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Stay, Pay or Die? | Guest: Bill O’Reilly & Andrew Heaton | 12/14/18

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Hour 1 Caravan Demands!...group demands Trump either let them stay or pay...$50,000 per migrant? ...PolitiFact's 2018 Lie of The Year goes to? ...Fun with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Math? ...Glenn plays holiday pimp?...What happened to the 'American Rebel'?...since when is banning things good?...'Baby It's Cold Outside' the Politically Correct version? ...Get $20 off a Great Christmas Gift...a subscription to BlazeTV.com    Hour 2  Bill O'Reilly picks it' apart?...Michael Cohen speaks...GMA asks "Why should we believe you"?...Brand Protection...Cohen was Trumps 'personal' fixer?...to believe or not to believe = National Enquirer? ...Bill's beef with Time Magazine's Person of The Year?...where have all of the courageous people gone in America? ...Fun with 'Farm Bill' talk... and reading the fine print?...War in Yemen with Saudi Arabia, to never end?...China are waging cyber war against the whole world...'I think Trump will get his trade deal with China'...Taylor Swift for 'Chief of Staff'? ...Glenn's 'Best TV Comedy of the year'  is on Amazon Prime?   Hour 3 Flashback 2008: A Glenn Beck Merry Christmas, 'Baby It's Cold Outside' joke is now a reality Merry Christmas 2018?...Once Upon a 'Dead Pool'...the Rated R vs. PG-13 version ...Something's Off with Andrew Heaton...hot, sad and starving?... Snorting Eels, with Endangered Hawaiian Seal Monks?...Who wants an Emmy? John Stossel loves to give his away?

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This isn't in rain, still claim that programme can. Even I can't even tell you how excited I am above the news from the caravan. Oh good. Oh you. We finally have some really good news about the Migrant caravan some of the migrants have given up and on back home, but some are still waiting at the border and they have selected a leader represent the group and he's decided to step forward any made a list each did twice where we're not supposed to check whose naughty or nice we did. Now remember what I said back in October. This was a a lot this act against the government of Honduras by the people. Would ties to Venezuela in Cuba, What college raising but just crazy. Is it
I want to introduce you to the new leader who has just stepped forward. We do that in exactly one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme in our more than thirty seconds way from my content, no matter where you are were glad that you're listening the Glen Back Programme. Let me tell you about our sponsor here: it is. Cheer stew, stew, his ugly sweater sitting there ugly sweater, ugly, sweat her. So then, DORA Philadelphia, Eagles sweater, yes with snow, coming down into the stadium, which is entirely empty and which is entirely accurate eels Van show up. They might be thrones for usually there not lying around the holidays, that that is enough. Have you not sick? Did you did you miss the last year, our Jimmy, usually not playing at this time of year? So that's a very accurate sweater anyway
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we also need to get a free foot rest at Ex chair back dot com and sang its man. Ok, let me tell you about our update on the border. Pretty beep, beep, beep, beep, name, all funds. Oh dear, oh love fond so huge often of our myself. Yes, so you, into the? U S, consulate in Tijuana Mexico He said I have a list of demands from the caravan now I always like to hear you know the people who are like a big help me please when they come up help me help me. Please I've got a list of demands. Those who always gonna works for me, softens my heart just a little bit so he's gotta yeah he's got a list,
The caravan is demanding if they're not granted immediate Salem asylum, they want the following one: fifty thousand dollars in cash for every caravan member. I think that sounds reasonable. Fifty thousand dollars in cash for every care of you tried to catch a bus or back to Honduras from two Yolanda, very long by so they're saying these things. If we give them these things, though, the leak believe believe otherwise we will not go anywhere later. French caravan, since that would finally is that there are some french people they're. Probably yes, after all, we ve. That some of the worst people are in the caravan there's got to be, free to do this media removal of all: U S, economic and military assets in Honduras. Ok, that's a nice out of it all. Just a second.
And failure to comply with these things will result in the caravan continuing to try to penetrate the. U S, border help us please. Let me give you a list of some marxist things, so we live fifty jeez each and they want us to remove all economic and military assets of their goal was too much military power from the United States in dealing with their country. Why would they want to come to the country in the first place at? Let me ask you this: if they, were if they were like a were really really poor and its. Bad in Honduras? Why would you say, stop sending us money? it's almost as if there's another motivation could be could be now anxious It's probably just me, but if you're trying to appear like you know a grass roots movement, metaphor verse,
as a group of migrants were just trying to escape the dangers of your own country you might the tone down the crazy marxist rhetoric just a little. I mean shore, it's the holidays, who doesn't love? The left is freedom fighters you stick. We are not around but demanding millions of dollars and the removal of? U S military from Honduras, kind of screams, hey where marxist communist revolutionaries- I am a marxist terrorist done it I mean I you wearing the shirt that lights up like yours, almost almost cake this is the same thing as If you would have come up, The embassy hearing of Bahrain shouting Viva Revolution, while firing often you know our Fiji I mean, did it's. It's put your motorcycle looking like CHE so
This is just angry rhetoric is Nicolet, isn't it I mean what I just said about. Poor man who was just looking for asylum, Mr Guerrero, he is he's, is the poor guy? Just like you, he's got a family back. Nineteen eighty seven he D tried to get asylum in Mexico. I am aware of any, and then he got asylum in Mexico. He while he was, he was suspected by the Honduran and U S government for way, for it. Marxist left wing terrorism is weaker down. Everybody's got a couple of charges, shore, of course. Of course, we all do, nineteen and eighty seven Honduras was ground zero for the: U S and soviet proxy forces fighting in the cold war. The Contra rebels were actually base there and the left Terrorist would sometimes carry out operations in the country.
In response? So it was August, eighth A bomb was thrown into the China Palace restaurant. Why It should, of course peerless capitalists, their China Palace restaurant anyway. It was just a few miles away from the: U S military base in Honduras, six of can soldiers were injured in the blast Alfonso Guerrero was the primary suspect. He escaped Mexico and claimed asylum, Reagan administration charge to the mexican government for quote harm bring a terrorist four grand in gear O protection. Now, that's the past, he turned his life around Oh he's just a poor, struggling Hum Dorin who doesn't wish any one harm. He just wants a better life before its family with the Soviet Union gone marks
terrorism does not pay what it used to attack us into. How is a key struggling every day. And the millions of dollars that he's demanding and will help them. And he's just asking for a little. You know just a few little political. Things for his country. Just a few demands. When when will the media Julie come out and go. Oh wow, We got our wrong answer, never because they didn't get Wrong, they were lying to you from the beginning anyway, with any common sense or an ounce of honesty could have seen this thing coming from the beginning, oh, we did, but anybody who did their homework
Anybody who did say these things. They were of course labelled and extremist monster a racist danger to society As I see it the floor, well marxist terrorist probably, the real danger to our society Friday I love. That would be a because the actual did. The political fact lie of the year just came out, but they also do our readers pull. At the same time, the launch of options and the number one the winner was Donald Trump lying about. The caravan was the winner. I mean it. Do we have time for this, or should we do now, as I do the second, let me first say about lifelong, where sixty hence away from getting back into that story? Don't go anywhere: lifelong lifelike! I would like to ask you to remember: hey if you're doing your holiday shopping online, that's cool! Just
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cure. Your your your name, secure your finances, your credit card. Everything said for now, lifelike dotcom promo code. Back we break now for ten seconds. Nation station, I D, this is the Glen back. You know The pilot effect lie of the year. I think, was actually myth a fair one. This year was a burning issue, though I was. I was shocked, shocked that it was the lies about the parkland students, and you know there's a lot of controversy around that, but the want the lies they highlighted were things like they were crisis. Actors- You know the need that one of the kids ripped up the constitution, which was a Photoshop regulation like it was stuff like that I've been a way. Conspiracy theory, sort of various stuff was not the normal political statement. However, they did give the options
people and people were their readership did not select. That particular lie there. The Light S and, and they will say, gosh see lock. That just shows that people believed that our people wanted to believe that or whatever no we just think there was such an obvious lie. I mean I can live with that being the top lie of the year, because it was such a big lie, but it was so ridiculous it Nobody believes that except crazy people. I was all in all I mean it. These things do get spread around widely. They gotta views, but that does not mean everyone believes the correct right light and we confuse something that has a lot of views, rights of scarcely having influence it wasn't the most influential lie. It wasn't the one that caused the the most confusion. Pretty much Nobody heard that went that's ridiculous, yeah but
again. There really was a shooting in parkland and add the fact that people tried to say that in the end, these people were victims and a worthy of our own. However horrible I, it is a weird one for them, because they usually will pick something a little bit more contentious politically. Yes, this one less. It involves a Democrat there. They ve had a couple, though I mean Obama, keep your doktor was the lively and two years after he said it was it to yours, Furthermore, I believe it was two years after he said it, it's possible. That's because maybe not too late too late anyway, after was past, that's for sure, but the false statement, that the readers chose as the lie of the year for pilot effect. Was this one from Donald Trump quote? The demo want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens into our country, and then what assign them up for free healthcare, free welfare, free education and for the right to vote now, paused for a second year trump, as you know,
A lot of times will illustrate an issue that a lot of people talk about, and he let her go a little too far. Maybe Varela kill hill. He'll say it say it to to definitively he's, not necessarily capturing the new wants of a statement in enough that we know of an off the cuff sort of comment. This one, though, however, when you break it down, is pretty accurate, Kay the Democrats want to invent- can invite caravan after care about of illegal aliens into our country. What is there? answer to the caravan threat the caravan, was not to be too to stop it. It was not just You are not allowed to come across the border. It was to allow people to claim asylum and then allow them to come into the country and then, over the same period of time they would go through the asylum process and they would have to shift Accord appointment, which we know a lot of them, don't do, but there they didn't. They. Never admitted to saying. Ok, we want them to coming to be citizens tomorrow, and they never did want to say it.
