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Stand Up Against IRS Spying | Guests: Matt Walsh & Tulsi Gabbard | 9/29/21

2021-09-29 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss President Biden's $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. Sen. Marsha Blackburn joins to discuss the testimonies three generals gave before the Senate Armed Forces Committee regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh joins to discuss his speaking out against a school board's new policies and the hoops he had to jump through just to speak. Paul Merski, who is part of the Independent Community Bankers of America, joins to discuss President Biden’s new IRS banking proposal that could have disastrous effects on small banks. Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard joins to discuss the disaster at the border and the destructive path being taken by the Biden administration.

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How can you trust anyone when they lie to you about really important things like really important thing? Why why people got killed? How can we trust anyone in our government? The White House yesterday confirmed what we all knew biting turned down. The generals advice to keep twenty five hundred troops in Afghanistan. They came out and they admitted that yeah. That's what president didn't. It is right to decide. Yes, it is his right to decide what. Why then did he come out just a few weeks ago and say I never got that advice. What happened yesterday and if we can trust him in Afghanistan. Why
can we trust? What's in this three point? Five trillion dollar bill? Wait till I show you the little things that are hidden inside of it. Also we go to Capitol Hill. Marcia Blackburn is with us. She questioned the generals yesterday quite vigorously. We're gonna, get her comments, In thirty minutes, we begin the show in sixty seconds programme. Let me tell you about a guy named ACE, Where is, eighty years old during its lifetime. He has broken his back not once, but twice middle school and once in high school in a car accident, over the years he's had a lot of medical care, including surgery strata fixes back as well as possible. And it is left him in pain for a lot of years. Thankfully, he's married. Somebody like I married who kept bugging him to try relief factor
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Blazed either midnight yeah. Maybe I talk about the border and we have people who are the border as for a living tell the real stories behind the border tonight: the Biden is really a hero. Commonly Harris has been there in non. That's that's not it criminals. Let me tell you: what's in our infrastructure bill, The three point: five trillion dollar bill chest: it was just yesterday that see politically let Nancy policy quietly tucked in enforcement mechanism into the three point: five trillion dollar reconciliation bill. Asked it out of the budget Committee and send it to the house floor It's something you should know about on page one, sixty eight- and I know I mean why read it it's two thousand. In four hundred and sixty five pages, so you know that's about double the length of time. Laser rob
the longest book. I've ever read in my life, and it just went on and on that's about double so anyway, on page one hundred and sixty eight is ten fold increase in fines for employers that wilfully repeatedly or even seriously violate a section of the labour law that deals with hazards, deaths or physical harm to their employees. Osha set the accidents that set the precedent this summer and published an emergency covert nineteen rule in the Federal Register taking jurisdiction over and providing jobs. The vacation for covert nineteen being a workplace hazard for him, care employment and binding announced is hundred ploy plus kind of thing where you will have you'll, have breathing down your neck well in the budget there is now oh fines for non compliance up to
seven hundred thousand dollars for each wilful or repeated violation that will kill, All companies that are non compliant, kill them At eighty million of us working companies that are going to be going to be fined in that way if they don't How the knee to the king. By the way, President Biden embrace the stance earlier this month when he challenged Republicans or threatening losses over what they decries is federal overreach, he said have at it playing for real here. This isn't a game there playing hardball. Martha Republicans You can argue that I guess, but I do know. This is something that I've been trying to get a debate on right now. This is not want to be the big features of this bill, their dynamic it in their rights under the cap,
or of darkness. Let me give you another feature, you're in love, gay, that this is the bill. Better bill they what bill back better, but the bill that better what bill the Bilbil better, but Bilbil, better bill the bill? That's building, building back better, that's the build better bill got it got it? Ok, so it's pouring tens of billions of dollars hasn't how many billions tens of billions tens of Isn't it a little back better bill Yes, the aliens in the big by bit about yes, yes in President Obama amount into community organisations, there It's because congressional Democrats have failed to ran through to voting bills HR one in each hour, for those were the ones it we're. Gonna change the elections right. That's not the bill back better, build that the different bill. Now this is the bill that bankrolls the things in the bill back better Bill, bankrolled Ilion Backbiter build a billions vs and got it it. Bankrolls nonprofit community organisations
That sounds totally like a couldn't, possibly have right problems right. Business, small business administration is distributing huge sums to non profits that will serve as incubators. Spurting funds to start up businesses in under served areas. Businesses are helped in the build back better about bill with billions Curiously, the SBA already has regional offices across the USA to help start ups and could distribute them itself, but instead its empowering nonprofits by making them the middle Man Ninety percent of the start, ups for ninety percent of all startups fail gay. Riskier place to put your money and then into a brand new business. Yet very the Oh for the billions in the bill back better bill, established knows standards for which businesses get the billions of the bill back better bill, except they have to be
majority owned by members of under representative communities. Ah including residents of high poverty areas, areas, ok the formerly incarcerated the one thing they cannot go. What's that you said start ups, ninety percent failure? What's the start up of the formerly incarcerated rate? Is it? Is it higher than ninety percent? Would you say I mean I don't have the numbers on that, but I'm guessing maybe well just say this. If your formerly incarcerated- and you started a business before- and it's been on four, let's say five years. You know you have. Good chance, how you're, the one that is eg. You can't turn your life, or rather, I would say just percentage wise show. Business is sure that are trying to build back better with these billions. Might there might be better targets? Well, here's the one thing they can't have. If you are your formerly incarcerated? lives in a high poverty area,
and you're, a member of an under representative community and you're. Looking for funding for your start up, you can't have a track record That would be if you been in business for five years, you're not eligible for this ok, so you can be have to be a start up with incarcerated people, but so have no experience. No experience was it, you do you, you pointed out earlier Glenn these sorts of businesses are the most risky place to put your money where that matters, when it's your money, evidence your money, who cares how ready it is it's our money, so they don't care at all, build Better is funding and even wider array of organizations, its allocating a whopping five point: seven billion for community led projects to stabilize neighborhoods there's. Also.
Five billion dollars for Climate Justice block grants lie grants from billions and available better build youth has to pay for community organisations for among The things first attaining engagement of disadvantaged communities in state and federal processes, Now wait, a minute wait, wait a minute. Celebrating engagement of disadvantage immunities in state federal processes heads not at all not at all rising votes, sounds what it that's what it sounds exactly what it is today Actually what it is. This is the law. Left wing community, organizing that Bert Obama did Barack Obama build back better built with billions? Yes, yes Why are all the words bees? I don't know but you're right. This is this is essentially all of us: funding the.
Virgil, Dream of Barack Obama. Pre set it this year. I like this is his gig background bright, and this is what they they dont need the federal election HR, one or age our for its throat just throw it in here and there already funding it. That's what's happening and if If anyone, if any Republican, votes for this? They must be cut it out of office may or may not be voted out of office, their negative over this reconciliation bill. I dont think, but that doesn't matter need any Republicans like all they do is get Joe Mansion and curse and Cinema on board and really think of all the stuff that were discussing here. There's, probably another thousand examples in this bill- oh yeah, I opened the books is going through an end that they're the ones. I think that found this ten times increase they're gonna find tons of stuff like this. So telling me I'm supposed to believe that the Democrats
not gonna, come through a get. This things were voted voted on, we're I'm postal believe this pseudo theatre where the all come out and say I'd three times: you're dollars is all all well I'll, tell you Joe Mansion of Euro, pass the three trillion dollars. I won't paths, you're you're infrastructure built up all while there's a lot of disagreement here. I wonder of Nancy Policy, can pull it off. Of course, they're gonna, pull it off you're telling me they're gonna, let all this stuff die they can make. They can they can tell you that there there's drama and theirs and there's enriched pushing and pulling, of course, through negotiation. Everyone wants to get their crap in at the end right. Joe Mansion wants to have something that he kills and this bills we can go back to West Virginia and for them for the five hundredth time than is actually moderate, but bottom line is Joe mentions, not gonna see view to you
Joe Mansion and Kyrgyzstan. Cinema are going to save you there. Gonna save you they're, going to come up with some justification to get this done. There's too much of this wrap in there to let it die. It's way, two important, I dont, believe it at all. Phonebook stolen. Just looking for a rope store sit in a place where I can find a rickety stool flee next door to fetch The really these tools is that isn't bringing stools door funded in the build back that might be well if they don't have any success track where they don't let her another terrible, botanist hanging be got out and I started a rickety stools door. Ok, let's take a quick break. Let me tell you about my patriots. Applying the world went crazy yesterday. What if World went crazy tomorrow. Would you
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raise their prices to compensate for higher taxes. I know that's crazy. Her actual coat was in. We think it's absurd. That is our view that absurd, if every business has done always always always Addison just businesses, its schools, if everyone everything every everyone, your your cost of being in business, go up You raise your prices. Cuddies people are just more rockets Alex something there doing to hurt people you're screwing them there trying to keep their business doors open. That's why they stay. You say they need the build back better bill, but in reality, if we just get out of their way, they would neither billions from the big, build back better bill hats a bust, tonight on the place where a spotlight on yet another massive humanitarian crisis, abiden zone creation. They created the disaster in Afghanistan. They create the economic instability,
but they have also just welcomed the humanitarian situation in the southern border tonight on blaze, tv, nine, p M by border crisis by its border crisis. Yes, you're doing that over the build back better bill, all the billions of threat to America tonight at nine p M, so yea, oh immediately after a brand new still just a merit, various thank you so much yesterday, late in the show we. We we told there's theirs. In the scientific American There is some real concern that the turn Jed. I is problematic for this. I've been programmes that promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. They don't like it. This was written and I in stew back me up on you.
