is not a thing like that. It's interesting, I think one of the things that cause some of these are awful. Like he's talking about where they don't even know having information, but if they can get it
customer list of say in us your visa card and they can describe one what're, you no kind type of card. You have you that call you like. Ok, what they're saying I have you know. Citibank, visa card and I do have a Citibank visa card. So let me call them back and see. What's up biggest, you could do it whenever you can call it that, and I do this every time is. I always make the call to the number that I know is right. So, like a farmer, if Citibank calls me up and says: hey you ve got an issue here and you need to call back. I always go to the car, my credit card ideal that number, not the one they left in the friggin it and voice mail. I call or I'll go on on the Citibank website or whatever and get that number, and then you call magazine hey. I got this call was this, you guys half the time they say. No! Now you have any from my God that there's no there's no fraud alert. That's another really. Do fraud alerts Would you like, hey, gonna rod, alert on your card? Call us back? It's like we do, you're a fraud,
didn't want it does this. I got one of those firms from somebody claiming to be from Citibank once and it almost strictly and they thought wait. I don't even have an account it sitting, That's that's not even by the bank minor issues, oh yeah yeah. What could they do to me? I dont bank. There too, I recently had an issue where I was so drunkenly apparently parking in Miami a wild. You ever do this ever gonna like of hard Rock Stadium in Miami in park, your car unknowingly. This all the time. I spent forty dollars on the parking would first of all not a good value for parking and outside number one. Then drug just block further. If you would have gotten a better get a better deal number two I'm a little disappointed myself. Big. I am not a smoker. However. Four hundred and forty eight dollars at a smokers, lounge wow four in the morning and which I thought was a terrible decision by me in Miami especially, and I ain't
often I wife not listening to this, because she would know that apparently took a midnight trip. To Miami somehow right on the night that I was with her for most of them, but you know after she went to bed. I must just got up and flew to Miami, but I have no record of the plane ticket which is we're, but then the really the big mistake. I mean was the seven thousand two hundred and eighty two dollars. I spent on tickets to a rap festival now sets out a typical, not a tip. Way. I would spend my money and that it was an actual thing yeah it s a really happen to me. Just fifty a few weeks ago. There's a concert in Miami. I think at one of the more the stadium Leffingwell Iraq. Syria, and they, while it was a a new round. It was a rolling stones. Concept was actually some rolling. Something else is, and it was like a seemingly was a festival of wrappers an hour and be in such not necessarily my genre, not Comma Harris my we favour genres are not hip, hop, reggae and jazz. So I didn't asp
I want to go, but I was seven thousand dollars for tickets seemed like a lot for the extensive put. No, they ve done now that I've this, I obviously not by any of these things. I was not in Miami on them in the night in question. However, now my credit card, is holding this closer ten thousand dollars of my credit line hostage, because as until they finished their fraud investigation Of course I mean I assume gonna win. There really was not. There was pretty easy to tell. I was buying things in another state at the same time, but like that's a benign, if, if that was my only credit card and I didn't I would get shut off. Somebody did actually, yes, someone just did actually like use than usual to record. I live in understanding. How do you go and buy you like? If you have a credit like steel, my card off off the table, a restaurant go somewhere, I can see people not chicken signature or not, you know whatever? Let's have happens all the time, but how do you buy tickets? Have you parking with joy
having the number memorized right. To give you a number. How do you any by parking? Without how do you buy tickets without how you go and pay at a restaurant? A foreigner? Forty eight Smokers lounge with just the credit card number buying something online I could see, but we in person has been resolved, I mean it's still, still remaining in the middle of their for fraud. Investigation was luckily will only take thirty two. Ninety days, so I had this giant first ever vows. No idea, amazing, that's crazy! I mean really while because we talk about this- and we talk about this with a sponsor that we have called home title lock and it's like a new home tunnel. Fraud is a new sort of crime where they go after your equity and it's a big deal and it's been really opened up the past ten years. Words even been a thing, and try to lock. It does protections for this, but I remember react in the same way. Back in the day when, like lifelong came out, and they were like all yonder, we gotta practices from agented teller, fraud and everything it myself, identity, fraud,
that's not gonna happen to like that is the most dickie this thing: I'm not gonna bother within this is none of this is not a paid commercial. It's just those things worth you just thought it wasn't a baby, until now or later. If you don't have one of those things now this stuff can have. And you constantly even immediate out like you, can get hit with this stuff from your credit card side. Luckily, your protected front from from that, usually some of this stuff. They can go after. You really damage your life they can really go after you and and destroyed, because if this stuff happens to you even get your money back. You're talking about a years. You're talking bout, massive legal fees. Sometimes it takes hundreds or thousands of dollars to wrap it up. Here I am talking about having to deal with like local governments, which are not always the MTV ever going to the post office that that's a nice example how local governments look as well It's not easy to navigate that stuff It really is, so it's one of those things where you're lucky you taken under custody. Oh my gosh Eurasia.
