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Society Needs to Get a Thicker Skin | 10/21/21

2021-10-21 | 🔗

Filling in for Glenn and Stu, Pat and Jeffy discuss the update in the Gabby Petito case and the whereabouts of her missing ex-fiancé. Netflix employees on a walkout lose their cool when they see a protester disagreeing. Society as a whole needs to get a thicker skin. Pat and Jeffy discuss the ongoing conflict with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Left has Founders-phobia. When college students were asked about diversity quotas, they were all for it, until it came to sports. Jeffy goes through the list of climate doomsday predictions, of which none have come true. New York is implementing a vaccine mandate for all city workers, offering a $500 bonus to sweeten the deal.

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you're, not entertainment. The climate I programme today with great and Jappy, joins Us Aaa. Seventy seven be easy case. The phone number they mates, maybe a kind of a grisly discovery and floor. I know they found some of the belongings O Brien Laundry and human human remains another, not positive, it's him and he thinks rubble links avoided into that. Tell you about that and a lot more come up on the cliff it for one a programme,
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our shield cars, go further car she'll, dotcom, slash back partial dot com, slash back safe, ten percent deductible may applying that graver glance on a glutton back programme. Drug Jeffrey me the most discussed story of the year. boy: Nokia, if it's not penal code Nineteen is such, which would Gabby Partido, who was killed an and where was her fiance Brian laundry he's been missing what, for a month there more than a month is built up purse of interest pursuit of interest. I everybody's pretty sure, is little more than a person of interest right by I'm innocent.
until proven guilty. This is here I mean the same person who killed Gabby. Couldn't I asked yellow sizeable. That's possible, followed him from Wyoming right, we're sure I killed all the weight of the Mai ACT in the way I had to my ACCA hatchie Shriek park. A swamp lancet floor and then killed Hannah cans. support its possible not likely possible above the attorney, I will oppose you. Don't this is possible. Is he killed her and then he couldn't consequences and killed himself Devon away? very probable. That's what I thought. What happened? Would there be the outcome of this from the beginning
did find human remains, and they do think it's him ready. I was dead in the water for quite a while, so I don't know of it, because, if It- has been dead long enough to not be Baltic Sea who, it is relevant, No, I don't. a sober refuse in the water and are also lie in order for this time, I mean things tat happen that the art good there's alligators our gaiters in Florida. pretty now again, good though it get out so There is probably a so it made me the resolution to this thing. Yes and then, I guess people want to know what the parents had to do with it. Did they help him get away into the park I don't know I don't know I mean who knows right, and this will be the resolution, though right, because you still you're, never gonna, know for sure right.
So you just have to you now we're saying: ok, while he is dead now, so that in the resolution hey. This is his. That would be my assemblages his admission and maybe it is essentially his confession. Right, yeah and so at the end of it right events may I be the end of it was you do actually believe that the same person guilty area, the other, then you gonna find out partiality. Do yes, The hunt for the actual murderers, it's like it's just like OJ on those golf courses. Looking for the real killer of Nepal correct all these years, one's going to find him. I don't know I don't know as he ever ban at the same golf course. At the same time, I don't know maybe navy, whereas I know he's still looking all these absolutely still open searching golf courses all over the country for that killer. In one day convinced he will find him, we will do so we'll see.
We'll keep an eye on both of those stores. Silhouette of the wood It's been amazing, though, how many people have followed this story, and you know that some of this sleuths on the internet, that is that have sort of tried to figure out that Gabby ties lie maritime liar one and that she was sending certain sing signals to her parents, because whatever last messages she talked about her grandfather and she never called her grandfather Stan, but she called stand in this message several times so because she never call them Stan some people on the internet figured out. That was a secret message that meant send and the authorities now
No forbearance figures are, I think, what kind of his own and are they? Are you Did you not figure that out heresies look either grandma was Liddesdale, yeah yeah others. It meant me authorities now, ass. If his name was Bob Ray, what look I know you're gonna message? Would that be hacked Odell Gothic and I want to say out loud, and though they had the guy that they thought was that they thought. hey boss, the then he and his girlfriend at the hotel broke down. They thought it was bright. Landry STAR, at the hotel? Someone at the hotels reported him saying stay out tell and it wasn't. There was no room now
they both about the door than they realize. Oh hey! This is not him, so that mean the hotel was kind enough to say. Hey sorry will give you a free night in a free breakfast that would in Riyadh, Bulgaria Free right. I really regret of us together to ask for a little bit more just me for night and free breakfast. If that's not enough for you tough or give a there too picky, because that's that's a pretty sweet deal or eight turble eight nine hundred thirty three, ninety three, also at Pat, unleashed on twitter network protesters costed a single supporter of death, repelled, you see this. I did you made about your email bay leaves in the paper dna feeling coming here. Anyone in feeling crazy So here they are at this protest,
one guy holding a sign the crowd is going crazy. On the sky there. so sciences. Read like day of ours. Now some douche bag, just rips it out of his hands, breaks stamps on it, and now he just as opposed to hold a sign another to call that a weapon is get a weapon shot up.
And then they get right up in his face, though use a woman is in fact simply you know, she's weren't a mask. I would just breathing in her famously reason like that. Would you like that suit me reply has put the shared enterprises or I don't care, I don't care. How she identifies. Wouldn't matter to me, get out of my personal space is all I want we'll do that. Look at the Nazis, oh yeah, fascism involved here they can't stand that somebody has a different point of view and they are not about to. Let him be heard. You crazy their unseen, oh yeah, the one, the one wish that person identifies, as was just out of your mind.
so angry at me. Not guy is lucky. To be alive. You just don't know what those animals are going to do know when they turn on you, like that, Did you see that the letter that they wrote, though, to Netflix it with their list of demands? And yes, I hope that our law, it was. It was interesting that they that one of the top demand was created new fun. A fund to specifically develop Tran not by very talent ass our eye, so I'm gonna develop Con and on Netflix four point four percent of the. U S. Population yes, is out. Asking for you to do yes, ok, ok, point Four percent is
that's what I'm in a developed content this fund are identified, also be huge. Hits should exist in addition to write existing creative equity for doesn't replaced that no it's in addition, no yeah that, in fact, I want you to create as much tran. content, as you create Tran phobic contact. You including marketing and promotion right. Ok, yet just think you're gonna created than that talk about it right. Then, of course Let's not forget they want them to recruit trans people, especially by Pock trend, people, yes, so weird that the I guess it's black lives matter and and algae BT, Q Q. I ate two plus communities, essentially merged Mary
they have almost I mean if you look at the black lives matter website, it's all about algae BT, Q issues, and Trans issues, almost much or more than black issues. Oh my gosh! Yes! president overtaken at all yeah, absolutely So who recruit trans people, especially by pot for leadership, roles in Netflix, and promote an inclusive environment for them, allow employees to remove themselves from previous company promotional content. That's ok! Fine words! I've got a problem now, you're, not happy with that's fine. I love working for that flakes of now you don't you then. I'd wrangle yourself go ahead. You limit! references and imagery of trends? of titles or talent inside we're place, including, but not limited to mere. Does posters room names, sweat
How many room names are there at Netflix as phobic? I guess I now this is just about. I know now. Rules have devoted to being afraid of IRAN's didn't hurt. People dig it out here. Also cover recovered covered with Anti torrent is meals at Netflix variety hallway. You walk down the barest beer, I'm getting on walking. I really don t. Try, as I dont know how they work there, not only their because you know the walls are covers. Tupid is so we really amazing I know that I love the. We need to suggest a tramp. Of firming content, alongside an after content, flagged as anti trance. I will I do what's Netflix I find it hard to now see Anti Trans Promotion
Merlin Netflix arose the lot I intend transfer. That shows may have a cell section. Cover zero watching now when I had let those search I dont anymore, but when I did I notice the opposite. Have I notice in just about every show on Netflix features, Algae BT, Q, Q, I a two plus by Basque and we all over? Yes, absolutely whole sections of it. Yes, every show has somebody in it with Trans message, yes of either Definitely they definitely I've gone way out of their way decree kind of aid. What's his face, the head of networks even went out and said: yeah, you know I made out his statement about Dave, Chapelle Eduardo Organic, but it doesn't matter. We don't care and now he's been backed off that yeah yeah. I screwed up the internal communication there. I
I feel I should have made sure to recognise that a group of our employees was hurting very badly. Okay, tat, yeah integrity, RO the Abbe. This is the same gathered. Allow me earls of the walls of the right of the threats. Phobic bureau right, so he's deepened, transfer deep into eight and he may mistake, I'm saying well, the David Chapelle shows is to popular to take it down, and then jumped Alura right ok, USA, that you can't it's on their costs as well as people like it. I mean you can't say that how dare you people like it. What do you mean everybody? Does it agree with us that its offensive, a nasty road? man, it's Aaron icing! Well, they do you know they did have the one employee that of gave out the information of how about Chapelle made, and so contractual information they gave that apply the boot.
