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Success Is Now Immoral? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Will Witt | 3/8/19

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Hour 1  A Great story for every conservative needs to tell? A great American Story? A immigrant's love story? Mopping floor while learning English? Opportunity still exists in America, Just ask AOC's mother?  Hussein in the Membrane and Pat Gray? A Shepard, a sheep, and a rancher, finding your own way? Success is now 'immoral'? See the Scary, Shocking Connections only at BlazeTV.com    Hour 2 National Emergency with Bill O'Reilly? Standing up to the out of control Progressive movement? Life of assault, imaginable? From bartender to political jet-setter? AOC and her funnelling money problem? Bill tells us the real story behind who's paying AOC's bills? "She has a Reality Star Show Future"? 5G and the coming national security risk? "Venezuela should take care of themselves and the US should not get involved"? Bernie or Biden, who will it be? Thinking it through with Bob Goff, Blaze Podcast?    Hour 3 3 Ways A Millennials can beat the Left? The "Brad Pitt" of Conservative movement? PragerU's Will Witt joins GB? MAGA hats on college campus and the future of conservatism? Dating Apps and Guns? Making friends with Liberal Millennial friends? Secret conservatives need to be bold? The future looks bright for conservatives? Stu's stupid super hero movies? Super Hero overload?

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So yesterday, stew- and I had quite a conversation- kind of lasted almost the whole show going back and forth in total agreement, but we we couldn't, let it go. Are we are in agreement, but still finds really irritating that we have to do this and, I suppose he's right, but it is part of human nature, and that is people need the story. You need to connect to the heart, Ann Conservative, suck at the story. Anne yesterday I was telling you you know all the Lib Wells will be on stage putting a show together and the conservatives will be running the theater. That's the way. I actually want it because you know uh. Why do people who are really focused on the facts and the numbers running the theater I don't those bean counters. I don't want to show done by accountants in I don't I don't.
I work in a theater where the accounting jobs are done by a bunch of actors. Even the office, which was a show about accountants, had to be done by liberals, so so just the way the world is. So if we want to talk to people the best way to talk to people is through stories and we suck at telling stories an even when they are handed to us. We, screw it up even or handed to us. What happens? We? Don't we don't uh the story, Anne. We miss the opportunity, but because we our language only to ourselves- and we expect everyone else to adapt to our language yeah, the only people do when they hear well. We have to talk to the other side to think like gang of eight have a compromised. Now, it's not about that. It's the whole point of having ideas and ideally, eventually winning election.
And implementing freedom for people. Is you have to win people over who don't currently vote your way? Now, here's why this is going to become increasingly important. Socialism is on the rise socialism, I'm telling you if We go into a recession, a deep recession during the Trump ministration. The feeling we may be looking at a real socialist charge of this country and in charge of the House and the Senate. We could be a socialist country that is moving away from the free market in eighteen months and when people are panicked, the I'm not going to listen to facts, they're going to listen to. Ok, he makes me feel better. That makes me feel better. We have to talk about the art, because people are going to be struggling
much more than they are now. Whenever this happens and if we don't connect with people's hearts, we are going to look like bean counters and and we'll be talking, stats and and everything that counts. But first you have to have the story, then move to fax. You have to capture the heart first, so the conservatives had a great opportunity to do this this week and had it with the Kazio Cortez's mother. Now. There was an article that was was written. Who is this by the guardian? I think, and it it is a story that you probably heard about an Iud to hear about it. For me in this exact way, when it just came out- and that was see the story about a Kazio Cortez's mom Stew said yeah, I did it's crazy right.
That's exactly how I said it too. Right yeah, I said yeah I mean look how How are these people so stupid? She she struggled Oro life, then she moved to Florida to get away from the ten thousand dollars tax. These issues paying on our property every year. What a hypocrite I mean she did because you Cortez what seventy percent of that she's moving 'cause the ten thousand dollars. It shows that you don't have the target about an it felt good. You need to have that conversation point. It is very valid point that is worth making right, but if we want to expand our circles, we need to be able to lead with uh. Now this is an amazing story. I went back and I read this story and I thought this. This story tell everything you need to know for our side. This is not a story for the socialist. This is a story for our side, so let me give it to you.
Blanca is a woman who makes lasagna for visiting electives and watch is over her. Seventy eight year old mother, who suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and often breathe oxygen from a concentrator hand, allowed rescue mutt named Tammy. It's a story about mothers. But it's also a story about daughters, because Blanka always believed in her daughter believed her daughter would be important and regardless of your opinion on a Kazio, Cortez and believe me, you do have an opinion on her daughter, one way or another. There's no denying the wholesomeness of this story of this family now hear me out. Her dad and I were preparing for Alexandria's birth and we were picking names. Blanca told the reporter. And he came up with Alexandria, I thought about for a while, and I thought
Zandria Kazio Cortez that's powerful yeah. That should be her name. Alexandria, a Kazio Cortez, the infamous millennial democratic Socialist, who represents New York's 14th district, covering the it's in queens in the house, representatives her, where is Blanca, Ocasio, Cortez, Blanca, Sergio Occasio in Puerto Rico, and then move to New York and she knew very little English. But she learned she work the jobs that nobody else wanted she floors at night she drove school buses, she answered phones, she took orders, I'm going to come back to that paragraph. By the way, this was written by our staff. This is not the not the staff. This is not the story from the guardian in
one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. She gave birth to her first child, a girl in the block in the Bronx New York City. Two years later she gave birth to a boy until Alexandria was five. The family lived in a one bedroom condo in the Parkchester neighborhood of the Bronx there's is typical american struggle. Sergio worked hard until he had his own business, the all family pooled together their resources and took out a mortgage, and he moved into a small single family house with a yard. In here by Yorktown Heights Blanca said we had a great life there Alexandria was social, she always had a bunch of girls over. She took over shed in the backyard she cleaned it up, put up curtains and photos made it look nice. It was like a clubhouse for her and her friends. Logitech about her daughter in the way any good mother would recalling her daughter, always talkative. When I took her into K interview, she did never. Let me talk
going on and on and on about knowing the alphabet in being able to count in two tonight. While Alexandria, Cortez Kazio Cortez was a sophomore at Boston University, her father, Blancas, huh and died of lung cancer. Overnight Blanca had to become the breadwinner. It was, I was cleaning houses in the morning and working as a secret create a hospital in the afternoon. It was difficult making ends meet at one point, I had to skip the mortgage and we almost lost the house. This is a story about a single mom. A single mom who raised her family after her husband died of lung cancer. As the daily mail notes, Sergio's death put the family into a tailspin, he didn't have any life insurance. He had two: here's of health care bills due to the money his business brought in at dried out blah. He recalls she faced foreclosure, not just once, but twice it was scary,
take medicine. I was so scared I had to stop paying for the mortgage for almost a year. I kept expecting someone to knock on the door and to kick us out at anytime. There were even real estate people coming around to take photos of the house for when it was going to be auctioned. Christy is, I only had fifty thousand dollars left to pay on the loan. But funny enough, it was the bank, the bank, not the welfare office, the government or the local church that helped her. It was the bank I prayed and I prayed, and I prayed that things would work out after the children graduated from college. I here it was time for me to move to Florida. These is Blanca lives in Florida, lakefront community about sixteen thousand people near Orlando. She moved there just before Christmas. In twenty sixteen, she had been
hang ten thousand dollars a year in real estate taxes in New York. Now she pays six hundred dollars a year once first got here. The world her world was much different. Daughter was a bartender hadn't filed paperwork. I love privacy and calm Blanca said I do get the limelight for myself and my family, but it seems that gods played quite a joke on me with his politics stuff. Now I don't so if the daily mail was sent there to do a hatchet job or watt, but the story is tempting. Taxes are so severe in New York that even a mother of the Wildy democratic socialist, representing that area, can't even afford to live in the community. But really this is an amazing story of America. Idiot this is a tragic story of a love law. Stana family shaken apart due to illness, lung cancer,
the story of perhaps the evils of smoking. It's a hero story, a story of a mom who came to America, not speaking any English, but did rely and close up in our own community. She struggled and she fought in an older age to be to learn English and speak English and then immerse herself because she knew if she spoke English. Her family would have an easier time and her family, who knows her children could go on to be represent. Abs serve in the United States Congress in one generation. It's a sad story. It's a sad story of the collapse of community if she felt alone and felt that
there was no one in her community, their church didn't come. She seems religious, she prayed and she prayed and she prayed, but it is again that hero story that in America, if you willing to work can not only make it, but you can send your kids to a great college, no matter how hard you struggle. If you're willing to sacrifice and work, you can send your kids to Boston University. They can have a great education, not repeat your struggle. There's a story of the american family that struggles every day but finds joy in the struggle. It's a story of the idyllic what we all dream of America being like that. Yes, we might have a small little house, but we
Taking this old garage in the back and we fixed it up and we've hung some curtains and it is a place of a edunation and joy for our children. It's a story about. How the lie of Mister Potter at the bank, who is just a greedy cigar, chomping Manop League Guy, who will take your home even though you only have fifty thousand dollars left to pay for it? You've seen build your whole life than your husband dies at trash story. The evil capitalist comes in swoops in the money makes the house and Xstroyes the family know. This is the Jimmy Stewart View of America where the bay
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for ten seconds station id, so listen to it because the Cortez story, what we see to you earlier this week when this story came out, was, can you believe it look at this? What hypocrites we we're, not inviting anybody else to join our group? If you don't agree with us, if you read that story in your like. I, like this family you're, immediately turned off by the people who are like more about you. Hypocrites instead and engage with the story. Tell the story make the story yours he is. Conservatives have to learn how to tell a story here is a couple falls in love they or in Puerto Rico. They moved to New York
She knew very little English. Okay. Now we have do we. Immigrants or not. Yes, we love the immigrants who want to be here. She wanted to be here. She wanted to be an American. She with a better life for her children. So what did she? Do? She learned how to speak? English, she mopped floors at night. She drove school buses, she answered phones. Nowhere in this story is her welfare story. Nowhere in here is her complaining nowhere in her husband they come here. They live in a small one, bedroom apartment in New York. I gotta believe it wasn't very nice, but he says we're in America now I can build my own business and builds a successful business. He is an entrepreneur, peace, arts, his own business. He doesn't wait
for a guaranteed government job. He it's a dream. It comes here and he starts his own business. Now I don't why he had lung cancer. It was from smoking. I don't know he dies tragically. N Sc has bills that pile up, because he's a small businessman who, in this audience who runs their own business, cannot relate to that you're, the last one to get the money. Everybody else comes before you, if you're a businessman, so he eyes to keep his business going. While he's struggling with lung cancer, the bill pile up, then he dies. Before he dies he they had built, they had built a life to wear, get out of that small little apartment. You get a small little house Ann. I mean it is that so, if you've ever seen, it.
