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Soap and Sleep Are Racist? | Guest: Dr. Voddie Baucham | 7/20/20

2020-07-20 | 🔗

Glenn runs through just how crazy today’s headlines are. Riots have returned in Portland and the mayor blames Trump. Two cities declare racism a public health emergency, and Bill de Blasio claims New York is safer with fewer prisoners locked up. Mary Trump has started her book tour by claiming that Trump is “virulently racist.” Cereal, sleep, and soap have been added to the list of racist things. Dr. Voddie Baucham reviews the Smithsonian’s "white culture" list and argues that Christianity and Western culture are the true targets of today’s unrest. A Chinese ambassador refuses to discuss a viral video that appears to show tied-up Uighur Muslims being forced onto trains. Kanye West emotionally decries abortion at his campaign rally.

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America welcome to the programme. We are so glad that you have joined us today. I want to start with a quick news update just a just go her just the news stories from today. I was looking at them early early this morning about three o clock and I- and I thought I dont think I have ever seen a new cycle like what wherein right now just about everything is on fire. But the Good NEWS is we're not you're, not I'm not well, I mean we're kind of smouldering there, but but what necessarily on fire, not yet so, will we'll get to it and point out some of the absolutely stunning things are now racist. I don't have you know this, but sleep now has been deemed races. And I'm not making it up ah come to America. Twenty twenty! Here we go. Lock up
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Nine! Seven to Patriot, that's nine, seven to Patriot or Patriot Mobile, dot com, slash back, go there. Now So let us look at the news about it. We got going on today, while let me just give you the headlines: riots declared in Portland as vandals torch to a police building every pre. Thing to every town, bird, the precincts to the ground. That was the chant love it. You know why Can't conservatives come up with really cool chance, like that. That's rack, remember we work for a living. Seattle rioters seem damaging and looting stores. Please say a fire sparked the precinct and one officer has been hospitalized. Remember every precinct, every town burn the precincts to the ground,
man with american flag. The he's a vat de kneeled in front of an angry Portland rioters, urging them to stop destruction, guess what they did yeah. They didn't stop. Portland democratic mayor is now I'll blaming Donald Trump for the ongoing violence in this city, it's. Maybe they really get to that about a half an hour, the afro indigenous non binary local organizer in Portland CALL for the abolition of the United States. As we know it, that's a quote, Mr. Is clandestine officers are now snatching protesters off the streets in Portland quote they are kidnapping the Protestors Actually, what I think they're doing is the feds are there to protect the federal buildings and the other not sitting in marked cars, because I want to know that might be.
Problem in Portland. When they are catching people, destroying federal property, etc, etc. They throw me back about the car and take him to jail their not being kidnapped, we see host ass, the chinese ambassador to Great Britain, explained the footage of prisoners being herded onto trains. This is the most incredible things I have seen, there is this video there's been going around for a while in China. Won't answer what it is, it shows grids and hundreds of what we our weeders, their heads or shaved. They are zip tied with hands behind their back. Their heads have been shaved, their blindfolded in their kneeling on the ground and to train station, and hundreds of them are being loaded into a train. We don't know where that train is going. Maybe it's going to that town there, Hitler made. You know
in place for the Jews me be could be because the the latest stats on population show in the one province where their rounding. Anybody up. Strangely, the Population of the weaker community has dropped by eighty five percent in the last three years, China's says somebody counted wrong. The community has raised over twenty thousand dollars for an officer beaten unconscious. Thank you. Florida, I mean twenty grand, you know it's a start like see that allowed bigger Mortgage rates now have dropped below three percent for the. This time, the said we're. Truly in new territory. Ah, I love these new territories there so much that new normal
concerning the like it. How about you to city? declared racism as a public health emergency. Man, and he who I was the whole time thinking that we were getting better ace relations. You know crazy me. Virginia has mandated slavery, lessons for kindred our nurse homeowner say she got a racist, a letter for showing support for black lives matter How much you want to make a bet we find out later. She wrote it herself, a new, push to rename body parts the Adams Apple and the Achilles heel. Because Is there irrelevant massage monistic.
By the time the things done you and I won't know how to communicate with each other- maybe that's God because God confused People's language, I never thought of this. Listen, here's a thing, reform of the Tower of Babel. How did God save the people he confuse their language maybe black lives matter, and these marxist are actually god I bet you think they are. Texas has now ordered extra body bags. Or to wary trucks as braces for more corona virus deaths five in infants under the age of one have tested positive for corona virus in one Texas County since March, it's gone, racy with these babies. They, out at clubs they been marching in the streets. None of a more merit wear masks. The FBI
for our the New York Times report on the Trump Russia contacts in a new declassified memo shows the incredible lies from the New York Times times say, hey work, keeping that Pulitzer Andrew, so when leaves New York magazine, criticizes us certain orthodox in mainstream media. He didn't mention what orthodoxy that might be Nick Cannon well you know, net cannon he's been in trouble for the last few days of talking about Jews or run in the world at separate well, he sure, got a taste of its own medicine there on the left right. Our aim is new talk. Show his tea. Talk show it's been postponed, because of his anti semitic remarks. He half
yeah. I know he's I've been fired, he's not been banned by twitter, you tube even the network in others, still pretty good with him he's got a job I think I knew show on. I think it's coming on MTV and we're gonna have wait for it now boy, but he learned his lessons Ellen is in trouble Ellen. A she's trouble now turn remember what it was tat. Maybe you'll remember she did something where she now she was she The hearts of all the latter lives matter marxist and that when she says that is now coming after next to George W Bush, that's what it was. It was so horrifying, or if I locked it for my memory, I don't blame. Yes, she sat and eggs and now she's in trouble. Now there there is there new charges. She's, the worst person in the world
CDC employees you know the ones who are telling us how to count, the victims of the virus, by the way, I don't love, you saw this, but the guy who is in a motorcycle crash last week. He died he his death was marked d, of corona virus now now. I think it was the car that hit is motorcycle, that killed him, but Maybe it's just me the CDC employees, the people who in or are telling us how to count. They made more than eight thousand federal contributions to packs and politicians since twenty fifteen. You know, it's great is only only five went to republican causes, and I know that only five percent I mean five out of thousand employees cheers
ass the idea to investigate the federal crack down in Portland. I think it's gonna be pretty easy. It's out of control Trump sent the feds mats it so Democrats proposed three hundred and fifty billion dollars in reparations a measure who addressed systematic racism. And you know what, since we're printing our own money, why not Why not? I mean why stop at three hundred and fifty billion. Do you know that during the last three and a half years You're gonna have added nine trillion dollars to the real deficit, nine trillion dollars. But it's a good thing. Because you know the banks that we use to get our loans from. Like China and in China and who's the other buyer of all of our trade in China.
