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Stop Crying, Adam Schiff | Guests: Ben Shapiro & Tom Fitton | 7/28/21

2021-07-28 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss what the investigation into the January 6 Capitol riot is really about. Pat Gray joins to discuss Adam Schiff’s “emotional” time at the January 6 hearing and the lies that were told throughout it. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton calls in to discuss the FBI monitoring citizens connected to the Capitol riot. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins to discuss unrest in Cuba and how easy it would be for President Biden to reactivate internet access for the protesters. Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro joins to discuss his new book, “The Authoritarian Moment,” which lays out how the Left is the true authoritarian threat. Glenn and Stu discuss Glenn’s upcoming art charity show.

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Man in America and welcome to the Glen Back programme. There is a lot to report on today. First, I mean Adam Schiff, weeps and the world laughs. It's. The January sixth hearings yesterday to congressmen could not control their emotions. They were so upset by it and I think that's fantastic. I really. I really do not want to make fun of people crying ass. You really don't everything the driver and I'll give you something to grab that's what my father would have said yesterday we're not going to talk about that this, our Ben Shapiro, is joining us on the show. We're gonna talk a lot about authoritarianism and we we begin with the growing state, In sixty seconds programme,
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seeing dot net american financing animal us one. Eight do three: four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, not or tonight, on the Wednesday night, special at nine p m. This is a must watch on blaze, tv. I am focusing on an alarming new strategy from the White House. It's something that America barely even noticed when it was released last month. We do. And we started our researchers looking into it media just rubber stamped it with their approval, but it was together by the National Security Council, and it is a blueprint for sweeping government action, called the national strategy for countering domestic terrorism with zero focus on movements like be a Lamb and antiphon, which has caused over a billion dollars in physical damage. In the last year and how many people have died, zero,
focus on ransom, where attacks from Russia and China and zero focus on the ongoing threats from radical islamic terrorist groups. This national strategy declares America's greatest national security threat to be violent. Extremists principally those who promote the superiority of the white race, now. Those guys have always been a problem and I know I'm not for white supremacy, you're no friend of mine, if you're a white, supremacist you're an idiot and if you're a violent white supremacist you'll get your your nazi so I don't really know what to say about those guys other than I've always been against them, and I think most people are this White House strategy, however, has done stir being implications for the constitutional rights of all Americans, as were already seeing governments, as if surveillance systems, turning their focus on us.
the: U S, citizen the cabin The riots on January, six, foolish, tragic, awful everybody I know was against it, but predicted lay the White House and the? U S. National security apparatus are seizing that event to redefine domestic terrorism. That is exactly that's all this thing. This hearing is about to expand the powers of government to prevent you from speaking. you need to know about their new blueprint for big government and big Tec to surveys, root out and silence. All of America's court unquote deplorable. All in the name of national security tonight is very important Wednesday night special. If you are not subscribe to the blaze, please subscribe now, you can subscribe, add blaze, tv dot com, and you can also watch this on blaze, tv. You tube
bindings new domestic terrorism threat. You make sure you a promo code planning, you'll save ten percent on tonight's special. Now let me go through a couple of things that were I'm gonna have time to cover, and they should tell you something big tat, has now partnered with the government, the biggest? U S tax tech companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, they are spending, the types of extremists content shared between firms in a key data base. This as part of the national strategy, so here's. What they're doing the group will add attacker manifestoes, often shared by sympathisers after white supremacist violence? Can you tell me Still, the last white supremacist violence, you saw in the news.
Mainly Charlottesville view people a January sixth, ok, but yeah, not there's, not a big factor country. There are a lot of white supremacist and our nation I knows, is shocking to the means media so here's the thing they are now there now working together and they will use lists from intelligence sharing group five eyes do no five eyes is come on. five eyes. Anybody five eyes are, and I'm getting I'm gonna blow this year, but its France straight Leah, England: the United States. Maybe Germany a carer, but it's the biggest western intelligence group, so our CIA, you know em six they work together and its five eyes. Candidates is one of them and we share all of the information is
much as we can, to share, will now, we are sharing a database of extremists and those who are anti government, Strange Canada, New Zealand, New, UK and United States. Ok, hurry. Anyway. So we are now playing with care sure terrorism, organizations. And they are now starting to access a global database and they're getting input from red it snapchat Facebook. Instead, ram rise in media Microsoft, linked in Dropbox all of that is going to a global database. Is this, is this problem? Is this a problem and by the
at the same time, these high tech companies are saying that you're lying and if you're lying about things, they're going to they're, going to make sure that your dis information or misinformation of specifically about the virus, that, if you We're not telling the truth on that you're going to be banned. Well, You know it's really really weird. If we were looking at if you're, watching the internet at all. you might have heard about this person that just left the s in the e r and that when they were in the hospital. Therefore Kofi they they saw that we are officially being crushed by this delta variant- it is it's much more dangerous than ever before and its it, somebody who wrote this just left. the e r,
unfortunately that's not true, because that exactly stage is being treated out by several people. What kind of wondering who did that and where are the fact checkers on this one who is- who is putting out propaganda. Pushing that out. So I but he goes and worries about the delta virus whose doing that because twitter is all over miss him nation. In fact, yesterday Twitter, suspended the twenty twenty election audit accounts now. for multiple states. They banned, accounts linked to the official twenty twenty election audits, these are. The official state accounts.
so they just thought that may should ban the War room in Wisconsin Nevada in Pennsylvania in Georgia, but that don't worry about it. and I guess this happened because CAN Bennett, who is the GNP Secretary of State in Arizona he is the liaison to the ongoing audit and came out last week in he said I can be a part of a process where I'm kept out of the critical aspects along the way to make the legitimate and have integrity when we produce the final report, he said I ve been asking. How are you coming up with these numbers? What are the things and he is now been banned from this? He said I I can't ouch for a final product unless transparency and I can see how Coming to these conclusions, no. No, if that's what led to the twitter ban, but Twitter me,
it wants to make sure that you don't know what is happening with the audit. The! U N has just The green light big tat mega database to censor American Extremist online, big tack It was a group led by the most, or full in the most influential online they are going to broaden now their shared censorship data to curb extremist content and like to video and images deemed white supremacist according to Reuters expansion comes after the group took on renewed urgency after January six, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Youtube tech oligarchs, trigger happy to de platform, political dissidents founded the mobile internet forum to counter terrorism in twenty seventeen, it's a new according to them collective effort to prevent this.
Bread of terrorist and violent extremists. Content on line You know we never did any of these things for anybody else. Anybody else anti fa over a billion dollars of damage they have. Could you look up? How many people have died in all of these anti for riots how many police others yet doesn't dozens dozens, dozens Airbus and B is now in this pledging to prevent hate groups from visiting Washington DC male Chimp. using its power to de platform opinions, it doesn't like pension it needs a grand. Instagram, have banned Donald Trump this is a growing problem in the United States and the problem really stems from people who absolutely believe that they are right now:
times a New York Times reporter. This is not an opinion person, her name Is Katy Banner she, yesterday deleted tweet. Calling for Trump supporters to be considered enemies of the state enemies of the state Trump supporters. She said that the January six committee to do this to combat the national security threats within the country and the solution is to target the voters of the former president. she deleted, because she said they were. You know clearly worded. Well, what she wrote to January six, Select Committee underscores America's current essential national security dilemma. Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician supporters enemies of the state. As
Arrogance, we believe state power should not be used to work against a political figure or political party, but why happens of a politician seems to threaten the state that Paula It continues to do so out of office and his entire party supports that threat. Let's now, on clearly worded. We know eggs, a key. What she means There are also going back now and talking more about mask mandates portion of America's not going to do it. They're just Gonna do it here is the truth. We are a nation clearly divided We are a nation that doesn't believe in blind justice any more if we did This hearing would have people who disagreed with each other on panel
and Adam Schiff would be nowhere near it. We're being told now we have to vaccines which I have no problem with vaccination. I currently have anti bodies and Anti bodies are shown by science to be better than the then the inoculation so when I feel like I need it MA. I'm gonna take the vaccine. It's not a problem not giving it. My kids, but I I have a problem taking the vaccine. But see this is not about the vaccine. This is not about saving people. None of this is this is not about stopping violence on the streets. This is not about stopping people who don't like, the government in power, not otherwise you'd be going after antifreeze as well, because they they are claiming they won,
an end to the constitution and an end to capitalism and an end to this government, aright So why are we looking at them because that Not what we're looking for we're, not looking for the truth. we're looking for a political. Ah viewpoint, that is we. Dana deemed the truth, and any It stands against. It is evil is wrong, is dead you're to society. and you have to fear or whatever it is. You fear that you notice as we have said almost every day this week, it is black and spanish acts for the. oh spark that are not getting vaccinated. It's not trump supporters alone. Many trump supporters, have already gotten the vaccine.
