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'Roseanne' Says What the Media Won't - 3/28/18

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Hour 1  ‘Method to his madness’: How Trump approaches domestic, foreign policy…scaring China, North Korea…they don’t know what we’ll do next…Summoned by China?...Kim Jong Un’s surprise visit to China...What does this mean for the United States?...TV Revival: 'Roseanne' is back as a Trump supporter… ‘speaking the words the media doesn’t understand’...Former Soviet spy Jack Barsky joins the show to discuss America's current problems with Russia and Putin...doubts Putin has anything to do with chemical attacks in the UK...'Russians and China are not suicidal maniacs like North Korea'...we must be careful not to blow ourselves up...TV’s 'The Americans': Final season premieres tonight...'realistic and well done'   Hour 2 John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment...former Supreme Court Justice writes in NYT how he really feels about the US Constitution...'live those words' of the Constitution? ...Democrats introduce bullet control bill to close ‘gaping loophole’...'a commonsense component'...make your cases and let's have honest conversations ...Scientist have discovered a new organ in the human body, one of the largest...bigger than your skin?...what took scientists so long to discover this?...are these the same scientists who can predict climate change?...audio from two pilots who saw a UFO...Glenn has some theories…scramjets, hypersonic flights, aliens?... ‘are we prepared to find life elsewhere?’   Hour 3 Pining for a ‘progressive princess'?...Can Planned Parenthood stoop any lower? Yes, yes, they can…sorry, Planned Parenthood, but real little girls love babies ...ISIS making a comeback in Syria because of Turkey's actions...Mercury One ambassador D'Andra Simmons and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad Tim Ballard join the show to discuss how they are saving lives every day…Simmons shares the harrowing story of a woman who was repeatedly abused, later escaped…we don’t talk about this enough, but ‘it does affect us’...Please help at ourrescue.org and thenazarenefund.org …Glenn revisits the California census, citizenship question…Pat joins to talk ‘realistic’ Disney princesses… ‘If there’s another Aladdin, we need to be able to only see their eyes through lace’... Bruce the pilot for 35 years, shares his UFO story? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Courage shrink back so, as we ve been weakened, looking at what happening with Donald, and the Trade war, if you will what's happening in North Korea, South Korea, China, might be a real method to his madness here. That seems to be working. He's been known as a counter puncher when it comes to domestic politics, at him. He hit you twice as hard, but when it comes to foreign policy, his his strategy, seems to be more akin to I'm a punch yard first and then we'll talk about it, there kinds of people who hate this sort of approach? Those who, although the stock market and though to follow foreign policy and the biggest Reason for this is the fear of the unpredictable you.
Wanna be unpredictable as a precedent, but a predictable, Predictability is preferred you have to know that things are stable if stock brokers in money. Managers can predict the future. You end up seeing what is currently happening on the DOW, and that is one day. It's down seven hundred points the next day, its back six hundred and yesterday went back down over three hundred, much of this has to do with trumps. New trade policy. Is he pushed Four tariffs or some sort of negotiating tactic? What's he doing? I'm always said that I've wanted a precedent that had a twitchy I, but not one, that you know. The good guys didn't understand by he's gotta twitchy. I and everybody is looking at and I'm I don't know he just might do this now same questions are being asked between nation states, and men and women in foreign policy circles, further
first time in internal decades. It least world has absolutely no idea what we're doing in Asia the once per Dick table, United States has suddenly become unpredictable and that's it Scaring the crap out of countries like China, South Korea, Japan and most of all, North Korea hits kind of good. If you haven't been about right now in your cruising ass the Pacific go out on the top DEC. If the wind is coming from the west, that smell you might be smelling can only be described as one thing, and that is fear fear has both China and North Korea wondering what the heck we're gonna, do next. On Monday and arm train left north korean capital. It was grand
unprecedented entry into China on its way to Beijing, military and police escort accompanied the entire way, and at this, in time. All the news regarding North Korea was immediately censored on chinese NEWS and on the internet. It was a total and complete blackout. This be able to happen in the United States. Would you have to communist countries? So, what's going on here, well as you watch her a lot. The train pulled out of Beijing yesterday. The news leak that Kim Jong own himself had crept out of his hermit hole and made his first ever foreign visit. Now I dont think it was because he said you know what our see China ever a feeling it was China but said, get you but here now, What made him do it
such a dramatic and secretive trip. What made that didn't of China, except this highly unprecedented visited this point of time. One word, and that is, here, fear of the unknown fear of what's coming next is causing some seriously dramatic changes in Asia now, Korea has agreed to meet the. U as s president for the first time ever, they have no idea whether they're coming or going and at the same time sanctions are crippling the country. China is realising that they're putting on David, they ve been put on the sidelines as a potential. U S, North Korea Agreement and the kind of freak out at this in time, trumps, terror Sir being used to corner China into some sort of agreement that you, don't like. While all this is going down the? U S, just finalized trade deal with South Korea that keeps us
South korean tariff, on steel in place, upholds, a standing tariff on south korean trucks and opens the auto market in the country for Ford in General motors in two in terms this is equivalent of dumping on your opponent shattering the the back. And then landing on top of the guy you just dunked on I have that one rights do in some ways to do close for me, we have said we're gonna critic size, the president when he's wrong and there's plenty criticise but ignored, the times when he's doing things that are working and so far, and I know what it means for the future. But right now, a punch first, negotiate later strategy appears to be working now, let's what the future holds.
it's Wednesday March, twenty Eightth. This is the Glen Back Programme. So what do you think's do? Breathing What do you think is happening? I you know with North Korea part of that year, the North Korea, the China, the South Korea the North Korea thing is is obviously to chew related. I mean yes, the President's been tough on North Korea and may show some good results. We don't know, I mean you know all of their biggest missile testing nuclear tests have happened under this tougher policy. So it's hard to know. You know if it stops for a long time, it's very consistent with what they ve done with past presidents, which is in Layman flame, inflamed, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate repeat, but you don't think I mean I think Kim Jong was was summoned to China I think he was told get on your old fashioned tie me. You know steam, train and and get here yeah, it's obviously speculation over. That's
while you can do with the sort of thing that was speculation that whether he was even there or not for most of the media, which is such a strange thing like right, there's a really old train, the giant I'd, let us be M Wells would take along old, crap and trade that turned out to be true. Yeah. So who knows right with that stuff? You know it say it you, don't you hope, for the Aesthetic oddities things have long term questions on them. And I think, you're going a long period in the White House are aware of that data data who they're talking to the long term is you know what but if you turn the world against you, you know until you have to you- have to be careful, but the Donald Trump right on one thing and that is we ve been. We ve been played by the rest of the world for a long time. You know, been taken advantage of. I think, for long time we have, we have
so taken advantage, ourself nets worked fairly well, let alone superpower in the world. Yes, yes, but we're we're very predictable, and everybody knows how to play us, because this, to has been run base, finally, with the same kind of ideas, said, the you know, since world war, two really now and only Ronald Reagan broke that he broke with the with the Us State Department. Now Donald Trump is breaking it as well, and it could work out really well for the United States it also because he is also taking on our allies. It also may not work out so well in in the long run, but it's real fresh to see a new rip, new approach, yeah. In its interests into that. The new approach is being executed largely by former.
For officials right which is kind of interesting, he surrounded himself with very establishment foreign policy types which is worked out. City railing, the bushy yeah really is or origin out off that Bush tree for sure. But again in out there putting people emulate Mina, which praised alot of those appointments there. They ve been really solid in that realm. And you know, Bolton coming, and I think this is is positive. I think we know we like you know that the new sector state weave We will obviously mad. We ve been very positive on so I think that different If you remember, when George Bush said shock and ah shock OZ coming from, force and might have. The United States of America is coming, and so we will gather round the television and we are all little worried about what is coming. And we saw and we went that's it.