They're not buying any more effect the buyers are That's just how long the list is of all the people lining up to buy our treasuries the Federal Reserve, has purchased every single Treasury every single dollar of our debt trillions of dollars, this is gonna really and well seriously democratic Senator has claimed now without evidence that the FBI ran fake, Cavanaugh Tipp lines during the confirmation battle again Without any evidence, North Carolina Teachers union demands welfare for illegal immigrants and is spend rent. Can I just ask when winded the? When did the teachers unions starts demand communism Our country, envious, permanently. Arabs wondered
California. They are doing the same thing. They wouldn't open up school in California, the teachers union. Unless we started redistributing the wealth. Ok Illinois, credit speaker of the house implicated in a massive bribery scandal. Its Illinois course, that's called Monday. Let's see who I have any have anything else near the writers or shooting fireworks, the Chicago police, the man who punch the New York police chief in the face broke his ocular cavity bound. He was just released without any bail, no Biggie, just a you gonna, just the usual kind. Stuff happening in America. Fifty seven shot seven fatally in Chicago over the weekend and
Extremist activists has gone on a hunger strike to provoke a promoter or protest. Sorry, China's human rights violations least one listen, cares and island blazes, happened, all over France in the law. Stir a few days friend officials are now lodging a criminal investigation into the arson of This weekend a fifteenth century cathedral there that there has been forty Forty churches burned in just the last few months. Thirty churches have been degraded in the last four weeks here in Amerika, but There is not really any investigations going on and charges have been filed, but pretty sure it's just a isolated incident. Part of you ever see a thing like that in the
ready some years you and me, and I ve been broadcasting. That's one! Now yeah I mean now That's one day is completely out of control. It's unbelievable The last thing you want to happen quite honestly. Send in federal troops, every day the yet hit by a van. Was not every day. For me I mean maybe every other day for me, but TAT and speak for you. But that's what happened to you Joe from New Jersey. One day was Cross Street New York City precisely the wrong moment and had to be rushed to the hospital which is faster on foot in New York City, but thanks merit, Blasi Owen and mayor I'll watch your mic face anyway,
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eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com Ten seconds station idea. Yet I do I just wanna play mayor deplores YO. If we have that caught from mere deplores YO, where he was talking about how crime is down, You know and safer now that they let all those criminals out of out of prison. Do we happen to have that? I just love this here. It is, We now have few people in our jails than any time since world war, two and we ourselves or for it, and that is safer and better, are safer What is it
the fact that I believe murder what up two hundred and twenty seven percent last week, yet crime, I believe, is up for the months six hundred and fifty percent, but their safer for it in their better for it so. You know crazy, as this is exactly what dictators do before they. Take over a country they they. You know they'll go in on their revolution and the first thing they do is they open up all of the prisoners and the poor, and let everybody out so it causes. So much chaos. That somebody, you say- and I ve got to stop this insanity- stop this and there they come lie in our world the well. Why would fix them, for you will make your super super safe here? Sting in your house Why did you hear the? Did you hear the story out of? I think it's Kentucky? Isn't it pathway? where the the woman went to go, get tested for cove id
She was gone up, see your mom. She wanted to make sure she was okay, so she went to make sure that your mom didn't get it so she got tested yet, while when she got tested, the hospital said got a sign. This release form that promises that you will call the health department before you leave your house yeah. And for some reason or another, she thought it over them so then she's under house arrest, she and her husband are under house arrest and they ve got ankle bracelets fitted with eagle bracelets in their homes. That's America right is eight. That amount man, you don't can. I can I ask what why people are not talking about protecting the most vulnerable, You know one theory on why new year is, is not having the second spike.
Because they were so crappy. Ets helping this thing at first that it just right, on page through the through the city and through all of the people that live there, so they now have some sort of you know heard immunity. That's why you're, not seeing that second wave places Texas and everywhere else. We all- inside they didn't they screwed it up. We went inside now we're coming. Back out and what The theories is that where we do have the herd humidity. He hurried immunity that new year, Cats, either that or it's just Cuomo he was so good. He was so good just made in and
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this is the Glen by program. You know who has a really stable family. Pat I'm guessing a story we're getting it to a little. A little later on George staff monopolies, I mean he's, really got it down. He really has it down. Joe urge and his wife. They ve just revealed that they watch porn with their kids. Because hey you're gonna see it anyway, so they watch it with their kids, wow yeah. No, I think Kids are gonna, be really well adjusted. Remember you, as the staff Stephanopoulos clan that- and I use the word clan intentionally because of him. They are white. Is so it was the staff, an optimist, clan that said right after tromp was, was elected, that their kids couldn't sleep at night.
Because they had nightmares about how they were all gonna, be rounded up right. So Why? Why would you original? Why would you even reveal that to any body it is creepy and so weird. Why? Would you reveal that daddy body? That is bizarre? are I mean you really It's that weird watch porn with mom a day I gotta do sort of call me permit you talk about therapy. Yeah narrowly is wrong on every level. It's just a key here as well said just now,. I can imagine I mean I say: do I say to my kids: are I walk into a room and adjust to just to get my kids riled? go and just just lay up big. Kiss on my wife's face and all my kids, like all my cache egg debt, can you imagine
written down in saying, hey kid, sway essay. We watch a porno together. I am alarmed I might go on the, but gives your kids would be vomiting, sick, sicken, twisted. Yeah are, let me go to marry Trump and right that preceded the story with, the staff Annapolis is just to make Donald Trump look more normal, because one Mary Trump had to say hey power. My powerful mass, she blew. The lead us from family, if you're tromp supporter, look out and look out because here she comes, Let's, let's play cut. Nineteen first what Mary is heard, her uncle say too fast.