Violent all those with all those. Largest pressed on your name, really fortunate. That's stupid when Limburg programme talking about these things. Dams and the government may be cracking down first of all on online tracking that companies do was and then secondly, the FCC may allow phone companies too. A stop to these robots gulls, let's go to town. Men, Pennsylvania, dump your on the glimpse programme paradise I won't let you know that my dad was a prominent business and his wife, who is well respected, community, later a board of directors on credit union border workers in a hospital these shell was failing at eight seventy five. He gets caught in one of these bags and we, the liberals still stood in horror and told him over. I should
and what was all over reason was all over is because he died in the middle of it and keeps them twelve thousand dollars, and it was the one Amelia box in Jamaica. Some waterway and he hadn't entered Admiral entered white, what they did. They groomed him and the people. With a there was one single woman would call him ass his friend. Thank you so long way that he would call up and ask about the kids. Ask the and call them by name knew the church. He went to new, the singing group, he was in an with that. Group, Doin, Moines and things I guess you know
I'm saying they scammed for twelve thousand dollars over a period of about four months, but I thought I had it cut off at the beginning. I had no idea that he kept Gorman in three days before He died Don't call me that, mainly from Walmart and said I just want to let you know that your dad was down here trying to wire to make a one thousand two hundred dollars, and I wouldn't let him- and I said I can't tell you how I would get in trouble, don't tell any. Call these Walmart employees Brigitte that dumb are getting really good at helping people on that. I've heard that mould we'll Tyler's great here, because they try to get you to to do the prepaid card and said to him, and I think Marty employees are kind of watch out for the elderly and run to help a mountains, a it's, probably a scam. My one might not want to do that. This is the Glen Back Programme,
Super Glenn, on the Glen Back programme. We have more promises from a more democratic candidates. There's what seventy? Six. Now I like. Seventy six candidates for four hundred years, some six hundred seventy six hundred candidates- and there are good there are actually nine Democrats now that are not running for President Are there really that many others in this will be done a forbidden, but we will get into that much more coming up at about one minute. Patents do for Glinda. The good program, triplet. Seventy seven! the easy, gay and stew backroom vacation so you're you're, pretty excited about some of Elizabeth warrants. New plants yeah I mean here here she is she's actually doing fairly well in the post. You didn't better than I would have expected her to do yes, she's getting unless you went away and now she's kind about a rebirth, a little but yeah and she's kind of
positioning herself. As like the policy one of the candidates, the person is actually got a plan for every Thea there legitimately. What she's trying to deal, which is not a tear Oh idea, I mean she's, not good at she's, not good, politician she's not relate above she's, not likeable so Why not read a lot lot along white papers for people to read and have proposed that works and it? May I don't? I don't mind, I mean she's. Represents but she's got a plan, Yes, engine, maybe that'll work. She just basely her plan is here's a new policy proposal. And if forty page, you now sort of white paper that desk why this group is evil rich people, a white people, man whatever it is that she just basically saying every group that is not enough. Wonderful native or can woman like herself is there is the cause for all the problems in the world and here's how we're gonna take their money and pay for other things. So she's got it detailed explanation of what they're saying this stuff cost in the Washington Post today. It's pretty interesting, I would say again:
massively conservative on cost she's, saying that is, is universal. Child care and pre Kay seven hundred and seven billion dollars, now to the cost, a lot more than that, but she's seven seven billion dollars on this one is completely ridiculous. Universal college only costing six hundred and fifty billion dollars, there's no that's true eliminating college debt, six hundred and forty billion dollars, affordable housing for all five hundred billion dollars for the housing frozen. Hell of a lot more than five hundred billion dollars. The aids another hundred billion some public land stuff? Thirty, two billion debt relief repaired Puerto Rico is at fifteen billion higher pay for all this that's that's where kids interesting, because you know she's gonna spend long. While all your money, you use tax, the rich, that's all you do yeah and age task tax, a rich, I kind of thought we were passed. The point in which people would even try It is claimed that, like that, you know you every. If you get it,
