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Sins of Twitter Past, Forgiven? | Guest Hosts: Pat Gray & Stu | 1/4/19

2019-01-04 | 🔗
Hour 1 Begging to reconsider?...Ellen begs Kevin Hart to reconsider hosting the Oscars?...Harts response? ...Once again Louis CK on Abortion?...Truth hurts comedy?...the Lefts hypocrisy has them eating their own? ...New Congresswoman to Trump: "We're Going to Impeach this Mother F**ker"?...Can you imagine if a Republican said that to President Obama?...Pelosi and the Democrats will 'slow play' like the GOP does?    Hour 2 When a Man/Woman loses it at retail store? ...Border Patrol speaks...a Wall in needed...has nothing to do with politics? ...Vice President Mike Pence "No Wall, No Deal"...Who will fold first?...Trump owns this shutdown...the Ted Cruz, El Chapo Act reintroduced?...using drug money seized, for the Wall?...Stu has a great New great idea for the Wall? ...Are the Democrats done with Bernie and Biden? Hello Beto?   Hour 3  Why Radical Environmentalists make good movie villains?...'quirky yet disturbing'? ...Watch out 'Electoral College' the Left is coming for you? ...Blaze Chief Researcher, JasonButtrill joins to talk Putin sent Russian spies?...A 50/50 Issue among Democrats in 2010, now it's 89 to 8...why? ...Don't count on the Democrats to flip on the Wall...Trump owns it and right now and it's all he's got, and a strong economy?...Full border wall funding was offered last year, Trump said no?

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The fusion of any team and in rain ass. They sat round back programme with an stew over one more day, glanced back on Monday and Jeff. He should be back next. We to do at his pipe cast heat he's. I guess you see a cardiologist if you, if you mister Jimmy, had heart attack last week, but he's doing he's doing well. This week is Actually, you can tell that anything was wrong. He looks much better in my life, I looks better. Sometimes you you feel nauseous and then you throw up and feel a lot better than my own. The Jeffrey thing I mean I just needed get that heart attack. Out of me, boss made me so he's gotta cardiology appointment on Monday and then should be back. I do in his thing onto day. So I will talk to him.
Certainly my show on PET gray unleashed which precedes the show immediately on the these radio tv network, and then I would imagine Glinda Proteome onto right now that you and global am, I think so in our Tripoli. Nine, seventy seven be easy K Kevin Heart had some tweets that haunted him from the past. In fact, these it was a lie, pass to. I think it was nine years ago were they now. There are ten year old, tweets I think they were on that area yeah. I think they were from two thousand nine two thousand twelve or something like that. Any risks to do the Oscars, and then these these tweets homophobic tweets appeared and he'd already apology is for them. You'd already explained them, but they resurfaced, and there was a big deal about it, and so he stepped down as host of the Oscars we'll yesterday he shot upon Ellen
and Ellen Degenerous, I think, is is kind of washing him clean of his tweets this is really smart to Duke, because obviously, issues is almost well she's a lesbian and if you re, the authority to real tired yeah, pretty much like it seems like if you want to get an ok from someone that you're not a homophobia, and if you can get I want to say it, then your clear that too, I feel like is the position our society. Is it trillion like if they think they're certain people, I mean Elinor, just such a high profile person and she seem well liked wishes well, like she's, seems rational. She can she's, It doesn't seem like someone who would would just give anyone in excuse, rightly Jihad, if she would, if she believed you and she gave you an excuse and said look, I know you did this a while ago, yours, it's wrong. Now I believe you you should be reinstated or whatever,
that's your clearance process. I feel in the United States in twenty eighteen, where we have like probably or an ex president is gonna become yea West. Let's be honest about it hopefully another it's another four years of Trump and in Congo, in a society like that, I'm economy. Might be running against Chloe Car Dashi, and that might be the match up. So That's society I feel like Ellen is the authority, that can come in and say look you are clean. You are not yours, before. We were not. She just a judge, jury and exit if not on this topic and if you can get it. Prince from Ellen, like you get a whole passed from four melon, you, oh you're, back in the game on homophobia, I think this is that hall pass, and here she is begging, Kevin Heart to host the Oscars. So I I call me a cat
we today because I really want you to host the Oscars. I think that I was so excited when I heard that that they ask you. I thought it was an amazing thing. I knew how important wasn't, how will it was dream, so I called them. I said on. I have no idea if he wants to come back and host, but what thoughts and they were like- oh my god, we we want him to house. We feel like that. Maybe we here, misunderstood it was handled wrong. Maybe we send the wrong thing, but we want him to house what whatever we can do. We would be thrilled and then we'll be gets his salary. Do you notice is handling. This is why they haven't selected another host. It's it's as you suspected, and we're saying on my show earlier that the they knew this was coming. They knew this appearance was gonna happen on Ellen and
I ve been holding out for this to happen and now he's been washed clean and beheld dub invite him back and hill, Val K, reluctantly, agree and when he does his open somewhere there. He will first make a couple of jokes about of some right and then he will have some heartfelt. You know what great game sort of heat and maybe it'll even read your Ellen may Elamite come out here and then at eight. There will be some special award to represent gaze in entertainment and write like this- is what we get it is inner who is, it was a well known, gay person will come out and sing and dance or whatever they do, and they will give a hugs to Kevin Heart and tell him they understand, and we will all need to accept it. Now, then, Kevin Heart will announced that he is in fact gay,
That would be a great I ask, is the watchword of that. I would want that. I would lives, I would watch. I Kevin respond, or at least attempt to kind of respond to the Oscars offer, which is amazing personal. Before we play that now the point where the Oscars are asking him to host again right, like how to one cause Ellen evaluating is goes from your fire to please let him host crazy. Please come back, sir, please that's Adam S. A lot of power, as a lot apparently is here, is Kevin. Hearts response, You have said a lot of amazing things. You have four a lot of things on my mind, and I know our relationship stand soul. Leaving here promise you I'm evaluating this conversation is, is the conversation I needed to have. I'm glad that I have here and I'm glad as our finnish and real as I could have hoped that it will be ours
he's level assess always come just just to sit in the spacing and really thank you. When I will talk before anything else. Ok, ok, ok, that's what he does it and he gets a raise. Yeah he's after the asker. That's amazing, its outcome. Thanks here. First of all, Ellen is a comedian by training and she's think she in our structure, wholesome she's, been Atocha was for a million years, but you're hurt training is ink, stand a comedy. She just did. I think it was a Netflix special she's trying to get back in that world and she's, probably problem I dont know this for a fact, but probably on the right side when it comes to the burning at the stake, comedians every time they make a joke. People dont, like he's pro, we on the right side of that comedians, even even liberal comedians. Who, who will boycott for if a conservative commentator says something they'll be on the front lines the boycott, but when it comes
the comedians there, there very forgiving- and so that's probably part of this here, and I think I think that she's, probably on the right side. That genuinely was separately from the issues of you know gay issues at all that other stuff with further comes to a free speeches. You I'd be surprised if Ellen was on the wrong side of it. He I would too so that we too, I think, that's part of it and I think it's interesting to watch this sort of happen because you, really we're in that in that world, in which the did we have completely abandoned free per due process. When it comes to things like we don't even know it's just an automatic outrage machine and we go after everybody all the time and we have abandoned that due process for this due process, which is will Ellen, say it's ok, The events in says it's ok than the guy comes back and no one cares. The human not just be a controversial figure, and that just hasn't right- and I too
think this. He won't of any lingering side effects from this. Now, I think, that's all clean. She just watched him, that's a basic guidelines and again the auditors lasting. We're dealing with Oscar, so white right remember that right, gloucesters me, so they brought in a black host the fired him because he wasn't friendly enough to gaze in these people are lost to me in there in their intersection reality. They don't know what to do. They have absolutely no idea how to keep up with their constantly changing standards of, what's ok, to say, I'm, what's not, ok, to say and it is ok to host- is not ok to host it is found a watch. It well when liberals are eating their own. It is funding, it is fun and- and I think that's part of the problem here, but but this is pretty interesting because I think that was. I think this was all sort of design not on the shoulder pre the shop before the Show- and this was poor-
the plan to get him on Ellen and, like I'm, watching theatre a little bit here, yeah right, I got fired, oh wait a minute. What are we going to go on Ellen and you get an ok from Ellen will bring it back, She goes onto gets any. He doesn't except it right away. He's gonna make it out. I want to think about it. In my space for a while, I would say that it would get us if the Oscars announce a special like who wants to be a host special would like all the reality, tv trappings. I think they bring backdrop to host it get rid of your final approval to Kevin Heart, though, that This needs to end he s all right it seventy seven be easy K more patents do for glad on a glimmer of this is that the land back programme- let's talk about something real here, even put off a lot of things in life. You don't have to join a Jim. You can clean your gun,
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It again It's a conservative that would have happened. I think that were to happen. I can't think of a conservative comedian can you maybe I mean If it was Jim Gath again would not have happened and he's not a conservative. I don't think he but yeah I'm in gay. It's probably not. I mean I think he would make jokes like that anyway, but probably not there. People, have let us my pants who's, not a comedian, but it wouldn't happen. For my pet, it's hilarious, Thou guy, I'm gonna get associated companies of man. It's a scream ito. I think the closest thing you can come to right now is Lucy Kay loose pay is not a conservative, but he occasionally mixed points that are friendly to conservatives bright and when he does that he gets abandoned, that they didn't net,
they would have led him back into the world if he was mister, liberal spokesperson, but he's come out and said Somebody identity, politics, stuff, is dumb annually that thing that we play before about abortion. Is absolutely amazing from him. Yet it's too conservative, I think, for people's fears for the law I mean these forces them into a tough spot to admit a yes. This is a baby or He always a baby. It it's killing, babies. And then he goes through that all routine. I really killing buds kite is completely killing ethical, raising its an amazing thing to admit- and I think I think even says in there somewhere that he's pro choice. If I remember correctly, I don't you think I don't I dont even think he's a pro life person. He's? Just saying that, if you want to be honest about it admit the fact that what you're doing and unjustified. Yet we should play that yeah
Lucy Gay on abortion, people hate abortion protesters, there's so shrill and awful. They think babies are being murdered. These supposed really cool autonomy. It, though, I gonna ruin their days. They murdered several babies all the time. I don't think it's oh baby, I don't say I mean- is it gets a little bit? It's a little recalibrate it's a little bit it's a hundred percent- maybe it is killing a whole baby words. I think that women should be.