It's miracle on 34th ST remember when she's like stop the cars Stop the car, although I knew, if it just believe, that's what it said. It told me. I believe I believe I believe that's the little salt. Oct House that they bought that's an american dream, they bought it and they paid for it. They got all the way to fifty thousand dollars away from paying that house off. They were good people that worked hard and when he I'd she continued, but it was the bank now the welfare office that swooped in here's a will to praise who was who was come started by God, who is now taking her mother in and in care of her family? That's it loft some government state institution bringing her into her home
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each episode is ten minutes or less about a famous person or an event. The you know filled with surprising facts that you likely didn't know until Mister Smarty pants MIKE Rowe tells you about it. It's call the way I heard it it's hosted by the one and only Micro and he shares freeze for, and I quote the curious mind with a short attention span the way I heard it because number one short form: podcast, go to micro, dot, com, slash, podcast and listen and subscribe to the way I heard it. That's am I k e r o w e dot com, slash podcast! That's micro, dot com, I'm slash, podcast, welcome to the Glenn Beck program. It's Friday, Bill O'Reilly is coming up in just a few minutes. We were talking yesterday and today that, if we want to, if we
to save the freedom of mankind, if we want to save the free market system, we better start to be better storytellers and we better. We he better start expect sending out of our circle of influence. We need everyone on board. We have to break down walls of of any kinds of issues that we have. We have to start listening to each other, communicating with each other uh and speaking from the heart. First speak from the heart first and I just told the story of a Kazio Cortez. What's the story path that you heard earlier this week about the Kazio Cortez is mom. She led New York because of high taxes and then went to Florida. Did you have any idea? Her story was like the story, told no idea whatsoever right now that little tidbit
in from that story and serve it. If only took that piece of it said what a hypocrite, instead of looking at the entire stories legitimate, it's totally legit for her at least Alexandria, yeah, yeah right and that her mother would you think about her mom ever mom shares socialist values, or I don't know any of that. They don't have any idea, don't care if she does. Her story is story of America you're not going to you're, not going to Puerto Rico and having that story you're not going to Mexico and having that story here is somebody who didn't even English fought to speak English yeah. I I mean that we, we would hear I'm sure from Alexandria the opposite that she shouldn't be forced to do that. But right now that's it. I mean she did it to make our lives the life better for her family right and in one generation. One generate hurt your daughters now in the in Congress, not just in Congress. She
is the leading force in Congress Valley, which is amazing thing amazing in one generation, God bless the USA, absolutely an for the bank to show mercy to people like you never hear that story, you never hear that you always hear about evil bankers and how dashed really they are as catholic. Fifty thousand dollars left on this house. That was not worth fifty thousand dollars a lot more, so they had fifty thousand left coast closed. Yes, you said it was. It was a year of her not of her not paying and we're going to auction the house everything else, but in the end she talked to the bank and the bank worked it out with her amaze, that's a different story, but it's a great story and that the story that you you'll know it's nowhere in that story is, and the government came down and shut down the evil bank. No, the government. That story is charging her ten
one thousand dollars a year in property tax is taking her money if she had enough and texting her. Nowhere in here is the government pooping in to save the house. Nowhere in here this is story that was the typical american story. That was the american dream that I could come here. I could build a business. I could do it. My I could have a little just a little plot of land, a little house where it could raise a happy family. I could send my kids to a great university and I can retire and go someplace that she's lived the american dream. I remember talking this happened so often on the left. I remember talking about this years ago, 'cause Pat you read Barack Obama's autobiography my back in the day, and I remember you making this pointed. That said a real problem story, yeah incredible and if he would have if he would have taken
at from his story- and you know when people talk. No, I said that before he said he said it a couple of times that his life is a pretty charmed one his if he would have been there done that in every speech, if and lived it if he actually lived what he said in his speech in two thousand and six four. If he would actually lived that if who he was at his core, but he wasn't, he was, he was a redistribution of wealth. He was a pay them back for all of these problems. He was vindictive in many ways. That's what the core of his being. He had some some resentment, and it was time for payback use, sit in the back of the bus. Somebody who really understands the american story knows that that quote, that he did you get in the back of the bus. That is the exact
opposite of what allowed him to be hum. President of the United States with wild were fighting people called Brock in the Middle EAST. He becomes end of the United States and he does it with eight a crazy, crazy upbringing and he becomes the president and we were. I did, and we heard not all of us were because of his policies, but we were excited that it broke the barrier of a black man and if he would have just let that part and be a celebration and say, look if I can do it, anybody can do it. That wasn't exactly once in his attitude that he really took the opposite, which was you know, everyone's really racist yeah when his own stories sort of just proves it people don't care the people, don't like people who lived in other countries there for in their different one. He lived in other countries to keep back here became press the United States,
but if it's too rough with another one of our enemies, Barack Hussein, Obama and Hussein was the name of the guy. We were fighting at the time when Obama was one letter away from helicopter. Funny right, like I remember, hearing that, but when he first started running and someone made that observation look, this country is no way they're going to elect a guy with those two names. It is, and we did happen. You know a guy who they talk about been transformative. They talk about how well then transfer he was. He was transferred, read it in the wrong way wrong way. Just chose to take those things I mean you know I. It was always about how it life is too hard on people who do have enough money and look. Life is hard at times, however, he was able, and his only was able, even though they had an unstable family for a large portion of his upbringing. He was able to overcome that get in college achieve all these things eventually become president. He did say he takes the opposite who's, never on the american mainland. Until is nineteen years old
He was in Hawaii and Indonesia, the rest of his life, so it's pretty amazing store it really and family, and, I think yeah. I think this goes back to a central, progressive belief like Barack Obama, Alexandria, Kazio Cortez. They are both very aware that these things can happen. Right they've happened. But they think they are special yeah they're, the only ones people they're just they just happened to be lucky and greater, fevers and their amazing, but there's so many people who just can't do it like I can see. That is the exact opposite. I mean I have led a really charmed life. I came from a broken. Only my mother committed suicide. The same thing going on. My childhood was Are we going to lose the family business? My mother, we moved to a very, very inexpensive house. And my mom struggle to make the payments on that I mean we I,
live that life and now look at me and I don't look me and say: oh, you can do it. I I look at other people like you can do it you can do it. You know get to the end and go. I wish I wouldn't have done it, you can't do it. That's true and it's it's. It's really is a fundamental way: the scene of the world differently. Yeah, you know the progressive just they see it as I was because I'm special, but no one else can so I have to help them because I'm so wonderful and I'm the only one to make these decisions appropriately. For these people, wear conservative say, look, you know because I mean I know, we've all said this. You know what we can make. You feel lucky to be able to to be in a position where you're able to do a job that you love and and and live a soap box of, comfortable life and we all certainly married up all these things that happen, and it's like
get that. Always as like gosh, I mean how this even happened right like if you work hard and you tried your best in the u, you fell into a couple good things and then and wonderful things happen, because there's out of opportunity here and anybody can do it right like that's how I think conservatives look at the world its exact opposite, it's that it's, the shepherd and sheep are the sheep, and the rancher thing went out a few times on home for progressive. Just believe. You have to be a rancher to control the sheep and could service believe you know people do these things on their own they're, not cheap yeah and they think the red. Here's think that anybody who says I can do it on their own is a wolf now they're, not they're, not people aren't cheap. There are wolves. But the person who says I want go, do it on my own, it's just because out of sheep, it doesn't make them a wolf every. He has a chance to be a shepherd, a sheep, a rancher. Are you
