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'Showdowns and Temper Tantrums'? - 9/5/18

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Hour 1 Democrats interrupt?...showdowns and temper tantrums at Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings...his children had to be removed from hearing...to shake hands or not to shake hands...media piles on?...Linda Sarsour 'agenda,  arrested at hearing ...For the first time since 2011?...GlennBeck.com/tour   Hour 2  Bob Woodward vs. President Trump?...the new book, what's the problem here?...the Deep State and a national emergency? ...Bitcoin Updates with Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Letter...SmartCryptoCourse.com...what's with the recent massive sell offs?...the Goldman Sachs crypto road map is being laid? ...Avoiding meaningless arguments of outrage?   Hour 3 'Culture Outrage' with opinion columnist, The L.A. Times, Meghan Daum joins to discuss her affair with the intellectual dark web?...Medium.com post: Nuance: A Love Story'...Left or Right we all live in a bubble...crisis over nuance? ...Battle of the books, Bob Woodward vs. Glenn Beck?...Rumors of chaos all around with meaningless 'he said she said'...nothing new here? 

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The blaze radio network on demand back a goat rope goat rope also known as confusing or disorganized situation, if you're in the military or a veteran, either a goat, hope or a cluster. You know what a complete it dumpster fire he Cavanaugh hearing was yesterday. It was it was shameful and embarrassing. This the United States of America, In addition, Judiciary Committee, chair person, Chuck rashly got a few birds into his opening statement before all the democratic presidential hopefuls began ridiculously interrupting. Listen just do a little bit the morning welcome everyone to this confirmation, hearing
on the nomination of Mr Brett Cavanaugh is determined serve as associate just as is their chairmen I'd like rain rang organised. I stated before we proceed. Mr chairman, I'd like to be recognised to ask a question before we proceed the committee received just last night less than fifty. Hours ago this war, german, arousing pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or reed or analyze. You're you're out of order shall proceed. We cannot possibly move forward The term I did a very warm welcome, not be given the opportunity the meaning move wiring. You know what you? Don't even see this type of behaviour in junior high school here senators like Carmelo Harris, Corey Booker Richard Blumenthal, they were leading their own version of Occupy Wall Street, might check my Jack MIKE Jack. That's what
it's happening yesterday. This is what's happening in our colleges and our universities yield, let's go in and you'll just hijack. It then as if on cue, a hand, of shrieks could be heard as platoon of protesters led by Linda SAR Sore. Again yelling and holding up signs in the back of the room here so a little bit of what that sounded like Linda sorcerer? this this is who the Democrats are idolized Linda, starts work. It was a total sideshow representing the absolute worst in american politics. Political reported, the democratic senators held a conference call on Labour day to decide, what kind of charade they wanted to do. The first plan,
to stage a massive walk out, but they did that plan. Thinking it would play into the GEO peace favour. They eventually agreed that they shouted down a tactic that you'll find basically at every leftist protest or riot Now we have elected officials, mimicking groups like occupy Wall Street within the halls of the Senate. What's next, why don't we all just imitate and mimic anti far and really for what Cavanaugh looks liberal compared to Gore such we now saw those fireworks at his hearing and the documents that gotten I'm Dunham a few hours prior seriously, now you're! Suddenly in two reading. What's put in front of you is old and busted its old and busted
to say things like out or not. We have to pass the bill, so we can find out. What's in it, what about but the two thousand two hundred thirty two pages omnibus. Did you read that before it was dropped on you just a few hours before you all voted on it. I am all for reading anything before making a decision, but don't suddenly start carrying now when that's never been your policy before and the document that they're so outraged. Why are they being withholding well They know good and well that those documents will never and can never be released. The paper are controlled by the Bush White House and our communications to the president. President, no president, let me data again now, President has release those kinds of documents.
More information you know before making a big decision is always the preference, but the Democrats, I have chosen to make these documents there rallying cry because they know there is no chance of anyone ever seeing them, because no president has ever ever release them This is a red herring. It's a goat rope! It's a curse! Stir it's a clown car. However, you want to describe it. It's a charade, a temper, ten to draw attention. Democrats, just Use the Cavanaugh hearings to play like that. Popular who decided to lay down in a store, kicking and screaming, because mom and dad just would not buy them a toy welcome to kindergarten welcome to the United States Senate Circa, twenty eighteen.
It's Wednesday September fifth, here listening to the Glen Back Programme you know, I have a lot to say on this, but I dont think it leads to anything. Good except the more outrage I mean the the. I do want to say this. The set up the set of Cavanaugh first of what we humans for a second. Can we just be humans. His children had to be removed, from the hearing. Of the most important thing that will probably avail ever experienced in their lifetime, how many of us have had a dad that was being considered to be a bit supreme justice, me times in history? Does that happen? How what is
the decorum of something like that in Amerika Wouldn't there be some decorum, the pretty serious job but there's a trade off they have to consider in after a Booker or you know, of Kemal Harris, which is yes there is the iter Five children, but then there is also the sound clip that you get to run and see in the primary which says how oppose you really you're a to break, and that is I mean naval about. You know what inspires it's. Not even it's not even the Kampala, Harrison Corey Booker in an all of that is why does that not cleared? Why was hearing room not cleared. When, when you have to remove children while ass tracker who who made it very clear the problem with it with it was he didn't, run the committee right grass, the Hague. I was actually a really funny clip diseases like I've.
I've criticized other people for this before and I just you know you if you're not running the committee, that the committee is running itself and we you get this under control and he was soon the heat and step up enough. He didn't he added he to his credit. He let everybody power to do what they wanted to. He wasn't trying to shuddering went down, which is not what you're gonna hear from the media, but he really didn't step into started. They had on women who has to remove someone's children because There are two freaked out by it that to tell you something America should tell me what we're? What what? What are we turning into. Now we can be mad about this, but I'm going to explain why you should not be about this, because these directly into their hands, but we we do who need gradually to clear the room and to make it Ray clear even can sit here and you can watch it
but you don't have a right to disrupt it and for you disrupted, I clear the room and you go watch it on tv. You approach. Just outside, but not in here we're doing. Business and there's nothing wrong with that. There's no secret hearings its Televised, go watch it we're, trying to do business that need to be done? With the set up of the parkland father, whose shockingly could just be put on within five minutes of trying to shake avatars hand. He was booked on CNN crazy Kuwait, how did he get that while bad smashed. And it was just. There was no set up; there was no set up, he was just there. He just wanted to shake hands. Now. Let me ask you a question last and right you're in a hearing for how many hours You are surrounded so
rounded by people who art attacking you Your children were so freaked out that they were taken out by security you ve had people around you and in front of you attacking you for hours, literally. You are your ears have to be ringing. After that. You have to be almost almost you know some sort of traumatic brain injury from just getting kicked in the head. For that long, who stand up secure. Already is on both sides of you there, just trying to get you out of the room, every did you have done is foreign to you. You ve never been in anything like this ever before in your life. So purity has been so you
stand up, you're still kind of dizzy from getting kicked in the head everything that you have seen has been set up, everyone who has advised you has said don't say anything, don't do anything just what you have to say, but up and move on you're getting you're getting ready to leave you turn. There's a guy there's commotion All the noise in that room there commotion Europe, little dizzy a guy says high volumes of a job and you're not really hearing and now. Let me take this two ways. First way you dont really hearing him because of the noise in the room and everything that your processing in your head, and reaches out to shake your hand, The question is asked reprocessing I've gotta go where, whereas the security where's my family, I got it, Out of here. Let's go.
