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Russia Goes DEFCON 2 as Biden Buys Foreign Oil | Guests: Manny Marotta & Sviatoslav Yurash | 2/28/22

2022-02-28 | 🔗

Glenn starts off the show by recapping the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and then lays out facts that don’t make sense. Pat Gray joins to discuss the updates in Russia and Ukraine as Russia goes to DEFCON level 2. Glenn, Stu, and Pat discuss the steps we need to take to fight Russia, but President Biden is more concerned with stopping oil production in the U.S. Freelance journalist Manny Marotta joins to share his story of escaping Ukraine on foot when Russia began invading. Member of Ukrainian Parliament Sviatoslav Yurash joins to share Ukraine’s version of the Russia invasion. Glenn ponders whether Americans would respond as bravely as Ukrainians in the event of an invasion as he discusses the importance of freedom.

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