go make your own way and everybody who does make their own way is looked at as the wolf now you're you're a bad person? If you are successful, it's mean the people who were full and who have achieved a lot like billionaires are now. That is if they are immoral. Well well. Why? So? For those who? I think you could make the case that some are you look back at some of everything is ever a lot of poor people that are immoral. There are cops. There are cops that are bad majority good. There are homeless people that are bad majority good. There is just the it's just it's it's! That's people, that's people, but we focus on the bad and we say that's all of them and it's not all of them. There are those bad ones and the
problem with our system, as we become more and more socialist, is you get special deals? Well now the system is starting to be corrupted by the few bad, because the few bad generally like to hang out where there's lots of power. So when you start to build this government with corrupt individuals- and I I put I put Facebook and and Google into that category- they are now spending more money than anybody else in lobbying on Capitol Hill. But you don't hear about that. You just hear about the evil. Choose that do it. Google spends more money on Capitol Hill than anyone else. They're uh writing laws. You don't hear about that. You don't hear about that. Why. And this thing yesterday, if, if the Democrats don't wake up to how corrupt
there's party has become- and I don't mean corrupt in business or money alone- I mean corrupt with the hatred of Jews, but make no mistake on Monday at five hundred o'clock we're doing an expose a of couple of people in Congress and there there their love for the jewish people. You know they're from Somalia, and so they just no all. They knew how to run for Congress how to get elected. They are not dummies. How did they not know that we shouldn't say these things about jewish people? Maybe maybe then they're not smart enough or good enough to be in Congress, going to show you how much they do? No Andthere connections were going back to the Chalk Board on Monday, and if Americans don't see this Democrats, good Democrats, that are just your average person in the middle of the country who
jobs America just as much as any conservative does if they don't see that their party has jumped the shark. It is now a socialist, not Sweden, and actually end of the free market Socialist Party, that that now is a breeding ground for muslim anti jewish hatred. You're you're going to lose your country, you're gonna, lose your that country is worth saving for all of us all right, there's something on the v p n that I want to talk about the V. P N is a virtual private network. It is something that, if you've ever watched, you know mission impossible tree streets. Where is that where it? Where that message coming from, where is our Fogel coming from in the mid balances all over the world? That's a virtual private network, and it is
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Welcome to the program glad you hear Bill O'Reilly is coming up next. I cannot wait to hear what he has to say about Nancy Pelow, see saying that Congresswoman Omar. She I mean yes she's, thirty, seven, but she's like a kid. She just doesn't know she doesn't know the how not to be anti semitic. She didn't mean it that way. I love how they're trying to turn this around and Republicans twenty three Republicans voted against, denouncing hatred Well, yeah. They voted against it because you didn't name the person who did it and you made it so generic now you made it about anti. It is a is wrong. Let's always also coming against the Muslims. Write a minute wait, a minute. Yes, that's true! However, that's not what this is about. This is about Omar Talib and
since are sore really that are coming out and saying these horrific things. Yeah- and this is from the same people who, when they said black lives Matter- and we said well, really all lives matter, though, dare you you're just wrong getting away from all of the important points were making about wait a minute. This is the same situation right like this. One person is been saying, and so A couple of people have been saying, really anti semitic things now you to broaden it to like these other groups to deflect away from her? Yes and now all of a sudden have adopted that form of analysis. It's amazing, it's what's incredible is when you see on Mondays TV show, when you the connections to Hezbollah with people who say
Israel doesn't have a right to exist. It's pretty shocking you're, listening to Glenn Beck. Relief factor- I am- I don't know if you can tell I'm feeling good today, feeling really good today and a lot of it has to do with no pain. In your in pain, it is really difficult to be enjoyable. Yeah you could tell Bob Golf, does not have pain, or if he does he's in he's a superhero yeah. I think he's might be a superhero anyway. I,
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Bill Reilly Rights right at this. Second, four committees in the House of representatives are thinking up more ways to investigate president Trump. Instead of concentrating on solving vexing problems like a twenty two trillion dollar debt record trade deficit- try, China or thousands of poor people trying to surge the southern border. These days, rats in the house are worried about things like a vanka trump getting security clearance from daddy the Libre emergency bill. O'reilly is here to talk a little bit more about it. Hi bill, you guys are you doing so Tell me about the liberal emergency yeah. I know I know ok, so it's a national emergency that Donald Trump declared on the southern border. The far left his declared a national emergency as well, but it's not the same their national you see is Donald Trump's present. Ok, that's the national emergency.
For many in the Democratic Party in the far left progressive movement right. So everything else, every other issue is subordinate to that. We gotta get him out, no matter what it takes. We don't have to be honest. We don't have to be uh insightful. If people get hurt in the process. Well, that's collateral damage because it's a national emergency Donald Trump's gotta get out and we're going to get. So that's where we are in this country. So if you're expecting Congress over the next two years to solve any problems they're not going to, and, as you pointed out one of the you know, they can't even get one of their members. The democratic party to say you know, may be calling people support Israel, greedy money, people, that's not really very nice or accurate, I'm I'm so
sorry. I said that maybe that could happen. No! No! No! No! No arm they're, not even going to do that and they're not doing because they don't they don't want to pull apart the coalition that is trying to get done trump. That I mean. That was the word from joy. Behar. On the view, wire We doing this. Why do they even have to talk about this? There are their separating themselves when are target is Donald Trump in two thousand and twenty, but it's even a little. More than that, because Jay Joy Bay, heart, isn't happy, intellective really understand what's happening in the country, it's a little bit more than that. So you do have a genuine feature in the Democratic Party and you're going to see that in the upcoming campaign, when Biden gets in your going to see it, that'll that'll really crystallize it for everybody. So there's a genuine fisher between the Farley
Progressives who want socialism and then green whatever they want. A total e and holy remaking, the country 'cause they feel the country is bad and the traditional Grant Democrats Pelow see that the party apparatus nicks, who basically just want power. They don't want a big realignment of the country. They just want to run the show. So that figure is there and it's real, and when these young women in Congress come forth and say these insane things, the traditional Democrats go: oh boy, this going to make it even harder for us to obtain power. So that's what's going on in that party well bill it. Doesn't there come a time like the Labor Party, the Labour Party over in England has gone so far, left
they're run by a guy who has never taken the side of England on anything stood with the? U S: s r, during the cold war has never ever stood with Great Britain, same kind of stuff, we're facing here a and he is radically anti semitic and in uh in negotiations and income foods, I should say with has and Hamas wildly Tyson Medic and Labour party members who are very left have now. I seven of them have left the park and said this is not the labor party. This is becoming something entirely different. Do you see that on the horizon at all, are there any Democrats who will raise the flag and say look? This is not the Democratic Party. No, I really don't see it because
they might think that, but if they do that, the twitter mob will descend on them, uh and tear them to pieces. So you're saying that british british politicians have more courage than american politicians. I can't generalize in that area, but I can tell you that fear among all politicians in this country in the United States, is there going to get torn apart on the social media apparatus. So so you have to understand that this permeates into everything everything so no longer are you going to have profiles encourage you know. John F Kennedy wrote a book profiles and bring that's God, because if you stand up, if you're a Democrat in the House of Representatives and used
and often- and you point fingers at the progressive movement and say this- is out of control. Not only are they uh besmirching a great ally in Israel, but linking into anybody who supports Israel that their money hungry. So this is out of control an eye as a Democrat or not gonna tolerate it. I'm not going to tolerate it well within twenty four hours, your life is going to be over a song in a way that you could not even a match. You cannot even imagine and and these politicians they don't want that date. None of them do, and I know I did do the media people so if you're on television, they haven't gotten a radio yeah.
I figured that's coming, but am I raised mostly television if you're in television- and you say what I just said- they are committed, sponsor boycotts they're going to find somebody to accused you of something up, and everybody knows it now that this is it's an expose question that is never before seen in the United States and I'm telling people going to be Paul Revere here, but you've got to understand this. The fear that is cloaked Washington DC, an honest media people. How much are outraged if you see about these comments about Israel and israeli supporters. Well, I will have to see much much outrage from the powerful people in Washington, though they merely mouth it. Yeah.