but why are we made to feel that its white extremists, that its white people who voted for Donald Trump, that are the problem here? That's not This is all about fear. Everything they do is about fear and the law, down, has turned fear into a virtue, when she listened carefully to this, because this, is the problem those who are afraid to believe their better. people than those who aren't. And we'll subconsciously look for ways to multiply fear, because that is Their virtue they I believe there better people Everything in our society is saying. Yes, if you I agree with c r t if you agree with Marxism, if you I agree with you,
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but here he is with all of the credibility on what January. Six was really all about better next time. God help us. Ever so, driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens is traders if their board another country, but they don't look like us. Sorry, he's actually crying here little busy. is Greece it out the tears could help us got up exactly because a folks, like you, ok, so he has. Faith augurs well for my people, there are testifying yesterday, you can't have it. I've died. Ass does not look. Ok, it's too emotion, so I didn't. You know that they actually moved barricades
ok, ok I'll, just as a party up our body. Ups right of all, we should not lose a lot of votes God be going on here. Is the area is the big? First of all, I think both sides are in a state of delusion and I think because everybody is whipped, everybody up into a frenzy, and it's not what I say: everybody's whipped up now really only the media and the politicians and washing native whipped everybody up, I'm calling this the worst attack. on american institutions. Syn the civil war is so ridiculous. We all- I was horrified
my wife was horrified Everyone I know was horrified while this was going on. We were horrified that we're like wears a president wears a president wise in the president. Coming out, we were horrified that eating immediately get on and say: stop it. We don't Do this stop it gave them that's true This is from the group of people who also were horrified, nobody in Seattle, nobody in Portland. Nobody in the rest of the country, it seems actually stood up in their own cities and said: stop it right now: comes to Antigua now there trying to prosecute and persecute one, anyone who voted for Trump because of what honestly, maybe what let's get I'll, give you the benefits it. Maybe two hundred people did, I think, we're probably fifty that were committed to it, and
the rest were hapless dupes they just followed in and got tied into it, and some people- just you know, caught up in the emotion, got very angry and committed crimes remaining arrive. Dandy should go to jail or or be fined. I mean a lot of them work again. Ups adding with the podium man. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring back to that. Please, Sir Simon, without Borneo, abundantly clear that road. You know the reason why these guys care so much is because it happened to them for the first time right up at em they're, not small business owners, they're, not they're, not worry about the police being defined, nobody's nobody funding the police in Washington DC. Imagine if those people did that to the capital and then,
The rest of America said you know what we need to do defined the police in Washington DC. Imagine All those people in the capital would feel that exactly what they have been encouraging for the rest of America. If there's a defined for capital police movement right now, maybe we could take them seriously on their other claims, but they don't care of people, Minneapolis die being new police, don't show up they'll care. That has nothing to do with it. They don't care at all and the ito. This remember during the George Food Riots, places all over Washington DC we're on fire my zeros all sorts of violence that have been times when that was going on in a resolution that is directly at them, so they care about me up yet absolutely every time there was one guy. actually said that I don't think he noticed that he was saying the truth. play the the police. I abstained on amendment twenty as yet, not one. Listen to this day
had marching orders so to say when you saved for when people fail, emboldened people in power, they theirs that their right, I did the one of the scariest things that allows January six. Is that people that were there even to this day, they were right I think that they are right and that that makes for a scary recipe for the future of this country. I know at Seattle, ask Portland Ass Chicago, ask any place in America where D fund the police, as some people in Minneapolis dude I feel that they were wrong they were emboldened by the system by the local community by the mayor's by the City Council now the president. They were in older and when they were being bailed out by our now vice president, is, I mean
that. I think that Donald Trump hasn't provided bail for any of these people come, Harris, Pervided bail for peace. In Antigua and Minneapolis and all over the country is of whom were attacking federal, build yes, so yeah, I don't think that police officer really understood what he said and from the big nothing of the hearing yesterday Benny Thompson that I guess he's, the of the committee. You started out by saying we are here to deal only in fact, we will only dealing right and the first thing he did was lie about how many people died. Seven people I sat and people, seven people, seven people know that sick mic. Then we know Make died and they lied about that as well, because he was beaten to death, well, United, a result of the injuries incurred in the riot No
He model of the day after he must have yet to strokes. He had to struggle. We have adopted or say that those strokes were certainly cod on by the yeah did say tied to the events right. No, they didn't know they came out of. Nowhere did nothing, though corn. I said that the opposite. This shows a ticking time bomb would have happened anyway, My thought in the fourth. They said that he had had a new while it was a stroke. It was dark out. I think I remember I've. Orinoco is policy. I am doing. The coroner did not blame, but we're yard was. It was not a traditional. How you heard of her dear- I don't like you know, did David was a data Doorn who died in the end, the riots, the police officer and retired police officer. He was shot that that's how you, how you think of no rights in a riot ride, like you beat over the head with a widow fire, because there were no injuries that cause sick, nics death, maybe blood pressure, mulvaney attics. high blood pressure because of the event that that's is bound to strangle. You can get you that's about as good as you can get.
Two officers died by suicide afterwards in the following week. Ok, can't blame out on the employment on the right. How do you believe that, on the right approach, Esther was shot by police to press pro. Esther suffered fatal heart attacks? Another died of a suspected drug overdose you're. The only person actually killed as a result of what was going on was actually Babbitt yeah. That's it, and she shouldn't about their now. She shouldn't have been there, that's right, but I am I I feel bad for her. I feel bad for a family, but she shouldn't have been their end. And you know she knew a gun was pointed at her and climb through a barricaded bill bill. Damn it like Roger S, go through they d. You know that justified, shootings that have happened, and we ve talked about on the air from police officers to African Americans in communities like this. One was worse
by her actions, was worse than many of those that more justified and unlike this, is I don't know how that became. This like cause celeb among some conservatives were arose, was to say that police officers are not allowed to shoot people who are but go through barricades in the middle an ongoing riot inside the capital my guy. I dont understand that particular point of view all that. Well, especially when we have, I think correctly argued over and over again. If you go in your charging at an officer, They have the right to shoot. You write like If we're, how many? How many videos have we talked about where the light is coming on saying. No, they sure just let that girl stab the other girl, and then you shouldn't have done anything. I mean that's the left's arguments. Constantly for whatever reason that has surrounded this particular case. They did in a look. She did something met No, I feel bad about because I dont want people to die, but that is the officer case, I believe, acted in a just
viable manner. That being said, its tragic, and but it also ports. What conservative say which is like this? This the one death that occurred in this right, There is another like there's a woman was terrible. But who is in the middle of all this? wound of having health problems collapse. On the ground and was basically trampled while she was having some sort of heart party tat. It attack a terrible, terrible story. I really do not justify its. It. It's a terrible thing to say all well. This many people died right like ok, I guess, she did die in there in the incident, but it had nothing, but it was not like murderous p. four came up and try to kill it like. That was not what happened here was Indonesia drain mean yes exempt? No one died in the they mean it. Yeah
That's it that's! That's that's an appropriate yet because, actually Babbitt, that's that's not their example of what went wrong. What are the right protesters that they didn't like that should have been there died, so like you, nobody died defending it. Nobody Died in Congress, nothing a hat, in that way like, if you were to say a mass shooting occurred and one person died. It was the shooter yeah right That would not that's not how they would some arise, that you re, that's how their summarizing it, they would have said injured, and only one fatality and it was the shooter right and so a look? Look I again it was it a good incident? No, but, like you know, as we are talking about a little, but before we went on there, there are people on the right very few who are basically saying it was nothing it was well. It did. I think this is honestly. This is where I started that coming from push back its use bag. Hankers zero. Do you say that right? Because on the other side, the media has been telling us for a very long time that this was the civil
or just like, with the voting self. They say it's Jim Crow to point out everything's, the most extreme thing. That's ever happen like it. Closer to nothing. then it is to the civil war. No question is: is it organised crime? Is that they idler just sick of this Romney Romney you ve been gang, guess con. Romney was ever answer here was gonna, be so drat. He will be so and tie like rats. Are you kidding me? He practically is. He is a Democrat b is a Democrat. Everybody everybody they they Lay this nuclear card every time every single time Today, this house is gonna end. It's gonna end with nothing except an impression, gonna be a big impression, but it he'll be played again, there's going to be something as they History is not enough. People say history repeats itself. Let me say differently: history is
repeating itself this exactly like the Black Tom event which which pierced and broke every window in lower Manhattan. It it's the rest, We can't go up into the torch any more of this, actual liberty, because the explosion was so big. It actually brought the arm of the statue of liberty Woodrow Wilson, new actually what it was. Everybody who was involved knew what it was. It was german terrorism. They came over here to blow up the me that we were sending to the allies and for World WAR one they could. Have those munitions come so they blew him up just in New Jersey. It does. Right so much. It was a big big deal. Woodrow Wilson said it was the capitalist that did it and then just brushed aside for a while looking into it, we're looking into it, but nothing really happened and then, when
empty are needed to round up the Japanese. He used that fear and said we ve just found out what happened in life nineteen sixteen, I just found out what happened with Black Tom and it was the Germans and if the Germans can do that, the Japanese will do it here, so we ve got to act on this now this just the predecessor of something bigger that is coming and they are building the foundation. Thank you so much that pact at by the way we do have this sickening thing. You to hear this report now network wait until after the commercial yeah. I want to. I want to talk a little bit about life flock lifelike. Every day we put our information at risk on the internet and in an instant, a cyber crime, well could steal what you are sometimes even harm your finances in credit. That's why there's lifelong they'll help? You
tat too wide range of a dandy threats and the work with you to fix it. If there's a problem of your data ends up getting compromised because but he can prevent all cybercrime cause it's too expensive and is changing every day and they know that. That's why they have people on staff. Have to clean it up in case something slips through so up to twenty five percent of your first year, life locked outcome, use a promo code back call one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelike Dot com use the promo code back for twenty five percent off. Ram. so we have the we have the clarification on brine sick make the officer who died from injuries suffered in January six riot, which is what they said yesterday. That's definitely no. That is not true, read what the coroner said. The chief medical examiner Francisco DS till the Washington Post that the autopsy found no evidence that Mr Sickness suffered allergic reaction to the chemical spray, or evidence
of internal or external injuries, but said quote all that transpired played a role in his condition to play a role in his condition right, so they were to people that died of a heart attack on the protesting side of gay. While they were in the capital they die. because they shouldn't have been there. They were not healthy enough for something like this: they start their heart start story they aren T had heart condition, is sky. Has obviously was prone for a stroke, probably had high blood pressure, it didn't been to him at the capitol happened to him the day after so the I was most likely going to have a stroke anyway, because he was prone to that
ben are. You know in a situation where he was just arguing with somebody and drop dead later right, even if he had gone to work and stood there and nothing occurred all day would have had a stroke- maybe not maybe maybe not coroner, saying also saying that, like he was predisposed to this something like this happening anyway, you Molly any legal conditions. Blood pressure to spike in that can happen in today's world. By listening to the new. You know there was only one person that was killed and that was a protester killed by a cop. bill bar is our sponsor this half hour and I asked at will We don't have to think Stew LISA Well, mother. You know who LISA was wasn't for me, really really showing.