I have to kill babies ass, to be allowed to kill babies cheer and achieve these remarks to kill brilliant this shot and killed them You like for a baby last night tired. I just it has to be one of the other. You don't like when people say abortion should be legal, safe and right. Why, winner, if it should be- It should be legally its needs fishing to be rare, its see, that's a hundred percent. True, it's a hundred percent true and its away. He just covered both sides really and did that brilliantly? Just but I dont know if the left considers that brilliant, it's a real
losing him as an entertainer again, if he did some to even his explanation and the explanations and accusations against him in the earth. The scandal we ve gone over this before are not where remotely close to stuff we're talking about with Harvey wine. Seen them just seemed like he was a creepy guy at one point in his life that did things that workers very creepy that were, so consented to, Oh I don't. I dont know that whole situation. If there is more to it. Maybe there is, I don't know, but as it stands. Now it's a real loss. I mean, as far as his is able to do that- and this is a guy who's- was a liberal icon, yeah yeah they loved this guy. He was here, and he was able to do that. I mean that that's the type of model of the honesty can change opinions. When you approach it like that, you take someone who you are, Tom rationally and interestingly, on a million different topics, and you break it down like that. That is true, you you basically,
I have to say it's nothing. It's just removing some cells, its removing some flesh Goliath, I think of it as its equivalent of plastic surgery. Right, you removing it you're. Maybe you mere enhancing abreast year, lifting a nose, there's no conservative who opposes that you're removing fat. So slight from stuff, like oh section, same thing, exactly national conservative that opposes that right, because it's not hurting another person. It's you doing something to yourself a view. Is it's the other life? That's what's what is important and that's what he gets across their he does any puts, can really effective way, and he does this all the time he puts you in a position where you We have to sort of honestly question what you're doing he put That's so it's such a black and white and obvious truth, but you know what you can, because these even saying you can take the position of you know it's just if it's just dumb
cells or fat or poop, as he kind of puts it. They say that but admit it. It meant that what you're saying and also admit how ridiculous that is. I mean that and you have to go to to get to this position. Are there possible to navigate you can't you know. Gymnast is flexible enough to achieve it. The price, Here is what do as a society as we say. Well, it's uncomfortable, don't talk about it and if we don't talk about it, you never have to think about it and therefore you that kind of say women's rights and move on with your day, and it's not. This is: at about women's rights. If it was about women's rights, then conservatives be like you could not have that liposuction you not remove read that that the clump of cells from your guy breast augment it. I can't do that. No did. We would say that we know what the gun It's a crackdown on women having liposuction, we don't do that, there's not another. Life involves you're, not affecting someone else's rights. You are affecting someone else's.
It's when they dont have be right for their heart to beat any longer. That is a major issue and its income but to talk about so people don't want to do it, but then no, has that conversation, no one's forced into admitting that decision, making the decision that, yes, it's ok to kill the baby, because women's choice, its priority over it that's a position, you can take. I don't its consistent with a constitution, but you can take it if you want at least the argument logically triple at seven twenty seven is the phone number we're never more than sixty seconds away from the show here on this front half hour, so we pause, sixty seconds for a message from a friend Glenn back. This is the Glen Back program. You know it's smart figuring out who you need a higher to take your business. To the next level in twenty nineteen. You know it s a smart going to zip recruiter, dot com, slash back and hiring the right people now, unlike other job sites, zip recruiter, finds the qualified candidates. For you, it has powerful matching technology that nobody else has it skins
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and stupid led returns on Monday. You not speaking of abortion as we as we were with Lucy CARE here a minute ago in Ohio, did something fairly interesting. A bill banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be Acted pass: the Ohio Senate eighteen, thirteen now the previous month. The Ohio House also voted in favour of the bill, but the Senate made some changes, so it's gonna go through the house again the change they made worse. As they removed a mandate for or trans vegetal ultra sounds which can do. The heartbeat as early as six weeks. Six weeks Instead, they didn t just doing the abdominal altered
that's one of the big talking points from the left on this on these bills too. Intrusive show interest. If you can't force women to have that ultrasound its own end, You know that you're, a lot of women say yeah. I really want to be forced to do that. So removing that politically, as a smart move for sure be rammed, may not get it it's its innocent ass. It would save a lot of wives, somewhat right step in the right direction right, so you, but you have legally alter sound. I mean it. Axis. It was something like ninety five sort of women who were shown the altar sound chose not to have the abortion It was an amazing overwhelming amount of women who decided not to have the abortion after being shown. The ultrasound, because you see well, there's my baby and it- changes things in your mind. A little bit of it goes beyond just a clump of cells that some tissue. You know so just the altar sound, I think, is amazing,
I think they should put a chalk draw of the fetus on a chocolate and you have to actually physically erase it before you go to divorce in preceding that, can we introduce that as legislation you, because you just have to get the bigger re, certainly have to erase it? I guess I'm not look. I think that is There is no reason why you can't look at a and ultra sound of of the baby. For this happens. Isn't it doesn't want that to happen the now because they know what they know that, while it changes people's minds honestly to move from the left, its trying to bring emotion it of the decision and why you know what you're gonna get emotional put your own baby to save a life you you'd know you understand that it is just you gotta be honest with yourself on these things: don't try to live. this ban do for Glenn on the global programme stipulates that to do so Be easy. K saw the new
Congress, people of sworn in now, and some of them and made quite a splash already course Alexander, Cassio Cortez has been making a splash for months now but other Congress person who is willing to go? on a limb and do some things that you haven't been done, maybe ever like called the president an effort, her name is receded to leave and here's here's what she had to say about president drums. People love you and you win know when your son was pitching. You says: Mama. Look you one fully when a baby, they love because we're gonna go in. There really he's the mother thing to see your little young signing two. That's also somehow overlooked
Yes, he swore about the president, but she, at least to hurl word, has more to her kid Zheng set of ice somewhere to impeach average. While that's a great thing to save your ten year old son out, an awesome other you are, is one It is alarming to your situation. Here is also highlights what the Democrats are facing, like Nancy policy. Yet does she want Donald Trump impeached? Of course she does. Does she want him route absolutely, but she is going to deal with the political realities of that and realise that if they do it for no reason like, for example, nothing comes out really in the Mulder report may try to force, but impeachment anyway backfired. Backfire on them. That's why she slow playing at the first thing. She said when ain't when she was asked about this is well. We have to wait for that. The Mulder report to come out. We don't even we don't even know it's in it. Now they're gonna say all of its a big deal. But if, if Nancy Policy, playing politics, which she will she will please try to slow play this too big
that is a real. What you just heard is a real passion in the party that is a There's a lot of these new Congress. People come in who ran on I'm gonna go impeach the president there's a lot of activists who really care about that. Going into this campaign. Whoever says it the most is gonna get the most points with these activists and these votes and these democratic primary voters. So Nancy policies in the middle there trying to say look. I think if we do this gonna be bad for us in the long term, but I have to make it seem like we're very interested in doing it to make peace, like a brute. What's her name to shoot at least she did to leave feel she's, you know cared about and they're gonna slow, they're gonna slow play them like the republic slow play us yet when they save us all. We really what that flat tax. I tell you all. We want to lower those taxes o the tax bill you propose is just lowering about one point. Really I thought you were
excited about like a ten percent flat tax revenue that while we are, but we can't get their passing arena that we're we're gonna get? There are a few people acting as all my gosh, it's gonna happen for shower and so they're doing they're going to that same dance right now with their of super left wing and they have some and real radicals in office right now, she's one of em Emmi. Can you imagine if, if a Republican Freshmen congressmen had called for Obama and am effort. They had a cow. When your Wilson screamed you lie, they want to do it. Mission fit over that there was a big. I was the biggest story in Amerika for how long months I meet me still time, about it from times may still comes up on CNN and they were saying you look. So what will, if you called burned Obama, a socialist which is a description of some? whose policies which is a description of of some of the things that he believed like wealth. Redistribution
You were a racist. If you call him a socialist but think he call, they can call Donald Trump and effort, and it's not a problem. Yeah, it's fine. I wish point out by the way and people cheer for Joe Wilson, because it does not get pointed out enough, Yes, he said you lie in the middle of an Obama speeches, the CNN coverage of another time, Joel shouted you lie after President Obama denied care plan would cover illegal immigrants. Here is, I guess I could you not again election of the next president roots Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump on Religions website. She has up in our platform, one hundred and twelve reasons, Hillary Clinton should be our next president number Seventy quote she believes. We should let families bind the affordable health care act, care exchanges, regardless of immigration status. It went from controversial thing to say he was lying about it to mean the platform of the next candidate. That's how fast that have!