Plus he close yesterday, goes well, he didn't really mean it yeah. He did yes, he did yeah, I mean if you try, if you trace her whole history, she absolutely men but this was here, he didn't really mean it doesn't understand the power of the word. She says you know just keep in mind what I'm saying to you. Never before in this country. Has there been such a threat? Honest reactions What do you mean honest reactions? So if you feel that something is wrong and you stand up and that goes against the twitter mob, that goes against the progressive movement they're going try to destroy you. Well, it I mean bill, you and your family. If you didn't get it from Brett Kavanaugh and I'm not saying you Glenn back
Still, I'm saying you, the listeners, if you didn't get it from Brett Brett Kavanaugh, if you didn't get what the potential for harm is now. Then you'll never get it. It is why honestly bill, I have been trying so hard to try, to bring conservatives together and we we have to stand together even if we vehemently disagree with each other, we have to stay.
And stand together because they're going to pick us off one by one they're, all they've added not serve it is it's not you know it's anybody, yeah! You! You gotta go into the precincts of the the independence and precincts of fair minded Americans. I still believe. Maybe I'm naive after all these years, that most Americans are fair minded and that if they actually knew what was happening, I agree. I threw on a troop front basis that we mob the progressive movement funded by tens of millions of dollars bond with a corrupt media that basically wants to run the country six of media companies that control ninety percent of
National NEWS well want to run the country. Yeah pays those wants to run the United States. They have all the money they want, they can't buy any more stuff. So, what's left one hour, there are down at the six companies they want to run the country You know what you're seeing it's amazing to me that the Democrats say that they hate money in the system and that these these these packs have too much money they, if they're putting too much money into the system and look at it, Israel and and how Israel is just pumping all this money and it's wrong and people should know about it. The law eating a. What do you call it a investment? I guess what do you call it still leading lobbyists uh
we're putting more money in lobbying than anybody else. Are people like Google? And you don't hear anybody saying a word about Google or Amazon or anybody? That's that's where there at chili writing laws. Google is at chili writing bills and you don't hear anything about that. They they want the power they have the money. They have the technology once proud, but here's the best example that everybody can understand. Congresswoman, Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez we learn is now run by a multi millionaire out of Fort Worth Texas, who pays all her bills, who finance her entire campaign and is now being accused of funneling, eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars out of that campaign into his private companies. You know the story Well, I know some of it. I didn't know I
how about the funneling money? I didn't know about the the person right here in my own backyard. Let me take a quick break and come back and tell that story from the beginning, William yep, ok. Or at least for billoreilly dot com wasn't a request. It is a demand. You tell that story. Should I back? Why should I wait for his yeah? Maybe I don't want you to tell the story, but Cryptocurrency blockchain technology going to play significant role in our future. Bitcoin and Crypto is not where everybody thought it would be right now, a lot of signs that point to trackable digital form of money as a replacement to a fiat currency. It's going to happen. It's important right now. You understand this and that you are on the cutting edge of this, because the world is about to change, but as always, you have to do your own homework. This is why, the Wall Street Hedge fund manager tickets warry an expert in cryptocurrency space
is created a course that takes you through all of the basics and makes buying and selling crypto as simple as buying and selling stock. For a limited time, you can take a risk free thirty day trial of this course by too smart Crypto course, dot com. Do it now eight seventy seven Pbl back or just log online, Smart Crypto course, com that smartcryptocourse dot com, brake for a station id so Bill O'Reilly. You know it's. It's curious. I asked uh, I don't know a couple of months ago. Here she is this woman who's, a bartender who's now wearing two thousand three hundred and forty five thousand dollar outfits. She is living seemingly a jet setters life. I know I know congressman who come in and have to sleep on the floor.
Of their congressional office because they can't afford an apartment. She's got a nice place to live in Washington DC. She rejected her her predecessors old Office in her district because she said the rent is too high because the landlord was being greedy and was going to increase her rent to where it would be an exorbitant price, but she goes, she finds a new office that is much more expensive than the exorbitant rate is that the landlord was asking for the last one. I wondered where there's this woman getting all of her money, India
Oh she's got a a godfather and uh the young guy made his money in Tech, Harvard grad Fort Worth, Tx Bass and panel bills. How do we know this building illegal about that? If somebody wants to pay your bills, they can pay your bills. How do we know this and uh? What how do we know this uhm? It's
what god you mean? I I'm very cynical about the the press, but it has not been refuted by the Congress woman. I was waiting to hear, closes, leading leading the investigation into this thing, but it's real. I don't know where I don't see the receipts, but there's nobody. There says no, they always stop doing this. He seems to be so. If you step back as I always do- and you say this woman had zero resources, nothing, okay, nobody knows he was and he couldn't possibly have defeated. The incumbent Democrat Crowley, we had been there for twenty years, you didn't have enough money and then all of a sudden he does have enough money.
Ok where the money come from, so you know I think down the line. She is a short term are in the house. I don't think you're gonna, be there long. I think she'll be hosting a reality program on NBC and that's your future, but I think that she, I think she would be happier there and I think she'd be more dangerous, their stock yeah. He definitely wants to be a star and she's not going to be a senator he's, not gonna go any higher than the house receive you secure are shown she's not going to get out of there. They'll Bronson Queens will put it back. I mean because she is there and then she's got. You know now profiles which used to stay there forever in the house with like your gonna, get bored there and now you're going to want to go to LA and live large there. I see it's gonna happen. Alright, let me let me take you back to something that you wrote about in your op ed about trade deficit. We are now at a record trade deficit with China,
which the president said: that's what this trade war was all about, and now we are at what is it nine hundred million nine hundred million dollars, which is a record it is it's proving this philosophy that were were working under right now, is being inaccurate. What what do you? What do you think of this? Well, I mean for decades. China has made the well we're going to send you a thousand times more stopping you can send us and and all the presidents of that, okay You know just don't blow anybody up or invade any countries and Ann will uh will let you do that so Trump way back to nineteen? Ninety, you know I'm right in the Trump look right, yeah you've told me once every thousand
hum, ok, maybe ten thousand by the time. So I know I got I know, but I'm going to charge you every time researching. I'm researching yeah, yeah, alright, so right in front of me so Trump in nineteen. Ninety. So so wait wait a minute. You know we're getting hosed here, because our people can sell to the one point five billion Chinese
they're putting every berry in the world to sell our stuff over there, but you were taking their stuff and no matter what they send us any jumping up and down in nineteen ninety about it. So nobody does anything about it, because if you get involved with China, it's a very difficult thing: I'm hoping that Trump can breakthrough with some kind of deal, that's better for the United States. You know that would be terrific. If that happens, he says it will, I'm not so sure, but that's what's going on in China, basically hoses us and takes the money and it doesn't get for the chinese people. Of course it gets to the communist who are? going to show in Beijing that she takes all the american money. They skim off the top of everything over there. So there was something that was kind of disturbing is one thing that I have agreed with Donald Trump on and he has brought me around on with trade with China
It was around Christmas time he started talking about Waway, an 5g and how this is a NASH security risk and I thought, okay, national security risk. I agree with this. 5G is the most important thing that is is coming our way. We cannot have the Chinese have any access to 5g in the information, because you know I'm sorry, I just don't trust the the Communist Chinese and he was taking a tough stand, this week. However, it looks like the White House, maybe just using this as a bargaining chip. And and using it on trade it does he leave. This is a national security risk or is. This is
something that is just a chip on the table. Well, look Donald Trump wants to be re, elected, get a mobile, and if you make the deal with China, that's better for the USA, show me the stock market will jump and the business community be very happy. So if it's between that and some kind of theoretical threat to national security, what do you think he's going to do? all right back with more bill O'Reilly in just a second and I'm going to give you a speak into problem, the most important podcast we've ever done, that is tomorrow online. Coming up you're listening to Glenn Beck.
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are you in touch with the right real estate agent, buy or sell your house fast bill. O'reilly is writing a book about Donald Trump. That's coming out soon also have killing. The ss is out there Bill O'Reilly from billoreilly dot com coming up more than that with Bill O'Reilly on Fridays, Glenn Beck program bill. I want to touch base quickly on Venezuela. Ruby. Oh is now saying that he wants the UN to initiate quote widespread, unrest in Venezuela and
looking to initiate a full on Syria option for Venezuela. How do you feel about that? You know I think venezuelan should take care of themselves and I don't think we should be getting involved with that uh and we have no we have no place in, should we be endorsing Maduro or does it matter yeah I mean that's fine. If the State Department believes is fraud. The election in this guy Duro is the illegitimate leader short, and you help them out when you can help me out, but you know it doesn't. Do the United States any good to involve self in these unbelievably complicated situations inside of the countries it just doesn't. We should do a man, humanitarian stuff, We can absolutely make our opinion known if there is uh.