There's no way to live up to that build. There's no way now the full force in it might of the United States of America. You expect you know we ve all seen the footage of mushroom gods. We know that in and I dont believe that that's what we now looking for, but we are looking for something a little a little more than what we saw and I'm sure it was a little different on the receiving end than it was for us sitting in our living rooms, watching a goin to know. What's on channel for his so in, but but if I do, a trump said, the full force might of the United States and it's gonna be shocked it off. I think people around the world will look at that differently. You know, I think people around the world would go. He he hee hee. He He might launch noakes. And that is something that You know when your back is against the wall. You don't ever
or want to bluff, but you you I want people to question whether or not you will do it you, want to have enough credibility. To say: I'm I'm going in this direction and people to believe you. Now, though, one thing that you need to to do crazy. Things in today's world is to be a little bit crazy or to be known as a little bit. Crazy and deterrence only works when you believe the other side might do it. To quote the great documentary spies like us, a weapon unused is a useless weapon. I give you and if you don't ever get to the point where you think the other side will ever pulled it, Rigour on it. We look at the red line self with Syria. The reason why Obama was so ineffective on foreign policies. Nobody believed he'd ever do anything other than an occasional drone strangler Sunday like that, no one believed it. An inner they believed Reagan
They believe Trump. I think they believe tried in my leave, draw something I think they believe from more than Reagan. They fear the way out. Bounds of what's possible with Trump Right were Where, with Reagan, I think they believed nuclear war, I met at the mere he was he he will use it as a deterrent, but they believe he would use it as a deterrent. Here's a difference. I think I think, and I could be wrong. I in the world, Did Ronald Reagan. Some laughed looked at him as a crazy man, but the right looked him as a righteous warrior, you know I mean somebody who said communism is evil and it's going to be destroyed. And so they knew They knew what he believed in the core of his being is an ideological fuel correct and there was that fuel that would would not ever go out and he they not allow it to be extinguished, and if he
was pushed into a corner. That's what was gonna drive him think the world looks at Donald Trump as pro American but just not enough to be to do it. I did is unlike Ronald Reagan, it was an ideological thing. Yeah, that's it it's not an ideological thing with with Donald he believes in America and he wants. Erica to be great and end to win, but it's not This is clearly evil. This clearly good he's just That is what I want and that's what I'm gonna take an end. So you don't know what, you don't really know what's driving him, does that make sense to you? Do you think accurate and how the world sees it, and I they see it too, as they they d only Plato, his ego, a lot, and I think that's it.
Standard thing, the media does, for example, the New York Times goes in their compliments and five hundred times think it's all. These quotes out of him when they had these interviews and they did. You know that they That is a sub something we ve seen from world leaders consistently. They ve they ve consistently tried to frame trouble in winning these battles because they think that will well lead to better treatment from from the administration. I think that's largely been in probably proven true, but still you know that's what I think you want yeah and I and I will tell you. I think this is what the average person wants. If you watch, I true, if you watch the average american nations, the average south korean probably drama. But if you watch last night, if you saw Rosanna now, I dont know how a woman who actually called for the I think beheading or hanging seriously and called for the hanging of all of the bankers, a d.
Out communist. I dont know how she's allowed to be on tv again, but she she He took on her Roseanne character last night and I think she actually spoke to, The american people both left and right and localised go play the clips era. That is where she's king to her sister and she says you look- he talked about jobs. And that was really important, Azalea rose and on why she voted for Trump here could you I voted through Roseanne. He talked about jobs, you said you shake things up. I mean this might comes a complaint shock to you, but We almost lost our house. The way things are, God will have you looked at the news, because now things are worse, not on the real knows. You just can't stand for anybody to have their own opinions about anything Kenya. So you almost do, but they are all the time and you get them to question what they believe in their heart is the right thing to do it
they make some enormous mistake that tears a marrow apart and brings the world to the break of nuclear apocalypse, I'm guessing this isn't about Becky's eggs anymore. You kept saying what a disaster it would be if she got elected. No, I wasn't see the big picture and how everything was rigged, and then go into the booth, and I voted for Jill Sty, whose Jill Sty tour such a good job of bacon me doubt myself and feel so stupid that I choked, which help give him elected. While the important thing is that your boat it is this is an amazing thing. Here is an avowed socialist, really almost communist. Who is? rain real life Pro Donald Trump, it's a week
better bedfellow, but she is speaking the words that the media doesn't understand when she was sitting at at that table in the kitchen of the corners that we ve all grown up. Seeing when she was sitting at the table- and she said in a we- almost lost our house. That was one of the most important lines I think of the entire show, because a lot of people listen to this and they were watching. Unless I went damn right, they do. Understand how close to the edge we really are. So every business needs great help and great help is out there. Now, how the find that person. If you are a small business- and you are looking for you know, just somebody- who's gonna help- you transform your business and just keep it on the right track.
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the recruitment dot com. Slash back that zip recruiter, dot com, slash back back. Mercury Glenn Back Jack Bosky is gonna, be joining us here in a second jack mark is eight, isn't it is really a russian spy lived here in the United States for a long time he's amazing life Justin gazing life. And he lived in the really. Life or the effect show the the Americans. In fact, he consulted on that for awhile, which Meares again tonight. I think its final season tonight, if you haven't watch the Americans, I love it.
Love it first season is like ok, I caught you can have sex. I got it. I wasn't what they wanted to prove with your eyes, exile and then they were like getting people actually got interested in storyline, and so there like. Ok, you don't have to do sex all the time that is, is seemingly what a lot of serious, really Sukhi when with the USA and violence early sees right. This gets to be really really smart in and good and and really she threw the nineteen eighties and a show in a way that I haven't seen done before, but anyway, That's that's permitting tonight. Jack, but he's gonna be all of this because I don't love. You saw this when I said that the the hyper speed weapons, no more, I thought was a was the Russians playing us just. Like Ronald Reagan, played Russia with star wars, we didn't have laser weapons, do they hypersonic weapons. They say yes, interest
story came out yesterday that China, is now saying that they have hypersonic weapons as well, so the story that I read from from the you know military industrial complex was they have them and it an arms race, and we are way behind on hypersonic weapons, exactly what happened in the nineteen eightys the collapse of the Soviet Union, Is this real or is this a replay of Ronald Reagan in reverse, on us, with Russia, and now China, Jack Barkie next Glenn Back mercury. This is the climate problem,
Jack BAR Ski now in American was born in EAST Germany right after World WAR too, and he was recruited by the KGB when he was a college student become a spy. Ten years as an undercover agent in the United States, starting in nineteen, seventy eight. He was a soviet spy based in New York City where he was watching the final days of the cold war unfold here in the United States. Even the KGB spy, life has taken a few unexpected turns. He said for it is relationship with the KGB and nineteen eighty eight and pursued a corporate career in information technology he was. Finally capture by the FBI in nineteen. Ninety seven seas, venom sixty minutes. He has a new book called deep under cover. My secret life. Entangled allegiance is as
the KGB spy in America Jack welcome back to the programme, how area Martha falling back I'm good before we started? Allow me to talk about. There's something I've been in Germany and Poland. For the last three weeks, and I found a species it is increasingly were in the United States, journalists, What are you here you're in Poland? Now? Are you not? I, moratoria. What are you? What are you seeing the difference in news reporting or very intelligent questions, their informed? You know I don't get blank stairs when I mentioned some names of the past, and- and I think there is there is more real interest in what's going on in the world, and this of course, in Europe day they have a different geography and so forth,
So there is an explanation why Americans are naval gazers to some extent, but but the level? ignorance, and I encountered the and the United States would regard What's going on right now in this world is astounding and scary. So Let me ask you a couple of questions, because I think you would have you know some really good insight on the mind of Putin and Russia and what they're really doing with the attack act on the the UK bringing that particular weapon in so it's it's known that it had to be Putin. Watch should the response be, and the response has been to kick out you know, ambassadors and spies is. Is that good? enough. What should we be doing and how is Putin gonna respond? Well, I beg to differ
Your promise that it's, no one that had to be put in it said it's a reasonable conclusion, that that somehow leads into them, Russia, whether that Putin himself, I doubt very much that the gist of make any Why and why? I think about why. Why would this guy being killed at this point and why would put and concentrate on personally, we don't know any of that. What this is all speculation. You know this is cool, but there is a possibility that somebody is what was trying to given the present or something like that, but it prudent wants be seen as a statesman, as you know, is a player on the international scene at there is no good reason for him to go after this guy. That no one reason I am saying so so did this. What what bothers me about this,
the situation. That is that the politicians all over the world are competing with each other. To be more anti russian and that, based on very often based on internal politics, you know em, a more rush by information than you, that's a dangerous path to travel. When you when you subject foreign policy to politics that is emotionally charged to begin with. That's my real problem here, whether it was put nor not I'm sorry, that's the real big deal is out there. West is acting in reacting and now I'm coming to your question. I believe that this is still operating procedure in situation like that, when you think somebody did something wrong, a United EU exporters- you let a few of the non spies to diplomats learned man under cover about the actually
to let him go and and then the other side retaliate, and when does it stop? Don't I a question for you, I'm not sure war. I dont I don't know either the point being, though you know when, when I, when I look back and people can have different opinions about Ronald Reagan, but Ronald Reagan dealt with the mighty, so the union in a different manner than than we do right now dealing with the Russian Hee Hee projected a quiet, focused strength, weed. Get this out of the White House, we don't get us out of Congress and in Europe There are also, you know their red with rage, but you know we need too. We need to ban together the West end, and show exactly one leg and even those who, in the eighties soldier, Let me ask you: if Putin is playing the same game that Reagan played on us with this with this
per sonic weapon. There's no. Oh evidence that that exists there. Calls now for a new arms race. They say China is now on this hypersonic weapon is, is this The Ronald Reagan STAR Wars play or do you think they have this? I don't know you know. Technology makes credible leaps, and I think I think it's a bluff, but it does mean in a few years. Some such weapon would want exist. All the more important is that as much as we have differences amongst other these nations move, was in China and Russia. All the more important it is to to find a way to co exist, because one thing is clear: neither and not a chinese, suicidal maniacs that belongs to the label belong.
