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Scandal After Scandal for Andrew Cuomo | 3/1/21

2021-03-01 | 🔗

A second former aide has come out and accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct. The acting chief of the Capitol Police claimed extremists are plotting to “blow up the Capitol," but where’s the FBI on that claim? Glenn and Stu go over CPAC 2021: Former President Trump hinted at a third run, while the Left pushed a conspiracy theory connecting the stage design to Nazis. CNN’s Jim Acosta was confronted over the network’s sudden lack of Andrew Cuomo coverage. Glenn takes time to hear from his audience and get their opinion on what he should focus on. Merrill Lynch is giving out ESG scores now. Old tape of Andrew Cuomo doesn’t help his current scandal. Social media algorithms are being used to push critical race theory.

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I think we should start with Andrew Cuomo. I now it's shocking. It is shut. I would want to start their right, but I do because this is just so soon came in. The first thing he said to me was: do think Hendrick almost gonna go down because of this by not go down, they told us great, trying to cause trouble around here, and this is the thing like. Can't believe that sky is actually going to be held responsible for anything he's ever done. It's never open to him in his entire life I dont know is this the first time be it is. It does, feel like we need getting closer and closer to this. And he deserves every little bit of it. You know I think lot of people are saying: look I've read the report from now his second accuser and age. Look. Maybe he's really creepy, however,
is it worse than him killing five thousand people and nursing homes? Let me ask you a question all right. Let me ask you a question. Mr fancy: did you? Did you not just say things like we're? Getting close feels like we're. Getting close that solid, that I would say, I have a little bit is so thin and let's get her little gloves This is also why it is so I wanted to make. I told her. I want to make a little cool with Bobby, I presume, but what's the problem I didn't have a bow. I love cool with she hadn't play put my cool with. I couldn't get off the table, but she happened to be. There would giant, by which I mean
not that he said anything wrong. Well, ivy he's known for his subtlety nowadays, the edge Cuomo. All I said was give me ray. She was ratios Sanchez and I thought I would die. That's all I would say it I wouldn't be surprised to hear that report out by the end of the week or frankly, that the way this is going look I say you I wanna people don't know there's about me, but I'm up time carpenter, So when I looked, I was they can't carpentry when I said I'd like time now,
most of this is in the New York Times. Report should have more faith in this light. I would really is all that be asinius, shrewd yeah. I got me out of the house subtle. You think this is what this is from. Your times report he May this is by the way talking about one of the one of his AIDS twenty five years old. He sixty three. And so he had. She had just turned twenty five, so she's twenty four plus just two and twenty four she's. A Mr Cuomo asked her about her feelings about age differences in relationships just a red hot topic. They saw as the governor I've gotta ass. These things it hurts me deeply Every time you write a gay, I gotta go deeper and probe deeper and deeper, and I feel bad. How old are you how do you feel about our relationship with say somebody said
Before the specific features of their number plate away, she'll have the sausage. So he said that Cuomo said to the twenty five year old. You know age doesn't matter, and this is a good see, Sheikh took into contemporaneous notes. If you remember that situation, he asked me if I believed age made a difference in relationships, and he also asked me in the same conversation, if I've ever been with an older man, It is a subtle? How did she picked up tonight? I see things we will be in love with love, love, worried. I love. I look sausage. I love thought when I don't love song, waiting. Incredible example of women's intuition goes. I don't know now
now hold guy gets worse than Mercier. Ok, at one juncture, Miss Bennet said the girl I also noted that he felt he. Fine with anyone above the of twenty two at a point that had just, up after they talked about her twenty fifth birthday, but she seventy five vinyl, that's the seventy eight I like women, who just add their Georgia, because what you name it in fact, nay and come up. Do you give me an aim that we would have it obvious yeah he she was so we have him, though, that might be a hard fast rule that might have been a coincidence. Dewey, let's play fair doing Have him San how old are you?
fine with anybody you fifteen over twelve. Why do we have that? We don't have that he was basically doing like mad lives where he be like. What's your birthday, redstone, twenty five, it I've? Why would anyone above twenty kids says it so bad? So here this is just ends with the the the that the odd uncombed? bill conversation? This ends with her? reporting this to her superiors and her being a trick transported to outer Siberia of the capital all the way on the other side of the building. I don't ever want to see her again. Is she said? No, that is not right, she's out she's out, and can we killer? No all right. Can we may? there are uncomfortable put her in a blue, someplace, alright good upstate, New York Chicken?
I've, changed my policy now only people under twenty has yet let's covered. But yes, she is, she not only get transferred to another job on the other side of the building, so they did so baseless. She be safe around this guy Then she went to having to resign. She lost her job and when she, because she was so she shall felt so uncomfortable and Inga through this again. Obviously, he he's has the widow the presumption of innocence, not for me, but from other into by the EU. As it is point you address, as one does they're getting out of the rubble, get it on tape. You like me, don't you you do you do with it, but here he released a statement. Yesterday, yeah learn about this
and then he release that one didn't overs hotel share here at least another stay really that second statement right didn't go over so well ratio. He released they third statement of third states statement and then that third statement I didn't go over so well. He released a fourth statement so far statements day. That's not the way you act. If these things are true, it's not my hero is sitting in the office. Wait a minute! Wait, a minute, wait, a minute what I meant to say: what did you see how she was dressed in a bad way? Not. I sat me what I meant to say why she wanted it could act. That is a right to see that cover the last. Having made a statement about this, the from the first accuser last week, he said Something like that, like you,
tribute this statement to any one of these four people and he lists people insist as like that conversation never took place. Well, what do you mean attributed did they say it did any of these? actually say this thing you putting quote. What do you mean I can attributed to forty four people? Did they say it in unison? Did they say, like you, come around the corner and the shining and there's the tune? They're all stand in their dress this aim and are also that they pay molested mainly way he's just he's trying to do what he always does, which is bully people an insult people and terrify people. And say he's gonna ruin their career. The same way. He handled the covert thing, of course, like killing Multiple thousands of people is even worse than being terrible to all I was doing? I was imo
kill the old people, because I date women, who are over twenty two and anything older than sixty five, they gotta go. You know what I'd say: it's common sense is in his brain, but I think truthfully the media. Had this idea, and promoted. This idea this this guy was a superhero when it comes to the pandemic and at the end, date. They can't admit that mistake. They ve there too far down that road is just There's talked about this before multiple times with us, like the Bigger the mistake, the harder it is to admit that you were wrong. So in a way it It there's a paradox: there were like it actually should be easier to to reverse of bad mistake because it was so damaging It actually is harder to do for these people and the meat
come out and said this guy was a genius. He we saving lives. They were so wrong on that. This, giving them the art or turn alternative path to get him out of there. I mean it's not I mean it's not at heart, let me just let me just You d, they story. Ah, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces mounting sexual misconduct allegations from two female aids. A video now has emerged on social media showing that democratic governor questionably pressuring a female reporter. The video shows the democratic governor and the twenty sixteen New York state. Fair, challenging channel nines Beth's a fool to follow to eat in entire sausage. Yes, and I want see you eat- that is Cuomo common when he heard telling her as
daughter sits, The next day, the gods, your daughter, you're gonna, eat dead. Who sausage here Now former aid to Cuomo could be seen. Handing her a sandwich Don't know if I should eat the whole sausages four out of her. I will I will eat it is too much sausage ned picture. He says good quote to have resume yeah now than he had ever seen this video, you think we have a way that it is out there. Maybe we can get it by the end of the show, but there's a I mean she he basically yells across the room at this reporter hey. I want to see you eat the whole sausage and again ok yeah, attractive reporter, and then he so to come over and sit next to wear these- and this is my daughter. Is that what he says it does introduce, or at one point It says her daughter, Elsie can be heard,
