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Socialism: A Warning From The Dead | Guests: Marion Smith & Justin Haskins | 5/1/19

2019-05-01 | 🔗
Hour 1 Is America ready to become Venezuela and give up our guns ...They are coming for all of us at the Blaze ...The Hero Generation is coming ...Suicide and our kids, they are being swept up by darkness ...Watch BlazeTV for Free Now  Hour 2 Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Witness Project, with Executive Director Marion Smith joins. Marion has been in direct contact with many on the ground in Venezuela. Expecting a brutal Military coup ...Get  BlazeTV for Free Hour 3 Getting the word out on Socialism with Justin Haskins, Executive Editor of The Heartland Institute. Justin is a millennial who is trying to help guide his generation away from the evils of socialism and The Green New Deal ...Help Save the BlazeTV and Watch it for free now

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