In and you said there was she's quoted you saying there was need jerk antics. It knee jerk racism in your family, of you were saying growing up. It was sort of normal to hear them use. The end word are use anti semitic expressions So I urge you to expand on that. Do you mean just generally within the family? That was an accepted thing. I do mean specifically, you heard your: Donald, useless language, business losses, this generally, where the older generation angel. As it were, physically commonplace in ordinary to say such things? I had the benefit of living generational Jamaica estates and go to school and forest cells so she didn't she didn't their ideas of how she didn't, but it was commonplace, linear and the older generation. Do that
really so like Donald trumps. Dad who is raised in like the twenties and thirty's might have been met, views, the inward or might have used the word colored somebody who was in their sixties in the Sixtys and Seventys. I find that are to believe in our daily so but she lived in Jamaica, I mean not Jamaica. Guy nympho that there are too many black people there. That's what I heard her say: that's what I heard her say, buddy so she went on and and and Rachel pinned down now. Listen to this good. Listen to this good journalism, Here she is wait. A minute. Wait, a minute wait, a minute, but did you who here your uncle say that
pressure on a little bit, if just to asking the president, if your uncle was an exception to that in your family were only a few. If you, if you hurt you ever heard him look, look even antistrophe slurs or the inward or other races, slurs or other sentiments like that was was. It was given in this instance ambient thing in your family, but you can't say that you ever heard it from him, or did you get it from him to oh yeah yeah? That is why- and I dont think that was a surprise anybody, given how virulently racist he is today That's what I was thinking. I was singing. I look at him and I see nothing but a racist, a guy who's lived in New York, as is always had great relationship with the african american community. Very, very popular with the african american community. Till he ran for president and they did the smear job on em. But that's what I think all the time
man he so virulent in his racism he'd like to hear I don't you give me one example: a virulent racism from Donald Trump today, I'd love to hear it. What give me one example you can't- You don't push back a little bit on that night. Oh man, I can't even tat. I can't even take a candidate take your racism you're not wearing a mask right now, not you're, just you're just such outrageous white privilege clan measurer. They just goes along with the with whatever not old, says, never questioning its science. Pat, ok, ok, follow the science. I love that this is the way you cannot talk to these people. You can't argue with or in our debate them or just even have a reasonable conversation
just automatically go to its your whiteness. It's your aurora privilege. Privilege needs how much you want to kill people, it's how much you're. I hate her. I mean it's, it's incredible you'd they dont have have any facts at all? No facts, no facts when they don't Is she should they don't go she's she's, all Gide, she'd sheep. Would she revealed that Donald Frumps friend. She thinks his S eighteen forum, what more what what what facts are missing their welders. There is also the fact that his dad may not have been very nice. You got that lead, blower right, hair, oh wow, I alone our saw
I never saw anything but a happy relationship with his high. You know. Never, never. I've never had an inkling of that his virulent racism- oh it's crazy! I there, but any the thing that would say he might not have had a good relationship with his dad in Vietnam and never saw. I think I never saw it never saw now. Here's the NBC News as they begin to report this over the weekend. Bomb shell accusations, listen brigades, details on that for many species, Jeff Bennet tonight, I'm studying new accusation from president announced niece, where Mary tromp telling MSNBC Rachel Matthau she's, heard the president use anti semitic slurs and they were sick. Stop for a second stop for a second
This is a bad video or is this guy have one of the worst speech impediments I've heard on an from from a national rewarder. He tell NBC News that there is a well. I ve got a really bad speech impediment and nobody has even talk to me about having that worked on or look dad it's it's crazy I can listen cassettes, I mean that's a professional broadcaster there only details on that for many species, Jeff Bennet tonight, a stunning new accusation from President trust me running where Mary tromp telling anyone be someone Rachel Man now she's heard the president use. I anti semitic slurs and the inward pressure on a little bit. If just to ask him the president, if your uncle was an exception to that in your family or if he, if you, if if you have you ever heard him express
either use Anti semitic, slurs or the inward or other races, slurs or other central inside tat was was it as I do mean. This is the ambient thing in your family, but you can't say that you ever heard it from him, or did you get it from him too? of course I too, I dont think that should surprise anybody, given how very early racist is today They still will not admit that Woodrow Wilson was a racist and he's out of practically in the plan out no? No, no, he wasn't bad bad. He was one of the greatest presidents of all time and Donald Trump virulent in is racism I really would like an example. I really would I The only thing they ever go to is what he said during the the first day I think of the campaign winnings and the Mexicans coming across the border?
You know some of the murderer. Some of them are that and there's rapists. Well, take me dad to be many spoke it the, I guess, two peculiarly by He wasn't saying that everything you do that I've, never do that path, he's always right on scripted, always just perfectly eloquent, that's redeem. It on or drop says some of the craziest stuff. Any doesn't mean that now he does not. But of course we we don't. We don't actually look into deeper meaning. Do you, was it there was a story that came out. I think it was yesterday that I read that was talk. About how you cannot believe any of the pole numbers because people just not going to say that they are voting for four Donald Trump these pole numbers are all upside down. Do you believe that yeah I did? I don't
leave that Joe Biden up by fifteen points. So yes, something's going on a either people are lying to them. Or these are you know I don't know, fake poles, like president keepsake, but this happened before or to it they had. They had Clinton up by fifteen twenty points. At about this time in two thousand sixteen election and look what happened there. So I I I I don't know why President Trump said too. I think Chris Wallace over the weekend that in some cases their surveying just twenty two percent. Publicans and the rest Democrats or independence it, which could have a huge impact on any Paul huge, but because they waited the Republican so heavily that I haven't, but twenty two thanks. We all know that there is.
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your product tour with net sweet dot, com, slash back, that's net, sweet dot, com, slash back I'm just going over the list of new races thing, so you can keep up and keep scored harm. You don't wanna, be caught using any kind of races. Things get rid of all that whiteness just that right at your hair the latest in the last few days, a classical music. Now, all the orchestral overtures according to the Washington Post, they probably are just nothing more than white privilege and we should avoid them opera, should be avoided as well. They say say because of racism. I think just because, oh my gosh, have you have you listen, opera
Now, here's a new one for you, soap. We're all familiar how hateful bran mascots can be Bruno Aunt, Jemima Land Lakes. You know who hygiene get the chills thinking about how races those things are that damn em answer, my my always. She is in that that pantry right now Just use in the end word like it's nothing, anyway. Soap has now been deemed racist, was a colonial tool on the racist history of soap. I'm not making this up called commodity racism. It's the weapons, zation of whiteness to sell products and the reinforcement of racism through the sale and promotion of commercial products. The light,
eighteen century commodities were radicalized by the British who utilise their advertising campaigns to justify an maintain white, colonial logic and soap, Alex in particular used to reinforce this racist idea that whiteness is clean, pure and next to godliness, so fear you're not use insulted area. Oh took a shower. No right, Pat, your! U views! oh no, I would not ever you know so. Ok really ugly. I dont want to use I've been using land of lakes, Butter, Blanda Lakes, yeah yeah yeah and as a conditioner,
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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme there's something new, we all have to learn sleep. Sleep is indicative of systematic racism. Sleep now activists are calling for rest reparations in the form of sabbaticals and time off from work and strenuous activities. Apparently, black power naps will address systematic racism. In sleep generations ago, lot of african Americans were asked to work without a vacation without sleep. Sometimes sleep deprived. I dont know. If you know this, I don't think sleep was the big problem with slavery. You know it was the sleeve part of slavery. That was probably the worst part, but this lack of sleep has now been passed down and african Americans are just unable to compete their unable. Then this sound a little races to you coming from you know, white experts that this is why African Americans can't compete because their ancestors were sleep, deprived of all right. Ok sure, so, just let yourself no today again another touchstone on our racist. You are sleep if you get a lot asleep, if you ve ever had a lot of sleep. If your ancestors have slept well white privilege and just another sign of systematic racism, we begin there in one minute is a green
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doctor a voting bottom, he is the dean of theology four can Christian University over in what what part of Africa you and I want to say, Ghana, but I dont know Dammit Gambier, Gambia, AUS, it ok, Zambia, How are things in Zambia he's. Ok, who were still in the middle. Bit of biddable shut down, but like most of Sub Saharan Africa, so many people here a day laborers that you know people can't just but we should now be would get afford to not gonna work, so it's kind of a pattern of you back inside Europe. Yeah. I don't know how long it's been since you ve been back to the United States, but a lot of people you can afford just to shut down either. We are deaf dumb, in that way, I wanted to talk to you. I wanted. I wanted it
you about. If you know the whiteness charge that was revealed last week that came out of the Smithsonian but also the the fact that soap is now racist because it was trying to show they. Cleanliness is next to oddly nets, which is a white idea. The fact that sleep reparations need to be made. They not only have one minute crazy and remembered as a public data, we ve thought about land one. I talked about it Now tat was my fear of backlash and I think that we are starting to see some of that backlash, because somebody Things are so crazy, so stupid They make absolutely no sense, and so people and people are there not taking these things.