Russian by the venezuelan government? We can put sanctions on there and do all that, but for us to get directly involved like Rubio wants, you know, I I just don't see it yeah Let me let me talk to you now about the election. Let's spend the next few minutes. Just talking about the election, it's astounding to me that the guy who used to be one of the top two liberal senators in in the Senate. For years and years and years, real real lefty Democrat was Joe right and and he's now being described as the moderate. If he comes into the race uh, what do you with Joe Biden? How is he going to thread the needle here between you know the care supporters, the radical Socialists and
being quote in the middle how's. He going to thread that needle well, here's here's! What I'm hearing back you want! The inside tell me the outside story. I can give you what everybody yeah no, don't give me that give me obviously inside ok, alright, ok so by by the seventy seven years old and he just want to go to Iowa and New Hampshire in the winter. Thank you really doesn't by the gear that doesn't want to put on the lot used to go to the diner he does so use. Doctor do is big money net and on Wall Street, and this goes right against the progressive socialist right. These lining him up. He lining him up because there's fourteen Democrats and he needs to a certain threshold of money to campaign, not retail but on television and in social media, and that takes money. So he's gotta have a certain threshold, the money that he she
or he's got so he doesn't have to walk around taking better. You can't he'll do a little of that, but he doesn't want to do a lot of it. Ok, so once he gets the money and I believe, you'll get it because the Democrats on Wall Street- Nollywood, the real rich people. They don't want the crazy bomb throwers then he's going to make a deal with Kamala Harris alright and that you made it might already have been made. You don't think it's better. No, these two white men are not gonna happen. That's not gonna happen um, so you gonna make a deal with Kamala Harris going to look when you're campaigning you're not going to win, don't be a nut, don't be alone all right, bring it back a little bit and then I'll put you on the two and issue make that deal you young woman- and she knows you always
gonna- be a seventy nine when he takes the oath of office oldest president. Ever so that's what's going on there ok, so tell me now go ahead. Yeah by will, he will campaign as a moderate liberal, that's how you'll campaign he's going to be Barack Obama reduce, reduce how about that huh? Nice! All right. We see a six point increase in American saying that Trump should be impeached up now with the forty two percent, how high that number have to be before it would be wise for the Democrats. Stephen do this to try. Never, okay, I don't think so either right because they there's nothing to base it on and and Americans will be. I thank the independent precincts will say you know what I may not like Trump, but
I hate these people more. Fifty six percent approve of the economy. Now, overall, he has a forty two to forty five percent approval rating. What kind of Does he need to win the election now? He can stay in the mid 40s on job approval if the debt Cratic Party uh continues to put forth an insane um platform? So you know if they continue to be self destructive and do all kinds of nasty stuff that hurts the country and they don't have any solutions to any problems which they don't. Even one with a forty five billion, would you agree with the analysis that it's you know? Elections are about approval rating at their about choices, and the bottom line is right. Now we don't know who they're running if they run someone like Hillary Clinton again he's gonna went yeah well yeah. I got a lot by
no, not her, but I mean someone is unpopular. Is her Bernie, Sander, yeah Bernie Sanders, yeah, ok, 'cause Bernie, I'll, be out there be Alani. All Bernie Bernie's gonna, be climbing in people's windows, guarantee LOS guarantee LOS, saying some crazy thing happened to Bernie Getz it both in Trump doesn't even have to campaign trouble. Just beat him. You know 'cause, it's George Mcgovern, yeah, right yeah, so tell me Biden and that's, what's really going to happen right, Bill O'Reilly from billoreilly dot com. Thank you. So much, sir, will talk to you again next week. Now right, I'm looking forward to podcast tomorrow. It's like it. Thank you very much you're going to love it. It's a it's a really good one. Thank you so much bill bill hey dot com, podcast come out tomorrow. I want to spend some time on it. 'cause. I think this is the most podcast or the the the most to me,
the most riveting podcast that we have done. Would you agree with that store? How would you describe yeah? It's not a it's important is different. It's it's! It can bring you back to your to the person you're supposed to be right right and that's different than you know. Okay. Well, we have a breaking news about. You know some some topic, it's yeah! It's us back to the the sort of person that were designed to be and and that's the way we should look at the world. And you will we talk about politics. We talk about things and you, you will see the world in a different way and, quite honestly, I think you'll see the world the where you used to see the world and it it makes an awful lot of sense on winning the next election and winning in life. All right liberty say we'll get to that here in a second first, don't let me remind you of liberty, safe we saw the photos of the tornado ravaged Alabama this week. By the way you can still help at thirty one dot org. We need your help
on the ground there with our partners, making sure that people have food and shelter and everything else in our prayers are still with the Alabama. But if you have a liberty safe, you saw that devastation there, liberty, safes, you know when it when a tornado comes through in the liberty. Safe, is bolted down to the foundation thing out. Moving there not opening up. We have seen the more than not bolted, and there did up by that tornado, an they're taken in their dropped like three blocks away: they're, not open there. Still fine we've seen them with a whole house burn down where it's only the liberty safe and the chimney remaining in a wildfire in California. They're fine thing inside is fine. It's liberty, safe they're, on sale. Now at the local Cabela's, so go to your car. You'll find them on sale or you can find the great savings. Also online at libertysafe dot com and make sure you check out the video at the top of the facebook page will be the best thing most entertaining it's something you should do on a Friday. Just watch it. It's funny
pretty safe dot com. That's liberty, safe dot com. This is the Glenn Beck program. You know we have a really hard time talking to people right now. Talking to people who disagree with us and our families are broken up, our friendships are been broken up and there's a podcast this weekend. It's my podcast tonight urge you to go to wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe to the Glenn. Beck podcast will get every Saturday at a one on one interview they last anywhere from an hour to ninety minutes. Their uncut. There they're very candid and a lot of times People that I disagree with or people that I really admire. Bob Goff is one of those that I really admire.
He is a guy who was an attorney and just changed his life just told he changed his life and has this great attitude about hey, I'm, I'm I'm going to be friends with everybody, I'm going to talk to everybody, not going to sell out, and but I can make a difference, so much easier. If I just listened to people, let me give you two cuts from this weekend's podcast. Here he is Bob Goff on dealing with difficult people. I think you nailed it. I think there's a lot of people that have awesome doctrine, a lousy theology and this idea of it
to say to love your enemy until you have an anime till you have somebody that you feel disk and I don't feel like I've enemies, but there's certainly people that are difficult for me to be around one of the realizations that I've had is that this idea of loving difficult people that I'm one of them actually among the difficult people in other peoples, lives and trying to say how could I interact with people there's a for some people in faith communities. There are familiar with the verse that talks about like being ready to make a defense for the hope. That's within you and everybody wants to like grab there. Words in about they leave out the second half and it said to do with kindness and respect- and I think there's something beautiful about that. Like take Switzerland, they're, not mad at anybody and I'm not mad at them right. So if you could just walk around with a bobsled in a bar of chocolate, you can
hide who you are in everybody's, trying to decide what role am I playing in this and I think there's a tremendous latitude in that, but I just like the role of grace the idea people just been kind to me. Even when I've been wrong that just care more about our relationship, they do about winning an argument about something and something really respectful. What his help me with the people that, unlike creep me out the most, is a try to think of what is it that's driving this like? What's the thing underneath the thing and often times it's just that they're really in secure me too. Thank you. How do you respond when you get into Kerr in a setting like? How do you deal with that? I get really funny I get like Jim.
I get so I start talking really fast and they get funnier and funnier than with other people get mean as a rattlesnake. So how do you deal with your feeling? You get quiet and reserve. You go turtle on that, like head legs, tail everything inside, so that even in our relationships that matter the most trusted How do you deal with that and to say? How are we like going to react to people, and I wear a mood ring. Remember those things from the 70s. My wife's got one too there's something actually beautiful. What we do is we talk about, how we feel more than what we want? It would be an interesting experiment. Try that for a week that take the people that you love most and say don't say I want a hamburger, say, I'm feeling hungry if we could get in touch with how we're feeling about something, I'm not a touchy feely guy, but it's been so helpful in my relationships to just talk about I'm feeling really insecure right now,
know. This sounds like you know California crap, but he is. He is he's so grounded and so successful. When you hear his story, he's wildly successful and grounded, and I believe he has the answers if we are going to make it this next step. This is important podcast here he is on having picky conversations listening this I've never lost a case. It is not because I'm an awesome, Waterman Awesome Baker. I only do it on some picker picker yeah. No, I don't lose. I only take cases that nobody could lose and so so there so one of these things and just be a little bit here about the conversations that you're having with people and when you see this say like a you know what I wouldn't trade, our friendship for the trajectory this there are. You know to work for NASA to know the trajectory where this is going say that wouldn't be worth it. No, no.