telling oh as his daughter, no as His daughter, Mikhail US, it's quietly next to it right. He introduces the reporter to his daughter, which is real. Awkward, but I guess at some point they have to meet a mean if I may, Zuzu Daddy's gonna be having sex with later here's, my daughter, she's she's, twelve years older than you like, because I mean it's a it's a creepy, its creepy situation. He and I think legitimately, he's in trouble here. As these things unfold, we see a pretty clear pattern. It was some one person comes out talks about something like this. It's it's been home. He brushed it off, it wasn't true the second one, now he saying I have made. The fourth statement that you made yesterday included phrasing. Like look, I have had conversations that may have been misinterpreted and I apologize. I now see that those made people feel uncomfortable that whole stick, but couple more of his aids that come out and say look. He was
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the kinds of things I mean, I'm sick of hearing from the capital chief of police on big big, like. She commented course on Syria and and nine eleven, I'm sure here. What she says is going on now in Washington DC and when she says it credibility, listen. We know that members of the militia groups that were present January six, have stated their desires that they want to blow up the capital and kill as many members as possible, with a direct and access to the state of the oh yeah, which we know that date has not been identified so based on that information? We think that its prudent that cabin police, maintain its enhanced
world blessing inherent in Poznan until we address those vulnerabilities going forward now, I dont want to put the impression in your mind that she's a nobody or that she's she's such a big deal, because she's, the capital police she's somewhere in between a nobody and somebody she's, the acting chief capital police so as the acting acting chief of the capital police. She has come out to two revealed to us: America, a a plot to blow up The capital building during state of the union. Now, I remember when we used to have to have like the FBI or the, Department of Homeland Security, or someone like that, come out and tell us about this, I M so glad we can get an authority that closer to the people,
to tell us this. In in Europe. In your memory bank. Can you think of a bigger terrorist threat, then that one would not be bigger than nine eleven it it please be as big way, the left works. This the laugh is saying no no Taco stand no Wall Street. Nothing is more important than the capital So why is it? We only have the acting chief capital police. Giving America this news that there is a plot to blow up the white, how I'm sorry to blow up the capital building kill as many members of Congress and Supreme Court
the President and the Chiefs of of the Pentagon. What have you I mean this. I mess am I missing. Something so obviously be the biggest attack in american history market history. Obviously it would be Guy Fox Day, would a being. Who knows what happens after some unlike right went. So, Why is this? Why are we hearing this from her Why are we hearing the excuse to keep the police at the capitol? I'm sorry, the military at the capital, from the acting of police of capital of the capital police. Why? Why is wise? That's a pair! a big story and how come it's not the front page story everywhere, because I want to fight against that. That's bad! This is the plunder programme
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we're not starting new parties. In other kept saying he's going to start a brand new party. We have the public and party it's going to be stronger than ever before. I am not starting a new body that is fake news. Now, when everybody, let's start a new party lists, divide our vote so that you can when no one, not interested in that she's, not going to start a new party. He already has the Republican Party right. They all right, there's his it's his if he, if he wants it and things especially, If things change the way they seem to be going, it is entirely his party that there be no reason for him. Try to do. There might be the four Mitt Romney to start a new party correct, and I think you should roundly kind. I was asked about Mitt Romney enough ally guy he did also pretty much hit cut five, where he,
he hinted that he's he's gonna run again. You know just want the White House, but it's one of those but who knows who knows I may even decide to beat them for a third Ok, now I dont see gave Joe Biden is running. I dont think that will be hard here? Is his appearance show by appearance in Houston last Friday. Some of this case and on a plane and told me, she lousy in to see me last van, and representatives Surely, Jackson lay our green Sylvia, Garcia, Lizzie Pinelli. Excuse me to know What am I doing here? strike here. That's good play maritime. Two days ago
so there is a saying that this is their saying that this is just him because he's gotta, stuttering problem That's not a stutter. No, that's not not even said he was losing track. Surely Jackson Lee not her name Surely surely he's trying to figure out. Who is even talking about. Now, maybe it's because he couldn't read the teleprompter, and so he was struggling to read the teleprompter but teleprompter I've seen them set him up for the president, then very specific on where they say it's not like a surprise you I did tell rubbed her out too far, they said it for each president, too. Exact height. He needs them. The exact distance he needs This is not a stutter played again,
he's getting on a plane. He told me long came to see me last van. And representatives surely Jackson lay our green Sylvia, Garcia, Lizzie Pinelli. Excuse me and, oh, my god, here strike here. Am I doing he loosed Renard Turner Judge it I'll go. Does this make you feel confidence? This is really really bad. They can't get through. The most basic interactions now they're, claiming that he's not gonna do a state of the union or a joint addressed a congress this year because of bomb threat. Is that by threat. Is real I'd like to hear it from the FBI, I'd like to hear it from the garment of homeland security, and I like some details, is little
least as much as you can give without spoiling the investigation, but I'm all with you. I want that plan ported. I want those people arrested, Who are those people and how come it's, the the interim cheap for the capital police that is telling us about it. That's that's not their cancelling the joint session of concert caught the Congress is because of that. I dont think that, guy is capable. We are also talking about taking the nuclear codes. I don't think, that's me because they think he's incapable. I think that, just because they don't understand how the new Your codes work, nor do they care, but is the president capable full of stringing. Couple things is together. I mean he sounds like me senile. I just can't pronounce any name out it.
The thing I've had ever since I was a kid I can know you forever. I can know your name, I could say it out loud when you're not around. I won't address you by your name. I just won't- and it's not because I dont know your name is because I refuse to say your name, because I know I either wrong, or I'm gonna say it wrong. It's a thing it started with me. I need therapy honestly. Just I need name therapy. That's what I need agreed. You need therapy, but how many times have I said, how many times have we four away from people. I went. That's Bob to Hibbetts, isn't it yes, we ve known Bob for twenty years. Haven't we yes name by would get any other time other than standing in front of Bob. It's not a tough name. I'm just convinced I have it wrong is weird! I have a touch of the same exact issue where I have the same problem and its. If bizarre, besides what you really
oh, no, I you'll have to the point where you will be doing an interview with someone off the air say their name twenty five consecutive times in a row perfectly and they get on the earth say it differently, valueless. A gear I can't I don't know what it is really. It is really in it's good for broadcasting, no yeah, it's good for a type of saying that gets you into the radio Harleigh Valium. Yes, it does ok. So let me give you a couple of other things. First of all, Alyssum Olano, I'm sure she's going to be tagged in fact checked for this, but he tweeted though stage at sea pack they're, not even trying to hide it any more it. Why did they try to hide a start? Notary put an event: it shaped ass, the old o roon. Now, do you what the ode o is course not. I had to get up and you and I both we're both reading the right
in fall of Adolf. Had just finished Hitler downfall. Did you really are already lifestyle still because you turned me onto it, I'm still red and the first one, the so we're both reading it we're both fascinated by I mean every guy, at least our age. I dont know if I don't know if we yes have least of my family. My son was said TAT. I was just watching this documentary about all the military weapons that they were trying to build in Germany. I'm, like I'm sorry son. I pass it on to you didn't have to every every guy is interested in this stuff. So and we ve read deep deeps, off about their what they really believed in writing: I don't go down this road alot erect, and so the ode o Roon certainly sounds a german yeah. Does sound jaded its Patsy Symbolism, she said it's not actually Nazi, simply symbolism. It's a did