legitimate socialist, on any get him in Canada and get him in that. The truth tat you put a had on the makes him till the tree. They will tell you Of course we have to raise taxes on everybody. Of course, I am innocent were basically taken. The entire middle class will pay yes, of course, of our Lord, of course, Elizabeth Warrant, sticking with it and what the reason she sticking with as she says, she's going to raise two point: seven, five trillion dollars in a both tax. Now Wealth tax is two percent on all your assets above fifty million dollars and one percent on assets above a billion dollars for she really after the super duper high end here, which is why you At some should on the dish you can get. Most people working to say I did somebody else and look at a word by bright idea. I'm never going online Erin we're gonna have fifty million dollars. That's fine, go ahead and hit them so terrible way to react differently, its admirable it's! You know it's the same thing of Armenia. In parliament's written about this in
in European nations, democratic, caveat or legal tat wealth, but I mean it also just like what you could make this argument airing. Well, I'm not black. I don't care what they do to blacks like what we're talking about like that. You make it fair for everybody. You know: that's, that's not Europe must make policy decisions based on well, I M not that person is going to be affected by it, so I don't care and beyond not supposed to. I think it's unconstitutional. Yes, That's an interesting thing. Is that most likely, unless this in court grants new rights, that it's never in other constitutions never held before it isn't constitutional tax? And this goes back when the one certain group of people is on institutionally and there is the constitution, was very careful to not allow taxation by the federal government and the you know they force had to pass the sixteenth amendment to get the income tax to be a thing, because our founders did not want the income tax
would have put it in there, but they fought about another couple who were like I'm interested in certain aspects, but they did not want an income tax court, so eat man, this country, who actually was able to get through a nice chunk of its history with out but the actual income tax then put a constitutional amendment allowing it, however, when they debated that they very specifically said you cannot have this type of tax a wealth tax where you can go in and just rip money out of me, because you think about functionally how this happens. Let us say you want a bunch of real estate right. And its valued, no four hundred billion dollars, and you may think what I don't care. What happens that person because they have a hundred million dollars, but if stop and think about this for a moment That doesn't mean you have a hundred million dollars where its invested in properties. So then you The point we are now selling off the properties to pay the taxes which but you're forcing a person's hand you're, basically controlling their financial lives,
in addition to that, it's not institutional. The government does not have the power to go tax, but your wealth, but is not something it's a very specific type of tax is not allowed an inner going through. History and in people to the point about James Madison more like night, you can't do that. It's not, something you're allowed to do now. They could pass constitutional amendment to allow it there's also some and I don't know they get. This idea tat there some belief that the nukes in court might just interpret it another way and decide. Does exist in the constitution, which they seem to be doing a decent America's lately, right I mean you, gotta be surprised, have drawn robbers comes out, says yeah, you can we couldn't checks, wealth I mean no one will be surprised by. That is obvious, People like Ruth Bade, her Ginsberg are gonna, be on whatever side is, is most close to socialism, so The idea that she's gonna be able to do? This is highly questionable, and be allowed in the constitution, even a lot of left
resources are saying, yeah, probably not, probably not constitutional. However, there is up there the strain of thought that maybe you can kind of make it constitutional in a way say: well, maybe what they meant, that the languages like around direct taxes and all sorts of like the terms arts, specifically defined, but have been. About an ruled upon many many times to meek, make it so you could not have a wealth to so I don't know she going to pay for that. She also wants to raise taxes on a seven percent tax on every dollar in company profit above a hundred million dollars. So Jim new tax, their anoura, an estate tax, she's gonna raise five hundred billion dollars, taxing the dead which is always nice, that is, immoral died, I really just immoral what why would you want Would you assess attacks on people, well once they die that doesn't make any sense, have already paid all their taxes and so now you're good,