Joe Wilson was totally totally wrong redeemed beyond that one, and I dont know that I've ever seen anyone other than us give him. For that. I haven't I've, never seen that The thing about Rashid, Rashid it to leave she's a palestinian American who ran and on a two state solution for an and continued foreign aid to Israel. And then ass soon ass. She ass soon ass. You want or primary she, he decided she's forty one state solution and no aid to Israel which Switzer, the one state, is not Israel. Now the Oh Don T wait a minute: you ve got: U S. Congress, people, creating a one state solution: I don't know how that works, really and she's not getting any feedback from that that I can then I can tell
You know she's from Michigan, an area where I'm sure people have or fine with her stance on one state solution, but don't know thou that works in the. U S, Congress. I don't. I don't know how that works with democratic leadership. I don't know how that works in the mainstream Democrat Party yeah, I mean it's true him into the Olano MAR? Who is one of the new incoming Congress people? This is a tweet from her from two thousand and twelve Israel has hypnotize the world the Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. My and she's now congresswoman is unbelievable, what's happening in the Democrat Party, it's unbelievable, but what We are told all the time is that its Republicans, who are so extreme its republicans or completely out of the mainstream. No. Take a look at what what the Democrats or electing right now take a look at some
new people that are going to office as Socialists, therein Israel zealots there their complete out of the mainstream of the United States of America who what American wants a one state solution of Palestine? in the Middle EAST the elimination of Israel. I don't know anybody. I am sure they exist, but they are not in the mainstream. That's for sure, and there Sir There certainly not getting elected outside of Michigan and that's visit. I think when when when, let's say Brok Obama's power, there's something even though I agree with Joe Wilson's point right, there's some appealing to a conservative to say you shouldn't as yell something in a speech so be people are like even at the time you're like all right. Well, I mean I agree with this point completely, but that probably is the way to do it and so, liberals, make these points when Brok Obama's president
And they say: ok, look. You know that's decorum. We fear that this is not the thing that you do. And there's something that appeals to conservatives generally. On that point we ve talked about, but the Jonathan Height Book of talking about how concerned about those types of things: the care about traditions right, but the left doesn't. So when, when a Republican becomes president all things, at the window and they act as if they never meet those arguments. I mean that we have Congress person saying we're gonna impeach effort. Today we have another one. Yesterday hoo, who made a three minute speech about the equivalency between the President and Adolf Hitler economists right we, these long time, Congress person to they column, lotta mean they column wire all the time time now. Look every politician is somewhat as far as I know, but
was off limits. I was our Lama with Barrack above and broke up. I'm abide all the time. In fact, every day, even the left wing organization, pullet effect gave him the lie of the year. What here, and this is why I who lied all the time and just ever called out on it. So I dont you kid take their criticism seriously. You can only try to hold Your own foundations, steady, if Do you believe ex wires? He is wrong for one person you have to hold yourself to it because since I agree in General- is not going to make you do that anymore. There is no longer a inertia of society, no longer forces. You to be consistent over things, everyone just kind of EC forgives. You do the one example keep going back to his. How fast is changed. I mean you could You John Kerry, lost the two thousand for election based The fact that he said I guess I did
for it before I voted against it, wouldn't matter what I oughta now. Does it matter? If that doesn't matter at all, nobody cares. If you do that, you can say something today and change your position to mark of arms to be elected. Doesn't you in fact you can? You can say something right now and then in fifteen minutes. The complete opposite, complete I'll, be elected. I mean you, you said she ran on. I don't write and follow her campaign, but she ran on on funding to Israel and a two state solution and day one and switched it afterwards after the primary. The primary and that's exactly easy. It's amazing! Nobody cares! No! Who cares- and I are you gonna get all these you know cause you Cortez is a good example of the one getting all the attention I dont know. If there's some video out her, dancing and like a high school or something like. Where do I handle a complete? Nothing, nothing to an absolute and gave up everybody has done, is to anyone and there lay up congratulations. New York, why be?
a representative danced when she was twenty years old at Boston, University, silhouettes us. So what? But I did. I didn't make a decision yesterday that I did not make these decisions lightly path. I would encourage you to come along if, if you wish you go to your twitter page annually on settings right. Then you go to, I think its content preferences, when you click on muted words and then type in the word, a Cassio and then it ass, your time and you say forever and then you presented and it improves your life quite a bit. Doesn't it does I've come to the point now, like I don't care about she she's a site Socialist Congress from it. So then it just aegis. So then I just got on her. I live to see every done dancing, video that somebody releases or some stupid heard a little the issue think she's clever tweet back at somebody. I just can't I can't I can't waste my time. There's no way
me reading some cause. You Cortez tweet is a guy. Use of my time I will read her new green jobs. The bill. Yesterday, the new new deal for the environment, which, cost us in excess of fifty trillion dollars by most by many estimates, certainly over thirty that because it's a real thing Do I really need to hear her snarking comebacks if somebody order or unseen same thing, some dumb, no conservative site that thinks it's like the most exposing video of all time to see her dance on a roof for five seconds twenty. None of this makes a small difference in my life at all. That's why I use the power of the mute. I feel like I am on the emperor. It's the power of the dark side. I am the power of the dark side. When I see this man one these little trend starts come out. It starts annoying me muted, and I now hear any of the crew.
Any more about it, that's the way you gotta do it good solution? It is just get it out of your life. What is the point? Triplets haven't you seven be easy game spend stoop for Glenn other glib programme seventy seven be easy going now we women be all excited about Alexander, Cassio Cortez is a dancing on the rooftop, but you can get excited. I think about. Her green plan, which is just this fantastic? She wants to She wants to retrofit all american homes and businesses with with wind and solar the so I have to do that. Is otherwise it's gonna kill the planet. We just we can't keep using fossil. Us anyway she's talking about this in an outlying some of this on an upcoming sixty sixty minutes interview, I think, is Sunday night. There were going to see this.
It's actually snippet, you're, drunk carbon emissions, no use of fossil fuels within twelve years is that as the gall ambitious air, how is that possible everybody having to drive an electric car? It's gone to require a lot of rapid change that we don't even conceive as possible right now to what is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest sticks? possible. This would require the raising taxes, theirs. Element where yeah there people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes. Jewelry specific archery you know look at our tax rates back in the sixties and when you have progressive tax rate system, your tax rate Let's say from zero: oh to seventy, five thousand dollars may be ten percent or fifteen percent of, but once you to night. The tippy tops on your ten
we have dollar, I sometimes you see tax rates as high as sixty or so percent. That doesn't mean all ten million dollars are taxed at an extremely high rate but it means that, as you climb up this ladder, you be contributing more. Would you we're talking there. Just big picture is a radical agenda compared to the way politics. He's done right now. Well, I think that it only has ever been. Radicals that have changed this country. Abraham Lincoln, made the radical decision to sign the emancipation proper. Nation. Clinton Roosevelt made the radical decisions to embark on establishing programs like social security that is rather bad. Radical yeah, you know That's what radical means call me a radical oh she's around here of what will your erratic? What a brief stance if radical means Abraham Lincoln call me a radical yeah, ok got it got it by the way.
Ex rates. Nineteen sixty three, for example. Ninety one percent- was they separate? Just the ninth One per cent of, of your other nurture fair share, not sorry! That's all of your income. Only if your wealthy, at the top the one percent does that mean again: she's she's determining the period she says. Go down to seventy seven percent, though that next year, so maybe she only wants it to be. Seventy seven must be fair to Elsie somebody's outline. What your fair share is that we know less. Ninety one percent. Thank you. While you, I think you could color radical The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their Glenn Back programme still for global Glinda programme goes back on Monday,
Using thing happened at a game. Stop the other day where customer came in and the clerk behind the desk something about you guys need and then that set off the customer in an amazing way, listen to what happened in the game. Stop man! I support the view that, as you said, what is there for you guys life before boy you there will. I thought you were a man. We didn't show me, sir, who number problem with Barbara. How? Mr several times before I leave not now resolving a woman right now are totally adds ethical woman.
Taylor, swift it on the south side, calling not quite clearly why I ask you to stop me a marriage. Quite clearly, I'm not arrived This power aired dog at me for years, and I said I m sorry MA am but quite clearly no, you can't you. You can't use that free and that's a fascinating part of this, because The whole point bright of this gender thing, right is that you can't look at someone and identify them by their looks right. Right, like you have to know how they identify General hurriedly figure it out. So, even if she did like a woman, you pay we shouldn't say MA am right because you oughta. She identifies as a man
there the whole premise years, ridiculous. I guess we have to refer to people in the plural. Now they in them they them, and in that I think, that's the point heard pronoun for some wish to retain, should bring back the controversial Louis UK thing from yesterday this this is the exact same thing is complaining about in that Deca. Controversial stand up stuff, but it's like first of all, no woman in history has ever reacted like than to that such a recent you're, better Jake, I'm sure you're mad wait. I thought you were a woman when you show me a man out of that happening. I'm really can feel it is feared that this one feels like a set up to me tat this. Feels like the type of thing you know: Gotta go in there and they're gonna. Call me sir. Then overreact go crazy and make a deal at ensue or whatever, because it get you know like it, doesn't make any sense in on it. Wouldn't you
if you're in that situation, if you're a transgender personnel and we ve had plenty of transgender people called us over the years and explained basically, this way understand that what they're going through is maybe not this thing that everybody's used to dealing with, and so if someone were to make a mistake like that, is you correct them? You know you're not trying to be a jerk to you, though, like you're gonna show grace to them. Aren't you out actually just so you know, I'm a dude or I'm I'm a woman and the personnel of the person who gave us all my god, I'm so sorry, but that's that's that's how they and it could totally go down, there's no other no reason to turn it into that right and that's feels to me like a set up. The thing here, Pat if you want- the corporate number of game stop just google it you don't need to wait in there for them to give it to you Google, the number you're gonna be able to find it I of course, game. Stop will probably like what we ve done this week,
when him free ex boxes every week for life, we have given him the free access to any store to come in and take a crap on the floor at any time. They say he oops, I mean she at any time could come into a crap at any one of our four hundred and seventy five stores in the Continental United States, because quite clearly we're talking about a woman like clear quite clearly, as you can hear so- and I wonder Doolittle follow up and see game stop fired the employee too. I hope not quite clearly that the employee was just can didn't know you guy printed I mean guys is a term that can control that can cover anybody to. Yes, I say guys to women all the time. All the time communities you guys wanna go. It's a group is a general term, meaning people to me. This point, we're not. We no longer live in the era of guys and dolls, bright, Dewey Is that what we are doing? So? I don't think so I don't think so is if you want to bring back and make it ok for me to call women dolls, then I'll, consider your position on this, but for them
This part guy! it just means anybody now. Look, I think, probably the employee did think it was a man. One reason: why is it's a man here, I mean quite quite clearly. Quickly a man by any outward appearance or end or auditory evidence. You would think that is a guy and are we supposed to deny all of that exists now we're supposed to deny. I guess that there are actual character, six of a man- and there are the risks of a woman right, an that's the thing he's she is. She is claiming its PS based on her physical characteristics, then she's, gentlemen, something else, and when you see the video their character six. Tell you something else.