Thought. This was cheese, glens region, something from you know the Babylon be every once in a while. This has happened over the years have been with due in the show the four twenty some odd years. At this point, and in every once in a while one of these, like parity stories, get sent, you by somebody. You seem so real, because the world is so crazy. I am thinking you read to me usually off the area like what you think about this and now like weight and that can't be sure and I'll check. Sometimes it's true Sometimes it's not and you gotta this one. I was like. Oh my gosh, this happening on the air he's. Reading a story that clearly parity on the air not a parity, not apparently mount a parity, because this from scientific American, you know remember the magazine that used to write about, I don't know, sighing if stuff, The writing now about Jed eyes and How- you can't if you're a justice warrior, you can't use the word Jed eye to describe you
because it's really it's were its. It has problems. First of all, jeopardize our intergalactic police monks, I'm not kidding. And they have violent duels with follicle sabres, I'm not making it up family. Life like them. I say that I say it violent tools with phallic light, sabres, Well, as gas lighting by means of jet, I mind tricks, K, they're, all so able lists, and eugenics, their Jude, eugenic fans, so anyway. Now, yes, We got here too. The star wars has a problematic cultural legacy from scientific American. The safe. Space, opera franchise has been critique for trafficking in injustice. Is such a sexism, racism and able ism think, for example, of so called slave lay a costume infamous first,
being down in chaining up the movie series? First leading women as part of an Orientalists sub plot balance. So fascinated me they're saying that is an oriental dwelt, a trick gender chain women up under the really ask people now Bunker STAR wars, arguably conflates alienates with non whiteness, often aiming to rely on racist stereotypes when depicting non human species the series regularly defaults onto able list tropes. Now, what enabling trope try to think of what an able is trope would be in. Star wars I was thinking about. Is that, like you might be a cow, their kind,
ITALY. Cutting people's arms and legs of Alec symbols with phallic symbols, so you'd think they'd be pretty. I mean a lot of the heroes and story. Don't have other limbs empowering pal. I would think well listen to this. The ablest probes memorably in its portrayal of Darth Vader, which links the villains, physical disability, with mechanic. In humanity and moral deviance, presenting his technologically assisted breathing as a sinister auditory marker of danger and Joan. I hate that that that's paperless, that they're saying that that you are making somebody who is on a breathing machine, see home on the billion. Not the scientific American. What's or the bodies and voices centered in star wars have, with few exceptions, historically been those of white men,
set for the most important, and famous voice in it of Darth Vader? Who is black man waited lead or color ASEAN, my gosh a black man, not to know that we have any machine guns. You have one got into how the jet I simulated Jackson is nothing but a tool for the corporate capitalist at Disney Persons Programme can take Marcia. Blackburn is coming up next, even here, talk about. What's going on in Australia, used to be one of the free or countries in the world. Now brutal lockdown eighteen months. How did that happen before creep of authoritarianism isn't so slow anymore and its taking us over, because Americans have lost touch with our founding principles and our own rights, dont lose hope,
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I mean the way they were saying: they're like hey. Did you want to keep? five hundred troops and they would say. Well, I can't tell you what I told the president, but I'll tell you what I thought the entire time. Yes, we should have kept them as well, Why would we assume you returned the president, what you didn't believe right back these three, I could believe it as possible. I dunno Mackenzie, it was, I began see was the one that was like. I thought, really straightforward. Yes, yes was disease. That leaves the least in trouble the attack had earlier. So they were throwing him out of the bus and Antonov he saw this, but yesterday rock Obama came out against Joe Biden and his policies as well Joe. By no Means Barack Obama came out against the border and set its unsustainable, and this grazing and has to stop it's a danger. It does. He think we need to the border back better. He I think he does. I think he does I even of broccoli, nice pretty much running the White House. At this point. It is policies that are being pushed through by his people
worryin under him and now running. The show for Joe Biden and look by Obama was a bad precedent, was a legitimately bad president. People may remember we did a couple a shows on that back in the day, but the Ets At least it fell like he was a competent progressive yeah like this a totally it's like the combination. Bernie Sanders and Jimmy Carter. We're like oil supply, lousy, clown and a four year old, but just once pudding, Yes, it's it's like it, it seems incomprehensible that he could be doing this poorly at this many things. At the same time, it's not I have one tat one time screw up everything this guy touches. It turns to guard. I should also say something else: yeah yeah glad I did tat. I am to it
hard to do, though. That's what I'm right to communicate If you want to screw things up it's hard to be this consistent in every single category across the lives and a sane individual to say this is. I design! Maybe it's not a screw up. Maybe it's not screwed up because again, if you're just doing things up occasionally things will fall to the other side like whoop that was a screw up. Her bow and worked Ok, there's nothing! There is nothing that works out too. The advantage of Amerika the nothing ever them the Mackenzie testimony yesterday, He said not only did I request that thousands troops, or did I you thousands of troops should remain in Afghanistan, but he just willingly volunteered the idea that and also it was my belief that if we didn't keep them
troops there the Taliban, the government would crumble. The Taliban would take over the country immediately. So we know now basically within we actually, they did confirm this later- that the White House did can firmly edited did give them that information right. So we now know that the bite and administration was told by his top military advisers that if he did not if these troops there, the government would come while the Taliban would take over exactly what happened. We knew that we now know that he was told that not by evil republicans who just want to stay at war forever, but by the people here those two advise him we're Marcia Black on with us now, yesterday, is she she went after the generals in trying to figure things out, Mosher take away Marcia. Oh, I one of the things that was very apparent was
these guys are willing to basically turn around and pin this on Joe Biden you had General Miller, who was before us in a classified breathing a couple of weeks ago, I give us the information about it. With levels and recommendation, and it was apparent that General Mackenzie did received that improvement. Children General Miller, they each had recommended a minimum level of twenty five hundred troops, it would allow the safe keeping a bargain airfield the person, that is where the embassy and support at H, Kyar Airport, to keep terrorist away. So you had General malay ion german Secretary Austin saying that page was communicated to the private an huge king now plan now is really important because you ve got people liked so,
nice and Jake Sullivan Enron Klein? Who were really the puppet masters behind a thing and pulling off the stirring. So it's important How did they were made aware that you could not secure I understand that you were born. You have the issues with Taliban. Take over a few pulled that trip level. Damn you could not get Americans out of their income doc. Orderly evacuation without having that minimum true level of twenty five hundred research, what it leaves you say is again is about vagueness and his You do. This on purpose was intentional is the outcome, that they wanted and if it was in an old habits, chaotic, confusing, withdraw what was the purpose. Was it so
because you know why you wanted to take a victory dance on September. Eleven the answer, I look at me, I'm the guy I did. This I ended this one guess the war? I got us of Afghanistan, but in all of this hey man poor like the war on terror is aware, Terror, we called, but that may cause the Taliban, and allegiance to an ideology not to our country. They had used Afghanistan as its day, part say, Marbre and now because of Joe Biden, bad action. What do you see this? That is why you to an ideology is now running: a country, a name are going to be the safe haven for all terrorist groups whether Hamas has outlined. Or I said
the Taliban sore any of the other proxy. So what what happens now I mean, Ok, so now the general said: oh, we told him play cut nine here, here's Biden in August no, no one told your military vices and not tell you know we should just keep twenty five hundred It's been a stable situation for the last several years. We can do that. We can continue to do that. Now? No one said that to me than I can recall, came so He obviously is lying or he can't recall it because he's incompetent, either way, what's gonna happen now now the mess been made. America has been discredited all over the world. People died. The generals come out and say we told them it would happen, but they were part of it. So what happens now
oh, it is astounding to us, it nobody's been fired. This is another thing that points to the fact that citizens tension all shot gun fight. You will see the pardon me as greater focus by some of us in the Senate. Armed Services Committee on our counter terrorism effort? You also move Some of us in the Senate move forward with pushing to solidify relationships with some of our countries that are in the region, our allies better in the region and then probable Next time we have a round that promotions coming. Not through the military which we in the Senate have to sign off. On there's going to be further conversation about the environment we are creating, they are. I have been astounded with how impressive
political general mark Milly S, but I have found out from people that served with their bed am charmed under his command. He has been known to be a very political general. In writing. I get the feeling I just sing. I wanna play something: you asked Milly cut six, please! You asked him this yesterday, I like to know exactly why you, you asked this question General Milly? Yes, to this did you talk to Bob Woodward or Robert Koster for their book peril? Woodward, yes, cost or no you talk to carefully on again, Philip Rock or for their book alone. Can I fix it? Did you talk to Michael Bender, for his book is frankly We did when the selection, the inside story of how tromp loss and were you accurately represented in these books. I've read read any the books, I don't know I reporting of it.