But the Koreans in and they Iranians. We need to find a way to sit down and and and dont deliberately or accidentally blow up the world so we were just talking about China and North Korea. Yesterday, China. Announced that it was Kim Jong on that went to North what went to China that old fashioned steam drain and and they were talking this is, sign. Perhaps that dialogue but is pushing the age into a corner and saying looky, you're gonna have to deal with because we're not gonna put up with it any more these This is a good thing or a bad thing, but it sounds like a good thing, since the chinese President said that there were that day, that they are committed to doing clear, rising Asia, weather
not sure why this wouldn't you know what just to see the words would make it any difference. They could possibly mean it, as I say, they're, not suicidal maniacs, the Chinese, the Korean you don't know what's in disguise head, but, but he clearly is dependent on China is the entire existence of their country, and it appears that he also doesn't want to die So this is a weird, so Jack lower limit. Let me go back to Russia for just a second you and I both agree that Russia is a giant threat. Russia sees Putin in particular, sees the end of the cold war in a different way than within. We see at. He thinks that it is the biggest tragedy of the twentieth century. Is the Soviet Union collapsed He is. He is funding
or people around him? Our funding radical groups all around the world. He is infiltrating our press, etc, etc, and and pushing things out on social media. What should we be doing Jack. I I have only one answer that may not be the may not be the only existing answer, but it's a a really good answer. I believe you for me with a magnet magnets gear, yes talking, we He too. We need to freeze assets of known wrongdoers, evil doers, because that's what most afraid of you, don't use the bottom line if you, if you're an autocrat If you are while the oligarchs, you know your summit on borrowed time. You did the tables. My turn and then you then
oh, you have left us with your savings. If you savings are blocked, that's not again Thank you, MRS somebody said, and I heard an experts say the other day that this actually may work into Putin's favor, because he's trying to repatriate all of that cash and bring the guards back into the fold if their blocked by the west they have. No place to go but home yeah bring it back and started as what is gold or die I'm I'm not a financial experts. I don't know that would work, but yet yeah on the world scene. There's a lot of things that the probably know even more about that. I do but clearly, if you remember this service in its guiding this belief,
here the sought, an audience and got an audience with the Trump folks. She was pushing that for sure Soares it had somehow did. Did you did you here the unfortunately it wasn't covered very well that the broader testimony I'm not sure a broader who wrote this book, read not forget about easy, easy, son of a broader was the head of the Communist Party of the USA and he made a lot of money in the United States and he was responsible magnets. Give us his attorney he made a lot of money in Russia and and and magnet. He was his attorney was who was killed by the guy who's, the guy, who really put the Linsky act together. He added yeah he's been on our shoulders, but yeah he's great. Ok, so you know him.
And use all some alarm I was. I was really disappointed that he didn't get more play that yes, it by the Senate as well as in the media, jack one last question: we gotta go the Americans premier tonight kind of the life you lead, how accurate is that from the Eighteen, soviet spies, obviously, I finances question many times and I changed my answer a little bit when you look at the scenes By seen what day depict is almost everything could have probably did happen, except not in that concentration by one couple, they're, probably distillation, over a thousand different spies, it's impossible for somebody to kill. Two people one week and then smuggle
nerve gas at of it. They do something stupid that secret undercover Aden, stone, they run around with wigs on the head and and they have a direct with a hamlet in the country. No, no, no, no, but it as as realistic as I've seen portrayed in movies or on a tv so away. The things were done the way the day and I think it was read Sparrow, which I haven't seen, but the way they portray their training in red sparrow and in this, is that what spy college like over in the old Soviet Union. Not at all. I was true one on one. I'd never met somebody else and some I training was quite inadequate and you know picking out people as children. In that way, there's a lot of there's a lot of
things around us. This does show that that is fiction and but is the greatest show. However, because I was last year, I was there on the shores and extra yes, I do God bless you and when he returned back to the United States in middle of April Good luck over There- and let us know when you come back at love to some some. Details that you have brought back. Ok, I got budget Jack BAR ski former soviet spy author, deep under cover from hurricanes to cyber warfare to terror. Every american needs a plan to get through an emergency and its more urgent than ever before. For government came out in December and said they cannot provide proper emergency management, that's kind of a problem, the best
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when you are prepared you're ready to go one. Eight hundred two hundred seventy one sixty three one The eight hundred two hundred seventy one sixty three a great deal right now for weak food supply, prepare Glenn dot com back mercury, Glenn really interesting to hear parsees. Take I I disagree with them. Russia, but then I wonder why, I do I disagree. I take the word of England and the you know I am I six. I take it at face value and I started thinking women. It was rest doing. That
only made a rush as we believe it came from somewhere in Russia, and we believe we understand the structure of Russia well enough to know that this sort of thing probably wouldn't happen without Putin's Express approval and a demand. Joy still believe. I still believe it. Why is the media so instant in their bills? again the intelligence largely proved to be incorrect, but still here we have basely. What we have is this chemical weapon. It has its genesis in Russia. It not only made and were only made a russia that we believe it came from somewhere in Russia, and we believe we understand the structure of Russia well enough to know that this sort of thing probably wouldn't happen without Putin's Express approval and a d and joy still believe, I still believe why is the media so instant in their belief of the intelligence? I think it's me because of their hatred, for Donald Trump, even trying to make trump look weak on Russia right and helps them in that car it
I mean they didn't believe Tony brought Blair. They didn't believe that British they met her Bush right right right, so This is the that simple is having evil, doubtlessly Glenn back. Mercury, courage, Sri Lanka back in the New York Times, are bad section yesterday retired: U S Supreme Court Justice, John Paul, Stevens, pendant up ad about gun control in it. Ninety seven year. Old was one of four unsuccessful dissenters in the in the two thousand eight district of Columbia, verses Heller, in which this in court determine. Second, amendment does in fact guarantee citizens right to possess firearms for his self defence.