I am and disinterested when I start talking about sports, but if you know what you're doing you will not see me very often without wearing a Boston Red Sox out into a I'm, not a red Sox fan never even gone to a game, but my neighbor Carol was a huge red Sox fan and should we knew she was going to be in Heaven by the end of the weekend. So we made a deal. I told her Karol all: wear red Sox had for the rest of my life and represent the socks here on earth, but in exchange every time geez Swatch by you, you need to mention my name, there's a versus said. I knew you not I'm not there, but here a deal when I go through New York, people hiss at me and just be like, is there room, for the other team, evidently, and if they knew
that I was wearing my dead neighbors hat. They would just actually have a different angle on that thing and I don't stop people to tell them the back story, but I think if I could just assume in people that I don't understand there's probably mountains of stuff going on there that I don't know about Bob Golf this weekend on the Glenn Beck podcast. I urge you to listen to it and send it to your friends subscribe to the podcast and this one you don't want to miss, there's a few of them that are just really remarkable people. This guy, this guy lives in a neighborhood where the whole neighborhood change, not just because of him, but a guy who lives the street. When he took out his trash to the to the to the curb. You know the big trash bins. He would go from house to house and he would take everybody's trash bin and take it in
put it by the curb and then the next morning he would go and he put them all back. Nobody TIM, nobody said anything any. He just he's like that's what I want to serve my neighborhood. This would be good neighbor. I mean it's incredible: how the bubble, this guy lives in, because people are choosing to be different, that the whole line of of podcast is really interesting when you have everything from like really amazing personal stories of people going through incredible things: mad murderer, who you just want to hug at the yeah yeah, who are doing amazing things. You know a young guy who's like who's going across around the world to document World or two veterans, King no money making no money, but just because he cares about his latest one early twenties. He loves these factory yeah and everything to we don't dissecting real. Like conservative, you know ways of thinking of you know deep into these little boy talking talking about with Debra so about you know
Trans gender ISM. In all of this I mean it's. A great podcast comes every Saturday. Is it or something like that? Twenty six yeah subscribe now and then just start to binge on him. You will love these a very, very different approach to what I do Beck podcast available wherever podcasts are found, listening the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck Program, hello, America, it's Friday. I hate this. I absolutely hate this every election in my life
The most important election ever uh hate that. However, I actually think this one might be. This one may be the end of the republic and the free market system, so who's got a plan the plans we've been making. Then I work in real. Well, I don't know if you notice that what do we need to do to be able to win the hearts and the minds of especially so many people who are at the younger end of the spectrum who
It's saying socialism is neat, it's really not! So how do we what's happening on our campuses, an what's happening with people under thirty in America? What is the future of America's youth and the future of the conservative movement in America? We go there with will whip in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program simply safe home security. Is a company that has been with us for a long long time? I love these guys started with a guy who's. Grand father was tinker. And in in enter and actually helped us win world war? Two bye! notifications that he made to our tanks that just allowed them to you know to tear the guys part in world war. Two. He really wanted to be like his grandfather and he was either at Harvard or MIT, and they had,
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the system and system and its the of it's simply safe. Back dot com. Go there now back dot com. Is a social media influencer he's with Prager? You he's a guy who knows his own mind and is now on a speaking tour talking about the three ways to beat the left. Welcome to the program for having me, I love being here. So how old are you I'm twenty two, so I'd be graduating as a senior in college right now, if I would have stayed in you're, not a monster seriously,
I watched you back. You were if you're like a bread walking around and all the girls like, really great and he's so smart. They just left I'd, be a monster. If I were you at twenty two yeah, it's it's tough, but it is it is. It is hard sometimes, but you know, Dennis has been such a huge mentor to me and help me so much that I mean that's. Why I work for. Are you specifically because of Tennyson? His teachings to me has made me not me yeah, it's wonderful! You are lucky to have have I really are here: he is a remarkable man. Yes, Anne has made such a huge difference in our country, so you're travelling now. Are you speaking on campuses? Yes, so I'm
a campus isn't speaking at events. Just last night I was in Mcallen Texas, speaking at the Lincoln Reagan Day dinner down. There that's fantastic events. I've never been down there that close to the border yeah, it's great that there are so many Republicans there. Yes, fantastic and and you're talking about three ways to to beat the left yeah. What are the so? The first one is that have to convince liberals that there are friends the left has duped. Liberals into building there's a difference between left and liberals. You can't use those terms synonymously, yes, and that liberals need to be convinced that conservative share the same values as then. They believe in the values of America, they believe in the constitution. Freedom of speech is second amendment. They don't like socialism. The only difference play between liberals conservatives in a lot of ways is that liberals believe in bigger government, but they've been duped by the LE I believe, the leftists are their friends and the leftist don't stand for any values that America was founded on yeah, and so we have to convince liberals that,
with conservative rules used to fight, for you know the bill of Rights right and they they were. They were radicals on those things which good few weeks ago I was painting this painting over here, which is it. I love it thanks. It's it's big government in bed with big tech, big social media and and as I as painting that I thought I can't Glenn Beck is the painting that that should be coming from the left right and I don't see it there. They are actually promoting those things and the liberals who who I believe this or blind to it right now, right, it's crazy, yeah, no they've, completely changed right. The left is, is so touch with American, with the common people want that they I mean there
mission is to destroy America that they want. They are for socialism. They are against freedom of speech. They want to silence you if you disagree with them, not the values that classical liberals have ever stood on, but I'll tell you that socialism, how stop using that and trying to scare people. You don't want scary socialism, we swedish socialism, but they always say, but now the these people like a cause, Cortez and Bernie Sanders. They used to have to hide that they were socialists right now. It's just they say it proudly that their socialistic democratic socialist, like that, makes it better. It's uh, it's ridiculous that we people in Congress and in our country that proudly support these ideas, but they've wanted to for a long time it's well. When I was at Fox, I said because I was getting heat because school somebody, a socialist apparently, was you're a racist for doing that
and they were calling it racist, and I- and I said this and in a way I was trying to call them out because they want to tell you who they are now. They really want to their proud that they are socialist and yeah. That's right, and you know what there will be people that will have to go. You know they want to do it and I said look this is who they are and and right now, they're saying this, but there's going to come a time when the masks will come off and they'll just say: you're right. Do you know what this free market system doesn't work and that's right, if you, if that's what that's a socialist, is that I'm proudly that that's exactly what they're saying now right and I think it's funny that these same people like uh, your Cortez and Bernie, Sanders Elon Omar. They claim that Love America like at the save the union when Trump is chanting. Usa, there trending back USA, USA, but that it doesn't make any sense,
because you can't say you love America, but you want to radically transform it. You know Dennis always talks about how if you have uh, if you don't love your wife, if you want to radically transform her right, exact same thing, these people don't love America. They want to radically transform yeah it used about how, when Barack Obama said, we want fundamental transformation, know if you have the Mona LISA and you respect it, you restore it right. You don't fund, delete, transform it right and the new green deal. I don't think they're even serious about, I mean sure many are, but I think the people in Congress are not necessarily so serious about the green new deal being green, because the the part that disturb to me in that bill, the one that actually was being presented, not the you know, not the the because you Cortez thing talks about
the fundamental transformation of America's eat comic system right, that's what they care about. The whole green thing is a cover to get to go in and fundamentally transform it and take away the free market right. Well, I just tweeted about this this morning is there was an article from nineteen. Eighty nine from Ap News talks about yeah by two thousand entire nations were going to be destroyed global warming right right now, it's two thousand and nineteen, and that's of course, never happened to cause you Cortez twelve years. It's a front for votes in creating hysteria to give them their side, and they want to say that conservatives Republicans are so anti environment and they don't hear about if seals are dying. You know these sorts of ropes and that's why they can win over votes. Make us look bad because we don't care about something that is really a false narrative. What's the climate is changing, but not not in any sense that these these people are professing.