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Today is all about the growing authoritarian state and it is growing rapidly rapidly. We have bench a peer alone in about an hour to talk about it to night. Mice. Special is all about surveillance. It's called bindings new domestic terrorism threat. You you need to see something that has just been rubber stamped and nobody really talked about it. The plan to combat domestic terror from the White House. It is truly terrifying. What they're doing- and somebody who has been on this for a long time, is a guy who's hasn't been on twitter since January Eighth, because he was suspended for tweeting about Hydroxyl chloric wind, which I've taken Hydroxyl chloric win. When I stop taking it, got cove it. I don't know Maybe it's a coincidence? I don't think
Anyway, he hasn't been on twitter, but he has been busy. Why was the FBI monitoring the bank accounts of DC residence on January sixth from judicial watch? Dot Org Tom fitting joins us in sixty seconds. Sally wrote in a couple of short but sweet lines about dogs experience with rough green. She says my dog Bruno now cries because he loves his dog food. So much the greens, is amazing, what that means? Does he like east these, like? Adam Schiff over his ball is like this so makes her writing in. But I do want to talk to brutal here. For a moment brutal, I dont know eggs Actually, what it is with you, but I I do frequently because I love my food so much so I dont even
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With the beginning of the Biden Administration, that, as you highlighted, is used, January sex as a an excuse to talk and spy on all this political opposition. And I do not mean Donald Trump, their theory of the cases everyone who has questions about the legitimacy out of the Biden. Election has question. About election integrity generally or supportive of trump conservatives. All they should be treated as if their terrorist end quote enemies of the state as the left wing near times, lawyer achievement you have writer, admitted and and in twitter yesterday so let's go through some of the things that the government is doing, that are apps lately unconstitutional also things that should horrify Americans. I dont know if dont know about it or if they do, they
don't care, but this is a different Country talk to me about the different things they did, for instance, Bank of America likelier Bank of America did this because they were asked or because they were excited to deal it and just volunteered, but they sent over reportedly the financial times fashion, that a meeting of four use your debit card in DC on January six or the surrounding area it was sent over assuming as presumably to the FBI, Airbus. and be data was sent over hotel transaction dad. I was sent over. It looks like the financial rigour were poured over by Bank of America and sent to FBI and who knows how many other back so we we ve, asked for information, and the FBI about what was going on here. I go and they gave us they can confirm or deny the die after dinner. After refusing a responded, the request as law- requires they?
pursued and they said what we can perform a guy. This information exists which to me is a dial, denial Bryce and end what what right do they have to withhold that information? Well, you know Admitting may have. The information is going to be a scandal, the detail love. It is another issue here we can't even the fact get them fast up that they were spying on us. We also have a lawsuit against the post office. That was a targeting social media profiles of individual Americans, examining them, who do your pulse for your post office. The ability to spy on your social media content? So what you're talking about this so Committee on the hill? That's what this is about. and one of the other angles of select committee we all should be concerned about- is the fact that
ship is on it and they ve taken the legal position and litigation which additional watch that the House of Representatives specific and Congress generally as the unbridled ability to subpoena and take your private information, whether it be phone records in the case of Giuliani, that's exactly what they do. Or financial information. Who knows what else, and without quarter or three and for this isn't like how When did this happen? I mean more. This is this is not legal right that legal All they say it is a no quarters restrain them yet. So I fear this January six committee, which is Never ending committee, it's gonna be a a a show trial. There's no date, that's gonna is there for it's gonna answer that used going to be a go to committee. For Lord knows how long is going to target citizens and groups who oppose. Eaten and spy on them by taking their records
institutionally. In my view, what What are the odds that that I'm being spied on. I think the odds are high, that you're on the target, less Tucker has sought to attack. Their Norman shows that you should pursue you're being spied out the out they. What am I a my operations? I just presume every phone conversation I have. ever email I sand is, is subject to monitoring by the government. I just like that. I think you know it just makes it Americans who are active in politics through the summer. We presume it you just have to be a leader now we know they're going after citizens I know that there are senators that I have spoken to that are so paranoid now they won't speak around any kind of any kind of device.
and I will only really kind of talk to you outside and then they they believed there absolutely being monitored by our net security apparatus. what we know. The ETA is able to pick up virtually everything: and the issue comes down to who utilise the intelligence that the USA has in a box those running around and that box We already know that divide the administration is run by a man who did it to general plan in I'm asking him there's. No there's been there's been no sir. Jane for anyone who's on man, and you wonder in the Obama, administration and abuse of the law. And that's actually what had happened and Tucker Karlsson. We found out now that he was unmask, but that's a very big deal to unmask. Someone is a very difficult should be a very difficult thing to do used to be a well
under the bought out. Accuse me out of the Obama administration. They treated that information as a Google type search function to go through. On issues related to their political enemies. So if you pop up on the radar few say or do the wrong thing. That gets the intention of the wrong people in Washington D C. We now know they have access to information and they can use it with virtually no check even when we know catch than doing it. We can't get the Justice Department to do anything about it, where's that you know it goes back to where Durham, which is a shorthand way of saying, is where's the Justice Department, where's law enforcement, and why is it that they were? here's to enforce the rule of law against the corrupt political class. Your Washington d C We know that Bank of America what, whether they volunteered or were asked to do it they look into all the transactions bank account and debit card
card purchases in Washington DC. Just is made from hotels or Araby and be RSVP in Dc Maryland and Virginia any purchase. weapons or at a weapons related merchant between one seven and the upcoming system is suspected stay in D c, Airline related purchases sense one six They put all these together, you know remember when they told us. We could do this pray about two thousand six that they could they could string whole bunch of information together that was supposedly anonymize fort. Arrests, and they could just put it all together naked tell when somebody had moved from one house to another because of the water usage went down where that What they're doing to these people anybody who was in Washington DC at its word going to say. We saw this person
commit an act, or we have information that this person committed an act is another thing to do this, dragnet, where everyone, its caught up in the surveillance state? An has their information perused and you know we ve seen the story I'm sure you ve covered of people having difficulty travel a legal area, even though they done thing wrong, other than maybe attend the rally, and on January we are becoming China, China, is the model we are putting in restrictions where they can control every part of your life. Have you we have, and we have a committee on in the house. That is a one party committee. So we worry about one party state we have on party operation that is now investigating the exercises civil liberties by men can citizens in terms of right to assembly right of freedom of the association and other first amendment protected rights. There's no one,
sensitive of the other party in our system on that committee and the folks who are responsible problems for some of the China like surveillance, I E Adam shift. Our the committee, and they know what to do. Is there a way to turn this around I think we need a change of approach from our leadership and the elected level like Priority is the leadership of the House and the Senate. Don't hear about these issues. They talk about them, but they don't care about the method which Macao has even talk about them and We don't have effective leadership. on the hill to the house, like these issues in the grave. where they need to be highlighted. Will I just saw a piece in Poland the other day when, where the man, a national security official, I think in the White House was talking- How? Second,
I'm a gun, rights or national security. If we don't want the wrong We don't want the wrong people getting guns and we know and their definition, the wrong people is people who don't love, provide. You bet zero interesting in Congress for doing this, and there's gotta be an escalation in Congress and again mobility at a penalty for abusing for aid. From abusing our rights from the executive branch and- he's in Congress been following. Their demonstration from the Capital Police Department be transparent, the Whittemore kid math, Having case and the FBI's involvement, there is no way any one reason. I can read that and think that that was anything. Other than a plot attached and and furthered by the FBI.