What'd. I tell you: why don't be a you'd have to look at? It must be able to tell the rapporteur. It tells you quite obviously this looks like a guy yeah does, but It's such a strange thing. It's like He is saying. The employee he's looking this person and saying that's a guy, that's what he believes instinctively and he seemed to be right on that peddler. Then this transgendered person at least were reported trends Your person saying is says it's obvious, based at my physical characteristics that I'm a woman. Well, that's, never the you are now telling this person what they should take from physical characteristics of which is much bigger, overstep than getting agenda wrong? You're not telling you should recognise these things as female. When intuitively he says it's a male and he's right Yes, so I mean this is just you know, it's verdict less and I feel like it.
To me, so you manage it feels manufactured, and you know it feel like one of those things where here's what's gonna happen, you stand over there with your phone, I'll, go in there and all all raise a ruckus it at all, all glass, the person for the video and they will but a game stop and I at Free Zelda for life right like that's the place he had our or it's a big loss. It rightly pay him on a thousand dollars. Yes, and no, no and in a week We all forget about the story we care but gave stop. Is a person or a thousand dollars readjust easier for them to pay out a bunch of money and then fight it in court and they'd. That's probably what will happen. It's probably what will happen that sad, barely certainly now I hate that its, but that's the real now you have to make these decisions weapon in these situations. Right I mean we ve been in situations many many times and which are instincts say. Look I just want to say
you're just fight with this person, person public in a public form verbally and take down their argot arguments. But you realize afterwards, you don't you You think out of it. End of the day it might make you feel good for a few moments, but at the end, don't you get nothing out of it? You spend more money than you would have spent by just book, brushing it off. You know, you don't convince anybody, know comes your site is like all. Well, you know what I first was with a transgender pursue, but now I see games stops this giant corporation. I see their reasoning One ever does that, because no one ever cares to you know. We are, I think, you know a gear if you're listener to a talk, radio show and you sitting here listening to the stuff fifteen twenty hours weak. This is what you like you like to listen to these, be hopefully both sides and determine what's right and wrong. I felt situations where I've come out at the beginning. In my initial impression was one way and when you re,
look at the details like wait a minute now this is the other way it happens along now. It's our jobs so we have to do it Most people actually have real work to do things that actually help the country and like move our economy forward and things like that, but important things We get to sit here and blab all day, so we have it luxury of being able to sit here and look at all the stuff all day long and try to figure out the new on there. Most people, don't know me talk. Radio listeners are an exception. I think, generally speaking, because their willing to spend if you listen to their show, maybe a couple there, the national, shows, yearn for full time. Job, listen, to talk radio, I mean we're fifteen. Russia's do and fifteen added he's. Doin fifteen Europe, forty five hours right, like you, ve spent good Shaka, your weak listening to people, talk about these issues and break them down and give you different spectres on and hopefully
end of the day. You're gonna be a lot more info then? The average person is just not raised. I can follow these things that closely, and he said how this would react if you're, if you're flipping through, headlines. You dont, look at the pictures. You don't watch the video you see, transgender person harassed game. Stop. You came stuff right when gave didn't nothing wrong there, There are at least as far as that. The information we have at this point then seemed to have done. Anything wrong was completely the rational actor and that in that situation the game stop him no question AAA: seventy seven. The easy gates, bad stupor Glenn on the Glen back. This is that land back programme. Let's talk about something real here, you can put off a lot of things in life. You don't have to join a Jim. You can clean gutters, but usually they will write off your house, but here's another thing you should, but often that is getting home security. It's your home! It's your family! It's your stuff! You want, to put
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be easy: gay, apparently a couple of arab border officials are speaking out about the wall. National Border Patrol Council, President ART, Dilke widow, you recognise the name, as perhaps hispanic ethnicity. Did you apply every identified characteristic? That person is correlation and you call them at hispanic? Unbelievable, it is unbelievable. So this was during a White House Press briefing anyway, about building the wall. Here's what you had to say. I should not talk about some of those criminals at board, but surely does not perhaps on a daily basis. We're talking about murders, rapist people that commit very serious crimes in this country of ice has been doing an amazing job in deporting allow these people back to their countries unfortunately wants
for these people. These people were not stay there country these criminal areas that have been released from jail that have been deported will come right back into sees how we have a physical barriers that we had a wall. We will be able to stop that what I hate or what I hate longer What a racist? That's! That's amazing yeah the outlines, here's a guy who deals with this every single day of the week. Every day, knows the criminal illegal aliens are coming across the border, and he knows that Problem any knows that when they catch him and they send back, they still come right back across porter. So how would it be? What would happen maybe we had some border security and may be put up a wall to make it a little harder forum amazing. It also worked in areas with walls. This is not, or at least fencing MIA fencing earlier because they want
maybe it's this next clipper lets us into the next one. This is a factor. Garza also might notice that is that Croatia's accession to using regarded as broad a patrol on needing a wall. Ok, let's do the other one border patrol on wall, nothing to do with politics. We did those back. It has nothing to do with political parties. You are going to ask yourself this question I come to your home Do you want me to knock on the front door or do you want? you climb through that window, we fully port, the president and all his. To secure our nations borders wow clear is weird situation, because this is a clear called. They said it was can be applied. Briefing so was in the room, were Yossi sir. How could be sanders talking in the press, briefing room and then take any questions, so that was a big. That was a big thing that all see, and it was very upset that the difficult questions afterwards, as something important was going to come after it. The point
these guys were here there obviously I have a hispanic background there, haters Mexicans right. They just want the freedom border secured and there the people on the front lines have to deal with it every day and he said there. Routinely arrest, murderers and rapists, but a wall would help stop them from coming back after their deported. I mean again these the guys who deal with it every single day. Are you gonna tell them their racists? Are you gonna tell them their haters right through ridiculous at this debate gets so is boil down to just nonsense. I think at this point like we know, I think there some people who believe the wall is going to solve this problem, and I know Europe Pro fence, I'm problem Hence it is specifically in the areas where it is most useful, but that's,
it's. My small part of this problem is a forty percent of people who are here illegally argue over overstayed visas. That has not do the wall bright, like there's ports, we have ports, we have a whole canadian border with no wall like there's a million different things like it's. There still going to be illegal immigrants here, whether the walls built or not- and we should look at that as a as a an end up yeah. It's just a first step in the right direction, help right. So why wouldn't we do it? It will help. Secondarily, the left as if it won't work like how inane of a viewpoint. Is it to say that a physical we are wont, stop some people. Obviously it's not going to stop every body. You know if you know a giant cartel decide. We're gonna break through that wall. At some point there going to be to do it and they're gonna come through momentarily Amre hats. Let us stop them once there, through, like they're gonna, the hardware to get through offence or a wall. Yes, but you know
not every coyote. Not every. Group of immigrants who are becoming over the border. Are gonna, be able to do that. It will stop a lot that a majority of the easy ones. It's going to stop the low hanging fruit it's important that is important because you're stopping not only people who are coming here illegally and that's their only crime. But people have committed other crimes as well, sometimes serious ones. Wait. Seventy seven Becker's our number or menopause for only sixty seconds from for a message from Glenn beckoned them we're back to talk more border. This is the Glen Back Programme every Tuesday, since there is a new victim of identity theft, which means a grim. Could be spending your money or applying for loans in your name or even damaging your credit, the good credit you ve worked so hard to bill. Unfortunately, you might miss certain threats to your identity, just by checking bank statements or monitoring your
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Lotta confidence in it and it any more and they just click second a work anyway and that it is immoral, that's their new thing, a wall is important since when is a wall immoral, since when is a fence immoral, that's just its asinine. Are you are telling me The fence around the White House is immoral. You tell me the wall around the Vatican is immoral. That's really dickie! Less than that only there, because of an immoral act right? The idea that people are breaking the law on coming in a when they are not able to do it legally. That act. I think, is an immoral act in many situations I mean you know, asylums different, there's some sit exceptions to this. We know it, but those are again there's processes for that, and that is you don't just I'm agreements just come in, and I say just come in and take something. What are you thinking you should have it or not. You know not yours, and so these are basic tenets of of of civilization. You're right answer if they weren't doing that at in the
samples obvious it's true. We won't just build walls on borders with no problems. Look at our Canadian one nobody's clamour for a border wall to the north they're not coming across the border illegally and breaking the rules and staying here and taking our benefits and doing all Two things are not supposed to end its, not because Canada is predominantly white that we say. Will we don't need a wall? It's because there is not the problem there that there is the southern border The wall is not moral or immoral. The wall is just a bit. It's a structure that tries to enforce the law. That's it tries to Enforce the law, because apparently twenty million people from our southern border are an end. How many as it maybe ten of that come through that way, aid of it. The bottom line is People can be trusted without a wall. They can't because there is. This is not like there should it should be enough to be able to say, look come through
legal process and people should follow the rules, Is that should be enough doing that. So this is why this step is being taken. All is immoral. What are you talking about? You put it? what lunacy. It means it's like it. If you put a wall up for an immoral reason right. It's radically possible like if you put a wall up around and lets, say the jewish ghetto right, there's an immoral wall with the it's not too that's a moral. It's! The people see behind the wall, trap your citizens inside your country. So you can continue to oppress them: Berlin, EAST Germany, for instance, and that's it more. That's an immoral policy and you're gonna shoot them if they try to leave right at a moral walls, not a moral. No three Wall is, is just an idea to say: hey, you got to enforce the law and we ve tried to do it a hundred different ways you have tried to make. We try to say: hey, don't come. We said: hey here's issues, a new law that says you can't do that
you come here. You know how to get X, Y and Z. We tried a lot of stuff. Put border agents down there. We tried with technology, we we ve said: there's lots of physical barriers like rivers and mountains, and they still keep coming so we deeper. We taking another step to try to reduce the percentages, I think appropriate, crazy, this is not a question of morality or not. Follow the law this when you need to happen spam stupor glad the global programme glanced back on Monday morning been talking about the the wall. And how it's just I gotta work is, is what we're being told by the Democrats. It first of all they dont walls, don't work and immoral, silly ridiculous. When he put up the fish San Diego it was, it was before the fence. There was a case. That stretched across
the area to denote that you ve crossed over from Mexico too United States and when they built the fence, it was a double and in some cases, triple fence, and I think it stretched something like fifteen miles. It stop illegal crossings by ninety five percent and violent crime, would down overnight, three percent in the area in is Israel claims that the fence they between them and the Palestinians. The lead to a ninety percent reduction and terrorist strikes, having one fences works whether those firing missiles overtopped now, writer, yes, is harder to is harder to get there again. It doesn't stop everybody, it doesn't someone's solve some of our other immigration issues, but it solves the vast majority of of what you would call the low hanging fruit, like the easy wants to stop if, unless you're