double and triple tax. What they have made and take it from them win. The government has no right to their property or their money, absolutely not all right too, and that's the thing it's like. Unless inner in Chicago dead people to vote So it's easy to debt to tax dead people, because they just don't have a lot of push back and leave law. The ability to move they ve lost it We need to get to the poles right in places than Chicago where they do it all the time they ve lost the ability to protest here so you're not gonna, see him on a street corner bright and, of course, like a even if you protest, the family protests or whatever you're, just some evil, rich person who want to take money away from poor people, and you look horrible. So people don't generally do it. It's tough! It's a tough, that's it! That's what you have to help people who are acting on principle and not acting on just what feels good. At the moment, our folks, of her. Second, on the on the college programme from Elizabeth worn, this is fascinating. She said her plan will cost one point: two five trillion dollars over ten years
but the where we are? I mean it We used to be a time where, if you had a new spending proposal on the new tax increase, you'd hide, it now, I'm Elizabeth worn is basically advertising it, which I think is good. At least she saying it, though, she's advertising these costs. Much lower than they will be. Urban Institute, which is not some right wing organizations had cost for to free to and for your colleges would quickly spiral beyond estimates because, of course, you're thinking about going to college, and you like air maybe it costs too much. Maybe I will be able to afford it. Maybe I'll go to a cheaper college. Will everything's free? Then you start going for the best colleges. Only right go to the place. That is most expensive and you know who else realises this colleges, because they're gonna say well we're caught charging thirty thousand dollars per student a year now, but we in those costs relatively low because we want to have that's not low but they're, saying keeping them as low as we can, because students have to be able to afford it. But what happened?
They don't have to afforded more when, if they car church, fifty thousand to get paid and if the church, thirty thousands who get paid by the government. So why would I charge thirty Missis happens with two issues in loan guarantees. This is why the totally twitching get so high anyway. So the government step since as european everything off that is just it's. Gonna be nonstop cash flow into these universities. The word campaign did not provide an analysis of how it estimated cost of its free college programme, which includes using Pell grants in creating a fifty billion dollar fund for historically black colleges and universities and minority serving institutions. If it's like this breakdown, it's a lot of money. But if a the goal of getting more people to go to college and stay there for a longer time, it'll be more, expensive He waited for. Him will be worth it now, ITALY, even more expensive than one point. Two. Five, trillion dollars. I love how the college that things like this big is is a bit
she now and I'm one of the reasons. Why is a story that happened over the weekend? Where A billion air was making Robert Psmith? He is a big tech investor and he that he would pay off all the student debt for three hundred and ninety six graduates. Graduates at Moor House College forty million dollars now really cool thing. First of all, that a person want to do that, and it is good. Being him all the annoyances, you would expect it to give him as we live in America and the fact that you come up with a great thing, we're gonna pay off a bunch of kids, college suggest something you get punished for. Now this billionaire who's, the wealthiest black man in America is getting also. So uncomfortable questions and so are other billionaires first you're getting the the idea of like well, I mean billion are, did this wire and other billionaires doing this. The right
Then you get this. This is a guy who his name is a amply he is going to college, and so he's I'm you think about this. This is an awesome moment. You're out your graduation disguise cannot be given you some speeches for these things a million times you probably have fallen asleep and then oh by the way, I'm paying offered all your college debt incredible. So says he's got his data. A tutor thousand dollars in alone once taken up by his mother covering six years in school. He says I am so grateful and stone shock about this gift, and now I have so many questions about how this will be processed, for example, are all student loans included? You think man probably Does the pledge include loans taken out by graduates parents. So is it just the loans that kids take out or the parents do it is that cover what gifts from home equity loans, borrow against whom equity alone, then you just paying off someone's home equity law? Is that count? Will it better
kids, who never made it a graduation because their debt forced them to withdraw before they earned a degree. What about last year's, where my last year's that's what about notice years due to yes, what about the poor kid that took a job work through college paid off half their debt write? now, because they did the right thing for four years in the past? next to them? It did nothing gets more. Money from this billion are the major? That's, not fair, people are now they're saying, is feeling a level of survivors guilt because they're the ones B, targeted here and illicit arriving to say I mean come on. It's like the upper one. Three think she gives everybody in the studio. A car like woke, put about that access is having a brilliant tat, no allow Ratan I stood piles of rotten garbage have been lifted. By the city of LOS Angeles, sometimes for months in there no explanation really as to why there are