I haven't read? What have you read? The books and then let us know if you are accurately production and for trade, so you didn't ask to see if he had read the books you s for what reason. Why did you ask that question? I asked that because he sat there and told us time and again, the bed he could not. Give us a read out a conversation He hadn't had was president bikes and see if I see if they had given, even though they were still trying to throw him under the bus if so He would not do that with the Senate Armed Services Committee, how We find out that here for not in one book, but if they are to others coming out any unit. What's going on there, maybe even more books. We don't yet know about published mob. It did he do these on Pentagon time?
Did he do these open landline or on a Pentagon issued a cell phone, Are there transcript from these, perceptions vetting had with these authors, why did he take the time go read out. The Mandarin chief who was President Donald Trump and White House officials, that our support The President Donald Trump anything has plenty of time to time. To the authors in these books, because he, as a lawyer to him search and he wanted to do some refugees. Shouldn't. Varnishing enrage have so he took the time to put his ban on what happened so that here be seen in a positive light and president tromp in a less positive light. I think that is such a dispute.
Of course, and the action shall I want it while he was under oath to find Out if he took it time to do that, while, ah But while we have issues in Afghanistan and We are trying to push forward. I mean the same thing and asking about the phone calls way Oh I see why do they do that? On January I swung, as they are called a chair. Mainly the chinese communist party general, on January eighth, while were their calls that were taking place was it you say: hey. No, I'm the guy in charge. Does he have Alexander Haying type of approach to things Where you know I'm the guy uncontrolled here that without sight of him, chain of command. It is inappropriate He needs to realise we do not have a mill,
Terry, that controls the government and the people. We have civilian control about where military that is answerable to the people, Senator Marcia Blackburn from Tennessee she's on the Senate ARM Service Committee. She was there yesterday and question the three generals and actually at one when called them? The three that broke, the military, senator Thank you! So much for being on with this appreciated gutless, adequate care, sponsor this half hour is american financing. Why would you give to be able to go back in time and fix some of the financial mistakes that you made in the past I can tell your younger self hain't relation- do go, make life a lot tougher for you down the road. Be nice! Wouldn't it on Fourchan. Life doesn't work that way and we have to live with the mistakes we made. But here is a good thing you can makes. What decisions going forward and your future will be brighter this, especially true
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their nerves, is all over the country that are losing their job now, because they feel they have a right to say no, it's my body, my decision, these people that worthy the first responders ease of the people that we all cheered on these are the people that have worked through all of the nightmare of cove. It now they're gonna be fired because they ve survived cove id, and now they have to get a vaccine or how about in Virginia. You got quite a choice in front of you for Governor Fair Mcculloch, said yesterday. He does it believe that parents have a right to tell the schools what their children should and should not learn So what are you do? Well, the days of standing there quietly and doing Nothing should be over with you. So
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but all the things that are going on? We need to know how to fight and take you to please you don't plenteous would all Clint Eastwood movies. I love them because each usually very, very quiet he's he's unassuming, and you just know I don't know the whole story behind this guy buddy seems like he's going to kill me soon and only think that, if you're bad guy- and why is that
you know I read some place recently that the people who are going into Afghanistan to save all these people are acting like cowboys, while the wild West was while very wild, it was unorganized, but it was also full of possibilities and it attracted only the most ambitious. Those people who wanted to get away from all the rules and regulations that men started a poet imposing on other men or those who wanted to take advantage of no law. They were independent, sometimes that were foolhardy Americans. Everything and nothing all at once. In the west, the expansion West was a continuation of Americans desire for their own space to live to live as they pleased in accordance with their belief,
Wild west note for some really bad things, but also known for chaotic, good deeds cowboy like Butch capacity. The pioneering spirit of Davy Crockett, the true self made man left home with nothing and whose name is still remembered: Davy Crockett all across the country, cowboys are remembered simultaneously as lawful and unruly Anne and table desire for freedom in living as they thought they are yet. What's truly, amazing is real cowboys among those. Credibly independent people They had an unspoken code that emerged. It was a gentlemen's agreement,
entered into it, not by force no cowboy hours a year, tightness code or we're gonna kick out at a cowboy club. They do by their own consent. They did in the way they live their lives. Cowboys relied on unspoken rules and it was. I did just enough structure to the vast openness of the west when everything when every there was nothing and yet become anything that oh boy code created a workable society. And it actually is the same thing that our government relies on in, visuals consenting to live in accordance with a set of principles that they believe will? if it their lives and communities. But what are the
Principles anymore, boys agreed to no less, but no more. And the rules were in force by a shared culture, devalued a man if he didn't live up to the code hope to be a true cowboy than there were rules. Stories tell us that they had the rules really had to do with chivalry now touching someone's horse was a big one. Apparently but the major rule was You're? Yes, bs and you're, no be no. There weren't lot of attorneys and when the attorneys did come, the cowboys didn't like him very much, and it's not because They didn't like legal process and make sure that everybody is taking care of his they a code themselves, I dont need that piece of paper. I don't need to spend all of that money when
tell a man, I'm gonna, do it, I do it. When I tell a man, I mean it. That's my boss That's my contract. If I promise to protect You I will be I to kill you Are taken seriously if a cat Look you in the eye and told you that he was gonna. Do something you knew it was going to be done. Was that simple them most important rule in the cowboy territory was to keep your word, honesty made an infinite number of possibilities of the west. Tenable it balance. The chaos would just enough order. Today. That rule seems impossible to keep. Everybody's lying about something. We found our yesterday, the president is lying to us. He lied to us when he no,
The generals never said that. I should keep people their wait a minute. Then makes us question the generals. How could they? How could they have possibly done this? What how worthy even educated. How did they come up with this plan to get out of Afghanistan and advise the president that this was tenable. Well. Yesterday, all three of the generals testified. Now we told him no one in terms we told him he had to keep two hundred two thousand five hundred troops there the ground we had to keep back room. One wait a minute or the generals telling the truth. Or is the president telling the truth? Well, we found out, after testimony the White House came out said But it was his decision. Will yet we know it was his decision, but he just lied to us about the advice was the best that he could recall waited. But what are you talking about? ass. He could recall, are you Are you saying he's an imbecile.