Claim asylum. They come in the country they hang out here until the asylum process is earlier. Solution would have caused caravan after caravan after caravan. The difference here is Donald Trump use. The word invited this: David invite! No, they didn't send out engraved invitations, although some of Groups related to I mean he sat at the Democrats in them in the Democratic Party, maybe not, but the people who were doing those inviting we're working on those care bans, as we highlighted, we're very friendly to the Democratic Party and we're influenced and funded by democratic donors. Yes, so it's not again, it's might not be ignored exactly to the it's not like. You can keep your doktor right, it's not it's it's! It's not that you know can invite I'll give you a little bit different, but that there is a justification for that, but then and then what the them up for free healthcare, free welfare, free education and for the right to vote. They will you Mustn T go to schools, for example. The course for education is absolutely on the table. The right to vote. They ve to talk
a citizenship pathway for these four people like this. For a very long time, there are already saying that boarded California there they were trying to sign them up in California. Whenever you say you have you won't. You complain about sanctuary cities. What do they do? They give all these things away and free healthcare is the one that really is driving me crazy on this free healthcare part of obviously, Turning on your income level is part of the above, affordable care act. Let me quote from Hillary Clinton, two thousand sixteen platform, expand access to affordable health care to families, regardless of immigration status. There was in her platform to give the affordable care act too. Legal immigrants, it was It was the thing if you remember going back back so long ago that you really be able to remember this, but you remember the representative from South Carolina who Wilson, who said you lie in Denmark, a bombing the thing he was saying you lie about is he was saying in reality. You want to give the affordable care ALF Care Act too.
Illegal immigrants. He was an animal bottle was saying he wasn't going to do that. Well guess what have in the two thousand. Sixteen campaign in the platform of Hillary Clinton, quoting from Hillary Clinton, dot com, it is exam we the thing that he was saying was being lied about. He was absolutely right and this this call about it being up crazy fantasy that doubts that the devil want to invite illegal immigrants in and give a bunch of stuff away from them. It's all their platform? It's what they say is the heartless part the Republican Party, that we don't want to give away these three things to illegal immigrants, silly average, the the readers that responded to this actually work. We're saying. No. The bigger lie was what Donald from said was happening on the border. Yes, that's what they said
That's in saying I wish those tells you a lot about the people going to put a fact that there are obviously very very liberal in fact, that let one more than double more than double the percentage of people who thought this was the biggest lie. The rush state has never interfered into internal affairs, including election process. Vladimir Putin. They actually biggie, Donald Trump, thirty, six percent of the vote and Vladimir Putin, who said that Russia has never not even in this election but has never interfered in in U S inter internal affairs, which we all though, to be false. There's no people numb numerous people caught doing it that one is in a big lie, although I will say my favorite lie: comes in at sea, down there at seven, birthplace, its Roma, Alexandria, Curzio, Cortez She she said unemployment is low because everyone has issued right now.
No honey! No, and I want to talk down to you, but I feel I need to get that's not the way. Burke, sweetheart, that's not the way. This is a person with a I in economics. I am telling you if I had a kid at b you I would be calling the administration in saying haulage as the second? Is it fake news, or did you give a now make green this woman? Yes, did ok. I am I I'm pulling my kid out. I mean how Does that mean that the most shameful thing I think them shoddy work, a billion a building in San Francisco that they built a mace all those apartments, for you know millions of dollars in its collapsing and they don't know what to do with it. That look like a genius move in shoddy workmanship,
compared to be you, my unleashing being caught Yo Cortez out with a degree In that comics, when she says things like the reason why you people are so stupid, the reason why the economic numbers or that you, the unemployment numbers, are solos, because people have to check not have this house really were at all. She also goes on to say and its because people are working sixty seventy eighty hours, eighty hours a week like now, that's not that's not how to typically calculated that, wouldn't you have degree and economics, you dont know the basics of last may's again like that she's, not the only one in Washington who is completely know what she's the one with the economic degree
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no I'm wearing a sweater, but everybody says all of my sweaters are ugly. So I just work sweater, but I would say you look ugly in your sweaters. That's a different thing. Totally for an analysis of the situation, so do I, but I am wearing something I thought I would you know the holiday cheer. I thought I would wear my holiday bling here, I? I have a gold chain with big block letters, essay HO ho ho, not sure if this measure, if this makes me it does look pimp ass, it is cut alike. I dont know if I'm bringing holiday cheer or from saying come to see me for the house. Cuz I've got three both can be seen as holiday. Treasure hunting, underprivileged, ok, so Pat under the programme. What is it that you want to talk her down and and yell about today
went to tear down the war on baby, it's cold outside. Are you following the ridiculous of of especially The cap reform just went out to campuses and asked kids. If baby it's cold outside should be banned, and several radio stations cross country have banned. This christmases have taken it off their playlist. We want to play it. I thought you guys just like the non stop. You lay baby it's cold outside. I ask a question: what happened to that American Rebel. What happened to pat you and I, but are we both know? We would said that what you, maybe maybe you and you might have been in the room when I will whose told don't do that and you know I would have done it you know. I would look at you and said. Well I just guaranteed that absolutely right, I've been to that spirit of a twenty year olds and you remember how pissed off people supposedly were or were win
They are channel supposedly banned. The Dixie Chicks, ass, adding things was bad. The IRA you banning first of all clear channeled, didn't. And the Dixie Chicks. A few stations did as us, dont but the coat the court? We should never took a stand against the Dixie checks as stupid now, all of a sudden banning things is really good to do and you you should be taking things off. The mark think that think of this thing, think of Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce inspired. Richard Prior and George Carlin George Marlon, said she was the guy that made me say: I'm gonna do that lead Bruce, was arrested over and over and over again, because He was saying things it was pushing the boundary right. Any was saying things that everyone said you can't say
oh. He was a, I mean I don't love you know. Is he died of a heroine overdose, unlike the adding sixty five, he would did they destroyed, is career, destroy his career, because the media jog piled with em, here is this brilliant comedian who inspire some of the best comedians of all time and where the liberals that's what you were supposed to be for freedom of speech. Now, where are you do the opposite? opposite blurry? Be it's cold outside and it's so ridiculous song was written in ninety forty four, I'm sure we'll talk about slipping Turkey's two women? Do you know what he and forty four do you know what that do? Not actually the meaning behind it, it was actually nineteen, forty four it was empowering. It was meant to empower women because women, couldn't be coy, they couldn't say no, I'm gonna stay here. They had to be present. Proper. So this a racy song? That was
powering women, so amazing, radical, and are we supposed to believe now that interaction between men and women just can happen like if ye you're a couple and She says you knock, I gotta go home, you just have to leave Bob and help her to the door immediately. You can't say knocking stay a little bit longer. Right, there's, no or another drink, and now you know take off your hat. You kid that's right now Are you raping a girl if you ask or to stay longer. It is unbelievable to me so many things are therefore called sexual coercion. Yeah right Sancho later ass, it is not on it. I was right by my grandmother, every time and with winter everytime I tell you what I know stay a little longer fix you something to eat. I think is really really Ikey, but thank you, but it's true is true though it is true.
