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- Alexa... can you help me with this murder case? ...The end of civilization as we know it.- Do New Year's resolutions work?- Joan Baez and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ...what colleges are teaching our kidsThe Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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This. Is the police radio on demand. Individuals and businesses with tax problems? Listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in bag taxes or have unfair tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can see your bank account garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges take control of your tax problems. Now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five We're back welcome to the programme
Resolutions Finland has just lost on? How can we give people money? Let's just give people, A living wage don't expect anything from them. Let's try it as an experiment. This actually is the forever. This actually is an important experiment and I'll explain why you want to talk about big ideas. This is something that the world needs to see either fail or succeed because of what's coming by two thousand and fifty will explain coming up in just a second also. We want to talk a little bit about the deaths over the last couple of weeks.
The press, I dont understand what CNN decides to due to their anchors every new year's Eve Don lemon. What really weird weird hum and embarrassing willed we'll talk about that. Also. I want to start with this Alexa. Can you help me with this murder case We begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't like- and this is
Glenn listening until the end, Amazon is pushing back against in Arkansas prosecutors. Demand for info, on what they have stored. Add Amazon from Alexa now here's the here's, the story. A guy, were died in a hot tub. Early in the morning- and they get a call and say, hey, my friend is tidy. You know four times the We made of alcohol in his blood. It was just an accident and he's dead police are concerned because there were signs of a struggle. There was a broken shot glass. There was some blood, but you could explain the blood in this shot, glass right, but there's a device in the home that is
smart meter for but water usage and in the middle of the night, water usage- happens to use exactly the amount of water to drain and refilled hottam. So it looks as though. Something happened around the hot tub and they Drained it and then filled cleaned it up and then filled it back up, so smart device number one. Now the police are saying, look, there's there's evidence here that something is not right and we don't think it was an accident and they have Amazon's Alexa. They have
Sir or Google home yeah yeah, you do we are shut up, you do not yet we do do you really do you like it now, it's terrible terrible in SIRI Way, orients terrible industry with its I mean it's worthless in and we just gotta recent. And I understand that it learns, the kinds of things are looking for and what you want, but right now it's like, I don't honours. I don't understand what you're asking me I'll have looked at up I'll, think about shut up. It's it's. Like you know. Siri has those same issues, you ask it something it it's like. I can't find out. I just got what as well and I haven't is. It seems to be that its I'm hoping for better yeah My internet, ok, Google is better No, I google home. I let's go. Unless put one in the studio, I
we shouldn't we were right, should try both of em and get one each. See which one work I, like the one in my house Another the avenue I address you can order. What you want from the order of a member of your name is on prime customer will in this area. Used it for that yet, but I guess this area we're close to a huge Amazon out that, whereas in your little haven't hours yet here, I'll have it within five hours there don't rubbing Oh you go on Amazon, Prime now and veil delivered to the same day while the the marshal say pay we need. Alexa. We need more paper towels order, more paper, towels, we're, ok, ordered I mean that's. Prick cool. I know I haven't used it in that way yet cause I don't really trust it cause. I can't even find the beware you, for there about, they didn't lose right. Right, doesn't know right. So, ok, so so here's the thing so the election,
our Google home there going after Amazon's, Alexa and they're saying that it requires words, everything listening for the key word, the wake word and the Amazon. It's either Amazon or elects. So I didn't that everything you say is Israel recorded either you don't say a legs us and weak it up including everything is constantly listening to you, that is fastened and its recording everything, waiting for the work of a man made because now we have well come to the end I re in. We shall have we sure I don't even think about India and we're we're, I mean, will have it in the kitchen and will be sitting in the living room, and I I tested it a few times to see how how well it hears and I've set Alexa just speaking in a normal voice, and it turns out
it hears. I mean so from a long way. Yet now it is constantly Why and evaluating wow and learning from your speech and the sellers do so here's the thing. So the police have gone in Arkansas and said we need the tapes. Amazon and said no we're not giving you the tapes. They said. Well, we need because we think there was a murder. Now who wins in this I would like to be solved. Always for your safety when they break in road safety. That's all we aimed, as you say, that the attorneys now saying that if this goes always Supreme Court, there's no way Amazon wins right, because with all I wouldn't bet on it,
I've got a lot of money and look at the decisions that have been made recently. I mean I would not. I would not, but against the gun, the winning that case now. That's what they're saying yeah Amazon will not win. All. I believe that the idea that I believe that the because look at the way the Supreme Court's men ruling rightly so Saying now you know: what's the difference, if I if I can go- and I can monitor what you ve done at the time- if only in order that you know at the keyboard, you know if I, if I can just get that from the keyboard. What's the difference between you at the keyboard and you speaking, it there's no different as their taking. If there are any taking access to all our mobile devices, I mean real, I don't have any really have invited them into invited them into the house, There are no sir now here's your leering nineteen, eighty four and we welcomed it- we're not living nineteen. Eighty four because we're living brave new world we
welcomed in nice, Eighty four was a hostile takeover. Brave new world was through better. Through pharmaceuticals, better entertainment, better everything with you you're just going to welcome that's exactly what happened while yeah yeah wonder the farmers and Huxley was right. One of the farmers are a good start. All they already have started by far started blue legs. Can we get Jeffrey a blood test, though legs better. So now everything in your home is being listened to. And you know who uses this at least Yeah gives our heads little kids and grabbed the phone and they'll say SIRI. What's kids, little kids and grabbed the phone in they'll say SIRI. What's that? will you be mighty ride SIRI a few times and it was so worthless. I just gave the kids have fun with they love it when this is like the virtual reality, headsets camera
frozen, get me started. Kids. I've been, I love it, but my kids fell in love with. Oh my gosh, it's the end of civilization, as we know it very fourteen minutes into the show end of civilization. Really it's true, I mean we have. We have welcomed all of this stuff and and it's amazing when you stop and think about what we have in our homes, and it's me, allow much more intrusive. That's going to become, Hang on this issue. Before we go there, I want to go to Betty New Jersey, we have it. We have a problem, I guess Alexa. Betty in New Jersey, hello, Betty We do have a problem, tat great to be quiet. He keeps tell you what my legs.
No one saw her way back, that's really be our job, they beg you buy up my legs, a record everything buddies. Tony, let's go to Tony in Florida. Dolly hey there. I was gonna, say eyes, actually listening to you guys on my legs and every time you say like that, the first couple times she would stop the programme to say I heard what you said that not very nice thing to say that only s elects a we are talking about. We are here like he does that Thankful stand in line Alexa standing still. He was go ahead. EL old man, this one! Let you know, I'm sixty one years old and I am a massive fan alone
Google, I then they call the show, I said caught them back, ready, we'll show partly right in here, I was no theory fury Firstly, as you cannot get paid to do anything for you, that's right. They Google will you try. It is US so here you are you're in arts and crafts right, yes, okay, so Steve are paying attention to this story about in Arkansas about the murder. Well, Ok, good, only response when he asked get it is on all the time. You need information, Google is right, there that's, but is simply not acceptable to say it's the same. It's it's off, but it's always listening for its wake word. Now! Why is all records everything? You say whether you're talking to wait around information bulky? Google is on the spot room.
No way no annoying. Now I understand I understand, I believe I look at it in say, for instance, who's gonna led this one. What do you mean? Google is laying Google fibre everywhere there trying to make Google cities You done it as they're gonna, nail control the smart meters they'll control veil. For all the information in whole towns and ok is our life is easy right and I am up point comfortable with a private business. Doing having a contract but now see you're talking to me about the benefits of it. I'm sorry to you that its listening to everything that you say it is is recording you and now the police are trying to get a through court order, trying to get the tape to be able solve a murder case. If that happens,
The police will be able to grab all private conversations from your home if they suspect you of something. Are you comfortable with that? Well, I'm, unlike you glad to appoint I'm SAM! I love it as a law. Abiding citizen never been involved in a crime. Loved Davilow saw these issues solve nothing. Look man, I don't! I don't know where you're going to draw the line at its exactly right, that that is right and the problem is a lot of people say well now gives their listening on those giving raw. Well, that's not up to you they decide. Is it because it I be wrong to whomever, is listening. Might make it into something wrong and can and Canada of those living with just with the regulations that they had in the last eight years, everybody's breaking um law and I'm not saying that this is going on. Saying that this is happening now, I'm saying you don't worry about whose in office today, for instance, I gave the demo
at this warning eight years ago. Don't do this with executive power, because, you're, not always gonna hold power and when somebody else comes in and wields dancing stick and now look at em you're not going to like it look it up and now you're out right and I'm saying the same thing out, the Republicans dome do this, because you're not always going to be in power. I don't know who the next Hitler is. I have no idea. One will appear If you give all of this power all of this information all of this regulation- and we still behind one man, we're begging for someone. This I've been in an emergency and take care of things for us back in just a second.