Keep moving on a guy. She puts his hand out to shake all you or hearing is all of the advisers who say you look you're going to be set up just do anything. Do you reach out and take book from Chavez because your job in his you don't even know what it is. Do you take the book Chavez knowing that it's probably a set up. That's one even if he knew he was upset, dad. I don't think clean dad is. Is there to do anything but set me up dad? parkland dad has an agenda so what's best move. You have to make this decision right now and you ve never been in that situation before which do you do doubt and shake his hand, possibly after Nobody has told you you're being set up after hours of being just ripped apart
you see a guy who you assume is not their fairly, not there, because he really wants your opinion, these It handed you turn around with security, and you leave that If you heard him or could process. It because of everything else. Either way. I dont shake the guy's hand. I've been in that situation, so many times so many times where its chaos around. Got my family had to be had to be removed. I can tell you: I've had this exact converse, exact situation, I've had my family have to be removed stand up, I'm starting to move security. I am I am your like when you In that situation, you are honestly like a bull in a run You are a year.
A sheep in IRAN, where they're just kind of moving you I've had them pick me up by my pants belt. And move me now, but It happened to him, but that's I'll confusing. These things are your job in this shoot, an don't know your processing other things that you're supposed to do their job is to protect you and get you out of there. You can process both it's too much and we are pushing you along some I've had this happen, somebody will reach out and I've had it happen good and bad I've had set up. I've had joy, innocent person that just really wanted to say hi. I've had both of them. I've done both of them if reached out and shook hands, miss
stake. I'll, never make again. You are a Supreme court justice. You who have just been through something that no other Supreme Court Justice has ever been through for the media. To set him up with a parkland parent Despicable They confirm him whether or not he should be. The guy is beside the point. To put his family through that the democratic should be ashamed of themselves. Lindisfarne sore should be recognised as the pariah. She is you wanted. About a radical extremist. It is SAR sore and she's in bed with the highest
of ranking officers in the d and see it shameful. You don't have to agree with Cavenaugh. You don't have vote for Cavenaugh, but this is, but you know what This may be beneath Venezuela and if you needed, if you're wondering if he had an agenda, the parkland father when he went there Only piece of evidence we have going in is the tweet he sent a few days before the hearings in which he said, I will be at the Cavanaugh hearings and I hope to play a role in ensuring that this man does not become the next Supreme Court Justice and he is because, because. The media? Let's just say they don't even know they didn't know last night vase Thirdly, no before he got on tv, but he's
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can do that at Glenn, back dot com, slash tour, find out all of the information. I think you have to use the promo code, the blaze. Yes, you must use that for the preceding the blaze is the past code. It's Glinda com, slash tour and there's a feel this. Peters I saw last night her roar approaching, sold out one in Dallas, like I think, like three quarters sold out, and we just announced at twice yesterday grab your tickets. Now it's Glenn back dot com slashed, all if you If you are on the right or you have some common sense There is reason today to be outraged on a couple of things, but let slip stick with a Cavanaugh hearing. And, let's just zero in on the parkland father, the Parkland father tweeted. A few days before I am go
to be at the Cavanaugh hearing and I hope to do my part to make sure this man never gets a seat on the Supreme Court. That's his he did go or the hashtag of Block Brett, cracked, ok, his stated goal. He's on CNN. As soon as this happens and cabinet turns is, is back to him now. I dont think Cavanaugh knew who he was, but let's see he d m. Let's say he knew that security had told him look, there's gonna be a parkland dad. He just tweeted this couple of days ago. He's gonna be be there. Your see, anybody from parkland just move don't say anything not out of reason that that could have happened, dont think it did, but it's not of reason would buddy, blame him for that Being set up by a guy who says I hope to do my part. I'm gonna be at the hearing in in a public forum, was so that he would be held,
sponsible by the people who follow him right like he wanted to do something to make a splash correct and he did and so the press put him on and they made him this poor little victim. No, no. His own words. This is what he was trying to do so We could be outraged at him. We could be outraged at the media, but we already know about him and we know about the media. What do you do? It Portland really important that you don't to play into the outrage, and you don't wing back and it's it's because that's what they need you to do and it is the only way that we make no progress. I have a book out.
Old, addicted to outrage, and I really I've not worked harder. This is the probably the best book that I've written sense, common sense and problem the most important book that I have written sense, common sense And I I want you to read this, and I want you to share this with your friends, because it is strategy, but more important it is the under standing that you're not being given anywhere else of what's really going on. What is the game we're playing and unless you understand that, you're playing the wrong game and you will lose its this interesting reading it after going through the last few years with you and watching your approach to how you try to analyse issues, and sometimes in an analogy, I there's a big party that likes the poor
back, does report. Hardly that likes, you know we talk about when liberals eat their own and mocking them in, and That, I think is, is ok at some level. Yes, but with the outrage create something different and you if you allow this throughout the book and its Canada first, at least to me that I've ever seen you outline that thoroughly work goes. Through shows the reason for, handling these issues this way and the the you know, there's so much surface stuff that goes on now. Use that the way the people cover this like they dont, even go to the point of looking at the tweet from the guy The cabinet hearing from a few days ago there, even though, that deep and the people behind the move that are changing the society that are making all of us sort of feel like what the hell is going on. Those people have thought it all up, they have a plan. They haven't approach. They ve outlined in deep philosophical writings that you're never gonna get from cable news, you're. Never
I get from twitter. If you can do in this book, you go through a lot of that stuff at one come with a basis is of of what they are trying to do. It is so easy to understand once you real that it all clicks into it into line in you understand why you have to approach these issues in a different one. Would you agree that I've been talking about this for at least a year for the two years three years ago? I didn't What my gut was just telling me don't play end of this year. But the last two years, and especially last eighteen months, I've really started to put things together and I started doing research on this book when I had a theory about twelve months ago, and I ve learn so much and correct me. If I'm wrong. Everybody who's on the staff. I think, including you, that I've been talk about this for a while, it was until they finish this book, that they went. Oh my gosh I get at it.
Just everything. Yeah changes everything because it the kind of see how port. It is to go this. A rather than it sir. The path. I mean you know what the easy path it the they want you to take the right now because it please into their hands and that's what you can t s room in the book right and so for a long time. For a long time, He started to reach out to people and I was reaching out to the wrong people grasping at straws, but I want just to listen to a conversation that I had last night on television. If you don't think that this approach is working You are wrong you're, just seeing it on mainstream media, but it is happening. And it's happening more and more. All you have to do is look for it last night. It was something on fourth wave wet feminism by the way. Why the tv show every
at five o clock, you will see things and learn things that you are not seeing or learning anywhere else. This is honestly, This is like when we first started going down progressive ism and the tides foundation and everything else there's no conspiracies in this. It's all open sources you can find it all, and it is phenomenal. So, what's pinning is by changing our approach and by understanding the language and not demon. I M not saying oh you're, all from Hell, you're all the devil, you're getting you're getting the opportunity to see the people who are now starting to say on the left holy cow. My side is completely wrong Here's a woman who was a who is a filmmaker in San Francisco. Considered herself, a fourth wave feminist. A radical feminist.
And she's in her twenties. I want you to listen to just part of the interview from last night's television show people who were radical feminist, we're Bands of yours and you ve made balanced movies, You have tried to exposing both sides. You made a film twenty. Sixteen called the red pill, explain what it was ok. So in twenty thirteen I was looking from an Ex documentary topic and I was considering making a film on rape culture, which was fear mongering kind of myth around twenty twelve with the start of forthwith, feminism many what has now realize her myths, like the wage gap in and rapporteur, was one abandoned, so I will be barely unanimity Don. I did, and I was considering make you fellows
culture, and so I started digging into what feminist were saying, was the cause of rape, culture and they are pointing towards men's rights activists as preventing women's equality, and I was fascinated by this men's rights movement. I never heard of it before. There's never been a film about it and never documentary about it and I started to think I am going to be the first filmmaker to ever. Go in the belly of the beast and interviewed the enemy those rights activists will evolve. If of, I, don't know much about Hence activists both amends movement. That is, if, as I am Damn it more about? I have rights as a dad, When I get a divorce like you, I automatically lose my children to you know my axe is: is that what you are looking? Yes? Yes, men's lived in during. Secondly, feminism really was more mostly focused on others rights, but it has expanded. I with the
Ernest Online Forums and and blogs and social media with benefits activists having a more broader ten of us Ideology ran up her, so you put this movie out and this one doesn't get good review this one they bear they don't like you for One and all my previous work was about women's rights and gender politics in some capacity and had always been very it supported by the feminist community. I did the screening towards that were hosted by plans parent. Why I mean even send interesting dot com plugged. My first document area about sex education- so I was, I was very successful- while lights in the feminist community, and then I released the red pill and now my reputation, then smeared I've had my name alongside white supremacist?