Guys not threatening her in the song. He's. Not eating hounding gag her. Well, you, having listened to my you, have to listen to my ten year old rant. Now I'll get it. I haven't, heard the it's a decade old it it's on gas backed outcome, front, page, glib, Acta com. You have to go back to two thousand and eight the case. You have two thousand two thousand eight. I come on the air and it's Christmas, and we see the direction that is going and, unlike you know, what a song is, it really should be pissed about. Now, it's all an it's all tongue in cheek, and you would never happy we'll. Never appears to me that if he'll is easy, big, yet ample of the way things were heading that you should never get to do. Have the oh yeah, it's on Glinda come home. I took it apart line by line we should plate, maybe in the eight o clock our or the absurd that third, our what even though at times and I'm in a more in the play, in the third, our job and and listen to it because it was
did kill us at the time, but I now believe our evening of it is actually what they're saying? Yes it's crazy. Is it's not an end campus or more to the went to think it was in what you and he was asking students if that should be banned Then all of the students at the beginning said yes, absolutely a one of amid even written a thesis on it in calm about my wife and then he turned to the rallying on just a second it's more for his parents generous. I know they paid forty thousand dollars a year to go in order that he says about Christmas on. Oh, my gosh, only Dick Yellow is grandparents if they were awarded the greatest generation. They rose from the dead and if they would have had anything but spirit hands, they would choked him too damn. This is what you ve done. What the freedom we granted you, oh, my God, is the song is obvious.
To anyone who knows anything about anything. Is she to stay and she's looking for a way to justify it, she's looking for a way to be talked into it. Rightly that's what she That is the intent of her. She saying, oh, I I probably to go he sang. While. Let me give you a really bad excuse as to why you can stay this one time, royalty, its pneumonia died. Exactly it probably Diana you'll be like Jack Nicholson at the end of the shining you're gonna be outside of your phrases can be frozen, didn't want that to happen so stay away. Is she wants to stay? That's the best part of that and by the way she does she just yet. So he can re per right. He ain't gonna, throw or in the fireplace no have you what happened in it. You should hear the sequel. We should write a sequel,
what I want happens, we're just where she's the one yesterday that we had a sequel yesterday, we still have the Sarah by any chance the sequel do yeah, there's a new one eleven after now, this is and what a new of new version about supposed to happen in turn, eighteen, o good guy serious. I would amend all. Of course it is our know. How do we have that? One? Sarah, you know those from yesterday from yesterday's already prep yesterday if a version of a couple people trying to make the song ok- because you know it's now- to make it ok- try to make it will, how out should it? Well, it's a safe song now to save some. That's what they were trying to attempt, because I know that you, God forbid, listen, listen to hovered introduces
no, no, no right to say no to reserve the right to cancel. I've got to get out I got my god. There is not a woman within the sound of my voice that would ever kiss a man who did. I ever knew have the right to know who love the white light slipping idiot. I all you're right I mean it's so pathetic, she's being cease being all coy eyes
the so called outside. I should go home. Well, you know away arms guy. You can get out. I shouldn't I dont know. If I should put on my God. Let me get it for you. Let me put it off at the at some point in a song like at the woman says. Are you cheating on me coming men? What is going to take me out why you can give me greatly, and I love the fact that I want to say no, will you will you of course, have the right to say no, oh yeah, of course they have the right to say no. Why are you point that our thinking of rabies not about what are you saying? Of course I have the right now. I really got all the other day to point that out that weird, compare and contrast that with every rap song that is played on the radio today or just about every rap song and they're gonna, be the kids today dont heavy these Nicole? students, don't have any problem with those. Though the Earl message in his predatory.
There is very little love be worried about, since there is no consent there now, no way those are all fine, but baby call it's called out such would be banned, but the rap music they do all your long, that's perfectly fine, because say it talks about hose, so do I. I know my ling ho ho ho very nice, but I thank you very much Just any real looks like kind of look like wrapper, Mina more candy, wrapper bud and ran for none the less thanks man, aright pathway way. When I get asked you a question last if you change your filter euro filter your house nineteen right right, not just us, because I dont honestly, you know we moved around the country. You know we were on the lamb for a while. I think I am,
truly sold houses before I chair, I've changed all I'm almost positive. I've done that right without changing it yeah I dont see I fall. I would never. I would never change it before I sold a house. No! No. I mean I think I bought the house lived there for a fire and then never never change the filter. I am almost positive of them. So bad everywhere. Our dance, like a lot of delivery thing prefers to rise, good. Yet is it just comes in you know? Ok, now it's time yeah cause IDA, can never remember now. I can never remember and I'm not going to pump depot right. My wife says day propaganda, Victor Laszlo Guy got it. I got it, I'm not going to do that, and I am certainly not going to do to my wife. Doesn't ask me a mile. I've done ass me, so God We are we like our. How
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Z, gonna, have something to say about Cohen from and all of the impeachment talk Bill O Reilly. Next, the fusion of entertainment and in line with this, the Columbia Programme, Michael tone, has spoken on GM ay. He spoke this morning mainly
to act in Strasbourg, he has been killed. Tromp has responded by saying in O Mighty Coney was a low level kind of guy, also Democrats even having taken over the house. Yet there already, there are already starting to lay out all of their Christmas gift to the american people. A preview of the investigation, firestorm that is to come, Chris Christie may be on his way to the oval office, its it looks like it might be him or Jared Kirshner who are going it's going to be the new Whitehouse chief of staff and The farm bill all things. I really want to hear Billow Riley's opinion on we get it beginning in sixty seconds. This is the Glen Back Programme been telling you for almost ten years now that
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biggest story in the country is if the President of the United States can psychologically and emotionally survive the daily attacks on him and you will hear that anywhere else, but here and they know spin zone because- and I ll give you step- away from the stereo, and you look at Donald is a human being. You might not like him. Might the geese not capable of being president whatever but any human being put under the barrage of hatred directed toward him. And having to defend himself every hour on the hour from what her charge the charge these you're gonna take a psychological toll on it, and that is the story,
the big story about all of this. Ok. So so, let's take this apart, just a bit, first of all, Michael Cohen, Michael Cohn, a dull drums at low level guy. Nobody believes that was he a low level guy limit? tell me about Michael Cohen, aright, never met the man at one point in the camp when I was talking to Trump on the phone and he's a data was trying to get him on the factor that night and he survived can't do it, but take Michael calling my attorney, and I Why would I do that? put him on the air you gonna come tell me what you want and say I mean why don't I just put a puppet on their real public, and I was the end of coin- was basically what they call a six and when tromp had an annoyance, which was
these women were to him and annoyance Cohen would deal with it. So I don't know any more than that. I dont know what Thompson because no one does but coins charge. Working for Donald Trump was to fix things fix annoyances and that's what he did. Ok, the the problem has come in now with the national inquirer that national inquiry, as has changed their story and now they're saying ok, we did take direction from Donald Trump too. Pay! This one person off, that is aid that's a felony can't do? We have the audio of Michael Cone on good morning America today when they ask. Why should we believe you now listen, so
How do you say to People- and you know that a lot of people would be watching? Who are you taking the wait? A second he lie for so long. Why should we believe him now? What's the answer, then you lied, lied about what the Trump organizations a microcosm of even the New York real estate market. What do we do about its New York real estate. Yes, it's greatest product ever created. Is that a lie? will. You pleaded guilty to line a congress. Yes So why should we believe you now because the special council stated in fact I believe that the information that I give to them was credible and helpful. There's a substantial amount of information that they possess that car rates the fact that telling the truth you down with the line. I I'm done with the lying, I'm done being loyal to President Trump and my first Loyalty belongs to my wife, my daughter,