Men want to seek landline if you're coming to tax, as you can trace of Mercury studios in Dallas breathtaking plans. Television show too, is at your feet. Email tickets have fallen back I'll, come with you, information that ticket at Glenn back so pulse mercury
individuals and businesses with tax problems. Listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes arrive on file tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can see your bank account garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges take control of your tax problems now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five glad that programme only now, I'm not fat cats and what they got for Christmas, we're talking about a lex
Google Home Play station for Us Santa brought a play. Station. For, for my son, which I had a talk the fat man- and I informed him Donna was fat. Men have we have a council, you have announced council meeting, all fat man get together, and Santa is not the chairman of the board. This year I am and but Ito just watching use plain star wars with it yesterday and he gets so right now. You know with you know, with a fifty and screen He had so wrapped up into it. When you put four and he wanted it virtual reality, and I just laughed like you know my letter to my kids fell because air, its honour of any the right- that's all there is that's all you are either did it's real
you're not does. If you like, you they're really, does it? Wouldn't you better? Did you get my son? Has it and fortunately he took with him to college, but he he has it, and I tried it a few times and it's pretty amazing- you got you that virtual reality and the curve did you get It looks a lot bigger. There was in the old fifty violet piece o I have much less current girl. I've had some sick. I look into how much are those oh I had. I want your less colonel, a girl. I took a look at how much are those now? Did you gotta make costs, go yet a normal via Jan I motor buying a tv again and lessons from Kafka, Cosgrove SAM's of yeah get all those as underlined by the thousand under a thousand, was really there you got a for K. I got. I got the my wife really that we greens, why spot a shy couldn't believe in length who, once she had not heard. All that is now thing is huge. It's a big tv
so its horns or a high definition. Seventy five is anything. Seventy four ultra high definition, the more expensive than your. How has what is an unfair broadcasting? Netflix is bright. Ass did that the new original size I let the r I dont off all shows are if the one now reaches you is, though, what the window innovative of something The cable company is all they won't. Do 4k. That's a lot of space, before K, I think, there's sir, Ok, that is in no water status, total way automatic believable. Identifying oriented more k are on believable, It is I've seen as I and it makes all my
their tvs. Look. You know like we're all fifty cm like the earth, like they're down their declarations, idolize light. I felt we want ablaze. You watch the blaze on some cable channels. It is high definition. On some cable day only give a standard you watch. It is standard, It's like love like watching from nineteen Sandra television. Is this once you're used to high definition and standards for decades is just as much it looks blurry and then for decades that much better yeah it's it makes that's a steel like stay? I may already be yours, but I'm still driving my car. I just like MIKE. I like the way I do if I feel driving the work of any type of arch you're. Still in you don't have you have a car that just takes you places now right now
What are you talking about like that? Technically Sattler future we're talking about others, future stuff, we're still people are gonna, be I not driving the heavy sometime soon very soon I put my twenty thirty. You will not be allowed to drive. You ll be able to draw on not we allowed unintentional, salad prediction. So let's talk about virtual reality and the drive to work and
and some of the new technology that people are just gobbling back programmes the claim that programme is not a in Ohio Pelagia guys. I do some work for a company that does work were Google, and I can tell you
that their debt. The reason there's a big reason why Google, home and lose- now work better than Alexa and its because Alexa really mostly just has access to if they either have access to what you search when you shop or they have access to just one, You say in that's that's how it learns. Meanwhile, Google, when everything it set up, they look at everything. You know they look at anything. You search, we, U searching, Google the they have all these different accounts to look at until a poor from a lot more information, and course yet the luck martyr. You know there's of there's a funny video, but this is interesting intervention that, because there is a funny video on the website, nodded gun viral about this little boy, cute little asking for her dignity, giddy, you're, Anthony
S. Ok, Google Giddy, Google. Our legs, like I very warmly Luxor, is it like the ladders and an Alexa perceives it is some sort of porn. So is that because her parents, his parents, were why porn or circular born or no actually was there and that something else I work on, like really dug, really talk a whole lot else about it, but it's no is on the way that tea, do their product. It's gotta, learn from it and if it works, it doesn't have a base to work of then it on his bachelor gonna work minds. I know I'm guessing allegest learns from the internet while the We will now home products. They learn from simple that guinea.
On and do work and say no, you dont want to show porn or if the parents ever especial setting turned on the Google products can say: ok, a child, nothing this, and even though I think you may be looking for porn he's just a child, and I need to stop and not let him see it, EL. The Google will do that for you there's there are settings, you can do pay parental setting that kind of thing here, but yeah, it's also a they actually have. People do work to make sure that list. You're safe online, that kind of stuff so cheap. I don't know if you can say this, but I mean it's pretty well known the reason why Google is doing all this and the search engine. The reason why it's free is because, in the same thing here is. They are true to develop artificial intelligence. So they're. Using all of this information as a way to map
how the human brain and how humans interact and how Oh they think, and so the you are you you're, looking at the benefit. All this is great. I get I say this their benefit. The reason why this is so cost effective you in the home is because They want all of that information because their their strong, giving for artificial intelligence, and if there was one, company that I think is going to do. It would be Google because, as you said, chip, they have access to absolutely everything I yeah. Here talking and a whole lot on that tell you whether or not you might be right, but what I can say may may make you feel a little bit better is whenever we do our work, we're not you know we're not talk. To buy us anything in a certain way or do what they want.
You really want it to be how they they wanted to be something that works for everyone, because it like you, know I've. I don't know about, maybe they're doing anything like that. Like you talking about, I will take this. I don't I'm not assigning I'm not assigning We ve nefarious yet, and I mean it's a private corporation the day I would be exceptional tat I mean you. Ve already said ship and I you know we should probably cut this. Precision with you as you don't get it in any trouble here. But you know when you know, as chip was saying here a second ago that they're they're using all of the information, the the goal, is eventually to be able to say- you you're reading, something and it's starting to now. Think like you are, so it is the ultimate assistant.
And so it knows what you're reading, because you're reading it on your device. It knows what you ve underlined: It knows when you said, for instance, it has all of my patterns of when I read it now if I go and I will highlight a name or I will jump off and I will look for additional information, already do those things and so When you get up in the morning or say, hey Glenn, I notice it last night you're reading such and such do. Would you like more information. I did some research. I think you'll find this really interesting. Or I know you ve been talking about your anniversary is coming up and I You been talking to your assistant because its reading my mail about getting something up for your anniversary. Have you considered these things, because I also Antonia mail and no she's interested right now in these things that there's nothing there.