they said, knew you can't be giving out internal information. How much was it like? Twenty We are told him, I believe, what I like to give a special care twenty million on the special it was like a nice guy, just flat: Ai Weiwei. Them he's just a victory by the idea that twenty million, probably minority soils, are well he's, got a family a family to feed. That's not just him right right late night hundred thirty three. Ninety three more coming up in one word, supposed to do. They live today to Annabella, so one two, three four W W w that consumer access dot, Org nice little that nicely to mortgage rates are still so incredibly low right now, and that means it's still a reasonable time for alone. If that's, what you need now
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financing at eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty. two american financing dot net. It's bad and Geoffrey for Glenn today, Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy to each be nice. If everybody was so sensitive now everybody so easily crushed or offended. I mean We not just grow up a little bit and tough. up a little bit right right, I mean the things. we're all going to right now it why People are fair game at this point, but have pretty thick skin so maybe other should have fixed thicker skin is well. You know one
I disagree with that, but I just heard you get a little upset over hashtag bike back to Utah maybe later vans were saying to the view I, U fads am crying. Why am I crouched now and I am now cried out we are debating today off, didn't go home, get disease. You need international day of my in us safe room right now. No, no! I'm here somehow getting through the sure. You know the cheese is amazing to me the other day when John brooding got fired all I got the day. The email came as scale. This is his personal private email that he sent to the people of his friends right, yes, and one of a mentioned. There was an insult for blacks, one of em. There was an insult for gaze. There was an insult Emmy just he was in a you're, saying things I shouldn't have said, but on the other hand,
We shouldn't have heard any of it correct it was, intended for anybody else's. Concur read you know. A good l got bought her, yet what you'd website name in a couple of emails? So that's what he ok! Well, when you're done looking at the Washington Football team emails, I would look at the other six hundred and fifty thousand emails to find out of anything more bad was said about me. Maybe you should let slip every single cultures assignment where emails to every bottle of open about open it up, but on that day because he was so crushed, Carl NASA, who is the defence of the Geese, defensive and right for visa defensive. Why raiders allied Mania He's gay! He just came out as gay. Nobody cares errors, fire, Rudy fight with it, but because Odin said something about homosexuals in general here Today it is a personal, varied interpersonal day. It took a personal data,
it wasn't even sent to you. What do you mean? Plus one is in the national football? I know right, but that doesn't matter that I mean I can't be hurt all ok he was allowed. In fact, one of his teammates said he was allowed to go home and grieve in his own way: real old email, the joint Grogan wrote about somebody else, not him. Ten years ago, ten years ago, oh unbelievable, it's unbelievable newly is seriously. I don't care if you in these Sis community the straight commuted light the algae, BT, Q, Q. I a two plus commuted. We, all need to toughen up bad. Just
the tat hum on and at one time he served a picture, or at least was out in the mail chain where pictures showed up of topless females. Now one of the people of that he mail was drafty. I don't know who started Hooters so big, surprise that rail J as their yeah, so I'm a man. I don't have any people get a personal day because of that mail. But I need one nothing. I need one rainy day. now I ll get between this and the bail or thing get through that open Toby prisons Programme, Josie Season right around the corner, fluffy blankets, the glow of a perfect fire and new window treatments from blinds dot com that make you happy to stay in mind.
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Five percent off right now blinds dot. Com rules and restrictions may apply note to the socialism virus. You were listening to the Glenn Beck program, join the conversation, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven back. Pretty everywhere. This text will be in your it's bad enough four Glenn on the Glenn Back Programme Club be back tomorrow. Right nearly and also, I think Bill Riley's on the show. as usual on doing so, another great Friday, coming up Tripoli, nine savages other sorry, almost sorry, almost other the other day, seventy seven! Eighty eight be Seventy seven be easy Yes, here, ok ass! The other number I was about to give you would use. When you listen to me on my show, right before them,
one you analyse alive or you listen any time during the course of the other day where we get your podcast Pat gray unleashed. Amazingly somehow, Jeffrey. His cured podcast as well as during the fat. Why? You say amazingly because unless you're talking specifically about the show during the fact as the age when I was making rail care, I guess they were at an end been able to keep the costs down on that, because I know that they would try. To charge untold amounts of money, and you been fighting tooth and nail for the people. You know footage, that's the children? You don't you say that, like a bad thing now here I have some very good. I left a meeting yesterday there were they wanted to charge. For that, I said now. No again, you just stood up and said now it's going to be free doubt! Thank you for Fighting, sell your ass, those of us who
want to listen to it everyday. Thank you for your wealth of proceedings of anything I can do hey the Taliban promises land to suicide bombers who have killed him. Africans and Afghans ha. Ok, I mean? Do you have to prove that you did indeed ask it to show up with, say: hey I did you really are not see addressing a gathering on Monday evening. Syria John Dene hot Conny praised the sacrifices of martyrs martyrs and fed a gene. Referring two fighters killed in suicide attacks, He called them. Heroes of Islam and the country and at the end of the meeting he distribute hee hee stimulate ten thousand Afghanis proof. Emily and promised each a plot of land? Now? How much is ten thousand Afghanis? I don't know one hundred twelve dollars hundred, while America, so
it's not great. Now I've got a very urgent economy is completely collapsed, since we left is probably pretty good, and it a plot of land from it, the by administration, reportedly agreed last week, to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, is conditions route worsen, undertake Taliban rule there? work with us with hence the ISIS Qatar First, they won't you're really work with us on getting the remaining Americans out. I dont know why we're help in these people, though, of a road going, because you know that any aid we send over there is not going to the people we intended to go there you giving ten thousand jazz. Is this a suicide bomber families? Yeah? That's great, that's great! We not sounds very businesslike and professional. Doesn't as the Taliban. It's a new and improved Alabama, businesslike and professional.
so professional and business like that they're giving land and a hundred and twelve dollars the suicide bombers valorously. We see plot of land. You get a media, while the only I really had allowed in Afghanistan. I believe it's only bring me are, you know immediately, Maybe it's poppy fields, the maid! Oh you know when I give it has not given no calves are now. I want some little sport of the afghan drug lords. You get any friend, sorry about the Euro, That's true, absolutely is yes absolutely, but I was told there were reports that they were meeting with India, Pakistan and China and Russia Radio ran. That's good, that's new, improved Del about whether being legitimized realize your people and I think This is a thumb in the eye to America that yet will meet with the Taliban. In fact, we were
posts to be in that meeting and then a schedule. Conflict came up, mediator, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. We got the same day that you say some vague. We only had somebody else we could send, but we ve done. you know three hundred and thirty million people only go so far you nor any. I rather like. We should get him everything as bad as it sounds. We should be there, though, right now, and we should, though I do I do not think I wanna know what they're saying that China and well that's Andrea Russia, not stir a kind o ought to know, because I have not. I mean I have a feeling and maybe maybe I'm wrong. If we ask that the I wouldn't believe what they told me yeah, hey what you guys talk about old nothin, we just now. We know couple drinks and just you know he added
can talk with Albania. We decided. I didn't realize that move. That's why I say it was a special now to tell about dollar back right. These are, professional businesslike, Turanian people survey. We had a couple of frescoes and we always talk for a little out of church on idea. That's nice! I feel it. We need to be there for that. I know that we don't want to be, but I don't to a kind of torn turn on the humanitarian aid because of you. We, the citizens of that country, are in a terrible way right now, right because of the Taliban, and you would like to help them Well, you know when you send the money there, unless you can somehow get it directly to the citizens of the country. A few sent to the Taliban. It's not getting to the people wrote, so that's Please wasted, on the diplomatic front can do kg them as.