He says we should abolish this. Can amendment, he was appointed Richard Nixon, Stevens, but it is career as a Republican, but he quickly lead the liberal wing of the Supreme Court, which Ben. You know This left a legacy of a progressive causes in here in his wake the media has described him as a conservative, but that's a falsehood. He opposed the district Colombia, verses Heller, which said you have a right defend yourself in the York Times up at justice. Stevens describes the second amendment which stir It's that a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right The people to keep and bare arm shall not be infringed, he said, that's just an old relic of the eighteenth century. I love this here right, are given to you by a higher being Europe
they are not given to you by God. You're right to life, long pretty and property. That's what it was originally until I've, written and others tried to stop the slave trade, they changed property. To suit of happiness. Did you mean maybe they're not given to you by government. You said not given to you by God. Oh, yes, are not given to you by government there given to you by God, so how we, that these rights change have here whose changed do we not need the right for self protection? Have governments become so good that they're all ruled by better angels? Now there no they'll, never kill anybody bill, never oppress anyone them Her go wrong. It is in credible to me that the time we trust our government the least in it he's in my lifetime
we are saying: hey, let's get rid of the guns. Same time last time, half the pall half the population thought that Obama could go and become a dictator, Now the other half believes this guy could become a dictator and we're actually talking about getting rid of guns. Celebrated the high school renegades, supposedly at the helm of the IMF, resolutely in preferably funded March for our lives. I don't know how these kids did. It was really George, earth really amazing steam. Whose claims that they high school protesters quote reveal the broad public support for legislation to minimize the risk of mass killings of schoolchildren and others in our society. The highest students, justice, Stevens Rights should
demand a repeal of the second amendment good? Let's have that debate. If that's what they want, and it clearly is what they want. Then start hiding behind common sense gun control demand the repeal of the second amendment quite honestly, all they seem to be doing is demanding things the narrow its becoming familiar ragtag band. High schoolers, leading a revolution. Togo it's the gun, toting bookie man, these kids are too young to see the irony in it. They dont real I said the real boogeyman other one: telling them what to do and what to say
it's Wednesday March, twenty eight. This is the Glen back, tell them in order to clarify that alluded, I believe, like David Ogg, I believe, he's not being told what to say may be told how to say, but these kids do believe this stuff, but as has cameras that went out into the crowd found. Nobody knows what they're even talking about course. Now, if we could have an intellectual discussion, no name calling, but an inch actual discussion we be able to find that out, if CNN would decide to ask them and press them for a little more details waiting, Let's clear up that fact, that's not exactly true! Then we would we would be able to move forward. You don't look! I have I have long said if somebody,
comes up with a better system. I mean you come up with something that is better than that declaration of independence and the the constitution of the United States with the bill of rights? If you can come up with some better. I mean I mean I don't care I am not loyal to this, because, while it's what I grew up with, I don't care. This is best system ever devised by man to protect rights. Now we use, did in a long time he's been used against people over and over again, but I echo the words of Martin Luther King America live up to the words that you wrote down on piece of paper. Just do that! Us leave those words and we, fine, but I'm so tired of hearing people say. I know I'm not trying to take your guns away. Really
then why is there legislation being being offered now? Twenty one co seiners? Last I checked in Congress to to regulate bullets, because bullets aren't in the second amendment bullets aren't protected you can infringe on bullets, of the one of the Congress men it may have been it may have been Debbie. Waterman showed said that she would like to see bullets be five thousand dollars each. While that was the sort of joke about it. No Chris Rock did a routine about this a long time ago, which I think is what you are Aren't you right where they had not sure. I only read that yesterday in a story about Debbie Waterman shoulda and so that, but it's a similar thing, whether trying to do is increased the they difficulty to acquiring a bullet they're gonna cart, increase the cost, they're gonna, put on all sorts of background checks on it, they're going to make they call it at keeping
loophole that you can go by bullets without a background check right now: It is, of course, been a long term goal of the Anti Second amendment crew was trying to make if they can't get guns because there's as they point out, there's no there's a right to bear arms. We have whatever, but there's no right to bear bullets. Ammunition. Sales should be subject to the same legal requirements as firearm sales, and that includes instant background checks. Closing this Dickie Alice Loophole, the common sense component of comprehensive strategy to reduce, on violence, ok, You would have some credibility if you and also talking about you, know you can't repeal the second amendment, and bullets in the second amendment so your exposing yourself as some insane, I'm gonna use this loophole to choke
the second amendment to death. And I just want to have an open look if you're a social, If your marxist, if you're an atheist, You want to repeal the second amendment. I don't care I'm not your enemy. I dont in talking about it. Let's talk about it. If you are ideas are better, then can It's me, but that's not what's happening. Nobody wants to have that conversation, nobody will come out and tell the truth. Just tell the truth, you think those are evil and bad. You think that people couldn't be trusted with guns whatever. It is. You'd think that the second amendment is old, dusty and it has no place in America, then make the call He's an let's have that conversation right, you're. As you point out. If you want to change this country, you can change this. Country, however, there is a process that involves and that's why I prefer the justice Vince argument combat it honestly
come out to say you know what no more. Second amendment eminent. It's not you know her Cuomo was on tv today, where, with Rick Santorum and and sent home said. People want to overturn the second amendment. Christians are no one's going after the second amendment as appropriate. He pointed out who sent one point out. Just a Stevens is for whatever reason curse com was incomplete denial over that no, no he's not yet. He is no if he thought that this second, Amendment could be overturned, he'd be all for it. He before it, but but people understand you're, never gonna get rid of the second of em. Actually Stevens argument is the fastest way to do this. About, like enclose defence, is well he's. Not saying he has one any guns, he the best way to get these gun laws is to overturn the second because its the fastest way, the fact this way it's it's the only legal way to do it and that's it.
Thing. At least people are thinking that way, but he's not the only one I mean Brett Stevens, I guess all Stevens or against the second amendment, but bread Stevens Lily, whose you know urban leaning colonies, for the New York Times came out there said the same thing reveal it What if you want the things you want? If you wanted, you bullet control. If you do salt weapons bands. If you weren't you the aid from eighteen to twenty one. Well, you better get in their insert repealing, because there as you pointed out, it shall not be infringed its. The most. How could they, let's put it this way? Let's say the founders did want a vision of the second amendment that, services like how else. Could they have done it better? What Palm body should have words. Could they have come up with? That was better, then, shall not be infringed. They could have taken out a real, a well regulated militia. That's not what this argument is and the well
the well regulated middle militia, was completely common parlance at time. No at last has been pointed out in your book control. Like many others. I understand that that is the way it was understood. That means the populace. That means the average person you hey, but that's not the way they do it now. They should have been mind, readers and and and bigger visionaries than even they were and saw an you know what she's I and I say this- threw out the constitution. I contend that breathing after the tenth amendment within it, section of taxes, and you know what the president dies and prohibition. Everything to the tenth amendment is she's really need us to spell this out. No use All men are Crete. That includes black people. All men are created equal, the next one crap a really. I have to say this,
there are men, they have a right to vote he's. Do I really need to say this all men are created, equal. That includes women. You told me, I swear to you, that's what everything after the tenth amendment is. Unless it's a programme Zeb distortion of? our cause of our freedom and our constitution. It's just me you. People are so stupid that you couldn't read this, you couldn't take what they said. All men are created, equal ended by their creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Why did we change it to pursuit of happiness? So weak? the end slavery What do we have a three fifths person? So we could end slavery. Hell! Oh I I just I wish the amendments could talk because everything after the tenth would be
screaming at as yours is also show bed insulting document fertility. Really is it is you know, but I look at what they're trying to do same time we have import people in the movement people who attend important marches? four gun safety and uncontrolled people like me I'll sharpens, half brother now he had an interesting day his day. One get kind of it did to day period today. One was Hi Gun March right they marched day, two. We went out for a ride with the Brunetta Jennings, whose twenty three years old yet well actually have some kind of whoever right up next to, I should say: Bernay had Jennings, who was twenty three years old until the person in the car with reverent AL sharpens, half brother shorter
and- and she is now both of them are now under arrest in involvement in a murder. I, when Al Sharpness brother was probably just in the car. Just to say: hey you shouldn't have a gun, Nationally and had a gun not seem to be mainly, we were saying my gosh, you gotta get rid of that gun, Cosette guns, gonna make you do something stupid because they just go on. Maybe that's it was half, I don't think so, maybe he was just there to prove that guns just go off and kill people, but people don't kill people well it's interesting because he was protesting. The tray on Mars shooting, as well he's purchasing with her the one who actually pulled the trigger the woman who pulled the trigger and hate he were in the car. They ve also protested multiple times against guns, and now they ve used again in a murder. Oh edged
but again we should always listen to people like Al Sharp. Well, you know who we, we also should listen to Michael Bloomberg, predominant Y know about crisscross MIKE Bloomberg and Chuck Sumer, who, if the press would Surely do their homework we. Would would would find out that I'm pretty sure both have a concealed, carry permit. Why wouldn't. They would do that because no, I ain't got no, I'm not. I know their different chuck, humor concealed for something else now just open, mind: mings they're, carrying out Chuck, humor and Michael Bloomberg. I believe at a concealed, carry permit in New York. City does almost impossible. Oh yeah, yeah unless you really well connected or mayor or a senator or a billionaire. Then you apparently can get one, because you know your life is different. You
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it is so beautiful, it's gonna change the bed. I bet I wouldn't want glad. I just want to make a comment about weapon. Weapons have actually to face in the first phase is be. Intermediation factor is like a logical that of knowing that the other person or other countries as well and the second phase, is the actual possibility of implementing that weapon for physical form. So when I heard the comment that and had never use doesn't make much sense. That's really not true make any. Yes, it does nuclear weapons if you know only been used twice and we hope there never ever used again, but they have. They have played