Various about it. But first let me get you a cup of coffee via ugly. I gotta be well, others say another get off a here for a year. Now to say no comment on that: you can figure it out yeah. But yeah yeah. No comment: tagging miserly vibration. Earlier that I mean that that's theirs, there is no secret. That I mean he probably can't talk about it because of his non disclosures. But that is there's nothing nefarious about that. The key Spain is where do you draw the line at what point do you say I don't want to go any further than this centre is align anymore and I don't think there is either no I think I mean this is what Al Gore talks about it in the first chapter of his book that nobody read the idea of Trans Humanism and trans humanism is targeted to be about twenty thirty and
is the merging of man and machine where artificial intelligence is so good. That you will you automatically upload things you'll be able download some of your thoughts and upload some Information will whose how are you gonna come PETE. If you don't want to do that right now. Think of our conversations, it's the ten year anniversary of the smartphone of the Iphone this year, ten year anniversary ten years now about conversations. Goes we just had them. We were up in the upper the ranch, we don't we don't really have. We know devices. So you're up at the ranch and you're playing cards, you're playing a game, no has Google out what you're talking about a story where you're saying hey what was the name of that? You actually have to search for that in your own mind ago. It was it known or now it was something like
no I'll, think about it in a second, you we'll have those. Relations anymore, because you start down that road and somebody has it and they ve done the Google search when that is merged with you think of the power that you have as an individual when who are able to access the internet. Inside your own self. That's twenty thirty! I am convinced but I was with my my sister and her son over the holiday and she got him vs goggles and I looked at who are you out of your mind, his icon. Another great No, you see it's the and I'm convinced the and civilization I just wanna rather, because I know I know you do. I know you did about. But if you look at where that's headed
when, when you have, and by twenty twenty five twenty twenty five you'll have this When you have the virtual suit that you can put on, if you, when you, when you're able to fail, you're to fill in your arrival or whatever you're doing enable do actually feel the sensation. If you are, you are you already reaching for things and you are right when you can reach when you then each out and grab something s. When someone can tap you on the shore, it'll be are, and you can feel it can you imagine they have these horror scenarios that you watch the ass any blood you bear if you'd think retail, ok, so so now, you're advice, then we ve talked about the terrible. I imagine My life is just a piece of crap. I just go work. I don't have a job that I like. I I don't have any satisfaction. I just you know. I have a crappy life, I'm just
stop making it, but I can afford v are and I can afford the internet, and I can afford I'll save up for this suit? I go and I just do my job dead to the world. There's a dead world, I'm just living for my paycheck to feed and to be. People to pay for the internet and the services that I want, I go home. I get into the suit I now have a girlfriend. Who can touch me She learns all about me, When assistant, I have the virtual. I live in a palace. Every everything I do and then I off the goggles and I'm back to this world. I'm telling you it is the end of civilization, ass, the other world will be so much better for so many people, oh my gosh, so many people is created or you, how can it not be its personalized to fit
for every want and need. Tell me how you don't end up in the matrix back into society, you're were listening to the Glen Back Programme about this coming world, it's called ready player. One came out a few years ago, best seller Steven Spielberg just bought it, making a move in the next couple of years, and it's really good and it talks about this virtual world and what it's called ready player. One came out a few years. Go best seller Steven Spielberg just bought it, making a move in the next couple of years,
It's really good and it talks about this virtual world and what its really going to be like and how the corporation. And the government have kind of intertwined. It's really fascinating, called ready player one day they see Rogue one. Yes, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I thought over when I when I watch, I thought it was a bid on it. Wasn't a spoonful Evans, who really good it, was a Greeley good movie for us, secondary, storyline, yeah, it's a fantastic movie and it's just a printing press for Disney What his knee now, Disney has the Marvel Series they own marvel, they own Pixar and they own star wars. It's pretty good light up else. Do they need that's an amazing company not to not to mention the parks, the other- is Television ABC Tv are pretty well,
when ABC Television is gonna like the junk you work for that. Parliament is, unless it's years be because it gives me it's really more valuable than we saw it in. Oh, it is, s p example was the controversy may just be an over the holiday something that I read about a yes Pierre, maybe he's just a year and review about how he s pm well is losing viewer ship because they become so politically literacy. Could be yeah. I saw, I think I saw I research report on on Facebook, and the difference between Republicans and Democrats, and I couldn't be Eve. How different we are
the people who said that they were voting for a republican, verse, the people who that they were voting for Democrats like sixty percent of rape, lookin. Seventy percent of Republican said they were NFL, also liked the NFL or an Anti fell team, and only like forty percent of Democrats while if it's a weird split, really yeah, really weird split, and yet it's it's interesting as anytime. You listen to a sport. Station any time they get on politics right completely liberal and its use an agonising, don't. I think, as part of the problem with ESPN Pierre is appeals to the Heartland Right except they don't understand that they did. I don't I If you guys ever noticed a split between people who live in New York and and football I mean I was shocked by that it was it was trying to remember. I think it was also
there were more conservatives or more republicans that followed soccer. Then Democrats that get b because Soccer Panzer Communists, We all know that I thought you know just as clear. Open border communist, it's already flawed, we're not talking about a sob, because making new year's resolution? No, I never do that wasted time. They gave that up for land. Long time ago. Mary would do let us your resolution. It is not to make Ramirez all in all. I just try to do better and then leave it.
That gives any time you resent you never really does why I never really under the same man. You were met thirty years, probably even worse, yet I've gone backwards, rather go backwards, so it's not working well, for you have never. Captain new year's resolution has anybody. Oh we we should ask. I mean I'd love to hear of somebody who's in over ten or fifteen or twenty years kept to resolution, even for fifteen minutes, have you kept a resolution, go to the gym everyday you know out, I better failure ass. My guess I knew was a really value. A family ever happens. We is a family, we buying somebody a gym membership and they got to me in but I do to donate for the job. As then everybody user
the greens that wherever they really need to know, they merely leads lead, but they are not. All of you know what they're really talking about getting a healthy there. Now they know. Maybe if you need me maybe a couple of times diligent though use that the membership back Programme, I appeal to you to make a new year's resolution. We you're from you about what you'd like to do differently this year. If anything, it will start there right now.
The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is it is the boy by programme, as sometimes happens with fat people like us, Glenn through his back out by sitting there, was this lunatic, appoint a fool lifting up good food and through his back, he wouldn't even doing that. I just moved, and I don't know sometimes you know when you got bad back when you have a bad backing
It doesn't take anything I mean you just know: does her away and bang urine massive pain, which was what just happened to a moment ago and so he's kind of an carried off on a stretcher, almost not quite a stir but he was definitely helped out of the studio close, so pack ray and Jeffrey, foregoing right now and then Stew is really sick. Today I went through that too. I got that flew a really bad a few weeks ago, and I was in bed for several days just feeling like crap you get any of that. So I know I know very fortunate about the it's nice. I have definitely going around me. I got the beginning if I felt like the beginnings of illness coming on and then so then you but I mean whether here in Texas has been so well It's like you know, equity raising the dollar's winter them. You know it goes. Seventy five. Forty three sixty eight fifty two
if there is any less girls are tonight is going to be very. They are Tripoli, Seventy seven back right right before the break we were. We were talking about the fact that I just I never make resolutions anymore, and I I don't know anybody who does do still make news resolutions. How do you send the one for the work out in the maharajah men? Scott, so well, it decided. Why do I made? No parliament is in the interest of yes, just the same fear, setting yourself up. First of all for failure not swell immediately now why'd, you do it like yeah. According to business insider, the most popular resolutions, your co workers making for two thousand and seventeen one slash five of people. Twenty two percent of the thirty four is pretty big survey. Three thousand four hundred and eleven employees were, and they said their top resolution for twenty seventeen is to leave their current job and find a new one. Wow.