I guess you should, because they have been every step of the way took over the country. We are we allow that to happen. We did and so you know whether it Sir legitimately legitimize the almost half this pretend like you legitimize a bright. I guess it's. A strange place has a really that whole was burnt about women botched from the other, yet go from this administration. No question yet and fixing it now is really tough. Almost impasse I don't know how to fix it. Now. Countries just gonna, be a mess now and You know, there's a lot of elected officials who have said we're. Gonna have to go back and unduly happened here. would be a catastrophe I seek. The american people would be very angry over that here. If we we back into that mess again. Now after we left it
I don't know that we tolerate that think so like no, unless unless we say that Ok, this tat. This time we are now I don't know, if you don't get out by Thursday, you're gonna worry to turn the place in the sand. If who has ever tat will not do that, we would the Taliban or anyone any any up very well, you ve got until Tuesday and then we're gonna turn the voice of the sand. Wood which we're not gonna, do never know. So, may I just say: we're gonna go back in hoof wars, just now what like that anymore, I don't have the stomach for that a girl. We don't do that because you see the picture on twitter of yet some some many blown up and that's the underlined. was bad enough, though they that team. Administration botched that
Drone strike against the three terrorists that were about to blow themselves up and instead it's a family of ten or seven or whatever it was killed them and terrorists, and so look really bad idea really unlimited and they admitted it. Yes, it is this like is at war, were not sure, took a few weeks, but they did admit it. Yeah yeah. We did. We got terrorists there and we killed seven children Look at what I was looking at one screen and other hours ago, another three euros per hour by hour, but it I don't know I don't know what you do. I you know I wouldn't to turn this over to the military. Who are not in League with Biden. Well, you know the language of the military that is still the IMF.
I can military Navy seals army rangers those guys who want to go in there and do the job and then get out and that you know that those guys exist the market. LE trails of the world exist and could get this job done. They could go in there and get all the Americans out and and do it effectively right and then get out and an were done with it? Ok, but the morrow, the Nazi Biden, due in no way no barely wants to be at the table with em in we firm for all its purposes. What does Europe have guessed yet it only want to mention the name anymore, because it was such a disaster forum and all they want is for that to be forgotten completely I'll. Tell you what these haven't those we need to pass the infrastructure bill, though duck about Afghanistan in those days, are over what we did, what we, the dance pass, the infrastructure bill I'll catch up, and how much is that one
I don't know Julian. I think guys about two trillion. I think it is excellent that we ve dropped down now right to their between. What are you going to five and one point: nine. You have the reconciliation bill at three point, five trillion and I think it still at three point: five trillion beer, that's the requisite reconciliation, the every infrastructures about two trillion one point nine about it was neither I think these are. They would willingly their willing to back down between one five and one night other and this time this fixes the infrastructure right as opposed to the last three infrastructure bills that didn't fix the infrastructure. All those were done properly icy I was for her. Uncle Obama did one, though, why in fact, I think he did to me. Didn't you do those properly that's weird
I don't understand, but why I know that the vital tromp was in office as a while he probably undid what I did didn't. I did you, nobody roads were destroyed during with trumpet ministration. He just took a road greater injured broke him. All up has essentially what is termed was a road greater while well why we allow that. I don't know, but finally, though, finally, now we're gonna get the infrastructure fixed tirades, our roads and bridges will be driving William. We get a past and airports as we get capacity. As I understand or airports are just compared to China's her beautiful beautiful of airports. You walk in an airport in China and you think that Urien like the poor, in New York City, that's where you that idea. save pictures, it didn't, look like the path is ill. It's like the plaza you think, you're in a five star hotel. That's how beautiful it as well.
Did you have waited to do something else is needed. As you seem D W you know, you're, not in the plaza when you go in there right now, diaper ladder cargo, two trillion dollars in Alex enough. You know they'll come back in a few years. Again with another infrastructure mill has to draw it wasn't about couldn't get it right. We thought we could a downward to join, but couldn't earlier run Diana Way more destruction than that. I Tripoli Seventy seven be easy K, more Patten, Jeffrey for Glenn coming to work programme. Dealing with
our repairs can feel like a lose lose situation. Repairs had become so expensive, but ever since I called car shield, their administrators handle the expensive payments and the paperwork, so I don't have to anymore it's a win win. I gotta pick my feet We're mechanic to do the work and car shields administrators. Take care of the rest plans from car shield even provides roadside assistance, rental coverage and trip reimbursement all at no additional charge. Good coverage today and see my car shield cars go further visit. Car she'll, dotcom, slash back safe, ten percent deductible may apply. Sparingly. forged for glad on the Gothenburg Programme, Tripoli Haven't you seven b, see gay, just about. Congressperson Jaya pull the other day that talking about how engaged joy Biden is in every aspect of this administration
guy leads discussions, he's asking questions. He solving quadratic equations he's leaving brains in municipalities all across the nation. A sewing gay eyes, see man. I see him speaking videos of him. Daddy's take it. Yes, endless powerful right the as yet authority more power of powerful sharp, because we as Europe is losing its Scranton. Pennsylvania yesterday about the economic agenda and he was there and he was talking about. Minding everyone about his days on Amtrak Oh, you did not again. Are you kidding me he'll? Do we I tried every day I got commuted every single day for thirty six years as present vice president stage after my wife and daughter it killed. I went home to see my family never stopped
he was vice, president for thirty six years of who we just learned, that is, while good term as Vp Ha the Oslo term Legislative engaged. How amazing, is easy works in the wife and child killer up or bow I had hoped to see my family never stopped RO, the abject thirty six. You just keep taking Amtrak, no matter. What does it matter is well I'd every Sunday day for thirty six years as President vice president at unbelievable- oh my gosh! He also had this to say about the economic agenda. Jobs, jobs, jobs, making, sure there's a high speed, affordable and available anywhere everywhere in America, including for nearly one in six families go without internet
You saw what happened. What we can do is covered. Tried, teach you from home: try it how many it would result in three hours parking lots. Kids in their cars because they get access to the internet. will you be able to help the kids school What do we do? We wifi is the United States of America, dammit dammit, What are we doing? Why are you so angry Joe? What held the employers are gonna help us meet the moment on the climate crisis in a way that creates good jobs, makes us more economically competitive, shudder,
How many times have you seen at the people in the parking lot Donalds with their children, just scamming the internet after world, on overs I'd like this store bank, this great country that has places of business that offer free wifi anyone, while you're like a vampire just show up and suck it out of a building, tat term, eight. Seventy seven be easy Kay. The number to call still have just at tat of stuff to get derivatives scratch the surface. Yet in their removing a Thomas Jefferson Statue, yeah is Benazir all foregoing, written eighty zero. You fired at tat. Finally, right, yes, or maybe seven years has been there. Red and eighty seven years and now all of a sudden, sorry
that's really offended by that the people who worked really proponents of this even after they were trying to remove this for a long time. Now a long time, and you remember when President Trump and all the statues were coming down. It is like ok, what Next are hour, start doctype taken down George, Washington and Thomas Jefferson, statues in their like free, will never bring cook for bringing up. Ok and now how many times has this happened. Maybe that's right. It has many in fact, in our biggest city, in their count City Council, building where they hold their meetings all the time. They can't even stand to look at it and are taking it out. That's unbelievable are much more to come as we get on with radio programme in Seconds
entertainment. The plunder of gas gray and Jappy for Glenn back on the Glen Back Programme are never Tripoli. Seventy seven b c k like to get in touch with our does much sitting on the year. What is a sort of segment were really do it's the Swedes and between four point, five right after the format it buzz, but before the radiation to between segments where we are talking about removing Thomas Jefferson statues, something what we were told would never have. Morality is outrageous and stupid. I will tell you about that: mask mandates and much more covered up in sixty seconds programme.