not come from the Nazis. It came from the vikings in everything else, but the knots apparently the the older Odin and it was about. A coming? You could be translated into master race and I'm sure that's way the Nazis used it, but that's not it. Exactly what it means in its reference to owning property, etc, etc, but did see pack do their lawyer. Why did you not see? I do not see? Oh my god, oh boy, you say there was a whistle man. It was supposed to be a dog vessel and the dogs would have heard it, but now conservatives heard it to the RO the stage was built with two. In a square, ok, but shit did to sort the audience look like a diamond, so you, the point, was coming out, ok and if you would have had, if you and have caught out a couple of things, it would have just been a dime,
the giant diamond stage, ok or a I'm sorry, a giant pyramid. Looking stay your triangle, but they caught in behind, so it's a square kind of poor people, like a diamond and then too little things that come out of the back to walk ways and then walkways in front of the screen on each side the shape of an old all wrong. This sounds like a stretch to go out on a limb and trying to hide it anymore. You're trainers, you're, trying to hide it again. You're tryin, I am not even though it was yeah well, it was all over the internet and remember good thing. We have twitter and all the algorithms to stop misinformation and disinformation or hate speech. Because she was she was calling everybody Nazis. Then rob Reiner. He came
said it's the best thing. Donald Trump suppressing ever happened. The democratic party this time. We may pick up seats in the mid term because they don't stand for anything. They have one issue which is white grievance. There are the party of nationalism That's their strategy, the strategy's key people of color. From voting. Ok early hour. I saw you didn't know that an salon says We, the Republicans, are resembling the good Germans of the Nazi era, we to believe that they are decent people, while holding onto fictions and plausible deniability for the evils committed by their leader concern It is our seeking a friendly fascism master appeal to return to traditional values. Conservatives are new good Germans enabling in defending trumps crimes, which
ever conservative once met an american policy politics. It's now just a flimsy rhetorical shield for fascism. To begin and Albert Spear reference in there wouldn't in now and Zeb like that, was then I mean when you head over there you you get like a hundred points for the use of that. Ok, so you don't need to make any other nazi references. I'll get two points for spear. That's another has not got a hundred points for Oda. That's never! You! That's work. It yeah there's working hard on so it so we got that we got that go in for its and one last piece, Gmail com- I was sent down to see pack
and he was surrounded by people chanting. I want you to listen to this. They killed. Ten thousand people have sexual assault. You guys we're on talk about when and what did I do it this way, maybe because these root avi Ruth finish this interview, and how do you know I mean no one and avoiding a mapping out. I M not torn up. What are you two are covering again and see, and I'm going to deal with common memory and now you're not you're, not you're, not okay. We really disagree. Not we don't agree to disagree and you're not covering coma, I'm sorry what what? What? What? What do you think about it? What do you have to say that I am here to do a job? You have plenty to say about from nothing to say about come here to do what you say about clump, nothing, not right, given that what you say about Africa, the emperor yard. You have nothing to say
so they were shocked. Cnn worst was shocked, you know Jim accosted comes in and they start chanting, CNN socks and and then their shocked. Putting him. In the middle of a trump crowd that there might be people that are like, I don't like you that not a surprise that they don't like him. I will say this it there. The surprise comes from the blatant disregard for any even attempt at appearing like a journalist when it comes to see it in and Andrew Cuomo, the vague they put the I on tv for months too, joke about how he was the most attractive bachelor in New York and at the time They were doing. These interviews is when these accusers were being harassed. And they find no reason to even how do they not make Chris Squabble put it
save monotonous. Even if you want to say you know what my brother deserve it, he deserves all women to. Do it every once that, whatever he whatever he wants them to do, they should do even if it's that statement, he should have to say something and he saying nothing: zero because He still has a right to a fair broiled, not justice, nervous hearing in the press, exactly the way our actually right is exactly right. Most surprise, CNN, sucks Our sponsor is life lock, you know this or not, but if you're using a free, virtual private network, VP n my honour, reconsider free Europeans have been known to harvest data and me expose your personal identification and your personal information. Your vote mobile to identity theft and aid is affecting so many Americans lives in an. Still cyber criminal can take. What is yours, your hard earned money, your credit, your reputation, that and come back
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kept our eye on hospital capacity doktor of algae told me that on my worst day, I'd have ten thousand patients in the hospital on our worst day We had a little over six hundred now. I don't. I don't know if you agree with me, but doktor how she is wrong, a lot so she was talking about freedom and how freedom needed to be held in place. A descent also. He looks to be if Trump decides not to go for the for the presidency again, this Antaeus looks like he may be the guy he won in the straw. Pole concern surely aware from Donald Trump down drama they get like fifty five.
Andrea tromp, one that arose. I got to say just one: this drop a trump when the structural reality across Europe out of the struggle and then to say just one in his own state that the first right so dissent is and in Christie, NOME worthy. The heir, apparent I think it's! Third, if you take out tromp like the media, did, if you take our trump, I think Mickey Hayley came in came in third place. Are your phones faded? Eight? Seventy seven be easy K. I wanna talk to you about what's going on in your life next, between the news appointment, tv and less scrolling on our phones, we're looking at our screens, unfortunately more than ever. But how do you rest your eyes without feeling totally unplugged? Well put
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hello, America love into the programme its Monday. I've got several things that I think are very very important to share with you today, but I also want to hear from you. I want to hear how can we help you? What is it that we are not explaining? Well enough, we should concentrate more on or we should shut up about what is happening in your life and what do you need? The number is. Eighty eight seventy seven, we seek a triple eight seven, twenty seven SEC. Italian, I laugh every breakfast every dinner with honour because he is practically. He is to ease practically starting to like jump up on the counter and get the bag of rough greens
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world economic forum and what the banks are going to do this Wednesday night is a massive show. A a must, not miss, show, where I'm gonna lay out how the banks, the financial industry is starting to box. You in. Something that a friend sent to me over the weekend said I have a marrow Lynch Account and I just noticed something on my account it giving me my e s g score. Yes g is something you need to know about if we started putting a chalkboard together on last Wednesday night, specials will continue to do it this week on the financial sector, Ass means, environmental, social, justice and governmental. Are the standards that everybody has to hit now? This is just the beginning.
What Maryland she's doing for those who have to earn fifty thousand or less to invest. Why not have it for all investors, but for two fifty thousand dollars or less they're gonna, give you when e g report on your holdings, because you have be responsible and if you're gonna be possible. You have to do business with companies that are environmentally social the justice and and governmental e inclined better do- with the right things. If you course, portfolio comes back and you have a low score eventually that will your yes g number, not on which companies you're supposed to. Well, I can call it boycott. Which companies you're supposed to invest in it. Oh now be your score because you choose not to end
asked in those companies really bad I think everybody needs to know that. But what do you want to hear? What can we explain better? What can help you in your own life. Let me go to subpoena in Florida, elope haglund its Tina protein. I How are you doing good? I want to talk about a bit about education. I know you focus on it. How about we ve taken your advice, Tiffany and I were to former school board members here in Florida and leave founded an organization called moms for liberty, and
our sole purpose is to take back parental rights, take back a declaration. Conservatives have neglected at for decades, and she- and I have seen from behind the scenes, the imbalance of power to the bureaucrats in the teachers, unions and leaders in a week. We really want you to continue to shine a light on education between the critical race theory, and we know what the unions are doing their fishes so much wrong with education. We have some things that were still working on two button up. We have some things better. Happening in education that are the worst pie its of common core that have I've been renamed and they're just doing them through the private sector. Through these businesses there just doing it. All in the name of our kids and it's it's really bad really. Bad. So you are on the right track. The most important thing we can do is get valve, so what does moms for liberty? Do?