Among younger workers number is even higher. Thirty five percent of those between eighteen and thirty four expect avenue job by the end of the year. It is conducted online by their Harris Pole and about half of the respondents. Forty nine percent say they plan to put more their paycheck into savings about a third thirty. Eight percent want to decrease their stress, love Another third would like to move up a step on the ladder over the next twelve months. Twenty eight percent planned to consume less junk food at the office, as does it's not gonna happen people. This is just a second to happen, I bother insist not, is understand that and no it and then you don't have to be to push them disappointed the whole year and just about twenty six percent resolve to make more corps
training or seminars in twenty seventeen, why, I don't know, there's just stupid sister it very few of these are actually going to happen, which is why I you know, and then the other resolution for most people is to eat right, Actually, your letter lose weight and its important- and I want to I do too, I really do. I just don't call it a resolution because again I think you're set yourself up for failure. Just when I want to. I want DR by the german use that as a priority in Poland, I don't want anything but the general unreal return that one. You know I mean eat right. An exercise, maybe at home, maybe take a walk from time to time and do not want to go, the gym that family members now several kids who are just obsessed,
by with a gene part odour of gems evacuate. I'd know I'm not doing it posture so naturally does work out alive, said to be what six five and three Teddy's without announce a fat on your own dear will now he's lost lot away by working out so hard yeah he's down, like fifty pounds, owes you really eyes were deployed in view. Look at the draft somebody. I fell for a new contract he's. What is forty three? Now as this anymore is even even do resolutions think so, noble least now must be somebody right as we talk about it every year and there are, there has to be asked to be somebody. Let's go to peat intact, resolutions that you'd like to share with us. I don't even know if anybody does this anymore this evening, do resolution a thing so that no police now must be somebody rikers? We
about it every year and there either has to be asked to be somebody. Let's go to Peat in Texas, beat you're on the Glinda programme with that guy good. So I ask colleagues earlier I get my revolution would probably be the ratio of those in order things off Amazon or me any more seeing it. You guys caught total chaos in our worrying things like that. Go with it surprising how many things! First of all, it's amazing how many people have no does we ve heard that quite a bit so for this more today and then and then that would suit
off from listening to the radio's kind of interests designating. Do I didn't think it out? We were saying Alexa so now we just did it again. So one thing with that morning, while the way you're saying that it always always already in Oregon, were happening right. I need a warrant anyway, so that, if not actually always ring and recording everything everyone thought ranging here. What a guy din didn't like these, but the key word in its Barton, actually learn that divide encoded in ship on the divine or that the key word over whatsoever. He cooler during that sort of thing in it,
listening to tightening up. You know what other out by the leper double track the contact, your love according to be able to pick up what you said before then why? Why then, would the police want access to who is recordings fatal, realise that not functioning like a microphone they make that it did it take rather style, maybe someday you don't give so that I could easily be Google or ever going by me. You know like opera, the possibility for it to have contact the minutes, birds recording everything You can see that happening in the future, but today that's not how it works, so it would do them. No good, then, is what you're saying so, even if even a feminist Amazon censure, which will give the tape the recordings, then there and
Wouldn't do them any good because it wouldn't have recorded unless they said, hey, Alexa, I'm about to kill this guy. But which is you're doing that, while you're, probably not gonna, get away pryingly Matt you probably not that's our data a murderer. Alas, I need cleaning products time up. This blood will that's interesting. Actually, that's that's a relief because onawandah recording everything I wouldn't. I wouldn't want that in my house and stand by listening mode. That's where men were going were learning went to steady, take in all of TAT data. They were right, screening, everyone, Santa think about the matter would be alive. It would be a data at the broader and what was that they want it, but you paper now you don't want to go in I support a good point. It's a pretty good boy is appreciate. The call think sloppy. Let's go to Zack in Ohio, Zack you're on the Glinda programme High,
hello. How are you good a couple years resolutions BAR Anita. A little bit away. Now, I'm gonna start holding my representatives accountable, I'm actually from West Virginia parameter, driver out that it is now your higher right now so my senators no man, my congressmen, Mckinley and I've seen suspense horror flags of the houses from the nineties. Not are going to get any a fiber optics, because my fears It will enslave me in my own house. You know I mean I don't think that's ridiculous anymore. I think it could happen, though she because everyday lives.
I mean it could happen with right here with the with the computer information and then the robotics mixed with robotics, even without the robotics, just the information in your home, but with robotics as well yeah yeah, I mean not that far fetched, though, does not, if anything, what haywire I mean, let's say, were completely dependent on a small home and the power goes out for an extended period of time. Then what do you do? I mean it If your house, I could see a scenario where you'd be pretty powerless. If you depend on the smart functions of your house, to do everything, then, without power, without power, Eve got nothing right, there's no way to switch switch away from yeah. I can see why would be regards. It's nothing sinister, you know, just a power outage would screw things up right.
It's gotTA, Brian in Massachusetts, brine you're on the Glinda Programme, as the old I happy New year happy New year ago on cultural diversity, like and now so matter. You did it the two party state in terms of all communication. Europe, in that both are.
These need to be aware that you recording, as you are correct, so that the exceptional saying federal law enforcement, phone companies etc. So now the summary of Mass LAW is prevent private citizens who secretly recording others workers at device with it. The intense procedurally record, I'm kind of he wore there's secretly, not so and ten, but if you bring a case from, I believe, a guard. Ah, yes, ass. Ah, I think they frightening found that China Tab. Yes, if you are you well, he doesn't always been recorded and how can you prove in terms of a guy he's dead?
Ah, you can't get. I saw it that would be interesting due to test in in Massachusetts or any of these states with it with the two party law. I would be interested to see, but it's kind of a moot point. If one previous collar was saying, is true in that it doesn't right. Recording does lying with product as a simple admission that you are aware that its record again What it's like Current is implied like when you call a radio station wrote its implied that you're giving us consent to put you on the ear of AIDS. Different. If we call you get the latest telephone with I put in new applications, I do you read: what's good, they read all the agreements that you agreed to with
ray APP or do you deny agree. I want to use the app move on yes, said all that information is going to those app and they make it impossible. The thirty eight pages, look here, deny there's not these used to break it up into sections where you can locate- and you can do this, but you can't do this now, no more that its deny or not use the prison. The gall brand thanks, that's gonna Eric and California Eric you're on the glimpse programme than men, glad to see you guys again. I've been having withdrawals from listening. As I am sure my right now are twenty four years old from California. My resolutions adequate ginger, oh wow, combining completely not just cut back you're gonna, quit I wondered that start after New year's eve,
yeah. Has waited? Regulations just three days was. There was our more that it is. I mean that's a big one. Now huge, I had a bad, but I want something on Youtube from going back. You guys talk alcoholic. Actually, you call him the sheriff you write. The candidate did motivate me standing in for six months when I was working for crews really nice. So what I would do first start by maybe watching them every three months. We are discovering role, and that is that the guy who He called us and said that he he'd gotten sober inspired by ray, I read out sobriety than he read the book red lie: read the book yeah yeah yeah, that was, it was a powerful, powerful yeah story
would have been great the IRA? Don't you guys? Do I really appreciate the network and that in future, as well the art everyday thanks a lot her eyes gotta, Andrew in Florida, Andrew you're, on the Glinda programme High, but good morning they just wanted to say that I am not only made my new year's resolutions for the past four years were kept every real time when Arthur have they been difficult or are they just throw away resolution give us- and I well- I obviously you know I'm a fat man, so the obvious resolution is to become not a fat man, but that is not something. It's gonna help. You welcome Andrew welcome, yes, I'm weak, but I made resolutions
making resolutions to learn and become profession at something new appear all eyes. Ok, oh boy There's a girl, I started with archery. I wanted to learn archery just something to do. You know I I learned archery and I became profession, then you don't. I wanted to learn to use a cabinet catch. My own bait clean, a fish properly become an angler, and this year my goal was hunting size secured. My hunting license, and I'm gonna learn wherever I can about that man more Europe needs to be done, so are you this with the goal of becoming sort of nor self sufficient and survivalist? to an extent. Yes, I realise that there are things might not always goes land animal ready. Nice
the way to go about it appreciate the call thanks a lot Andrew per Tripoli. Seventy seven back, eighty eight, seventy seven be easy K, it's the Glen backward the glass back programme, mercury. The pact programme, the gray and jumping for Glenn on blunder programme. The other weird accident. Where are you was sitting and hurt himself, so
see you dont want to sit there. You don't need you gotta, be careful. I mean he was not I'll worry about every, because he's heard is hurting absolve sitting. He wills, he's gonna, hurt himself sleeping, he was gonna, be getting there and we're like being careful and he wasn't value as a busy with you. He apparently moved tried the bow in some way and seriously. He did through his back really body and it had to be helped from the studio severity. I saw it happened where it was like it hid ITALY's we're right, he moved improved evolve, yet it was so that bread- it was not good so nay, I mean just a cautionary tale, a view of your big fat guy like we are, don't be merely vow tat, doubt both its. When I try to live by, I tried not to move as much as possible, so don't be telling me about these Jim stuff