big role in keeping the world safe, even say it was gone at day. Yet is that all ass and psychological? Yes, good Jeff. Thanks for your column, you gotta Christian Texas, hello, christian you're. On the Glinda programme, since you you're a good morning, and thanks for everything I do so since you guys loved the practice, in the absurdities wire guns themselves not charged with crimes. I mean, if it's the guns that are killing people. Why wasn't you know the push? Mastery are charged with murder well person that did it. It was the gun right, but isn't that kind of what some of these, like Remington, is one of the reasons Remington going out of business is because they have been sued. So much because of sandy hook. Isn't that kind of what they're doing anyway, they're bringing up litigation against the gun manufacturer
the gun manufacturers, you know, is, is soon there basically saying you're, making this gun causing these problems. I understand the me just one of those things to work. Better but they just want to take the responsibility of the people that actually do the actions for the purposes of a political movement I mean he didn't know anything better. He didn't know that gun was gonna, kill that person. Ok, they did its manufacture. That did it is amazing how they they won't they d, one. I have anybody, take personal responsibility, it's the gun, and yet every and are a member. Personally responsible for the killing of children. What does that? You say that, like like its tiring, I've noticed yeah I've, I've devil back in a minute, Glenn back
mercury This is the glad that programme. It's amazing to me how arrogant, hence gets how arrogant doctors get, how arrogant experts get people like me. You know you have a voice and you become really really airing near like I know what I'm talking about when you really don't know what the hell you're even talking about the more you know, the less you know, you hear the news that scientists now discovered now listen to this the largest organ in the human body yeah there is one issue that you didn't know and it's the largest one you ve got stew, Please tell us more about scientific consensus, though pleased
tell us more about how you can predict the future of the climate a thousand years from now, given the fact that you ve at six billion people to look at and didn't realize they had the largest organ in their body. Hang out there, Please, please down to us about science for just a bit but yeah you're right, it's example, I mean look, they knew something was there, I guess in their turn, out discovering its function their discovering gay. You kind of expect that with like PLUTO Planet nodded and it can get their right hard to tell right you're way. Only visit inside of us were dissecting these people all the time right. People are you here. Indeed there having autopsies. Well, I mean be fair. It's not like you found a lunchbox. Is that like yeah, we didn't even noticed that lunchbox sitting there, you know I mean it's, it's different kind of organ. I guess
It's a! U with their quotas. When you actually delve into how people define organs, it sort of runs that run one or two ideas. They go through those two ideas, and they say this has both qualifies on both fronts, and this is this- is the this- is the part of the ADI, that holds everything together, is right that the EU is the it's a tissue right. And it has had know exactly how to explain it. There's a picture helpful picture in the article. How which is really just grossing me out looking at our- that's, not gonna, help anybody but wait. What's the picture I might be able to describe it, we see the connection like skin to me, the tissue. Now it looks- and I say again is on top. They say it's bigger, then skin. It's in your body, and I had a nose in Oregon until like yesterday. Okay, this is beneath it.
Up layer of skin, but also In the tissue layers lining the got the lungs the urinary systems, as well as those surrounding blood vessels and fashion between muscles, but it can be said the four degrees it Oklahoma in March, of twenty nine eighteen. You now I can tell you that for a fact, they said he for this. They said discovering this is it into discovering blood vessels for the first time a big deal right, this this has just globally. This has the protests to change our understanding of the human body. Again. Let's make sure we know that Europe As you ve is going to He is going to make. You know. The sea level rise in bank. The dash
at any moment, it's been known that when cancer invades this layer either in the skin, nor the necessary whatever that is that when its first, become able it's? It's then that it first becomes able to spread outside of the organ of where it rose. It's the human bodies, disgusting. To be honest about it, human rights. This is what we really until their debts, not amazing its gross everything about it's disgusting. I decided Are we getting? The whole process is Ikey, though, from birth on really never gets good, It is never a moment where you like, I gotta, have this thing: it's really a disgusting thing does disgusting things. I have to tell you I have to there are times that I say, I'm glad I have this thing really yeah I don't mean to be grown vomiting as this. State? The recasting procedure is disgusting, but once you're through
Don't you don't you say that it is no wonder I feel like That is a reversal of this system that the system is saying something bad get it out and it can rule the process is not build to go. Vat it's good to go the other way around. Earlier yes with right, I mean, I think it's amazing. What the body can do is amazing. Fourteen foot centipede is amazing, it still gross I would agree with you. It's an amazing thing is just a disgusting fulfilling in so many different ways. It's not wasn't. I really start off the whole process of of of you know beyond this earth is. Amazing and disgusting in and then you know you live and, unlike things, go wrong and yours continually expelling things all the time and then you ve, no, if God forbid, you run into a sharp object. What's with theirs, fluids poured out all over the place
I haven't, you get old and then start getting wrinkly and then you shrink by assuring you act. They get shorter event die in decompose. I mean that's not a it's, not up some uplift, Sunday afternoon movie I'll tell you they want. You ought to be made at a star I mean I old. I poured into a mould, I come out. I never I've decay, I make you. We evolve to apply where I mean we're, always told how amazing this evolution process is like how about when I walk into it, there's a little sharp thing coming out of the court. Of of the wall illegal attacker nail. Can I not be cut Why would I be for what's your eyes or pay or get Paul did the I why, Moreover, from running with a stink,
Did you not learn that from your mother? You don't poke and I are in any other way, you're a kid. You're running with a stick, you pogo I'll I'll pencil pencils just a glorified? stick, but yes, exactly right does. Only two ways as we learn from are they beneath the gun protesters, Yoda John Wick only needed a pencil. And who thousands of guns he had May I change the subject you may? but we play the audio of the two pilots that reported the you How far do we have that Sarah You said one about the Gulf good with everyone. I put a very simple, but those needed note that ninety five, let me know, if anything, pass over you here in the next fifteen miles over ninety five permanent
various thirty. Seven are reported, having passed over him and now we have any targets. So just let me know if you see anything pass over I wonder what an airplane direction murdered I don't know, really who played a part in Davos, Megan Genetic. I think you can add three throughout the delta. Seventeen to decide on the American to ninety five entail do in motion. Urges every one of the boys are what really Baker Biter Big required about debate about go out and what the hell and like all these american passengers are back there, eating their biscuit cookies and there's the weird thing
flying over there flight, so two things gonna mine, this could be added that there is some hypersonic flight. Ok they could get past Oliver radar and defences and everything else I don't know. I mean I've read a little bit about Scram Jack technologies been a while, but the prom was scram jet technology is it we don't have the alloys they can hold up under that kind of heat to make it go that fast. So is there some sort of because these are coming out a lot lately. Have you noticed that in the last here, the you have all thing is like. There have been a lot of weird reports about a right. Is that I mean? Is their new technology that we don't know about that is coming out. The answer is,
Probably yes, and that certainly true whether these, whether one has anything to do with the other, is on yes, but I mean certainly there's a there's, always military technology. You don't know about The other, is. I mean I in my lifetime. I have not heard, is much UFO stuff come out from the government, as I have heard in the last couple of years? Is it just means that my perception could be did you have a guy on who who studied the meat? No, he was guy who ran the project Bluebook for the government, and he said yeah there's. There's a lot more than this The government is just started to mean a leak out, our being prepared to find out that their is life elsewhere. I know that sounds crazy and probably is but is there. Is there are an awful lot of these coming out and maybe it
my perception? Anybody else perceive that of their. It does there has been an increase in those types of stories, of course, obviously has an increase in media. There's an increase in report being on these things on everything like there's, there's also increased amount of stories of every other topic you convey. Yes, sir, could be that perception. Yes, but I mean this- is audio of two pilots flying a separately from each other, I think we could clearly say that some day there actually was something that one for their heads right right it whether it was a balloon of some sort, whether if if it was military technology, whether with something crazier than that who knows, but the fact that two pilots
who'd been flying for a really long time didn't recognize. It has certainly notable. Can we get somebody credible on? Can we look? First? I don't know who that is on Alex jobs right now, you're highland, but I'd like to have somebody credible. That is not be no of flake. That's like oh yeah, we ve grown made. Friends with aliens is Bob and Steve. You know we have them in a freezer for awhile about eighty valium yeah. You know I is somebody as actual credibility on this thing that could spare delayed a little bit on I don't know why you lose your credibility again, but I just think it's. I think it's odd. And, I believe, in extra trust, your life. Do you. Oh, what a waste of time. If we're alone, what awaits you bring that up a law? This is a Carl Sagan rain. I mean I've only it's only a is the space. If you think, like that's the only goal of the universe,
I know you if it doesn't necessarily mean that the often go the adverse has lots of going on so I dont know, is it always space I mean it tends to. It serves to reason I like, can't be the appeals? To my reason I just there's so much out there and so much. We don't know likely we just theirs then you go out there and we don't know about it. I mean that there is a when you play. Them number side, that's kind of how I feel about it. You know what are the odds so many locations and like your twenty one, other location didn't have. We know friendly circumstances for life and again, but again, if you're, if You'Re- There is certainly a lot of religious people who believe- oh no, I mean. If it's God why? Why? Then you tell us more about that when, in his books Why, when we imagine that all I was in a little bit more clear had held by the way of other sheep meat, right regularly. Ben I've got other sheep. I gave you so you're saying: there's a planet, a sheep and that's a weird thing to say, but you know, maybe there is people sheep. Are you hurt
people and workers is a whole plan of their people. As I don't, I have, let's be honest about it. I have absolutely neither deriving idea. Neither do I. I don't buy generally, almost six Basically, I can think of an exception to this by the yeah does guard time down. Anal probe Albania by the sightings I don't buy. I agree, I don't believe in the Roswell hiding lots of aliens I'd like to I don't believe in any of that site don't believe that, because I just don't think that many people could keep that's how we suck at it. We suck you said there was way. Work is keep that secret. That's all there. If you just look for it, there too looking for it Molly either? If you believe every report there's plenty of a set there, I mean they like you can easily if you're the type of person who would
listen to that audio and say immediately. It's definitely, you have all witnessed plenteous stuff. Well, it is a! U a foe, it's an unidentified flying object, so it's unidentified stir. I tend to go towards. Maybe this is the scram jet techniques Gee. This is the the with the Russians they're talking about or something that we are working on? I tend to go there that you know, We we we got rid of the S, our seventy one, you dont get rid of the as our seventy one without a replacement, you just don't get rid of planes before there's a replacement right, and we some would say well that satellite, maybe movie I found out about the self bomber long before they had a long after they had it right. I'm right What we do right, can Joe Biden Fly could have been him. I feel like there's a possible The Joe Biden can fly.