I grew up in the 70s an I remember when I was about your age. The joke was where's the ice age yeah exactly you know the end with, and they were saying at the time we this is in time magazine. We have to put sort black soot on the polar caps to melt them to draw the eat in from the sun to melt them, because we are all going to be living under ice. It's amazing! It's crazy! Approximately seventy five years before will was born. There's a movie called the money pit that came out with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, and it happened to be on like HBO or something they're, not watching it, and one of the recurring jokes throughout is this is a house. That's like all. It's a disaster to try to fix up and they're trying to get all these contractors to come over and every time ask how long whatever project it is is going to take to fit. They always just say two weeks and three other than that, how much longer two weeks, and then it happens over and over again that
the global warming argument it's always ten or twelve years from any point from outlet center twelve years in the future. From twenty twelve years ago it was ten or twelve years into the future, which is today thirty. So they said ten or twelve years ago. There was a turning point that they're. Never held accountable for for these promises. They say of doom that are coming our way and if they get their way they It will be systematic, then it will be well because of we did right. We've postponed it another ten or twelve, exactly but we've gotta take this next step. You have to realize this. Is our world war? Two? Ok, this is our world war, two which will fight against. How insulting is that? Oh, my god, I can't believe that she was even that bad cross someone's mind to say that they can compare these two things: people there thought and died in world WAR two and were like yeah. You know what
and I'm going to I'm going to tweet that we should all have a seventy percent tax, because that's my that's my world war, two wow the World WAR two actually ended in some vaporization of people exactly getting people to shop at whole foods as much differently than world war. Two two is zero point: nine degrees centigrade. Really, that's your ruler, two full set of Celsius degree it's incredible. It's astonishing. I was in West Hollywood a little while ago. I'm sorry for that yeah I know. Well, I live in Hollywood myself, I'm sorry for that people know I like it 'cause I get it it's like to be in places where there are people who disagree with me. So I will say something: yes, I have I've. I've had a better life in Texas. But I am not as sharp when I lived in Manhattan because
when you're living and you're, the only person within a three block radius, that believes what you believe you to always be on your toes right and there is something to be said for that. Right. Yeah I'll, tell you I was actually. I was out there's a few months or about a month and a half ago, two months ago and I'm out, and I met this girl and we're talking and it's it's a lot of fun, and then I show on my social media she's like ok, I gotta go like let's go out some other time. I show her my social media and the first thing on there. It's a picture of me with some guns. She tells me she says oh f off and then leaves like this is the the tolerant left of I've made
cry. When I told you I voted for all the time in la so breaking hearts, breaking hearts for a car in LA yeah. I love it. He was looking and then he turned it to the devil. You know he was Hitler. Really all right hang on just a SEC more in just a second with will win. First, let me tell you about Ziprecruiter said it's really hard to hire people, especially if you're a you know, small run business, but supporters, something that's used by fortune. One hundred companies as well, because the system is just so good, but you know if you're, trying to if you're, going to job bites and you're downloading a bunch of resumes. It takes so much time to go through this you're just day. Luge with all these resumes sing safe. I'm sorry does it preclude or has a really good system they've got floor. They they took over the Google building, in LOS Angeles, they have floors and floors and floors of programmers for algorithms that are
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station I! This is the Glenn Beck program with Will, which will just remind me. You told the story about your profile picture. We had a gun in it and made this this. This girl right, a friend of mine, was a dating app and he had his profile picture with a gun in it as well, and it was at bring a professional like range in a shooting competition. Does she competitions now point at the camera not posing with it in some dramatic way they pulled down his profile and send him this message: asthma shootings continue to devastate communities across the country, time to state unequivocally that gun violence is not in line with our values. Nor do these weapons belong on our platform.
This in mind. We are no longer allowing any photos to be updated, upload to bumble. That's the right as a bundle. This was going to say yeah cat containing any kind of firearm unless the individual is military or law enforcement and in uniform it's like. Oh, my god. This is a constitutionally guaranteed right. It's not your constitutionally guaranteed right to have a profile photo on bumble. Never, like the founders didn't see that stupid. They were that Thomas Jefferson, swiping right, but it's like this is a fundamental part of our culture of our society is a guaranteed right and you can't even have a photo in it in your profile No people could decide as they did with you to say. You know what I don't want. Anyone who likes guns. I want anyone who I saw your video, like I don't know what date anyone who has a trump had on like you can make those decisions, but to bad it's just so insane. We just live in such a weird time. Well, you think that, on a platform where you're looking people uh nothing like tinder bumble, where you're looking for people, swiping right or swiping left the main purpose
be to have people on there that people are going to swipe left. That's no on right, so that say that you would take someone off for their viewpoint. I mean their guidelines are anti concern. If they do a lot of other stuff, these dating apps bumble specif really promoting left wing causes all the time right. So it's just blatantly left. I think there I think, they're in LOS Angeles, I believe course so young and they they push for lifting, because, if you're, not in Texas yeah we getting up to so. Let me just go: grab our women, the! Let me go back to your first principle and you're saying we have to make friends with liberals right. How do you do that? Although the most important thing that I found is liberals have to rationalize their decisions to you? So there's a diff
between me going up to someone who is a liberal who thinks that conservatives wrong because of the media, but they believe in liberal values. You have to convince them to tell them their ideals. You can't tell them what to think you have to teach them how to think and and had actually Nick that, once they're able to to to figure this things out for themselves and actually communicate with you, then they're much likely to have an open mind and think for themselves. You know what I mean yeah. So how do you do that? You just did that with that girl now is short period of time and she immediately saw oh, my gosh you're a monster right, and so I do this with my videos, a lot where I go out on the street and I'm interviewing people and I'm able to do a great job by keeping a level head and in common with the people I talk to when you find that a lot of like ok, for example, I was in an uber a little while ago Right- and I mean this woman, I'm in a suit. I look nice and she asked me she says. Oh what do you? Do? You look very nice, I'm like oh, my local personality and she's, like oh, so great that we have young people
out there getting trump out of office. Thank you so much and I'm like oh yeah. Definitely right, but we start talking just I usually don't talk politics with you, but we talked for a little bit. She was again affirmative action. She was the welfare state she wanted father's in the home. She was against putting trans under bathrooms in elementary schools. It was like different things. We talked about were conservative, liberal values right and it's like at the end conversation, I was able to convince her that those things are what conservative stand on like they just don't realize that I believe that you're born a conservative, you're born having liberal values used to be taught to be a leftist. It ought to be not to think that conservatives are bad, so make people rationalize their own, their own viewpoints and realizing that that is a concern. But if you point that is a liberal viewpoint, you have to make them realize that tell them that that's really that's this is what this is, what the left is done with the black community, though as well I mean, if you talk to the black community,
their values are conservative. That's very much their conservative. They just been convinced that no, no, the likins or bad right, all right so tip number two on how to win against the little tip. One hundred and twenty five minutes just tip one yeah, that's a minimum run out of time, so it's a good tip tip two is to make God great again. This is that I think, is incredibly important, especially if someone myself, I was an atheist, my entire life right up until two three years ago, I was an atheist, the entire time I thought God was stupid. I thought religion was stupid, the Bible, all that who needs that right, some guy in the I telling you these things and then I realized when I started again working with Dennis and he was a mentor to me on this. I know jewish I'm christian now, but everything he talked to me about and you realize that the founding fathers set this country up and even did you when I came to that now
that you had about nine months ago. I kinda thing you showed me all those documents at the founding fathers had about the founding of this country. They wanted a secular government with the religious people, because get your morals from God, not from government, and the left has replaced God with government and so there's a huge gap of people's morality there in Amer, because they don't have religion, they don't have God, and so I, but that is a pinnacle of what we have to bring back in there. So, let's get into that here when we come back and then also will hear tip three from rap just know you end up
like me: in the end gravity always get, this gravity would shut up all right back in just a second on the Glenn Beck program, you're listening to Glenn Beck. I don't wanna talk to you a little bit about field greens uh. You know one of the reasons I look like this is a never exercise, never ate well did drugs. Did it all and that's what makes you look? That's what makes you look like me? Kids, don't do it now. I still well I smoking stop taking drugs stop drinking, but do I have to have a salad you've given up so much I've given up so much I not giving up the food I like for a stupid salad. I hate it. I hate it. So I have a sharp tooth on each side of my my teeth
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struggle all the way to Hawaii to speak at a couple of universities over in Hawaii ha. How do you do it? We're talking about that you're speaking on the three week, three ways to beat the left and the first tip you had was: we have to make liberals, not progressives. Liberals are friends to show liberals that yeah for the bill of rights, your for the bill of rights. The second is that our rights come from God and he is the center. It's not government, it's God. What's the third thing it is, is a tip that I think young people especially need to take in, and people who live in left wing areas and you take in, is to never sacrifice your values for anything, and there are people again, I live in Hollywood, and so I remember I was I was at a hotel. Roosevelt, layer with what that is, and I was around there and one of the guys who work there. He came up to me and like whisper to me and he's like a man. I know who you are, but I can't talk here or not
I love, I love what you do and I don't want to seem. Like I'm friends with you I'll get fired, but I love what you do right and it's like happens all the time, all the time with people who are in these industries that are ran by the left and there are secret conservatives- and I tell people to happy secret conservatives, you need to be bold, a values, because if we don't stand up for what we believe in everything is going continue to get worse. Texas is like California, people in Texas don't stand up for what they believe in and people, Fornia don't stand up for what they believe in. I truly believe that I think people just think- and this is 'cause. This is natural that people think it can't get much worse than and I'm just going to weather this storm ' by remaining silent when it's relatively easy: it's only going to get harder to stand. Your courage is a muscle and if you're not exercising the muscle of courage, you're just going you're be too weak to when you really have to stand right. I'll tell
is this social media giants these you know, face twitter in them and then also even the the something like a now. This a buzz feed and AJ. Plus these companies have huge huge budgets that dwarf the breaker. They are much larger than the like, the printer, you budget and it's like they're, reaching millions upon millions of people every single day, and it's like this is what we're fighting against that. We can't just say: yeah, I'm going to stand by and just let this happen. No, these people are are fighting to radically change this country to destroy what we believe in. If I could, I would feel if I wasn't standing up in trying to do something to change it when you have when you are going into these universities in campuses, the greatest ideas,
the thing that should unite us is: truly all men are created, equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's a game changing idea and in a mission that really has never been fulfilled, but it is because it's hard: because it is so grand the bill of rights how do we? How does catch fire again because it's been so damaged and so misunderstood? How does the promise of what our founders wrote come alive again, yeah we have to look at what the left believes in the left is for cool opportunity and equality of outcome as well, so they
everyone to end the same as well, even if they don't work as hard as hard to work. You know, according to the green new deal, this is what they want, and so that's why they've completely article is the meaning of the bill of rights in the constitution, everything and so really to bring this back. I mean really do I know I just said this, but it takes a strong values of people who are going to go to places that are left wing. I tell us to people a lot of people. Ask me they say, send my kids to college, so they don't turn into a leftist or where do I go to school? So I don't turn left us and I say: send your kids to boulder kids to Berkeley, send your kids to UCLA, because you should be these places to strengthen your values and and change the places that are in there. With this you're able to actually make changes, they did a study. Actually, then conservatives go to college, they were and conservatives right, that's something that I think is very powerful and if we send these conservatives, two places that are dominated by the left. We can try change those views in and change the atmosphere.