my son and this country take that, apart from a bill, I don't take my Collins seriously, number one so you're listener to let people listen to us every Friday. Please take that into account, I, like any other commentators on cable news. What George step an awful is. I don't take him seriously. Which means that whatever he says, means nothing to me. Nothing, I think this is a bad thing. I just a second, I I think that's where most and not the media, but I think that's where most Americans are no doubt about it. Better, still very astute observation, okay, so whatever he says, means nothing to me as an American. Ok, that's number one number, two
Robert Mauler had nothing to do with Michael Cohen and what he did or did not do by paying women. He referred that case. To the day to the federal attorney you s attorney and then hat whited. Why did Mahler do this for two reasons: but one that had nothing to do with russian collusion gate. So Mauler goes I can't get involved with this because it does come under my mandate. A number two Molly knew the coins sleazy weasel that you know, I'm sorry buddy is. Are any didn't want to be associated with a sleazy weasel. You also knew that the careers in the attorney's office- u DOT S attorney's office in Manhattan- would be more than happy to take this guy apart, which they did they got into his taxi cab. Business they got to do is dodge in the taxes
There came a point where they do set up. Michael just tell us what we want to know and then we'll try to get you a light deal and in Poland, it okay, so they so Cohen right, ok hang on. Second, so I agree with that analysis. I think I would add that it would be erased. Sensible of anyone in the justice system, if they did five in a crime that they didn't pass it on for further investigation to the appropriate people. How but but look you're given Mahler too much credit in the sense that no the body would pursue this kind of thing. This is what they call brand Protection bran Protection Traveller brand. Ok, so he's now running for president, and he doesn't want His brand attack any more than has already been said, These women try to get money from it. Ok, so he turned
to his personal fixer, take care of it, take care of it and the picture dot. Right and somebody voice. The women come back for more money, so but it's not a problem with cone. What it is a problem with what is it american media, the Enquirer, because I dont know what would happen in the Enquirer again, where none of us a privy to that. But this is the way business is done at that. See I'm waiting for the New York Times to investigate itself because they ve had bookoo private settlements? In that newspaper- and so is every major cooperation in a hundred while waiting for that international inquiry. Basically, in business too scandalised people that's what they do, or I told you has a relationship with the publisher packer. I think it is right. Ok, packs, oh yeah,
pack of calls him and says hey I got this. Woman and she wants to talk all about your affair. And what should I do and tromp says? Well, you know. Can you make it go away and accurately for I can do whatever I do so. Money tells a story and they did they don't put. It happens, I'm right there is that there is there some critical things it youth you ve left out, but we don't know if their true or not. So I'm not gonna knit pick on this, but I want to get back to it. There's no reason to believe the National inquirer there's no reason to believe cone, but I do believe that national enquire in this instance, I think that happened. Ok, but gonna tell you is no from from you are not a lawyer, but I certainly had many lawyers on below Riley Dotcom. Smart, I and very few
Let them see any crime at all. This is This is usual protection of a brand, a civil settlement. All right now to turn a link it into the campaign finance. But it's a stretch. As we saw in the John Edwards case, it's it's a stretch right. I can do it. You know but is it the indict the ham sandwich line? Ok, they can do it, but do Americans. Let this with some kind of, heinous well thought out plot to submit. American election law. So here's, oh, so here's the peers, a thing in the eighteen Seventys, the republic eventually join the Democrats it's in said we can have. We can't have that going on in the White House. So we need make sure that we have seventy telling us the truth and aid and come to the table voluntarily, but they were eventually dragged that table then
about now. Hang on Nixon! Ok, ok, impeachment. Then we had Clinton and so the people it were again Nixon and said. We have to know if the president is telling the truth and the president has to eat. Can't per germs of a cat lie all of a sudden. They were fine with Clinton because its hypocrisy all day long correctly, to do to raise a point that that in this you're gonna, be amazed by my brilliance right now, ready everybody ready by ok, again there was a crime. Broke in somebody took stuff. They found him end quote there was a incident involving in turn inside the White House, question abbot perjury here here Ok, nobody knows what it is. This campaign
They know it. Nobody knows what this is with us hey what do you know what nobody knows right? You there's no solid! wine evidence it. Right, correct and but if there is overwhelming evidence is co and says that might mean a blue dress of sorts. But I dont know what the crime is at that point: F, avatar, recording where tromp would walk in a common and say, hey, correct, Goodbye, lay campaign, financed laws and pay z, babes off. I want to propose that when thanks when know how workshops and only lips are so we're gonna get to the wheel, it to the the ramifications. All of this in some of the other stories of the day, with Bill O Reilly in sixty seconds First, our sponsor is simply safe. I remember when I met the inventor of simply say this guy, I think they have. Maybe I don't really started with like five people in the company
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time magazine, which is on the road and a really not a factor in this country anymore, which stunning, when you stand. A history of that magazine. They select a journalists at risk, for their part these are the year. Ok, but if you really deeply look into what they were doing there were basically trying to humiliate tromp, for fake news all over the place, yet stay put Guiche Yogi up and they put the five when journalists who were slaughtered by a psycho up and that's good. I have no beef with that, but the we're all arch of the article was true. Seville on we hate a man and the usual okay, so spin person of the air is a person who helped this country. All right, so everybody should know my criteria, and that is senator Graham from South Carolina,
the reason I I selected. Senator Graham was twofold number one single handedly saved. Cabinet and his family from destruction. They should not have been destroyed. So just on that basis alone he say for human beings from destruction and any saved, every single american citizen from losing a fundamental right- and that is, you are innocent until proven guilty due process Now what sonogram did involve courage, articulation and risk? and that's why he is the no spin person of the year
Canada can believe that I actually agree with that. It's not as yet. It's like Linsey granted, Z, gram of all people. I never would have thought I said anything positive about him, not a huge fan, but he what he did it with Greece. Do it right. The overwhelming logic of my argument is in us about. So you're taking credit for Linsey Grams ass, she admitted that's what I'm getting credit history Incredibly, you ready bs. One moment this year of lucidity and your life compliment of me. I also, I have not always had faith in Lindsey Grim and the fact that he was the one who is brave enough to stand up and say: hey yeah, we dont convict people without any evidence with a society supposed to be about. He deserves a lot of credit for that any ITALY deserves to be the no spin man of the year will never see that anywhere else. Because this is a country that how does not value honesty and courage issue here is not value. It
he is a. This is a good example of of outrage used the correct way he was raged about something real. He is outraged about something that mattered it was genuine outrage. People were feeling exactly the same way. He handled himself in an entirely appropriately at this. At the time He stated if eloquently and then he, stun, not all. People. He was. He was viciously attack for doing that here, well, that about the Democrats on the judiciary, committee and the media, so that require courage, a long com, not law by. I wrote a calm on this for billow rally, dark homage posted now. Basically, I made the point is that you know there aren't many wages, people any more in the public eye. There are just not
and when you see one sticking up for you because Lindsey, Graham Watson, sticking up for his party. He wasn't sticking up for himself. He was sticking up Every single American who could be accused of anything at any time and saying we cannot convey gone allegations as these the are doing in front of the nation. I mean that took guts. Wasn't a self motivated statement. It was a statement to help Americans understand their rights and their Their rights are under siege from the far left think that's why it was effective because if it had seemed prepared, more control, contrive turvy know if it was like. I arrest me I'm as articles I'm Spartacus arrest me it would. Gone. Nowhere sincere
it was, as you know, in a process does not always unintended consequences of everything you do and say when you're in part, the guy. He destroyed their candidacies of Corey Booker come out I was a bit wine. There done. Ok, vague and not get any traction because of me, We grant because people than a day- and I want that- you want that progressive far left culture- having power over me, I feel, are rarely. We continue with him in just a moment. Standby you're like the wind bank.