If you looked into that case, is very much credibility to that and were they doing that in January. Sixth, you're looking into it and watch interest, about January sexes if the information is kind of already out there, I went in and worked on the justice to power. This website, you can read the documents they post and one other folks they targeted, the information that was presented to the court by the Justice Department discuss the DC under Cover Elise, employee, Monitoring the riot not only was there before and talking to the targets, but he was also on the capital grounds, so they had an undercover and format for the DC police on the ground. stirring the riot I haven't seen that anywhere me where there's more went one you have that kind of activity. You can bet, there's a dish
activity, that's not disclosed and that would also make you question than why weren't you prepared for it. well. That's why Nancy Policy, if I were, if I worrying Congress and and with Democratic Republican and I was in fear for my life for one minute because of a failure of security that that person is responsible for the speaker of the house. She wouldn't be speaker of the house. Thompson, thank you so much for all that you guys do keep fighting. Why are you still off twitter because of your choice or because they just online you back on Twitter is partly Boys partly are marked out. They tell me if I delete the accurate and truthful tweet. I can go back on in theory, but did you tweet about hydrochloric when I said hydrochloric when, as a safe drug
Yes, it saved rose better over a hundred years. And he has the same Europe where he had told me. The tweet was fine. They had previously allies to tweet and said it wasn't a violation of the rules and they sense decided elation their rules, and I ve called me user of of others. some. I don't even know how to respond to that other. Then you know, if I go back on will it will destroy my account completely unbelievable Tom? Thank you so much appreciated Gutless Tom Fit. In The president of judicial Watch, the author of the book, a republic under assault, and you can follow him, a judicial watch, DOT, Org in financing Nl Us one, eight two, three four: w W that animal, less consumer access, dot, org, so brine, just rodion after hearing me talk about american financing. I wanted to share how gratefully was and what is Experience was like with american financing. He said I heard about american financing on blaze. Tv made my
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This police state is being built as we speak, and it is happening rapidly rapidly. Night on my Wednesday night, special only on blaze, tv, I'm focusing on an alarming strategy from the White House. Snoring conspiracy theory. I don't have to put it all together. It's right there, sir, thing that America barely even noticed when it was released. Last month, the media just rubber stamps everything, but it was together by the National Security Council and it is a blueprint for sweeping government action. Called the national strategy for countering domestic terrorism. It doesn't folk. On b, a Lamb and T Fahd doesn't ransom where none of that stuff, is just focusing on the greatest national threat quote.
violent extremists prince Lee those who promote the superiority of the white race. End quote well, I want violent extremists and anybody who is promoting the superiority of the White race or the black race seems to be a few. Those do thanks, I think their dangerous, and if they are violent, they should be arrested, but this white House strategy is disturbing because it is, is if we have no constitutional rights, they are already using surveillance systems and turn their focus on the? U S, it talks about how they are going to use high tech, It gives all their rationale and it is truly freely a fine, and you must be aware of it. I people who commit crimes to go to jail don't care who they voted for. I want them to go to jail.
this is a blueprint for big government and big tack to surveillance, root out, and Silence America's quote deplorable. All in the name of tight terror joy, me tonight for a very important Wednesday night special bindings new domestic terrorism threat you tonight Nine pm, Eastern on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code, Glenn and And get Europe give her a discount on yours corruption, blaze, tv, calm, Slash, Glenn and use a promo code glad right after something else. It's on tv, a brand new I was out of was punchy. Brewster.
That's. Gonna be the guest on Stewed as America also and blaze tv you tube that is tonight. You don't want to miss it. What do you do? tonight on near we're gonna be here, we're doing put Pompey Brewster gap. Jive enter the entire shown in history, people behind the story, so it's a very special hurry, still show there. They don't do that anymore. I miss those typical. It's a very special pankey, Brewster right. Yes, sir we're gonna be going into the January six Commission, all of it tonight also some stuff from Andrew Cuomo. We, We think that a little bit yesterday of some other stuff that people dont know, or at least not been not been covering on Cuomo as well, where to get into tonight. Suitors America ripe for your, shall ok, we're gonna talk about Cuba here in the next few minutes. I have the FCC commissioner on who says we have a way to restore the internet, and all I need to do is just say: okay
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axioms calls this guy, the Ep Cc's five g crusader. He has led the FCC work to modernize the infrastructure rules and accelerate the build out of high speed networks. His reforms have cut billions of dollars in red tape and a name. The private sector to build these high speed networks in communicate and communities all across the country and stand. America's global leadership in five g Unfortunately, I think there's a lot of people in in Washington, at least with this administration- that want to see America win the fight, Gee Race, that's a topic for another brought cast his name is Brendan Car and he is an FCC commissioner. And we we need good commissioners on the FCC. A cheat pie has left Brennan. How are you.
I knew a great really good it to join your things around me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Suggesting something, and I think this I don't know it started with you or who it started with. I know that Marco Rubio has been talking about restoring the internet to Cuba, there is a way we can do this, but it requires the government and Google to participate correct. That is right. So working in Cuba were seen unprecedented protests in what we see around the globe. Now is the first thing people do when they take to the streets to fight for a living, they take other smartphone. They take pictures. They take video. Could the thing a brutal dictatorship like leaves the attention of the world correct spotlight on their brutality. So we see this in IRAN. Seen it in Venezuela which you may mark the first thing that people do they take their phone out approaching the dictator.