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autumn. Just isn't the same in Texas. Is it Ok, I lived in Florida for about two years of greeted necessarily habit in Florida nodded. drew so but New York inadequate. It is. How does that was nice? It was I love you. I love it of the changes. I like those two yeah love, it's a good place for both to be really here in a battle. We mounted a yes vote for both of you and your wife event banish your white, the that you're talkin about the Thomas Jefferson Statue. I love the quotes from the Congress people of the assembly. Men who were you know, do you are all happy about it. The husband and wife team, the barons
Ozma. I knows baron. She was. She was saying that we are now being revisionist we're not waging a war on history hours a day that we want to make sure that the total story is told like doing life has like we haven't, heard the total story right as any ever hidden. The fact did Thomas Jefferson had slaves nobody's ever in that fact items. I learn that in first grade come on over hubby hubby Yosemite, when Charles Affair of when we remove this statue, we're making a step in the right direction for erasing honouring of those who murdered and rape does MIKE. Ok Thomas Jefferson, not murder or rape, and anyone Nor did he have a bunch of children with Sally Hemming that didn't happen,
I've made you do you know each ass. You had the dna test. You know that showed beckoned. Ninety seven, ninety eight It showed that it was one of twenty seven Jefferson men, one twenty seven and more like much more likely either is brother or his nephew too. was Jefferson at the time. Nobody believed it because his contemporaries knew him and they knew his character, and they too, slander him with that back then, and nobody it didn't, take hold that back there because they knew he wouldn't do. That and so we write, and there are some way I was. There was some campaign they they were putting it in the town newspaper with Random, John out of to slander and where yeah, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were, of course, really close friends until they ran against each other and then not so much. and then the current trade brought it to a little bit and then later on Lee repaired. It like
later on other he was fifteen or eighteen years later they started writing back and forth to each other, to the point where You know they died on the same day, right, and they had just written to each other and John Adams last words were Jefferson lives, and then he died. indeed I do, and then he does so by Thomas Jefferson had died in our before the so he wasn't true state those Alai, John Adams, last sighters was a lie tear down his statute to and he has a coincidence. Ok, Jefferson atoms die on the same day and What is that day? life force, Eighteen, twenty six these If two year anniversary of the United States of America is not something that is class, it is, I think, not here. That's intended some kind of divine thing that happened.
Really, I think so thanks and now here we are there about the same age now who have had to go there? tat was seen each other in years and they just happen to die on July. Fourth, two years later, because they just have happened to die of those are ok whatever, but to me what we need to do is start calling this. What it is and that's founders phobia because everything that they don't like that is you know that is, we supposedly against Trans people is in its not even to puzzle. It's not against that. You don't mean it like that, but that's transphobia! Yes, or homophobia or Islamophobia or you name it it's a phobia. So, let's just start calling this founders phobia,
afraid of the founders, and they are, of course, because they can't live up to him, and because they can't live up to him They already endeavouring them down to their level and then you know you can insist that they be any better than they are and they ate it. It discussed Its constitution and our founding doc, That's because these are the people who are we possible form. So don't tell me the constitution that was written by a bunch of white rich slaveowners so They can throw that out all the time I loved founders phobia. It's all good. You know because they obviously, instead of lead, looking up easier to tear down? Why that's the plan? That's death. we plan because lobby we see if there is an article, the other day about Americans, you know what you need to do is lower your expectations, you I saw that
that is all you do, is lower. You aspect: how can we all got spoiled by this imply g? As you know, it's not that big stop whining it's. This is how it supposed to be, as is broken, do yourselves a favor get used to our Europe expectation just get used to it. Get used to not having things on the shelf get used to not haven't food on the in the pantry thus on your table, get used to not making as much money as you use to don't worry about it. Get used to American stop being quite right. Ok, yes, then, and then you will be disappointed when things get even worse. Because they're not gonna, get worse and they're not gonna, get worse, probably a little worse before they get better. Really, I think so, but the
think of that statement, as they will get better. They will get better one day. Yes, I think they will that's the Good NEWS, Will we be around for it? I'm not sure oh boy, water, that I wanted to get better than I really want it. I love. I love. How we're already were already for original was a loud that supply chain bottleneck, taken care of and decks year, be fine, then cleaner by the by the end of the air. Now Gyre, sometimes twice, you know it's probably gonna be twenty. Twenty three sets of all this work is under way in our data. I now we get used to it, you don't get, you might have a shortage of few things, but you don't really need a mini way. Toilet paper who needs that use your hand, so go outside and find a leaf
if you find one x rays anymore to climate change? What have you been? Finally, you can finally use that you know whatever were there we're gonna go ahead, maybe your neighbors of recycled, seven paper towels, nor some sudden toilet paper. You guys could share like that. Can together we'll call of the neighbourhood but lower your expectations. Don't think, there's gonna be new, fresh merchandise around right. Don't do that your spoiled cousin- this hasn't been a third world nation until recently and notes and greater scope to see what it's like to be. a third world nation. So because we're the EVIL America and we we deserve this come up ends. We desire right, we ve lived high up the Haug too long, there's no more hog, my friend now American chickens are becoming room to roost, amen, amen, brother, but
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We ve already noticed that there are some ingredients you can't get or they take one time takes much longer time to get em than it did before. The good news is with the latter. those products taking longer to get is that they cost more to exactly so right. Yes, you ve got the inconvenience of waiting a long time for them when you need em right now, but Also, there are three times has so that's great too good delighted underlining that area. Yeah well sort of we're getting our. I think our devilish get that, and I love the this administration with, while its people its supply, think more people wanted everyone. Violence out there I thought suppose the work the opposite way. Now now I realize that old school american thinking so I know I did a lower my expectations, but if I don't lower, my
Expectations, I thought that when the demand was upon something the prey, swept down about that. I don't think, there's any more than a mere now again so, If the supply is not meeting the demand that the price will obviously go up, right cried where're. You gotta yes, but a view if, if you have a bunch of a product yeah a lot of men demand. Then the brain should go, go down. We're down yet should here's the good thing. We might soon see bread lines in America and, of course, the past we ve heard. That's a really
it's a good thing when you, sometimes american journalist, what about a better country? Is the people and lining up? That's a good thing for the country's people, home line up food, the rich gets a food, and the poor stopped right We see the logic therein Bernie Sanders. Food lines or goods Just like a marxist yeah food Linzer, that's a really good thing. Well, yeah the communists are. That is a good thing. we are duly through talkin about we're. Led me, stand enlivened, arrived you're gonna, get it right, just wait line long enough cheerfully seventy seven back. I am forced to do american financing animal us. What is it
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left has gone so far, left that if you have any common sense and in your body left Egypt, you can't Just get abided like, ok, I gotta say something now. This is ridiculous. This job stored on CNN the other day talked about how stupid some of the things are, that they're doing, and especially in California, where they ve done the general, the gender neutral toy law, where starting Is it twenty twenty three most of those no love, one is twenty four organ in the next couple. You next couple years if you have a department store the cells toys, you must have a gender neutral section where there neither for boys nor girls. nor jeez nausea. Comes. Nor is yours, I donno whatever gender, you are theirs, ninety seven of them. After I can name them all heart
what he said, we have the chance to clip ugly org and, as we have just what he said, they going on right now in the Democratic Party about how who to voters and twenty twenty two there are a lot of social issues. Getting a lot of attention. Governor gave a museum in California assigned a law requiring gender neutral toys actions in store? There is obviously a lot of debate across the country. Not all Not all of it well informed about critical race theory and how racist taught in schools what What would you do that concerns about how these debates are taking place? Obviously, in that talking about how their depicted in right wing media, because their it doesn't matter what the democratic do or liberals do not rightly media to lie about it. there are a number of independent voters who might not understand, what's going on here,
I'm in love with her a lot of things, alot of people, can understand in something's, either right and common sense. I mean I do think there are ways to accomplish some of these goals. in ways that, but you can't die. To the lowest common denominator due care. I think one of the difficulties and again it is with the way there the last or which review everything is based on, and what will that mean for the many times? what I saw great headline in political as Afghanistan was descending into chaos and that final weak and the headline in the business of the tire headline the one with the forty. You know, point five. Whatever was it said why Afghanistan
may not matter in the mid tax. Then the sunlight was, and why it might have I mean it. I think they have a boy they have a horse. but that's our journalism right man is now playing how many times have you seen stories about the battle over masks? That's the carrier, yelling in the store and the people throwing them out and all that and how many stories have received about the efficacy of masts. Why more? The actual like there are some but over overwhelming majority of stories, see to expose the conflict lies, but anything at all but the media there isn't anything to the degree of
sometimes accurate. We don't have time for the whole long winded tapir. No, we do not question soliloquy does not really well. The aid does not really go store. It goes on to talk about the gender neutral story and cares about that. Why are we talking about something that stupid governed to the lowest common denominator and he's right? He also said: hey, maybe time to stop bashing trump all the time. Indeed, demonizing trump, all the tough guy hasn't been in in the White House for almost a year now. Can we stop without what he's getting legend by the left? For that, but he's making some says absolutely never thought I'd say that, but John Stewart making some sense so is Bill Marr
a rustle and so is Russell brand. Our trouble eight nine hundred now triple eight. Seventy seventh be easy, gay more of the Glen Back programme. With that Jovi coming up the sins programme,
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our part to keep free speech alive. There is much more after the brig on the Glinda programme Welcome that great for Glenn Back the Glen Back Programme could listen. My show peccary unleashed every week day morning from, seven and nine eastern six to eight central time live or any time wherever you get your podcast, wherever free, podcast or sold stable jobs We also ask that you and the fabs only daily progress to the fact that there were ever free, but guess, are sold. What's really cool too. Is you can subscribe to this fabulous network? and then, when you do, you can see both of our shows bilateral is your show it's not on its
actually video the others. Not aren't a nice charging people right see to it that we are that we cover them already the want of a fight with you about it. You know, I know I know you know. I think great. I free care so much about in other people want to view your show or listen to it that I fought hard to keep that price stone. I think that's really admirable, so congratulations on them. But I almost believe your gets up is going. Where are we We're talking about CNN a few minutes ago. John starts appearance on CNN that networks, trouble. Man boy no kidding it's, I mean they're, the latest ratings that have come out or another for them their latest primetime ray. The prime time line up, which obviously tapirs part of it, that we just watch with John Stewart six hundred and sixty one thousand people on average a really bad.