as now says that I'm a feminist turns men's rights activists that was funded by male supremacists, which know that That is true. They stop you didn't she. She she's remarkable. In fact, we start the interview last night with tee years ago, you would have killed yourself before going on the Glen Back programme she's, like oh yeah age, I hated you. She said. However, I didn't listen to you. She said this happened to me and I starting to listen and watch you and see what you're saying, and I understand what you're saying now and I agree not now. We agree on everything, but we apps I agree on what is happening now. Here's somebody inside the movement- and this is happening over and over and over again, and you will then what's happening is common sense. Is waking up There is enough people on both sides of the isle that do not
I want to live their life this way and they see what's happening in their like weight that doesn't make any sense you're, not Fair America are fair, your being fair and the owl rage is locking us in two into being enemies and that is the goal of this movement. So, if you want to be a part of the solution, I have always believed that this The issue is going to be the solution. I, we'll tell you. I doubted that in the past few years There was gonna, be any solution that there was any way out. I think I've told you before I don't know do now, because I've take a couple of years, and I have really done my homework there. The solution
No one is presenting you with all of the facts on why it us, be done this way once you understand what you're really facing the game that is actually being played it. We'll make total sense to you. You were oh, my gosh. I get it. Don't tell me that it's not working wait until you see her tonight, she's gonna be on again tonight. The conversation we're gonna have tonight. This was a radical feminist, trees now ion her up to come in and spent an hour or so with me here, the studio, so we could just talk and and and just let her just tell her story she was. I would love to I'd, be honoured she hated my guts, I when changed my point of view.
I've, changed my approach and allowed people. You hear me say I wish I had that all over to do again, which allow I want them to say in all of the science behind that statement is in the book. Why that statement our man? I wish I had that do all over again. Why statement is important. The science of that state and is in the book. And it allows people to go. Ok all right. Will you know I've made mistakes, and once that happens, it's done it's done pick up. The look it's available in bookstores and everywhere books or so here in the next couple of weeks- and you know what this Bob Woodward Book is just going to run crazy for the next. Probably until Christmas, it'll, probably number one, I would love to beat Bob Woodward.
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as we show actor Jeffrey Owens, who Fox news. Shame on you tried it out this guy, like look at him. He had to take a job at a grocery store. Bag there's nothing wrong with that and he has responded in such an eloquent way. Everybody needs to hear it grew, tackle back Bitcoin coming up. Back, Linda Sorcerer, the leftist Equivalent of. I would say Milo YAP Annapolis, but I might be Richard Spencer. What do you think's? Do? I think, she's more like Richard Spencer, Linda starts or pulls outrageous logic defying stunts hers. Roars what chance and then pacts themselves on their back. That's why she like my low but her actual Paul
seas are much more in line with somebody like Richard Spencer, make an big linen sorcerer is as bad as spokespeople she's Much worse, I think than Milo her virulent, Anti Semitism, her anti white racism, her he grinned written disregard for Amerika the western ideas, the western laws, her support of Sharia LAW, her connect into a mass her connection to Louis, fairer, calm, her her open. Massage me I mean I could go on, but the show isn't this long she's on for jihad against President Donald Trump she's called for the assassination of our president, and yet our another, the demo, party, not Democrats, the Democratic Party the embrace her eye. Don't know of a single Democrat that way
embrace, Linda SAR Sore. I do Oh the power and the money, people that do. But the media is not telling the Democrats the truth about who she is well yesterday she got herself arrested. She was one of the dozens of obnoxious protesters that show their classless outrage at bread, Cavanaugh confirmation hearings. She left stop. She began screaming shortly after the hearing started: bread, cabinets, daughters, aged ten and thirteen were rushed out of the room for their safety. Now is this is this who we are sorry took the arrest is a badge of honor. She said I will be able to tell my daughters and my future grandchildren that I stood up than I. Is not and will not be silent when our bodies and our rights are on the line now I've, I find this a little ironic and hard to swallow coming
from a woman whose wearing a hid, job who believes in Sharia LAW who has said that critics of women critics of Islam, that she could wishes. She could take their vaginas away. She has signalled her virtue by having stood up. Why The bodies and rights of women are on the line. I Hersey galley was her target. I on her sally. Had genital mutilation happened to her and when she spoke out about it? Sorry, Sir said I wish I could just take her vagina away I dont know, there is a place where you know: bodies of women are at stake. I have to side with Canada Owen on this. One can do so said quote. You have to
a special kind of idiot to get arrested for women's rights alongside Lindisfarne Sore and his lamas, who supports Sharia law and the forced mutilation of women's genitals overseas. Indeed, she said if stupidity was the crime they would hell do without bail. End quote. Kansas is right by the way tonight five o clock Glenn Back TV on the blaze. I'm going into Lindisfarne Sore and her part in fourth wave feminist feminism something you will not see any place else, the right a collides new form of feminism, that Blind social Justice, Marxism and post modernism, it is the fight were engaged in right now, and unless you understand it, you will lose tonight a way out.
Five o clock only on the blaze tv Wednesday September faith. You're listening to the Glen Back Programme, Alright popular new book out, Glenn, I know is you ever been a worse book, launch a bookie. They they can illegally stuff out all this salacious insider trump detail. I think that's a good one. He thinks so against the Cavanaugh hearings, dissimilar should all yesterday, I we even slick CNN warrant, leading with it, which, as you know, I mean this is this is like catnip for MSNBC rider, and even there wasn't getting the attention. I thought it would get now the books not out yet New York Times, sort of savage did in their review they really yeah, I'm in a within a they said. You know what they said. Of course you could tell the right absolutely despises trumpet like they were disappointed at it, didn't really get anywhere knew. You know the
there is not a lot of color in it. It was just a list of sources and you can tell who the sources were, because all the people learn their lorries look good in the book, that's what Bob Woodward has he praises people and then they say things and he promises that you'll. Look good in the buggy, just gimme the dirt. Ok, let's take all of the do. You know, he's an idiot he's on hand, tease retarded all those things that make all of that out. Ok, A trump is denying that he called Jeff sessions retarded by the right So that is a weed, but should be other right k, but whose there some other quotes about Donald Trump, supposedly from his staff. That are just as kind? Ok, yes, and let's just take all about out, was just take all of it out, and I looked at what the book said yesterday and Not only is there nothing new here I If I have heard Malta
many trump supporters even die hard trumped supporters who. The who have kind of championed what's happening in in this book. For instance, when he trump supporters. Do you know that say I really like him, but I wish he would put twitter down right. Very common, very common expression. I wish they would just take his twitter away from him. So The experts in this book is there was a committee. Try to come to him. A White House group of advisers came to an end. What we ve, we weird this form of committee an end and then, and we think that we should at all of your twitter posts and Trump wouldn't do it. This is made to look like all that's crazy nor even its borders, even his supporters are like I know some of this stuff he set. His are good. Some of this stuff
crazy and I wish you would just stop it cause it's hard and would you accept anything else, to happen in a situation like that, the staff as saying hey, please restrain so from these activities that my throws off course and then it's true decision, as the president announced states to decide whether he wants to do them, are not right. Only his call. He made the call and he's continue to tweet. Ok, so now here's the other thing and tell me, if actually have a problem with this there's a the book opens with a with a story of Jericho. Now Gary Cone was the guy the chief economic adviser when we started going down the trail of a trade wars. You know you had enough to do with it. So he's gone blah blah blah. However, this did it opens up with this this letter, a critical trade, agree with South Korea and
If the letter would have taken us out of this agreement and was sitting on trumps Desk Cohen, sees it and he's like. I gotta, give get this away from him and he exit and he says, according to the book I stole off his desk. I wouldn't let him see it he's never going to see that document gotta protect the country, ok there's only two ways to look at this one, deep state which strangely the left has been saying: there is no such thing as deep state right everything so you're you Who would have one way to look at this is evidence that deep state exists. You are taking things away from the duly elected president. You are taking things off his desk, the guy we voted for or didn't vote for, but the people put in office
somebody who's not elected, is taking it, of his desk and saying he's not gonna even see that one intention, to hide it from him, so he doesn't make the decisions he wants to make. Ok, so you could class the five that is deep state right. The president gets He can't really do anything because people tie his hands. Are I so the laughed ass to the has to decide that exist or does it out exist, and is it a good thing or is it a bad thing? now I generally think. In fact. I always think that that's a bad thing. However, they haven't been necessarily element that we take this up. I have I've talked to several people who voted for Drug Donald Trump many people you have said, and let me give you the best spin on it, look he's
he doesn't know all of the robes. But that's why he's gonna have the best people around him the best people around him. They're gonna, stop him from doing anything. That's truly reckless! Ok when it comes to war. Part of this is about war that his advisers around him are like no, Mr President, none of them now No, no! No! You want to go into Syria running to the book and and necessity, assassinate Assad, we met us, you know got enough off the phone with em reportedly answer we're not doing any of that and they drew up a much more. We know conventional way of going about things, which is what they want to do. I mean that's what you do you know sound sense for re like sounds like that's what it how it should work, we know as long as they're keeping him in the loop? That's how it should work, and I
we have a problem with it in this particular case. I don't like the fact that anybody would keep information from him, but you need to have. Need to be able to talk to him and say this is why this decision is wrong. Here's why it's right and then he gets. To make the decision that part of the process according to the book, I stopped happening all the time and As you know, the people in the book claim the reason for it is. He won't listen to reason like that, so you can't you bring him things like that. He just going to dismiss you unduly once anyway, so you have to do it this way. That's their argument! Well, ok, but that's deep state, or or is it what I've heard many trump supporters say a good thing he's got good. He does know about all those things and it's a good thing that they just that their did than theirs.