Because I don't know if that's better or worse. So we can rely on each other if we don't tell each other the truth. And it's so common now. I mean everybody is flying right. We still think it's ok. If we personally don't keep our word, but we expect the world to be ready, prepared in case of our unreliability, so it really affect anyone. This lie is the opposite of the cowboy code. And it's one of the main reasons why everything is spiralling out of control. There is no one that will take responsibility. So you have to take responsibility for your own world.
What, if you could stop the spiral out of control just in your own life by letting your yes bs in your no be no wouldn't be why the try today, Terry Mccall of. Said this in a debate. You We ve school system should tell children what to do. I believe parents should be in charge of their kids education authorities. So first saw this. It shows how clueless Glenn Yoke and, as you don't understand what the laws work as there have been involved here in helping Virginia but it was not. The parents had the right to veto built veto books, clan not to be knowledge about it, also take em off the shelves and I'm not gonna. Let parents you gonna into schools and actually take. I walked out, make their own decisions so few
the bill that I dont think parents should be tone schools what they should teach while, while what rights they have, what rights or do they have to have their kids learn something, but they think is fruitful Dumont. Precise democratize, everything its democracy, What that means is that your empowering the mob forget about individual rights? Your kids don't belong to you. Yes, they do. Yes, they do and the first thing that we are starting to see in America, but the rest. To those who remain silent, need to stand up and say it as well These are my children. They belong. To me not the community. Not the teacher not to the teachers union and certainly not to the state. My
church can make its own decisions. I dont get Let the rest of society be damned Udall. Your church to make that same decision, then don't have your church make that decision you dont, want go to church don't go to church. If I, running a business. I set the prices, I hire who I want snuff. Some rich person news an elite in some distant cap. It. That makes a decision for me. No, I make the decision and I have very little control of others. And they have very little control over me if any see.
What's happening, is you have people want to control every aspect of your life and, if we are going to accept the lie that pair I don't have a right to tell school, what their kids can and cannot receive for education Then you ve lost your kids. If you. Can't tell your school scares me you're, not teaching my kid that then you ve lost control, of your child. You are no longer. The parent is apparent, when their at home, as long as the rest of society thinks it's ok on what your teaching at home Did you can't teach that at home and then have that crazy? Wild kid come to court ass, I say no, the founding
documents are not racist. You can't do that you're, hurting the kid and you're the. Aren't that wanted to take those books off the shelves. Anyway, we knew you were a danger. How you dont want to give your kid- a vaccine of course, you're, crazy person. You shouldn't have control. Your child, at the doctors office. It's not hyperbole! So what does this have to do with cowboy Let me ask you a question: if the school out west,
Was teaching things that the parents thought was raising. Would they silently cower or tell their kids you know I just go along with it, don't cause any trouble. Would they. I think they would only if there was some evil, capitalist that was trying to take over the town and he control all the water and all the griddle, all the grids and all food videos. They want to control and old Kanak, as there was gold underneath everybody's property, and so he was taken and it was stringing up anybody who would speak against him and he was the one that was have and that school marm teach those things that's when people would remain quiet and it would take a cab. Boy to come in and say what is wrong with you. People stand up
Very few would. So let me ask you: why are we stand up now. Is it that we actually believe these things Do we just not want trouble, because there is some black Bart out there that will destroy us if we speak up We are no different than the people in that cowboy town in every single western movie that we ve ever seen? cower network is the feet of black Bart except this time this time it's not because there isn't a Marshall anywhere. We can't get to the judge and jury. We can't get the marshal in time. He won't do anything.
It's because the marshal is the bad guy, speed does the federal government? does know what's going on. They are the bad guy. Which makes Black Bart even more dangerous. And you know what stops Black Bart from- in power is when Everyone in the town stands up together and there were to take the beating their willing to get kicked off their general stored are gonna. Have your general strong want to burn down to the ground? That's fine black Bart. I know it's true. I know it's true and I would much rather be out of a job have my job, well store burned to the ground, lose everything I'd. Much rather do that.
Then lose my word than to cower. And kissed the ring of a tyrant when every One in town is willing to stand up, except for the, you cowards that still hide in the barn but come out to celebrate ones, everything is good. When the people in town decide to stand up and just say no, that's not right! No sorry Terry Mcculloch. That's not true. My children are my children period. That's when things change question is, are you gonna cower? Are you gonna be a cowboy really factor Larissa, writes about our experience with relief factor. She says, I'm fifty started taken really factor? A couple of months ago I was a parent,
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And station idea welcome to the Glenda programme tonight we're gonna talk about the out of control border. By the way we have, we have couple things coming up, yet we met walls gonna beyond the programme. We have Tulsa Gabert on whether she's and talk about the the border as well and what's happening on the border and we also have a pole. Merk skating marks marks gee. He is he's with the the patent community bankers of America Now they are trying to write in to some of these bills. The ability for the federal government to look In to your bank account, if you ever have more than six hundred dollars in it, and if
who ever spend more than six hundred dollars the government and the IRS are notified? They are. Weapons rising the IRS and they are going to kill the community Bank Andy, Banks will only get bigger and bigger and bigger and then they'll be too big to fail again. What you going to do about it. Well would suggest you stand with your community bank. Talk to Paul about what the community banks are worried about and how you can help them get involved coming up sins, JANET Rodion about our dogs experience with rough green. She says our little rescue girl loves, rusk rate rough greens, I filler kibble bowl and there. Is no rough greens in it. She sniffs and goes to the cupboard where its kept and she wait until I added then And only then she eats smart girl he's a lot more energetic, curious,
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school system should tell children what to do? I believe parents should be in charge of their kids education authorities. So, first of all this it shows how clueless Goin Yoke and, as you don't understand what the laws work has never been involved here in helping Virginia, but it was not. Its the right to veto bills, veto books, clan, not to be knowledge about it Also take em off the shelves and I'm not gonna, let parents you into schools and actually I want to make their own decisions so yeah you stop the bill that I don't think parents should be tone schools what they should teach while, while so been talking about me. You know cowboy being a cowboy, and a cowboy is just let your yes bs you're, no be no s heart To do in today's world because everybody else changes what they said for students loud and clear, any change to rule
Because Matt Walsh said I Gonna come and speak it that school board meeting and loud and county changed the rules, so he couldn't and said. Not are you you? You have to you have to live here. You have to have at least a lease of a house, and you have to prevent that so. Matt well, went and found a work around and he went and got a leak. And he signed a lease on how so he could speak, the school board and then they only allowed sixty seconds for people to speak. Here's what he said last night, listen, I would say while for allowing me to speak to turn over, you tried not to allow it yeah yeah. I know you only give a sixty seconds. So let me get to the point. You are all child abusers. You pray impressionable children and indoctrinate them into your insane ideological called a court which holds many article views, but none so the range as the idea the boys are girls in girls are boys by imposing this vile nonsense on students to the point, even a forcing young girls to Sherlock rooms of boys. You deprive these kids of safety and privacy and something more fundamental to which is truth.
If education is not grounded in truth, then it is worthless. Worse, it is poison. You are poison. You are it I can see why you try to stop us from speaking. You know that your ideas are indefensible. You silence the opposing side, because you have no argument: You can only hide under your bed like pathetic little girl, Cowards, hoping we shut up and go away, but we want. I promise you that. Thank you for a time and I'll talk to you again very version. That wall she's here to talk about what he felt last night at the meeting I mad? How are you you do well. So tell me about, tell me about last night. Yeah. Well, we had a rally outside the building to begin with, and stuff a great amount of energy there- and this is happening of course- loud carries, is happening all across the country at it. I didn't. Parents are waking up to the fact that we cannot let this military Mcculloch says we cannot just see
the next generation over to the state and let them decide what values are kids at all. What idea? it would be in their head. What kind of people are going to be something of the kind of an awakening of happening? I do the experts A larger movement and that's what we saw yesterday, loud account it then it was you I thought lining up to go speak. This is what we have. Public go board meeting for the public. Can you hear the republic and you think, what a publican uncommon just have their voices and at least sit in the room, And listen to what's being said, but they keep everyone outside no is allowed to go inside the building they advocate The media outside but there are few camera. Then, and they made everyone line up outside you, gonna prudent provider prove a residency. Your ideas and they are taken. Your pocket, they do, I can t, say style screening, so it is ready. I mean what they did is outside of a voting, but of course we would be during the cries of racism? The kingdom come, but it's so to talk to speak.