Well, you need Jim Member cheer up and you need to work out your ads that strengthen your core net. No, no. The thing is until move and then don't be a product or your course fight it, because it's that move I'm not moving right now. And so my core is perfect right, Tripoli. Seventy seven We ve been talking about new year's resolutions that if anybody makes, them anymore, and apparently a few people still do and business insight or just Interpol career builder atop resolutions for for working people, but half the respondents. Forty nine percent plan to put more their paycheck into savings that a third wanted decrease their stress level about twenty two percent of employees just want to change jobs this year. That's when you hear that from a lot of people, a lot of people not doing what they like doing in
mean it's important to you. Do you like right here that a rabbit triple eight? Seventy seven back, eighty eight seventy seven be easy gave. You ve made a resolution back programmes program, eighth, eighteen, seventy seven
people? Glenarvan went back programme Glenn through his back out so he's out for the rest of the day he hopefully beyond tomorrow, maybe from his we'll will see and then Stew came down with some kind of chinese crud. I don't even know if he's been to China, but somehow we garage nineties ourselves, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven, two hundred and eighty eight eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. What a week after the Rogue one star wars movie was released, Carrie fee died was a week. Maybe we're gonna have something like that at another time frame, both close enough to be part of. Really sad, she was only sixty. Only six in boy sixty looks like to me look like a teenager when your desktop
I remember what I tell you: it's just a year's away now and then a mean. I know it's in your reviewing the think about sixty, but the sixty soon. I remember worrying about turning sixty thinkin, that's horrible, but now outside the an infant at Surely they talked about her having problems on the airplane, and you know it then then, governor being Russia, the hospital I was of French, you didn't. They then like a while later they said she she was stable. She was in stable guy there, mother, dear mother, made and then son she was his five yeah and then all of a sudden, she's gone, really sad and then and then your mom die right within what a day of that, so Debbie Debbie Reynolds we lost like within forty eight hours so carry Fisher and in an inward George, Michael died and that's kind of those are weird circumstances. Nobody really knows
what happened there right there really know. What do you say we go home so You know everybody to anyone, but we gotta die somewhere when they won't say it usually dates. Usually suicide or aids right is not normally the case, though, when I predators one of the pictures that show they saw him last being photographed which was in the last month or so before he died. He Looked at them now he didn't that's. That is true, though, if you give your close to death with the disease and you dont Bulgaria later and then there seems to be some suspicion with is significant other earthen, because, first of all, this guy said that he was with them all weekend and then he suddenly. I know I fell asleep and my car and I slept the night- fell asleep in your car. Ok
when a good night's Riah so lets a weird circumstanced do and then Labelle Edwards, one of my heroes, legendary coach of be what you for three years: diet as well become in threes. Fortunately not have auguries. That's for people! That's that's! For Tripoli! Seventy seven be easy K. Eighty eight! Seventy seven back we're talking about New year's resolution Sophie made one if you, if you still have those who would like to hear what yours is in in Finland, they have an ambitious new new year's resolution in mind. They they want to find out how offering people free money for two years helps the unemployed get back to work back other, be they're gonna, take two thousand people who are currently unemployed and give them free money for two no matter. What either maneuvering get the money first month period,
and then they're gonna see how about helps them get back to work? It's gonna get a to alert. Gonna get him right back to work, because, if you're getting more money, by sitting home doing nothing You know you're going to be inspired and motivated to get out and get a job you're going to want to visit, going to be able to afford to eat on new shirts and Sonu Panther get out there and look good Gazette lawyer theory behind in Moscow. Eighty re openness it is going to give them five hundred ninety dollars a month, which is not a lot of money, but it is, it supplements people of that you know. Maybe that'll be enough for Greenland thummim what most people are living in small,
apartments little bit familiar with inland. My son live there for two years. I've been so I don't know how much it cost for one of the smaller places, but can't I don't I don't either but everything's government subsidized, so the taxes are ridiculous for everybody and the government takes care of everything to begin with. So if the government that's giving out money to people for doing nothing, charges. Other people were butcher, Bunny exactly that were now apparently they're going to do that. The EU, and its even more of that as so thus get to work out really one opponents of the experiment say it will just allow people to sit on their catch all day. It I mean, of course, that's gonna happen. What are you? I can't wait to hear the results of this and see if they, but if they
tell the truth about these are socialists to begin with. So are they going to tell the truth? Well, you know I didn't work. Given people free money we found out, it did dad, didn't motivate them. Proponents claims actually use the money to make their lives better in what way? How is that? What how the system, nowadays, it's pretty negative for people who try to do something even little in their lives and get something out of it? a basic and income might turn risky, might turn a risky move into a much safer one, so they think they're getting five hundred. Ninety dollars a month will allow them to become more adventurous and try something new give them a little bit more of a safety net than they already have it's a well. That's a bizarre play as a bizarre with a theory.
Tripoli. And then you wonder, you know why were in the kind of situation that were in, but that's what some people have touted would be affixed here, removed as a theory the doesn't pay everybody a monthly, their monthly, stipend yeah. And if for for the most menial of jobs to pay people fifteen dollars an hour to do them. Even that is a terrible plan row, but when you're paying people to do absolutely nothing, how do you think that's going to work we ve seen over over over when people become reliant on the government it doesnt motivate them to do better, they simply rely on the governor and where there is some states that have made people do so.
This is for the state public service or have a job for the state. If they're going to take state money and that's then where the people say, no, no, that's fine! You keep your money and I want to do that. I don't even want to work and I want to work at all. I'm not gonna Sweepest Street and get your money the out. Well, ok it doesn't make any sense triple eight. Seventy seven back, it's gonna Johnny and Ohio Euro you're on the Olympic Programme of the door, guys doing good just wanted to get my resolution, my three that I have for the last about eight years. Oh well, ok they're very wanted to keep older, but the I pay strong, and I do it my first one to not write a novel. Do not write an idle, ok level around my neck. You want it to, Climb Mount Everest.
Like everyone else should not run. A marathon doesn't work enough. Where you been doing, I wear that you know what I am solid wall could be with those Congratulations, I mean those commendable commendable, year after year. You have not read marathon. Nor have you climb Mt Everest, that's that admirable study I gotta go to ginger injury or on the Glenn programme program. But I love your program. I've been listening since you guys were in encamped Bay, I'm a faint p, I love the programme and not away like it better with you guys without one that and I'm not trying to be mean, I'm not trying to be managed with the truth. I began relief on age injured themselves, which many I am sorry that he's not feeling well. It was thing by you guys you to our history.
Really funny and I really enjoy listening to you and oddly enough Isn't it ironic how your listeners arm, like you, don't share so many things in common, because my resolution are exactly the same as Johnny's You must read the importance that you guys have on me, but I also I wish you a happy new year and our end to say thanks for the entertainment and also to remind you that you forgot number five are William Christopher. Gentlemen, I played Father monkey on MASH died on New year's Eve. I didn't even hear about that one, her, so but that's not the warriors all according to Jeffrey, that would be the second sounded a new reality as a backup, whereas one guy or whether there are mainly was really. I was a great actor. He wasn't always as early good. I love the show, and I really liked him in it so I heard he died. Propitiated thanks, lug ginger. I eight seventy,
back, let's go to David California, they do you're on the Glinda Programme, hello. How are you doing today known good? I make two resolutions on nineteen: nine. I retired from the military with thirty one years, service think service. I would thank you one. I would still be in the same shaped the rest of my life to my dying days and more of the same size code and I'm seventy two now and I do I play racquetball twice a week while and that's a good one amazing and the second one is. I would do something good every day, no matter whether with little Betty or no matter what it was, and I've lived up to that every single day. You guys should try that really something simple. While I change the Ladys white tire. For this every day at something to settle, someone's grocery to their car didn't know letting them every single day. What did you do on June? Six? Ninety. Ninety, three, at what do you think nineteen
Only three. Now all I do remember that is a matter of decrees built. Another reason I remember that there was a car accident at old guy out of a car wow. I remember that. Right on June six, nineteen. Eighty three! That's it well as well about there's your word so exhausted for both the guy out of the car. What happened on June? Seventh, I can't tell you, aren't you, the main thing I think today, you actually do remember I'd like it. Seventy do I, like you. I remember the way this work, this from fifty to sixty you'll, learn all your contains. Delco in that Annette Frenetic, be the seventy you'll, learn to accept them and usually after seventy guess what you start forget them thanks a lot. As I'm not sure, that's really comforting. Oh we'll take a triple eight. Seventy seven back more the Glen back.