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after you are in Karl Marx, got together and Seance Gimme Gimme thirty seconds on what it says and then ah well, let me give you this lamp, which let me give you this when in the farm bill who cannot, they ve made it so Congress cannot stop the war in Yemen. Rights to war powers act essentially, an add on is an add on to the US. That's a saving, a Cates. Why, in any serious mode, we had its law, you may remain design didn't the Fox NEWS Channel and it was a deep death. It was a mandatory federal prison term for any our national convicted of felony deported came back so stand alone. It would have been embarrassed, for any policy vote against that, so they packed it are the fifteen other things and it didn't passed. So this is I hate this. I hate this horribly.
But this is what the politicians in Washington do do you like the farm bill? No, I don't like the farm bill for I'm gonna do show on it next week for a million different reasons, but I want to I wanna stay focused on the Yemen thing for a second because you might be able to figure this went out and and show me where I'm wrong? If, if I am so, Michael E, Bernie Sanders they been after this. This add on war in Yemen, since you know, Sensor Obama started it and it's Absolutely illegal. Most people don't know about it and we are where we are just in a war with Saudi Arabia. Okay, well nigh hoping Saudi Arabia indirect in a word on the low side. Yes, we're on their side, but we are at war with in Yemen with Saudi Arabia, and if you want that that's fine and you can make a case because of of ran, etc, etc so here's. What I am trying, I'm trying to figure out here, the cash,
thing happens and everybody is upset about it, and the car, the the Senate needs to take a tough stand again, Saudi Arabia, so they vote and they say no. We were in a stop this war in Saudi Arabia. Then the law ass a minute. This is added to the farm bill that, its blocking it so corrupt but people should understand that Saudi Libya has been a good ally, the United States, and that's why tromp have threatened them, more sanction them or whatever. So Yemen is this backwater south of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf is a. I swear Al Qaeda and ICES and IRAN are right plot and carry out. Such what happens in Yemen is no central authority, no central government, its Somalia. It's like the mountains of Pakistan.
Terrorism. There they do what they want to do. So. The king, Saudi Arabia, wants to petroleum and then get these people out of there, because they're a danger to Saudi Arabia, correct. Okay! So that's what that's! What's going on in the United States, Saudi Arabia by arming them by allowing them to use drone intelligence and by inserting special forces actually into Yemen. The banner of the war on terror. So there are: U S troops there and they carry out wage. That's what we do now that benefits us I'm not I'm not going to say, I am not
Agreeing with that theory, I just what I would like to know what we're talking about here. I would just like to hear the arguments and have it done constitutionally and the reason why I as you'd like transparent, yes and the regional right, one of the reasons, the one of the reasons: why is they Congress is trying to have their cake and eat it too can't there in Yemen. Yes, here you can't eat your cake and then also have your cake, it's one of the other and they trying to do this with Saudi Arabia, and so is the press. Your Saudi Arabia. We all know is bad this. Could this sketch yogi thing what There is no doubt the only reason why the press is making this into such a big deal. Is you said it earlier to hurt Donald Trump, daddy right if they act really cared about journalists in Saudi Arabia. They were
They would be using this moment to call for the freedom of Rafe body, this guy, It is in prison in Saudi Arabia. He's here two hearted v, the free saudi liberal movement. So he's in this. A bad thing. They either a thousand lashes and seven year prison sentence here Family is in Canada. They ve been saying we got. Please help us release this guy. Nobody in the media cares about is a journal journalist. Nobody cared not a big picture. The United States is business with Putin. We do business with China, we do business with. A heinous regimes all over the planet, and we do that because the amount can economy is an enormous engine. And we have to support three hundred and thirty million people here and we need cooperation from bad governments. I that's what this
Now you have to draw lines, I wouldn't sanction Saudi Arabia little bit harder than prompted a buddy. You look if you're gonna point out journalistic apart. We're Shi Ites all day long unit are easy, Let me let me ask you about the China and Canada thing. You know we asked for the farm bill back no more and no more, and that is so it's fine and exciting the look, to add value. Bail blow your mind. I China executive that we ask to be extradited. They have responded now and taken to canadian business people and they ve been disappeared in China, trust who is playing a different game with China. It's not necessarily just about trade. In balance, this is about them. Taking our technology
and stealing from our american companies? Is it not yeah? They act into the married database. The Chinese going to New York Times, while you're gonna get at night. That's true, but I think it probably is. The Chinese are now waging cyber warfare against all world the chinese swag around thing, you're gonna do we want to do and trumpet shining. Counted that, which is a good thing. I think, you get his trade deal with China. I think that he's gonna break them down. If you look at it, chinese economy numbers today, the terrible a billion? Have people in China and more than half of them don't have any electricity so that places a tender boxing can go up. The chinese government in Beijing knows that their economies starts a contract there in big trouble. So tromp, I think, is doing the right thing, and you know it's directed by the Defence Department mad at whose very shabby
and I'm sorry, I don't have any beef with that, but I think that people have to understand is a wicked world we live in who and he got a deal which some wicked people sometimes let me so. Starbucks one last time who it do you. Think is going to be the chief of staff in what's going on there at the White House, Taylor, Swift, that's. Why pick I won't tell us we have to be the chief of staff reaching out to the other side. And whoever the chief of staff is the guy can have any power or be able to do anything. So I never put tell his weapon. I mean I would so is this in or is he really having a hard time getting somebody who beat chiefest courtiers? Who would you want that shut? No, I wouldn't lie you weren't you wanna be cheap as they have the doll drop in every morning. You don't know is coming down stairs. I mean some noise Ok in the morning, he got so ok sand, but the fact is- and this is a fact- The document as we want
he does what it wants and it doesn't chief of staff who sit narrows down what to do or jesting, whatever you do, what he wants. A cushion will probably be that an ethic I hope he doesn't. Bulgaria Caution earn I'll take. That would be good for the country. I don't think it would be good for the country, but that would be the most reasonable pick for Donald Trump because year, because he doesn't trust anybody any. I think I shall return on in the correct. So yes, you're actually right there, you want somebody, that's not gonna, be legal. Stop all over the place and look bad but I think there are the people around a Washington savvy players. What do you think about recently needs Chris Christy, What are you really have a lot of experience with that swamp? Chris Christie now way to volatile none, I think you know, there's no yeah yeah, just the food libraries, the White House, need all right all right. All right, I don't get it,
It also answer the question. At least there is the New York Times best selling author bill, O Reilly, the author of the book, killing the S s, makes it created a great Christmas gift. Also You can subscribe to his one show on Bill: Riley dot com for the same price you couldn't get like forty shows the blaze savagery perspicacity is in plain words the day below Bill O Reilly from Bill orally Dotcom, we'll talk to next week, thanks Bill, Gregg You know anybody else who has relationship. Abyla related vague, like that. Now I guess hammers him. Nobody else every else just reveres Edna, like a limb long because both go to each other. I know I love it and eleven Casper Matter. Casper Mattress is inviting you to have a good,
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It's my eagles light up sweater does have does play music as well, but no thank you I can. I can give that set up if you lucky Anonymous Thank you. That's a good idea. I think it's really a problem. I think said others be a moment. I think, is very appropriate that the stadium his empty in that Eagle show up when they lose your eagles fan, sharp even when they let you have a they're, usually not playing a very very far into the winter. So they were the priorities and happens in the winter, smart guy, so so here Let me say something else of the of the marvelous. Miss Mabel S, marvelous maize, or, I think, is the best written comedy on television today. Really. I saw the preview, it looks like it's an old. Try me: what's? Could you know? What's the premise? Yes, she is a housewife in the nineteen fifties. They live in New York. Her husband get a divorce. He wanted
comedian, but he's horrible. She was really the genius behind it, she's a natural. She He breaks up because cease cheating on her with her her his secretary. Goes down to the comedy club and she just Rance and she's hysterical. She becomes friends with Lenny Bruce and it's got a lot of real historic pieces to it. And it's her trying to make her way in comedy and Tony is a chilling cello, Bianchi Lube he this is the best he's ever been. He is brilliant in there the cast of characters, all of them brilliant and it's as if it's as, if Sorkin, who wrote the West Wing had written this. You know how he does double the pace of dialogue and Sarkoja
He is, I think, at least this season double the pace that it's got to be double the pace. I mean it is just boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo boom. It is really funny Well done really well done I'll, give it a shot. I will say the preview did not have me jumping into an Annapolis. I saw they big. I will you Tanya watched. I think the first one is like do you mean by that? third, one eye thanks hot and is it's just. I just think it's brilliant and just think it's absolutely brilliant. In every in every way best comedy on on television anywhere. To spend some time out and what what is a big device? the men in the movie industry, I think this weekend. What is the release of a page thirteen version of dead pull to sought last night with Rafe. You did. Yes, he's wanted he's dead, pool narcolepsy dead, pools rated. Are it's brilliant?