I mean really really bow. People are using the big dolls wifi. Oh yes, by far, the outside far enough, Brian brains, show Bren Stellar being one of the bigger douche bag around he actually lost. the cable network on the cable channels to the little he had the lowest raided week of the year twenty five, fifty four double any lost too. The golden girls called girls, a golden girls report, it obviously wade thirty one? Thirty five years older than new gold, other euro new girls being produced right? Now, it's not like season. Seven hundred and three now that all girls either probably me there might be one or two still alive
the Golden One anyway to life. I am Sir she's winter. Ninety nine adjective two hundred yards everywhere so he lost the golden girl That's embarrassing! That is better! That's out! You know what you send. Somebody to the transmitter. You tell him to find the power switch and tell them to hit off just shut that thing down. It's not worth the electricity you're spending There goes the area that I will say they did. They shouted sure. Six hours, sixty thousand viewers average deprived I've sounds cat.
traffic good, but they did beat the NBA Finals Viewer soup down on you earlier yeah well dizzy, so I made a victory there. You know how intensely popular the w and be a is, now this was, of course the W Nba final featuring thee the two teams of employers and all you say that, like that they play to tea play plates other works. I just had a mind blank for some reason. I don't know why cause I'm so excited. did every guy the NBA W W H fires are on. But it was the Chicago sky versus the Phoenix something or others.
Is that what they call themselves? Yes, even exceeding something or others, it's exactly what their name is kind of history. What kind of aid the Washington Football team, deriving first rights for something or others in the district, and so the Chicago Sky, one and does add a massive celebration. I did on the streets, which goes like this, like that you're, seeing if you're not watching their radio show on blaze. Davy is a bunch of trucks, DR another road, with the Phoenix Sky Team in Chicago their orders: oh yeah, the Chagos Dietaries Chicago Sky supporters and about four people watching the brig others out. There's ten people are people in the parade, outnumber people watching the parade by about a thousand to one. pull together the celebration like at the park or wherever they play
moreover, they are doubly obviate plays. It just looks like they ve, people show that looks like oh there's a lot here right, that's what they should do, but that isn't what they know. So it was fortunate, because they have to be equal and we're all last night goody. So when the bulls, what their championships polar? All I remember those parades are you saying there were more behind that she's going all that? Yes, yes, surprises Michael Jordan walk down the street. Today he gathers more people than whole, no question by a us he's. I don't what keeps him going well, they have buried up. Nba keeps them going absolutely. The NBA makes something like nine billion a year W Nba make something like
fifty million a year. I would there too. I bet is less than that, a real seriously. I mean, I don't know that. I really in that seems like because I've looked this up before while, but maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Maybe it was five hundred people or five hundred dollars in five hundred dollars like one per some contributed. A dollar each coming. I guess they too, the W B a cause, are you see in any numbers, guess they must look up w and be a revenue The month is fact, is I'm not that interested in the NBA anymore? I know little on the w and be eyes, oh Yes, as your sixty million sixty million. How can I was glow with more than fifty engineer, says: yeah yeah, I find it hard to believe
Finally, article five, which has revenue of sixty million- now I'm sorry bill now, maybe they have some pity. Answers because of the NBA. Ok bye, there's no way I get married. Congratulations good, as new regulations for you on your revenue is incredible for you but in it's the same with the women soccer thing. You know they keep claiming they should make as much as the men, because we're more six Yet you one more games. There is no doubt about that. Your hiring team, their number one in the cut in the world the men are not but who brings in the revenue look at that and even the? U S: Soccer Association is not saying that saying: hey look pay! You the same way bring in the same revenue, makes sense, as does
does even for those college. Kids, you played it this morning with my camp was reform. You know what it's all about our sports dull about Aqua, don't do it ass. We want diverse adapt. In fact you gotta watch this. This is Cap reform going out to the campus The university of Florida on Game Day asking- diversity. Quarto quotas check this out talking. First,
diversity, just in general, do think. Diversity should be a factor in hiring decisions and in college admissions process is absolutely problem: areas decoders, flick, origin missions, gorge, orators, authoritative below those with a very good thing: absolute emulating, it's an absolute necessity. Everyone should have equal part as the first generation college student from a hispanic household. It's very important should we developed diverse as for in the workplace, are for college emissions. How they usually wordless is if a population has thirty five percent. I spanish then this little and that our eastern, I guess, but also to be thirty, five percent hispanic and its population to reflect the Democrats.
so the larger community? Is that something that you would support? Yeah it's a bit about the project. We I mean, you know very reasonable, gets out in recent years and I think that we should be taken into account should have been all our diversity and basically every single feel. So what about diversity? Quotas on sports teams, college girls? Do I think that there should be a singularly. We want utterly what you are sure of that sum, but therefore, with the less important, like more emphasis placed on ability, sources, other than college spoke the same anymore, he's telling his town this talent right. I don't think we should all Cosh Perceval. I gained the best players, fear team and I don't think we should focus on which race, ethnicity, to get right, adversely quota or any sports. Do it
make much sense as it does now, just let the let the skill shine and whoever's, especially reserves to be empty, and obviously with sport, its talent purse over these years about the democratic- and I ask you to put this into like a hyper situation, so only two percent of students here- why not just from twenty nineteen nineteen percent are hispanic: eight percent, our asian and mine. It was an hour. An african American Free were to apply that quota to the office of line up for the Florida gaiters Footballers excise is what the lineup would look like when this bunch of wineries, workable couple of Latinos two agents in one willing to signal doesn't work is no mean that I guess you it's like we're scrupulous schools too. I guess where this kind of report, both we probably all, we recruit Lake basins, skill and if we refer debates on diversity, then re will probably be worse a scene right along the girl whose rapporteur you, I think I think it's perfectly fine after the best place for the job than they deserve the spot. I don't necessarily think that it's a bad thing that those people are just better at the sports it they play. The latter. We may have deadly
different when's. The last time you saw permanent Asian and Papa how to change your mind out, as in other sectors like like college admissions, if we're talking about being the best and sports, should we also be talking about really the best in the workplace being the best company being thus college university, regardless of anyone's race There is a european, including the athletes based on their school level. Maybe you should maybe maybe students based on never there or is there were like a big man. Them divers right little bare, because I think about a bit about it s. A problem was without seeing worthy saying they have argued for why my resize would be used for sports risk was sure yeah I'm. So this is warning on later about diversity, much alike.