More people are thrown a hand up as an ok, fine, I've tried to be understand. I tried to be sensitive to night. I tried to listen. I tried to hear I tried to work towards. You know something something you don't know. Do you ever said what we were working toward right, be everybody always so I don't know the answers are right, but until now but but the more we do, this, the more ridiculous things become further. You have to reach in order to identify what's really wrong. So that bet that's the best. The first thing that I'm seeing is gonna backlash this coming, but the second thing we ve talked about this is well. You know a lot of you. Are saying to me, will you keep talking about all of you know? The black last met a movement in critical theory, coastal Marxism and you Not you not talking about the fact that their killing us, while one of them Things is merited, that's not true that the fact that you'd all police are
running around America looking for black men to kill unarmed black, maybe your back true that narrative is not true. It's not happening, and I keep hearing people say it In the: U S, people are saying it here in other parts of the world as well that it is not true, that's not the threat. What the threat is critical berry- and I think this chart gives an example of what I was trying to say when I said all commit leave their coming for Christianity Well, this is exactly what I would expect from a race trader, somebody who is trade. It is a bit we betrayed his own race, quite honestly, our or an uncle Tom that's the way you get? You would be bonded too and dismissed, but I
I instead would like to hear what you're saying about Christianity, because I know it's true and I dont think Christians understand that our Churches are going be deemed racist and in this culture where the cry of racism is simultaneously, a rule, your eye joke and something that will get you fired or- or you know, get you d platforms, just the accusation when they start saying that our churches are racist, they're going to make that case and we're in deep trouble Mms is what this is. What you see in this chart from the National Museum of african american history, in part of the Smithsonian baby.
Finding whiteness, and if you remember last time I ran you that that lifted definitions, whiteness white supremacy, white people, and then white fragility, and how all of that sort of work together? You know, put you on a path of anti racism. Now we see what what people are missing. It is a serious thing. This is not a joke, they are seriously defining culture as things like rugged individualism and families watch your emphasis on the scientific method, The protestant work ethic in religion, your christianity as the norm, judeo christian era. As the norm. A future reintegration, but planning for the future. It gratification you, no progress enjoys best time. Viewing time as a commodity. You know like there's a limited amount of it or something Aesthetics holidays, solid days, then idea of justice in all.
Based on the english common law, protect property, in entitlement intent counts in the law. That's that's. White well, I don't know if you realize that that was those white, but so it white. So party. I have to tell you if this were printed by clan. Would say it's one of the most racist things I've ever seen, but this is print by the United States government and the frickin American Museum of the Smithsonian. Yet it's your incredibly racist. Yes, it is it not. Now only racist and again as we ve as we talked, I said that you know what we are seeing is more racist then anything that people are complaining about. I mean I'd talk about. What's up Missy, the idea that black people have no
personal agency and and help themselves and need white saviours racist ideas, but again that's horrible, but now we're talking about biblical Christianity, and so what I, It was, I just ran through these in my head. I did it immediately when I first saw the story, as I went through these things. I've just immediately going. Ok, I could see a bible verse for that that that debt, that it'll be hurried soda. So let's go through these hang on. Let's go let's go through this, because Christians have got to wake up. Jews have got to wake up. What's happening is the. The real target here is not the western way of life, but what creates did the western way of life all of the values and the principles and the things that we know to be true that come
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yadda, yadda, yadda and it can be, for you know some people. I know Muslims that I think are good people really good people and they're, not terrorists than they fight against it. It also has been a perversion a large part of the world- and I am not talking about a thousand years ago. I'm talking about today and now we are in a situation to wear the culture the Western Foundation of Judeo, christian values and teachings is just as good. As the rest of the world or the rest of the world is as good as this. We are now suboptimal. We're now the problem that needs yet Europe. Yes, and this document makes it just clear,
you know, you said earlier that you could see this coming from the clan or from a white supremacist group and its true. It is, kind of thing where they would say: here's why you know why culture, western culture superior or whatever, but the fact of the matter. As they would be wrong, because these things are better the idea is not here. Here's what also interesting. This is something that you come from a black nationalist called as well. Leg donation. Islam, for example, will cease. The white man's religion, Christianity. To us from the ancient of Mere EAST, and also when people talk but it s a white western religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. It comes to us from the ancient Mary was in Africa before it was anyway. Near here, and so they may go here in a attack these things so there's There are two problems. This number one, each of these things we can go back and we can find them in the scriptures and it makes it clear that they are taking
local Christianity, not just whiteness, for example, the idea of individualist. Right, you're, saying individual as a primary unit, independence and autonomy in India. Using the big in control of their environment? What would you things like Romans chapter, two, four six he will render to each one quarter to his works? Secular, these fine again, for we must, appear before the judgment of crisis each one they receive. What is due for what he has done the body with a good or evil its yes as intervene, was we will stand before God. The idea of the family structure the nuclear failing on before you move to the family structuring I let me go to me. Go Blemmyes, spend a second here on just the individual. This collective salvation. This is something that Obama talked about Jeremiah Right talks about and I dont know how but them
marxist came up with this this active salvation to remember what the theology is called behind it as he out its liberation. Yes, black liberation thing and it its wept, else. America and his destroyed was poison to probably at least half of the catholic church down in South America Anna how did they get people to to flip? the entire concept and the meaning of Christ coming. How can Christians flip so easily. It was in South America. First before was black Biagi here, but it is rooted in classical marxism, remember go period? Classical Marxism views the whole world through this land
his struggle for resources right, the Who was the Proletariat Bay Oppressor and the oppressed, and we here in a lotta that lately right that's critical period, and so, when you have people who come out of situations where there really where they really been oppressed. They hear Marxism talk about this. Idea of the world being simplistically oppressors worsens. Oppressed God is on the side of the oppressed. He is against oppression and the oppressor. It's it's very attractive You have people whom you don't. Don't many resources and they see other people in the world, like America, for example, whether a lot of resources and you know it the easy to latch onto something that exists. Wings, your deficit after a worldview that says not all. They have bad because they are oppressors, but that's, ok, they're gonna get there It is on the side of the oppressed,
so liberation theology thrives in that kind of environment, and so this idea of collectivism this idea of the. Firstly, the individual is something that finds its roots in that world view, which is why again, we ve been talking about critical theory right, the US versus them. Seeing people as part of these constituent grew. And not as individuals who m is my blackness is not Amazon, individual right and even if I start talking, away that rejects critical theory. We're gonna see I'm not really black. Something has happened to me so that Mickey, when negotiating individualism altogether, this all comes out of classical Marxism, which finds its way into cultural Marxism find its way into critical theory, which is why we think this way.