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The birds are never activists about the animal thing right. So to a to solve this problem, the animal activist Human went in and cut the stomach of the larger bird open to save the duckling. I dont think you understand now nature or what means to protect the animals, the larger bird died right the duckling was saved or is this could have had an whatever die. Now it's like a bad one. Bird die, but one survived Glenn back mercury.
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you might one get one of those really promo code back for an additional ten percent off your first year princess with code back for an additional ten percent off at separate princesses were not sure. Now, courage, shrink back well latest implant, parenthood they had their way. The next is, the princess word would be one that had an abortion. What are these people? Really I mean, do you have nothing else to do with your time this what a Pennsylvania branch of Plan Parenthood tweeted yesterday, one of them the downside of social media is the way it often amplifies the random thoughts of the clearly insane, but just one thought the left couldn't get in crazier, they came through with something even more absurd and upside down. They tweeted quote: we need a Disney
princess whose had an abortion, whose pro choice, whose an undocumented immigrants, who is Actually, a union worker we needed is the princess whose Trans what the way Disney as you might not get one of those really soon. Not really sure what they meant by you know. One princess with all of those traits or if they meant for sex right princesses were not sure natural the tweet has been deleted because you know that keeps everywhere. From knowing about you're, crazy tweet to justice, I hear the internet is forever now, we'll Disney do this. I mean that you know imagine the new progressive lunch boxes that they could sell, I'm so I must honestly did they haven't by this already, but if you go, to tweet stupid things. It Lee do your homework first, for example. I believe we could categorize.
The little mermaid as an undocumented immigrants. I mean? I know she was kind of sort of Trans. Wasn't she Jews fish? the human and MILAN. That hope I was about her trying to pass herself off as a man, so maybe just me, but in all Disney princesses have already kind of gone there. A little bit I dont know. I can imagine that the fair detail. That would work where the Disney princesses a union worker. But you know why not so why. Is it. The plan. Parenthood is tweeting about abortion in the first place, because I thought they they mainly provided basic female health services. You know that without federal funding, it would cause. Amanda Keel over in the streets, because that was the important part of it. So I wonder why there push abortions, now or perhaps
so they bid lying the whole time by the way plan. Peril but little girls, are not pining for a progressive princess because I think litter. Girls, ten to love little babies. It's Wednesday March, twenty eight. This is the Glen Back Programme, in our Syria. We have TIM Ballard, founder and ceo of operation, underground rail road and the chairman of the Nazareth fund. Andy Andrews Simmons. She is a mercury one ambassador. She is. The chair heard her husband, the Mercury one, a gala which is happening November, seventeenth, and we welcome them both to the studio hike. How area great So you became an ambassador for for mercury, one. How exactly well! My has
and whose am Othello journalists in also he works with Mercury one, and he got me involved because I knew Suzanne who, with the executive directors, delays and me about what you are doing to help women and children and persecuted Christians that had been captured by ISIS or their lives have been affected and also refugees. The reason I was interested in the story is because I am a survivor, domestic violence and I felt like if I could go and talk to these women. Maybe they would talk to me and tell me their stories, and maybe we could help them and I could help translate. Story, was Suzanne. I was lucky enough to able to go to Iraq with my husband September hours x. I say lucky enough: I mean lucky enough because it was, it was a very difficult experience, but something that I feel like I can to help you. About this in people and in United States. Don't understand We know it is it is they dont know oh that's about the
fearing Christians and they don't know, what's happening and then a plane and to see at first hand in the very last day Glenn I mean we were so blest because the very last day our member was five or six at night and we got a call and they said: ok, there's a woman was just rescued and we gonna go meet with her. Would you like to come and so of course mean downstairs in five minutes? We went there. She didn't When I talk to any man, she was Fleetly ashamed? She was hiding her face, hiding her head. She was one basically, in her life had tried to end her life. She was living and to room apartment with the furniture she had? No, food. She had tea and biscuits which she offered to us. She made us tee and biscuits when they got there. This this person had nothing should abide, when a grocery and she was obvious they traumatized and shaken up, and this woman had at one point we thought at the time had been sold about ten times, but be honest. She was sold. Sixteen
and she was captured in Mosul, where she was an educated women? Forty eight years old, she was working at the university and to be taken up by these monsters and sold sixteen times. Can you imagine I mean this? It's not this one. They had an experience in life, he was older. She as an younger, and I She was probably, I would think when choosing captivity. I know furthermore, held together. She was probably like the mother to some of these squirrels, but she was right repeatedly, the first man, man that bought her was a preacher and ISIS preacher. So can you and so he would go preaching the moss in then rape. Her repeatedly, then, so would give her cortisone injections, and he would also give her that after morning after pill saying it was birth control. Will that actually
her eyesight, so she has severe palms or their eyesight. At one point, she jumped off the three story: building to avoid being raped by another man and broke her feet, her legs and her back and she was cleaning houses for twenty five people in preparing food ripening, basically Crawley. On the floor and cast on her legs. And this went on for about three years, the end of her story. She was finally soul to somebody that sold, or to some when they got her out. So that's ominously about that, so she did get out when we met with her. She just recently been freed and she had been live. By another organisation, so Mercury one took her case then and gave her food gate gave her you know money and then helped her now she's gonna emigrate to Australia, had given her counselling, obviously meadow treatment. I mean the first thing she said to me and I remember when I
talk to her and I went about it like this Suzanne and tucked her first and then I said to her. I said I I'm a survivor, domestic violence and they were translating sheet that speak English since there are no pain I don't know the kind of pain and what you went through, but I do know what it's like to be Richard to be raped and treated in the way that you were treated but not in captivity. I didn't want her to think of his marginalizing, her experience, but she said to me with tears running on her face. She said. I know that you understand because see your eyes that you ve been through something traumatic so too We have that experience with her and then we talked to her cheeks. She started opening up. She has since had full attention, but she's gonna have to have a lot of female. Call attention which will be done in Australia, basically Everyone has dealt with her. You know physical injuries with regard to her breaking her legs and her back in her her feet and everything
what I always do with the people I meet with. I always say: do you mind if I pray with you and she so willing to have us pray with her, and I just pray. I would protect her and that he would give her hope she was linked. She had this is the most perfect view or image. I have a ding in that apartment. She still had that Burke. I hang up was hanging from the ceiling in the corner. I don't know if she thought we may have to go back matter better keep this incase. Somebody counters me again and the whole parliament every window was covered. She couldn't go out. She was in hiding to live like that. Twenty four hours a day and hiding and you can go to your your apartment and to go to the store Something had to be careful for me just she had no friends she's. No one is completely alone, she's, no family. That will take her and she tried to go back to her family and her family. Of course, is a shame. So they won't take her and said, women are trying to go back home to the relatives they have left and they are not taking the men because they ve