college emissions are worse. I think I can now that I think about it right now, this vague courts. I wish you would have done that before always comes first, I don't know, sir. I think quotas are the way to go. I know that I really like that. She's counter fugitive did one young girls, you admit anybody or do anything yeah, yeah yeah, I mean what else it don't matter, what it doesnt races who they are whatever like. Gowns guilt plead opposite. What I just said do but yeah yeah, really you rat You know it's interesting when you think about a problem, the difference that can make them Do it will lose some professor or teachers just telling you that diversity is good, and so you instantly believe it without putting what is second of thought into it? That
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entire w NBA to bring in sixty million in revenue. The promotion they get. they weren't subsidized by the NBA. It would not exist. You know that no way They could not exist summit. be a revenue is what ten million I think it's nine or ten billion a year. it is somewhat of a difference there. One illegals, sports just doesn't belong. One of these ports is not like the other good, with their good news. I don't let it go. Figure is the Good NEWS in the coming weeks. Millions of american children aged five to eleven will likely become part of an
urgent vaccination programme. The laws which has not been seen since the polio days, good defyingly, our five year olds, can be ass. Vaccinated with this thing that we know almost nothing about you pay thought that you were vaccinated with Syria, bull, shot, miser, Dern running right. no our I get ready for the third, maybe fourth or fifth, but third virtue. While there we talk about forth of this. What's gonna I really believe it'll be yearly. It's gonna be like the flu. Vex Waller rather already tried them. They give you the bundle package. Yes, they are doing that their. I mentioned my show this morning that I was listening to a local Dallas permanent and there were two I forgot what location it was like an hour. Seven eleven are some place where you get ruler, reality: high quality, medical worker, so
they were bundling covered the flu shot you come in and get a boy of peace on earth doesn't matter now at the boosters they have recommended that it doesn't matter what eggs Actually covered that you got what shall you gotta have a dirt Pfizer Java doesn't get one for the budgetary, doesn't matter, mix of Maj doesn't matter. I don't think that's a good idea, you. What are you? The everyday conspiracy theory can be had like great isn't. It gives a good idea to mix your vaccination syrens. Sorry about that conspiracy programme.
not entertainment, the Goin back programme ever to save our planet from climate catastrophe in order to try to headed off pad Jeff you for gland on Glinda programme, more than sixty seconds programme to remember back in the good old days when fishing with p p h, I who is just about trying to catch fish in and then lying about their size later, don't missiles times good times now something cybercriminals do and here's what you gotta watch out for odd messages view
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dot com and use the promo code back for twenty five percent off, so the destruction of the earth is coming. We all know that in our Vice President Gamala Harris who went out to Nevada to tell the build back better, agenda, tackling the climate crisis who, by the way, just as a psycho cabal heiress, is terrible, I don't know why they have her speaking for anything, but they saw her going out to fight the climate crisis as she it's out of her ass, you ve and gets on her plain. I love that gets on her of private airline air to yeah. You know cause, I don't know how much
I bet she ruins just by having that sit on the tarmac running oughta be there. The earth is a minute closer to death every second that plane runs, but I aw a list from I was well first was a bright bar, but it's a list of all the climate, doomsday predictions then have, while many of them have not come true. What here Why do I many of them fact all of them have not come true, yet aren't eight zero for forging weren't or something like that sets yeah yeah I've actually, fifty they list fifty different things here, starting in. one sixty seven that has been predicted. There's really come true in nineteen sixty seven, we were a dire famine was fork
stood by nineteen. Seventy five how many years are we from nineteen seventy, five close or really a beer at seventy five and one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine? That's one thousand seventy ice age by two thousand wish that were to happen. I d be likely were set exists during the South America subject to water rationing by nineteen. Seventy four food rationing by nineteen, eighty pardon find water can't get a glass of water, American haven't we're pretty close to get out there to where she's added Nevada well waters down the bright nothingness, although well, they still have it, but it's almost gone and you know, if there's who has never gonna rain, again bring no water, so be dumb. Seventy one new ice age coming by twenty twenty or twenty thirty. So that
Ok, so ass little happen. What could I do? I want to see yes, and what year was protection? And I d seventy one: ok So I'm not sure what who didn't what master dogma saw that, while we are on the way we are in jail haps by now that was it. Seventy one now united, seventy two there, the new ice age by twenty seven these. So we were stretched out even farther ok, so they go in themselves from we'll wiggle room there as they are on the prediction. Another thirty. Forty years before they said space Satellite showed new ice age coming fast cowboy. Say. How fast, in seventy six. There was scientific consensus that the planet cool famines are evident planet famines. Was an eighteen. Seventy six will announce its
famine brought on by car. Warming. So either way we're gonna have famine. If de the eighty nine rising sea levels will obliterate nations. If thing is done by the year two thousand, so already gone how pretty wiped out and obliterated or under sea or in their ladder we done in two thousand. We were too the children, won't know what snow is now? I love that do I look at you out there s no you're, not you're learning what snow was like really yah ok don't see it had a boar and through them Two we don't if we don't give up eating fish, meat or dairy. We can have famine in ten years. Two thousand and seven twelve we'll have vanity. Is there
now, apparently, people gave up eating, Spain verily yeah, so two thousand and eight the Arctic. We'll be ice free by two thousand and eighteen are some to look back up that it's not did didn't have happened in two thousand eight again the same year, Gore, actually predicted this in the same year that the hour, it would be ice free and two thousand thirteen yeah, so he even he cut that. I think I he said two thousand eight. In no way our diet say two thousand there did. I vote as at thirty, not two thousand eighteen,
think I have that actual production and some of them are more similar phenomena detrimental. Whilst there are four seventy five, seventy seven values that lad the the entire tire north Polar ICE, math poor I during voting during some of them, will be completely ice. Free within five to seven years have survived nobody Devil Amory. Why don't we encounter seven it? What does a lot? There's a lot, the others a lot. That's two thousand nine, the following year, climate. Well, Jesus really Prince Charles I said that I get off
scientifically automation, absolutely from Charles. He, then, in two thousand nine claimed we had ninety six months to save the world. That's right as mothers right. I've got a mathematician now, but seems like nineties hasn't imbalance and more than I do that it has to say. Ok, surprisingly, that that's the one thing they did, they got wrong. At least Prince Charles got it wrong. So a year later, a year after AL made this do he made that prediction here later in two thousand and nine, he decided that you know what it's not going to be. Two thousand and thirteen with the Arctic is going to be it's going to be Mmxiv, oh well, ourselves. God gave himself an extra year. The oil pollution didn't come true. And then they claim that I was two thousand and fifty it's a really was just. They should have just stayed with the twenty eighteen and have been all been fine.