I wonder, though, if we are sending them without any armor or a sword of any sort, I mean most most going to college. They cannot tell you what the bill of rights are. They can't tell you the first five in the in the first amendment, let alone you know ten, they don't know the declaration of independence. They don't know the founding principles. They know you know, progressives bad, conserve good and vice versa. You know bits. Can I think, a lower civics education on the left to the video on this yesterday that we released, but what is it Dc National Mall and I ask people if they could answer basic trivia, basic american history, trivia didn't know who the first president was at
Lincoln Memorial Day, didn't know who the 16th president was, which is just dumbfounding Anne and also was interesting. They all thought that JFK or not Lincoln was a Democrat as well, not a not a republican founded, the Republican Party, while she was very funny yeah. I do videos like that all the time and yet lack of american history, I think is why people turn to leftism, because if you don't understand why this country was founded, why how this country is the values that was founded on then you're going to want to transform this country and that's what leftism is all about correct. Give me good news. Let me it's Friday, give me some good news about the things that you see happening. I'll, tell you. We have a student program with Rhaegar you, it's called prayer, excellent program. If your student should definitely check I'm pretty com, but just got a student from Venezuela to join Prager Force which is something that is fantastic to me. It gives me hope that we can have someone from Venezuela who watch is Prager? U videos
and the people in Venezuela aren't too busy, going through the trash that they can go in and watch our videos and be impacted by what we're doing so. I think that that's incredible the future of conservative movement in America. How does it go from here? I think it's going to be. Very social media driven, I hope- that's not too cliche, but I think actually very important. Is it's going to be things that are easily shareable things that are quick for p to understand and breakdown, and that way it's going to reach the widest audience possible. So those are like Prager. U, videos are like my videos that are under five minutes and that are reaching billions of people. We just had two billion lifetime views just the other day. I it's like this is the future, because people's attention spans are are so so little at this point right. So I I think, that's the future and I think conservatives are also heading into more. I don't want to say progressive,
ok, but I want to say in a way that is very so open to everyone. I think this is of conservatives nowadays, who are going for things like game H as an example who want to do things like who believe in and it writes in. These sorts of things are just transgender rights, but you know believing in all the genders and stuff like this is some of the way that the conservative movement is going. That's necessarily the the right future of the party, but do you see it going in this way and that's why it's even important for conservatives to stick up there for their values? Even within the conservative movement yeah. It's I mean it's a libertarian thing that a strong, at least in me, that I don't really care what you do in my life, but once it starts to in infringe on my rights. You know, I can't believe I can't force you to live,
certain way, but don't force me to live a certain way and that's really the american way and and when science is the answer, and we have empirical data, then you go for the empirical data and you can use reason. We've we've detach the left has detached us from any kind of reason whatsoever and then any and of tolerance in the name of tolerance to be able to live today right. Well, the left wants to tell you how you should live your life, but they don't even practice their own guidelines, yeah, it's like feminist, saying, like oh yeah, you should date a beta males in and all that and then they're dating like six foot. Two biker, dudes and leather vest right right. It's like they don't even follow the the things that they preached. Correct. Two men nature will, Thank you so much for being on with us. Thank you he's with prageruniversityprageru dot com. Also, you can fall
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just avoid social media for weekend. Let's see everybody stupid reviews of the superhero movie and I'm not going to review it, I'm not going you're, not going it's the first one that I'm I'm just not going. She said, I hope, there's just not a lot of men that are going to this. Okay, alright, that happened, I'm good yeah, I'm good. It is interesting, how they like the same thing, happened with black Panther like a better, not be allowed. White people go into this thing. Ok, all right! I got a those got about seventy percent of the country going to be tough on the receipts. Now, of course, yeah people did not listen as by the way the director did not want white people not to go movie. So we have to point out that the yeah yeah yeah, but there were actors in the movie- were saying things like that. Well, this is this. One is just the one with the feed roll and I guess she's caused a lot of trouble with the rest of the actors and they're even talking about now of like she may not be. Captain Marvel for long.
Now, with tragedy, that would be, I mean that's sixteen shows that is sixteen consecutive programs dedicated to her losing that role. Can I tell you something, though that's a job. You have for a long time and a good paying job. You don't do that job that don't lose. That guy was a guide number, the guy who got fired from the directing the guardians of the Galaxy Series, because you know I I remember what he made it back. I like our deliveries, okay, joke like ten years ago, or something that was a that's a good gig, yet now pig the first one was really good. The second one do belong in a dumpster immediately after being printed. They just taking it and digitally thrown all computers that ever hosted it into a giant burning dumpster, but the first one was really good. To tell you, I I I'm a marvel fan an. I can't believe I'm a marvel fan
because I didn't grow up, reading comic books or anything else. I don't know about the Marvel Universe, but I tell you the difference between what Marvel has done and what Dc Comics is doing is night and day it's just it just just destroyed their life. It's almost like they're sitting at DC, comics going. Oh man Marvel, is doing all these great movie, quick, let's Batman movie, you're like well. We have the into central Batman movie already made. Why don't we instead of rebooting? It just kind of let that one speak for itself and build on it yeah. It's really confusing for people don't care about the stuff. Like I'm 'cause, I am legitimately like. If a big movie comes out, maybe I'll go see it. I probably see ten percent of the superhero movies that come out, but it's so confusing. Will jump all over you like Marvel DC and I feel like they just
over rebooting these things all the time they just take a giant handful of action figures and throw them against the wall, whoever lands inside of a little taped box or the ones they put in the next movie. I have no idea, what's going on there constantly dying and coming back to life and they're all working together, and then they all hate each other. I can't keep track of any of it. I will tell you if you watch all of them. It is a very complex universe, yes and agree with, and they pull it off. If, if you do pay attention, you're like oh, my gosh, look at that. It's to this and that- and you know twelve years ago, they said this in here. It is again I mean it's really well done really well done. Yeah, I mean look at people obvious they're, the biggest movies of all time. Right I mean I You look at obviously, there's been one offs. You know yeah but like Titanic and such that. There up there, but really you look at the top ten movies, it's basically all superhero movies. At this point I mean
every single one that comes out makes it one hundred million dollars more than the last one. So I'm going to go see the one about the new president, two thousand and twenty four this weekend. Which one is that starting the rock? That's an interesting one because he's like so generally just really well liked. He works really hard he's running his engaging and everyone kind of Talks about him because we spoke at the Republican National Convention a year that we went to, I think maybe it was two thousand four really yeah I I may be when it is back when he was mainly just wrestling and he actually spoke the convention. I don't think it's a big hard core republican or anything, but he spoke at that convention which, at the time was like wow this guy who's, like a pretty big so He actually is showing up in public and convention that, what's going on everybody's afraid, he won't take the beat down from the left. That's why right so but like? I think, because of that, and because he's Hollywood celebrity has that sort of he has that
the gleam of a backup quarterback. No one knows when he gets it went once he gets in the game, he's gonna start having policies yeah and all these things go away. Yeah yeah, all the good will goes way. Remember Hillary Clinton into two thousand and ten about a seventy percent approval rating. She was one of them. Popular position, politicians in all of polling at that point, when she was secretary of state the second, she start running a campaign. People like holy crap. I remember who this woman is God and they all ran for the hills. It happens fast when you, when you jump in there. It's so funny 'cause the left keeps saying: how did how did Donald Trump win? How did this habit? Two words?
Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, look! No further! You picked the worst candidate. You could have possibly imagined what about that dead. Rotted corpse over there I'll take that, yes, that over Hillary, yes, you're listening to Glenn Beck.
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