Do they shut down the internet? Now they'll come here not entirely to that, would cut off their own communication to block access to. What's happened, Facebook in messaging services to those pictures and videos can't get out there somewhere I said what others have said like dimensions and were Rubio. I've got the sand, it is we look for ways to restore internet services to Cuba, which would help to accelerate the ultimate destination of the brutal cuban relief, which is its end, the two ways you can do it would introduce new services, new internet services from all island. That can take some time just a challenge to be sure, but we have the technical capacity to do that. In tracked, you as we should both your son, or for sure convention tools so that people can continue to use the internet services on the island and just get around the filtering which, by the way, the filtering at all? digital fingerprints of the communist regime of China. Today are very involved in helping Cuba shut down
that's your visit and didn't Facebook and everybody else. They did this in Egypt. They did this for the arab spring, they ve. he actually help foment that revolution, and and made sure that people knew how to use it and gain access to it. Now, it doesn't see. Is anybody have you heard of any high tech? I mean of the big high tech. Are any of them saying we gotta join in and help these people. quiet from what I've seen your former Secretary Pontio, then between weaker. You're saying that The government and others went in IRAN and help bolster eraser during the protests. here. We have the technical capacity to do it. It is simply a question of: do we have the political will at the highest level this administration to green light visa if we do that american enterprise Can deliver these solutions to the king. In people and show our support for them
in Writing- Biden initially came out with some positive. Words. Were now look at this, but it's over two weeks we haven't seen any actual at this point, and I am very concerned that we're not going to see action. So you know this is just a question of political will is not a question of and we do have to be up and is gloom, which was a Google project. I believe in Kenya which since this, like you know the tennis court sized tower up over the country way above where airplanes or flying and it just hovers there and kind of axes of as a receiver tube to pass that? message along easily could probably do it with two of these things, because floored is so close. Have the rider your jacket right. So this is what I call that track. One idea, which is how do we introduce new services into Cuba from all
I wondered a variety of technological ways. You can do it and you put your finger on one of them. A Google wound had this operation where they put up stratosphere balloons. These go succeeded. Thirty five thousand feet Bobby Ere: you can actually keep them relatively static over a geographic given the way the wind circulate at those levels? I've been to Kenya myself to see this technology inaction. It works with the SSC authorizes technology in twenty seven key after hurricane wiped out communication in port because seventy eight of these balloon went up circled around Rico and help being services into that that that that community We sought in Peru after to natural disasters. The balloon up. Other technologies we could be Wi Fi the: U S embassy in Havana. Previously we had been started. satellite power internet divided into Cuba, be abandoned. I also believe, as you point out, you can stay in international airspace and being there
from these be allowed to enhance our backing. The answer to the balloon ensure point given the geographic distance, a marathon garlic fees. You can be right in the balloon back the internet. In the? U S, the advantage of the balloon and frankly we need it now in Cuba, but we also need I think, as a strategic capability for this country. We ve always have you. Radio, free Asia by radio gee, that broadcasting a Cuba the modern day equivalent of broadcasting Information into countries that aren't free is to enable these three on to use of the internet in those countries where I think we need a long term strategic capability as well It is a lot better than other people. Bring troops on the ground is well sure and AIDS may, with the way things are going quite consciously, we might need one for you suppression here in Amerika what is being done, is: is craziness craziness
This is it. This is amazing, me look. We cannot be speaking about side door mouth at one with the one, point we're saying breweries like you, but you can't filter He has done for the internet at the same time that we have this White House Saki out there saying we are weeping coordinating with big task to censure american speech. We can't do that Could you need to be very clear that we believe in a free, open, uncensored internet, for one american people here and for other people abroad, is, I think, should go forward and whether through legislation or otherwise, make very good governance, we should not be calling up big tech company than asking into putting them on the scale again speech. They don't like me Let's get real. It's not about miss information about this information is about political speech that doesn't fit the near if other people that are bombing in with his uncle is it? Is it possible to pay I've at least do this I mean we can
justice audience and that's not involving the cuban population in Amerika. We could fund that privately. I doubt Google take our Czech, but is our way to do this privately or on the track they. Also Google shuddered lose the beginning of the year because it wasn't a great commercial product. People work and dropped. The rise in her right, indeed for these believe services? I think strategic capability, that a country, the commercial viability, is less of a concern, but the track to stop. We talk about it the circumvention toward a lot of open source applications out there, but the cuban people using right now those technologies the additional funding in one eye talking in a billion the bower dropping want fleet six million dollars so arson, it's under way- you try to use private sector funding to bolster the sector I would endorse any one particular company or direct people towards those companies ice, given
limit, I merely on revision, but there are private sector wasted Look at donate money so that these Circumvention tools continue to work in the people of Cuba can continue to get those pictures. Videos out to the world I loved jeep by- and I've done, this I've done broadcast for forty five years, and I can't even remember a name of obey of an FCC chairman before me I did during Reagan, but a cheat was amazed. and I thought we were headed in the right direction, with the FCC under Donald Trump, and now it looks like You guys are the only one standing between real freedom of the internet and neutrality cause it's back, isn't it. It is yeah, look pretty bilaterally clinical competition executive order a week or so ago, included in that direction, basically to us at the sea to go back,
Two Obama era israeli war. The reality is between thirteen twenty six theme. miracle had flat law and to rebuild our up high speed internet infrastructure, including cell second basic team. You had something like seven hundred eight new cell cycle walk in this country. After we engage in reforms under military leadership. Any working with him, we had forty six thousand new cell sites the wind in twenty nineteen sixty five fold increase because we got that regular were red tape out here, I am very concerned that we're gonna go back, did Obama approach in its it's as if they dont understand the real threat to a free and open, and I think it's not coming from the As greens, we don't have no value today, even though their conception of it, we don't blocking and robbing by eyes. Peace that we do see is blocking in censorship. By big tat interview. we care about a free and open internet problem. You need it
today it is sent. You should happening my facebook, Twitter these providers, not by the irish people, how close. Are we to really being a leader in five g compared to a guy? Remember the name of waterway. I mean there. We are the fight of our life with waterway, Hey we were behind again point eighteen, twenty sixteen people were basically counting the U S out, but when we modernize or infrastructure rules because it had been causing to March and took too long to build infrastructure for the current year, things boom, we leap frog. I heard of many many countries and we now have the strongest. Finally, bathroom in the world? If you don't have your particular community data may be meeting was to you, but the data shows that we're doing well, but I am concerned that we are not going to continue to keep the pedal down when it comes to allowing new road infrastructure bills when it comes to getting the spectrum.
there are that we need a power, these five e services, so the Good NEWS is, we made great progress were in good shape right now but I'm worried that will be a lot of the gas in India. China take advantage of that Ilan mosques. Satellite service is amazing. Absolutely amazing is, is this What do you think of that businesses that have a future far as litigation? Is there anything that can shut him down on this Missy? Really, using technology, not just out in Washington State visiting the maniac, shrink point where they make these lower orbit satellite? So the idea is that you can put these satellites up. Hundreds of them- and and I guess you almost sort of fibre like speed. we're almost anywhere in the globe and will you operate? we're not banal regner basket, looking at other technology other ways to bridge the digital divide? We think this could be a good technical
we ve all right. Then we funded them. In terms of building out in areas where there are worrying and remain so. Be a game, changer will see that quite gone, but the scale yet it judges are there that, wine beer still building it out, for example, that it can be a keyboard. bridging the digital divide, Brennan car Fcc. Commissioner, it is it's good to talk to you and please, let us know about any threats to our constitutional protected rights to free. Beach and petitioning our government. We need good, guys on the inside that are alerting. As there is so much going on that nobody can pay attention to all of it. Thank you so much Brennan. Bridges think what you can follow him a trend in car, F, c c or find him at FCC Dot, God Brendan Car, the FCC. Commissioner. I think this is something that we really need to pursue? I think the
object: balloon is a really real it dont know why and I think we should be speaking up and asking the car men and senators lie. Rubio? How can we help you? What do we need to do too? get the government to approve that we ve already done it before. Why are we not doing it for Cuba in just a second first, let me tell you about a MAC, proud, member of a MAC. That's the association, immature american citizens, and I want to tell you why there couple of things that are going on a MAC, you get the benefits, we'll get the benefits that get anyplace else. Will the seniors group, if he will or my tour Americans a hundred come seniors anymore and being somebody who's immature American. I understand why, anyway, you just it's not just about getting it's your joining a group that has your best interest in the best interests of the country at heart. It's a group that will fight tooth.
nail for your rights as an American and they already are doing it. There. The source, also of uncensored information, that you can trust complete with news letters, videos, podcast, fresh website, content by monthly magazine, a core or of a million aim, as members have directly participated in a MAX outreach campaigns to Congress, listen, we are, I'm going to win this unless we start to join together. We might have disagreements on things, but if you believe in Gimme nine out of the top ten of the bill of rights and you're an ally, you're, an ally, Join AIM Act for the advocacy, the benefits, the information most only join because we need to start forming groups and have our voices heard an ass, a MAC U S, slash back a MAC. Not? U S, slash back. Go there now.
and join now tonight when glint, you ve, the way that occurred on January Sixth wasn't ass. No tragedy put the last is now using that one event to completely redefined domestic terrorism, and you might be there next target Glyn unveils the by him in his recent latest tactics to supposedly secure our nation. All at the cost of our fundamental rights watch lightens new domestic terrorism threat. You tonight, nine pm eastern, at least to slash Glenn listening to the programme. Dr Nine, o clock. We are going to be talking about what the government is doing right now for national security and they becoming authoritarian. The author rotarian moment is a book that has been written by Ben Shapiro. It is out today lot of history, and it is it's really good Ben Shapiro- is joining us in
just a few minutes, the authoritarian moment how the after his weapon, Ized America's institutions against descent and he has some solutions that I think are right so we have been on and don't miss tonight, special turn Pierre right after a brand new Stewed as America. While this episode, he finds out, he has a young cousin and they live next door. We go on a vacation to Hawaii until it's. It's all right, all other things and I sat up and so did not work for Cyprus about the zebra. Some facts are fun. Like first oranges, weren't orange, they were actually green. Mozilla shells are actually bulletproof Ray barely started shooting at our mobility. I know its not working Americans over spend on insurance by twenty one billion dollars every year. That's a fact, you really you you should now you should
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Mr Bench Barrow, is coming up in just a couple of an epidemic. Would you not to turn the clock back
Fellow Americans welcome to the club programme, Mr Ben Shapiro, talking about the growing authoritarian states and is new book in sixty seconds programme real estate agents? I trust is the place to go if you're gonna take a plunge into the real estate game anytime soon it is crazy, that what's happening in the market is crazy. The new homes are not selling anymore they're kind of back to the way they were when we were first getting into covert. Nobody is buying them because they have not in so over priced? However, your home an existing home, though Steals sales are still up, so you have to be kept on the buying and selling of your home, simple fact is this: you need more than just a real estate agent. You now somebody who's gonna do more than just me and I'll show you listings or show your house you,
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sparrow. How are you, sir? during her you, I'm I'm good, I'm good. excited I haven't, read your new book, but I've heard you talk about it an awful lot. I listened to your podcast when was it last night, when you are doing the book signings and- and I wanted to actually take you- RO. It is some of the things that you played. Some of these are rotarian moments as we go, but first give the set up of the book. What You're talking about in Jamaica, The book begins with looking a genuine sex, which the left has declared is be authorised moment, a modern american history that that democracy is on the verge of overbooking being over thrown back down from his lips, rate upward trend in earlier, the right is the truth, rescue american freedom. And then I ask people to analyze what exactly happened on January, thick and beyond, because what really happened is that my group, a much larger girl committed criminal activity. They were all arrested, there are going to go to jail and in three hours or had been received.