Our people around him. They're not gonna, get us into trouble bank is that a good thing or a bad thing, usually bad thing, but we're not do playing with usual stuff anymore, K port. Said a third. My job was trying to react to some of the really dangerous ideas that he had and try to give him reasons to believe that Maybe they weren't such good ideas. Does anybody problem with that Woodward. Aims that's a coup. Well, now now oh. That's another amazing point, though, how long have we heard that these things are not real and now liberals are saying the outward saying it's a coup right. That's I've had some remarkable, part of this book is not again attention and nobody is. Nobody is pointing out that wait. A minute part of this is what trumps supporters. One They wanted a guy to go in and break all the China.
They also wanted. Really good people around, they could say, don't break that China right. Ok, That's what you have from supporters. Bob Woodward! if you take all of the he said she said stuff that you never gonna know if that's true or not take all that stuff out. If you like what he says is going on this issue. Watch, you knew going in and your view back up was I'm gonna have really good people around him? That's what he's going good people around that's what's happening. Let me give you a couple of other things. Would we write that down the trumpet tourney a full nightmare of a potential Miller Interview and felt Trump acted like a grieved, shakespearian king, that's her said she said, don't know if that's true seemed surprised at his reaction. You think I was struggling now
What is happening here is that you did a mock question and answer and doubt played Mueller and sad. Ok, let's see, let's was play this out. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind, because I wanted to limit Blemmyes read what he says: the goal of this was to argue that Trump couldn't possibly testify, because he was just in case full of telling the truth. He just wouldn't make things up. It's his nature. The passage is an unprecedented glimpse behind the scene of Miller secret operation. For the first time others conversation with Trump lawyers are captured. I need the press since testimony I want to see if there was corrupt intent. Trump said I I think the President, the United States, cannot be seen taking the fifth the attorney. So there's no way you can go through these don't testify it's either that an orange jumpsuit, ok
I don't know of any of that language happen. I dont know if you ve ever told you know promptly When I go to prison and you'll be in an orange jumpsuit, doesn't matter, does any one doubt the president of the United States, whether he knows it or not, and I think I could make a very strong case here he doesn't even know. What's true and what's not because of the way his mind has worked for so long he's a salesman here that's who he is he's not he's. Not a builder he's dying else he's the guy who walks into the room. You're gonna love this year and you have to have three of these innocent when I'm done with you you're going to be working for me, Sellen these good you're gonna believe in him. So much that's the greatest its best it's it's the biggest its golden its wonder. Oh, it's gonna change the world. He a salesman.
He set himself has said that he says things logjams just because its negotiation river at big argument, thrill of transport. So let me let me take this and dissected a bit more when we come back and ask again. What's the problem here Isn't this what you expected although he and she said out now- talk to you about Casper. Amidst Casper mattress now for mattress, you oh year now such a great mattress such a great mattress, I have. I have all kinds of stupid issue. And sleeping is really difficult for me, and I am always hot. My wife is always cold, although I will tell you hot flashes, there is a part of me enjoys the hot flashes barred, because
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Back to the J, secular, a secular and an Cohen meeting where they are not Cohen, Dowd, where they are the iter These are meeting with the president said: let's just do a mock me. No interview here with Mahler acquired preparation, whether they do the interviewer? I you gonna know how any doubt that that happened course that have, if it didn't happen, the president doesn't have good representation, So they set him down and He D starts going in and they start asking the question it doesn't go. Well, he just starts to be no say things and make things up are things that you know might be little dicey and they stop him now. Any doubt that the president would play fast and some. Is that he's not an attorney right he's here
he's a salesman and so he's gonna, go in and tell a great story gets things out of order, says things it may be doing exactly happened this. I am, of course, that would hearing with most people, I think correct, and he he has if the prince a propensity to do those things? Okay, so I don't disagree that probably happen now to parts of this story. And they say that he went off like a shot experience king. Really angry news like this whole thing is just a set out blah blah any doubt he did that now heeds stunted publicly any doubt at the end he came back and said you know what you think. I was struggling, I can nail this. I eat you go ahead. Put me up with him any doubt that the press didn't fought or said that he could master anything again. He said that publicly. Ok, all right So what is the big the big reveal here and why
our people on our side. Outraged! If you the affair, you are hearing the media. Do not talk to Bob Woodward. What's that rageous point here. Cosette all sounds like what I would expect to be happening behind the scenes. I wouldn't expire This person it is not of he doesn't play. By the rules What part of this is confusing? If you take all of the he said she said, which will never unless they have tape you'll. Ever be able to prove the choice. Judges aren't knew the charges surprising. At all, under the programme. I want to get tickets to Ariana. He is the editor of the Palm Beach letter and does our smart Crypto course at Smart Crypto start com
last night bad night in Bitcoin and wanted to get to her on the phone as I This morning, at five o clock, we no, why there was this massive sell off of sub crypto currency Tita, welcome to the programme. How are you great thanks for having this seems to be some sort of a coordinated or massive sell off. Duty fly almost like a flash crash the idea. What happened yesterday, the outward happened was It's a story out the put out by business insider. The Goldman Sachs is not going to go forward with their crypto trading desk and
as everybody up in arms on my goodness, if Goldman doesn't give it its its golden seal of approval, it's not a real asset, and you know people a panicking which is what they do. But what is interesting is that Bitcoin is still holding seven k, so I just want to shed some light on this story, so I had spoken to a former Goldman Sachs alone. He left recently for obvious reasons. I cannot give you his name. And he has seen the road map. The Goldman Sachs has four crypto and may have a full crypto roadmap for getting involved in crypto assets. Now, if you look at Goldman Taping, coy for them six months old, maybe we're going to have a trading desk. No, no! No! We're not going to have a trading desk, that's not going to happen and then Tang NEWS comes out. Oh, you know what we're actually going to have a trading desk now they're saying well, no
might not have a trading des, but we're gonna have custody right. She asked herself be a wild beast mixed messages into them into the market. So again, I dont know Glenn all day using this to abide Bitcoin on the cheap it. It would not be the first time a big bang has manipulated sentiment in order to buy the point on the cheap are we saw Jamie Diamond do that last year, when he came out and cold bitcoin of fraud, and then we saw that out of Europe, the two biggest spires of the coin, which eighty Morgan and Morgan Stanley buying exactly when they see oh said, if anybody for Bitcoin on behalf of the firm they desired so this type of covert manipulation or movements of the market. This over manipulation of sentiment. It is nothing new. It happened in the equity market. Every it happens. It also happen in the great depression. I know my grandfather.