we thought we have to talk about it. What they did, they they mirrored and parodied a prince, S bride and it's it's really real- good before the stuff forever from will become ass. Really some of these movies and in ways that Vienna families can see them or release. Teenagers is the attain. Agers could see it is still a raft still edgy, but but very very well done,
the future of energy men and in line with this is that Glinda programme. It is a good thing that we keep record of all of our shows that we have our time. That's true, it's a big one when you say something in later on, when you do have a check on its accuracy. Yes, I was going to make sure we have the Argo ten years ago. Ten years ago, I said something and it is come true. Pretty stunning when the more surprising and we will give them to you next. This is the grand Back programme, never more than thirty seconds away from content. First half hour of every hour, the Glen Back Programme. Let me tell you clear about our sponsor. It is say anything say: thing is a game that just might help you start talking to your family. Again
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in the toy section is say anything ten years ago. Ten years ago on this programme. I made a mocking prediction and Ed, you know I'll tell you what the left should be upset about. It's a song, and I laid out the case ten years ago. And while I've taken it a couple of step further further than than they aren't currently remember. This comedy this insane ten years ago. Listen
maybe this is just a vain hope. You drop me. Maybe this negative side aim, just like I what's obliging the scene, I use this. This summer is a you know. Maybe it's just me that I'm in others they seem like I'm gonna get you then I heard it done by in Martin Inv Marty. You know you couldn't trust The main user renders the Frank Sinatra. You know what I'm unions so so that a year, from Dean Martin and I think that there's someone here there there's something much deeper than this event goggles, at the beginning. I just mentioned listen. The word seems. Like Saigon Zadig ranking best Christmas Roger.
Maybe it's, but maybe it's love us our first. She says I really Stay unease is but babies, cold outside so? What am I may come, in other words, what we say: guess wife's gang put The latest ran in his sobs euro temperatures. You know domain is call, as I know you like, That's a little dramatic here right now but may I lay the rest of the song up to provide Some context go ahead, hope you drop me? Ok, ok, ok has done here. She said I really can't say she's trying to politely get out of there. Go away so she says I gotta go away. What was it? assign you said I gotta go to somebody use and I I gotta go away, you don't say,
go away, does leavings inventions, so very, very nice she's right act like dolphins, wrong, an excuse yourself right I gotta go. I think evenings we were very nice and then what is heat Are you gonna do listeners drop. You ends, just like I, just as others is holding your hand, that's a sign of affection right holding your hands. That's restrained, that's a form of imprisonment. Then she said as their just like I was less South south after she says, my mother will start to worry and my father will be pacing. The floor
which is exactly the thing that lasted says. It Michael doesn't hear from me, they're gonna come looking and then is he say in response to this, This very same. You didn't catch, what is it you're, never gonna work for the F B. I must follow along you gotta hostage situation he's holding her hands. She sang there's somebody's gonna come for me, they know where I am and then he says, listen to the fireplace roar, Nother words Oh Bernie alive, you don't stay and put out. That's what I am hearing here. Ah, how did we, MRS our whole life there she decides is escalating too fast was what she said.
A place? You at least some actors such as ourselves? so she decides it escalating. Control who will well I'll, give you Maybe just one more drink, this one more drink and then he distracts races. You put on some record. First of all who plays records anymore, serial killers, she She says: ok, maybe have to have a drink. More, maybe just have a drink. Then he says yeah. Put on some of those records. While I poor, so now he set up to pour the drink well our attention is elsewhere. What is you do he drugs the drinks, hello as it is by what she says next,
read his baby out no catch up there. It is your honor say: what's in this drink, then she says I know you have about your eyes were. I wish I knew how to break this spell. I wish Say was string I wish I knew spell at other words, it isn't just date: rape, rug. Sadly vex now, a bird mood. In the middle of it? He says TAT, you have your cake.
Your eyes are like starlight. Now, clearly, effects of g be kicking and now and then he says, I'm gonna take your eyes. Yes at most vulnerable moment. He begins. Take your clothes off She says she's dead I ought to say no, no, no, but you can't why, because she's basic we paralyze now laying next to the fire worries she's, terrified, he's in a book death and he mark he says my If I move in clouds. No, this is our horror movie. Knowing cheek resist she exhausting the fact that she at least try to stop, is advances. And he says
Europe cannot reduces really sitting. I tried a baby, it's ok! I love you. I mean this on stopping said we should never play this again. Is it sits the nightmare? for Christmas. I just goes on and on and on you know. I simply must give a clear answer is no yet he he keeps in coming and come you know what this is. This is: story, let the guy that the bounty Hunter arrested in Mexico. Although the welcome has been so nice and warm yeah, yeah yeah yeah, that Europe, you know the warmth of J B induces you see. I'm saying your lips look delicious! Oh, I bet they do Hannibal.
The cannibal I get it. Put out or you're gonna find yourself in an icy grave, very Christmas. Two that's it! It's just me. Years ago? It was, I think, just me ten years ago it was now it's not, and that was that was something that there was. I think that was a comedic observation ten years ago. Now it was a mean we never think we'd get to that ridiculous point now. This is why there is no comedy anymore, because a thing Is that our funny? You have to take it to the extreme. How do you take a mirror,
to the extreme. Now it's all right. It lives at the extreme. You never more than thirty or sixty seconds away from of content on this programme. We are so glad you're. Here. Let me talk a little bit about the axe. Chair stew. I should make him stand. Quite honestly, at least I'd feel I was getting something you know or for the money that I pay em standing! Good luck on that one time. Even pay me in Oregon ever gonna turn that envisioning never gonna turn around them. I now know anyway, so we just got new chairs for the studio. It's the exchequer and you know the average, since spends more time in their office year than they do in bed, because you're at work all the time in here and not to mention the things you're doing, you're, not comfort, writer hunched over pewter or I had taken a phone call you,
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dont Know- is during the brakes stew just makes it worse. By pushing a little button on his letter yak as this one doesn't just light up what resources is also part of a sweater. Now you want it to make loud noises and his his sweater. Does he added and was music to you? So you just I go with you after I mean Why would you not go with Eagles theme song every single break to annoy Glenn? I mean really sounds like when someone says, It sounds a little like like like this hang on a second, not a mice
so it doesn't come up early, the Soviet national anthem. Thus we push the button. Am I swear? I will believe that from you is obvious. Why eagles? I kind of sounds like the old solely national. They don't know me it's an eagle as a national symbol in other lyrics, also in that Soviet nationally, also had where the land of liberty and and were free people there who are Last night I took, I took Rafe out to move because I promised him he's he's, wanted to see deadbolt dead, poor and I have not seen any notes. Radar and very rated are to me. I'm very reason: are it's really over the top? So I when seen it? He obviously hasn't seen it, but he wanted to see a blah blah blah blah blah. So
he said there is a new cut of this now this is, thing that conservatives have been asking for for ever, can you caught the raided are? Can you give it a cot for us prudes, while they ve done it they ve done it. This is the first time in its, I think, brilliant first wall they double dip. You have the raided our audience that goes too far, and then you have the Fiji thirteen that still go really really far but You? You have that standard now and you have that choice. This is we ve been asking the movie companies to do for ever I can't we have. What is it? The angel thing VIT Angel right, Why can't we have that world It's an art thing here losing money right, which is not usually what we're here.