for terrorist organization. You may be able to come up with a fire power to get through a wall or get around it via the lots of resources, but when you're talkin but people coming over, whom minor of criminals who may be you know your typical. We know thief or whatever, along with a lot of people who just want to come in and may have the all the best intentions in the world to come here and to hurt his sick. You know, say their family, but aren't doing it legally. It's us up them and an What's it will I dont want those people to be stopped? Well, I don't want them to be stopped either if a person who come wants to come here that has all, best intentions and can do something here in our society and be a good actor. We all want them here need to cover railway gum. Legally, then, and we can revisit what you stop the once. You stop the flood and when you have a break in Europe in your plumbing in your house, what do you do? First, you say: hey! I wanted by new apply answers cause my my governs not working that well, while
the floor is being filled with water, while its flooding in your in your house know, you want to stop the flooding first and then you can do. With some of the other things going on in your house and that's what what the wall on the is about its get ahead, though, on the influx first, and then you can deal with all all of the other situations you can. You can do how many people are able to come here legally because now not as many people are coming illegally, you can make him, maybe the process a little bit easier for those who are really in a bad way. You can you can check on the visas and whether they have expired or not, and we can fix a lot of these problems, but first of all it start, border security. That's words, gotta begin, and we ve said that for years, and they just won't do it, which is so frustrating is it is and now the word is that the president is
in the game to switch trade Dhaka for his while funding, which necessarily think is a great idea not but he did. I wants this wall badly. Obviously it was a bit campaign promise anything. You know he was getting beat up by people on Fox and on top radio. For not so You see basely backed off initially his power, miss to close the government, Therefore, for this purpose- and I to his credit, he is he's decided to reverse that and is now said he look, we're gonna, learn about. This goes for we, I think was Tucker Karlsson had done my pencil last night, I mean pence doesn't seem like there's a lot of little room heroism whose vigour that this morning again said now: before the war with the american people, no walls work literally, two thousand. Some people a day to come into this country illegally by one means or another. We can agree on. Those facts come to gather around solutions, but part of
solution means a wall. It means a barrier in along our southern border, and it also means technology drones the kind of support, but are order agents no way, assist them in doing their job, but but bottom line. There's no wall. There's no deal I mean I hope they stick to that, and I think they will. I like to help. So it's interesting because I think that there is any incentive for Democrats to go along with us because the media is going to assist them in every way possible. So why? would they give up ground. Maybe they will. I mean I know they're, just as incompetent is the other side, but like maybe they will. But politically I don't see what why? Why would they bother? you just gotta what everyone I'm in trouble already said on record. It was his shutdown he's there.
A blame argument going back and forth here, he's already said: he's taken the blame for it again to his credit. If he, if he believes in it s, is one take the lean, the heat, that's great but you know, he's already said it there, be able to run, adds with him saying that over and over and over and over again which they will, which they will. So why at what incentive that they have other than to make this as bad as possible, for them the more pain the better here, because it's all Donald Trump who caused it and I can't imagine, they're gonna be like well unless they get something really big like Dhaka level, big right like accustoming, they'd been fighting for for what fifteen years long time then, and it was done. Unconstitutionally they have they might want that. Maybe that would be enough, but that was we rejected and they're saying that not enough now we're going something either very big orders. This thing just sit there and bleed eventual you know
presently thinks gotta. Give yes, I'm just gonna give and there and by the way that the way their handling? This is the way I have argued Republican should handle these things before when Brok a bottle was in office. They passed all this ending bills for every other department. So they said so, seven agencies that are closed down here and they passed all burning goes for six of them, so all those to come back to work today. If Republicans weren't quota, quoting the way right, that's the way to framing it in this the homeland security one they passed with. They pass data what are they gonna, passing a temporary measure? That would like say, okay well, will negotiate the wall for a month, but use you got. People come back to work but this is an easy sell for the media to swallow and he's already set on record. It is its. He shut down its trump shutdown, so this the only lino as these eight hundred thousand people, whatever it is, that aren't getting paid, this goes on and on and on and on theirs. It's going to
wrap up the pressure on Republicans and it's it's gotta make life easier for Democrats is at least I think the way they are seeing it. So I don't see why they would bother giving it on this one You know they probably won't died, but somebody's gonna have to to have to either be Trump or the or Democrats and something has to give their support to eventually Ruby just realized actually made need all that stuff we're residents. Six months have been shut down and I haven't noticed anything. I beg you and I would realisable federally workers are a big deal right leg, even though I think bureaucracies are too big. You should be getting paid for your work and I was at the airport on this vacation and has it went through the tea essay? The guy said someone asked Hey ourselves: your holiday gonna be good, oppose, getting paid, puts his wrist so go there have to be their working. And they're not getting paid at this point now at once, you hit the first couple weeks, its B s right because you're not get you wouldn't get a paycheck anyway, wouldn't as early notice you're not getting caught, him got paid organs
The point now we're getting past paychecks sooner be multiple paychecks, those what good into real have sought him real financial problems in the not too distant future and that stop doing the job for free they soon. Now. Because of that I mean- and I actually support him, why can the governor support of force, people to go to work without paying them. Like that's, not a good thing. To set. I think we have an amendment to stop that sort of practice, rightly you're not supposed to be low before the people to work without paying them. So what would it be like if our Congress, actually passed a budget rather than see. Ending bills, all the time rather than temporary spent bills at last for six months or eight months, error or a nine months. Why, have we actually passed a budget for the first time in nine years, and actually ran the government. The weight supposed to would not be great that would Why can't win situation Insisting on that as well.
We should absolutely put our foot down as an american people in and insist on that I mean they could we're not going with total Republican. Controlled are certainly not gonna. Do to us german right right. I mean they're not going to their. Not one Pay for this with the wall would be the El Chapel ACT. This was reintroduced TED crews over the last twenty four hours which, by sickly says hey you know. When we really were prosecuting L Chapel, we take a bunch of his assets, those ass, She got a border security. Where are you drug Lord down and we a bunch of their assets. That money should go to the wall. It's it's it's the clear line. If we're getting drug money, that's exactly where it should go to stop future incidents where drug Words are able to take advantage of our country again. This is another thing that couldn't even pass along. Republicans, I doubt is going to pass here, but it's a good idea.
We need a billion dollars off avail chap. Oh, hey we're twenty percent of the way there for that funding to start up that wall which, like that we talked about this before, Does it make sense to me that it would cost twenty five billion dollars to build a friggin long wall are long fence? I won't I They keep their like. What's its seven million dollars a mile to really is it too? I have thirty four million very four million, a mile, thirty four million, and by that seem right forget. Doesn't I like I could go to home depot and get it done easier cheaper than that. That's what I feel like killing. So have you ever you have you weren't? You had an office job before right. Didn't you sell insurance or something from a year. You know, you're sitting in a cubicle and You wanna do somebody wanna go get something from another coworker, but the last thing you want to do is go around that cubicle wall, it's like you, you'd, rather yell overrated toss things over it over and over again, because you're too lazy to get off your fat ass go around the corner around cubicle wall. Here I think it will be.
Deeper. What if we build the wall out of cubicle walls, because you know it the compromise position. You know that the left doesn't want to all the right. What's Astina thirty foot wall, if you come up with just nice cubicle, while no one wants to cross a cubicle wall and care costs that arise that much and we can still talk over it, maybe throw things over to each other. If we want to, we can keep relations open. I like it I think we ll have a bunch of cubicle walls all across the border. We solve the problem for like half the cost and think of the business for office max rate and staples throw a lotta office supplies over. You really good a guy. You really can. I bet they get some sort of disk like if you, by more than one you maybe get a gift card, we could start given away gift cards. We can not by lot, number two pencils theirs on future land. I can't we go with trivial, eight. Seventy seven b, decades, patents do for Glenn declared that per
hey, it's better still offer Glenn, Tripoli, seventy seven, the easy Kay sexism claims course from the Bernie Sanders Camp from his twenty sixteen run Apparently, women were paid less ethic. We talked about this a little bit yesterday. The women were, aid less and treated worse and I don't know if I get the impression that the Democrats are pretty much done with Bernie Sanders done with Hilary and they're looking for the new kids in town you bet owes show that their setting up a second look at the covered between Bedouin and Sanders, they're, sending a signal battles in your out- the old man get out of here- and it's almost like- we don't even you to run this time, and I want to waste any democrat funds on on you old guard people know it's gonna, be I'll bet. Oh all the time, I think it seems to the activists and out of its having binding, I think Biden might be bitten by that. Bug is well maybe
I think, barred and its possible. I think I think they see by news of a possible real threat to Trump, he were to win again, I don't know that's misled, but a misleading, but I think they they think that there's a chance there with Bernie. I think they realize what Bernie Sanders is not what this election Who knows in this world I mean I would not be surprised when anything. I would be surprised if A card ass. She jumped in a week before the election, and on this point I would neither but, like I said I don't think Sanders is you can get this. In policies out of about ten different candidates on the democratic side that better chances to win that money centres for sharing a better come Allah Harris. You know,
curse in July Brand, better Rourke for sure Julian Castro, like there's a million you're right there? Essentially, the same socialist policies aimed at policies has Bernie just in a younger pack, there's not a ton of diversity when it comes to ideology, ideology on the democratic there's, almost nine, when we were there really was with with Republicans last, I met seventy candidates and you had everything from George Pataque. He ran right like yet all the way to tick crews. Are you a real wide choice to to select from there on the left? You have all the way from communism cleared. A social is right. I guess who's. The most conservative person that looks like they're gonna run the most moderate Democrat. I mean it might be Biden whose we only I think it would be by now he's a ninety percent liberal right, like he's not ninety, nine percent, liberal, occasionally he'll say something about the free market or southern. Just an article about out some Democrats, was read it. Maybe it was early this morning
where they were saying, bigamist is not liberal enough. Yet for us fight, we don't like him. We don't want him to combine, is gonna. Look at this and say I can appeal to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin sconce into it to Michigan too hi, oh my can win the worries right, cooing cordon quote rational right, we'll bury centres has no chance of that. But as these compete to get further to the left of each other. Kemal Harris, is going to push a better will Rourke further to the left, to win the primary votes, and that is gonna, be it's bad formula. They're gonna want someone who looks moderately rational at some point and and they're gonna say, binds the guy minute. There's other people who you think governors from YO from like West States- and we know that an object mansion or something like that is going try to throw up. There is like Malaga again may I write, but none of those people are legitimate threats. At least at this point is for as someone who would look as like. Let's say, a democratic could exist in the year two thousand.