We we organise chapters by county throughout the country and we want to January first we're just gonna stay in the state of Florida. That's kind of what were expert thought, but it has grown nationally so quickly in these chapters are kind of the watchdogs there mom that are watching their school board and their local politics and where were teaching the founding documents in our homes know that there are two main pillars. I we organise an chapters meet once a month and we go over the scoreboard agenda. We are watching what they're doing we have China. We have directors within the organisation that are watching the curriculum, excellent playbook from the progressive when you said
school board. You have hundreds of people and red shirt chanting at you, whether at the union or read for Ed or moms demand action and again and again there was never a conservative, phased or voice in the crowd to support you in the lonely place to be home in the state of war. There is just a handful of conservative people sitting on school boards and its even worse than other states. So it's Argo ultimately tote to raise up people throughout these organizations to run for these local seats and take back education. People get involved Tina month liberty, dot? Org sounds great. Thank you very much stay in touch with me. Will you dawn in Washington, Washington DC or Washington State Washington State, and am I When it said power, I have a bone to pick with you about pronoun usage I know one Friday. You refer to that Rachel mean a lot, but you always forget about a woman and which
El pronoun an embassy lie. I think that is disrespectful to women to refer to a man. As a woman, because we ve, we ve, earned our place in the world which we worked hard for our place in the world. And you were referred to a man as as something that he not as one of us. Is it really disrespectful it it's a lie and I think We owe it to people who are transgender to not feed into their lie. Why would we? Why would we see do not lie or allow people that are never again. I agree with us anyway to put words into our mouth. We must speak. The truth is the honest thing to do. Either this something that goes on with its treated almost like. It's a name like you know: Luella Cinder was Luella sender and then he changes named a cream Abdul Jabbar and people setting. I respect what was calm cream Abdul Jabbar. That's not the way gender works. Right. Thank you not just get to name what you are
So I either I could see the the academic would we be offset so here's the thing, and I really appreciate your phone call dawn and you may not find this acceptable mandate may copy, and I may change my mind on this, but the way I view this is, I am not going to say a man is a woman or a woman is a man when we're talking about the science of all of it. I'm not going to wanna call yourself something really care, I'm not gonna waste time and energy fighting that stupid battle on what you? on a call yourself. You Call yourself. A space monkey out case based monkey You don't have a lot of credibility with me cuz, you think you're a space monkey so whatever, but if So if you want to call I'm not going to stop the argue and and focus on that I want to
get on the bigger picture, which is science science and that may be wrong and I changed my mind on that. But that's where I met. I dont think we get bogged down at the first arguing to which is the argument. They want us to get bogged down in two thousand care, they'll heard people's feel. I don't I don't care, I don't really care earlier. Let's talk about science. Tom in Virginia. Welcome to the club at Programme Tom. Are you there. All right. Let's go to Robin in Oklahoma, hello, Robin! I kill you keeping one thing it would be. All things were the twelve a peep out in one tell that have long been listening how can I guess I guess it's great thing- removals a little bit becoming the matching yes,
the current insurrection- you read it. I thought it may be blocked it. Man boil along their yeah file, book a bookkeeper one that I like the way the political family had Edward back on. Yes, While you were while he was still on the radio debate ahead, both about the Algarve I'll, be IBM in the Holocaust and war. The week you had gone through them in my ear Not even now when I went back because they were all gone, all gone to bed now provide them. They found it probably have a baby
the black reading right, so you could find them on Amazon just nowhere else on Ebay, ok! That could be explained if they're on Amazon, they could be explained just that they are older books late. What one of em IBM in the Holocaust is twenty five years old and It's it was, it was never It was when it first came out, but it's not something that recur, that you would refresh and by keep buying new copies of unless you're somebody like Amazon that is is is doing that. So I can't explain the others is long. His Amazon still had it. I dont think that there was getting to that other than its and it's an older book. There was a book that you are looking at stew. We were both talking about buying a
copy of. Oh, it's Hitler downfall, Hilary Santiago said which is the first of the two books, and it's interesting as I bought the original on Kindle or something, and it was a digital version so that I didn't have the actual book, and so I want to come back and cannot now that I have both of the hard cover I had. The second one hard cover wanted, haven't both just for the library or whatever you know. So I to look for it. It's like you know, you can't get it for less than a hundred and fifty dollars. This is a book, the best seller and two thousand sixteen and it you can get of UK, hard cover copy of it for, for less than two hundred fifty dollars, and I think that's just because the publishers are just not publishing a mean when you when you put out a book was something that we used to sell a million bucks or two million books mm. Sell a hundred, fifty thousand books and sixty thousand of them might be digital right. You know, and so you ve
you, ve got. You know you have a very low number of books that are actually out there. So you when their when their used Yes, there are expensive because there is a demand for those books, but not a big demand, maybe to make the publisher reprint a hard cover so again, I think that is anything other than a sign of the times. Aye aye aye. I highly recommend that you stop buying digital books. You buy them too. If you want, you can buy them out. If you find a book that you think is important make sure you have a hard copy of it if it, something controversial, make sure you have a hard copy of it before they're gonna get harder and harder to find and it would be in a. Hopefully we never get into the book burning business, but we are in. Book deleting business. Now
I think, the only differences if we have the ability to get rid of a lot books and then track those people who are reading but online, that we don't like and that will all figurine to a some sort of a social credit score in the end or year. S, score. It least that my feeling, alright back and just second, let me tell you about timeshare termination team. If you happen to be listening to this right now and you're about to go into a presentation for a time, share. Stop ok, stop dog, Don't leave the house, don't go that presentation The timeshare termination team is here for those who have already done this and travel down this road your listening now and you ve already purchased your time share you. You know what I know, what you're thinking the band in all hope, I'm good, to be stuck in this time. Share o
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yeah, hey, yes, yes, the reigning rock, I just wanna yeah. I just I just want to get to my point to meet a remarkable, always went out and what I really want to know is ok downtown, pass a lot of money. There's gotta be other people to feel like trumpet, have a lot of money and no matter what happens the Davos I'm at form is gonna stay certain people don't have enough social chrome and try squeezing out like me or my wife or someone. Why is it Is there going to be other groups of investors or investment banks that go at this time round system? and eventually that would went out. I mean, if I'm a shareholder and I'm you don't have a high enough social credit score and I'm just gonna take my money, money elsewhere and I'm at the point now, like industry, and an end, and this invest everything you sure can
and almost didn't do with do with it. Hang on justice hang on just a second. You can do that now, let's play this out. You're just gonna hold the cash. I don't need. I I'm at the point. I dont need working more. No, I know I'm just although this take yours, I get it. I'm asking you. Let me ask you a few questions, so you you take all of your money out of investments. What do you do with that money? I'll just just I'm trying to figure out how to get going. So I've got some already, but I mean an end. But the opening through I wanted to transfer you. People like you, have a big voice. You could also promote this new system. It's me, it's not! the new system, but it's over hey. You know, there's we'll cropping up kid. I'm sure they're young people in these investment banks like snow,
a young guy in middle management in marrow lunch was gone. I don't like this idea one. I start my own thing and I'm sure there's other people like that, and then you could So in the future, when you figure out that this is happening, you could start putting that you have a very so I appreciate that MIKE and I'll do everything that I can I just once you to understand that this system has been plotted in planned for I guess is this has been in the works for at least twenty years and it is a very well crafted noose around freedom, once you start this ball it's so all encompassing that you take your money out. Well, what happens if the dollar collapses and you're sitting with dollars you trade M, because you have a low s, G store score,
If you want to get on to a digit based system, they can control, all that, on what you are allowed to do, what you're not allowed to do where those where those, go if you say well, it's Bitcoin, well, Bitcoin can also be taken can be harmed dramatically by the FED and if the FED has all of the information about your banking all of the information about everybody's credit card being used every sail because their finishing all of the sales people in there s g system companies like stripe, their finishing it they'll know if you're trying to buy something they'll know if they can stop you from buying things. You want to are your own bank. Go ahead. Try what about the gun mental standards than this a very well crafted Nous. Now it doesn't mean that there is not a way out of it. It just me:
it's not simple, and I echo your words. Hope somebody is working on this I buy. I do believe that there are people in high tech. In fact, I know some people in high tech that our actual working on this to be able to have freedom in the world, but you are developing a system. That is very much pattern, after China nobody's developed anything in China to get out of it. Yet not too late, but America has got to wake up to what is happening in real time right now, the country, you think you're living in is not actually the country you are living in the sense that programme.