You know there are scourge on the family disgrace to the family, which there's a whole different. Or education. I try said yeah it's soup. Bizarre that these are. I mean that Culture is so different, and here are good, faithful Christians, but the car her yet mean to even have the conversation that you had with her should been had in that culture to women. Talking about this shouldn't have been happening and its it. Mean these women. If, if mercury, one or others don't get in they're going to kill themselves, because they have no place to go and to heal none tat was Big fear is that when we left she wouldn't be able to hold on until we got help to her and repeated helping counselling my biggest sphere for her, because I know I've been there. I know how bad it is when you are in a situation that so abusive that you don't think you can go on an act,
decision. I said I dont know if this woman is going to make it I mean I noticed the Christian and luckily and I'm a Christian as well the christian faith. You have a chance in you, you don't feel like that's an option Miss times, but when you, but I'm not desperate situation, I mean you just never know, but I'm so I now she's gonna go to Australia, she's an educated women she's, a woman that deserves another chance. I hope she makes friends over there and meets people that really embrace her and take her and- and I know that mercury one is working on that, working towards that effort, but I just want to say that I applaud you for what you're doing, because I No! I was not educated. We do not talk about that in this country. We talk about that. You know very small o. This thing is happening over there, but it doesn't affect us. So don't worry about it. It does affect us. We do? it worried that the violence that these children are seeing you're in Captivity- is destroying an entire generation after them and the generation after that, after them as well. This is
stopped they'd have to be cancelled and rehabilitated. I Ivan When you talk to the is eighty prince and say you need to take these people back these families, you have to be the leader. They know that didn't government I believe that we have probably shouldn't get on that, but I am well obviously with the tag I didn't. I did make my case that with you, when you first you went over there me. You were emotional. Why? What What was it the woman or what was it that moved you when you first started telling me this story. Course when you're going to meet with somebody has also been through trauma. It brings up your trauma, but her trauma was so much more intense what I went my little problem, I'm calling it my little problem now exists. Nothing like what she experienced and too even now? Glenn, I really
dont know attempt how I would have lived in that situation. I dont think I could have. I mean the fact that these women could live through? The situation have the strength that they have, and I don't I I dont think, since we come from such a privilege, partial society and everything, I don't think that most women America can deal with this on foot he huffing. So that's that made their emotional for her to talk about her storage, share her story with us and have since read a lot of books about these women and experiences. They had your incredible or Oh, my god, I just I can't imagine so and that it your faith, feel a little hollow near in America. Does your kind of like I'm, a good Christian you get over there in your, like, oh my gosh, no I'm I mean who
I don't even know. If I'm christian these people, that's my faith would have been tested. I'm tellin you, my faith would definitely have been tested have had. I lived through something like that and the fact that she still a Christian and she had her Bible and she's praying and had a rosary was such a testament to her belief system, and that was rural testament to me, as a Christian as too I need to step by step, TIM. Tell me about your good news. Yeah. You know An amazing thing happened a couple days ago, the very first operation that we, the operation and a ever, did you people, your audience funded cooperation. We went that little boy for the little boy, your little boy, guardian and hay, important grants and found this horrible trafficking centre, those that look like an adopted like an orphanage, but of course it wasn't. It was a trafficking sent when in there and bought these two little children and we talk about the store, there's a documentary about it, who are those
little kids. Founded with my wife and myself and after care phases of the whole thing in and we do so. Three years ago to adopt them and it's been a long. Difficult process or we're trying to fix them is adoption things. You know you talking about you show last week when you talk more about how we need to fix it, but we broke through the bureaucracy in and they can Three days ago and they are so happy there so excited. My son actually did a little video. We're in a show willing to this video on tv, and we share it online, but now cute kids, four kids in there just there so grateful to be to be out of that situation in in a place. It is the ultimate color after care story. You know just heartwarming if you want to help fund these projects and help rescue people and bring them? literally out of slavery and out of darkness, you wanna help
Christians and the EU cities that have been feast on by evil. In the Middle EAST and the ISIS and now ram and everybody else that likes to feast on them? and also all the children, the women and the the kids that are in sex slavery, all around the world, please you must get involved and become an abolitionist, and you could do that at the Nazareth Fund, DOT, Org or Oh, you are a rescue dot org make sure you join us. Five bucks a month, Abraham, Lincoln's face, is on that five dollar bill, the ultimate abolitionist join. The new abolitionists now do it the Nazareth Fund, DOT, org or
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If you go with them to Australia as me, Three one brings in more of the christian refugees into Austria. Australia has been amazing by the way in their help. They have just been incredible, pretty thing really cool thing and have done so much great work. Now it's called a sea, people who are more likely than you get involved in Hell. It's good to see that they have someone representing them now that people actually enjoy great vassal of, and a great group didn't think I follow you there. You know what's good They they found someone you know not. Is it isn't universally despised and that's a great place, a great move for charity and anyone? Actually, yeah yeah, I got it. I got it. Gotta got it. I got it dad and his group You see you know California, California, since scene
California, the the census but you know the Californians of. If said, you know you can't, you can ask people if their citizens However, in the two thousand you our senses, it did It asked if you were a citizen of the United States you're born in the United States. Yes born in Rico Guam. U S virgin islands or northern Mariana us. Yes born. Broad of american parents or parent, yes, U S, citizen by naturalisation or no. Not a citizen of the United States. That was the two thousand census. It's interesting. Because we heard a clip about France Altos on in there and he was getting some criticism about. He was interviewing the gun, children, parkland survivors and he end. He said you know I push back at some of the things are one thing that they said, but I didn't on another cause who I was trying to find it,
I want you to how much like it to be pushing back and interrupting and sit and try to get them to clarify their facts. In other seventeen year olds they ve gone through tragedies. Ten days after it, you know. Maybe I should do that, and I was a controversial thing I say: CNN had no such qualms when it came out of the Sierra I could be Sanders Press conference after she talked about this This is because what she says was it's been in the census many times since nineteen Five out of big deal were putting it back in and they give us. If not what has not been in the sense that she's wrong on as many sentences of victims. Right here. One server, I guess that's what she's, referring to because there's a long form senses at assure form, senses and in a long form, senses. The coup de question was included. They got it wrong. I don't off they factual themselves after that, but I suspect, lively, yeah now, they know they might affect check, but they corrected three a M Mr Glenn Back
mercury you're listening to the Glen Ban Programme. Welcome gray from pack re unleashed which follows this programme. I am network, everybody does reach everybody knows about every day. I love it. You know it's, it's embarrassed, maybe but a lot of people of color. The british I've done that I hated and bring up myself, yeah fat, but hey you is a vast yeah me ass. I can argue with facts so Pat First you just did you watch Roseanne last night, I'm sorry! I missed it now, one of the few that didn't see it it it came out yesterday the ratings are. Damaging. Pretty amazing. Eighteen million people watch that those numbers do not happen in commercial television anymore.