rotting piles of Garbage LOS Angeles. I guess I just can't keep up with the guard fast enough, there's, no As far as I know, there's no garbage strike by leading to consent. But new epidemics in LOS Angeles, including free born typhus cases and bubonic plague the black death that swept Europe and Asia in the in the thirteen hundreds tat old fifty to seventy five million people just a fifty. It is just about the only seven, but now there's we don't worry about providing plague. If you get it, what there's antibiotics? Don't worry about it, so everything will be fiery things fine. This comes from the loss. Edgeways Bureau of Tourism, which wants to fight you d, come visit and climb onto their giant mounds of garbage today, exactly and and play with the rats cause the rats or their eating, the giant piles of garbage in their care carrying all these diseases and their funded them funded just play catch would have you know, fetch throw
dicks forum and I'll go get em, and yet you forget that this is what life is like. I was in New York over the past week or so, and we did the show there for many years in Rio living. I am living near Europe working in New York every day and you just Forget the what The smell is, if is a great thing living in Texas? You forget the smell of New York. You got walk over a great of the subway news. Remember, oh my god. I smelled us every day right but, like I walk in a street rats just run by your feet. It is by your feet. That's part of your life, you just yet rats from my feet now giant rats that, if you If one was in Texas, I mean it and they have creepy animals in Texas. But it's not like that you when you're in a city environment and then I at the train station. Had the issue where guys asked out, of course, Urim and recognise the gets passed out we therefore homeless, guy just keeping in the middle of a walkway where monsters, walking around him and he's, his possessions strewn out around him and another. I come up and
down at source poking through stuff and then takes a giant bag, a sour patch kids industry walk away with it. Now you are stealing sour patch kids from a homeless person. This is your life well actually gets called out by some other guy, and my actually sets up myself. I gotta put that back. Do you take it look, there's a lot of things good deal with in life. Someone stealing sour patch kids from a homeless person really like Canada, cool, it's, not cool and they got Miss Bydel anxious. I like sour patch yeah, we're gonna steal, but something that's probably your target, but probably wouldn t ignore. Mom was right, and so, like then you're in this, like fight between this guy who's, robbing a homeless person of sour patch kids and some other guy who's walk you through translation, just pissed off about it. And you realize that, like this guy, He's got a circle around above back and steal the sour patch kids again, when you walk away and that's why that's your normal everyday life. City and in LOS Angeles and apparently getting worse and
Do you see any maybe commonality Let's say LOS Angeles San Francisco weathers the pupils to buy the hunt thousands piles of hope and I've spent. I think it was an at the story, and I unremembered the exact figure. I think it was something like fifty million dollars just this year, trying to clean up who piles. This is also the place where these the tat, the light post crash, down on top of someone's hood and they re later realise the reason it crashed down and inexplicably, because people had urinate it on it so often integrated the metal. Oh, my actually fell over on a car, a haunting me bad Sudan, Francisco beatin San Francisco, and then you got in New York with the rats in the homeless anew in Caesar anything and out. That's right. There I'll Democrat led cities for the last sixty years, amazing. Does anybody else see the connection? there too, the policies of Democrats and how bad what what situation, these cities are all in which isn't
Oh boy, when you see this now, every city that's run by leftist halves has these problems. We are now seeing the countries run by left us like Venezuela, completely collapsing around us and we're like hey. We should try socialism YAP additionally, a great aid. We would really well. Socialism is good, it means equality yeah. It means everybody's equally poor, an equally starving to death with no medical care and no jobs and Venezuela. So you have you want that. I guess we could try, it I'm not sure that a group of people would run toward socialism because it's a very human thing. You think I well someone's gonna do things for me and then I don't have to do them and everything will be fine, like there's a lot of people who have fallen for that over the years, but offer than in America, which has basically disproved.