Pride in it, I don't know who else nor, I think that's it. The ones that we know about, are probably going to run Biden problem most moderate, and that sets up that's that's amazing. Bernie Sanders are being put up the Medicare for all proposal in two thousand: thirteen and gotten zero co sponsors from Democrats, zero and now everybody's honour that we just now let them like an except except as far as I know, bided, while Blake. Seventy seven be easy. Gay spend stupid when, on the glimmer the fusion of entertainment and in rain man. This is the line that programme within still Glenn is back on Monday triplets. Seventy seven be easy, gay, just a quick mention of of the job. Situation December was really good. Three hundred twelve thousand new jobs. That's that's a pretty good number and a record
almost hundred and fifty seven million working plus lowest hispanic unemployment ever Murchen history sites, great great news that did the unemployment rate did take up a little bit to three point: nine, which is really seen as a bad sign, considering its more people going into the workforce right now. In fact, the markets are saying and how much they like it. It's the DOW currently up six hundred and sixty points, but this is not reject right now. It's I six hundred thousand ease up. Eight hundred is dub dwell. Muttered at this is really volatile time, if you're in the Marguerite At- and you know it over time the stuff usually smooth itself outbreak. It can make you nervous a b o I'm very nervous right now about it very nervous, but you know what do you do if you If you pull it now, you ve lost money. If you let it right, the chance that you might lose more, but it might come back to and because it has virtually
every time- it's slumped may at last few years, the others, but that the typical approach whereas if you need the money soon, you probably should already be in a low risk position when it comes to the market nearing retirement? You may need to access that money and if need the money long and a future just stick it out the amounts typical, unless you believe is Glenn. Does that it's gonna be catastrophic, then what it has Glinda rethought, something was going to be catastrophic as that ever occurred fix in other than it does not look so that has ever I mean occasionally, look at it. Don't you said this one's gonna be good So did I don't remember much of that? We're going on! I'm lucky he's had this opinion for a long time, because he's looking at it structurally and obviously he was completely right on this in two thousand seven and but he called the two thousand eight collapse, which is true. However, we it way beforehand, other before it really is even started list
down seven Neuro six- it was, I would say this, oh seven, when it first the only oh so like a year in advance, maybe a o six may be solved part of it. But I remember when that was going on. We had a guy Stan things got ahead was at this. Then show the time. Yes, the CNN shown a guy came on the air. He was saying the day I was gonna go to thirty six thousand, and we at that point while member what it was to fourteen he's going to go. Thirty. Six thousand includes like yours, knots and they fought on the air. They had the good spirited argument and then I don't know year later was sixty five hundred. That's the vat was still to this day, even at the peak in October was what twenty five thousand
ever got to thirty six thousand it it. It also shows what time period it was to say I think Glenn was unseen, and at that time you can even imagine that lend back on CNN and news headline is still true ass, but but so that we are in the same building with all the all the people that you recognise from CNN walking seem in the animal ways in the elevator every day. Weird time I will say CNN got a sweet hook up there. That's a nice place to work in Europe like first of all, there is fantastic, sick with things like vacations, and I remembered Lilium, the people who were there are like the benefits were really nice, but in the building they ve got this unbelief Google Cafeteria, where if you go up and it's like the foods pretty cheap in, is a really good and you can just walk in whenever you want and get food is a nice place to work you when we, have to see an end to go to Fox alot of people. You don't love. People must have really liked clan and gonna put in a great relationship with the staff over always seen and worked for Glenn
but most of them didn't come to Fox, mainly because the reputation box has in the industry, is like it's tough place to work, I don't know that. Maybe that's changed since we were there and it was never like that for us, because Glenn kind ahead special cut out. We did the whole show basically from a whole mother office and we would just walk over and do show it's a tough. To work long hours, the vacations, not as nice, there's. No, it's the desks, it's nice! The offices aren't nice, like you know that was it was much more difficult play, so people who are just generally working in the news industry in New York and can choose CNN our Fox, mostly title pixie, an end because it's a much cushy job. It's a bit you would never suspected yeah. You will no doubt from the outside, but yeah I mean it they treated more in it. You get all the perks over it CNN, at least back in that time. Now they ve had cutbacks and stuff. Since I don't know how much of that is change. Yet it was a different time period for everybody and media. I mean everybody's had cut backs in Media Zena Silajdzic a petition these days
I'm so everything's hard for everybody. I guess at this point, and it may be that EL the case, but that there is an interesting dynamic to see first hand, things are getting a little bit tough in them We industry right now for environmentalist author love. This there are actually becoming the movie villains, no often it's fun to see and not, unlike some conservative piece of like we know the sequel to one of Glens Fiction Box right like if not that no, it's it's mainstream big budget. Hollywood! will these yeah. This is a great mrs. In the Washington Post today, someone wrote this up, but listen to this Listen to some of these examples, and I have it you. Some of these pat Gonna have to help me with because they improve the villain in ventures. Affinity word you see that I did, he is kind of an environmental, a strike, what you have found us is that you have sent us. He was this right up in again the Washington Post,
and ass. The villain of the two billion dollar grossing mega hit vendors infinity, while it made two billion dollars raising wash sickly, an Omni powered Paul Ehrlich, whereas a comic book version of Thanos kill half of the universe in order to prove his love for for death. A version was driven insane by his home planet to self immolation. After a series of resource wars, determined to eliminate suffering over food and land over clean air and water. Fellows use the infinity got, but not to create an abundance of each put to kill half of all living things again I'd these These aren't spoiler territories, because everybody knows I think now, right by now. This is a big me money into a lot of their people die yet the end in every six. This is also happening is a super. I will say awkward. Man is still in the world where they're, probably all smaller alert. So let me be careful with this one. Would you saw this to write Isaak Amalgam, you like it the I was: ok, it's ok, it's not bad. I'm so King arm, one of
characters born hopes to unite the underwater clans of Atlantis in order to create an unstoppable army that will destroy life on the its landmasses, but arm is no madman. His genocidal war was not the result of personal trauma or ideological insanity. It is rather a version of self defence, the sir This dwellers dump their trash into the water strangling sea life. This the Weller spew their smoke into the skies choking the ocean with particulates this dwellers hunt to extinction the oceans, animals depriving the Atlanteans of can, a conveyances humanity die, so Atlantic might live again. It's an environmental argument right. We saw this from radical invite environmentalism. What's this difference between either one of these arguments from fan hosts for king arm? What's the difference from Bernie Sanders saying we must treat global warming as it is a massive military attack and act accordingly. Same thing same argument notice, but this is what they're saying this thing. This is their environmental problems. Are kid,
it lattice. So we must Rina respond by killing them all, and this one did see, which is what it came, that was one of the most stunning things I've ever witnessed coming out of Hollywood. Which was kings in sync secret service and others will not be one. You saw, I dont think now, as I didn't see it worth, diva one of the most violent movies I've ever seen in my entire life. Oh really, oh yeah, I mean kinsmen movies are super violent, but I like them. I await the first one. The weird and their Corky your readily violent and disturbing at times, but like it's kind of James Bond, but it had it like someone took some level of drugs, as they were, writing a James bond script. It's like that sort of storyline vocation secret service as a few years ago a kinsman featured as a villain. A tech guru, name Valentine played by Samuel Jackson, billionaire was so disgusted by humanity's excesses and so roused by the secretions of the masses. The engineer to apply
to kill all of us in the most horribly violent manner possible, invented a device that would it because man to turn against man with her hands and tear each other apart in so do in the planet would be cleansed of humanity's fell stench. Once free of the riff, wealthy swells and fabulous celebrities would reclaim the planet for themselves and rebuild the world in their image clean Steen free of the gauche hordes have rendered our. Air travel unbearable and our beaches crowded messes. That is that's the movie, which it's insane I mean like. This is a good basis and global warming. So bad. We have to kill everyone. I mean absence, We could be Goin back novel right like it's like. Definitely that was the story line to that one and its resting, because there is, I dont, think its arms I buy it from surprise Hollywood embrace this and basically made in big budget movie after big budget movie environmentalists than the villains, but their convenient? Don't they make sense as villains because it takes-
their claims to their logical ends have no choice but to kill everybody on earth right like we know Average environmental is that you know, has no interest in killing someone but like if you won't get to soup bill in area, take their ideological arguments, which is everyone's going to die because of x Y, see, I better kill half of them to save the other half right that stuff. That makes sense. When you go down these environmental road than its, why people have said Paul Ireland is one of them. You know that prince in the K is one of them. You know, but people environmentalist sites and activist groups have said its human beings or the virus here the reason we're having these problems because of human beings. We, if we would, just remove we human beings, things would be better. It's literally how they look at things. So Oh, it's not surprising that they're going down this road! Seventy seven back is the phone number to pause for just sixty seconds for message from our friend evil environmentalist.