Public School Board meeting is it has to be more secure than voting in an estate and they make? You are the mask of my voice and a muffled there, because they like that? You are the mask line up on Europe day. They give you the most visible dodgy line up on. You wait for your turn to go or the Royal Highness is on the school board, and they give you exactly six. Second, that sixty seconds they cut MIKE and that's all you have. The irony is that before I came back, used me a big outside agitator. They said what we do. In and outside agitated, but we just want to hear from them. Aren't we wanna hear community members? Are you You're from community members and parents, that's what you give them sixty seconds and you cut the MIKE it is. I can tell you that I speak for living. It's very difficult! to say anything worthwhile in sixty seconds then a little. For a living right. You get didn't then, but people gotta, spigots, more meetings, These are not trained professional speakers, you just parents who have questions and concerns that they want to voice and I'm just listening to absurdity,
one parent after another getting up there, they can barely get one thought out and then they just cut off and sent out of the room. It's I thought it was. It was discussing honestly I? Why? So what do you? Think's gonna: what do you think's going to happen I mean We think along counties that school board is going to have the problems come come next election day for which is a land which in November. I believe, ok, but day until then they made it pretty clear that they just don't they don't care what our opinions are wet weather we live in loud in county or not because the people in this school board at summits, good words across the country, just and equip from chemicals. They religious believe that day better than we do about what our kids should be taught and what values are, should hold, and so they think that their they they have the more high ground in silencing parents shut up and go away because
we know what your kids need and allow county. They think that what the kids need, what little girls need is for boys in a locker room with watching them under ass. That's one of the things wildcat. Ethics, kids really need it's the traffic, so mad is the is the What was the crowd like outside, where their people that word were not. You know me I've been even Biden, supporters You know and voted for binding, or is this republican, Democrat or are you seeing this grow beyond the partisan debate I really have. I been that a few of these government, even in different states over different issues, The London integrity was over the mask issue and I've talked to a lot of people at these events and outside of events do it. I know you, you obviously- and I have noticed this year. I mean there's a very that this is at the core. The people
I think, are organizing these things in keeping a moving, I think are gonna. Be conservative, then add those values, but I've talked a lot of people who are not ideologically right wing at all, but they see what's going on, and they are their disgusted by their terrified. The kids are being being subjected to. This case with with the masking issue is also the case with the critical race theory and also gender theory which it is even more damaging very that's very objective in our schools and how do you think Terry Mccall ups words or when a play in the election. I hope they play very poorly. I mean I have to assume that the even, if you're, even if you're on the left in your apparent and its undercut the public school after that you believe yourself to be a competent person. You should have some say in what your own kids are taught it matter what you think politically? I can't believe that there are very many parents. We say to them.
You say I don't know, I don't have any say on I'm an idiot, just the outlet, the state. Do it I think that if the state agrees with you or you agree with the state its, oh much easier just ago, yeah. Well, I mean they're not doing anything crazy, that's right through the, if their third forcing what you believe. But you still but you're still. You still consider yourself if you still want to stay to lie with your values so you're. Not. I would have to assume you're being too optimistic that you that you still wouldn't want to just see that surrender that state completely and but so I would think that that's not gonna play well, which is why you could tell what he said it made that in about I've got Aristotle teachers what to teach in any case. We moved on. You could tell you, keep he noticed what he said quickly moved on from there to talking about each year out and all that kind of stuff. So I don't play well mammal
Thank you so much hosted the merry. We would have preferred. Let me go. We have to know how long the lease he signed was for the you. Actually sign. A lease for house met, the eye decidedly and it was for a dollar. I got a very competitive paper dollar sports. A little bit more that I wanted to spend path for a woman's spent in the entire matter, and I haven't decided yet a long ago, but I haven't fertile. I haven't my family, at that we gotta move into a woman's basement mammals. Thank you so much from the daily why're, you Follow him on Youtube. You tube dotcom, Slash Matt Wash. Daily wires doing some really great things. I encourage you to become a member of the blaze, but I also encourage you to become a member of daily wire. They have very, very important set of voices over there. So, look
follow the rules he God did he's a resident of Virginia. He had loved is twitter. How do you do fellow Virginians hay, and that is how I get that introduce yourself to a community. In just a minute. Let me tell you about TAT Day MAC, if you're over. The times are considering what benefit group you want to join. If you ve already join one, you might want to rethink and consider joining a different one here it is it's a MAC. I may see the Association of mature american citizens, here's what I say you should join them there over two million members strong right now, and they are growing rapidly, the better. Its are amazing. Insurance discounts, travel benefits all of that stuff that you would expect to get, but more patent is their advocacy aim at provides, breathing you're looking for, but goes above and beyond, to provide a whole lot more in advocacy for you in Washington DC, because you're free, Is important aim at
where's played a significant role in stopping the passage of house resolution, one the policy federal take over all election legislation, they're gonna be asked to do the same to stop Senate from passing house resolution for another time. Bill to: control the elections, federally speaking a MAC going for the advocacy joined for the benefits, join further great information that they get out all the time to their members, but importantly, join because America needs. You join today and stand with the people were standing up with you. There is strong in numbers a MAC? I am a sea? Not? U S, lash back! That's a m! A sea! Not? U s! Lash! Back a MAC. U S! Slash back to declare programme! the the show tonight at nine p m. Is just about total chaos.
Let's just go through some of the chairman of the fair just recently said, the spike in inflation is lasting longer than expected. What I heard a shocker. Yes, a shocker and the three point, five trillion: that's gonna help bring down in there are those who actually saying didn't can week, can we, stop with this I mean, if you want, the three five trillion. Then just the balls to say what's in the bill and and that yeah it's gonna hurt inflation. It will hurt inflation, but we think it's important will show it off with it occasionally critical of EO see, but at least she's admitting she wants the money right you know she's gonna, say were spent in six trillion. She won't six, but we're not spent three five trillion dollars so Egon like principles are not driving the economy right now and what are the what decisions are being made? So what is the same? thing with. Let's look The let's look at the border. What what what is to become
there's there's, there's no evidence in fact, there's a mountain of evidence that this is a humanitarian crisis There is no evidence that all of the things that they reversed from Donald Trump are working at it, the art. It is true. So what is driving? The the moat? What is the motivation? Psych Marshall Wiper told us today. If The generals did tell the president that this would happen. He dismissed all of the advice of the Pentagon, then Why was the decision made? We just need to know what was we're thinking. Mr President, you have the right to that decision, but it turned out badly. So what was the motivation. Tonight I'm gonna spotlight the humanitarian disaster. That is binds own creation, they create
the disaster in Afghanistan they ve, created the economic disaster that is still to come They created the disaster at the southern border tonight, Bindings border crisis, the to America. Tonight, on blaze, tv at nine p m. Rubber ride after another do, does Erika the more it and you get Morlock excitement I'd after my contract really down now you oughta and if you say it with excitement and people know to be excited to tune entity pm ride after a very special stew, episodes do does America, who finds out he's got it I'm from another woman on of special episode. Ups Do does America apparently he's done more than just America if you know what I mean followed by
Glenn back. Ninety eastern We really should do more some very special episodes showing that there was a very special punchy Brewster. We watched dead, you care what happened upon gear. You did you now wearing with special bumpy, Bruce like a very special episode of small wonder when, like the robot child, like one of the robot child, one episode of that there is something one effort Isles that through a great shout mothers. Why are you so now already allowed through small wonder you're talking about one of the classic television shows of the pie, mom and Chad? I am a robot, sir. I guess she was horror by forgot about the bad robot voice. She did mom and dad I love you and then the people next door would come over and like wait a minute. Why she talking like that. I have just a normal kid. They would laugh great show where the shows like that today.