This entire analysis and secondarily to two to fall for in America right now, when all around the world, when you have all the examples of how it fails, I mean North Korea, a you, know: Venezuela, seven areas too Central America there's a lot of different examples. Of this would mean the people who live in socialist governments in in Central America are creating crisis on our border because they want to come here so badly and we're like. Let's try their form of government is making sanity. Is it really is Stu, Vogler, Tripoli. Seventy Bees are joined by Geoffrey of June, the fat for him.
You gotta podcast called you and if I do as a matter of fact, you can get that were very poor girls who sold or what yes again was dug it arrayed absolute hundred percent good, wherever saying, first of all, the arrest warrant, all first of all get into this Ben Carson situation Bent. Send it hide the director yeah yeah demand is not surgeon, general, his now huh. Look it up. I also like you to get back to me. If you don't mind to explain the disparity in Oreo rates. Do you know what in our railways or are we really stop at present? Very always, it's a sandwich cookie. It's got chocolate, sandwiches, a cream
Sometimes it's doubles it off. I know what an oriental amount of time seasons they have different labors cover all you're, saying and ARI. Oh yes, I love their music, they were all in the early aid and I love Oreo. They were really really good. I can fight that feeling is one of my favorites funds to calm speed wagon. But if you want a Mario, that's fine, it's fine him! What is it real estate owned that will reinforce she's about to explain it, but I think it is Eric. I had are real estate. Was the ocean for running off now real? That's what happens when a property goes to an hour ago I mean that's the that's the usually the or have the balls to do that, but I trying to cause the guy and stand by coming like what's the what the
but this is not necessarily the big it's just not to fix. The problem is just a safe and Carson doesn't should have his job, rightly rights issues with them they're trying to trick you try new nurse at me after an embarrassing which is really likes, not cause obviously no matter what your expertise is somewhat can pull out of an abbreviation. That's gonna, stop you Does anybody could do it? You can come to us and say we could talk start talking about. You know situations with the transmitter, towers, radio stations and envy known when we're not gonna know it does not matter from you.
Why doesn't it doesnt doesn't was of the dial the phenomena? Are you know what that I do not for northern or side an ordinary adds at our northern? Are you just to threaten maritime our yeah yeah yeah? I know the other, then there's the EU alone right. You know that it is going to dance electric light, the or organization or how are they often orchestrated? I love it, and then she was. I M is happy to kick. Carry Katy Porter from California was on MSNBC talking about. You know that he does. Even know what this federal agency does, that F, a J is there to help people in foreclosure like we, ok, what that's an who definition of evacuated me. I didn't know they give our low as they do now. Ok, too low and moderate income people were by house, especially for the first time buyer
but are there to help if you're not paying your mortgage, the affair J they are, if do if we were forced to take that loan out. Well, predatory lender you take out the loan valet? Yes, J Ai? this bizarre these democrats that think that these government agencies are responsible for every aspect of our lives. I'm so I dont, let me maybe you could show me worthy of a chase mission. Statement is to help people in for closure Never, I've, never seen that and its larger problem, and that the government has prioritize giving money to people to buy homes in the first place like right. It's that right their business. I shouldn't even exist not way, especially for that purpose Look loans are are something that you are not present
from a bank to get alone, but there is a long term financial requirement for you to pay more money than you. Then you get student loans are looked at as present now and so are effigy Leah. I got the loan unilaterally and will pay anything to get. It will wait, its alone. Maybe recognize the word as not gift, but little o o stand for it isn't just vilify renting, rightly make it seem like all well you're, not even a rise in our society. If you happen to rent where you live, which, as you Know- and this is a great example of your wasted on your way through your money- money away, because you're not going your money way on shining amounts of interest to banks for your loan- that you bought quote on roads or your home with you, the basic rule them in Europe just paying rent for the first ten years of buying a house anyway. Finally the gear just like I was like this the other day, I'm on my stupid mortgage like well. If and make another ten years of payments ice.