any government went on as though nothing had happened then in the immediate aftermath of that aid, I wonder if you speak latin parlor completely most major Democrats started going. Or a significant curbs on first amendment freedoms. You start to see neutral service. Writers, talking about cracking down important what extremism Donald Trump was thrown up? All the social media platforms corporations are put out statement basically suggesting that you had a mere particular political point on January, sick or a couple? should that we're just going to get a delay Anybody who question the result. Of the electric, even though they would certainly not be the same with democratic. So the question is, if you're talking about, authoritarian threat men who they actually bread. We were given the institutions that are threatening, and I think most american. Instead, the we know the answer in the answer is not in obedience to invaded the gavel. Building the people worry crude rat to your way of life right now. Other people too, of every major institution ranging from the scientific institutions to the educational
in addition to your cobra bosses, and they have the power to really wreck your wife into British, giving away even outside of the offices double you know. We have been pretty close to this point before with Woodrow Wilson, but you can excuse the american people at the time. To some degree, because authoritarianism was this new idea and with the with the progressives using science and sang? Look it's a whole new age. You know we came from farmers and now hour in the scientific age and anything is possible. You can kind dismiss it, but what job and is doing right now. A lot of this really comes from the Woodrow Wilson Playbook and I think it's just as racist and just as nasty when he was doing it I think they were when Joe Biden goes around saying knowing full well. That is why, in order
he was are akin to Jim Crow racism or that what happened on January fixes the worst interaction between the United States since the civil war or that republic and broad red are just Frank maturity days this morning. This kind of stuff is extremely ugly, is extremely divided. It is the opposite of what he said. Let me give me when he became president right, which is the unifying moderate figure not in any of those things. I don't want, makes my what truly unjustifiable is not just that we ve seen the consequences of this or that the report is that a week you can say that during winter administration war in the middle of a world war entering at the Argo ratio in the middle of another World war right now we're involving zero major wars anywhere in the world where the unchallenged global judgment and it we're carrying their funding internally, going after the centres which is kind of a unique, then I think we are at war we dump Turkey is at war, but it's at war with itself emanates. Completely lost its way begun we ve had people teaching our children for a while now
that we're a horrible horrible place- and I dont know if people are buying it or not. I mean they usually by these things. I want to take you to one of the authoritarian moments of rum night, seen thirty three, it's a it's a parade. Tell me why this is important: In September nineteen, thirty three government sponsored a spectacular parade up new avenues to promote an unprecedented federal effort. A national recovery administration was about called the array, a partnership in planning between governments and industry, its go to speed recovery by establishing profit levels for business and wage levels for labour in a show of national solidarity. More than two million employees across the country promise to abide by the end, our ankles Russia hails victory, which were made
I will get to that other clip in a minute. So tell me why a parade was important to me Number guideline about this in the borough, fascism, by the any sort of economically fascist system, was rely and on private business is being overlooked. Working in Cahoots with the government and become essentially charter these industries and then tell them what to do, and industrial man how do I get better than the communists the goal of a national recovery administration with an effort overtly bilateral Dublin to force businesses. doing what they wanted. You were supposed to put a symbol up in your window. The blue eagle. There's must put it up in your window and begins. Work were literally supposed to boycott businesses that didn't put them illegal in the window. I think that we can see somebody Reginald echoes of that today and not an american politics will help the government members Adam article nine corporations, social media for example, they do their bidding and then suggesting perhaps meet him in the least bit astroturf boycott a particular businesses. If they refuse to do
happening with this one way major league. They thought it will that adore. You resemble we're talking a bench, a bureau, author of the brand new book. It's out today, the authoritarian moment, I think, even more clear with E s g scores, I mean this, Is the government getting into bed with global corporations banks now, providing a e s g score and if you're not playing ball with the government and with you know, the invite mental. Listen in social justice members you, score will go down and in Europe there now proposing that you cannot do business with a business that has a lower yes J score than you do You see it also in many places like California, that accompanies actually path more leveraging. People onto boarded corporation that he drew corporation is large enough. Then we have to put a certain number of people, particular races or sexual orientation on the board cooperation loses. This is truly totalitarian, stop and what more totalitarian back to cooperate
then shovel this garbage down on the people. For the collaboration soak it easy young when you're you're able to speak freely to the two younger women, unable because that's what I do for a living they can threaten our living, but deliver to be able to take away all the living. We have too many people who were, I didn't really have to say, but if you're just a guy look a little cooperation. A jury a break out to get you did the mirror their prescriptions, because you gotta put food on the table prepared. Well, that's something that I like about. This book is you're, not just coming with the problems you actually have. The solution and and think the way you a phrase. This is really appealing. I've been talking about. Martin Luther king, I hate boy That's what I know you do to stew does but mark their king says? If we wouldn't have done the boycott, if we wouldn't had the teeth it, it wouldn't have worked. We wouldn't have had the civil Rights ACT passed and they are coming after us and we just keep taking it and we don't come after any of the companies that are shovelling. This crap xx in your position. Is
so I'm with you, I hate boycott the mean I'm in an industry where you and I are which he lit by people trying to now go after advertisers bright, but here the reality there has to be in ITALY. Sure destruction here is: these corporations are only given want? I did a tremendous asymmetry. Socio corporation, receive ten tweet. And then you'll get a call from your aunt brokers, and will they be they remove their advertising as they got tend to eat and the answer to that oh well, you know they thereby busy making do they want began, but they can also give them back from the other side and Joe we ve done our companies, for example. As we said, the advertisers they quite openly that if you want to I want to show you. enjoy your advertising anytime. You want, but you you're not how to publicly, if you do, and how to publicly you're gonna have to pass out, and not only that you understand you make a public stable out our shows or our audience would well of you. I mean this is it we cannot move. We had our brand value. In dealing with advertisers that that we believe in and you'll get to do so
Let us now with our own audience, without I blown back on it and I think that rubbish he lifted. The right needs to do at this point if you're, gonna, see and they'll be pull out of, Atlanta than they need to feel the ratings outstretched go woke. They need to feel in writing, because I would prefer that we go back can you tragedy but will never getting back to the tragedy of the left more than they did? This stuff is bad, and this this really is important. You talk about this with some offices. You know Many people just feel there alone and they're not alone therein majority, but no afraid everybody's afraid to say something and you don't know who to trust, and so they just go in and they abide by these stupid. Things that they have to do it, you know, examine their whiteness, Coca COLA, etc, etc, and yours jesting, that they form a coalition right, this is what we understand about. How the institutions were left in the first place?