Can financing nl ass. One eight do three three four W W W that animal S, consumer access dot, Org aren't. Let me tell you a little bit about tat Can financing the thing I've been warning for over a year has started to happen. More huge rates are starting to inch up again and you know why right people listening to me now would be, rate time to consider getting a reef eye of that mortgage of yours lock in the low rate, don't put it off. The interest rates are now starting to come back. Why? Why it's obvious we printed more money. In the last year alone the last time we printed, this kind of money was nineteen. Forty six hours forty four, that's it the height of World WAR two
That's the kind of money, we're printing! That's why these financing interest rates are going to go up. It's going to get harder and harder to get a loan. Please do this now: american financing, eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty americanfinancing dot net did I not Studios America or to have more on the Cuomo administration stuff not make a college wants me to talk Andrew Cuomo, deny lads gotta be good. I please dvd shouting this is the Glen Back programme. We're taking your phone calls today at eight, eight thousand seven seven be easy K. What are the things that may be you, we have an explained enough, but you're having a hard time passing on to somebody, because you don't understand it enough, is there something that you think that we are missing corrections whatever. I want to hear from you what's happening in your life,
Where are you feel the country is right now and where you feel the thee. Push for freedom is Do you feel isolated or do you feel like there is something going on here in our favour. The number is aided. Eight seventy seven be easy k and want to get a gut check from you today. Let me go to Sandra in Idaho, hello, Sandra. However, the morning gland. So the thing I think that conservative talk show host are missing in the two important point in that you know. The United States in the west has very very strict environmental protection laws and therefore anything manufactured within the west is manufactured with very good standards. So if you buy something from the west, you know that you did not hurt the environment by buying it rowing, but China does not have those laws. China does not have those laws and in so everything I see in my life,
I will see. Ninety percent of the things in my life are being manufactured in China now, and so not only are is everything being manufactured there and technically they could cut us off at some points which we saw happened in the beginning of carbon, but also in in buying things from China, your basically giving permission to dump chemicals on the ground. I mean it's not. I mean it's basically that bad and Why is everyone missing? Because China has because, because China is an emerging market and China is not doing anything right now on the environment, but they promised to in the future right now If you try to buy a car with batteries, most likely, the batteries or the solar panels are being built in China, because of the environmental standards we can't make them here like they can, them there because of our environmental standards and
They get away with it because they ve promised and the world trusts China. For some reason, we are not developing come country where we're not an emerging market where the big deal, so we have to have these rules really is just so transparent when you're, when the scales fall off your eyes in your like. Ok, if I was trying to do strongly a way of life and a culture, the western culture, what I do well, penalize them for everything that I can penalised them on and joy urge them large sums of money in some scheme to be able to call pull them? While I give others the? opportunity to do. Work then what they were doing it's not an honest game. That's what's that's what tap and we got a Sofia in New York, hello, Sophia,
cycle and who are you? I myself more in college. And today I'm calling because when I originally wanted to college, I was pursuing teaching but because of all of the text that I was subjected to. I had to take classes on how to be an anti on many of the textbooks. Were IRAN Ex candies textbooks? I actually have a quote here that I pulled up on the first night of my first education class. We had to watch attack. Talk I ever max Candy and one of the quotas that he said was one of the major answers as to why Donald Trump is. President of the United States is racism and the teacher you now was completely fine with this if we she showed this to us and just and other classes to I mean especially this summer. Sir we're talking about
teachers will go on for the majority of the class period. Talking about police brutality and things like that in its just, like I don't know I am actually no longer pursuing teaching on pursuing political journalism because of how much die teacher we're focusing on this anti racism rather than to how to be a good teacher, or so I'm way way way her advice and in you think, it'll be better in journalism. Now talk about the church. So do I now here is I'm trying to think how much I here's here's? What I would here's, what I would do Sophia or I would recommend that you look for
examples and in history- and you can find them in history here in amerika- of those who played the game were smart enough- that never got lost in the game, they play the game to be able to subvert later this. I know this sounds crazy, but I sure would like to have teachers that had gone through. It all had seen all of it, and were able to play the game and didn't lose their sole and become, A? professor, at a university that could teach teach yours, it's one thing to teach kids, it's another to teach teachers
I don't know if that is ever going to work, we need good teachers and there is impact coming and if you will they do journalism, your guy, go through the same thing, you're never going to get a job at a big made stream. Newspaper unless your writing, what they You're right you're, never gonna work for ABC Nbc, CBS, YO, yo you'll end up working for somebody like me, which I would love to have. We want good journalists, but if you want to go mainstream you're gonna have to play, the game and they'll fire you the minute. You expose yourself if you a ten year they they he'll, might fire you. Wherever they're gonna have a harder time doing that that's a long term strategy and
no, if it even works my gun, says be true to yourself, but that is an option to set help you at all Sophia, yes, and as it pretty in the media. Three media is something I'm not interested, and I look up to you. I looked up to Stephen Charlie per fill those people. I eventually want to look for work for power. I appreciate you taking my call. Thank you. How old are you Sophia? I'm twenty years? twenty years old yes to is too young for aid to the home of the view that gives so much for your full goal. I appreciate it. Don't lose your way, no, why It is true, and you ve got is we ve got to stay basic on that you gotta
what's true in that starts with universal truths. Are unaware you're trying to redirect or from political journalism, though it seems like a great field, especially if you're covering someone like Andrew Cuomo, we have some audio from him, interacting with a reporter, oh yeah area, Why would you want to hear it uses You are going to jail I want to see you that all the guys to nine, just as being a sexy journalist, what oh I just got
Dad you people are sitting by John I'm. Ok, you know what it is, though this is a guy who's never had to be held due to any standard. You know you say things like that when you're never held to a standard- and you you know you're I mean I say this because my wife has a wonderful, wonderful family, but they are italian and there, the italian culture does gonna lie yea in place. In the world I met, but I think that's the thing to when you are Andrew Cuomo, there's another journalist by the way now coming out in saying that he knew he was harassing her, not sexually down. This is a new one today, a new another do one in the last hour so but what's interesting about. All of this is thereupon for who can make jokes?