I've ever had through that. We go back a few years where nineteen sixty eight overpopulation will spread worldwide. That's right that has happened. It has had in over populated area. Way too many people on this planet. Nuclear waste, seven billion of us. Do you know that all seven billion people could it on the island of Maui? You know that not even the biggest hawaiian highland, all seven billion, might be a little bit crowded. And I dont know that you could have a lot of land. You know like a minor eleven acre appease what I have to wear a Basque. Yes, you might The worm has there may not be social distancing involved, but you could fit on the island amount, so use you put that seven billion needed taxes and we gotta live comfortably in this one state. That's how much would it would it be comfortably
the eyes and we're gonna, be there were seven. Does everybody really people you'd? Have a lovely well fill up. Some of the free base? Now, there's no doubt about that, but think we can all have homes new businesses, DR places traffic, might be she sublime bottleneck magazines, be maybe so maybe that's not a good idea, but it could have what I could have could happen now. There are plenty of times when the oil was gonna, be God: oh That's nineteen twenty and you know my theory on them. I do which I believe is correct. Two hundred percent oil it is not is not a fossil fuel. It's not for fossils. I it's a renewable google. Yes, there occurred while the absolute one hundred percent. That's why we keep finding more of it every I'm an area gets low, everything's gonna be were that's it when we are at
peak oil? you know I mean. Have you go down this list? Dear oil gone in ten years, and nineteen sixty six oil depleted in twenty years. That was a nineteen. Seventy two department of Energy says oil peaks in the nineties. That was seventy seven nineteen, eighty peak oil, two thousand ninety- its peak oil, twenty twenty two thousand who peak oil, twenty TAN, is just amazing mobiles given up on that claim. Now your heart, ever hear peak oil anymore, because it's been debunked somebody every time, every time a new, a neutral helping us, we ve just following anyplace: oh geez, we just found a reserve larger than in the entire country of Saudi Arabia. Ha. He died every time so You know if it is possible that you are correct. I think- and I personally believe that you are there, but I believe it is a renewable go. Then the planet that something that the plan
it creates. The planet is near of itself is if the planet didn't do. Who at the planet does and we be enrolled iranian real trouble, yeah hazards of this of the funny thing away that actually works yap. You do Have to remind you that be two hundred degrees hotter go. I have to remind you, I think you do yeah, because I we have the same level Our eye carbon emissions also tramp heat today. report shows oceans have absorbed. Ninety per cent of that heat raising ocean temperatures by half a degree while had all that he'd gone into the atmosphere aired on an errand. Temperatures could have risen by more than two hundred degrees. Will that be doubly uncomfortable. That would write that would be uncomfortable right, an insult Fortunately, the walk. The earth works, the way it works drive they earned. It does take care of it. A magic ha evasive,
If we have many of these things that have happened in Kosovo, water rising all that I'm in humans adapt. That's what we do. Yes everywhere all of these predictions and I and other predictions that we here are based on a well. If nothing happens, you know. If we do absolutely nothing, but why would we do absolutely nothing? Of course we would warn you absolutely nothing, we're gonna progress in technology and who knows we might find cold fusion by then and solve the whole problem right so I mean who knows we may move years of people to the great Zeta taxes we might may do that in just grow food on the rest of the planet to flee this intact. Is about down your boyfriend? Genius genius run that
the flight border you and see what happens on Roma children go over good. Now they have said ninety seven these. They said that we would have killer bees other planet. We do have that we do have that Do you believe that that's not a problem as a real Problems are that's one thing they re wow, I don't even know if they absolutely right and nineteen seventy. They said the urban citizens will require gas masks by nineteen. Eighty five, what we do have masks on now. Air but they're, not another gas masks but we are worried, mask it's getting a little old too by the way it sure is getting away old now available. I realize that supposed to Moscow. been proactive, Rodya! Let your warning protectively unprotected! No, we have the protected have be protected by us wearing the mask to protect them, cause their attack
I thought there were already protected with their no no, not now if you're not wearing a mask but wait. They got the vaccine yeah They're still, you know, endangered by you, so we need you to wear a mask and get the vaccine ha Why don't I just stop? Breathing then. Would that would not fix it for you up in our hands what they really want Sidney. I essentially dealings Car repairs can feel like a lose lose situation. Repairs had become so expensive, but ever since I called car shield, their administrators handle the expensive payments and the paperwork Saddam to anymore. It's a win win. I gotta pick my feet. Or mechanic to do the work in car shields administrators. Take care of the rest plans from car shield even provides roadside assistance, Rennell coverage and trip reimbursement all at no additional charge coverage to day and see my car shield cars go further visit. Car she'll, dotcom, slash back safe, ten percent deductible may apply
patent Have you forgotten on the Glen Back Programme, we're talking about some of the ominous predictions of the coup change. People. alarm is the alarm us the warmest like the alarm at the United Nations who, at nineteen eighty nine warn that entire nations would be wiped off the face of the earth by the year, two thousand from global warming while well. Al Gore could have explained that two kilometers or so down in most places there, these incredibly hard rocks cousin interior of the earth, is exists, moderator on alien degrees, several million degree. You know when you got the interior of the earth. hotter than the surface of the sun. Yes, sir, you gotta have brought over a million degree and of course it's not it's
several thousand degrees even the lava in and what not at the core of the earth does get warm really are, but not a million the Stu underneath the surface, just underneath the surface of the earth, burn to a crisp burn, jokers, I just did. It seems strange that we just keep getting these ominous predictions and we're supposed to act like ok, that's the one that's the one in the wrong free time and they keep making the same kinds of catastrophic predictions that they made for forty years now and the wrong again and the wrong every time and we're still supposed to believe it or science delivery. Underwater, we're gonna be wholesome super her career, we're not going to have any fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are killing the earth sure,
I gotta have any actual power at our windmills. Don't really produce all the power we claim they do our solar panels, guess what we ve got to tell you. They don't work at night. Well filled a vigorous figures. Are that come out? Oh no one. They didn't James. Nonsense said the West Coast Highway in New York would be underwater by you know a long time ago. I think twenty or thirty years ago many people drove on the West Side highway this very how many driving right. Now I don't know it just prediction: after prediction was ludicrous yeah I mean the oceans being dead in a decade back in the sixties and seventies and time these predictions get started out. They miss the deadline. Nobody calls about. You know right. You said ten years ago, we were gonna be dead. They ve never been accountable for any of it. Nobody autumn accountable, and They continue to get away with it all right now. You know that
they're doing this big climate The ring in Glasgow, Scotland. And so I do like fun place to be arose. Yet actually does I'd like to be part of this, but so all the big climate change leaders of the world have gathered in Scotland together now you know flying their private jets, their written in there. staying at Glenn Eagles Hotel, which is a big slinky, beautiful hotel. Ukip unexpected and put a tenth, and no you don't. No, of course, not not for these elites and they buy twenty teslas, two very them back and forth the tune teslas cost about a hundred and forty thousand dollars each so their varying them. These fifty miles back and forth from Glennie goes hotel too Glasgow and when they get back home or at least where their staying at the hotel theirs. one Tesla urging station one
so what they do they contracted to supply diesel, generate hers to recharge the teslas overnight. Way, why other climate change Gulf balls are used. All this fossil fuel, these soul to power their teslas of beautiful I can't make that beautiful. You can't make it up. It's so ridiculous and yet again yours? stages swallow everything they tried to feed me right. If you don't believe that the earth is about to end because of climate change, you're a moron neuroscience denier? Ah, yes, stuck have the ever gotten anything. Right. I don't think so, though I don't think so, just. Don't worry doom and gloom onward of added I'll, give us more money and we need more control. Absolutely even if we get it wrong, We argued a right that we were just a little
yeah. We were just not as right. You know as we are, we really will see things changing. Yes, so, oh you know what we acted. It was because we gave you the warning and listen to some of what we had to say, so that was avoided, but there so much more work we have to do. This is one programme. Josie season right around the corner, fluffy blankets, the glow of a perfect fire and new window treatments from blinds dot com that make you happy to stay in mind. I live in exile in Texas, where it's over a hundred degrees, I'm really happy to be indoors anyway. It's easy, affordable to upgrade your entire house with the latest styles premium materials and even motorists, haitian blind com has no hidden fees, no misleading quotes,
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HANS, bad Jovi for Glenn on the Glinda programme. By the way you listen to my Chopin Gray unleashed every morning right before this one right, This show from sixty, eight central, seventy, nine, eastern or anytime? You want via podcast, where were you get your pot? Guess love to? Have you listen review five stars in subscribe. If you would, That would be awesome and then another people get access to it. everybody deserves to have background why do they not everybody Europe's it, here and of I've heard about it everywhere. Yes, sir, I I mean, if you hear about it, if you don't have access to it five free while elsewhere and it's gonna get into an Mcdonald's parking lot. If you have to,
because that's a great place to get your wifi you know anybody other than you who's, whose a Mcdonald's for free wifi sat in the parking lot. and then got no wifi. I've got no I have not so the parking lot of it, also at that age I know, but I have I have well. They couldn't get inside right, the the I was closed during the pandemic. Oh yeah, those just drive through if they were open at all, so they had to be of the park. But I have gone to Mcdonald's. You know, and you know, got inside her coffee and Wifi Catalina here now, We I feel obligated to purchase of things, but they didn't you got me off. I don't know that they would come over and force me probably know the Mcdonald's pulleys would come over as a hey, hey, Are you in here disease using free, wifi yeah? They probably yeah the prizes, let me sit, there will be a lot easier,
now deal at Starbucks kind of while they are actually all about in in back in ancient times. Do thousands, and early too, two thousand ten thousand eleven, maybe that was all up whenever a brand new could command and free wifi. It was all a big deal, and today I today I mean- is it's kind of expected maybe I'll go to some place and you don't have I file so many people have the other thing. Universal Service DSL service, but it's called what does EL in knots. Just got a mine blank it. It's a No. The forty lp is healthy eating forty or five G
which, by the way five g was supposed to revolutionize, the world has moved and wow what a difference reefs. Eighty five g thing everywhere right: yes, oh man, now cars can drive by themselves. Tat was the biggest building block, they said because the response time still leg, just a tiny bit with the forgery cycles of barely stand. Now that the wag Taiwan five die. Now I can do now. Five g was supposed to revolutionize the self dry up Mcclaren. What? Because the response time would be. So what now we're up? Don't like seven or eight June is gonna. Do that right? Is it I don't know?
because I'm five jeez made no difference, has made any difference to anybody. I'd like to hear from somebody who says all man, it's five one, oh dear, it's a thousand times faster than orgy. I, in fact, when I click on a website, I get it yesterday. That's how fast it is now is so I will not happen to me at five. Do not god my website, you after they know it's not haven't felt a little disappointing actually about. If anybody seen a major difference, maybe you don't get it yesterday, but it's a big big difference cuz. I could remember I remember when the rock about it. I remember when they made such a big deal about going into how you're able to get I'm able to get 5g on my on my phone and really didn't notice a difference, I grant that's good.