Show me you by when everybody else's selling he said that people got rich in the great depression, when everybody else was selling, you didn't buy who bought when every one else was selling, not while they were buying and He too, he spoke in the great depression about the large institutions that come in and they would talk things down and it would get really bad and then they would come in and by everything up and that's that's what happened? two thousand eight and it's possible that that's what's happening with crypto currency. Well, let's talk about two thousand eight for a second two thousand, eight two thousand and nine Amex hit nine dollars and seventy one sense Harley Davidson hit a box and Bank of America hit to fifty and the reason why I bring that up is the price can only
Tell you so much right, annex at nine seventy one, the price is telling you that going out of Business Bank of America to fifty prices, telling you they're going out of business, but at times like that, you can't focus just on price, because the sentiment is so negative. So when it comes to things like Bitcoin, an early stage technology, it has to look at them differently in early stage tech crisis. Only one barometer is not the best barometer of value. You gotta, look at the pace of innovation and the pace of adoption right. So if you look at the pace of innovation, specifically in Bitcoin is transformational. I was just in Sicily meeting with a couple of developers, I'm a lightning network which is a payment layer that said Santa Bitcoin, which allows you to do enormous amounts of transit
since at a very low cost, and so these developers were shown me and application of its been created. Where are you we go and you can buy a one pixel right. You can create picture. Online. You can buy one pixel for once a Toshiba, so answer. Toe is one hundreds of millions of a bit coin? So it's a tiny fraction of a penny. Normally, you can't do a transaction that small, because every transaction, the big network across the dollar might be do a transaction for a fraction of a pen he's gonna cost. Europe but with the lightning network they ve, they ve figured out a way where you can do million of transactions for virtually free
later on ten million of these once or twice she transactions, where the cost of the transaction has been below the cost of once a Toshiba transformational right that that is the equivalent of going from a dial up modem to a broadband in a year by the completely eliminate that whole problem that people have what they claim. Oh my gosh, you can't do many transactions on it and it's too expensive get tickets. So I have two questions and I will get a couple minutes. Let me ask your questions, one. Why? I think it was. I think it's very where the mayor said, we're gonna do our own currency and it's gonna, be a crypto currency and its its we're getting off the euro, etc, etc. Why countries like Venezuela or MILAN, why are they not just by into something like Bitcoin, why? Why are they trying to do their own thing when it
just not gonna work shape? It won't work. The same thing happen. In the nineties, where company said all this internet things entrusting, but we're gonna set up our own enshrine, that's our own interests, internet? Everybody try, you do it themselves and they tried that the three or four years and they wasted billions of dollars and it failed, and then they say finally woke up and they should aren't. I guess we gotta go these the public internet. So the same will be true for these currencies. Nobody will use Venezuela Nobody will use my lines coin right. I realise that not say you know what we're gonna have to use a public coin and it's gonna be Bitcoin. They ultimately go too and if you look at the black market right now in places like Venezuela in places like this art and Tina, and even in Russia, there's a whole underground economy using bitcoin because as follows, I was, but quite is its much more stable than their base home.
Currently takes last question you were up in, I think July, and you said the things that are gonna happen in the next few months are gonna. Take Bitcoin two forty thousand by by the end of the year, yes, You still feel outweigh the ass, Miss Tourism, two reasons, one, the Ici ass and to ice the internet confidence will exchange which owns the and the New York Stock Exchange is set to open their back, be a K Katy platform in November, backed is gonna, be the first institutional platform where institutions can buy, sell trade and custody crypto currency. It will be the first time a pension fund will have a legitimate, fully regulated exchange to start buying crypto current and that's done for sure. We know that in in in November, we
nothing's for sure of the ices waiting for one final approval backing that they're they're saying in their minds: it's a done deal, but you could. It could not happen, certainly a possibility Glenn, but they ve been working on this for fourteen months they kept secret for forty months and now they find a gun public with it. So I think it's a done deal here something interesting about ice. They make two and a half billion in net profit. Each year, year Gwen. Why would they mess around with crypto currency and in a word it because of biomass, financed an online exchange its barely a year old, unregulated and they wouldn't bet a billion dollars? The sheer Kaliko to put that prevented perspective, Deutsche Bank has been in business for a hundred, and forty eight years employs more than a hundred thousand people buying answers now more profitable.
Right, so so the money and that's the seamen in in a bare market them so much money here that the big banks in the brokerage firms are just missing out on that their building this regulatory framework, so they can go, get a piece of it and the ultimate bigger pie is so much bigger than the thirty five million people that currently are in crypto gluten. The big the big picture is the five hundred million people worldwide that stocks. Those people are not going to come into crypto through non traditional means. Like coin basin, violence is not going to happen. They're gonna come through traditional brokered dealers, and I think The reason why companies like ice
Goldman J, P, Morgan, Northern Trust, a Bank of America, why their collecting all these patents? Why they're getting involved in the custody business is because I think alternately. These are the guys that are gonna shepherd the rest of the world to crypto they gonna make hundreds of billions of fees are doing it at that's the big picture for them, not not this little market that we have right now tickets worry. Thank you so much appreciated and without it keep our who are keep your eye on on Bitcoin. Are too smart, crypto course. Dot com is where you can take his course all about Bitcoin all about what it is how it works. Blockchain is how this is gonna, transform things in a whether you investor or not in in Bitcoin. I think everybody should have a hundred bucks in Bitcoin cause. It is possible that its transformational wealth. It is possible that This is the eighty
in tee and nineteen. You know ten or nineteen twenty g of nineteen, ten or the apple or Google of ninety. Ninety five Where is that real possibility? Transfer? Wait? Nation or wealth beyond anything we ve ever seen and is a hundred bucks. I think, but you can know me, you can check his stuff out at a smart, Crypto, for a start, come caryoe until a little bit of utter sponsor its liberty, safe liberty, safe man, they they last a lifetime, you're gonna past liberty, safe onto your kids, your grandkids, you know. Assuming that you Reno have guns still you or or any kind of wealth or any kind of paper, anything that you can pass on your optimum? the minister is overflowing at this point,
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eight percent, our people get that visit online at Liberty, safe, dotcom liberty, safe dotcom, use their dealer locator to find a closer dealer. To you go see Liberty safe in person. It's liberty, if liberty, safe dot com, What you have to do today, have we have somebody really fascinating coming on hearing in just a second and another example of why you need to read addicted outrage. It is- a book of strategy. It is a book. On how to win, Is there is a game being played right now and it's in played by eight. A small fraction of Americans and they are
they are enlisting each of us on both sides, and we are. Fighting the fight for them as designed and as planned. And once you understand who these people are, where member The difference when you couldn't stand how Democrats we know were acting And then you found progressive ISM and our remit people saying your gland, liberal and progressive, it's the same thing not must not. Let's be precise onwards in it, time when words are meaningless. Let's, what meaning behind words. We are now pass the progressive era we are now in to the post, modern era and changes, everything and york, Aids are on the front lines of it and they understand language and end of heard language. You ve never heard before.