Still owe like a percent of the cost of the home. Now thing I was looking at life. I remember for what purpose we were looking at our alone I noticed that the principles not really go anywhere. Mortgage payments are making like how kind that might be ass, you are, you are lucky enough to get alone. I was lucky enough to get a letter of the law, and so there charging me about triple when I took out in the loan. Yes, it's literally double earliest fact that the government has created policies to tell people they should go out and enter into this arrangement is really questionable mean you can. Certainly we can argue That buying home is great depending on what we know what your situation is, but the governor should not be prioritizing raw owning over renting, and this is a great example of what happened. We, even with Republicans when they have good intentions to anchor
they all sorts of government policies or on the ownership society people if people on their homes going to care about a more things to get better say well, what you did was cool gigantic financial crisis? Because of that- the steering and the idea that you can look I love. Obviously, when it comes to tax time. Everyone likes Reno deducting their interest off of their offer their mortgages, but
like. That is something that is highly questionable and, I would say, completely, there's bitter tears better years. Log geologists do, I will say, is truly measures. You could do that for you from your whole, because you're just saying, like you know, there's a government making a giant one of the biggest. I didn't think you'd help save me every year. It does of course, every year, which is why, of course, you do it right. Why do people by Jorge numbers that they shouldn't even be buying above the amount of money they should be spending on a pretty girl on? Why do they do that? While the government tells them incentivize the massively to do it, they say we want. You will have to pay your other taxes if you just take up as long as that is the other is the trade off. I didn't. I still pay, but not as much about cars and does have a new suit and is in charge of Hudson good that he's in charge of everything right because of swimming reasons, like almost like NATO going too. We'll find out about his turtle win the
when he will not disappoint when he wrapped race, when he dropped out of the radio go get a new suit was over, that's right. Remember that he left forget where they were on the campaign. Trail buddy went home Digital back to Florida together, global suit, like wages, are no store in Iowa, don't have stories. I, however, because he's gone after that, certainly not amends warehouse in anywhere right no place to get. No wonder you at home What else also well you're talking about the bigger Robocop issue earlier and people already commenting on line that other concerned.
Me because they're they're, saying little path. Has four allegations pressed upon his name. I can't imagine how many allegations are pressed against my oh, my god, you are correct, Lloyd. You are correct and I am not going to comment on that. One single bit at least four hundred allegations pressed on your new, do not want things present, applaud your name. No! Congratulations to Washington state to becoming the first state to legalise human composting excited about that. I don't know about you, but I mean we need. We need natural, organic method of bearing human remains so that you just become in the dirt wow good news Let us look at this, as I just mixer body, with little wood chip and we'll Strawn in a few weeks, your dirt good to go and soil. Why? Yes, you are right. Yes, Europe will have the desired me: growin, mental, environmentally friendly. None
what's J initially by the way you have governor of the state who is on our board of twenty four candidates now rest for he too much of a chance. However, a million perplex I'll do some great programmes or is immensely on this border is he's on the air, probably not apparently not Anthea. Yes, that's our fourth best care or to be out of the five categories. There's front runners, theirs get a chance. We need to move PETE up. People take up I didn't move him up actual. He was in the air, probably not category analogy. I mean if everything goes right and that's the thing. We're outta judges, everything's, gonna, write so far, so good, this question here at all about anything, at one terse word about him. Are anyways policies at some point, other guys practically perfect, right and somewhat discouraging perfect? First of all, his a veteran of at least one tour in the Afghanistan or young. It belongs to protect a group.