I'm gonna be listening to the land back programmes, the Glen Back programme. Mercury
your listening to the Glen background to this welcomes it whereby Programme Jeffrey Jeffrey, Pat Gray Advert led back, who had to leave couple minutes early millionaire. He added tragic accident sitting in a chair and moved away. That is almost as if we're joking and we're not let that be a cautionary tell tee if you're in a big fat person like we are an you're sitting in a chair, don't move, she says. They're gonna, be out with you My family, you can have a happy day. We might, they were getting we're. We're not looks like mark. Zuckerberg has gotten religion. We don't
What religion that is, but the Facebook CO founder, an ceo says not an atheist anymore. Is Facebook profile once identified him as an this body reveal that he's had a change of heart on on his social media network after he wished everyone a merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah on Christmas day Here is how to get the right again and again. May I see, I don't know buddy, he said merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah from Priscilla MAX beast in me: ass, his wife dotterine dog. When it commentator asked him, aren't you an atheist responded now I was raised tuition, then I went through a period where a question things, but now I believe religion is very important. That always bothers me. I mean that's kind of disturbing. I went through a period where a question things like what religious
well don't question things they just blindly accept. That's me implication. Yes, I mean from all these. This actual atheists is through a period where I at least question things so to the rest of us. Ok, my job while away everything fed to us. But you know I don't want to detract from the fact that that's definitely opposed You didn't provide any details on his face body just set its important, so he apparently in twenty fifteen went to China and he posted at the time that he knelt in front of the Buddhist some Buddhist landmark any said Priscilla Buddhist and asked me to offer a prayer from hers. Well, Buddhism! Isn't it email? religion in philosophy and I've been learning more about it over time? I hope to continue understand the faith more deeply. So leads you to believe. Maybe it's not Christianity, its Buddhism.
Possible, but it is all about and they just add the baby. You know the end of November first part of December, so you know new life in the in your house and watching a birth. The makes you believe that the other something bigger than you gonna have a baby changes. Everything had, sir, does triple eight. Seventy, seven back, eighty seven to seven be easy. Kate. I also understand that Facebook is developing. We're talking about the Amazon ECHO and the ok, Google, Google home thing supposedly Zuckerberg, develop something That's also pretty amazing along those lines that does a lot of things in your home good, I mean I'm excited to bed, no nothing bad can happen any these modern back print.
That jumpy and Fora Glenn, who just use an hour ago. Technology is awesome, but what are the drawbacks? What are we becoming but some of the latest innovations to be in every home. As we have been today, we ve been what about your new year's resolutions we all, I want to get into black lives matter. Do they want. You don't hear much about the black loves being lost in Chicago. Do what a year twenty sixteen was four murders in Chicago, unbelievable Also, the Russians influence the elections. Not I didn't happen that wasn't had not they do with Russians according to Julian Assange and we certainly believe help also George wash
university is apparently removed. U S. History from their curriculum will start there right now. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, this is the Glen. You're going to authorities back pretty badly, probably he'll be back on tomorrow? Maybe I livable see late. Seventy seven back its back rage and Jappy in stores also sick today, so not a great start for those guys go in twenty seventeen, so they
everything that we were going to mention you just mentioned right before we came on a pair? the Rock Hall of Fame. As decide areas. They handed the olive fame here and we were out we're pretty close where we're pretty close, when we, when we talk about who we thought where they would Tell us again, the nominations: do you have that in front of your I just ever they picked out, I don't have. The entire dominate will certainly get it who whose actually going in this year I'm sure they're all incredibly deserving of growth and certainly more deserving women's foreigner who can't even be nominated because- they only had about thirty top forty hits They only had I don't know of fifteen or twenty top ten hits. They only sold about eighty million records worldwide. They ve only been
icons for about forty years. You wouldn't want them in the Rock Hall of Fame, but but you do want Joad by as shown by, Joan. By did you see the people, do the people vote on the website a month. Or to leading up to the actual did as right and Joan by, as was at the bar, Now that live saw the when we talk about vote and another to hear or on patents, do we did both we talk about who we thought they would pick. Obviously, who was who was in the running right and we pretty close we make has. I think we said Diana was we wanted one, because all you have to do. Is Singapore tat song in an early sixties and you're in zoos and copy of greed, of the yellow, elect
Light orchestra? Ok, that's a good one worthy! Absolutely deplorably now should have been in a long time ago, the S so eel. Joan by as Journey journey. Of course, headquarters is dying. I they deserve a pearl jam pearl just yet. Because we said there's no way, they're not going to lend the no way. That's right, that's the other thing. Besides protests, arms is singing about here, mused era. That's that's what they represent road here. Tell me what do I got beaten? What I was too good in your in here in the rattle of it so So Joan by as Isla Journey Pearl JAM and, of course, Tupac secure Who else do you think of other fats? Does that to Portugal to pack was that of the bottom, but he was down there.
Not yet he was, he was very nearly was out there with John via yes,. Unbelievably, though, there was no way we're gonna put to pocket Tupac in and he's not rock, but they don't. They don't go by that. For some reason, the Rock Hall of Fame really has very little to do with rock and roll, because a lot of rap artists are aren't, be you know so Its frustrate turning. Finally, we have although, whereas that, finally, we have yes, so they did get it of course, of course, cause they're a rolling stone favorite, right there there if the rolling Stone magazine liked the band, there's a good chance. You're gonna get me other than honourable lonely heart and round about Name of yes son. Are you talkin to me? I'm talking to you again,
No, I want I want to look it up. Well knew no one gets here, because I don't even know what the out I've. Why would you just said roundabout already, you didn't even level. Only heart I refer is no longer the round it. I know it was a biggest hit, but round about was longer so you pleaded to take a longer break. Yes, you did if you ever had to go to the bathroom and you worked at a classic rock station- we go round about because it was about yeah I'll, be around about eighty thousand dives you're good, the other yeah abroad about the stairway to Heaven. Where were the tube triple eight? Seventy seven. Eighty eight. Seventy seven hundred and twenty George Washington needed. The city in Washington DC has decided that giving students more flexibility is that those who are going to give a more flexible those that means freeing them up from taking required courses like? U S, history,
why, even if their historic majors here, they don't have to take you? now that's agonizing? We should serve any government money. They get, should be taken from them immediately using a phobic bastard you take it away. I don't care. If you tell me you don't like the: U S, history, their teaching. Otto care should be: U S, history! That should be a mandatory thing, It should ask this eventually required, especially if you're a history major not study? U S! History. According to the college fix the new requirements allow for students to take an optional course in previously required courses or a high school on a placement test to opt out of our well good, but there's no. Our mandate to take? U S, history now achieves a couple of things too, I will say they eliminated requirements for note there, for you ass
American of european history, which, if you, even if your history measures absolutely wrong, as well as foreign language requirement those- that's not required now for major, so you could get. You could get your? U S, history, major, without that it history big deal and the reason is that they're saying they decided to to do this is because they want they want to recruit new students to better reflect a globalizing world because as were citizens of the globe. Are way we're? Not? U S. Citizens anymore were citizens of the globe
of this planet. You know, so this is a beautiful thing. They can take world history instead of european history. We are just we're begging for travel every time. If they take a dime of taxpayers, money should be taken of them work, though that's fine, you could do it. You are right. I don't care what right, but you get no taxpayers money come on. I mean you're United States University, I'm just realized they to America Universe, I'm really worried about what's goin on our colleges, because even the so called conservative leaning schools, their teaching, our heads, our really, I was talking to my son over the Christmas break about what he was learning from his professors in history, and he said they.