And as we're trying to argue about how many genders there are its meaningless, that's a meaningless argument, as You try to argue about. You know, while this person is doing this and then they're saying this. That's me English, because we're in a new era: until you understand it, you'll find it in a way that will only help them win. That Addicted to outrage is really all about and for all time. My gut told me: we have to go down this road, But I didn't really understand why, started? Doing my homework is quite honestly I gave up. I was like there's, there's no way out way out. It's too far gone there a way out and we are being meaning to see the fruits of the labor actually starting to make a difference. But if you are,
arguing the same argument that we have been going back and forth for the last, you know twenty years you won't be a part of it. We have somebody who's coming on next. Who is evidence that this is changing. Yes use, liberal columnist, Who looked at the world a completely different perspective. I think most of us in there here right now, listen to the show and she had an awakening of sorts wench started. Looking at some of the arguments we have from the people, on the intellectual dark web of living, we talked about for the Jordan Peterson's and you know the in that A crew, Reuben and animals, and how is that crew doing? What is what is Steve, Jordan Petersen, doing he's canadian he's not talking about politics
We're so we're cod arguing about politics. Instead of arguing about bigger ideas, and so, when you start to get into bigger ideas- and you don't make it about politics- and it's all about what's true what isn't. And you are rational and reasonable and not angry power It opens up and I'll show you the example of it. Next Glenn back it's Wednesday September fifth, you're listening to the Glen Back Programme, we live in a time right now, where it seems that big, p s, don't matter, I mean the big concepts, the principles Lee the things it, allow us to move forward as as a society. Nobody cares, truth doesn't matter. Principles. Don't matter integrity, doesn't matter none of it matters and yet
we will fight to the death over the smallest, so called micro aggression, it's the because thing ever and everything's gotta stop and I need a hashtag protests sign and I gonna take that bastard down. That's the world were living in Europe either on the train, or an enemy there has to be destroyed. That is not going to work. These coming from as a right in my new book, our addiction to outrage and it is, we are playing into the hands of us, a handful of radicals on both sides I would like to destroy the western what life like to take us to a post, modern era, which means leave all of the things that the enlightenment gave us behind, and ain't gonna work but the problem is. We are all certain that our side, or that we are right,
I used to be very certain about a lot of things. I am certain about one thing now and that is certainty is going to be the death of us. I want I want to introduce you to somebody who, let me just let me just a little bit of the resume she has written for numerous magazines, including the new Yorker, the New York Times magazine the Atlantic Vogue? She is a recipient of the twenty fifteen Guggenheim fellowship the twenties, steam national endowment for the arts fellowship also on the ad faculty in the empathy writing program at Columbia, University, school of the arts. If you read that you would be certain she has nothing to say to you, but you eight go wow and I bet that she a few years ago might have been certain that there was no way that she would ever say anything civil, the Glen back May,
in dumb is on the programme with us. Now Megan. How are you hi Glenn, it's going to be with you. I love that introduction. I'm I'm chuckling device right. Do I need a visa gift, you're happy to be here. Would you have been happy to be here five six eight years ago, thanks years ago, what were you doing back then? Exactly, I have to say Glenn. I always found you very intriguing. I and you exact rating in a way that now that I look back on it, I think there must have been something in there that that was, making. You were particularly put people's button, so so I do now. Ok willing to be are now well good. Ok, so I want tell your story because I think there's something. Let me let me see just so. You know what kind of on the same page, I just wrote a new books come out a couple of weeks. This is that this is the dedication to all those who are willing to step out in front of the crowd to question reason and have dangerous conversations.
Men with whom I may strongly disagree at times, but will I will always consider refiners of reason and contemporary heroes, Ben Shapiro Dave. I've been Jordan Petersen, Brett wine, Steam Stein, SAM Harris, Jonathan Sacks, pendule at and Joe Rogan, and use of the kinds of people that changed. Your point of view They change. My point to be well you're asking me that question: yes, sir, story. Let's see I mean I I guess, I'm not that I have changed exactly I was. I have always been a writer who is interested in contradictions and trusted in you know human tendency towards hypocrisy, I've always had the luxury as a writer of of being able to kind of sort through those things and the thoughtful way and having the time and space and a readership that what kind of
let me invite my readers think alongside me, as I sorted things out, shall I think, what yes god so may allow me. Let me make sure there by stating. I should state this much more carefully. People think that I have changed my point of view I haven't I have I have lost certainty on the things that I shouldn't be certain about, and that is other p oh and, and, and you know, good versus evil that everybody is in one of two camps, cetera et Cetera, that kind of thinking to where its eggs. Ah sitting to not be able to have a conversation, and No nuance in people right said: the new until the thing that I was interested in what I noticed it starting a few? years ago, and I think this really started heating up and probably two thousand fifteen was that, as you say, there was no room for discussion across the
signs. I was a newspaper opinion calmness for more than a decade. I started in two thousand five and the difference between when I started and what the climate has been like in the last few years is striking and I'm not sure I changed as much as as I saw some, not all, but some many of my peers and colleagues real He taking on an approach that was pretty narrow and yeah. I started watching so some contradictions in their own views, and it just became an echo chamber and it became really really frustrating, and am I really everyone equally and I didn't agree with everybody, but it was quite compelling. So. What are you saying the first one to take us back as you had a really I mean you, ve had a dramatic few years, in your marriage and also with kind of looking at you know that rolled in end and some of them,
will that were around you're, that that the people that were the loudest voices on the left? Can you take me through some of that? Well you're talking about a peace that just went out that I did. I published very recently called nuance: a love story and in that peace. I talk about how, over the last three years or so I started now. Both as a journalist and just as the private person that you know Intelligent friends of mine were, does not really willing to have conversations where they entertained that you know people on the conservative side might have a point or that there might be some Conner it shouldn't than their own views, and it just became an egg. The chamber- and it became really really frustrating- and am I really felt ultimately
a sense of loneliness about it in and the reason the night I kind of did this particular piece. The way I did was that I wanted to get at the more sorted this role, the human side. That's because certainly a lot of people have talked in written alot about tat. I believe that men polarisation and that that sort of approach is important, but it's nothing terribly. So I wanted to get at this at the more emotional component phenomenon, and what are the emotional components? I just think that you know whether you're on the left or the right you're used to agreeing with your friends or at least being able to talk with your friends, you know: go what party in and every one time as it is on the same page and and I just felt like there suddenly, you know with with these two thousand sixteen election there,
such a feeling of crisis within the last I felt like the feeling was well. This is such a crisis that we have oh room for new ones. We don't have the luxury of a complicated discussion, everybody I need to get on board right now and and pig down Trump and and talk in the most simplicity hampers the terms and level. I understand where they're coming from, but on the other hand, it's not it's just another interesting. That was my problem. It was this worrying, I mean don't get me wrong. I I dont like anything about tromp. I think we are in a crisis, but that Does it mean that we have to shut down all thoughtful? conversation or refuse to ask complicated For instance, you you talk about in this article. You talk about. You know that Prince an end. This has happened. This happens on the right to
Your friends will get a few drinks in them and then start to say: ok, look! I'm with you on this right. They'll never ever say that out loud. In public they'll. Never take that stand there call you over and they'll, be like I've had this without booze, people of come up to me. No look I write. We appreciate what you're doing I mean don't anybody I'm with you, but I'm with you right right? Well, and one of the things that drives, that is social media right, because there is a dopamine hit. You get from virtue signally on twitter or whatever it is and sang the thing. That's gonna get you the most amount of praise in the least amount of time and people just keep doing it and keep doing it, and I had plenty of time where I've had people say. Well, you know I can it am. I I I don't really think that, but you know I just work for my own personal brand or for my reader shipper, who, whatever it is, I meant to say this. This very reductive thing,
what you think about what would you think about them? Benjamin Franklin talked about this about seventeen? Seventy two? He said I just can't go to, parties anymore, you, the guy was above event and in just a growth I mean I would love to hang out with Benjamin Franklin and he was I can't go to parties anymore. I can't because no but he is serious. We are facing serious issues and Nobody is nobody's really talking about any of that stuff. Do kind of feel that way, and I think the people get really threatened, I mean so it might be helpful just to talk in specific terms for a moment. So, like one of the things that I talk about in the peace is the way this. Is this group loosely defined. A kind of constellation of thinkers has no deserve identify themselves. Intellectual, dark, web okay. So so one of the things I talk about in the pieces in our
my interest in that group, but also my wariness with the fact that this this you know this, try abbess suppose we do it's up to anti tribalism and and that their and I just gotta work out. It's gonna like libertarians, who tell you you're, not libertarian enough. It's like right, let me be the people they wouldn't want to belong to. A group would have them at a member, but now here they are in the group, though it up. So I M glad. I me one of the things that comes up a lot is this issue of the gender wage gap. So this is a subject that is really complicated, and it gets a lot of people fired up emotionally and there's a lot of baggage around it. And you know the problem is there? Is a gender wage gap? I dont think anybody who is looked at it. You know into it at all. Could deny it. Obviously very there is it. You know in the aggregate man earn a lot more than women. Now. Is that because of a patriarchal conspiracy,