who can say have uncomfortable conversations with other people and they don't aren't offended by it when, constant monster to everyone around you for a decade allotted we'll take that the wrong way when you ve rule- in people's lives when you, when you see it as something you brag about. I we'll call and harass people when they don't do the things that I want to get things done. That's me, that's calling card when he's. In doing this and an brutalizing people, for God knows how long does not the people who want to step up and defend you and so when Europe was feeling a little bit about as well yeah, I think these are the key here is that this guy is a bull human being? Who is? Who is you know the quorum? crow crime, family and many in many ways. The way they operate, and you know when the king goes down, nobody wants to kill the king. No it's killing! You go
look at valid Valkyrie project valkyrie in a nobody, wanted to go and kill Hitler. Well, ok, I'm gonna go, kill Hitler, but you down. Well, better, do everything once you find Hitler is dead. Well, he wasn't, and so nobody wanted to make the move. That's why project Valkyrie fell apart, because if is not dead, he'll kill all of us we know he'll. Do it one, You see somebody like Cuomo, really deeply wounded. Oh gosh they're going to come out of the woodwork, and Are you do, but I am not convinced that he's deeply wounded yet he's wounded, but I dont know you're right, it's not over, yet we still flailing around there with his for statements per day to hold onto this thing, but if This continues to come with a flood of people per day Billy women who invulnerable positions, tape of women here,
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it says it all. These are the people that will help you buy and sell, no matter where you are in the country. Make sure that you get the best deal both ends. Make sure that it's not a nightmare. Real estate state agents, I dot com, real estate agents? I trust dotcom listening to the programme, this is the global programme, let me go to Dennis online one in Florida, hello Dennis. Good Morning, Glen, our user good. I admire your and your crew you're intellectual property, the depth of intellectual property. Agreed I was Wade. I thought that was set up in our I know about you, ve got
guys have concrete property, which is your microphone all your equipment in rebuilding all that stuff. But intellectual property is watching your brain No one can take away that, but through question, my speaking worth of fellow domestic cures, Is there an amazing there was an article by facts on Friday and I've got note from it here. There were two hundred and eighty from supporters arrested, some of it I'm supporters were planning to blow up the capital and ours Prompt supporters are labelled as dramatic terrorist, and these terms Support is urgently rooted out. This terrible, Hockin, Oconnor, even factual in article like that, Well, I will tell you: this comes from the acting chief of capital police. Can we play her comment on this? That all
who came out Friday. Listen We know that members of the militia groups that were present January six have stated desires that they want to blow up the capital and kill as many members as possible, with a direct nexus too state of the union, which we know that date has not been identified so based that information? I think that its prudent that capital police maintain its enhanced and robust security posture. Till we address those vulnerabilities going forward now I appreciate that you know the F b I didn't come out and say this department of Homeland Security than comments is that this was the acting chief of police. Not four d c, but for the capital police, big. Carry so much credibility where is that story anywhere where
where. Why are we not hearing this from the FBI? Why are we not getting confirmation from the De Hs? They said. There's no credible threat. Now, why is the chief of the acting chief of police for the capital police? Why are they so? Why she saying this? I think, because what you are calling about, they could call us terrorists I want to make this really clear. I thought what happened on January. Sixth was a nightmare. I thought it was an abomination. I thought it was out of control. I didn't where did in any way shape or form. I dont know people who supported it in what happened. It was awful awful It also has done this created this kind of atmosphere where they can get away with saying anything about us He can never be those people,
back I'm going to go on record in, say we're! So not those people that if we heard that there was a credible threat, we knew somebody was doing that we turn them in? Let us know please F, B, I d age ass in this administration. What are the facts, like to know who is plotting this because I think there's a lot of Americans that can help you out
in a world its lost, its way, loss, respect for logic, law and order. Who can you count on well aim at the association immature american citizens now over two million members, strong and growing, a MAC believes in the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. A MAC represents courage, faith and reason in these trying times they stand for national solvency. At a time of runaway dead, national security, with a full time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against the radical laughs push towards socialism. That's why now, more than ever, it's time to join a MAC beyond advocacy a MAC membership gives you access to a wealth of benefits in discounts. They will save your money and you'll also get aim acts great by monthly magazines of Joint AIM Act today, benefits a great, but the cause is greater. Joy. Now at a may, see dot you ass back! That's a MAC dot! U S, slash back a MAC, it's better better for you better for a merry
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America wealth neglect programme, Donald Trump, said yesterday at sea back. He is not going to start a third party, but when it comes to threes he said he might just run to freedom for a third time. The poles came out yesterday at sea. Back down from was the big winner for some stranger. For some strange reason, the New York Times wrote only sixty eight percent of sea fact. Voters wanted Donald Trump to run only succeed, only sixty eight percent of being with every like voucher coming in it saying: hey Cove, it's not that big deal only sixty eight percent than people who get die. Why? How does only sixty eight percent work in that one and locked down our quietly improving our citys around the world? The world economic forum would like you to know that we have details on those things. Also, your phone call dated eight. Seventy seven be easy K. We want to give an update from your world. What are you seeing? What are you maybe need help on? What should we focus on and what's the biggest struggled in your life dated eight? Seventy seven be easy, gay call us now programme
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he'll, dotcom car she'll, dotcom use a promo code back safe ten percent. Now its car shield, dotcom, promo code back deductible may apply, Let me go to rocks and in Tennessee hello rocks and welcome to the Glen Back Programme Diane hello, pronounced. Thank you very much, I was wondering if you had done anything on the Netflix sure call the social dilemma at. Did I miss back? No, we talked about it. Didn't do we didn't do a big thing on it, but we did talk about. I highly recommend that everyone watch it that's Tristan. Harris too we ve had him on me out. I guess he really smart guy for your Google ever yet. I am, and you know what I said years ago, when I was talking to who? Was it was it right,
curs. While I was talking about ethics, you know and the a I sighed and social media, I said whose working on the ethics of should we do certain things and at that time zero was like nobody that was in first on Harris what became one and then he's quickly laughed and has done everything it can to get rid of Why do you ask rocks in well, I just watching this weekend in its fight me and it explains large as to why our country is so divided and how we are being manipulated, and it just it and beyond, angry and want to really get the word out. I mean, I think a Wednesday night show would be fantastic. Not did you know my schedule for you, but I don't know. Maybe we could do that. We could have Tristan on to talk about an show clips from it. I know my kids watched it with my wife and I, and
they were horrified, and you know how kids are there arose a car. It's no big deal, you don't know. What's goin on its different world, you guys are ancient dinosaurs. And they watched it with us and I asked them always through when you think of that war I don't know when they got to the end. We talked about it as a family, and they were really deeply disturbed by it. They said it was a problem. I mean The mistake of saying: ok, tomorrow, let's meat and talk about what we want to do about it as a family, we down, and they were immediately back into its not that big a deal exactly as the documentary said that it would have but in an and they would do it's incredible-
yeah, I mean I actually felt dirty know its growth. No, you should, and it's it's getting worse and worse now, the algorithm that Google is working on is an algorithm that will search for em buddy who is- and I want to say these words carefully slowly and I want you to stop thinking of these words as always have political correctness. Let me stop here political correctness. We have said in the past police. Call correctness is not about helping anyone. It's not about all that. Have hurt feelings, It is an old soviet term that, if you politically incorrect. You were out
of step with what the political class said. Who would be sent for retraining you'd be sent We'll go log, you'd be removed from society because they couldn't afford any one who was politically incorrect, think. For the first time, Americans may hear those words and go oh rap before it was theory, Now it's being enforced so now the algorithm that Google is looking or is building is looking for critical race theory, and if you are politically incorrect on political race, they are uncritical race theory, the algorithm searches anyone. Who is doing something that is against critical race theory. You immediately will be.
Classified and throttled anybody who has been quote infected by you. It goes down all of the comments and all of your friends. And if your friends, not saying anything politically incorrect there still watched and monitored by this algorithm, because You ve been infected by you. If they are saying things there, throttled in their list goes down this is this- is what the world were living in now, what they're doing with it? they just trying to help you out. They don't have to goop you up in a gulag as long as you don't know. What's going on same algorithm is nudging. You tore this political correctness so. Your news feed will change.
And your news feed. I mean they ve been talking about this for a long time. They have almost every shoe. Behavioral list on their side. So they are nudging. You and your your news. Feed is different than everybody else's. That's one of the one of the perks, but now, this critical race theory algorithm added in change. Your news feed to be able to push you and not you in the right same direction. That's! What's here god- help us on what is coming. Let me go to Michel in California, Hello Mitchell. I'm glad you know that the growing homeless Population Prob all over the country and primarily in New York. And California, the housing for the housing first model is really not serving our high.