Team million people watched it. I think there's a gigantic reality factor cause. It's been twenty more than twenty years since I do not have forgotten, who she is the communist o. She was calling for either the be heading or I think, the hanging of the Bay curse. She wasn't dragging. She was serious risks. Actually ran believe, one year as the communist parties, nominee rouse, technically peace and Freedom Party, he's afraid of Communist Party Socialist Party. I mean you listen to what I was looking back at her a platform in one of the commercial breaks here. She is gonna. Do work persistently, on behalf of the unions She persistently on behalf of women's and women, in their issues in the workplace and their reproductive rights, single payer, health care Let's see what else she smiled about the Federal Reserve. She's Anti Federal Reserve
she says, or without me up, cheese poses wars that are supposedly necessary for a security that it go on forever, instinctive off a tearing, we all love or are worth if I was truly difference that we have with that derive regarding our always pushing for war and she she delivered speeches in front of the White House on day. One of Occupy Wall Street in total drop. It ignores the lion. Now. Why weird? How does it but listen to go? We play the audio please from last night. I thought this was the most important section where she is. She is talking to her sister, Jackie who it would did not vote for doll dropped, just play, part where, where Jackie says, how could you have voted for Donald Trump losses, Could you have voted through within? He talked about jobs, Jack, You said you should think up. I mean this might comes a complaint shock to you, but
we almost lost our house, the way things are, God will have you looked at the news, because now things are worse, not on real knows MAX, and how can I ass it does you know and when in not the real moose part alone, that's a good, F line, but bar where she is sincerely saying a lot of US law. Asked. Our house were about to lose our. How I think that's a real conversation. Oh, I think this absolutely real covers easily the two of them. Yet she has probably is probably it, and it was a lot of politics in these episodes. It reminded me really of of know how and the family, or at last man standing were like a lot of it costs. A lot of the conflict in the show was the conflict, Queen Roseanne and her sister who you know if you know that click goes on. In other say, a prayer and Roseanne asked her if she wants to take a need during the prayer her
It provides a great line. I don't I don't have it, we have it or not, but there's a you know that went back and forth its funding. I was actually it was act. I didn't I didn't like Roseanne back and I am not a fan of. I mean There are moments of it, though, that we're good it's funny. They had a lot of weird things in the series Ducas, alas, season now looking back at this last season of the series the ninth season featured it was completely different in the whole rested series they went from like raised. It was all a weird fantasies, they won the lottery, they were they were like in weird like movie. Plots is really strange, no what the hell is going on and then the last episode they say should basically should give out idea. I mean I've been living in this fantasy world ever since Dan died, wait. What Why did he die of a heart attack and it's like how the series ended he's dead, so this. While they come back and he you know he's there up to now suddenly alive and they played on all these ridiculous. Like inconsistent,
visa he's, like I always think some day when I'm asleep I'm just not just asleep and like they had in their in Roseanne Originals years they had two reactors is playing. Same daughter like one for the first half in and that she laughed and the other one picked it up both of them come back. One is the daughter of one is completely different role, seriously grated study. That was pretty funny, but it went back to port it's over and over and over again she said making Amerika great again in her prayer like really It was a glass. You drop reform of supply. How? Because consistent, though, with the rose and character, and that that character would be that person that that rang so true when she said in a lot of people, don't have it good alot of people, you know almost their house a few years ago that just right so true that it is, can sustained. It's it's not a betrayal of the character. Listening to see Roseanne huge drum fan
in culture now huge trump yeah. What? What? What did she shallow lay z, ignoramus shift. Again. This is not, as is the woman who wrote in Trump. We trust Pluribus awesome. I do not know how, Now you shall lazy and allowed arenas. Did you hear I'll when's? The stormy Daniels thing happened? She said apparently Sermon Daniels and her he had are in trouble had sex once and then she said, apparently to get screwed by Trump. Over and over again, you have to be one of his voters, while only I mean she so who is she playing to now I don't know I mean I mean culture is a daily all did she cares? Yeah she's, a one issue person and the fact seriously want help to write trunks. Initial border security release press release and
she wants that wall in numbers. So do I am writing a press release shouldn't make you a fan of the president? Maybe writing in passing the actual law. Yeah should make you the Maybe she looked a little deeper into him to get with that, could have helped temper her enthusiasm, replacing God with Trump? In that phrase, well lighted and helped her understand, maybe that's not appropriate just sessions, I mean. If you looked at that Jeff sessions, you know he on board and he's really really mean old border hawk as well. So saying has gone in a strange, a strange direction, although many things have Roseanne being for the rich. Publican in real life faster That's a strange thing that strict that's a strange them using yeah and we ve seen really strange things on Twitter, Latelies well dwell
and parenthood is asking for? Have you seen this about the Disney princesses yeah yeah? They went to Disney princesses had an abortion yet Diane. I think it's fine time to you know, maybe bring Disney princesses into in real life situations for although it does it not just an abortion. So what what have you had? A Disney princes who your head loved off by a terrorist. What have you did Let me great an interesting to us Luria, let it be like a Nazi or a white supremacist or something yeah. I would turn out to be. They haven't unequally. You would suspect Islamic got it right any better. Now you are young, you not. I mean I mean early in Britain. The real thing was oil executive who wrangling this kind, Ryan Bright, or maybe it didn't princes who doesn't necessarily sing and dance. Instead, she supper. From severe depression and commit suicide on Facebook.
Great great albania- I wouldn't like it until you through face, but I do have an extra scene with her performing on Facebook. I do like that now, you're talking about a powerful Disney move, yeah, just a bunch of fluff right. That's what I like right, maybe comes into jasmine with a suicide belgian blows up the whole palace sitting right? According to some, like the study in oil executive powers, this area Aladdin, you think it. Oh, my gosh, there you go there, stereotyping, we, the islamic World, nope ease from Ex on mobile. Early before he blows himself up, he actually gets a job with ex automobile greatly better was a who could museum, kill jasmine
well I didn't already for the idea. You were really ready for the Disney princesses should all where workers, at least the ones in the Middle EAST. They should all the you should. Children in the Middle EAST should be allowed, to at least watch these movies, because the Disney princesses you no art dressed B. Oh in provocative ways, I think the next Disney print ass. If there is another latin you need only be able to see their eyes through lace, really thick lace, thanks bad you are you're home sold on time and for the most amount of money without all sorts of excuses. I have an answer for you:
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Real estate agents. I trust dotcom. Go there now buy or sell on time. Buying for the least about money, if you're selling for the most amount of money, it's real the state agents, I trust, dot com? and back mercury back lad you ve turned day. Thank you so much. We play audio a little while ago. I find this fascinating. Audio? Is this between Albuquerque Centre, which is the love? You know the flight control for that part of the country and three airline pilots- and I want you to I want you listen to this audio
you're someone thought the Gulf good hurry up with those needed. Are Ninety five, let me know if anything pass over you here in the next fifteen miles over fifty to ninety five permanently under crept in front of you. Thirty seven are reported Sunday gas over him and we have any targets. So, just let me know if you see anything Cassowary I wonder what an airplane direction- I don't know, ITALY, retail trade above on top of the agenda.
And though the seventeen to decide on the American to ninety five in in motion urges Every one of the boys are what really provider a big require. One thousand about a kilometer dragon. So This is about forty thousand feet. At least forty thousand feed going in the opposite direction and not being picked up. I radar and two pilots verify I'd that they had seen it Bruce in Tennessee. You reply, retired pilot, a thirty five years, Hallo Bruce! equally in our good what it you. Happen very often yeah, you first of all the time. It's so much about the sun. Someplace hold it more unusual to have you here this experience,
The member states will see little Nigerian two o clock in the morning. We heard some air refueling in the air Military or exterior spoke up when you hear that so we next day we know and let down at the t care what you say about all this it's like a radar, but certainly its tragic collision avoidance is something I will point out aircraft but above and below you did you gonna, be two thousand. The formal you'll see diesel targets out there and tell your to sit level. But we saw one and nobody can act. You you'll see a up from the Site- We saw one on display. It came from behind, is overtook us and I'm trying to say what they did to take in a row highway. Spain will look up. We could see anything, but without it,
usual, because we cannot calculated back in Baghdad calculations. It wasn t. How do you say thousands of miles per hour title for speed, in order to we looked at each other and we see he was feeling- and here I can promise you wouldn't be fuelling after sambo- won't get back with you you know her back to us? What do you think there was a a military aircraft of some sort. It was either an anomaly which normally you look down and you might someday pop up on this, momentarily. It might be outside the outer grammars. Maybe picking up something you know maybe outside those, but it's it's probably there at the way, the same state.
The image, but you see on the screen is that you bear detract from behind us in front. I was so I mean if it was probably It could have been. The electorate more likely was, has all kinds of black operations, go on all the time, but no one another speed was that fast. I dont know what we calculated that does it serve, was very Don t bruce- is my understanding that we don't have scram jet technology, which takes us to really hypersonic speeds. Because we don't have an alloy that could hold up against that kind of pressure and heat. Is that accurate? Do you know I'm an anthropology major nowadays. Ok, ok, no answer We do have some tried South Africa nature, but a cool looking now vehicle, which is
What's your money be fifty two? They emanate successful flights. They'll, be probable, but, as you know they could say they don't have it. But I love alloys out there that we really understood Bruce it's a lot appreciated. Gutless, see you tonight, at five o clock on the blaze tv. That's the blaze, Dotcom, Slash tv join us by the clock Eastern Glenn back. Mercury.
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