Now all you I don't know, but not on blaze, Tv Nan, that's a reason to join us. Get your subscription now place tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use, Chrome. Code, Glenn, unsafe and, of course, stewed as America, which is right after a brand new small wonder we should do to love. That's it that's classic show by the way. Should point out? You may be watching more small, wonder on you too, because your vaccine misinformation is not going to be available to you anymore. This is breaking as we speak. A Youtube is going to pull all Maxine Court and cold misinformation from its platform. What now They ve been doing this for a while. Obviously they ve been stopping people saying things they agree with, and Munich Verona, buyers. Magazines in such their speed that you all vaccines,
So you can now not say anything bad about, I guess the measles back vaccine or whatever, and they are banning a bunch of high profile anti backs types like an hour of K, Junior and such so. That's it funny because, like we just came through this period, where they banned all this content on the lab leak, theory and peace, but will, while they're gonna got burned on that one? What will they do? Next will do this? They learned now mom and dad don't learn anything and I are going to destroy the planet. About the covenant? This is a this. A series for tv that is based on the old testament fact. It's not based, it is that's foundation. And it will be true to the old testament- is written by Andrew Clavering, whose a great great scriptwriter
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more, not entertainment, the clock back,
right now. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but it is true. The federal government is weapon icing, the IRS and they are also making our big banks even bigger than telling you for a while to get out of the big banks and go to a community bank. One that is is supported and controlled locally, not something that has their ties in the city or chase or any of these things well, President said: he's gonna go after those tax dodgers. Those rich people analyses asking for is a loyal information from their banks. He's asking for a little information on those rich people. If they move six hundred dollars, he wants the IRA to be notified. Some other way,
you deposit, six hundred dollars or more and only rich people do this six hundred dollars or more or you withdraw six hundred dollars more. The IRS has to be notified on where that money is going. It is it should be found chilling to most Americans. So what are you gonna do about it, and why should you stand up against this? We're not talk to the independent community of Bankers of America. They these are the people or on the front lines, and they are going to be destroyed, destroy by any of these kinds of things. The federal government is trying to put them out of business. In my view, we begin that conversation in sixty seconds programme. Now? Let me say this: if you ve ever gotten a cholera text or an email from someone posing as an irate IRS agent, and they say it all- Oh x, number of dollars in and you gotta, Ed and Moon when,
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by Norton. They can't prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions, but there the best in the business, and they know if something does slip through there, help you clean it up, lifelike outcome used a promo code back for twenty five percent off one eight hundred lifelong one. Eight hundred lifelike use a promo code back or lifelong dot com Palmer Scheme, he is with the independent community bankers of Amerika, and I wanted to talk to him because there's a lot of independent banks that are now saying you got a stand with us, please stand with your local banks, and stop the the IRS in the federal government formed for putting this new, onerous restriction on these banks. Welcome our you, Sir
sure, have me on so called. Tell me what the government is doing and why it's important to stand up against it. Well, lotta people really job have a hard time keeping up with. What's going on here inside the belt way at Washington D C and were sounding the alarm bells on this crazy onerous proposal, the Biden administration, the Treasury and now congresses implementing this to have banks every bank in America, and Credit union report on people's financial transaction. Since they want to know the inflows outflows up. Your savings accounts checking account loans. Any money, you're moving into and out of accounts, would be tabulated in and sent into the IRS any amount of six hundred dollars or more, and you know they may adjust that amount, but their measuring
Oh, this is a massive invasion of privacy that we'd never seen before financial privacy, we'll go right out the window with this new irish sleuthing and snooping everyone's financial accounts. We are perfectly go ahead: go ahead! What what their? Basically is that we assume every American is attached, cheat and we're gonna watch all your financial transactions, and this applies to small businesses as well So I I as I look at this. I hope this isn't what America is going to say, but in the past, Asked America's always said about things like this. Well, I'm not doing anything wrong. Why should I care, while that? That's a problem, because this it doesn't what your tax liability what year
the situation is. This is really going against your fourth amendment rights to privacy and the The government and I arrest is getting around that they. They can't demand. This formation directly from you against the fourth amendment, but they can get it from third parties like banks, we ve seen this with you you're going to phone companies to get your your phone records. With which they can get from you directly. So this is this is gonna, be stopped The leadership in Congress is trying to sneak this in the three points. Julian dollar, Is it in the reconciliation bill, firstly, and we ve gotta, alert Americans in and customers Did you know this? New invasion of privacy is about to take hold, and you know Glenn You know the Irish doesn't have a very good track record of keep keeping peoples
so information private as well there's been plenty of irish leech. There has been political profiling of people based on their tax returns you can't trust the IRS with this massive amounts of data on air, single American and, plus you have the risk of a day a breach, the irish being hacked in all your personal transaction information is there. It is a crazy proposal. It's gotta be stopped in its tracks in were afraid that young people are watching. Gin. This three point: five trillion our budget deal, and these are the kind of things that will come back to haunt us. So this is this would allow the IRS to have information that if you wrote, thousand dollar, eight hundred or six hundred dollar six hundred dollar check to the G o p the day and see the IRS would then have that information. And that you could become?
a list? A few are donating to people and your writing a cheque for it. Well as we see in the IRA, has a very poor track record of keeping people's information. Private. There is just a Bingley with proper go on. The Americans tax returns was, was turned off What you d press the iron Rhine, cannot be trusted and really a member. Can we tolerate this? filing of individuals based on their financial transactions, the Irish and the government. Have no business snooping on people's financial transactions. This is this. Is the worst type of profiling, stop and first people going to lead to more audits. It's gonna leave to the irish being tripped up what a lot of false positives. Many people have very
the bank accounts in old money around for all kinds of Greece, and some people are taking care of the elderly parents in an abuse, their account, and it just gonna, be lack of collecting people's private actual information and turning it over to the government in and then you have to answer for it. If they see anything, they don't understand, then you have to malady after so for all the receipts and everything else you are now going to have to answer for possibly spending, that they don't understand or moving things from different accounts, Absolutely the Irish is is extremely powerful. They could freeze your bank account hatred, garnish, Your bank account they could our demand that the bank sandy even more detailed information on your financial transactions. Its using already what the banks have to prove To the Irish any trends,
action. Now over ten thousand has to be reported to the eye arrest in a currency trans actual report any suspicious activities. The bank has to legally report to the government to the Irish, so we you don't need this blanket dread of sleuthing on every American on financial transactions, The thing that you know he is is troubling. Is that a lot of people that recently came from dictatorship, type governments, dont trust government or the financial system already you're going to push me? people out of the banking system, that don't trust government so. Let me ask you one more question the big banks are for this I think the big banks now our kind of in a public private partnership with the FED and and the United States government, but the big eggs or for this. This doesn't this
ripple small local banks, because of just the reporting on. All of this will be just so onerous on you guys, wouldn't it well absolutely it's gonna be a very bold and some costly to implement a computer system has been the monitoring that the personnel your lead to keep track of all this its preposterous, but that the federal government doesn't care, the Treasury doesn't care. The administration doesn't care, they just want to get a people's money. Wanna get after You know stopping enforce gay people looking at what they're doing with their financial accounts profiling them. This is the worst type of policy action in a long time here, wash cannon and people have the way people have to speak up and get to their congressmen and senators and say we're, not gonna tolerate this new irish reporting, and you can do that.