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of the show we ask that you support our sponsors. I also want you to know that all of our sponsors are premium and this is zip recruiter, zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash, be easy, K, Zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash back, zip, recruiter the smartest way to higher It seems to me that, in order just talking about these environmentalist villains, here, the Glinda programme with patents do and Why Hollywood is using environmentalism to these radical environmentalist to be the bad guy in its it happening ventures, infinity war, it's it's the cat to knock one man and it seems to me I haven't seen it in a while, but mission apposite fall out the a villain and that a Solomon Lane his deal
is he wants to kill? I think it's thirty. Percent of the world's population sold at the world, order can reset and be better to the planet, and- and other it's the same kind of environmental environmentalist message. It seems to me: I had there are doing this in every, maybe it's so they can avoid muslim terrorists jihadists, maybe that to hear about. I'm actually surprise that would be their priority to defend them, because they did that it has been a lot of movies over the years that have touched on that area. But they are very sensitive about it, but it's too when that sensitivity really started rearing its head. Then they sort of seems likely to french guys. Yet will do french guys? Could there safe to to make into villains, and then it too Maybe maybe Serbians does everybody hates the Serbians, because the Serbians were evil, but now they found Somebody knew that they so they can be.
Americans. I guess I don't know. I don't know it's interesting turn of events. I would not have seen that one coming, but is interesting it's a great it's easy village or in its someone. That's that ideologically Chris the about one particular cause can justify anything I mean if you, if you are legitimate argument, is if you take Al Gore seriously, and you say what he believes is too aid to no twenty feet of water is gonna, come crashing over our shores and kill millions and millions and millions of people. What would you do to stop that right? now for him, he won't even retrofitted house with a solar panels like which shows Yoda. Your planet kip occur to you, you won't even cancelled flights right right, like I mean an end, so that these people, you could take seriously but won't, commit to not flying privately, even wanting to do that and other, and that was it's. That was the case in the kings. Men movie, the billionaire TAT Guy who want to trying to kill everybody on the planet.
Argument was we always talk about global warming? We never do anything about we'd someone who's going to do something about I'm willing to actually make the sacrifice. You want a mass murderer with some ethics yearly review, and so it is good that they provided as one well. You know in real life bill gates is. Big population control, guy, he's I'll, kill you. I don't think he wants to get people, but certainly wants to stop them from being born here he will lower the birth rate. Yes in particularly an impoverished areas at summits that you want to do is is really positive us some of it is questionable, But like again, with unlimited resources, That ideology taken to its logical ends. You know why you could get there like people start thinking that way, how we know bill gates, isn't a diabolical genius whose plotting to to
off nuclear weapon to war in major to two boring. To do that. We need to have someone interesting as Pro Andrew Bill Gates is hardly even get through one of his speeches about it I saw a bird box last night. Do you know this is the one that, like forty five million people according to Netflix, have seen yeah forty million accounts, forty five million a council I mean I watched a hundred million people and eighty three people what we're watching with us of earth to other people watching it with us last night. So I mean this is a it was a was it worth it good, I don't go to include. I mean it just free Netflix freight networks of your already Netflix. I mean why not give it a shot. I would definitely put it in the category of a quiet place that came out last year, if you remember with, I must say, I hated the hate to do this to him because he heard he's done other things, but Jim from the office start ethics. Can't I just love em too much of that role. I love that show too much meat, always enemy Jim from the office. I'm sorry, I think he's he's used to it.
We sat in he's the Jack Ryan thing on Amazon and he was in thirteen. Thirteen hours yet, which is really good, really good and quite place. I really liked- and I really like this- do with that- they're both really good. It's a but their very similar movies. Have you seen one you gotta go down the same road? It's very similar type of story, I think, is quite place You can't make any noise and and box. You can't look at anything kind of it. So at an interesting two hundred have to try to pull our central Bullocks Sandra Bullock and welcomes the mouth of rich and a few. She thought it was well done. I mean, and it's the fact that, like now oh you're, at a point where the the top a to make a movie big. Is it put it on ethics? if you want people to see- and you put it on ethics there actually now talking about a whole change in the way move come to you and all that is already happening and is already happening were making that transition, because they used to spend twenty million dollars to market a movie. Now
it put it on the Netflix home, screenplays, zero dollars to market a movie, I mean that is a big deal in them. We more than we have seen it. And I don't know anybody who I mean I was put them through. The thing was that who's gonna give up that subscription. It's too good, not well dollars a month in its own limited entertainment and unlimited you're, getting big budget Hollywood movies new ones. It really is a cloud it in the price. Triplets him forty seven back is our phone number take a sixty second breakin and get another message from our are wonderful, are wonderful friend friend of the earth glut back this is the Glen Back Programme. Let's talk about something real here, you can put off a lot of things in life. You don't have to join a gene, You can clean your gutters, but usually they will write off your house, but here's another thing you shouldn't, but often that is getting home security. It's your home! It's your family! It's your stuff! You want to protect it.
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job, like seventy seven, be easy game that great stupor gear for Glenn, who is back on money Now, there's a big effort by the Democrats. To eliminate the electoral I'll. Let you know this is not a surprise to me. I know not a surprise. You pat I get wrote a peace efforts Two dozen sixteen election, like other things, I learned or observations, and I wrote if the popular vote Esther hold, which we know that they they did. Wine of doing it will be the second time in five elections. Democrats have won the popular vote and lost the presidency and that just irritates them so much they are going to come after the Electoral college and a lot of people. I think this is true on both sides will will listen to them. The art
for it is new onset it in it takes using your brain a little bit and that's not exactly the American strong point, entertainer understand the founders into debt and why they did what they did, and I will say one of the big problems within the reason why it's a legitimate threat is what the biggest the only As far as I know, Republican who supports getting rid of the Electoral College is Donald Trump. He has advocated for aid now your popular vote many times and and they'll believes that that's not one of the things that you bleed in two thousand and now in our eyes, even after YE benefited anachronism element. Why, and his point, which is completely true, is if it was a national popular vote. I would have chased the national popular vote in and one and in another way, regarding whether that's whether he would want or not- I don't know, but again you go to population centres. Rightly you go to. Population centres in and try to get a bunch of people rather than trying to win. You know
in Michigan are Wisconsin, and that's one of the things. That's what will happen if you go to a popular vote, you'll only have get it. It's going to last, a California like a democratically orderly California s. Why? Why would you yeah? Why would you don't you don't need Vermont, you dont need Iowa, you don't have to go to Montana. You don't have to pay attention to Utah or Indiana you just but- and this is the reason the found did what they did yeah. How should we have left before brick? Ok, so we not turn to play it here. We do have em if you want to go on it today. If you hear people arguing about this, there's a new Prager University out about the electoral code really well twice. It well explains how we're not a democracy were constitutional republic by the way such ground Yeah! That's important! So if you want to go check that out loud, maybe we'll tweeted out here come about it because that summit is potent and make one of the first things they did as they got power in the house was introduced a bill to get rid of the elect rural college. It's me then get let it happen. Our back in a second
who played seventy seven back, it is the number it's patents do in Brooklyn on the global programme fled returns Monday heads Patton, for Glenn of the Glenn Beck program? Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k were joined by Jason. Botterill on your mind today, I to talk about this yesterday opponents I well over more on the news. Why Willoughby later course I'll have my required sport code on nice for what happens but this whole thing with its american being arrested in Russia, has kind of got me. Oh, but a fast fascinated and especially because I saw a lot of people commenting on mainstream news about how they thought it was leverage to maybe git Maria Bettina back as as their spy. He asthma. That story. She was like relatively hot spy
No, that was again enchantment lie that other day this is this. Is this was as long as the gun activists, lawyers and supposedly she was, I think she actually. Yes, she did. She actually admitted toots conspiracy, not spying, which was interesting, but she admitted pledge guilty to conspiracy. The thing it with her was now get back to Paul Wieland, the American that wishes to arrest arrested in Moscow. The thing with her was it she was so obviously not a russian spy trained in russian trade craft. She was I can remember that she is. She was taken selfies in front of the White House. Now posting it didn't, you actually asked Trump a question and a relic. She did I all the things that you and winning aspire, nor drawing attention to yourself doing them. All regret ranks he's like saying here. I am this wonder so what basic, what it boils down to a she was working for this guy. There was the head of the Russian Central Bank and he's also kind of like a pro gun guy is very strange thing over there in Russia, but is also a friend of Putin, or, I guess, he's connected a pittance
for once connected to put in some way, but they re. They drew those connection that go my gosh russian spy, she's, not arrest. Spy. I think she was maybe do in corporate espionage or something like that for her boss, this other guy either way Who is doing something she should have been doing, but Paul Wieland Guy is very, very similar. Support. Wieland was a former marine. I think he till we get a bad conduct discharge He. He worked for corporate security for some, like an auto manufacturers on him, like that. And he's also Spress Prize very active on social media there's this russian social media thing like compared to Facebook. He's then count their bunch. Russian friends he's posting selfies like around Moscow very, very very similar case. He was paid as he was going to a friend's wedding in Russia and the the Russians, obviously claiming that he's a spy need some kind of CIA spires like that, which is hogwash, completely ridiculous.