Most people. Well the better way, and what is the housing first model? Excuse me for being from Texas, no problem, you know how It's where we say that a person is unhappy Therefore, they need a house. Let's build more housing, So all government dollars locally are focused on building housing, which never There is never enough housing and there's no place to put the housing and is it just a huge problem and that's what they keep Dean drum housing housing for having first, while the homeless continue to sit and wait. And die on our streets. It's horrible used. You see you if I've heard your reports about how horrible San Francisco in November and there is a better way little bits and pieces from different organizations to who help how much people start businesses who who have an employment first model if you will- and there was a
recently a a book? I just came across a boot, twenty twenty- why the homeless no chance by a name, Jeffrey Grown and he ran his boy. You spend the hitherto psychiatrist, who spent thirty years, helping the homeless seventeen which were in New York, running a very successful employment first Model programme and helping to helping the homeless. Find what God created them to be added to their own pilot in the way that they need to be served instead of being told. This is how it'll will serve you and oh by the way. If you dont fitting out Then you are now able service resistant and ignored because we're gonna, give housing first and that our offering and if you dont fallen in line and and in our box we we want help. You is an interesting how are used to pay for your housing? How are you ever? We mean
well to meet that challenge. If you don't have a job exactly exactly that is good Clearly it, and so I would encourage you pleased her to get the book why the homeless have no chance it was in the guy he bestowed on New York about the time you were in New York, so you might recognize some of it. And he doesn't really good jobs explained that we here in California, primarily merely having first model, but we do have some Innovations who are working on on helping with him and are being successful. Michel thy lived. So thank you. Thank you so much just so. You know everything you just said he is politically incorrect and get the word, as fast as you can. I'm glad that you called by the way is another way Berkeley, a Fournier announced last week that there is no single private dwellings allowed in Berkeley California anymore, so you know we ve cut. You can't have that Big House
You can have a house that has a single your you want that house just to be, for you know no more single family housing in Berkeley now I wasn't gonna live in Berkeley anyway, so I don't give a flying crap but that The kind of thing that is coming That is the kind of thing that you will find in agenda. Twenty thirty from the United Nations w e f. You will see to see things that will lead to that path, back in just a second. Let me tell you about Michael worry. If you know the name, you respect, if not you should, if you ve seen the movie, the big short, that's the guy you haven't seen the big short you need to its it's a story of the largest? U S, financial institutions, and these solutions have been were, and
currently still our screwing over the average retail american investor, and they just go figuring out ways to get away with it, about how their willing to take enormous risks with your money. You know you're busy, buying game, stop this game, stop sock stock and what not it it's a much bigger game, Doktor bury has not gone away. He's worry now about what he, describing as a real Weimar Republic style hyperinflation. Of U S currency system based the gazillion of dollars that we are now printing stop waiting Please. There are some things that you just have to do so gold line. Now, if gold or silver is right for you and your smart enough to figure it out and don't let anybody ever doc you into you, know fifty seventy five percent hundred percent of your money should be gold. No, it shouldn't know it shouldn't
Goldline Line- can help you through it use common sense. I have a great special going on right now with every tube of certified gold liberty, coins, you're gonna, get five brilliant, uncertain, related Kennedy, silver half dollars at no additional charge. These are the eggs Axiom coins that I buy because their authenticated by a third party. They are really really good shape, and its known currency, its eight six, it Gold line, eight six, six gold line or gold line dot com. Go there now they're waiting for your call gold line, dot com, eight, six, six gold lying Second station idea Let me gotta Josh in Pennsylvania, hello, Josh, hey going I am glad that you're, always speaking the truth. I really
Appreciate tat, God has given you. I guess the two were to do that. You do at every day. So legally everybody out here appreciate tat. Thank you. All I want to get too is the racial equality. I just don't understand how people who are they don't see that there is no racial equality. I mean, I would say, as ever to any point in history minorities and blacks have the ability to be anything that they want to be would be in two days time, because everything is set up for nor some black to succeed college listen grants in housing, and you know everywhere. You look well, I I just don't, I think, we're getting. I think we were getting better on our own, because people were getting better You know there was more understanding of
history. There was more understanding between races than I think, perhaps ever before in human history, and we were really hitting goals when Started talking about this, you know fifteen years ago it didn't make sense, because we were, we were moving in the right direction, but that's because Weren't really actually talking about anything other than critical race theory, critical theory is meant to divide it. Is a it. It is a marxist theory that divides country up into a whole bunch of different categories, so it can be conquered it is very well documented. That's how it started. That's what it's really all about! It still what it's really all about, they are trying to conquer and destroy the United. Dates of America. So if you
Looking for some good fruit on that tree, you will always constantly me disappointed because it is a bad tree and it will not bear good fruit code in Washington. Welcome to the club programme and picture taken. My call your I'm ahead. School mom in Washington State and family we have been listening to you. My youngest were sent out with my youngest and so my kids, don't know a home that doesn't have gone back. Part of it I think you are we may be. They may call the regional department of children and families on you for that statement, but you know where, in Washington, sign expecting an alarmist first lemme tell you another three hundred, but I wanted to get. You was my kids were fortunate to attain
the man in the moon, when they re little, they got to go with my parents in and go to the museum and an we have. Dvd. They used to watch Liberty tree house all the time and you are asking about what we want see you do, and here you talk about, and you know I tune in every morning, in every Wednesday night and my kid feed something the tune into again for a meal. We need Judah picture here we are again and return to your history in your story, telling I appreciate that we I just I am, looking now to hire an additional production team I guess this is the announcement that will make it official I am looking for this works, but I know
I am looking for a producer that is very, very good at storytelling, because I I am going to start a another show, stood by me on history, and I just I just need some people that think differently. Then how I've thought bring some new spin on some things. So, if that tends to be something that appeals to you, your listening ray. Experience. Real real heavy experience is going to be required. But you can now You can contact us at the Mercury studios. Do not just show up Do not that's the fastest way to go on a list. You don't wanna, be on stir. You can send us Europe, your information, so we're in a tree.
I too, to do that, and I have been toying stew and I talk every day after the show about you know. How does it show survive? How does it show survive in the world that we are now building? and one of the things that we ve talked about was you know, adding more history. To this show, but I am, I not sure that that's what this audience wants on the this format, I dont know so. Would love to hear from you, You can get to know you. Can tweet at me or or I you know, parlor me with what about
people who wanted to stop. I tell you in person just come on by the city. I gotta get not a good idea, not a good idea. They show you that if they do that there will be no get a bump because their showing dedication right, yeah there's really mean also they're gonna. Now, that's a heart, that's good are the really ensure by yeah. I am what I advise are playing in areas not enter behind. It invests circles. That would be bad. Ok, ok, right. Eighty eight Seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven, two thousand five hundred and nine birwi continue with your phone calls and an update on a couple of things coming up in just a second since the programme so Somebody somebody just send me so Buffalo meet somebody, I know don't semi dont semi
of meet somebody. I know brought some by and they were like what you are doing, that old, Regan Diet thing I said now: no, I am eating vague and in a lot of vegetables and stuff like that, but I am also having meetings with an interesting approach again, so I don't know if it's actually a vague and die than has turtles. I just have a lot less meat that I use to, which is never good, never good, but the NEWS is, I have erect tech so whose sending me meet or why we, who I will eat it, it I've made perfect. Ribs rate grades aches on it, but You can also do vegetables. Cook you, you can bake with this.
It's really unbelievable big back better Russia is our destiny. Wreck tech! Try, a wreck, tech, you're! Looking for something new to grill honour spoke, it's our ragtag, it's the best are easy t. Q, dotcom already see tee q dot com sure you can send Glenn back meat, but if you can learn the buffalo on our premises, a matter of get some points that I would be a very bad idea. We very poor next, This is the Glen Back Programme. Let's go to outlaw man cliff mellow, cliff plan. How are you the question we ve got talk alone this, but you know the threat that with open and in fact, to listen, coming now. That might be our cash. I was now.
Pointing out my mind that order the government decides that now at a certain date we have the time and our cash because he told me to heart and that happen course having those electronics waiting. In every way possible in transactions. What we spend our money on and so forth. We ve talked about all those things, but would not gold and silver also possibly be. At risk that wine army could they not also say well, we'll have an exchange set up at the bank. This one, the gold and silver and as well at a certain date. You won't be trade only their cash or gold or silver any on top of the empire. Lifers twenty gonna kill whatever the scenario illegal to have a sort of gold and silver or what confiscated
in all. These are some scary. So now I will tell you that that is exactly not with silver but with gold. That's exactly what happened in nineteen thirty three, I believe gum. Meant there was an executive order that recalled all of the gold, and you had to turn your gold in. Otherwise you can get ten years. I pay you fair market value, but he didn't turn it in. You could get a fine and I think, up to ten years in prison, it was pretty happy It is the same thing that would happen with everything. I dont think that the money would go away because its to Germany to use your words, I think the dollar will go away because we are setting four horrible horrible. Global found inflation hyper. Inflation I think this at this point these
schemes didn't work. They may have been tried with the best intentions, but they do work and where, in the last bubble, I called it years ago the money bubble? I think it's called the everything bubble now It means that everything is, is going to go into a bubble and burst, and there will be nothing left in the end. Far is a myth, Terry system of money of currency we now know that's. Why you're, seeing Bitcoin go through the roof, because people are thinking that bit point is going to be the next big thing and who knows it might be. It might not be There's nothing tangible! There and just because you have it in blockchain doesn't mean that they can trace it. They can't find it because they can. They can't track you on what you're buying, because they can. So me
personally, I think, what's going to happen, is they are going to go to a system of digital currency. I mean I have Bitcoin, and I hope this doesn't happen because I live. I put a very small amount into Bitcoin years and years ago, and I've got a nice MT now but I'm not sure that that's gonna last, when it to golden silver. You have to think now. This is going into crazy town- and I have said this for a long time and I want you to really hear it. Have to start thinking like the jury, and Jews dead, end eighteen thirty's, They realized because of the nineteen twenty that money.