Via bank locally dot, Org slash privacy. You can send a member of Congress, your message bank locally dot org slash privacy. Parliament for a while that people should get out of these big banks. I myself do the business with a bank and it's only locally, it keeps all of its loans locally, it doesn't sell them off it. Is truly stand on the community's own. You know mean if people want to get out of a bank. They asked me all the time. What do I look for I just say local is local. Is you can possibly get? Can you give the ADI some tips on what to look for in a local bank. Let him out of this mess. You hit on. The key point is that the local bank only does well
The local community does well the money they that's deposited in. A local bank is is turned around in use went out to the local community, so it's all part of it, embryonic relationship to keep that small community healthy and you can go to locally that common and look up a local bank in and find one year we have five thousand community banks located around the country were wearing? I ll areas in urban areas, and it is important to have that. No relationship with you, your local bank, there, are there to help you we get a job a trillion dollars worth of PPP lending, my other paycheck protection program to help keep businesses. So our banks do over half of all the small business lending in the
country. So if you need a local bank go to bank locally, that common, your you'll find a local bank, you could join Paul. Thank you very much appreciated polymer. Ski independent community bankers of Amerika. It is. It is vital that you speak out against this six hundred dollar rule that is being put in. It will weapon eyes the IRS. It will come back to haunt you, don't care for not doing anything wrong or not it he'll come back to haunt each and every one of us is a violation of the fourth amendment. You have to stand up against it. You can go to bank locally dot, Org, slash privacy and send a message to your member of Congress and the Senate that it- must not be in any bill. It's got to be adopt? It will also really hurt your local bank and
that's where you should have your money. I urge you to put money into a local bank get it. Of these banks that are all worried about E S, G and they're they're good? global equity and their partnership with the governments around the world get and to a local bank. Local local local is the answer to protect yourself back. Just a second area He turned the world. Is you know getting getting out and getting to a wreck tech, conversations at the office, water cooler, which doesn't exist anymore to the great big world of social media which shouldn't exist, any more people are about how wrecked techies changing the world of grilling. It's smart real technology monitors the internal heat and adjusted threw out. So you get perfectly cooked meals every single time. Rectangle represents the picnic
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welcome to the Glen Back Programme were right, glad that you are wrong here, asked prices still on the rise, their continuing to move upwards in September. I believe before this administration is done? You could see not in California You could see five six dollar a gallon gasoline prices in X for years may be higher in California, you're probably see ten dollars a gallon co. Shortages are happening now, which will affect the price of coal, which will pride, which will, of course if the price of your electricity for your your new Eco friendly, smart car, that time is all electric. The cost of natural gas is up one hundred and eighty percent and
Paolo, says, the inflation spike lasted longer than we expected and my gay, worse ha who would have sunk it. All of these things were foreseeable. All of these things are caused by the current administration, all of them all of them, and be prepared for a world that looks a lot different than the one you're living in right now in a bad way and returning all of these things getting worse to which is important to note in the inflation estimates. Don't you take into account the four point: seven trillion dollars, they're trying to pass right now in X, respect, because that's what it's gonna make it better zero cost me no one zero cause, that's not how cost works. The eight there like well What we are doing is raising taxes and working,
take money from people and spend it on things. So, therefore that doesn't cost anything that is. Legitimately their argument right now it because as they say, and they are not doing this. We should be clear there not actually raising enough tax revenue for these bills, because they will have to go to everyone to raise enough for this, so they're not actually doing what they're saying they're doing them, even if they did. If you were to say, like I'm, going to my credit card and I gave them my credit card and I bought a brand new flat screen and it didn't cost anything, but childish argument they are making you still have to pay it with. My wife, it doesn't work now it doesn't it doesn't. I mean really wants it's in your house in its and is already on the wall. There's an actual is no longer. Do the I'm sorry right I compliment. I saw Joe Biden, tweet yeah. I thought that's. What com of our wives, would buy into this now? Why do so many men? By into this when the government is doing it? Why are so many women who will arc?
with your husband: that's not the way it works when we try to get away with this you're all over us. How is it this works for the federal government? It really incredible. It it they're, saying this doesn't cost anything. Of course it costs and slide away. That's not me, the biggest thing. Quite honestly that to me the biggest thing is the inflation yeah when you put that much money into the system that money, is gonna slosh around and cause prices to go up if you're too two. If look here in Texas, I'm I put a driveway down. You know in my house that will be finished in to just two weeks, and so I'm buying recycled asphalt right and your green, the trying to get the asphalt to my house. I can't because the state is wrong, doing all of the freeways, so I can get the asphalt
technically and by it, but I can't get it to my house because there's not enough dump trucks and we should point out that that's before the part of the infrastructure plan has even yes, yes, so when government is spending all kinds of money, the price, goes up and the things you want to become more and more scarce, which causes the price to go up again and remember they're going to play with these numbers in a big way, for example, this three point: five trillion dollar plan there is a plant part of it is for Universal Pre, Kay when they have to appease Joe Mansion and say: oh, it's only two trillion dollar package weather do is, say well pass universal pre k for three years, not ten the lincolns. After three years, once everyone gets their free universal free k, there's going to re off the rise. It and Republicans aren't gonna fight back against it and it will be not for
point five trillion dollars, but infinity trillion dollars. Just now, you're electricity price this summer for heating is going up. If you have natural gas, that's already up a hundred and eighty percent check your gas gauge their gouging. You prisons, and it has nothing to do with big oil. Has everything to do big government car shield let me talk about another thing. Big government is done. Do us hey? We don't make our own chips, we can have chips. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me Maybe next year will have you know some computer chips for the car, so we can go make cars again, oh well, that's great! And how much is it going to asked us, look, here's the thing you need. The car on the road, and you don't need to pay for those gigantic bills. If your car is out of warranty, you need car shield. Car shield will get you back on the road quickly. They'll come pick up your car
roadside assistance. I give you the rental car they'll take care everything you don't have to wait for a check from the insurance company. They for it all on the spot, so you don't have anything to worry about car shield find out why car shield cars go further. Car shield, dot com, slash back safe, ten percent right now, car shield, dotcom, slash back deductible may apply. This is a smart move. Car she'll, dotcom, slash back today, a very special episode of Glenn TV. Don't miss ITALY's tv dot com, slash glad the promo code is Glenn Ride after a little still does not merit grave.
Tonight on the Wednesday night, special on blaze, Tv Bygones border crisis, the threat to America. The open border policies are a threat to all Americans and all american cities, and you need to be aware of how this is going to affect you that doesn't just Come from me that came from Morocco Bomber yesterday that this house ass to stop. Will it I dont know because I don't know what the goals of this administration are. I can't figure out the metrics they're using to measure success anymore tells a gap Third is joining us. She is the first female combat veteran to ever run for president in the first female combat veteran, ever elected to Congress, and we Welcome her to the Glen Back programme. High tells you, how are you alone
I'm glad I'm good. It's got to talk to you. I gotta talk to you. I've been I've, been wanting to talk to you about so many things lately that lack going on here. Let's start with the let's start with border your thoughts on this, We cannot have a secure country unless we have a secure borders the binding and Harris Administrations Open door policy at the border. It is a disaster made the end and it is a direct cause for the Eu Monitoring and national security crisis that we ve been play out. You know there there's theirs direct correlation between the changes in policy that this administration made. The regret gave order very shortly after taking office and the results that we are seeing. You know
heard from some folks angle? You know some people got deported or some people got sent back home, but you ve gotta, pay attention to the fact that the campaign as the very presidential campaign or a very clear message, sent hey yeah. We're? Gonna have an open door policy. We seen how at a practical level, I think the the current of Homeland Security Secretary said yesterday, or the day before that all of those tens of thousands of people, for who were under the bridge and Del Rio, now we're seeing what, if any, between ten and twenty thousand people who are now in the United States. With you know, some vague message of a notice to appear and not knowing where they are when and an end without, any kind of bedding. Listen. This is the hypocrisy of this policy. Is you know? Four people want to fly into our like you, gotta have a visa,
There are no fly list that their names are checked against and oh by the way you also have to get either a cobra vaccine or a covert past if you're coming from another country, but for those who want to bypass all of those requirements, the method that is sent and loudly received around the world is hey. Just go south of the border, come right across I I don't know how I dont know how this administration is. Judging things anymore, every every everything that is supposedly good for America seems bad for us, the good guys. The bad guys I mean were were now saying that the Taliban are partners which is absolutely obscene, The border patrol has been accused of whipping people and when it comes out, that's not what was happening. The president still went on and said: there's gonna be a high price. It's not gonna stand. Those people will pay. I
what is happening I lit with goes to the core problem here. Love of leadership and I've known Joe Biden for a long time. I consider him a friend in it. The reality, though, is, is what he's doing here drawn and on a whole host of issues were seeing under this it. Fighting Harris Administration that our country, admittedly rapidly moving. In the wrong direction, whether you're talking about this absolute tragic failure of the drop MAC? Ghana Stan you, you and I have spoken before. I think the withdraws the right thing to do should have happened a long time ago. Yes, but the way that they had carried this out. You know it is it's a betrayal, two men and women who serve bear the betrayal to those who worked with them. Is it been an abject fair? You look at what everybody abject very low our economy, look at inflation in all of these different areas.