institutionalized sexism, maybe tiny bit, but overall, There are very concrete and quantifiable reasons for this if you want to look at it, you know issues. Child care and issues around you know flexibly weighty economy, works and flexible hours and why women choose to go into professions. They do. You know that's a much more complicated question around economics and those are the kinds of questions that need to be asked, but unfortunately we can't even get to the point of asking these questions because people say well. How can you, even question the gender wage gap. You know you're a sexist. I only want to have this conversation, its threatening to have this conversation and you shut it right down right now. And we can even then begin to solve these problems and that the materials prostrating ok sold. So, let's, let's go there. I want to take a quick breakdown of a second to have to hang with us. Absolutely ok,
eliciting equip break when we come back. I want to talk to about you know reason why we have tenure, and I support this is to be able to say crazy things in the, in the pursuit of opening up mines and thinking differently. That's what whose people forward However. We now have this this, this movement, that, really in the colleges and end with college. Each people that they, they just their hostile to anything that challenges them. It's apps Lately destructive I'd love
to hear your thoughts on this in and how we have those conversations. When you're drummed out of business, you could be de platforms, they know or you'll have a mob attack you, when we come back to tell you a little bit about Dugald lines, new silver Mabel flags that allows you to break off smaller pieces for barter and trade and trade, but I don't you. Yet. The importance of gold small little teeny gold bars is well when it comes to pay texting yourself, your family, your portfolio, you wanna, make sure the maximum flexibility and diversity That's why I own both gold and silver. Now I'd on this as an investment, although it is done very very well for me over the last, what twenty years I buy it as an insurance policy. I hope to pass it on to my kids and I hope to never ever have to live in a world where we have two concerns selves with that, but with the way
We are printing money, the debt that we are in blood alone, the debt that the rest of the world is in and what looks like may be coming our way: Europe, especially just look up european contagion today and see. What's happening you really do want to look into gold or silver and just find out of its right, for you don't do it. Things stupid and again I don't buy it as an investment, although I think it is a good one. I buy it. Is an insurance policy against insanity, and when I see the world start to back away from insanity, ok I'll tossing a different tune. So far, everybody is running towards the insanity doors call gold line. But now they have operator standing buys would give you all the information they ll send it out to you. Take your time think about it. Do your homework eight six six old line, one eight six gold line or gold line dot com
make a dominant penny colonists for the early times and somebody I'm fascinating, Megan, I'd love to maybe after the First, the year fly you in and just spend up an hour so with you, the commercial free, unjust, uninterrupted to have a real conversation with you got that right. You know I am I'm new to the post, modern view, no concept last few years and so had to be here. So is yours as you're watching this and you don't understand what postmodernism is you don't understand the world at all? once you do you really see how destructive that is in your seeing it now in the college's? What are we? How can we have these conversations when it's a micro, aggression to say you're wrong
Well, postmodern at does have its uses. I mean it as a way of talking about art as a way of have talked about literature. I mean that's really, I think words. It's it's best applied, I mean so one of the things. This is this there's a lot of moving pieces here, so one of the things that happen is that humanity's departments and liberal arts campuses over the last twenty thirty years. Have evolved so that a lot of the the discourse is around. This concept of her sexuality and and power and privilege. So the students gets get taught that every that the world needs to be looked at in terms of of who has historically had our and how to make that had it, how to get rid of it, how to make everybody equal so, instead of equality of opportunity, We need to have equality of outcome and so
that really then starts this- this, mentality, where you know Anybody who has more than somebody else is framed as potentially a bad person fright and- and This has now become in many ways the sort of default mentality of a lot of the media. I mean. One thing I really emphasise Glenn is that this is not. Majority of college students, it's not majority of people. This is actually a very small percentage of students that even get into this step. Behind them, the most college students are awake, studying and during an doing stop having nothing to do with this. The problem is that the people who do get into this and to go into the media. They go into education, they go into the media, they go into cultural institutions and that's why we now have a situation where the quote. Mainstream media, the younger General
Asian a lot of people come in with this kind of sensibility and blood has what has but they make now with the third sensibility, and that is what is kind of made this discourse the default setting Megan, I I'm sorry we're at a time I would love to have you join me poor. I just have a longer conversation in and I'd I'd like to talk to you about Postmodernism men, and how its useful in literature her. Maybe you can open my mind on that one day- my homework here, ok, great talking to you, Thank you so much for having an open minded and recognising nuance. Thank you. Gutless. That is Megan DOM. She is with the Ella Times I between article arbiter of yeah, we'll Asturias, back. It's really worth Worley
fourth reading there was this there's a couple of paragraphs in here that I think are a real mark will she said I heard need to describe what happened over the next year. This is this is in twenty. Seventeen racist speech I am even more racist, Sexton, sexist hardened and full blown massage earnest in turn. Fighting their bigotry, often insinuated their own kind of tyranny immediately. The resistance became not just a front line against Trump ISM, but its own sky, King battleground to beef crossing with rage over one thing meant being insufficiently aggrieved over something else you were worried about women. You weren't worried enough about blacks. If you weren't marching for immigrants, why didn't you show up for a scientist? There's no amount of outrage that couldn't be outdone, no woke. That was enough mercury, the global programme, but if you saw websites television show,
last night we were taking on fourth wave feminism explaining what it is and how it plays out today. We're gonna, take your right to Linda, sorcerer and and use her as an example of forthwith feminism when we had a guest on last night, who is just remarkable, a remarkable woman. Cassie J. She is she. She started her own film company in San Francisco. She lives in San Francisco she's one, you know of a car on film, a ward, and you know she's raised by the laugh cheese she planned parenthood sponsored one perfectly? No openings of one of her films. She could not be more, I want to say type feminist, anti feminist, as we all understand what feminist are now, she couldn't be
and she said she d no no longer refers to herself ass, a feminist yeah. She she saw she made a movie, the goal always was to make movies and have it be fair, so she thought she was gonna, go make a movie about the men's movement and she thought I was going to a bunch of sexist and she found it wasn't and socially. This fair movie is called the red pill. And when she did it, like all of her friends. All of her contacts started calling. A racist, a sexist, a white supremacist and she was like what why based on what and she saw the movement for what it was two nights another second half of the interview with her and she's just remarkable. You have to watch her. Did you see the story of the Texas Doctor who, Who said, I hate you
if you want to make the same amount? If, if female doctors want to make the same amount as male doctors, they need worker and that wasn't the entirety of what he said what he said? Actually, if you, if you read his, I believe it was a tweet that he sent out and he's just been bludgeoned. For it I mean just almost beaten the submission to the point where, of course, apologized and took it all back, despite the fact that he was accurate and the article written about it admits he was accurate. Women doctors ten with the majority of them, don't see as many patients during the course of the day, because spend more time with the patients they see an because they don't put in as many hours as men. Now, that's all backed up by fact
from the Erika Medical Association, both of those neither of those you're bad thing, never ending about that. He has been more timely, said their spending more time with the families right and with their patient right. That's that's a whole. They don't work is hard, in other words men, put in more hours or heard and make more not people through the meat grinder a little faster right and- and I mean that it the medical profession. Now you gotta see a bunch of patients in order to make more money in this in this day and age, and now I'm sure it's probably he's been that way, but women, doctors went crazy feminists. Went crazy, don't given don't do not talk, don't do not give in. I know he just did ya, don't give in when the x or on your side. What do you have to College, I fruits never needs an apology, it's so bizarre that we can't even speak truth. We can't speak science and we can't speak truth. You bet we can Have you heard by the way, welcome to pack rate? I don't know if you heard the
We just did with the Ella Times. Columnist she's a lefty, but she has been now following Jordan, Peter Sin and you know the intellectual dark web she's, a big fan of Brent Weinstein's who Brett Weinstein's, I am a big fan of the guy from Evergreen. Universities is crazy stuff is happening and She was just saying that during the election, her friends just started becoming not her words, but basic we nazis, they were they All of a sudden you had to be one hundred percent in lockstep bore You were a racist, sexist whatever, while the kind another right as well. It did didn't it, and I think that there is maybe seventy percent of the country, both left and right- that don't want to do that links since, but if she was just on, we
probably don't agree on an awful lot, but I could live stored her forever and we could be good neighbours. Because she's not telling me, I don't. I have to live the way she lives or believe the way she believes- and I be doing the same to her, we could live as neighbours and that's what I mean look used to be, and I think there's a girl, a number of people that are just sick of this sick of, I hope so also I'm sure sick of it yeah we're getting to the point where we just where we can even speak to each other at all. Anne and when you do it just results in hate, and so have you read my book it Not yet you gotta not out yet. No, it's not. You haven't given only copy the first copy of the press. I might I might let you read it to read it. I think you're gonna, really talking about Amazon Georgia's pre order, though deliver to the evidence.