a broad majority of the institutions in favour of the radical policies, because you have they help getting twenty percent in any event, cooperation were very loud and bury intransigent and available. People in the middle, you say: work easier, in London and fight them, and do we really want the headache? Well, you can do with it. being from the opposite point of view, you can re normalizing institution of you, twenty four thousand corporation. that is what we want to be neutral here: twenty anymore with fifty and you get those people to sign a letter for the corporate has in doing this. The whiteness is bad diversity trading with Robin the actual outside where its monopoly. We think that is bad and women are willing to do it. Then the corporation has been central to fifty percent when he presented right now. The corporation is deciding material. When he presented the zero percent. People go, get mobilizing unified, explain, in a year or theory on vague in ism, because I think this is a great example. Yes, oh I mean, and taking it for granted to the person. Who can I give this letter or missing Nicholas Alan Metaphor is basically
what did you have a family for and one a bead member, the family, usually the daughter components as the internet. Because it will begin mom. I need you. Let me begin meal in Somalia has inefficient. You can make a meet me over the rest of the family in a beacon we offer the daughter or she can save a hooker, There was a time while waiting begin tonight. Well now the daughter has successfully re normalize the family, the entire families, knowing begin because you had one intransigent person who just refused to budge naked The entire family block party tonight is negative. The family there they go to the people. Trying to block hardly say, was a world leading begin because their daughters begin and give us a separate me over. fine, but the only region let me now it had a bar party had to decide whether to make a couple of supper meals, and maybe she does well. You know the protein outward dazzled one night who cares? People can go begin to one night, and now he had sixteen People who are already being one person was injured. as you know that ITALY is the same thing holds true an opportunity this all the time. This is true corporation,
Yet this is tyranny of the minority? and if any can only work under a couple, What do you do need server before the level of support to the bank, usually that thirteen twenty percent is an organization to you need to have them ass. You boy, incremental. None supremely radical thing tell miss what what guy? go right away to winning Robin the actual teach? You the way this is that they start with. We need ever secret. It are you don't ever city, while joint efforts at it Emerson is good. Are you racists and then it moves on Well, you did everything you training really have to encompass teaching about stomach racism of the american system. What do you think that bit systems have history and the little princess denigrated into you know, if we're going to knowledge, interstellar racism, we certainly have to dodge You are a beneficiary of white privilege if you're beneficial Why privilege the speed you suffer from weighted in favour of step by step in growing, but because you don't,
you're, not a hundred our once you start by slowly pushing the panel and others. In contrast to the metal, most people have to be updated to it, and if every concession you seem like a minor concession sure you do the Willy One way- and this is true for virtually every social issues in the United States me haven't we go from me me. At a time when Americans were thinking that no Baltimore was was content two men can be women and women can be met, and does it happen overnight that take a while, but it takes a lot of conciliation. It takes a lot of cowardice, What are they gonna go to the book that is out today is the authoritarian moment with Ben Shapiro more with him in sixty seconds, I buy precious metals like gold and silver for a couple reasons, I'm a collector of antique things, and these are anti coins, but also as a hedge against insanity gold. Always phase is Lee is thee the the fault, the herb the default,
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Station idea Robert Reich just tweeted out in November nineteen. Twenty three Hitler's attempted coup failed, but no one was held accountable, They were, he went to prison. Ten years later he took over Germany trumps January. Twenty one coup failed, but six and a half months later Trump faces no consequences and his conspirators are still in Congress is Trump an authoritarian, gingerly, behave like an authoritarian whose, when it is actually able to get done, from healthy eating. He tells the use and strong men rhetoric because they ask Peacock right on fire, in terms of what he actually do? You know I mean this is what I was
sterical funny and an authentic when General Milly was talking about how this would like a fire situation and Marion figures like what you historically, a great you have to be in order to come up with that, rather than even make any internal sent the rest and fire was set by the rays communist than used as an excuse by the Nazis. In order tat, enabling actor what was from theory there and the sense of my friends over that. Instead, the capital and buyers like a minute. What declare myself totally there is a limited, even work internally beyond doubt. There is no institutional support for anything that trumpet saying or doing and beyond that not Nazi Germany, certain eighteen, thirty, two Emmy lit the reality of of Hitler's ride is so why We misunderstood by people who have never read a book It's kind of insane and people have to understand when it comes to Hitler's rise. The key after in Hitler's, rather to major key backers, it was right that people tend with no one is that he always pushing and the communist at the time into their alot of people who felt the necessity to treat everyone in the other
The other is that nuclear power the german government had already been centralized. It was with a leaked, turn dictator, but then they need our the operating under the auspices of minority government with nearly two categories of ours break and will use and Hitler took power. That is not the case with regard to pay an interim in any way shape or form so Middle EAST Lynne. Historically the historical analogy to just work in any way, but I guess you could say Hitler and over and over then then a president who was it, didn't you regulation and lower tax suddenly looks like the guy who was trying to imprison every Jew and and gave them and invade half of Europe needs It is amazing out how it would give them argument. You know lottery started, but the Hitler I'm on it Take you to the old testament here for a second and when God wants destroy Saddam and Gomorrah to angels go in and the using thing about this story. Is there taken and for shelter and in the mouth
doesn't the mob is insisting not that they come and an say everything is ok what you're doing. Instead, they must participate in what Gomorrah Saddam Gomorrah doing and we're at that point. Now it's it's Longer hey, just let's be good to each other. That gonna hurt my feelings, maybe don't say now: it's you must say the things I believe and you must participate in it. and then all the more disturbing things the cabin Is there no mind? What is one here is again a short, incremental, crucial process step. One would think oh you know you really simple. Fifty symbol, you know like when you have a political conversation, don't mention this inconvenience back the really insult me. I feel bad about it. Just don't do that. Then people on the right and American generally want to be civil. It'll, be ok. I guess it's lucid Quarterboat, offensive bank
into what speech itself is violent. If you let me say that is not just that. I'm appended that you have done an act of violence against me and you must be shut up. You must be silent and the natural and even further into silence is violence visible. Nonsense, right, ridiculous thing that you heard during a black eyed matter the latter it it'll mirror exactly what I am saying word for word, and I can tell you that by the way right, there's nothing. You can never be an internal logic if you dont mirror that word for word, you committed an act of violence, so in other words, if you're not part of the mob, then you ought to be carried out by an article, your performing enacted, violent. I think one of the ways of the right completely Missis is it will constantly looking for the true life and what a constantly failing austerity. Logic. What are they trying to accomplish? Polyester its power? There Internal Loggia, yeah, eventually Thank you. So much would love to have you on for a podcast about the book. When we have more time. I know you're busy. Today the book comes out today, rotarian moment by Ben
Shapiro Ben thanks, so much God bless ate like by really good book, the things that I have learned just from hearing him talk about it and he goes in their history and the boy pick it up today. This is now, exactly what Ben was talking about was we have to have them here, our voices we have to have these people who are working against us here, our voices and its high to do in some categories, but not when it comes to your mobile service. Comes your mobile service. Why are you still using Verizon, Why are you still using the people that take their money and fund anti Second amendment pro abortion stuff wire doing this patriot, or has the broadest nation wide coverage it uses the same cell towers is the major carriers. So getting the same service, but they also have
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focusing on an alarming new strategy from the White House. It is something that no one is really talking about, and Everyone should be talking about big media has just rubber stamp this idea, and it is they who was put together by the National Security Council under Biden, and it is a blueprint and for sweeping government action, and it's called national strategy for countering domestic terrorism, its the White House, DOT Gov website and what it spells out is terrifying, Focus is really only on quote violent extremists, principally those who promote the superiority of the White race This has untold implicate, means for the constitutional rights of all Americans. Already seeing government surveillance systems turning their focus on: U S, citizens! What is happening!
of January sixth is obscene. They have used the banking system, they have used the airlines and Lee if you were in Washington DC, not because you are suspected of something, but then anyone who bought an airline ticket and was in Washington DC anybody whose credit card went through to process anything in Washington DC, they got air being beaten, be involved. this all unconstitutional tonight, eight binds new domestic terrorism threat. You tonight nine pm, Eastern. Only on blaze, tv dot, com and blaze TV, you tube, don't miss this, make sure you use a promo code back farcical? Glenn near Landline use broke code, Glinda safe right after a brand new stew? Does America like us, but late,
is, it must be an important show. You look at a nervous. I've noticed you, you got the legitimacy, do not normally have that before around early a friend. Do you know that you're really of rang? I share things off air and you take your right on. Well, I I am a friend and I am concerned, as I've been doing a ripe for doing this with you for over twenty years ago, I was with you in the lead up to speech in forty five hundred thousand people in Washington Dc Right- and I remember being in the room as you as you wrote that speech and you were incredibly coms, didn't show one side of nerves and then here's a show a whence they show a blaze Tina. I know to be so after a brand new students Erika where you seem a little nervous about some upcoming event. I can only assume it's this once they show what it is.