What goes now they ensure there is indeed films that maybe they can make the argument about dead pool gathered in a lot of cash and it is right, was the first one was really find this an almost funny too. So I I don't know I haven't seen either of them and you might go see this and say all they butchered the movie. I think it was. Really really funny and and this specially the way they did it, they didn't just go and edit this movie. They filmed about thirty minutes extra costs? That was my question. Would this whole process? I saw dead pool to the written our version of first came out, and if you just added it to make it pity thirteen, it would be like four minutes long like theirs. Now, I think you will. I think you will really. I think you really like it's a really made into a new product that is not because of the UN's starts out. It's so great, and I thought this was just for the trailer. I thought they were just going to cut this movie and they could shorter and you know, take some stuff out, but they didn't is it: it starts eggs
Exactly like the opening scene of princess bride, when the grandpa is sitting there in the chair. Ok, You don't have the mom in their etc, but when grandpas there and he's like hey, I brought something brought a book, that's dead, pool playing the empire? The room looks exactly the same and savages in it, but he's where Your wedding ring on his knees and adopt any wakes up as if from an drug induced state any like. Where am I what what is happening and he's like hey fella! I've got a little book for you, I'm in to like what it is. Where is this? The set from is is the movies that from yet is, and so they re create, except he's hostage. And then on the trailer minorities are not day or not giving away your, but it is
it goes for out the movie. It keeps going back just like the princess bride, which I thought was brilliant really, really brilliant and very, very funny at one point I knock, have given away the dead body character with Fred Savage uses, he's got a little boom boom, breakin bleep words, because it's a page, thirteen and, and Bread uses a different, Ed F word. That is not bad It's worth the price of admission alone Ray it's used against him in that seen very funny, very, very funny that hold the whole premise. That is its very aware of itself being a movie the whole movies about that. So lazy writing.
The other reason. That's good. I feel like that's a really that's something we should. Even if you dont like dead pool- and you don't care about that bull is something we should be praising Hollywood for little that because that something we have demanded now. May I make it so other people so people can see it. You have to have every f bomb in the movie. You don't have to very sexy in the movie. We still want to see these movies I've been some services the angel was one of those that what clean flex pure flex, one of those young appear. I can live with one I can remember, but there's a service. I know Pat gray from peccary unleashed uses it Netflix and you can watch any movie will like added it. So you can, you can take, whenever we want you to get swears, you can t get succeeds. Antonov jiffy would be here he would say he wanted to add in more secretary that it does not do that, but other that its pre, which pretty handy, but even the idea that they would go through and instead of justice edit, actually mean something new out of a movie
please audiences that maybe don't wanna, see all the already stuff is at a great. I thought I was a brilliant by those brilliant cause, the kids, to see that movie, you know it's the only one they can't see, and it only makes some want to see more were of all the marble movies right. This is the only one. That's the only are ya and it s a Jew. Based on the page, thirteen I couldn't Engine what the hour was like it's gotta, be a hard because its very year the pushes the boundary Quite a bit me that's his order, the joke right leg, it's very violent! It's you know, there's lots of references, there's lots of swearing. It definitely goes. I that's the whole point of it right, the charm of that character. If the onset of his cynicism and sort of sarcastic nature is the idea that your binding this like thing, You normally see in a kids movie with everything,
You would never see indicates movie. So let's just say this, you should be aware that, had my wife attended this third feed, thirteen movie and it wasn't the two boys in the theater who it may have that we may not have made it to the end. The force this tv, thirteen as far as they can push it, but I would imagine it's very clean compared to the the actual version, and even if you are the original see this one, what they did with red savages, really brilliant airlift ok, you need to protect your house, you need to protect your family and especially when you're gone, I mean burglars. Don't want to see you they freely they all euro zone. We think one of somebody breaks in at night, that's not when they break in they break in during the day because you're, not home, specially very
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This is the declared back programme. We welcome to the show Mr Andrew Heaton, who has a podcast on blaze, tv something sub something's up something off with an off with Andrew, eaten and rethink, will you get to know him. There really is something off within with Andrew HU. Thank you for me back you to be here, so I wanted to start with this and run off. You been following v. The Russians spy thing was liberty. Area- I guess Rina, Bettina Yeah- was she she was, I think, she'd been to freedom FEST couple times and of freedom faces a big libertarian gathering in the desert that every year and I think she'd been there and I've actually hope. I didn't warm up for William Shatner there a couple years ago. Which is the highlight of my committee career by the way he has even juncture, will shatter the snow.
Get behind. Where can I get a picture in handling a very funny? I was a great doesn't matter if any one thing, some that I'm fine I I think I met her and I was kind of worried because I have kind of a thing for redheads and this is pretty well documented, and so I would like the police the I'm sure that there's all sorts of keeping tat. So what I saw that I was like wait a minute like I data a young lady whose, from different countries red it's. What I first saw that headlines like spyware, oh wow, that now is not her. I didn't I didn't Merida between, but I do I We take the contrary. An approach on this say like thank you, Russia, for having the decency and the gentlemanliness of sending us hot spots as that is some old school gentlemen tactics that has fallen out of use in international diplomacy. There's one country, I'm thinking of another dimension, which one it is but from what I can tell
all their doing his hacking us from a basement somewhere in China? I appreciate the fact the Russians will at least send over hot women to seduce our guys. Wasn't that part of the Cold war era, one that in those the best part of the coal right here right, twilight, zone episodes and I ve got. We got these HANS Rights actually right, it was like the constant fear of nuclear death was alleviated somewhat by the fact that you know you might. The habit of flying with a rush of agent that was cool and Mary keeping alive. Thank you. Thank you. Russia, like that, tells me they respect us rough. I think to the the change from the Soviet Union to Russia, and and and just whatever bit of capitalism entered their world in their transition. Really me, their women hotter, like there were not at that, That's their export at this point are just really attractive women. It was not the case here. I can look at some of those like you know, a liberal majority from the seventies and eighties, it said, say: we're not. The airy Anna
or in a coma and Maria Sheriff over and where it is a constant villa. Maybe they were just a hot but sad and starving. I dont like, as I already combating look, it's possible that you looking you like. Oh, I can't I'm not remotely arouse because of the misery of that sit down, and that's probably good you're, not anywhere. I just remember them being big and frightening. You know like. That's, not a woman, is it I'm? You know you are right now, you're like I was there with transgender, is in. You know you gonna, but this was there. Trying not to be women. They were women, they just looked like big men. What are the men look like, there, are only the hurly burly like barrel. Chested lie drunks, ok, protests, estimation of weightlifter really matters as migrants or gymnast. We're just put right, you're really into chats right right right. So so you never matter. I dont think it is possible. I met
you wouldn't surprised me, but I'm I'm confident. I didn't data rather like that. That's the wrangling, do a quick, uneducated, almost all the libertarian, when there are eight and I have dated five While the remaining three it's just a if they get divorced, I got a sweeping. We should point out that technically because since she was a russian spies, really seven that's true you're right, I was actually only seven and we can infer that one of them's probably a spy than earnings Evans, and so yes, it's it's pretty slim number yeah, it's kind of a sad life. You live. Yes, I do we're we're all in agreement. I guess I'm snap addresser with a sad life yet so you covering a couple of stories that you know. I have not been covered by the mainstream media or really anybody else, and thus the something's off with Andrew Heaton. Well, you know I the few things we endeavour to do it. It is a fun podcast, it's a thoughtful podcasting hand. So I do I bring on a lot of people to have discourse
The motto of the show is good and intelligent people can disagree on matters of substance, but before I get into that thoughtful stuff, I try and find headlines that I dont feel are getting sufficient attend an international media, and this week I dont even do multiple headlines a dedicated, like a full block for trying to unravel the story, which I believe is what's gonna get me the Pulitzer this next year, real it, which is what do I do? for twenty nine, while elsewhere occurrences, get opposing. What was the story that you were so and I need a stress, I'm not making any of this up. The rice, all totally legitimate, ok scientist were concerned that in Hawaii endangered monk seals kept being found with dead eels up their nostrils. The Apparently snorting eels were Have you seen this year? Saucer generators creepy and they don't seem to mind. They seem per don't know seal psychology super right, but they appear to be kind of blithely unaware. I would.