Hate Israel for one thing and the slant on is really Alice stint relations was all palestinian leaning, coarse and They didn't come right out and say that Israel is wrong, but everything they taught lead to believe that there may be ready to our country is where we too want to vote when we know what's gonna happen, John Kerry. Telling us that the wrong and bad Obama's Madonna's they want why to go back to the sixty eight borders. Israel's at the wrong, why they should why? Why wouldn't to be that way- and I I too, I told him- you know that, due to the even talk about the fact that the Palestinians have their shot at a homeless when the partition was made on eighteen, forty, eight, when the? U N, when the? U N, a birth to Israel. They also gave birth to a palestinian state, and the Palestinians region did it and instead went to war with there?
or brethren against Israel and nineteen forty eight, or why, They know what were the that have. They did even tat they never talked about it. They never talked about it. How is that possible and then they went to war again in eighteen, fifty, six and again in nineteen sixty seven. In thousand seventy three and nineteen eighty one and so on, and so for through history and The Israelis have had enough by sixty seven and finally kept the West Bank, Gaza, Palestinians or always been that's not enough- and we all know what enough is for them. Enough is means getting rid of Israel. It's getting rid of Israel because unless we do, that is not enough. That's right! So we're not agreeing very end Billy, you have the? U n go along with that, and now apparently you ve got. The Obama administration going with the: U N, and in these resolutions, though,
and Israel is pretty fed up with it. Now I don't blame him. I don't blame him. So what chance store kids huh? when their hearing all of this garbage in in college- and these are the people- we ve set up as the authority figures. These are that this is where you gonna, go, and learn all these great things to prepare you for life, and then their hearing, all this stuff and other, getting any. U S, history! On top of that, it places like George Washington University and that that please, the argument for not having been get the: U S, history, right, you're, that maybe they history they get we'll be correct and not at least it's not going to be no business, I'm going to make now it's it's going to be a worldview. It's going to be an anti american view and in its hard to overcome that slant, and so, if your kids are attending universities, I recommend talking to them what they're learning from their professors so that you can at least provide them with the other other side of it and I'm going to take a while
as I told John I don't mind if they teach you both sides. I don't I care about that, all back- that's the way you should let them decide just teach them both sides of the issue right, slanted one way or the other he he said one of the things he liked best about one of his professors was one day he come in with one side of an argument and he would argue the other side while the students came at him with quick. And then the next day. He would, the other side of it and have them respond accordingly and I won't that's what we should be no absolute, let decide, but it can because otherwise it's it's indoctrination. Well, sadly, this was happening AAA. Seventy when back its patent Jeffrey for Glenn on the Glinda programme. The Goin Back Programme,
travel. Eight. Seventy seven back declared back programme that Jeffrey for Glenn Glinda programme. He turned his back, threw it out again, and so hopefully you'll be back tomorrow, triple eight. Seventy. Seventy easy k us and people underpinned by air for four comments that they made Steve Martin, this weird controversy believe one of the dumbest I've ever is as the legal in my life and they deleted it. A little course daddy. I mean especially these lefties in Hollywood. Did they don't understand the insanity The left, because their part of it, and so the least little criticism they get open, Pokemon sorry actually said. I can't remember the exact weep and he out after Carry Fisher died that she was beautiful and she was also smarten talented, something to that effect right cause he imagined, or until
Gents matching her beauty, something to that effect. Well, the feminist. What crazy? How dare you manage it? All persons are parents after they have died. What road RO limit that become a thing that I can't do that? What are you? Are you kidding me so a Brad Pitt die No woman better ever mention what he was good looking or we will hit the roof. Daddy's asinine. Another tweet. It was, I would argue, as it wasn't offensive in any way and yet because he got so much flatly in he deleted it. What was it, what was the original tweet from? Let's do more things through the spur, soothe and others.
These are the ones that are against him. His tweet. So when I was a young man, carry Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well William bright as well. How horrific, dare you d Mark, you'd, think he'd committed genocide on women or something I think she is but something higher than just being pretty. How do you want to be remembered? Oh by the way, these are some of the will of the people that were so mad at him. Believable I can can her looks not be one of the things you remember now. No, isn't really an insult of carry Fisher, we're alive today, which she say that's an insult. Absolutely I dare say I was beautiful. How dare you Edward hi? I have that wording. I am the dullest person going.
I am know who you couldn't turn partner with me: That's. How do I am also under fire right now, and maybe rightly so, and I have defended him in the past. Brent must burger. Maybe, shouldn't broadcast anymore. No, what do you do? I dont others yeah your brain. Right now, the sugar but last night without of course, operator they still at brown hair, however, what are these? Do you know what I mean to gather icebergs, castor, whose name has maybe passed by It was a while ago, but they still he's. You know they still through the bond for a game or too has been around enough he's got the he's got the name yes and I reckon he does. But last night he was talking about your mixing who, in in public punched a woman in the face and the video was released recently- and you know it's it's terrific. I was couple years ago when it
The needy got suspended for all of the twenty fourteen season. So then he came back and must burger originally said it was troubling very troubling to see we ve talked to the coaches and they all swear. They shut the young man he's doing fine, like I said, Oklahoma thought he might even transfer, but he set out the suspension reinstated and folks he's just one of the best and, let's hope, given a second chance by Bob Stoops in Oklahoma. Let's, let's hope that this young man makes the most of his chance and goes on to have a career in the National Football League now assumed easy said that other you don't know you just said breadth that is not going to go over well, it is, and it didn't and saw their getting all kinds of tweets and all kinds of social media backlash and people are going. Crazy about it and so later in the game, he came out again and said. Apparently some people were upset.
When I wish this young man well at the next level. Let me make something perfectly clear what he did with that young lady was brutal, uncalled for use apologized. It was tearful And now I know but but but let's eat a breadth, glad that is worthy of the UK. He got a second chance. He got a second chance from Bob Stoops. I happened to pull put for people with second chances. Okay, let me make it absolutely clear that I hope he has a wonderful career, He teaches people with that brutal violent video. Ok, see God we're ok, today's euro hat it today that you can't even you can live now. You can't live. You can't walk down the street. You can't go out of your house if you ve been your guilty of hitting a woman. Well, that's true, if you're a sports, if you're responders genetic passports and it kind of athletes,
there's video of it. While it is certainly can't be celebrated. No right, though you know, is the at national level alone, Were they read by the? Dare you here that I wouldn't have even with the whole incident you know in the past, ask me, leave it alone. You know, wish him well what you're talkin about. In the same breath, he beat some woman in the face he used. So Europe better than you maybe time just maybe time
you'll be. Listening to the Glen background, This is the Glen Back Programme,
Debbie for Glenn under Glinda Programme through his back out earlier ugly back with its moral, triple eight? Seventy seven that you're Talkin about Brent must burgers problems last night in is cut a follow up from was at last year or the year before US couple years ago. Now, right when he was talking about aging maclarens girl and during the sugar ball was wasn't the sugar, but I don't. I run of the mill of all gave awaited with some some local, some Alabama game yeah It was an alibi to Bulgaria's championship positively here's. What you said that which was somewhat interesting, but she also Alabama. I gave my parents again. There is deep honour at eight. I won't tell you our backs It is about what a beautiful well, some things right down: very youngster Alabama, let's not get
ok now that we are going to run? You got all kinds of black for that. That was a bad boy, so severely twitter were crazy. They would not cause he's talking about again, a beautiful woman. And I guess that you're not allowed verboten. You are you not allow forbidden. You can't talk about. You can talk about the girl forget about the mother. You gonna talk about the boy for nothing and I you know people. The arts, seventy two year old man and target about a twenty one year old girl is not asking for a day. Do try to sleep with great joy and while others are mother and she's a tree the terrible now that he's got herbs right next to it
Who was a quarter backed by the way who said when he said, while you quarterbacks yes, true right and last night was a little different deal. That was a lot different last night. He deserves some criticism, it was, and it wasn't just the the jewel mixing thing. Sort of you know celebrating him in hoping. He has a great career of repulsion, woman and a face, and I I guess, should that, should that ended we'll go out. There is a lot better living oil is lazy. World thinks there's a lot of people that the EU should you, you should stop existing yeah in. I don't think that Brent gets that at this stage I don't know held what is seventy five brow? We know you, but the other thing he was doing. We don't know how many times he called these large football players rascals that right.