Well it is, it is it is. It is yet another house go around this Friday shows that the Friday show maybe she's such a jerk details do off the air. You know I'm a next event guy and I don't know of any, but it will have to explain that. I I only am concerned about what is next on my schedule, because my schedule is usually so full that I can't worry about stuff. I've got a focus on what I'm focused on, so I only get excited or anything when its next on my schedule right This is so far from next on my schedule. It's ridiculous. I have, I have three shows to produce and to charity events by for Saturday Why what Saturday's or somebody yeah I'm having my first gallery showing city fine art, and I may need a bucket barf bucket
because I am so nervous it is. This is hilarious Glenn, as they have done with a gun for a million years, you're never nervous before shows that we need to go out and talk one of the big audience you ve done it a million times, you just did it at sea pack. I stood at sea back two hours before I hadn't read my speech in their alike. Are you going to write anything down like now? Got it right, my God You do shows in front of millions of people, obviously on the radio and television all the time. This show is going to be in front of a few people and I'm terrified, and selling your art and showing your art too. Pull who may want to purchase it may want to enjoy it may get out, yet they ve what prints in all sorts of things, yeah Guy Eddie, rightly at yeah, but your is is, is really unfortunately I would like to say that it sucks. I would like to say this is a hunter by the situation that you are clearly selling this for some sort of influence, but right yard is really good. People seem to really like it, which I I dont like that they lie
right. I know because I dont like that. I'd goes to why you're saying this. What you're saying Now- and this is why legitimately curious wire? Why you're the minute you people I've. I dont know landings already really positive two years, but I dont know if people are gonna show I dont know if people show up are. I know People will show up to be supportive, and I love that. Thank you, but I'm gonna be we're. Gonna, make me barf, I dont know if anybody's gonna gonna buy it. I have no idea no idea and it's like This is so personally. I have no experience at this at all saga. Somebody and they said, do you have like business cards away for people to get in touch with you to be able in life. Now I live, have only for twenty years. I don't I get in touch with, I know, do do you. Do you have a sheet and artists she'd on you know what you're it now
When I have no idea what I'm doing I just I went into my house two years ago. Started: taking lessons, because I was so frustrated painted my whole life and I've. I've hate the my whole life and- and I started taking lessons and I got good and Much to my surprise, much too, surprise and mine and everybody really therefore sail in a legitimate, Galleria legitimate there it like the name of it park, city, fine, art, park, city, find this is a pretty impressive and like I, what I like about this moment is theirs potential here that this could fail spectacularly and then I will have an incredible amount of material to torture. You with that what I actually said. Let us running utterly. The you have in the hot stuff, smiling this whole entire brain, because I know there is at least that potential, but I, my guess is it's gonna do really well, and I don't like that, but I think there is a potential that me
I mean how many people are out there. I mean all my proceeds go to charity. Ok, for this event, everything that I've I've producer. This events all going to charity terrible idea of how I totally endorse my wife is like How long is it going to go because you know how much time you're spending on this and I'm like we'll put yet but she's like yeah, yeah yeah and I'm like ok, Ok, I don't know it yeah beans, muddle wherever it meant lsd or whatever you say so anyway, so everything that we can go in for charity, but the our world is weird and they set just prices, and I didn't have anything to do with it and it was like, while oak, ok, yeah, I mean it's gonna involved. by one of these things like that. How many how many clinic art fans are there three lives three painting so far, I guess there's three I dont know and their look there Hunter Biden, level prices, but their way up there
Now there are ways from regular people to buy these took stemming the ones you're selling the actual originals are out of price range of basically everybody, both well, then I will not people who run Amazon every bad day. If maybe he could come in now I mean there. I know there are lots of listeners that are on the wealth again, but it takes a wealthy ended by the originals right, but its tax write off this time. I just want to say the other, the other part of that is you can buy. I had them do posters and you know we have limited run stuff and then what's college clay, which is like a and had run it looks just like the painting, except it's not the original.
and those are those are available as well as I do. I just wish you gotta, be, I know for sure, but you can call the art gallery or even come upping and get it by ETA, and this is a very above board, our show what is evident. I wanted, I mean we're, not we're not in we're not making the paintings in the back with like a lot of people are ones that they are not from. Your death camp, another none of them you can, as it might have been reduced by wiggers now. My point, though, is. I'm interested in your perspective on this, because you have basically the only unique perspective. I think in all of conservative media on this topic, which you're with a very legitimate gallery, and this is of these are we know, but you ve gone, this process in a cell What similar way to the Hunter Biden situation I don't think so. Let me let me separate of yeah. You ve been
for a very long time and the reason that people would want your art, thou story. I but like what be easy for some russian oligarch that wanted to influence someone close to you, come in here and throw a bunch of cash at your paintings and make it seem like they were art fans. I welcome you by the whole thing. Come on Monday. You know, I'd authoritarian is not so bad wounds are pretty good. Guy Vladimir mean bottle should know that I don't mean it. I'm just saying some guy up all my paintings, I'm totally go. Let's just put you would like you're well known for, let's say, being a relative of a highly powerful person here, the United States. This They way that It's not like somebody, conservatives are making up. This could happen in the center of this is happening in the art gallery or the hour, the guy who runs the gallery. He as for the longest time trying to break in to the chinese market gay
The hundred hours are emerging gallery the hunter gallery. Guy is all I've been wanting to break into the chinese market? They are marketing hunter binds paintings not hear their mark being there may in China yeah. That's a big red fly, so I made an actual red flag rotten. I'm telling you I mean that's a clear: what's going on their rights nuclear there is they they make the argument the sum that people and Hunter Bide. None, this no say look he's a celebrity and Liberty Argos for more than you'd normally get from for normal artist and like that might be true. However, They don't have your liberty, personal you're, a much bigger celebrity, but secondly like if
Joe Biden is a celebrity first. Huts is designed for Miss variety, but like he's a celebrity in the United States of America, why're you marketing designing to China, and probably the Eu Ukraine and right, oh yeah, though these pending and makes no no assessment. It smell noise errand and this whole thing with him. You know I've. doing some meaning greet thing with a bunch of The galleries, clients that, by this kind of art tomorrow night and they're closing down the gallery and a few people are coming, will that's what Hunter Biden is doing with the buyers at his gallery, but the you're not post to know who Buying the art, well, the only people that are owing to that, you know little soiree are the people interest? in buying your art and they're coming by invitation. It's not like I'm
going to stop by that they're coming by invitation. So how is it that job that Hunter button is not going to know the people who buying his art. You know, maybe there's somebody who walks in off the street is like. I gotta have what I was five hundred thousand dollar paintings. My doubt it I doubt it. But maybe there is any, would know that guy. But if you're good, owing to the cocktail party beforehand, that is by invitation, for people who are going to buy the art elude they don't come here. You already know the art looks like you do coming to the place usual having you have interest rate of interest, I mean you're gonna buy it. You have interest. This is so bad. It so bad there, and I will say this, there's absolutely no chance he does not find out who bought. This are abbe now it is no chance of it. It is the most. Grass and obvious.
scam, money laundering, scam, I've ever I mean it's so obvious, and I wouldn't I would expect Joe Biden in this situation honestly, even though I had think nothing of the guy I would, Joe Biden would be. Television, sank. Look, I love my son he's obviously had massive problems throughout his life. He should know that the problems this creates for this for the work I'm trying to do in Washington that we all believe in its aid creates all sorts of problems before a little bit of money in a short term these to spend on crack, it's not worth it. Instead he's he's coming up with justified as a beginning at heart of Europe. If paintings are five hundred thousand dollars, apiece? Ok, a walk away with five billion dollars, we'll walk away, five million dollars levels all send that's a lot of money and, if so, by gettin half of it, which appear lay the hunter by new laptop proves. If he's getting,
It gave a he's getting part of it. That's a lot of money for his retirement and remember, Please join me excited ass, the guy we used to think he was we is think he was a very liberal guy buddy was a goofball, etc. He's not now he's very is a very he cried, I think the way he's handled the sewage situation is such a wrong signal that proves that, although The Peter Schweizer done previously remember before all of this he was saying Joe Biden was the most corrupt. Vice president, when american history, before any of this with Ukraine or anything ever came out, if you, if you're interested in any of the details, it's park, city fineart, dot com, they don't sell anything from Hunter Biden relief factor. Maybe it's a round of golf. Do you want to play, then you can't anymore get on the floor and wrestle with your kids or your grandkids, and you can't cuz of pain. I wanted to paint again and I couldn't two and a half years ago I could barely use my hands from the pain is gone. Now
still relief factor things you. Do because you're living with pain don't give up. I know, there's a ton of people I've gotten free of their pain. Like me, with relief factor, just try it try it for three, x, the quick start- if it doesn't work for you in three weeks, its most likely not going to work so you'll be out Ninety ninety five, but in those three weeks, if you start to see a lessening of pain, keep taking it because I'm Telling you it works, relief dot com. Eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four doesn't work for everybody, but about seven percent of the people who try it go on to order more relief factor, dotcom, eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four this is the Glinda programme. We are very concerned about one of our own and we would ask for your prayers for Stephen Crowd, her Stephen tweeted
Something last night he had a minor lung collapse. He has been in the hospital now for a while. He had have surgery where they put titanium rods into his chest. Because he has some connective tissue disorder that causes his chest, cave in on his heart, and so he doesn't have the blood flow that he needs, so they put these titanium rods into his chest. Annie! recovering in the hospital is lung, collapsed is having more surgery and we, we would ask that you would keep him in your prayers He is a tremendous force for good and works. All the time all the time. He is a hard working man and were concerned, and about him he's he says. night, it was a minor lung collapse. Runner recall those Michael Myers,
Collapse and he's going to be on the road to recovery. It's gonna take him longer glum programme.
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