Isn t the idea of of being color blind. Both good and bad. I dont think color makes a difference, but the Lord did make us all unique. And two divorce yourself from color? entirely does wash away Some of the uniqueness of of each of us does not an absolutely does, and euro in those messages that you references to the three messages than I did at founders conference. That cannot, you know he met. If you will, I talk about that glimmers goes back to what we talked about before this redefining of terms? This make things that were positive. Now, sinister, maggie things that were individual now collective, and so, when people talk to me
Colored blindness People Mitt, was what doktor king was talking about Not the color colorless gave it the and character. So that's what people met by Well now you take color blindness and, u turn to a sinister ideology that is Became didn't mitigate, you know every ones. The individuality, which is ironic because in this document see that individualism is supposed to be a product of whiteness supple. The other leaders ok! I wanna talk to you about what this says and what this does to the family and and also
what year belief is on how the church is really the target and where we will begin to see that and- and it's already here, if we care to look but we'll talk to voting Baucham, Dr Doktor Voting dean of theology, Africa Christian University, When we come back all right I am I'm thrilled that you're here and and want you to know that we really do care about you and we think about you. All the things that we do. My brother and I started a company called real estate agents. I trust real estate agents. I trust is company that will really grew out of our frustration of not knowing it have a good real estate agent or not it's just gonna like throwing. You know a darted dart board there they're, not all the same,
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this is the Glen Back programme we're talking to Doktor voting Markham. He is the dean of Theology African christian University. He is we're talking to him from Zambia and he's a guy who grew up in the United States grew up in LOS Angeles by most of his life here and two, because he's arrays trader in an uncle Tom, so he d he really had to fight that calling and go over and actually serve in Africa. But that's what he's doing and I'm I ve, I want everybody to know his name and watch his videos on Youtube or you can go to voting by that's Veo DVD? I e bay, a! U c: h: M Dot, Org vote
bottom dot, org and search him out on Youtube, you'll learn an awful lot. So, the you were talking about the were using as a catalyst on this conversation, the the thing that came out from the the Smithsonian last week that talked about whiteness and and how all of these things are not about being white. It's real, about a judeo christian ethic. That is under attack absolutely I think that clear and a number of places like the ones we look, but really when you talk about the nuclear family, you know they. They talk about family, picture as being one of those thousands of whiteness and the idea, the nuclear family. Being the ideal social unit. Breadwinner ahead of the house. Wife is homemakers one or two, the husband and acoustic.
Generally used the word subordinate because it is negative Canada, yes, but if I've wives, submit your own has resisted award for the husband is the head of the white, even as prices at the church, in which, what's amazing about This is later on innovations, five down thirty three, because this mystery is great, but I am speaking to you about Christ and the church, and so when you attack that biblical model of the nuclear family according to official chapter five year attacking a picture odd is giving us of the relationship between Christ and his bride. The church this. Attack on the godhead. This attack Christianity itself, what's an interesting to me is if, if you understand that any kind of abuse,
or mental abuse or holding that over your spouse, his head or anything that's not in the absolute spirit of love and cooperation is an abomination in the eyes of God, but they always try to make that look like yes, see manner the power and keeping the women down. I ate I just told my son, the other day because I didn't like the way you treated his sister and- and I said Rafe I know for sure The first thing, the Lord is going, do question me on and, and he'll, know the answer, but as a day, had the first thing he's gonna say is: how did you treat my daughters and he's he's not screwing around. With that. You can't be unrighteous. You can't have unrighteous dominion no,
Everything is if you go down diverse twenty five radically tossed the wives, it, love. Your wife is Christ, loved the church and gave himself up for her. You know I talked dollars will make good. They went why? Why does the man get to be the head and what a woman s throat? You know summit to the man. That's a way this is a picture of a rose to between Christ in his church. He prizes you so much but in that illustration you, the church, TAT, gets redeemed, and the guys, the one who gets killed on your behalf right right, and so as you know, everything about how people Christianity, the commission, talk, before on your show about the fact that the freest most prosperous black people on planet earth are Americans but he's using the safest and most protected.
Women with the most rights anywhere in the world is everywhere that Gee has spread in you, If you listen to the feminist movement, you think that the opposite were true. You think that there were countries, some or else in the world where Christianity has not. You know gotten its grubby paws on it that those places would be to places where women are tat did where it where, where where women are, are you know Ized, where women are free, where women are safe and secure it. None of them in all its where the gospel has flourished. You find women being protected, so how do we wake up? the church I mean for he was the last time you were here in Amerika the year we
in here recently well know, will we we just left in February? I was supposed to be back in June, without tat would never think. I usually come back three or four times a year. I have to tell you this: like Al Qaeda out, a woman are gonna, hurt me on your show, and she wrote an email to me through my website, black woman, says, I don't know who you are you know, but you How long have you been to America Aberdeen you know your ancestors had the kind of got through the kind of things that we went through, but you saw somebody who just doesn't even know what you're talking about like MA am. I was born and raised in south central allay lifting wise money. What do I have a nice wholesome german name, because my family, were slaves on a plantation in Texas, was all by german family. I had a library, that's why have a nice wholesome german may. So I'm not talking about this stuff cause. I don't know
european history, I dont know racism, I listen. I get not only do I get it from that perspective, but I get it from the perspective of some one who's been and nearly fifty countries and is now living in an amateur we would have had an opportunity to live in and there was no place no place that rather be no past port that I'd rather hold than the passport hold from the United States of America so our pastors and our preachers and our priests, are not getting it they are play. I mean honestly, it is that I feel like we are so close to play the organ louder, as the trains go by yet as the church just folded in Germany
The same thing happening now clearly, not as bad but we're on those rails and yeah. How do you get them to wake up and have courage? Well, one thing is continuing to do this? I am continue the sound the alarm people are trying to get me in all offer this. You know, no, you have to talk about Does she have to talk about that? I really believe this is the greatest threat I've been talking to this for almost twenty years that this thing has been common for a long time. This idea, but you didn't want me, secular humanism, Progressive ISM, both Modernism Udall critical theory. Customers are these things, it's all part of it the same deal and it's coming. For the church. Neutrality is not an option and we we must trust the gospel and we must proclaim the guy and saw number one. I think people are hearing this and people are waking up, I'm here and a lot of pushed back, but he's here England. I really wanted to get to this. What really disturbs me about this is
when I look at my life and the waves, I grew up and one look at my family in the things that God rescued me from Visa, the very things that God used to bring me out of the situation that I was in and transform my life and transform family and transform my children's lives. These. The very things that we need. If things are going to be better for people, if you call people away from the things on this list. Calling them away from biblical truth biblical reality and you're, calling them away from the things that will do more to benefit them than anything else that they could simply do. This is a picture of what it looks like one. God get to hold your life when you're no longer living for the wrong things and chasing.
After the world, the flesh, the devil, now low, submits a different world view, there's a different pursuit. You have a different understanding and a different and these are the kind of things that it looks like listen. I believe that That is what it is because of got grace, because it gods favour being because these things that we find in the scriptures that an implicit in America, a broken as as, as all nations are broken, but in the Providence of God, there's biblical true that took root and we see the fruit of it and instead of being grateful to God for what we see as that fruit were now, her sing sing that were cursing liver. Tree that gave that fruit and England that that doesn't in well. Voting this is certainly doesn't- to pat gray. I this is really powerful. Specially coming from from you,
because nobody's gonna, listen to two white is on this: how to how do we get more american blacks hoof, like you do to speak out so that you know we can make a difference here You know there are a lot of a meadow speaking out and I'll. Tell you when all this stuff so jumped off again, comedian didn't say anything for a long time. Cuz, I'm like okay, I'm all all the way over here in Zambia. I don't need to be. You know Pickens, that are gonna whenever and then. Of course, founders puts my mom My message is out there. They go viral and you know there are guy get sucked into this. Can but another thing that sort it got me to speak on this issue. Someone said to me: listen. There are a lot of black voices out there There are more than we think there are a lot of, to have about the need to bail, but he said this to me. He said I'm grateful for every one of them, but what is missing is the prophetic pastoral voice and edges now mean that cut me to the quick coming to my heart.