The inner civil liberties privacy. These now travel list, vaccine mandate them in each of these. You can look at sea. Sadly, our constitutional rights are being violated and constitution is not being upheld, and how we're not we're not living up. The principles and values that that make this country is as great as it is told you- I have to tell you the reason why I like you as we may disagree on things, and yet there might be things if you think I believe that are crazy in and vice versa, but we respond each other that we know that each of us are trying to do the right thing for America and and I know I hope you know- that if Donald Trump doing all of these things. Beyond the are saying the guy's, a dictator, we're moving against the constitution we are destroying ourselves economically
every other way Are there on its people that you know that voted for four Joe Biden, who are now starting to see. This is every thing: Both sides have warned against, of course, and I think there are many more american too, don't care about less burst his right, than the Republican, but people who care about our country and who are deeply concerned about the direction that we are headed and who can't make sense of of the policies that were seeing being put forward and what this really come. Down to is, is sadly people in positions of power and our country who are putting their own policies ambition or selfish interests ahead of the interests of our country,
and the american people and inaccurate, so heartbreaking is seeing their willingness to sacrifice the well being of our country. For their own interests, rather than the other way around, sacrificing their own interests for the interest that the country has time to a senator today She said you known in in the three generals yesterday, if they are telling the truth, then and why did Biden make this decision it's his right to make the decision in Afghanistan? But I? What, What's the motive here and if I ice, if Looking at this issue is not incompetence, it can't because if it was incompetence once in a while, something would fall in America's favour or in freedoms, favour this just the the the most comprehensive, destructive policies that I've I've ever witnessed.
Can you come up with a reason: that's not nefarious that all these things are happening. You know it that it goes. It goes to leadership and go to what our leaders, the binding Harris Administration and leaders across across our national leaders. It is what your objective and that's, how I approach these these challenges and problems that we are facing? What kind of a military mindset it hey? What? What is our objective? What are we trying to accomplish and then you can figure out what the best way to inflation to achieve that objective, I just think that they have a different objective than America does not the problem problem here went when you see one thing we haven't mentioned: for example, when you see how the policy is coming from administration are further dividing our country through the use of of
peace and identity politics, everything is becoming racial eyes. You can't be any through the lens of of what Doktor King about you know juggling people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Looking at issues for what, they actually are, and instead, you You know if anyone dares to criticise the policies of action, decisions of common Harris, for example their accused of being racist or tax system enters, so maybe things we can't even have real dialogue around here many people are afraid of being counselor being called. These names are being given these attributes, and saying, while this is this is who you are, and you dont you don't actually care- and this is this- is part of the plan if you are in Congress today, as a Democrat, which you were we're not sure. If you still are you an independent, I think
But if I'm I'm still a democratic Democrat, ok if you are open and bring about these changes, what would you what would your advice, speed to the people who are in Congress now looking at this three point: five trillion dollar reconciliation bill taken, provisions that are in that bill break them up, put them forward each standing on IRAN and allow the american people and their representatives to debate each of these proposals on their merits and pass, I'm accordingly, you know when and where there are some. There are some good provisions in that bill that I would agree with, and there are a whole lot that I dont think are worth spending american taxpayer dollars on by the american taxpayer. Doesn't really get a choice when all their given is it's all, or nothing and obviously the political tactical decision
do that to be able to force down the throats of the american people. This man the three and a half million dollars spending bill that got everything under the sun in it. They don't get to say you know, people can vote four against the same way. You know here like this thing. I didn't like that thing and at an just, the costs and consequences of taking this approaches is too great is going to pass I don't know one, I don't! I don't see how their able to not only find an agreement between them. Ass, the Republicans in the Senate on less what to speak of the differences that are playing out between Democrats themselves, it now, especially in the house, so wealthy Tulsa gathered. Thank you. It's always a pleasure to have ya know. I wish we could have you any more. You are for common sense, and I wish we could get back do a world and we have to.
Actual world where we can disagree, but we don't have to be disagreeable. We can. We can still walk away. Friends tells you Thank you so much. Thank you! Glenn! You can't buy all right. So the mental image of people push wheelbarrows around full of basically useless cash is kind of a funding. One target is thing it and treated in your mind is something that ever really happens, especially today, but I assure you it can and it will, if thing doesn't happen to two too Authorized this bleeding of printed cash, it's gone. Happen where we paleness around people in Venezuela. Thought we'd never happen to them. Well, it did you need to be on top of your financial game and part of that means looking into investing in precious metals. This is where the gold line come in. You need to talk to them to see what your options are. Time is
running out gold line, offering an end of the month special from now until Friday, you're going to receive one one silver gold line branded bar with every qualified purchase order for free dough. Way call to find out how to protect your portfolio today, call eight six six gold line. That's eight six six gold line or go to old, lying dot com? Do it now bold line dot com? So I just discovered nineteen vaccine is is, is just puzzling to me. First of all, let us start at the hospitals, the high capitals are firing, people left and right. I mean two hundred nurses just gone from one hospital in New York,
are firing, people who have been on the front lines either the people we were supposed to love and worship. You have your pants out your pots and pans, tackling them together and you're supposed to love these first responders. Well, they did. They did their job. Now that the panel It is over now because they don't agree with the vaccine for some reason or another, and I bet a lot of them are like I had it, I'm fine somehow another loser job and nobody seems to care nobody's. MR care that the people who we, just said for the last two years: were they heroes that we're doing the hero work? We don't care about them any more. That is gone such a bizarre turn of events. It's all Vienna like the how Let the left is with police officers. That you, like all the capital police, these heroes that protected isolated. There's one man running up the stairs leading people, the opposite direction. Thank God. We have them all away. What happened in Canosa all did did the guy.
Who is in the middle of a song? building a woman get shot as he was trying to run over somebody all. Well, let's put them in prison for the rest of their lives. Those cops it just so inconsistent same thing here, a minute. What what did they expect These hospitals have ninety plus percent take up on the vaccine. Ninety ninety: can you tell How long did it take for that the snow. Smallpox with lawyers. Your, how long did it take to get the polio vaccine which, by the way, was crippling children? Think of a vaccine, hesitant this country must have been back in the day when six years after polio vaccine came out. We were at fifty four percent vaccinated fifty We are currently at seventy seven percent of adults values and it is an eighty if he wouldn't made the mandate.
Probably at eighty and maybe even higher than that, if it wasn't for them pulling Johnson and Johnson off the moray for a couple of weeks for no reason, because then they spooked people where below. Eighty per cent eighty percent, but still it that's a remarkable number. I mean I don't know what what you expect. This is the United States of an iron eighty to ninety nine percent. You probably get North Korea if, if Kim Jong, once a vaccine mandate- yes, he could probably get at higher. You live in a country which has occurred situation that emphasizes freedom, you're going to have people who are owing to disagree with these things, let the product speak for itself. Kills me that their take their saying the ten percent in the hospitals. They just don't agree with science programme in it there doctors and nurses, errors say where the free and you know what there are. Probably ten percent of doctors and ten percent nurses who disagree with large port parts of what is it beautiful to me,
stream of science. First of all, that's probably healthy for a society not probably a daily reality, meaning of their certain basics that, yes, you shit. You know the leeches thing should be easily assent, as only I janet there's gonna be people who his agree and in their certain things, but like theirs in natural doctors who don't like medication who disagree with them tons of mainstream stuff, is that completely healthy for society to have assumed a percentage whose counts we changing or achieve travelling. I went in there. I don't know, I don't know, I'm telling you right now. Ten percent I'll bet you five percent of that are not against the vaccine. Therefore, the natural antibodies that we already you're totally right, I mean That'S- were seen this in the NBA Rhine prior I had already added. Why are you do the dying science? I have the antibodies and just gonna and by the way they say that will not affect hospital care at all, because we just we can get nurses diamonds as we thought that
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