I don't know I don't think so. I don't know I'm. U should notice the differences much much faster odds, revolutionized the way I use my phone because I really didn't have the lag time I've just so used to it. I guess yet Elect I love when I click on it somewhat guy right to it, and I have to wait for that click for it to come up. You know, if you would. Three seconds like an eternity? so much from when they viewed and you get it dial up. Has that, but even maybe how did we get the load? You'd load a picture of somebody in their forehead would be there and then you come back for ten minutes later and there's no loading is visibility and then maybe get stand of the lips fifteen minutes later and now It's so fast that if you have to wait three. Second, your liver. What is wrong with my services and rapid,
What is the matter with this change? Companies replied. Madame thirty thousand feet above the six hundred miles an hour now right now, at that that is a problem least, they do have a problem on aeroplanes. I maintain that that still is an issue get that fixed I want it instantly in the plane to I view the works. Are tv deathlike Veronica works just like it's supposed to, but it doesn't in real life. It really doesn't an EPA. what're, you pay fifteen bucks for it, for fifteen minutes or an hour. for the whole flight, its thirty eight dollars. I draw some ridiculous rise and then about it and work. Yes that that makes me angry. That makes me angry eight hundred and eighty eight nine hundred three thousand three hundred and ninety three also pat unleashed on on Twitter mayor De Palacio
has a message to is the on vaccination people of New York, it gives us good. Is it entirely you? People are I'd, why Haven't you been vaccine yet giving you so many chances, faxed yourself. Killers areas.
It's a mandate! Now for falsity agencies, falsity workers, it's time, it's you get vaccinated pie for ease, ok, lead us out of the air. What what we did with our schools worked. Our schools are incredibly safe friend families needed to know their kids it he said. Well, we all need to know we're. Gonna be safe, go in, for we got it in the covert era. Data vaccinate our test option, but it hasn't gotten us where we need to go so we say vaccinate if you choose not to you. Have the right to go on unpaid leave work when your union to figure out what happens negative, but without the bottom line is millions of people. Unless the racks, hey, don't lose their jobs are correct and come back. I think that's compassion. I think that's right. I think that's fashion, as the bottom line is that goes declaration in lorries. Did it nine on six percent of our healthcare workers? Did it is time for an end to still not good enough by the way
good enough, if you're at ninety six percent he'll get over it and move on and leave the people alone. Are you kidding me? Those four percent are a danger now She told us in the beginning heard immunity was gonna, be what sixty I've or seventy religious early. Fine, we be great, then that energy raised it to eighty will be used target ninety six percent. If that's making things unsafe those four percent, please get out of here where I live but the thing allow we we started out with one or two please get vaccinate. We did did start and then we Galea Choice, hey to get vaccinated ruling or right now. What's gonna happen. My personal repercussion, we're gonna make is a whole series of not being able to get paid. When I go to fire you, but you might not be able to come into the office right, maybe a work from home and then it was
tat. Allow you to even work from home now. What will naturally be vaccinate Oreo does not only paid we're, not gonna fiery right, but I, when I got a pale words, we just won't pay you and you can't come in here, but not fired with three hours I'll really Atlanta? I don't really want talk. The other phoned. Maybe you could leave text me with your five Gee thought he added you can pay for courage and I get paid right. The do you know just tell me when you get vaccine get em and then maybe we'll talk here. Let me you fully backed and then after the first, what no, I don't wanna hear from you have only maxed and its two weeks later than I'll I'll go ahead. You take your call I mean it's asinine, it really is, but you don't Fully vaccine for now
now that our positions are going to insist that you get the boost. Your share, their say, and I think the booster shouts are a few- are sixty five it over I haven't together goin on here and you're. In the events, the had the double lax or the Johnson Johnson Signal Wax, and you ve had that. I think for three months, I think it's nothing it's after up too, if you ve had that three months should get the booster. Originally it was both to be six months and then they dropped. back down and I think now it's even maybe even a less about time now the two months so it'll be yak it'll, be among the efficacy levels. Our way lower than we were told, that's for sure. and their lower for the for the their patients. They area farther yeah ho, and I think Y know initially both in madrid-
and Pfizer reclaiming ninety four. Ninety five percent. Ok, get the shot. Ninety four, ninety five percent of the time you gotta be covered. You won't get the virus etc. like sixty seven percent or worse now. Well after the first couple minutes rises right, yeah, yeah, it still be awaited and dark. There are present. For a day yeah, but you're still gonna get you can still give back the virus well now, but does. Is had severe illness. You probably won't be hospitalized. Well, yes, you p hospitalized, but you die. Ok Maybe he'll die could be, but even if you do die, it would have been so much worse. It a view. been vaccinated. I looked, it could be worse than death. I looks for the numbers of the breakthrough cases to break the cases being in a few fully vaxxed and get covid
and then a breakthrough cases that have now ultimately added in death. I didn't find any so I don't That's ever happened. Oh you didn't find Any cases where the war's over elicited F didn't find anything I'll. Give you one. Colin Powell really He had way do very underlying it. Lay that girl, that's right. Yes, no way was governor because we don't even track of now right, those as there are they started technically track. We're tracking the breakthrough deaths, so those are done. There are over. That doesn't happen anymore if they're, not tracking it. You know it didn't happen. Rain amazing I may ass well all here next, because that's really the progression girl, shot, you're, gonna, be fine. Ninety five percent of it now K sixty seven percent of its, not really that ethical sat really that. That kind of protection, but you'll be less sick,
I'll get you get justice sick while our I'd be hospitalized and you could die. I mean it's what why did I get gas and isn't gonna? What you're wondering now this wondering why a why I got it. I am fully backed with, but with Madonna. So I don't know if it's time for me to get the booster You know: do I get the there also seeing Can get any of their mix and match daddy? Three now does seems kind of scary to me. So if you ve been vaccinated with Madonna twice now you ve adviser or Georgia Johnson, as a booster or or were at work or wherever you got that is fully backed with it, doesn't matter what you get the Buddha somewhere, weird stuff, but good luck to us all trouble ahead. Seventy seven be easy. Oh look tell you about real estate agents. I trust because navigating the housing market these days isn't. what it used to be,
and it was never exactly what you'd call easy That's why it is so important to have the best real estate agent. You can get your hands on. I'm not sure if you want to get your hands on in this day. Maybe if you want to talk to him, you know, things right in the car with a maybe from time to time. But dont butchery I think you're selling your own you'll need somebody who can essentially build a team of experts to make sure the houses where needs to be so didn't get the most money out of your home and of Europe if you're buying a home you'll need someone, who's gonna put the kind of work it takes to find your exact right house, and who you're gonna go into the lions den with when it comes time for the negotiating phase Glenn start a real estate agents. I trust a number of years ago to make sure that you have access to exactly the sort of agent in your area who can perform at this level regions now the best practices they got, the best track records
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while my thought would be my one by one now when talking about just the irregular any cooking the out. Somebody actually asked me at the hour event at the mercury want our cookies to catch it cookies were put into the bags in other. Yes, they were the vip bags at the right a major I got. have one a beggar to that would surprise me. If you did cause you, don't usually so concerned about your girlish. While there are the couple and left out of area does and thereby themselves were well to do. Just leave us no causing could be a hazard to write, need to take those babies, but somebody s it so, came up to me and said you know what I like crunchy cookies. Can you make some crunchy cookies No, we don't know, recommend Lake Kubler
that's lack of courage. She tried to keep these. These are that. So no sir, I hear your cookies grows because I, like my cookies gross series, good taxi dot com, you grow, not smart growth right nine hundred thirty three. Ninety three notes, Late, seventy seven be easy K use that never tomorrow can probably not going to be able to take your call of how I am the glens. Gonna be back to my right. It does have a personal data they had. Apparently yeah got think it was offended by something, and he said- oh my gosh, I just I gotta have a day as although he took it yeah does the world we live with. You need a personal day. You just take it. That's right. Nobody says anything. It just happened. Worse
what he did for he first get off it's ok, we dont man up any more. We we are just if you're offended by something than you need the day off take the day he took the day. This is, I think, it's just one day being personally offended by something I don't even know what it was, but hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. See has declined programme.
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