Because conservatism is not enough. It's not enough to be a black in our ok, but that is not our answer. That's not why I hope, it is our hope, is Jim. I'm can I, I am convinced I am convinced. We are not fighting flesh and bone. We, We are fighting evil and and I have looked at this problem for twenty years and I've seen the exits come and go there are no exits left its bridge out the only thing that will save us is a return to Christ. That's it! Yes, there is. This. Is a God miracle to save? Yes, I met. When I saw this this chart immediately: Bell started going off and I'm like death against God, their fighting. In the guy at fighting against our only answer it, we can't we can't go
miss this road. We have to stand up and I think people are standing up and the reason that I've been common on here is because my hope is that people encouraged and their people will be emboldened Anything people need to learn at most people don't know about critical race. There is still no these marxist terms. We have dismissed them for so long. We thought we won. And they have taken deep, deep root in our universities and in the next generation We. Thank you so much. If people want to have contacts Europe or learn more, where swear should go, it's the easiest place to find you. Balkan dot, Org, nothing and you didn't find him also on Youtube and watches videos. You learn an awful lot, but he will talk to Thank you. So much thank you. Douglas
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Welcome to the another Glenda Programme, two more bad news for you. We learned last hour that soap, I am not making this up soap. Is racist. Because it is a weapon of lateness, to reinforce racism and the british use this commodity and radicalized it further. Eight colonial logic and it promotes and reinforces the idea that whiteness is clear in pure and next to godliness, so God forbid you ve already taken a shower something and you for you soap today, but swear it off, swear off, recognise your your hatred in your racist soap usage. Now this hour. I gotta bring you another story,
a minister of Parliament in England has written to Kellogg's and does not have a reply yet from colleagues and she's very upset. Kellogg's. You have not yet replied to my email, cocoa pubs and rice krispies. They the same composition, except for the fact that cocoa puffs are brown and chocolate flavoured. So I was wondering why rice krispies have three white boys representing the brand and cocoa pops have a monkey this and I am not making this up. This is actually from a minister and parliament watch your breakfast cereals, kids watch your breakfast, or else it is, And reported that Americans are overpaying on car insurance by over twenty one billion dollars
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme America, welcome to the programme. For oh boy, are things crazy, just crazy? You want to know how crazy, but crosswalk is now racist, making it up about this. One the the leftist stock of visa can't use thug, because that is racist. The left is the left. Is person
who was caught on video, trying to cut the brake lines on an and why peaty car didn't get real far. That's one of the lead stories on the blaze. One of the places where going to cover this hour, we ve got a lot of great stuff for you, don't miss a second. You miss a minute, You miss a lot. We begin in sixty seconds is a glaring back programme I gotta tell you the story and I swear to you. I am not making any of this up It's it's about, Jerry he's a listener of ours and he is as tough as they come, and I mean as tough as they come. The guy used a race motorcycles in cars, and he survived. Collision at over. A hundred miles an hour- While he was recovering, he was by lightning and he survived
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start trial pack for early nineteen. Ninety five: do it now relief factor, dotcom or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, its eight hundred five hundred eighty, three. Eighty four relief factor dot com- that graze join me this week is still as off on vacation pad. Did you happened to see the video from Great Britain I was BBC or war one of the other channels over there that did an interview with the chinese ambassador to Great Britain. They played a video there's, been circulating. The image internet China won't answer. What's going on we here did you see this? I haven't now watch this watch this video. It's a drone footage.
And it's a drone flying over a train station and it shows hundreds of men who Van Zip tied with their hands behind their back their kneeling on the ground. Their heads are shaved and all wearing blindfolds and eat Each of them is escorted by two police officers and there being loaded onto trains. And nobody knows what happened. Nobody knows what's going on list this conversation, from Great Britain television as they ask the ambassador to China or the chinese ambassador to Great Britain what they is going on, and this is The first time he's been ass. This listen. Let's look at some very disturbing droned. Forty four has been widely shared around the world. This, is almost
over northern China overshoot enjoying. Can you tell us what is happening here? I cannot see you know that maybe this is not the first time you show me. I still remember. Last year you show me in what is happening Japanese in China, we must. Let me tell you this shit haven't been too soon going south. No, I never have you no sin, guys three gotta ask them most of you took place in John there's, a Chinese saying you might you do not know how we are to China's Lhasa. Those is no. That is not beautiful coverage, however, is it. You know sugar. That is. Exactly what I'm going to tell you, since nineteen nineteen soon junk has candidature and because of this thousands of terrorist attacks. Ok, now that was ten years ago, can I ask you why people are kneeling, blindfolded, unshaven and being led to trains in Milton China? Why? What is going on there? I do not know why you get this a veto tape. You know
Sometimes you have a chance to meet your transfer of a presence and the prisoners. You know any country but but what is happening here ambassador. I do not know. What did you get this beetle Zani? These things have been going around the world they ve been authenticated by western intelligence agencies and by straight in x. Experts who say these wager people lie Musha new arrangements and emulate mutate attended is the so called Western in TAT. It is keeping making this a false accusation against China is that one million of began has been persecuted, you're, not hot. Big how many populations indian has its just up. Two years ago it's a full five million. Now it's eleven million people and people say you know we impose. We have asked need clean sing, but
population has doubled in the forty years, a cunning, I'm so sorry to interrupt. But, according to your own local governments, the the population growth in weaker jurisdictions in that area has fallen by eighty four percent between twenty fifteen and twenty eighty. Eighty four percent: that's not right! and so what I say again that we should take a gas can me. I gave it the figure at the chinese ambassador. This burn your father figure in the past forty years later population increase the debts? Population change increase to double the privilege, the boat, so this is no so called net. Section of the population deserves no so called a horse and saw tee do you notice what he just said? The population of changing double and in the last forty years
He was pointed he was pointed out that the the weaker population in three year period was, was reduced somehow by a five percent. He said that not true the population, and he clarified he started going down with the Wiggers and he knew it was wrong and We clarified. No, no, the popular, I'm telling you the population Of changing in the last forty years has doubled, yes, It could and the wiggers have been wiped out, what's happening to them this is incredible really is really is, and you know China is so closed off. It's hard to know the truth of of anything. That's going on there from the path is really happening here, but it sure looks like it sure look.
Like there's an ethnic cleansing going on mean you know with Germany. I was watching this video and I thought If we had the Germans on film taking people, on two trains like that and we knew that they had built these concentration camps We knew what was going on and we had witnesses that got out of those concentration camps and they got out of China I don't know if we would have been as silent. Then maybe we would have maybe we would have, but we didn't have a court. To you know the press at the time, etc, etc. We had no hard evidence of pictures or anything else. We a film of going on.