Scholar, he's got o o road scholar he's a smart guy. He really is well spoken. I think the guy is Genuinely goods is add Ets Egypt is a mayor of the city and well, self been Indiana has as major as it gets in that county. He has a good way of looking at all, but he's really well spoken in. When you ask him questions he's good at night, answering them in a really is smooth way. He's using a politician, yeah he's defiling and that he will not, as is its partner, husband
So let it- and I think they do- I had they probably do he's gotten- really good press as he's gotten great persevere in these levels, part of the part of the projected class we're gonna, give you nothin, but love right. I do how to there's something. I really a door about the idea that a guy you know look up in an area as animates, it's not the biggest town in the world and he's the mare that he gets to come in and he's the guy and like third place in this race. While Tbilisi, I can't even get like a ten percent approval rating from New York City. An american city has no chance of winning, but the merits of Saint Aubert. As I fear we act like great blue eye. So don't think it's going to happen, but I'm not I'm not. I would not think even the. U nomination, I dont think Buddha Judge is gonna, be the nominee, but I mean he is put himself in a position where you have to say he has a chance far more than better now than it was like done
barely got well he's on the wrong side of things do and so badly. Now, they're not even doing opposition opposition research economy, they got back as we are throwing out anymore you're as to why this is always the money. It is a pity, the town Hall Fox and was went over huge Beethoven. Add one on CNN? Did you know about it? history will that we had a cloak as he was Co. He was going to bury a semi automatic weapons, I think beyond, which is interesting, that's basis. Every gun refused. Nearly every gotta mean low levels of work and not be on the street. Yes, semi automatic weapons as a weapon of war. I mean it is used in more, as is everything else. Your fists in your hands are also used in war. I mean I visited dumbest slang. Weapons of war would like every weapon when you're in war you'll through a gun you'll throw our rocketty little, doesn't matter there. That's what happened you're, trying to win the widow S gave a throne, so you fight with you, have you so I been, but when it comes to like a handgun which then
most people would say is like a typical gun and therefore has my automatic or some out of many of them. Yet. Don't say that big thing and he's not making much of an impact, though I will say it does it does occasionally happen more work candidates. They have a rise in, are prominent and then fall apart and come back. I mean Mccain was yeah, he had a fire is entitled and pain staff at what point campaign in the one up, winning in two thousand eight that was due jumping for Glenn led back programme? yet in the house on the Turin. The fat file absolutely want one big one, that's coming across the pond here soon, that's in Europe right now the new, a viral challenge on the internet, kissing cows, Kissing girls is going to be using. That is the new viral challenge at the earliest kissing car. What reason people kissing cows, just to prove that you can do it on the internet? That's why I love the internet,
the viral challenged other calling it maybe did we rename it? Actually they call it the coup. Challenge. That's too close to the two Try a major issue, that of Europe sizeable bad name for a jail, and what was the purpose of this as just disapprove? you could do it and guess cows and a privilege. You could do it in Austria and other warning people that not to do it cause the cows could attack you before. Who are you if you were to come between mom and her better babies, they could attack you, I'm looking with lower wages, a cow do, would it too so I've never seen more in order to combat tax areas with you, I want to see. Gallagher gladdened says said this on the air. They can. You hear me ranch where he is now. The end like that was there
It will come after. You had a pretty relating under me, so I want to see that I'm all she has got all day. That need probably wouldn't be very thought. Her dream. No, you know like you say I will occasionally give me a burger and then they do it, who fervour it's not get in the way that is not part of you'd vested in here in Europe Meet. Let me irreplaceable foods I would have years ago, unfortunately, is a private company. They live matter about now right at me, now you're talkin about going other pudding. Meatloaf sausage crumbles a little Caesar's pizzas, I'm very excited eyes. Yes, it is amazing, though it is it's amazing and didn't you say there is a shortage again with yeah. What restaurant was it? The ran out of a red Robin carries the Red brought as a big chain of restaurants. Annie gone they're gonna robbing a week in a half hour today, so that we can offer two weeks. I think, according to the source of the
trust, set Retro Deep, whether she actually understands the impossible foods supply chain. Exactly is clear. I think she's gotta go to analyze. Group is a real shortage of the stuff. I like the way people are job about. Another gotta have a problem with calling it meet. Go in other, have the big brother. Now, if they can't call d persons regional meetings with big, they wouldn't care, we can't be usefully that's gonna, be tough and yet another fighting in their saying that. That's not actually true. We what's the definition right because I mean, if you have the same chemical, make up as me, but it just wasn't from an animal. Is it meet? That's that argument is an interesting one sure, and I mean, but it is I I will say, tastes delicious. That's all it does Harold Ryan
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