First off, he would be able to pass a security clearance to get to be a market spy. If he got back humbug discharge I worked doesn't include taking selfies imposing them on social media have been since way unless the tray criminal changed a lot. Since you know I'm no longer part of community, that's not need that does not involve. I will say that it is their sub argument to say the alibi, that is, the normal activity of every human being on earth. Basically, her haze, posing dopey selfies of yourself everywhere you go right is our point that if you're not doing it, you start stand out. I had some put some point? It becomes you you. If you don't partners,
the page. You are now the weird one yeah, maybe I mean. Maybe I could maybe I could defend infuse posting cat videos. Software can mean industry would like to have an idea that a bad tat means or have always been allowed and treat credit as far as the efforts since the dawn of time, but so that this so the bottom line is this guy's not a spy, but he very very mimics Maria Bettina. A lot where the mainstream news- the media is kind of diverging here- is their toward. They want so desperately for her to be a Putin sent off. Spy and it's all part of you, no rush inclusion in some way- and you know implicated Chiel in some way and that is not the case there are going in that direction, but I do see how these cases are very similar we have entered into a stage of kind of like tit for tat. You know lying you arrest, one of our guys, our rest when a year guys Do you want leverage for this fine, we'll take leverage for that that
how these games work. But now we weren't, we ve lost the ability to think through these things rationally and we gotta say oh. This is because these people are colluding with with this government, we ve lost our ability to do that because it is the same in China. Really China's do as we did the State Department jested their verdict, released a statement saying that their warning people travelling to China They said you could be picked up or beyond iranian erroneous crimes. Tap into what to three Canadians recently over there again take for tax that we rearrested, one of their business men. Now there are sum of Canada's man, it's gonna start to us. So it's it's a very, very dangerous time, like I had a couple of friends that we're gonna take a protected detail in Russia and, as you know, do not, This guy was this poor was a former marine and its security for a company. These two guys are former like special forces, and they also worked for a very high end contracting military contracting company. They would pick them up like that
my guys know, but if Europe thinking I've been Russia twice in the past five six years, I would not go at all hours. China right now is that dangerous, really interesting. I it's funny watch this in one of the things. That's been bizarre about the Donald Trump era is because I dont tromp says something is good or bad. The media must take the opposite position on it here and is fighting to see. I mean you watch the mainstream media right now. Mary Republicans take the same position. I asked her up and so it's been interesting to watch ass. So many Republicans now think Russia's fine. Yet there are friend their great but watch the mainstream media coverage of Russia. Like all the time we had to pull out Ivan dragged to convince them that they were bad back in the day. I thought you like, I will you know this is the right it was covered in the mainstream media in its complete, like they meet they all they tried to do was disprove. What run Reagan was saying about them that they were not.
Rather they really evil empire there. Not really that way. Communism. I'll, not all that bad come on! and now they're up there all he wants to meet your media coverage. They are soon. They take Russia seriously men. They really do all of a sudden there Russia seriously. Free trade, and I ve ever seen the mainstream media be more free trade than they are today because they get the criticized Trump on the tariff. So now all the sudden, this thing Ronald Reagan fought for that the can. Urban of movement, There is a massive priority its entire existence. Basically, now U turn on CNN and or say always wonderful things about trade. I mean really incredible to watch is I mean they will do? They will do anything. The border which uses example yesterday at Sea impossible to believe, but in two thousand and ten
the border wall was a fifty fifty issue among Democrats, whether they not because we want a more security if it wanted to build a physical wall to stop illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico. This was a split issue among Democrats now, its eighty ninety eight opposed- I mean if that is a way of of of assigning your decision making process to somebody else, yours Mcafee like ah well, I don't know what its trump think about it. All he likes it. I hate it. That's cool You see. That's letting Trump run your life the same thing when the media. If, if you say a media praises something and you hate it just because the media hated, that's letting them run your life on your member, how much they loved the Obama line? The eighties called only want their policy bow. My gosh, I mean you'd, never hear them model. Now, no, not anymore, that's a great point him in the data they said and the reason for that was their basically our allies. We have early islamic extremists, more real enemies,
course was another example right. Veronica Obama was saying they are our enemies, not Russia, so the MIA aligns with that, but back then, Bush was saying it's islamic extremism. They gave every excuse to say it. Wasn't I real. That is more designing your life to someone else to control you're, just a puppet you're, just during the reverse of something instead of doing the exact same thing, their requests, embarrassing. That really is the exit of the first border. Big border push was operation gatekeeper and I was back in the nineties sunder under Bill Clinton,
The first one is a big border, while that was billed down in San Diego era. In an earlier any Google backed her Roosevelt, I mean you can go about, there's been hate, you wanted to control the border theirs. I mean this was a massive issue for Democrats because of the union's back in the day. The union's did not like all the cheap labour covenant there. They were not fancy that this before they were like all. I wanted the folders that are gonna come in and hopefully become citizens one day they wanted to stop people crossing the border. Lower wages and take jobs from union people because they could undercut the wages so easily. And that was a big priority for Democrats for a long freak in time and union. And even unions, now have backed off from that, because you know that Little reality is, you have to say a immigration there's, no big parent problem with it. If your Democrat, that's an amazing way, we'd like these things do not happen because of ideology. They don't happen because of logic. They haven't because of political pressure, an hour's power, nothin they're, just look into it.
Greece, their power base and that's what I think that's what they base all of their bore. Thought process on now are the the scholar result in more votes from down the road they don't care about. Security for the country. It all: they don't even worry about it How long do you think? I don't know if you guys talk about this earlier, but how long you think they shut down is going, do think fit who'd. You think we'll cave on. This do think Trump caves. First using the Democrats. I lay this a little bit earlier, but my belief is there's no advantage for the Democrats to cave on the beach, its shut down, he said it was his shutdown he he said I'll, take all the heat for it and they look at this as the uglier. This gets the more we can put on Trump, and so the may cave, for something big if
you know, there's are we saying ghost buttressing Dhaka? These back on the table to give them dock at which is a huge thing: it's as a priority for twenty give twenty years to try to get these cortical drivers. It's a great tragedy for Democrats, special twenty twenty because of their of their biggest. She was the people that flipped from Hilary to Trump, and even some people are dislike kind of on the fence about it. Maybe they don't like has been o his rhetoric named grids policies, but his rhetoric is enough to make them bring for somebody else, but if the war, All is the biggest issue he nominated was not only if the emigrations situation happen. I don't think that he's in President today, I really don't I mean that that was that was his crowning achievement- is his main torch. Bearing issue in the very beginning So how much of his bases gonna vacate if he loses this, I say awhile right on. I don't know now anything really thought that at the beginning that yeah, if he changes on immigration, Cosette was the big issue. I think that's true,
I don't know that there is an issue I know. Don't know is any thing we did have shown that we show calls from people who are big Trump supporters, saying what's the one thing that will change your mind, an overwhelmingly it was they wall. The only only thing that would change our minds, the wall and and now it's gone from full border wall, to a thousand miles of border wall down to five. Hundred miles of border wall down to its not really wall its offence down but some fancy some technology and things were him or make it some repairs like we're paying for it with a new,
trade deal not even in force and let live remedy as far as to call the metaphor, not really an actual physical running right. So I mean I don't know, I think you know if he, if he were to, I mean he did get heat, though for abandoning this when he went away and yet he came on Fox NEWS yet, which was Great Fox news. Rush Limbaugh, like a lot of his big supporters, were like in a lucky. What are you doing here? I mean he limits not sell that lightly. He, but he was backing down from the wall. There, Sir Santer said look. We would rather have a government, you know open. Then you know that the union than than arrest this, so he by. Down and then everybody and Mass just went after him crazy. He flipped flopped back over. So he's I'll, be scared about that is pullers or deafening scared about that, because I'm sure they're, the ones are convinced him, the reverse, we're here, and I think I do think, though. The Democrats think I'm watching the right guess they misunderstood all the time, but I think they think they are in a good position here, because one Trump has already
dead. It is shut down and is about the wall to if it gets. Believe they're gonna be little heap more blame on him and they can try to get or a giant saying that they want like it or You can just wait it out and wait for him to fold because, as you know, the other about. The border is its very and its popular among talk, radio listeners, its popular among Republicans in general, its poles at seventy six to nineteen among Republicans right. So it's a very popular proposal. Currently, though, Eighty. Ninety eight among Democrats against it- and suppose, sixty two thirty four among republic independence. So all all pulling is sixty two thirty seven opposed to building a wall right now now lot that's because in tromp isn't a particularly popular president overall in the country like he's he's popular among us base, but that's about it so part of that. As we too about with Democrats moving so far and that issue from fifty fifty basically to eighty. Ninety eight part: that's trump related, but daddy, it's not a an issue that
The majority of the country is particularly I shouldn't about getting dont. They actually oppose it. The funny thing, this is there's. No fiscal. Conservatives left in the GEO P Pronounced. I'm in the summer and freedom caucus again, yes, there's if you are not very loud at least before you actually it what's funny. You actually have some Republicans and are against this, because I don't care about spending money and all the democratic. I've never cared about spending billions, but this is my billion dollars. That's nothing to them! No excuse you, knowing by billion extra and I used to go out there acting like oh my gosh. No, we can't let that much. I have my own shat five billion- that's wasteful spending as it shut up human centred on anything else that you'd want to build yeah about and its great point of an what they're trying to do is use this, though, to pressure
those vulnerable. Republicans in the Senate, Corey Gardeners. The big example in a first of all CORE Gardner Band Birth control. I must have an expensive was worries us to do, but food you know he's after it was always a he did. So these are the comments that we can open. The government we can do is to destroy the gas station and come up your memory. It's so good, that's a great at, but there are two pressuring people like that: we're up for reelection soon and in purple states and it's gonna be, is gonna, be an interesting road are Jason's the return why it matters that later on today its support- Joe here for Glenn Undeclared work programme. So who's gonna patents do by the way for Glenn who returns on Monday, whose the cave. On this border thing, I can say that the Democrats think further than in winning position and here's evidence of it. They are currently talking about, giving Dhaka the dreamers making them legal in exchange for
five billion dollars of border while funding that's what Trump is requesting and the Democrats are saying no that deal there's a note about you. One year ago, one year ago, the Democrats offered all border wall funding for that same programme for Dhaka for Dhaka. So now I mean now it's down to what a quarter of the wall and the Democrats or the one saying no to it. That's how far just come in the last year or so They may be wrong, but they think they're in the wind position, which makes me think they're gonna stick to shout as long as as long as they can. It's on Monday talk listening to Glenn Beck,
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