And nobody says anything yeah and worse, you know the I dont any muslim organization Talkin about this. I don't hear anybody talking about it. I don't hear unclear, leaning accusing do you know? Why do you know why Pakistan won't do it because they have the silk road they're, getting too much from China and so poor. Stan. A muslim country has Actually sold their own people down the river in China and said now, there's I've going on, they assure us that us going because they're getting so much money and trade for China and China has said you. The problem with this year, the problem with us and we're not helping. Why, in what happened to all of the cries after world war, two and ever since never again never again, and then we continue to allow it to allow to happen over and over and over again,
and we know even discuss all the question is The question is, what are you gonna do about it? That's that's a good question. That's where people run. Nobody is not. There are organisations that are aiding Christians and religious minorities to get out of China. I mean It doesn't seem unreasonable to try, who help and support those organizations that are in people out the Chinese Christians are in not dire of a state because they're just rounding all these wiggers up in one in the sins young area, which is where they all are there just wiping them out, but They are doing the same thing slowly all across China, too. Churches and and the Catholic Church, the Pope, Asked sold them out,
he just sort about Alec two weeks ago and in didn't sound like the ambassador, was almost justifying it by saying that there were they had a lot of terrorist attacks ten years ago in that area. Yes, almost Yes, justifying what's happening that yeah yeah there are being loaded onto a train and taken to a concentration camp but I mean they had a common. No, no no he's been saying that for a long time that the weaker and they may be trouble, but you don't MC lean lands them I mean you put the bad eyes in prison, you don't an equally clans? It's it's its insanity we are our bitching about and. And doing nothing about really.
Orton things while taking on rice, Krispies, so cream of wheat and answer Mamma, I mean We are. You know, singing pad You know in the end of days there's the great whore earth and I'm beginning to wonder. If that's the reason why we are not in the book of revelation is because we the great horror of the earth within them we ve had it all. We ve had absolutely everything we ve had freedom. We ve had resources weave. We were given all of these things from God, and what did we do we prostituted them. We we sold out in every way and then go. The rest of the world to sell out too, because they wanted our life style and really
Look at who we ve become we're, where apparently fine with of this stuff and twenty years after nineteen years after nine eleven, these marxists are doing what what Osama Bin Laden tried to do and we all swore that it would never happen to us, not in our lifetime. And here we are nineteen years later and we dismantling it or allowing it watching it happen in front of us. Now I mean did We ve, you know a there's a great book by as returned that's in whose coarsely secretary of agriculture in the late These body also happen to be the president of our church and he wrote a book called the an enemy have done this and Orson received that play out that you know no enemy will ever defeat is from without were too strong for that
we're watching for that, but the end, within. The enemy that could bring down, America were not an attention and I have pay here. Do not. I have I I met with some Lee probably the leading experts on Daniel, and they have been working with the leading expert on Isaiah and I mean with them last week and what they a shared is truly terrifying, because if. That there is a you know there there is. There is a case to be made that We are approaching times that people have looked at an end.
Actually waiting for. I guess some people have for a long time. I don't wish for it. I don't wanna I wish for leave. You know that I can leap frog, all the bad stuff to get to the good stuff yeah, but that. Stuff is really really really bad and it's going to take a miracle because the american people are not going to wake up. I just don't think they're going to I've I've I've, you know I still believe in miracles. I do believe that There is a good possibility that the black church wakes up the for the White Church does, and is going to take the Ep can Americans that they will be responsible for saving us? They will They will save the world's freedom and they will get. The credit for saving the world's freedom if they
don't stand up. We don't stand a chance because, as you said last hour, no is listening to whitey on any of those things. Reality then I'm here, for you not they're, not listening they don't want to listen to black people either. But I will tell you this only was exactly right, a black minister could still connect with the african american community because They- you fear, God they do love God. They still have not all of them churches, but not all of our churches are either but they still have many churches. And many people who still really truly believe I mean look. What but in the Congo fact, let me show you some video here and endless some that, just happened this week in for, Congo and if this isn't a miracle I don't know what is the chain? of hard with him. Up in one minute. First,
If you, if you bring home that thick fatty beautiful cut a stake that you're gonna prepare the summer golden potatoes or on the boil. The bright mixture of fresh vegetables are sitting on the countertop. Just leave you spend washed, I'm thinking about it right now. We just had dinner a couple ago- and this was the scene- I saw the just these fresh vegetables that still at dirt on him from being pulled out of the garden, and why in the mountains spring water. I mean it's just fantastic, and then you just cut some of that stuff up and you put em on fiscal Bob's or stewards and make use of it is so delicious. Now you, take that into your little rinkitink, you no art d to looking grill with it's broken temperature, gauging acts of rusting waste, the food in the words of a man who knows,
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I mean look at the difference that Conyers West his made already because of con yea. There is an he's, not alone. I mean it's Candice Owen videos, but there is an awakening there and Did you hear the audio of of con yea talking about abortion yeah this weekend. Yeah amazing, listen! Listen! This he's! emotionally talking about abortion and he considered it listen this listen to that.
I almost killed my daughter by almost killed my daughter how in radical and end That's what it's gonna take it's going to take real. Lee brave individuals, the it can speak to the black community with some sort of authority and with the with the power of Jesus. Compels you with this spirit of of God behind them and it's gonna take somebody with who is my indifferent with a real spying concerning my car going to try to shut you shut you down and call you an uncle Tom and and the training, and we really enables anybody. Why don't you it's your white privilege speaking all that nonsense? I've got at the ready, the out of it. If I think I think we are at the point where
anybody who is considering doing that. Has to consider what Martin Luther king considered. I mean it's going to take someone who just believes in in God and their reason for being sent down to the earth at this time that come what may they will serve their God and when that person shows up, they can change the entire course of the world. A glancing back programme so Folded. My wheelbarrow out of the storage dusted off. You now want to make sure that I've got it all ready to go and we need to go by a loaf of bread I dont know if you saw what the FED is doing. We are going to be at weave ad, nine trillion dollars to our debt.
Voting for another trillion dollars today, and they ain't done yet people don't understand how dire the money crisis could be in the in the coming months, and I believe it is. I could come before November. I think he's gonna come for sure in the next couple of years. It's gonna be bad. Now you. You know you you're having to mind your own business, and and Gold line gets it get in the? U S, dollar is under serious pressure. You got a mind, your own business, you gotta, do what's right for you, Please! Please do your own homework and find out if gold or silver is right, for you called
like they're, waiting, eight x x, goldmine, one eight six eggs gold lie check out my show background leashed. Every week day, seventy nine eastern or anywhere you get your replied cast. This is the Glen by programme. Welcome the Monday went to a kind of patriotic celebrations called Pioneer Day appear in Idaho. And our little town of there's five hundred and thirty six. They live in this town. And is the greatest. It is just the greatest little town. I love these. These towns, I live in a kind of a canyon, and I ve got a little town on one end of the canyon, another little town on the other end and others. Fight it out cause? I know I'm not sure which ones the bass, but I did
fourth of July and in one town ballade which was just how Ages, Lee cool outrageously cool this. This is huge fireworks display, but it wasn't. It was and by the U know, Volunteer fire department and it was beautiful and then great, but didn't come with a music track. So I do you know. I didn't hear James Brown this year in and I didn't hear born on. The fourth, as you know, are born in the USA. The anti american song by birth Springsteen. But we just sat out and and watch them and then the whole town lit up whisk. I mean every was lighting fireworks in their thereby yard, which I have not seen since I was a little kid and then this weekend we went down to the other town and
so I just love it felt like it was. I felt like it like. I was my dad and but it must have been like for him raising us kids The Sixtys and Seventys watch these I watch these kids play. We read the this local park and it had baseball diamond, and it had this old, the bleachers seats. You know a covered, a chest It was like a Norman Rockwell painting. It really was and an eye watch these kids and I really think in fact one of the guys who lives there. He said in this great and I said this amazing, and he said you know it's really great. None he's parents know where any of these kids are right. Now and I M not
that is great heat. It's it's. Like when we were kids. Remember our moms used to say we believe at nine o clock in the morning and they take back before the sun goes down or be back at dinner. Time in the stern I'll, never know when he said that yeah and I remember when he said that to me on Saturday night. He, that- and I thought oh, my gosh- I remember when we go places, and we would do something like that and we would just go run in the park and we play with our friends. Our food so would say when the fireworks start we're gonna be right here. So make sure you come back right here and they didn't worry and we didn't worry its eye. There is something to be said. If you're not working, you know at a place where you have to be there. If you don't work remotely, I dont know why more people are moving to really small towns.