Or or the fact that they don't have hands. They know there's nothing they can do about. It still is like what am I gonna get up there? The Buddhists of the Ale violent animal world really like you know what I can't can't do anything about it. So dont rejected just just role with punch the other day, so that its that with this photo that's gone via withers there's this seal month. It looks like it's half asleep. With this two inches of of the old dangling out of his nostrils and this science state was spotted on. You know. One of these endangered species cancel whatever, whatever the scientists have set up there, and he said this. And I are debts research on this- the email subject line was just eel. In knows question mark, and it was Email together, side is to see if there was a protocol for removing eels from seal noses and they had to do a back and forth and eventually the like apparently will have us the handbook to some guy this went out there like pulled him out like like a magic handkerchiefs, took out this dead dead. It was dead. Is it yeah yeah? It's it's. I don't know how
It was alive by the time they got it. It was dead. This year was fine. This it was fine, although this is one of the concerns they have. Is that if, if this keeps happening- and I felt like they ve got like five documented cases of this now- at least for they said four or five swashing. One of a might be the same. There is not sure whether for their fear is that if this keeps happening that the of the month, seals will either get pneumonia or there just might be general health complications from having a rotting ill. This in your Nostra, which others writer assumption of an so I so are there- are the eels crawling in again the will of the sales, a great question or are base or the eels going somehow or another come see what's inside when a cavern of my face. Ok, the great question- and this is what has been racking the scientific community- These few months started happening were putting were putting cures for cancer on the back burner and were all trying to figure out,
partner. I mean I'm a doctor scientist and on a deputy scientist right, I in a lab cup, that's how that works under european law and no so that this kind of three prevailing theories and I've got my own for theory. The first theory is that the monks heels when their their hunting in the eels among the eels, urchins and octopi. The theory is that they will find it underwater and just kind of shoved their head into it and start grounding around and there will be an eel inside and the only orifice with which it could escape is the seal nostril from the perspective of the eel. So just shoots up they're trying to escape networks. That's one thing right, that's pretty got there and that's pretty smile. Like that's a good idea from the real agenda, you pretty smart, it's you know what I mean shoot. The moon, if you can make it through that whole gastrointestinal track. That would be would be the greatest Laval time and you can work your way through their, but so far while you know what may be the half we're only sing, the net on three, maybe maybe the really fast deals gray out. I don't think it's super likely because, apparently again, I spent way too much time researching. This need
feels have pretty good muscle retention in their nostrils, like I think it's almost like a sphincter or something where they can control that hole. So I don't think it's like they said they could fortune in which brings us to steering number to, which is that they're vomiting out the eagles. So I can be whatever you know, Mr Perry, your nose when you're laughing did you watch right, Newark ritual in your your internet, Bob new art does your eyes so funny, and you you should have that. Mr pick out, you know could be something like that right again, but it's like a whole eel saw nothing. That's like and the the third one, which is kind of the one, the scientist soon we gravitate towards. Isn't I'm not again, and this is them not me, teenagers are dumb. Their theory is that just there are dumb monks, he'll, probably males the just snort eels for the hell of it because Why not to oppress their their sealed? So it's like the t. It's like the seals title, drag racing. That's like tied, pause, stupid thing. That's like there. The seal adults are like clicking damp, teenagers are, tire society of seals, gonna be white.
Out and then at the end of the elder. Seals are talking about how the water used to be wetter rack and how the young seals or narcissistic they don't have proper Cyrus Magda clap. Their flippers is what my I theory by the way, I think, there's probably cocaine in them. I think there's cocaine inside the eels Eleanor Cocaine comes from, but has probably eels lay outside it. Does it maybe they're nervous has written, because that's the only thing I can think of it would compel it audible. The second you up at or anybody species to. Second eel up its nose, but the only thing I can think of yeah yeah. Ok Let me go slowly switch topics to car, ok. So if you're on the Pulitzer Committee, if your listing you're on the culture committee, I'm doing the omens worker, it's big investigation, It's on the level with the Rainy Harold was the all the stuff. They do, this the just in case you have two case. I mean there's that there's a few nominees but you're there. Share with me. You know he'd, he does have an Emmy. He wanted Emmy. I I I I was given an Emmy.
If I John STAR, so I write to suit so John, thus a great guy guy that that I worked with her. I worked near. I was not the same teams, him Fox business, but this is the worst award ever so he was given to you. He wanted. He gave it to you and you weren't, even working with them, that's not winning at well. So he sat down on the right us said. Ah, Sir John, who, if you dont, know John John so incredibly smart guy in a very nice guys, but also the least sentimental, human being I've ever met the he discusses. It's like he had like. He is like what a I is going to be. The heavenly like he looks up like you emotions on Wikipedia like about of yes it so for a while. What he would do is here he would have these. He is like, I think, eight national armies and your big deal and he is like four hundred local enemies which are important, but not as big a deal so when he would go to much campuses. Whoever asked the best question. He would just give them a local image. When I left fox, I went like John. If here is passing out, Amy's I'd take one and he's like. Why should I give it to you as well, because I do
Nickel, satire and use walked over in hand me. A national Emmi would like here you go, and that is why this is only and the way they were, he told is to be used like hey. You know, John really thought this was a funny thing that we dared and everything else. So I a plane with with John just a few weeks ago and where we're flying to I dont, remember Bermuda and- and so he hops on the plate- and I said John, a friend of yours and he he goes off any taxes as all great stuff about Andrew hidden and now what she loves him in everything else- and I said Andrea told me- that. You gave him an arab NASH Lebanese he's like oh yeah, yeah, you all on there is even a mile away like there can be no sabotage. John was not what we just tired of dust and easy way to get rid of. It is incredible. Andrew Andrew Heaton, something's off with Andrew Heaton, is the podcast subscribe to it. You're gonna love it. It's it's a lot of fun Andrew! Thank you. So much like you.
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a happy years, my wife Pauline just passed away over a year ago, and so most hey Joe and I are doing fine, but it gets a little dismal around here. Sometimes some of jewels comments recently been grandpa. We entirely this being you and me. Maybe we could get another kid. Grandpa dont think people costs very much know, he's coming around His way to reach out is you tube generally, is over fifty videos posted currently fifty one subscribers its biggest thrill. An affirmation is getting a new subscriber. Could you please who is channel and use the quotation. Marks quotation mark Joe MOA M O a and quotation marks and watch a video to like them and subscribe. Please doesn't cassinetts just little time. Joe will be so happy also feel free to share This post with your friends blah blah blah. So it is quotation Mark Joe Mo M, o a end: quotation marks kids,
I've watched a couple of the videos their harmless there. There is this: if I don't even know how you eldest exit twelve he's a twelve year old boy so you just doing you know twelve year old boy, videos and their harmless in and now he's a cue kid by himself up in a of the Pacific Northwest? Bellingham itself so you're gonna be like that any search, Joe Mullah EM, away and ass. If his channel comes up any work, what should we do you subscribe to it like it here I others a subscription paid her again rights of clear, subscribe and see how because he's gonna come. He is aware for fifty subscribers. Come home and see more fifty out a guess what his audience doing at it and he doesn't need the idea no his grandfather, I dont know Joe or anything else. So it's just let's just quietly This is not just not tell him of your heads and of yours and have your kids
subscribe. Maybe I mean, maybe of your boy feels the same: wants a like a pen pow here As I remember I had a pen pal, I grew up just outside of Bellingham Clinton and I had a pen pal and he was in, I think, Troy New York. And then I remember waiting for those those and we were a pen pals for animal half a year or so, and I said wish. I could remember the kids name, I'd, look him up today, but was. There was great. I loved it so anyway do it. Go to Youtube. A quotation mark Joe MOA M, O a quotation mark like it,
and subscribe, and give this kid a holiday treat it doesn't cost you anything airlines,
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