Wouldn't have read it. If I done the Yemeni stored or if they are, you should still ordering ok, hiding and others not a shot, but Bob Woodward is in his second week. I think I'm the only but coming out man. I would I have to make a dent in the Bob Woodward and oh my gosh new. Imagine if the second week not again not a chance, but the second week of Bob Woodward. If he's not to number two- and we were at number one, we say we would have to sell so many more copies of the New York Times. Lawyer Nigel just they just build, put you behind him anywhere, but I mean It would just be so satisfying. Words, though Satisfy would anyway I think you're gonna really like it, because it it's It is it is still said this morning that he didn't hit me. He kind of understood it along the way, but never really put all of it together cause I hadn't really put it all together. All in one place
to understand, and once you understand what we're dealing with and what the true you'll see for they approach will make sense to be like a hockey gotta do there's hope to fix it or blighted layer is. I think there is you don't and in peace, you know me. I mean I was looking at my. My instinct was right. I was looking in the wrong places- and I didn't know why my insight- It was telling me to go there. And so I started reaching out to people on the left, hoping to find not whether or not to be an honest broker, the people that I was like: there's not going to be an honest broker, Gregor bananas problem. That was really frustrating really frustrating and I gave up, but these honest brokers are there and starting to pop up in there and their justice sick of it. As we are they see the destructive power. That is
happening now on both sides, where it is my way or the highway. That's that's positive, that's positive, because most of them are deep thinkers, big, deep thinkers, that's good yeah yeah, definitely speaking about Woodward, as we were a moment ago, did you hear the conversation between he in President Trump? I didn't when I read it: fascinating I mean all eleven minutes or whatever it is artist age is fascinating. The whole time I really play that in a few minutes and It's I mean I don't know where to stop. The tape sits believable from start to finish from both of em. I think I mean trumps seems to have a real affinity for word at some level, yea dot and tot streamlining the fact that they ve talked and they he's. Fair and I you know I I know you're a fair broker, you're. Not so much now, apparently, not fair or you knew he'd. He knew that
Tromp was aware at this point that the book was not gonna, be positive. It well. He kind of admits gallery amnesia where you have a very inaccurate book. Ah like no we're, not we're, not iron. I painstakingly we're this and talk to people and have you gone through about an hour ago was an hour ago or so, maybe a couple of hours ago we did. I went through the charges in Bob Woodward's book that we know so far and took out all the he said she said all the stuff that all he's crazy. While he's a retard, not let stuff can I get rid of all of that, because you'll never know unless there's a tape produced you'll, never know. Ok, then, look at what Bob is saying is happening in the White House, but people are like yeah. Let's not tell the President about this yavlinsky, let's Kathy their taken stuff off of his desk
where he was wanting to testify, but his lawyers were like dont. Nano noblest, president cause. You can't you don't you dont have a grass necessarily with the truth the same way every one else does what it nicely. You think I read seems accurate, seem fact. No surprise, no surprise I absolute are there any serious charges when you take everything, I know the only serious charge that I see and- and I have to say this in half- is the idea that there are people around him that are taking things off his desk, because no, no, no, no, don't show that to the presently. He'll want to do that. Not a bad idea, and there saying it's for public safety or for the you know, for the national security or for economic security. But then I think. Let me put this in half press is having a problem with that. But if you of a problem with this. Our don't you.
Have to recognise that the deep state does exist because he's in that? What I know of the deep state is supposedly doing: executive, Conan and others are archive treated as heroes in it. There are in there what do these bad things and they came and took papers off of his desk. Meet RE routed phone calls made sure that he didn't make contact with people and therefore per day did the nation that sort of again cone seems to be one of the big sources here refuted any these quotes yell, but that but take out check the nation right, that's deem state gay, that's maybe the what reason why they're doing it? But I think that's why deep state is united. That's why the people who bid in the State Department forever or doing it too late clear right. There are certain that their right and they have to pay the nation so As you know, CNN is having this problem and you know a woodward and everybody's having a problem with doing that. Well, that side. Then you have to
the deep state exists on the other side, I've heard so many people who voted for Donald Trump saying that's they knew what was going on. They wanted that he would put good people around him. Now he's got the bad people out good people around and they're gonna. Stop him from doing anything, crazy. Well, That's all you're during the campaign bright. So so, where is the problem here right? There is no problem, that's what I mean it. This problem, if you look at what normal and the way our system is supposed to work yeah, but we're not living in that world ha ha ha, I mean see MIKE his his description would not describe a healthy work, environment by any means But anyway, something rings for Donald Trump Tromp hotel would behave. Chaotic house is always an insane place to work at some guy who loves chaos. I mean you there's
They have to be present the United States. We all know that working for Donald Trump would be knots would be not one way or another, its nuts guy could come in at any time ago. You know what we're gonna do and it really be like all Jakarta what I mean, but who did put in it in a different way. Reed eve, jobs Book read the book about Steve. Obsolete, came out the people- apple were like don't tell Steve that don't tell Steve that or with American we doing that, that's happens when you're dealing with people who are innovators, crazy or not. That's, what happens? You got a bunch people who are like look. This could destroy the company, don't tell Steve about that. That's the same thing these praise it with Steve jobs. They hate Donald Trump. And anybody who is fighting against this, because you think he's being smeared, I heard Many of you say you wanted that they put ache. They put it. M together. One other
revelations they put accounts. Altogether to vet is tweets. Now he rejected it Well, I heard a lot of people and voted for Donald Trump GO, and I wish you just I was somebody would take us Twitter away now it would just take his twitter away. Will they try to heated Let them do it. Ok why is anyone? Who's is a supportive Donald Trump angry. At this other and then he said she said, which is meaningless near the names that were being Carl's is much less, as you won't name any the names right am we're. Not we're not gonna ever know who said in various things supposedly saw. I e justice count em right, you can't you you'll, never know so it's meaningless to argue about in you know, they're there is the worst thing that I saw in here about about Donald Trump was that he is volatile. You can fly into rages and he apparently likes to humiliate people yeah what
revelation this revelation, he's a most famous for saying, you're fired left behind. There is nothing new in this there's nothing new thanks bad! We listening for the year, the audio I read the transcript. I bet the audio is fascinating. Its pre empting coming to unpack Graham Leaf in the police, radio and tv network new study. This came out of China said discovered that air pollution causes a huge reduction in intelligence. This is, in addition to the well known, impacts on physical health, the China is this giant agenda should be doing a little study on the air quality high. Pollution levels led to significant drops in test scores with language M arithmetic. We have to breathe clean air. We all know this now, let's look at your air.
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