Was something that could go away quickly and they were being shut off on everything you. We you eventually lost the ability to banking and everything and they could take all of your every all of your assets. That's why people put their money in diamonds, gold, silver, art and smart one's got out before was too late, it was and cash. It was goals, for art things that could be changed with people who knew the world would come back together it's why. Recently I bought up some art Ff that eighteen twenties that were the original artwork for the cream of wheat commercials with black cream a week chef. I person,
I know the real story. I love story. I think the real guy was great and the our work, I showed he's. There are the work work that I bought he's these reading. A story to the kids are too The kids at night, on a snowy night with a big. Window of the snow blowing up behind him and all these. Kids are sitting on the floor and he sitting with them, and it just says Bob I and the forty thieves if you're a moron. You don't even know the story of Ali Baba, the forty thieves, in fact, I would say most Americans, most people in the world now our morons, because they can't tell you anything. About a classic a tale anymore, but I just that the weak lived, of wheat, was being pulled off of the of the counters, because at sea point the world We'll come back to
Rational thinking and I know what happened to the art in Germany. When things went wrong, they said there are certain art, that's degenerative and needs to be destroyed. If you have to preserve any of that art that Arthur ART is worth millions now because it survived doing it, because it's worth millions, I'm doing it just a pervert. Of history, but also buying certain things that I think could be traded. In case things got really bad Somebody will always be out there that ago, the world's coming back. World is coming back and when it does is gonna have to reset itself on something that makes sense. Yeah come here, gold I'll. Take that I'll. Take that that's
that's how it works. I dont know if that answered your question, but I I hope it I hope it did and we gotta Patrick. Eleven Colorado, hello, Patrick. Hi Glenn, something that I think you could do. That would be helpful, is trying to teach people to be a mentor. I'm ready for him. I can't tell you how many friends and come by my age, shoes being obeyed, boomer age parents have tried to have a political conversation with them, and I think that age and I mean to say that adjust and talking down to their adult children talking at them getting frustrated. Just end up being an ineffective frustrating conversation, and I just I think it would be great. People could just learn how to really be a mentor because nothing it now more than our children and adults, reconnecting
with America, Hengist very falling in love with the country all over again and in being confident and why that is- and I think that anyone change inspired by a mentor in our good mentor, doesn't state things. In fact, they just ask the right questions until their student realising it on their own. What they're trying to get out and that kind of change will win the day over the indoctrination that we ve. Had you, no substance, listen doktor, nation of the last forty years when I log how much effort it's taken them to accomplish their progressive agenda they to take over schools the media Hollywood. It takes so much effort. An EU recommended a book. The five thousand year leave it's an amazing bartley and I think- and I know this will happen, but if all of, if a man
came to the majority of Americans invested six hours in the reading that box. I think it would crush the Progressive MA the social values and, like I said, I know that in a happen, but that reveals to me how fragile their world is that they built in how winnable, despite its glands, look it's why you don't have to silence if you're, on the winning side, with science and in everything else, you need to silence people. You don't need around them up, you dont need to re educate. It will just dawn on them that that's the right thing to do. People will see. That's the one that really make sense more people are benefiting from it and I wanna be a part of it. You only have to indoctrinate when things are not self evident and everything that they're pushing that
racism is bad. Unless it's against white people, then it's good. And the only way to stop racism is to be anti racist, which is to be racist against white people, and there is No forgiveness for the white people because are born with that born. That way. Will all kinds of questions start to come up with like ok, there's no forgiveness. What if I do something that I now really a poor myself do? do I get forgiven while depends? Where are you now? Do you believe what I believe or do you believe something else, because if you believe what I believe then there's redemption, but not total, damn should I can withdraw that redemption at any time it all falls apart, and you know anyone who tells you not to read now to listen, not to question Those are the people you should run from and that's exam,
see what we have going on right now: people who are hiding information, pointing the finger and calling people names can really sit down and argue the point on what ever crazy idea. They have today that men and women are different, but they're not different, I mean, yes, they are very different because it with the world would be a much better place if we had a whole bunch of women in r r a board of directors rooms. So very, very different, but they're not differently all, don't tell don't tell me that a man is different from a woman. A woman can do whatever a man can do well. So then, what can a man do is a man. Different. Does he have special qualities? Because women do you just said it so the men have special qualities or are they just all neanderthal thugs
falls apart when you know how to critically thinking people don't know how to critically think I will Are you that is the main project that we are working on at mercury? One we have in fact were doing our first class. I was going to air, it lie but we're gonna. We're gonna. Wait because we're not sure we have this when exactly right, but I think we have Five hundred people were in Texas Man get over yourself near five. Other people being to spend about three days with us, and the first thing we do is we just ask questions? No judgment just ask questions, What is it that you know? What is it you know to be true? Why do you know it to be true? How did you arrive there? what are your sources- and You have to first get into a position to be able to learn to be humble enough to say not sure of anything. Today. I'm not sure of anything, and I think, there's half the
a country that is saying that right now, I'm not sure of anything. Any more than spite design, but they think that free ones just going to go along with what the new thing is. Will you improve that to me, you that has that's never worked ever anywhere in the world, so nice not going down there, I'm looking for truth, I'm looking for truth and I'm looking for true messengers who we'll tell me the truth. So we are working on that. I hope that helps. We also are I'm thinking about writing more of the control books if they were the little books pocketbooks that you know roll over guns. Control over our educational system? I'm thinking about writing more of those that are short that our jasper putting all of the facts and all of every
you need to know about that argument. So you can make that argument and have it in a handy placed where you could keep it in your back pocket. If you wanted to thanks so much for your phone call, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy six back in a minute. Genie lives in Texas couple years ago. She actually got hit by a car and, as you might imagine, she began suffering from frequent pains all over her body. She did lot of physical therapy that help some, but at the end of the day she was still living in some level of nearly constant pain every single day, her husband who happens to listen to the show, one was the one who suggested hey. You might want to give this a try. She said can't hurt will. Not only did it not hurt within a Meeker, so she said she was noticing their pain was reduced significantly and her range of motion was beginning to increase she's kind. New to mend ever since she has meant,
nicely and grateful for relief factor. I am too I part of the seventy percent of the people who try it who go on to order more. It worked for me he's been workin out for about three years order. The three week Quickstart one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. Do it now go to relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred and eighty three eight thousand and forty eight, Five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor Dotcom I mean I can't or to stories that I had to get to today. One of them was Andrew Cuomo. Why hey, I'm saying got eyes or attack on their work, it is an Andrew promo code. I'm sure not many of us are going to talk about the gun rank in the back ever brought rising energy, as was long gone, mad ladys truck. That's
just that The other one is a store. Of an indian man who was stabbed to death. By his own rooster, now back my and caught my eye. Yeah yeah indian man stabbed to death by his own rooster after attached a three inch knife to its leg: foreign, illegal cock fight, so was it a league? Was the knife illegal? I don't like it. I didn't know. I think the cock fights are illegal. I think be it see at an illegal knife in a legal coffee I dont know but anyway, so he had just finished strapping it down and they said maybe rooster became a little panicked, spread and jabbed his leg into his growing area com.
some things off and bled to death. Illegal cock fight rooster kills. Kills me three inch night come on back programme
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