Cause there's I mean my life, says We have to drive sixty miles if we want to go my assured shirt its head, a veto target. I don't even know if we have a target sixty miles away from here madam, I Iceland That's why I got Amazon, sway, Amazon it's. This there's something. And it was weird Pat. I don't know if you felt this yet, but. Some of them people that I have been talking to some of my neighbours. They really feel as though this is it. We ve lost it. The nation is too far gone and there was kind of this melancholy in some degree of this is
This is not come back. This is it you. I've heard that sentiment expressed quite bit in its sale yeah? So no one, except that I really don't know, I'm too I'm trying to remain positive, but it's hard it's hard with this kind of insanity. Goin on every day. We would talk about five or six. Things just this morning that a month ago You couldn't you couldn't imagine how often that happens, no stuff that you just couldn't leave would happen happened every day, multiple times a day I was talking. I was log into a friend of mine, he's an architect and he works at a big architectural firm and he's ed. You know they had this global conference call couple weeks ago and we're all called in and they said you know that see egos, who God only knows how much money they're, making
they bring in some guy to give them a talk. And he said the fur thing out of this guy's mouth is: if you can't agree that everything you know I've been taught about. America is a lie. That's your white privilege and we can't forward until you get pass that he just as he said he just look around and everybody was standing there nobody said anything uneasily, Everything that we ve been taught is a lie. While I mean and would do, are you gonna be the one? And you know in some ways were really gonna regret, not being the one stands up in the room goes guys come on, I can't be the only person here there are. There problems, and there are things that we ve done wrong. Buddy,
Everything we ve known about our country is a lie. I'm sorry, but if, if he says that I have to accept that to work here, I am not. Working here. Let me we're conditioned to x apt insanity insanity. It's getting. That point where you know all of these things led to that. You know nothings who planted yet, but you can't buy or sell unless you conform You can't buy or sell unless you wear a mask, you can't buyers era, we are, there were war there. Now you were there. We are. We are one step away from a digital currency that is are. If I d chip does not mean that is so foreseeable that could go away within six months and have to be replaced by something and how convenient would intervene. Just have a little chip in your wrist or your forehead, the
just scan every time you buy yourself, that's so racy right and we're? Already? Last Friday, Pat I had the the guy, the creator of gab. Do no gap is as a social website,. Yeah it like it's a competitor, I guess of like Facebook, and it's it's a christian couple that started this thing and They just saw the writing on the wall that you're gonna, be you know condemned. Whatever you do, and so they made the policy that, unless it's illegal you can say whatever it is. You want to say on this platform we don't want you to. We don't want. They gets in racists and everything else, but we're. Going to be a platform for freedom of speech, and we know that there will be the trolls and the bad guys here, but it's good we have to have a platform. That's not editing people,
well, not only were were they d deep? Listen. If you will, as a company, they can't use any. They can't use anything like stripe or any of these processing. Credit. Processing companies. They won't business with them. They were losing their carrier, they lost the ability to have any bank like mad. Your card? Not only will they not process any credit card master I won't. Let you charge anything to gab and so they had to rebuild. But in Process He has now been de persons, You can't do banking with Mastercard. He can't do banking with Citibank, theyve they gone beyond his business and you're in direct
targeted him, now. How far away are you from? You know your food and raw, whatever you're doing shopping in its all through Amazon. And you can't do it because you're, not you're you're, not a person of standing you'd, be you ve been literally de persons die. That could happen so quickly I am going so here earlier, it would be so easy and I think we ve seen that over the last six months, how everything could change in the blink of an eye. I would not have believed it would not have believed, I mean. I can't believe how. It seems, and I dont know if it's true, I don't think it is, but how it seems that everyone is is all for all of this madness that their that everybody,
does it not seem like everyone in the Portland Oregon area is it is their mind, knots yeah, it does. Fifth, Forestry Rise, fifty four straight days of rioting and add they, sir. And the the senator from Oglala are from Oregon is, is wanting to have hearings in Washington about Trump sending in the feds. Meanwhile, you have people on the streets, the people of businesses. They are. Boarding all of the businesses up in downtown Portland killing it. These people have been there for a long time and it was like. I don't know it was like the. The yoga com. A bean company or something like that, some restaurant down in Portland, whose like look I've, agree
with their their demands and the police is really notes, upset and Blondell. Here's somebody who is a probably a socialist, not a hard core marxist, but a socialist, and agree, with all of em. I said, but think it's gotta stop It has to stop, because No one's coming downtown their destroying everything in Portland. And yet the mayor is totally cool with it mayors is like Nope and you know who's running against the mayor black lives matter? Candidate so he's playing footsie with them. Man he's been for them and help them all the long. But that's not even extreme enough. He not even extreme enough, we explains why part of Oregon now is true, to raise enough signatures to secede to get it.
Through the ballot to secede and get out and become you know Western Idaho there a huge section of of Oregon. It says we want to join Idaho. While I do hope, was even in trouble with a rip. Billikin governor all the rest of the state outside of the state House, and there you know state capital, the rest the state is saying enough is enough. This is a republican governor and they are due. Serious about recalling him. Quite honestly, I hope it happens. Is it because it is a Republican? Is it a mandate for masks and closures? And although he oh yeah as closures in closing down the you know the cities and destroying the the communities, he said, spend a nightmare and I hope they do recall him all right. I can just a second,
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well yeah, I think it's great premises and his great plan from me across the country. The country that it wants preparations they rise. You know at the help alot they all they're asking for is six wait to quad million dollars? That's, although rights. That would give us not. I mean India sought to much it's like. I made up number now: it's like a Meda number. Nobody really knows how much that is, so I think that signing that's really wise, oh yeah, how much of a six point to my quadrillion dollars. Now, if you ok, and if you can, Do you know perspective a billion? seconds ago was nineteen eighty seven trillion was thirty one thousand b c and brilliant, just one quadrille did not six point two that was thirty million years ago. Who are drilgoes seconds? Was thirty million years ago, so it sought that might well
really and think, and I think that the earth is only five thousand years old right. I mean that really gives really gives use of perspective. Doesn't it yeah I'll la scared, scared, scary, yeah? Those crazy Christians them. Scale. Oh, you are talking about the your time. The reparation! Why don't think they ve gone far enough? I don't think they have gone far enough, Today we have told you milk, cereal, and so on and sleep now been deemed racists sleep tomorrow more on the list, because there will be more coming out today and we just want to make sure that you divorce yourself from all of your whiteness, because its super super bad and we mean that sincerely we'll see you tomorrow is the Glen Back Programme.
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