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Socialism Always Ends in Tyranny? | Guests: John Ziegler, Del Bigtree, & Andrew Heaton | 3/7/19

2019-03-07 | 🔗
Hour 1 The Ever unpopular John Ziegler joins. "Michael Jackson Could Be Guilty as Hell, and HBO's Leaving Neverland Would Still Be Unfair"? Not Adding up the stories of Michael Jackson's victims? It's an Abomination from documentary standpoint? It's a Michael Jackson hit job? 99.5% sure with Pat Gray? Institutionalization of Saul Alinsky tactics? Google steps it up on 'equal pay'? Not!? Socialism always ends in tyranny.   Hour 2 Feelings versus Facts? Emotionally passionate side of making decisions, is not always good idea? Heart, Emotion, and Math equals a moral case for capitalism? Most people Feel first? Dan Crenshaw discusses the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border That 'Nobody Ever Talks About'? Anti-Vaccine information Being De-platformed Parent's choice to vaccinate, with Del Bigtree, Producer of "Vaxxed"? When Big Government starts to pressure and censor, we're moving into a very dangerous place? Why do 1 in 36 children have autism? Sad News from one of America's TV game show Icons?    Hour 3 Bernie Sanders* stops by to talk to Glenn? 'Something's Off with Andrew Heaton, BlazeTV.com/glenn. It's terrible, but true? Making the case on very bad things? Parking cars with feelings? All roads, paved with good intentions? We are all horrible Cyclops? Emotional triggers and facts that make the moral case for capitalism? Facts & Story the two things you need, Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment?

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