School. That's a big rascal ever bigger what baggage and the other thing he kept saying, was young and gives young and an rascals k if you're, not a nineteen, fifty six anymore, breadth, and so again it just might be Tybee Tiber. Does the together we love you, I mean, I know I think he's great once in a while. You may go back around. Maybe we maybe do press conference at the at the ball games every once in a while. The sugar ball baby gives you a special award you're the sugar beet Oh guy you're, the honorary a shudder: bull, over here. Allow you to say three members during the sugar. Allow you to say the word super singer ball, whether this year, an excellent just might be tied to ticket Europe. The both of you
good- and I will say indefinitely- is time for the Obama's. Now this happened a couple of weeks ago, but we were on vacation when she said it and I couldn't believe the insensitivity of it in their time. But I reminded me how, I am to see these to go when Michelle Obama sat down with opera and because in their talking about the Trump presidency and how the left is going crazy and here's what Michelle Obama set were feelin. What not having helped feels like it now hope is necessary. It's it's a necessary concept and bereft didn't just talk about Pope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. I mean here and so many believe that if what else do you have, if you don't have hope, what are you give your kids if you can't get
Hope, I'm sorry she saying that about the right who almost lost all hope when her husband was elected, when her marxist husband was elected in two thousand, eight, no waiting? at all what the right was feeling bidding needing give they didn't care at all about any body but themselves. And now, all of a sudden. Now they see that their their reaction is much the same as hours and they have no recognition of that none. They are the most unaware, people, these liberals and progressives apparently can't see beyond their own noses. It's just making, and it's it's one of the reasons of I'll, be very happy to say goodbye to them on January twentieth, regardless of whose entering the White House just so they're, going out the other drug. Just so they're gone, and he makes a makes a big point. Now
were continuing to say that he is still going to be involved, and I know I'm not going anywhere. There really yard He told the monitor all that. I I don't know what the I wasn't. I was only paying half attention to the to the new cycle, one we're on vacation, but he was too some little kid, I'm not going anywhere because it would say and how he is going to miss him and all that and- and I thought I don't know if you don't go anywhere, you need to go somewhere in just leave us alone. Now you have done enough as though why he does either its fascinating to watch this, though, because again they are so unaware, Paul, Krugman, Nobel winning Economist and Liberal New York Times columnist. Said that he's lost faith in the future of the United States. Now, when we were saying this in two thousand eight in two thousand twelve- that we work can
turned around the world who want to take back the country from a black man. Well, who do you want to take back the country from a white guy capitalist? What are you saying in a series of tweets following trumps? Expected triumph in the Electoral college Krugman seem to be despondent with the state of the Eu S, so its official and its vile, though or of the popular vote installed by russian intervention, a rogue FBI and epic media malfunction he tweeted. We should never accept this as k, it may be the new normal, but that's a new normally
which the America we knew and loved is gone. It's just agonizing is shrews agonizing or people noticing that the Trump economic team is shaping up as a gathering of gold bugs and what is its own share with enemies, Goldman Sachs people, I egg, I guess he's talking about people who were successful economically. I guess he's talking about those people you gotta hear those people were successful. Krugman gave the highest praise to Larry Cutler, whose expected to be named the head of the Council of economic advisers in this crew cud low, who thinks it's always the nineteen seventy is but doesn't seem to hyper inflation under his bed is the most reasonable get well, I mean
It is fascinating to watch their machinations. Now it's fascinating to watch their panic, their fear. The fact that there are all buying, shelters now they're installing these, these self sufficient shelters and that in some cases, are costing seven ten fifteen million dollars. Now when we said hey, you might wanna restore some extra food, it, crazy world is. Are you talkin about preacher directives? I will we were saying hey? Maybe it's good to have ten percent Golden Newport Portfolio, and I'm not talking about buying off the gold in the universe, I'm just saying: maybe ten percent of what you are, what is being very low, crazy, you're, just making money and now they're, taking these incredibly drastic measures as perfect perfectly fine, nothing wrong with it.
It now when they say the end of the world is coming because of Donald Trump perfectly fine, there's no problem. Just I just asking them not to say it, I'm just asking them to notice that you thought all of that was crazy. Two thousand eight when we were concerned,
eyes, and NATO could learn a lesson from us that day we thought that he would and he did fundamentally transform America, but we thought it might be to the point where we even have no place in it. I am not sure what we thought would happen. I economic collapse, who knows any did do a lot of damage, but we survived it, and here we are so it would be nice if they could learn that lesson that we thought it was gonna, be catastrophic when he was elected and he's been elected to terms and we survived, it will survive this sky no matter. What will soon will survive him and that's you know, I think that's what's given me. So much hope is that is that realisation after the election, I thought well
but we ve survived a lot. We survived a marxist president, who I dont think even has much admiration for this country, not a chance anyway. So now we got through it all. We survived his socialist programme, his Obamacare. We survived the government taking over seventeen percent of the economy. Now it's made things worse. There is no doubt about that and a lot worse and it's even for people who don't have Obama care. It's made health care, extraordinarily expensive and his ruined our coverage, and we still have the best coverage I've ever had. It has declined so much over the last few years since Obamacare, it's almost unrecognizable Its scope, it differ, it's a lot different angle and was really proud of the fact that he offered the rest insurance available. Any did energy and they should be any should be.
Yes, but now you can't even get that insurance anymore. You can't even get it. They won't even put the parameters into the computer because they dont have those arriving too didn't it was it was. It was as long as we're down this road. It was frustrating in our gatherings with changing over the sure we kept here? While this is the best, it is about it, as this is rolling right now, he's got. It was so frustrating that I had to point out to them yet lines not to ask as we used to have much better. That doesn't exist anymore. So, ok! Well, thank you. Oh barbecue. Well, right! That's why they had to policies brother, tell the republic of look. If you break up a gear they it they break it they own it. It's already broken. I got news or Nancy bales than broken since day, one day, one triple eight. Seventy seven back more than they programme comes up that Thailand drivel eight. Seventy seven back.
Harry The gamin back programme welcome their job in Tripoli. Seventy seven BBC can hopefully globally but feel imbittered moral trip. Exactly that move move. We listen because again he was sitting in a chair doing just fine and then emo vote. You can't live That is why we say sit down throughout your don't move and maybe
learned an important lesson. I survival as though we are talking about the Rock Hall of Fame little bit earlier. Who are the? Are there five or six there's five or six artist got into the recall the stronger this year, strong leg shown by is who doesn't love Joan by is aware that we have taken the floor was lived together, but to back to biological journey journey who deserves it, yellow deserves it and yes, yeah. Let's go to your world, you all in projects programmes the other one Chris in California, you're on the Glen back, probably absolutely so. I think that we should probably go at sea is now because Phoebe snows got that he's out all about seventy Prairie, Phoebe, snow, poetry, man, right Savannah know. I was thinking more midnight only ways
that's Maria, our as Maria Mayo and worry I've gotta I've got an album of Phoebe doing some covers and she may have done that song. But you might have, but nobody doesn't like the original I'd done by Maria our better you go the night at the eyes that spell tomorrow. Doesn't love that things like doesn't love whither they always now. I think everybody knows Thank you. I know I do envy Israel to with. There is now port matters and his lungs were added at it. Why not put many repartee into the I can recall one who did revenue is easy because obey your beautiful there should actually be. There should be, like a wing till Iraq all failed to vote through the one hit greatness of salt. Well. There is certainly a wing for rap artists. Are we for our and be there's a wing for people who are just influential. You do there never core heard of, but people were influenced by them because there producer or their a writer or there.
A band that nobody's ever heard of but ban psychotic band. We came from a like them and so very and so not one hit wonder Wing AIDS, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a sham. It's a Travis monitor and, as I think we all know, so what happens? Do you change your tune if they, if they foreigner it well it'll help. I don't know big blue is easier than it will ease the pain a little bit. It would be everywhere, The panel will act as it does just throwing, but look how long it took to put journey and I'm not an come on. That's a no brain I'm not a big journey fan anymore either, but who cares little journey played? I just got sick of it, his journey, but its journey by sold. I don't know a hundred million plus that's not about the Chicago win in, I think. Last year they sold a hundred and twenty five million. That is their iconic
So how do you leave those bands out yellow just got in this year? It's it's a boycott of the two per that's good, the super exit- and I mean he was shot nine times right. So It should have been a long time ago, right long time ago. This is the Glen Back programme. Carry.
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